Masonic / Illuminati Fun at the Movies…

Dear Readers,

If there is one simple, concise and powerful message I hope you will take away from this multimedia essay it is this: SYMBOLS HAVE MEANING!  Like a fairy-tale that can have one level of meaning to a child, and an entirely different (and perhaps more serious) meaning to the adult reading the story, I invite you to watch and learn.  For here is a rich tapestry of symbols and hidden meaning.

What is the purpose of these symbols and codes “hidden in plain sight” you ask?

To the Elite that are initiates, these symbols and motifs form a language that serves to identify themselves to each other.  More importantly, the believe they derive occult power from the repetition and promulgation of these symbols.

For example, the masonic symbolism on the back of the US dollar bill, the pyramid with the “all-seeing eye” is a powerful talisman to the Elite.  Because there are literally billions of them in circulation, and because nearly everyone carries dollars with them, completely oblivious to the “meaning” of the symbols, the inbred, occultic Illuminati believe they derive immense power from these talismans.

Again, this is what THEY BELIEVE. I am not saying it is true.  Although it is hard to argue with the fact that an awful lot of powerful people seem to be involved in this sort of thing.  And the Illuminati families that own the private Central Banks, *do* decide what images go on the currency.  They also pretty much control Hollywood.  And Disney.  And the popular press.

At any rate, I invite you to sit back, make some popcorn and watch these movie clips with an open mind.  I know the material is difficult, I know it may seem odd or improbable, however I encourage you to consider this a starting point for your own research in recognzing the masonic/occultic symbols that literally surround us.

When you begin to understand the “matrix,” the false perception that has been created to mold and control us,  you will begin to have the power to recognize and defeat it.  Proverbs 3:1-6 says “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.  For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.  She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.”

First up: A classic from one of the true geniuses of cinema, Stanley Kubrick and “A Clockwork Orange.”

There is little doubt that Kubrick was an initiate.  The Illuminati enjoy showing glimpses of meaning right in front of your ignorant eyes.  However, many feel that Kubrick pushed this “exposure” game too far and he died “suddenly” after releasing his final film “Eyes Wide Shut” (please see our earlier post located HERE entitled “The Genius of Stanley Kubrick” for more insight into this blatant expose of Illuminati occult rituals).

Next, we have a modern Science Fiction classic: “The Fifth Element” starring Bruce Willis.  Of course you can enjoy the film and have zero understanding of the Illuminati symbolism it contains…but when you begin to understand….. it adds a whole new dimension!

This analysis of the film “The Matrix” has been posted before, but it is so well done, so thorough and so “in-your-face” that we feel it is worth watching again.

Finally, let us leave you with another classic from the master, Stanley Kubrick who dared to show us perhaps a little too much:

As General Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott) says: “Truth is not always a pleasant thing!”


32 Responses to “Masonic / Illuminati Fun at the Movies…”

  1. lenbenhear Says:

    EVERYTHING is a metaphor depicting the conflict between the Love of the children of Light {Christ and The Creator} and the CONTROL FREAKS of hate, contempt, cynicism, and hedonism {the children of darkness and deception}

    lucifier/satan is a control freak. he is also MAD with a lust for power over others, … and rebellion against GOD, – The Moral Center of the Universe.

    excellent video clips, btw.

  2. lenbenhear Says:

    Oh, btw: (in case you didn’t know it) THE “MUSIC” in these video segments are essentially and THOROUGHLY satanic.

    thought you should know that. (with most people: it doesn’t register at all: but MUCH of today’s “music’ is satanically inspired: right straight to the core. no exaggeration.)

  3. foundingfather1776 Says:


    Thank-you for your comments.

    Did you see the other post that I did called “Masonic / Occult / Kabbalah Music Fun” ? That illustrates even more blatant examples of this topic.

    Here is a direct link:

  4. Elder Shon Simpson Says:

    It proves that we who know there is a satanic conspiracy to bring us closer to thetime of the antichrist.

  5. kaveh Says:

    great job, thanks for all info, just to remind you about the big fraud of Iranian satanic regime with it’s Jewish president Saborjhian or as he call himself Ahmadinejad, they divided Palestinian people and whole Islamic world and preparing Iranian people for New World Order.

