What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 5

The spraying never stops…..nor do your comments and observations about it.

So here is the spot to continue the discussion!

Here are two pictures I snapped at the end of October, 2009.  Location:  A New Jersey town near NYC.  Time – about 7:30 AM.  Air was crisp and cool, sky was a beautiful blue….because the chemtrail boys had literally just started getting to work!

In this first pic you can see two long chemtrails that had just been laid down:

These were fast spreading.   This next picture was taken less than 5 minutes from the first and you can see the trails spreading:

By about 11:AM the sky was completely hazed-out with the chems.

These pictures are completely unaltered except for being re-sized to fit the blog.

Our European friends get their daily dose of governmental goodies too!  Here is a brief view from space of chemtrails over Europe from 10/31/2009

Here is one from ground perspective; filmed in Preston England on Oct. 12, 2009

And once again, for those of you new to the topic, or for those of you not quite sure of what your eyes are seeing, here is the difference between naturally occurring jet “Contrails” (which is nothing more than ice crystals from jet exhaust that dissipates very quickly) and “Chemtrails” which hang and spread for HOURS in the sky!

I hope everyone will educate themselves and then speak-up and against this monstrous scheme “hidden-in-plain-sight” being inflicted on the people of the planet!

Yours in Freedom,


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  1. Ursa Major Says:

    Thanks for the links on the previous page (I bookmarked them all), and these videos. I’ll have to watch them all tomorrow, as I need to get to bed right now. And thanks for giving us a new page! It was getting tedious having to scroll down the previous one.

  2. Celline Says:

    Good to hear from you Founding,
    and thank you for the new space !

  3. Dude Says:

    FF: First, I am paranoid because there are tons of paid liars online for just this purpose and i recognize their arguments and lying techniques. eric has used the same disinfo technique on me more than once with the “if thats your real name”. Looks like the technique is becoming a habit for him. He follows up with random questions that pertain to nothing.

    You and Ursa become hostile when I show others who know about this too. You state that my argument makes no sense when it makes perfect sense and connects all the dots.

    You state the chemtrails were around before the ukranian plague. They were, for an entire year like they are here. We also know from Joseph Moshe, who is now confined to a mental hospital for trying to warn us about the plague three months ago, that the plague was spread by vaccines from baxter. So the chemtrails didnt do that. while they can be used for a disease vector, that is not their primary function.

    I also was telling people to buy gold when it was <$300/oz. Now I am telling people to get food and water. You cant eat gold.

    As for the 10-10 date, its the one in the Bible, the same Bible thats telling the story about everything that is happening right now and will happen in the near future, including the war and the inbound object. the date may be in the hebrew calendar (dec 27) or it may be off a year and happen this coming 10-10 but i highly doubt it. Watch the lies about iran, thats the next false flag target and thats the day of the war.

    You all are not conducting an investigation, you are merely discussing what you see without figuring anything out. Youre too busy chasing symptoms to consider causes. From what Ive seen, those of you who are not paid liars, have your minds so closed up that you dont want to know the truth about this. Seeing the intelligence you typically display (aside from your last post), i find it hard to believe that you personally are the closed minded type and i wonder what your motive is for ignoring all the evidence thats so easy to find.

    Im done. I dont like yall anymore. Yall have fun counting those chems now and dont think about what theyre for. Everything will be just fine.

  4. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Dude, I have members of my own family that *still* believe that 9/11 happened the way the Govt. says it did, when anyone that looks at the evidence for 10 minutes with an open mind can see that it is impossible for the Govt.’s story to be true!

    They are entitled to their opinion. I think they are incorrect. I still interact with them despite our differences.

    You have always been able to post whatever evidence and links you like that supports your argument. That has not changed. If you want to take “your ball and go home” that is your choice too. You see, I really do believe in Freedom. People are free to post things I disagree with; they are free to stay or they are free to go. I have only ever “banned” one person when it became clear their main purpose was simply to cause trouble here. I have never thought that of you.

    Best of luck to you in all your research and endeavors. I don’t know what is going to happen on Dec. 27th, but I believe the worse thing will be that many of us will realize we have gained a few pounds from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

    …..of course the sky will still be sprayed and the govt. propaganda machine will still be telling us all to get our “free” H1N1 shot and the satanic illuminati families will still be working to implement their agenda….but other than that, everything will be just fine. It does make one wonder why the Rothschild’s and the Rockefeller’s et al, go to so much trouble to implement depopulation agenda’s when all they need to do is hide on a moon-base and wait for Nibiru to kill off most of the planet?

    So many questions….such limited time.

    Best to all,


  5. clark Says:

    Dude says, …Youre too busy chasing symptoms to consider causes.

    On other websites I get accused of focusing on the causes when they think the focus should Only be on the symptoms, funny that.

    It seems like there are a number of issues/suspected reasons for chemtrails:

    1.) What the Hell *are* they spraying on us? What is the substance and is it harmful and if so how bad? Can we do anything to protect ourselves or stop the spraying?

    2.) How many medical conditions are there that are possibly related to or caused by chemtrails that are currently being attributed to something else? The scary, “conspiracy story” of Morgellons and lyme disease are now thought by many to be a type of toxic condition enabling normal organisms to invade peoples bodies. Some attribute the toxic condition to poor eating habits and lack of vitamins, minerals and “pro-biotics” as well as pollution from sources such as energy producing coal plants… yet these are the same types of people who deny the existence of chemtrails and refuse to consider chemtrails as a source of so much human suffering.

    3.) Some people realize that chemtrails are quite different than contrails while others stubbornly cling to the idea that chemtrails are nothing more than contrails and focus on the physics of things like aero-dynamics and such in an isolated way to dismiss any concern without factoring in the flight patterns of jets which in many cases are abnormally and intentionally precisely evenly spaced row after row for miles on end.

    4.) Some people trust their government so much that they believe their government would never lie to them and deceive them on purpose. These people act as if their government is not capable of containing a secret for a large project of any type whether harmful or full of good intentions such as deceptive events like The Manhattan project during WWII, Agent Orange in the 1960’s, or the Love Canal and the Three Mile Island disaster. To those people, I wonder if they consider government god-on-earth?

    5.) Chemtrails appear to affect and control the weather. Many countries attempt to manipulate the weather, it’s mentioned in the mainstream media, but for some reason the possibility that the U.S. does so is never considered.

    6.) Not to mention the numerous very detailed descriptions of chemtrails as a military weapon, a.k.a. HAARP and scalar weaponry.

    7.) The best case scenario is that chemtrails are a worldwide attempt to eradicate an insect, or number of insects which transmit a parasite that infects people causing intense harm and suffering. The dying bees, disappearance of moths and wasps, and bats killed off by fungus nation wide are just a regrettable side effect from this endeavor of good intentions? Unfortunately the more I read about this subject the more it seems like those who finance and direct chemtrails have a very bad intention.

    8.) The worst case scenario is that chemtrails are a simple case of selective murder by numbers, a way for the upper classes to avoid having to pay for the unfunded liabilities promised to the Baby Boomer generation.

    9.) The chemtrail project is so huge and vast that the operation could only be funded by The Federal Reserve Bank and the government of the United States. A way to see if this is true is to get transparency in government. An audit of The Federal Reserve is a good starting point and an ending of secret black book accounting within the government is a second step. The refusal to do so indicates they have something to hide.

  6. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, so you are now going off pouting?

    Let’s look at this again: IF a planet Nibiru was coming and would devastate the earth, there would be NO POINT AT ALL in hiding that fact. Because it isn’t CAUSED by anybody here on earth, and they are incapable of PREVENTING this kind of thing.

    NOBODY could be saved, including themselves by hiding anything. Because nobody would have a clue what would actually happen (other than what the Bible describes, which is probably the truth).

    So what that some other people agree with you on the subject. You didn’t make up the Nibiru stuff, either, you are just repeating what others said. You believe that nonsense Kolbin ‘bible’, too.

    You can believe anything you want, but that doesn’t mean we all have to agree with you. You know, in a civilized society people should be free to agree to disagree without name calling or fighting. That is called tolerance. I tolerate your view even if I don’t believe in it, while you grant me my point of view without getting hostile and calling me names.

    Unfortunately, these days the politically correct way of tolerance is, that I should believe everything you say, and even endorse your view, or I am labeled intolerant (homosexuals like to use that one, and call anybody who doesn’t agree with their agenda ‘homophobes’).

    I have no problem tolerating your point of view. You are entitled to it. But I would appreciate if you would extend the same courtesy to me.

    I just found this video, which seems to be what is actually happening in the Ukraine:

    Possibly scary times ahead, if this guy is right.

    Another report from Dr. Mercola, with interviews I still need to watch:

    Another dreary, rainy day here.

  7. ericswan Says:

    My issue with chemtrails is any government or other program that separates me from my relationship to the sun. Hence, the question to you MR. DUDE as to Vitamin D3. Check your local pharma and see if you can buy D3. If you can, I recommend you do so and make a purchase that will last a couple of years. As for me, only Vitamin D is available and that is not a good replacement for the lack of sunshine we are experiencing due to weather modification or just straight obliteration of the sun’s rays by chemtrails.

  8. Celline Says:

    @clark, excellent breakdown of possibilities. Of course all of us agree on the Fed paying for it all ( which of course is OUR taxmonies ).. w. uttermost evil intent. Thanx Uschi 4 the links. Dude, we will miss you, believe it or not, c’mon stick w. us, we are not the worst people u could meet. Uschi, yes, your link works, while mine sent me thru the whole 9 yards.. to finally reach 5 ! Thank you for sending.
    Hot and dry here.. blue skies, no chems for 2. day again. We are praying for rain !
    What’s this lawsuit everyone is talking about ? Is it the alleged 9/11 criminals, or is it the guy who wants to see this certain birthcertificate?
    I’m lost. E Hasselbeck ( The View ) is scared enough to want to leave NewYork, I heard this morning. Does anyone have an explanation 4 me?
    Back to pre-cooking 4 thursday, the all American Turkey feast.
    Founding u are right, we all will have at least 5 lbs more on our bods than we do now. Happy thoughts ;o)

  9. clark Says:

    An image of The World According to American’s


    This article really does a good job describing how the country and the economy got to the point that it has and the terrible future we are facing, no doubt much of the world too. It’s no wonder that American’s are clueless. And, if American’s are this stupid about economics and life in general, there’s no hope of ever convincing very many of them about chemtrails… our leaders could do whatever they want if they have the right storyline for the masses – not that anyone should stop trying to convince people otherwise:

    All You Zombies


  10. Ursa Major Says:

    Good links, Clark!

  11. ericswan Says:

    The map needs to be expunged from my brain but it just won’t go.

    England might have been designated “Air Strip One” but that would confuse people.

  12. Ursa Major Says:

    Here’s a good article that shows that despite the evidence being unearthed exposing the manmade global warming lies, those evil environmentalists are forging ahead with their agenda anyway.

    And another foggy, dark, dreary, rainy day today. Too warm for this season, too, it should be below freezing here now.

  13. Sky Says:

    USDA is telling us there will be a record harvest but the boots on the ground ( the farmers ) are painting a COMPLETELY different picture – one of agricultural devastation .

    How many farmers will be out of business by next year thanks to the elite’s geoengineering schemes? Will there be food shortages THIS winter ?

    I was so angry when I read through these reports. All these farmers, slaving in their fields, trying to produce something… anything… and most of their efforts couldn’t overcome the cold, the molds, the mud and the slime in their fields. To know this was done deliberately – ARRGGHHH !!!

    Snippets :

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture is misleading the world about the true state of food inventories and food production. To this achieve this end, the USDA has been manipulating food production/consumption numbers and engaging in activity that can be only be described as a propaganda campaign.

    In the face of the misery and destitution spreading in the Midwest, the USDA is flooding the airwaves with stories filled with “bumper crop”, “record harvest”, “record yields”, and other nonsense. Through this propaganda campaign, the USDA has worked to create expectations for a bumper crop regardless of the harvest weather, and has been largely successful in its efforts. The low prices which have resulted from USDA misinformation are aggravating an already devastating situation for America’s cash strapped farmers who are being forced to sell their damaged crops at artificially low prices.

    The USDA’s reason for turning on Amerian farmers isn’t exactly clear. Perhaps it is an effort to prevent panic and food hoarding. If this is the case, it has failed because a panic is now guaranteed thanks to insufficient food stocks for 2010. Another possibility is that the USDA is trying to protect the financial system (and Goldman Sach bonuses) from the losses which would result from higher food.


    Scroll down a wee bit on the link, and read what the farmers had to say.It’s horrifying how far spread the devastation is.

  14. Celline Says:

    as I mentioned once be4, Central Cal.. is the breadbasket of America.
    But the farmers are not allowed water.. and our drought doesen’t help.
    So” The Breadbasket” of America, is no more. Unless something has changed and Arnold got into the act, which I doubt.. because he’s just another one of the ” bought and paid” for’s.
    Weatherforecast 4 us for the weekend : ” A drop or 2, MAYBE “.. that’s what that guy said, word for word.
    Praying for rain here !!!

  15. Celline Says:

    Click to access GeoEng_Jan2709.pdf

  16. Ursa Major Says:

    Wow, Sky, I’ve been reading ALL of that page, and am only half down. That sounds absolutely dreadful! And I thought it was bad here. Our farmers at least managed to get most of their crop in despite the relentless rain. But I don’t know what the quality of anything but potatoes is.

    Here is one paragraph I picked out:

    ‘Mother Nature did not cooperating with farmers this year. In fact, the abnormal weather has seemed almost calculated to maximize damage to crops.’

    Actually, it isn’t mother nature, but weather control. And yes, I certainly believe that is IS PURPOSELY done to maximize damage to crops. It sure looks that way, doesn’t it?

    They are going to bankrupt ALL the farmers. People will starve if food can’t be grown and harvested. Population reduction, anyone?

  17. Ursa Major Says:

    And have any of you ever seen BASEBALL SIZED hail? I’ve seen the horrible bruise my one daughter had once when she was hit by a baseball in the abdomen (she was the pitcher). She had to be checked for internal bleeding.

    Now imagine HAIL as big as baseballs, driven by 100 mp winds! Absolutely no crop can survive that. People caught outside in that hailstorm, as well as animals would have died! How come we didn’t hear of that?

  18. clark Says:

    @Ursa, How come we didn’t hear of that? – Because to most people talking about the weather is ultra boring and its the last thing trendy kewl people want to hear about unless it affects their favorite sports event or other trivial activity.

    I’m glad I haven’t experienced baseball sized hail, golfball sized is bad enough.

    @eric, sorry about the map, I didn’t know it would have that effect. Soon after I finnished laughing about what you wrote, I experienced the same effect… I hope it wears off soon.

    Infowars mentioned the lung filled flu in North Carolina and Iowa, I’ve notcied people coughing very nasty chest congested-like lately, so there could be some truth to it, but those people were up and working. I know someone who is a parent to an adult who has a flu with the same descriptions, the parent smokes and is unaffected, I wonder if there is a correlation?

    @Sky, re: food shortages, I suspect/guess they wouldn’t exactly show up right away in the food supply chain, most canned foods and dried foods won’t “expire” until several years out and there’s probably a good warehouse supply of them so that any food shortages this year wouldn’t be manifest until 2011 or 2012 and at that time it would be a supply shock. There might be a bit of an increase in prices though, still, except for producers (livestock farmers, food manufacturers & some pharmaceuticals) the prices should take some time to work their way through the supply chain due to warehouse inventories. Fresh food like fruits and vegtables, I would think foreign imports would pick up the slack as we are a net importer of food, mainly of this group.

  19. Sky Says:

    @ Clark – I wouldn’t count on the supply of canned foods. That can run out awfully fast.

    “Libby’s Warns of a Canned Pumpkin Shortage ”

    Heavy rains in the Midwestern states where most commercial pumpkins are grown have caused the problem.


    @ Ursa – About that hail…( Report from Austria)

    “There will be no pheasant or rabbit hunting in the northern part of Salzburg’s Flachgau region this year in the wake of a severe hail storm that killed many wild animals last July.

    Provincial hunting chief Sepp Eder said today (Thurs) that 80 per cent of rabbits and 90 per cent of pheasants had been killed by tennis-ball sized hail in the Michaelbeuern, St. Georgen, Lamprechtshausen and Bürmoos municipalities.

    He put the total number of pheasants killed by hail in the area at 2,500, adding that 200 deer had either been found dead or so badly injured they had to be put out of their misery.

    Eder said wild animals had sought refuge in grain fields in vain, as high wind during the hail storm had blown the masses of ice in all directions, making it impossible to find a secure refuge.


    There’s a fellow on Youtube who films the chemtrails in Austria. They’re very bad there. Austria has been hit twice already this year with flooding and monsoons.

  20. Ursa Major Says:

    Sky, I had not heard about that hailstorm in Austria any more than the one in the US. That is absolutely terrible! I’ve never heard of Austria having flooding and monsoons, either.

    I just read the Austrian article to my husband, and told him about the crop failures in the US because of droughts and flooding (I wished I could control my emotions more, because I started crying. He despises emotional people, and can’t stand it when I don’t remain ‘detached’). He just smirks at me and claims it is all normal, and questions how both droughts and flooding can be caused by chemtrails! Ugh, I explain those things to him, but he CHOOSES to be ignorant and stupid. It makes me so mad!

    Today the clouds were partially gone, and the chems are absolutely everywhere. Red horizon while the sun was still high in the sky (a few weeks ago orange horizon at NOON). It looked like sunset, even though the sun wasn’t setting! But of course, it is ‘completely normal’, people don’t take notice.

    Today the nurse from my doctor’s office called to give me the result of my H1N1 test from last week. Of course, it was negative. She said, the doctor told her to say to me, “The results are negative, I would like you to get the H1N1 shot.”

    I told her, “No thanks, I have no intentions of getting that shot”. She just laughed, and said she’d tell him that. I think it was the same nurse who told me in confidence a couple of years ago that she will NEVER have another flu shot, after finally giving in the year before and getting it, and being sick all winter with one bout of the flu after another as a result.

    Here is another article from Dr. Mercola’s website, showing that many doctor’s won’t have the shots themselves and don’t deem then safe.


  21. sage Says:

    Air capture device > Laboratory > What they’re supposedly spraying.

    Beyond that you’re all paranoid schizophrenics harping at the sky like chimps.

  22. clark Says:

    @Sage, Is that so? Then how do you explain the dozens of jets that fly parallel in equally spaced out formation for days on end and then weeks go by without one appearing? You can’t, can you troll?

    And, chimps don’t harp, but it would be funny if they did.

  23. Celline Says:

    Please no, not another idiot.. argh !
    I want to make my chem-report: 3. day ( again ) with clear deep blue.. very hot sunny.. chem-free skies. We were 85 today, turkey-day, company all day, too much great food. We sat outside and loved the cloudfree sky and the golden sunshine.
    I am shaking w. anticipation of every tomorrow, when someone decides that we had too many gorgeous days, and whammy us with the deadly horrible stuff. Inspite of this, I am a prayerwarrior, and on my heart are the farmers, mainly. Uschi, where were those baseball sized hailstorms?
    I mean, other than in Austria? Have nothing else to report today.
    Sky, I am not yet done w. all the links u provided, will hurry back to them right now.

  24. Celline Says:

  25. Celline Says:

    it’s just like I feared : Waking up this morning, the sky is completely covered w. chems.. criss cross, round and every shape inbetween.
    The temps are the same.. there’s no real cloud in the sky. But.. we are suppose to have some real weather moving in ( w. rain ) and the chems are already poised….. making sure, not a drop will fall.

  26. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, go to Sky’s link (here it is again) http://www.marketskeptics.com/ . Scroll down a little to where it talks about food shortages in 2009/10. It will take you hours to read everything, but it will give you a real feel for the disaster to come. That is where somewhere you’ll also find the story about the baseball sized hailstones.

    It appears that the weather of the WHOLE WORLD has been manipulated in such a way that starvation on a global scale is almost guaranteed within the next years!

    Those evil bastards are definitely set on population reduction at any cost. They are attacking us by poisoning, starvation, ‘natural disasters’, H1N1 vaccines, possibly followed by the pneumonic plague already happening in the Ukraine, and anything else they can come up with.

    Which makes me more determined to move next spring, to a place with enough land to grow a huge garden (I can’t do the gardening, but my husband would LOVE to have room for a large garden, he enjoys gardening). That way we might have enough food for us and our kids and grandchildren to survive, if necessary.

    The sun came through for about half an hour today. Chems everywhere! But of course, it has been raining again most of the afternoon.

    Was outside last night around 9:30, and there was a colourful, rainbow coloured halo around the moon! I am sure plenty of stupid people thought that was really pretty.

  27. clark Says:

    – After several days of solid white skies and rain we too had the sun poke out today but the chemtrails are numerous and they are maintaining a light white mist for much of the sky. It’s odd how similar my weather is with Ursa’s considering how far apart we are how much further north she is.

  28. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I just found this, confirming what you have been telling us about California:

    “The Sacramento Bee reports about drought in California.

    Water watchers cast a wary eye
    By Matt Weiser
    Published: Monday, Feb. 02, 2009

    Water experts are having a hard time finding the right words to describe what lies ahead, after recording a dismally dry January in California.

    “Scary,” “grim,” and possible “conservation mandates” are offered up.

    Yet it’s easy for the experts to sound out a clear warning: This may become, simply, the worst drought California has ever seen.

    “Our worst fears appear to be materializing,” said Wendy Martin, drought coordinator at the state Department of Water Resources. “It’s going to be a huge challenge.”

    The bottom line, water officials said, is that right now, everyone must start using less water. The public can expect higher water bills and fines if they don’t, because the alternative is a real water shortage – one that is threatening tens of thousands of Valley jobs.

    “It’s pretty scary,” said Tim Quinn, executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies, who has more than three decades in the water-supply business. “The public needs to tighten their belts. You have to rearrange all the molecules in your brain to think about using water differently.”

    What worries the water gurus is not just a likelihood that 2009 may be a third dry year in a row, but what appears to be the state’s dramatically reduced flexibility to respond.

    Among the reasons:

    • Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is in an ecological crisis. It’s the funnel for most of California’s precipitation, but its ability to move water from north to south is compromised by the need to keep Delta fish from going extinct.
    • California has added 10 million people since the last big drought in 1991, substantially boosting demand on the available supply.
    • Farmers have shifted hundreds of thousands of acres to permanent crops such as fruit, nuts and grapes, which cannot be fallowed in droughts like the row crops they replaced.

    Thousands of acres of row crops already have been fallowed [fallowing is when farmers let farmland don’t plant anything and let the land sit idle], and more will follow.

    “The situation is very grim for all farmers,” said Sarah Woolf, spokeswoman for the San Joaquin Valley’s giant Westlands Water District, which warned customers they may not get any water this year. “There simply will be drastic fallowing and, in all likelihood, significant impacts that result in some businesses not making it through.”

    Richard Howitt, professor of resource economics at UC Davis, last week offered sobering numbers to the state Board of Food and Agriculture.

    Using computer economic models and DWR water data, Howitt estimates 40,000 jobs will be lost, along with $1.15 billion in income.

    But this is just the first splash of trouble, because Howitt’s estimate applies only to areas of the Central Valley south of the Delta, and only in the farm sector.

    It also relies upon DWR’s most recent official estimate that its water contractors will get only 15 percent of normal deliveries. But a DWR official told The Bee last week that the next forecast, expected by mid-February, will almost certainly promise even less water.

    All these factors mean the statewide economic impacts will increase substantially from current estimates, Howitt said. He expects this drought will be worse than those in 1977 and 1991, the most severe in modern times.

    “What’s eye-popping to me is these job losses,” Howitt said. “If you say you’re losing 40,000 jobs in small Valley towns where the people who are losing their jobs are least able to do anything about it, you’re talking about real costs to people’s living.”

    January is one of the months water officials had hoped would yield enough water to pull the state out of a two-year dry spell. But it did the opposite: January, often the wettest month of the year in California, was in 2009 one of the driest on record.

    The statewide snowpack, in surveys conducted Thursday, proved to be just 61 percent of average. It was worse, at 49 percent, in the Northern Sierra, home to some of the state’s most important reservoirs.

    Rainfall totals mirror the bad news. Sacramento in January saw just 1.5 inches of rain, against the historical average of 4.2 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

    Redding fared even worse, recording only 0.93 of an inch compared with the January average of 6.5 inches.

    Water agencies throughout the state are scrambling to adopt conservation mandates – largely because many customers have so far failed to cut back enough on their use.”

    Here is the link to it: http://www.marketskeptics.com/2009/02/major-droughts-and-dropping-food.html

  29. sage Says:


    “””Then how do you explain the dozens of jets that fly parallel in equally spaced out formation for days on end and then weeks go by without one appearing?”””

    Intersecting flight paths and autopilots following waypoints to the T. Also, differing weather patterns will have the routes rerouted; nobody likes a bumpy ride.


    Oh and you are so right clark.

    Air capture device > Laboratory > What they’re supposedly spraying.

    Beyond that you’re all paranoid schizophrenics howling/hooting/screeching at the sky like chimps.

  30. Ursa Major Says:

    Sage, you are an idiot, and obviously a troll. Get lost, we don’t need the likes of you around here. This forum is about intelligent debate. You apparently lack the intelligence to join in. Go play elsewhere.

  31. Ursa Major Says:

    About the above mentioned website Market Skeptics I (and Sky) linked to: This person seriously believes in global warming, and attributes all the droughts, floods and severe weather to global warming. We know better, of course. Still, the information is valuable, and we can just ignore the nonsense.

  32. sage Says:

    @Ursa Major

    What in your world constitutes intelligent debate? Baseless Conspiracy theories? Oggling the sky and musing on the clouds?

  33. Ursa Major Says:

    Better ogling the clouds than looking for places to sow discord. Besides the fact that anybody believing the official government version of the ‘truth’ on chemtrails is a brainwashed idiot. Which obviously includes you.

    From here on in consider yourself officially ignored, it is a waste of time to pay attention to the likes of you. The evidence for our view is there, including right up in the sky. You choose to ignore it and make fun of people knowing the truth, that’s fine, suit yourself.

  34. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a link to a great article, “Debunking Chemtrail debunkers”. Very informative and right on. It shows the lies of the debunkers, how they go all out to make us look stupid, only succeeding in the end to make it obvious how laughable and utterly without basis any of their arguments are. They are the stupid ones.


  35. Ursa Major Says:

    One excerpt from the above linked to article I just read (it is a very long article, and I’ve been reading it on and off for a couple of days):

    “There is every reason to believe, indeed, that those who call themselves debunkers are, in fact, quisling shills for government, trying to keep the truth from the people. They willingly admit to being considered that by many conspiracy theory examiners, and just as quickly – and without proof – dismiss the accusation, but it seems very near the truth, if not the truth itself.

    And this demonstrated malevolence of character, more so than much else, pronounces conspiracy theories far from unreliable; indeed, anything but unproved, or disproved.

    And that includes chemtrails.

    The evidence is that, not only are chemtrails real, there seems to be a dedicated movement to try to dissuade those who acknowledge the existence of chemtrails from following up on the subject.”

  36. clark Says:

    – We had the brilliant red-orange sunset today too. Lots of regular contrail producing jets flying side by side with the chemtrail jets spewing lines from horizon to horizon at the same altitude. During the short time I looked this evening, there were about the same amount of chemtrails as contrails so it’s pretty hard to believe the idea some people put forward that half of the jets were gunning the throttle while the other half were not, especially because they all appeared to be running straight lines at the same altitude.

    Also, what Ursa said above X2.

  37. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I don’t the brilliant orange sunset, which I believe can be completely normal. But what I saw yesterday was a brilliant orange horizon about FOUR HOURS before the sun was about to set. It was early afternoon, and the sun was still high in the sky!

    How would anybody explain a brilliant orange horizon at 1:00 in the afternoon??????

  38. Celline Says:

    Read something interesting, I just wish where the ” TRU” channel on TV is?! Jesse Ventura is starting a show called: Conspiracy Theory, on 12/ 2 at 10PM , don’t know which timezone. He is harping on HAARP and it’s dangers, and the chems ! I will look for this channel, I want to watch this new show, and am curious, how long ” they” will allow him to air this !
    Uschi, yes, I know this article u quoted, it includes ” the breadbasket of America !” Sure enough, rainclouds moved in today.. yet above them poised fat and threatening.. were the chems. I saw them everywhere were there was a space of blue sky. So frightening to know, it will not rain.. just not ! Where to move to ???? Idaho ? My family in Idaho sais, there is no such thing as chemtrails, and I have not been there in a long time, so I do not know.
    Idiots appearing on this blog are on “iggy “. No words wasted.

  39. Celline Says:

    I just found out that ” Tru TV” is the former ” Court TV”
    and Jesse’s show is at 10 PM EST ! Dec. 2 .

  40. Ursa Major Says:

    More climate fraud, this time in New Zealand, to make it look like global warming.


  41. Sky Says:

    @ Celline- Please let us know what that Tru TV show about HAARP reveals. Ventura said that there’s some new horrifying capabilities that HAARP has that we don’t know about yet.

    When he filmed that program, all the govt officials up at HAARP refused to be interviewed. Also ALL of Ventura’s cameras ‘ malfuntioned’ at the same time. Once the camera crew was a number of miles away from HAARP the cameras all worked normally again.

    About Ventura- remember he is a politician at heart. He finally woke up to 911 truth BUT he has serious limitations. There’s no doubt that his new TV show will reveal some new information but I doubt Ventura believes any of it himself. It’s a game with him. He spends his time surfing in Baja.

    I am very angry with Ventura. Here’s why- In the AJ interview, Ventura said he believed in evolution. Then he went to say that global govt is political evolution. And he made this sound like a GOOD thing. It certainly didn’t disturb him in the slightest.

    There was a shocked , dead silence from AJ as Ventura was spouting this BS. Alex Jones then attempted to explain to Ventura that the New World Order was a TYRANNICAL world govt.But Ventura was clueless.

