The Genius of Stanley Kubrick


Stanley Kubrick’s movies are cultural icons. From the groundbreaking “2001 A Space Odyssey” to the dark comedy of “Dr. Strangelove” or the nightmare future world of “A Clockwork Orange” we see cinematic genius at work. His treatment of the Vietnam war in “Full Metal Jacket” captures the raw reality of Marine boot camp like no other film I have ever seen.

It is now being revealed that Kubrick’s portrayal of the interior of a B-52 nuclear bomber in “Dr. Strangelove” was so accurate, he ran the risk of being investigated by the FBI! Check out this article:

However, the last movie he ever made, “Eyes Wide Shut” with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, initially struck me as a bizarre disappointment to an otherwise brilliant film oeuvre. The plot seemed weird and improbable, and the movie hinted at some deeper meaning but I had no idea what.

Well……fast forward to the present day. My understanding of esoteric knowledge is vastly improved and I can now recognize patterns and symbols that before completely escaped my untrained eye and un-tuned mind. And it hit me…..Stanley Kubrick is a GENIUS!

“Eyes Wide Shut” is a literal and symbolic depiction of the Illuminati. The people that REALLY run things in this world. Look, I know you have been culturally brain-washed to “poo-poo” the idea that the Illuminati exists (we all have) but they really do exist. Here is some background information: Also take a look here for a lot more information:

Interestingly, Stanley Kubrick died mysteriously four days after completing “Eyes Wide Shut.” Another curious fact is that he died exactly 666 days before the date of his famous movie “2001” (i.e Jan. 1, 2001). Officially, the seventy-year-old Kubrick died of a massive heart attack, despite having no history of heart disease and that his family reported him as feeling fine the day before his death. Perhaps he did die of natural causes. Perhaps he did not. See “How the Globalists Create Heart Attacks” here:

But I digress, the reason for this lengthy post is to encourage you to go and read an amazing analysis of “Eyes Wide Shut” (complete with stills from the movie) that reveals the true symbolism and Illuminati theme of the movie. Seriously – READ THIS REVIEW:

In closing, many have commented on the Illuminati sex-orgy in the mansion that the Tom Cruise character finds himself in.

There is a practice known in the occult called “Sex Magick.” In general, this involves certain sexual practices combined with spells and incantations meant to capture and focus the creative/destructive force of the sex act. The most famous practitioner of this would be the “Great Beast” Aleister Crowley. Here is some additional information:

As always, I welcome *your* comments and insights.



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  1. Nname Says:

    Stanley Kubrick was a 33 degree freemason… check that out.
    Not a genius, but part of the Illuminati and p art of the problem
    you are talking about.

  2. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Nname, thanks for your info on Kubrick. I have no doubt that he was an initiate into the Brotherhood. As I alluded to in the article, his mysterious death shortly after completing “Eyes Wide Shut” may have been the result of revealing too much. The Illuminati love revealing symbolism right in front of the eyes of the uninitiated…but if you take the game too far and reveal too much; well….bad things can happen.

    I still feel the majority of his films are cinematic genius (even more so in the way he works Illuminati symbolism throughout most of them). Genius does not have to be benevolent. Surely you have heard the term “Evil Genius.”



  3. solsburyhill Says:


    What’s your take on the following?

    The satanic ritual scene in the movie Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in one of the Rothschild mansions. (DO search on google to verify what I’m saying) Then go to youtube and type in Sir Evelyn De Rothchilds Global Financial Crisis and listen to Rothschilds voice closely. It is the same exact voice of the satanic priest leading the ritual.


  4. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello “solsburyhill”

    Your information intrigued me. I did a quick check and what I found is that the exterior shot of the house is indeed an old Rothschild Estate “Mentmore Towers.” However the interior shots of the orgy scene were filmed at “Elveden Hall” which was formerly owned by the The Maharajah among others.


    I listened to the YouTube clip. You may be onto something. The “actor” that played the satanic priest is wearing a mask, so his voice is muffled. I can’t say for sure, but the way the Illuminati like to put their symbolism and double-meanings right “in-the-face” of the gullible public….it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was his “Lordship” Rothschild!

    Here is a short youtube clip that you may be familiar with, but perhaps other readers are not. It does a pretty good job of distilling this very complex movie down into into key elements:

    EYES WIDE SHUT video analysis

    What’s my take on all this? Well clearly the Rothschilds are Satanic. Of course, we know this even without the film. They occupy the “top-of-the-pyramid” – and have for a very long time.

    However, this movie gives us a “fictional” (note the quotation marks!) glimpse into their dark world.

    Here is a link to an online book about the Rothschilds: “Thug Family Dossier”

    Another clue I would like to share with everyone is that in the English town of Milton Keynes there are statues that bear an uncanny resemblance to some of the masks in “Eyes Wide Shut.” The whole town is brimming with Illuminati symbolism. You can read more about it here:

    Eyes Wide Shut analysis by Ellis Taylor

    Anyone that doesn’t recognize that Stanley Kubrick’s last film is dealing with something much more sinister than marital infidelity is going through life with their EYES WIDE SHUT……..

    Thanks for your input!



  5. solsburyhill Says:

    FoundingFather 1776,

    Thanks for your prompt feedback. I shall indeed take a look at the links that you have referred to. The subject is far from new to me, but I can always learn something on the way.

    Speaking of Rothschilds, the following link can perhaps be of some interest to you if you haven’t come accross this before in your “studies”. It gives an in-depth account of the 13 ruling bloodlines.

