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Edward Steves and his Million Dollar Gold Arbitrage

June 23, 2011

(FoundingFather1776 Notes:  We live in historic times.  The story below is a PERFECT illustration of how real money (i.e. gold & silver) can protect your wealth in turbulent times of great change.  Please read it carefully and absorb the lesson.  I feel strongly that America is on the precipice of dramatic change, and it is not for the better.  If you have money in the stock market or bonds, GET-OUT NOW!  Withdraw the money from your 401k (while you still can), pay the tax penalties and buy storable food, commodity items, and precious metals.  That is the only way to weather the coming storm and hopefully emerge with some wealth intact.  And don’t forget Boys and Girls, precious metals are not just silver and gold.  “Brass & Lead” are precious metals too….if you catch my meaning.

 The type of changes we as a nation will witness in the next five to ten years will be much greater than the changes that occurred during the Civil War.  America is turning into something wholly unrecognizable to the ideals of our Founding Fathers.  If a functional economy ever emerges from the other side of this mess, do you want to be like your neighbors?  Desperate and bankrupt from following the conventional wisdom?  Or do you want to be like Edward Steves, who was smart enough to see where things were headed and who planned accordingly, creating a vast fortune for himself and his heirs.  The choice is yours. FoundingFather1776)

Article by Jason Kaspar

During the Civil War, an independent thinker from San Antonio named Edward Steves made a savvy business move that would forever change his fortune and that of his family for generations. He made a bet against a dying currency in favor of the only currency that has never failed.

In Texas, truth and myth are often blurred as stories of what the human spirit accomplishes are stretched into tall tales for open camp fires and star filled nights. Perhaps the story of Mr. Steves borders on exaggeration. Perhaps not. In either case, the moral offers a profound lesson in wealth preservation and accumulation.

Steves immigrated to the United States in 1849 from Barmen, Elberfeld, Germany. He ventured into the Texas hill country as a farmer with mediocre success as he battled unpredictable weather, threat of local Indians, and rocky soil.  He scraped every penny, and in early 1861, with an entrepreneurial spirit as big as Texas, he spent his entire savings on a newly invented machine – the first mechanical combine to make it to the South Central Texas region. As fate would have it, this machine arrived on the last ship to make it into Galveston, Texas before the Union blockaded the port in July 1861.  After his mechanical contraption arrived in San Antonio, Steves had a monopoly over the local farmers surrounding the area.

The farmers wanted to pay Steves for the use of his mechanical combine in the local currency, Confederate dollars. He refused. He negotiated to take his payment in kind – a percentage of what his combine would process. Steves then bundled up his portion and regularly set off for Mexico, where he would sell it for gold and silver. This occurred for several years until finally the Civil War ended. The Confederacy collapsed along with the monetary system.  Confederate dollars and Confederate bonds became worthless, sending many individuals into financial ruin.

The end of the Gavelston blockade marked the death of his monopoly, but by that time he had amassed a fortune in gold and silver.  With this fortune, he bought Union dollars and effectively bought back into a working economic system.  In 1866 he launched a lumber company that by 1916 had become the largest millwork operation in the Southwest.  It exists today as Steves & Sons, offering more than 300,000 variations of doors throughout the United States.

In today’s world, most individuals, including investment professionals, have very little understanding of the history and purpose of precious metals as a monetary asset.  Monetary systems have come and gone for thousands of years, but our lives are so cloistered that the probability of living through two entirely different monetary systems seems highly unlikely. As the Steves story illustrates, even in the United States monetary systems collapse and evolve.

The impetuous drive towards globalism and a “world currency” may impact our monetary system more than even the national debt. Initially, the evolution of a system brings chaos.  People cling to staples … land, guns, and food production. As a new system emerges, individuals who have precious metals maintain the capacity to buy back into the new system – buying a home, starting new businesses, regaining the quality of life of the previous system.  After 5,000 years, this continues to remain the ultimate benefit of precious metals. The irony is that a true global currency has always existed in the form of gold and silver.