    Bottom line- Ventura’s new show does sound interesting. But Ventura himself is either hopelessly naive or stupid or both. He’s in it for the money. Ventura couldn’t care less about chemtrails, the droughts and floods, the enslavement of humanity. As long as he makes the big bucks promoting his books and TV shows he’s a happy camper.

  42. clark Says:

    @Ursa, What I meant to say was only the clouds were brilliant red-orange, not the sky in general like with a normal brilliant sunset – and there are plenty of those in this area. It was also unusual to me that you had similar colors in your area at the same time as we did. Refractions of the color spectrum help to indicate what the substances are, just like they did with analyzing the blasts on the moon for water. But what you describe is very wierd.

    @Sky, you are probably right about Ventura, or he may just be coming around and still holding onto some type of old values he thought were good? Optimism, is that an outdated term these days?

  43. Sky Says:

    Hi Clark. Sovereignty is an ” old value”, global govt is NOT. Ventura is on board with one world global government.His optimism is born of ignorance and the belief that the increase in totalitarianism will not affect him or his family.

    Ventura has set himself up to live totally off grid. But he’s also busy milking as much money as he can out of the collapsing system before everything totally implodes.

    Check out this bizzarre spray plane, out of San Remo Italy. You ever seen anything like this plane ?

  44. ericswan Says:

    Ventura and Jones are doing about the same thing. Neither expect the system to crash and burn. They believe the slave world we are headed for will be incremental and that they will have plenty of time to spend thier filthy lucre when the economy strangles the life out of freedom of expression.

  45. Celline Says:

    Thank you, Sky, I did not know this about Jesse Ventura, but will watch his show, on the formerly ” court” now “tru” channel, ( 39) for me. At 7 PM PST. Weird though, that his cameras would not work.. eh ?
    Maybe he was stupid and naive.. but if he really dug into everything, unless he’s brainwashed or dumb, he should have caught on to everything by now. We shall see ! Guess what: It Rained, yes, it rained for about 5 hours today, it’s as if Gold poured from Heaven.
    Yes, there are chems above the rainclouds.. clearly visible, who knows what’s in that precious rainwater, but right now for us : IT RAINED and we are so grateful.
    Now.. will watch Uschi’s video.

  46. Celline Says:

    Sky.. incredible video !!!!

  47. clark Says:

    @Sky, yup I’ve seen a few of those kinds of jets. They fly at a very high altitude here, kind of slow too, compared to other jets.

  48. Ursa Major Says:

    Yes, I have seen at least one of those planes before.

    Today the clouds sort of parted a few times. And this time, there weren’t just chemclouds above them, but they were actively spraying. Once for about three minutes there was an opening in the clouds, and I saw FOUR side by side chemtrails in that little opening, that had just been sprayed (hadn’t spread much yet).

    And at sunset the jets were absolutely everywhere at once. I went shopping, and above the mall the whole sky was filled with chemtrails, criss-crossing, and side by side. The most were RIGHT in front of the sun. I took pictures, but of course, they are smart, those don’t show in the pictures, because the red sun was too bright. I tried editing them to make the chems show, but it won’t work.

    It was a disgusting display. I bet people thought it was pretty (and it was, in a macabre sort of way).

    So, I bet we were supposed to finally, after weeks of rain, have sunshine tomorrow. Can’t have that now, can we? I am sure it will rain tomorrow again, that is usually what happens.

    Celline, I am glad it rained were you are. I wished the sun would shine here, all we’ve had for the last month was rain, and it never really gets light.

  49. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I can’t believe that you see all those jets, because I hardly ever see any. They spray over the ocean and then the chems move in, over land, so all I ever see is the result of what they are doing.. but never witness the ” deed”! Rarely do I see a jet.. only here and there.
    Is that because I live at the ocean.. and they do this on purpose because this way people can’t watch them do it? But not everyone lives at water’sfront ! I wonder what the people on cruiseships do see ?
    Well I am not going on a cruise just to watch them do the deeds, it’s bad enough to see the results ! Yes, it even rained some more a while ago, but that’s it.. skies are clearing now. But I am so filled with gratitude, you can’t even imagine.

  50. Ursa Major Says:

    When I got up, the WHOLE sky was filled with a striped mist. And as I was watching, a trail was being laid right over top of me. A very fine trail (I could see the jet), that dissipated into a wider one almost immediately and become part of the mist within less than five minutes. It looks like they’ve been busy on that since I watched them last night.

    Yes, the sun was (sort of) shining, but already it is getting darker again (at 10:21 am), and the sun can’t get through any more. The bastards! I knew we were supposed to get sunshine today, but they won’t let it happen.

    And of course, as soon as I opened my window and stuck my head out to look, my breathing got worse again. I need to get ready for church, but I am sitting here doing a nebulizer treatment so I can manage to do anything. Good thing I can do it while being on the computer, so the time doesn’t seem entire wasted that I spend every day several times a day doing treatments!

  51. Ursa Major Says:

    I just checked my weather report. Of course, it says for morning, “cloudy periods” (I see only fake clouds, of course) and light rain for the afternoon. And tomorrow snow.

    Snow I can handle, it doesn’t seem quite so dreary. Still, the sun was supposed to shine!

  52. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, by the time I went to church, it was completely overcast. And not only that, but it was foggy! Have you ever seen fog develop during the morning, to be worst around noon? Normally, especially when the sun is shining (which it was originally this morning), and there is not a lot of moisture on the ground (just a little frost), fog will CLEAR by around ten in the morning, not develop.

    My eyes are burning, and I have developed a splitting headache as well as breathing problems. I would love to know what is in the air. Of course, it is a dull day again, with a very thick, even, gray cloud cover.

  53. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, pouring rain, and dark and dreary.

    I sound like Celline in reverse. She would always be looking for clouds, only to see the chems that would stop the rain.

    I am looking for the sun, only to see the chems that will seed the clouds for more rain, day after dreary day. Ugh!

  54. Celline Says:

    Uschi, what’s happening is worldwide we all know this, but it seems to be worse in some areas than in others. What you are describing sounds worse than what I have seen on our worst days. I wonder why this is? Does anyone have a clue? We are clear with a SantaAna developing, a cool one. But there’s a brown’grey haze in the air, and unless there are some fires, it has to be something the chems did.
    Uschi, how can things be so obvious and so bad and so in your face…. and people don’t notice? Beyond me completely.
    How do tiny babies respond to breathing this, them.. and so many who are not strong and healthy? Your daughters are neither blind nor dumb, they must be thinking something ?!
    But, all of us are in the same boat, we seem to be alone w.our knowledge and it sure isen’t the most uplifting thing to be in that spot.
    Love to you, girl !

  55. Ursa Major Says:

    Sorry, Celline that your rain is over already. But I am glad you got it.

    The worst part was, that they had an atrocious background on the screen at church again!

    For the singing it was a beautiful candle. But during the sermon our sound guy (who also does the overhead) put on another photograph of a wooden cross somewhere, looked like in a desert on a sand dune. And in the background was the kind of sky I saw this morning, a striped haze. It was very hard to concentrate on the sermon, because it bothered me so much!

  56. Celline Says:

    Uschi, have u tried to talk to the ” overhead guy?” I sure would.
    Could you catch him alone, in private.. and let him see exactly what you are talking about? This is terrible for you, and if this were me, I could not take it.Regardless of what anyone would think, I would speak up.
    In fact, I would be unable to attend. As long as our churches do not tell us the truth and try to act as if everyone has to be dumb, they are not worth attending. By the way, my pastor friend never replied anymore, I s’pose he thinks that either I lost it, or he’s just plain scared. I think that the church leadership, any of them, have shut their eyes and ears to keep their taxfree status intact. Believe me, that’s saying a lot coming from me….God is the most important thing in my life, but it seems to me our churches are no longer a guide or even a decent fellowship for that matter.
    There you have it, those are my honest feelings about this.

  57. Ursa Major Says:

    The problem is, that I am absolutely 100% positive that our sound guy would NOT do this on purpose. I am sure he doesn’t have a clue what those pictures (which he undoubtedly finds on the Internet) actually show.

    His wife has figured out he has likely Asperger Syndrome, too. He has a lot of problems and might lose his job (our pastor’s wife asked me to lend this lady some books of mine, to help, that’s why I know). So, I am hesitant when it comes to bothering him with something else right now. But eventually I’ll have to talk to him, and send him some links to give him a clue. Because it just bugs me too much to see those images of all places in church.

    Our pastor likely never looks up, either, and wouldn’t have a clue. He really is a good guy, and a good pastor who truly preaches from the Word. But as I said before, my husband and him are good friends. And if I’d say anything, my husband would tell him to ignore me, because I’ve got mental problems and a ‘conspiracy problem’.

    It is now, at nearly 11:30 pm, 5 degrees Celsius (40 Fahrenheit). So, I have my doubts about the snow that is forecast for tomorrow. But we’ll see. Anything is better than the constant rain!

  58. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, I understand. It’s just that I so know how much it bugs you, so I responded with my thoughts about it.
    It’s crystal clear outside, and cold, about 56 my cartemp told me, that’s freezing 4 us. Skies are totally chemfree, oh the joy to see the stars and the moon w.out any weird discolorations.

  59. Sky Says:

    One of my favorite songs from the 80’s was ” All You Zombies.

    I think of those who are blind, deaf, and dumb to chemtrails ( chemtrail zombies) when I listen to this beautiful song.

    Lyrics :

    Holy Moses met the Pharaoh
    Yeah, he tried to set him straight
    Looked him in the eye, “let my people go”;

    Holy Moses on the mountain
    High above the golden calf
    Went to get the Ten Commandments
    He’s just gonna break them in half

    All you zombies hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The pieces gonna fall on you

    No one ever spoke to Noah
    They all laughed at him instead
    Working on his ark, working all by himself

    Only Noah saw it coming
    Forty days and forty nights
    Took his sons and daughters with him
    Yeah, they were the Israelites

    All you zombies hide your faces
    All you people in the street
    All you sittin’ in high places
    The rain’s gonna fall on you

    Holy Father, what’s the matter
    Where have all your children gone
    Sitting in the dark, living all by themselves
    You don’t have to hide anymore
    All you zombies show your faces…

    Song 😦 read along and listen….enjoy ! )

  60. Sky Says:

    The same band , 20 years later, produced a haunting version of a song that never did anything for me when Peter,Paul, and Mary sang it. The Hooter’s remake blows me away !

    The video is awesome too, especially the guy stopping the tanks in Tiananmen Square.Of course, a week later, the Chinese massacred and imprisoned and tortured these same students. But still… on that one day… the tanks stopped.

    ” And the land that I once loved is not my own . ”

    How sad…and how true. Big Brother police state,black ops chemtrail operations, engineered droughts and floods, global warming fraud, carbon footprints and taxes, false flag terrorism,bioengineered viruses – this is definitely NOT the land I once loved.

  61. Ursa Major Says:

    There is actually snow on the ground this morning! It won’t last, as it isn’t cold enough, a little above freezing.

    The fat clouds moved away, and now there are ‘only’ white chem-clouds everywhere. You know, the kind that looks like ice floes. The sun is sort of shining, too.

    But those chem-clouds are moving rapidly east, and from the west are black clouds moving in already again. No breaks for us here.

  62. ericswan Says:

    Yesterday evening, while the sun was nearing the evening horizon a massive chemtrail spraying over Rijeka (Croatia), equal to those from the famous days few years ago, started.

    As I do not carry camera 24/7 with me any more I could not take any images, altough I was quite impressed.

    Such late calm day frenzy spraying could have only two purposes:

    1. Dispersion of biological material sensitive to UV light (it was sunny day) inside microcapsules, so it could reach ground level live and active.

    2. Creation of low level, dense clouds that will contain heath from radiating to the space and moisture from condensing on the ground because of the fall of the air temperature during the night, thus keeping the ground level air moist and warm over the sprayed area during the night to, greatly, help propagation by inhalation of the said sprayed bilogicals.

    We shall see how many of us will become ill next month(s). This biological weapon is designed to come in slowly, in waves, over many months, as our imunity is being gradually degraded by barium from chemtrail sprayings.

    Locally, our hope is Bora (strong north-east), wind that blows everything like this (chemtrails, bad air, bad toughts and all) away across the Adriatic Sea, to Italy.
    Siroko (south wind) is not so bad either. It carries sea spray on land (sea salt), that tends to kill most bugs.


  63. clark Says:

    @Sky, Re: The Zombies & Zombieland, I feel the same way.

    @eric, in that bit IZAKOVIC described much of the last two Winters here: …Creation of low level, dense clouds that will contain heat from radiating to the space and moisture from condensing on the ground because of the fall of the air temperature during the night, thus keeping the ground level air moist and warm over the sprayed area during the night… Here, the ice would never melt as it often did in the past, or the rain would freeze instead of be snow more frequently than before, or we got more than usual significant amounts of snow than before, and all were more often and usually accompanied by fog. Overall, very bad breathing conditions.

    – This morning was total white-out, but by late morning it was clear skies, no chems, no jets, not a single jet until 4p.m. and it was a normal contrail. A good day?

  64. ericswan Says:

  65. Celline Says:

    @eric, are you telling us that you are travelling at the present, and you are or were in Croatia ? Are you going to be in Germany, and if so, would you please let me know what you are observing there ?
    Most of my friends and family still are in deep denial.
    The video is great and very to the point informative, thank you.

  66. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, Eric was quoting somebody else named IZAKOVIC, and there is a link to that man’s website, too.

  67. clark Says:

    I saw my first contrail at night – last night. I know the moon was full, the sky was almost clear and that could have been a factor, but I’ve been watching jets in the night sky for a long long time and I’ve never seen a contrail at night before. A couple of chemtrails yes, contrails, no.

    There was a cloud bank off to the East on the horizon and an ever so slight mist in the air and one lone bit of what looked like a wispy smoke-like section of a chemtrail that was uncharacteristically drifting and sort of swirling around. As it crossed the path of the moon it created a purple-red to purple-blue halo around the moon.

    I saw a couple of other normal looking jets with no contrails very close to the same flight path as the contrail producing jet.
    I just thought it was odd.

  68. clark Says:

    I noticed a Jesse Ventura interview put HAARP at the top in the first pharagraph, that’s a good thing. Even though he strangely uses Charlie Sheen’s 20 minutes with the President script (or maybe it’s the other way around) I found the interview convincing, somewhat, at least encouraging, especially seeing as how it puts HAARP on TV in the faces of some many who didn’t think about it before.

    “…And let me add, my doubts on the government have accelerated since I left office over the many things that have happened…”

    The last pharagraph was very good, very true and a good begining.

  69. clark Says:

    To be more clear, the contrail I saw last night, I think it was a quick dissipating short chemtrail but I couldn’t be certain – they Do have different qualities.
    – And, it’s a cloud and jet free morning, so far. Another nice day?

  70. Ursa Major Says:

    This morning there was quite a bit of snow on the ground, and the road was very slippery. The sky was sort of clear, but the few chemclouds above showed through a mist. So, it wasn’t as clear as it looked.

    Going home at just before eleven, when coming down into my valley, I could see all the ‘cloud’ formations very clearly (and it was raining again, too). Right above, black/dark gray ones without clearly defined borders, and little black puffs floating below that. Towards the horizon, where the dark clouds opened up, white chemclouds (quite striped), higher up than the dark ones. Of course, it being an hour before noon, the sun (I could see its location through the clouds) was high in the sky.

    And the horizon looked like early in the morning or at sunset – orange. Those white clouds right near the southern horizon were ALL orange coloured. Not a bright colour, but this artificial looking, sickly orange.

    You couldn’t see that in town, only looking down from above. So, most people wouldn’t see it.

  71. clark Says:

    Another reason to block the sun and melanin production to make peole sick:

    Grapes have a relatively large amount of iron, but you don’t see any rusty grapes. The reason is that grapes, like the figs that mynah birds eat, have those iron-binding pigments that tightly bind to iron. In healthy individuals there is little if any unbound iron circulating in the blood. In all states of disease, however, unbound iron (also called free iron) is released at sites of inflammation, tumors and infection, and can spark uncontrolled oxidation (rusting) and tissue destruction.26

    Fortunately, there are numerous automatic mechanisms in the body that help to control iron. For instance, melanin is an iron-binding pigment in the skin. The liver makes binding proteins called ferritin, transferrin and lactoferrin, to bind to iron as it enters the circulatory system.27


  72. Celline Says:

    Again: Thank you Uschi, for clearing up w. me.. eric’s trips ;o)
    Today I actually saw a chem-plane spraying his heart out and the tanks empty. Our skies were covered w chems.. and weirdly enough, some appeared to be blackish. Another rainfront is moving in.. and strategically placed in front of the incoming clouds, is the massive chemtrail-action. You tell me, what this means? I succeeded to make a famous Twitter-friend, and actually convinced her to look up HAARP etc. She did, and responed w. a twittered : Oh no, one word :”OMG” !
    She’s shocked and has many many famous friends.. and I figure every little bit helps. ( 4 of these friends are on ” The View” abc ! )
    The CFR Baba Wawa will shut them up quickly. But, eh, I tried.
    Tonight 7PM PST.. on the former ” Court ” channel, now”Tru” channel, 39 for me, will be the Jesse Ventura show, and I surely will be watching it !


    “US Swine Flu Spray Plane Shot Down In China

    By: Sorcha Faal

    Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a ‘mutated’ swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down [photo top left] at China’s Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan.

    According to Chinese propaganda media reports on this incident the stricken Zimbabwean MD-ll plane, owned by the CIA linked Avient Aviation company operated by a former British military officer named Andrew Smith and registered in the UK, killed 3 American CIA agents and injured 4 other personal who are reported to be from United States, Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.

    Most interesting to note in these reports on the victims of this plane shootdown is that the Indonesian man currently being treated for his injuries has ‘confessed’ to Chinese secret police forces that he is a technician employed by the United States Navy at their mysterious Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2) located in Indonesia that Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono had previously called for the closing of “because its operations were too secretive and were incompatible with Indonesia’s security interests.”

    Even more interesting to note about this US Navy secret bio-weapons base in Indonesia (the World’s largest Muslim Nation) was its establishment in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute, especially with it being the main center for the Americans Viral Diseases Program (VDP) they describe as the research of “epidemiologic and laboratory research on viral hemorrhagic fevers, influenza, encephalitis, and rickettsioses” and the head of this institute, David Rockefeller, long calling for a massive reduction in our World’s population.

    And to the agenda currently underway to radically change our World through the mass death of its population we need look no further for its explanation than David Rockefeller’s own words he spoke before the secretive Trilateral Commission in June, 1991, when he said:

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

    To the United States employing planes to spread a mutated swine flu virus around the World we have further reports from China, and as we can read:

    “June 26 Suspicious aircrafts were forced to land. A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civillian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian figther jets that also arrested the crew.

    According to reports China (China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force) contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukranian aircrafts amidst growing concern that the United States were spreading “biological agents” in the Earth’s atmosphere also which some Chinese officals believed to be a attempt to mass genocide via the spread of h1n1 swine flu.

    The strange thing about these reports and arrests as well as the forcing down of the planes were that these aircrafts were carrying “waste disposal” systems that could spray up to 45000kg or 100pounds of aerial type mist from sophisticated network of nano pipes that led throughout the trailing edges of the wings thereby dispersing whatever was in these tanks through a mist.”

    Reports of these US planes over Ukraine have been reported as well, and as we can further read:

    “Authorities in the town of Kiev, Ukraine denied any spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over the city. This after it was reported that light aircrafts were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu.

    5 Sources confirms this and the local newspapers of Kiev also received hundreds of phone calls from residents and business owners close to the area the planes were spraying the suspicious substance. Not only that but local businesses and retailers were “advised” to stay indoors during the day by the local authorities.

    As if that is not enough, the government authorities also pushed the radio stations in Kiev to deny the reports. Online on forums, websites and blogs reports came in about eye witness accounts that confirms this. There was also reports of helicopters spraying aerosols over Kiev, Lviv, Ternopil and throughout Ukraine.”

    Most disturbing of the effects of the spraying of this mutated swine flu virus over the Ukraine is the devastating toll it has taken on the people of that country, and as we can read:

    “Almost 40 000 people got infected since yesterday in the Ukraine by what we still call the “Ukraine plague” but doctors have said recently that this is a stronger case of h1n1 or swine flu that has mutated and has that affect on the lungs where it destroys the lungs and fills it with blood.”

    But, to the most horrible outcome of this mutated swine flu virus is the World Health Organization now reporting that it is killing people in France, Norway, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, and the United States as the death toll from this Global Pandemic is now reported to be nearing 8,000 and China now reporting that this deadly disease has now crossed over into dogs.

    Important to also note in these reports is that the US spray plane shot down in China was reported to be targeting a secret Israeli base located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan, which many Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazi Jews make up approximately 80% of Jews Worldwide) consider their ‘spiritual homeland’ after their long exile their under Soviet Communist rule, and where Russian Intelligence Analysts report the Israelis are nearing the end of their decades long deciphering of the ancient Epic of Manas manuscript (with close to half a million lines the Epic of Manas is twenty times longer than Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad combined) that they believe contains our World’s oldest warning to our present age and which (coincidentally?) agrees with the ancient Mayan peoples that the year of 2012 will see the ending of our present age.

    To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing; other than to state the obvious, that the truths of these things are continued to be ignored, even scoffed at, by the very people whose extermination has been longed planned by these monsters and is now being carried out, and who still have no idea whatsoever how truly easy it has become for them to be controlled by their propaganda masters.

    One can only hope that they awaken before all is lost for them, the facts suggest they won’t. “

  74. clark Says:

    Action over there… same old story here:
    Two whole days of blue sky is all I get.
    At midnight it was clear, at 7:30a.m. it was clouding up and I could see a number of chemtrail jets working it from East to West and from North to South marking the spot with an X which I haven’t seen in quite some time. The fallout from further away formed into sifty fine lines which collected and bunched together horizontally as they floated Eastward until they combined with the thicker fresh chemtrails and together they blotted out the sun and the sky was once again a solid white background with only a slight hint of small clouds.

    The substance they spray, the combinations it‘s made of… I wonder if TB can be spread in a spray with an intention quite like those who purposely infected blankets with small pox and distributed to the Indians in North America in the 1800’s:

    “…While everyone is calling it “Swine Flu” and the WHO using it to spread their panic and untested vaccines, there is strong evidence that the deaths—almost all from pulmonary conditions—are from a rising incidence of Tuberculosis (TB). Now a Cambridge University study shows that there is a close correlation between rise in TB and the severe austerity measures that go with IMF loans. Are the Ukraine ‘Black Death’ cases the result of Ukraine’s IMF loans?”


  75. Celline Says:

    450 000 kg, is no 100 pounds.
    If we want to be particular.. let’s be correct.
    I’m open to hear everything that’s out there.. but am leary
    of people who come w. numbers that don’t match up w. simple math.
    Short and to the point holds my interest much better.
    We are cool, 65, w. clear skies.. except the heavy lumpy looking chems.
    Some of them black, who knows what’s in there.

  76. Celline Says:

    Can anyone help me with find this ” Jesse Ventura” show? It has not been on the ” Tru” channel at any time. It was suppose to be on today at 7PM PST.. and it was not.
    Anyone who did see it, could you tell me please.. where, and when?

  77. Celline Says:

    Just had my question answered, the show will be on at 10PM PST tonight, the “Tru” channel just now announced it !

  78. Darran Says:

    Sorcha Faal ? Disinformation.

  79. ericswan Says:

    Sorcha Faal is credible. Just look who advertises on her site.

  80. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is one link on Sorcha Faal, that seems to show that it is an alias for David Booth (who apparently is good at spreading disinformation, haven’t checked that myself yet). http://theuniversalseduction.com/articles/reader-sorcha-faal-alias-is-a-cia-disinformation-operative

    Personally, from what I have found by ‘her’, I wouldn’t trust this person, even if SOME of what he/she says is true.

  81. clark Says:

    In God we trust… all others bring data.


    Trust but verify.

  82. Celline Says:

    Now it get’s interesting : My grandson, 23, just came home from college, came to me and asked this:” All my buddies say they feel weird.. sorta spacy and unable to concentrate on their work, and I myself feel that way too, do you have a clue what this could be?” ( he knows about the chems and points them out to me ! ) I told him, that I have felt a bit weird myself lately, and covered myself w. the only protection that I know.. against utter Evil, with Prayer ! He said” Who would have thought it would get that far.. that we can’t even live life at all.. without asking God first.. to take us through our day safely…..” Out of the mouth of babes ! He is a babe to me at 23 ! Am happy that he talks to me, trusts me, and most of all.. he knows God !
    Blue and clear here.. dotted with long and short chem-streaks, all over.
    The sky is like a canvas here.. and Satan’s works are as visible.. as anything you can imagine.

  83. Darran Says:

    Here is a great link guys:


  84. clark Says:

    His link didn’t work. It’s a draft so I suppose it’s in the issue of the magazine for sale.
    His summary was off, but not bad overall.
    His worst error was saying chemtrails aren’t applied at low levels or on cloudy days. Second worst was assuming there aren’t multiple uses for chemtrails.

    The blurb at the bottom wasn’t a good thing, States seizing firearms, that will not go over real well.

    “sorta spacy and unable to concentrate on … work” – I’m so sick of that too. It’s noticable in others sometimes in heavy traffic – one day I saw five seperate car wrecks on my way home and drivers everywhere acting very erratic and making foolish simple mistakes. Coincedence? Maybe…

  85. clark Says:

    I found some chemtrail comedy, haven’t listened to the audio, but I thought the video was a little funny. It covers most of the main points discussed on this blog with a theme borrowed from the movie “They Live” … I want one of those Love Cannons.

  86. Sky Says:

    Oh dear Lord ! It’s clear the Christian churches are now the tools of Satan.

    ‘The World Council of Churches on Thursday called on churches around the world to ring their bells 350 times during the Copenhagen climate change summit on December 13 as a call to action on global warming.

    The leading council of Christian and Orthodox churches also invited places of worship for other faiths to join a symbolic “chain of chimes and prayers” stretching around the world from the international date line in the South Pacific

    On that Sunday, midway through the UN summit, the WCC invites churches around the world to use their bells, drums, gongs or whatever their tradition offers to call people to prayer and action in the face of climate change,” the council said in a statement

    “By sounding their bells or other instruments 350 times, participating churches will symbolise the 350 parts per million that mark the safe upper limit for CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere according to many scientists,” it added.

    The WCC brings together 348 Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican churches representing about 560 million Christians in 110 countries.

    The Council of European Bishops Conferences, which gathers Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops, is also supporting the campaign, according to a letter released by the WCC.


    What is the World Council of Churches ?


  87. Sky Says:

    Man -made global warming/climate change was a scam cooked up by by one of the elite’s think tanks- the Club of Rome.

    “The common enemy of humanity is man.

    In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
    water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

    The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”


    Carbon taxes are a tax on LIFE itself. And the churches are PUSHING this evil agenda.

    I don’t know about the rest of you… but I am TERRIFIED to step inside a church these days!

  88. Sky Says:

    ‘I do not trust men who call themselves warriors yet have no scars. I do not trust men who call themselves warriors yet their armor is in pristine condition, as though they had it pressed for a military funeral rather than scarred and worn as though they were standing on the front lines.

    Make no mistake, we are at war, and this spiritual war is one in which there can be no spectators. There are only three options. We either flee from before the enemy, surrender to the enemy, or make our stand against the enemy.

    I realize full well that some continue to be under the misconception that they can strike a truce with the enemy and somehow coexist. The only problem is that the enemy never honors your terms of surrender, and you will be a slave, and subject to his whims. Knowing that the enemy is merciless, ruthless, vile and heartless, his whims will always gravitate toward creating an environment of pain, sorrow and heartache for those who surrender and give up the fight. ‘


  89. ericswan Says:

    Good work Sky.

  90. ericswan Says:

  91. What the hell are they spraying on us? « The PPJ Gazette Says:

    […] What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 5 […]

  92. Celline Says:

    @Sky: The WCC has been evil from day one. They are by no means christan.. they are an arm of the club of Rome/Bilderbergers etc.
    Some time ago, in Germany, I was a guest of friends and attendet one of their huge public meetings.. and even at that time I knew.. that the whole thing was ” Volkverdummung ” and nothing but another branch of uniting the people under the NWO…… disgusting lies, misleading the people to trust because the word CHURCH is present.
    Pucky/Bull, it’s nothing but NWO stuff.. even BillyGraham was one of those misleading thousands.. it goes on and on.

  93. Celline Says:

    @Sky, yes, great links !

  94. clark Says:

    – clear skies today (clear mind and lots of energy too) from reading comments elsewhere, the jets are out East. One guy claimed he’s looked and never seen them where he lives, in Florida near a military base. I suspect they lay chemtrails down there out over the ocean from both sides of the state and it rolls in as Celline so often describes in California, so no need for direct overhead flights in many areas.

    I’ve learned there are a huge number of women complaining of hair loss, blisters on their scalps and their scalps smell. I wonder if very many of them make the connection to the chemtrails being applied over their heads as most seem too embarrassed to even admit or discuss their problems let alone accept their own government may be to blame. Most likely the chemtail substance makes their scalps an acidic welcoming mat for many fungus and parasites while doing damage of its own. I know mine has not been normal, perhaps the different PH levels in a woman’s body plays a role causing them to suffer more and have more extreme reactions?

    Then for even more uplifting reading I came to understand how “Balkanization” worked in Eastern Europe and it is being attempted in Afghanistan in the same manner they did so in Iraq.


    But some people say that tactic won’t work in Afghanistan.


    “…The US has already turned all decent Afghan, Pakistani, other Central Asian, and most other national hearts and minds against itself by its barbarian savagery and Big Lies. Afghanistan and Pakistan are a vast world of warriors totally unlike Iraq’s tiny Sunni population which defeated the U.S. militarily and forced the US to bribe them and call off attacks…”

    “Balkanization”… that’s what they’re doing here too, isn’t it? Increasing popular “support” and getting people to ignore reality and just “support” and have blind faith of patriotism so when the local F.B.I. Fusion centers step up as local leaders people will rally behind them. If people deny chemtrails and poo poo Climate-gate and accept their lame minimizing there’s no telling what they’ll do or ignore, just imagine if their personal survival was at stake, they’d throw grandma under the train and say, “We had to do it” with a big smile and ask if you need help doing the same to your grandma.

