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Quantitative Easing Explained

November 18, 2010

(FoundingFather1776 says: This pretty much says it all.  The juxtaposition of having animated characters speaking the raw truth of our financial situation – a truth you will NEVER hear spoken on the “main-stream-media” – seems amusing, until you remember how horribly serious it all is!

Here is a simple 100% formula for successfully revitalizing our economy:

1) End the Fed

2) Arrest Bernanke, Dudley, Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson, and the ENTIRE Goldman Sachs wrecking crew.  Send everyone of those sonofabitches to prison!

3) Outlaw fiat-currency and central banking!

That’s it boys & girls.  Three simple steps to unleash the economic might of America from the shackles of the central banksters.



Churchill Advisor Revealed Illuminati Thinking

November 10, 2010

To consolidate the rule of supermen–to perpetuate the British Empire [i.e. the NWO] —one need only remove the ability of slaves to see themselves as slaves.” — Frederick Lindemann (1856-1957) Churchill’s Chief Scientific Adviser

by Madhusree Mukerjee
(abridged by

Eugenic ideas feature in a lecture that Lord Cherwell (then known as Professor Lindemann) had delivered more than once, probably in the early 1930s. He had detailed a science-based solution to a challenge that occupied many an intellect of the time: preserving for eternity the hegemony of the superior classes.

Any attempt “to force upon Nature an equality she has never admitted” was bound to lead to bloody strife, the scientist asserted in a draft of this talk.

Instead of subscribing to what he called “the fetish of equality,” he recommended that human differences be accepted and indeed enhanced by means of science. It was no longer necessary, he wrote, to wait for “the haphazard process of natural selection to ensure that the slow and heavy mind gravitates to the lowest form of activity.”

New technologies such as surgery, mind control, and drug and hormone manipulations would one day allow humans to be fine-tuned for specific tasks. Society could create “gladiators or philosophers, athletes or artists, satyrs or monks” at will–indeed, it could manufacture “men with a passion and perhaps even aptitude for any desired vocation.” At the lower end of the race and class spectrum, one could remove from “helots” (the Greek word for slaves) the ability to suffer or to feel ambition.

“Somebody must perform dull, dreary tasks, tend machines, count units in repetition work; is it not incumbent on us, if we have the means, to produce individuals without a distaste for such work, types that are as happy in their monotonous occupation as a cow chewing the cud?” Lindemann asked.

Science could yield a race of humans blessed with “the mental make-up of the worker bee.” This subclass would do all the unpleasant work and not once think of revolution or of voting rights: “Placid content rules in the bee-hive or ant-heap.” The outcome would be a perfectly peaceable and stable society, “led by supermen and served by helots.”

Because many people would evince an “illogical disgust” of such alterations to the nature of the human species, one might have to make do with great apes for such tasks instead of humans, the Prof conceded. It would of course be “somewhat more difficult to make an efficient bricklayer out of a gorilla than out of a bushman,” but at least no one would demand votes on behalf of an ape.

As for the “unlimited number of half-witted children born of mentally defective parents,” sterilization could and should ensure that society be freed of that burden.

“Philosophers have failed to agree on any definition of what is good and what should be our aim is a matter of individual opinion,” the professor summarized.

“But unless we desire to see our civilization perish, to see it disappear as the great eastern cultures of the Nile and Mesopotamia did, unless we wish to prepare [for] new dark ages such as followed the crumbling of the Roman empire, the fundamental cause of present day unrest will have to be removed.”

To consolidate the rule of supermen–to perpetuate the British Empire–one need only remove the ability of slaves to see themselves as slaves.

[Former Scientific American editor Madhusree Mukerjee has just published a historical investigation of Churchill’s policies in India, “Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and Ravaging of India During World War II “.]

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