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A message for those who will listen…..

November 29, 2008

Dear Readers,

Every once in a while, we read a book or see a movie, or meet a person that gets us to really *think* about things.  To entertain thoughts we might not otherwise have encountered.  To “think outside the box.”

The researcher David Icke is one such person.

Much of the information David presents, I can vouch for.  I have done my own research and independently validated the accuracy of many of his statements.

Some of the information he presents, I cannot prove.  Nor does it seem probable.  Yet I cannot “disprove” it either and it is thought-provoking!

For example, if you do a layman’s study of Quantum physics, you will quickly begin to encounter some very strange theories – Here is a link to ten of them:

Here is an excerpt:

Quantum Consciousness

“In attempts to solve the measurement problem in quantum physics (see above), physicists frequently run into the problem of consciousness. Though most physicists try to sidestep the issue, it seems that there is a link between the conscious choice of experiment and the outcome of the experiment. Some physicists, most notably Roger Penrose, believe that current physics cannot explain consciousness, and that consciousness itself has a link to the strange quantum realm.”

David Icke’s theories are complex, and not something that can be conveyed quickly or simply.  He speaks about a wide range of subjects, yet they are all related.

Here he is with a quick (and very accurate) summary of our modern “News Media”

Now here is a brief excerpt of Icke talking about predictions he has made:

Here is Icke recollecting the derision he met when he first “came out” with some of his theories:

If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you rent from Netflix David Icke’s lecture DVD’s called “Secrets of the Matrix” and also “The Freedom Road.”

Of course, you can also get his books and videos from:

Is David Icke infallible?  Are his “theories” 100% correct? I doubt it.  I don’t think anyone has “got it all figured out” (your humble author included).  However, David Icke does offer some profound insights that I believe are worthy of consideration.

Some come to knowledge by arduous study of history, politics, quantum mechanics, philosophy, archeology, ancient religions, human psychology and esoteric texts.  Others come to knowledge by simply keeping an open mind and listening to new ideas.  Either way, if you are willing to let go of what you think “is” and “is not” possible, you can stumble upon ideas so extraordinary that the “ordinary” everday world will never quite seem that way to you again.

I hope you will choose to take that journey.



Americans Embracing Their Own Destruction

November 26, 2008

Commentary by Devvy Kidd

My column on the FDA produced more than 2500 emails this past week; the master list of diseases is now updated. The issue of a nation self medicating on dangerous drugs approved by the FDA really struck a chord. In that column, I pointed out two major factors why Americans are so apathetic and stumbling through life without a clue: fluoride and aspartame.

However, it goes even deeper. By reducing the population to little better than the level of cattle with only basic feelings like hunger, need for water and herding them with a prod (mother government), down goes self-reliance, self-determination and courage. Fed, watered and led to the slaughter house. How is this done? The master plans for inculcating the communist morality (communitarianism) into the American landscape has been underway for a century and that’s exactly what it does to people: takes away their self-esteem, individualism, their drive for success and lumps them in with the “community.” They are manipulated into believing that a Godless (secular) nation is good! This is necessary for communism to exist and thrive.

Another good example of manipulation: elections. This metaphor sums it up perfectly: It’s like a student taking driving lessons. The first time out, the student gets the fake steering wheel while the instructor is actually controlling the vehicle. But, the fake steering wheel makes the student “feel” he has control and that perception is all important when evil forces take over a country.

Pretty harsh, but our elections have been controlled for more than 40 years, not by we the people, but by those who lust for power and money. They have used advanced technology (electronic voting machines and scanners) – the real steering wheel, while the people have been given the fake one. The American people believe they’re given a choice, dutifully go to the ballot box, hold their nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils [against the other party] and play right into the hands of the destroyers who made them “feel” like they’ve done the right thing. Compliant, willing, the herding technique essential for brutal dictatorships to exist.

If you watch this short video, you will see how ordinary Americans explain why they’re voting for a particular candidate. If you think this is an anomaly, you would be wrong. How can the American people be so uninformed, so accepting of the communitarian doctrine being shoved down their throats by politicians and blindly begging for totalitarian government? I have covered some of the dogma in previous columns: “Using Marxist-Leninist strategies, the Russian, Chinese, and U.S. ruling elites have sought to frighten Americans and other populations with the specter of ruthless mass terror.” September 11, 2001, was the premiere event for implementing the necessary psychological warfare against the American people to give up their freedoms and liberties because 19 hijackers conducted mass murder on American soil.