  6. leroygreen Says:

    great job. to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  7. ConcernedMom Says:

    Your links led me to a few other videos, such as one for the Truman Show. I now have to wonder if that was a roadmap for what was planned for television and the watching audience. I had a half-connection in my mind that the trend in reality t.v. happened after that movie…which in some way would have been a warning against how such shows suck in viewers. The Truman Show came out in 1998. Survivor premiered in 2000. If we are to believe what John Todd said about Atlas Shrugged being a roadmap for the “enlightened”, then we have to assume that continued entertainment properties also contain clues and directions for things to expect in the future.

  8. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello “ConcernedMom” and welcome!

    You are quite correct that TV serves as the primary tool for “predictive programming” of the masses.

    When you watch something presented as mere fiction and entertainment, your subconscious will accept what is presented uncritically. When you then start to see or hear disconcerting things in real life, you are more likely to “accept” it because subconsciously you have been programmed that it is “normal.” I know this sounds improbable but I assure you it is true. Here is a fantastic free documentary about Sigmund Freud’s nephew – Edward Bernays who developed some of the original mass-mind control techniques and was an extremely well-paid “consultant” to Corporations and politicians looking to sway the masses:

    “The Century of the Self”

    I try and stay away from TV as much as possible. For example, I have never seen an episode of Jack Bauer “24” but from some summaries I have read, apparently he will use torture against “terrorists” to save us from them. Now good decent Americans *used* to be of the mindset that America does NOT torture, that was something the Nazi’s and the bad-guys did.

    But now “Al-Queda” (i.e. “El-C-I-A-da”) is behind every bush and we just HAVE to give up all our rights to be safe and YES people were tortured at Abu Grahib and now it has even come out that children were raped in front of their parents…but it is all for the greater good see? Our Govt. LOVES us and is fighting a noble fight to protect the American people and make our economy strong……Bwah ha ha ha……..

    It just gets to be too much sometimes.



  9. ConcernedMom Says:

    Oh, I agree. Desenthisizing. Happening for years with horror movies, now with violent video games. Blood and gore isn’t so shocking and scary when you’ve seen it so often and have been entertained by it. Ack.

    There was a reference to “hanging it out” in another article. Well, there is a term in writing called “hanging a lampshade on it”. That means if you have something that is questionable, if you simply acknowledge that it is ludicrous you give it credibility. Or, you can make it go away. Such as the new “Angels and Devils.” Let’s bring the Illuminati into the mainstream. Have the name broadcast onto every person through the ads and movie. Then, when someone says, “oh, the Illuminati are out to get us,” the naysayers say, “oh, that was just some movie.” That lampshade works really well.

    I don’t want much t.v. either. Unfortunately, we’re living in the age of Robocop where we have t.v. everywhere from the grocery store now to the sides of buses (in Chicago). I agree, it’s way too much sometimes.

  10. Der Afrikanos Says:

    lenbenhear, I would like to disagree with you on this matter. God represents the force of order and control. As evident from the Bible, christians and jews believe that God made 10 commandments, thus making bounderies for mankind.
    Lucifer(the light bringer) on the other hand freed man from the slavery of these rules by granting us knowlegde, he reprensents the force of chaos and freedom.

    Thus, God is the left eye(right brain) of Horus and Lucifer is the right(left brain).

    You have to see the bigger picture and connect the dots. What I just told you is nothing more than my own current view of the global mythology behind most of the world’s religions, therefore I acknowlegde the fact that I might be wrong.

  11. lenbenhear Says:

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I am of the conviction that DUALISM [Light opposing darkness; GOOD opposing evil] IS REAL. It is not just some kind of artificial illusion or some such thing. Lucifer REBELLED against his Wise and GOOD Creator, {Yahweh-YahOvah, THEternaL} and fell into deep spiritual darkness, along with those who joined his rebellion. – But, THERE IS AN END to the conflict and dualism between GOD and lucifer: it is after the end of The Millennium when there is a final SIFTING and Judgement of those whose allegiance is truly TO CHRIST and RIGHTEOUSNESS, … and those who fall for the *false-freedom* and *false promises* of lucifer and rebellion against GOD’S MORAL ORDER and His Kingdom.
    Jesus clearly spoke about His Kingdom? … What do you think THAT GLORIOUS KINGDOM IS? … submission AND THE LIBERTY THAT ALLEGIANCE BRINGS to His Way of Love *with* right & righteous moral boundaries that define right-relationships.