    To what extent the information is fully accurate, I cannot judge at this point. But, I am working on it…



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    […] after releasing his final film “Eyes Wide Shut” (please see our earlier post located HERE entitled “The Genius of Stanley Kubrick” for more insight into this blatant expose of […]

  7. matthew gill Says:

    You are leaving out a terribly big piece of the puzzle. Google stanley kubrick jesuit. You will come across a website (hopefully) about the art/film instructor at a jesuit university in north carolina. The guy in the article says that kubrick contacted him during the making of the movie to get JESUIT ROBES for the orgy/cult scenes….then pay attention to the music that is symbolically being played BACKWARDS… its chants used for roman catholic ceremonies..its obviously backwards to show that things are opposite of what they seem….. the illuminati… HA.. no way jose… the roman catholic church with aid from jesuits is making it look as though freemasons, illuminati, knights of colombus, even JEWS rule the world… how do they manage to do damage control for something so sinister… easy.. THEY CONTROL ALL THE SECRET SOCIETIES…. wake the fuck up.. its not the illuminati… its not freemasons… its not the thule society… its not the vril society.. its not the rothschilds or the rockefellers… all those groups are being used overtly on purpose… its like dangling a shiny toy in front of a little kid… it gets our attention and our interest.. in eyes wide shut you will notice that kubrick certainly does drop dimes on freemasons and sex slaves with the whole tom cruise had to get a costume scene… just watch it over and over and youll know what i mean… then he exposes other groups in an oddly open way with the model/coke addict/prostitute and how she was at that party openly “unmasked” and how she was at the orgy masked…. im sure at the secret meetings and stuff they dont run around wearing robes… but for someone trying to slip that into an expose it speaks volumes… not to mention the fact that kubrick NEEDED the exact thing… if he had just wanted to film an orgy scene with wierdos wearing masks he would have just picked that stuff up from anywhere… but he HAD to get those robes from the jesuits… why… also read about the symbolism with the different masks… just the masks symbolise so much… you need to watch it again..

  8. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Matthew,

    I appreciate your input. I don’t know if you realize, but I do allow people to post links in their comments. If you can provide the links to the Kubrick “Jesuit robes” story, I would be most interested in looking at it. I might be able to find it myself, but I like KNOWING that I am looking at the SAME evidence someone is presenting for discussion.

    You will get no argument from me that the Catholic church is corrupt. Just the pedophilia scandal alone and the way it was systematically covered-up speaks volumes. I have recommended the fantastic book: “Will Storr versus the Supernatural” before. There is a chapter in that book where Mr. Storr travels to the Vatican and is actually granted an interview with the Vatican’s top Exorcist. That interview is most chilling. In brief, the very elderly priest complains that the old exorcism ritual has been changed. It has been “modernized” and is now LESS EFFECTIVE than the 16th century prayers and ritual they had been using. He fears that this change was done on purpose and indicates corruption from within the highest levels of the church itself.

    However, my problem with your theory is the same problem I have with the rabid jew-haters. You choose to ignore literally mountains of evidence and instead believe that all the evil machinations in the world emanate from one specific group!

    My dear fellow, if the Catholic church secretly “ran” the Freemasons and the Rothschilds as you allege, then we would ALREADY be deeply immersed in a tyrannical one-world government. The fact that we are not illustrates that despite all their money and power, the Catholic church, the Rothschild banking dynasty, the Freemasons and the various other “Illuminati” sub-groups are still just men, and they are prone to the same weaknesses of men. They fight among themselves for power and control.

    Read-up on some of the great business rivalries like Donald Trump vs Steve Wynn. Both of these men are arrogant bastards. Both of them want to build casinos and take suckers money. But they despise each other with a passion and look to undercut the other whenever they can. This is very much like the Catholic church battling the Rothschild banking dynasty. Both want power and control, both are corrupt, but neither one “owns all the casinos” at least not yet.

    Do you remember the “Vatican banking scandal?” I have read some reports that what was really going on was a battle for financial control of Europe and the Catholic church lost and the Rothschild’s won. I have no proof one way or the other, but it was a very curious scandal (with lots of powerful people suddenly ending up dead) that is rarely discussed anymore.

    So while I appreciate your enthusiasm, I cannot agree with your premise that there is only one truly powerful secret group and the rest are pawns. Perhaps that day will come, but we are not there yet, and I hope and pray we never will be.


  9. wyzical Says:

    When I first saw the film I wondered if Kubrick was exposing an Illuminati ritual. I appreciate your work in confirming it. The allegation that Mentmore Towers was used as the site of the satanic orgy is also very interesting. The Rothschild’s succeeded in weakening the Catholic power through the world revolutionary movement they financed in the 19th Century. The Rothschild’s actually became the bankers to the Vatican. There is an old saying that the “lender is the master and the borrower is the slave.” The Rothschilds have set up Central Banks all over the world and thus own and control the money supplies of the nations. To try to count the Rothschild’s wealth in terms of money is very easy. They own all the money in circulation. During their 200 year dynasty they have parlayed their control of money into control of everything else. Money has become the master of all human activity. As the world primary bankers, the Rothschild’s, like the wizard of Oz, issue their orders from behind a curtain and use their “international agentur” and “gentile fronts” to manipulate secret societies, governments, big business, the mainstream media, education, religion, etc. etc. Hollywood is just one of the entities they control and perhaps that is how Stanley Kubrick stumbled onto their use of satanic ritual as a method of keeping their underlings in a state of terror. I have been researching the House of Rothschild since 1986. At first I didn’t believe any of the things I heard about them. In my attempt to disprove the Rothschild legacy, I eventually came to the realization that there is an Antichrist. The ultimate aim of the House of Rothschild is to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and rule the world in a messianic fashion. I know how crazy that sounds, but you can’t disprove it. I have already tried and failed.

