What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 6

Thanks to Celline for sharing the Truth Media blogspot – it is a very useful site, check it out:


They are working on a chemtrail documentary.  Here is a short piece of it.  The video is well structured and professionally done.  I believe it may help wake up even the most stubborn individuals that can’t tell the difference between a “contrail” and a “chemtrail” – Spread it far and wide:

I have also added a permanent link to Truth Media in the chemtrail link section.

This is the spot to continue the discussion of chemtrails.  Readers are encouraged to submit links, theories, observations, etc.  In particular, quality links to videos, web-sites and photos are appreciated, as these blogs can serve as useful repositories for evidence to easily share with friends and family that need some enlightenment.



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  1. Celline Says:

    Thank you Founding, the new space is very much appreciated !

  2. babette Says:

    Though our opinions may seriously diverge, FF, I nonetheless, very much appreciate your clearness of mind and near saintly patience, FF.

    Please accept this peace offering:

    Youtube; Christian the Lion (Full Story)

    ps. Lots of theories the Gulf oil volcano may be a fantastic hoax, or massively exaggerated, or another FF, resulting from the fact that the military and the media have control over the area.

    We know how the military and media were complicit on 911, how the media showed us film of aluminum planes effortlessly slicing through giant steel & concrete columns and said, “Believe it!” As for the military, the US military–well, you know.

    Best Regards

  3. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Dear Babette,

    Thank-you for your contributions to this blog…and for the video.

    It is nice to see something so beautiful and positive.


  4. babette Says:

    Yes, it’s very moving.

    Now, can anyone explain — slowly — how to post photos I’ve taken of our Sun today?

    It appears, repeat it appears, as if a mega-object is approaching/is near our Sun.

    If someone can tell me how to put these pics up I’ll promptly do so ’cause I’d very much appreciate everyone’s thoughts on what this thing might be.

    Thanks again, FF!


  5. babette Says:

    My pics were shot through welder’s glass; 3 were taken pre-chemtails, 2 after. From different angles the object shows up pre-chem-attack, it disappears after chem-attack.

    I’m downloading the pics to my computer now.

  6. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Babette,

    You need to open a free account at a service like photobucket.com or flickr.com. I think photobucket gives you more free space by default. You then upload your pictures to the service host. You will get free basic tools for cropping, editing, etc. Then you can click and have links generated. The links are what you post in the wordpress blog.

    I suggest you try photobucket. They should have an online tutorial. Then post. I would like to see what you have.

    Maybe the “Dude” will even chime in…….I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he will say it is NIBIRUuuuuuuuuuu!!! :>0



  7. clark Says:

    “the object shows up pre-chem-attack, it disappears after chem-attack.”

    Sometime within the last few days or so there was a bit of clearing in the clouds, the chemtrails were heavy as I glanced at the sun. Out of the corner of my eye, and only while wearing tinted sunglasses, I could see what looked like a sundog or something, to the left, and right along side the Sun. It was as big as the Sun, kind of green colored. I thought it was a sundog or an effect from the lense of my sunglasses and forgot about it until babette mentioned it.

    At 12 Noon, 52 watts is the brightest sunlight analyzer reading I’ve gotten. 52 watts on a mostly clear day and 52 watts on a partly white-out day, which was surprising, I thought it would not be as bright with a partly cloudy/partly white-out sky.

  8. Celline Says:

    Clark, I probably missed the explanation, be good and ” splain” to me again what a ” sundog” is?
    Founding, this lion-story I had read some place be4, but it bears repeating over and over, it’s the most beautiful and heartwarming story I have ever seen ( heard ) Thanx for posting.
    Ocean overcast this time of year is normal for us.. yet, it clears up around noon. What is not normal, is that the normally clear blue sky is covered w. ” kids fingerpainting” big fat and so very ugly chemtrails.
    We have about 1/2 of the sun we would normally have. Citrus-trees, who need our sun, are looking sad, a bit droopy.

  9. Celline Says:


  10. solsburyhill Says:

    Also an interesting read:


  11. Dude Says:

    So wheres the link to part 5?

  12. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Dude,

    Don’t forget – there is a “Search” function on this blog at the bottom of the right column on the main page.

    But here is the direct-link to Part 5:




  13. Dude Says:

    Thanks FF. I didnt see the search but I sometimes use these posts to retrieve links that Ive posted.

    Babette, to post pictures, first put them on a rocket, send it towards the southern horizon. After it impacts Nibiru, they will be visible to all in 2012 when nibiru comes into full view.

    haha. Nibiru Cometh! but the war of Armageddon will be first…on 10-10-10.

  14. ericswan Says:

    I don’t think Hitler will be canonized.
    Canadians don’t carry because we don’t need to carry.

    I have taken many pix of a rainbow around the sun. A Hopi prophecy suggests that should this rainbow persist for 7 days in a row, the end is upon us.

    Thanx FF for the refresh page. It was taking so long to load, that I haven’t had time to visit.

  15. solsburyhill Says:


    Where are your pictures?

  16. babette Says:

    Sorry, folks, I was called in to work this week including overtime and I’m all tuckered out and anyway I had a photographer friend of mine look at them and he assures me they’re just reflections and light distortion so I put them out of mind.

    I’ll send them along tomorrow should you still want to see them.

    Again, my apologies. Nite, all.

  17. Dude Says:

    Nibiru is not a brown dwarf star, it is a planet with a thick atmosphere and it generates its own internal heat. It is the planet of the gods, the same gods who created us by genetic engineering. It was not originally part of our solar system but is now a permanent member. One of its moons smashed Tiamat, making the asteroid belt and knocked the remaining part (Earth) into a smaller orbit. It also took away all of Tiamat’s moons except Kingu, our moon. The only reason I can figure the gods havent made themselves known yet is because they want to reduce our population first. They will return in another 72 years approximately. They also had a way station set up on Lahmu (Mars) as well as on Kingu. The specific god who was responsible for creating us and giving the plans to Zuisudra (Noah) was EN.KI. He was also the only god who voted to not use nuclear weapons against Marduk and the space port on the Sinai peninsula, but the other gods used them anyway and the evil wind from that blast was what ended the Sumerian civilization, an outcome not anticipated by the gods. Just some true history I thought Id throw at yall. Hope everyone is having a great last summer.

  18. ericswan Says:


  19. Dude Says:

    That face on Mars, that is the face of Alulu, the king of Nibiru before Anu, and it is near his grave. It was put there so that he would always be looking toward Nibiru, which he ruled, and Earth, where he found gold to save Nibiru’s atmosphere.

  20. Celline Says:


  21. clark Says:

    I just read this 2009 chemtrail article that summed up things quite well using a good number of official.gov links to prove the point, for those that need a lot of official documents in an article:


    I didn’t yet read or watch all of this article,


    …it seems like the number of people who discuss chemtrails must be in the millions rather than in the thousands to rate a mention on a primetime TV show:

    [The video in the article doesn’t seem to be working, copyright issue?]

    Demoralized and uncivilized?:

    “Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

    In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction, and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.

    When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force.

    The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of drunk guys with baseball bats. [Not to mention bears, cougars, wild dogs and alligators – joggers beware.] The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.”


    – Today was the first day since at least the 10th with no chemtrails, jets or clouds.

    Last month during the full moon they didn’t stop.

    The 12 day stretch of white out and rain was terrible. A number of normally highly energetic people – simply were not. They skipped working out during the worst week of it, and these are people who are never “down” and never miss a workout.
    When the sunlight level is so low, for so long, human bodies go into a hibernation mode and a good stretch of white out skies triggers that, many people around me agreed.

    It seems that people don’t mind freely talking about hibernation mode or lack of sunshine and how they feel, just not chemtrails.

    During the white out, every single online communication I was privy to mentioned the lack of sun in May in some way or another.

    Chemtrails aren’t “bad” for all plants. I’ve read that many crops are doing quite well, especially the pear trees in the Plain states, record blooms of blossoms. Everything seems to be doing very well here, SNAFU.

    The comments in the article eric linked above seem to explain away the jet photo quite well. However; valves can work both ways.

    Is there any truth to this comment, that GMO wildgrass seed is being used in the Midwest to control deer populations?:

    captain obvious Reply:
    May 26th, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    …mitch [the Indiana Govenor] also approved using genetically modified wildgrass substitute to be grown along road and waterways, that makes deer sterile!! lemme repeat, MAKES A MAMMAL STERILE !!
    the rationale for it is less car accidents
    for people hitting deer..
    the reality is less game, less game wardens, less hunting permits and what do you need a GUN for? so what if a few gun toting rednecks become sterile for eating some real meat, right?
    its a biological weapon attack on the 2nd amendment, treasonous ecological sabotage.

  22. ericswan Says:

    April 20 hmmm.

    11 deaths

    the platform was sunk after the fire had been extinguished.

    order out of Chaos.

    Goldman Sachs shorted all stocks related to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Reuters – Halliburton agrees to buy Boots & Coots (Oil Cleanup Company) 10 days before Oil Spill

    Reuters – Halliburton performed cementing work on the well just before it ruptured

    Halliburton consulted a local B.C. man about using zeolite to make “lightweight concrete”. There is only one way to break down concrete that uses zeolite as a pozzalin. Expose it to salt.

    BP filled the pipe with saltwater after it had been advised to fill it with drilling mud.

    The rig that blew up was over-insured by $270 million. Fascinating coincidence!

    Hmm. Did BP hold dead peasant insurance on the rig workers who died?

    Via: Politico:

    Eighteen Democratic senators have asked the Justice Department to investigate the operator of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig after the company announced it would dole out $1 billion to shareholders as oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Transocean, according to the letter from the senators, plans to distribute dividends to its stockholders. And the senators are concerned that the payments might make it harder to collect liability payouts related to the massive oil spill.

    Transocean, according to the letter, also says it will make a $270 million profit on the insurance policy for the rig. And the senators claim the rig was insured for more than it was worth

  23. Celline Says:

    I just read, that Obama is pulling in nuclear scientists for the oilspill.
    Don’t know where this could take us, possibilities seem endless and scary.
    This oil potentially could contaminate the oceans of the world.
    What about fire? And nuclear ?
    Trying to find that article again, so that I can post it.

  24. Celline Says:

    sorry, can’t find it again, meanwhile I read another thing that I can’t even grasp !
    ” Obama wants to seize 13000 000 acres of land?” Does anyone have any details on this one?

  25. ericswan Says:

    FF. one for your files..


  26. clark Says:

    It just never ends with these guys.

  27. Celline Says:

    our beaches are jampacked with natives, tourists and AZ people.
    There’s not one chem in the sky, it is ever so deepblue, so gorgeous, so California-Normal. Will this be a chem-free weekend, because so many people at the beach, and they would notice big time.
    Or is it just one gorgeous day they give us, cause they are having a ” nice-strak”? Joke, of course.
    We’ll see tomorrow, I will keep my eyes peeled.

  28. clark Says:

    Here too, clear blue skies, no jets, no clouds.

  29. ericswan Says:

  30. Celline Says:

    2. day, w. throngs of people ( tourists, natives u name it )at our beaches, and we have clear blue skies, no chems whatsoever.
    Wondering if this will hold thru monday.. til all the people leave
    Can’t help but wonder how they get away w. it all, w.out people noticing.
    Gorgeous deep blue California skies, long time no see, too beautiful to describe. Ah.. I wish it would last !!

  31. Celline Says:

    got an e mail today from Mr Griffin and Michael Murphy. They got funded by someone, and no longer need donations !!!!!
    Just awesome, was ready to mail my check, now I will not have to.
    They are the ones in the above video, that ericswan posted.
    Griffin and Murphy are in Belgium right now.. filming and having meetings.
    I put so much hope in their work !

  32. clark Says:

    – My blue skies ended with a thunderstorm, but in the clearing afterwards there were a number of jets with chemtrails skirting the fading storm front.

  33. clark Says:

    They’re doing this now, via chemtrails, aren’t they?:

    Bill Gates Funds Ultrasound “Temporary Castration” Program

    May 30, 2010

    Posted in: Uncategorized

    From Mike Adams at Natural News:

    “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months. It might accurately be called a “temporary castration” technology. Read more about it here: http://www.naturalnews.com/028853_u…

    Now, the foundation has funded a new “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin. The technology is describes as a way to “…develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines.”

    …These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist


  34. Dude Says:

    Those who are talking about their blue skies havent paid much attention to their Southern horizon, which has been white for three years.

    The main purpose of chemtrails is to hide Planet X or Nibiru. Gotta throw that in for any new people who may stumble upon this page.

    News here:http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews
    and http://www.xfacts.com

    Anyone telling you the chemtrails serve another purpose is a liar, even if they do rarely use them for other purposes. Anyone telling you HAARP causes earthquakes is definitely a liar. Those who say Russia wouldnt dare attack America is an arrogant fool. Ok, that about sums it up. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  35. Celline Says:

    Clark, yes, heard this be4, it’s not even human anymore, it’s so utterly evil. I observed an interesting thing since saturday. Our beaches since saturday are full of tourists, of course natives and AZians too.
    Since saturday no chemtrails, that is, they sneak some in here and there and over nights. Blue blue, with a lacey white spot here and there, ( seems HAARP can’t function w. out at leat some. ) I expect tomorrow to be back to ” normal” a sky full of chemtrails. Thousands and thousands of people at the beaches.. would have noticed those chems coming in from over the Pacific, so ” they” decided to tone it down, even halt it, for the long weekend. I will find out tomorrow.. If I am right on.. will keep posting about this. About Mr Griffin and Murphy and their in progress documentary, they got a grant.. or gift from somone, and notified me, they have enough money for the project, and my, or any contributions are no longer needed. So someone rich decided this is a worthy cause, isen’t this good news ?

  36. babette Says:

    We are being genetically altered.

    Back from a brief stay at the seashore and glorious, chemfree skies. I quit smoking 2 1/2 months ago and the sea air and exercise did wonders for me.

    What greets me on my return? The enraging news of the ongoing and intended Gulf fiasco and the IDF attack (at 4:00 a.m. still dark since joos hate the light) killing 20 volunteers and injuring many more. Attacking the Freedom Flotilla trying to bring supplies and medicine to the blockaded Palestinians…Christ! Israel is such a filthy, mad dog! When will the we finally put that rabid mutt down? Long overdue, man.

    Dude, I suggest (sure you won’t bother) you go to Godlike Productions for:


    “This information was HACKED off of the front page of [link to exoticwarfare.com.]

    Only the paragraphs about these patents were removed from my site.

    I have not found time to put it back yet. I put it here for public record.

    The Air Force chaff that we have all been breathing:

    [link to http://www.freepatentsonline.com]


    “The claimed invention provides a fusion polypeptide comprising a fibrous protein domain and a mineralization domain. The fusion is used to form an organic-inorganic composite. These organic-inorganic composites can be constructed from the nano- to the macro-scale depending on the size of the fibrous protein fusion domain used. In one embodiment, the composites can also be loaded with other compounds (e.g., dyes, drugs, enzymes) depending on the goal for the materials, to further enhance function. This can be achieved during assembly of the material or during the mineralization step in materials formation.”

    The documents ….”

    All of us have been genetically altered and there is nothing we can do about it. Twelve to fourteen years into this and pretty much every earth creature has been internally “reprogrammed,” hence (perhaps) the reduced chem traffic.

    And we have the military to thank for our collective mutation.

  37. babette Says:

    Where’d my post go? Never mind.

    I return from a short seaside (NO chems) stay to the terrible news of goddamned rabid beast Israhell’s (IDF) attack of the Freedom Flotilla to Palestine and BP’s Gulf mess growing exponentially worse — on purpose.

    And this:


    Ya’ll know about it, but for those who may be interested you’ll find the actual hacked documents.

    We’re mutating. There’s nothing we can do about it and besides it’s too late — might explain the reduction in chems of late.

    We’re mutating and we have the military to thank for it.

  38. clark Says:

    Then one day I woke up in Bizzaro World.

    Mutating (sigh)

    And Monsanto Claims Patents On Bacon, Steak, and Fish

    Frankenstein, calling Dr. Frankenstein.

    – Partly cloudy, no jets all day.

  39. Celline Says:

    I assumed correctly, the chemtrailing started back up this afternoon.
    Right after the throngs of visitors and natives left for home !

  40. clark Says:

    I notcied this:


    and I thought, that might be a good way to get information about chemtrails, maybe other countries too, once their government falls, might yield up chemtrail info?

    Perhaps what’s needed is a proof of chemtrails bounty page, nothing produces quite like an offer of money.

  41. babette Says:

    1) The Intel Hubs Interview with Whistleblower Krish.

    2) From another site: Military name for chemtrail project is “Operation Obscure.”

  42. babette Says:

    Sorry about that double post.

    Clark, I don’t think funny-money can lure the military. I suggested on GLP page encouraging Pilots to speak out on chemtrails that those complicit in Operation Obscure may have been sold “immunity” via vaccine and great jobs in the future ‘new’ world they are helping create.

    I mean what if there is little choice: Either you participate in this new world and we guarantee protection for you and your family with a good job at the end, or we ‘suicide’ you.

    Which would you choose?

    I hope at least some of you guys are listening to that whistleblower Krish’s interview.

  43. Dude Says:

    That chemtrail operation name *should* tell you something……like what are they “obscuring”? I know……Planet X!

  44. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Babette, the article you mentioned on the “transgenic spider webs” is truly disturbing. I hope more “infowarriors” will continue to scour patent applications and white papers on nano-technology and aerosol-spraying related technologies. The mad scientists and eugenic bastards developing these horrors usually have left a paper-trail of their “great work” hidden in plain sight. This research can be uncovered, documented and spread on the internet.

    The theory of the article makes a lot of sense, because one element of the chemtrail phenomena that sometimes gets overlooked is their possible role in “Morgellons disease.”

    This is something so horrible that the mind is almost instinctively repelled to even consider:


    and see:


    God help us……

  45. clark Says:

    Yup, so very true.

    babette, when I wrote “chemtrails bounty page” I meant it could entice regular people in countries such as South Africa to waltz into a government facility, and the new government which doesn’t care about the relationships of the old government, would just hand over documents that were once unobtainable.

    Read how the information about Israel’s nuclear deals with the South African government were acquired, no need for chemtrail pilots and such to compromise their back room deals, a regular Joe of South Africa or some other fallen country can get the information and that Joe might be better motivated if there was a reward.

    Money talks.

    Just a thought.

    – I awoke to a clear blue sky with no jets (where’s the usual fill-the-sky-with-jets that most days like this bring?). Since then a wide white mist-like stream or flow appeared with some jets along the sides running short chemtrails surrounded by normal small clouds. The word, herding came to mind after watching the jets for awhile.

  46. clark Says:

    “…instinctively repelled to even consider”

    That’s what I was saying is so very true.

    I hit the submit button by accident.

  47. clark Says:

    I can’t view the Godlike whistleblower Krish’s interview. it says my IP is banned and they have to do that for entire IP’s in extreme conditions.

    BTW, while researching Morgellons I came across something attached to a human hair that looked like the image on this page, maybe that’s some of what the nano technology is attacking?:

    Nano technology… I can’t even get people to accept there is such a thing, they look at me like I’m making it up. The brick wall of ignorance.

  48. Dude Says:

    godlikeproductions is a propaganda front. they banned me as well. you think people are stupid regarding nanotechnology, you should try explaining to the idiots that Planet X is coming and youll hear more bullshit than you ever heard before.

  49. ericswan Says:

    My IP is banned as well. I can access their main page but anytime I want a specific issue, trouble follows.


  50. Dude Says:

    Yea, I didnt track that one much but that globalskywatch website is also a propaganda front set up specifically to disseminate lies about chemtrails. The minute I posted that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X, I got permanently banned. They are set up under an anonymous server registration in Az. I didnt track it any further because it was obvious it is a government lie operation. Nibiru Cometh!

  51. babette Says:

    No, no, GLP banned me several times too. They may, indeed, be a front as are so many, but I don’t care.

    Wait a day or so and you’ll be back on GLP. The bans happen every so often. TRY AGAIN. You’ll be ok.

    The site is overwhelming, I know, but it’s worth it.

    The Gulf is a monster spewing away and the sea floor might give way resulting in a tsunami of unbelievable force and destruction of our oceans (some thinks it’s a False Flag or exaggerated as a distraction – if we hear of Evacs and Fema camps we’ll know for sure), the Sun is subject of much speculation and worry, Jupiter is minus one of its huge rings!!!, Betelgeuse went supernova centuries ago and it should be visible to us in a couple of weeks (telescopes up, everyone), Saturn is the KEY, chemtrails and spiderwebs in our systems, Joos attack a humanitarian aid ship and Obomba does nothing (Israhell is the 52nd (?) US state actually) and there is no stopping the monster sorta like the Gulf volcano) and the beat goes on and on.

    We’re in it up to our eyeballs.

    Dude, a major object has been spotted by SOHO circling or approaching the sun. Not the one from earlier, a new one with a very bizarre shape. Nibiru? Yeah, why not.

    Nothing makes sense anymore and ANYTHING is possible!

    Reminds me of O’Connor’s short story entitled “Everything that Rises Must Converge” for some odd reason.

    Love you guys.

  52. Dude Says:

    I have no interest in visiting propaganda sites. SOHO has captured images of Nibiru, which appeared exactly as described by the ancients. That image is in my document, along with an ancient Egyptian winged disc, and two crop circles depicting winged discs. My doc: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/6519605/WarNews

  53. Dude Says:

    For those who wish to visit the sites where they are blocked, research TOR. Ive used it a few times to challenge their lies after being banned. The only result I ever get is being banned as those who promote lies can not carry out a logical argument. In essence, theyre stupid and evil.

  54. babette Says:

    Dude, they don’t BAN anything on that site! There are no topics, none, that are considered taboo. You are most positively NOT banned for speaking of Nibiru! I’ve been on very long threads dealing strictly WITH Nibiru!

    Stop being paranoid and high on self-importance, please. What you say about Nibs’s cataclysmic influence on our planet is being freely and frequently discussed lots of places, as are profound and plentiful discussions on ancient texts etc.

    Right now Nibs would be the cherry on the catastrophe cake.

    p.s. They have lost control of their latest experiment in ‘clipping’ the oil well. Go watch the vids, man, and you’ll cry a river.

    FF, Clark, Eric are you watching this latest Gulf fiasco? Ponder the consequences. May the gods be with us.

  55. Dude Says:

    haha BS. godlike productions, globalskywatch and Alex Jones website has banned me for discussing that one topic. That is the secret of the gods back in Noah’s day and now.

  56. babette Says:

    Ok, fine, Dude, have it your way. I don’t care anymore.

  57. Dude Says:

    it might be cause i tell em about the war. way more people know about planet x than the war.

  58. clark Says:

    – chemtrails were quite heavy last night and today with heavy rains and intesnse lightning in between.

    The look of many of the chemtrails, they’re like a long comb only the teeth are a blob – the usual sight on most chemtrail videos. The teeth always seem to be equally spaced apart, even while spreading further from the main line and expanding, and from one side of the horizon to the next – always the whole length (?) – not in sections.

    I’m not certain, but I don’t think I’ve seen chemtrails with teeth on both sides of the main line of exhaust, it’s always to one side.
    Something, nothing, who knows.

  59. babette Says:

    People, listen up:

    Oil spills in the North Sea tripled

    Oil spill from Danfeltet in the North Sea now covers over 300 square kilometers, but the coasts are not in danger.

    I realize this should be Chemtrails Only, FF, but these oil wells are popping their corks all over the place! She’s gonna blow, Cap’n!

  60. ericswan Says:

    Hey Babette. I keep coming up with 1984 when I look at the wall to wall finger pointing in the Gulf. NWO requires control of a land mass from sea to sea. No enclaves of safety. Start moving the herd from the coast and the onslaught will wash over the countryside. 15 million people moving off the southern shores is the larger threat to North America. Oil is biodegradable. The birds dying in the oily mess die of starvation. The fish from lack of oxygen. Eventually, the oil degrades and the oceans will be back to normal. In the meantime, those dependent on sea for food, warmth and shelter (survival) are forced to flee. Hitler wrote his second book on exactly that subject and we know that the Halliburton types use Hitler for a playbook.

  61. babette Says:

    So, Eric.

    When does FEMA step in? We know those camps were not set up on a lark.

    Oil is biodegrable, but can we set our watches for this biodegrable event or are we talking years, decades, centuries? Those oil gushers (the number is uncertain, but we know of 3 in the Gulf) have not stopped gushing, you know. Aside from that what do we do if the seafloor gives way? Or when hurricane season starts (already did)?

    I was listening to this earlier:

    Breaking: Bob Chapman claims the BP event was definitely a FALSE FLAG attack which will persist for YEARS!

    God has left the building.

    p.s. Cursed Israhell may NOT get away with this sort of shite again!

  62. babette Says:

    Wish I could join in the round-up.

    It’s such a big herd.

  63. babette Says:

    Corexit, a toxic dispersant, is banned in Europe. BP refuses to stop dumbing tons of it in the Gulf.

    Bombshell expose: The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico

  64. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I don’t mind the twists and turns the comments take, as it all helps to add info, or at least gets you thinking. I have to say the “BP oil leak” and the supposed inability to stop it strikes me as complete and utter BULL!

    I believe this is an intentional “false-flag” attempt. What the goal of this evil scheme is, I’m not sure….stop oil drilling in the gulf? Create artificial oil scarcity? Destroy the seafood-production industries in the gulf? Spray corexit till everyone in the Gulf states drops dead of cancer?

    I don’t know. I can’t even bring myself to look at the pictures of all the oil-soaked birds and the dead sea-life.

    I am sure the Illuminati Satanists just *love* seeing all the death and destruction.

    By the way, if anyone thinks that the US Navy doesn’t have robotic subs that could cap this sucker, then I have a bridge to sell you. Even James Cameron offered to help. He had subs that filmed the inside of the Titanic (which I believe is even deeper than this well) over ten years ago! And those weren’t just camera subs, they had “arms” with claws that were able to manipulate and move objects!

    Anyway – some “good news” – Alex Jones is also working on a chemtrail film (finally!) and is soliciting pictures and video input from the public. Personally, I enjoy listening to Alex and I have had some great success “waking some sheep” with his previous documentaries like “The Obama Deception”

    I hope his chemtrail film is just as good, if not better. If so, I will be burning as many copies as possible and start leaving piles of them all over for people.

    My only hope is that if enough people realize they are being sprayed that we *might* cause enough uproar to get this abomination stopped.

    Here is the link to Alex’s article on infowars.com:


    Here he is talking about it:

  65. Celline Says:

    @Founding, I agree w. you 100%. It all fits with the other destructions that are happening. And I blame the sleeping public. They have been led around on their noses for a long time, and allowed it. Having lived under the Commies, I saw it all coming a long time ago, but no one ever listened. Now what ?! Mr Griffin and Mr Murphy are also producing a dynamite documentary.. please lets watch for that one also. They will let me know when it’s done. They now have enough money to finish it, their last shooting was in Belgium a week ago. People still are not aware ( too few) to make any kind of an impact. Twitter is waking up, lots of info there. Chems daily in ” cloud” form, but easily distinguishable to the trained eye. Temps are down about 10 degrees, it’s affecting the crops hugely. Daylight looks pale and eerie, as thru some dyed veil.

  66. babette Says:

    You should see the sky here today. You talk of abomination, THIS IS IT.

    As it is above, so it is below — the sky covered in toxic plumes, the sea streaked with toxic plumes.

    I agree, Founding, certainly a False Flag. However, I suspect this one got away from them, just like 911 did. They MIGHT have been able to fix it earlier, sure, but now it may be too big to handle – sorta like too big to fail. And the Navy works FOR them anyway.

    11 men were incinerated on that platform. Burnt offerings.

    As you say, it’s all good from their perspective. “Never waste a crisis” as the joo demon, Rahm, once declared.

    The average, ‘awakened’ person finds he/she is trapped in the 9th circle of hell.

    Anyone see Anubis, the statue of the Egyptian god of Death, (26′, 7 tons) erected yesterday (?) at the Denver International Airport. Check it out, it is significant.

    Thanks FF for your comments, the vid, and everything.

  67. clark Says:

    That satute of Anubis in Denver is something else, I can’t believe that kind of stuff is going up, Las Vegas maybe, but Denver? Well, I can believe it, but it’s just____________.

    Celline desccribing chems in the clouds, it’s what I saw today too. Big thunder clouds obviously starkly contrasting with the powdery silkiness of the chemtrail dust floating among and mostly around the big clouds. Lots of high flying short bursting chemtrails mixed with horizon to horizon chemtrails too.

    I had a bad thought while reading people discussing using nukes or conventional to shut the oil hole, what if they blast it and they make the whole area give way? Just thinking sand, packed sand and how packed sand behaves. Who knows. Probably nothing to it.

  68. Celline Says:


  69. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Absolutely, I will be promoting both chemtrail videos. I was just happy to see Alex putting out one as well, because he does a great job at viral marketing and he has made some powerful documentaries in the past.

    The more “arrows in our quiver” the better!

    Can you imagine if the Globalists blew up a skyscraper every-day similar to 9-11? Even the dumbest of the dumbed-down sheeple would start to look into that. Yet they chemtrail nearly every day and most people don’t even look-up or if they do just think it is normal contrails they are seeing.

    At some point we may finally get the answers as to what they are really doing with the chemtrail program, and we will be able to back that information into statistics like the increased rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia, Morgellon’s disease, reduced crop yields, reduced plant and animal life, increased rates of cancer, respiratory disease, asthma, etc. etc.

    Something tells me the 3,000 or so people murdered on 9/11 by our criminal government (and our great “friend” Israel) – as bad as that was, will be a drop in the bucket when the cumulative toll of the ongoing chemtrail program is tallied up.

    A 9/11 event every-day. Right over our heads.

    Damn right I want to promote anything that helps get the word out as to what the Illuminati maniacs are doing to us!



  70. babette Says:

    CORONAL HOLE: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a dark rift in the sun’s atmosphere. The spacecraft’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) took this extreme ultraviolet picture just hours ago:

    It’s a “coronal hole,” a vast region where the sun’s magnetic field has opened up and allowed the solar wind to escape. Indeed, a solar wind stream flowing from this hole is heading toward Earth, due to arrive on June 7th or 8th. High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras on those dates.

  71. babette Says:

    Dude, please take a look at this:

    YouTube- The Sun is The Bottomless Pit The Falllen Angels are out.mp4

  72. babette Says:

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts, FF, on Google’s hologram logo.

    Also recommended:

    Youtube: The BP Oil Catastrophe part 1-4

  73. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well, “officially” the logo is to honor the inventor of holography:


    The choice of green and black? Maybe to throw it in our face we are living in a holographic matrix of lies?

    I don’t know if that is their intent. We *are* living in a holographic matrix of lies however.



  74. babette Says:

    Much appreciated, FF, thank you.

  75. Celline Says:

    Just had a thought and am perturbed about this: Usually, w. big catastrophes, you hear about the rich and famous celebs, jumping in big time to help. Not a word so far, do I hear about any of them jumping in to aide those oilspill victims. People who lost their livelyhood, the fishermen etc.. unthinkable. Yet nothing I hear about celebs jumping in, as they did p.e. w. the Haiti earhquake. What’s up w. this, you think?
    Does ” Big Oil” own Hollywood? What’s up w. that? Just thinking out loud here !
    Founding all u say is so true and so upsetting, yet the silence of the populous is deafening. Makes me wonder how much more evil humans in cahorts w. Satan can get away with, w.out the people waking out of their hypnotic state?!

  76. Celline Says:

    has anyone ever seen Obama put his hand over his heart during our National anthem? Again, just a thought, I have never seen it. Anyone ?

  77. Celline Says:


    finding all those websites lately.. more and more of them

  78. babette Says:

    We know Hollywood disaster movies expose a variety of catastrophes TPTB would like to inflict upon us ie. Fight Club (911), The Long Kiss Goodnight (911) etc.

    I’m trying to remember the title of a movie, released in the 80’s I think, toying with the idea of a decimated humanity living in filthy ghettos under permanently blackened skies, vague recollection about people PAYING for a shot of clean air from cannisters. I did a Google search, came up empty.

    Anyone else know the film I’m talking about?

    Maybe I’m imagining it.

  79. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Babette, are you thinking of “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    I believe “Highlander II” also featured a world where the climate had been manipulated and was the sky was permanently dark and rainy.

    Of course the “Matrix” features a world where “free” humans had tried to block the sun to stop the solar power from reaching the evil machines, and so the evil machines used humans in a “matrix cocoon” to produce energy.

    I also heard (but do not know first-hand as I have not seen the movie) that a fairly recent Nicholas Cage movie called “Knowing” features a huge oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico blowing up and causing a disaster……..similar to how the TV movie “The Lone Gunman” featured a false-flag terrorist attack where jets were flown by remote control into the World Trade Center….and remember, this aired in the spring of 2001 – BEFORE 9/11!
    See: http://killtown.911review.org/lonegunmen.html

    And finally, who could forget the movie “Oil Storm” that actually featured New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin; a “fictional” movie about a huge hurricane devastating New Orleans. Again, this came out months BEFORE Katrina.
    See: http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2069.cfm

    These are the kind of esoteric threads that, when woven together; produce a clear picture.

    The Illuminati have some sort of occult ritual where they are compelled to TELL the public what they are going to do before they do it. Once you understand their psychology and methodology, you can see their logos and messages all around.

