Today is *Your* Lucky Day!

Why is that you might ask?

It is really quite simple. I will no longer inundate your poor email “inbox” with all my fascinating, penetrating and deeply invigorating emails!

I am not going to stop generating them, (you don’t get off that easily) but instead I will be posting them here, in my blog.

I want this blog to be a two-way conversation. Anyone can respond at anytime with any comment they wish, no registration required.

I want everyone who posts to feel they can say whatever they like, so please, no proper names. Let’s keep a respectable level of “web privacy.” If you create a made-up name to post and you want me to know the authorship, send me a private email (that is if your screen name is so obscure I can’t figure it out).

As you might suspect, many of my posts will deal with controversial subjects. Most of my posts will include links to outside sources that will support my arguments or provide additional information.

As I get started, I will be editing and re-posting some previous emails I have sent out (no proper names, including my own, will be posted). Many of you might have seen some of this information before, but I am hoping I will generate an additional audience so please forgive some redundancy.

I sincerely hope that this blog will help facilitate worthwhile discussion on topics that are important to ALL of us: Civil Liberties, War & Peace, Economics, Politics, and the various “hidden forces” that shape our world from the shadows. Let’s shine the bright light of truth on everything we can. Together, we can make a difference, and individually we might all be better able to remain free, healthy, wealthy & wise.




3 Responses to “Today is *Your* Lucky Day!”

  1. Mr. Bob Says:

    Hey – Great site. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Big "D" Says:

    I for one will be visiting your site on a regular basis. Your research on any subject you chose has always been “dead on” and complete, I mean to the n’th degree. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing you hard work.

  3. Mike Says:

    Love it, keep em coming!

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