    Or maybe not, and the stroll into the deathbed of empires called Afghanistan will be the beginning of the ending of the “support” for those who wage undeclared wars, who want to enslave everyone under the auspices of CO2 control and the flights called chemtrails?

    Never mind the effects of the economy and the manipulated data, that kicks in after Christmas. I wonder if the troop deployment is timed to offset the post-Christmas layoffs to lower the unemployment numbers?
    My what tangled webs they weave.

  95. clark Says:

    – followed by a solid white sky day.

  96. Celline Says:

    @Clark, thank you for the links, this all explains something that I was trying to figure out… tangled webs indeed……
    What bothers me most is the total ignorance of people.. long discouraged to think for themselves.. they fall like trees, that have long had the axe chisseling away at their trunks, weakened and unable to be rooted again.
    Mankind in slavery to the 300 Upper-Elites. Mindless puppets, but when u think about it, some of the “Upper” ones, are only puppets too, only they don’t know it, will be caught unawares when the axe hits.
    Cloudy skies here, big storm foercasted, I will believe it when I see it.
    Chems above the clouds as usual. So, if it rains.. who knows what will fall on our heads, plants.. all living things. So now I need to read something encouraging, to keep a clear head.

  97. Celline Says:

    @Clark, so true, and I had never given it thought: The Near East has always been our friend, til all this was happening. To them, America was sort of a lighthouse ( except for the religeous fanatics ).. the average person in the streets.. loved us, I know this for a fact, you just reminded me of this fact with this link.. thank you.

  98. clark Says:

    America was sort of a lighthouse… the average person in the streets.. loved us…

    Those were the days.

    Goodwill towards all mankind – poof! gone.
    Now we’re one of those roadside yellow blinking warning lights.

    – a small bit of clearing this evening I saw some lingering chemtrails and quite a number of high flying jets with contrails, but they were too high to be able to tell if they were short duration chemtrails… the wispy particle-like clouds floating about suggested they were the short duration type.

    I saw a section of rainbow about two fingers wide and long. Growing up I only saw rainbows in the Spring, seeing a broken piece of rainbow in the Fall is unusual, to me. And then the clouds rolled back in.

  99. Celline Says:

    awaiting the forecasted rainstorm.So far the chems are outnumbering the rainclouds. It’s cold, unusually so, just so typical for ” global warming ” tztztzzzzzzzz !

  100. Celline Says:

    OMG ! It’s really really raining ! Just wish it was water.. pure rainwater, can’t help but think our thirsty everythings will have to absorb all that crap that is hovering over the wonderful real clouds !

  101. Celline Says:

    It is still pouring rain, and very strong winds ( 50 mph ) ripping out trees etc ! Dangerous driving conditions. Can’t get a peek beyond the real clouds, and maybe that’s a good thing, giving the mind a much needed rest, even though realizing there are chems above all those stormclouds.

  102. clark Says:

    Is this the second time this weather manipulation story has been in the mainstream media?:

    Moscow’s government… officials are weighing a plan to seed the clouds with liquid nitrogen or dry ice…

    …they are eager to unleash their many and various technologies.

    They already seed the clouds for political effect, clearing the skies over Moscow twice a year to ensure sun-drenched celebrations of patriotic holidays.

    All it takes, he says, is sacks of cement — 500-grade, to be precise. Drop the powder down into the clouds, and they vanish.

    Soviet scientists learned how to disperse clouds by accident 40 years ago: They had flown overhead and dropped powdered blue paint into the clouds to tag them for observation. Instead, the powder melted the clouds away.

    There is something almost godlike about interfering with the weather…

    …Not that Russia is the only country that has used it to ensure sunny public holidays. In Beijing, clouds have been chased away from the Olympic ceremonies and other celebrations.

    …there is a certain nonchalance to the way Russians regard cloud seeding. For a people accustomed to displays of great power, changing the weather draws little interest.

    The cloud seeding is done in moderation, scientists insist.

    “You shouldn’t overstep the threshold over which the weather would change globally,”…


    You would expect the “environmentalist” to be outspoken and against this kind of thing, but as we learned with Climategate, most “environmentalist” are really just watermellons, that is, green on the outside and lying Communist red on the inside.

  103. Sky Says:

    More HAARP/scalar fun and games in our skies. This time in Norway.

    Has project Bluebeam begun ?


    They’re trying to spin this as a misfired Russian rocket. LOL. Yeah right !

    Here’s the video.The spiral was seen by thousands of people, over an area 1/3 the size of Norway.

    Interesting comments section accompanying this vid – many of the posters are saying: HAARP,Bluebeam, scalar.

  104. ericswan Says:

    One of those really interesting things that only happen once. This Norway thing took place on the 44th anniversary of Kecksburg’s famous fireball and days before the 44th prez gets a peace prize.

  105. Celline Says:

    Very strange indeed, what exactly do y’all think it was/is ?

  106. clark Says:

    @SKy, On that link, the second photo down, the texture of the sky around the sphere is a common pattern associated with chem-clouds, I wonder, from heat?

    Blueray,… to me that means turning sections of the sky into a 3-D multi-screen TV… everyone almost forced to watch, worse than having to watch bad TV.

    Totto Eriksen’s description could be of the effects from heat followed by the “broadcast” of an image. Axel Berg’s description was somewhat like the description of an old-time TV set being turned on and the bulb blowing out, or a tube going bad:
    “It was like a giant spiral – a shooting star that spun around and around.

    “I initially thought it was a projector but then the ‘tail light’ left and the spiral remained spinning still.”

    As if the after-effects from Scalar weaponry and/or chemtrails creates an unintended image projection? Or it is intentional? Who knows?

    This mainstream media author put some things about Climate-gate into perspective pretty well, followed by two comment/post’s describing some ideas about chemtrails as multiple uses that seem supportable:

    The Fiction Of Climate Science
    Why the climatologists get it wrong.

    Many of you are too young to remember, but in 1975 our government pushed “the coming ice age.”

    It’s the job of elected officials to whip up panic. They then get re-elected. Their supporters fall in line.


    December 8th, 2009 at 1:50 pm:

    The scalar activity I think impacts severely with human dogs and cats behaviour. These effects may be the primary target (MEANING the scalar activity is aimed for mood control, not that precise MIND CONTROL, but MOOD CONTROL is better for now) or is a by product, the primary target beeing the heating up of air (argumenting climate overheating etc…or bouth

    Effects of the scalar activity seen in dogs cats and humans: intense sleepy mood (but not healthy sleeping as you do not get any rest), slowness, attention disturbunces, and the most important TAHICARDYA without any primary health problems and this causing colapses, panic attacks etc…you may find at a young indivvidual who practices sports intensly (should have low heart rate, even 40 b/min) 90 beats per minute wich is huuuge for a sports practicing individual, or for those who do not practice sports you may find heart rates over 120 (insane=like riding a rol coaster).

    Also the lack of insects, this may be subjective (cause in cityies are regular spraying against them) so I am not that shure.

    Regarding scalar activity, I have the feeling that there is a primary BEAM or more than one somehow that is/are beeing moved in different portions of the sky (the crock back appears over there), lasts for 10 15 minutes and than goes somewhere else, in a reflector pattern like in DISCO reflectors. Maybe it is not wise to keep the heating device aimed at one point to long cause than it may became visible (the effects of heating one spot too much). The aerosols I think are meant to achieve a greed house effect BUT ALSO to diffuse the heat from the beams (to take the heat from the area that has been heated up and diffuse it across a larger area like a boiling pot – this is just an idea and has not been verified)

    December 9th, 2009 at 10:52 am:

    The Aluminum / Barium cocktail of nano particles being sprayed over the population centers is engineered to control your “mood”. Barium in itself is a neural-interceptor…

  107. Celline Says:

    @clark, excellent work / explanation. I do believe this, rather than the ” Stray-Missile from Russia. The latter is huge BS, yet everyone I know, believes it. Alone once again !
    To make my ” mood” better, I bought myself a fireengine red sportscar, drove it out of the showroom. Every little thing helps, right ?

  108. clark Says:

    Yes… & no.

    Nothing much finer than driving around in a hot red sportscar in So.Cal. the breeze in your hair, the soothing sea air all around you, the mild temps., the looks of envy on others as you pass them on by… that is the taste of the Blue Pill. Hard to resist, it’s no wonder most people cling to it and refuse to accept any uncomfortable truths that might get in the way of enjoying life with the Blue Pill.

    Enjoy it if you can, while you can.

  109. ericswan Says:

    more spirals in the sky..

    More spirals food for thought..

    Sorcha Faal says its CERN and the second shoe has dropped.

  110. Celline Says:

    @clark, I am the first one who understands.. and u know it.
    My lease was up, and I needed to make a decision, so I chose red.. and no.. I need no blue pill to enjoy it.
    More spirals? OK, checking out eric’s links..

  111. Celline Says:

    Stormclouds are gone, yet the sky is so full of chems, big blobs, beams, veils, just like a filthy canvas. Am starting to put all of it in Twitter, hoping to create some awareness. Maybe Twitter is going to kick me off soon, who knows.

  112. Celline Says:

    what’s happening here, nothing? I miss all of you.
    Our skies today would have been blue blue blue ! Chemtrails of all shapes ans sizes, to white-out. Rarely have I seen it this terrible.
    Invisible planes I watched.. laying down more and more, til no sun was shining. Most of it though moved in from over the ocean. Watching people, they all are busy and noone even looked at what’s happening over their heads. Unfathomable !

  113. Sky Says:

    Hi Celline.

    I’ve been having big trouble with the internet the last 2 weeks. It was down more than up, and the cable company couldn’t seem to get it’s act together in fixing things. Seems to be working again now though. Until the next time…sigh. I suspect the internet probs in my area were system wide and had little to do with my computer.

    We are freezing our butts off here in Canada. Edmonton, Alberta was minus 46 degrees celsius the other day ( minus 58 degrees celsius with the wind chill ). That is almost MINUS 75 degrees in Fahrenheit. BRRRRRRRR ! Unbelievably cold !!!



    This cold is deadly. So much for global warming…errr…climate change…errr whatever the hell the elites are calling their satanic carbon taxing scam these days.

    Anybody know what happened to Ursa ??? I hope she’s OK.

  114. Sky Says:

    Just had our computer replaced today( even though it turns out that our internet problems were coming from our cable provider). Oh well. The new one is a lot faster. I’ll enjoy the speed while I can…it never lasts long .

    I see my comment is awaiting moderation. Maybe I’ll get a new avatar? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a nice purple one.

  115. Sky Says:

    Looks like I am naked ! NO avatar for me…: – (

  116. Celline Says:

    Total whiteout here today, and the jets are still working on it. We have desertwinds, so if they would do it over the ocean as usual.. it would not move inland. So today.. I can see them do it. There’s 10 I counted, criss crossing, circling….. fogging us in. Ehrlich, es schlaegt auf’s Gemuet ! tztztztztztz !

  117. Celline Says:


  118. Celline Says:

    Black chems now, looks like exhaust !

  119. ericswan Says:

    Celline ‘ Sarah Palin comes out of the climate closet and says Gore and Obama are crooks.. well sorta..


  120. Celline Says:

    @eric, thanx for this link, surprize surprize, the lady isen’t dumb after all !!!

  121. clark Says:

    @Sky, if you didn’t see it, you might be interested in this article, especially the wide range of locations experiencing highly unusual weather:

    2010 Food Crisis Means Financial Armageddon

    by Eric deCarbonnel

    Farmers can’t be going bankrupt across the US thanks to the worst harvest season ever seen while at the same time producing the USDA’s Biggest Crop Ever! Someone is lying, and evidence supports the farmer’s story.

    Adverse weather conditions across the globe

    American farmers weren’t alone in their suffering this year. Abnormal weather has ruined crops around the world in 2009:

    …the US ran out of soybeans in August 2009,

    …a negative ending stock isn’t possible. This just means that the US will run out of soybeans before next September. The process is well under way.


    – The day Celline was getting bombarded with chemtrails we had clear skies – no jets of any kind, no clouds… the next day however we got covered quite heavily, dozens of them, but it seemed to be more in an effort to affect the weather in the distance rather than here because they didn’t white-out the sky, and the way the chemtrails appeared to be spread as if layering. By my guess those chemclouds wound up about where the big storm out East is occuring.

  122. clark Says:

    For some, it’s easy to mix up the word Bluebeam with the word Blue-ray or Blue tooth.
    Motion sickness is an example of, “other ways” to control or influence people. A person may be wiped out, loss of balance and unfocused vision corrected only by a nap… or time. And that’s just one example. If a simple TV movie can do this, imagine what a sky-wide screen could be capab;le of. [I wouldn’t advise anyone watch this movie as it does what is claimed.]

    From Wiki describing simple TV induced motion sickness in people:


    Cloverfield is a 2008 American monster movie… The film’s shaky camera style of cinematography, dubbed “Queasy-Cam” by Roger Ebert, has caused some viewers (particularly in darkened movie theaters) to experience motion sickness, including nausea and a temporary loss of balance. Audience members prone to migraines have cited the film as a trigger. Some theaters showing the film, such as AMC Theatres, posted warnings, informing viewers about the filming style of Cloverfield while other theatres like Pacific Theatres verbally warned guests at the box office about experiencing motion sickness upon viewing the film and what to do if they had to step out.[60]

    The cinematography influences the encoding of the video and can cause compression artifacts to fast motion across the field of view.[61]

    Just something to think about, some people in Asia a few years ago learned that simple patterns blinked on a TV screen could cause people to go into convulsions… wonder what else there is out there in the world that does stuff like this to people that we don’t know of, or that “we” do know of and is not common public knowledge?

  123. Celline Says:

    @clark: glad u bring this subject up, I believe there are goals like this embedded in the chems. Leading up to bigger more dangerous things,
    I believe they will be able to project the image of a false Christ on us too.
    Or else a ” world-savior ” type guy, to be worshipped, admired and followed. Possibilities are endless.
    Our skies today would have been blue, but thick fat curvy.. dizzying figures ! Emph. on thick and fat ! Looking like rays.. clearly originating from LAX. Some call it pretty.. as for me.. I got goosebumps horror-goosebumps. As usual, I pray for protection, it’s all I know what to do.
    God help us all.

  124. Celline Says:

    Is anyone still interested in this blog? Sure seems to be dying down.
    I found a very interesting german weatherforecast.
    It’s all in german, so I won’t post it.
    This weatherforecaster pointed to ” clouds” that were moving into Europe from over the North Sea and said:” Those are done by some American Military planes, this is done w.out any explanation, you will see those “clouds” overhead, but they have absolutely nothing to do w. the weather, neither did they ask us, if it’s ok w. us to be sprayed w. something we are not told what it is or why it’s done.”
    My point is.. German weatherforecasters have the gutts to speak about it, and I have yet to hear an American mention it.
    Someone tell me please.. is anyone still here.. or have most of you just moved away from this blog? Founding? Anything you know about this? Don’t want to just talk to myself here.

  125. clark Says:

    Respectable German weathermen… post the link, that would be interesting to see anyway, someone on TV who isn’t spewing total B.S. and tells things like it is, that’s rare these days.

    It seems to me the Chemtrail issue is a bit stagnant at the moment, kind of like the economy. There’s no new info, people are either absorbing the info there is already, not thinking about chemtrails to avoid thinking about the repercussions, or rejecting it outright and ridiculing those who think otherwise. Plus, it is rather depressing and exasperating.

    Lots of info to absorb… then people like eric walk by and throw in a Bearden URL/comment about time being different in different spaces and you might just become overloaded from thinking about it (and everything else) and focus on daily life instead, for awhile?

    What can happen next to cause change?

    All the plans to create a worldwide taxing body,… are the taxes also meant to fund chemtrails if or when the current source of funding for chemtrails dries up due from being audited or from an economic collapse?

    No country will capture a chemtrail jet and expose their purpose because all the governments of the countries which currently experience chemtrails support the effort. To capture a chemtrail jet seems to be an act of war.

    It’s hard to imagine a huge ground swell of support to examine the chemtrail issue. People in general are too trusting, brain-dead, brainwashed, controlled and conditioned, or too heavily invested in continuing the status quo so they are unable to rock-the-boat and express any concerns about chemtrails or other similar socially unacceptable ideas. Instead, people in general often find it easier to accept lies and reject truth


    – day six of solid white skies.

  126. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well said Clark!

    The con-men in Copenhagen know all about chemtrails I am sure. But have you seen this rare German footage? They are very upset that their fraud has been discovered!

  127. Celline Says:

    The German site with the weatherman pointing out chemtrails, created by American Military planes, has vanished.
    I can no longer find it, should have jumped on it right away and posted it.
    Since it was all in German, I did not do it. My Bad !

  128. Ursa Major Says:

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. First I was totally overwhelmed with babysitting, parties (I hate parties, they drain all the energy out of me) and stuff like that. And the past whole week I was with my second-oldest daughter and her family in Leamington, Ontario.

    Leamington is the most southern town in all of Canada, and very close to the U.S. border. Right on Lake Erie, across from Windsor, and only an hour and a half drive to Chicago.

    Because a lot of commercial flights pass over Leamington, they are spraying them relentlessly with chemtrails there, day and night. People just say, “Oh, lots of air traffic here, those are just persistent contrails!”

    And yes, I see the commercial flights, too. Leaving regular contrails, side by side with the spraying jets leaving their chemtrails, taking the same route.

    I had gastrointestinal problems the whole week, which is very unusual for me. Because my daughter, son-in-law and both granddaughters have Celiac Disease as well, they have absolutely NOTHING containing gluten in their house. Meaning, that I shouldn’t have had those problems. They have a different cause!

    I blame the chemtrails. But because this daughter gets REALLY mad if I mention chemtrails, I didn’t say anything. Just took pictures when nobody was looking. “Pretty” ones of the ‘gorgeous’ sun-dog (chembow beside the sun) yesterday, and the fat chemtrail right over their house etc.

    And on my way home today I saw lots of chemtrails being laid, too. I know taking pictures while driving at 130 km an hour isn’t such a fabulous idea, but I took them anyway.

    Maybe I’ll be able to get caught up with posting just the most interesting pics of the last months after Christmas.

  129. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I might be able to find it, but don’t have time now. I’ve seen that one before, so I know it is out there.

  130. Celline Says:

    Thank you Uschi. Something just happened on Twitter.
    I used to be able to put the word: Chemtrails into the searchbox and then all the tweets about chems would come up.
    Guess what ! No more, Chemtrails is no longer a word that will find all the entries made about them. Happened today ! Twitter obviously is heavily monitored by the shills.

  131. Ursa Major Says:

    I do know that facebook is owned by people in the CIA. They monitor facebook to find people, and to see what people are up to. Why would twitter be any different?

    Be careful what you say on Twitter, or at least don’t give too much personal information about yourself.

  132. Darran Says:

    Hi everyone,

    First off, in case I’m not around before time I’d like to say: merry Christmas. I hope no-one gets offended that I wasn’t politically correct in wishing you ‘happy seasonal greetings’…

    I stumbled across a couple of interesting links, first time I had ever seen satellite imagery of chemtrails….


  133. Ursa Major Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, Darran! I don’t have time to check your links right now, but will do it later. I’ve seen lots of satellite imagery of chems, mainly German links, though.

  134. Celline Says:

    u are correct Uschi, and it sorta scares me now. By the way, I was wrong.. Twitter does ” allow” again to search for chems.
    But as for me, I will shut up. Now checking out Darran’s links.

  135. Celline Says:

    @Darran: Since almost everyone, including the Elite.. know, that Global Warming is BS, we also know that the explanations they have for the chems are BS. Still reading the links u gave.
    Lie, lies and more lies, from the ” Ones Above ” this whole thing isen’t about global warming.. it’s all about disrupting nature, supporting Mondsanto, and making sheeple. OK, back to reading.

  136. Celline Says:

    @All: Merry Christmas ! Love and Hope to all of you, lets meet again soon !

  137. Celline Says:


  138. Ursa Major Says:

    Merry Christmas to everybody here! I don’t know when I’ll have time to be back on, probably not until Friday or Saturday. I hope you all have a good Christmas, despite all the evil in this world.

  139. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Despite all the spraying, all the lying and manipulation, all the wars and pestilence, evil and malaise the New World Order / Luciferian cabal throws at humanity…..they can never extinguish the spirit of good, the joy of peace or the power of Love given to us by the Creator. They will ultimately fail. And they will pay for what they have done.

    God Bless us……everyone!


  140. Celline Says:

    @ Founding: I 2. all you said ^5 !

  141. solsburyhill Says:


    Is this the one you meant from ZDF?

  142. solsburyhill Says:

    …hat mit Wetter so nichts zu tun….(has nothing to do with the weather)…

    Hmm….I wonder why.

  143. Celline Says:

    @solsburyhill: Danke Ihnen, das ist haargenau das, was ich meinte !
    Thank you Sol, this is the one, exactly this one is the one I had “lost” and I am very grateful to you for finding it for me !

  144. Celline Says:

    we have our German Christmas, Christmas-eve, today it’s relaxed familytime, with lots of good food. No chems today, yet yesterday ” they ” whiteouted us ! The new imposed taxes for 2010 will have to finance this horrendous thing, I suppose. Someone is paying for it, and I have the sneaky suspicion, it’s us, the little guy. We are paying for our own bugspray ! ( doesen’t this make all of us sheeple ?) argh !

  145. solsburyhill Says:

    Nix zu danken.

    It is rare to find anything but smoke and mirrors in the MSM, so any piece that has “slipped through” is of course welcome.

  146. stef Says:

    A Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

    Drop in to perouse your many articles FF and you’re still one of my favourites.

    Let us pray the new year sees the world at long last liberated from the JOO-controlled US military!

    Best Regards,

  147. solsburyhill Says:

    Not directly related to this thread, but the ones pulling the string are the same.

    Make sure you watch all 12 parts. This needs to be stopped.

  148. Celline Says:

    @Sol, thanx for this link, watched all of it. I have a question : Do you ( or anyone here ) believe that all branches of our military.. every man and woman, where and however they serve, have been brainwashed?
    The reason I am asking is, that I met several at a christmasparty. I tried to talk to some of them, and none of them were able to answer a question w.out sounding rehearsed. They sounded like broken records.. I finally walked away. It was scary, they acted like puppets. Any input, anyone ?

  149. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    I know a fellow whose son is in Afghanistan. This man is himself a retired Navy man. I showed him a video once on my ipod of WTC 7 collapsing neatly into it’s own footprint despite no plane having hit it. He didn’t say a word, but I could tell from his expression that he probably thought the video was faked somehow (despite dozens of different news cameras having filmed it that day).

    He recently said “We are doing a lot of good over in Afghanistan.” He just cannot even *begin* to admit that the whole thing is a sham and his son is over there risking his life FOR NOTHING!

    There are many fine men and women in the military. Unfortunately, many of them are also the most brainwashed & manipulated individuals you will ever meet. Sadly, they have a vested interest in their own manipulation. Can you imagine having to face the reality that you are putting your life on the line for a bunch of criminals in Washington DC who are using you like a pawn in their global chess game? It would be very upsetting I am sure. So many choose to *not* look at the evidence and to go along with the fraud that they are “fighting the war on terror.”

    And for those that *do* wake-up and threaten to go public…..well just look into the Pat Tillman case to see what can happen!


    Pat Tillman was writing letters home from Afghanistan telling his family he realized the war was a fraud. The Army’s poster-boy for recruitment, the All-American boy who turned down a multi-million dollar NFL contract to join the military and fight for his country because he was upset about 9/11 was going to come out AGAINST the war. So he died by “friendly-fire.” Research his story. He was MURDERED and even the US Army coroners bravely refused to sign-off on the official story because they noted three CLOSE-RANGE M-16 bullets in Tillman’s forehead! The wounds could only be caused by someone shooting him from just feet away…..not from hundreds of yards away as the Army alleged.

    So try to enlighten people where you can, but military people (and their families) are usually not too receptive to being told that they are being duped so that the New World Order crowd can continue to weaken America and dominate the world.

    Sad but true.


  150. Celline Says:

    @Founding, that’s what I thought, your reply affirmed my suspicions.
    I read your link, never had heard about this be4.
    Scary.. very scary. I feel like I am back under the Commies in Germany, only it’s much sneakier !

  151. solsburyhill Says:


    Yes, I can concur with all what FF wrote here above.

    Sadly, the absolute majority of the populace is hopelessly brain washed and unable to challenge the information they are fed with from MSM. They blindly believe in anything that they are being told by the corporate medias and would never ever dream to question the authorities.

    Imagine if these lost souls would suddenly wake up one day and realise that everything they have ever believed in to date has been nothing than a BIG lie. The suicide rates would probably sky rocket.

    But don’t worry. The sheeple will not awake. At least not now. As long as they are kept entertained, they won’t leave the couch.

    For those of us who are awake and can see through all their lies, the question is what we should do? Well, we should obviously aim to hit where it hurts the most – namely financially.

    United actions affecting companies and financial institutions known to belong to the corporate elite will have an impact, if carried out intelligently.

    Strikes and protests, however popular, only have a limited effect.

  152. solsburyhill Says:

    Found an interesting channel that may perhaps be of interest to some of you (if you haven’t already come across it earlier).


  153. solsburyhill Says:

    …and for those of you who think that the Nigerian alleged “terrorist” plot is nothing more than a fabricated event to scare the populace and provide an excuse to impose yet new police state restrictions on our already diluted freedoms, I kindly ask you to think again.

    A new set of restrictions on travelling by flight is due in short. Just watch how this all plays out in the lap dog medias.

    And the guy claimed to have associations with Al CIA da? Well that’s good then, because it means that this was yet another government induced false flag event. It’s amazing how predictible these clowns are. This story wouldn’t even make it in Hollywood, unless under gun threat.

    Problem – Reaction – Solution

  154. solsburyhill Says:

    What is frightening with most people is that they are simply not interested in anything that risks taking them outside of their own comfort zone. Out-of-the-box thinking is as alien to them as independency and objectivity are to the lap dog media. I hate to say it, but these people, however lovely they may be, are not (responsible) citizens. They are mere products of today’s society – they are consumers…

  155. Ursa Major Says:

    I can see in my own family here in Canada how brainwashed kids get to be in public schools. It is absolutely awful. And their ‘education’ is largely responsible for them not believing me when I tell them the truth. After all, those are the same kids (specifically the two girls who oppose me the most) who came home as children, telling me the teacher had told them that they had to educate me on not using disposable plates and diapers, to save the earth. And who were then supposed to report to the teacher what I did. I was very tempted to go see the teacher and tell her to mind her own damn business!

    I found when visiting my family in Germany that it is even worse there, if that is possible.

    My husband told me this morning about the Nigerian ‘terrorist’, and why now people were only allowed to bring one piece of carry-on luggage onto airplanes. He thought that was reasonable.

    When I asked him that if it is true that the guy had those things strapped to his leg, how restricting carry ons would prevent that? He was stumped, he hadn’t thought of that.

    I am sure very few people would think of that, they aren’t used to using their brains for logical thinking at all. They just believe whatever the media tells them.

    The story about the guy murdered in Afghanistan is terrible, but not surprising. People who tell inconvenient truths get murdered by their own governments all the time. Most people just don’t know about that, or don’t want to believe it. It would shatter their world, it is easier to pretend your government cares about you.

  156. Celline Says:

    So, I am not the only one then, who thought, the Nigerian incident.. was another false flag-thing ! I knew it I knew it. It’s just a forerunner to restrict ( flying ) freedoms some more. More and more I have Dejavus about living under the Commies. Only thing different is: This time, I can’t escape, am no longer 17 !!! Uschi, you know exactly what I mean.
    Damn the liars….and those who can’t think for themselves, no excuses.
    “They” tried to brainwash me too, starting when I was 6 years old.. yet, I kept thinking for myself, and ” they” did not succeed. It can be done, but if you are overfed, very spoiled with Goods.. fed lies constantly.. while entertained by the Best of the Business, I guess, it’s possible to turn into sheeple. Anger is what I feel, but who cares. I run into firm brickwalls, when I try to tell people, what’s really happening. They just are on their way to buy a larger screen digital TV, what do they care.
    Sol is correct, the only answer is to stop the flow of money, but how?
    Even I just bought a new car.. am guilty of the same thing as the rest of the sheeple. Now, I am mad at myself !

  157. Celline Says:

    I apologize for the “damn”, I really lost it here.

  158. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, you crack me up. I don’t think you need to apologize for saying ‘damn’ once! It’s not like you are swearing in every sentence. 🙂

  159. Celline Says:

    ((( Uschi ))) thank you ;o)

  160. Ursa Major Says:

    It is freezing outside today, and we are expecting snow. And the chems are everywhere, of course.

    A couple of days ago I was driving to the next city with my husband, and the snow clouds were all in neat rows. The whole sky was striped! I didn’t bother saying anything, because I’d only hear, “What are you talking about, those are normal, regular clouds!” But of course, they didn’t look normal at all.

    I was thinking earlier about why he will acknowledge that vaccines are evil, that the H1N1 ‘might’ be man-made and a hoax (just maybe I am right, of course, but it’s better than nothing), but absolutely denies that chemtrails are real, and that the 9/11 attack was an insider job.

    About three weeks ago there was a break in the clouds right outside my bedroom window, and right in that break was a brilliant sun-dog (chembow). It really looked bizarre, to put it mildly. I took pictures and showed them to my husband. All he said was, “Why do you always have to be so suspicious?”

    I am not suspicious. I have a questioning mind, and he has a closed mind. At least closed to anything he refuses to look at. But why?

    I think I have a possible answer. My husband is a total control freak. He needs to control everything and everybody. He can (at least at this point) control the vaccines he does and doesn’t get. He can stay away from sick people and not get the flu (since he works from home, he really can).