    I have long intended to do a full article on this phenomena, but have not had the time. This quick outline will have to suffice for now. I hope others will post to add to the list, because there are so many examples out there; I am sure there are plenty I have missed.


  80. Dude Says:

    Yea, they definitely show us whats coming in the movies. Pay attention to End of Days, Armageddon, 2012, etc.

    The dude in this video is whack:
    YouTube- The Sun is The Bottomless Pit The Falllen Angels are out
    He needs a lesson in multidimensionalism and spirituality.

    I read a long time ago that the Chinese would use this technique against us. Now the Russians are showing us. Perfect for the worlds largest consumer economy:
    Russia develops cargo container missile system

    Armageddon 10-10 !

  81. Celline Says:

    I was not aware of this at all, because I never watch any movies.
    It means then, that Hollywood is owned by the Illuminati, and it explains much. For instance, I notice that no celebreties are coming to the aide of the Gulfcoast victims?! That’s real strange. Where’s Brad and Angelina et al ? It’s as if they have been told” hands off”?
    Why then isen’t the moviegoing public aware? This big ” in your face” stuff is no secret, it’s the small details that need hiding ? blows me away !

  82. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Oh yeah…how could I forget, the recent movie with Anne Heche, “Toxic Skies”

    A quote from this clip: “They are putting something in the jet fuel, to make people sick”

    Celline, the study of esoteric knowledge yields some amazing information….did you know that the wood that occultists use to make “magic wands” (and yes, this is a real concept to the people that believe this) was from the “Holly” tree.

    The name “Hollywood” is NO ACCIDENT!

    See: http://www.esotericarchives.com/wands/index.html

    A quote: “Holly is the whitest of all woods, and has been used in making piano keys. It was considered sacred by the druids, and played a part in the magic of the Greeks and Romans. It was especially suitable for divination. In early Europe, holly and other thorny plants were believed to repel all evil spirits. (Gale, p. 2.) The same apotropaic properties were noted by Pliny the Elder (23-79 CE). ”



  83. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Also, do a Google search on “Goldman Sachs sells BP stock before spill” and “Insiders sell BP stock before spill”

    I am sure it is *all* coincidental and perfectly legitimate….Bwah hah hah ha HAH…….

  84. clark Says:

    Divining rods – used to locate water – came to mind. They really do work, it’s kind of amazing. City crews rely on them as a last resort to finding water mains and such.

    – mostly clear skies and only one normal contrail producing jet all day, and one Cessna. Got me to thinking, I know the economy has been bad, but, I used to see many small prop airplanes about, I hardly ever see them at all anymore.
    If you’re a pilot who knows, you might not want to go joy riding in it.
    If you’re a pilot who’s in denial, you might not be able to remain so if you go out joy riding in it, so you don’t.

    Air show season is getting near, that seems to stop the chemtrailers for a short time.

    Those film samples are something else. The arts, plural.
    Similar to when someone you know who cannot lie to you, to your face?
    The Illuminati (first time I ever typed that word) *have* to tell someone else, they simply must, they’re just bursting at the seams to tell someone, like a child who’s just won something in a contest or knows the location of something everyone is looking for?

    @babette, the film, Bladerunner? Blackened skies & poverty. Or, for air canisters, the film, Dune? Just guesses. An air canister like an old 7-Up can with the pop top lid? Feel like I saw something like that, but,_____.

  85. Celline Says:

    Founding, this, I will put on Twitter ! Great.. it will be all over the net !!!
    I mean, the selling of PB stock, be4 the spill etc.

  86. Celline Says:

    ok, I did, it’s doing a nice little run thru Twitter, some people double retweet it, it’s already become a hot subject.. by the way, so are the chems !

  87. Celline Says:

    did not know about ” Hollywood” but no surprize here.. and Clark, now I know, why I always hated the piano that my mother MADE ME play !

  88. ericswan Says:

    Celline, follow the yellow brick road..


  89. babette Says:

    Thanks, FF, I think that Arnold film might be IT.

    Clark, air in soda can sounds right. As for the Illuminati, I doubt there is one group, there must be several, disparate groups, each one determined to reign supreme.

    The infighting for the totality of the “pie” has begun in earnest. The Gulf is one ‘elite’ group’s pay back or warning to another ‘elite’ group. When the gods do battle they use thunder and lightning and mankind be damned!

    A propos of nothing: After work Last night I was lured into conversation by a colleague, another one of those blinded by the insane conviction God dictated/wrote the Bible.

    Her response to world crises, “I submit to the word of God.” And these pearls of wisdom: Bad people cry too, they get sick and die too. You must find it in your heart to forgive them, as Jesus does.”

    Can you imagine Kissinger weeping? Yeah, sure, weeping tears of rage when his genocidal plans go awry! Or Breszinski? Cheeeeney?! Nephilim have no tear ducts.

    Sisyphean task trying to break that sort of programming.

    Don’t know why I brought it up. What’s it got to do with movies of ghettos under blackened skies and people sipping clear air from a can?

  90. babette Says:

    Back to the Sun: (the battle rages on!)

    1 MAY 2010
    Link to stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov

    3 MAY 2010
    Link to stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov

    24 MAY 2010
    Link to stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov


    Hope they haven’t been taken down yet.

  91. babette Says:

    Forget the sun for now.


    Sink holes (Guatemala), cracks around dams (Three Gorges Dam), cracks in the seabed with oil seeping from floor (emptywheel.firedoglake.com), mines collapsing, volcanic eruptions, large plate movements, all within a few months.

    Can’t be coincidence.


  92. clark Says:

    I wrote this yesterday, maybe for someone who is stuck inside all day and does not get to see the sky in daylight much? I was like that once, working third shift, seeing only the sunrise for a half-an hour each weekday… hmmm, I did that for a long time and if there were jets fan-tailing it up from the sunrise like they do today, I’m sure I would’ve noticed something like that. Anyway:

    I didn’t get to see daybreak, however; the skies were clear of jets and cloud free most of the morning.

    There’s an approaching storm due tonight, seeing the very first appearance of this storm front was impressive. But first, I heard a loud rushing of a powerful jet overhead. I seldom hear jets in my area, I live in a loud area, so this one made me pause. I could hear it, but I couldn’t see it anywhere in the clear blue sky, I couldn’t see all the sky, so it could have been there?
    Soon thereafter from the West came white finger shaped “clouds” which spread out like a hand yet it maintained its shape as it drifted forward with a trailing arm made up of high altitude North to South rows of small tightly packed clouds, short and slightly cylinder shaped and arranged within the narrow and widening length of the arm of the storm front. Below the rows of clouds was a low altitude mist of white. This mist was concentrated towards the wrist area of the arm of the storm.

    I looked out an open window as the front passed over me and I could feel a rush of cool air replace the warmer air that had been flowing in all morning, it was as if an air-conditioner had been turned on. I looked up and saw the white mist fading into the East-to-Southeast in an eerie kind of way, yet trailing ever so lightly and then replaced by normal looking dark color mist which also faded into the distance only to be replaced by small low altitude, “puffy white cotton balls” spreading out and filling the sky.

    Clouds are hard to describe without being technical, even then it’s not easy, how do you technically write: the mist was eerie because it seemed out of focus? Wherever the mist was mixed with a cloud the cloud seemed out of focus, slightly blurry, not all the clouds were like this. Soon after, none of the clouds were blurry-like… and casting strange shadows.

    Still, no other jets.

    …On a Monday.

    And none yesterday, with nice weather.

    I can hear a wasp humming outside the nearby window, yet, I don’t ever recall Hearing a chemtrail producing jet. Could be nothing, I live in a loud area, still, it’s not that loud – all the time.

    The song, Riders on the Storm, by The Doors came to mind for some reason, was the song about chemtrails?

    Or not? I don’t know.

    At eighty degrees F. another high altitude jet flies overhead into the East leaving a normal looking contrail only to be replaced by a jet from the West at a higher altitude, so high the jet is nothing but a glint half the time, the other half the time you cannot see it. The trail it leaves is different, yet short too, the two trails from the jet from the West are very widely spaced compared to the jet that came from the East. Was it simply due to the difference in altitude? It didn’t seem that way.

    At three p.m. through the breaks in the clouds I could see the jets and their chemtrails had returned, their streamers stretching from mid-way in the sky to the horizon I could still yet see. By five p.m. the sky was completely overcast.

    This morning for a brief period before the heavy rains fell, the clouds looked like the, “new” kind, perhaps what a paper towel looks like under magnification?

    @babette, I go with, Live as peaceably as you can with them, that forgive part is not a requirement I don’t think.

  93. Celline Says:

    Excellent way you are describing what u saw Clark, I can picture it all.
    I just returned from a trip to the desert ( Anza Borrego ) and what I saw is bonechilling. Next to Borrego is the ” Imperial Valley ” part of the breadbasket of America. While Borrego was clear, I could see the Imperial Valley from there.. and it was totally socked in, it was white. Talked to the natives there.. and they said:” Yes, the Valley often looks like this.” Then, out of nowhere…. white wide lanes appeared over Borrego, I heard or saw no planes. They criss crossed Borrego.. and the ugly mess remained there inspite of strong desertwinds. On the way home, same thing, I V socked in, Borrego a few wide lanes ( stark against this gorgeous blue sky ) and the rest of the desert on the way home was a clear as a bell. Coming home, the oceanfog was thick, as it always is this time of year. But I noticed the edges looked like papertowls under a mic ! Like Clark so vividly described it.. exactly like that. Then, my son saked me how the trip was.. etc, and I told him what I just wrote here.. he sadly hung his head and said:” I can not believe, a woman w.your intelligence being suckered into all this lying stuff. Mom, there’s no such thing as chemtrails, it is technically impossible.”
    Ok, needless to say, I am hurting and crying a bit right now.. there’s absolutely no one in my family, who believes what I believe, it’s so hard to take.

  94. Celline Says:

    eric, that “yellowbrick road” stick it where the sun don’t shine ;o)

  95. clark Says:

    The sky was clear and blue all morning. At 11 p.m., if I held a ruler out at arms length, the first jet of the day had a normal looking contrail which measured three inches long before it starts to break up.

    The second jet of the day had a ten inch, “contrail” before it started to break up. Kind of long for ice crystals. Just thinking of those who said chemtrails are due to ice.

    81 degrees F.
    winds at 21 mph gusting to 28 mph
    Humidity 38%
    Dew point 54’F
    Pressure 29.91 in steady
    visibility 10. mi
    past 24 hr. Precip: 0 in

  96. Celline Says:

    I got an e mail, and Michael Murphy has a lawyer friend who wants to sue over the chemtrails.
    I just got the letter and am asked, to describe details.. and all I know about the chemtrails.
    It’s all in the draftingstage. If anyone is interested in joining this venture, please tell me, and I will give u an e mail where u can contact either the lawyer, or me.

  97. Celline Says:

    Just thought, I will put this lawyers’ e mail out here:

  98. clark Says:

    Describe details – haha… did you just send them the link to this blog?

    I hope they get somewhere with that, but I suspect it’s like complaining to a mob boss about being shaken down by his mobsters, only the mobsters have higher standards.

    This article has some good info, but it does seem to be a bit out there at times:

    Evergreen Air and a Secret Chemtrail Facility

    A few months ago NotForSale interviewed a whistleblower from inside the Evergreen Air Facility. For those who do not know Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the United States, weapons and arms dealing, drug running and rendition tortures.

    Editors Note: Spraying for chemtrails would almost be a normal thing for Evergreen Air. This “front” company has been exposed as taking part in such shady events…


    With the way the world works, who woud be surprised to find out TPTB were doing some type of pay-it-forward over generations. Is it possible that between GMO food and chemtrails they are sterilizing third generations so as to be “removed” from the crime and can face no consequences, yet their protegeny can reap windfalls? Sinister, if true.

  99. clark Says:

    Forgot this:

    – – the rest of the day today remained clear. There were perhaps eight more jets, all with only one inch contrails. Everything looked normal except for one pair of jets producing normal contrails while flying arms width apart and parallel to one another.

  100. babette Says:

    Anyone here think the BP oil thing might be a HOAX?!

    Lots of discussion on the subject on GLP and elsewhere.

    Another Swine Flu, Y2K, volcanic cloud etc. type of hype to panic the pop., get the herd moving smoothly into FEMA camps (for extermination) etc.? Eisenhower’s death camp redux.

    Oil prices shoot up. Total, final and complete break-up of the USSA. China moves in and sets up shop.

    Anything’s possible.

    Sorry, I can’t wax poetic describing chemtrails.
    Rain here following a full-spray day yesterday. It’ll rain for a couple of days, as what-is-now usual. Something up there they don’t want us to see? Indubitably.

  101. clark Says:

    Wax on, wax off, like it’s fun ~ yay. J/k. I find no joy in writing about chemtrails – wish I’d never heard of ’em – probably won’t do a lick of good either, but no one can say I never tried. [“No try, only Do.”… try is another word for fail?] Above is both the short and sweet description, And the long detailed version – The Chemtrail MSDS Manual is almost complete.

    Family fun facts about measuring light output from the Sun:

    With an ever so slight veil of white across the entire sky, mixed with numerous sixty-four inch parallel chemtrails, a light meter reads fifty watts, hardly enough loss of sunlight to affect plant growth.

    With a blue sky, chemtrail and cloud free, the highest reading I’ve gotten is fifty-two watts.

    So that could mean two watts are currently being deflected by particles in the atmosphere.

    Just enough to obscure the view of the sky.

    With a fifty watt light meter reading directly at the Sun, a light meter held at ninety degrees from the Sun reads twenty watts. That’s the same number (twenty watts) that a direct light meter reading will produce on a very dense white-out day.

    This suggests to me the particle layer from chemtrails is relatively thin, dense and more light aborbing than the dirt particles regularly found in the atmosphere, and/or with a higher reflective quality than water droplets.

    With the way chemtrails behave in high winds, something holds them together, electricity or atomic attractions, who knows. But one thing is for sure, it’s not from ice crystals.

  102. Celline Says:

    clark, right, am observing the same thing. No matter how fierce the winds are, those things do not get blown apart.. nor do they move faster. They act like lead.
    We have ” oceanfront” right now.. yet 50% of this.. is chemtrails, no less !!! Moves in from over the ocean, and once u get out into the desert, it clears, and only a few pieces of ” veilshreds” remain, those the sun can not burn off.
    Any idiot should be able to notice this.. but they dont. Sorry about the bad word, but I’m mad, no excuse, I know I know.

  103. clark Says:

    Observations of the sky:

    – heavy chemtrailing, chembows (always robin egg blue, with orange/yellow and or, sometimes rose colored too) off and on bursts of chemtrailing, and one swipe of chemtrail through dense cloud cover resulted in what looked like a shadow or dark chemtrail at first glance was actually blue sky from above the cloud, which means the chemtrail disbursed the cloud when the jet flew through it and the chemtrail held the cloud apart for … half-an hour maybe more.

    Lots of spider web like chemtrails, which is two chemtrails, or one which is split in half lengthwise, spreading apart while still being attached with spider web like white strands which grew in length as the chemtrails seperated – like cheese clinging to a pizza when you lift a slice. The stuff seems like it Has to be drawing substances from the air (the powdery chemtrails?) to keep making the strands longer And maintain the thickness of the strands. Old news for most I’m sure… it’s just something else watching it.

    I’m not sure, but it looked like a chemtrail curved around the end of a storm cloud bank, It was odd seeing one curved, especially as it hugged the storm cloud as it moved,… it moved! Yet yesterday as the wind blew the clouds the chemtrails above them remained in place, after watching them for twenty minutes they had not moved at all. I did though, and had to stop watching, but the chemtrails surrounding me for the half hour drive home didn’t seem to move either.

    Seemed like there were three different kinds of chemtrails: powdery mist, the, “comb”, and the comb with no teeth.

    Supporting what I thought, I saw the chemtrails with the “comb” look to it, the teeth of the comb was against the prevailing winds which moved the chemtrail along, the opposite of what one would expect from the way a, “comb” chemtrail looks. The wind is obviously not what creates the, “comb” look to a chemtrail.

    It was quite windy, and once the wind died down, so did the chemtrails, to the point they were gone by sunset, leaving a perfectly clear night sky.

  104. ericswan Says:

    Way up here in B.C. and the same chemtrails that you describe were mucking up a sky that has not seen a sunny day for weeks. I’m not amused. It has rained for weeks and weeks and the first nice day it’s that sticky cotton candy till the web of death lays on the atmosphere like caramel on a candied apple.

  105. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – Kelowna report : Gorgeous blue skies and sunshine here most of the day. It felt totally unreal. My plants nearly went into shock because they haven’t seen any sun since about March. Everybody please remember to take your vit D.

    About 6 PM the chem drift rolled in from the north . There was zero wind – ZERO – and yet the sky filled in amazingly quickly with the white chem crap. Bout an hour later the local fly boys joined the show. What an uttery evil and depressing performance. VERY low flying. You could see these were NOT normal jets. They were white and had NO wings and 2 of them were putting on quite the show as they flew in a collision course toward each other and then veered off to make an X. I’m convinced they’re drones.

    8 PM – whiteout. I have 20 enormous Elms in my backyard. There was no breeze… but suddenly 4 of my Elms started swaying and acting like there was a strong wind and a storm on the way. All of my Elms are in a row, evenly spaced along the back of our yard. 16 of them were as still and motionless as the rest of the trees in my yard. And the other 4 ?

    It’s got so I just shrug when this happens. I expect it now. The wind comes out of nowhere and then just disappears as quickly as it sprang up. Or it switches direction every few seconds, or comes from 2 or 3 directions all at once.

    I have a horrible feeling that tornadoes…plenty of tornadoes…are on the NWO/HAARP agenda. I hope that I’m wrong but I fear that I’m not.

  106. Sky Says:

    I can’t sleep. I’ve got chem head from whatever the hell the bastards sprayed us with and I’m burning up. So I’m hitting the bottle… the aloe vera bottle, that is. I got quite the sunburn today. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But I don’t care. I am SO sun deprived it hurts. So I soaked up the rare rays and now it hurts even more.

    Nothing is growing in my garden except for the weeds. And they’re positively thriving. It’s been too cold, way too cold, especially the nights. And almost zero sunshine. I think my plants are stunted . Don’t think they will recover this year. Anybody up for a nice stink weed sandwich ?

    Ah, no fear ! The devil’s workshop over at Monsanto will save us all with their miracle crops that grow in an aluminum/barium stew …. without sunshine… and in drought OR flood conditions. Aren’t we the lucky ones . HA !

  107. Sky Says:

    My day started with a deep blue sky and not a cloud in it. It ended the same way – not a cloud in the sky. Of course the blue was gone, replaced totally with chem crap. But still… not a cloud in it.

  108. babette Says:

    Wouldn’t it be droll if all of us trying to ‘educate’ those morons out there, were wasting our time?

    So many of them look up and smile and nod, say “Yes, yes, I see,” or they smile and shrug, “Yeah, so what?”

    They’re not rude, not brusque. Rather it’s as if they want to pacify me: It’s ok, don’t worry about it.

    Or the many who absolutely, categorically refuse to listen to anything about chemtrails. Regardless of how much proof you present, it’s always a resounding “NO! There is no such thing!”

    What if they’re in on it? Sort of like in “They Live” or “The Arrival” etc.

    I wonder sometimes.

  109. Celline Says:

    Clark, your descriptions of this crappy chem-mess are so vivid I won’t even try to describe ours. I will just say:” Read Clark’s report”.. because that’s exactly what we have had for weeks now. Sunshine a rare occurence in Southern Cali, if anyone can fathom this ! One thing is sure, it is getting much worse by the month. For some reason I can’t get this out of my head: As above, so below! It has been a mindsticker since that oilspill and I wonder if there’s a connection? Could this have been planned? I keep reading that everything at the gulf is secretive, no cameras allowed, and all suggestions from scientists on how to stop this thing.. are being ignored. Please correct me if u hear differently, but this is what I understand from all that I listen to and read.
    I watched an old flick last night on HBO.. one of those science-fiction ones and I got hooked on it, because the skies looked like our skies today. This flick was at least 10 years old, and it showed the special powers the characters had were created by something that happened to them under water.. and something that came down out of the clouds ! I never got the name of this flick, because I started to watch when it was 1/2 thru. Made me think, that Hollywood knows everything, and if we want to know what’s next, then pay attention to their science-fiction flicks. I never watch movies, but got hooked on this one because of what the skies looked like !

  110. Celline Says:


  111. Celline Says:


  112. Celline Says:

    the 2. link is what I was aiming for and finally got it right. The 1.post I posted by mistake.

  113. clark Says:

    babette said, “Wouldn’t it be droll if all of us trying to ‘educate’ those morons out there, were wasting our time?”

    All is vanity, so, maybe so.

    – clouds/rain/some sun, but nothing weird like yesterday, no pods yet either.

  114. Celline Says:

    just saw a tiny white puff ( otherwise clear sky) and when I went back home, that tiny puff had increased at least 20 fold ! Splain that one !

  115. Celline Says:

    BTW, I don’t think we are wasting our time here, all those excellent links that we are throwing out here, I put on Twitter. And because of this I have many people asking me questions… so, it’s not all in vain !

  116. clark Says:

    Pictures (Ursula’s) similar to the three kinds of chemtrails from above:

    The caption says, Expanding fast”, and they do, but sometimes they don’t and they remain that way for a long time, The “comb”:

    Straight with no teeth “comb”:

    Powdery mist chemtrails:

    And, powdery misty-like falling from some clouds, this is a very sparse example:

    Here it is in white:

    – They must have things the way they want them, I only saw one chemtrail today, and a patch of tightly packed cotton ball clouds that were completely out of focus (exactly the way binoculars-can’t-see-anything out of focus – looks) an area about hand sized, the surrounding cotton ball clouds had an amazingly brilliant, very clear, sharply contrasting 3-D look against the section of blue sky.
    There was a slight grey mist concentrated just below the cotton ball clouds, but it was in other areas too yet didn’t create the same blurred effect.
    At the leading edge of the out of focus area, it seemed like there was a shadow, similar to what you get when you copy and paste a section of a photograph using a program like MS PAINT on the computer. Probably just an effect from the mist and due to the angle?

    I was thinking, single clouds dropping rain, it’s always a huge storm cloud bank that blots out the Sun which brings the rains. I can’t recall the last time I saw a cloud, surrounded by sunshine and blue sky, moving my way bringing rain.

    I want a sunburn too.

  117. babette Says:

    “The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species. It may be a long farewell, but it has begun and, like all farewells, should not be protracted.”
    – Christopher Hitchens

  118. clark Says:

    So, what do you mean by that, babette?

    Life in a pinball machine?

    An Aitheist dis’missAl of __?

    His stuff to me always seems incorrect or something.

    – The skies today at noon,… complete white-out… with light rain, which the light meter says equals ten watts of sunlight reaching the ground.

    Held at 90 degrees, the light meter reads One watt.
    One watt? Isn’t that about dark?

    A cloud free bright day at noon normally reads no higher than 52 watts.
    I wonder if that number is the limit everywhere, or does it change the closer you get to the equator?

  119. Celline Says:

    Thing is, that we ( the US ) as British Subjects, can only do what the Master dictates. Nough’ said.

  120. Celline Says:


  121. foundingfather1776 Says:

  122. foundingfather1776 Says:

    The above clip is disturbing because the damage could be from chemtrails…OR from something even worse (and that is saying something).

    People like Lindsay Williams (someone with inside knowledge of the oil industry) and this article from the Silverbear cafe:


    are asserting that what is really happening in the Gulf is a disaster of unimaginable magnitude.

    The theory is that the deep-water drilling has literally “cracked” the crust of the earth and millions upon millions of gallons of oil is pouring out – mixed with the toxic “Corexit” chemical being sprayed by BP. This toxic mess will enter into the atmosphere and kill off all plant and animal life. Read the article for more details.

    My gut-feeling is, we are being massively lied to about the Gulf situation. It is *not* just a 22-inch diameter wellhead they can’t cap. Maybe it is a type of false-flag, or maybe it really is a disaster that is so bad, all they can do is lie about it….

    Either way, time to pray.



  123. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here is the first section of the Lindsay Williams Alex Jones Interview regarding the Gulf oil disaster:

  124. Celline Says:

    .. end of speech, where was the ” A—-s” kicking?!

  125. Celline Says:

    Founding, agreed.. over and over did I hear about the cracked earth crust, and that’s what’s going on, and about “FFlag”.. well I believe that one also. But why why why? ” they” are ruining their own habitat !

  126. babette Says:

    I agree with this particular quote, Clark, that’s all. Hitchens is a turn-coat, but I still like the quote.

    Agree with this one too: “There are no atheists, no real atheists, at the end.”

    Another thing, Clark, you do realize it’s getting more difficult every day to convince people of chems when the military have figured out how to make them mimic clouds? It was tough before, it’s well-nigh impossible now . Sneaky military, sneeeekaaay!

    FF, no one can be sure if this is real or showtime ’cause BP won’t let anyone near enough to verify. It may be Agenda 21 finally realized OR the Biggest Show on Earth.

    I’ve read reports the gusher stopped. Others say it will spew for a year. The Corexit is a major problem though.

    News is your friendly neighborhood military has begun to make its presence felt in the Gulf with some pretext or other : For Safety and Security, as softheaded Americans keep mewling.

    TPTB have stampeded the herd once too often however, it seems far more wary this time around.

    Frequently asked questions:

    1 – Has a REAL oil gusher escaped their control (rather than a run-of-the-mill False Flag as planned)?

    2 – Has their “oil disaster story” grown too big, too noisy, too soon and irritated the sleeping masses?

    Is the reason BP has guards on the beach, limited access, no-fly zone under 3,000 ft. etc. – to hide the immensity of the mess OR to hide the mess is a two-Scott-towel-job?

    Only they KNOW what’s really going on — and what’s about to happen.


    Dude, I’ve heard this a lot lately: When TPTB keep telling us to “look down” (way down in the Gulf), we probably should be looking up.

    Good Luck everyone!

  127. clark Says:

    FF said, The theory is that the deep-water drilling has literally “cracked” the crust of the earth

    Maybe after the initial force release, unlike a volcano, the oil will remain where it is and not mix with the water? Perhaps gel over? Something to wish for?

    Might make one wonder if they used a nuclear warhead or conventional weapon to try and shut the oil well and it failed. If so, do you think they would tell anyone?

    If it’s not TEOTWAWKI

  128. clark Says:

    bad post… cut that sentence right off.

    Doesn’t matter.

  129. ericswan Says:

  130. babette Says:

    Youtube: BLACK SMOKERS

    Deep underwater NATURAL oil gushers.

    Look familiar? Perhaps the Gulf oil hysteria is just that.

  131. Celline Says:

    Eric.. this last clip of yours is a great piece of info, something that I could not have imagined til I listened to it. Anyway.. I just turned it lose on Twitter.
    The more it gets out there the better.
    Thanx 4 posting.

  132. clark Says:

    – Clear today, until around 6 p.m. First, a bright orange colored jet flew overhead producing no contrail or chemtrail, then a dozen jets almost all at once from both the West and East did start and stops with their chemtrails over a misty powdery cloud. Longer chemtrails were along the side of the cloud, their unbrokeness was quite obvious next to the jets stopping and starting their chemtrails above the cloud. Four inches of chemtrails, then an inch gap followed by four inches of chemtrail, two more and then the jet would stop spraying and cross the 3/4 remaining sky producing no exhaust at all. There were a couple of white jets that flew through the area, at what appeared to be the same altitude, without producing any exhaust at all. As the cloud drifted Eastward leaving a lone chemtrail tailing, the chemtrails and the jets went with it leaving a clear-ish blue sky for the rest of the evening, but I could see others way off to the West.

    A few hours before, there was one normal jet with an inch long normal contrail, the weather stayed the same after that.

    This weather description for my area does not explain chemtrails:

    “High pressure will provide the region with a much needed chance to dry out today and tonight. On Thursday the high pressure system will slide east allowing warm, humid air to surge northward, with highs soaring into the 90s”

    6 p.m. weather conditions:

    Wind: NW 6
    visibility: 10.00
    Air temp. 79’F (max of 81 degrees, min. of 77)
    Dew Point: 59’F
    Humidity: 50%
    Pressure: 30.03 inches

    At noon I had my highest light meter reading, 54 watts. Got a nice sunburn too. After tomorrow, probably the last sunny day for the next 14 days?

  133. babette Says:

    Founding Father:

    Youtube: Hydrothermal Vents – David Attenborough

  134. ericswan Says:

    Interesting thoughts on the black smokers. I wonder if these volcanic type vents put out toxic gases as there seems to be life around these things. Regardless, it matches what Alex Jones is saying in that this gulf gusher is nothing more than a drop in a bucket.

  135. clark Says:

    – Clear blue sky in the a.m. – not a cloud, nothing for hours, with a light wind and 54 watts of sunshine at noon.

    A twin engine plane flew in from the North flying under a jet flying from the East which did not produce a contrail or chemtrail. The jet got close to what looked like a section of chemtrail floating in from the West, at that point the jet from the East turned on it’s exhaust and produced a steady flow of chemtrail for the rest of the distance. I could see four other chemtrail sections poking out from a slightly hazy misty
    kind-of-cloud section where the chemtrail sections protruded from.

    Two other jets did the same thing.

    All of the chemtrails dissipated until they got close to the cloud section, there they were narrow and remained that way until the point they reached the cloud section. Once in the cloud section they spread and widened – like they do.

    Another jet to the North flying to the East without any clouds near it at all produced chemtrails from the moment I saw it in the Eastern
    horizon until it disappeared in the West – at the same time – other jets at the same altitude and direction were not producing any exhaust at all.

    The longest most recent chemtrail out in front of the cloud section didn’t dissipate like the other (narrow) chemtrails poking out eight inches from
    the cloud section. This one began to widen considerably and coil up. It made the shape of an S and the chemtrail which connected it to the main cloud section didn’t break up either but remained narrow – like a tether.

    The wind picked up as the cloud section reach me.

    The cloud section moved Eastward towards the S-coil, as it did so another S-coil was formed lengthwise in front of the original widening S-
    coil. The cloud section caught up to the S’s and they connected and moved East as one larger whole.

    I’ve never seen S-coiled chemtrails before, or anything in the sky like it.

    A four inch section of yellow/orange chembow appeared in the cloud section for a short time. There was a brief second or two of shady blue too, but it was they ugliest chembow ever.

    Current conditions:

    Temp: 82′ F
    Wind: 13 m.p.h. from S.
    Humidity: 54%
    Dew Point: 64’F
    Pressure: 30.03 in steady
    visibility: 10 mi.
    Past 24-hr. Precip: 0 in.

    Isolated storms tonight.

    Life in a toxic soup near undersea volcano vents, saw a half-way OK PBS documentary about that. Those organisims are tough, nothing people do will wipe them out, lots of life like that.

  136. clark Says:

    Oh, and those eight or so sections of chemtrails poking out from the cloud… they were all parallel and evenly spaced two inches apart, it wasn’t the least bit random.

  137. Celline Says:

    Eric , Clark, please explain a little more: are u saying there’s a whole lot more going on in ocean depth that we aren’t told about?
    Like more oil gushers, and vulcanic activities?
    How much of this is “normal” and has always been happening, and how much of it is manmade?
    Got an answer for me please?
    I see no jets at all.. only those things that are suppose to look like clouds.. millions of them, that are obviously not ( to my eyes ) clouds.
    This goes on every day , nonstop.
    It’s done over the ocean..out of sight of human eyes, except maybe those on ships.We are being sprayed like bugs.
    Again today I received one of my christian newsletters where everything politically is blown wide open.. lies exposed, one of them today shows a photo of “O” praying together w. the Muslims, right in the White house, or somewhere.. where they are officially having their prayertimes.
    So, much info overall, yet one thing is missing again today: Not a syllable ever, not even one about the chemtrails. Someone explain that one to me?! How can they blow all that political stuff wide open, yet say nothing about the mess in the skies? I asked a few of them, the answer is always the same:” We can’t prove it..” Frustration to the max, I am so mad at them !

  138. babette Says:

    Eric, AJ is saying the Gulf is a hoax? If so, I have renewed respect for him.

    The Atlantic ocean floor is fissured, has plenty of volcanoes and gushers and I’m beginning to think this GoM shindig is ONE BIG CIRCUS ACT by BP and the gov. to evacuate the pop.

    Now there is talk of “poisoned air” which is bullcrap too, I bet. Say, weren’t we just talking about ‘air-in-a-can’ ?

    Youtube: Hydrothermal Vents – David Attenborough

    Halliburton was ‘repairing’ the rig shortly before it blew up. And we know Hal also had a hand in ‘repairing’ WTC 1, 2, 7.

    GoM? It may be we are being LIED to — AGAIN.

    As a wise man remarked: The Gulf is not a disaster, but what ‘they’ achieve with it will be.

  139. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline: Babette has a better handle on it than I do. Others say the beachfront property is slowing down the oil companies that want to drill on land. Now that their land is worthless, expect oil companies to get their wish.

    Alex has been taking flak big time for not sending a few reporters down to Louisana. I wonder why he hasn’t done that as well but the fact is, he broke the biggest story on the subject with the first interview done with that oil pastor that claims he has the inside scoop. I don’t think FEMA camps will happen. The economy on the coast including Fla. will tank and people won’t be able to hang on and out wait the pollution.