There’s a slight problem with that web of lies: Seven, perhaps 8, of the alleged hijackers appear to alive and trying to get their names off the FBI’s list; click here.

A new German documentary has been released that does an excellent job on the 9/11 operation; it also covers the “dead” hijackers. Subtitles are used, but you won’t have a problem. Loading can be slow, but it’s worth the wait. I highly recommend this powerful video and at the end, you will see thousands of people in Brussels’s march for a new 9/11 investigation. You see, the 9/11 truth movement is world wide and growing. As one commentator says towards the end of the documentary: How can the American people refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes?

They refuse because there is something akin to a mass psychosis in this country. I’m not a qualified expert or health practitioner in that field, but I know what I’m talking about regarding the manipulation of the American people. This web site gives examples of different types of psychosis, i.e,: “Delusional disorder is when someone has a firmly held belief in things that are not true.” 9/11 is a perfect example. The majority of Americans are afraid of the truth about September 11, 2001, so the willfully believe lies. You might take ten minutes to watch this video. Hundreds of first responders are dying and hundreds more will as their bodies are eaten alive by what they breathed at ground zero. Christie Todd Whitman knowingly lied about the air quality and she should be indicted for conspiracy to commit murder at the very least and it should be done by a grand jury in New York City.

At Community Church in New York City on September 9, 2006, a group of 9/11 first responders shared their experiences at ground zero and afterward. “We were also killed on 9/11. Avenge us,” pleads former National Guard Sergeant, David Miller. “We came to your rescue on 9/11. Now thousands of us and our families need you to come to ours. Heroic first responders are dying of toxic exposure at Ground Zero. Now they are asking the 9/11 Truth movement to wake up the rest of the country to the real terrorists of 9/11: the US government, with the complicity of media giants. Miller notes of those Americans who refuse to look at the truth, “I know something about sheep. Sheep never conceive that the man who fills their grain bins, but without any afterthought, one day starts cutting throats…and every time ‘Popular Mechanics’ calls the people of this movement ‘nuts’, these propagandists, professional liars and tools, who cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be called journalists, strike another nail into the coffin of another rescue worker.”

How can we turn our backs on these heroes who want the truth? How can we not demand justice for the thousands of rescuers at ground zero who are dying because of lies by the Bush Administration? You can watch David Miller’s short speech here at 10:12 seconds into the video. How can we turn our back on them to protect our comfort zones?

What’s happened to the American spirit of independence, self-reliance and individual achievement? Well, for one thing, you have Marxists like Bill Clinton make this shameful statement, April 19, 1994: “When we got organized as a country, we wrote a fairly radical Constitution with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of individual freedom to Americans, however there’s a lot of irresponsibility today in this country and so a lot of people say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it.” Spoken like a stinking Red.

Marxist Barry Obama and other elitists push “community service” and “volunteerism” as something “we” should all aspire to do: selfless dedication for the “common good” – one of Hillary’s favorites. These fanatics deliberately flog the American people with the same big lie that America is a democracy. Jeri Lynn Ball, an expert on the communitarian movement explains here from her outstanding book, The Voices of America’s Destruction, the strategy for achieving and subduing the American people. A major goal for communist domination – besides eliminating God from the American landscape – is the destruction of the nuclear family; see here, Ibid.

In Jeri’s book, Triumph Over Tyranny, Taxation and Treason, she outlines very precisely the plan and how to implement the creation of the “new Soviet Man”:

“Our rulers are winning the battle to destroy America because they are not just changing institutions…the are reconstructing human beings. They are using the alturist-collectivist morality – the code of Nazi Germany[1] and communist Russia – to shape the attitudes of Americans. They are using morality as a weapon to create new human beings they can control and dominate.

“Hitler indoctrinated the Germans with Nazi propaganda, then using trickery and deception, swiftly and skillfully executed a bold plan to seize legal and total control of the German Government.[2] This unscrupulous demagogue was a master propagandist, a consummate con artist, and a pathological liar who had a glib tongue and a malevolent agenda, but he is being eclipsed by leaders of the present administration whose Machiavellian schemes and aims dwarf those of the infamous Nazi dictator.”