    But he absolutely cannot control what he will breathe. So, if he admits that our air is poisoned by stuff sprayed by planes, than he also has to admit that he might be breathing this poison. And he can do NOTHING about it. He can’t control it at all. And that is too much for him to handle. So, denying that the problem exists at least gives him control over what he chooses to believe.

    The mantra inside his head must go something like this: “I must believe those are contrails, I must believe those are contrails, I must believe…………believe………….. believe….. right, of course those are contrails, our government says so….. says so…….. says so……”

    Turning to me, “What are you talking about, those are contrails, the government says so, the pilots I know say so, so it must be so. You are just paranoid, brainwashed by your weird Internet friends. In fact, you are mentally ill!”

    And my youngest daughter will say, I know that those are chemtrails, but I don’t care, I don’t want to know, stop talking about it.

    She is suppressing the truth, because it is too scary. For myself, I find that facing whatever is scary and looking it straight in the face is less scary than cowering in fear. I refuse to cower in fear!

    But it is very hard to live surrounded by people who think I am crazy, and having to pretend I don’t see what I see around them.

    And all the while my breathing problems are getting worse. If I wouldn’t own a nebulizer I would have been admitted to the hospital several days ago, because my inhalers have stopped working completely. A very bad sign. Last night I was dreaming that I figured out how to download a death certificate from the Internet, to record my death. Because I had stopped breathing in my sleep and had died. And then I woke up gasping for breath (again).

    We all know that those chems are killing people with lung problems all over. I may be next. If you don’t hear from me in a long time, you’ll know what happened. Sorry if this sounds morose, but I am just facing the facts.

  161. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, I hear you loud and clear. ditto to your explanation w. hubby and daughter, very insightful and it’s the same w. my family.
    Today our skies are just as usual.. striped to the max. But no one is looking up or noticing. The ads and backgrounds on TV are always chemtrails, as to brainwash us, mostly our young people into thinking, that’s a normal sky. My anger overtook me last time I blogged, so this time I will contain myself !
    I have breathingtrouble also Uschi and they are getting worse, I am on Advair. Without it, I don’t know where I would be. It helps some.
    My hope was ” they” would run out of money, but.. as taxes are climbing, we know what it’s for ( among other nice things ).
    The worst to me is the fact, that people do not protest “en masse”.. cause if they did, “they” would hardly get away w. this crime.
    I used to love this country, now, all I can think of is : how to get out !
    But, would it be better elsewhere? At least the Germans are protesting, nada word in the US, if it were not for the net, not even you and I would be as informed as we are. How long will they allow the freedom of the net? I know we are being ” shilled” of course, and this alone sends chills up and down my spine. Happy and very foggy NewYear to all those puppets who obey their masters ! Yuck.

  162. solsburyhill Says:

    This thread might be of interest to you. I can’t of course opine on the veracity but if true, then it’s really worrysome.


  163. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks for that link, I had read it before but was unable to find it again.

    We know they are spraying, and it does seem to make perfect sense if that is the way they go about it. All we would need now is some honest law enforcement to impound one of the planes as they land and analyse residues.

    Wishful thinking I know….

  164. Celline Says:

    @sols: I read a very similar report before and I believe them to be authentic.. meaning, I believe them.
    No wonder these guys don’t give their name, no explanation needed !

  165. ericswan Says:

    2010..sup wit dat?

    Hey Celline…this song’s 4 u.


  166. Ursa Major Says:

    Sol, I think most of us have read that article. Good site though, that has led me to others, especially http://www.henrymakow.com . Tons of great info there! It will lead to hours and hours of reading and more net surfing.

    We had a blizzard yesterday with lots of snow. Today it is very cold, and any time the striped snow clouds open up a little, there are the chemclouds.

    Driving to a town south of here at noon I saw jets everywhere! Strangely though, all of them seemed to be leaving normal contrails. I have never seen so many jets in the sky at once, some of them going side by side. It doesn’t seem normal at all. Very odd.

  167. darran Says:


    what a load of garbage that link is, Sorcha Faal is known to spew crap in abundance, this is just one example:

    “All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009, US Tells Russia”

    She seems as confused as Dude is regarding future events…

  168. darran Says:

    Ursa Major

    http://www.henrymakow.com is a brilliant website, one of my favorite and as far as I can see one of the most accurate.

  169. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I appreciate that everyone is a regular reader of the “What the Hell are they spraying on us” blog and the comments here are very lively and interesting, but I do wish everyone would occasionally check out my main page:


    And look at the recommended links; I have had a permanent link to Henry Makow’s web site for ages. I have corresponded with Henry and he has been kind enough to run some of my essays on his site.

    Chemtrails are an evil and nefarious scheme from the “New World Order” crowd, but there are many other aspects that you “unconventional thinkers” should consider in your research.



  170. Ursa Major Says:

    Sorry, Founding. With the limited time I’ve had lately, and being very ill, I just check certain things. I have gone to your main page several times before, and checked out many of your links, and will do so again.

    The Henry Makow site looked familiar, and I think I’ve followed one of your links to it before. Too little time, too much to read. I could follow links and read day and night, and still don’t read everything I would like to!

  171. Celline Says:

    Eric, I don’t understand what u mean.. makes no sense to me.
    Founding, I read everything on your site all the time.
    My thing is that if ” they” are slowly killing us, and nothing is done to stop this, in fact most people don’t even have a clue.. well then, what’s out there that could possibly interest me? What I mean is, if everyone is sick, brainwashed and maybe dead, why care?
    I hope u understand me correctly, I believe 1. things 1. Firstly I have to be halfways healthy to care, and most of all.. alive.

  172. Celline Says:

    and every day, the whole scenario in the US ( probably worldwide ) reminds me more and more of the horrors I experienced as a child under communism. The now even more restricted travel, is one of them.
    Caged we were.. like animals. It has followed me here.. into this once wonderful and free country. Pretty soon, no one will want to fly anymore. This Nigerian guy got on a plane w.out a passport, give us a break, this is sooooooo false flag and another reason to start restricting travel, one of the plans of the Illuminaty. Why are so few able to see what’s going on? Seems to me unless you join the ” ILL CLUB ” you are mere dust already !

  173. Celline Says:

    *Cult, not Club !

  174. Celline Says:


  175. Dude Says:

    The Sorcha Faal article referenced by darren was reported in the MSM and Kissinger is the one who told Medvedev this statement. He was wrong and this has a lot to do with the reason that we will be destroyed: “All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009, US Tells Russia”

    “She seems as confused as Dude is regarding future events…” In this statement Darren is an idiot or a liar. I know what theyre hiding behind the chemtrails no matter how many idiots tell you otherwise.

    Ive been listening to old Art Bell shows and every guest on there with any insider knowledge at all says the same thing: “enjoy life because it will end shortly.” These shows were broadcast back around 1995. One guest was on medical leave from Area 51 because he cracked when he learned. He got the radio station EMP’ed for telling that the “government knows about the coming cataclysms and theyre not telling people because they dont want the population saved because if most of us are destroyed, the rest will be more easily controlled”. To listen search: “art bell frantic caller”

    Art Bell also had liars and idiots too. One was a catholic priest who was talking about how we all have psychic abilities and how they all were evil and from demons and the devil (sounds like others ive heard). The Bible tells us directly that we have these gifts and they are from God. If He made us, then who else could have given us these abilities and why does the Bible tell us theyre gifts from God?

    I was deleted from WhatReallyHappened’s myspace friends one day when i was posting what the chemtrails are for. Michael Rivero is also a liar because he is also covering up the truth. All the media right now are concentrated on keeping you distracted and stupid until they have you exterminated. That is their only goal and they are successful because so many Americans have completely lost the ability to think for themselves.

  176. Dude Says:

    As for the coming war, theyre not talking so much about it now but heres a couple recent articles and be sure to keep an eye on the Iran issue. That is what will trigger our destruction. It will happen the day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007. Theyre already pumping out the lies like they did about Iraq and theyve been caught trying to stage terror events now, like the underwear bomber.



  177. clark Says:

    Ursa’s description of the skies fits mine. After ten days of solid whiteout (no Sun) we had a few days of clear skies ending with wave after wave of jets producing a few short contrails, many medium quick dissipating chemtrails and dozens of the horizon to horizon type, with parallel lines and X’s – the works. Most of the jets come from the East and spread out in fantail fashion.

    A comment from an Interesting article:

    The state of our culture reminds me of Alexandre Kojève’s description of the human condition after “the end of history” comes to pass:

    “Men would construct their edifices and works of art as birds build their nests and spiders spin their webs, would perform concerts after the fashion of frogs and cicadas, would play like young animals, and would indulge in love like adult beasts.”


  178. darran Says:

    After so aptly demonstrating your infallible grasp of the bible you are now turning insulting to get your points across? Come on, you can do much better than that Dude. I’ll admit I was being slightly provocative, although with no ill intent.

    One last thing: try and make sense. What I mean is that the ONLY thing we both agree on is Nibiru, why are you constantly arguing a point I am not contesting? I don’t know if chemtrails are to obscure the arrival of Planet X, although why not, it’s a working hypothesis.

    Having said that we know you have no idea what the bible says – you have proven that. My interpretation of Scripture however has yet to be disproved.

    Next up the attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, after which Arab countries will conspire to attack and destroy Israel once and for all. Israel will react by nuking the entire middle-east which is where Damascus will cease to exist.

    America at that point in the biblical narrative is still around and you will still be there, sat on your hoarded food, possibly smoking weed. This is about the time God will send a prophet to call his people out of Babylon lest they partake in her plagues.

    As the world flees the middle-east because of nuclear fallout God will reveal how he intends to protect his children – that entails a trip to Jerusalem. No-one in their right mind will want to do that.

    Yep, sounds like the Lord to me.

    “government knows about the coming cataclysms and theyre not telling people because they dont want the population saved because if most of us are destroyed, the rest will be more easily controlled”

    True. Completely true in fact.

  179. darran Says:

    Hmmmm… to what extent does chemtrailing reduce visibility though? I mean, can it really obscure something as large as Planet X?

  180. darran Says:

    And damn, I am being chemtrailed here to today. I think i have figured out why it is so rare. I read somewhere that they abort chemtrailing when ground winds are higher than 20 miles per hour. Malta is extremely windy. we are blessed with much stronger winds at least two thirds of the year.

  181. Dude Says:

    darren: you have already been warned to gtfo by the only “prophet” youre apparently going to get. When Russia, and the rest of the 10-horned beast in revelation, the SCO, comes to destroy America, you will know. whatever that day is, it wont be very long now. watch Iran and watch Russia. They have been threatening Amen-rica, which is the only possible country described in the Bible. The war will be ended by Nibiru, and will be 430 days, two years, or 42 months, depending on which book you read in the Bible. I highly suspect that all who lead people astray on the Bible are lizards, like the snake in the garden of Edin and i know the ones who try to make people not believe in Nibiru or Planet X are liars. Funny, I havent been to this blog since my last post until today and i saw your remark, conversations like this piss me off because i can not stand all the stupidity. Again, darren, look at my document (the pages with the description from the Bible) and name me one other country that even comes close to fitting the description of the Mountains of Israel in Ezekiel, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Habbakuk and the rest. You can not do it. There is no other.

  182. Dude Says:

    [An attempt to solve Iran’s nuclear issue by an attack on its facilities would lead to “horrible and unpredictable consequences,” former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov has said.]

    He knows…..why dont you?

  183. darran Says:


    I have read every one of your articles since landing here and enjoy them very much. There is one thing however I really disagree with you on, and that’s Alex Jones. He definitely does not in my view deserve permanent links on your website.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”

    That quote says all you need to know about Alex Jones. Can I ask you if you have seriously looked into the possibility he may be nothing but a fraud?



  184. darran Says:

    He knows…..why dont you?

    I know it, you know it, and anyone with brains knows it.

    The bible however says it will happen, I know it, you might, and it will happen. Horrible and unpredictable consequences are precisely the plan Dude.

    I know it, you should.

  185. darran Says:

    I’m not going to bother with your rehashed versions of ideas which have already been proven wrong.

  186. Dude Says:

    i do know all of that and we agree on alex jones. he is also a liar, like michael rivero of whatreallyhappened.com and every other media person in existence. None of them will tell you what the chemtrails are really for and mike rivero and alex jones will ban you for telling it too.

    and darren, you NEVER bothered to try to tell me any other country that would fit the description of the Mountains of Israel description from the Bible on those two pages of my document. You can not. There is no other. You also never explained how it is that modern military jets are described so perfectly in Ezekiel, even to their retractable landing gear, their glass canopy and even their noise.

    2 days of chemtrailing break about once a month is all everybody gets. It doesnt always line up from one side of the country to the other. It usually happens on days when there is sufficient puffy clouds to obscure the entire southern horizon. Every other day, including this one, there are numerous planes constantly spraying and theyve gotten worse since i found this blog. They will continue to get worse as Nibiru approaches.

  187. Dude Says:

    [The United States will confront the choice of a nuclear Iran or air-strikes. Interestingly enough, more than any other issue, Moscow will decide what happens to Iran.”]

  188. Celline Says:

    Just as it happened b4, last night, I “lost” another friend.
    I mentioned the tightening of planetravel, and that it reminded me of Commie-East-Germany, where we were caged in, travel was forbidden.
    She replied:” Not here, this is America”.. upon which I said:” This WAS America “…… she said:” am sick of all those conspiracy-theories.. good bye.” This is the average response from people. And this is what the Elite is counting on. The more Incredulous things get.. the less people believe in a conspiracy ( human/ demonic ) or otherwise. “They” aren’t worried in the least that their huge secrets get out ( no one believes them anyway ) it’s the little ones they try and protect. Lets find the little ones..
    just thinking out loud here again. Darren, am sorta glad u said ” Damn” one time, cause it sorta raced out of me the other day too, now I no longer feel so terribly alone in my anger ! We are being chem ‘ed daily, just different shapes but yes, day and night…. every day !

  189. Ursa Major Says:

    Good grief Dude, not your nonsense again!

    The only other country that fits the biblical description is the one it describes…….. and it is NOT America. It names places, mountains etc., and it means exactly what it says, no hidden meaning here.

    I agree that the description in Ezekiel fits jet fighters. But those are not just found in the USA after all.

    And the idea that the chems are there to hide Nibiru is still pure bull.

    The day today started out with beautiful blue sky, very cold (minus 15 degrees Celsius, which is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit).

    And then came the jets, spraying a criss-cross pattern right over my house and my town. They kept it up for hours until the haze was so thick that the sun couldn’t really shine through any more, just a bright spot in the ‘cloudy sky’.

    I saw my doctor yesterday. I am now on a powerful anti-fungal as well as more asthma (and COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) meds. It better work, or I won’t last much longer.

    I am sure we are all breathing in fungus and all kinds of other junk from those chems. People like me with previously damaged lungs don’t have much of a chance.

    Dude, those chems are not hiding anything. They are killing people, by poisoning us, and by vitamin D deficiency from not getting enough sunshine. Soon plants won’t grow any more, because they NEED sunshine for photosynthesis. If plants and crops won’t grow, there will be world-wide starvation. I am sure that is well planned by the evil monsters in power as well. I guess all your hoarded food will be a good thing soon enough.

  190. Dude Says:

    Celline: I know exactly how you feel. I dont have any friends left either because i wont put up with their programmed stupidity. itll be better after were out of these “rent-a-wreck” bodies. Still, it is very very hard to feel and display love like we’re supposed to do, in the face of unlimited stupidity.

    Ursa: youre an idiot.

  191. Dude Says:

    I suppose im gonna leave again before i get chewed out by FF for name calling. For some reason, I feel bad for Celline being misled by you two, ursa and darren. The only thing anyones disproved that ive said is the date of 10-10-09 the Bible gives for the date of the war. The war will come, and Nibiru will also come, just like the Bible and the numerous other texts, research, interviews, and data Ive read and listened to says. Merry New Year and be sure and drink one or twenty for me! Ill drink one for you all, you can count on that!

  192. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, I really don’t care what you call me. In the end, it is your opinion against mine. And I bet more people would believe me than you.

    And Celine can think quite well for herself, no need to feel sorry for her at all.

  193. Celline Says:

    @Darran: we get 30 mph desertwinds here, often in the wintertime.
    It does not seem to deter them to chem us.

  194. Ursa Major Says:

    Right, we get them too when it is quite windy. And in some places, like Hamburg, Germany, it is ALWAYS windy. At least as windy as Chicago (the windy city). And they spray there, too.

  195. Celline Says:

    Iraq is yesterday’s war, Afghanistan’s today, Yemen !!!! What? Yemen?
    Had to look up where that is, tomorrow’s . Where and how do the chems figure in all of this? There’s just something I can’t figure out, it must be one of the ” little” secrets.

  196. Celline Says:

    if u Twitter : SenJohnMcCain is his twitter-name.
    I asked him a few questions. Well, I can try right ?

  197. Ursa Major Says:

    Ha ha, Celline, I like your spunk. Sure, you can ask, don’t expect any answers. But hey, you might get people to think and doubt, which is good.

  198. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Darran,

    Thanks for reading my blog and the kind words.

    To answer your question, yes I have looked into Alex Jones being some sort of operative. I have found nothing that indicates he is, other than he is moderately successful. In the “alternative media” world he may be a big fish – but he is nothing compared to the listener-ship and money of a Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck which evidence indicates *are* operatives.

    So I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one. I made a standing offer a long time ago that anyone that wants to write a researched and documented essay on how Alex is an operative, I will be happy to take a look at it and I will publish it on this blog if I feel it has merit.

    I judge a tree by its fruit and I have never found Alex’s info to be wrong. I know his histrionics and bombastic delivery turns a lot of people off, but I rather enjoy it. Truth is, we should ALL be frothing mad at what the Global Elites are doing to us! I wish there were ten million Alex Jones bull-horning the sheeple awake!

    And “Hello” Dude, nice of you to stop by. Happy New Year to you!

    Happy New Year to Everyone!



  199. Celline Says:

    Now Founding please explain to me what an ” operative” is?
    Rush and Glenn are disgusting to me.. it’s as if they are telling u something important. yet it is carefully picked and has been gone thru and edited, to avert your attention from what’s really going on.
    For instance: Have any of these 2 ever even as much as touched on the Chems? Not that I heard.As long as they avoid this subject, I don’t care what they say, it’s Elite-dictated and approved and no one will change my mind on this.Who cares about anything when we are sick or dead???
    Chems are my measuringstick, if I believe them or not. And these 2 are NOTS. Uschi, I had a very painful thing happen to me today, I was approached by familymembers who asked me to stop embarrassing them, by looking at the sky and calling contrails chemtrails.
    I left and did lots of crying once I was at home, man it hurts.

  200. Celline Says:

    @Dude: Firstly I protest the fact, that you call my friend Uschi an idiot.
    Uncalled 4, rude and ignorant. Stop calling people names just because they disagree w. you. This is the sign of a ” stuck in the mudd” mind.
    Stop this now !
    Uschi and I ( I do not know about the others ) know scriptures very very well, and we know, to NOT take it out of context, which is exactly what you are doing.
    No one in here is an Idiot, even though we all have different levels of education and brainpower. I believe each and every word Uschi sais !
    I do believe that you are very sincere in what you are saying.. yet, you are sincerely wrong dear man.
    Now, if you would understand.. that it is impossible to understand scripture w.out the HolySpirit’s help, you would be way ahead.
    But from what I hear you say.. you do NOT know who Jesus is, thus, you are unable to interprete or understand scripture.
    Call me names.. I dunn care, but it’s neither my ” wisdom” or smartness that give me knowledge… none of my own doing, other than to listen and heed. This my friend, is something u yet have to allow to happen to you.
    Happy NewYear to you also, and believe it or not, I have a soft spot in my heart 4 you. PLEASE do not ever call anyone here and idiot, hear me ? !

  201. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    You have described *exactly* what an operative is.

    Rush & Glenn are good at what they do, because they mix truth with lies and distortions.

    Indeed, they usually lie by omission, by what they DO NOT talk about – like chemtrails, or the private Federal Reserve, etc.

    Rush and Glenn will talk about how horrible and socialistic Obama is, and of course they are correct, but when Council on Foreign Relations Director Dick Cheney was in power, or George Bush, did Beck & Rush harp on how evil and rotten they were? Better yet, wait and see how they will promote scumbag globalists like Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee when we get close to the next Presidential election. Conservatives & Republicans will think they have “won” and NOTHING will have really changed at all, the Bankers will still call all the shots and the Elite will still push their agenda forward.

    Do you know what is really frustrating to me? That the most basic and blatant “conspiracy” – the fact that the false”Left vs. Right paradigm” is used to control and manipulate people and keep them from seeing the *REAL* power behind-the-throne is so difficult for most people to understand!!!!


    Yet every day I have liberal friends tell me how much better Obama is than Bush and I have conservative friends tell me how everything will be alright when the Republicans take over again, and none of them realize the parties are two wings from the same bird of prey!

    So how can people progress to understanding about Lucifer-worshiping inbred Elites that poison our skies and our water and our food and launch false-flag terror attacks against their own people? The majority of people do not even understand that our political system has been hijacked and we do not have real choices.

    Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh actively work to keep their listeners in that “Left vs. Right” mind-set. They cleverly mix in valid criticisms of politicians and imply the opposite side is the solution. They are despicable liars. I think Rush developed a drug problem because he actually has a vestigial conscience and he *knows* he is selling out the American people. Beck is much more pathological. I believe he enjoys the lying and manipulation.

    Alex Jones isn’t perfect, and even though I believe he is sincere, I still verify the information he presents. I have not found him to be wrong. I have seen cases where he reported on something that he believed to be true (like hidden cameras in the digital-converter boxes) and then he came out the next day and admitted that the you-tube video that presented that info was a fraud. He did not instigate the fraud, he merely reported on it, and then he admitted he had been fooled. Alex is human and he admits it. FYI, I have family members that are FULLY AWAKE to the New World Order, that know about 9/11, chemtrails, the Federal Reserve, etc. and will read the articles on Alex’s web sites, but they cannot stand to listen to Alex at all. His bombastic delivery is too much for them. I am just happy they are awake to the truth!

  202. Celline Says:

    Right, Founding, exactly, and my biggest problem is, that family and friends remain in denial. Par example : one of my friends works for a republican wannu be. I tried to explain to her about the Masons ( she has masonic relatives ) and the fact that elephant and donkey sleep peacefully in the same bed. She gets so fired up mad at me, u would not believe it. She can’t see the truth no matter how much stuff I send and tell her. Now, this woman isen’t stupid, so how can this be explained?
    I am losing friend after friend.. even family that won’t talk to me anymore, because I believe in “conspiracy”, and after all, this is FREE America ! More often than not, I am in tears because of all that pain.
    My daughter literally made fun of my chemtrail-stories today, laughing and laughing. I asked myself today.. how come, and since when did I awake to all this horror? And I found the answer. It started with me becoming a christian reading the scriptures.. starting to research and to really really think. Added my experiences under the Commies, and to add to all this, I had Mormon friends, close ones. So then, I started to research Mormonism. That is where are lose ends came together, and now I started to do some serious research into history and politics.
    Now, I compared all I found out with Bible prophecies, and pow !
    Why do I talk about it all? Because I found a line that runs thru it all and I want to suggest to any truth-seeker to look into manmade religions and cults. The bible talks about a Devil and Hell and most people don’t believe it. Well.. I do. Most ,or all of the Elite are Satanists and what they are doing is so In Your Face, that is so incredulous, that people just don’t believe it. Well, knowing the scriptures, I do, and it tells me in there, that Satan is the Prince of the power of the air, and he’s ruling this earth. Again, I believe it. Much of what is happening, is human/satanic engeneered, eh, but you know all this, I just am thinking out loud again.

  203. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I completely understand how sad you are. My one daughter (who derides me and makes fun of me when even HINTING at chemtrails or other conspiracies) says that there is no joy in my eyes.

    So, at every opportunity she gives me books to ‘fix’ me. Like “How to overcome toxic emotions” (like anger), and for Christmas I got another one to ‘help me’ overcome past hurts to find joy. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I NEED is for them to at least be respectful of me and for them to listen and do some research to see if maybe I am right, instead of laughing at me, making fun of me or worse, claiming I am insane to believe that ‘conspiracy crap’.

    I know that they talk to each other (and my husband is part of that) about my growing insanity, and I am being lectured no matter who I visit (or stay at home, for that matter). My youngest daughter will scream at me in anger (she is eighteen and doesn’t know yet how to ‘politely’ and ‘diplomatically’ insult me yet) if she sees me so much as look out the back door at the sky!

    Which, combined with my ill health, makes for a pretty unbearable life right now.

    Without my faith (and it is a miracle in itself that I haven’t lost that yet, seeing how my husband is so ‘very religious’) I wouldn’t last.

  204. Celline Says:

    Uschi, never look at other people, and this includes your husband or any beloved familymember, to see your faith validated. And ” religiousness” has nothing to do w. being a Christian. But, you know all this.
    I am going thru the same thing you are.. many of the ones in this blog are. Often I feel that this blog is my lifeline to reality, because the reality is, that we are being lied to, sprayed like bugs, stolen from, misled.. and persecuted for refusing to be herd-animals. As for me, the ” Sheeple-thing” ain’t going to happen, and I will take as many with me as I can.

  205. Ursa Major Says:

    For this whole next week the forecast here says, ‘a few flurries’ or ‘scattered flurries’. No snow at all yet, but it is dark and dreary, with a thick ‘cloud’ layer overhead. And they worked hard on that all day yesterday.

    On the bright side, my new meds are making a difference! I actually slept right through the night last night, nine hours! The best in over a month. At least ONE good thing. It is hard to be optimistic when you can’t breathe.

    Celline, without this blog (and other sites, and Founding’s other articles) I would probably cave in and wonder about my own sanity, too. It is hard to stick to what you know if EVERYBODY around you thinks you are insane for believing in what you know to be the truth.

  206. ericswan Says:

    Tis the season. Celline you missed the link in the link.

    Darran you have to look at the links or dots that Sorcha Faal uses to get the big picture. Check any story she writes and there will be a dozen links to facts in the press.

    FF..yes you are doing good work. Alex is a pressure valve and once he blows his stack, he leaves his audience breathless and virtually insipid.

    Ursa..fungi can be dealt with real cheap. One tablespoon of Arm and Hammer sodium bicarbonate in a glass of water twice a day for a week. It will change your PH and save your life.

    Best to all in what is and has been a failed state. It’s not too late it’s over.

  207. Darran Says:

    Interesting….FF why would I get a blank white page saying ‘discarded’ when i try to post?

  208. Darran Says:

    Well how do you like that!!

    I am being censored due to what I was posting! The exact text of my response, which I have copy/pasted into notepad is NOT being accepted. No matter how many times I try, it just discards it and will not accept it.

    I have a good idea why….

    If you will all bear with me I am going to post the response 3 lines by 3 lines and see by elimination what exactly is being filtered.

  209. Darran Says:


    ‘facts in the press’ ? i read her material a couple of years back and dismissed it as fear mongering and more than likely a PSYOP.

    see for yourself:

  210. Darran Says:


  211. Darran Says:

    nope, no flipping way around it…. this is weird, unless there is a perfectly sane explanation I am missing…

  212. Darran Says:

    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)

  213. Darran Says:

    That would be the CIA headquarters which contrary to popular belief is not located in Langley, VA, but in the Langley suburb of McLean,Virginia.

    Not precisely the Kremlin now is it?

    Anyway I cannot post the full IP search details, it won’t let me.

  214. Darran Says:

    As for the baking soda you are 100% correct. Just make sure you get aluminium free baking soda, I’m not sure Arm and Hammer sodium bicarbonate fits the bill. Google it Ursa Major, it’s dirt cheap and should really make a noticeable difference. You sound like you are having a real hard time, I will include you in my prayers! God bless.

  215. Ursa Major Says:

    Thank you, Eric and Darran for the baking soda advice, I WILL follow it, count on it!

    And thanks for the prayers, too, Darran. Can’t have enough of those.

  216. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, right, Darran, I have found the same info on Sorcha Faal before. Sounds like an operative spreading misinformation with some truth mixed in (sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it?).

  217. foundingfather1776 Says:

    First of all,


    As usual, I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in 2010.

    Now Darran, I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you trying to post a comment and WordPress keeps rejecting it, and you feel it is because of what is in your comment? That is very troubling to me. WordPress will do some weird things occasionally, but it should not be censoring comments!

    If you, or anyone else is seeing this weird behavior on WordPress, please email me directly at: FoundingFather1776@gmail.com

    Include the comment you are trying to post. I will see if I can post it for you.
    I would like to see what is going on myself.

    I am not going to automatically assume their is some skulduggery going on because WordPress can behave very strangely (for example, if I try to cut-n-paste a lot of text from another web site into one of my articles, I can end up with screwed-up formatting. I have to paste into Word, strip out any tags, use an arial font and *then* copy and paste that into WordPress or it just won’t look right). I do know that if you try to copy and paste something that has active html code in it, that can cause problems as well.

    But I would also be very interested in seeing if “the powers that be” are trying to filter out certain information.

    Best to all,


  218. ericswan Says:

    Domain name: whatdoesitmean.com

    Registrant Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent ()

    PO Box 841
    C/O whatdoesitmean.com
    Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5

    Administrative Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent (ltkljvywp@whoisprivacyprotect.com)
    Fax: +1.9027495405
    PO Box 841
    C/O whatdoesitmean.com
    Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5

    Technical Contact:
    Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    Whois Agent (ltkljvywp@whoisprivacyprotect.com)
    Fax: +1.9027495405
    PO Box 841
    C/O whatdoesitmean.com
    Yarmouth, NS B5A 4K5

    Status: Locked

    Name Servers:

    Creation date: 12 Nov 2003 13:23:13
    Expiration date: 12 Nov 2012 13:23:00

  219. ericswan Says:

    Hey Darran..do you have a website that can identify the ip address? I used to know how to do that but have forgotten. As far as the registration for the Sorcha Faal website, see above. My registered website shows the ip.

    eric swan
    821 Hector Drive,
    Kamloops, BC V1S1B2
    Phone: +1.2508281774
    Email: cygnid@gmail.com

    Registrar Name….: Register.com
    Registrar Whois…: whois.register.com
    Registrar Homepage: http://www.register.com

    Domain Name: cygnid.com
    Created on…………..: 2005-02-12
    Expires on…………..: 2015-04-22

    Administrative Contact:
    eric swan
    821 Hector Drive,
    Kamloops, BC V1S1B2
    Phone: 250-828-1774
    Email: ericswan@shaw.ca

    Technical Contact:
    Domain Registrar
    575 8th Avenue 11th Floor
    New York, NY 10018
    Phone: 1-902-7492701
    Email: domain-registrar@register.com

    DNS Servers:

  220. ericswan Says:

    Heads up Dude….