Unless an investor trades precious metals effectively, which very few can do over a long period of time, precious metals do not generate wealth in a functioning economic system. Gold is a store of wealth not a generator of wealth.  It is much better to own thriving companies that produce a superior return over their cost of capital.  Owning businesses that generate a superior return on invested capital is the way to move up the social status in a functioning capitalist system.  Unfortunately, American capitalism has been compromised and is now sputtering.

Ten years ago I would have argued that the probability of an American monetary collapse over the following decade was zero. The next ten years present far less certainty.  One may disagree whether the probability of a collapse over the next ten years is 2%, 25%, or 60%. But the probability is no longer zero. The criticality of gold and silver as an asset class has reemerged.  The Edward Steves story is an illustrative parable of how to build and preserve wealth when economic systems are in flux.


New Documentary Reveals Truth about Financial Crisis!

October 24, 2009

Dear Readers,

This is a *must-see* documentary!  Here is the link for the full-uncut version.

Trust me, you will NOT see this on TV.  You will NOT see this in movie theaters.

The main-stream-media and the puppets in Washington hope that you will never see it.  But the “information war” between the people and the establishment is being fought with new weapons and technology.  Here is your chance to “peek-behind-the-curtain” and see what is really going on.

I hope you will watch this and share your thoughts…



Despite Best Efforts…the Truth Comes Out

April 24, 2009

Analysis by Bob Chapman

The International

The Truth Movement has become a real thorn in the side of the Illuminati.  So many people are now finally catching on to their sinister plans that their usual strategies are not working.  The facts and predictions divulged to the public via the Truth Movement have proved to be too accurate for the Illuminati to counter with their usual bogus rhetoric because no one believes them anymore.  The public, via the elitist-controlled fane-stream media, has listened to Illuminist marionettes, Buck-Busting Ben Bernanke, Hanky Panky Paulson, Caligula (Bush, Jr.), Dead-Eye Dick Cheney, and now our “beloved” Emperor Romulus Augustulus (Obama) and Tiny Tim Geithner, continue to lie to them pathologically, make ridiculous predictions that never come true and regale us with inane platitudes and silly pep talks about things like “hope,” “change,” “we see signs of improvement” and “recovery is just around the corner,” when they know darn well that not only are things getting worse, these miscreants are doing everything they can to intentionally make matters worse by order of the Puppet Masters.

People have caught on to the fact that the economic statistics produced by our government and its various agencies have no basis in reality, and that most of the so-called economists, shills, pundits and moronic talking heads on the fane-stream media are almost always wrong because being right means a trip to the unemployment lines, which are growing ever larger by the minute.  So the sheople are now finally starting to look to the people who have demonstrated more accuracy and integrity, and who are still miraculously given coverage by the fane-stream media, such as Jimmy Rogers, Peter Schiff, Michael Hudson, Joseph Stiglitz, Rick Santelli, Meredith Whitney and Elizabeth Warren, to name but a few.  These people are becoming virtual folk heroes because they are among the few people given wider coverage by the media who can still be looked to for some reasonable answers and explanations.

The Illuminati now basically have three ways by which they attempt to discredit the Truth Movement, the third having been added recently because the first two have more or less fizzled out as the public wises up.

The first strategy to discredit the Truth Movement is to simply make direct attacks on the people getting the truth out and on the message they are disseminating. This is done by putting their professional Illuminist mouthpieces on media presentations to refute what the Truth Movement is asserting while they dig up dirt on the speakers for purposes of orchestrating character assassinations.  This is not working by the simple fact that most assertions by the Truth Movement have proved to be true while those of the Illuminist mouthpieces have proved to be false.  The character assassinations don’t work when the assertions of the speaker being attacked turn out to be true and the character assassins turn out to be the ones who are lacking in integrity.  It is like the pot trying to call the kettle black when the kettle is made of stainless steel.