She was writing about Marxist Bill Clinton in that book, but history will show that Bush was installed in the White House to finish off freedom and liberty once and for all with the cooperation of the U.S. Congress under the guise of the never ending “war on terrorism.” I encourage you to read what she has written in these three links: Art: A Mirror of America’s Philosophy; The Decay of America’s Universities (important because every effort is being made to register college students to vote for Marxist Barry Obama aka Barack Hussein; and Government Run Schools: Instruments for the Destruction of Freedom.

If Americans don’t understand what has been done to them over time, they can’t reject how they’ve been manipulated under deceptive labels like “progressive” and “liberal.” Americans spout “our democracy” without understanding how evil democracy is and should be rejected by anyone who cherishes freedom. One cannot fight back without the facts. While the American people are crying out for “change,” they are being led like cattle to the slaughter – not for real change – but the same strategies that have been used against them in the past. New lies for old.

When you hear popular, well paid neutralizers like Rush Limbaugh, the vile Newt Gingrich (CFR) and Sean Hannity wail about “fighting for the hearts and minds of the American people,” they stay focused on the “other side,” meaning the Democrats. Never do they drift to anything close to the truth. The other side of the same coin, liberal mouth pieces like Keith Olbermann and Alan Colmes, do the same thing, but they will never define for you the under pinings of why the masses are suffering as a society, so willing to give up their God-given rights.

William Z. Foster, General Secretary of the Communist Party USA and trade union leader, wrote one of the most comprehensive books on exactly how communism would be inculcated into the American mind: Toward Soviet America. Foster’s book explains, using the usual communist jargon exactly how, over time, various philosophies promoted by the media and government schools, would cause the American people to jettison the very values and strengths that made America so great. See how far the masses have progressed in accepting the communist morality; click here.

Learn to recognize propaganda when you read it. Stay away from dangerous individuals like Richard C. Cook (click down about half way) and Carolyn Baker (click down about half way). Beware of dangerous web sites like this that contains material which sounds patriotic, until you read the words and understand what’s being peddled:

Get rid of capitalism! Those dirty capitalists! “The destitution caused by a totally shattered, bankrupt capitalist “system,” must motivate blue- and white-collar workers worldwide to gain increased critical consciousness and radicalized revolutionary determination. We must set about creating a new political-economic-cultural system for human fulfillment: a redistribution of wealth, democratization of the workplace, and federalized worker control over industry and finance, among other essential features.”

Human fulfillment, redistribution of wealth. Federalize worker control over industry and finance. This is pure communist propaganda. At the bottom of that web site is the big fist. Comrades world wide recognize it. This is exactly how communists recruit. That and hoodwinking the American people into thinking communism is dead

The “New European Soviet“: The European Union is rapidly descending into totalitarianism. Under NAFTA and the proposed FTAA, U.S. policy makers have adopted the same socialist EU program….President Bush, President Fox and the “new world order” Power Elite at the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Council of the Americas have all adopted the deceptive terminology of the EU–“integration,” “harmonization,” “convergence”–to describe their “American project.” They have adopted an aggressive schedule, intending to do in a few years what it has taken the eurocrats decades to accomplish. We can and must stop this treasonous plan–or Mr. Gorbachev and his ilk will soon be able to gloat about the “new American Soviet.”

Change will not happen with the same incumbents from county to state to the U.S. Congress. It surely will not happen with Obama or Juan McCain (CFR) as president. This country is infested with people who want to destroy our constitutional republic in favor of world government. If your local politicians, member of your state legislature or Congress hasn’t gotten the job done the last time you “elected” them, it won’t happen if you put them back in office. Our state legislatures do have a relatively small number of great Americans serving and they need your help getting reelected. America has to wake up, face the horror staring us in the face and work to get real constitutionalists elected at all levels of government. What has been done (Patriot Act and other draconian legislation) can be undone, but not if America puts the same Congress back in office.

The American people must reject these dangerous philosophies as discussed above. We must reject every “law” passed since 9/11 which violates the U.S. Constitution and makes scrap paper out of the Bill of Rights. No matter the cost, no matter the pain. If we don’t, our children and grand children WILL inherit what we didn’t stop.

[Note: I will be a guest on Carl Wilson’s show, Wednesday, July 23, 2008. KAJO radio is streamed live on the Internet if you’d like to listen. Scott will be sitting in; the show airs at 9:30 to 10:30 am PST, 12:30 to 1:30 pm EST. Click here to listen; then click on “Listen Live.” Call in number is 541-472-1270. I’d love to talk to you on air.]