  10. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Welcome wyzical,

    This is a topic I find very interesting and relevant. Like you, I started looking into such esoteric subjects with a great deal of skepticism. What I discovered is shocking to say the least. And quite true.

    I encourage you to share any links, essays, book titles or other information you feel is important. More people need to understand the connection between the “Elites” and the occult, and the state-of-the-world today.



  11. William Says:

    This will help you in your research: youtube about a messianic-jew called Bill Schnoebelen (Illuminati/Freemasons) or Russ Dizdar ( What wyzical said is true. In a jewish/christian perspective: if you understand the bible (kjv) you will connect the dots after doing some research about these subjects.

  12. solsburyhill Says:


    Jay Weidner’s interpretation of Kubrick’s “The Shining” (used as a vehicle to disclose the fact that the Apollo mission was a fake) is certainly interesting and perhaps worth a closer look.


  13. foundingfather1776 Says:


    Thank-you for that very interesting essay about Kubrick and Apollo! That was quite a find. I appreciate you sharing that.

    Kubrick is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and one thing I have learned; nothing – I mean absolutely NOTHING is put into a Kubrick film by chance! It is visual code for those that have discernment.

    If anyone else has links to good Kubrick film analysis, by all means – please post them here. It is a subject worthy of attention.



  14. solsburyhill Says:


    You are more than welcome!

    Indeed, Kubrick would never put something in his films by chance. There is always a hidden message in his work, but you need to have done your homework to find this out. This suggests that his films (or rather, the intended interpretation) were never addressed to the dumbed down masses in the first places.

    I have started to go through his films again, but this time from a complete different angle than before. Not viewing, but analyzing. This has opened up a whole new world for me. Certainly time consuming, but worth every single minute.

    This guy was a true genius, and only few people actually realised this. Unfortunately, among them was the power elite who regarded him as a treath to their existence and hidden agenda, and they therefore saw to it that “Eyes Wide Shut” became Kubrick’s last film.


  15. Jenjen Says:

    I, too, was fascinated by Jay Weidner’s articles on Kubrick. I started reading all the analysis of Kubrick’s films I could find. The ones by Roger Ager at are very interesting and detailed. They don’t really touch on the “illuminati” aspect, but are definitely worth the read.

  16. olliephelan Says:

    If you do your research into satanism and LUCIFERIANISM you will find that LUCIFERIANISM has absolutely nothing to do with satanism .

    many freemasons openly discuss luciferianism , any person who favours democracy is basically luciferian . the basic idea was that lucifer rebelled “against the tyranny of god ” …myself and most freemasons (im not a mason ) tend to be athiests . god / devil, heaven / hell are symbolic . so god was basically a dictator , he demanded to be worshiped , all powerfull etc etc . .. lucifer in mythology led a sizeable minority of angels in a rebellion against gods tyranny .And was punished .
    hence the masonic ideals led to the american revolution ,french rfevolution and more than one irish revolutions , usually against tyrannical royals in order to free the people from tyranny .

    OF COURSE these days freemasonry has a different colour , but remember there are 22 million masons ……maybe a few thousand actually have the same type of power that people ascribe to the “illuminati”…….more plans and conspiracies are hatched on the GOLF COURSE than in masonic lodges .

    ABOUT THE VATICAN SCANDAL … the GODFATHER 3 , most of the characters represent real people . read DAVID YALLOPS ” in the name of god” …..for the death / murder of pope JP1 ….by P2.
    P2 was a “rogue masonic lodge” whose function was to recruit the most powerful in italy to instigate a COUP in the likely event of a socialist/communist victory . pope JP1 was about to expose or remove over 40 freemasons in the vatican CURIA and reveal the vatican bank scandal . when the scandal was exposed it actually brought down the ItALIAN GOVT …..p2 consisted of over 200 top military / politicians / bankers / industrialists (a whole govt in waiting )
    KAINSIG = roberto CALVI
    LUCHESE = licio gelli
    corleone = SINDONA (i think )
    the cardinal = a combo of bishop MARCINKUS and cardinal VILLOT .

    VILLOT removed all the evidence from the popes room , anything where DIGITALIS could have been administered . glasses / medicine / slippers / water / slippers .
    he banished the nun that found the pope to an obscure monastery in the alps (sister vincenza) . the EMBALMERS arrived before the official time of death . NO DOCTOR IN ITALY WOULD SIGN HIS DEATH WARRANT .
    digitalis leaves no trace , and causes massive heart failure .
    google ANY of the names above .BUT DEFINATELY CHECK YALLOPS BOOK

  17. Philip Says:


    i only discovered that these kubrick films had all these messages in them and that really fascinates me to learn more…

    I am too in a struggle with my concioussness to figure out what the hell is going on in this world… The more i get to the truth the more dangerous it is…Most of the people are dumb and they are puppets…if you wake up in a place full of sleeping people you will find it very difficult not to sleep again!