The second strategy is one where the Illuminati attempt to associate the facts and assertions of the Truth Movement with government operatives and disinformation specialists who are either media hosts or guests and who intentionally espouse crazy theories about things like space aliens, pseudo-science and New Age drivel.  These operatives mix crackpot theories with real “conspiracy theories” which we all know to be true.  As an example, they will talk about space aliens, and then move on to the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve and the New World Order.  The idea is to make it look like only crackpots wearing tinfoil hats and who also believe in Martians could ascribe to these ridiculous “conspiracy theories.”  These media hosts and guests are well paid via handsome salaries, off-shore bank accounts, generous advertising contracts and all the airtime and coverage they could hope for, while they also cash in on web site advertisements, books, tapes, CD’s and other items related to their shows.  Many of the so-called “callers” on these shows are also government “plants” who are used to “innocently” raise certain issues, which their host-operatives want to elicit.  The Internet is now so loaded with these masters of misdirection that you can hardly believe any of the content anymore.  That is why you need the IF (i.e. “The International Forecaster” Bob’s excellent newsletter), to help you separate the truth from the fiction. But once again, because the so-called “conspiracy theorists,” like us, are having their assertions confirmed so often now, people are able to separate the truth from the quackery.  The fiendish Illuminati went overboard with this strategy, and it has now back-fired on them because it is so blatant and obvious and the goofball theories being mixed with legitimate theories are simply over-the-top.

The third strategy is relatively new and shows how desperate the Illuminati are now.  Their pathological lies have largely been exposed, so they have no alternative now but to try to hijack the Truth Movement and make it their own.  They are now using certain elements of the fane-stream media, such as its so-called “conservative” talk-show hosts, who are really liberal socialists and fascists playacting as conservatives, to embrace certain elements of the Truth Movement, while watering it down, leaving out salient facts and then injecting it with enough kernels of disinformation to throw people off track so they can’t get to the bottom of who is really behind all of this.  They will be coming up with all sorts of scapegoats now, just watch and see, who they will blame for all the problems predicted by the Truth Movement. People like Buffett and Cramer (FoundingFather Notes: and don’t forget Weasel Boy Glenn Beck!) have already been doing this to some degree, trying to give you insights similar to what the Truth Movement is asserting, but that are usually somewhat off the mark to throw you off track, which they use to manipulate non-insiders so that the PPT (Plunge-Protection-Team: Google the term, the PPT is real) and Illuminist insiders are able to enlist their sheople-sucker-dupe-investors to move the markets around in whatever direction suits them at the time.

The gyrations of the stock market on Monday (4/20) and Tuesday (4/21) of this week is a perfect example of this type of misdirection.

On Monday, the markets tanked supposedly based on doubts about the legitimacy of bank earnings as espoused by the Truth Movement, as if this was some sort of new revelation, when quite a few professionals, and most insiders, have known that the financial statements of the various Illuminist financial institutions have been fairytales for the past two years, and really for the past two decades during which the Fed created a false prosperity with an ocean of money, credit, asset bubbles, low interest rates and zero regulation while fostering a Quadrillion Dollar Derivative Death-Star. They could have used any one of a myriad of reasons to take the markets down because of all the terrible economic news, but instead they chose to use the Truth Movement’s revelations about bogus Illuminist bank earnings as part of their new machinations to shanghai the Truth Movement.

Then on Tuesday, Tiny Tim says the bank rescue plan will work and strikes the right balance, so now all of sudden the doubts about the bank earnings are not quite so bad and the stock markets recover somewhat, even though absolutely nothing has changed.  Tiny Tim’s Plan strikes the right balance all right, 100% for the Illuminist banks and financial institutions, and 0% for the sheople and the non-Illuminist banks and financial institutions. They get the gold mine; you get the shaft, ad nauseam.   These reasons for market movement that are pumped through the fane-stream media are just excuses the elitists use to move the markets up and down so they can make mega-profits from insider trading.  And to top it all off, this insider trading by the Illuminati and their henchmen on Wall Street is not subject to any regulatory review because the trades are made in the totally opaque and unregulated dark pools of liquidity such as Project Turquoise, Baikal and the OTC derivative market.  If you are not one of the anointed, you will become a crispy critter as the stock markets are gyrated to shake out, and to clean out, non-insiders.  Get out now while you still have some capital left and put it in gold, silver and their related shares.