    I have been musing about Nostradamus’ brass tripod and compiling these thoughts with the 7 chakras and the 8 pointed stars and compounding my intuition with the knowledge that Cygnus X-3 will soon line up with the galactic centre and leave us all naked to the gamma waves moving down the string to home sweet home.



    This last link is to a radio program this afternoon.

    Who knows what the shadow will bring.


    2010 is not to be dismissed easily.

  221. Celline Says:

    Can I share something different here please? I just checked my account for the 1. of the month deposit of my income.
    It is $ 82.00 less than it was all of last year !!!
    Til I have the printout, I won’t know what it is for and why.
    I assume it’s healthinsurance gone up.
    Meaning.. ” they” knew loooong ahead of time what they were going to do, or it would not show on checks so fast ! Am I wrong?
    I assume meds will have a higher co pay too, and never mind the Dr’s co pay ! Wow.. they knew all along, they would take it from us.. as in ” distributing ” wealth”.. and I am by no means one of the wealthy ones.
    I am upset and angry and feel the brunt of being controlled and sprayed like a bug. Does anyone have feedback please? Besides paying for everyone’s healthcare outside of my own, I know we are paying for the chems too. Sure.. who else?

  222. Celline Says:

    I just had an idea.. while browsing some evangelical churche’s websites.
    Most of them have ” Prayer Request ” blogs. I know from experience that people who belong to those, earnestly read every request and pass them on 4 prayer. I contacted 5 of them, went to the request-part, and asked for prayer for the spraying of our skies to be explained/stopped.
    I know for a fact, this will reach thousands of people.. who will take this very seriously. Their pastors will be asked questions ! They will have to get into the suject, if the pastor likes it or not. Strange I should not have thought about this earlier. These requests got via phone , mouth to mouth and e mail, at rapid speed, reaching untold many people.
    So, this might interest Uschi, maybe others in here.
    Just throwing this out there to you.. I think it is great way.. to get the ” word” out ! Look for Evangelical , i e ” Assemblies of God” ” Baptist “and ” Pentecostal” other Protestant churches. They all have prayer request blogs !

  223. Celline Says:

    Crystal clear today, yet suddenly out of the NorthWest ( LAX ) thick white stripes, total whiteout moving in. Not any weather.. clearly all sprayed stuff. Had a run in w. son yesterday, I forwarded him all the real solid info about HAARP and chemtrails. After about an hour I received this reply: Now I am really convinced that you believe in conspiracy, because all of what u sent me is ” madeup” by conspiracy-theorists.
    It hurt so bad I have no words. My son is an intelligent young man.
    He looks at me w. pity, as in ” poor mom, you are indeed losing it”…
    Anger mixed w. sorrow, isen’t the most uplifting feeling to live with.
    Uschi, I am holding on to all of what is ME, because I am as alone as you are. It soo hurts.

  224. clark Says:

    I wish it were all, “madeup” stuff, if only.

    Watching the Florida football bowl game and the crowd chanting and waving in unison all in lock-step… nationalistic group-think and closed minds work the same way. None of the crowd will accept any information that contradicts their version of order, especially if it appears their team is in the right and winning!

    – crystal clear here today too.

  225. clark Says:

    The public isn’t going to “wake-up” on its own without massive outside negative stimulus (if even then) the majority of the public is just fine with the way things are.

    The American Idiot:

  226. Celline Says:

    @clark.. even though I could be the woman in that car.. the herdanimal I am not ! Thank you for reassurance I sure need it.
    Sky report : Crystalbue w. ” fingerpainting !

  227. Celline Says:

    @Founding: how do u do it, there’s so much of yours when I google you.
    Some I can’t get into, I sent you an example.

  228. Celline Says:

    Uschi just e mailed me, saying that she is trying to blog, and each time she does, a webpage comes up that tells her… her blog is discardet.
    She wrote to you Founding, to tell her about this trouble, but has not yet received a reply. Who knows what’s going on here?! Uschi wanted me to blog this, so everyone knows why we do not hear from her. Maybe this is happening to others also?

  229. Ursa Major Says:

    testing, testing

  230. Ursa Major Says:

    Wouldn’t you know, suddenly it works again! I tried many times yesterday, and every time when trying to submit my comment, a webpage came up that said my comment had been discarded. Thanks, Celline, for posting it.

    This is what I was trying to post yesterday, in response to Celline telling about her family:

    “Celline, I get the very same responses. And yes, they all look with pity on me for my ‘delusions’, too. I’ve given up, they don’t WANT to know. They’ll only wake up when it is too late. And by then I won’t be glad I was right all along, as we’ll all be in the same boat.

    I woke up to another ‘beautiful’ chembow outside my window. The sun was just managing to sort of shine through the ‘clouds’, or whatever that thick haze could be called, and to the right was part of a chem-halo. Later there was some blue sky with lots of chemclouds. It is very cold. They spray here no matter what the temperature, in the hot summer as well as the cold winter, it makes no difference.”

    Today we are having a blizzard. I am not exaggerating, either. It’s -10 Celsius (about 11 Fahrenheit) outside.

  231. Celline Says:

    And here, we had 75 – 80, clear blue.. golden sunshine, til suddenly ” they ” came and blackened the sky and I mean Blackened it, all of it, til there was not one square inch of blue sky left.

  232. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Ursa,

    I have been away for the week-end, so I am just catching-up now.

    I have no idea at all why you are having problems posting and no one else is. There is nothing in the spam queue.

    The fact that you were the only one having the issue and that the problem seems to have gone away suggests it may have been something with your pc or your internet connection.

    At any rate, I am glad it is working for you now.



  233. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark.. That’s an excellent vid you posted. Jones goes on and on about the “little old lady” in Pittsburgh that is knocked down in the street. I had no idea the U.S. is in such dire straits. In my opinion, it’s too late for your country.

  234. Celline Says:

    1am last night, bright moonlit sky. Like a huge hand… about 10 stripes ( fingerlike ) spanned from South to North….. wringing in as far I the eye could see.. everything. Spookiest thing I ever saw. A huge hand grabbing the ” globe”. Could not sleep after seeing this.. feel very tired today.
    Sky clear blue today.. except untold many chems interrupting the gorgeous blue. Not as bad as yesterday, and not as black. Nevertheless.. the same thing. It’s getting more intense.. and OMG.. the sight last night of that huge “hand” engulfing everything, I picture I can never forget !

  235. Ursa Major Says:

    I just got an e-mail from one of many sites I subscribe to. It made me laugh, because it sounds so much like Dude! Here is an excerpt from the article you might recognize as something he might say:

    “Camping sounds a lot like Edgar Whisenant who predicted that the rapture would take place in September 1988, a certainty that he backed up with his booklet 88 Reasons Why the Rapture is in 1988 and the claim “Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong; and I say that to every preacher in town.”[4] When the certainty of his prediction failed with the passing of September 1988, Whisenant, who worked as an engineer with NASA, claimed he had “made a slight miscalculation of one year because of a fluke in the Gregorian calendar. Jesus was actually going to return during Rosh Hashanah of 1989! Whisenant published his discovery in The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1989. ‘The time is short,’ he said. ‘Everything points to it.’ This publication was subsequently retitled The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1990 and has since been re-titled yearly as The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and so on.”[5] In case you don’t know, it’s now 2010.”

    Here is the URL for you to read the whole article:

    Snowing and very cold here today. Every time the cloud cover sort of thins, you can distinguish the chemclouds, see the colourful ring around the sun, and a few minutes ago, another sundog/chembow.

    This snow being dumped on us is no more natural than the snow outside Beijing, China (so they don’t have to dig out the city itself). I suspect that this snow is to keep Toronto snow free.

  236. Ursa Major Says:

    Here’s another article about Harold Camping. Read and laugh. He is as much a prophet and Bible scholar as our beloved Dude.


  237. clark Says:

    – Here we had six days of clear skies and sunshine, wow that’s a lot. Yesterday was the only day I saw chemtrails (at zero degrees Ferinheight ) mixed alongside other jets with contrails. They only produced a slight evenly distributed haze… the chemtrails didn’t bunch up, and it wasn’t all that windy.

    Today I saw two odd things: This morning I saw two jets (with contrails) flying in what appeared to be the same line, at the same altitude, separated by a fist width distance apart – close.
    I also saw (I’ve seen them in pictures before but this was the first time I saw this up close and personal, that I know of) a jet with four different somewhat easy to distinguish lines rather than the usual two lines streaming out the back of a jet, it was very short, like a contrail. It was more odd than I can describe.

    @Ursa, your, “hand in the sky at night” description seems the same as the fantail spread of chemtrails I see in the daytime here quite frequently.

  238. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, it was Celline who gave that description. But now that you say it, this fantail spread is quite frequent here as well.

    Here is a a whole book that can be read online, an amazing book that clearly shows where our ‘education’ system came from, and what it is for (hint, it is NOT education).


    I am nearly done chapter two, and it is fascinating. It is by John Taylor Gatto, and he has really done his research on how people used educate themselves, and how they are now PREVENTED from doing that, and how childhood has been prolonged by our prison-schoolsystem.

  239. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I read this some time ago.
    I kept my children out of that horriffic system til they were 8.
    I successfully made up excuses and actually pulled it off.
    Then, I sent them to private schools.

  240. Ursa Major Says:

    Of course, Celline, the private schools are mostly modeled after the same principles. Not as bad, but bad enough.

    Here is an article on the looming food crisis in 2010. We all need to stock up on food!


  241. Celline Says:

    our gorgeous blue skies are the perfect backdrop for: Smears, Xes, lines, circles and big blobs. I wonder what the tourists are thinking, who came here for the weather and the blue skies?! It’s 80 today, but it would be a bit warmer if this ugly fingerpainting wasen’t blocking so much of the sun !

  242. Celline Says:

    Totally clear today, not a chem or contrail in sight.. nothing, except in the North West some brown haze. It was too intense to be LA smog.
    But I know of no local fires, so who knows maybe it was a substitute for chemtrails, or a diff kind all together !

  243. Celline Says:

    Blog dead again? So many chems here today.. even the average Joe is looking up. One of them said:” Oh look, how pretty…..” !
    It’s about 80, and it would be so gorgeous w.out the fingerpainting in the sky !

  244. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, how incredibly STUPID people are to call the chems ‘pretty’! Their minds have been turned to mush by public education and the media, they can’t distinguish normal from abnormal, right from wrong, democracy from fascism etc. any more. It is utterly pathetic.

    It was snowing quite a lot here again today. And any time the clouds thinned out a little, you could see the obvious chem patterns. Absolutely NO BREAK for weeks (other than a couple of hours here and there).

    Here is a good article on the state of ‘justice’ in America, and the absolute power of the IRA to prosecute and throw in the slammer anybody they arbitrarily single out (of course, Kent Hovind was a thorn in the eye of many, as he taught children that dinosaurs lived with people, at least partially un-brainwashing them).


  245. Celline Says:

    I wrote a note to our weatherman on CBS, asking him why he described.. we would have some ” high clouds” when in reality, those were absolutely nothing but huge big fat chemtrails that literally blocked the BLUE.
    Asked this man why he’s lying to us, asked him if he thinks.. we can’t tell the diff between ” high clouds” and the stuff jetplanes are spraying us with.
    And, by no means was this stuff” High Clouds”. No response, of course. Can’t say, I’m not trying !

  246. Celline Says:

    Our weathermen are LYING, lying lying to us, am as mad as a wet hen !!!

  247. Ursa Major Says:

    Yep, they are all in on the scam. There is no way they don’t know.

  248. Celline Says:

    Exactly Uschi, you can’t tell me that those very educated people don’t know their clouds. It makes me so mad when they not only not tell the truth what’s over our heads, but outright lie, telling us,” them’s High Clouds” grrr, like I said, I wrote to CBS calling them on their lying, of course I don’t expect a reply. We were totally socket in w. chems the last few days, we did not have one natural cloud in our sky, not one.
    Then.. as the sun was setting, it looked like outstretched hands in red, reaching across the whole sky. Eerie, spooky, unnatural scary.
    Also I noticed today some of the chems were pitchblack. I wonder.. if that is ” their” way of getting rid of dangerous waste?? ! Who knows.
    When the sun set. those black stripes turned fire engine red.
    I also noticed that no one was looking up to watch this eerie ” sunset”, only me. Again !

  249. clark Says:

    I saw one of those black stripes the other day too, just one though, mixed in with other chemtrails.

  250. Ursa Major Says:

    I’ve seen pitch black ‘clouds’ right mixed in with white ones many times here, and have pictures of it, too.

    Today started out with jets spraying chemtrails all over the place. I stopped a couple of times on my way to church to take pictures. I was able to do that because my husband was teaching an adult class while the first service was going, and I went to the second service (works for me 🙂 ).

    Now there chemclouds all around the sun, which are very colourful. Mostly pink, light blue and a funky green (not natural rainbow colours, of course).

    And little ‘puffs’ as well. It should have been just a clear day with nothing but blue sky. Which it is mostly by now, but not as blue as it should be, as usual.

  251. Celline Says:

    yes, the black is mixed in w. the others.
    That same night when I wrote my last blog. our weatherman said:” Did you see our wonderful colorful sunset tonight? The reds , the purples and golds.. didn’t you guys just love how beautiful it was?” “&*%$#@**&&&, I said “!

  252. Ursa Major Says:

    Yes, my sunset was very beautiful too. With red, orange, yellow and black stripes……… and jets flying, adding more stripes to the mix.

  253. Sky Says:

    Hello everybody. Things are getting stranger by the day. Snow in summer ( Australia , a couple weeks ago) and bikinis in the winter- Israel and Bulgaria.

    “Israelis headed for the beach at the weekend to enjoy a winter heatwave, with temperatures rising into the high 20s as much of northern Europe shivered in a cold snap.

    Normally chilly in January, Jerusalem and the West Bank bathed in balmy 25-degree weather under a cloudless blue sky, with more of the same expected over the weekend and into early next week.



    “Those visiting their Bulgarian property or living in Bulgaria are thrilled by one of the mildest winters on record. The weather has been the most talked-about subject of the week….

    ….here in the eastern end of Europe, we are experiencing temperatures of up to 20 C. Absolutely extraordinary – and even in our mountain town we have constantly had 12 to 15 C for some days. Record warm temperatures are all over the country with up to 20 in Veliko Turnovo a few days ago. Yesterday the mercury touched 18 in Blagoevgrad and Sandanski.

    By rights, the country should be under a beautiful blanket of snow with the temperatures well under zero.

    This strange scenario seems set to continue for about another week.


  254. Sky Says:

    Meanwhile, in Florida frozen lizards are dropping from the trees, the sea turltles and manatees are struggling to survive and state farmers are being devastated.

    I usually take Sorcha Faal articles with a pound of salt, but this one does sound credible :

    Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos


    Sigh. It would add to the credibility if the correct acronym for HAARP was used !

    Anyway, there’s no doubt in my mind that the elites have mucked things up good and proper in the weather control department.The jet stream is not where it’s supposed to be. It’s zig-zagging and has scientists baffled as to why.

    Chemtrails and HAARP have military applications, depopulation applications, biowarfare aps and they are also meant as an economic weapon that creates droughts and floods, intense winds etc. But something tells me that even the elites never intended to create bikini weather in winter. The control they wield with these weapons is far from perfect.

    And this far-from-perfect-control spells even MORE disasters for the people of this planet.

  255. Sky Says:

    Stunning chemtrail propaganda compliments of THE premiere European environmental org.- the Rockefeller funded WWF ( World Wildlife Fund).

    Watch from 1:30.

  256. Celline Says:

    It’s unusually cold in Germany with mountains of snow.
    Here not a cloud in the sky except for thick fat chemclouds that cover our sky totally. I stopped a cop today and asked him what he thought.
    Of course he did not have a clue. So I asked him about that mess in the skies.. he shrugged and said:” Must be some ionizing going on” ! I* said:” some what”? Then he could not explain of course but he mumbled something about ” moisturizing our air “. I never ran across anything dumber in my life. Anyway.. it’s bad bad bad, and seems to get worse every day.. we are covered. Temps are warm ( 75 ) inspite of it, the sun still manages to keep us toasty.

  257. ericswan Says:

    Your cop was trying to tell you something Celline. Ionization would be the precise way to describe what is going on.

  258. ericswan Says:


  259. Celline Says:

    Well eric, than I am the idiot. If you don’t mind, splain ionization to me once again please. The removal of what out of what?

  260. Celline Says:

    Uschi just e mailed me, she is again unable to post !

  261. ericswan Says:

    Look at the link I posted Celline. Take note of the vid in the “Silent Forest” and that this group is from California. This website confirms what we have been reporting here privately concerning the effects on trees.

  262. Celline Says:

    Eric, I looked thru it extensively and just now did again, but a : “Silent Forest” I can’t find. Thanx for posting, it’s one of the most informative I have ever seen.

  263. Sky Says:

    Celline- Go to Eric’s link. At the bottom of the first page ,just under the photos, there’s a bunch of links in red writing.

    Click on ” TREE DECLINE “.

    At the bottom of the ” tree decline ” page you will find a video. That’s the Silent Forest.

    Great link Eric. Thanks.

  264. ericswan Says:

    Join us for a live streaming of the event from the New York Academy of Sciences featuring a question and answer session open to you, the online audience.

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    10:00 AM EST (3:00 PM GMT)

    Online Location:

  265. ericswan Says:

  266. Dude Says:

    See all the lies about Iran?
    Armageddon Cometh!

    See all the earthquakes?
    See them painting the sky every day?
    Nibiru Cometh!

  267. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, you are pathetic

  268. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, it is working again!

  269. Dude Says:

    No Ursa, the ones who are lying about Nibiru are pathetic and I would hate to be them on judgment day — the one after we die, not the one coming for my country, the Mountains of Israel.

  270. Celline Says:

    ((( Sky ))) thank you, Uschi.. welcome back..
    Now off to watch eric’s videos. We were clear blue, til an hour ago, when the ” stuff ” started to stream in from over the Pacific !
    I forewarded Eric’s video to my son, his reply was:” Eh Mom, did you see their plea for money? I hope u are not sending them any ?!” I give up.

  271. Celline Says:

    Got it eric.. am sure that’s one part my son ( or any of the others I sent this to,) did not watch. Question: Haiti = HAARP ?

  272. Celline Says:

    One more thing : As a Christian, I denounce the words of P Robertson.. as arrogant and dangerous. Dangerous, as in:OMG, we could be next Mr Robertson, I can think of all kinds of things the US has done that would just please the Devil so much. The arrogance of this man seems to know no limits.His African diamondmines brought him way too much money.
    Humilitiy is the key, Mr. Robertson.. because even you do not know the mind of God. Argh ! I just feel that all you peops here, should know, that other Christians do NOT give this man credence !

  273. Ursa Major Says:

    This morning started out pretty blue, and then, very, very rapidly thin, like veils, the chemclouds moved in and covered the whole sky in minutes. I watched it happen, as I was going for a walk at the time.

    Well, I was just outside, and the air smells like chemicals! I mean, it smells like I am in the cleaning or perfume isle in the pharmacy. The jets are everywhere you look, spraying the stuff! I was taking pictures, but had to go inside, because I feel drugged and couldn’t breathe.

    This is new, I wished I knew what they are spraying now. My daughter was outside (I was seeing her off) and I said, “Can you smell that?” And when she said she didn’t smell anything, I explained what it smelled like to her. She thinks I am crazy, she can’t smell a thing!

    But I have a very fine nose, and can smell things nobody else can. I always know if there is mould around, I smell (and taste) it long before anybody else. And I am very sensitive to chemicals, nobody is allowed to use any chemical cleaners or perfumes around me.

    Ugh, I am getting dizzy and my eyes are going out of focus. They have drugged us all! I hope my daughter will be safe driving home with the baby. Because even if she can’t smell it, she has breathed it in just the same.

  274. Ursa Major Says:

    Of course, when I told my husband about that crazy smell, he went outside and came back inside, declaring with this gleam in his eye that the air smells wonderful, like spring!

    He hates winter and will say at the beginning of the winter that spring is just around the corner. So, today is a day that is sort of like spring, even though spring is still far off, as February is usually our coldest month.

    Anyway, the obvious chems were obviously gone when he went out (I went out right after he came back in), they changed into those swirly things within less than a minute or so.

    Dude did you read the things I posted farther up about that guy who keeps predicting the end of the world (he always gets the dates straight from the bible, apparently), and he has to keep changing the date forward, because it never happens on his predicted dates. He reminds me of you.

    I will post it again, so you won’t miss it:

    I just got an e-mail from one of many sites I subscribe to. It made me laugh, because it sounds so much like Dude! Here is an excerpt from the article you might recognize as something he might say:

    “Camping sounds a lot like Edgar Whisenant who predicted that the rapture would take place in September 1988, a certainty that he backed up with his booklet 88 Reasons Why the Rapture is in 1988 and the claim “Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong; and I say that to every preacher in town.”[4] When the certainty of his prediction failed with the passing of September 1988, Whisenant, who worked as an engineer with NASA, claimed he had “made a slight miscalculation of one year because of a fluke in the Gregorian calendar. Jesus was actually going to return during Rosh Hashanah of 1989! Whisenant published his discovery in The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1989. ‘The time is short,’ he said. ‘Everything points to it.’ This publication was subsequently retitled The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1990 and has since been re-titled yearly as The Final Shout—Rapture Report 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and so on.”[5] In case you don’t know, it’s now 2010.”

    Here is the URL for you to read the whole article:

    And the post beneath it was:

    Here’s another article about Harold Camping. Read and laugh. He is as much a prophet and Bible scholar as our beloved Dude.


    These guys and you should be buddies.

  275. Dude Says:

    You can count on Planet X or Nibiru being here in 2012. Every ancient civilization told us. The ET told us in the 2012 crop circle. The war will be sometime soon, maybe even 10-10-10, which would fit with the ‘illuminati’ number scheme. Go investigate. Dont just sit here tracking chemtrails. Theres many many people online telling you whats coming even though none of them will tell you specifically that Nibiru is the reason. Again, there is TONS of stuff telling you whats coming. The ‘elite’ have even said that those who arent paying attention deserve what theyre going to get. They would be right on that point, except for the children.

  276. Celline Says:

    On the Fox-channel scientist Dr. John Coleman just had a program called:’ The Lie of Global Warming “.. I bet he will be fired now, from his position as the weatherman. One thing though, he did NOT mention: the chems ! I mean, he put everything out there.. including this sentence” :The Government is lying to you..”, so what did he have to lose by ignoring the chems? Huge question in my mind. He had a lot of hutzbah to do what he did, I wish I knew his e mail, I would soo love to ask him !

  277. Dude Says:

    Celline: The elite are in the stage of demonizing America to the rest of the world so that it will be acceptable for them to have us exterminated in the coming war. This is why they made the movie Avatar. This is why you frequently see Alex Jones on Russia Today bashing America. They will not tell you what the chemtrails are for but I have at least 100 times now. It is hiding the thing causing all the earthquakes. They will get exponentially worse up to 2012, when those of us still alive will see the biggest quakes since man has been upon the Earth, including the eruption of Yellowstone supervolcano.

  278. Ursa Major Says:

    I agree that the Haiti earthquake might have been caused on purpose by HAARP, which obviously has NOTHING to do with that mysterious (and nonexistent) planet Nibiru.

    Completely overcast today with this thick, white haze.

  279. Dude Says:

    Ursa: why do you keep spouting lies? i am beginning to think you are an agent. There is TONS of information proving the existence of Nibiru.

  280. Dude Says:

    Watch the scientific presentation on Planet X: http://xfacts.com/MUFON_LA/

    The “elite” think that those who do not know deserve to die but they are the ones funding the poisons that make us stupid, they fund the liebox that spouts the lies and they fund the hoards of liars on the internetz.

  281. Sky Says:

    Haiti will be a disaster of unimaginable proportions. I can’t even talk about it at the moment except to say that I also believe it was deliberately caused by the elite’s tectonic weapons.

    Johnny Cash sang this almost 20 yrs ago…1991…

  282. Dude Says:

    Lets dissect this statement, which is exactly like a statement a paid liar would make:

    “which obviously has NOTHING to do with that mysterious (and nonexistent) planet Nibiru.”

    First, it is NOT obvious that Planet X has nothing to do with earthquakes. In fact, it is well known physics that a large planetary body coming near Earth will cause much seismic and volcanic activity.

    Second, Planet X is not mysterious, every ancient civilization told us all about it, including the Bible. It is also known to all governments.

    And third, Planet X is not nonexistant. It is there. That is why NASA announced they found it as soon as they launched their IRAS infrared telescope. Also, it was known to exist for over 100 years before that because of the perturbations in the orbits of the outer planets. This is why they launched IRAS in the first place.

    Now, it is known that the governments have been building massive underground bunkers. It is known that the Dutch government is preparing for “doomsday”. It is known that seismic and volcanic activity is increasing at an alarming rate. It is known that all the governments of Earth are spraying the skies every day. It is known that they built the “doomsday” seed vault. It is known that global “climate change” will take place. It is known that all the governments are preparing for martial law.

    THINK people and STOP listening to the LIARS!!!

  283. Dude Says:

    Also, it is known that the evil bankers are masters at infiltrating movements and guiding them to their liking. Why would this board be any different?

    Why would some of the people here be sooooo adamant that Planet X is not causing this seismic activity and doesn’t exist? hmmmm………


  284. Celline Says:

    Dude, America has been ” demonized” ever since I immigrated here.
    At that time it was pure envy. Now.. it’s more hatred because of all the wars we are starting for obvious reason. $$$$$$$ and big business.
    So, nothing new here.
    As to your theory, something’s missing here, namely common sense.
    I appreciate your sincerety, but w. all respect, I do not agree w. you ( doesen’t mean we can have good conversations, right? )
    Our skies today: The sun has a huge halo ( looks like a mile in circumference w. the human eye ) and it’s hazy.. and this hazyness is in the shape of wide grey/white stripes. Go figure. Curious thing: I watch a lot of the Haiti-tragedy, subsequently their sky, and I see not a 1 chemtrail there? Anyone ?

  285. Celline Says:

    Dude.. I dunno about Nibiru.. but I DO know about HAARP.
    As to this blog, as far as I can tell it’s only likeminded people participating. WHOM would u like to accuse of being ” shillish?”
    Hmmmmm…. they all seem squieky clean to me.

  286. Dude Says:

    Celline: I accuse the ones who consistently deny the approach of Nibiru as being a shill. There is tons of evidence supporting its approach. All the governments know about it. All you have to do is look at the evidence and think. Do not listen to anyone, listen to everyone and most importantly *think*. Dont forget that NASA announced they found it and look at that video I posted the link to. http://xfacts.com/MUFON_LA/

  287. ericswan Says:

    I haven’t been able to see the sky here for weeks. I hear jets above the clouds but that’s not evidence they are chemtrails.
    Dude, the only detail I think you have wrong is spraying chemtrails to obscure Niburu.

    Ursa I don’t need to hear your families pov.

  288. Ursa Major Says:

    You know, Eric, my family’s reactions are the same as the general reaction of people who refuse to believe chems are real. Celline tells about what people in her neighbourhood say. I am too ill to go out most of the time, so the only people I interact with are my family.

    Dude, claiming I am a shill is actually funny. I am about as far from listening to ANY government, or being their shill as you can get.

    Where do the elite get much of their ‘information’? From Satan himself, and his demons. I expect they are ALL demon possessed, and don’t realize that they are just Satan’s tools themselves.

    Satan is the biggest liar of them all. So, why should I believe whatever the elite (which includes all governments) believe?

    Meaning, if the elite and the governments of this world will build underground structures because they believe that there is a planet Nibiru approaching that will cause great devastation, their information could well be straight from Satan, the great liar.

    Now, I DO believe that the ‘angel throwing a glowing mountain into the sea’ means a meteor will at some point fall into the ocean and cause great devastation. Nobody knows when that will happen (other than God, of course).

    And I have my doubts that any underground structures will be of help, in fact, they may prove to be death traps. Which would be to the advantage of the survivors above ground, because the evil elite would be wiped out.

  289. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I think we are talking about ” Wormwood” here. Could it be the same one that’s also called ” Nibiru”?
    Eric, just allow us please to talk as we wish and feel. There are not many places anymore where we can do this. This blog has been and is a blessing to me, because more often than not.. I pour out my heart at all you guys. Just like Uschi does. We all feel burdened, so we should be supportive of eachother.. even though we aren’t ” friends” or anything like that. It’s a great place, and I am glad you are here, so is Uschi, eric.. I know we are talking serious stuff here.. but that doesen’t mean we can’t be nice to eachother, ok?

  290. Celline Says:

    From what I have researched, there is as much underground building going on as is above. Denver airport, to name one.
    I bet ” they” are digging in, ” Iron Mountain” is another one of those uebersecret places.

  291. Ursa Major Says:

    I think this is evidence for the Haiti earthquake being manmade and intentional.

    The US is sending all kinds of troops (including marines) into Haiti. They’ve taken over the airport, and are directing all relief work, which should NOT be done by foreign troops! The US military, along with the UN is taking over control of Haiti.

    Here is a link:


    Within that article is another link, leading to a video that confirms that the USA is responsible for the 2004 Coup d’Etat and the training of the killer police force prior to that.