  140. Celline Says:

    Eric, am I getting this correctly? “They” want the beachfront properties for drilling? It would make sense to me, because we are being Chem-Clouded nonstop, so thick the light ( sun) is yellow !
    It is non-stop, obnoxious and terrible.. yet the sheeple don’t notice a thing yet. I look East, and the chem-clouds cleared.. it’s only over the beachfronts, about 5 miles in.
    916 454 4548 Fox News, brought a story about the Myth of chemtrails, saying it is : Vapor lines, and planes that fly thru it, might cause rain ! No, not making this up. So a group of us called that phone number, telling Fox, we were sick and tired of being lied to.
    They finally told us ( me, to be specific ) that we had lit up there switchboards, and if I was calling about chemtrails, he would hang up on me. After my call, another group called them consistently, and they did it, they hung up the phone. At least we got our message thru to Fox-Liars.
    So.. what. we are going to try and sell our homes and move to the desert?? OMG. We have none of the lines and the weird formations. just the chem-clouds, massive amounts of them.

  141. ericswan Says:

    I think beachfront is where it’s at. The citizens are being intimidated on every front. They can’t even clean up their own private property without permission from BP. The chemtrails tie in with weather control and that is why FOX (666) Snooze puts out their garbage. Remember the California farmer who documented his solar power and was loosing one third of his generation on chemtrail days? That’s a way to swipe at alternative energy and kill off the useless eaters. I have a suggestion for you. Do all your monetary transactions in coins. Let them try and scoop up a trillion of those and run off to the Cayman Islands.

  142. ericswan Says:

    BP is stealing oil from America. They blew up the well to disperse the toxic elements over the south and are now waiting just off the coast of the UK to pick up the now cleansed toxic oil as it arrives compliments of the conveyor belt call the gulf stream. Should be easy pickens what with all that technology to separate water from oil.

  143. Celline Says:

    Oh Eric< farfetched? or are u serious?

  144. ericswan Says:

    Once that mess moves into international waters, anything is possible.

  145. ericswan Says:

    Here are the facts: After the Exxon Valdez disaster off Alaska in 1989 had been cleaned up and nearly paid for by Exxon, the oil companies lobbied the Congress for liability limits – maximum amounts that they could be held to pay for in the event of a disaster. A Republican Congress and President Clinton together made it the law that oil companies would be limited to pay $75 million for cleanups and the taxpayers – that would be you – would pay the rest. In return, the feds would be able to tell the oil companies where to drill. In the case of BP, it asked the state of Louisiana if it could drill in 500 feet of water and Louisiana said it could. The federal government vetoed that and told BP could only drill in 5,000 feet of water. Never mind that no oil company had ever cleaned up a broken well at that depth and never mind that the feds had never monitored a broken well at that depth and never mind that BP only needed to set aside $75 million in case something went wrong. The feds trumped BP’s engineers and the feds trumped the wishes of the folks who live along the Gulf Coast and the feds decided where this oil well would be drilled.

  146. Celline Says:

    Eric, but then what about the 20 Bs they are talking about?
    So this would be lies then? The public gets s….d over again even worse, what a dumb question, of course we are.
    What explains the constant flow of chem-clouds from beach to about 5 miles inland, and then.. the desert is clear? We mentioned this be4, but it’s now so obvious and constant, am observing the same thing daily.

  147. ericswan Says:

    A really strange chemtrail story for me happened about 2 hours ago. I actually had one of the jets fly directly over my head. This plane wasn’t spraying but it felt eerie nonetheless.

    Celline the 20 B went into an account to be divvied up later. Like I said earlier, it should all be in quarters so it doesn’t get shifted to a private offshore account with the push of a button.

  148. clark Says:

    In my poor attempt to describe…

    chemtrails as being three seperate things, sometimes it appears that way, and sometimes like the other day you can see all three in one chemtrail.

    The three descriptions are of behaviors of particles reacting, imho.

    In my poor attempt to describe… the chemtrails being applied over the cloud area… I’m not sure it is possible to describe, well.

    They are cowboys of the skies, herding the clouds and branding the sky X.

  149. Celline Says:

    Eric, I understand what u mean, firstly the story w. the plane, secondly.. the push of the button that will land the 20 Bs.. somewhere off shore.. in you know who’s purse.. damn, who’s going to stop this mess?
    Chemclouds all day and all night, completely nonstop. But.. outside myself, no one seems to take note.

  150. babette Says:

    Take a look at this!

    BREAKING: The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas Part 1

  151. babette Says:

    The voice of reason.


    BREAKING: The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas Part 1

  152. ericswan Says:

    Babette…it’s not hard to copy and paste links.

  153. Celline Says:

    Really !

  154. Celline Says:

    so now, it’s our turn to be worried sick about my son, who has developed sleep apnea, not the kind connected to overweight.. a diff kind. We sit and watch him during his sleep. are taking turns, has Dr appointment monday. Breathingtrouble too, and he’s one of those, who refuses to believe in the chems, right now I hate to cram it down his throat, right now, we worry about his very life ! Thank you for listening to my troubles.

  155. clark Says:

    Like Ursula, I don’t see why you don’t go to where the air might be better. Many people say the chems are not as bad, or they never see them, in places like Mexico. Don’t mention chemtrails, there’s no need, substitute smog or pollution. Exersize helps too, a lot.

    I’ve noticed an uptick in people complaining or taking note of the high number of cloudy days on end and the unusually high number of rainy days.

    I’ve also noticed an uptick in the number of people complaining about those who are commenting and complaining about the weather. There be the people in chemtrail denial perhaps?

  156. babette Says:

    Eric, if I could have, I would have. Doesn’t work anymore, for whatever reason.

    1)Hydrothermal Vents – David Attenborough

    2)Black Smokers

    3)BREAKING The illusion of the BP Oil Spill NWO Agendas Part 1

    I quote:

    Its all bullshit…. it has all been done before..AND.. it must have worked last time too..

    4) YOUTUBE: Oil Spill in Alaska Rachel Maddow

    Rachel explores the 1979 GoM oil disaster and its uncanny similarities with the present one.

    I quote: One of these two is true: The oil well will stop very soon (by itself) and they know this, so they must exaggerate the ‘disaster’ now before there is little there to back up their claims. Or they know how to stop it and will when the desired effect is complete.

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

    Heck, that’s easy! Sheeple have retained no memory of the past when the sky was blue all day long.

    I hoped you had copy-pasted the titles on Youtube to watch the vids, although the superhuman effort required to do so must discourage many.

  157. clark Says:

    “Sheeple have retained no memory of the past when the sky was blue all day long.”

    A few years ago I think there was a news blurb out that said the ability to erase some memory was possible… using chemicals and electricity?… perhaps the same chemicals and electrical currents as found in chemtrails and used with HARRP? The same way a remote control works? Afterall, nowsdays They Can Bend Light, manipulating and directing electrical fields might be easier? Large scale and small scale uses for HARRP?

    @babette, thanks for the video summary, I don’t get to watch much video, and it’s not about being lazy… today.

    – Here today, skies are filled with a large coverage of white silky powdery mist mingled among normal looking (solid) clouds, and only a few jets, they must be applying it further West, which would explain why of the few jets I have seen, they are from the West.

  158. clark Says:

    I came across this comment which in a fashion kind of describes HARRP, and the reason why “they” might be using seawater in chemtrails rather than using ordinary tap water with high concentrations of iron or other conductors of electricity found in tap water:

    I remember that from an experiment in high school: our physics teacher had an incomplete circuit…power source going in to the water and then end of a light bulb was also in the water (distilled) but the light bulb was not lit. He then took out a salt shaker, poured some salt in the water and the bulb lit up! Pretty cool.

  159. Celline Says:

    Just returned from a daytrip to the desert, I have company from Germany. The skies in the desert were so blue and umblemished, I don’t remember it being that beautiful ever.. just so gorgeous. Returning to the beach community where I live, the skies were full of lacey-powdery looking fake ” clouds “, with the wall of oceanfog ( normal) right behind it.
    Saw no jet anywhere.. not in the desert.. or at home. The fake” clouds” had been created over the ocean as usual.
    I would love to move.. but we are talking leaving family, and the home, which I can not sell because it is situated on my son’s property.
    Either way Clark, I am thinking about moving anyways.. really am, expecially since today !

  160. ericswan Says:

    Take heed and save these links to your computer even if you don’t think it’s worth it. I’m not sure we will be hearing from each other in the near future so go with God and good luck.

    Click to access datasetanalysis16.pdf

    [audio src="http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_Clif_High_110309.mp3" /]

  161. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    I first learned about the “Half-Past Human” website from one of Babette’s posts. It is definitely an interesting site, and I appreciate you sharing the links. However, one thing I *don’t like* is that both Rense and “Clif High” from Half-Past Human seemed to be engaged in a devious marketing tactic that undermines their credibility.

    I downloaded and printed the pdf link you posted. Great no problem. Then I went to Rense’s site and he has at the top of his stack this:


    Claiming that some hacker nefariously placed the $10 pdf on his site, and urging anyone who may have innocently downloaded it to go to half-past human and pay them $10. Half-past human also has a notice to this effect, calling the hackers “Rat Bastards”


    OK – fine, this type of thing does happen. Here is the problem, the link you provided for the pdf from Rense:

    Click to access datasetanalysis16.pdf

    STILL WORKS as of 12:36PM EST.

    So we are expected to believe that Rense knows his server was hacked and is deeply sorry for it, but they have not disabled the link to download the “stolen” pdf?

    My “BS-Meter” is now fully pegged. I know times are tough, and I think $10 is not too much to ask for someone’s time and research, especially if the information is accurate, but to resort to this type of “marketing” destroys their credibility in my view.

    Now, I have not read through the 36-page PDF document, but I have skimmed through it. “Clif High’s” prose is about as clear as a Nostradamus prophecy. It strikes me about as useful as a “stream-of-conscious” writing experiment done with the help of the daily newspapers and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

    I will say this, I am glad I did *not* spend $10 for this coveted document.

    A lot of what he hints at might be accurate, but anyone that reads “alternative media” would already be aware of the trends he mentions.

    However, I do appreciate the links. It just reiterates to my mind that we all must question EVERYTHING, whether it is put out by Alex Jones, Rense, or even FoundingFather1776. Double-check, verify and do your own research. (Note: I didn’t mention trusting the “main-stream-media” because that would be ridiculous! If they do manage to put out something truthful, it is usually to try and buy your confidence so they can dump a bigger lie on you later.)

    Celline – I would like to move to a more rural area too. But where? They spray the whole continent. Not to mention the economy in rural areas is even worse than in the suburban/Metro areas. ….sigh……



  162. ericswan Says:

    Hey FF..I don’t think it’s marketing. More like copies are everywhere so what do you do about that? My suggestion to others here is listen to the radio program which is way easier to understand.

    I finally got back to GLP when my server changed my IP. We had a stream going live on it at the time and this morning the entire thread on the subject has been deleted.

    As far as 10 bucks go, don’t let that get in the way of critiqueing the message. We have been given access to knowledge way above our pay rate.

  163. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Eric, if this is legitimate, and the document was really “stolen” – why didn’t Rense pull the link immediately? He had the disclaimer posted on his site and the link to download it was STILL WORKING. That is what seems very suspicious to me.

    As to the content, I will read the entire thing before I offer a full critique, but what I have looked at so far does not impress me.

    FYI – I just checked at 1:56PM EST and the link is now dead.



  164. ericswan Says:

    Hey Founding.. the radio program with Rense is way easier to grasp. The half past human website and clif is really interesting. I used to get emails from clif but couldn’t get the message. listen to the radio program posted above.

  165. Celline Says:

    Same again today, beacharea heavily sprayed, while inland stayed clear blue. I wonder what this means?

  166. clark Says:

    It was free of chemtrails all day here too. Some normal clouds, no white misty either. Saw three single engine planes and two jets with two inch contrails, one of the contrails looked like a single solid line, the other contrail clearly had two contrail lines much further spaced apart than any I’ve seen before, it came off the back of the jet in a V.

    Then at 9 p.m. I could see a heavy chemtrail going completly across the night sky.

  167. Celline Says:

    Might it be true, Katrina was a ” dry run” to see if it’s possible to drive the people off the land, around shoreline. If so, why? All about oil?
    I hesitate believing this, they can’t be THAT evil can they ?
    Ja, they can, answered my own question here. No more chemTrails, it’s all chemClouds now, always mixed into the real ones, so much less obvious than be4. And we never ever see spraying jets anymore ever.. whatever is done, is done away from human eyes, all done way out over the pacific.

  168. Celline Says:

    Question here: Does anyone experience very dry throat, scratchy feeling? Please someone reply, because I have no one here locally that I would dare ask this question w.out being called a ” conspirator nut”, it’s true, people will remain sheeple. One person is visiting me right now, a 17 year old boy from Germany. I showed him the mess.. and he’s very open to what I’m saying, he sees and believes it, and once back at home, will tell me what it looks like over there !

  169. clark Says:

    I’m a bit thisty, kind of feel dry… and scratchy, but I wouldn’t say, very. How is that a “conspirator nut” question? The regular smog blowing down from L.A. is enough to do that to a person.

    – The skies were mostly covered this morning, chemtrails galore. Where I often see a giant X in the sky from the chemtrails there was a ten point asterick *

    But by Noon the skies were clear, only one lone jet with a two inch contrail all day.

    Yesterday I watched the sky all day (while doing other things of course) the clouds all went from West to East except for one small squadron of small dark flat looking clouds moving fast from South to East.
    I couldn’t help but think they were like a squadron, and they do have the ability to be invisible or look like clouds.
    That sure does seem strange re-reading it, but that’s the fact of the world we live in today, the military can make jets look like clouds if they wanted too, why wouldn’t they do so? There is no reason not too.

  170. clark Says:

    oops, that sould be South to North, not South to East.

    It just didn’t seem normal,… like a perfectly square leaf, it’s not natural looking.

  171. ericswan Says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t listened to the Rense radio interview with clif high of half past human..(Celline; Clark; Babette). It’s a radio program. You don’t have to do anything; just for those who have ears (YOU) to hear.

    Rense has been on board with the fight against chemtrails and the NWO for 17 years. The easy talk between these two about HAARP and a contract to block all but one hurricane into the gulf and midwest for the next two years should be discussed here. Nonetheless, tptb are terraforming this planet and it’s a world that does not support our species.

  172. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Eric,

    I listened to the entire interview. I also did some research into ALTA.
    I like Jeff Rense (I have had a permanent link to his site on my blog’s main page for a long time.) The Clif High fellow may be sincere as well. I don’t disagree with general tone of their discussion: i.e. that we are in dangerous times and major changes are coming.

    However, I remain unconvinced by ALTA. It is *not* a scientific study as they allege. It uses computers, but Clif High admits the data must be “interpreted” and therein lies the problem.

    I found out that ALTA used to be known as the “web-bot” project. Here is a good introduction to the ideas behind it:


    Then I came across a lengthy discussion of the issue here:


    I particularly liked this person’s comment,as I think it sums it up nicely:

    There is no such thing as: very intuitive, complex computer program!!!
    It only exists in advertisements…

    Web bot is a statistical machine, what is important is how the users interpret statistical occurrences.

    They may be telling people what people like to hear

    If they are using the stochastic method in interpreting, it only means that what they are doing is a generator of events, i.e. they are creating their own influence within the media (both Internet and consumers’ minds) for particular reason (don’t want to speculate on this).

    The list which is considered a “prophecy” here is very much Oracle like. Such messages are mystique, they cannot be rationalized.

    This is a very sophisticated (for the not initiated) game they’re playing, it includes this kind of discussions as a jump board for further mystification.

    The part about after November 14th is all metaphorical, while the beginning is simply headlines.

    “Cascade about planet” – that’s about stock markets dancing for the last few weeks

    It’s not prophecy.

    Almost all phrases are taken from texts about present economical situation. It is more like a tool of description of what is going on right now, there is no insight here, just a palette.

    This is by no means the result of analysis, it is the raw material which might yet be processed. (I doubt it ever will be, not by these guys).

    The last part, about 2009: ungrounded predictions which only reflects present state of imagination. If there is a big depression, how will it reflect on reality: Abandoned Strip Malls – etc.

    And all this is called a process? There is not a trace of a process here.
    This is an inarticulate mass, not even a beginning of simple speculative fiction.

    There is no rule, there is no method, there is no inherent logic, there is no way you can draw a conclusion from this.
    You can only draw conclusion about those who stand behind this little game…


    Eric, are you familiar with the term “Technical Analysis” as it refers to the stock market? I used to work on Wall Street. I discovered that many brokers practically worshiped on the altar of “Technical Analysis.”

    They would purchase expensive subscriptions to stock-charting journals that purported to offer hidden “buy” and “sell” signals inherent in a stock’s price movement.

    I looked into it, and discovered that despite all the technology that went into it, the basic concept was inherently flawed….thus no matter how much a person studied, researched or utilized the methodology, the end result was the same – they had no better ability to pick winning stocks than someone using “Fundamental Analysis” or, in many cases, random picks.

    I think it is quite telling that the original purpose of ALTA (aka web-bot) was to get an edge on the stock market. Had these fellows been even 51% successful on a regular basis, they would be filthy rich. I’m guessing they are not. I am guessing they are selling $10 reports on the internet (Which used to be $284 according to older threads on the subject) and have moved on from stocks to “prophecies” because it is easier to make money and harder to be proven wrong. In the stock market, bullshit doesn’t last too long. If you are trading, at the end of the day, did you make money or lose money? Too many days on the losing side and it’s game over.

    In the prophecy-peddling world, the key is to write vaguely, claim many “hits” or successful predictions (no matter how nebulous) and deny any inaccuracy as either a “slightly incorrect interpretation of the data” or (even better) the inability of the reader to properly understand the information.

    In other words…”Heads I win, Tails I win”

    Nevertheless, these “unconventional” efforts to understand the world (and to possibly predict events or behaviour) intrigue me, and I do look into them.

    Thanks again for posting the links.



  173. ericswan Says:

  174. ericswan Says:

    Celline and FF..This interview is dire but so is Revelation. I ordered all three books by Patrick and expect to receive them by mid July. Give me a couple more weeks, and I will deliver a summary. I was never a mathematician but I understand the concept postulated by Clerk Maxwell in the 1850’s that talks about the north and south poles and read and understand the concepts developed from Maxwell’s equations by Tom Bearden and ZPE or free energy called zero point energy. This video and the Rense interview that recommends Patrick’s work are new to me as I have only just discovered both half past human and Patrick in the last 72 hours. My research supports there premise but be warned; Armagedden is at hand.

  175. Celline Says:

    Thank you, Eric, Founding, I do not understand a lot of the expressions sued, but I surely get the general drift, and I listened to this fascinating interview. This guy is onto something huge, and what I would like to know is…. is our ” leadership” aware of all of this, and are they acting accordingly.. or are they poo pooing this whole thing as nonsense?
    Personally I don’t know what to believe or think. But there’s truth to it, no doubt in my mind.
    Thanx guys, thank you too Clark for answering my question.

  176. clark Says:

    I often thought of a total white out sky as being low altitude and real thick, now I”m not so sure.
    I saw an area of sky with some of that thin white covering chemtrails morph into, a mini-white out area, next to a pocket of empty blue sky. In the blue sky I saw two sections of chemtrail and I wondered how I missed seeing the jet lay it when suddenly the dark jet became visible against the backdrop of the thin white covering. The jet was below the white covering and appeared about as small as could be and still be a jet, then it threaded its way through the white covering. This means the thin white covering is a very high altitude structure.

    Along with other very unusual cloud structures (and lots of white powdery mist) and against the backdrop of this evenings pink clouds, I saw a pair of clouds that looked like the blue you get from sudsy S.O.S. pads, it almost glowed.

  177. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark ..took pics at sunset last night that describe to a T everything you just described except my jet was white and clearly laying them down.

  178. babette Says:

    Anyone see the vids I suggested?

  179. ericswan Says:

    Babette. I like the stuff you say and would like to view the “link” but you didn’t post any. Right click the address bar, scroll over the link and copy. Come back to the blog and “paste”. There is no way that won’t work on your computer.

  180. babette Says:

    Poetic justice would have a massive, flaming asteroid crash into the arrogant Belgian bullshitter’s lap near the end of his excrutiatingly boring blather.

    How I hate people who keep saying “It’s very complicated.” Usually means “I’m making this up as I go along.”

    FF, Eric, Clark, we should start our own Project Camelot. Those two “Project” bums travel the world yakking with ever crazier ‘experts/soothsayers.’ Let us interview this guy first. Think of the laughs!

    Do we really need ‘experts’ to describe what will happen if the sun blew up? The poles shift? Our moon began to spin? Christ! Just use your imagination!

    Ponder a while on our solar system, then on what’s beyond. We could disappear at any time. Who needs a self-contradicting nut and his “tidal wave will be 1.5 kilometers high and not one centimeter more” theories? By the way, is there anybody he hasn’t plagiarized?

    Something unpleasant is definitely coming. TPTB have prepared for it.

    It’s no fun unless they TELL us! The movie “Knowing” TELLS us of a GoM oil disaster followed by a ELE CME. Take it from there.

    The Belgian ‘expert’ must also have seen the film: “THE ROAD.” It’s one depiction of what it’ll be like — afterwards.

    Get the distinct impression the Project guy realizes early on the Belgian is a con-man – a really lousy one at that.

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, uuuuuuuhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, gotta go now.

    p.s. Get the distinct impression the Project guy realizes early on the Belgian is a con-man.

  181. babette Says:

    “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”
    — Heraclitus

  182. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..interesting photo essay on chemtrails here…

    HAARP and barium tie in with all my recent posts. The military is using the natural magnetism/electrical grid of the planet including the ionosphere to control our minds, our lives and our spirit.

  183. ericswan Says:

    Gulf state emergency preparedness agencies confirm mass evacuation plans
    Wayne Madsen Report – June 28, 2010

    A well-placed source in California told WMR that the California Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) has been briefed by its counterpart agencies in the Gulf coast states that there are plans to conduct a mass evacuation of millions of Gulf coast residents due to the catastrophic environmental and public health effects of the BP oil disaster.

    CEMA officials have been briefed on the planned evacuations by counterparts in the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

    The Gulf states’ emergency planners stressed to their California counterparts that they are dealing with a disaster of unprecedented proportions and that contingency plans are being constantly updated and revised on ways to deal with the transformation of the Gulf of Mexico into a deadly “toxic soup” of oil and Corexit 9500 oil dispersants and the atmosphere into a dangerous mixture of hydrocarbon gases.

    CEMA was briefed on the impending mass evacuation since California would be expected to absorb a large number of evacuees from the Gulf states. CEMA officials did not say how the state of California, which is virtually bankrupt, would pay for the influx of hundreds of thousands and perhaps greater numbers of evacuees from the Gulf coastal region.

  184. ericswan Says:

    I heard the exact same thing from several reporters claiming a forced evacuation will take place shortly after the long weekend. Snow plows have already been dragged out for maintenance with the expectation that abandoned vehicles on the highway will have to be cleared. Anyone on the highway should plan on at least a week of gas and fuel to fight a traffic jam that rivals a stack of fiat money that reaches the moon.

    The reports came from http://www.thelibertyman.com http://www.clayandironministries.com which are part of the GCN network and the http://www.microeffect.com network.

  185. babette Says:

    Add your news, Eric, to the vids I had hoped you and others made the effort to watch and if evac plans are turn out to be true, then they’ve accomplished their goal of clearing the land of undesirables — with a fake disaster.

    CGI planes on 9/11. Now this.

  186. clark Says:

    eric, that link, those pictures were very much like what I described.

    This is what the pink sky yesterday looked like here, the photo at the bottom of the page:


    A monster chemtrail like the one on this page is what goes overhead all too often:


  187. clark Says:


    “Youtube: Hydrothermal Vents – David Attenborough”

    I think I saw it a few years back. The film I saw had quite a few amazing life forms, really amazing. I may watch it again sometime.

    2)Black Smokers

    Here is a link about black smokers, and I watched it… sans audio, made me hungry. I wish these films had captioning. A link to the hydrothermal Vents video is on that page too:

    3)BREAKING: The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas Part 1

    I might watch that one… or look for a summary to read.

    4) YOUTUBE: Oil Spill in Alaska Rachel Maddow

    Your summary (ies) seemed good. It could be worth watching, here’s a search list,… I read the captions,…it’s a dumb & greedy world, I almost don’t want to watch the video and be re-affirmed just how dumb and greedy… and corrupt


    Evac? An evac sure would fill up some empty houses. Not like that would be partial motive or anything… would it? It seems so… petty.

  188. clark Says:

    Reading about oil, thinking how “someone” might think, if only we could put these bacteria in the air to clean the pollution, it’s just one More ingredient.

    The bit about oil I was reading:

    In nature some oil on the surface evaporates off as naphtha (probably the basis of the ancient Greek fire). Other oil is digested by bacteria converting it into simple organic compounds that other organisms feast on, leading to a localized exuberant biodiversity. The heavier components of oil remain as lumps called bitumen or asphalt.

    Oil exists beneath the surface of the earth under pressure that causes it to seep to the surface by any available route. When a well is drilled into a pocket of contained oil the pressure forces it to gush out and over the wellhead. The pressure in the pool of drilled oil gradually falls, and the seep ceases.


  189. Celline Says:


  190. babette Says:

    Thanks, Clark.

    Why would BP set up cameras down there for the sheeple to watch 24/7?

    BP has security on the beaches and a no-fly zone (under 3,000 ft) but has been considerate enough to place numerous cameras pointed right at their “disaster” for your viewing pleasure?

    Does anyone else find it strange?

    And there are sheeple staring at the underwater gusher ‘disaster’ all day, every day.


  191. ericswan Says:

    Babette..the link to your vid that Clark has posted has been updated in recent days. Originally thought that BP was spraying oil on the gulf as a false flag but now the same guy has realized the spill is not faked. I appreciate the links. The game is on.

  192. babette Says:

    Really? Why, Eric? Does he offer an explanation for recanting?

    He claimed to be working on Vid # 2 False Flag and, suddenly, he says it real?

    Doesn’t matter anymore, anyway.

    Game is on.

  193. ericswan Says:

    The most recent vid is here..

    The reason that BP shows the public it’s stuff is that it was required by Congress to make it public.

  194. clark Says:

    Is saying, BP… the same as saying, Congress?
    “WHat revolving doors and piles of money?”

    Under the last chemtrail article on Infowars (which I cannot find) some of the comments were about being trained in the military to determine – from the ground or air – how much of a contrail a jet would produce. They called it T-screw or something and said it proved chemtrails were more than just contrails. It seemed like it is a way to measure chemtrails, or at least how much of a contrail a jet should_be producing.

    – Today, two jets with contrails, a couple of single engine planes and some normal looking clouds not surrounded by the white misty powdery substance. In other words, a nice day! If I don’t look up, maybe it’ll stay that way?

  195. Celline Says:

    Clark, I like your humor, w.out it, I guess, we’d really be scr—–d !
    Am trying hard to understand all you guys are saying, and I get the jist, but that’s about it. My unscientific brain can’t fathom !
    If you could ever here and there give me a hint that I should listen to as a beachfront resident in Southern Cal.. hmm, please turn them lose at me. I am scared is the bottomline We are Ocean overcast ( for real ) in the last few days, so I can’t see anything right now !

  196. Celline Says:

    Looking at the last video from you, Eric, what exactly is this plane spraying, is it poisenous.. is this part of this scary problem?
    Reply, please..

  197. ericswan Says:

    Good question Celline. Corexit is burning holes in the boats and BP says it will compensate the fishermen for damages. Others say it’s a solvent but that it is full of carcinogens including lead and cadmium. It is made from oil products so it is one of those vicious circle deals where anything they do they make money. Too bad that’s the way corporations responsible to their board of directors who have the obligation to shareholders to make money.

  198. Celline Says:

    thanx Eric

  199. ericswan Says:

    The same company spraying chemtrails is spraying corexit. They are called Evergreen. They also fly drugs in when they aren’t too busy.

  200. clark Says:

    – 3:48 p.m. I noticed the first chemtrail of the day, ten minutes later six more, some with four to six inch chemtrails, some with eight to twelve inch chemtrails. Prior to this there were only two jets all day.

    Less than an hour before I had noticed a jet fly the same path producing a normal one inch contrail. And before that a jet with an initial widened out V – two and a half inch contrail. That’s the second time I’ve seen that V before a chemtrail onslaught.

    Earlier the sky was often totally clear, a few normal clouds, but now, a slightly dense white smoky haze is coming in from the West, some of it looks as though it is a widened chemtrail section like the one left far in my Eastern sky by a jet earlier. I can even see the form of another widened section of chemtrail drifting down, real low.

    Temp: 77′ F.
    Wind from S at 3 mph
    humidity: 45%
    Dew Point: 54′ F.
    Pressure: 30.25 in falling
    Visibility: 10 mi.
    Past 24-hr precip: 0

    It’s been nice like that all day.
    Supposed to be that way tomorrow too.

    I suspect they’ll be done and cleared out by sunset.

    How easy it is for them.

    “The same company spraying chemtrails is spraying corexit. They are called Evergreen…”

  201. ericswan Says:

    People the world over are sick (and tired) of being poisoned by their government. Finland is fighting back.

  202. clark Says:

    ok, that video looks just like some of what I tried to describe. Wow… same skies at the same time.

    The somewhat short sections diagonal across the longer strand, are sort of patterned like barbed wire when you can see more of the length.

  203. Celline Says:

    Eric, about Finld, HOW are they fighting back?

  204. ericswan Says:

    You may have noticed the date of June 28-30 on the video. That’s not the date for that couple of minutes of video. That was the date for convention dealing with the subject of chemtrails.

  205. ericswan Says:

    Gulf of Mexico Pollution Alert For Air Mass Flow & Hurricane Formation
    Pollution Threat Advisory For The Gulf of Mexico (July 1/2, 2010)

    The Danger Is Now Widespread – Impact Will Be Immense & Deadly Under A Regime Of Widespread Propaganda-Press Blackout – CDC has issued warnings for all people in the Gulf region to avoid breathing air polluted with toxic fumes….if you can smell it, its toxic, and your best course of action is to leave.


    Tropical stormfront Alex passed through the western Gulf and shoved enough polluted air through Georgia that an airline captain reported smelling oil at 33,000 feet and seeing a blanket of brown air as far as the eye could see at 14,000 feet. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Northern Florida, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and the Virginias all received liberal doses of BP’s Bitter Pollution.

    At the moment, reactive forces in the Jet Stream have descended in latitude and are now pushing the polluted air along the Florida panhandle and onto the western half of Cuba


  206. clark Says:

    Still… same day or not, it’s the same effects in the sky. Thanks for saying so.
    Did your photos of the, “S.O.S. Pad” cloud develop ok, are you going to upload it? Just curious to see how similar it is to what I saw.

    I haven’t read anything about what other countries around the gulf are doing, or might plan to do. I imagine it’s close to nothing.

    Smelling oil at 30,000 feet,… life in the factory. I hope it smells like oil and not transmission fluid, that stuff is awful. Maybe it’s a good idea to get just a few more dust masks? Respirators?

    – Since about 6 p.m. yesterday the skies have been clear.
    I saw only two jets all day, first, a dark jet at very high altitude with a normal two inch contrail, but it was the V.

    I say V because the two streams flair out right away, wider than the following 2/3 of the contrail. I guess it’s more like a bulge than a V. But for the whole length of the “contrail” the two cloumns of exhaust are wider apart than other contrails or chemtrails.

    After that I saw a white jet with no contrail at all.

    Nothing but lovely single engine airplanes after that, and local 727’s landing and taking off.

    Is the V-jet a tester or test applicator, and the white one a sample gatherer and analyzer? This time no action was taken?

    It was clear all day. But there was something I noticed. First, it’s fuzzy time of year, those white cotton fuzzy balls floating through the air are not real bad yet. Looking around at eye level I see one or two, or often none,… But, when the Sun was at the One O’clock position and I, in the shade of a building, looking up at the very edge of the Sun, could see much more floating through the air than can be seen otherwise.

    There were thousands of fuzzys floating about, many dragging a length of spider-web looking strand, some longer than others. It seemed impossible to determine distance with them. They were obvious fuzzys. But some of them looked like they could be tennis ball sized whizzing by, or larger and higher like a jet and there was no way to determine distance with the lack of air traffic or birds. Flying insects did help some to determine distance though. It was interesting. It’s probably nothing and fuzzys drag spider-web strands all the time, I don’t know. But I was surprised at the amount of particles floating about, even at rooftop level, that wasn’t visible to the eye at other angles while under the Sun. It was a, “They Live” mixed with Jacques Cousteau, kind of experience.

  207. clark Says:

    – Today, other than the local 747’s taking off & landing, there wasn’t a single jet of any kind in the air above me where there are often dozens… broken record… broken record.

    I was out in it All day, it was clear and cloud free… while the roads are packed with cars, its a busy travel time, and yet – no overhead jets – at all. Zero, zip, nada.

  208. Celline Says:

    No jets here either, nada one that I saw.. yet plenty of lacey chemclouds moving in 24/7 from over the Pacific.

  209. Celline Says:

    way colder than normal here and the skies are chock full of lacey looking chemclouds. They are moving in from over the Pacific, can’t see any jets at all.. as usual !