    All the best and good luck to those of you who are searchinh for the truth

  18. 05k@R Says:

    Hello, when I first wacht “eyes wide shut”, I knew there was something the director was trying to say, but never thought I was masonic related. I´ve been researching about fremasons in history and stuff, because I am venezuelan and knew Bolivar was a fremason, I visited the grand lodge in London and is amazing, most of my research I did it in the library they have there, well is just that I realized today while listening to some of my favorities soundtracks that this kubrick was realy involved in masonic and ocultism, I am sorry if I sound a bit stupid for not realizing this before, but is just that I didn´t associate fremasonary and movies(I mean real masonary, not da vincy´s code or national tressure kind of thing), but as some of you said before they love to hide things, in ffront of everyone (take a dollar note and see).

    well sorry for the comparasson but I just feel like neo in matrix, when he wakes and see everyone else is still asleep, I´m only 24 but since I was 19 I knew there was somethig out there, i jus hope that me like everyone else here can find it, because it is in our soul to search, maybe it´s nothing, just our need to belive in something bigger or greater than us but this is what moves us and what if were are not wrong (I´m sure were are not) what if all this is true, wouldn´t it be worht knowing.

    well I have to apologize, for my mistakes in the spelling, it´s been 3 years since I move to spain from england and haven´t practice much, to end i just want to say like in another great movie
    “good night and good luck” to all of you in your personal search….

  19. Godsda14me Says:

    Hi guys!!
    I just turned 20 and have been researching about
    The “Illuminati” since I was 15… It just scares me and makes
    Me think what future have I got!? If not me my children etc!

  20. clark Says:

    What? Don’t you know, you’ve Got to work because millions on welfare and social security depend on you. And besides, where’s a bankster gonna get his share from if it doesn’t come from you?

    /Sarcasm off.

    If you’re a Christian, you’re not supposed to be scared.
    I dunno about the other religions but I imagine they have the same outlook.

    Bullies are bullies no matter the age, size or status.
    And,… I’ll trade your 20 for a +40 anytime, at least you’ve got youth and vitality on your side.

    Plus, you have an idea of what’s going on, unlike so many others.
    Now go over to Ferfal’s and get some ideas on what you can do for yourself to try and ride out the storm. mK?

  21. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello & welcome “Godsda14me”

    I agree with Clark’s comments. Be wise, be brave, be aware. Youth is on your side. I *wish* I understood these things when I was 20!

    I do believe (as the bible says) that good will win out in the end. It is going to be a difficult stretch, but knowledge is power and the Illuminati families that rule this planet are going to eventually get their comeuppance.

    Thanks for being a reader and being awake!



  22. Tirbeca Mike Says:

    I find it impossible to believe that Mr. Kubrick, the brightest and most sardonic of film directors, would belong to any sinister organization, with the exception of the Director’s Guild, of which he was a member. You really should devote your assumptions to more mediocre film makers, like Spielberg or Burton. A fellow like Kubrick would never fall for this silliness. Your assumptions did prompt a few laughs, so thanks for that.

  23. foundingfather1776 Says:

    My Dear Tirbeca Mike,

    Reality is not constrained by the limits of *your* imagination or understanding.

    And some have argued that Kubrick was trying to artfully tell people what was really going on. There is no question he was a genius. However, I cannot say for sure what his true motivations were. I am not here to judge the man. The facts are, he very skillfully wove high-level masonic symbolism throughout many of his most acclaimed films.

    Even a cursory study of Kubrick’s work shows that he put NOTHING in a scene by accident. Everything was very methodically framed, like the master chess-player he was. He was legendary for filming take after take of the same shot until he felt it was “right.” So why then did he put all that high-level esoteric masonic symbolism in his work?

    Tirbeca Mike, going through life with “EYES WIDE SHUT” is not something I believe Kubrick would condone.



  24. Siddhant Parkar Says:

    Nice article,please read this one to enlighten yourself even more 😉

  25. Graham Says:

    Enjoyed reading this as well as the comments.

    Been meaning to get round to re-watching EWS. Even the street names are significant.

    foundingfather1776 I agree with your general thesis that it rather silly to ignore all of this symbolism – yet it is also rather silly to jump to any conclusions regarding Kubricks’ true motivations (so well said!). None of us knew the guy.

  26. Randall Says:

    I watched “Eyes Wide Shut”, when it came out. I didn’t give it any thought back then. I watched it again last week and it was so clear. I have been studying the Illuminati since 2004 and know I can see why Kubrick was killed. He revealed too much.

  27. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    I stopped reading after you cited WIKIPEDIA as a source, laughable! First of all, Kubrick didn’t have heart disease? okay, so EVERYONE who suffers a heart attack HAS TO HAVE PRIOR HEART DISEASE? Don’t be ridiculous! And are you his doctor? You have medical proof he had no prior heart disease? Or did you hear it directly from one of his family member’s mouth? The guy was 70 years old for chrissake, as humans we all know what happens around that age. And no the illuminati does not exist, just a bunch of paranoid fools talking about numbers and symbols and names and deciphering their own bullshit keeps them alive.

  28. foundingfather1776 Says:

    My my my…..Methinks thou doth protest too much.

    I’ll type slowly and use simple words so you can understand: I merely stated that *maybe* Kubrick did not die of natural causes…but fully agree it is possible that he did. Read carefully “Idiotic!!!”

    As for your brilliant summation as to the existence of the Illuminati – well your user name is most appropriate. Reality is NOT constrained by the limits of YOUR understanding or beliefs. Look up “Adam Weishaupt” and then work your way back to the present day.

