Mass Animal Deaths Necessitate Painfully Ridiculous Explanations

In a stunning display of mental gymnastics, the main-stream-media spinmeisters have been forced to come up with ever more absurd explanations for the rash of mass animal deaths appearing around the globe.

Dead birds by the thousands have fallen from the sky in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Sweden & Italy.  Masses of dead fish have appeared in the waters of Arkansas, Florida, Maryland and elsewhere.

Here is a very good article summarizing the carnage.  Take a look:

Dear Readers, your humble author cannot state the reason for all this carnage.  I simply do not know.  What I *do know* is that the explanations being put forth by the “authorities” and their media lackeys are complete and total BALONEY!

How Dumb do they think we are?  Apparently pretty freakin’ dumb!  Let’s review some of the explanations we have been given shall we?

Let’s see. so far, we’ve got:

* It’s cold – so birds and fish are dropping dead by the thousands (because it has NEVER been cold before….right?)

* Fireworks on New Year’s Eve (Yeah….funny!)

* “Upward flying hail” (A+ for creativity on that one)

* “Hypoxia” also known as “Lack of oxygen” (I never realized birds could accidentally fly above the earth’s atmosphere and die of “Hypoxia.”)

* Movement of the Magnetic North Pole towards Russia (The birds and fish must have decided to commit suicide rather than become crypto-commies!)

Do you believe ANY of those excuses are plausible?  Do you believe any of them are accurate?  If so…I hate to say it but……

Let me tell you what I *do* know:

* Chemtrail spraying goes on almost daily in all the areas where these die-offs have occurred.

* Some witnesses describe the birds being “knocked out of the sky” and initial necropsies revealed they had died of “blunt force trauma” WHILE IN THE AIR!

* The Government and Main-stream-media lie to us each and every day on virtually every topic.  This blog is replete with evidence of their whoppers; I try not to beat a dead horse, but every “official” pronouncement on fluoride, banking, unemployment, terrorism, 9/11, housing, the Federal Reserve, vaccines, etc. etc. is a blatant lie!  An in-your-face-you-stupid-sheep-bold-faced-lie!  Comprende amigo?

* The Government is actively involved in weather-manipulation.  They don’t care what the consequences are…they want to play God.  Even backwards oil Kingdoms are getting in on the act:

Here is a declassified Air Force Research paper from 1996 entitled “Weather as Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”

* The Government admits that HAARP exists, yet claim it is just for “Research” – however when Jesse Ventura, former Navy Seal, former Governor of Minnesota and US Citizen asked to tour the HAARP “research” facility in Alaska, he was turned away in no uncertain terms:

I believe these “flockalypse” deaths are related to chemtrails and other insidious activities.  I believe the media whores are contorting their brains trying to come up with explanations that have an air of plausibility to the ignorant masses…..but it is getting harder for them.

I believe we need to wake-up more people to the lies that are being force-fed down their throats.

Yours in Freedom,


24 Responses to “Mass Animal Deaths Necessitate Painfully Ridiculous Explanations”

  1. Randall Says:

    I live in Northern Arkansas, andI have been seeing spider web like stuff, stuck to cars. It is shown on the web as chemtrial material. I would say between HAARP and chemtrials and what ever else the Satanists have, is killing off the animals. Remember there is sopposed to be a false flag alien landing this month. Maybe this is building up to it.

  2. Big "D" Says:

    Well now do you really think that our government has any clue as to what is going on? I believe they know exactly what the hell is going on and will never admit to the sheep that the shepard is Satan. We all know that our government lies and lies and lies but, remember it’s not just the government of the United States that lies, it’s almost all of them, around the world. And you ask why do I say this, because almost ALL governments are run by the same bankers and power brokers that rule everything. The animals can’t fight back but we still can, the question is for how long………

  3. Blue Says:

    Forgot my favorite…a power line. Yes a single power line took out 4,000+ birds or and liquified their insides at the same time. Ah yes.

    here’s one of the many links to this explanation. note that they also said the fireworks sent them into a “tizzy”.

  4. foundingfather1776 Says:

    This is not related to the death of birds or fish, but instead to the mysterious death of a former Pentagon official with a top-secret security clearance:

    Wait for it….

    Wait for it…..

    Wait for it….

    OK: “The shocking discovery of Jack Wheeler in a Wilmington landfill – MIGHT NOT BE A MURDER AT ALL!”