1. The Pink Swastika: “As a Jewish scholar who lost hundreds of her family in the Holocaust, I welcome The Pink Swastika as courageous and timely . . . Lively and Abrams reveal the reigning “gay history” as revisionist and expose the supermale German homosexuals for what they were – Nazi brutes, not Nazi victims.” Dr. Judith Reisman, Institute for Media Education.
2. As Bush has done since 9/11 using Congress and the specter of “mass terror.” He’s done it using executive orders and signed draconian bills like the misnamed ‘Patriot Act’ given to the American people by traitors in the U.S. Congress. If you think traitor is too strong a word, go back into denial and may you wear your chains lightly.

July 21, 2008

Learning Links:

1 – Lawmaker takes 9/11 doubts global
2 – Vote fraud
3 – Super Tuesday – The Herding Technique
4 – Obama’s No Change
5 – The Treasonous Council on Foreign Relations
6 – Membership (CFR)
7 – The Treasonous Trilateral Commission
8 – The Trilateral Commission: North American Group 2008
9 – Confirmed: ISI General Ahmed Met With JCS, Neocons Before 9/11
10 – School to work: communist goal
11 – America is NOT a democracy

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country, ran for Congress and is a highly sought after public speaker. Devvy belongs to no organization.

She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn’t left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Her web site ( contains a tremendous amount of information, solutions and a vast Reading Room.

Devvy’s website:

Before you send Devvy e-mail, please take the time to check the FAQ section on her web site. It is filled with answers to frequently asked questions and links to reliable research sources.

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Cost of Bankster “Bait & Switch” Now $7.4 Trillion

November 24, 2008

Kurt Nimmo
November 24, 2008

“The U.S. government is prepared to lend more than $7.4 trillion on behalf of American taxpayers, or half the value of everything produced in the nation last year, to rescue the financial system since the credit markets seized up 15 months ago,” reports Bloomberg. “The unprecedented pledge of funds includes $2.8 trillion already tapped by financial institutions in the biggest response to an economic emergency since the New Deal of the 1930s.”

It is not, however, a response to an economic emergency. It is brazen grand larceny conducted in broad daylight. It is financial terrorism and the bankster engineered TARP is the equivalent of the Patriot Act that allows the government and Wall Street to get away with the biggest heist in modern history. Paulson and his co-conspirators rammed their bank robbery bill through Congress with threats of martial law and dire warnings of a financial crash. Now they are cleaning out the till with precision as Congress and the American people stand dumbfounded on the sidelines.

“When Congress approved the TARP on Oct. 3, Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson acknowledged the need for transparency and oversight,” Bloomberg continues. “Now, as regulators commit far more money while refusing to disclose loan recipients or reveal the collateral they are taking in return, some Congress members are calling for the Fed to be reined in.”

It should be noted that the amount of money pledged is equivalent to $24,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. It’s nine times what the U.S. has spent so far on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Congressional Budget Office figures. It could pay off more than half the country’s mortgages.

Simply reigning in the private Federal Reserve will not put an end to the bank robbery. In fact, the criminal Federal Reserve is responsible for the current economic crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank, through its inflation of the money supply and the distortion of free markets, engineered the crisis. As Alex Jones told OTN on the weekend (see video), the international banksters have cut off liquidity by design in order the bankrupt the country and implode the economy. It is a bankster scheme engineered to consolidate wealth and buy up assets — banks, insurance companies, roads, infrastructure — for pennies on the dollar.

Last week we were told the in-coming Obama administration will nominate New York Fed boss Timothy Geithner for Treasury secretary. Geithner currently manages the bankster bailout from his New York office, thus demonstrating that the looting will continue under the “change” and “yes we can” president.

(Editor’s note: For anyone that still believes Lord Obama is somehow “less criminal” or less beholden to the Illuminati Banksters running the world then Bush & Co. have been; I would like to remind you that appointing Timothy Geithner (Currently the head of the NY Federal Reserve – the True Power Center of the entire Federal Reserve System and the home of the nefarious “Plunge Protection Team”) as Treasury Secretary places a proven Elite Insider in a perfect position to continue the looting. Geithner worked for Kissinger and Associates, and in 2002 he joined the Council on Foreign Relations. He is also a member of the “Group of Thirty” founded by the Rockefeller Foundation. In short, appointing Geithner as Treasury Secretary will do about as much to help the people of this country economically as appointing Adolph Hitler head of a “Jewish Safety and Welfare” program would help protect the Jewish people.) Bush ran nothing and neither will Obama, they are the “Face in Front” to implement the policies they have been given.)