  210. Celline Says:

    y’all: I am sorta scared, the chemtrailing is “out of control”, if one could say such a thing.Our skies would be clear blue, because there’s not a cloud anywhere in sight, yet we are completely covered w. those lacey, see-thru veil-like chemclouds. There has to be a reason they are singeling this area out, they way they are. If I’d hit the road toward the desert, it would be clear blue. Am going to do this tomorrow, just to get out of here, I am seriously scared, something big is on our horizon, that’s just what I feel, nothing I heard or anything, just an ominous creepy feeling, know what I mean ?

  211. ericswan Says:

    If the gulf gusher was intentional, and there is evidence aplenty to support that claim, than it behooves the agressors to attack California in some roundabout way so as to “drive” everyone away from the coast where they might have better survivability with the resources the ocean offers. Once inland, you are committed to the two or three exits out of every city and your privacy, is nonexistent. Look for activity on the highways where military are in flux, railways suspend activity and the government flails around screwing everything up. I’m expecting a major HAARP event which could be eathquake, volcano, or even hurricane to affect the psyche and “drive” the economy into the abyss.

  212. clark Says:

    – It was clear again today, no clouds, no high altitude air traffic at all, except breifly at 3:30 p.m. seven high altitude jets left parallel broken up chemtrails close to one another on the Eastern portion of the horizon. Forty-five minutes after that, nothing else for the rest of the day.

    Those chemtrail sections hovered over the area for about thirty minutes in spite of 17 m.p.h. winds. The chemtrails eventually either disapaited or drifted off to the East. It seemed like there were two kinds of chemtrail, one was average chemtrail, the other was powdery white, like a can of flour tossed straight out, only freeze frame it as it just leaves the can, that’s what it looked like as it hung in the air undisturbed by the wind.

    Big rain system moving in from the Rockies is now stretching from North Dakota down to Texas, Celline’s lacy skies are the pancake top to start the layers to build up a storm system, perhaps. Sure looks that way to me.

    Two new articles today on Infowars:

    Attack of the vapours – how jet trails block out the sunshine


    Scientist Admit Chemtrails Are Creating Artificial Clouds


  213. Celline Says:


  214. Celline Says:

    If you are able to hang in there and listen the whole hour of what I just sent, you will absolutely know, what’s going on.
    It blew my little mind, so I will stop writing, cause I’m out of energy and all that was my little brain.. wow, please try and listen to all of it, even I did !

  215. Celline Says:

    BTW.. it’s Uschi who send me this !

  216. ericswan Says:

    Hey FF..Scott Stevens of http://www.weatherwars.info reports in this mp3 that it was your boy Col. Tom Bearden, that alerted him to chemtrails and what they do. This is a great followup to the linked vid you put up.

    [audio src="http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2010/07jul/RIR-100701-sstevens.mp3" /]

  217. ericswan Says:

    My bad..good link Ushi/Celline. Highly recommend it as well.

  218. ericswan Says:

  219. Celline Says:

    Oh my God, Eric, this is just earthshattering.
    I wish I could Twitter this video, have not yet figured out how?!
    Thanx 4 posting.

  220. Celline Says:

    I did it, it’s out all over Twitter now !

  221. ericswan Says:

    Good stuff Celline. Now for the truth of the matter. The Gulf of Mexico will be completely destroyed and treated like a sewer so that a few monsters can make a pile of money. This link closes the loop on why anyone would want to destroy a way of life and all life in the gulf. Put on your thinking caps. These guys can be stopped now that we know what they’re up to.


  222. ericswan Says:

    Is this where we’re at?


  223. Celline Says:

    Yes Eric, I do believe, we are “there” , besides reading the signs and all and all the info we have.. it is a deep feeling in my spirit and my whole Being, that there’s a huge thing at work, a ” thing” that will change our life as we know it forever, if we survive at all !
    God go and be with us and shed His Grace and Love on us, give us the Faith we need. I wish this for all of us, with all of my heart.

  224. clark Says:

    Some bits of info from a long article which had chemtrail looking skies in the background of most of the photos:

    When The Rain Stops

    Twelve years ago, the rain stopped falling with any consequence in Australia’s prime food-growing region, bounded on the south by the Murray River and the west by the Darling

    …This year, Argentina, the world’s third-largest exporter of corn, is experiencing the worst drought since 1971.

    …Perhaps not since the American Dust Bowl of the early 20th century has an industrialized nation sustained more damage from drought in a prime food-growing region than Australia.

    …When the drought started in the late 1990s, there was no indication that it was anything other than a typical interruption in the largely rainy weather pattern that had persisted in the Murray-Darling Basin for the previous 40 years.


  225. Celline Says:

    Good bad or indifferent, all your new blogs are out on Twitter.
    Maybe Twitter is going to throw me out.

  226. Celline Says:


  227. Celline Says:

    Bad bad earthquake just now, sill shaking

  228. ericswan Says:

    Ties in with that Bearden vid Celline. You have been saying that the chemtrails blow in from the ocean and are not visible in the desert. Was the earthquake centred between San Diego and LA the desert you were talking about?

  229. Celline Says:

    Eric, the quake was between San Diego and Borrego, which is about 80 mi NE from us.

  230. Celline Says:

    and we are still quaking, it’s non-stop. Not big anymore.. little ones, one every 1/2 hour or so.

  231. clark Says:

    Scientists can now control a worm remotely with beams of light, and what with all the “transparency” these days I’m sure that’s the limitation, aren’t you sure too?:

    “the new field of Neurobotics… Remote brain control is the game.”


  232. Celline Says:

    scary enough Clark, but I DARE say : better think about my wording carefully here, when I figure it out I’ll post what I think.
    No quakes currently, but aftershocks are sure to happen.
    We are cold and overcast, no sun, the only good thing about this is, I can’t see the chems, because it’s all thick grey.

  233. clark Says:

    We had thick grey skies this morning too, giving way to high altitude mud cakes, looked like a dried lake bed, suspended over small clouds dripping white powdery mist.

    Everyone I met today said the weathermen said it was to be cool & breezy and they all acted as if a promise had been broken, it was very hot and very humid. At times the Sun felt like it took a bite out of you, or maybe it was just me? I’d never felt the Sun that way before this week.

    Found this in the comments section of an Infowars chemtrail article, this person is saying clay is one of the substances in chemtrails, I didn’t know this about ham radio:

    3) Clay is flake-like and has a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). The aluminum dust is nano particulate. When they spray ham radio comms drop. That’s how we first found out we were being sprayed metal dust–the ham freaks spoke up

  234. Celline Says:

    Clark, 3) I hardly can make out what u are saying, do me a favor please, say it again in real simple plain enlish.. ok?

  235. Sky Says:

    @ Clark- The sun taking a ” bite” out of you…..you’re not the only one !

    Monday, June 28th- I’ve never in my life felt a biting sun like that day. I’m one of those green eyed, blonde haired very fair skinned people who loves to tan and is VERY careful in the sun. I don’t use sun block … who needs it these days with all the chem crap obscuring the sun most days anyway HA HA ! Anyhow, I’m cautious, cautious but on that day after only a couple of MINUTES in the late afternoon sun, it felt like the sun was eating me alive. Burning and biting like you wouldn’t believe.

    I wasn’t out long enough to get a sunburn, but here’s the strange part – Later that evening my neck started to get itchy and within a few hours it was covered in a red rash that lasted for several days. I always wear a wide brimmed hat so my neck wasn’t even exposed to the sun that day !!

    I suspect it’s NOT the sun itself. It’s whatever they’re spraying in the air that’s causing freaky interactions with sunlight. After the biting sun day, everybody’s lawns were trashed as well. We’ve had nothing but rain for months, so lawns were looking very lush and green up till then. That biting sun/ chemtrail combo left the grass looking like it hadn’t been watered in weeks- all dead and patchy yellow.

    Yesterday and today was our first real taste of summer. Hot and sunny and joy of joys… NO chemtrails.

    More strange sun effects : Hubby exposed his fish belly white back and chest to the high noon sun for over 1 hour. He is definitely NOT sun smart and by rights should have been burned to a crisp and had to listen to his wife nag at him for days about his stupidity. Guess what ? NO BURN !! Not even a light tan. Nada, nothing, zippo. Crazy. Things are just crazy,nutso evil.

  236. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – Think back to last weekend, Eric. They hit us with some VERY bad chem s**t here in Kelowna. I am still suffering- aching joints, heavy and dead feeling, lethargic and dopey. Did they spray the same formula up in Kamloops ?

  237. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..wow..what a scoop on the CEC’s or cation exchange coefficiency for clay. I owned a couple of calcium bentonite claims here in British Columbia. The stuff is the product of million year old volcanos with the particulate sorted by water over 50 million years.

    This explains all those white splotches on my blue truck after a rain and how the black ops can afford to spray all that aluminum silicate over the planet. The stuff is everywhere. I’m going to have to put on my thinking cap and try to figure this out.

  238. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky..I’ve been taking pics of chemtrailers everyday but have not downloaded to the puter for a couple of weeks. Will check to see what was going on last week.

  239. ericswan Says:

    FF…I have a conspiracy lead that has me spinning..


  240. Celline Says:

    In the store I saw a high Army official, and I asked him some simple questions, which he politely answered. Then I pointed to the sky and asked him:” What is this strange looking stuff you are spraying into the air”? He stared at me coldly, mumbled ” I dunno”.. made a 180 and left me standing there, walked to his car and split like a bat out of hell.
    Happened today !

  241. Celline Says:

    Eric, your incredible site u just posted, just landed on Twitter !!!

  242. Celline Says:

    Sky, what u posted it really frightening. Myself I have not experienced anything like this, but Kim ( daughter ) for days now, has been feeling ill, feels faint, dizzy and feels generally down down down. She’s not the type to feign or make up stuff for attention, that girl feels sick and no Dr can figure out what’s the matter w. her. It might or might not have something to do w. our totally crazy cold and overcast weather, but I can’t help and think, that it does.Another strange thing: our dogs are acting weird, as in: laying around, not playing, not even barking.. just apathetically sulking.Forgive the wrong spelling.
    Also, I have company from Germany, a 17 year old boy, whom I ” educated” on what’s happening, overall.. and the skies. He told me, that Germany’s skies look just like ours, but no one takes notice.Got an e mail from my brother who lives in Berlin, he asked me, if I notice the strange happenings in the skies, because of what he’s noticing over there. Not everyone is in denial, but still way too few, who even seem to care.

  243. Celline Says:

    http://blacklistednews.com/?news_id=9618&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter just found this on Twitter.

  244. clark Says:

    30 Facts Evidencing The Rothschild League Of Bankers Planned The Gulf Oil Crisis


  245. clark Says:

    @Celline, 3) is not too hard to read, what didn’t you understand?

    comm = communications.

    @Sky, come to think of it I should have been burned more than once (and badly) but it’s only been one time lightly and ever so slight of a peel.
    When I got “bit” by the Sun I was tan, may have happened before I was tan too, I forget, it’s happened more than twice.

    Someone I know experienced the itchy and some redness like a bug bite, like you described, it didn’t seem like normal sunburn reaction to me at the time,… followed by joint pain.

    At 10:30 a.m., two people complained of headaches today… hmm,… I wonder why?

    – Today, clear skies at 9 a.m. followed by white powdery mist floating in from the West at around 10:30 a.m. (CST) accompanied by several dozen mid-altitude chemtrail producing jets (all in staggered parallel formations) with both the straight kind and the powdery white mist kind of chemtrails, but no “combs with teeth”.

    By noon all the jets were gone, none returned, and the lingering afternoon clouds that were herded by the jet’s chemtrails earlier gave way to a clear sky at sunset and a starry night.

    Sky said, “left the grass looking like it hadn’t been watered in weeks- all dead and patchy yellow.”

    The patchy yellow part, that’s how people describe what’s been happening to tomatoes and pumpkins since about 2006 (there may be others, Idk) mine had spots that looked like they were clear, as if the green had been taken out of that spot by a drop, eventually a hole developed where the spot was… is that from the clay? i didn’t check other plants.

    Some people claim success with the problem of yellowing leaves by placing epsom salts, coffee grounds or tobbacco in the soil. Some people remove the yellowing leaves as well.

    [Hear that Ursula? Add some salt to yer coffee, don’t use a filter, drop in a cigarette butt and stir… Just thinking of the nightshade problem and if there’s a connection, but blister agents still have top billing.]

    The yellowing leaves are most likely not tobbacco mosaic, but there is a chance tomatoes can catch it from the tobbacco.

    @eric, the CEC comment was from a person arguing with an odd one named JazzRoc who seemed too smart, and dumb/blind at the same time.

    I watched a PBS show about a guy tracking volcano dust, he could pinpoint where samples came from, I suspect the same can be done with the clay,… or the barium.

    There’s a big barium lode in the area the infamous (8 yr. old?) video of the samples of stuff that were tested as chemtrails by a TV station. Doubters claim that is why the samples had high levels, but if it could be proven the barium dust was from elsewhere, it would prove the point and… at least the point is proven, even if not enough people listen.

    I wonder if the clay interfered with regular old broadcast TV signals the same way? Before the switch to digital my signal reception was not as
    good as it had been, I attributed it to them lowering their power output, but now… I’m not so sure. Their signals would go down too frequently in the end, perhaps that’s why?

    We have a low output local station still broadcasting in analog, it’s signal gets snowed out too often, or completely… something you’d expect from a huge storm, yet there wasn’t one.

    The new digital broadcast signals get easily interrupted too, from what little I’ve seen of it. In the day, with light clouds, or a thin veil.

    …Except for some small river moths that were out when there was a break in the chemtrailing, I haven’t seen any moths in weeks. I haven’t been looking though,… perhaps I should? Just to see, and to know.

  246. babette Says:

    I’m back from the magnificent Caribbean!

    Spoke to several ex-military (sunning my miserable northern hide on their plentiful and gorgeous beaches) who confirmed the US military was in on 9/11 FROM ITS INCEPTION and the idea that americans find this fact incredible made them laugh softly.

    Non-military I spoke with KNOW USrahell is the greatest menace to life on earth and discuss it openly.

    It’s reassuring to find that wherever one may travel outside the US, everyone, but everyone, is on the same page.

    Chemtrail Report:

    Two of my friends and the guys sitting in front of them on the plane (37,000 feet) witnessed an extraordinary event.

    A chem ‘plane’ doing somersaults, flipping over FORWARDS repeatedly while spraying, seemed out of control, spiralling wildly for about a minute. ‘Somebody’ suddenly stopped the spray, set the ‘thing’ horizontal once more and it flew on, spraying all the way.

    The jerks were so mesmerized they failed to take pictures/vids.

    Airport security is a living hell. You want to puke seeing the sheeple prepared to strip naked for their guards! Those hopeless MFs are the reason we are in such shit.

    I hope to go back in a couple of months. It feels good to be amongst intelligent people for a change.

  247. Celline Says:

    Clark, your latest post, that article, landed on Twitter, I put it there.
    Maybe this is it.. Twitter might ” lose” me after that one?!
    Especially because it names ” THE” name.. the world powerbroker’s name, one of the most dangerous.

  248. Celline Says:

    we still have no sun.. thick fat overcast w. drizzle. In July, in S.Cal.. absolutely unheard of. How do they do this? What do they do to totally leave us in the shade… our plantlive is starting to show it… it is use to heat, not this overcast, anyone have any ideas?

  249. Celline Says:

    Just now the cloudcover broke in places, only to give way to: Cornmeal and lumpy cream of wheat looking chemlumps ( clouds ). And I mean.. every inch of the sky above the oceanclouds.. is covered w. this stuff, never have I seen anything like this be4. Wherever the sun is able to peek thru a bit, it stings, it hurts, it’s like a heated knife.
    Comment, anyone?

  250. babette Says:

    “…anyone have any ideas?”

    Dozens of intriguing theories on chemtrails contained in thousands of comments on chemtrails and she asks if we have any ideas.


  251. Celline Says:

    Whoever u are, calling yourself”babette” ( I think I know who u really are) just 1 thing I have to say, I feel sad for you because there’s a real ugly spirit in you, real dark and real ugly.
    No worry, I will no longer read your posts, so do not bother referring to me anymore.. clear ?!

  252. clark Says:

    Remote Controls Gone Wild – the 2010’s.

    This article,… I wanted to post a lot of it, everyone here should read this, but don’t have any expectations beforehand, it’s optimistic and crushing at the same time, at least it was for Moi:

    How to Fight Conspiracies and Win

    by Gary North


    – Today was a nice day, it started out clear blue. No jets, no chemtrails, just scads of single engine airplanes throughout the day mixed with some normal clouds that gave way to clear skies at sunset.

    It almost seemed like the single engine airplanes were running the same West & East flight paths the chemtrailing jets fly, I half wanted to applaud them.

    Saw a huge thunderhead-cloud which looked like a mushroom cloud, kind of unusual.

    __ __ So then,… It was a good run, I appreciated everyone’s comments.

  253. Celline Says:

    Clark, I have read most of North’s writings, he’s an excellent rational thinker. One thing is not mentioned, as far as I understood the article, is that money is what’s ruling the world. And that won’t ever change.
    If we want to call that a conspiracy.. so be it !
    The people are too busy w. their life, to look beyond it’s horizon. That’s the average way of thinking, ” within the prescribed lines”. To think outside the box isen’t very popular, but those who do, get rich.. most of them anyways. And because they get rich, they get the power.
    Now start from the beginning, it’s this vicious cycle that traps humanity, and the Rich rule. This is a short synopsis of my take on conspiracies.
    It’s the Money Stupid ! Outside of this, and in my view the bigger part of it all.. is the Spirit world. But this now would be too long for this post, but u get my drift.

  254. Celline Says:

    North has an excellent take on the Welfare State and Public schools.
    If one could kill both of these.. there would be hope !

  255. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..So much going on in the world. Conspiracies make the world go round. And just to round it out for you, every major political figure in the news is a corrupt figure. They have placed themselves in positions of power over people because they do not believe in God.

    I will post a link to a 2 hour radio program that will confound you in ways you did not expect. Every major political figure we know of is comprimised by evil. Do not expect to understand any of this. It’s complex beyond anything you have experienced. It is radio and it is easy to “hear” but it is not easy to comprehend. Let it sink in and don’t worry about the stuff you didn’t get.

    [audio src="http://data.argusoog.org/radio/2010/ArgusoogRadio-20100709-TheWatermanFiles.mp3" /]

  256. Celline Says:

    ok Eric, I will.. in a bit, then tell u what I ‘got”.. ok?
    Am aware that each and every politician is corrupt, yes yes..
    can’t believe there’s still anyone at all who believes a word coming out of their mouths. For instance, how come no one gets it, that no matter who’s at the helm, Dems or Reps, it’s always down the same road, someone should have noticed by now?
    It’s all just too late, in case the masses should wake up..
    OK, will let u know what I get out of your post.

  257. Celline Says:

    Eric, not so, I understood all of it. Surprized?
    If u say” conspiracy” u are declared nuts, so I am careful how I word what I believe.
    I knew about Rhodes, and their recruites into Oxford, ultimately intoThe CrownAgents. Can’t say all of this here.. but this one I will say: USA has never been ” free” it always has been subject to the corrupt crown of Eng. ( The sun never sets on the British Empire, right?)
    I have understood all of this for some time, but I don’t talk about it, because it’s so totally useless, no one believes you.
    “O” is a Rhodes pick also, and on and on.
    9/11 all the agencies who should have called: Alarm.. did not, am aware.
    All this aside, this Blog is priceless and I will save it.

  258. Celline Says:

    Our overcast skies ( not normal ) seem to have a reason, seem to be artifially created?! Because, when there’s a break in those moisture-clouds, just above them, the sky is laden, and I am laden with something that looks like cottage cheese ( lumpy oatmean, cornmeal ) u know what I mean. Looks to me, as if all those moisture clouds are hiding the real thing: A cottagecheese laden.. from horizon to horizon.. sky. Another new sight.. this is a new one on me.

  259. ericswan Says:

  260. ericswan Says:

    They have unleashed their space war weapons..

    HAARP et al..

  261. ericswan Says:

    This is HAARP reading for July 11. It has subsided and so has the threat to the Gulf of Mexico.

  262. Celline Says:

    eric, thanx 4 posting… it’s monday 12th, and
    so far I have not heard anything unusual.
    Our oceancloud cover has finally broken, giving way to a blue sky, dotted w. chemclouds ( no stripes ) as far as the eye can see.
    Have not yet checked the desert, will do this in the next few days.
    The ” chemclouds” are so very different looking than normal clouds, it does not even require a trained eye to see the diff.
    No way do we have clouds in July, other than the usual ocean overcast that burns off by noon.
    Just my report for today.

  263. ericswan Says:

    The HAARP attack broke off which can be viewed by putting in the July 11 date.

    I think they backed off. Others think it was another entity with another ionic heater that was making the attack but were scared off when all kinds of people on the net were on to them.

  264. Celline Says:

    Eric, how do you know ?

  265. ericswan Says:

    Look at the link I posted. Type in July 11. The bar on the left tells you the intensity. The bar at the bottom tells you what time the attack took place.

  266. ericswan Says:

    I have posted my belief that a nuclear weapon should be used to seal the leak in the gulf floor. That was when the second drill hole was at 12,000 feet. I rescind my opinion as they have drilled the second hole to close to the granite cap and any attempt to blow the well closed now will devastate the world’s ecosystem forever.


  267. Celline Says:

    something very strange is happening on twitter.There used to be great info on all and everything that’s going on, but no more. I think all posts that aren’t ” politically correct” or most of them, are being deleted.
    We are going down this certain road faster and faster.

  268. Celline Says:

    My german company got stuck on Heathrow on the way home, because his LA to Heathrow flight was hours late.Flying used to be adventerous and fun, now it’s just plain a huge pain. One wonders what excuses they have about all those delayed flights? Could the chems confuse radar and thus.. all this? Just thinking out loud.

  269. Dude Says:

    HAARP is not a weapon and can NOT cause earthquakes. That is a LIE. The Gulf seafloor is fractured from the seismic activity caused by Planet X. That is why they can not stop the oil. Any other “reason” is a lie.

  270. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I had heard one theory that the oil well was being drilled as fast as possible and with no regard for normal safety procedures so that they could bring it in quickly and have an alternate source of crude oil once they launch war on Iran.

    But Dude, your detailed and well-supported supposition that it must be PLANET X seems far more logical to me! I mean we can easily disregard the coincidence that the “seismic activity caused by Planet X” happened to occur at the very precise spot that a hole had been drilled 18,000 feet into the earth’s crust. Such tawdry facts only serve as a LIE to conceal that it must indeed be PLANET X!

    Thanks again for clearing that up for me. Be sure to join the conversation regularly and interject how all of our problems stem from PLANET X and that anyone who disagrees is a a Govt. shill liar.



  271. Dude Says:

    Sarcasm will not conceal disinformation for those who can still think. So how about those reports that oil is escaping hundreds of feet from the well opening? Why all the gestapo tactics about media coverage? This is only the beginning of sorrows. Armageddon on 10-10-10!

  272. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Of course the whole BP oil-leak episode is suspicious. Of course they are lying to us. We have no way to know what the real damage is or how much oil was really spilled or if it was done as an eco-false-flag attack to push through carbon taxes. That much is obvious. But “seismic activity caused by Planet X?” c’mon Dude. That is a reach. Even for you.

    However your revised prediction of Armageddon on 10-10-10 is duly noted and the date is fast approaching.

    10-10-10 falls on a Sunday this year, so it will be easy to be at home and post updates on the “2nd Annual Dude Armageddon Lollapalooza” – but next year, when you revise it to 11-11-11, I think you should at least offer us a commemorative coffee mug or t-shirt to mark the event.



  273. ericswan Says:

    FF..11/11/11..awesome teeshirt..mind if I steal your thunder?

  274. Dude Says:

    yall funny. Ezekiel is pretty clear about 2 years before the war and it was my stupidity for ignoring the “9th year of his reign” part. At any rate, anyone dismissing Planet X is stupid or a liar, no exceptions.

  275. Dude Says:

    Im stupid again, 2 years before the earthquakes. Theyre in 2012, the worst part of em anyway.

  276. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Be my guest……as long as Dude hasn’t copyrighted it yet…….. :>)

  277. Celline Says:

    Clear blue skies, and hot very hot. The skies though are dotted with rectangular shaped figures ( not the typical lines ) that look like tiretrack marks. This is so obvious in all of that clear blue, if ppl do not notice this, then they never will.
    The german kid got home and reports to me: Chemtrails over Hamburg, just like those I saw in California !

  278. Dude Says:

    Theyre all over the world……every day……for three years……why? Like, DUH!

  279. ericswan Says:

    good descriptors Celline. Saw the HAARP varves and tire tracks early this morning. I’m still thinking about the Bearden vid where he talks about the “spaces” created when a spray stops and starts. Apparently, has some way of marking the grid so that an interface is developed which may have electro-magnetic implications.

  280. Celline Says:

    Eric, what is “varves”?

  281. Celline Says:

  282. ericswan Says:

    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…


  283. ericswan Says:

    Varves are a geologic phenomenon like the ripples you see where the sand on the beach forms straight lines in a pattern . I call the clouds that are rippled by HAARP varves because they look the same.

  284. Celline Says:

    Thank you Eric ! Now off to look at your latest”argusoogradio” posting..

  285. Celline Says:

    Eric, it didn’t give me anything, some Dutch, but maybe it did something wrong, need to try again

  286. clark Says:

    Very varvie.

    July 15, 2010: NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our planet’s atmosphere. High above Earth’s surface where the atmosphere meets space, a rarefied layer of gas called “the thermosphere” recently collapsed and now is rebounding again.

    Solar minimum is now coming to an end, EUV radiation is on the rise, and the thermosphere is puffing up again… the thermosphere is puffing up again.


  287. clark Says:

    Comment July 17th, 2010 at 5:14 pm:

    HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska, and at least seven other identical facilities world-wide, are manipulating the weather everywhere.

    They create huge EM (electromagnetic) shock waves by beaming up gigawatts of high frequency radio energy into the upper atmosphere, which super heats the ionosphere,… causing EM shock waves! HAARP then targets strategic points around the globe, including tectonic plates using ELF waves (extremely low frequency waves), and bombards these points with repetitive EM and ELF wave pulses which generate earthquakes, cause heat waves (droughts), torrential rains (flooding), Tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes… Oh, and lets not forget cloud seeding of which the Airforce division of HAARP is responsible for!

    In relation to the above article “A Puzzling Collapse of Earth’s Upper Atmosphere” much of the electromagnetic wave energy generated by HAARP, randomly courses through space, causing auroral instability in and above the ionosphere… Causing an atmospheric meltdown perhaps? At the very least, it is causing atmospheric instability…

  288. Celline Says:

    still have to watch your posted video, Clark, just want to comment on what u said: Weather.. no kidding. Our weather is anything but ” normal” from extreme heat one day, to unusually cool the next. Clouds that don’t belong at all.. thunderstorms that don’t belong either. Yesterday we choked in heat.. today we better wear a jacket. Southern Cal? NOT !!!!!
    Question about the ” collapsing atmosphere:” Do ” they” think… just because they consider themselves “gods” it won’t affect ” them”? I mean.. are they going to crawl into holes w. oxyden-supplies, when the air becomes scarce or/and unbreathable? That’s what I don’t get, they live on the same earthball we live on.. do they think they remain unaffected? Mystery to me. OK, off to watch your clip..

  289. clark Says:


    Select applied nano-tchnology, Celline.

  290. ericswan Says:

    Good stuff Clark. Maybe, since they don’t acknowledge “chemtrails” we can invent the language that does.

  291. ericswan Says:


  292. Dude Says:

    Stop lying Clark. HAARP does NOT cause earthquakes anymore than your microwave oven, which is the same thing.

    I dont believe any of you people are as stupid as you pretend.

    For those who dont already know, the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity (including the fractured gulf seafloor oil leak) is all because of the approaching Planet X.

    Every other reason you hear is a LIE. Every government official, every media (alternative or MSM) personality, and every scientific source you ever heard of are ALL liars.

    Thats why they spray the chemtrails EVERY DAY GLOBALLY FOR THREE AND A HALF FKN YEARS!

    The good thing about the coming War of Armageddon is that the liars will die. Those liars who go underground will be dealt with after 2012 if they make it back out of their holes.

  293. Celline Says:

    Dude, it’s fine w. me that u tell us your views of things that u believe.. we all share what we observe and conclude. That’s what makes this blog so special.. that we openly discuss things and also ask eachother questions. There’s always been honesty here and integrity.
    And this is why I am addressing this note to you: Please do not call Clark or anyone here a Liar. It is upsetting to me, that you would do this. Our integrity is intact, and neither Clark, nor anyone here is a Liar, I resent this comment. Just sayin…..

  294. Bill S. Says:

    The Real Reason for Climate Change, is NOT, because of ‘all the oil burning’, but because of a BRIGHTER FULL MOON/BRIGHTER SUN! (It’s called “The Solar Maxim”.)
    Check out this link, for proof;

    http://www.360cities.net/image/full-moon-at-camas-rubha-a-mhurain-scotland#482.08,-20.30,20.1 & here, for more proofs;


    As, “Since WHEN, does a full moon, mimic the sun”? (Hint; “It’s what the chemtrail program, is all about”! And the ‘burning of the oil’, only exaspurbates the real problem. H-E-A-T ! That the Aluminum, is sprayed on the firmament to REFLECT back into SPACE!)

  295. Dude Says:

    Anyone telling you that HAARP causes earthquakes is lying and has no integrity. Period. Anyone telling you that there is no Planet X is also a liar. Period. In addition, “just sayin…” is a popular meme with paid agents these days. hmmm……

  296. Dude Says:

    We have another liar on the board. Is this board entirely a propaganda operation?

    The chemtrails hide Planet X, which is causing the earthquakes, volcanoes, and now the oil leak from the fractured seafloor in the gulf.

    Everyone telling you any different is a liar.

  297. ericswan Says:

    Dude (if that really is your name), bring something to the board. There are 1944 hours between now and 10/10/10. Care to elaborate on the speed this planet X is travelling?

  298. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Dude,

    Eric brings up a very good point. Instead of chiming in every so often on how we are all either liars or stupid, why don’t you give us REAL FACTS on Planet X, aka Nibiru that you seem to be such an expert on?

    If we had an astronomy telescope, could we see it? What coordinates in the sky should we look? What is the path of it’s orbit? How fast is it traveling? When will it make maximum impact on earth?

    How about some links to white papers, or articles that support your position?

    How about adding some real value and insight to the discussion here like everyone else does?

    One other thing, you also seem to be an expert on HAARP. Since the Govt. claims HAARP is “just a research project” and since we have no way to know *exactly* what HAARP can do, I find it extremely interesting that you claim to KNOW what HAARP cannot do!?

    That is pretty impressive. To be so well versed on a shadowy Govt. project that you know exactly what it can and cannot do. Why not enlighten us about HAARP after you explain all about Nibiru?



  299. Dude Says:

    Eric: We already established my identity. I am AntiLieGuy. We also established that your comment “if thats really your name” is a government-liar propaganda tactic.

    FF: You cant see Nibiru because the chemtrails hide it all the time it is visible. It is approaching from the South, toward the Southern horizon that has been white every day for three and a half years. It’s orbit is approximately 40 degrees from the ecliptic. I dont know its speed but its easily calculated. It has an orbit of about 3600 years, or one shar, and is approaching its maximum velocity. Its greatest effects will be the week before it goes around the sun and the week after it emerges from the other side going back out. No one here adds much insight, although I saw someone posted a Project Camelot video of Patrick Geryl who tells you all about the coming destruction but refuses to say what will cause it. He even states “what does it matter what causes it?” I have already provided much links to support my information but none comes close to the chemtrails sprayed every day globally for three years combined with all the seismic and volcanic activity, combined with preparations the governments of the world have been doing for 20 years. HAARP is a microwave transmitter, albeit a powerful one. It functions much the same way as your microwave. It can be directional…thats what the antenna array does, by switching the signal between the elements, making some driving elements, others directors and others reflector elements. It operates at about the same frequency as a microwave, about 2.5GHz. It can heat water and other similar sized particles. It can also help to spread the chemtrails from the electric field part of the RF energy which is composed of alternating magnetic and electric fields. I know about RF energy and its effects because I was a test engineer and worked closely with RF engineers. I have been around radio electronics all my life. HAARP could also be used to kill electronics, very similar to the devices that the pigs use to stop cars by interfering with their computers. Thats one reason that military electronics has to be hardened or shielded, to prevent jamming, if thats what you want to call it.

    Now, I have stated all this before and have been met with the same bullshit over and over. Im only here now cause they messed up my myspace and sometimes I just gotta spread the truth.

  300. foundingfather1776 Says:

    OK – math is not my strong point: what DATES does this correspond to?

    “Its greatest effects will be the week before it goes around the sun and the week after it emerges from the other side going back out.”

    Also, you talk of Nibiru and you also talk of Armageddon, this year of course Armageddon is on 10-10-10. When does Nibiru strike? How will Nibiru interact with Armageddon?

    Finally, if nobody can do anything about Nibiru, and most everybody except the Elite (who will be in their underground lairs) will be killed from it AND the Elite know this, why do the Elite have dozens of plans that we known of (and probably hundreds more that we don’t) to enslave, control and soft-kill us? Why Fluoridate the water, create GMO crops, Develop implantable RFID chips, create Bio-weapons like AIDs, H1N1, etc. if Nibiru is going to do all the dirty work for them?

    I am sincere when I say I would like to hear your answers to these questions.

