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Must-See Documentary!

February 19, 2014

Dear Readers,

I recently discovered this documentary and I wanted to share it with all of you.  You may be familiar with some of the information presented here, but I’ll bet you will learn some new information as well (I know I did).

The creator of this documentary skillfully compresses the history of the “New World Order” from the ancient past into the present and makes the information accessible – even to those who may be totally new to the subject.

I strongly encourage you to check this out and to share it with your friends & family.  It shows how we got to where we are today and what we are up against.



There Must Be Something More

September 25, 2010

(FoundingFather1776 Notes: It is very easy in the hustle and bustle of daily life to lose sight of the “big picture” or to even realize that a “big picture” exists!  The role of mankind in that big picture, and the role of the individual have been debated by philosophers and priests throughout recorded history.

The older I get…..the more I realize the less I know.  I can tell you this much, all of the deep research I have done in trying to understand the evil matrix that surrounds us, has also (and quite unexpectedly) brought me to the realization that great good exists.  These forces are real and tangible and can be recognized by anyone with even a smidgen of discernment.

That is why I am happy to bring you this excellent essay by Daniel Taylor – please be sure to watch the video at the end.  Great stuff!


Daniel Taylor
Old-Thinker News
September 24, 2010

It’s easy to become cynical in today’s world, especially for those who follow current events and have a desire to stay informed. Too many people are blind or dulled to both the great evil and goodness in the world. I invite you to take a step back and look at the big picture; notice the beauty that still surrounds us. There is something behind that beauty that is rarely discussed, something that is in our very genetic code and the natural world that we inhabit.

“The genetic code is 3.6 billion years old. It’s time for a rewrite.”Tom Knight, professor at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab

Given the open statements announcing the intent to re-write the genetic code of the planet – and the release of genetically modified organisms into the biosphere – the question naturally arises: Do we really know what we are tampering with? Here is one example: So called “Junk DNA” – the 97% of our human genetic code that has been deemed to be meaningless – has been found to have “features of a language.” Science Magazine reported in 1994,

“Using statistical techniques borrowed from linguistics, [Physicist Eugene Stanley] says he and his colleges… from Harvard Medical School, ‘have shown fairly clearly that the ‘junk’ has all the features of a language.’

They… tried a test developed by information theorist Claude Shannon in the 1950′s to quantify the “redundancy” of any string of characters. Languages are redundant sequences, explains Stanley: You can fill in a typographical error by noting nearby characters. A random sequence, in contrast, has no redundancy. Applied to junk DNA, Shannon’s formula revealed a surprising amount of redundancy – another sign that something was written in these mysterious stretches.”

Yet another astonishing scientific fact comes in the form of a sequence of numbers discovered by an Italian mathematician named Leonardo of Pisa (known as Fibonacci) in 1202. This sequence, known under such names as Phi, the Golden Ratio, the Divine Proportion, etc., is found throughout nature. Fibonacci discovered Phi when studying the breeding of rabbits. The number of pairs of rabbits increased from 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. Each new number in the series is the sum of the two before it. The ratio of each pair equals Phi (1.618…)

This proportion of 1.618 can be seen in the architecture of the Parthenon of ancient Greece. Artists and architects have used the Golden Ratio for thousands of years to create visually pleasing works. Beyond this, Phi can also be found throughout nature, including the human body. For example, the human finger is divided into four sections (2,3,5,8), the ratio of which equals the Golden Ratio of 1.618. The human ear is also proportioned according to Phi.

Far above our heads, beyond planet Earth and our solar system, galaxies even follow the Golden Ratio. Hurricanes on earth also exhibit the Golden Ratio, which “…makes the Golden Ratio’s presence all the more remarkable,” because “Hurricanes are structures in the gravitational field of the Earth, while galaxies are self-gravitating objects in space,” writes Robert Roy Britt for

One of the most profound discoveries related to the Golden Ratio came early this year. Even at the quantum level, the Golden Ratio of 1.618 has been discovered by researchers at Oxford and Bristol Universities. Professor Alan Tennant, one of the leading scientist involved in the research project remarked that, “Such discoveries are leading physicists to speculate that the quantum, atomic scale world may have its own underlying order.” Science Daily reports,

“By tuning the system and artificially introducing more quantum uncertainty the researchers observed that the chain of atoms acts like a nanoscale guitar string. Dr. Radu Coldea from Oxford University, who is the principal author of the paper and drove the international project from its inception a decade ago until the present, explains: “Here the tension comes from the interaction between spins causing them to magnetically resonate. For these interactions we found a series (scale) of resonant notes: The first two notes show a perfect relationship with each other. Their frequencies (pitch) are in the ratio of 1.618…, which is the golden ratio famous from art and architecture.”