This third strategy for discrediting the Truth Movement is also very similar to what the US Illuminist oligarchy did to Ron Paul.  When he was on the roll and starting to win debates, drum up huge money-bombs and get some serious votes, they enlisted the pro-amnesty, so-called Christian Mike Huckabee, aka Huckleberry Hell Hound, to capture voters from the Christian Right, who could not discern the difference between the Devil and Mother Theresa, much less between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. Incidentally, you might note that the Evangelical Movement is now dead in the US, and will go the way of Europe, absent a miracle from God, because the Christian Right aligned themselves with Satan, aka Caligula, and will never live it down in the minds of most Americans.  Christians do not want to be associated with such a murderous, thieving, war-mongering, seditious monster, so they are becoming liberal instead, with New Age ecumenicist Rick Warren as their new Pied Piper and abortionist Obama as their new agent for “hope” and “change.”  Such a tragedy, and all the more so because it was totally avoidable if Christian leaders had exercised even the slightest bit of good judgment!  They probably still believe there is a difference between the Dumbo and Jackass parties!

Now anyone who believes in or acts on the theories espoused by the Truth Movement, or who is a military veteran, is a potential radical and violent dissident, as disclosed by Janet Napolitano, or should we say Janet Napoleon, who is now head of the new Gestapo known as Homeland Security.  Ms. Goebbels should be immediately impeached for such an unjustified and blatant attack on the First Amendment and on patriotic Americans.  As this transpires, Emperor Romulus and miscreants Conyers and Frank plan to slam-dunk new hate speech legislation via HR 1913 to administer the coup de grace to the Christian Right and to Christians in general, as the ultimate disseminator of hate speech, God and His Holy Bible, are banned from public libraries while preachers bold enough to speak publicly against sin and perversion are hauled off to the “klink.”  This is what former Bush-kissing, Conservative-Christian morons can expect from the new Romulus Administration and your elitist bootlickers in Congress.  Get on the horn with your “representatives” about these atrocities and give them hell!

If you want to get rid of the Illuminist blight forever, leave your government officials, who are nothing more than pathetic little puppets, alone.  Putting anything other than political pressure on those who are in office would play right into the hands of the Illuminati and give them the excuse they need to implement martial law.  The ones to go after are the Puppet Masters in the top echelons, who do not currently hold public office, and whose names appear on lists of organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Let them know in no uncertain terms that they, their filthy wealth, their dark influence and their seditious machinations to subvert our Constitution and implement world government are no longer welcome in the United States of America.  We leave the methodology up to the American public, and their limitless ingenuity.

Once the Puppet Masters are run out of town, their marionettes will fall to the stage floor in a heap of strings and wooden sticks as their benefactors are no longer there to support them with limitless amounts of cash, equipment, media coverage, brain trusts and human resources.  We can then start over and try to get it right this time like our Founding Fathers.  Simply applying the Constitution the way it was intended to be applied should prove sufficient for this purpose.

To read more of Bob Chapman’s excellent analysis, go to:

We are All Terrorists Now

April 19, 2009

William N. Grigg
April 17, 2009

The Regime has made it official that “right-wing extremism” is a threat to Homeland Security.

That genus is divided into two species — “white supremacist and anti-government groups” — with the latter further differentiated into various sub-species, including immigration reform activists, “disgruntled military veterans,” gun rights advocates, members of citizen militia groups, anti-globalists, constitutionalists, “hate groups,” and others deemed politically unsuitable by the Regime .

Less than two years ago, Congress enacted — by a vote of 404-6 — the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. Its first offspring was an official commission to examine potential content-based Internet restrictions. At some point, it also begat a specialized section within the Homeland Security Department called the Extremism and Radicalization Branch (which we’ll call the ERB).

This means that for the first time in American history, the federal government has a full-time intelligence organ devoted exclusively to scrutinizing the political opinions and affiliations of U.S. citizens. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this development as a milestone in our nation’s apostasy from its founding as a constitutional republic.