    Bwah hah hah ha ha ha…… That’s right, a “top crime sleuth” speculates Jack Wheeler *may* have crawled into a dumpster (15 miles away from where he was last seen) voluntarily to “escape the cold” or because he had been mugged and was “confused.”

    Really, I am suprised they have not put forth that the Easter bunny did it in the library with the candlestick. Perhaps Col. Mustard was an accomplice!? Or maybe it was Lee Harvey Oswald that killed him? Or Osama Bin Laden? Perhaps he simply cut himself shaving….realized he would be bleeding to death over the next 24 hours, and walked to a dumpster 15 miles away, and climbed inside to spare his family the trouble of having to dispose of his body??


    I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

  5. clark Says:

    “Really, I am suprised they have not put forth that the Easter bunny did it in the library with the candlestick.”

    Crack me up, funny, but not-so-funny.

    Ya know, Satan has 7000 helpers.

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about those freshwater drum that died in Arkansas, it sure doesn’t add up.

    I don’t know all the facts, but if Just the drum were killed, no suckers, no carp, no bluegills, no bass, and all at once? That just Does Not Add Up.

    I suppose there could be a river full of nothing but drum fish, but it doesn’t seem likely, and Only that species of fish was killed?

    Ya know there’s big money to be made for the group that comes up with a way to eradicate the grass carp in the areas they have invaded without killing off the other fish species. I wonder…

  6. clark Says:

    Oh yeah, one other thing, through informal sampling, numerous people throughout the U.S. all came down with the same flu-like symptoms on New Years Day. And, no, it wasn’t from drinking. Headache, sinus problems (filling the trash can with Kleenexes) and “stomach problems” lasting for a number of days. All I can say is, it was odd how they all had the same symptoms on the same day yet they were widely separated geographically.

  7. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I came across this info:

    “One independent scientific expert on HAARP and electromagnetic weapons writes that the New Year’s January 2011 global fish and bird kill was similar to a HAARP bird kill near a U.S. Air Force base in Tennessee that this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre exposed in 2001.

    The scientists writes, “A similar case of dead birds falling from the sky on a smaller scale was reported near a closed nuclear power plant in Tennessee in 2001, and was linked to USAF electronic warfare:



    “Hartsville, Tennessee, about 30 miles northeast of Nashville, where mysterious,
    destructive power surge killed dozens of birds and damaged transmitter, phone
    lines and computer equipment at country music radio station WJKM (1090 AM) on
    Friday, July 6, 2001 at 10:45 a.m. CST.”

    U.S. Air Force Linked To Electronic Warfare Attack In Tennessee

    “The fact that global investigations of the birds this week showed:
    – birds killed in mid-air
    – stomachs were empty (could not be poison)
    – blunt trauma to organs, but no damage/indication of cause on outside of birds
    – instant death to flocks of birds (local areas affected) indicate small
    populations targeted
    – no other animal/human deaths reported on ground/air therefore source of trauma
    had to be in the air/sky for birds and in the water for fish [same technologies]
    – small event deaths of small flocks of birds in local areas but reported around the world
    over a two day period
    – 2 million fish killed in Baltimore”

    The scientist also states that the mysterious death of Mitre corporation employee John Wheeler, an expert on HAARP, appears to be related to the HAARP fish and bird kill over the New Year January 2011.

    The scientist states, “’The former Army officer lived in New Castle and worked as a consultant for The Mitre Corporation, a nonprofit based in Bedford, Mass. [MIT], and McLean, Va. [CIA], that operates federally funded research and development centers.’

    “The Jason scientists are the successors to the Manhattan Project scientists, and are paid through the MITRE Corporation. They developed HAARP. This is a direct link between this top level military contractor/advisor to US Presidents and HAARP development and applications.”

    “Wheeler wrote an earlier military report on biological and chemical weapons, and recommended not using biological weapons.

    “A cover story was released stating he was ‘distorientated and wearing just one shoe.’ However, photos just hours before he was killed show him in Washington, DC wearing a suit.”

  8. clark Says:

    Just passing this along, I haven’t watched it, yet:

    phosgene gas causing bird, fish deaths

  9. clark Says:

    I did not know about this ongoing mystery, “the decline of wild Pacific salmon in British Columbia.”

    Or this:

    “Four previously abundant species of bumblebee are close to disappearing in the United States, researchers reported on Monday in a study confirming that the agriculturally important bees are being affected worldwide.