  12. stef Says:

    Interesting and informative, FF, as always and yet, to my mind, Kubrick was warning us about secret societies/Luciferians, especially in “Eyes Wide Shut,” rather than sneering at us.

    Kubrick was, in fact, educating his public! That, and the juicy rumour that the Apollo 11 mission was faked using his “2001:Space Odyssey” set, as well as his purported intention to be forthright about certain things, as ensues in “Eyes Wide…”, may well have gotten him dispatched.

    As for some of the subliminal imagery brought up in the above videos, well, I’d like to see someone try to make a film altogether devoid of geometric shapes, devoid of anything that could be interpreted as phallic etc. and devoid of images of the sun during daylight, outdoor shots or, for that matter, in any other shape or form, given the sun’s preeminent presence in our lives. Sci-fi movies are exempt.

    Another film director of great import who unquestionably warned us that secret societies/Luciferians etc. were ensconced in our midst, under our very noses as it were, was Roman Polanski in his 1968 masterpiece ‘Rosemary’s Baby’.

    If memory serves, aside from the requisite satanic symbolism, following Rosemary’s ‘unholy seduction,’ the colour yellow becomes ubiquitous and ‘sunny’ etc. patterns inevitably appear.

    Such subtle, and not so subtle, alterations by the director, in colour and pattern choice are regarded as genuinely significant.

    Sharon Tate, Polansky’s then wife (+ guests) was brutally murdered one year later, in 1969. Could one weave a thread between these separate events? Possibly. And I’d add that I give NO credence to the official story re. Manson & Co. as responsible for any of said crimes.

    And here’s one more little thing to ponder…the jubilating coven’s New Year toast in “Rosemary’s Baby”:

    “TO 1966! THE YEAR ONE!”


  13. stef Says:

    Polansky’s pregnant then wife, Sharon.

  14. stef Says:

    Apology: Just watched “Rosemary’s Baby” and realized the colour yellow was almost omnipresent from the start. A huge brilliant sphere in the hallway and a diamond shaped luminescent lamp, the whole apartment brims over in yellow and “L” (for Lucifer) books in yellow appear in medium/medium long shots, particularly at the “connective” dinner and so on.

    Doesn’t alter my comment re. Manson etc., but it’s been 10 years since I watched the film. I think Polansky’s always walked a very fine line….

    There now, all better.


  15. Der Afrikanos Says:

    lenbenhart, I must disagree with you again. Your source of information is the Bible, a book that is hardly credible as it has been edited numerous times. You should instead look at the myths that predate the Bible for another perspective.
    Besides, the teachings of Jesus has been completely perverted in the Bible. If you reallly look close to what he’s saying, you’ll see that his teachings are very akin to the buddhist doctrine.

  16. Rebecca Says:

    The bible is an illuminati masterpiece of deception. The OT god was a butcher who had his own group of Elite who only bred with their close relations yet forbid the common people to indulge in incest. Beginning with Abraham and his descendents, all practiced incestous marriages to produce the desired bloodline that Jesus would come from. The OT speaks of a single world government and religion. Icons have been found of yahweh depicting him with an enormous penis and it is widely known now that the worship of the phallic was wide spread for the elite. Yahweh also had his own female consort, Ashterah, and temple and alters have been unearthed that were dedicated to them as a couple. The common people represent where we are being herded now. We are told to go fight evil while they reap the riches and we die. They steal our money in taxes just as they stole from those of old in harvest and gold.

    Jesus said he came ONLY for the lost house of Israel and all others were referred to as dogs. He taught in parables so the common folks wouldn’t understand him and then he would take his chosen off in secret to teach them. Wake up. The bible is the story being continued on for world enslavement. Lucifer claimed to be the light bringer and star of the morning and Jesus also said he was the bright morning star.

    The followers of the Illuminati will someday round up the rest of us and kill or enslave us. In Revelation when Jesus returns with his chosen, he gives them all a sword to kill all who would not follow him. That is right, he makes mass murderers of them just like the OT god made mass murderers out of the Hebrews.

    The few who are spared to work as slaves in his new world are said to be ruled over those with rods of iron! Sounds more like slave camps and evil overlords but the brainwashed seem to miss these dispicable verses. Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same.