Earlier this month, the ERB’s “Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division” issued a nine-page “Intelligence and Analysis Assessment” of “right-wing extremism” for the supposed benefit of state and local law enforcement agencies. That document consists of reheated leftovers from several previous “intelligence analyses” of the “radical right,” including the FBI’s notorious 1999 Project Megiddo broadside.

Echoes of a decade ago: A “terrorist threat” assessment issued in 1999 by the Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force identified “constitutionalists” as a potential threat — but didn’t mention the possibility of a backlash from Muslim radicals riled up by Washington’s foreign policy.

Echoes of a decade ago: A “terrorist threat” assessment issued in 1999 by the Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force identified “constitutionalists” as a potential threat — but didn’t mention the possibility of a backlash from Muslim radicals riled up by Washington’s foreign policy.

Echoes of a decade ago: A “terrorist threat” assessment issued in 1999 by the Phoenix FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force identified “constitutionalists” as a potential threat — but didn’t mention the possibility of a backlash from Muslim radicals riled up by Washington’s foreign policy.

View Side 1 of the pamphlet

View Side 2 of the pamphlet

The ERB report concludes with the observation that the Department of Homeland Security “will be working with its state and local partners over the next several months to ascertain with greater regional specificity the rise in rightwing extremist activity in the United States, with a particular emphasis on the political, economic, and social factors that drive rightwing extremist radicalization.”

This is significant chiefly because it acknowledges that every “local” police agency in the United States is now a sensory organ, and enforcement appendage, of the Homeland Security State.

As partners with the Department of Homeland Security, your thoughtful and friendly “local” police and state police will be expected to gather intelligence on “extremists” within their jurisdictions and provide it to the Feds. And in the event that they’re required to do so by their “partners” in Washington, those same state and “local” police will be expected to question, arrest, or detain those designated to be severe risks to “homeland security.”

In this connection it’s useful to remember that the Obama administration has taken care to preserve all of the necessary Bush-era precedents regarding the summary imprisonment of those designated “unlawful enemy combatants” by presidential decree, the suspension of habeas corpus, and even the practice of torture as a means of “enhanced interrogation.”

The prospect of the exercise of those powers by the incumbent is causing a loss of bladder control among many of the same GOP-aligned polemicists who insisted that they were perfectly safe when placed at the disposal of his predecessor. This development was as predictable as the “plot” of a porno film. And as Salon’s admirable civil libertarian columnist Glen Greenwald emphasizes, the report on the “radical right” was actually begun under the Bush administration.

Putting a meme into play: This magazine cover, which appeared roughly a year ago, anticipated one of the themes of the recent Homeland Security Department assessment of the “right-wing threat” — namely, that there may be a violent, racially motivated “backlash” against the Obama administration.

In the institutional memory of the American Right, the early Clinton years were characterized by two entirely unnecessary atrocities involving culturally isolated “extremists”: The attack on the Randy Weaver family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho — which led to the murder of Sammy and Vicki Weaver — and the 51-day standoff at Mt. Carmel, Texas, which culminated in the holocaust of April 19, 1993.

The unbearable memory of those episodes, exacerbated by the “assault weapons” ban, did much to catalyze resistance to the Clinton administration. Prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, there was a widespread, and growing, appreciation for the lethal potential of what we could call the federal government’s “Waco gene” — its latent tendency to isolate, dehumanize, criminalize, and even annihilate those considered to be incorrigible internal enemies.

But although this early Clinton-era anti-government backlash was rooted in worthy and entirely justified sentiments, it was poorly focused in one fairly significant respect: Clinton and his properly maligned Attorney General Janet Reno had relatively little to do with the planning and execution of the ATF’s assault on the Branch Davidians, and nothing at all to do with the criminal assault on the Weaver family. Those were anti-”extremist” initiatives planned and/or carried out by the administration of George Bush the Elder.

(It’s not my intention to demolish a straw man by mentioning Ruby Ridge in this connection; on many occasions I’ve heard that incident paired with Waco when people have recited the litany of the Clinton administration’s crimes.)