    I will repeat what I have told you before, Nobody here has denied that Nibiru *may exist* – I doubt that most people would disagree WWIII or “Armageddon” will occur at some point, however, what I disagree with (and I believe others as well) is your interpretation and analysis of the data you have presented.

    Not to be rude, but your prediction of Armageddon for last October was a spectacular and unmitigated failure (thankfully). I am also confident your prediction of Armageddon occurring on 10/10/10 will be another failure. You are not wise enough to figure these things out and neither am I. The difference is, I know I am not – you however blithely revise your forecasts and carry on, while insulting everyone that disagrees with you.

    Still I do appreciate that you have answered my initial questions, and I hope you will attempt to answer the additional ones I have posed. Personally, I am willing to listen to alternative view-points as long as their is some logic and presentation of facts or theories that I can research. I do not take someone seriously when they resort to name-calling and aspersions of character.



  301. ericswan Says:

    Dude..the government knows who you are. It is your adoring public that is being kept in the dark. If you are the messenger of doom, you need to step up. Put your name out Steve. We won’t think any the less of you if you turn out to be a mere mortal.
    As far as your eliptical orbit and approaching from the south pole, you do realize that we here in the northern latitudes can see the sun and that is everyday. How is it possible this eliptic approach of Wormwood/Niburu/Planet X can take place in the next 1940 hours or 80 days without being noticed by infrared or various other above atmosphere optics.

    I already know your reposte. I’ve heard it all before. I asked you to point to something we already don’t know; something new. You might investigate Patrick Geryl further. He is predicting Dec. 21, 2012 and has done so since his first book published in 2001 called “The Orion Prophecy”. He bases this prediction on the Mayan calendar, the Dresden codex, pole shifts, sunspot activity, the position of Venus at the time of the last conflagrations including the remnant of the knowledge found worldwide that supports an Atlantean destruction and their people that survived to repopulate the planet. Geryl says the poleshift, earthquakes, sun explosions and volcanoes will destroy the planet within hours. The oceans will rise out of their beds sending a 6,000 foot wave at least 3 times over all the continents. You might want to climb into your 10,000 gallon tank to survive it.

  302. Celline Says:

    back to earth for a second, please?
    Question, anyone please: Our weather in Southern Cal is so unusual, that as long as I have lived here.. ( 40 years ) there has been nothing like it. It is July, and we have no summer. It is cloudy 24/7 and cold , 67 .
    Our usual Julys are at the coast in the mid 70ees, the deserts about 110.
    I read that our deserts are hot as usual, yet here.. in the beachcommunities, til about 10 miles inland, are cold and cloudy. I am baffled and can not find any info. Can anyone give me a clue ?

  303. Celline Says:

    I think HAARP bent the northern jetstream south, sprayed several 1000 miles of chems.. just sayin, thinking out loud.

  304. Dude Says:

    FF: I dont know the exact date of Nibiru’s travel around the sun but I expect it corresponds with late 2012 like all the ancients told us. Rest assured the govts know when. Nibiru will end the war that destroys America on 10-10-10. Thats the only interaction I know of. Nibiru isn’t going to kill everybody and the elite know this. They want the population reduced more than that and especially before a public awakening occurs because theyre very afraid and rightly so. Thats the reason for all the poisons…to keep us stupid and weed us out. The RFID mark-of-the-beast money system will be implemented by Russia after they destroy America. They’ve been working on the new money system for a couple years now. They told us they were setting up a “world financial capital” in Moscow. there is not much interpretation and analysis of the data. It speaks for itself and needs no interpretation. “My prediction” as you put it was a failure because I failed to consider some relevant information….especially the two times the date is given in the Bible that says the “ninth year of his reign” talking about the invading king and this is Putin’s ninth year. Also, Amos is very clear about “two years before the earthquakes.” I am apparently wise enough to figure all this out and I dont know why but nevertheless, it has been figured out. I only name call when I encounter pure stupidity….comes from talking to idiots for three years.

    Eric: I knew you were govt and I know the govt knows who I am cause Im a pain in their lying, treasonous asses. I post here as Dude cause FF made it where the posts get posted under that name and email. I would post under AntiLieGuy if that werent the case. Wormwood is the radiation from the war, not Nibiru. Chernobyl is Ukrainian for wormwood. The Bible says the waters were made bitter from the wormwood, thats the fallout. Nibiru is very noticed by all kinds of optics and since 1983. Thats why they put IRAS into orbit in the first place and is also the reason for the South Pole Telescope. The only problem is that all the govt, all the media, and all the scientists are treasonous, genocidal, lying bastards. Patrick Geryl doesnt need investigating. He is probably right about the date of Nibiru’s passing. There will be massive flooding of coastal regions but for the most part, North America wont be flooded. An earthquake will split the land and swallow up the waters. Not much will help if there is massive flooding except something like the Ark, which is currently being censored in google maps by the lying, treasonous bastards. I have the pics before it was censored with a cloud over Mt. Ararat.

    Yall get the govt criminals to have em fix my myspace and Ill leave yall alone again. That was pretty stupid of them cause I had already stopped trying to spread the word but then again, everything the govt does is completely stupid and criminal. Everything.

  305. Celline Says:

    The ”
    Government” simply is an arm of the power/world Elite ( Rockefellers, Rothchilds, all European dynasties, I don’t need to go on, do I..) so ultimately.. Government is nothing but puppet activity. But this isen’t new.The goal is to limit the number of humans and inslave the rest.
    Fema camps are for those, who see thru all this schlamassel.. and give them trouble.This is why ” they” want all guns.. etc.
    The plan is as old as Babylon itself.. and will end there.Eric, why does Dude keep saying, you are a government agt? This bugs me lots.
    Maybe Uschi knows something she did not share w. me, must check w. her. By the way, Dude, those who deem themselves “wise” will in the end, make utter fools of themselves. This little piece of ” wisdom” I get straight out of the bible ;o)
    Our weather, see: yesterday, no changes, cold and nasty, completely cloud covered sky and at least, I can’t make out the chems, I s’pose they are right above the soup that looks like real cloudcover. I constantly remove big fat reddish-yellow drops from my windshield and I know, it’s stuff that drops from the sky. Looks like puss, and am not kidding.
    Maybe one of you will strain their brain and try and figure out for me, why Southern Cal has an unprecedented cold and cloudy summer.. it’s unreal…. yet the deserts are hot and clear. I will go drive out today, because I need some sun and am curious, if there are chems in the desert-skies.

  306. Celline Says:


  307. clark Says:

    Bill S., interesting idea. Is there a relationship bewteen the Sun output and the increase and decrese in the thermoshphere, much like as with plants and the Sun, i.e. Summer bloom v.s. Winter dormancy? Just a thought, kind of explains why my light meter never goes above a certain point.

    Celline, your weather description (minus the sunny in the desert part) is much like the one for here for a number of past Summers… not so this Summer, so far anyway.
    – Back then it was as if we didn’t get a Summer.

    Awhile back we all discussed smelly plastic bags, kind of silly, but :

    Kellogg Recalls 28M Boxes Of Smelly Cereal

    Posted: 1:24 pm EDT June 25, 2010Updated: 2:16 pm EDT June 25, 2010
    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Kellogg Co. is voluntarily recalling about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks cereals because a “waxy” smell and flavor coming from the package liners could make people sick, the company said Friday.

    Kellogg spokeswoman J. Adaire Putnam said about 20 people have complained, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. The company said the potential for serious health problems associated with the cereal is low.

    Putnam said the lining of the cereals’ boxes produced the off flavor and odor. Kellogg is trying to identify the substance on the liner that’s causing the problem.


    Good to know Serious health problems associated with the cereal are Only Low – just low – what does “low” mean, exactly? And, “serious” for that matter?

    I noticed most of the local retailers fixed their smelly plastic bag problem.
    I wonder what the cause was, radioactive oil mixed with something else used to make the plastic? Using unsafe recycled material? Or a reaction of some type? Are there other products?

    If given the choice, I’ve been asking for paper sacks when shopping, it seems like the best option overall, mostly it holds more stuff and without ripping apart.

    I should also mention (if it wasn’t clear) that the comment I made on July 18, 2010 at 2:32 am is something I found on Infowars, the same place I found the NASA link.

    Seems like there was something else I wanted too add… nope, it was just a buzzing mosquito tying to Bite Me.

  308. Celline Says:

    Just watched the sun break thru in a few places, and what I saw, confirmed what I suspected. Those aren’t clouds we have, this is spray. If it were clouds, our sun would have long burned thru them.. but sun can’t burn thru metal and whatever else is in that spray. It’s clearly visible now, lacey, frayed layers of spray, where the sun peaks through.
    People are upset by this kind of July, but still don’t pay attention to what is actually causing this.

  309. Celline Says:

    Clark, you are giving much reason 4 thought w. your last comment, now will go and read the link..

  310. Celline Says:

    Clark, it tells me:” Article not available !” my computer….
    or something else, would u please doublecheck 4 me ?

  311. clark Says:

    They didn’t keep it I guess.
    I think I posted all the info there was.

    I used to think internet news outlets would keep their stories forever, like the old microfiche & newspaper articles. The NSA has a copy I’m sure, they’re the new worldwide microfiche, select access only, of course.

  312. Celline Says:

    It’s just all too weird, even the things that I thougt I had figured out.. have changed. We had no JULY whatsoever. We were thickly ( made up a new word here?) overcast and cool of course. Now, that the sun is breaking through a bit, I notice that those thick clouds that covered us all of July, were afterall not clouds but chems. The whole thick cover.. NOT clouds.. how is this possible. ? I look and look again, and sure enough their edges are lacey and see-through. and I dare say.. none of them are clouds. Used to be lines, stripes, Xs etc.. but no more. People are totally fooled, thinking it’s cloudcover. Nothing we can do I know.. only I am getting pizzder and pizzder and mor pizzed ;(
    Thinking out loud here, nothing very scientific.. just the stuff I see and have no explanation for.

  313. Celline Says:

    Just saw this: An SUV sized police car, printed on the sides, I read this: Phoenix Security Response, Armed response ! Cal liscence plates !
    I never saw anything like this be4, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

  314. solsburyhill Says:

    The ultimate proof of chemtrail spraying?

    Try to debunk this.

  315. ericswan Says:

    Heads up please. In working through the longer term data, i had to go through some of the last of the immediacy stuff due to cross links. Within the immediacy data sets there are clear indications
    of a major [damaging] earthquake on west coast of america (MOST likely
    north america due to angular momentum issues of planetary alignment) and
    more probably than not, in the PNW perhaps down to mid CA. This quake
    shows as being completed with problems, *such as yet more [wedding
    interruptions] by August 3, however the data accretion patterns point to the
    last two days of July as the point of impact and largest number of after
    shocks. Damages are indicated to include [roadways] and [bridges] such that [transportation/movement] is [restricted (in some places)] for months afterward. Water flows are also to be affected and even altered for long time (months/years) which is how i found it. By noting the odd number of longer term indicators for [water pathways change] in the data accretion patterns for November and onward in 2010. A significant majority of these traced back to something in the immediacy data that turned out to be this pending earthquake in very late July.

    Probably i am wrong though. In any case thought to let y’all know. Will try to speak to George Noory about it tonight (7/26/2010) on Coast to Coast AM. Probably just because i do this, it wont happen. Here’s hoping pies bake without interruption.
    clif high
    http://www.halfpasthuman.com (posted 7/26/2010)

  316. Dude Says:

    This is a lie: “due to angular momentum issues of planetary alignment”

    The earthquakes are being caused by Planet X. Its also the reason for the continuous oil leaks in the gulf…..the whole seafloor is fractured.

    Only the most stupid of the fools and the paid liars will try to debate on the reality of chemtrails. Those of us who know have an obligation to let the rest of the people know why. Those who offer all other explanations for the chemtrails and earthquakes except Planet X, especially the stupid shit like above, those are the paid liars, or agents. Theyre not hard to figure out because theyre stupid. Science is not on their side so they have to resort to BS.

    If yall agents (you know who you are) didnt like me before, keep my myspace nonfunctioning and Ill start a campaign more far-reaching than before.

  317. ericswan Says:

    So Tarpley figures the big three goes October 7 on the new moon. Stealth requires low light to do their dirty deed. This sounds like the nuclear war that Dude is calling for and Oct. 10 is still a new moon more or less. The environmental attacks on the homeland air, food, water, etc… seem to be ramping up. It’s curious to me how this supports the alternate news types who advertise water filters, free dried foods etc. I think we need to regroup.

  318. Celline Says:

  319. AntiLieGuy Says:

    That documentary is pure propaganda. Wholly misleading designed to keep the sheeple stupid. No mention of Planet X. No mention that theyve sprayed every day globally for over three years. Nothing about the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity.

    My myspace is still broken. It became broken after somebody from ft hood tried to set me up. They did it.

    I may start a street education campaign. I may just be lazy and have fun.

    Heres another wordpress website that censors my news: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/assembling-the-evidence-for-high-liklihood-of-coming-third-world-war/

    He will not post anything about Planet X, or my document link. Wonder why…….

  320. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Heres a relevant video: http://www.youtube.com/user/therapidesnote#p/u/3/ZKfdlC8TUOU

  321. ericswan Says:

    10/10/10 in 10 weeks. Hmm. What to expect. Howabout nuclear war? That seems to be on the agenda. We should see some “fallout” by then.

  322. ericswan Says:

    Only 10 weeks of life as we knew it. I plan on spending a couple of days at an observatory during the new moon in October. Will have internet and will let y’all know what is up!

  323. Celline Says:

    I don’t know about this 10/10/10….
    but I know this: The chemtrails have gotten so brazen and so unbelievable, that I have no words to describe it. Here in San Diego we had no summer. Above the usual and normal ocean cloudcover, there are chemtrails sprayed so thick, that the sun is unable to burn off the clouds. This is what is giving us no summer at all ( turned the heater on last night !) and very little sun. The sky looks like someone dumped a bowl of runny whitish slime all over it, as far as the eye can see.
    I watched people, and not a one as much as looked up. There is still total ignorance out there ! Or could it be fear ? And the “on purpose” avoiding to look at it? Am wondering. It is so unreal.. what our sky looks like.. it makes me cry, and I go home and shut windows and doors, I just can’t look at it anymore. They are brazen to the max, like: in your face.. idiots, what are you going to do about it?? ! That’s exactly what it looks like. I wonder what European and other tourists are thinking about gorgeous, blue and gold San Diego ! Arizonans do know, because their sky looks exactly like ours. Something’s up, there’s no doubt, and it’s something big. But What it is, I have no clue, and am not sure. that I want to know.

  324. Celline Says:

    Please someone answer me: I just went on an info site about chems ( forgot which one) and it told me:” Your IP address has been banned…”
    This never happened to me be4, can someone tell me what this means?

  325. AntiLieGuy Says:

    10-10 is showing up in movies just like 9-11 did before it happened. The movie “Operation Endgame”, 2010, has a clock that stops at 10-10 and they talk about the activation of operation endgame when obama takes office. The tv series “V” shows how we’re controlled by reptillians which can be confirmed IRL by watching the assorted youtube videos showing the same thing from our “leaders”. The “Smallville” season 9 is shaping up around a nuclear holocaust in the near future and those are the only ones Ive watched. Wonder whats in all the others?

    Heres more news for yall:

    US military chief admits to Iran attack plan


    And a little on the science of true spirituality/reality:

    Happy thinking. 10 weeks. . . .

  326. Celline Says:

    Anti, I don’t know who you are, and what’s more.. I don’t like you.
    You come in here with your ” predictions” and wish us ” happy thinking”, which reveals a sarcastic and mean spirited attitude.
    I am usually polite, but I will be downright rude right now and tell you to ” stuff it”!

  327. Celline Says:

    Founding, sorry ;o( could not help myself !

  328. babette Says:

    NIBIRU: You won’t be able to see it, its orbit takes it a little bit past pluto, rest assured it is there….
    * Recent solar activity highest in 8000 years
    * Sun’s magnetic field has decreased in size by 25%
    * 300% increase in galactic dust entering our solar system
    * Mercury’s magnetosphere experiencing significant increases
    * Venus exhibiting a 2500% increase in its “green glow”
    * Mars showing a rapid appearance of clouds and ozone
    * Mars observations reveal up to 50% erosion of its ice features within a 12-month period
    * Jupiter plasma torus increasing; its moon Io exhibiting the same changes
    * A 200% increase in the density of Io’s plasma torus
    * Jupiter’s Disappearance of White Ovals since 1997 – recent increase in storms
    * Io’s ionosphere is ~1000% higher
    * Jupiter’s moon Europa much brighter than scientists expected
    * Jupiter’s moon Gannymede is 200% brighter
    * Saturn’s plasma torus is ~1000% denser
    * Aurorae first seen in Saturn’s polar regions in recent years
    * Uranus was featureless in 1996 – exhibiting huge storms since 1999
    * Uranus in 2004 was also markedly brighter than in 1999
    * Neptune is 40% brighter in the near-infrared range based on observations from 1996 – 2002
    * Pluto observations reveal a 300% increase in atmospheric pressure


  329. babette Says:

    Dude: Also on GLP a video under this heading:

    Jupiter And Venus Intensity Indication Of System Nibiru Transit

  330. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Thanks Babette. I already know all that. Much of that is in the video I have on my myspace page…the MUFONLA Jason Martell video. For Americans, the war is infinitely more important. The date is showing up in movies just like 9-11 as I mentioned earlier. Im going to check out a few more movies too and see what I can spot. 2 months……..

  331. ericswan Says:

    If you can’t see it, why would you spray chemtrails to hide it?

    Project Camelot has an hour long Planet X program on it’s most recent radio program. I don’t know how anyone can generate anything “new” on the subject but then the attribution of all things Mother Nature to an incoming heavenly body is a stretch too far for me. Think pole shift. That will give you a couple of minutes to get your house in order.

  332. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Thats cause youre a disinfo agent. And ya cant see it because of the chemtrails that hide it every day globally for three and a half years! Yea, go shift your pole….maybe youll think a little better.

  333. AntiLieGuy Says:

    And heres why you lying agents are all over the net:


    Funny this news was published by one of the chief liars.

    Movie related stuff:

    Operation Endgame (2010)
    States Project Endgame activated when Obama took office
    Clock stops at 10:10 @ 19:25
    Unthinkable (2012)
    Focused on nuclear plot by Iran
    Ended with nuke detonating
    The Crazies (2010)
    Focused on accidental release of bioweapon
    Ended with nuke detonation
    Based on ET reptillian takeover of Earth
    Poisoned vaccines one episode plot
    Smallville season 9 (2010)
    Revolves around soon-coming holocaust
    Boondocks season 3 (2010)
    Episode 1: Huey says Obama taking office means the end of America

    Movie analysis still underway. They tell the stupid sheeple whats happening and what theyre going to do but the sheeple are stupid.

  334. ericswan Says:

    Hey Anti..you really have the knickers in a knot sweetheart. I suggest you refrain from namecalling and deal with substance. I asked you a question. I want your opinion based on your theory that X is coming in from the south pole and they are spraying chemtrails worldwide including Alaska when I was there two years in a row, how that would be a cover for something that is not visible and particularily not in that location.
    Just to clarify, I support your 10/10/10 as do many others. I have posted those links here and recently but to remind you, I said Webster Tarpley believes the attack by Israel on Iran will take place on a new moon and your supposition that Russia will join the fray with the U.S. the butt of their aggression. The new moon is Oct. 7 and the fallout could very well be 10/10/10.

    I have supported your 10/10/10 hypothesis based on my understanding of Illuminati/masonic numerology or the XXX which relates to Prince William and the 2012 Olympics. I don’t think you are wrong for your biblical beliefs but have not grasped your timetable well enough to see what you see. My bad.

    Where we do not agree is the issue of chemtrails providing a smokescreen to cover up X. Since chemtrails do not deflect infra red and telescopes do not work in the daytime, and I often see sun and moon, your credibility suffers.

    Where we do not agree is that HAARP is weather weaponized. I happen to know more about that than you and will say here, once again, that it is a facet of that installation.

    Why don’t you visit my website? http://www.cygnid.com and follow my links. Not too hard to find as it is attached to my name on each and every post I make.

    And in conclusion, what is your purpose here? We have been discussing chemtrails here for years. Is that alright with you?

    FF..I suggest this blog for yet more info on chemtrails..


  335. ericswan Says:

  336. Celline Says:

    Eric, even though I lose followers each and everytime I post something about chemtrails on Twitter, I posted your last posting, yet again.
    Who knows, here and there are some people ( not sheeple ) who want to know and even respond. They are the minority by far, it is unbelievable, that not all of the population is aware that we are being sprayed like roaches. But, I figure.. each and everyone who’s attention I get.. is worth the effort. Twitter is huge, and the word gets out faster than anywhere else I can think of.
    We have unblemished deep blue skies today…. breathtaking !
    This has not happened in eons. Am not holding my breath though.. because out of the west.. anytime, suddenly, the spook can reappear.
    I pray that it wont. By the way.. is Antilieguy.. Dude? Just sayin….

  337. Celline Says:

    right, here it comes, just now started: The ” Kids fingerpainting on blue canvas” the gorgeous deep blue sky.. messed up again, who’s paying ?

  338. ericswan Says:

    I think she is Celline.

  339. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Eric: I do not believe that HAARP can cause earthquakes. I believe that is a lie. Convince me otherwise if ya can. Some of the spraying, especially early on, were tests. A few other chemtrails have obviously had alternate purposes but the majority of them hide Planet X and HAARP helps to spread those trails. Your website links to Alex Jones and Sorcha Faal. Alex, I know is a disinformation agent. Sorcha, maybe an agent, definitely has given false information before. My purpose here? I have none. Is it ok to discuss chemtrails for years? No. This threat required action, not years of mindless debate, which is what the disinformation agents strive to create, successfully I might add. 65 days left. . . .

  340. clark Says:

    Since eric posted that weather radar video loop of the splashing light blue circles the chemtrails activity has changed in this area. I don’t see them as often, and when I do there aren’t as many as before.

    I haven’t been able to see the sunrise, but I’d bet money those fan tails of jets streaming from the east are not a regular occurance anymore..

    Lots of clear sky days and starry nites, but when there’s a full blown white out sky, it does not seem as thick as before, it seems to be at a higher altitude and it lets in more sunlight.

    Many times over the last few weeks after trying for many hours in the Sun to get sunburnt, I simply haven’t been able to get one. Freaky stuff.

  341. Celline Says:

    Dude, you need a shrink, in the worst way !

  342. AntiLieGuy Says:

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Who said that? I would rather be a revolutionary for the cause of freedom and truth than a paid liar or ignorant fool.

    “Shrinks” do nothing except prescribe crazy fluoride compound drugs that make people kill people and themselves. Did ya know that every school shooting in this country all involved the use of those crazy drugs by the perpetrators? Did ya know that was by design as well? Your education is really shining through Celline, or rather your job description is shining through.

    There are no clear days, not for over three years. The Southern horizon has been, and still is, whited-out to hide the approaching Planet X, which is causing the massive increase in seismic and volcanic activity.

  343. Celline Says:

    hey ” Antilieguy” did u just admit that you are ” Dude”?
    Seems to me that you did ;o)

  344. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..a handy compendium of the different types of chemtrails with pics..

    Click to access Contrails_14.pdf

  345. AntiLieGuy Dude Says:

    My, how the chemtrails cause that alzheimers……

  346. clark Says:

    Nice collection of chemtrail pictures on that .PDF, eric. Some of those I’ve never seen before, most I have. They have a better naming system than my attempt above, saw tooth is so much better than, comb with teeth on one side.

    A few weeks ago we had an event in the sky that seemed very unusual to me and a few others, perhaps you noticed too? After about 5p.m. or so, as I recall, until the sun went down, the light from the sun,… it was as if I was wearing sunglasses with yellow lenses, do you know the kind? They make everything look kind of yellow to slightly orange. But when everything outside looks that way without sunglasses,… well, it was surreal.
    It was also similar to the lighting effect of the early pictures the land rover supposedly sent back from Mars, although I think NASA claimed That was a photographic effect and not natural lighting.

    This photo is sort of similar to what I mean:

  347. Celline Says:

    Clark, exactly ! This yellow effect appears here at least once a week, and not only at sunset.. but in the middle of the day.. in full daylight !

  348. clark Says:

    Once a week, Celline? You left that out of your descriptions of your sky all this time, why? When did you first notice? Are you getting rolling thunder too? There’s been quite a bit of that here lately.

    Before it clouded up today I noticed there was a lot of dripping saw tooth chemtrails, I wonder if that is why I feel like I’ve been beaten up.

  349. clark Says:

    Oh, and the yellow skies, the fact it occured in the middle of the day is the shocking part,… because a person knows it’s not a sunset effect kind of thing.

  350. Celline Says:

    Clark, I am sorry that I neglected to mention the yellow effect. It happens when the chemclouds cover the sun.. like a yellow shadow covers the land, I think I am the only one who notices.. people are still entirely unaware. Sine when did this happen? I would say, since about a year ago, that I noticed. Mostly now, we get those lacey looking small ones.. that roll in from over the Pacific. The yellow/brownish sunsets, I have heard described as ” So Beautiful….” I have not noticed the ” rolling thunder” you are speaking of, but those dripping ” clouds” those I see almost daily. My car is constantly covered with big yellowish drops.
    I have been feeling so beaten down by it all, that I have begun to ” hang my head” to not have to look up and see it. Also, am trying to train my thoughts away from it all.. if I want to stay ” head-healthy”. It is affecting my mental wellbeing, as I am sure all of us are affected in the same way.
    We can’t change it, we can’t even get the controlled media to talk about it.
    Seems to me the whole thing is designed to drive u nuts.. if you are one of those who notices. The sheeple are blessed, obviously.
    I notice something strange on Twitter ! Whenever I post a link about the chems.. or even only talk about them, I immideately lose about 5 ” followers” that speaks volumes, doesen’t it?
    Will try and be more accurate with my ” reporting” from now on.

  351. ericswan Says:


  352. clark Says:

    I’ve given up on informing others. The “reporting” you’ve done is enough, imho. Did you read the Gary North article above? I might, might ask people/mention if they’ve seen anything unusual in the sky and go from there and let them lead the conversation, but straight up telling people gets you nowhere too often. The challenge, if it is one, is to somehow introduce chemtrails indirectly to people, but with the way things are shaping up, what’s the point?

    I’m still kind of thinking this is an, “eyes and they cannot see” kind of event, only it’s not limited to just “christians” but includes all good people, which are probably very few in number. So, i don’t think blessed is the word to describe the sheeple. But who knows?

    One thing we know, the yellow is not from the Sun, but from something in between, very localized I’d say.

    Two things I’ve come across that stick around in my mind, the military wanting to use gas propelled nano vaccines to penetrate the cell walls of large groups of people quickly, and the term, Human Terrain Mapping System.

    Just another day in Bizarro World.

    Next thing you’ll know we’ll have transparent skin like the man-made pet fish and they’ll call that a good thing.

    It would be hard to be of good cher then, eh? So, consider that, and today is not so bad.

  353. Celline Says:

    I get you Clark, totally.
    Today here clear blue skies, and very hot. So, I go out to do some errands. As I go and look up, to my horror I see this: Clear gorgeous blue, and right in the center of the sky.. yet not West as usual.. there is a wide line, that is “curly.
    Then is became a double line.. and it looked like a bad perm on real whitish/blond hair.
    From East.. to South.. this thing is.. very long and double. It sticks out like a sore thumb, amidst the gorgeous blue skies, and I never saw anything like this one. I will keep watching this thing, who knows it just might triple. Right Clark..” what’s the point”? There is none, other than that we on this blog, are sharing our observations. I gave up, trying to “convert” anyone.. it’s utterly a waste of energy !

  354. Celline Says:

  355. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..I heard those Gates quotes on Mike Savage and have been looking for them ever since. A big thank you for being on top of it all.\

    A suggestion I recently picked up on the Dude type survival preparations. Get a roll of barbed wire.

  356. Celline Says:

    Am so happy this was helpful to you, Eric. Now one thing I need from you please: I don’t get the ” barb-wire” thing, would you explain please ?

  357. ericswan Says:

    Hmmm..Looks like a Friday the 13th day of revelation. Head’s up here folks. This is the definitive Chemtrail radio interview that reveals more than any other I’ve listened to.

    [audio src="http://data.argusoog.org/radio/2010/ArgusoogRadio-20100813-TheWatermanFiles.mp3" /]

  358. darran Says:

    hi everyone,

    just popped in to see how everyone was doing and immediately stumbled upon “65 days left….” – not again…??

    i have to hand it to you, you really are tenacious….

  359. Celline Says:

    it wasen’t only friday the 13th, it also was a ” yellow hue ” day here.
    The sun shone brownish/yellow half of the day. I’ll let you guess why.
    Chemtrails at the coast heavy, while east of here it’s clear. No clue why, ok now will listen to that radio interview.

  360. Celline Says:

    Eric, this Griff guy that talked on Argusoog radio,

  361. clark Says:

    Darran, are you seeing your surroundings over that-a-ways on certain days as if through yellow sunglasses? I’ve only had one day like that here.

    Celline, I’ll answer for eric.
    The slightly famous (German?) investment advisor Marc Faber (among others) has jumped on the “survivalist” bandwagon and like many people thinks we are headed towards a very bad economic crash, or worse. He reluctantly recommends people to get armed, and buy a self sustaining property in the country and surround it with barbed wire for protection against the starving roving bands of the unemployed and godless, and from goberment representatives who wish to stop people from being free and doing things like growing their own food.


    Even if you’re in a small town or someplace it might be wise to have a roll of barbed wire stashed away to help you (or your neighbors) keep what is yours. Stuff like that, similar to not walking down a bad part of the city at midnight with 100 Dollar bills hanging out of your pockets expecting divine protection.
    I don’t think that’s a faithless statement, more along the lines of the sword Peter had by his side as he walked with our master long ago.

    This other link is a very good read spoken of very highly by a great many educated people, FF especially might want to read it if he hasn’t already, as should everyone I think:

    America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution


  362. Celline Says:

    Clark, thank you. I listened to :Argusoog Radio 20100813, the one Eric suggested to listen to. Well, I did and the info in there.. including the chems.. is the Best I ever found. This ” Griff” guy, seems to know more than anyone. Among other things he said, the Gulf has 20 000 ” capped” oilwells.. and they are bound to spill out, well.. anywhere. On land or under water. He mentions Scalar technology.. which attempts to explain much about the chems.Then he named Tom Bearden.. and to find what he has to say. The latter is dangerous, this guy knows too too much.
    But, people would not believe it anyways..Also he said: Go ahead and speak the unspeakable: As far back as we can trace history, there were certain elements/people.. who determined how things are suppose to go.
    We think, that we vote, while in reality, it’s already been determined , who gets what post. Nothing is open, nothing is “free” and that’s that way it always was, and is. It’s money and world powers who determine all and everything. All we can do is stall them for a time.. and cross their plans here and there, til ” they find a different way.. to reach their goal.
    ” Order out of Chaos” one of “their” fave tools. I will no longer try and hide that I think, this is BS, because I do believe it to be 100% true.
    For instance, to look into “The Bohemian Grove” will pretty much convince anyone, that the little guy has no real say in anything. I heard that Gingrich will be running for Prez.. well.. he’s a ” Grover”.. so more of the same would be coming our way. The fact they might build a mosque at ground zero, makes me real cynical. Since I don’t believe the ” Terrorrists”, did it.. yet, you know who, I mean, in that case, who cares where they put their mosques. But since most people believe the official version of 9/`11.. wow, what an insult to them In your face, you idiots !All and everything is lies, I believe flat nothing the ” FREE” media tells me, nothing. Conspiracy is the word, and from now on, I will no longer “hide” the word in my brain, but Speak and say it, because it’s true. Funny that the Masonic” Order out of Chaos” is put into practice each and everytime, there’s a way. And if nothing happens by happenstance, something will happen by ” creating it”.. lets just say the word ‘ Iraq”, and then.. oh please, what the heck are we doing in Afghanistan? Look for poppies or something? With scalar technology, we would not need any boots on the ground anywhere.. so why are they killing our young people???
    Well, I spoke what was on my mind, agree or not, here it is, this is what I believe.. after many many years of research, watching, paying attention coming to conclusions.. most of all: listening to some very very smart people !By the way.. chems just covered the sky here and a yellow/brown hue covers the outdoors, like a partially covered sun would.. weird strange light.

  363. clark Says:

    Chromium hexa six and chemtrails.

    Power plants in California (and worldwide?) used and probably still use chromium hexa six in the generation of electricity. There may be other uses and other similar elements used elsewhere. They store this deadly poison in specially lined ponds. They were forced to do this as a result of a lawsuit. Prior to this lawsuit they used unlined ponds which leaked and contaminated water supplies and they also allowed their unprotected workers to be exposed to dangerous levels of chromium hexa six even though they knew about the danger.

    The power plant executives went to great lengths to hide their connection to the suffering and deaths their actions caused. A “smoking gun” was found by those investigating things which was key to proving the power plants guilt, without which things might have never changed. An ex-employee stepped forward with company documents proving the company knew about the danger but did nothing to prevent it.

    After this lawsuit and over the years this poison was collected and stored and probably became quite an expensive liability to continue to store. An enterprising corporatist might look at this liability and try to turn things around by finding a use for the large and growing pools of chrominum hexa six and perhaps even sell it to make a profit.