    They documented a 96 per cent decline in the numbers of the four species, and said their range had shrunk by as much as 87 per cent. As with honeybees, a pathogen is partly involved, but the researchers also found evidence the bees are vulnerable to inbreeding caused by habitat loss.

    “We provide incontrovertible evidence that multiple Bombus species have experienced sharp population declines at the national level,” the researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, calling the findings “alarming.””

  10. clark Says:

    I imagine you saw this on Infowars:

    Weather radar shows something unusual around time birds fell

    Amanda Terrebonne
    January 14, 2011

    “…Science and Operations Officer Chris Buonanno at the NWS who says that the speck on the picture is definitely not precipitation.

    There are some indications that we’re picking up a non-precipitation target. It has some similarities to say, like a collection of birds.”

    The spot on the radar is estimated to be between 1,300 and 1,400 feet in the air and Buonanno points out it doesn’t move like a cloud or rainstorm would.

    While speculations continue to pour in, officials in Wisconsin confirmed the cause of death of the birds in Beebe was blunt force trauma.”

  11. clark Says:

    December 02, 2010

    Investigators baffled as wheat fields wither

    “The Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University are investigating the yellowing of upward of 40,000 acres of wheat in Umatilla and Morrow counties.

    So far, the cause is a mystery, and researchers do not know if the problems in the two counties are related.

    In early November, Umatilla County growers noticed wheat fields turning yellow and dying, OSU Extension soil scientist Don Wysocki said…

    They are “more or less but not completely contiguous,…

    …plants with yellow or purple tips. The discoloration spreads inward and downward on the leaf. In some cases, plants are completely desiccated and will not recover…

    “Most of the symptoms in Morrow County are unlike anything I have ever seen,”

    “This does appear to be a new problem — a problem that no one seems to have experience with,”

    …the patterns of the die-off aren’t typical of anything anyone has seen before,…”

  12. clark Says:

    Some more, via, The Economic Collapse blog:

    10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off

    “…due to harsh weather conditions…

    Some have said the number of total dead cattle may be as high as 13,000.”

    Beijing reports mass bird deaths

    “…died of starvation and unfavourable weather conditions.”

    55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm

    “…no clear cause of death…

    Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine conducted necropsies on several of the carcasses but found only dehydration,…

    “In my career, I don’t remember anything quite like this,”” [said Ron Podolak of the Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District]

    Another Massive Bird Kill in the Tennessee Valley

    “…after the birds hit the ground.

    “…It’s not something new, it’s a naturally occurring thing from time to time. If the birds get stressed, say due to the cold weather, it puts them in a state and they die in number,…””

    Trapped in ice, ‘thousands’ of fish die in Detroit River

    “…”thousands and thousands” of dead fish floating in the water.”

    40,000 Dead Crabs Wash Ashore in U.K.

    “…experts believe lower than average temperatures are to blame for the crab deaths.”

    371 Dead Birds Fall from Sky on LA’s Sunset Blvd; Similar to California, Arkansas, Louisiana Bird Drops

    “…exclusively pigeons…”

    First Birds & Fish, Now Hundreds of Cows are Dying

    “Now hundreds of cows in Wisconsin have been struck dead.
    Some 200 cows were found dead at a farm in Portage County, Wisconsin last Friday. But unlike those other animal deaths, its turns out there is a simple explanation for this one. According to preliminary results released this week, the cows died from acute interstitial pneumonia.”

    “…the U.S. government has admitted being responsible for the deaths of several hundred birds in South Dakota.”

  13. clark Says:

    Found this and thought it applied here because of the example they give for the effects from nanotechnology gone bad:

    Engineering The Climate:
    Research Needs And Strategies For International Coordination
    Draft Report

    An Official information draft paper with many contributors including Congressman Bart Gordon, Chairman of the Committee on Science and Technology.

    From October 2010

    Available online:
    Also in PDF at:

    Click to access Geongineeringreport.pdf

    Of course it’s for informational purposes only and does not represent either findings or recommendations, nonetheless, they are officially discussing geoenginerring, including: “atmospheric aerosol injection” and how to,”weigh the potential public benefits of climate engineering against its potential dangers”

    They also mention, “climate engineering would necessarily have global effects, some large-scale field research activities will impact multiple communities and cross international borders.”