    Read the parable of the talents and notice the last servant who buried his talent because he feared the master(Jesus) because as he said ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. 25So I was afraid and went out and hid your talent in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’

    26″His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.

    So Jesus was harvesting and gathering things that were NOT HIS and expected interest on his money! Bankers are the illuminati and own this world and here the son of ‘god’ loves their usury and ill gotten gain. Also, Jesus oftens refers to the ‘mysteries’….once again, wake up while you can.

    The vast majority of the founding fathers were not christians and Washington even posed for his famous sitting in the pose of Baphomet! All of DC is built on illuminati symbolism and the only bible character presented is evil savage moses who rewarded his men by allowing them to rape, pillage and plunder. He even told them to rape the little girl virgins. It has been long suspected that Moses was a fanatical Egyptian high priest who came from the house of Akhenaten and his so-called godly powers were nothing more than Egyptian magic that all high preist used and guarded with their lives. Bands like the hebrews and Abrahams savages is where we get the words gypsies and gypt. They were cons of the lowest form and that line has continued on till today. Research the intermarrying of the rich elite of this century. No wonder they are all insane like their forefathers.

  17. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Of course you are free to believe whatever you like. Your post reveals an interesting mix of accurate knowledge and incredibly mistaken assumptions.

    I am no Bible scholar, nor am I some fundamentalist “Bible-thumper” type. I am a regular person who, quite unexpectedly became aware of the reality of good and evil while doing research. Then it became a spiritual awakening. I consider myself a *real* Christian with implications I could not have imagined just a few years earlier.

    Here is a more complete accounting and a detailed analysis of the “Parable of the Talents”:

    To say that “Jesus and Lucifer are one and the same” is absurd. Your mastery of esoteric knowledge is exhibiting destructive deficiency with such a pronouncement.

    So when Satan took Jesus to the mountaintop, it was just one and the same entity? Tempting himself?

    Lucifer is a Latin word, literally meaning “light-bearer”, which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, heralding daylight. Use of the word in this sense is uncommon in English, in which “Day Star” or “Morning Star” are more common expressions.

    In English the name “Lucifer” usually refers to the Devil. This usage is not found in the New Testament. The use of the name “Lucifer” in reference to a fallen angel stems from an interpretation of Isaiah 14:3-20, a passage that speaks of a particular Babylonian King, to whom it gives the title of “Day Star”, “Morning Star” (in Latin, lucifer),[2] as fallen or destined to fall from the heavens or sky.[3] In 2 Peter 1:19 and elsewhere, the same Latin word lucifer is used to refer to the Morning Star, with no relation to the devil. However, in post-New Testament times the Latin word Lucifer has often been used as a name for the devil, primarily in fictional works.

    I agree that many concepts taught in this world are not what they seem.

    I *know* that it takes a great deal of effort to even begin to understand the matrix we live in.

    I appreciate unconventional thinking. The problem is, without diligent effort and careful study it is very easy to head down the wrong path.



  18. Rebecca Says:

    You also can believe as you wish but you are wrong. Where in the OT did the king of Babylon, any of them utter these words? For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High”.

    Jesus is the one who is said to have ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of god. As far as satan taking Jesus up to the mountain top to tempt him, it is utter rubbish and a tale from the forgers. Where is a mountain found that is high enough to see all nations of this round globe? They were so ignorant back then they thought the earth was flat with four corners and if you remember that is why the mother church severely punished men like Galileo. You would think the son of god would know more about the planet his pappy created.

    You are just like every other small minded blogger who allows comments and then has a fit when someone has a different view. Any god who would create such a place as an eternal burning hell can go burn there himself and I will not serve such a bloody god even if it did exist. The OT god was a murdering, lying, child abusing mongrel and the entire OT is a tribute to pure evil. Any god that condones the rape of innocent women and little girls is a pure son of a bitch and anyone who worships such a creature is a total imbecile.

  19. foundingfather1776 Says:

    WOW –

    Rebecca, let the hate go. Really. It will do you a world of good.

    And if I was a “small-minded blogger” having a fit because we disagree, I wouldn’t allow your comment would I?

    People disagree here all the time. The free and sincere exchange of ideas is a beautiful thing.