    Chromium hexa six is used by the power plants to cool water.

    It often seems that whenever a storm front comes through my area it’s as if someone flipped on a large outdoor air-conditioner. The air and the rain are cool in contrast to the higher temperatures that existed before, more-so than seems natural. Additionally, throughout the nation ice storms seem to be a bit too frequent, seemingly unseasonable and excessive. Hail and large snowfalls in regions that don’t normally experience such events seem to have experienced an increase as well.

    Did an enterprising corporatist at a power plant or other regulatory organization initiate, fund and create fraudulent studies to show chromium hexa six was safe to use or worth the risk (acceptable collateral damage they might call it) to be used to cool the water in the atmosphere to control the weather and lower global temperatures to fight the also fraudulent global warming hoax?

    The people who think they are being affected by chemtrails describe symptoms similar to or exactly like what people in California experienced after being exposed to or using their contaminated water supply.

    The California lawsuit against the poisoning of the water supply was described in a film about Erin Brockovitch, a film that has far too many similarities with chemtrails.

    I can now see why people who point out chemtrails are dismissed by the mainstream media and in online discussions. It’s more than just cognitive dissonance, it’s the ruling class using their might to continue what provides their power-base all the while many of them believe and accept the fraudulent studies showing what they are doing is safe for people and all other life as happened in the California example when the people affected were told their water was contaminated with the safe simple element chromium – without the six attached to the end.

    Or even worse, people who might be just like Bill Gates fund and direct these activities because they know what it does, and not only reap huge profits from treating those who are suffering but desire the affects to further advance their ideas of population reduction.

    No one called Erin Brockovitch crazy for advancing and bringing forth her findings and conclusions back then. Since that time, the ruling class have learned from their errors and today an Erin Brockovitch would get nowhere. Combined with the power the ruling class has over the media and government, a “smoking gun” if produced wouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day and if it did, it seems like no one would believe it.

    I think that is part of the story of chemtrails, and it helps to answer the question, what the hell are they spraying on us?

  364. Celline Says:

    Clark, thank you for this. I do not understand though.. how this is showing in chemtrails, I just did not understand.. what one thing has to do w. the other.. could u please explain this to me?

  365. clark Says:

    similar symptoms.

    cooling of the water.

    Shared by both.

  366. ericswan Says:

    There are pics of these strange nano size crystals found in rain from chemtrails at this site and two clicks down.


    Same guy that did the radio interview posted above.

  367. ericswan Says:

    Here is a link to one of my blogs that hasn’t been updated for 5 years. Hey Dude.. Where are your papers?


  368. Celline Says:

    what a sight toward the East. The usual thunder /Light weather that happens in August, stays well beyond.. to the East of Ramona ( close to the desert ). Now though, those clouds are almost overhead here at the beaches. And: They are FAKE. They look like an atombomb exploded.
    Huge and ominous looking stuff.. all fake. At the western end planes are working on making that mess even bigger.. line by line.
    From the West, the usual ocean moisture is moving in.. the front laced with chems. Those 2 masses of fake stuff.. will meet ( it looks like ) in the next few hours. It is unreal what’s going on here. And to top it all of.. and errie yellow/brownish light hovers over everything.
    This no longer is Southern California.. this is an incredible and scary and artificially created MESS, on top of all this, it’s colder than usual.. a lot colder.

  369. Celline Says:

    and oh.. of course, noone notices a thing, only me, I guess ~!

  370. Celline Says:

    I want to tell you what happened when the “clouds” out of the East and the West started to come close together.
    They mysteriously dispersed, or became invisible and all of it simply mixed w. the blue skie.
    Weird, I actually watched it. Those huge ” thunderheads” which were chems…disolved and just left a hazy looking sky.

  371. clark Says:

    Sounds like Corexit, Celline.

    I’m on day two of no jets, no clouds = hazy blue sky.

    No jets on a Monday. There’s that broken record again.

    Three days prior there was a river of varves (about shoulder width wide) that went through.

  372. clark Says:

    Today – full white out with rain. And this is the third time (after just such a pattern of no jets then rain) that a person I don’t see for two weeks at a time comes down with the same stomach problems as I do – at what seems to be the exact same time.

    Three times is no coincidence.

  373. Celline Says:

    Clark, ” Corexit” ? How could this be, did not know they are spraying this dispersent just any-old where?
    I thought this was exclusively happening at the Gulf?
    Today, crisp crystal blue skies, very hot.. and over there ( South East ) there are 3 squiggly lines that are getting fatter by the minute.
    I am throwing out so many videos of it all.. on Twitter, and at first, everytime I did, I would immideately lose about 10 followers.
    Lately though, I can do it, and lose noone. Don’t know what that means, but I hope it is because word is getting out, and people no longer think it’s just crazy. Also I noticed, that many sites I try to go on, either are no longer there.. or it tells me, that my I P address is not permiited entrance, well.. something like this. Has this happened to you too?
    I will update you on the 3 ” getting fatter by the minute” squiggly lines..

  374. Celline Says:

    The squiggly lines vanished and instead.. the sky is covered w. something that looks like tiremarks. And in addition, the same thing as yesterday is happening !Fake thunderheads appearing East and North, with lines sticking out of them, and a plane working on it all.
    Now this will come our way again just like yesterday.. and by the time it’s overhead, it will dissapate. If all this is boring and I should not describe all this, please let me know.

  375. ericswan Says:

    IP is your electronic signature. They are blacklisting you. Not to worry. The comments they wouldn’t post are still in your file.

  376. clark Says:

    I don’t know if it’s Corexit or not, Celline, but the way you described how the clouds disappeared sounds a bit like it, or perhaps something similar? Who knows.

  377. Celline Says:

    ,.. and now the ” Thunderheads” the “tiremarks” and all the rest of the stripes and lanes merged together.. and left an overall whitish haze !
    Wow, what a scary looking sky.
    I don’t know either, Clark, but I know they are spraying the Sh………….. out of us.

  378. Celline Says:

    Oh, you got to see this, I have no clip of it.. but already 2 friends e mailed me a page out of ” National Geographic”. There is is, big fat and wide chemtrails w. an article ( to children at that ) explaining away.. that these ” clouds are ice crystalls ! So… the editor of this mag, should sooooo be confronted, lying like this to our children, let alone all the adults who are reading it. It is the latest issue, that has this big and fat lie in it. I will see if I can’t find something that I could blog here, at this point, I just have friend’s e mails. Could you follow this on your own please.. look inside this mag?
    Our skies today. from and to all 4 corners, ” lumpy oatmeal” so gross and obviouislynot clouds… how can anyone not notice?
    We’ll see how this changes and ends today.

  379. Celline Says:

    New today ( as far as what I have seen ).
    Loooooooooooooooooong very faint, light white lines in the sky from horizon to horizon. So faint and pale, that you would miss it, if you weren’t actually aware of it and looking for it.
    Never saw it like this before. There are 3, one on top of the other…. barely visible, but uninterrupted clean wide lines.

  380. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Good article Clark:

    This other link is a very good read spoken of very highly by a great many educated people, FF especially might want to read it if he hasn’t already, as should everyone I think:

    America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution


    I had not seen that before. Thanks!


  381. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Celline, I totally understand where you are coming from with this comment:

    Celline Says:
    August 14, 2010 at 3:46 pm edit

    Clark, thank you. I listened to :Argusoog Radio 20100813, the one Eric suggested to listen to. Well, I did and the info in there.. including the chems.. is the Best I ever found. This ” Griff” guy, seems to know more than anyone. Among other things he said, the Gulf has 20 000 ” capped” oilwells.. and they are bound to spill out, well.. anywhere. On land or under water. He mentions Scalar technology.. which attempts to explain much about the chems.Then he named Tom Bearden.. and to find what he has to say. The latter is dangerous, this guy knows too too much.
    But, people would not believe it anyways..Also he said: Go ahead and speak the unspeakable: As far back as we can trace history, there were certain elements/people.. who determined how things are suppose to go.
    We think, that we vote, while in reality, it’s already been determined , who gets what post. Nothing is open, nothing is “free” and that’s that way it always was, and is. It’s money and world powers who determine all and everything. All we can do is stall them for a time.. and cross their plans here and there, til ” they find a different way.. to reach their goal.
    ” Order out of Chaos” one of “their” fave tools. I will no longer try and hide that I think, this is BS, because I do believe it to be 100% true.
    For instance, to look into “The Bohemian Grove” will pretty much convince anyone, that the little guy has no real say in anything.

    I think it has been felt by all of us. I just tell the people the truth now. I don’t care if they think I am a “kook” or not. I also don’t waste my time with people whose ego’s are too fragile to handle the truth.

    Everything we are told by the “main-stream-media” and “govt. officials” is a LIE. We truly live in a matrix.

    Celline, if you have never seen the movie the “matrix” I suggest you rent it. It is a symbolic representation of the level of deceit heaped upon humanity.

    If you want the “Cliff Notes” version of it, check out the clip that is in an earlier article I published:




  382. Celline Says:

    Founding, thank you for commenting and acknowledging our efforts to bring hidden things to light. It’s not easy, and yes, often I am the butt of jokes w. my ” conspiracy therories”. You know, I no longer care either, because if you don’t see the truth, then it won’t matter what you are told, you just are too fragile to be confronted w. facts. Too bad, cause I know what I know, and I will say so. Besides, everything I see and observe totally jives with bible prophesies, which are my ultimate guidelines.
    Somethings I need no longer to physically ” see”.. I sense them, and that one is hard to explain. Those who are ignorant of it all, are happier people, I’m sure, because they see ” Blue” even when there’s hardly any of it left. So be it, I’m not one of them, so I lose out on this blissful ignorance, where anything that’s difficult and requires thought and strength, is labled ” Negativity!” So be it. Life has a way of knocking you for a loop, and I dare say, it’s not all just human evil, I dare say, there real EVIL involved, EVIL in cahoots with greedy humans.
    Now off to reading your links..

  383. Celline Says:

    FF.. ” Americans Ruling Class and Perils of Revolution”, is there a more ” condensed” version somewhere? I am not able to understand it, it’s that ” legal English” I have trouble with, and I am lost w.in the 1. ten lines.

  384. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Well, that article is a long way of saying something like this:


    Thanks for being a reliable “info-warrior” – wake-up those you can, ignore those you can’t, and keep moving forward!



  385. clark Says:

    Hey Celline, I’m guessing you speak and read German better than English, have you ever thought of putting a document into an online translator so you can read English articles in German? Just a thought.

    That article, Americans Ruling Class and Perils of Revolution is supposed to be as close to the modern day equivelent of Alexis de Tocqueville observations of America in the 1800’s as you can get,… so far anyway. Maybe someone will do better someday.

    – I haven’t seen any chemtrails (or jets) for a number of days, until today. I saw one lone chemtrail mixed with some normal looking clouds,… then several hours later they were just everywhere – as numerous as ever – mostly saw tooth type without dripping.
    I feel them too, it’s like what I imagine it feels to be slightly mircowaved. Discomfort, but not quite pain. Accompanied by a sensation like stiff joints. But you’re right, it is hard to explain. It seems to steal a person’s motivation too, at least for me it does.

  386. clark Says:

    Not to imply your article wasn’t kick ass or anything FF. Very well done.

  387. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Thanks Clark, we can never have too many good informative essays that speak the truth. The more the better.

    Hopefully more people will start to read them and wake up…….



  388. Celline Says:

    Thanx guys ! About waking ” them” up, I have made more enemies.. lost more friends.. alienated more people w. this subject, in this relatively short time.. than in the rest of my whole life.
    So.. what the heck is this.. what does this mean?
    Ja, Clark, my English is ok, as long as it’s” conversational” english, but when it get’s into the ” higher” grades.. I am totally lost.
    As to having english translated into german.. via any computerprogram, it doesen’t work. It all comes out w. diff meanings, it just can’t be done.
    But. w. a bit of help from you guys, I get thru it, so thank you again !
    ( My english is still better than that of most illigal aliens, ya know?!)

  389. Celline Says:

    did u hear that Gingrich might run for Prez next time?
    Just a reminder here: He is a ” Grover….” need I say more .

  390. ericswan Says:

    Celline…there are no good ones.

  391. Celline Says:

    right, unless of course I could suggest someone, one of my choices would be Founding ,
    but he hasen’t been pre-chosen by the Elite/moneybags, so we will have to deal again w. someone that’s even worse than what we have now. No winning here..

  392. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well thank-you Celline, but I am pretty confident my candidacy would never be supported by the Elite….since my first order of business would be to round-up the lot of them for a “Nuremberg” style trial!

  393. ericswan Says:

    This news is a bit late by half a century. It’s still important as the rip tide has entered the vortex and the ship of state is at risk.

    The research on Eisenhauer says he was not American but the illegitimate offspring of the Hapsburg dynasty. The research on Bush says he was a Nazi youth infiltrator. These guys seem to have the same modus operandi as Obama. I know there is that grain of truth in this work and have full confidence in Don Nickoloff’s research.

  394. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Very interesting link Eric,

    I looked through several of his articles. I am currently digesting this one:


    We *know* the Bush family is criminal, but this points at a whole new level. It does illustrate that the Nazi’s were NOT destroyed at the end of WWII – they just moved to America!

    I suggest for those interested in more details to also Google “NASA Nazi’s” and “Operation Paperclip”



  395. clark Says:

    “…this points at a whole new level.”

    Like children being taken advantage of by adults for a really long time, the actual story is not what it appears to be.

    – Today was a clear blue, cloud free, chemtail free, jet free day – all day.
    Sometime tomorrow I expect varves. That’s how it worked out last week, ending with a white out which was made all the worse because it’s the prime of Summer.

    Did you pay your blog tax yet, comrade?


  396. clark Says:

    Oh, and this is something you might be interested in, in case you missed it:

    August 22, 2010
    The Power Elite Analysis “Mother Lode”


  397. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Clark,

    An interesting article, but I completely disagree with Gary North’s premise that the current economic depression was NOT engineered but merely the result of greed & hubris & stupidity from the bankers.

    At the end of the article he reiterates “Why would they do this?” It should be obvious to a blind man. The “Elite” are not immune to infighting, they are very much like mafia crime families that might be unified in their goals (for example, setting up a drug cartel) but have no hesitation to “whack” a rival if it enhances their wealth and power!

    When Lehman Brothers was thrown under the bus, who came in and took it over? The Illuminati owned & controlled Barclay’s bank. Lehman’s assets didn’t vaporize, they were absorbed.

    I agree with some of the essays Gary North has written in the past, but in my opinion, he is WAY off the the mark with this one. He is either deliberately pushing misinformation, or he is an idiot that has never bothered to read reams of the globalists own documents about engineering financial and political “emergencies” to gain more power, wealth & control.

    I don’t think he is an idiot. So I seriously question his motives.

    There is one other possibility that might be at play, so perhaps I will cut Mr. North some slack. It is a phenomena I have witnessed first hand. I will call it “Pseudo-Elitist Syndrome.” Basically this is when someone believes themselves to be part of the intellectual or financial or political “Elite” when they are really not. For example, I used to work on a trading desk with options traders who made millions of dollars a year in salary & bonuses. These people really thought they were “it” – typically, I found that once you got them away from their area of trading expertise, they were dumb as a bag of rocks.

    Their summer-time vacations to the Hamptons and their big paychecks made them feel intellectually superior to the “common-folk.” They exuded a smugness that was palpable. They absolutely did not believe in “conspiracy theories” for one simple reason; since they were (in their mind) part of the “Elite” how could it be possible that there were plans to steer world events they were not privy too?

    In short, *THEIR* hubris prevented them from being able to recognize they were just cogs in the machine (albeit, well-paid ones). They had no clue, and I seriously doubt most of them ever will.

    I don’t know if that is what is going on in the mind of Mr. North, but denial is not a river in Egypt! :>0



  398. Celline Says:

    I was up all night, after finding something on Sarah Palin, that I had not suspected, even though I never trusted her one bit. Please do your own research, I don’t even dare blog this article..
    MKultra mind/sex slaves ring a bell? Am not done researching this… but like so many ” famous” people, mostly pop-stars, are nothing but artificially pumped up people, who in turn sold themselves.
    There’s so much corruption, that anything, anything at all can happen.. I am really upset about my latest find..

  399. Celline Says:

    what’s interesting to me, is that your latest blogs, Founding, Eric and Clark, go hand in hand w. my latest discovery.
    “Save the males” etc etc, scalar technology, Tom Beard, it’s confusing, but it all comes together, and leads to the top, where it all originates.
    It’s deeply occultic, and Sarah P my latest piece in this puzzle..
    now off to reading all you guys posted.

  400. Celline Says:

    Some more confusing ( to me anyways ) stuff: Was George Washington really the German ” Adam Weisshaupt” a Mason, out of Bavaria?
    Everyone in those times had an accent, info was sparse, they’d easily have gotten away w. this. Our country was founded by Masonic people, look at the $$ bills. ” Order out of Chaos” we see put into action almost daily. But, there’s too much racing thru my head right now, I need to get order on my own thoughts, cause my head feels like chaos.Thing is, that none of this would have come to light w.out the net, and just lately I notice, that much info has been taken off, it will say ” error” etc.. also, my IP address is not allowed on many sites. Is this happening to you too?

  401. Celline Says:


  402. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well Celline, since you seem to have started down the rabbit-hole of MK-Ultra research here is a blog author and researcher that has done some extraordinary analysis:


    I would also suggest you spend some time at:


    and just for fun, Google “Joylynn West & Timothy McVeigh” – or “MKUltra Joylynn West” Does anyone else besides me think it odd that the CIA doctor in charge of mind control was the attending physician for “Domestic Terrorist” Timothy McVeigh? But I digress……

    Celline, you have made an astute observation….ALL of this information is related! The uninformed ask me how I can blog about economics, esoteric occult symbolism, “conspiracies” like 9/11 and health issues like vaccines, GMO food and fluoride in the water all in the same blog!

    If they could only see what I see…..If they could only stop the denial and open their eyes to the matrix of evil; the lies and deceptions that have been woven throughout what we as a society believe to be true. Then we could start to make real progress putting these evil people in their place.

    I do feel a lot of people are “waking-up” – I just hope we reach critical mass before the globalists pull all the stops.



  403. Celline Says:

    Founding, did I go too far? Should have stuck w. the chems? But u know, it’s hard because I can’t keep it apart because it’s all one huge slimeball, totally connected. But.. please tell me, if u don’t want certain subjects mentioned, after all.. it is your blog, ok?

  404. Celline Says:

    The 2 things u wanted me to look at, Founding, are just part of what I already reaseached, and names like: Heidi Klum, Brittney, Christina, Madonna, Babra Streisand, Monika Lewinski,Beyonce ( her husband is her handler ) RiHanna, the list is endless. What I don’t understand about Miley.. where the heck where her parents.. so they are part of this also?!
    I wanted to stay away from these subjects.. because it’s just all too much for a blog, but finally I got to a point, where separating it from the chems became hard to do Sarah Palin put me over the top, and that’s when I busted out of our subject and went further.
    Let me know if u want me to try and keep it separated.
    Since 2 days.. our skies are as clear blue as can be, except ” they” are trying to fool people with the ” normal thunderheads” over the desert.
    What I see aren’t thunderheads.. looking East, there are mountains of chem/thunderheads.. all of them well imitated fakes.

  405. Celline Says:


  406. Celline Says:

    what is the contraversy over the Mosque at Ground Zero, s’pose to distract us from? just sayin……

  407. clark Says:

    Sorry to get you a little bent out of shape there, FF. I wouldn’t go so far as to limit the reasons why G. North wrote what he wrote to just that. Nothing is for certain it seems, but I wouldn’t say he’s an idiot. I doubt he’s got an ulterior motive after having read his stuff for so long. But anything’s possible I suppose. He’s got a different perspective, I didn’t intend to mean it conflicted with your latest post, it was the, “series of reports published in The Freeman Digest” I thought you would find interesting simply from the description.

    – Today, after a chemtrail and jet free day (once some clouds rolled through) there were varves which looked like a quarter of a sheet of narrow ruled notebook paper on the Western horizon accompanied by jets wit The varves were a bit different than the last time, but it seems like there is a slight pattern. A day with clouds and or chemtrails followed by a day of blue sky, followed by a day with clouds, ending with clearing skies containing some type of varves. This is quite a bit different than has been the case, I haven’t seen all that many chemtrails, not like before.

  408. clark Says:

    Sorry to get you a little bent out of shape there, FF. I wouldn’t go so far as to limit the reasons why G. North wrote what he wrote to just those. Nothing is for certain it seems, but I wouldn’t say he’s an idiot. I doubt he’s got an ulterior motive after having read his stuff for so long. But anything’s possible I suppose. He’s got a different perspective I didn’t intend to mean it conflicted with your latest post, it was the, “series of reports published in The Freeman Digest” I thought you would find interesting simply from the description. I haven’t really thought about it much, but it seems like it could be a case of things just going poof on them. The Masters of the Universe (who aren’t perfect) with over confidence in a flawed system? I don’t know. I’ve seen it before on a smaller scale with regular people and things like machines, so, it’s possible.

    – Today, after a chemtrail and jet free day (once some clouds rolled through) there were varves which looked like a quarter of a sheet of narrow ruled notebook paper on the Western horizon accompanied by jets with very short contrails. The varves could just be from a cold front pushing through, but again, I don;t know.
    The varves were a bit different than the last time, but it seems like there is a slight pattern. A day with clouds and or chemtrails followed by a day of blue sky, followed by a day with clouds ending with clearing skies containing some type of varves.
    I think this is different than has been the case (I wasn’t looking for varves before) I haven’t seen all that many chemtrails (except on that one day) not like before.

  409. clark Says:

    Oops, I don’t know how that double posted.

  410. clark Says:

    Why do i get the feeling they’ve been using this in the U.S. just as secretly as it was developed? I can’t get myself to watch the video:

    ‘Pain Beam’ to Be Installed in LA Jail

    Sharon Weinberger Contributor
    AOL News
    (Aug. 23) — An invisible heat-beam weapon developed in secrecy by the military is set for use in a U.S. jail.

    Law enforcement officials recently revealed plans to use the nonlethal device at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Pitchess Detention Center, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. The weapon, which shoots an invisible beam of energy, would be used in the prisoners’ dormitory to stop an assault or break up a fight.

    Called the Assault Intervention Device, it uses millimeter waves to heat the top layer of skin, causing an intense burning sensation that forces the person being targeted to move away immediately.

    “I equate it to opening an oven door and feeling that blast of hot air, except instead of being all over me, it’s more focused,” said Bob Osborne, commander of the Sheriff’s Department’s Technology Exploration Program, according to the Daily News.

    (Tell me about it)

    The weapon being installed in the jail is a smaller version of a technology originally developed by the military for use on the battlefield. The military’s weapon, called the Active Denial System, can be put on a Humvee or truck, and researchers are also working on a aircraft-mounted version.

    Raytheon, which makes the Assault Intervention Device, markets several versions of the weapon on its website.

    The smaller version of the weapon being installed in the jail creates pain on a single part of the body, rather than all-over heat like the military version. A local news video showing the device being tested features a laughing test subject clutching a single part of the body where he has been hit, and then moving out of the way.

    The device’s use at the Pitchess Detention Center is part of a six-month evaluation being conducted by the National Institute of Justice to look at possible widespread use of the technology in jails. If that happens, then it will place law enforcement agencies well ahead of the military.

    Despite spending years and tens of millions of dollars to develop the nonlethal technology, the military has not yet deployed the Active Denial System, in large part because of concerns of a public relations backlash against using a “microwave weapon.” Ironically, a former Air Force secretary even suggested that the weapon should first be used in the United States before being deployed abroad.

    The Pentagon this year did send a truck-mounted version of the weapon to Afghanistan for testing, but it was sent home without ever being used.


  411. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Clark,

    No problem at all. I am interested in the “Freemen Digest” reports, and I don’t mind people with a different view-point, like Mr. North. I just think he is wrong. Our economy is tremendously manipulated. But I will agree the manipulation is greased along by huge doses of greed, corruption and stupidity from their willing minions.

    Celline, this “Chemtrail” section has housed many, many topics outside of chemtrails, almost from the beginning. I don’t mind at all. We are all trying to figure out as best we can what is really going on in the world. Chemtrails are but one part of the puzzle, but given their nature (i.e. sprayed almost daily, sprayed all over the country, almost impossible to avoid, fallout affects plants, animals, water, etc.) they are an important part of the puzzle and I sure wish we could get the public awake enough to demand they be STOPPED!

    But no, the general public is manipulated to get frothing over planned distractions like the “Ground-Zero Mosque” – instead of REAL issues like chemtrails or poisons in the vaccines (can you believe they are starting up the “Get your H1N1 flu shot” propaganda again!?) and so the percentage of the population that is aware of real issues is but a tiny minority.

    As long as this blog helps to facilitate the exchange of true and useful information about issues that *really* matter, I am happy.



  412. ericswan Says:

    Celline; right as rain. Stuff has been disappearing from the net right from the beginning. The sad part is that the authors are gone and no one seems to notice.

    FF. Nickoloff emailed into http://www.atrueott.com last night to say that Hitler spent the last half of the 20th century in Montana, Florida and California. He continued his work in mind control, reversing the aging process, cloning and more with Mengele at the controls and producing a string of serial murderers. Dr. Ott says Hitler is a Rothchild Ashken”nazi” Jew but I didn’t hear that from Nickoloff who can usually back up what he says with real data. If you finished reading the report by Don, you might check out his source for this information which came from http://www.thebushconnection.com which may still have a couple of radio interviews by the owner of that site.
    The Eisenhauer infiltrator data is similar to the research he did on John McCain.

  413. ericswan Says:

    One more link for the adventurous.. this is Adachi and Nicoloff and the call in from an alien…go figure…

    [audio src="http://www.wordsforgood.org/mirrors/educate-yourself.org/cn/July%2028%202009%20w%20Gen%20Jeremiah%20Evident_Footprints_2009-07-28.mp3" /]

  414. Celline Says:

    seems to me we are in agreement on the things we are posting and will post. Just wanted to make sure.
    The latest I found on Sarah Palin, who is a plant ( noone comes out of nowhere ) Not only a plant but an MKultra one at that.
    Am thinking I should throw it out on Twitter, but am afraid I will get thrown out if I do that, so it’s hardly worth it, because I am using it to inform about chems and don’t want to lose the source, to get info to a great number of people. So I have to consider.. which is more important. If I get kicked out, I lose a great source, for both: info, and get info out.

  415. Celline Says:

    I only see the huge chems, ( clouds , huge areas covered w. these) and am wondering how they do this. I never ever see a plane.. and the chems are so huge, and cover such great areas, that I am starting to think. it can’t be planes doing this?
    It’s too vast, and where do they do it? All the way out over the Pacific?
    I watched a radar pic last night, and the chems show as faint. grey areas
    Looking at this.. 1/2 of the Globe is covered w. it.
    It’s just not the old, what we were use to, streaking and striping… it’s way more and way bigger, they changed something and I can’t figure it out anymore. What I still can do is, tell the diff, between oceanclouds and the fake stuff. And according to what I see, it’s 1/2 to 1/2.
    Please share your observations w. me, because.. like I said, something has changed as far as I can tell.

  416. ericswan Says:

    From: Ashley
    To: Ken Adachi
    Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010
    Subject: Hello

    Hello Mr. Adachi !

    At the age 12, The abilities that allow one to travel to other planes of existence were awakened inside of me by the spiritual guardians who watch over me. I had thought that what I was experiencing wasn’t just a dream because of the nature of the dreams, but it wasn’t until I found your website that I came to the realization that all of the experiences I’ve had were in fact astral travels and more often then not, etheric attacks by demonic entities, And that I do have the ability to pass into that realm. Due to my age, there are restrictions that are placed by my guardians on where and when I go but it is a form of astral training that I am being placed in, in order to, when the time comes, perform certain tasks or whatever duty I am to perfom in the near future.

    To give a little background info, I have had these travels for exactly seven years straight and counting. Just the mere fact that I am so young and being allowed to see these kinds of things and receive this kind of attention shows me just how much time is of the essence and that there isn’t really anymore time to take it slow, so I was given a very in depth and extensive crash course, so to speak. I want to thank you for all your contributions to this silent revolution, I hold you, Mr. Nicoloff, the etheric warriors of this planet and the United Galactic Federation of the galaxy of Hendon in my prayers and heart, daily. It is the highest honor of mine to be able to offer whatever humble assistance I can, even in the form of prayers for those who can make a difference and do what I cannot at the time because of my age.

    I’ve been at this site for about three years now and its an absolute joy to be able to read all of the things posted here and never get bored. Out of 1600 students in my school I have managed to help awaken all of my freinds which are in total about 13 plus one teacher and all my family members, even my ten and six year old little sisters, I know that’s not much but some is better than none and its just a start. I’m writing to you regarding your interveiw with Mr. Nicoloff on April,07. You mentioned what was relayed to you by certain etheric warriors regarding the chemtrail planes and their functions. I was actually amazed when I heard this, due to an astral travel that I had just last year and thought I would write to you about it, but reconsidered.

    I was within the ether of the city in the downtown area where I live and as I looked around I saw a chemtrail plane flying very low to the ground, so low, in fact you would have to be hopelessly blind not to see it. It was releasing this smog type trail into the etheric of the air and around the areas people are most often found. Upon seeing this of course, I just thought about going into the plane and in an instant I was inside of it. There was a heavy set man in a strangely textured grey body suit and he was in astral form as well and was checking the flow of this smog in the ether and monitoring it. As he went back into the plane I jumped and went in as well and when I looked in I saw that it was completely bare, no chairs, no parachutes, no real human levers and buttons to push, no supplies, it was empty, certainly no humans ran this thing. Well as I looked, the inside was wide enough for things like equipment or cargo but nothing else. The heavy set man was at the steering device but he was more along the lines of monitoring how it moved, than actually piloting it.

    After I’m done looking around and using my mental database to assess the situation, I point to him and I say what anyone says when they figure out the truth “Aha!” I said triumphantly “I know what you’re doing” I said “I can see you.” For the record, my presence is almost never appreciated on the ether because I have a knack of showing up where I’m not welcome, if you catch my drift. So immediately he clenches his teeth in anger and charges after me, After getting his hand around my neck he slams me with extreme force into the floor of the plane. Now, in reality if such force had been applied my skull would be shattered and my neck would be broken, However, due to certain barriers placed upon me by my guardians this attack was greatly mitigated but I could still feel the reverberations through out my body. What I noticed when he charged at me was that he didnt press any auto pilot button or say any type of command that would alert the plane that he was leaving the controls so why was it that it was flying itself as if we weren’t even there?

    Now that he has me pinned to the floor, he has triggered the innate defense mechanism inside of me which dictates that unless I am attacked, I do not attack, no matter how evil a being may be, as long as they keep their vibrations and their hands to themselves. So now I grab him by the fat of his shoulders and begin rolling over to get him off of me, It works and we roll to one side of the plane. As this goes on I become aware of the manuver the plane is making, now I have never known a plane to make such sharp turns, it stopped for a moment and then in the next instant it fixed itself like the point of 90 degree angle, it was very unusual for a plane to make such an irregular and unnatural position it reminded me of how UFO’s move.

    Eventually the man realizes that I am not going to give up and he hoists me into the air until my head is smushed against the ceiling and then he throws me with all his might, out of the ether of my city and the plane, into an Australian CIA/FBI type of place (but that’s a whole other travel).

    Now initially when I had this travel LAST YEAR, I came to the conclusions that:

    ..1) Chemtrail planes have the ability to go into the etheric world and spray this DOR type smog there, which may make the chemtrails sprayed in the physical more effective.

    2) These planes may look simple and unassuming but they are made with advanced technology, I thought some type of Dugway [Utah] military or Area 51 type technology.

    3) The planes are on perpetual auto pilot so there isn’t anyone who needs to steer it. Plus it has no supplies or seats or anything that would imply that human beings need to run it.

    I came to these conclusions last year and debated with myself as to whether or not to email you about it, These would be pretty big claims to make, especially from a 17 year old that has no ability or means with which to back anything up. Therefore, I was very apprehensive and decided to keep it to myself but I was sure I was right. Thank you Mr. Adachi and the etheric warriors who took the time to find this information because just by them finding this out and you broadcasting this, you have verified that what I experienced was not incorrect and that what I saw last year was in fact true, I found it almost too coincidental to be true, first I had this astral travel and then a year later what I saw is verified by a whole different person! It’s one thing for me to say such things, but for a group of experienced adepts at astral travel and for you yourself to say it with confidence and I have never even met any of you, gives me justification in what I beleived to be true and while it may not mean much coming from me, I absolutely know that their information is just and is not a lie (and I have nothing to gain by agreeing with you). Unfortunately, I enter the ether only at certain times when certain things arise that need to be taken care of, but as my training goes on, I am sure I shall be able to go at will. The ether sure is a big place…very dynamic.

    I shall give all the more in my prayers to you etheric warriors so that your endeavors will be lighted with the love of a million pure hearts and that haply, you, my other selves, can do what I cannot at the moment and be blessed and accomplished in this task. All of you etheric warriors and you Mr. Adachi and Mr. Nicoloff and General Jeremiah and the Galactic Federation and all other beings that are helping to give us a fighting chance, are the river which refreshes my spirit daily and the wind which fans the flames in my heart so that it can blaze its brightest and in turn ignite others. Eternal thanks and love to you all! I shall surely, by God’s grace, join you soon in this fight.