Congress is finally coming around, albeit a day late and several billion dollars short, as usual. “The backlash has begun already. Congress is taking a lot of hits from their constituents because they got snookered on the TARP big time. There’s a lot of supposedly smart people who look to be totally incompetent and it’s all going to fall on the taxpayer,” Bob Eisenbeis, chief monetary economist at Vineland, New Jersey-based Cumberland Advisors Inc., told Bloomberg.

It appears Obama will further bankrupt the nation with an ill-conceived “stimulus package,” said to top $700 billion, although Obama’s senior economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, refused to reveal numbers. In addition, Obama has promised to keep the bankster giveaway on track.

“On Monday, Mr. Obama will likely offer for the first time an explicit pledge to honor all commitments already made by the Bush administration in the TARP program, without imposing new conditions even if there are changes are made to the program in the future. Obama officials also say the president-elect will promise to find spending cuts to try to keep short-term stimulus spending from ballooning the budget deficit over the long term,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

In other words, the austerity and sacrifice alluded to by Obama’s wife during the election will commence in earnest after her husband’s anointment in January. Obama’s spending cuts, of course, will not come out of the massive Pentagon budget, or the off-record intelligence black budget, but will instead come at the expense of the American people who are destined to live as serfs under the system planned by the banksters and the global elite.

The Federal Reserve is Engineering the Economic Collapse!

A Historical Perspective on the Current Banker Fraud

November 18, 2008

Daniel Taylor
Old-Thinker News
November 18, 2008

In light of the current global financial meltdown, an examination of recent history in the United States may help us to get a better handle on our present day economic issues.

The United States was successfully seized by international bankers with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Then, with the crash of 1929, further control was gained and great profits were reaped by its engineers. Now, these same interests have their sights set on the globe in an unprecedented power grab. Daily calls for a “New World financial Order” and global governance are now a common occurrence. Discussion of dropping the dollar as the world reserve currency and the creation of a world currency is now taking place.

Author and researcher Gary Allen writes in his 1979 book None Dare Call it Conspiracy:

“When the Federal Reserve System was foisted on an unsuspecting American public, there were absolute guarantees that there would be no more boom and bust economic cycles. The men who, behind the scenes, were pushing the central bank concept for the international bankers faithfully promised that from then on there would be only steady growth and perpetual prosperity. However, Congressman Charles A. Lindberg Sr. accurately proclaimed:

“From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”

Using a central bank to create alternate periods of inflation and deflation, and thus whipsawing the public for vast profits, had been worked out by the international bankers to an exact science.

Having built the Federal Reserve as a tool to consolidate and control wealth, the international bankers were now ready to make a major killing. Between 1923 and 1929, the Federal Reserve expanded (inflated) the money supply by sixty-two percent. Much of this new money was used to bid the stock market up to dizzying heights.

At the same time that enormous amounts of credit money were being made available, the mass media began to ballyhoo tales of the instant riches to be made in the stock market. According to Ferdinand Lundberg:

“For profits to be made on these funds the public had to be induced to speculate, and it was so induced by misleading newspaper accounts, many of them bought and paid for by the brokers that operated the pools…”

The House Hearings on Stabilization of the Purchasing Power of the Dollar disclosed evidence in 1928 that the Federal Reserve Board was working closely with the heads of European central banks. The Committee warned that a major crash had been planned in 1927. At a secret luncheon of the Federal Reserve Board and heads of the European central banks, the committee warned, the international bankers were tightening the noose.

Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, came to Washington on February 6, 1929, to confer with Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury. On November 11, 1927, the Wall Street Journal described Mr. Norman as “the currency dictator of Europe.” Professor Carroll Quigley notes that Norman, a close confidant of J. P. Morgan, admitted: ‘I hold the hegemony of the world.’”

Author William T. Still offers further evidence in his 1990 book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies:

“Through the Roaring Twenties some eight billion dollars was sliced off the federal deficit incurred during the Wilson administration. James Perloff observed: ‘This atmosphere was apparently not to the liking of the Money Trust.’