    I realize reading and research is probably not your strong suit. So if your attention span can make it ten minutes, why not watch this:

    If your attention span is a little better, this will give you more details on certain things:



  29. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    wow my reading, research and attention span was good enough for me to get into university, so take it down a notch before you try to act all sophisticated on the internet my friend. And I don’t have to research Weishaupt, because I know who he is, I have internet too (incase you didn’t know).
    What did Weishaupt do that exists in this modern day? Did he say anything about a triangle? did he say anything about an all seeing eye in it? or anything whatsoever to do with the devil and 666? These things are made up along the years by fools like you. And I’m not gonna argue with a conspiracy theorist nut.

  30. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Ohhhh a “University” attendee…and he knows everything already!? Fantastic.

    “Idiotic” – do you by chance live in an area with fluoridated water supplies? Get a yearly flu shot?

    OK – ya got me! I am a stark raving mad “conspiracy theorist nut” – there is no getting past your blazing intellect, that is for sure.

    Keep drinking your fluoridated water, keep getting your shots, keep investing in your 401k and the stock market, and most importantly believe everything the loving government tells you and completely disregard anything anyone else says to the contrary. I am sure you’ll do great!



  31. clark Says:

    HAHAHA – FF.
    Very well said.

  32. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    What?? who said anything about the government? I was only old enough to vote when Obama ran and I didn’t even vote!!! Just because he can give a speech and connect with a younger audience doesn’t mean they aren’t all the same, so yet again ‘FoundingFather1776’, don’t judge me when you don’t know anything about myself and beliefs. And are you really telling me you don’t drink water with flouride in it? c’mon.
    Also, I was only making a point about me attendins LSE because you tried to play me off as being stupid in you previous post, I never said I knew everything.
    Do yourself a favor my friend, take your own advice and be more open and don’t just claim the illuminati for every single thing.

  33. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    And one more thing FF1776…could you tell me what makes the illuminati different than religion, I’ll tell you what I think, in hope you don’t resort to childishly insulting me.

    Muslims kill each other because they belong to different sects of islam.
    Muslims kill christians.
    Muslims and Jews kill each other.
    Muslims and Hindus kill each other.
    Christians hates the gay community and may kill them if they had a chance.
    Christians add to the religion war by wanting to burn qur’ans.
    Christians killed the natives and sent them out of this land because they didn’t want to convert,they basically killed a civilization.
    Columbus killed in the name of Christianity.
    Hitler killed for religion.
    The muslim god orders death to non believers, and gives permission to marry LITTLE CHILDREN.
    The christian god apparently would kill you if you worked on a sunday, even if you have to support your kids and get any available work.

    Now most of what I listed, WE SAW IT WITH OUR OWN EYES.
    But, who has the illuminati killed? As you mention, Kubrick, M.J and other celebrities are brought up. One question though, do we have proof these celebrities died by the hands of this group?
    We have proof that America is fighting a holy war in the middle east for oil, but do we have proof of these ‘celebrity/illuminati’ killings?


    religion- millions.

    illuminati- zero

  34. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Idiotic – I sense you are really trying to understand things, so I will give you a serious answer.

    All the examples you cited regarding organized religions and their attendant murder, mayhem and hypocrisy are quite true. But then at the very end you seem to be defending the illuminati. I am going to assume you are serious; so when you say the Illuminati have killed “zero” that tells me you are just starting to investigate things.

    Perhaps you are like Neo in the Matrix who is seated before Morpheus and is reaching for the red pill but hasn’t quite swallowed it yet.

    I can’t do a knowledge dump here in a few lines, but I can give you a very easy starting point. Study the history of the Rothschild banking dynasty. It is on record they funded BOTH sides of every major war since Napoleon vs Wellington.
    They foster wars, political strife and opression and they profit handsomely from it. Next study the history of the Rockefellers. The father of John D. Rockefeller was a snake-oil salesman peddling opium exlirs from a horse cart and organized the first cartel to sell laudnaum (opium & alcohol) in the country. This was BEFORE his son John D. organized standard oil to control the oil trade. The Rockefeller family is heavily involved in the cancer industry and in funding various eugenics operations. Again, don’t believe what I am saying, go research it yourself (although there are MANY articles here in the FoundingFather1776 archives with tons of links and details).

    The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are literally two of the top “Illuminati” families in the world. Their only honor is atrocity. They despise everything that is good and decent in humanity and actively work to undermine it. And they also happen to be heavily in to the occult and are satanists. Now YOU don’t have to believe in a god or a devil or a religion, but I am telling you THESE PEOPLE DO! And they take their religion, however crazy it may sound, very very seriously. If you go to right now and scroll down to the article “Baroness Rothschild shows off Satanic Neck pieces” you can see for yourself how blatant they are about it. Now you can disregard this all you want, but I am telling you these people take worshipping the prince of darkness quite seriously.

    That does not mean that because these people are bad, then we should all start listening to every crackpot money-grubbing glitter-bug preacher out for a buck or overlook every Catholic priest trying to molest a child or every Zionist Israeli happily killing off Palestinians or any other such evil from so-called “religious” people.

    I can’t tell you what to think or believe, but I can tell you that Good and Evil does exist, that God is real, and that this life is a test. Agree or disagree, but that is the conclusion I have come to after years of research and some rather peculiar things that have happened.

    Finally, my many articles pointing out the existence of the Illuminati are there because if you don’t understand the framework for how the world got to the state it is in today, you will have a very difficult time understanding what is REALLY going on. Obviously, there is plenty of evil in this world that has nothing to do with the illuminati. In my own area, the newspaper recently described the arrest of a 32 year old man caught raping a ten year old girl. Obviously the man is evil, but I am pretty confident he is not part of the Illuminati. However, the BIG evils in the world – the impovershment of entire nations, the World Wars, the regional wars, the eugenics programs, those my friend are NOT by chance.