    Best to you,


  20. Rebecca Says:

    “Let go of the hate.” What a sissy thing to say and I bet you learned that in churchy. I will telll you what I hate. All religion is good for is causing war and death to millions of innocent people. The three so-called Abrahamic religions are the reason this world is in the mess it is in and they should be dismantled and declared dangerous. Christianity is by far the most vile one of the entire bunch. I hate hearing about little children being blown to bits in the middle of religious fanatics fighting like demented animals and not giving one damn who gets hurt. They all fight for their stupid man made gods who are totally imaginary and utterly worthless to mankind. The ancient priests created these gods and religions in order to control and deceive idiots and it still works today. You morons even pay those shits to lie to you! I wish with all my heart that we could send you religious freaks to another planet and maybe we could live in peace for a change. You can take your ragged perverted gods with you when you go.

    WOW, FF1776 act like a man and stop groveling at the feet of an imaginary man who liked to be with naked young men in the old garden late at night. I sometimes wonder why men like to get on their knees before some imaginary godman. Seems rather repulsive and degrading to me and nothing makes a man more effeminate than serving jayzus the homo.

  21. Po Says:

    Well well I am so interested in this whole post

    It is so refeshing to read some new perspectives on things

    who is was right in the past is not as important as who is right now!

    Forget dwelling in the past focus on today!

    who did what to whom and why is what got us in to mess

    So much time and engery is being lost here

    so much anger and aggression, and frustration Re. all the things we do NOT know.

    Focus people… we are after all all on the same side… except for the trolls! and actually even they are on our side… they just don’t know it yet.


  22. garth Says:

    true the golden dawn, crowley, masons, skull n bones etc apparantly worship pyramids and the sun, sybolic for “lucifer”

    this is a bastardisation of a teaching that in the early days of egypt, was positive knowledge taught by Thoth or “Hermes thrice great” (as he was known to the greeks). He taught a lot of positive uses of sacred geometry, magic and helped society to grow and flourish.

    If you read the intro to the “emerald tablets”, writings he left before leaving earth for a time, he warned about misuse of sacred knowledge.

    so, IMO, pyramids, the sun, sacred geometry are not evil tools of “lucifer”, although the masons et al have stolen and abused this knowledge, and invented their own (boring, repetitive) symbolism.

    if in their screwy inbred pea brains that are only good for theft murder corruption and rape they eitherr believe themseleves to be, or are “worshipping” a “son of god” with “born rights to rule” IMO they have been smoking waaay too much crack for many years.

    no amount of money, drugs, slaves or power will get you true enlightenment. sure, abundance is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed by all in a respectful manner, however, obsessing over dominating one planet out of kazillions in the universe to the point where you drive yourself nuts and breed repeatedly with your mother and sister in the process, is obvious craziness.

    and what then, if they even succeed in their far fetched world domination plan, what then? theyll still be inbred losers, wont they. having all the money wont make them feel one bit better about themselves, if it hasnt so far, i can tell you!

  23. truly independent media Says:

    global economic news…

    Masonic / Illuminati Fun at the Movies… « Foundingfather1776…

  24. Much zoloft is needed for you kids Says:

    you people are fucking retarded. Take off your tin foil hats and get back on your meds.

  25. I am... Brandon Alexander Says:

    Than you for spreading your wisdom about the hellywod occult propaganda machine that is currently holding our minds hostage as the elite attempts mass conditioning of our most basic beliefs. Im curious though, of your ideas on their intent. Ive studied the occult from many perspectives,starting with spiritual concepts that freed my mind from the “exoteric” christian programming of my kid years until i discovered Zecharia Sitchin and Annunaki aliens who allegedly helped create us “in their image” through genetic splicing. Now im stuck on the symbolisms of said beliefs which brought me to kaballah and Magick . My christian programming has caused much grief in my search for knowledge as i still want to lump things into “good” or “evil”. Kaballah scared the wits out me,almost lost my mind. I know that “good has no opposite”(pythagoras) so evil cant exist unless we humans distort an idea purposefuly(control) or by accident(the vessel isnt pure enough to understand the meaning yet the ego believes it does). The purpose of my expose’ is to show that there are gradations in understanding the occult and also to clear the way for an answer that could trot off the topic, or path ,by explaining a POV ive already integrated…My Questions… Do you think the actors, directors and writers of so many occultic movies are “in on the conspiracy?” Secrecy should be top priority if trying to condition us so that would SUCK if so many influential people

  26. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Thank-you for your comments.