    P.S My apologies for the length

  417. Celline Says:

    Eric, Adachi is dead, right?
    Anyway this whole writ somehow doesen’t surprize me, for some time I have been thinking, this whole chemtrail-thing has to do w. the supernatural. Did not want to spell it out, cause it sounds so crazy.
    I know about Astral travel, and it in itself, is demonic.
    I have a friend who was into this, she told me a lot about it, lateron she became a christian, and turned away from it, but it wasen’t easy.”it” followed her around for a very long time. She is an RN and by no means a nut. So I do believe this story, every word of it.
    Not a doubt in my mind, that all and everything our government does, is involved w. supernatural powers. It’s all demonic, and the Elite is thriving on occult activities, this includes unspeakable stuff I can’t talk about in here. Thank you Eric for sharing this, I personally take this story very seriously. Our weapon? Our help? Is with God Almighty only, we are not dealing with flesh and blood, but spiritual powers in high places.
    Pray guys, pray.. there is no other way or help, believe me please.

  418. Celline Says:

    Eric, the Ken Adachi , that Japanese.. guy, is a diff Ken Adachi.
    There’s one w. that name who has a huge website, and I used to e mail w. him a few years ago. He asked me to translate some of his stuff into German. But it was such a huge job, I declined.. besides I had a funny feeling about him, he could be a shill, am not sure though.

  419. clark Says:

    All day, not a jet, single engine airplane, chemtrail, or cloud to be seen. Just now I saw my first jet in the sky since,… three days ago. In that three days only once for a brief period did I see any clouds and they were somewhat varvy.

  420. Celline Says:

    I don’t understand this: our sky is covered w. chemclouds, totally. Lacey strange looking things that are in no way clouds. This goes on daily. We are never not covered w. them. But, I never see a plane anymore.. ever.
    No laying down stripes or lines.. nothing. Just those strange looking ” clouds”.. moving in, sometimes from the West.. and like yesterday.. from the East. It’s different than it was.. about a year ago, totally different.
    No planes ever, no striping ever..yet a whitish looking sun,it’s colder than normal, and the lacey looking things in the sky are moving in non stop. Always, everyday…

  421. ericswan Says:

    He’s not dead but I hear he is hurting. I don’t trust anyone. But I don’t dismiss them out of hand either.

    My pact with God keeps me planted in this dimension. The terror we face in the astral plane was not and is not meant for us on this plane. I agree that this stuff is out there but there are more dragons to slay here and now than need be confronted in the hereafter.

  422. ericswan Says:

    Clark..you might find these images interesting for your area.


  423. clark Says:

    Celline, I still think you should go for a boat ride Westward and see if there’s jets out there producing chemtrails, Or you see nothing and it’s a fun ride and a relaxing escape for a bit on the cheap? Unless you’re afraid of the water or something? Jaws?

    Eric, those were interesting images. I’d guess mircowaves heating things up. Sometimes lately about sunset or so it gets real hot here. more-so than can be explained by the air currents or from the sun.

    I have quite a bit of experience working in different types of high temp environments and this heat is… artificial like and very similar to the strange bites from the Sun I felt while out “sunning” a few weeks back, only that experience was as if it were pencil sized or a bit larger while this other heat is all encompassing.

    It heats up the house quite a bit and my CAC can’t cool it back down until well after sunset. And my CAC works quite well, although, my insulation isn’t too great. Still. my CAC cools things down ok when the temp on the thermometer is much warmer. and even today, so it’s not a case of the CAC not working properly or due to the poor insulation.

    I’m guessing there’s been multiple microwave attacks of some type. Perhaps WWIII has been underway for some time and the public has no clue. Who all is involved with such an attack is another unknown.

    – Today was cloudless, jet free and chemtrail free again. I saw one single engine plane. white with black wingtips, I see that same colored plane a lot, or so it seems.

  424. Celline Says:

    Same old, little white puffy chems.. real cute, all over the beachcities. The more East you go, the less of the cute little puffies. No planes in sight, not even one. I have done the boat thing, via cruises.. and saw no planes then either. I tell you, it’s ” spooks” doing it, maybe the kind of spooks they developed in ” Area 51″, either way.. no planes, no stripes no wide white lanes, just little puffy and lacey things. Overall they are evenly spaced as if expelled in certain intervals, as if some ” intelligence” is doing it.On another subject, have u researched Palin?
    That’s a real interesting story, this doubletalker w. the pretty smile seems to be a plant. But.. it’s all over the net, easy to find 4 research.

  425. clark Says:

    How far out into the ocean did you go Celline?
    Was it straight West, or a different direction?
    Was it on a day there were chems on the mainland?
    I’m assuming they usually blow in from the West and not just the North?

    – We finally had some clouds today, normal looking ones that cleared out to reveal a blue sky just before sunset. I didn’t see any jets, but i didn’t look much either.

  426. ericswan Says:

    Hey FF..I have a link with all the information from Tom Bearden’s book..”America At The Brink” which cost me $75.00 and the link is actually more readable than the book. I highly recommend you copy this to your files..


  427. ericswan Says:

    Hey Babette..your man is back on his horse..


  428. Celline Says:


  429. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Celline and Eric – Thanks for the informative links. I added the Geo engineering link to my chemtrail category and I added the Scalar Wars link to my “Esoteric Research” category. Good stuff.



  430. Celline Says:

    welcome Founding, in addition, I sent it all over Twitter , Facebook and my addressbook, I mean, it’s OUT THERE now.. big time.
    I even sent it to Bill O’Reilly, and NBC News. Not that I think those ” bought and paid for by the Elite stoogies” are interested.. but to make a little fire under their butts.. isen’t hurting my feelings one bit !
    The usual today.. puffy lacy see through.. frazzled edges.. thingies..
    evenly spaced, are all over, yet I did not see one plane, just too weird.
    What they did a year or so ago, they surely aren’t doing anymore today.
    It has changed hugely.Eric, I have been out in the ocean about 5 miles.. maybe, never saw one plane. sigh::::::::::: am really doing what I can.

  431. Celline Says:

    Guys, this Glenn Beck guy, is suspicious, I don’t trust him one bit.
    I think he’s a hired thug… like his female counterpart S P.
    Just one thing to watch out for is: What they are NOT saying.
    Have u ever heard them talk about 9/11 or the chems? Ever? Not me,
    nough said…

  432. Celline Says:

    what happened: Azur blue skies with not a diddle of any white and ugly , fluffy and lacey looking thing in it. it is clear blue.. deep blue, and the sunshine is golden.. I stood in awe.. enough of my “emotions” needless to say, they are huge today, overwhelming. Am trying not to hold my breath.. is it the calm after the storm.. or before? I hope.. neither !

  433. clark Says:

    Today was a cloudy day but through the breaks in the clouds I didn’t see any jets or chemtrails until about 5p.m.. It was hot and humid too, 85 degrees F., ~65% humdity with a heat index of 95 degrees. Winds from the South blowing in warm air.

    Twice, in the afternoon, it felt like the outside A/C was turned on for a brief period before it heated back up again. Both times I looked up and saw fist sized clouds with a varvy look to them and these clouds disappeared with the cooler air.

    The second time these varvy clouds showed up, through the widening breaks in the other types of clouds I could see small sections of what looked like chemtrails. Soon thereafter about eight chemtrailing jets came in from the East going West into an approaching cloud bank that looked like a storm front, but the storm front never advanced, instead it went North (I think, I’m not sure where it went) and the skies cleared up after that and there were no more chemtrails or jets to be seen for the rest of the evening.

  434. ericswan Says:

    Same sort of thing here in British Columbia with the first sign of a chemtrailer at 6 and then again later and ahead of a rain storm that got started at 3 AM and continuing as we speak. The impression I get from your post and my observations is that whatever was up there was intended to be dropped in the rainfall.

  435. clark Says:

    …And did it ever pour down rain last night.

    I heard the loudest clap of thunder of my lifetime last night/very early this morning, and that’s saying something as I’ve been in some ferocious storms.
    Woke up to a full whiteout sky which lingered until about 5 p.m. giving way to a partly cloudy sky revealing the chemtrails yet again.

    I overheard some farmers yesterday saying this last week was drier than it’s been all Summer.

  436. Celline Says:

    Eric, Clark your descriptions are vivid, so it’s easy to understand what you are seeing.
    It has been different here, since a few days. During the day, completely blue, with not a white speck to be seen anywhere.. let alone jets.. none ever. But, during the night when we become “oceanclouds” covered, w.in this, there’s spray, and I mean lots of spray, at the edges, you can see the varvy, lacey, see thru formations. Seems they leave us alone during the day lately, but spray heavily during the nights.Repeat: (never ever see any jets anymore )!

  437. clark Says:

    Quite a few solid white jets today. I saw two that suggests they are splitting the spray into two parts and layering them from two different jets.

    I saw a white jet (not very high up) leave a long chemtrail as if it were a sharpie pen (I’ve never seen one that narrow) and another jet comes from the opposite direction with no contrail at all until it is just underneath the other jet, then it left a very fine mist and/or fine pencil sized chemtrail sections.

    To the side of those two there were jets with no contrail or chemtrail at all along side yet more white jets with one and a half inch “contrails”

    I saw a few more white jets throughout the day with the 1 1/2″ contrails or none at all. There were absolutely no dark colored jets.

    Partly cloudy, about 80 degrees F., 71% humidity, wind wsw 13mph

  438. ericswan Says:

    Heavy traffic this afternoon. Definite attempt to blot out the sky is happening as we speak. I wonder why. Seems like they are trying to blot out any possible astronomical observations.

  439. Celline Says:

    http://www.rense.com/general64/white.htm found this, looking for “white jets”.

  440. clark Says:

    After last nights heavily darkened sky I was surprised to wake up to a clear blue, cloud & jet free sky.

    The clouds returned as the day wore on, but still no jets or chemtrails.

    It’s on the cold side now and quite windy.

    Celline, I didn’t know about those white jets you posted a link to, very interesting.

  441. clark Says:

    … continued

    The sky became solid white mixed with clouds. The strong winds that had been blowing hard all day subsided and the air became somewhat calm. I think it rained just a little. My nose hairs stood on end causing, or in tandem with, an unrelenting and persistent uncomfortable sensation throughout my nose. I felt a bit agitated, and those around me experienced the same as we sniffled in tandom trying to ignore the sensations as the feeling of agitation grew.

    It became so hot inside that I turned on the CAC… even though it felt cool (almost cold) outside and had been all day.

    The room began to feel increasingly hot in stark contrast to the very cool, almost cold outside temperatures. I looked out the window to see that the solid white sky had given way to sections of clearing combined with small clouds that looked as if they’d been broken up yet lingered together. The words, “smashed & shattered” came to mind.

    After a long while I could see out the window that other clouds had filled in the gaps and the sky became totally cloudy. At the same time the hot sensation in the room subsided along with the feeling of agitation and the other discomforting sensations. The rooms quickly became as cool as the night air outside blowing in from the open windows. I turned off the CAC with a feeling it wasn’t the CAC that had allowed the rooms to cool. Hard to explain.

    I looked outside again and while the sky remained completely cloudy and dark gray there were a few small openings revealing the darkness of the night. Mixed within all this were some “clouds” which looked a bit like chemtrails only they repeatedly twisted and bowed in the wind, so unlike a chemtrail, and it had fat sections… which were a lot like the openings in the clouds, but not the same as the openings in the clouds revealing the darkness of the night sky. These clouds were as black as the smoke from a huge fire, yet they floated through the air in a way smoke never does and they didn’t float from the ground as smoke from a fire does. It was definitely Not smoke of any kind but it did seem carbon-like, perhaps a bit blacker than any smoke I’d ever seen before.

    I shut the door.

    eric says: “Seems like they are trying to blot out any possible astronomical observations.”

    Or to stop something from above from looking down, and/or some-thing from coming down?
    Satellite based weaponry? Lasers and microwaves? The use of what was once considered the voids and emptiness of space?

    Someone knows, lots of someones, but they are quiet.

  442. Celline Says:

    Clark, I must say, you have me baffled, cause I can’t understand what you are saying.. really don’t get it.
    Clip those nosehairs, hear me?
    I know about the “little” clouds.. evenly spaced.. fake and lacey looking.
    Lately we did not have those, yet heavy spraying during the night.. it mixed w. the ocean overcast and only the “trained” eyeball will make it out. In the morning, you see the leftovers, right at the edges of the oceancoulds. Bastards are doing it under cover of dark lately. And it’s clear during the day.. and hot.
    Noticed some typical chemtrails over the deserts today, but none near the beaches ( other than during the darkness of night.)

  443. Celline Says:


  444. clark Says:

    Celline, ya gotta think. People around me experienced the same sensation, at the same time,… and it went away for everyone at the same time too. And it wasn’t just the biological sensing tool on our faces that were affected, aggression being turned on and off like a switch isn’t natural when it happens to more than one person at the same time.

    I’ve read others have described similar symptoms before too but I never connected the dots.

    Was the opening in the clouds an opening for something that affected us? Or was it from something else?

    Your body and the things in it responds to your environment in many ways.

    Kind of like how a person’s hair stands on end with static electricity, it doesn’t “just happen” without a cause.

    Understand it now?

    Your response was kind of insulting by the way.

  445. clark Says:

    I meant agitation, not aggression.

  446. ericswan Says:

    I got off work at 5 am pacific time and low and behold, Clark’s post matches my observation exactly. The only difference being that the clear spot on the eastern horizon kept morphing into a demonic face and not just one but several and all in the same spot. I tried to take pics but the flash kept going off and because it is very dark out, I couldn’t check the camera settings to figure our what I needed to do. Anyway, the morphing of this spot was still going on when it started to rain. There had been several dry lightning strikes over night.

  447. clark Says:

    eric, the morphing spot, I wonder if it is similar to the focused high temp heat on the map from earlier? And the blue splashing circles from the earlier radar loop is when several get “cooled off”?

    – Woke up late in the morning to a mostly blue sky with a few tiny bits of cloud. In the ten minutes I was looking there were nine jets staggered about with two flying parallel and almost side-by-side.

    Two E-W jets had a two inch “contrail”.

    Four E-W jets had a six inch “contrail”.

    Two N-S jets had a six inch “contrail”.

    A few moments later…

    And one E-W jet had no “contrail” at all.

    All the jets were white and mostly flying within the same area in the sky.

    Temp. 64′ F. (10% chance of precip) 46% humidity with winds from WNW at 16mph.

    I looked outside again and there were two jets with “arms wide” long chemtrails creating an X right next to a jet with a 1/2 inch “contrail”. All three (really, all 13) appeared to be at the same altitude.

    Some small sections of the chemtrails linger, but most of it dissipates.

    I watched the movie, The Matrix for the first time since it came out, it was chilling how applicable it was to today.

    I wish this article about history didn’t seem applicable to today as well:

    What’s Past is Prologue


  448. Celline Says:

    Clark, I am so sad and sorry, I did not mean to “insult” you, no no, not at all. I did not understand, so what I wrote was out of this” I don’t know attitude” please forgive? I do understand now, completely. But I have to say that to my knowledge, nothing like this has happened here. I am very observing, but what you are describing, is a new one on me, totally.
    We have over night spraying, ( no jets in sight ) and the days are clear except for a little spraying over the deserts. My last post, was suppose to be a lighthearted joke.. I just had to, because it was so funny to me, and I thought, we all need laugh.
    What you are describing though, sounds very frightening to me, because it attacks the mind. It gives credence to the suspicion, ” they” are trying to control/brainwash people. How to protect ourselves from this?Wow.
    I pray a LOT.. is my safetynet !
    Again, Clark, I am sorry !!! Now will look at the latest link.

  449. clark Says:

    A man who had his kidneys removed and was on dialysis had a blood pressure of over 200, the doctors didn’t know why.

    A healthy 28 year old woman suddenly dies from a heart attack.

    I wonder if the cause for the two are linked, along with the increase in agitation? Whatever it is that they do above, does it affect blood pressure too?

  450. Celline Says:

    New observation: I just drove West and ended up under the oceanclouds.. yet the outer edges are chemtrails. Big fluffy lacey chemclouds.. then I noticed the temps were drastically dropping and I looked at the gauge in my car. At a certain point, approaching the chems, the temps dropped 3 to 5 degrees, in the matter of a few feet.
    This was a new one on me !

  451. clark Says:

    Celline, the sudden change in temps, while expected in the mountains or even the desert areas, chromium hexa six comes to mind.

    I listened to an A,M, radio show about U.S. vets from Iraq having not Post Traumatic Stress, but something else similar PST or something, where their frontal lobes in their brains experienced damage from an explosion yet no one could see any symptoms while they were in the service because all the daily activities of the soldier were predetermined for them but when they got back into civilian life they had to decide things for themselves like what are they going to do today, or which route to take to work – and they could not do this due to the damage.

    The radio show Dr.said most army Dr’s were pediatricians and general OR Dr’s and were not trained to spot these symptoms and on the whole the army didn’t even recognize those symptoms.

    That sounds like general mindlessness, something I’ve been seeing more and more of in average people, they stop for a stop sign too long, stop when there is no stop sign, things like that.

    Has the general population experienced an explosion of some sorts, or a sonic boom of some kind? This might help to explain their sometimes irrational behavior especially when it comes to accepting the notion of chemtrails and why it seems some people just can’t accept that there’s something to chemtrails, let alone a housing bubble or a crashing econmy.

    Just a thought.

    The rest of the day we had, “two-fist” sized normal low altitude singular clouds which filled the sky (never more than partly) and a moderately heavy coverage of horizon to horizon chemtrails. The chemtrails were always above the clouds. The chemtrails were mostly the wispy kind,.spreading and looking as if they were a twisted helix coil.

    There were circular pumpkin sized areas of cross-thatched varves and many, if not most, of the chemtrails had a varvy look to them while the clouds were unaffected.

    I don’t recall seeing varvy chemtrails before.

    This was one of the very few times I saw a chemtrail that curved ever so slightly in the wind in an S-shape as it lingered and expanded for hours. whille all the other chemtrails remained straight as an arrow.

    It seemed like the intent was to create a wide swath of white fog like conditions above the clouds which appeared to put a ceiling on the clouds and then sending the whole mass Eastward. Once they had accomplished this the number of chemtrails became less and less and while they continued to produce chemtrails the sky above the clouds was no longer a foggy white but clear blue in contrast to the system moving East.

    By sunset there were only a just a smattering of very small cloud bits and a few short lingering chemtrails.

    The night sky was clear.

  452. clark Says:

    “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.”
    -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Gurudas: The Stealth Dictatorship


  453. ericswan Says:

    Interesting stuff guys and gals. I have to admit driving behind this youngster not many days ago that stopped and blocked all traffic. I got out of the car and banged on her window and said “Thank you, thank you very much” to which she hit the accelerator and nearly ran me over. My point here, is that I had enough time to put the car in park, undo the seat belt, get out of the car and approach her driver’s side and she just was oblivious to what was going on around her. She had been talking to the passenger when I got to her window and she nearly arrested when I banged on her window.

    The way I see those fluffy tale clouds is like a peacock feather and I’ve also seen the completely no trail jets followed by the chemtrailers and took pics that show a dark line where the jet with no trail had been later illuminated (black illumination) by the jet that was following behind. I’ve also noticed an extremely bright satellite at sunset followed closely by a much less bright satellite a couple of nights in a row with a slightly different course but still over the house.

    Our homes are getting RF pulses every 14 seconds. I’m looking at an RF detector as we speak. This has been going on for years but they are doing it in daylight hours now which is new. I think there is some kind of brain wave entrainment going on and I don’t think this stuff is inspired by terrestrial beings.

  454. ericswan Says:

    I am beginning a new path today. It’s a bridge to the afterlife. Feels like old friends.

  455. Celline Says:

    Eric, what are RF pulses ?
    There definitely are changes going on, and via experience we all know, it can’t be good ones. But I notice changes almost daily.
    Like: The overnight heavy spraying.. hidden w.in the real ocean overcasts.. then come daylight, you only see the fringes thereof, and suddenly “voila” clear blue skies. This “method” is about 10 days old.
    Never ever do I see a spraying jet, have not in many many months.
    Eric, as to your ” new path” what do you mean, do you mind explaining?
    As to people’s behavior, I do not notice the above described things, but maybe it all has affected me.. so that I do not notice anything ?! Who knows.
    Would you please answer my questions? Thank you. Off to reading your newest link.

  456. Celline Says:

    Eric, your latest link is now out and all over Twitter, for what it’s worth.
    Guys, PLEASE, would u give me feedback on my suspicions about SarahPalin and Glen Beck? I think Sarah is a mindcontrolled ( MKultra) trained slave, for real. Watch her eyes, listen to the platitudes she rambles on with. Nothing she sais makes sense, I think she might have finished 3rd grade at most. Her daughters, same story, Bristol will be on ” Dancing w. the Stars” I will watch her closely.. and ” Piper, why does Sarah exclaim loudly, every time she arrives someplace:” Piper is here !” WhY? I am so suspicious anymore, I can’t stand myself, please I need feedback from you.Glen Beck, I think, is bought and paid for by the Mormons.. just think, the masses he would guide into their “Fold”..
    am I wrong.. anybody.. please?

  457. Celline Says:

    what do you say ?

  458. ericswan Says:

    Palin’s genealogy shows at least 8 of her direct descendents came to America on the Mayflower. There are half a dozen baptist preachers. Her father was a science teacher. She says that creationism and science are compatible and both may be responsible for being here.

    Celline..you are on the wrong side in the Palin story. To me, she is a breath of fresh air. I was in Alaska two years running and talked to many locals about Sarah Palin. She is considered by them as being off the wall but no one could impugn her integrity and did not believe the attacks in the press about her.

    RF (radio frequency) weapons come in all shapes and sizes. An apartment size model can make persons in a near range shit their pants. A larger model can cause earthquakes, steer hurricanes, move the jet stream etc.

    Victims of this technology can be harassed from space. There are thousands of reports on the net from victims. Microwave ovens, cell phones and led lighting and your computer screen, all emit RF and they all contribute to the overall effect of mind control.

  459. Celline Says:

    Eric, thank you so much. Am glad if I am wrong on Palin…and am so glad I brought it up and asked.
    About those radiowaves, that’s more scary than I thought.
    Thank you so much again !

  460. ericswan Says:

    This post addresses the issue of spraying off the coast but in this case, it’s spraying off the mainland of Canada. This is a very well written synopsis of the problem.


  461. clark Says:

    Can RF waves act like the sonar(?) used by dolphins and whales to stun prey?

    The dolphin’s sonar probably bounces off the sea floor causing a double punch on schooling fishes? With RF waves the ground does the same and creates the brain damage to the frontal lobes just as with the Iraq vets and their concussion damage due to exposure from blasts?

    The radiation from cell phones deposited and concentrated in people amplifies or attracts the RF in a sort of magnetic fashion destroying tissue in the process, explaining why heavy cell phone users are seemingly so clueless & moronic?

    I imagine the radiation or RF from a cell phone in a person’s brain could also be a lot like scratching an itch too long – or like with having poison ivy – the almost pleasurable sensation received from scratching the itch becomes addictive? That certainly would explain the way a heavy cell phone user reacts when they dial a number and get no answer so they addictively quickly dial another number, and then another until they get a connection and a steady flow of RF?

    It seems like there is some kind of a connection with the worldwide smoking ban crusade and chemtrails, the powers that be Never seemed to care this much about the health of the population in All of history. It’s the Shakespearian, “You doth protest too much” deal? With all the concern over smoking, yet nary a peep about fluoride in infant water, or restricting automobiles and such?

    Or the RF waves are being used to detect whatever causes the blast creating the frontal lobe damage? That kind of makes sense with a RF pulse every 14 seconds.

    An electric drag net?

    Or, RF used in a manner like the dolphin’s sonar, only to destroy man made or extra-terrestrial microscopic organisms in the atmosphere?
    Some people have said if there were dangerous microscopic life on the moon or in space, did they inadvertently bring it back here with their equipment? Or from a meteorite?

    Or did they dig something up and release it from some ancient burial grounds?

    Feel like I’m going round in circles here and have brought some of this up before, so very many possibilities.

    – no jets today.

    Intense thunderstorm with high winds at night though.

  462. clark Says:

    The RF wave… sort of explains why my cell phone went totally buggy awhile back, wouldn’t take a charge, wouldn’t turn off, and the time was stuck. Then suddenly a few days later it worked fine and has ever since.

    Could be nothing though, it is an old phone.

    No communist based Republican is a breath of fresh air, just same old same old, more of the same step on the necks of the little people march. Not that the Democrats are any better.

    Communism for Conservatives


  463. Celline Says:

  464. Celline Says:

    The Gulfstream is dead !

  465. clark Says:

    I’ll have to watch the video or wait for the text. I doubt it’s dead, maybe stopped up, but like an oil patch on the ground, a weed grows in it where it seems like nothing should. But, who-freaking-knows, anything is possible.

    Discussing RF & cell phones, I came across this observation about irrational behavior and suicides due to economic collapse, but I wonder:

    “In Salta for example, suicides have gone up 328% since 1997, mostly young people 15 to 19 years old. Recently I’ve seen it mention on the news and its alarming to see kids from school just chocking themselves to death, sometimes filming it with their cellphones.”

  466. ericswan Says:

    Good catch Celline. The corexit + oil will stall the Gulf Current and the only way England and the Scandinavian countries escape an ice age this winter is if they pay their carbon tax and the boot will be lifted off their throats by steering the jetstream up to the north and bringing along warm air. Interestingly, the U.S. will be self-sufficient for the JP-8 fuel required for their chemtrail jets by killing off the fish, the fishermen, the tourist trade and all human activity in the gulf by making it a green/blue algae farm which can be harvested every 7 days and is used in the manufacture of methanol/jet fuel.

    Clark..the madness in the U.S. is contagious. This event a couple of days ago in Yuba City will make you wonder how much is too much.

  467. Celline Says:

    wow Eric, it’s just crazy. About that Gulf Stream, yes, Europe will freeze.
    Louisiana coast will be evacuated with those” Mass Evacuation Busses”?
    I would like to know, where.. around the Equador, this warm stream starts, how it behaves in the Gulf of California ( because right here, the climate changes from tropical, to what we have here.. a little cooler ).. then it goes into the Gulf of Mexico, and now.. where exactly is it stalled? All I know is, that it is standing still, choked by oil. Won’t it find a way around it?? Do you think, ” Nature ” will find a way around? If not, well we all will freeze, not just Europe.
    Chemclouds cover everything here.. and in the West, I observed a straight grey/black line, very straight, about 10 miles long.. like a “borderline”, I never saw anything like that.
    Toward the East, sky appears clear.. just right here.. we are covered w. chems and it is unseasonably cool, in fact, way too cold for this time of year. The sun has no power to get thru all that chemistry.
    I tried to share my observations w. my family, and was Pooh Pooed, so much so, that I shut up in a hurry, so who’s nuts.. is it ” them” or “me”? lol, I dare say it’s “Them”

  468. Celline Says:

    all this begs this question: Did BP ( the Elite ) do this on purpose.. if so, then how? And, don’t they cut off the branch, they themselves are sitting on ?

  469. ericswan Says:

    Let me start by saying “They know not what they do.” The government seized the blowout preventer today. Big deal. That’s not where the evidence will be found. The platform sank. The owners of that platform insured the platform for twice as much as it was worth and Transocean has been paid for it already. http://www.hoaxofthecentury.com/BombsGulfBP1.htm
    Look at the pictures and you will notice that the drilling platform was sabotaged.
    Then you have Halliburton who was supposed to seal the drilling hole with drilling mud but they pumped in seawater which caused the explosion. Their records and the men who did this went to the bottom and the evidence of the crime is in the hands of the criminals or destroyed when the platform sank and the mud logs were lost.
    BP has it’s feet in two camps. Both feet are in the energy business and losing one “insured” rig is not going to affect them. The other foot is in “green” energy and they own patents for renewable oil by way of blue/green algae technology which is bought and paid for with tax dollars and given to BP. The Gulf of Mexico is a perfect algae farm and algae can be harvested every 7 days to produce methanol. Methanol can be converted to jet fuel which is what is required to spray chemtrails but the algae is renewable which makes it attractive to the government an big oil. The only thing they need now is the evacuation of all life from the gulf including fish, fishermen, and everyone else. The oil spill didn’t kill the fish and the business of fishing. Corexit did that.
    The carbon dioxide from refineries will feed the algae along with the polluted Mississippi River which sends down all the runoff nitrogen from farms as far north as the Canadian border.

    Basically, BP can produce a barrel of oil from algae for 18 dollars.

    Everything that goes on is intended to drive the people into submission and off the coast so they can get their permits for algae farms. More corexit, more disasters, more tax money to be self sufficient. If the U.S. attacks Iran, that’s good for them because the government will want oil they can’t get from them so we may see algae farms alot sooner. I could write a book about this “conspiracy” but what’s the point. Self sufficient military industrial complex is a dream come true for these guys.

  470. Celline Says:

    Eric, thank you.. it’s what I thought, but could not have expressed myself the way you did. Now get this: The Pacific Ocean temps, this time of year around here normally is about 70. And it is 59 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The dead Gulf??? That’s the reason we are freezing, and I just heard it’s not going to get any warmer either. It can’t with those ocean temps.
    They are killing Californias agrarculture, our citrus will be dead shortly !

  471. Celline Says:

    Eric, your link just went out over Twitter, and to a bunch of people on my list !

  472. clark Says:

    This person sounds a bit like Celline talking about CA.:

    (It’s only 5 degrees Celsius in Ecuador right now. Very bizarre.)
    August 26, 2010 2:21 PM

  473. ericswan Says:

    Here’s a link that shows ocean temps, currents, hurricanes, and all sorts of weather.


    I don’t know who controls the weather but it is for sale. California, the land of plenty, is being attacked by someone who wants it all but wants it for free.

  474. Celline Says:

    It’s just too cold, Sept being one of our hottest months.. there’s just no such thing as 68 for Highs ! Sky just now cleared a bit, moisture burnt of, but the chemclouds remained, they look different again today, some of them look as if illuminated from the inside. Even w. the sun out now, it’s just way too cold.
    My question: do we know for sure.. the GulfStream is dead.. or suppose to be, since the end of June?
    I read many different opinions, Satellite pics should be able to determine the truth. Eric, Clark, do you know.. what’s your take on this.. is the Gulf dead or not?? It sure feels like it, it supposedly influences jetstream, oceantemps.. thus temps and floods and weather overall,
    please give me feedback on what you know or think?

  475. ericswan Says:


  476. ericswan Says:

    Click to access algal_biofuels_roadmap.pdf

    This is the part where I told you that the taxpayers are backing algae farms in the Gulf of Mexico. It prolly sounds like a good idea to them but they didn’t realize how unscrupulous the energy guys can be when it comes to making money.

  477. Celline Says:

    Eric, thanx for those links, but I can’t find a definite answer to my question: Is the GulfStream dead?
    I hear conflicting opinions.. yet shouldn’t this question be answered by one of the sattelites? Do you know the answer? I keep thinking, our low temps, the cold Pacific, point to this subject, but, so far.. no definites.

  478. clark Says:

    Usually, the best way to find out, is to find out for yourself first-hand.

    – Today was clear and blue with high winds. I saw One white jet with no chemtrail or contrail ( I could hear it over the drone of the city it was flying so low) followed soon after by a three fingers width cloud which drifted East. The jet’s path was unusual in that it came from the SW and went NE, such a path is rare, not even the chemtrailing jets take this path, not that I recall anyway.

    Once the jet had gone past, perhaps it’s nothing, I started seeing a few large fuzzies floating through the air which I hadn’t noticed before. After awhile I didn’t see them anymore, they disappeared about the same time the three finger width clouds did and a lone twin engine white plane with black trim flew overhead. Just an observation.

    Some of the clouds drifted West until they were out of sight, while half dissipated quite suddenly.

    Currently, it’s a Starry Night.

  479. ericswan Says:

    Alright Clark..I’ll bite. I get a little prop plane flying over the house nearly everyday. It always looks like it’s going somewhere but I only see it on days when there are no “helicopters” in the “near” “neighbourhood”.

  480. Celline Says:

    Eric, and your point? what do u think about it?
    Socked in totally again, about 15 degrees colder than normal..
    Am thinking, HAARP can’t cause all that catastrophic ” weather” ( Pakistan floods, Russia fire etc ), w.out it’s powers having something to ” travel” on. Being not scientifically educated, or even rather stupid about things like this, I am using my own words here.
    What if the chems are the “conductors” for Haarp’s strikes? Just thinking out loud.”They” own the weather, so ultimately, they own the catastrophic happenings also.
    I checked our desert, it also is about 10 degrees cooler than normal.
    How long will our citrus trees play this little game, before they just wither and die? I know nothing, I m writing down thoughts here.

  481. clark Says:

    I don’t know, eric. Did I seem like I was saying the prop planes are the equivalent of “black helicopters” or something?

    The only choppers I ever see are med vacs and national guard.

    The prop planes might have nothing to do with anything, or maybe not?

    Could it be the jet with no chemtrail or contrail is sampling the upper atmosphere while the prop plane samples the lower atmosphere? Maybe the fuzzies are used to collect particles in the air so they are dense enough to be sampled or detected by equipment? I don’t know, just seeing if this piece fits the puzzle anywhere.

    – today is clear and blue again, so far.