    Here is the link to that video (it is one and a half hours long, but well worth watching. It shows what the UN ‘peacekeepers’ are really about!

    The UN troops were arresting scores of people loyal to the ousted president’s party in 2004 and 2005, and were turning a blind eye to police shooting at and killing peaceful protesters. They turned parts of towns into ghettos, surrounding them with tanks.

    The UN has been there ever since, making sure that NO DEMOCRACY can be established. And now, after this terrible earthquake, the US is deploying, on a per capita basis, more troops to Haiti than they have in Afghanistan.

    Why? It is obvious that they are taking total control of Haiti, and that was the plan all along. They just needed a ‘good reason’, like a major catastrophe.

  292. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I believe that ‘wormwood’ is not any planetary entity, but rather it sounds much like a poison. Specifically it sounds like radiation fallout from atomic reactors or bombs. Of course, when massive earthquakes hit, a lot of atomic reactors will break up and melt down.

  293. Celline Says:

    yes, could be. Of course the “UN” w the US are taking over, and the Masonic guidline in action again:” Order out of Chaos”.
    Anything and everything for the NWO it’s all very clear.
    Our skies a white sprinkled mess, we are expecting rain, so whatever will fall will be full of this stuff.

  294. Ursa Major Says:

    I’ve now watched the whole video on Haiti. It is an absolute atrocity what the UN troops have been doing there. Fortunately there are journalists courageous enough to record the truth. Unfortunately, the media won’t allow this to be shown/printed in countries where people still have the freedom to demand action.

    The so-called peacekeepers actually went into poor neighbourhoods supporting Aristide and his party, killing, looting and burning down houses!

    Towards the end of the official movie (after that it is all in French), it shows that a Brazilian Commando within the UN troops went on a killing spree. They threw a smoke grenade into one house. The father ran out the back, believing his family was behind him. When he turned around, he saw a UN ‘peacekeeper’ shoot a bullet through his wife and one-year-old son, and then turn and shoot his four-year-old son through the head. In the video, he is sitting beside his dead wife and two tiny boys. They had murdered his whole family.

    The UN are nothing but a bunch of thugs (of course, I pretty much believed that before, but now I KNOW), controlled by the elite. They are the international police force for the coming one world government. God help us all.

    I bet any UN peacekeepers who are prosecuted (persecuted?) for apparently violating human rights are likely people who didn’t go along with the murderous mission they are supposed to support.

  295. Celline Says:

    Uschi, got a site 4 this?
    I had suspected this.. but did see nothing like it.. please send me what u have.

  296. Dude Says:

    Dont be dumb. The USA is not creating all these earthquakes:

    Nibiru is creating them just like the Bible said. That is why they are digging the underground bases.

    Wormwood is the fallout from the nukes that Russia has told us for two years they will use on us just like the Bible says. Wont be long now.

    Not hard to understand if you dont have an agenda.

  297. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I am linking to the site above. Both the article and the video are from http://www.globalresearch.ca

    Dude, the technology for creating earthquakes exists both in the USA and in the eastblock. It is said that Russia has the better technology and could wipe out any country they want.

    Right, Nibiru is targeting all the convenient targets for earthquakes. Like the capital city of Haiti, so the USA with the help of the UN can have an excuse for taking over Haiti, just like they have planned. You are the one who is being dumb, Dude.

  298. Celline Says:


  299. Dude Says:

    Im not the one too dumb to know that RF energy can not move all the tectonic plates on Earth and Im not the one too dumb to know that a large celestial body is coming to destroy much of the Earth in 2012.

  300. Celline Says:

    Thanx Uschi,
    Dude, no one in here has an agenda, don’t be so darn thickheaded.
    You have something there, w. the wormwood. I must read up on those scriptures.

  301. Celline Says:

    uschi, I viewed the whole thing and it’s very clear to me, that the UN is a tool of the Elite for the NWO. It all falls into place.
    We will never prove it was HAARP who caused that quake. But u will never convince me, that they did not.

  302. Sky Says:

    Now the bastards killed the bats too.

    Bat Catastrophe Spreading – Bats May Never Recover


    None of the “experts” can figure out what is causing the massive die off in the bees and the birds. Many other insects have been decimated as well, as have the trees. Of course, the insect and tree deaths go unreported. And the MSM is keeping its lying lips zipped up tight about the bees, birds, and bats as well.

    This unprecedented die off has occurred in a very short time frame. AFTER the elites started their massive and covert chemtrail operation.

  303. Dude Says:

    Celline: there are tons of people online that do have an agenda to keep people stupid about Planet X. I know this because I have encountered them more times than I can count and some of them have threatened me and others had way more knowledge about me than they shouldve. why?

    I also have an extensive background in RF energy. I know that HAARP is not causing these quakes. It can not. Maybe it can cause a small one around a pocket of water if they got lucky but not the whole pacific rim.

    I wont have to convince you of anything when the war of Armageddon starts and you can see Nibiru coming for yourself. There are those who are also telling us about this coming war and how it has been planned for a long time. Look up George Green. He did a good interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. He also did an interview with Project Camelot. Look him up on Youtube.

    The Bible itself says no one will believe. So far that book got everything right but the specific date of the war.

  304. Dude Says:

    I also believe the chemtrails are killing the bats but theyre still not going to stop spraying them. The GM foods are killing us and the bees too but theyre not stopping that either. Its all part of “their” depopulation plans.

    How many people on here watched this video?: http://xfacts.com/MUFON_LA/

  305. Dude Says:

    Haha, dont think for a minute that there arent paid govt liars all over the internetz:

    [In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-“independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites — as well as other activist groups — which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.]

  306. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, nobody claims that government agents don’t infiltrate forums, blogs etc. Sure they are. It is just utterly ridiculous to claim that I am one of them.

    Celline has had personal contact with me and knows who I am. We have talked on the phone. She has looked at my facebook page, which has all he pictures of my family on it. I would give that to Sky as well, but not you, as I don’t know if I can trust you not to post nasty things on my facebook wall.

    The above posted video only says that ‘scientists discover planet x’, and that it is two and a half times as large as the earth, and orbits in the outer reaches of our solar system.

    Nothing to prove that it will actually come past the earth and cause horrible destruction. Also, they don’t claim it is the planet called ‘Nibiru’. In fact, it is just a camera pointed and fixed on another video. It proves nothing at all.

    So, maybe there is a planet way out there. Maybe. So what?

    I started watching the other video. It is all about UFO’s, Sitchin and other idiots etc., I can’t possibly watch that garbage. What crap, you won’t convince me with nonsense like that, Dude.

    Sky, right, it is a fungus killing the bats. It has been proven that there are different kinds of fungus in chemtrails. I am right now on powerful pills that combat a systemic fungal infection I appear to have.

    I believe that most people that die of respiratory infections after heavy spraying die from a fungal infection of the lungs.

    They are killing insects, bats, trees, people, birds etc. with fungus, poison, lack of sunshine, starvation, flooding, drought and anything they can come up with.

    And it is all chalked up to ‘natural causes’, of course.

  307. Ursa Major Says:

    I went to the ‘World News’ website. This is taken from one article about ‘Planet X’. Really, nobody can actually SEE it, not even with a telescope. It is just a theory that it exists, based on mathematical calculations and computer simulations.

    “Researchers at Kobe University in western Japan say theoretical calculations using computer simulations led them to conclude it was only a matter of time before the mysterious ‘Planet X’ was found.

    “The possibility is high that a yet unknown, planet-class celestial body, measuring 30 percent to 70 percent of the Earth’s mass, exists in the outer edges of the solar system,” Kobe University said in a statement.

    “If research is conducted on a wide scale, the planet is likely to be discovered in less than 10 years.””

    Of course, computer simulations rest on human input. If they put in the ‘right’ stuff, it will show what they want it to show. The ‘global warming’ nonsense is one good example. The global warming people claim that their computer models ‘prove’ global warming. They do no such a thing. They prove exactly what those people want them to prove. But in reality, it only proves their fraud.

  308. Sky Says:

    Hey, Ursa. Thanks for the link. Nice to be able to put a face to your postings here. : – )

    I’ll try to become a facebook friend….but you know how bad I am on computers. The only reason I can copy/paste is because I followed the excellent directions you once posted for Celline.

    That said, I knew you were the real thing all along. I’m energy sensitive and I can smell a rat a mile away . That includes cyberspace.

    Dude, for the love of God , stop accusing people here of being secret agents because we don’t buy into the Planet X theory of chemtrails.

    And as far as the Haiti quake goes and your contention that HAARP or other scalar weaponry can’t cause quakes this large….think again, please. Way back in the 1890s Tesla took a small resonant vibrator ( the size of a small clock ) and placed it on a steel beam. Once the frequency of the vibrator matched the frequency of the beam , people thought there was an earthquake. Tesla destroyed the vibrator with a sledge hammer before more damage could be done. Tesla claimed that given the right frequency he could split the earth in two.

    Tesla’s methods were still quite crude. But how far do you think the military applications of Tesla technology have advanced in over 100 years ? Why the elites have even allowed us little people a small measure of technology compared to Tesla’s times. Most of us no longer use horse and buggy and we have inventions like the internet.

    An earthquake the size of Haitis ? Piece of cake, I’m sure.

    Follow the money. Who profits ? Clinton already had his Haiti foundation established the first day ( Bush junior just joined him ). Don’t forget the Clinton/papa Bush joint foundations for the tsunami, Katrina, and a third foundation for misc hurricanes . There’s more I could explain but I gotta go for now.




  309. Dude Says:

    Wow, theres so much *thought* in this comment:

    “I started watching the other video. It is all about UFO’s, Sitchin and other idiots etc., I can’t possibly watch that garbage. What crap, you won’t convince me with nonsense like that, Dude.”

    Sitchin holds a PhD and is one of only a hand full of people who can read the ancient Sumerian language. People who dont know about UFOs are ignorant, havent seen any, and do not read their Bibles. You cant SEE planet X for the chemtrails but you sure can look at the effects of it:

    Did you send Celline a copy of your govt check too?

    Watch some truth:

  310. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, it has been proven that Sitchin MADE UP a lot of what he says those writing say! The real experts know that.

    I don’t care if he has a PhD. You can buy them these days. But even if you don’t, they aren’t too hard to come by in some disciplines.

    And he WROTE the ‘Kolbrin Bible’. There is zero evidence for those writings he supposedly translated to ever have existed. They can’t be produced, they supposedly ‘got lost’. How convenient.

    Here is something I found, in response to a question somebody asked about the existence of Nibiru. It makes more sense than anything else I’ve read.

    “Nibiru does not exist. It is a hoax. I also know the community of astronomers, who are committed to openness, and who would be unable to keep a secret even if they were told to. There are in addition hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers around the world, who could also not keep a secret. Those people who claim that a major astronomical discovery like a planet headed for the Earth could be suppressed don’t understand the way scientists think and operate. David Morrison
    NAI Senior Scientist ”

    So very true. There are hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers around the world. If Nibiru was visible at all by now, many of them would have seen it. It would be all over the Internet! Since it isn’t, Dude, your nonsense that chems are supposed to hide Nibiru, is evident. Because the chems are not always there to hide the sky all over the world.

    Here is another post from this site:

    ” I dont understand how something that has failed to appear so many times in the past, is still believed to be heading for our solar system. I also dont understand why Nibiru’ers (yes I created a new word) take the word of and economist (Sitchin is not an ancient texts scholar) and fuzzy youtube videos instead of actually doing some half decent research for themselves

    And whats with the “Nibiru” is only visible from the south pole? Another good example of the misinformation and uneducated statements spread by the Nibiru’ers. If something was visible from the south pole, then in would be visible to the ENTIRE southern hemisphere….I should know, I live there. And dont forget, that if by some miracle, that Nibiru was visible there, then are all the thousands of scientists (and tourists) that visit Antartica each year are all lying? Makes no sense to me

    What about all the alleged Nibiru images caught on space/ telescope software? They are all BS too. The latest ont explained that the brown dwarf star, Nibiru was visible on Microsoft Telescope. Apparently spotted using a tool to spot its “massive amount” of heat. The major problem with this is thatr brown dwarfs only emit heat as radiation, and its far from a large amount. Again, a beautiful example of a lack of research

    Then there is those pictures. They are obviously not photos of a planet/ star which is bearing down on our solar system. More often than not, they turn out to be sundogs or camera flares.

    Another point, is the failure of Nibiru to appear in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005. Now its been put back to 2012 (wonder where it will be put back to after 2012). How many prophets/ prophecies does it take to get it right? I mean if it is coming, wasnt it supposed to have already done so, several times in the past?

    All of these points, and more….point to the whole Nibiru thing as being complete and utter crap. I dont understand why people cant notice this!!!

    Seriously people….get over it…IT IS NOT COMING/ IT DOES NOT EXIST

    Do some real research on Brown dwarfs, ancient sumerian text and stop flooding ATS with this load of rubbish.”

    Excellent point made.

    Sitchin has his PhD in ECONOMICS, which hardly qualifies him for translating the Sumerian language.

    Here is the link to the Wikipedia article about him:


    Here is an excerpt:

    “When Sitchin wrote his books, only specialists could read the Sumerian language, but now anyone can check his translations by utilizing the 2006 book Sumerian Lexicon.[4] Sitchin’s translations of both individual words and of larger portions of ancient texts are generally found to be incorrect.”

    Note the last sentence: His translations are generally found to be incorrect. As in, the guy doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about. He is nothing but a FRAUD. Anybody who listens to him is an idiot. Period.

  311. Celline Says:

    am wondering why there are no chems over Haiti now? Have they done their job? Neither do I see any over Hawaii..
    We have had multipe earthquakes lately, but not much damage.
    Chemtrails daily no letup.
    How is the Clinton/Bush clan making money on the Haiti disaster?
    Funny, the sheeple can’t see that the elefant and the donkey have the same master.Argh.. the idiocy of people. What about Bush buying thousands of acres of land in Paraguy? Is that a safe place?
    Global warming now totally debunked as a hoax, openly on TV here now.
    But nothing seems to matter, those big secrets are too incredulous for people to believe, just the small ones are protected. Right, there are no bats or honeybees here anymore either. No Moths etc. Depopulation obviously is goal Nr. 1. And my GF is deeply involved to get Diane L elected. She knows just about everything, not at last because of me.. but sais: ” if I mention one word about it, they will put me in a nuthouse..” so why would I donate a dime? N O T !!! Of all the people who know the truth.. where’s the one who could organize a good old fashioned revolt?
    But even if this should happen.. “they” are prepared and well trained.
    Under communism, I experienced one.. and survived the Russian tanks, by running, hiding from door to door. Ah.. memories, and now repeat of same in the beautiful and free USA. Now I’ll look at all your links.

  312. Celline Says:

    Uschi, do NOT defend yourself please.. we know who you are.
    Don’t give it any credence, waste of time and energy.

  313. Dude Says:

    haha, i never saw such a long line of disinformation crap.

    Sitchin wrote his own books and they are the Sumerian translations. Other people wrote the Kolbrin and that came from Egyptian scrolls. They both say the same thing as your Bibles, the current news, and the earthquake map.

    Lets not forget the astronomers who knew it was there for over 100 years the same way they knew Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were there. Lets also not forget that NASA announced it themselves. Lets also remember all the underground digging and the “doomsday” seed vault. haha, Its coming, ya cant keep em fooled forever.

    This guy tells you all of its effects that are going to happen but he wont say what is going to cause it:

  314. Celline Says:

    Dude, w.out going into details of what this guy sais, I can tell you for sure.. he’s wrong.
    As you said:” Your bibles”, so be it, “my bible” tells me, that no one knows the day or the hour, not even Jesus knew.
    Now, I prefer to believe ” my bible ” over anyone elses ” predictions ,mathematical figures, prophecies etc.”
    And this settles this whole subject for me !

  315. Dude Says:

    Celline: youll never believe the truth, until it is too late, as long as you keep listening to other non-educated people and do not think for yourself. You will believe sooner or later…when TSHTF. So have you read Ezekiel and Amos lately? They say the same thing as all the other prophets, only more clearly.

    The Project Camelot crew also say that they are not there to hand you all the information on a silver platter, but that you have to be able to figure things out and think for yourself.

    Watch this guy at 1:43:00. He will give you the only hint about Planet X that youre going to get (aside from the NASA announcement in 1983):

  316. Dude Says:

    11 Earthquakes in 24 hours > 5.0. Im suuuuuuuure HAARP is doing all of that. Yall just keep on listening to the agents and idiots now. Nothings gonna happen. Everythings ok….move along now.


  317. Ursa Major Says:

    OMG Dude, not CROP CIRCLES again! They’ve long been shown to be frauds. Aliens have absolutely NOTHING to do with them. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gullible! No thanks, I won’t be sucked into that nonsense, and I am sure neither will Celline.

  318. Dude Says:

    There is a big difference between being stupid and being gullible. one leads to the other, like you are about Nibiru. I am neither. I know. You both WILL learn the truth but by then it will be too late. You should be happy you have some extra time to make yourself more knowledgeable but I see it is time wasted.

  319. Dude Says:

    Also, If you dont know there are ET everywhere, then you are very stupid. Your Bible tells you all about ET. Ive never seen such hypocrisy as I have here. You profess to believe the Bible but have not a clue what it says and you are always contradicting the book, like the Truth guy did. That is why God says that “there will be many who say they knew me but I knew them not.”

    for the record:
    dumb = dont know and arent able to learn
    ignorant = can learn but hasnt learned yet
    stupid = can learn but refuses to do so (the worst of the three)

    I dont believe there are any dumb people here. I know that it is not ignorance because Ive shown you the knowledge.

  320. Dude Says:

    Heres more knowledge for you. Lets see what stupid remarks you can say about this. For the record, Steven Greer possesses more knowledge than you can ever hope to attain.

  321. Dude Says:

    Maybe you will believe astronaut Gordon Cooper but Im guessing youll spout the same old non-sense.

  322. Dude Says:

    Maybe you will believe astronaut Buzz Aldrin, but again, Im betting you will still spout non-sense.

  323. Dude Says:

    How about astronaut Edgar Mitchell? Ill bet you say they are all delusional and come up with more non-sense.

  324. Dude Says:

    hahaha, amidoinitrite? I just loooove to dispel stupid propaganda. It makes my day to abolish the ignorance. There will be no room for the ignorant in the new world.

  325. Ursa Major Says:

    Sigh…………. I guess you fall into your own ‘stupid’ category then.

    The Bible does NOT talk about ETs. Any ETs anybody sees (and yes, they see them) are DEMONS. It has been shown that when so-called Aliens have tried to abduct people in the past, they’d drop them if they called on the name of Jesus for protection. Which identifies them very clearly as demons.

    Satan and his demons ARE clever, they are great at deception. They can take on the shapes of aliens, as well as have people see space ships. It is all an illusion, that you are more than willing to believe, because it fits in with what you WANT to believe.

    Yes, it looks like lots of bad things will happen. Possibly another civil war, maybe war with other countries….. who knows. Everything is going bad. But whatever happens will be in God’s time, not yours. You are trying to make the Bible fit your preconceived ideas. It doesn’t work like that, God is not going to follow your timeline for events, but His own.

    I am not going to watch the videos you posted above, I am sure it would be a waste of my time.

  326. Dude Says:

    Ursa: I knew you wouldnt watch them. you either fit into the “stupid” category, meaning that you REFUSE to learn the truth or you fit into the “agent” category, meaning you will NEVER admit the truth. I already knew this. You display it nonstop, like every other agent I have encountered. I am waiting for the others to see it too. It wont be long now. I am actually surprised that FF keeps letting you post your stupid government propaganda crap. If this were my board, you would have been gone long ago.

    This comment right here: “The Bible does NOT talk about ETs.” makes you a liar too. I would show you the multiple places in the Bible that talks about ETs but for some reason, I already know that you will continue to spout off your stupid crap.

    They say ignorance is bliss. You should be the most blissful person on Earth.

  327. Ursa Major Says:

    Sure Dude, if you say so. Good thing this isn’t your board, eh?

    You are the ignorant one. Founding doesn’t ban people who are ignorant and belligerent, and who insist on insulting and accusing people of being government agents, or you would be long gone.

    He KNOWS I am not a government agent, or indeed he would have banned me long ago.

    Go ahead and keep spouting your alien baloney. You have already proven that you don’t know what the heck you are talking about, as your Oct. 10th deadline last year clearly showed.

  328. Sky Says:

    The images below are a time-frequency spectrogram which show the frequency content of signals recorded by the H.A.A.R.P. Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale. ( Tankerenemy – San Remo Italy )

  329. Sky Says:

    Haiti quake- January 12th. Watch the dates as they change on the bottom of the video and watch what HAARP is doing just before and during the quake.

    Note the ” die-off” AFTER the quake on the 13th and 14th.

  330. Dude Says:

    sooooo then, did HAARP cause all of these earthquakes?

    Did HAARP cause the giant meteor my friends saw yesterday?

    Is HAARP causing all the underground digging too and the doomsday seed vault?

    stupid people are stupid.

  331. Dude Says:

    This is not for the stupid people cause they love ignorance and refuse to learn:

  332. Dude Says:

    Ditto for this one:

  333. Dude Says:

    And this one:

  334. Dude Says:

  335. Sky Says:

    @ Dude- Your recent earthquake data is meaningless. Between 20-30 THOUSAND earthquakes a year is normal. You do the math.


    2009 was abnormally LOW for quake activity.

    Most quakes originate because of cosmological reasons.

    SOME quakes are created through the use of tectonic weaponry. You need discernment to figure out which is which.

    Haiti, for a huge number of reasons, has all the hallmarks of being such a HAARPquake.

    I can understand how the Haiti quake benefits the NWO. Can you ?

  336. Dude Says:

    It doesnt matter. The quake activity is being caused by Nibiru. They will get exponentially worse up to 2012. believe it or not now, you will in the near future. i am not stupid and no one can convince me to believe lies.

  337. Dude Says:

    And here’s one for that “great rain of fire and brimstone mixed with blood” that is in Zion:

    [Yellowstone National Park has been rattled by more than 250 earthquakes in the past two days following a period of 11 months of quiet seismic activity in the park.]

    Nibiru Cometh!

  338. Dude Says:

    We also know that every planet in the solar system has been experiencing erratic weather and heating up. Is this also from HAARP?

    For most sheeple I believe it is impossible, but if you try it, you might find that it is indeed possible to think for yourself.

  339. Ursa Major Says:

    All the planets in the solar system were heating up because of sunspot activity, and the erratic weather there has the same reason. Nibiru has nothing to do with it.

    And actually, our planet is not heating up, it is getting colder right now. Those things go in cycles which have to do with the sun, not any planet suddenly appearing.

  340. Celline Says:

    Righton Sky. I am surprized how many people are agreeing, that this huge quake was a HAARP job. No Tsunami? A bank w. no checks and balances, under US ownership, duh…. why are C and B asking us for money? C A S H as one of them said? What’s going on here?
    Just the last 2 days, all the people I talked to, are saying what I am thinking. Now that hasen’t happened to me in a long time ( thinking about the chems ). Talked to my Dr. today, she started on the subject, not me, and she said everything that I was thinking !!!
    We had huge rains the last 2 days.. clearing out right now, and yes, you guessed it.. above the rainclouds, the sky is chock full of chemtrails.
    Who knows what was in that rainwater.. our poor plants and trees and every bug and animal.. not at last, us !

  341. clark Says:

    An article that tries pulling it all together, and it’s “almost” mainstream media:

    Haiti, HAARP, and conspiracy theorists

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time.”


    – day 6, no sun, full clouds or total whiteout, ugh.

  342. Ursa Major Says:

    I looked again at all the aerial pictures I could find of the disaster area in Haiti. And it is VERY weird that not ONE road has buckled, or has a large crack/gap in it, or anything like it. All the roads are fine, other than some of them covered in debris from collapsed houses. And the airport is unscathed, too. How very, very odd.

    Whenever there is a disaster anywhere, I look at pictures (I am a very visual person) to be able to see exactly what happened. and I’ve never seen anything like it. With EVERY other earthquake you’d see cracks in the earth, buckled land/roads etc.

    In Haiti all you see is collapsed/pancaked houses/buildings. NO buckling whatsoever. That was NOT a normal earthquake!

    Other countries are complaining that the US has taken over the airport and even turns back airplanes with field hospitals and aid! How dare they!

    It is quite obvious that the USA has sent an OCCUPATION force. They’ve taken over Haiti. And the UN is sending more troops, too. It is all very suspicious.

    Good link, Clark.

  343. Celline Says:

    i 2. everything u said, another thing is : I hear about all the needs of the stricken, so where does all that donated money go?
    Also, should there not have been a tsunami?
    This whole thing stinks, good thing is many many people are suspicious this time, lots of people asking questions.
    Great link, clark, thanx 4 posting.

  344. Ursa Major Says:

    One thing somebody says in he comments after the blog post Clark linked to is, that it wasn’t really an earthquake at all (as in, from below), but rather a huge blast of energy from ABOVE, which made it FEEL like the earth was shaking, but really just collapsed everything it was meant to collapse.

    You look at the devastated areas. Every single house is collapsed. In regular earthquakes, many houses collapse, but some are left standing. They don’t ALL collapse.

  345. Ursa Major Says:

    You’re right Celline, where is all the money going? It seems like EVERYBODY is giving money for Haiti. Shouldn’t there by now enough water, food and shelter for everybody?

    Our church wants everybody to donate, and says our government will match every donation and double it (actually, that means everybody is giving twice, as they are doubling it with taxpayer money, what a fraud). I’ve asked my husband to find out what organization it will go to. And if it goes right to the government, nobody should give ANYTHING, as I don’t trust it will go where it should.

    I’d like it to go to an organization like Compassion or World Vision, then I will know that it goes where it should. Because those organizations won’t give it to anybody, they go in person and administer the aid themselves.

  346. Dude Says:

    You all should tell your churches to read that Bible they dont know a thing about and also to prepare for the massive global quakes and the eruption of Yellowstone that will come from Nibiru’s passing. Dont forget about the war of Armageddon that will see America destroyed by the 10-horned beast in revelation, the SCO.

  347. Dude Says:

    I suppose your beloved HAARP is also targeting Yellowstone, the world’s largest super volcano that is 40,000 years overdue for an eruption. That wouldnt be very smart of them.

  348. Sky Says:

    Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake

    I’m not a Chavez fan but remember when he said Bush was the devil ? That he reeked of sulphur. Was he wrong about the man who went on to murder 1 million Iraqis?

  349. Dude Says:

    I am a Chavez fan because of his telling the truth about bush but now hes lying. This is all part of a global conspiracy to make America and Americans hated all over the world so that when the elite start exterminating America, they will have the support of the people of the world. Its like 911, for the world. They cant just start a war without first rallying the people. This is the reason that AJ is on the Russian news bashing America all the time and also the reason for the movie Avatar. They are all designed to make the people of the world hate Americans to gather support for the coming extermination known as the War of Armageddon. You can know it is now by all the chemtrails hiding the sign in the heavens that will cause global destruction in 2012.

  350. Sky Says:

    We’re on the same page Ursa. I found it strange that a quake of Haiti’s magnitude didn’t buckle the roads….or the airport runways. The Seattle quake a few years back ( 6.8 ) buckled the Boeing Field runways and it was out of commission for weeks while under repair.

    Damage from above ? I noticed that as well. Interesting thing was that I was talking to one of my brothers about the Haiti quake. Whenever I bring up chemtrails with him…he changes the subject in a hurry or says he has to go. BUT, he was the one who thought there was something not right with the quake. He thought the damage came from above too. And he has no trouble in believing the NWO caused this devastation.

    Other considerations – US just finished building an enormously expensive embassy building in Haiti in 2008 ( 5th largest in the world). What’s up with that? In a poor country like Haiti ?

    Ahh. But is Haiti really poor? Or does it have oil, gas, and precious metals… a strategic military position, deep water ports ? Take a look.



  351. Sky Says:

    Ummm, Dude ? I don’t think the USA needs Chavez to inflame international hatred against them. They’re doing a pretty good job of it all by themselves :

    -The NWO presidential puppets use the military over and over again to slaughter innocents around the world

    – The NWO international banking cartel operates primarily out of Europe and the USA. The USA will get the blame once the whole thing blows up.

    MSM – IF it even covers the Chavez story – will just call him a whack job and laugh it off. Like they laugh at us – or worse – about the chemtrails.

    Welcome to the club Hugo !

  352. Dude Says:

    The NWO has told us they plan to exterminate America. They plan to leave only 20 million Americans alive. They will accomplish it the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. Although I dont know the exact date they will do it, it will be approximately 2 years before the global destruction that Nibiru will cause in 2012.

    HAARP can not cause the earthquake activity happening now. I have been an RF engineer in the past and I know this. The quakes are being caused by Nibiru and its the reason for everything the governments are doing now.

    What kills me is this story is told over and over and over in the Bible and sooo many people say they know what the book says and no one knows shit about the book.

    Dont forget that every ancient civilization told us about this planet in great detail. Dont forget that scientists were looking for it for over 100 years because they knew it was there. Dont forget that NASA told us they found it when they launched their IRAS telescope. Dont forget about all the underground bases and doomsday seed vault. Dont forget to THINK!

  353. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, if you would read your bible, you would know that the earth is only about 10000 years old, and therefore the eruption in Yellowstone can’t possibly be 40000 years overdue.

    I actually believe that Yellowstone will erupt. It IS long overdue. But Nibiru has nothing to do with it. Pressure has been building for a long time, and it is amazing it hasn’t blown already.

    I don’t care what you are, HAARP CAN cause the destruction in Haiti. And it looks less and less like an ordinary earthquake, anyway.

  354. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a URL to an interesting article. Apparently, there is oil offshore from Haiti, that the USA wants.


  355. Dude Says:

    You dont know the Earth’s age. There have been previous civilizations on this planet that havent even been discovered yet. I think they just found Atlantis near Cuba, submerged, like so many other civilizations. So what causes continents to sink and rise? Nibiru!!!