    “religions” = millions

    “Illuminati” = millions of millions….and counting (and the accounting gets real tricky when you figure in the “religious wars” funded and helped along by the Illuminati families that support it!)



  35. foundingfather1776 Says:

    No Idiotic – I DO NOT DRINK water with fluoride in it, and you shouldn’t either!

    Please read this and check out the links. Everything I am saying is true:

    If you think articles I wrote (and documented) in my blog are biased and inaccurate, then simply google:

    “fluoride rat posion” – – if the 27,900 results that brings up are not enough, just look on the back of a tube of toothpaste and read where it says if you swallow more than a “pea-sized” amount to contact posion control. A “pea-sized” amount of flouridated tooth-paste has about the same amount of fluoride as an 8 oz. glass of water at 1ppm.

    One of the effects of fluoride consumption is lowered IQ, lowered fertility, and lowered aggression. Dumb, sterile and passive, exactly the way the “Powers that be” want us to be.

    If you listen to nothing else I am telling you, you should at least research fluoride – what it does, when it started, and the effects it has on living organisms.



  36. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    I’m not defending the illuminati, I just don’t believe in them existing anymore, if they are real then I wouldn’t mind admitting I was wrong in that situation. But I also don’t believe in religion, well anymore, I believe in God an Jesus, I know it may sound contradicting BUT I think religion has been screwed up by men over years.
    And also the reason I was hostile with my first comment was because I just got tired of seeing all these illuminati youtube videos of people looking at one side of the coin and not even considering the options. I mean you have to admit, alot of people go over aboard with it.
    Also, I read somewhere the Rothschild financed the British against America. I never did deep research into either family(Rothschild, Rokerfeller) except to know they are filthy rich.
    But as I told my friend, if someone worships the devil or is in a secret society, that’s their business, just like when people go to church and worship god.
    Anyway, as I said, I may be wrong, but if i ever get time, I would research those two families.
    Lastly, you said ‘every Zionist Israeli’…I never really grasped what Zionism is…

  37. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I think you are wise to look into these issues. A man with knowledge beats a man with an opinion every time.

    Regarding your last question, just as not all priests are pedophiles, neither are all Jews Zionists. In fact Henry Makow (whose web site I referred you to earlier) is a jew, but he frequently publishes articles critical of Zionism. It is a complicated subject, but if you think of hardcore Zionists as the Jewish equivalent of the KKK you will be close.

    Best of luck to you in your research. Check out my “recommended links” and read through the archives. The truth is more amazing than anything I could imagine.



  38. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    I now saw your comment on flouride…but when I said if you drink it..i meant it in the context of…flouride is prevalent in most of the water consumed, so it’s kinda hard to dodge. And funny you brought up toothpaste, because my mom made us use toothpaste without flouride for quite a few years now, I dunno if that was a good or bad decision tough lol but my teeth are ok.

  39. clark Says:

    I copied this from The Daily Bell today, I’m not sure why, perhaps it fits here?:

    “We are not arguing for an “all-knowing” PE. We are focusing on what we believe to be the probability that enormously wealthy banking families and corollary institutions are engaged in an effort to create global governance and use fear-based promotions as a tool to arrive at this goal. History seems to show that this is a correct interpretation, though one can argue that is all merely coincidence. We will not.”

    If I may, I would add, it is not religions that have killed millions of people in the examples above, but instead, it is government.

  40. clark Says:

    Do “the experts” say there are any other reasons for using fluoride other than for tooth decay prevention?

    When IDIOTIC!!! said, “mom made us use toothpaste without flouride” it caused me to think about those bottles of water marketed as “infant water” with added fluoride. Infants don’t have teeth, why would they need fluoride? And the teeth they do get, they are replaced, so why would they need fluoride? Hmm, that seems either idiotic, or diabolical. Or am I missing something?

  41. foundingfather1776 Says:

    No Clark, you are not missing a thing. I think you summarized it very well. It *is* idiotic and diabolical to push fluoride on people, especially babies!

    I always tell people: “If you REALLY think the Govt. fluoridates the municipal water supplies because they care about your teeth….I’ve got a bridge to sell ya….”

    It seems when I put it like that, most people start to at least think about it….

  42. IDIOTIC!!! Says:

    Well my mom replaced the flouride toothpaste with this herbal type toothpaste her doctor friend recommended, it worked good, like other brands of toothpaste.

    Since the FF1776 had me thinking more seriously about flouride, I noticed on the bottled water I buy in school has the extra added flouride and stuff and that was after I finished the bottle LOL, I have to check that stuff before I buy.

  43. Katie Says:

    Kubrick strikes me as a good person in his last interview…the snippet for some old award or another. The Hallmark of what we are criticizing is needless wars and genocide, and so, why would he lappoon these actions, if he liked them? It can be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team, said the four horsemen!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    look up bruce lipton. read the biology of belief and spontaneous evolotion, it all makes sence.

  45. ben Says:

    personally afterlooking into all of this stuff and taking in so much negativity i came acrooss a guy called bruce lipton. read the biology of belief and spontaneous evolution, it makes perfect sence its the way forward, peace.

  46. AmITheOnlyGirl? Says:

    Wow, I’ve been looking into the illuminati since i was 17. I’m now 20. I was gonna watch the movie, but I’d rather not. I’ve been creeped out by the research I’ve done out of curiousity and I’m not going to willingly subject myself to blatant illuminati symbolism.