  482. Celline Says:

    Just came home from a ” hands-on” research trip 100 miles east, into the desert. From home, til about 20 miles, thick chemclouds.. they got less and less and lacier.. as I traveled east. From Ramona on, skies were nothing but blue w. not a speck of anything in it.
    Out in the desert I talked to the “Natives,” and they told me that their summer was normal ( not cold like here ).. and the temps today, 105, were normal also. Nothing unusual is happening in our deserts, did not see a plane, chopper.. not even a cop mobile, nothing.
    It is the beachcities that get the heavy spraying only. The spraying happens above the oceanclouds, and this means.. they can not burn off, like they normally would to give room to clear Blue.
    Those are my latest findings, from what they are worth. Coming back home, the farther West I got, the thicker the chem clouds were.
    Temps way below normal, about 15 degrees.

  483. Celline Says:


    googled this, can u fathom those liars? Our kids surely will never know what the sky really looks like and will believe that those are real clouds.. steam coming out of my head am so mad

  484. clark Says:

    One story of what might be the effects from the Gulf oil well leak or from something else?:

    My Dogs Won’t Drink the Rainwater


  485. ericswan Says:

  486. Celline Says:

    Eric, on my screen it sais:” error occured try again later.”
    Please tell me if u can play this link, I can not.
    Observation about our 5 animals, dogs. Lately they act differently, lethargic ( totally out of character, they are young animals), they are clingy.. want to be held and patted etc. And they are picky about what they eat, all this since about a month.
    Our skies were deep blue, gorgeous and not a speck in it. Til, about 2 hours ago, out of the West ( as usual ) the chemclouds appreared. Pretty evenly spaced, lacey, and my red car was full of yellowish spots.
    I had just washed my car before I parked it in my driveway. Just went outside to get the mail.. and discovered my messed up car.. it had not been driven or moved since I parked it there. Those round, yellowish spots, came out of the sky, the car is under no tree, or anything else. So I just cleaned it all off, will wait and see how long it takes to be all spotted again !

  487. Celline Says:

    Just tried your link again, Eric, same response…

  488. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..interesting thing about the car considering that you didn’t say it was raining. Hate to be breatheing that air.

    As for a link that doesn’t work, the last two I posted on biofuel work here. Which link doesn’t work.

    One last time..The currents in the Gulf have no effect on the weather in San Diego. If anything, the gulf is warmer than it used to be not colder.

  489. Celline Says:

    Eric, I forgot to mention “rain” because it never rains here.. except in the rainy saeson ( Nov thru Apr ) if at all.
    So, these spots came out of the chemclouded sky.
    About your link, ok it’s my computer then.. have not yet installed my new one.
    Today, same thing, beachcities loaded w. chemclouds.. East though, from about 10 airmiles inland, sky is as blue as can be, w. not a spot in it.
    About the Gulf, I guess no one is sure exactly what has happened to it, if anything. Thank you for your replies Eric 😉

  490. Celline Says:

    I just met 2 WW2, 86 year old vets. Was able to thank them 4 saving my life ( even though they weren’t the same persons ) but still, was able to thank them for saving german children’s lives, because they fed us.
    This was a real joy for me.

  491. Celline Says:

    Yesterday, another “new” thing. The skies looked as if some giant tubs of cottage cheese had been dumped into the sky. It looked as if the sky had the measles. Each “bump” was about the size of a baseball.
    I saw it moving West from to East.. and also the opposite way, from East to West, don’t know what the deserts looked like.
    About Sarah, better check again, all signs point to Beta midcontrolled ( MK ) puppet. No longer am I the only one who suspects this, but.. I still am open to diff opinions. For instance: where is the Down’s baby.. has anyone seen him lately? Was that baby a” plant”, and “S” not even the mother, was it just to convince conservatives, she’s pro-life.. even pro life for handicapped babies? I just don’t trust anyone.. especially when they come out of nowhere, and are famous in an instant. Highly suspicious to me.

  492. Celline Says:

    http://en.wordpress.com/tag/david-letterman/ worth checking out, Founding could u give feedback on this please?

  493. Celline Says:


    by the way, another 5.4 this morning, the ” Mexicali epicenter one” still the culprit.
    Shook us out of bed alright.

  494. Celline Says:


    incredible info-site

  495. clark Says:

    Are they ever thick today, as much as ever.

    Mostly saw-tooth, a number of the shadowy kind (whatever they are, they’re not exactly chemtrails though) and a curved one.

    They seem to concentrate in one area, parallel back and forth with a lot of criss-crossing.

    There’s quite a few sections of blue sky in one area surrounded by clouds and white out sky which considering how heavy they are seems to suggest blotting out the sky is not the goal.

    Saturday and Sunday there were no clouds or jets or anything.
    Monday there were a very small number of wide spreading & dripping chemtrails preceded by just a hint of the wispy stuff floating in from the West.
    Tuesday was all clear, not a jet nor cloud, which makes today’s onslaught stand out so very much.

  496. Celline Says:

    we were clear yesterday.. til just now. Drippy veil looking things moving in just right now, from the west ( over the Pacific) No plane in sight.
    Earlier I saw something that looked like what you are discribing, Clark.. thick, rectangular white ” clouds” with criss crossing lines, black and white.. inside of it. It’s gone right now, don’t know where it went. But no fear.. the onslaught from the west is huge right now, with the veil-looking suff ( lacy looking too.)
    Monday was the weirdest day when the sky looked as if huge containers with cottage cheese had been dumped, as far as the eye could see.

  497. clark Says:

    I suppose what you’re describing (thick, rectangular white ” clouds” with criss crossing lines, black and white.. inside of it.) would be what my skies would look like as they drifted East.

    And when I say they are thick today, I mean, above me right now there must be twenty chemtrails all laid out within twenty minutes of each other – I know because I saw them as I sat in traffic and they continue even now. I think they’ve been doing this in these numbers all afternoon.

  498. Celline Says:

    The ” rectangular whitish clouds with criss cross striping”, came up from the west ! It had been manufactored ( sp?) over the Pacific.

  499. clark Says:

    I thought The Fed was the source of chemtrail funding, but now I wonder if it is The Black Eagle Trust:


    And Celline, that comment of yours, “…thank them for saving german children’s lives, because they fed us.”

    I thought of your words while reading this, maybe you’ll see the twisted error of your comment after reading this bit of the dark side of history?:


    No wonder that, learning of this, a civilized European man like Joseph Schumpeter, at Harvard, was driven to telling “anyone who would listen” that Churchill and Roosevelt were destroying more than Genghis Khan.

  500. clark Says:

    The chemtrail jets are filling the once clear blue sky this morning. Long chemtrails that go from horizon to horizon right along side shorter ones between six to eight inches long.

    There is what looks like a widened chemtrail (about shoulder width) that stretches from horizon to horizon and lays underneath the Sun. It’s a very thin white veil and it’s varvy, all of it. There is a narrow dark shadowy stripe that cuts through a section of this chemtrail, which seems kind of odd, it is mostly straight, but it’s not a straight cut, it curves slightly at the end as it cuts outward, very unlike most chemtrails around here.

    Mostly Sunny 62° F
    chance of precip 10%
    Humidity 72%
    Winds From SSW 7 mph

    As I was looking at the morning sky filling with chemtrails I was amazed that so few people can dismiss these chemtrails as nothing. Why was it that they couldn’t even see it as a strange occurance? Those people around me that I’ve told have rejected the very existence of chemtrails and me right along with it. I was thinking, why can’t they handle the truth? I had in my mind the image of Jack Nickelson using that line in the movie, A Few Good Men. And then I turned on my computer to write and describe what I was seeing in the sky, I don’t know why, as it seems pointless anymore, and that’s when I saw the the title of FF’s latest blog entry, You Can’t Handle The Truth!

    That was just a bit strange to me, and just a little more than coincidence, don’tchya think so?

    I read this short interesting piece, here’s a section of it:

    The Silence Was Deafening
    by Tim Case

    That which has been is what will be,
    That which is done is what will be done,
    And there is nothing new under the sun.
    Is there anything of which it may be said,
    “See, this is new”?

    It has already been in ancient times before us.
    There is no remembrance of former things…

    ~ Ecclesiastes 1:9–11a

    From Babylonia ca. 2700 BC we have two fascinating items. In the Berlin Museum is a seal cylinder which depicts a man by the name of Etana flying on an eagle’s back between the moon and the sun.

    A written record, known as the Epic of Etana (TABLET IV), gives us an unusual meaning for the seal cylinder. This ancient epic describes the earth’s surface as Etana progressively gains altitude and accurately explains precisely what happens as man leaves the earth, including a round earth which becomes smaller with distance and the changes in color of the earth’s surface as altitude is increased. The descriptions contains in this epic were not verified until we were able to achieve high-altitude aerial flight and the first space flights of late 50’s and 60’s respectively.

    J. Robert Oppenheimer, (1904–1967) the Supervising Scientist of the Manhattan Project was giving a lecture at Rochester University seven years after the first atomic weapon was successfully detonated. After his lecture he opened the floor to a period of questions and answers.

    One student asked: “Was the bomb exploded at Alamogordo during the Manhattan Project the first one to be detonated?”

    Dr. Oppenheimer’s answer was short but extremely telling. Dr. Oppenheimer said: “Well – yes. In modern times, of course.”

    Dr. Oppenheimer years earlier had described what he was thinking when he witnessed the first modern atomic explosion. His thoughts had gone to the Hindu Bhagvad Gita which states:

    “Of a thousand suns in the sky if suddenly should burst forth the light, it would be like unto the light of that Exalted One.” (Bhagvad Gita XI, 12)

    “Death am I, cause of destruction of the worlds, matured and set out to gather in the worlds there.” (Bhagvad Gita XI, 32)

    However, in answering the question Dr. Oppenheimer was not referring to the Hindu Bhagvad Gita but rather an ancient Indian text known as the Mahabharata. That which had occurred in Japan in 1945 was reminiscent of a far more ancient episode, one as early as 2450 BC in the regions of the upper Ganges.

    The text reads:

    …a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendor……it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas….the corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out; pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white. After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected……To escape from this fire. The soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment…

    The Epic of Gilgamesh ca. 2500 BC contains a strikingly similar account of a day when “the heavens cried out, the earth bellowed an answer, lightning flashed forth, fire flamed upwards, it rained down death. The brightness vanished, the fire was extinguished. Everyone who was struck by the lightning was turned to ashes.”

    Was there nuclear war in the ancient past? The evidence says, yes.


  501. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Very interesting Clark.

    A Jungian synchronicity.

    The article you posted is also quite interesting. There is a scene in the 2nd or 3rd “Matrix” movie (I forget which) where “Neo” the hero confronts the “Great Architect” (a masonic appellation referring to God) and the old man with a white beard that plays him says to the effect, “You are not the first you know, this happens over and over again” which I took to mean (similar to your post) that the cycle of creation and destruction re-occurs over an unimaginable stretch of time.

    Even the Bible refers to the destruction of the flood and the renewal of the earth. Very heady stuff to contemplate.

    The fact is, there are many ancient artifacts and structures that should not exist given the supposed technology of the time, but they do. No one can explain it. However, if you pose as a hypothesis that their were ancient civilizations as advanced (or even further advanced) than our own, it *does* start to make sense.

    Unfortunately, given humanity’s current course….I don’t think we are too far away from the “reset” button being pushed.



  502. Celline Says:


    It’s disgusting, to notice chemclouds above this ancient ruin.
    The things u are describing, Clark, I read about, still have the book.
    Also, it is said there were ( are ?) structures on the moon, which were destroyed, by, you know who ( idiots )
    Yes, there are cycles of destruction, and renewed life on this planet, there’s so much evidence of it. Exactly where the chems do fit in, I don’t understand, but, I believe them to be part of it. As is the Gulf ” accident”.
    I do believe that the bible clearly describes the next ” end” of times, and it all seems pretty clear to me. Here again: I can’t find a thing about the chems.
    With the usual oceanclouds, chems sling themselves around the beginning of them, so the whole thing appears with such a ” pretty” lacy rim. Right, no one notices it, but I do, and of course, all of us here on this blog too. We are the absolute minority, in fact, we are so rare.. it feels lonely !

  503. clark Says:

    About an hour after I posted the jets disappeared and after the white haze drifted off the sky was clear and blue all day.

    Found this in the comments section of the article, don’t know if there’s anything to it:


    September 17th, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Of all of the research I have done on geoengineering, all roads lead to one man.

    Google search this phrase exactly how it is:

    “david keith” geoengineering filetype:pdf

    This guy is set to be the next Al Gore — a greenie who engages in massive scientific and eugenical fraud, to make millions of dollars off of it.

    His front company is called Carbon Engineering, and if you think the chemtrails are bad now, wait until you will never see a blue sky ever again! This company is “angel-funded” which is globalist speak for multi-billionaire funded. William Gates is the prime suspect because lately he has been promoting the same EXACT technologies that David Keith has developed/theorized.

  504. clark Says:

    There’s a really bright moon with a purple halo on this clear night, I can see a white mist from several chemtrails, and several more chemtrails are in the distance.

  505. Celline Says:


    wow, so in love w. this guy !
    Clark I checked out David Keith, because I never heard of him be4.
    Those are insane people, and what we discussed earlier ( the ending and new beginnings on planet earth ) looks truer and truer by the minute !

  506. Celline Says:

    Any of u ever watch Bill Maher? I used to love watching him, because he was the perfect guy to make me so mad, I felt like blowing up, and that sorta felt good.. it was as if I could just dump all my anger on one target.
    Well, he was on new season on HBO tonight.
    Even the comedian in him is no longer able to hide his dispair.
    Inane and completely avoiding all truth, his show won’t last thru this season, I ” predict.”Ooops I am getting too far away from our subjects, but maybe it was worth mentioning anyway.

  507. Celline Says:


    found this on Twitter just now.

  508. Celline Says:

    Clark, I just went outside to look at a very bright moon, and it has a Purple shadow !!!

  509. clark Says:

    What do you mean by shadow? Do you mean the dark side of the moon?
    What I saw last night was a well defined thin (Sharpie pen sized) ring around the moon about an inch or so away from the moon and it was more of a violet purple than just purple.

    It was cloudy and rainy all day here today, and yet I feel slightly sunburnt, with headache and pressure.

    The drivers on the road, I don’t know if it was because they aren’t used to driving in the rain after so many sunny days, and this being the onset of the first colder weather and Fall-like conditions (just yesterday air conditioning was required) but was there ever a lot of bad drivers on the road, swerving, driving way too slow, lots of wrecks. Maybe it’s nothing? Idk.

  510. Celline Says:

    I meant :Ring around the moon, clearly of a purple color.
    Sorry my expressing myself isen’t always very good.

  511. ericswan Says:

    I wonder if that ring around the moon was predicating a fog bank/rain from California to Alaska including Kamloops, B.C., snow in the mountain passes of Montana, record low temps on the coast.

    FF..here’s a library book you don’t need to return..


  512. Celline Says:

    Could be Eric, but it surely was a strange sight.
    Today, as usual, nonstop floating chemclouds coming in from over the Pacific.. yet in the East ( desert) skies are unblemished and gorgeous and blue. Our temps are too low, yet the deserts seem normal according to what the natives tell me, go figure..

  513. clark Says:

    The violet purple ring I saw here in the Midwest was darker than the one on the photo on this page. The odds seem a bit stacked that I have the same clouds & ice crystals as the West coast did at the same time producing the same color. Here’s a link to an official explanation? and a comment like mine:


    Weather is local. Therefore, so is this effect. Not everyone in the whole world could have seen the same thing. C’mon Alex, I thought you were a scientist.


    I am here in Arab, AL this is the first time I have ever seen anyhing like this..


    From another webpage:

    …it was something none of us had ever seen before and our oldest is in his 50s.

  514. Celline Says:

    All of us here are doing our best, to describe what we see, and all of us research much and we are sharing all of our findings here. There is goodwill between us and sharing of thoughts, but mainly experiences
    Everything that I described, is what I saw, researched and/or experienced. To be ” discredited” in any way , is a suggestion, one is not telling the truth , more or less.
    Something like this, devalues the whole blog, unthinkable, after all the work and time that went into it all.
    I only describe what I see.. the best way I know how.
    If this doesen’t ” cut it” or is doubted, then my convictions of integrity and honesty are belittled.
    Thus, for right now, I will no longer participate until such time the latest comment is evaluated and put in it’s place. If I did not express myself correctly, please let me know and I will clarify.

  515. ericswan Says:

    You are trying too hard Celline. Clark was posting comments from another website that was a year old.

    It’s nonstop record rain here with snow forecast for Banff and Calgary, Alberta over the next couple of days. Chemtrails prolly have nothing to do with this weather as it is a pineapple express from Hawaii combined with a jetstream that has split in half (which is manmade) with half running north and bringing that ice age we were talking about to England and Scandinavia, and the southern fork combining with a Pineapple Express heading south and east to the Atlantic coast. The farmers will be claiming foul this fall when they try to bring in their crops but it ain’t gonna happen.

  516. clark Says:

    Was this part what gave you fits, Celline?

    “The odds seem a bit stacked that I have the same clouds & ice crystals as the West coast did at the same time producing the same color.”

    Meaning, the ring might have been caused by chemtrails, and not thin clouds that stretched from the West coast to here.

  517. clark Says:

    Came across these comments, for what’s worth:

    September 20th, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    … I know patriots who live in Denver. They report no chem trails this summer. Maybe these federal people don’t what to be poisened.

    September 20th, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    …very little chemtrail action south of grand junction this summer,but spring time was everyday.maybe why crops did terrible in this area this year

  518. clark Says:

    Before the intense thunderstorm rolled in today there was some clearing with blue sky and a very light wind. The chemtrails were heavy. One chemtrail that looked like it was hours old was a wide and tight cork-screw the whole length. Another fresher narrow one had the cork-screw look to it as well. I don’t recall seeing them do that before.

    Another new behavior, many of the horizon to horizon chemtrails weren’t straight lines like they almost always are (some were straight as an arrow next to them) they seemed to blow in the wind slightly in both directions, as if a rod running up the middle had been removed so they shifted in the light wind, yet they still stayed within the same boundaries the whole length.

    The parallel lines seemed closer together than ever before too.

  519. clark Says:

    Celline, are you still miffed? My comment wasn’t in any way discrediting you. Besides, now we’re even,… and as much as I detest the fact that you were or are involved with the pigs somehow or other, I appreciated your input and attempts to show the world WTF is going on.


    Like it matters anyway, the world does not want to know, all too many people purposely chose Not to Know, and they like it like that. It’s sickening & shameful… “And That’s The Way It Is…”

  520. ericswan Says:

    Hot off the press. Mike Nichols is reporting the reason you both saw a hue around the moon at such a great distance. I saw it too but just a couple of days ago.

    Mike is saying that they have a new compound for which he has seen the patent, that sprays metals that are sky blue. They spray late at night and above the cloud formation. The metal is andydrous nickel which is coated with chemicals that drys out the atmosphere. That’s why the clouds you see on the coast disappear over the desert. That’s why you here jets at night but don’t see trails. That’s why we all saw a discoloured moon thousands of miles apart.

    Mike recommends rehydrating your homes even if you just boil water. I have a few other observations to make but they haven’t quite jelled in my mind. The main thrust of Mike’s message is that chemtrails are “mind control”.

  521. ericswan Says:

    That should read anhydrous nickel and now that I’ve reread your comments, the full moon I saw was more of a lime green colour and about the same dimension as you described as a sharpie thickness and mostly at the bottom two thirds of a full moon. I think this has a great significance in what we have been doing. Many people were reporting that they eased up on chemtrails this summer. The full moon we all saw has revealed what is really going on.

  522. babette Says:

    Two films revealing what ‘they’ may have planned for us next: “The Event” and “Skyline.”

    Excellent comments, as usual, but my fav has to be Clark’s to the ever sanctimonious C:
    “… as much as I detest the fact that you were or are involved with the pigs somehow or other…”.

    If any of you see one, or both, of the above-mentionned films please do share your thoughts.

  523. Celline Says:

    This explains much, Eric ! Especially my observation of the 24/7 chemclouding near and over the ocean. By the way those ” clouds” are releasing substances to the ground, I can see how whatever it is.. is released out of them.. til they are empty, and thus, vanish. My car is constantly covered with yellow/ brown spots. While driving in the desert w. no trees around, one drop after another is cluttering up my windshield. Seemingly coming out of nowhere. The farther I go East, deeper into the desert.. it stops completely, and skies are as clear as can be.
    We have an incredible heatwave right now and the same thing is happening. “clouds” that release a substance.. til about 20 miles inland.. than nothing but blue skies.

  524. Celline Says:

  525. Celline Says:

    http://www.examiner.com/political-spin-in-national/oil-spill-media-blackout-evidence-bp-buying-scientists-to-hide-data #back to that oilspill

  526. Celline Says:

    what I just saw, is new to me.
    I came from East driving toward West. Skies seemed completely clear blue. Then I saw it, toward the west, very faint, pale stripes about 30m in length, 8 of them all the way West, then as if staggered, toward the East a lane with 6 stripes, then 4.. then 8.. all about the same length.
    Only if you would be searching for it would you see them, that’s how faint they are. They reach from horizon to horizon all the way in the West.. and toward East narrower. I have a hard time describing it, because I have never seen this before. Hope it can be understood correctly?!

  527. clark Says:

    Did they look sort of like a sheet of college ruled notebook paper?

    I’ve seen the, “Only if you would be searching for it would you see them, that’s how faint they are.” kind of sky painting before.

  528. clark Says:

    The sheet of lined paper, I’m thinking it’s what they do horizontally in a vertical way, instead of a roof, it’s a wall?

  529. Celline Says:

    Today, incredible heat, easterly light wind, blue skies.. except for:
    From over the Pacific approaching us, is a “line” from horizon to horizon, from where I stand and look, ca 10m thick !.
    Not like yesterday, when there were stacked lines, thin but from horizon to horizon, yes, like in a notebook but the lines had different lengths.

  530. Celline Says:

    http://www.atlantapremiere.com/ Michael Murphy just sent me this.

  531. Celline Says:

    this is what our skies look look today !

  532. ericswan Says:

    No wonder you have trouble describing these [clouds]. Never seen these described or photoed anywhere else. The stuff looks gloopy.. Let’s check with Clark and see if we can add “gloopy” to the dictionary of chemtrails..LOL..

  533. clark Says:

    Heh, wow.

    Misty gloopy lava rock clouds?

    My skies had a lot of the misty stuff most of the day – minus the gloopy lava rock clouds – it looked the same. Followed by wide sections of varves.

    The day started with clear skies and the day ended with clear skies. And there was only one chemtrailing jet which flew through the misty clouds with short chemtrail spokes on the leading edges.

  534. Sky Says:

    NWO Weather Manipulation Fun And Games on the West Coast :

    Hello all, specially to you Celline. Ain’t it a scream ? Zero degrees C 5 days ago here in my valley … everybody was hauling in their tomatoes…then , Saturday night it was 22 degrees C ( around 70 degrees F ) – AT 2 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING !!!

    March, April, May, June we barely hit 10 degrees C, most days. Our local beekeeper lost his queens because he needed- and didn’t get- a full day of 20 C before the end of May in order to get his bees into breeding mode.

    Listening to Jeff Rense and just caught the weather down your way, Celline. One of the weather bigwigs called your temperature variance ” shocking. ” After one of the coldest summers on record….107, and 111 degrees F in your area today. Woohoo ! Summer’s finally on it’s way. Unless…unless…they decide to bury us all under 10 feet of snow tomorrow.

    I am so sick and tired of this damn DELIBERATE weather manipulation I just want to scream. But at who ? Ain’t nobody listening ( you guys excepted, of course.)

    BTW – Does anybody else feel like they’re being microwaved from the inside out ? Yesterday was coat weather here but everybody was cooking, sweating and clammy. I took the dog for a walk and I didn’t wear a jacket so my skin was cold, really cold to the touch after the walk. Normally it takes me a hot bath to warm up when my skin gets that cold . But yesterday ONLY my skin was freezing. I was burning up inside.

  535. Celline Says:

    Hello Sky, so good to hear from you again.
    No I have not experienced this “cooking on the inside”, and I hesitate to put another suspicion into my notebook of awful things to be leary of, know what I mean?
    Seems to me, the Bilderbergers themselves are getting confused about their own deeds. They are into it over their heads is what I think.
    They thought they could master everything and play god. I think all and everything got away from their creepy clammy evil paws.
    And no one is smart enough to get a handle on it now, I feel it all is spinning out of control. Just my thoughts ! Stay w. us Sky, we need you !

  536. Celline Says:

    Eric, ” Gloopy” is good, because it sounds exactly.. what the stuff looks like” GLOOPY”!

  537. clark Says:

    @Sky, microwaved from the inside out, yup. You described it well.

    Also, normally I see a bazillion crickets of many kinds throughout the year, it just occurred to me, I haven’t seen a one all year.

  538. Sky Says:

    12:00 AM. The witching hour and the temp is still a shade over 20 C. We hit 20 late this afternoon and the temp has NOT budged. Not when the sun went down. Not when the wind hit.

    In the OLD world, mother nature’s world, the temps went DOWN when the sun went down . Unless there was a warmer system blowing in… which there isn’t !

    This reeks of standing wave technology like they used in Russia and Pakistan this summer to split the jet stream in 2 and then STALL it to create the disastrous and SUSTAINED droughts, fires and floods.

    Weather Wars . No doubt about it. The black horse of famine rears his ugly head.

    Pakistan got hit in its most fertile region – the Swat Valley, where ” coincidentally ” the NWO is busy hunting down the Taliban.

    Russia didn’t just lose it’s wheat and grains – HALF their potato crop is gone too.


    Next up – our Canadian prairies :


    Then there’s Brazil and Australia.



    Just imagine the blood drenched lucre these satanists are rolling in . It’s REAL easy to make trillions on the futures market when you KNOW ahead of time just which commotities are going to be wiped out via geo-engineered drought and flood. Oh, and as an added NWO bonus… millions of us useless eaters stand to be wiped out .

  539. Sky Says:

    I need a hellfire church. Are there any ? Where are the FIGHTERS of evil ? Church Christianity has been bastardized to the extent that most Christians do NOT want to talk about satan in any way ,shape or form. You all know the ” look ” you get from these guys when you mention satan. Then comes the happy, happy talk and the change of subject.

    Never forget that our controllers stem from a fully demonic bloodline, They are psychopaths and psychopaths are GENETICALLY different. This has been measured and confirmed through bran scans. Psychopaths have no conscience and no empathy. They’re not hardwired to have these feelings.

    So where does this leave us ? It leaves us in an open air gulag where we are being physically and mentally tortured to death with the demonic psychopath’s weapons.

    We can spread the word. I still do. But I see their program escalating. I can feel it. I don’t harbor ANY hope that things will change for the better. How can they with a psychopath blocking every gate and the population deep asleep ?

    Our ONLY weapon is spiritual warfare. But what I never realized, what I found out too late, what I find so very, very demoralizing and depressing is this : How FEW in number are those who stand AGAINST satan !

    Many claim to stand with God but what the hell ! What kind of a stand is that if you can’t even mention satan and the dark forces around them ? Shhh. Hush up. They’re sleeping. : – (

  540. clark Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Sky.

    When you wrote, “We hit 20 late this afternoon and the temp has NOT budged. Not when the sun went down. Not when the wind hit.” I have written here a couple of times about the same effect, and turning the air conditioner on high for hours doesn’t change a thing.

    Your description of the crop loss and drought reminded me of when the goberment wiped out the buffalo to kill the Planes Indians. The ends justifies Any means.

    When you wrote about the droughts, I couldn’t help but think of the dry conditions in Colorado, and them not having any chemtrails all Summer.

    Re: the spiritual fight, in the big picture (not one on one interactions) maybe it’s not our fight to fight. Maybe it’s just our place to endure, and the challenge for us is to be of good cheer the whole while? That’s not something that is easy for me to embrace, but, what other conclusion is there?

    The way you write about people’s reactions to Satan is the same way people react to the idea that housing prices won’t continue to go up, or that renting is a good idea, or when the subject of self-defense comes up, it’s like people have had a switch thrown in their brains or something and they cannot approach any subject dealing with self-defense of any kind: spiritual, economic, or physical,… unless it’s part of an attack kind of thought/discussion/whatever.

    Self-preservation removed?

    This all reminds me of a story I’d heard was in the Bible, where a whole city was made blind. Could you imagine being the only person with sight in such a city?

    I think I’m understanding the parable of the grape vine much better now, at least I hope so.
    The change for the better is at the end.

  541. ericswan Says:

    For what it’s worth, I have to agree with your observations. I’ve been sweating bullets for the past couple of nights either at work or on my days off. It has cooled off considerably for now with a completely overcast sky that is threatening rain and very blustery winds overnight and gusting this morning.

    Yes, weather manipulation but is it micro waves?

  542. ericswan Says:

    The interesting thing about the Swat VAlley is that you never heard of it until they started driving the people out in their fake terrorist attacks. The reason you didn’t hear about it or places like Kosovo or Serbia is that these places are their respective bread baskets where the people there work hard to improve their lot in life where food and work is plenty which is an ananthema to the NWO.

  543. Celline Says:

    Sky, you described to a “T” what I am observing also.
    We have no official churches, who get into warfare, found this out some years ago. This is, because the leadership has long ago been bought and paid for. If they want to keep their tax-exempt status, they better tow the NWO line. First, I used to ask questions, even fight with my pastor,, u name it, I did it.. but was put on “iggy”!
    I still have a close pastor friend in MN, but he doesen’t respond to my questions either. So, I no longer attend any of them.
    I am aware of all that you are describing, the bloodlines and all, and the psychopath criminals. No, they have no conscience or emotions, they simply want us dead. I have a couple of prayer partners, and we do what is so sorely missing: Spiritual warfare. This is not even a drop in the bucket.. but, God spared Sodom, as long as He could find 10 good men ! I know for a fact, there are more than 10 doing spiritual warfare.
    We are on God’s mercy.. period, it’s all we have.And it has to be enough.
    Our skies today. no one would believe ! It is a mixture of: Rolled oats, Gloop.. and veils ( dripping lacey clouds ). God only knows what’s dripping out of them, but you can see it oozing.
    Just got mail from near Hamburg, Germany, and he sais: ” Same here Addie…. zackly the same. except rain, pouring since about a week, and everything is starting to flood again !” His words, he’s 18 !
    It’s still very hot, but the schmiered up sky, keeps most of the sun veiled.
    The light of the sun is brownish’yellow, very weird.

  544. Celline Says:

    This is another thing I have never seen before.
    The heat is great yet there’s not a sunbeam to be seen.
    The sky is totally chemtrailed in. I can’t make out, if there are maybe a couple of thunderclouds in this mess or not, but it doesen’t look like it to me. There are: Veils, lumpy oatmeal, goops and nappy hair.. is best I can describe this unbelievable mess. From horizon to horizon, a tiny little blue sky spot in the north. All this and it’s about 90 here, close to the beach. I would love to know what the desert looks like, but won’t venture out there today.

  545. clark Says:

    “Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it. So God Himself incapacitates many men, by color-blindness, to distinguish colors, and leads the masses away from the highest Truth, giving them the power to attain only so much of it as it is profitable to them to know. Every age has had a religion suited to its capacity.”

    — Albert Pike

  546. Celline Says:

    @Sky, since yesterday I understand what you mean w. ” feeling microwaved”. It is muggy, yes, but not hot, it’s only about 75.
    Skies are filled w. the usual, stuff that looks like cottage cheese, and then these white flat looking ” clouds “, in regular patterns where u can make out, how it has been laid down by whatever aircraft.
    There’s a pleasant breeze ,so overall, it should be a comfortable day.
    But: I feel hot, my head feels like it wants to burst ( maybe that’s too strong of a word, but I can’t think of a better one )! In other words, according to the overall conditions, it should be comfortable. But I feel like ” burning up” for no obvious reason. I feel so stressed thinking about my son, who’s working outdoors the last few days, and must feel wiped out. It’s one thing if you can just sit and relax, but those who need to work hard under those strange conditions must be affected.
    I will ask him about this when he gets home. ( worried mother here.)

  547. Celline Says:

    remembering my life under communism, I see the following:’ Restricted Travel !” 1. they made flying such a huge pain that you no longer want to fly anywhere, and as of today, they are warning us of travel in Europe because of ” terrorism” ! BS ! We werent allowed to travel anywhere under the commies, can’t help myself but “smelling a rat”!

  548. Celline Says:

    On ” Twitter” I have many European buddies, they all are upset over the fearmongering about Europe-Travel. It will hit them hard in their pockets.
    And that’s part of the bigger plan, to push Europe’s economy down down down, just like our own.
    It’s not really our Blog-subject, but somehow, it’s all hanging on the same string….. one goal.. many different ways to achieve it.
    Bin Laden, I heard, lives in the US, and is a bossom buddy of the Bush family, But you probably are aware of this !

  549. Celline Says:


    another trailer from Griffith’s new documentary .

  550. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well here we are…..only two more days until “Armageddon Part Deux” according to our intrepid analyst the “DUDE.”

    Still stick by 10/10/10 Mr. Dude? Or have the revisions begun? After all, next year offers 11/11/11……..

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from giving you a little poke. Strong conviction is a wonderful thing, but it is best built with a solid foundation.



  551. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Comments are now closed for this section. Please continue your comments and observations on chemtrails in the new section: “What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 7” located here:


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