During the reign of Bush the Dumber, the GOP-aligned punditocracy insisted that only “peace creeps” and people who perversely sympathize with suicide bombers were outraged over the executive branch’s assault on the Bill of Rights.

When Bush put the chainsaw to due process guarantees running back to Runnymede and mowed them down like so much overgrowth on his postage-stamp “ranch,” some principled voices — with Ron Paul, as always, leading that tiny chorus — took up a refrain similar to that put in the mouth of Sir Thomas More when his son-in-law William Roper urged a similar clear-cutting approach to the law.

After the contemptible opportunist Richard Rich* comes fishing for a bribe, baiting More with the implied threat of blackmail, More’s family urges him to have Rich arrested. When More points out that Rich hadn’t broken the law, and that even “the Devil himself” is entitled to the protection of the law, Roper angrily exclaims that he would “cut down every law in England” to get to the Devil.

“And when the last law was down and the devil turned round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?” More inquired. “This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, and not God’s — and if you cut them down–and you are just the man to do it–do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes — I’d give the Devil benefit of the law for my own safety’s sake.”

Transfixed by the demonic evil of Islamic terrorism, intoxicated by a sense of vindictive righteousness, the Republican Right eagerly collaborated in the effort to mow down legal protections for those designated enemies of the state. With the frustrated puzzlement of dimwitted children they now find themselves naked and shivering in the ill winds so memorably described by More.

For a long time, conservatives have extracted much undeserved pleasure from the aphorism that “A law-and-order conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.” Now they’re given an opportunity to learn the truth of its counterpart: “A civil libertarian is a law-and-order conservative who suffered an ass-beating at the hands of the police.” Perhaps this lesson could be learned — but, given the propensity of conservatives to miss the obvious and resist admissions of error, I’m not optimistic.

One aspect of the ERB’s “Intelligence Assessment” that offers cause for unintended mirth is the concern it expresses over the possibility that the ongoing economic collapse is being “exploited” by “rightwing extremists.” The unspoken corollary here, of course, is that our rulers us would never exploit economic or political upheavals in order to aggrandize their own power — the well-documented eagerness of both the Bushi’ites and the Obamatrons not to “let a serious crisis go to waste” notwithstanding.

The all-gathering “ear”: This grotto on Syracuse, known as “Dionysus’s Ear,” has unique acoustic properties that amplify even the softest whisper. According to legend, the tyrant Dionysus imprisoned political enemies in or near this cave and his secret police exploited its eavesdropping potential in their efforts to root out dissent.

You see, according to the Collectivist Lexicon, when those exercising the powers of government suspect the worst of the people they rule, it’s called vigilance; when those on the receiving end of government power suspect the worst of their rulers, it’s called paranoia.

In the interest of clarity, I should point out that, as the term is typically used today, a “paranoid” is someone who notices things without government permission. Similarly, a “conspiracy theorist” is anyone who draws unacceptable anti-government conclusions from politically inconvenient facts.

A “hate group” consists of any group of people who are hated by collectivists.

And a “terrorist” is anyone, anywhere, who is imprisoned, tortured, or killed by the state with extreme prejudice. In the near future we may see some interesting applications of that infinitely flexible definition.

When citizens are hyper-vigilant toward government, liberty is one possible result. Where government is hyper-vigilant toward is subjects, tyranny is the inevitable outcome.

The Revolution, Phase II

June 9, 2008


Essay by Johnny Kramer

This is an era when the following problems, among others, confront the United States:

Americans spend more money per year on taxes than they do on food, clothing and shelter combined – and receive virtually nothing of value in return. Even worse, governments use citizens’ own money against them to further erode their standard of living and persecute them for peaceful, voluntary behavior.

As Lysander Spooner wrote in No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, “. . . whoever desires liberty, should understand these vital facts, viz.:

1. That every man who puts money into the hands of a ‘government’ (so called), puts into its hands a sword which will be used against him, to extort more money from him, and also to keep him in subjection to its arbitrary will.