In 1929, only nine months after the inauguration of Herbert Hoover, the third consecutive Republican president, leaders of America’s new secret society, the Council on Foreign Relations, engineered the Great Crash of 1929. The crash was the most significant fruit of the new Federal Reserve – the system initiated to prevent such occurrences. Between 1923 and 1929, the Federal Reserve inflated the nation’s money supply by sixty-two percent. In the year before the crash, more than 500 banks failed nationwide. The stage was now set for disaster.

Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee blamed the international bankers for the Crash:

‘It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence… The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.’

Curtis Dall, a broker for Lehman Brothers, later to head up the ultra right wing Liberty Lobby in the 1970’s, was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange the day of the Crash. As he explained in FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law, published in 1970, the Crash was triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the New York money market.

Plummeting stock prices ruined many small investors, but the top ‘insiders’, like John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, and Joseph P. Kennedy, made vast fortunes by getting out just before the Crash, then buying back at wholesale prices afterwards.”

Globalist Bankers destroy economies, lives, families and hope.  They are the architects of enslavement.

Globalist Bankers destroy economies, lives, families and hope. They are the architects of enslavement.

Dear Readers,

For those of you that have listened to what I have to say, you know that the “news” you get from mainstream media is complete propaganda put out by the corrupt global corporations that run our Govt. and try to run our lives.

Of course this is nothing new!  Lies and disinformation have been put out for years by people who are either well-meaning fools who sincerely believe the blather they preach or by operatives who are consciously working to deceive the people.

Either way – the majority of the news you are hearing (and will continue to hear) about the economy – is pure bull!

I thought it would be enlightening to review the lies put forth from “the establishment” during the last great economic crisis in America – the “Great Depression.”

Below is a chart that plots numbered statements and the date they were uttered with the ever falling Dow Jones index.  Correlate the numbered statements to the chart.  Most amusing!

Some of my critics consider the information presented here to be too “negative” or “depressing.”  I would like to reiterate that the information presented here is neither.  It is simply accurate, well-researched FACT.

Reality is what it is.  The sooner all of us realize that, the better off we will be.  Doing simple things like avoiding debt, converting a good portion of our assets to physical gold & silver, buying storable food, maintaining a means of self-defense, and not being deceived by the orchestrated frauds of our would-be “masters” will go a long way in ensuring our freedom and well-being.  Some spiritual understanding of the forces involved is a good thing too.  I will leave that to the reader’s initiative.  It is difficult enough to get the average person to understand there is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO CREATE ONE-WORLD GOVERMENT (A “New World Order”) when we have the Globalists own publications to prove it!

See also:

We just had an election in the United States in which a significant portion of the population voted for a man they believe will solve ALL their problems when he is, just like his opponent (and his predecessor) nothing more than a meat-puppet to enact the agenda of his masters.  Even worse, many of the congress-critters that voted FOR the legalized theft of the US Treasury (also known as the “Banker-Bailout Bill”) got re-elected!  Good Lord, if people can’t understand that our Govt. is NOT “our Govt.” and that it is in fact an organized criminal operation run by and for the Global Banks, I really don’t know what to say.

Alright…enough ranting…..

Here is the 1927-1933 “Chart of Pompous Prognosticators”  Enjoy!



1. “We will not have any more crashes in our time.”
– John Maynard Keynes in 1927

2. “I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool’s paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future.”
– E. H. H. Simmons, President, New York Stock Exchange, January 12, 1928

“There will be no interruption of our permanent prosperity.”
– Myron E. Forbes, President, Pierce Arrow Motor Car Co., January 12, 1928

3. “No Congress of the United States ever assembled, on surveying the state of the Union, has met with a more pleasing prospect than that which appears at the present time. In the domestic field there is tranquility and contentment…and the highest record of years of prosperity. In the foreign field there is peace, the goodwill which comes from mutual understanding.”
– Calvin Coolidge December 4, 1928

4. “There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash.”
– Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist , New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929

5. “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever a 50 or 60 point break from present levels, such as (bears) have predicted. I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher within a few months.”
– Irving Fisher, Ph.D. in economics, Oct. 17, 1929

“This crash is not going to have much effect on business.”
– Arthur Reynolds, Chairman of Continental Illinois Bank of Chicago, October 24, 1929