    Btw- I read most of your comments and I too, try to avoid fluoridated water, my mom has never taken us to get a flu shot either. She has never trusted those yearly shots and don’t even get me started on the swine flu vaccine! She believes that it’s biological warfare, harbouring infectious diseases in everyone making them a ticking timebomb for death or a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies.

    Since I was a child we had to take ecchinecea(sp?) daily and always had garlic added to everything. She also always gave us herbal medication alternatives. Even though my brothers and I were diagnosed with “ADD” she stayed away from Ritalin. Ritalin messes kids up more than it helps. She kept us away from dark coloured pops, things with red dye, and tetrazine.

    I know that the illuminati is everywhere and that billions of people are subject to their control. The reason though, why the mainstream tends to reject their existence is because of ill-informed people constantly blaming them for unrelated events. You have all this correlation without causation and it just becomes like the boy who cried wolf. So, when something IS caused by them or their symbols ARE present, no one cares anymore or they feel like they’ve heard it a thousand times before and you’re just another conspiracy nut.

  47. Mantra Hand Says:

    This is a great blog. I’ve read much on the Stanly Kubrick phenomenon and I believe it to be accurate. My own impression of Kubrick always made me think I was missing something. After re-watching his movies I can see that there is more going on than meets the eye. I will post my observances of The Shining at some point of anyone is interested. peace in the way…

  48. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Mantra Hand.

    By all means, please share your analysis of “The Shining” – Kubrick is a fascinating subject!



  49. Mantra Hand Says:

    I realized I lost my notes on this subject, but the gist of what I observed related to alchemy, which we know is of interest to the Forces that be. Anyway, what I found interesting is the concentration in any number of scenes on the Labyrinth, which is a representation of power attainment through the chakras. And as we see, Jack Nicholson is a less than pure character in the movie who loses his way in the structure. One could also draw conclusions about the Gold Room(gold being a recurring alchemical symbol of purity) that he enters as well, that ultimately drives him to murder his family. Really wish I hadn’t lost my notes…I will have to re-watch the movie again, as there much more I picked up on. Again, this blog is great, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Don’t let anyone detract you from finding Meaning, even if it is less than fashionable. Peace…

  50. EWhite Says:

    I have to ask, I have not been able to fine anything regarding this but has anyone else ever noticed the re-occurring wallpaper design throughout the movie? I also noted, along with the Christmas trees in every scene (with the exception of the masked party) the paintings in the couple’s home-they all had trees as the main focus, some purely trees-obviously portrayed in a glorifying arrangement-almost that of an object of praise.
    Does anyone know the significance of these things in the movie? The more I watch, the more blatant the symbolism becomes. I am also wondering the reason behind the brief storyline of his dead patient, lying in bed, with his daughter in the room, and the story of her boyfriend.
    Can anyone explain these things? Knowing the Kubrick had a hand in every detail and how particular he was )about everything in his movies, (such as filming Tom Cruise walking into a room 90 times) I know they must have significance, but I cannot seem to find it.
    Specifically, if you look at wallpaper and curtains, throughout different scenes, they all have a similar design.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    check out utube, theres a doc on Kubrick and how everything in the movie the Shining is a confessional of the fake moon landing. and well my friend i’ve deeply researched, and after seeing this it was fore sure. Go back to the moon landings, kinda like 911, once you realize they aren’t real, and that it’s so fn obvious, you can realize that everything is different then it was, that they are capable of lies that are so big , Hitler said the Biggar the lie, the easier to accept. . Just watch the astronauts lying, they couldn’t even remember if they seen stars when they were asked about it, or other astronauts pretending they went through the van allen radiation belt… man it’s so big and so crazy, crazy and big as you could amagine it seems, it’s all there, if you truly want to know, it just takes a little bit of research

  52. noni Says:

    Great article.

  53. clement Says:

    be sure to check out Rob Ager’s analysis if you haven’t (both text & video versions)…

    On his forum someone posted a video of Orson Welles (magician hobbyist) who tells about the shut eye effect that happens to fortune tellers (liars as he says himself). It is the fact that some of them tend to believe that they really predict things. So, EWS could mean that all characters in it are falsely illuminated (a recurrent theme in Kubrick’s movies since A Clockwork Orange), or that we – if we believe all that satanic illuminati propaganda – are going in the wrong direction and thinking exactly what they want us to think.

    There are satanic sects all over the world (strangely over discussed in the media for sure when you know the number of victims each year by police sources), there are elite families ruling 99% of countries businesses & politics…but believing in all the generally admitted illuminati information can be dangerous & fake.
    There’s a movie called “23 – nothing as it seems” (that even includes subtle kubrick references in it) and talks about how a young coke addict & skilled hacker turned insane dying in these theories while staying blind to the actual powerful people around him manipulating him. I’m just saying let’s not buy everything as its given, simply because who give the info ? What for ?

    Also, i saw luciferianism is not satanism on an above comment. Well, this masonic philosophy of the “lumières” can turn into satanism, because freedom of one extended to its maximum leads to sadism, pedophilia and all other perversions. That’s what the Shining is about.
    The light of Lucifer can be a trap, a fake enlightnement that leads to perversion & ultimately possibly murder.

    It also is a promethean “doctrin”, as 2001 is a perfect depiction. That being said, just after 2001 comes A Clockwork Orange with Alex which is being abused by his mother, his teacher, the police, etc…before raping others. It is the following of Kubrick’s reflexion on freedom & free will, and its limits or the never ending cycles of violence if some go beyond.