    “This report consolidates information gathered during eighteen months of inquiry, and focuses on the research needs associated with climate engineering. It identifies key research capacities, skills, and tools located within U.S. federal agencies…”

    “Climate engineering, or geoengineering, can be defined as the deliberate large-scale modification of the earth’s climate systems for the purpose of counteracting and mitigating anthropogenic climate change. The strategies which fall this definition are loosely organized into two types: Solar Radiation Management and Carbon Dioxide removal. Solar Radiation Management (SRM) methods propose to reflect a fraction of the sun’s radiation back into space, thereby reducing the amount of solar radiation trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and stabilizing its energy balance. Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) methods, also known as Air Capture (AC), propose to reduce excess CO2 concentrations by capturing CO2 directly from the air and storing the captured gases as a solid through mineralization, or consuming it via biological processes. CDR is different from direct capture, which targets carbon from a single point source and stores it in sedimentary formations. A comprehensive discussion of the variety of proposed strategies can be found in the U.K. Royal Society report,… although it is expected that some proposals for climate engineering will continue to evolve into completely new technical concepts over time.”

    “GAO conducted a Committee-requested assessment of the current federal agency research activities directly related to climate engineering. This GAO inquiry focused on the general state of the science and technology regarding climate engineering approaches and their potential effects, the extent to which the U.S. federal government is sponsoring or participating in climate engineering research or deployment…”

    The GAO report is titled, A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts, Publication No. GAO 10-903 and was released in October 2010, a separate report is expected in late 2010.

    “During Pannel II, Dr. Rusco summarized key findings of the GAO’s ongoing inquiry on climate engineering, describing some of the existing relevant research activities in federal agencies,…”

    “relevant research activities” – do you suppose that is how they describe chemtrails?

    Because they are currently leveraging existing educational institutions and federal agencies, This is why no serious publications will be released to the public, without prior official approval that is.

    “In my opinion before a nation (or the world) ever decided to deploy a full-scale geoengineering project… it would require enormous activity, equivalent to that presently occurring within the modeling and assessment activities associated with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) activities, or a Manhattan Project, or both. It would involve hundreds or thousands of scientists and engineers and require the involvement of politicians, ethicists, social scientists, and possibly the military.” – Dr. Philip Rasch, Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges

    Sounds to me like they are doing just that now, a Manhattan-sized and styled project unknown to the public, because as this paper points out, there will be “winners and losers” perhaps the loss to the public is great enough “they” decided against informing the public?

    From the draft report:
    “While nanotechnology may eventually contribute revolutionary advances to any number of public goods, concerns have been raised about the potential negative impacts of nanotechnologies on human health and the environment. For example, it has been proposed that the small size of nanoscale particles could allow them to penetrate and damage human organs, such as the lungs…”

    Just another “loss” and another reason why they would maintain secrecy if “they” decided to go ahead anyway and geoengineer the planet, or parts of it.

    Again from the draft report:
    “Many of these activities are already being undertaken at smaller scales, whether or not for the express goal of reflecting solar radiation or absorbing greenhouse gases… It is the opinion of the Chair,… that weather modification techniques such as cloud seeding not be included within the definition of climate engineering.”

    “Also, if research on AC were ever to be successful it might well devolve to the private sector; whereas, SRM is likely to remain under direct government control…”

    As if the government, and especially the public, are aware of all the various activities going on now, Psft… the government can’t even account for the whereabouts of two trillion Dollars! Just as the general government had no clue as to Colonel North’s activities in the Iran-Contra scandal, how could they be expected to know what the hell they are spraying on us?

  14. clark Says:

    I don’t know if this is related or not, just passing it along:

    U.S. government commits avian holocaust with mass poisoning of millions of birds

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is engaged in what can only be called an avian holocaust through its Bye Bye Blackbird program that has poisoned tens of millions of birds over the last decade. The USDA even reports the number of birds it has poisoned to death in a PDF document posted on the USDA website.

    Anticipating the USDA possibly removing that document, we have posted a copy on NaturalNews servers at:

    Click to access USDA-Bye-Bye-Blackbird.pdf

    This document shows that, just in 2009, the following bird populations were poisoned and killed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, using taxpayer dollars:

    (Listed as “Intentional” and “Killed / Euthanized”)

    Brown-headed cowbirds: 1,046,109
    European Starlings: 1,259,714
    Red-winged blackbirds: 965,889
    Canadian geese: 24,519
    Grackles: 93,210
    Pigeons: 96,297

  15. clark Says:

    “In what is perhaps the most startling and disturbing mass animal die-off yet, countless millions of dead anchovies were found this morning floating in King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif…

    Reports say that some onlookers noted that the birds were not feeding on the anchovies the morning they were discovered, indicating that perhaps the birds knew something about condition of the dead fish that was not visible with the naked eye.”