    You asked if I think “the actors, directors and writers of so many occultic movies are “in on the conspiracy?” – I definitely think *some* of them are. Certainly Directors like Kubrick had knowledge of what he was conveying. My guess is most of the actors (like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut”) were completely clueless as to the underlying story.

  27. foundingfather1776 Says:

    So nice to see we have a Freemasonic brother stop by and read our blog. Let me guess – you are a third or fourth degree mason and have no clue about what masonry is really all about do you? You consider yourself a “good person” so of course all this is just a bunch of craziness to you – am I right?

    Why don’t you read some of Manley P. Hall’s books, after all he was a 33rd degree Mason. Here he talks about the practice of summoning demons:

    Here is a “Good” Masonic brother proudly proclaiming he is Lucifer:

    Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  28. I am... Brandon Alexander Says:

    Are naive enough,or vain enough, to believe that the elite care about them in any other way than a pawn on a chessboard. 2nd question… Do you think they are all doing it with negative intent? Ive been accused of having “demons speaking from my mouth” and also accused of “brainwashing” people by merely philosophizing with them. I pull out a bible and show a friend some verses stating a theory and next thing i know im the devil lol. So are we doing the same?We fear what we dont understand and especially fear secrets, and especially x2, powerful people who keep secrets. But secrets arent necessarily bad. “Throw not pearls before swine.Lest they devour them and turn on you to bite off your hand”. Thats what people did when accusing me of braiinwash and speaking demon, also what rebecca in this thread did to you. So lady gaga, rihanna, lil wayne and jay-z all use symbols but speak nothing of value. Sounds like negative intent. Now Tool, Nin, and contrary to appearances, Marilyn Manson all use symbolism but speak “theyre” truths how they see it. You dont have too agree with their views but at least they have deeper thoughts than hustling, killing, robbing, or getting poked in the face. Marilyn manson(not charles) ma seem “evil” but as his dualistic stage name implies theres 2 sides to everything. He speaks of what we research(perhaps, like kubrick,hes trying to expose them through his favorite medium…Art).regardless, hes not lying bout who he is.I xpect symbolism from him. I dont expect to see justin beiber doing the eye of ra(why have symbols that convey deep meanings when you sing about nothing of the sort, and thats why lady gaga is included(whom manson has criticized).Now Tool… unbelievably genius lyrics about everything from genetics to astronomy and from psychology to metaphysics but on the surface is a song bout patience or overcoming fear. Ill end with some lyrics…”Black and white are all i see in my infancy. Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me, lets me see. There is so much more that beckons me to look through to these, infinite possibilities. As above and beyond ospiral out! Keep going! Spiral out! Keep going!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    LMFAO!!! No, I am not a Freemason of any degree.I abhor pyramid schemes.Lol. It’s like in elementary school when we thought the “X” was to multiply but then it was a dot, oh no, parentheses… Thats ok with arithmetic because the X,the dot and the parentheses are all symbols for multiplication even after you graduate. Its just a small step to building a comprehensive understanding of mathematics, whereas the masons will just tell you bullshit then tell you they will give you the real truth only to say its bullshit again, all the way up to the 33rd degree…If you made it that far your conditioned anyways.No thank you. And besides, in todays world we dont have to join “mystery schools” to learn the Occult (hidden) nature of reality. Most of the so called “knowledge” or “wisdom” i have (the vain statement is for flow,”all i know is that i know nothing) ,has come from sitting in silence next to creeks, or from the voice of a stranger, and sometimes it just comes out and i have no clue where it came from. The internet alone has changed the psyche of our species. I beleive its the physical manifestation of the “zero gravity field”, AKA the “akashic field.” As the alchemical statement goes,”As it is above so it is below, as it is below so it is above”.The statement means that the heavens and the earth are reflections of each other. A more known statement is,”And God made man in his image” I beleive our physical world is a world of effects and the cause happens in the spirit world. So the internet I think is a sign of spiritual or conscious evolution. It shows me where the hearts of humanity want to be heading instead of where theyre being led…I started thinking along these lines ten years ago and not a soul could reciprocate a conversation on that level. I was laughed at for even saying secret societies existed. After 9-11, for better or for worse, people have started asking questions… I dont agree with the “elite’s” point of view, but they do believe the “ends justify the means”, and perhaps they mean well but have been corrupted by having access to such a vast reservoir of knowledge without the spiritual maturity or purity to integrate it properly causing imbalance…It doesnt matter really. They have become our shadows,or shadow. We just physically manifested “lucifer” into our existence. It should pop like a zit soon