“There will be no repetition of the break of yesterday… I have no fear of another comparable decline.”
– Arthur W. Loasby (President of the Equitable Trust Company), quoted in NYT, Friday, October 25, 1929

“We feel that fundamentally Wall Street is sound, and that for people who can afford to pay for them outright, good stocks are cheap at these prices.”
– Goodbody and Company market-letter quoted in The New York Times, Friday, October 25, 1929

6. “This is the time to buy stocks. This is the time to recall the words of the late J. P. Morgan… that any man who is bearish on America will go broke. Within a few days there is likely to be a bear panic rather than a bull panic. Many of the low prices as a result of this hysterical selling are not likely to be reached again in many years.”
– R. W. McNeel, market analyst, as quoted in the New York Herald Tribune, October 30, 1929

“Buying of sound, seasoned issues now will not be regretted”
– E. A. Pearce market letter quoted in the New York Herald Tribune, October 30, 1929

“Some pretty intelligent people are now buying stocks… Unless we are to have a panic — which no one seriously believes, stocks have hit bottom.”
– R. W. McNeal, financial analyst in October 1929

7. “The decline is in paper values, not in tangible goods and services…America is now in the eighth year of prosperity as commercially defined. The former great periods of prosperity in America averaged eleven years. On this basis we now have three more years to go before the tailspin.”
– Stuart Chase (American economist and author), NY Herald Tribune, November 1, 1929

“Hysteria has now disappeared from Wall Street.”
– The Times of London, November 2, 1929

“The Wall Street crash doesn’t mean that there will be any general or serious business depression… For six years American business has been diverting a substantial part of its attention, its energies and its resources on the speculative game… Now that irrelevant, alien and hazardous adventure is over. Business has come home again, back to its job, providentially unscathed, sound in wind and limb, financially stronger than ever before.”
– Business Week, November 2, 1929

“…despite its severity, we believe that the slump in stock prices will prove an intermediate movement and not the precursor of a business depression such as would entail prolonged further liquidation…”
– Harvard Economic Society (HES), November 2, 1929

8. “… a serious depression seems improbable; [we expect] recovery of business next spring, with further improvement in the fall.”
– HES, November 10, 1929

“The end of the decline of the Stock Market will probably not be long, only a few more days at most.”
– Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics at Yale University, November 14, 1929

“In most of the cities and towns of this country, this Wall Street panic will have no effect.”
– Paul Block (President of the Block newspaper chain), editorial, November 15, 1929

“Financial storm definitely passed.”
– Bernard Baruch, cablegram to Winston Churchill, November 15, 1929

9. “I see nothing in the present situation that is either menacing or warrants pessimism… I have every confidence that there will be a revival of activity in the spring, and that during this coming year the country will make steady progress.”
– Andrew W. Mellon, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury December 31, 1929

“I am convinced that through these measures we have reestablished confidence.”
– Herbert Hoover, December 1929

“[1930 will be] a splendid employment year.”
– U.S. Dept. of Labor, New Year’s Forecast, December 1929

10. “For the immediate future, at least, the outlook (stocks) is bright.”
– Irving Fisher, Ph.D. in Economics, in early 1930

11. “…there are indications that the severest phase of the recession is over…”
– Harvard Economic Society (HES) Jan 18, 1930

12. “There is nothing in the situation to be disturbed about.”
– Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon, Feb 1930

13. “The spring of 1930 marks the end of a period of grave concern…American business is steadily coming back to a normal level of prosperity.”
– Julius Barnes, head of Hoover’s National Business Survey Conference, Mar 16, 1930

“… the outlook continues favorable…”
– HES Mar 29, 1930

14. “… the outlook is favorable…”
– HES Apr 19, 1930

15. “While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed through the worst — and with continued unity of effort we shall rapidly recover. There has been no significant bank or industrial failure. That danger, too, is safely behind us.”
– Herbert Hoover, President of the United States, May 1, 1930

“…by May or June the spring recovery forecast in our letters of last December and November should clearly be apparent…”
– HES May 17, 1930

“Gentleman, you have come sixty days too late. The depression is over.”
– Herbert Hoover, responding to a delegation requesting a public works program to help speed the recovery, June 1930

16. “… irregular and conflicting movements of business should soon give way to a sustained recovery…”
– HES June 28, 1930

17. “… the present depression has about spent its force…”
– HES, Aug 30, 1930

18. “We are now near the end of the declining phase of the depression.”
– HES Nov 15, 1930

19. “Stabilization at [present] levels is clearly possible.”
– HES Oct 31, 1931

20. “All safe deposit boxes in banks or financial institutions have been sealed… and may only be opened in the presence of an agent of the I.R.S.”
– President F.D. Roosevelt, 1933

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012

November 14, 2008

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, November 13, 2008

The man who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the fall of the Soviet Union is now forecasting revolution in America, food riots and tax rebellions – all within four years, while cautioning that putting food on the table will be a more pressing concern than buying Christmas gifts by 2012.