    Sources for this story include:

  16. clark Says:

    I was reading this article about the nuclear power plant failures and explosions near Fukushima, Japan and why anyone would trust or believe anything the government says:

    Nuclear Melt-Down? The Government to the Rescue

    The article noted that, “All governments lie all the time. It is the nature of government to do so.” and, “Interestingly of the writing of this article, there were reports that the Japanese government still has not admitted that there has been an explosion at the first reactor plant even though there is video evidence of the event.”

    This article is where I learned about a similar disaster called Minamata.

    In the article, Minamata: Real Life Horror Show

    the author describes a long term government and corporate cover up of the causes of human and animal suffering in Minamata along with this description that caught my eye:

    “…afflicted birds began falling from the skies.”

    The cause was Methyl Mercury poisoning.

    I followed the link in the article for Methyl Mercury poisoning to this site:

    Mercury on the Mind

    In this article I read the following:
    “Mercury is … distributed throughout the earth’s crust. Unlike other metals, mercury, in its elemental state, is liquid (molten) at room temperature. And it releases a steady stream of gaseous mercury atoms that linger in the atmosphere for months (eventually falling back to earth and its oceans in an inorganic form in rain drops). Even when in a solid state, combined with other metals as an alloy, mercury atoms continually escape into the atmosphere. Once added to latex paint, put in teething powder, used in making hats, as a fungicide on seeds, as an antiseptic (Merthiolate), and as a treatment for syphilis (the cure was worse than the disease), human exposure to mercury today comes principally from three sources: dental amalgams, vaccines, and fish.”

    What caught my attention next could be a possible connection to the substances in chemtrails, namely aluminum, as well as; a possible connection to the animal die offs:

    “Fish harbor another organic form of mercury — methyl mercury, which is obtained from plankton that synthesize it from inorganic mercury extracted from the sea…

    Another important factor with regard to mercury on the mind, which officials at the CDC, FDA and the professors in the IOM do not consider, is synergistic toxicity — mercury’s enhanced effect when other poisons are present. A small dose of mercury that kills 1 in 100 rats and a dose of aluminum that will kill 1 in 100 rats, when combined have a striking effect: all the rats die. Doses of mercury that have a 1 percent mortality will have a 100 percent mortality rate if some aluminum is there…”

    Among other things, this leaves me wondering if there are other substances which react to aluminum the same way mercury does.

    Just thought I’d pass that along, don’t know if there’s anything to it or not. This bit from the article seems to describe where we’re at now, “…each new truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is accepted as self-evident. The mercury truth is now in the second stage.”

  17. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Very interesting and disturbing info…..

  18. clark Says:

    800 tons of farm fish found dead in mass die-off

    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    “More mysterious animal deaths have surfaced, this time in a volcanic lake in the Philippines. Reports say that 800 tons, or 1.6 million pounds, of fish have turned up dead in a lake near the Taal volcano, which is located south of the capital city of Manila. Oficials say the deaths may have been a result of sudden temperature change in the water.

    The recent rise in seismic activity around the volcano, however, is allegedly unrelated to the fish kill, say officials. Though there were 115 earthquakes detected around Taal on Monday, which is a sharp spike from the normal ten to 15 that typically occur, and a steady overall rise in seismic activity in the area in recent weeks, experts from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PIVS) insist this coincidental incident is not at all connected to the fish deaths.

    “If the dissolved oxygen drops and it rains, the fish cannot breathe and it dies,” said Rosario del Mundo from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). She and others link heavy end-of-summer rains to the kill, noting that temperatures have dropped rapidly in recent weeks. This explanation also conveniently allows experts to blame “climate change” for the deaths…”

  19. clark Says:

    This is the first I’ve ever heard about such a thing – fever, headache, sinus pain, and swelling – sounds eerily similar to the effects attributed to pollen:

    Thu Jun 9,

    “The Greene County (Mo.) Health Department has issued a memo to health care workers who are treating injured victims of May’s deadly Joplin tornado, warning them that a powerful fungus has infected patients’ wounds.

    The Springfield News-Leader reports as many as nine cases have been reported in tornado victims across the area in various hospitals. Once the aggressive fungus — called zygomycosis — enters the body, it causes the death of infected cells. Three or four patients, who otherwise would have survived their wounds, have died from it.