    RF energy can not cause the quakes. If it was, it would take the combined output power of the entire country for several years. Thinking HAARP is causing the quakes is very indicative of not having much knowledge on the subject.

    And, the Earth was a larger planet called Tiamat, which was destroyed by one of Nibiru’s moons, leaving the asteroid belt, and a smaller Earth in a closer orbit to the sun. That is why our moon is way older than the Earth and why it is so large for such a small planet like Earth. Do you know who lived on Tiamat?

    You all could learn a lot if you get over your close-minded, implanted belief system and actually read everything you can find on the subject. There is one corequisite though, you have to be able to THINK!

    Why do I feel exactly like I did on youtube when I was vying for the last comment with the paid, lying agents who proved they were agents?

  356. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh wow, Dude, you are getting weirder all the time. So, earth used to be Tiamat? Oh boy, you are crazy to believe that.

    We don’t know what earth looked like before Noah’s flood. They could have been an awful lot farther in technology in some ways from us. But they had turned so evil that God decided to wipe them all out.

    Atlantis might be a myth or it might have been real. But actually, islands and coastlines sink at times, and that is what happened to Atlantis. And they’ve ‘found’ it an many places before. So, now it is off Cuba? 🙂

    If you read the article I linked to above, you’ll find that the last sentence is this:

    “Every plane of humanitarian assistance that is turned away by the U.S. military (so far from CARICOM, the Caribbean Community, Médecins Sans Frontieres, Brazil, France, Italy, and even the U.S. Red Cross)–as was done in the wake of Hurricane Katrina–and the expected arrival on this very day of up to 10,000 U.S. troops, are lasting reminders of the existential threat that now looms over the valiant, proud people and the Republic of Haiti.”

    The US military is TURNING AWAY planes with assistance for the Haitian people!

    And now that they had another quake of magnitude 6.1 this morning, things will likely get worse.

  357. Dude Says:

    I am smart to believe the Earth used to be Tiamat because Ive read all the things that your masters dont want you to read. The same story appears in other ancient literature if you look and think. Also, all the evidence says my story is correct and you have nothing to support your idea that it isnt true.

    Continents do sink and rise periodically in Earths history. It happens every time Nibiru passes. That is why it was told to us from every ancient civilization on Earth. That is why ET told us in the crop circle. We are supposed to be knowledgeable on such subjects, not brain-dead morons who believe nothing unless it comes from the “official” lying sources.

    I dont know why the US is turning away aid to Haiti but I suspect the orders come from high up where they are planning our total destruction. It is another part of the conspiracy to make the world hate Americans before they exterminate us. I dont blame the world either. It is our DUTY to keep our government in line and we are not doing it. In essence, we will deserve the extermination, if for no other reason than just being stupid.

  358. Ursa Major Says:

    You’ve read and believe all the things SATAN wants YOU to believe. You are the one being deceived. Of course, if you truly are deceived, you believe we are the ones who don’t know anything.

    There is just one little thing: If you are so right, why haven’t you been able to convince any of us, even though we have followed a ton of your links? Yes, I used to watch and read what you linked to, and still occasionally do. And some of it used to be worth checking out, and had some truth to it. But it is just getting weirder and weirder and not worth looking at any more, except a cursory look at times.

    And of course, your being dead set last year about the USA being wiped out by all-out war on Oct. 10th didn’t help your credibility any. Could it be that demons are telling you lies, and you think it is the truth? You wouldn’t be the first one that happens to.

    You are so very deceived in thinking you know what the bible says, and the rest of us don’t. You are doing a great job of misinterpreting it completely, and claiming it says things it doesn’t, and telling us that the things it really says are lies.

    Do you truly think you are a Christian and are going to heaven? Because unfortunately, you are wrong about that. Instead of reading and (mis)interpreting the prophets in your own convoluted way, you ought to read the New Testament carefully to find out what you need to do to be saved. Because if you are, all the catastrophes in the world could only kill your body, but not your soul and spirit.

  359. Dude Says:

    uhhh, you havent been convinced because youre poisoned, brain-dead, and refuse to think for yourself or you are an agent or paid liar (your non-arguments are identical to the paid liars that i know are paid liars).

    “weird” does not count as factual evidence when trying to dispute my claims. I do, however, have much to support what I am saying.

    Heaven is in the skies. If you had a clue what your book is talking about, you would know that.

    You will NOT be saved from this war. The Bible is very clear about that. It states in at least four places to “come out of her My people, and you save your lives”. The war will come just like the Bible says. it will start with another false flag using the nuke the neocons stole back in 07. It may even be on 10-10-10, which would fit perfectly with the evil bankers numerology patterns.

    The prophets do not need interpreting. They state exactly what they saw and they described it in very good detail. And again, every ancient civilization on Earth tells us all about Nibiru, the Winged Disk, the Planet of the Crossing, the Great Destroyer, and they told us that it will return in 2012.

    Funny that they spray the chemtrails every day globally to hide it now. Funny they have been building underground bases like crazy ever since NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983. Funny about that “DOOMSDAY” Seed Vault. Funny that there is all this increase in seismic and volcanic activity now.

  360. Ursa Major Says:

    Hillary Clinton is about to work out a ‘Small Arms Treaty’ with the UN, which would end up with all guns owned by law-abiding citizens in all UN countries being confiscated.

    If you don’t want that to happen, here is a good petition to sign:


    Mind you, there aren’t many countries left where it is allowed to even own guns at all. I’ve NEVER heard of a German who is legally allowed to own a gun, not before the first and second world wars, and certainly not after (other than hunting rifles I suppose, but not hand guns). I think guns are outlawed in England, too, and most European countries (other than Switzerland, were every man is REQUIRED BY LAW to own a gun, and to know how to use it).

  361. Dude Says:

    Americans arent going to give up their guns. That would be the ‘straw’ and the evil bankers know this. That is one reason they have planned our extermination that is coming. I personally will never ask permission for anything else I ever do, nor will I tolerate any more infringements on my rights. Evil government lost all right to govern me when they started lying to We the People. I will not comply.

  362. Celline Says:

    Uschi, we saw this coming a long time ago.
    The confiscating of private arms has been “pushed” so to speak, for years. It’s one of the 1. things ” they” need to do, disarm the populous.
    We know the game, been there.. seen it. The Dems suffered an enormous setback w. the Mass. Republican win. What a nice surprize.
    Isen’t it interesting how the Elite, amongst eachother, are fighting, and everytime there’s a setback or a bigger fight.. the whole NWO plan experiences a little setback. A little breather for the little guy.
    It’s as if watching a chess-game ! As much as we are sick of it, I still believe , most are unaware, but this is beginning to change.
    This will have the result of the Elite wanting to hurry things up.. hence the disarming of the people. My thoughts, for what they’r worth.

  363. clark Says:

    An interesting comment I came across, plus a video, which if not a fake, shows HAARP in action using what looks like a tornadic chemtrail over water and they then associate chembows with an earthquake in China:

    that you speak of, I have seen those as well.
    My brother and I were fishing in the boat in the

    just above
    Memphis, TN.
    I betcha that their were
    12 of them scattered over an area of about 3 miles.
    they were fairly LARGE airplanes
    (About the size of a commercial passenger plane but

    not like a JUMBO JET) and they were moving very slow

    and wee very LOW .
    Seemed like a couple of thousand feet.
    It kinda looked like a
    Could not see any jets or any thing that kept it up.
    It was WEIRD.
    I felt like their were people up in it
    LISTENING to us talk.

  364. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, that sounds spooky!

    Celline, yes, they’ve been working towards disarming everybody but themselves and the bad guys for a long time. But they are getting closer and closer to were they’ll be going from house to house disarming people, I am sure (and shooting and arresting a bunch of them in the process).

    And if people actually get the guns legally and are registered, then it will be very easy to do. If I’d ever get into a position to be able to get a gun illegally, I would, and hide it.

  365. Dude Says:

    Every country that had gun registration followed it with confiscation. Its not going to happen here. One reason for the war.

    That meteor my friends saw:
    [LORTON, Virginia. – Doctors at a small U.S. medical practice got a big surprise when a tennis ball-sized meteorite punched a hole through their roof.]

    Clark should technically explain to me how HAARP can cause all these quakes:

    Nibiru Cometh!

  366. Celline Says:

    wow clark, something like this I have not seen, no wonder they don’t want us to have guns, tongue in cheek..
    The video is unbelievable, and of course it’s HAARP doing this kind of thing. I hate to think about what all they can do to us, and are already doing. We had huge rainstorms this last week, and the minute there was a clear spot amongst the clouds, you could see the chems, which were just a but higher than the rainclouds. Must assume all the water that we so urgently needed.. was poisened !

  367. Celline Says:

    Technically eplain how HAARP can cause oll those quakes? Dude.. please, what for? How can we even fathom how they do it? Their technology is secret, but even I am starting to figure out how they do it.
    Magnetic/electric powers are one way.I am no scientist, neither are most of the sheeple ( counting myself as one here, grrr ), and that’s exactly what ” they” are counting on. Many of our scientists, the honest ones who can’t be bought, have vanished or died under mysterious circumstances.

  368. Dude Says:

    Celline: They can NOT do it. That is why I requested that he tell me the technical details. I didnt miss being a scientist by much and I do know about this technology; and what I dont know, I can figure out.

    The earthquakes are being caused by Nibiru. That is why they built the “DOOMSDAY” seed vault and the underground bunkers. It is why they spray the sky every day globally. It is the reason for all the governments preparing for martial law. Every ancient civilization told us about the Winged Disk, the Great Destroyer, the Planet of the Crossing, and Nibiru.

    They told us when it would return…..2012…2012…2012…2012.

    The Bible and all the prophets tell us of a great war that will destroy Zion, half the world, the nation that leads the world before Nibiru returns. They tell us this planet will end the war by ripping North America into thirds, erupt Yellowstone, and end the war.

  369. Dude Says:

    I just got banned by globalskywatch . com for telling the truth. That all by itself tells me I am correct that chemtrails are hiding Planet X. It is the only reason that is put down and not allowed. It speaks volumes.

  370. Dude Says:

    Haha, i just got perma-banned from that government propaganda site globalskywatch. I blew their board up with the REAL reason for the chemtrails……they HIDE Planet X !!!! Hahahahaha

    I love it when they ban me and I respond with a vengence! Stupid lying government idiot criminals! Ill post a pic sometime of it. hahaha.

  371. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a very interesting website, showing very clearly that alien abductions and UFO’s are all about demons. Aliens are demons, period.

  372. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I 2. this.. have all along: Aliens are Demons.
    now I’ll look at your video, thank u for posting.
    Dude, how’d you be an ” almost” scientist ? Isen’t it more like: you either are or you are not? OK, I will look up all and everything about Nibiru again, your passion impresses me. Dude, listen please, don’t be so angry and upset over being banned somewhere.. it’s happening to me all the time, and I brush it off. Sometimes with Glee, other times w. a shrug.
    But to be upset? Not worth it.

  373. Celline Says:

    Uschi, right again, this video confirms what I knew.
    To make it short : Eph 6, The Shield of Faith, which protects of ALL the fiery darts of the Evil one……. my very favorite scripture !

  374. ericswan Says:

    That was interesting Ursa. The wall to wall coverage of Haiti will be worth watching to see if the crustal folding issue is interesting. The NGO’s are in bed with all the rest of these corrupt government agencies. The Red Cross spends one hundred ten million dollars a year on advertising.

  375. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a link to one of the testimonies from the site I linked to above. Dude, you would do well to read it, it may shed some light on some things you believe.

  376. Celline Says:

    Babylonian “god” Marduk and Nibiru connections I found !
    Most importantly : No one knows the time or the hour ( Jesus Christ )
    All the above mentioned once and for all debunk all and everything about Nibiru, ok, I kept my promis, Dude.

  377. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is another testimony Dude might be interested in:


    An excerpt:
    ” I began to read the Holy Bible and look for alien encounters in it. My motivation for Bible reading was to pick it apart and use it to prove aliens did exist. This action enraged my wife (my wife was born and raised a southern Baptist). Usually a gentle and loving woman she yelled at me “what the hell are you doing this is blasphemy and if you do not stop I will divorce you and take the kids and leave you”. This made me furious with anger. My wife said that even though I looked at her like I was possessed God rose up a fireball in her soul and told her to throw a bible at me. So……Bang straight across my face I got her dad’s big old heavy King James Bible. Man did it hurt! But most of all it got my attention. The Bible landed on my lap and opened up. It felt weird. It felt warm. Instead of throwing it back at her I just sit there and looked down at it. Right where it had opened up was some writing on paper it was a bible study on II Thessalonians that her Dad had done years before (my wife’s father died in a car accident years before I had the honor of meeting him). The Bible was on my lap opened up to a page, the beginning of II Thessalonians. This chapter of the Holy Bible foretells of an End Time Strong Delusion that will fall upon man in the last generation. This Strong Delusion will be a big lie presented to man by the working of the powers of the devil. It says that these powers will present lying signs and wonders. Like a sudden revelation I realized the truth. No one can read the Holy Bible and not be touched by its truth. I began to read the Bible in a different way from that day forward. “

  378. Dude Says:

    Demons are spiritual. Aliens are physical. They are not the same. When God returns in the heavens with 10,000 of His angels, are they also demons? What does “descend from the heavens” mean? What does it mean when it says “the sons of God took the daughters of men and begat giants”?

    The globalskywatch site is classic for government propaganda. They infiltrate the movements and inject their own lies into it. In this case, they promote every idea except the truth that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X.

    The delusions of the last days are the ones Ive been trying to clear. 911 was an inside job. Russia, China and the SCO are going to destroy us. The chemtrails are hiding Nibiru.

    The date of Nibiru’s return is told to us by all the ancient civilizations. 2012…2012…2012…2012
    It will end the war that is going to destroy America.

  379. Ursa Major Says:

    Right, the date of Nibiru’s return is definitely, positively in 2012. Just like the bible absolutely, definitely pointed to Oct. 10th last year for the USA to be wiped out. Whatever.

  380. Dude Says:

    Yes, the date of Nibiru’s return is 2012. That was calculated by the ancients and they all told us all about it. Thats why they have to spray the sky every day to hide it now. That is why the earthquakes and volcanoes are getting worse. the war will be soon enough. Be patient.

    That globalskywatch site is registered by domainsbyproxy. The registrant information is secret. It is a government operation. They have it set now where they have to approve new members. That all by itself *should* tell you quite a bit.

    Your refusal to look at all the mountains of circumstantial evidence also suggests you have an agenda as well.

  381. babette Says:

    “NASA Images Earth-Sized Objects Inside Corona Of SUN” (RENSE)


  382. Ursa Major Says:

    Demons are fallen angels. Angels can manifest in a physical form, who can be touched and even eat with people.

    Therefore, they can manifest as aliens just as easily as anything else they want to.

    Yes, I have an agenda. I have no intentions of being brainwashed by the likes of you into disbelieving the Bible, and into believing in aliens from other planets, when there is zero evidence for that.

    It has been proven over and over that ‘aliens’ will scream and vanish when being commanded to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. In fact, just saying ‘Jesus’, when you can’t manage to get out anything else is often enough.

    Meaning that they are evil and of the devil, or else it wouldn’t be possible to make them leave in Jesus’ name.

  383. Celline Says:

    ^ 5 Uschi, i 2nd that !!!

  384. Sky Says:

    What do you guys think of what this army Chaplain had to say about what the cross was ?


  385. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky.. I think your link sucks. You asked.

    Dude.. a head’s up buddy. Chemtrails aren’t sprayed every day.

    Ursa… If everything you ever needed to know was in the bible, you wouldn’t be here. Keep squeezing that pimple. Sooner or later his head will pop off.

  386. Celline Says:

    @eric: why so mean ?

  387. babette Says:

    Dude? Hey, Dude?

    Google: “NASA Images Earth-Sized Objects Inside Corona Of SUN.”

  388. Dude Says:

    I saw the objects near the sun. The intellect of some of the people here greatly disappoint me. It is the single biggest reason that my country will be destroyed. Nobody knows shit about anything outiside their programming. At least the knowledge has been posted for those who are able to learn.

    They skip about 2 days a month for the chemtrails. Other than that, it is every day.

  389. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, even with the chemtrailing, often you can still see enough of the sky, day or night, to see the moon, the stars and any ‘foreign objects’ in the night sky.

    Often there are gaps in between the ‘clouds’, or if there is a mist up there covering the sky, it is see-through enough to still see any bright objects.

    And that is the case a LOT more often than twice a month around here. I’d say at least half of the month, as in, two weeks.

    If they wanted to hide something, they are doing a very poor job of it.

  390. Celline Says:

    Until now, 2PM, the skies were so blue and unblemished, it was a sight to behold. Just like my gorgeous ” Blue & Gold ” California !
    But right now.. ” they” are moving in.. big fat wide stripes.. like torn lace-strips, mixed w. oatmeal. Made me cry, why o why can’t I just ignore it and get it thru my fat head that there’s nada I can do about it.
    Flies in the face of what I told you Uschi, you know? It keeps coming back at me, and over and over again, I have to ” give it up !”
    It’s so hard.

  391. ericswan Says:

    Dude ..your country couldn’t be much worse than it is. Apparently, the U.S. has a different agenda for it’s chemtrails as I see stars when I get off work every night that is not cloudy from actual rain clouds. I even see the sun every once in a while but then I don’t use a telescope in daylight.

    The interesting thing about the U.S. is their quest to be more like Canada. We have health care, gun control, hate laws, censorship, and government corruption and we didn’t need private prisons to get there.

  392. Dude Says:

    disinfo agents

  393. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, here is more proof that you are wrong when you say that aliens are physical, and demons are spiritual. Demons can be physical if they choose to.

    An excerpt from the above linked to testimony:

    “Although I never saw them as aliens they did appear as monsters, clowns, friends (that i didnt recognize but thought they were) and even lovers. So when I heard about alien abductions it wasnt hard for me to connect the dots that if they can appear as clowns an alien isnt much different. ”

    I see chems being actively sprayed every day again. Sometimes intersecting in an X pattern, sometimes being side by side.

    But, quite often, it is fairly clear at night, with lots of stars showing. I haven’t seen Nibiru yet.

  394. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, read this testimony!

    An excerpt:
    “I warn the people of the lies of the alien gospel. I warn them of the coming great UFO deception of 12/23/12.”

  395. Celline Says:

    went out, clear blue sky.. except.. big fat expanding lines, circles and fat geometric shapes all over the skies.
    All moving in from over the Pacific.
    Uschi, your posted link, I can’t find the place u are referring to?!
    Just got mail from my GF in Germany.. who sais:” No such things here.. our skies are blue blue blue….” go figure.

  396. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, if you read the testimony, it is right at the very bottom.

    Go and click on the left on ‘case files’, and you get to a grid with LOTS of names, and each one is a testimony of somebody who beat those ‘aliens’ by rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of them were into witchcraft, astral projection, Ouija boards, new age stuff etc., and eventually the ‘aliens’ came and abducted them, often tortured them, too.

    But when they finally turned to God and became born again Christians and called on Jesus when the demons came, they had to flee.

    Amazing testimonies, I read for days to get through them all.

    Above freezing temps here today, freezing rain at times, very foggy in the morning, but later you could see the chems through the clouds.

    Your friend dismisses the days when there are chemtrails, and only registers the ones where there aren’t any. Because they are spraying all over Germany.

  397. Anonymous Says:

    So then who are God’s angels? What does He mean when He says He will send 10,000 of His angels to gather us (70 years after the coming war) and what does He mean when He says that He will “descend from the heavens”. Yall’s brains have been turned into swiss cheese from all the propaganda. Ya shoulda smoked dope instead of going to school and church…youd be able to think now.

  398. Celline Says:

    @Anonymous, and if u had any ” Bs” you would not hide !

  399. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, isn’t it obvious that ‘anonymous’ is Dude, who must have erased his cookies, and forgot to put his name back in before posting.

    What do you mean when you say ‘so then who are God’s angels?’. Just what it says, angels! Demons are fallen angels, who were kicked out of heaven along with Lucifer (Satan) when he rebelled and wanted to be as powerful as God.

  400. Celline Says:

    You got it right, Uschi, I think the same.
    The guy is so fanatic, it cost him his common sense and a bit of his manhood.
    All day we had chems, the kind that look like cooked oatmeal that turned out lumpy, then it started to rain.. of course.
    The rainwater will be poison. It’s so obvious that when we expect rain, the sky is covered w. chems, just before the first drops fall.
    I don’t know how they do it, but they do.. and it is so very obvious to the ” trained” eye.

  401. babette Says:

    Say Dude, you never said what you thought those three earth-sized objects were?

  402. clark Says:

    ericswan says, The interesting thing about the U.S. is their quest to be more like Canada. We have health care, gun control, hate laws, censorship, and government corruption and we didn’t need private prisons to get there.

    A person in the UK wrote he thought the wave of these types of regulations/laws/taxes/corruption worked from the U.S. towards Europe and then into the UK. I’ve often felt it worked from the UK first, and now you say it starts from Canada… funny how that perception works. It’s everywhere and more often than not it seems to be coming from somewhere else.
    A manipulation of the spirit of the mood and thoughts of the populations. There’s a popular German word for the spirit of the population, Gieshistalt, or something? As if it were a gas floating in air – the mood of crowds that is.

    As I read comments elsewhere about HAARP, more and more I’m reminded of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. “You think whaaat?” as they shreek and point at the person expressing an unconforming thought or idea.

    – Twelve days without sun. Yesterday we had a partly sunny day, today it’s back to solid whiteout. I don’t know how people in Alaska go a month in total darkness.

  403. Celline Says:

    Appreciate your thoughts, clark. This whole “spirit” of getting the masses to follow a mindset, that is uniform, controlled.. includes rationed food and drink, and as of late, the air we breathe started at the beginning of humanity. From Rome… to Marx and Engels, to Hiter, finally the ONES we see in power today. The similarities between Fascism a. Communism to the NWO movement are obvious ( surely to those who have lived under those regimes ). Surely the UK is a huge part of it, so is Rome.
    As to ” where does it originate”? In the evil minset of men. Fallen from the Grace of the Creator !

  404. Celline Says:

    Our skies today look exactly like the pic on top of this blog.. infact, identical. Post rain, our skies would be clear blue, if it weren’t for those who deem us unworthy of ever seing a normal sky again,smearing up the whole gorgeous canvas/sky ! On TV.. every background of anchors, and/or commercials, is blue with chemtrails.
    This is pure brainwash.. slowly conditioning people to think, this is normal.I believe, from what I observe , it’s working !

  405. clark Says:

    The morning sky was clear, but the afternoon skies over my area today looked just like the picture at the top of this blog too! More chemtrails than I’ve ever seen before. They seemed frantic or something in the way they flew.
    Three times today I saw a jet veer and swerve, they almost always fly in straight paths here. Over my lifetime, I can count the number of times I’ve seen curved jet flight paths on one hand.

    One jet was tracking head-on to another and only veered off about two fists widths away, then the jet swerved back into its original flight path, the same as the jet it seemingly almost collided with.

    Later I saw it again, only the jet made an s-shaped turn to wind up on a previous lingering chemtrail. I wondered if they were mixing the substances as many of the jets were overlayering with pre-existing lingering chemtrails.

    The third near collision and swerve resulted in an –A–shaped chemtrail set.

    At nightfall with mostly clear skies under the bright moon with its vivid halo (which looked like it was weirdly made of concentrated pink-ish chemtrail clouds) I could see they were still chemtrailing.

    Surprisingly, they never did manage to white-it-out here. It looked like all day long they were building up, or adding to a system to the East, layer by layer.

    Below is the current weather conditions from my local TV stations websites, it’s odd that they vary so widely in their figures. My indoor barometer says it’s 45% humidity – I wonder what’s up with the discrepancies:

    7 °F RealFeel®:5 °F
    Humidity: 66% Dew Point: -2 °F
    Pressure: 30.59 in Visibility: 10 Miles
    Winds: NW at 5 mph


    Humidity: 92% Pressure: 1013.4 mb
    Wind Chill: 26° Winds: 4.6mph East
    Dew Point: 28.9° Visibility: 1.25


    3F (Feels like -6F)
    Humidity: 76%
    Visibility: 10.00 m
    Wind: NW5
    Barometer: 30.53

  406. clark Says:

    Hmm, my local TV station still says 92% humidity, that’s obviously not right, it’s quite dry… unless it was something other than dry air yesterday causing the inside of my nostrils to feel so dry it felt like it burned. Noaa.gov says it’s:

    Humidity: 51 %
    Wind Speed: E 6 MPH
    Barometer: 30.41″ (1031.5 mb)
    Dewpoint: -3 °F (-19 °C)
    Wind Chill: 3 °F (-16 °C)
    Visibility: 10.00 mi.

    – today is turning out to be just like yesterday, only I saw a jet with a contrail mixed in with the numerous chemtrails, whereas yesterday I didn’t see any contrails, only chemtrails.

    I saw a quote like this somewhere:
    A person cannot be shown The Matrix, a person must want to know.

  407. Celline Says:

    @clark, I am very familiar w. the burning nostrils.. am I ever !
    I can’t quite figure out your barometer question, could it be.. TV adjust their figures to whatever the chems cause ( in other words they now even lie in the weather reports?) Is the only thing that makes sense to me.
    I drove 100 miles East yesterday into the desert. The skies over the desert ( where hardly anyone lives ) looked the same as at home.
    I watched 2 jets weaving in and out thru existing chems..Laying down some more then vanishing.. poof. Also, having a wideangle view in the desert, I watched several of the shorter chems, as they released a foglike substance, that very slowly ” dripped” downward. Stopped at an avocado stand. talked to the woman there for some time. We went out side and I showed her what was going on in the skies. She was speechless then uttered:” Darn, I always thought this was part of the clouds..” she was shocked.
    Same ol’ same ol’ daily.. maybe Lou Dobbs will say something? He is runnung ( plans to ) for Senate. Personally I think, that ” they ” will stop him, but I hope he makes it !

  408. clark Says:

    Burning nostrils in, “perfect weather” S. California?… wet damp foggy Winter S. Caifornia? Wow, it sure isn’t dry air then.


    Then suddenly, just like that, all the jets dissapeared leaving everything clear blue, not a cloud nor jet in the sky.

    … 1/2 hour goes by…

    The mass of white they were creating earlier and adding to seems to be heading back this way slowly, against the wind at ground level, and with it the jets have returned, but only over the hazy cloudy part of the sky and not the blue sky left.

  409. Celline Says:

    ja Clark, S Cal, ain’t what it use to be ! No snow though, only in the high mountains. Again today, not a real cloud in the sky, yet it is covered w. all shapes and sizes of the creepy chems. As I was just coming home and stared at this mess, a “funny” thought came to mind, and you can have a good laugh at it if u want to : WHAT IF.. all this mess simply is WASTE, including atomic and other high tech waste.. things they don’t know how to get rid of, what if all that has been “pulverized, mixed w. a few germs”.. and then evenly distributed all over the globe??
    OK.. not a scientist’s brain thinking here, only me.

  410. Celline Says:

    cause it really looks like a tipped over garbage can that had no lid, and a lot of rain made mush out of the whole content. I remember when France managed to push their atomic waste, just barely across the borders of Germany. This was years ago. Now if they did this out of hatred and revenge, we all understand. But what if this really is the hugest problem.. and they really don’t know what to do with it? How about just dumping it from planes? ok ok, I’ll stop with my theories right here and now.

  411. ericswan Says:

    Ursa/Celline.. The first 10 minutes of this interview links a website that better describes the effects of ionization and how to counteract the effects of chemtrails. It’s a Canadian link.

    [audio src="" /]

  412. ericswan Says:

    Dude..I don’t disagree with you on the long elliptical orbit of an incoming twin to planet earth. I have Velikovsky’s books and I read them. If you look back through the links I’ve provided, you will see many referring to Planet X. We diverge on the subject of chemtrails. Think this through. What are tptb using to hide the chemtrails? How is it no one seems to notice them. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t in plain sight yet no one sees them. Ergo, why would tptb worry about the public seeing planet X when they don’t even look up to see the things that can be perceived by the naked eye? The fact is Dude (if that really is your name), you are as deluded as the rest of us waiting for “something or someone” else, to solve our problems.

  413. Celline Says:

    Eric, I tried to play what u posted, kicked my computer off everytime.

  414. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Clark,

    Thanks for the Steve Lee info. I “updated” my blog post thanks to your information. Check it out:




  415. Celline Says:

    Founding, what happened to the top of the blog ?

  416. Celline Says:

    Founding, about my above remark, it is my computer, I just need a new one, sorry.

  417. clark Says:

    I came across this comment:

    we’re getting between 5 and 10 inches of snow here in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Kind of unusual for us.

    January 30, 2010 3:29 AM

    I wonder if that is the effect from the cloud bank they created up here two days ago? Our weather often becomes theirs, I think.

    – yesterday the sky was clear at night, the full moon being at its brightest, no chemtrails then either, nor today, not a jet in sight all day.

  418. Celline Says:

    we are constantly chemtrailed, from over the Pacific, and many visible jets.. that are spraying right over the town. In your face like.
    Mostly lacey looking and weird short little rainbows in them.
    It’s non-stop an allout attack, as if they have to reach a certain rotten goal in a very short time.
    Still I see no one upset about it, except me ! Sheeple they are.
    But, I feel like one also, because I can’t do anything about it.
    I have a strange notion, something is going to happen, it’s like a pot that’s slowly coming to a boil, is it only me?

  419. ericswan Says:


    This interview took place 2 days before the Haiti earthquake.

  420. Celline Says:

    eric, I read the whole thing, and am still reading.
    Almost at the top, it predicts a happening.. and the date has passed, and it did not happen. I don’t want to mention it here, but it’s huge.
    It’s way above the actual interview.
    Superinteresting stuff, and I am glad, that the almighty factions, are after all human, and fighting eachother, which is a good thing.
    Thanx for this post !

  421. Celline Says:

    Do we have hope now, since ” Operation Stillpoint ” has been stopped ?