2. That those who will take his money, without his consent, in the first place, will use it for his further robbery and enslavement, if he presumes to resist their demands in the future.”

Prior to the Iraq War, the Bush administration balked at estimates that it could cost even $100-200 billion. To date, it has cost over $500 billion. The most conservative estimates are that 655,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed; 3.4 million Iraqis have fled their homes; as of May 14, 4,079 U.S. service people have been killed, and another 30,004 have been wounded. Every rationale for the war has been proven false. And there is no end in sight.

The neocons are agitating to start a similar debacle in Iran, another comparatively poor country (and another former U.S. ally) with a military budget about 1% of the size of that of the United States.

The federal government is about $9 trillion in debt.

The president now has the authority to detain anyone – even American citizens – indefinitely, without charges.

The United States has the highest number of people in prison of any country on earth, both in absolute terms and as a percentage of its population, and over 50% of them are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses.

According to David Walker, the Comptroller General of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, if present trends continue, by 2040, 100% of the federal budget will be consumed just by Social Security and Medicare, and even that will require annual confiscation of 40% of the private sector’s output. At that point, the government’s only option for balancing the budget would be cutting the federal budget by 60% (and defaulting on the Social Security and Medicare promises) or doubling federal taxes – meaning the government would be confiscating 80% of the private sector’s output just to fund Social Security and Medicare. And the economy would have to grow by double-digits every year until then to grow its way out of this outcome. When was the last time we had double-digit growth for even one year?

In addition to gasoline prices (which are rising due to various distortions in the economy imposed by government, including inflation and regulations that prevent sellers from increasing production to lower prices), the media has reported the following snapshots of inflation during the past week, courtesy of the Associated Press, since they pertained to people’s Memorial Day plans: since last Memorial Day, the average price of hot dogs is up 7%; a bag of chips and a two-liter of soda are each up 10%; and hamburger buns are up 17%. (Unfortunately – but not surprisingly – none of the reports I saw went on to explain that rising prices are a symptom of inflation, not inflation itself; and that inflation results from the government printing money out of thin air – which is called counterfeiting when a citizen does it; and that its main purpose is to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the power elite. Then again, I don’t blame the reporters, because I doubt many of them even know this, and it’s even more doubtful that their bosses would let them report it if they did.)

Despite these facts, the following are questions one is likely to hear currently from the mainstream media:

Why doesn’t Obama wear a U.S. flag pin on his lapel all of the time?

Who will be McCain’s running-mate?

Michelle Obama said that she only recently became proud of America for the first time. Does that mean she hates America?

Who leads in the popular vote, Obama or Hillary?

Does Obama endorse the views of Jeremiah Wright since he attended Wright’s church for years?

Is Obama an elitist, or a Regular Joe?

Does John McCain endorse the views of preachers who endorsed him, like John Hagee and Rod Parsley?

How many delegates are at stake in the remaining Democratic contests?

Will Obama and Hillary run on the same ticket?

Who would fare better against McCain, Obama or Hillary?

The False Choice

Wise up: There is only one political party in America: The Government Party. The phony left-right paradigm is a shell game perpetrated by the ruling elite to distract people from that fact, because if it were overt that there’s only one party, the entire political system would quickly become widely despised, and the people would be more likely to overthrow it.

And elections – especially presidential elections – are basically scams where the elite field two basically interchangeable candidates – both of whom are acceptable to them and are in their pockets – to con the rubes into thinking that they are running the government.

Politics at high levels of government basically consists of a symbiotic relationship where politicians and bureaucrats earn higher incomes than they could earn on the market in exchange for perpetrating the structures (like the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, and the Federal Reserve System) from which the power elite profit at the expense of the average person.

Ron Paul summarized the political shell game on The Alex Jones Show on May 20, when he said about Clinton, Obama, and McCain, “There really is no choice there; they all belong to the same group, they are beholden to the military industrial complex and the medical industry, the media industry, the whole works, the banking industry. The rhetoric is different but they’re all after power, and there is not going to be a lot of difference.”