  30. foundingfather1776 Says:

    FYI – my comment was in response to a comment by a reader calling themselves “Much Zoloft is needed for you kids”



  31. B.A.C. Says:

    Ok…Lots of “Evil” talk going on in this thread and I just watched the video of the satanist you posted. So theres no confusion,I will start by saying I am NOT a devil worshipper,I do NOT intend to mislead people or speak untruths.Im an honest seeker of truth (if thats a good thing why is learning knowledge of good and evil bad? confusing).. The guy in the video honestly believes what hes saying. hes obviously just like church goers who dont know what their Bible says either. They go to sermons and listen to one guy tell his version then they all go out and try to re-gurgitate it the way they heard it. They dont know and dont care to look for themselves.The truth lies infinitely juxtaposed to every possible perspective. Truth is in silence.
    Again, im not a devil worshipper,im just putting “POV’s” out there.The guy only stated what the word Lucifer translates to, “light bearer”. The Bible called him that not us. Not to mention that Lucifer was gods “right hand man”. He was the most glorius of all angels(kinda screwed up since the statement implies that one entity can be more glorius than another). All are equal in gods eyes? Apparently not. And if Gods will is so strong why allow it to happen? Is there anything stronger than gods will? People say no but act like Satan is stronger,forgetting…Its all SYMBOLIC!!!
    The Tree of knowledge of good and Evil has a serpent in it. What do serpents usually symbolize? Sexual energy. When Eve ate of the fruit with Adam they had sex. They lost the innocence and nievete of their spirit selves. This is all according to plan in my opinion. Why put the tree there if you dont want anyone to eat it. There were two trees actually, tree of life and one of knowledge.Genesis 2:9 “…The Tree of Life was also in the midst of the garden,and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Its the Schroddingers cat paradox, both potentials existed at once in the garden. We chose descent into matter.Genesis 3:21 “And god made tunics of skin, and clothed them.”( i will repeat that one).One, theyre not real trees. The Tree of Life symbolizes humanity’s return to God or his fullness of god, the tree of knowledge symbolizes the concept of Duality or descent into polarity. The Garden doesnt take place in physical reality.It begins in a spiritual plane of unmanifested potentiality . Adam(atom) and Eve( the eve of something usually precedes an event) symbolize the balance of male and female energies & the Garden is the seed or house. A seed contains the information of the entire final product within itself from the beginning. We have male,female,creatures,serpent(sexual energy), all within the garden,just like an embryo has both parents information contained in it but only grows to be one or the other. Genesis 3:16 “…in pain you shall bring forth children”.
    Before i write a damned manifesto i should wrap this up. So my summary is that Satan,Lucifer, is a symbol for sexually immature energy, lust, lack of discipline, which exists in all of us. Hes not a red creature or any creature. He,it, is the opposing energy of what we call god. Every scientist knows you cant have movement wihout friction and you cant have friction without opposing energy fields. Which means our minds,bodies and egos are illusions created by our refusal to acknowledge and accept that the seed of Lucifer is within us all. We must not fight and deny it. We must love,forgive and transcend it. Nothing is inherently Good or Evil. A gun isnt good or evil,its an inanimate object, what we do with it can be negative or posotive.Knowledge isnt good or evil, what we do with it can be negative or posotive. So dont judge people, dont critisize, what suits you is for you. what suits them is for them. Tolerance and understanding allow two opposing energies to exist as long as a mutual respect for the others comfort is in mind…Now we can see symbols or literal meanings…Dueteronomy 4:24 “For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous god”…27 “And the Lord will scatter you among the peoples,and you will be left few in number among the nations where the LORD will drive you”. Now that souns way more satanic… And no i am NOT a mason nor do i want to be fed their lies or pay them money to learn the things that are free for all to learn

  32. Anonymous Says:

    @FF. my bad… and i also sent one extra comment than i intended to. I didnt think the “LMFAO” comment went through. I tried to delete it lol. sorry for the rants.

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