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is renowned for his accuracy in predicting future world and economic events, which will send a chill down your spine considering what he told Fox News this week.

Celente says that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.

“We’re going to see the end of the retail Christmas….we’re going to see a fundamental shift take place….putting food on the table is going to be more important that putting gifts under the Christmas tree,” said Celente, adding that the situation would be “worse than the great depression”.

“America’s going to go through a transition the likes of which no one is prepared for,” said Celente, noting that people’s refusal to acknowledge that America was even in a recession highlights how big a problem denial is in being ready for the true scale of the crisis.

Celente, who successfully predicted the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis, the subprime mortgage collapse and the massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar, told UPI in November last year that the following year would be known as “The Panic of 2008,” adding that “giants (would) tumble to their deaths,” which is exactly what we have witnessed with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and others. He also said that the dollar would eventually be devalued by as much as 90 per cent.

The consequence of what we have seen unfold this year would lead to a lowering in living standards, Celente predicted a year ago, which is also being borne out by plummeting retail sales figures.

The prospect of revolution was a concept echoed by a British Ministry of Defence report last year, which predicted that within 30 years, the growing gap between the super rich and the middle class, along with an urban underclass threatening social order would mean, “The world’s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest,” and that, “The middle classes could become a revolutionary class.”

In a separate recent interview, Celente went further on the subject of revolution in America.

“There will be a revolution in this country,” he said. “It’s not going to come yet, but it’s going to come down the line and we’re going to see a third party and this was the catalyst for it: the takeover of Washington, D. C., in broad daylight by Wall Street in this bloodless coup. And it will happen as conditions continue to worsen.”

“The first thing to do is organize with tax revolts. That’s going to be the big one because people can’t afford to pay more school tax, property tax, any kind of tax. You’re going to start seeing those kinds of protests start to develop.”

“It’s going to be very bleak. Very sad. And there is going to be a lot of homeless, the likes of which we have never seen before. Tent cities are already sprouting up around the country and we’re going to see many more.”

“We’re going to start seeing huge areas of vacant real estate and squatters living in them as well. It’s going to be a picture the likes of which Americans are not going to be used to. It’s going to come as a shock and with it, there’s going to be a lot of crime. And the crime is going to be a lot worse than it was before because in the last 1929 Depression, people’s minds weren’t wrecked on all these modern drugs – over-the-counter drugs, or crystal meth or whatever it might be. So, you have a huge underclass of very desperate people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody’s comprehension.”

The George Washington blog has compiled a list of quotes attesting to Celente’s accuracy as a trend forecaster.

“When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente.”
— CNN Headline News

“A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties.”
— The Economist

“Gerald Celente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right.”
— USA Today

“There’s not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Celente. The man knows what he’s talking about.”

“Those who take their predictions seriously … consider the Trends Research Institute.”
— The Wall Street Journal

“Gerald Celente is always ahead of the curve on trends and uncannily on the mark … he’s one of the most accurate forecasters around.”
— The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Mr. Celente tracks the world’s social, economic and business trends for corporate clients.”
— The New York Times

“Mr. Celente is a very intelligent guy. We are able to learn about trends from an authority.”
— 48 Hours, CBS News

“Gerald Celente has a solid track record. He has predicted everything from the 1987 stock market crash and the demise of the Soviet Union to green marketing and corporate downsizing.”
— The Detroit News

“Gerald Celente forecast the 1987 stock market crash, ‘green marketing,’ and the boom in gourmet coffees.”
— Chicago Tribune

“The Trends Research Institute is the Standard and Poors of Popular Culture.”
— The Los Angeles Times

“If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.”
— New York Post

So there you have it – hardly a nutjob conspiracy theorist blowhard now is he? The price of not heeding his warnings will be far greater than the cost of preparing for the future now. Storable food and gold are two good places to make a start.