    If the fungus stays in a limb, like an arm or leg, some treatments have necessitated amputation to save the patient. Others with wounds near the head weren’t so lucky — as soon as brain tissue started dying, it was too late to save the patient…

    Infections spread through the blood and affects blood circulation. It is unknown how many people may be suffering from infections, but the problem doesn’t stop with those injured by the tornado.

    KYTV in Springfield reports those helping with cleanup efforts may become scratched by nails or splinters and any fungus residue on those objects may infect someone…

    The National Institutes of Health lists severe symptoms of the infection: fever, headache, sinus pain, and swelling. Complications that can arise from these fungal infections include nerve damage, blindness, blood clots to the brain and lungs, or even death in extreme cases.

    Cases of the deadly fungal infection have shown up in massive disasters before such as the 2004 tsunami off the coast of Indonesia…”

  20. clark Says:

    Tens of millions of Florida bees mysteriously drop dead in one day, beekeepers blame pesticides

    “…up to 12 million bees from roughly 800 apiaries in the area all dropped dead at roughly the same time around September 26– and local beekeepers say pesticides are likely to blame.

    …the recent Florida event involved hundreds of colonies from 30 different sites in a one-and-a-half mile radius literally dropping dead all at the same time…

    The Florida die-off coincides with a recent county-wide mosquito eradication effort, during which helicopters flew over various parts of the county and sprayed airborne pesticides. Officials, of course, deny that this taxpayer-funded spraying initiative had anything to do with the bee genocide, though.” …

    While the article seems to imply the cause is firmly established, there does seem to be a bit of conflicting information as to the culprit.

    It’s perfectly acceptable to People that helicopters fly over various parts of the country and spray airborne pesticides, yet if someone mentions large aircraft are doing similar things for geo-engineering purposes, a Person gets ridiculed. Amazing.

    A question from a Person commenting at

    “Why do you think almost 80% of animals that had a mass die off all travel with the assist of magnetic fields.”

  21. clark Says:

    Parasitic fly creates “zombie bees” — a new factor explaining Colony Collapse Disorder

    Do you suppose this is happening to People too? Might explain things some, eh?

    Side note: This last fall where I normally see tens of thousands of asian lady beetles I only saw three. Some kind of die off or the farmers didn’t apply them? I don’t know.

    The Only other die off I’m aware of this season is some deer or elk were said to be having a hard time of it out West.
    They were being affected by a bite from some small insect type of creature causing the deer (or was it elk?) to have internal bleeding. They said it didn’t kill other mammals, but they didn’t say it didn’t affect People too.

    The not-so funny thing is, several People experienced those symptoms at about that time. Probably coincidence, right? Nothing to do with mad goberment scientists, right?

    One other thing, I went to Florida this year and I noticed in many of the towns and cities there are No Birds anywhere. There were also no bugs swarming the lightposts at night.
    It could be the insect control in that state has been too effective and destroyed the birds food supply, I don’t know, but it was very eerie seeing no birds.

    Don’t get me wrong, there were shorebirds and some flocks near the swamps, but I saw more birds in the northland in one day than I saw in the weeks that I was in that state.
    Aren’t birds from the north supposed to fly down there over winter? Shouldn’t that state be full of birds?

    Just an observation.

  22. clark Says:

    Fun, fun?:

    Study: Bt toxin in GM crops kills non-target species

    “A new study out of Switzerland confirms once again that Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxin, the nefarious pesticide produced by certain genetically-modified (GM) crops, is harming non-target species. Published in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe, the study reveals that two-spotted ladybird (Adalia bipunctata L.) larvae exposed to Bt toxin experience a much higher mortality rate than those not exposed” …


    “… Pesticides, like 2,4-D can be stored in your colon – where they will slowly start to poison you to death…”

  23. clark Says:

    “Now it is admitted in the medical literature that other viruses can cause polio, yet few people on the street have any idea.”

  24. clark Says:

    Whales flee from military sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows

    Studies are missing link in puzzle that has connected naval exercises to unusual mass strandings of whales and dolphins

    Damian Carrington – The Guardian, Tuesday 2 July 2013

    “Whales flee from the loud military sonar used by navies to hunt submarines, new research has proven for the first time. The studies provide a missing link in the puzzle that has connected naval exercises around the world to unusual mass strandings of whales and dolphins.” …

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