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Must-See Documentary!

February 19, 2014

Dear Readers,

I recently discovered this documentary and I wanted to share it with all of you.  You may be familiar with some of the information presented here, but I’ll bet you will learn some new information as well (I know I did).

The creator of this documentary skillfully compresses the history of the “New World Order” from the ancient past into the present and makes the information accessible – even to those who may be totally new to the subject.

I strongly encourage you to check this out and to share it with your friends & family.  It shows how we got to where we are today and what we are up against.



Edward Steves and his Million Dollar Gold Arbitrage

June 23, 2011

(FoundingFather1776 Notes:  We live in historic times.  The story below is a PERFECT illustration of how real money (i.e. gold & silver) can protect your wealth in turbulent times of great change.  Please read it carefully and absorb the lesson.  I feel strongly that America is on the precipice of dramatic change, and it is not for the better.  If you have money in the stock market or bonds, GET-OUT NOW!  Withdraw the money from your 401k (while you still can), pay the tax penalties and buy storable food, commodity items, and precious metals.  That is the only way to weather the coming storm and hopefully emerge with some wealth intact.  And don’t forget Boys and Girls, precious metals are not just silver and gold.  “Brass & Lead” are precious metals too….if you catch my meaning.

 The type of changes we as a nation will witness in the next five to ten years will be much greater than the changes that occurred during the Civil War.  America is turning into something wholly unrecognizable to the ideals of our Founding Fathers.  If a functional economy ever emerges from the other side of this mess, do you want to be like your neighbors?  Desperate and bankrupt from following the conventional wisdom?  Or do you want to be like Edward Steves, who was smart enough to see where things were headed and who planned accordingly, creating a vast fortune for himself and his heirs.  The choice is yours. FoundingFather1776)

Article by Jason Kaspar

During the Civil War, an independent thinker from San Antonio named Edward Steves made a savvy business move that would forever change his fortune and that of his family for generations. He made a bet against a dying currency in favor of the only currency that has never failed.

In Texas, truth and myth are often blurred as stories of what the human spirit accomplishes are stretched into tall tales for open camp fires and star filled nights. Perhaps the story of Mr. Steves borders on exaggeration. Perhaps not. In either case, the moral offers a profound lesson in wealth preservation and accumulation.

Steves immigrated to the United States in 1849 from Barmen, Elberfeld, Germany. He ventured into the Texas hill country as a farmer with mediocre success as he battled unpredictable weather, threat of local Indians, and rocky soil.  He scraped every penny, and in early 1861, with an entrepreneurial spirit as big as Texas, he spent his entire savings on a newly invented machine – the first mechanical combine to make it to the South Central Texas region. As fate would have it, this machine arrived on the last ship to make it into Galveston, Texas before the Union blockaded the port in July 1861.  After his mechanical contraption arrived in San Antonio, Steves had a monopoly over the local farmers surrounding the area.

The farmers wanted to pay Steves for the use of his mechanical combine in the local currency, Confederate dollars. He refused. He negotiated to take his payment in kind – a percentage of what his combine would process. Steves then bundled up his portion and regularly set off for Mexico, where he would sell it for gold and silver. This occurred for several years until finally the Civil War ended. The Confederacy collapsed along with the monetary system.  Confederate dollars and Confederate bonds became worthless, sending many individuals into financial ruin.

The end of the Gavelston blockade marked the death of his monopoly, but by that time he had amassed a fortune in gold and silver.  With this fortune, he bought Union dollars and effectively bought back into a working economic system.  In 1866 he launched a lumber company that by 1916 had become the largest millwork operation in the Southwest.  It exists today as Steves & Sons, offering more than 300,000 variations of doors throughout the United States.

In today’s world, most individuals, including investment professionals, have very little understanding of the history and purpose of precious metals as a monetary asset.  Monetary systems have come and gone for thousands of years, but our lives are so cloistered that the probability of living through two entirely different monetary systems seems highly unlikely. As the Steves story illustrates, even in the United States monetary systems collapse and evolve.