What should we gather from all of this? Perhaps the undiscovered mysteries of the universe far exceed what we do know. Humanity is not a disease as the scientific dictatorship has branded us. Claims that man is a mere animal have provided part of the “moral” justification for crimes against humanity throughout history. Millions of lives were never lived and stories never told as the end result of these mass-murder campaigns. Alexis de Tocqueville, the French historian well known for his momentous work Democracy in America (1835), was appalled by the arrogance of the “materialists” of his day who he regarded as “natural enemies of the people.” Tocqueville wrote,

“…if you encounter among the opinions of a democratic people any of those wicked theories that intimate that everything perishes with the body, you must regard those who profess such theories as natural enemies of the people. There are many things about the materialists that offend me. Their doctrines seem to me pernicious, and their pride revolts me… When they have done enough to their estimation to prove that they are mere brutes, they strut about as proudly as if they had proven they were gods.”

When the Rockefeller Foundation began its central mission to discover the biological workings of man in order to better control him, some members of the scientific community spoke out. Chester Bernard served as president of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1948-1952. He saw what the Foundation and much of the scientific community was attempting to do at the time with eugenics and spoke out against it, but couched his criticism with the assumption of pure motives. Bernard writes in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 1948 Annual Report,

“Inherent in our systematic efforts to promote the welfare of mankind there may be an assumption that… by reason and science we may govern the future of unborn generations in ways that we know are right… Do we mean that because we have learned to navigate the tides we shall also control them? … We have already begun the attempts to regulate local weather. Where do we think we shall stop — with the control of the speed of rotation of the earth, of its revolution around the sun?… Pride goeth before a fall. All our efforts will promote only disaster if they are not done in the humility appropriate to our ignorance, never forgetting that we have not made the earth or the heavens above it.

What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 6

May 14, 2010

Thanks to Celline for sharing the Truth Media blogspot – it is a very useful site, check it out:

They are working on a chemtrail documentary.  Here is a short piece of it.  The video is well structured and professionally done.  I believe it may help wake up even the most stubborn individuals that can’t tell the difference between a “contrail” and a “chemtrail” – Spread it far and wide:

I have also added a permanent link to Truth Media in the chemtrail link section.

This is the spot to continue the discussion of chemtrails.  Readers are encouraged to submit links, theories, observations, etc.  In particular, quality links to videos, web-sites and photos are appreciated, as these blogs can serve as useful repositories for evidence to easily share with friends and family that need some enlightenment.



“New World Order” Conspiracy Crazies!

April 16, 2010

Yes, we are all just crazy tinfoil-hat wearing kooks.  No substance to our claims, no proof, nothing but delusions we picked-up on the “internets” as GW Bush would say.

(sigh)….if only that were true!

If only inbred maniacs obsessed with the occult, total control and one-world-government were *not* in charge!  I would happily don a tinfoil hat and join you in the laughter…..

What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 5

November 24, 2009

The spraying never stops…..nor do your comments and observations about it.

So here is the spot to continue the discussion!

Here are two pictures I snapped at the end of October, 2009.  Location:  A New Jersey town near NYC.  Time – about 7:30 AM.  Air was crisp and cool, sky was a beautiful blue….because the chemtrail boys had literally just started getting to work!

In this first pic you can see two long chemtrails that had just been laid down:

These were fast spreading.   This next picture was taken less than 5 minutes from the first and you can see the trails spreading:

By about 11:AM the sky was completely hazed-out with the chems.

These pictures are completely unaltered except for being re-sized to fit the blog.

Our European friends get their daily dose of governmental goodies too!  Here is a brief view from space of chemtrails over Europe from 10/31/2009

Here is one from ground perspective; filmed in Preston England on Oct. 12, 2009

And once again, for those of you new to the topic, or for those of you not quite sure of what your eyes are seeing, here is the difference between naturally occurring jet “Contrails” (which is nothing more than ice crystals from jet exhaust that dissipates very quickly) and “Chemtrails” which hang and spread for HOURS in the sky!

I hope everyone will educate themselves and then speak-up and against this monstrous scheme “hidden-in-plain-sight” being inflicted on the people of the planet!

Yours in Freedom,