    That being said, i can’t tell what EWS was trying to establish, simply thinking of it as a dream movie makes you wonder if all you’ve seen is not just the stereotyped evil / sex dream of Nicole Kidman – eyes wide shut.

  54. clement Says:

    sorry i meant satanic sect are UNDER discussed in media…

  55. clark Says:

    “because freedom of one extended to its maximum leads to sadism, pedophilia and all other perversions.”

    Whoa, is that Ever a Big leap. An erroneous one, imho.

    I think perhaps you’re confusing the word freedom with something else?

    The Moral Promise of Freedom

    “Why do you all have to be so big all the time?”

    Freedom of one.

    It’s almost as if you’re suggesting; freedom of none?

  56. Colin Says:

    Anyone have any info on the “Black Palace” i read briefly a long time ago a comment on the youtube video of the sex orgy scene that it represented sex acts that go on there. It said it was somewhere in Saudi Arabia? i kind of forgot

  57. James Says:

    The Illuminati links to Milton Keynes and Kubrick etc. are explored in full in the book ‘Mysterious Milton Keynes’.

    There is also a website at:-

  58. “The Hidden Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut“ | All around Says:

    […] “The Genius of Stanley Kubrick | Foundingfather1776 […]

  59. Chacha Says:

    I was wondering if any one had any thoughts on Kubricks’ film Barry Linden? It’s definitely one of his lesser known films, but it was always a favorite of mine. Also his first film Killers Kiss seems to be teaming with symbolism, all the manikins, and the set where the ballerina is seen dancing (played by Kubricks first wife), was painted by Dahli. I don’t know if any of that means anything or not, I just think it’s really interesting, and was wondering if anybody out there had any ideas, or theories. I just really love a good mystery!

  60. Dave Says:

    Interesting analyses of Eyes Wide Shut and other Kubrick movies at

  61. nonreligious Says:

    hey ff1776 ijust watched room 237 and was astonished at all the hidden messages in all his movies. ive been intrigued by the illuminatti for awhile now( last few years only) but all these young stars that seem to be portraying themselves as illuminatti, are they really a part of the illuminatti, and if so how, and who decides who gets accepted


    Nope, none of you have even begun to scrape the surface.

    The most important message you could take away from this movie is to…’give up your inquiries which are completely useless…’

  63. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Dear INRI – Why don’t you contribute some of your special insight towards the discussion instead of simply remarking how we are all wrong and will never understand?

    I meet a lot of people that try to impress others with a pseudo-intellectualism and a condescending attitude. I meet very few that actually say something worthwhile or provide good insight on a given subject.


  64. Vittoria Romana Says:

    @Chacha, I am under the impression that Barry Lyndon, despite inspired by an english novel, is an indirect hint to the figure of the french writer Choderlos de Laclos (author of “Les Liaisons dangereuses”, adapted for the cinema by Stephen Frears and by Milos Forman with plenty of masonic symbols; check “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Valmont”). Indeed, like Barry and many characters of french literature, Laclos’ origins were mediocre if not humble, but with a lot of strategy, some military skills, flattery and dupery he reached a quite high social status, even before the big success of his wonderful epistolary novel. It’s proven he was a freemason and he was a big advocate for the french revolution and counselor of the Duke of Orléans. He also was highly regarded by Napoleon Bonaparte, to the point that at his death his family received a pension for the will of Napoleon himself (signed documents prove that blatantly). Now, Stanley Kubrick was immensely interested in the figure of Napoleon, and he wanted to make a film on him, and the massive research he made before dying was recently published. I haven’t read those excerpts yet, but being so perfectionist he couldn’t ignore such a peculiar author (quoted also by other movie directors who were much into masonic symbols, like Roger Vadim, who obsessively cited “Les liaisons dangereuses” throughout all his cinema). Writing my thesis on Laclos I discovered that he was working behind the scenes and he was incredibly influent on french politics of the revolutionary era, which later trained the destiny of other countries, due to Napoleon and not only. Kubrick was incredibly interested in the 18th century, the age of the Enlightenment and of the great increase of power of secret societies, with many lobbies, also for females. He tended to address the theme more from the anglo-saxon side, but he sometimes also referred to France, where it all started. Maybe I’m wrong, but I see the choice of the fictional character of Barry Lyndon as a far and watered down reference to the historical character Choderlos de Laclos and his reflection in his novel’s protagonist Valmont.
    And, regarding the Killer’s Kiss, I also see those obects and scenes as blatant masonic symbols. His skillfull use of black and white (choice that he kept in Lolita, despite color film was already available) comes certainly from his past of photographer, but can also be a hint to the masonic symbol of chessboard (Kubrick was a great chess player, by the way), about light and dark side in each person. This is common to other directors too, like Roger Vadim who, in his black and white adaptation of Les liaisons dangereuses, started by pointing the camera on a chessboard-like pavement, making a Laclos’ quote appear on it.

    @EWhite I know for sure that those plant paintings in Eyes Wide Shut were made by Kubrick’s wife (check the documentary “Kubrick. A life in pictures”, where you can also see her paint). I don’t know if they have a meaning related to the tree of life or the tree of Eden or something, or if he simply advertised his wife’s art.

    Am I the only one to find that EWS resembles too closely the word JEWS to be by chance? Also, Arthur Schnitzler, the author of the novel that inspired the film, was an austrian jew. And Kubrick’s family seems to have the same origins.

  65. Vittoria Romana Says:

    P.S. My last words are not to be antisemitic, I am only making neutral observations. That’s important for me to clear that mine is just an inquiry with no fundamentalism or biased judgment in it.

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