The impetuous drive towards globalism and a “world currency” may impact our monetary system more than even the national debt. Initially, the evolution of a system brings chaos.  People cling to staples … land, guns, and food production. As a new system emerges, individuals who have precious metals maintain the capacity to buy back into the new system – buying a home, starting new businesses, regaining the quality of life of the previous system.  After 5,000 years, this continues to remain the ultimate benefit of precious metals. The irony is that a true global currency has always existed in the form of gold and silver.

Unless an investor trades precious metals effectively, which very few can do over a long period of time, precious metals do not generate wealth in a functioning economic system. Gold is a store of wealth not a generator of wealth.  It is much better to own thriving companies that produce a superior return over their cost of capital.  Owning businesses that generate a superior return on invested capital is the way to move up the social status in a functioning capitalist system.  Unfortunately, American capitalism has been compromised and is now sputtering.

Ten years ago I would have argued that the probability of an American monetary collapse over the following decade was zero. The next ten years present far less certainty.  One may disagree whether the probability of a collapse over the next ten years is 2%, 25%, or 60%. But the probability is no longer zero. The criticality of gold and silver as an asset class has reemerged.  The Edward Steves story is an illustrative parable of how to build and preserve wealth when economic systems are in flux.


Hitler Responds to the Tucson Shooting

January 25, 2011

Buy Physical Silver! Crash JP Morgan!

December 4, 2010

Dear Readers,

My blog, and thousands of others, have documented cases where the government and the banksters that control it have run roughshod over our rights.  They debase our currency, they steal our liberties, they dumb-us down and tell us everything is just fine while wholesale looting and fraud is openly carried out by their minions.

I know the litany of injustice we confront can seem overwhelming.  I know it is easy to feel like we cannot possibly do anything to defeat the bastards.  I know times are hard and many of us have very limited means.

What can we do?

Two words: BUY SILVER!  If you have $35-$40 you can buy a one ounce silver coin.  If enough of us buy even one silver coin, we can make the banksters at J.P. Morgan go bankrupt…and that will be the first time in modern history that the “little guy” was able to take out one of their opressors directly and decisively!  

Maybe when that happens their fellow criminals at the Federal Reserve, at Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the Wall Street cabal will decide they best ease off on the ongoing economic rape of America.

J.P. Morgan has been “selling” millions of ounces of silver that they don’t have (and that do not exist) in a scam called “naked short selling” – this allows them to make millions of dollars in fraudulent profits and to also supress the price of silver from what it should be.  If everybody buys just a few ounces of silver – REAL silver, not silver stocks or certificates – and takes possession of their silver, JP Morgan will be forced to start covering their short positions and the price of silver will skyrocket….and JP Morgan will go bust!

Not only do you get to fight back against the fraud and corruption that is robbing us of a real economy, you also stand to make a fantastic return on whatever amount you invest.  How can you turn down an offer like that?

This explains it better than I can:

By the way, if you don’t know how to buy silver bullion you are not alone.  Less than 1% of Americans own any gold or silver bullion at all.  Here is an article I wrote a while back that explains how to do it (note what the price of gold was when I wrote this):

There are many reputable companies that you can buy from – it is easy to do.  Once you do it the first time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner….it is so easy!

Buy silver!  Crash JP Morgan!

Quantitative Easing Explained

November 18, 2010

(FoundingFather1776 says: This pretty much says it all.  The juxtaposition of having animated characters speaking the raw truth of our financial situation – a truth you will NEVER hear spoken on the “main-stream-media” – seems amusing, until you remember how horribly serious it all is!

Here is a simple 100% formula for successfully revitalizing our economy:

1) End the Fed

2) Arrest Bernanke, Dudley, Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson, and the ENTIRE Goldman Sachs wrecking crew.  Send everyone of those sonofabitches to prison!

3) Outlaw fiat-currency and central banking!

That’s it boys & girls.  Three simple steps to unleash the economic might of America from the shackles of the central banksters.