  422. babette Says:

    Dude, since last I asked what you thought of those spheres it seems they may be a hoax. However, the astoroid collision story out of NASA re. this X-shaped cluster or cloud (?) behind the nucleus of an astoroid (some claim it’s a comet) makes one wonder. Could this be the incoming object Nibiru? Dude? Where’d ya go?

  423. ericswan Says:

    Babette. NASA or SOHO took this pic last week then removed it from the archive. You might want to add it to your PLANET X collection as photobucket will only save a pic for a couple of months.

  424. babette Says:

    Eric, your link shows some object with a “pearly” ring around it which is new to me. Is this object something other than the 3 orbs previously taken? Or an enlargement thereof? What is that?

    Curiouser and curiouser…lots of activity up there, aside from the chems blocking out the sky & sun. Thank you.

  425. babette Says:

    By the way, Eric, your comment re. “people don’t look up” and “people don’t see” — it is bizarre, isn’t it, how folks can exist entirely unaware of their surroundings? I put it to you most suffer from “lesser star” dementia. Their “busy lives” and cellphones and variety of gadgets intills in them the belief they are lesser movie stars in their own hollowood production – important, necessary, and vital to the show. Their lives are not lived; they are performed or acted. These are ‘people’ self-absorbed to absurd levels. Hence, their response to chems: “Planes leave trails when they fly around – those Xs and grids and circles? It’s normal.” Translation: Nobody could ever want to hurt me. I’m special, you see.

  426. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Ha, so true!

    People have no problem believing that a family member did them wrong, or that their car mechanic is ripping them off, etc.
    But to even *suggest* that there might be schemes by people in power to hurt them, steal from them or even kill them off like sheep to slaughter is just ridiculous “conspiracy theory!”

    The NWO brainwashing has been VERY effective! I am sure the chemical dumbing down from fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines, and who knows what in the chemtrails and GMO food is all helpful too.

    But the sheeple are “special” and the Govt. labors night and day thinking up ways to make their teeth whiter and their lives brighter!

    hah hah hah……..

  427. babette Says:

    I say Tv and inate stupidity are more likely the guilty combo. The former magnifies and reinforces the latter.

    Go ahead, pop their ‘preciousness’ bubble. It’s easy and it’s fun. Start with the cellphone jerkoffs…

  428. Celline Says:

    Founding, could u please respond to my question about ” Operation Stillpoint”, and if what I read about it on eric’s blog, is believable?
    Eric, would u please comment too ?

  429. clark Says:

    “lesser star” – that does explain much behavior.

    I noticed a headline the other day that said something about regular CIA people learning hypnosis… The government has probably been spending millions of dollars a year studying hypnosis,… they learned nothing in 60 years?…
    The people who won’t, “look up” or discuss either chemtrails or even the simple workings of the economy, a very good description of their reactions, their attempts to avoid the issue, their often emotional replies full of only ridicule void of facts… these people act as if they are hypnotized.

    Did a majority of the population absorb some kind of mass hypnotic suggestions via the TV or something or some combination? The manner in which many people react, it fits. Not that I think it is so, just something to ponder.

    Poisoned and manipulated, brainwashed and hypnotized, unknowingly enslaved lesser stars.

    But then again, human beings have formed such things as The Cargo Cult so maybe this is normal/wierd human herd behavior?

  430. babette Says:

    Check out: Colin Andrews Official Website

    Andrews is a nutcase who ‘believes’ in AGW, but never mind that, the rest is fine.

    Please go to the “UFO” tab on the left hand side and you’ll find lots of videos of those mysterious spheres and other sky phenomenon such as the X-tailed asteroid, Norwegian ‘wormhole’ and so on.

  431. Celline Says:

    it’s raining I can’t see any sky at all, and I find this to be a nice stressbreaker !

  432. babette Says:

    Hey Clark or FF, since the Dude doesn’t answer, have you been to Colin Andrew’s site? Better yet, go to “THE BIG WOBBLE” it’s quicker and I’d love to hear you guys’ views on these marvelous things.


  433. ericswan Says:

    I survived Superbowl 44, Prez 44 and 44 days and nights of chemtrails and cloudy skies.

  434. Dude Says:

    Celline: Ursa was right about Anonymous being me after I erased my cookies.

    Babette: I have no opinion of the spheres around the sun. They could be beings from any number of civilizations that live in our galaxy, they could be a hoax. I dont know.

    Ursa: your quote of “I warn the people of the lies of the alien gospel. I warn them of the coming great UFO deception of 12/23/12.” is correct and in compliance with the Bible which says something like “if they say I am here or there, go not here or there”. The Bible is clear that our God will not return until 70 years after the war and after we have rebuilt His temple….Amen-rica. It also says that God and His angels will also return from the heavens. They are also out there.

    Clark: Youre not far from me. I worked in Raleigh as an engineer for a year. We just got a shitload of snow too.

    Babette: I saw the “asteroid” that looks like a Klingon warbird. Interesting, eh?

    Eric: Good pic there. I have pics on photobucket thats been there at least a couple years now.

    Babette: You said: “Their “busy lives” and cellphones and variety of gadgets…” — the Bible refers to them as idols.

    Clark: You said: “Did a majority of the population absorb some kind of mass hypnotic suggestions via the TV or something or some combination?” The Bible says that God will send His spirit so that they will believe the lies. At this point I am wondering…….

    The Sumerians told us that the Annunaki created us to mine gold. What better way than to create a whole planetary civilization, place gold at the top as the most precious and coveted material, and then leave them for a few centuries? All they have to do is eliminate a great many people (to make it easy to come back and take the gold) and then come back and take it. Their playbook is the Bible?

    Babette: I looked over the big wobble web site. The thing I found interesting is the craters that may be evidence of wars in the heavens. I dont know what to make of the Norway spiral. Looks like some kind of interdimensional gateway. I dont know. Its beyond my knowledge.

    What I do know is that Planet X is not anywhere near the big secret that I thought it was. There are MANY people who know about it. I also know that interdimensional beings are controlling our government and military (demons?) I also know there are many kinds of life in our multiverse, physical and not physical. If you can imagine it, it is probably out there somewhere.

    For the one who said they had clear skies: Most of the time (all but 2 days a month) you can NOT see your southern horizon, even if your sky is “clear” They will not allow the horizon to be viewed when Nibiru is visible. Since it is on the horizon still, they are able to allow your “clear” skies only as long as there are enough chemtrails or clouds to obscure the horizon. They dont have to cover the whole sky, although they do frequently to produce the clouds. This is why the Bible says that “in the day of great destruction, there will be water flowing from every hill and mountain”……its because they continuously seed clouds to obscure the sight of Nibiru.

    Ive gotten tired of arguing about Nibiru with people who have no brains or are obvious paid liars. Thats why I dont read this as much as I used to. It seems like the conversation is taking a more interesting turn lately though. No matter what, there is one thing you can count on……if it comes from an “official” source, it is lies.


    Also, take a look at this:

    [* Russia retains the right to use nuclear weapons in response to an attack against it or its allies with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, or in response to an aggression with the use of conventional weapons]

    Recently: Bitch Clinton, LIEberman, and Bimbo Palin have all come out talking about attacking Iran. The senate passed more sanctions on Iran. Iran is enriching uranium to a higher degree and developing missiles, including “Apache killers”. There is also a NATO/Israeli warship buildup happening now in the Persian gulf. The war of Armageddon is not far off. It will happen this year and that fits perfectly with Ezekiel saying it will be 2 years before the earthquakes. Two years of pure death and destruction for the entire USA; and its all being planned by the evil people that we are still ALLOWING to run our country. Dont it just make you prouder-n-shit???????

  435. Dude Says:

    I just found this and it looks good. Part 1 of 13:

  436. babette Says:

    Many thanks, Dude, for this lecture. By the way, those orbs in the sun’s corona are NOT a hoax according to what I’ve read. Not earthly military that’s certain. What they REALLY are is another story. Seems the sun might be a living, sentient being that can defend itself. The whole universe is alive, Dude!

  437. Dude Says:

    Babette: youre welcome. It is a good presentation and hes pointed out all the stuff I been trying to tell people, including the war where Russia, China and the SCO will destroy America. If somebody else types me stupid stuff like “all other life in the universe is demons” and “theres no scientific evidence for Planet X”, Im going to be very very rude. Ive come to despise ignorance and paid liars. There is no shortage of either online and IRL.

  438. ericswan Says:

    more on the sun’s sphere’s and more censorship here..


  439. ericswan Says:

    and more on the spheres here…


  440. ericswan Says:

  441. Celline Says:

    eric.. yes, we just had our share of poisened rain. Above the rainclouds, the chems were so thick, you could have cut them w. a knife !

  442. babette Says:

    Thanks Eric for both. Who are they is THE question.
    The sun’s been (too) passive for months (?) and those orbs purportedly sparked a solar flare. Heard about it?

    Blue skies yesterday and today, but ever the milky white horizons, Dude. Something near the sun (mostly the setting sun here) needs hiding, as you say.

  443. Celline Says:

    Babette,”They” are the Elite/Moneybags : do u actually want names?
    The ones who desire a OneWorldOrder, populationcontrol etc etc.Start w. the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, english dynasty, dutch, actually, all those european ones.. and take it from there !

  444. babette Says:

    Thanks anyway, Celline. I was referring to the orbs in the sun’s corona. The site kindly sent by Eric poses that question. No offence, but I could instruct you in every item on your list and perhaps a dozen more. As I said, thanks anyway.

  445. clark Says:

    Today the sky was clear of jets and clouds,… all day, not a single one. It seemed quite significant to me, there have been so few days of sunshine this year, and there has not been a day where when I can see the sky and I don’t see jets as well, until today. Nothing like the 40-some days eric went through, but enough.

    I wonder if the clearing of the skies or dissapearance of the jets had anything to do with the earthquake we had? I felt it, and as others have mentioned also elsewhere, I seem to recall a booming or series of explosion type booms prior to it.

    It could be due to the glaciers, “glacial rebound” as some have said, but I don’t know, I find it odd that, “There is no known fault line in this area, Stoddard said, but there “is a fault there because there was an earthquake. Anywhere on the planet can see an earthquake. Some places get them a lot more frequently.”

    There have been a handful of earthquakes in northern Illinois during the past decade, he said, including one in 2008 that was south of DeKalb County and was registered at a 5.1 magnitude.

    Earthquakes, generally speaking, are caused by a shifting of rocks, Stoddard said. In the Midwest, it’s most likely due to what is called glacial rebound.”


  446. clark Says:

    This might be a good book to read, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer.

    Many of the reviews of the book relate the “terrist” to the book, but it’s easy to switch things around and perhaps better understand those who refuse to consider chemtrails, 9/11, or other episodes.

    “all mass movements strive to impose a fact proof screen between the faithful and the realities of the world. And, that that faith becomes the things the fanatic declines to see. He avers how startling it is to realize how much unbelief is necessary to make belief possible, and that faith manifests itself not in moving mountains, but in not seeing mountains move. He say’s that in the context of mass movement’s faith should not be judged by its profundity, sublimity, or truth but by how thoroughly it insulates the individual from himself and the world as it is.”


  447. babette Says:

    I read a line regarding 911 official story believers and it went something like this:

    “People who still believe in the official 911 story have a deep-rooted desire to continue living a quiet and selfish life.”

    Means the same thing, but with less words, Clark?

    I may be wrong. I just can’t accept frilly excuses for those shits anymore.

  448. Dude Says:

    People who believe ANYTHING from ANY media or ANY government source are complete idiots!

  449. Celline Says:

    Just returned from the store.. and in the skies.. for all to see: A Swastika ! Huge.. looming, big enough to cover the sky over most of San Diego. Of course.. it is surrounded by thousands of lines, lanes, lacey ” clouds”, the usual stuff. Doesen’t anyone see? I really believe what was said above about people not wanting to be bothered and go on w. their selfish little lifes.

  450. babette Says:

    PS: I’m not certain the horizon shouldn’t BE white. Amateur photos and videos from 1960 to 1990 might show blue horizons. I haven’t done the research so I don’t know. I’m sure someone has checked it out. I’ll look into it.

    They are contemptible, Celline.

  451. clark Says:

    People who refuse to see or question chemtrails, it’s more than a deep-rooted desire to continue living a quiet and selfish life… (although, it is that too) it’s a faith, seemingly as strong as the faith people have in any religion.

    This is a perfect partial description of those who refuse to see chemtrails as something not normal, as well as their faith in government, or the idea of a life never changing.:

    …declines to see

    …much unbelief is necessary to make belief possible

    …faith manifests itself not in moving mountains, but in not seeing mountains move

    …thoroughly it insulates the individual from himself and the world as it is

    Makes me think of the … lots of stuff, and it’s too late at night.

    – chemtrails in the afternoon were heavy, X’s too, but it cleared off.

  452. Dude Says:

    The horizon should be a deep blue….darker than straight up. Here is a news article that I believe. You havent seen it on the liebox either.

    Nibiru Cometh!!!!

    [Meteorite Hits Mexico Leaving 30 Meter Crater in Ahuazotepec Municipality]

    And another one for the coming extermination of America:

    [Russia for nuke strikes against potential aggressors
    ”In case of emergence of a military conflict with the use of conventional means of destruction endangering the very existence of a state, the possession of nuclear weapons may cause such a military conflict to grow into a nuclear military conflict,” the document said. ]

  453. babette Says:

    Thanks, Dude. I’ve run across these articles recently and the Mexico meteor, added to all the other reported space “events” going on of late… when did you say we, in the northern hemisphere, will see it?

  454. babette Says:

    FF, I posed this question on many sites, receiving insignificant, weak or no answers at all. May I ask you? If it’s not clear, or if I’ve done so before, please let me know.

    Does the military get paid in dollars? If so, say a loaf of bread costs $ for citizens, it follows it does so for the average soldier, right? Is the average soldier’s pay substantially higher than reported? Or, are all these “people,” who have joined or are joining, getting paid in some other currency? Could it be they are also being promised ??? once the Global Government is fully in place? Re. PINAC.

    I’m intrigued as to why “people” join up, notwithstanding the hard economic times and the usual college/health/job promises, which often turn out to be nothing but lies, and the facts revealed over nearly a decade about 911, etc.

    Recently, I read (or misread) Obummer intends to send 30,000 more to Afghanistan. That’s 30,000 more than the last 30,000. Where does he get the money to pay these “people?” For the longest time we’ve been hearing that the US is going broke and it is so, officially, now. How is it then that the military killing machine keeps growing exponentially?

    Printing money? Valueless money is valueless for the average soldier too. There’s got to be more to this than meets the eye.

    I’d very much appreciate a response from you. (or anyone)

  455. Dude Says:

    Babette: Youre not going to see Nibiru because they spray the chemtrails every day to hide it. It wouldve otherwise been visible in early 2009 when I noticed the spraying every day. Maybe it was visible before that but I wasnt paying attention to the chemtrails then.

  456. Dude Says:

    I put a comment on that mexico meteroite news article and the bastard censored it, like most of the places I post. Why is that???????? Hmmmmmm………..

  457. Dude Says:

    Haha, they published my last comment (I think), complete with my rude language.

  458. babette Says:

    Ok, Dude, but at some point, chems or no chems, the effects and after-effects of its passage (depending on its proximity to earth) will be impossible to ignore.

    We’re talking enormous distances, Dude. Planet X may not be visible to us at all, even in an unbleshimed sky. Did you come up with any theory as to the possible connection between chemtrailed X’s and Planet X?

  459. clark Says:

    babette Says: …Does the military get paid in dollars? If so, say a loaf of bread costs $ for citizens, it follows it does so for the average soldier, right?

    Wrong, sort of. The military provides everything people need at a discount, often significant. Their distribution point is called a PX, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not much, but it is a subsidy, much like what the Russians had for their soldiers during and before WWII which proved to not be enough… eventually… 1940’s – 1990’s?

    babette Says: …Could it be they are also being promised ???

    Or at the very least they have expectations. Expectations that get the dopamine going, and that’s pretty powerful stuff – dopamine.

    babette Says: …I’m intrigued as to why “people” join up,

    Adventure, misplaced loyalties, desire to rule other people or to be totally ruled themselves? People join because of a desire to be associated with a powerful group, quite like peer pressure? I’m sure there is a psy name for it and all.
    A natural inclination to be in a troop? A result of not having a cultural ceremony/challenge/test-of-manhood for the rite of passage through puberty? The same reason people join gangs or get drunk or any other number of stupid things people do to test themselves?

    babette Says: …Where does he get the money to pay these “people?” For the longest time we’ve been hearing that the US is going broke and it is so, officially, now. How is it then that the military killing machine keeps growing exponentially?

    Printing money? Valueless money is valueless for the average soldier too. There’s got to be more to this than meets the eye.

    No doubt about that, many people are saying the same thing. My guess is the wars are financed because countries (large T-bond holders?) want it that way? As soon as BRIC stop buying T-bonds the wars are over, or so it would seem. It’s almost as if they are making us fight these wars (to their benefit?) to increase the destruction we heap upon ourselves?

  460. babette Says:

    Thank you, Clark.

  461. babette Says:

    Sorry, typo PNAC.

    Excellent explanation, Clark. The military, particularly the US military, I view as a mysterious, terrifying monster.

    Youtube: Bill Hicks- Gays in the Military

    Thanks again

  462. clark Says:

    This kind of goes along with everything:

    According to Benito… “Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State.” That ideology dominated the fascist New Deal, and every US regime since.


    Only…?? conceived of…??? wow. How strong is patriotism in your town or family? For many people with a strong, or overly-excessive and worship-like sense of patriotism for the State, their self-worth and social standing, et al… is determined on how relative they are to the State. Just a guess.

    What is a solution to all of this?… Some people say:

    “Libertarianism Is the Opposite of Fascism”


  463. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Babette,

    Clark has done an excellent job of answering your question, and I agree with all his points. I can offer some additional information you might find interesting.

    1) US $ Cash has been disappearing into Iraq by the palletful for years now. I don’t mean figuratively….I mean *literally* pallets full of cash! Take this story for example from the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/feb/08/usa.iraq1

    Was it used to “win hearts and minds?” maybe. Was it used as a “bonus” for some of the Officers and enlisted men….a way to foster enthusiasm for the “War on Terror?” perhaps. One does have to wonder how the Army gets ANYONE to re-enlist! Even though it is inflated paper money, if you get your hands on a big enough pile, you can still buy a lot of stuff and have a pretty good time. We are still living in a paper world, and paper still has power over people (even though it’s days are numbered). You slip someone who joined the Army to escape crushing poverty and poor job prospects at home 30k and he will be look at the war in a whole new way.

    Since the money comes from the printing press, there is an endless supply. Sure, printing all that money devalues the dollar and collectively makes us all poorer, but the Globalists don’t care about that. They want control and their magic paper gives it to them….so far.

    2) Do you know where the BIGGEST Army recruiting office is? It is not in Texas. It is not in the Midwest. It is not in California or North Carolina. No. The largest US Army recruiting office is in Mexico City Mexico! That is the dirty little secret “hidden in plain view” that you never hear from the main-stream media.



    What a great opportunity for Mexicans right? Free citizenship, raise your standard of living, and then (later) when martial law is declared, you can follow orders and round-up the “gringoes” into FEMA camps!

    Good-ole boys raised in the US *might* be hesitant to use force on their fellow Americans – but do you really think foreigners would have a problem with it?

    Finally, I would like to add that some of the best and most patriotic people I have met, the “salt-of-the-earth” who truly believe in giving of themselves for the good of their country are also – unfortunately – some of the most brainwashed flag-waving pawns I have ever met. It is *INCONCEIVABLE* to some of these folks that the Govt. would lie to them about 9/11 or the benefits of the “war on terror” to keep us safe! They sign-up willingly thinking they are doing good.

    Once I posted some very good 9/11 links on a gun forum. I was promptly and permanetly banned for even suggesting that the Govt. was doing anything less than giving the American people the complete and unvarnished truth. And for all you servicemen serving over in Iraq & Afghanistan…..you had better NOT wake-up to the truth when you are over there (at least not if you are famous) because you might have an “accident” –


    To be honest Babette, I try to be optimistic, but until the “liberals” and “conservatives” wake up as to how badly we are being played, I only see us descending ever deeper into tyranny & poverty. At a certain point, a break will occur. The Govt. will push too hard, either with another false-flag terrorist attack that dwarfs 9/11 (like multiple nukes going off in US cities) and/or a total economic collapse. A critical mass of citizens *must wake-up* to the false “Left-vs-Right” paradigm that is used to manipulate and control us.

    When that turning point comes, if more people don’t start waking up, we will become the 4th Reich. If people *do* finally “Get-It” we will see bankers and politicians swinging from lamp posts. I fear the former and hope for the latter.


  464. babette Says:

    Beautiful, FF. I learned a number of things. My heartfelt thanks.

  465. Celline Says:

    @Founding, the info u gave here.. is overwhelming. I keep thinking, things just can’t get any worse ( as in the deceit ) but; wow, recruiting for military in Mexico City ?! Begs the question : why are they even pretending that there are borders between Mexico and the US ?
    It’s like a real bad joke. All that taxpayer money poured into this crazy wall, and all the other expenses.. just to keep up a front, for those, who still don’t have a clue? Anyway, thank you for the links and all the info, it just doesen’t end, does it.If the majority of people KNEW.. I can’t imagine what could happen !

  466. Celline Says:

    am beginning to feel overwhelmed, not strong enough.. weak.
    Trying to find beauty in this life and true joy. It’s getting harder and harder. Just sharing some thoughts/feelings here.

  467. Sky Says:

    Hi ,Celline.

    Think how different things could be if only people gave a damn about the evil the govts and the NWO are committing. If only ! Sigh.That’s the most depressing thing of all. The NWO knows that most people are sound asleep and want to stay that way.

    Many of us who are awake are suffering from the NWO Blues . I know I sure am.

  468. Sky Says:

    And here’s another one for you guys :

    And then there’s this- disturbing rain water results from down under. My own rainfall here is no different. I’ve watched as the yellow line in the centre of my road turns white with the powder that the washes out of the sky.

  469. clark Says:

    foundingfather1776 Says: …Good-ole boys raised in the US *might* be hesitant to use force on their fellow Americans –

    I don’t know… Consider General Sherman’s march across the South in the 1860’s?
    Then there’s the force that ran out the WWI vets (The Bonus Army) camped out in D.C. waiting to get their promised war bonuses, I think they were fellow WWI vets, a.k.a. good-ole boys.
    In the past, private forces like Pinkerton’s men bashed heads the same as any copper, the strings of both pulled by the same men at the top.

    Today’s no-knock-raids, D.U.I. roadblocks, 100 mile inland border checkpoint’s, TSA perverts, IRS voluntary tax compliance payment enforcement efforts, they all proceed fluidly with little resistance and are manned by, I’m guessing, mostly natural American citizens. Guns, drugs, what’s the difference to them? Round up the usual suspects!

    The article you linked to, the stories, although anecdotal, portray the foreign recruits as family orientated and ok as any other, as likely to follow their leaders the same as any other, imho, and they probably have family in the U.S. too.
    It seems like if there’s an atrocity to be committed, we have less to worry about Mexican’s, Philippino’s, German’s or Portuguese, and more to worry about the American’s who already do so.

    Their expanded recruitment efforts are nothing new. If anything, the foreign recruits might be more religious, on the whole, and less likely to do, “the wrong thing,” however; the fact that the military does a lot of disarmament and door to door house searches frequently in Iraq, et al, doesn’t bode well either.

    From one of the article’s: “Since Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has granted US citizenship to 32,500 foreign soldiers.”

    Unless the numbers are wrong, which they could be, I don’t see how Mexico City could be the biggest recruitment center, maybe the building, size-wise, but not number-wise.

    The Mexican’s defending the Alamo didn’t turn on the Texans, but they could have.
    I’m not for sure, but I think Mexican recruits left the Army along with some Irish recruits who found the War of 1812 distasteful, they didn’t do, “the wrong thing,” it took Northeasterner’s to do the dirty work then, if I recall correctly.
    The majority of the forces at Waco were American, foreigners were used, but not required, and no Americans stopped the tragedy.
    I’m sure there are other examples, and of course the daily killings of American’s by their fellow American cops, as Will Grigg so often writes about, frequently the killing is over a petty matter to boot.

    Hopefully that all makes sense, I’m tired.

    – Maybe it was the tint in my sunglasses, but the other day the water from the melted snow looked like the blue from when gasoline mixes with water.

    I’ve been seeing lots of cloud groups that look like compact sediment layers, 1/4 the thickness of a chemtrail, they go away when the jets do, and it’s the only time I see them. Usually they only fit in an area the size of – hold up your hand and do the OK sign and look up at the sky through it – that size. Today’s layered clouds were unusual not only in the expanded size (arms wide open) but the rows would be going at three different directions at three (or more? I forget) different altitudes.


    Kind of like that, then they all disappeared and the sky was blue.

    Just another day in Bizzaro World.

  470. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Clark,

    I completely agree that the majority of US born & bred soldiers and police would do whatever they are told to do against the American people. When I wrote “Good-ole boys raised in the US *might* be hesitant to use force on their fellow Americans” the emphasis on *might* was an attempt to to convey a sense of sarcasm.

    Past examples of domestic abuse waged by natural-born soldiers and police against natural born citizens are legion. The examples you cite are true. I would add Kent State and Waco, etc. Such behavior is well established.

    Nor was I trying to disparage Mexicans or other foreigners who might join the US military hoping to better their lives and gain economic prosperity.

    However, it is a fact that the New World Order Architects use multiple layers of attack when they formulate their plans. Take the last US Presidential election as an example. The people were presented with only two choices deemed viable: New World Order minion Barack Obama or New World Order minion John McCain. Clearly (based on the level of funding he received and the obvious worship from the media) Obama was their first choice – BUT if he somehow lost, well they still owned John McCain! Remember this bit of news?


    The Elite rule in part because, like a good chess-player, they will position themselves to use multiple vectors of attack. It is like flipping a coin and “Heads I win, Tails I win.”

    Babette’s question I think stemmed from a genuine desire to comprehend how or why the US military can get anyone to sign-up, given that it is almost a guarantee a new recruit will be sent off in wars for the Empire. While it may be true the majority of new US recruits are citizens, the ranks of foreigners are growing. I don’t know what the numbers of foreign recruits are, but if the military admits to 32,500 – then you can be sure the real numbers are much higher. I am sure part of the drive to recruit more foreigners is based in practicality…..many young American men and women simply aren’t going to signup, and by golly the ongoing meat-grinder wars require fresh meat! There just aren’t enough Blackwater mercenaries to go around ya’ know?

    Not only do foreign-born recruits help to make recruitment quotas, they add a particularly desirable psychological element. People born and raised in third-world countries that have been oppressed their entire lives by their despotic governments and have no cultural reference or understanding of the Bill of Rights (which includes the right to free speech, the right to own a gun, etc.) and who will not readily assimilate into the idea of being an “American” are a wonderful layer the New World Order architects can slather on the tyranny sandwich they expect us to eat. Two birds killed with one stone: Meet your ongoing recruitment goals for the never-ending wars AND help insure that you have a cadre of soldiers that will do whatever they are told…….just in case their is a slight possibility your brain-washed “good-ole boys” ever wake-up.

    Diabolically clever and multi-faceted. I would expect nothing less from the New World Order Architects.

    Here are some news articles that support what I am saying (The source might be Infowars.com but if you look in the bylines you will see the original source was AP, the Guardian, etc.)




    The “good news” in all this (not that there is much to be had) is that a certain percentage of military and police ARE waking up to what is going on.

    One of the permanent links I have posted in the “Blogroll” section of my main page is this group:


    Oath Keepers was started by a veteran and they do beautiful work of educating the Police and Military about what it means to honor and keep the Oath they took when they joined to defend the Constitution against “all enemies foreign and domestic!”

    When you see Oath Keepers being demonized by the main-stream-media, then you know they are effective and doing good work!



    The way the Elite freak-out if anyone threatens to undermine control of *their* military and police is enlightening isn’t it?



  471. ericswan Says:

    Hey Babette..Happy Year of the Tiger.


  472. babette Says:

    Forgive me, Eric, I’ve just finished the midnight shift and I’m not sure what to make of the info, but I’m growing more convinced by the day that some other entity is in charge. Our planet (everything on it) has been altered in significant and, probably, irreversible ways (the project is ongoing) re. chems, GMOs, fluoride etc. Somebody or something has “ordered” it be so, somebody who doesn’t use traditional forms of payment and for whom these changes are necessary and needed. What say you? I’ll delve into it with fresh eyes tomorrow. Thanks, Eric. Happy Year of the Tiger to you too.

    As for the US military and the cops, Clark, I agree 100%. They will do as they’re told with assiduity and NO guilt. They’ve always done, hence, there’s no reason to think things will change. European recruits may be more religous; however, that’s not the fundamental difference I count on between the two. Europeans are civilized, centuries old cultures, they’ve endured the horrors of real wars on their soil in the past, they’ve BEEN “Empire” at some point, they are brought up to think independently and I could go on and on.

    America is comparatively new and everyone thinks alike. Hand an American crowd the US flag (+ Israeli flag), release hundreds of red/white/blue balloons, crank out their warlike anthem and they’ll be eating out of your hand in minutes. Try that sort of puerile, meaningless fanfaring in Italy or Greece or France…ha!

    There’s this saying about Italy being ungovernable because everyone has his own opinion. In other words, they don’t “groupthink,” unlike Americans.

    Hope I’m making sense….zzzzzzzzzzzz….

  473. ericswan Says:

    I work in the graveyard myself..ie I work all night all the time. Not much sun for me so I supplement with vitamin D X 3 1,000 mg. I hope that gets me through but I doubt it replaces the sun. This is my day off and in the middle of the night I wandered outside to see the stars and planets and that extra special visitation by 5 white tail deer only 50 feet from my front door in the middle of the suburbs of Kamloops, B.C.

    Now, to respond to your question as to whether I believe there are secret bases, secret technologies, black budget underground and a consortium of evil that controls the land of the fees and the home of the slaves…

  474. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline.. a head’s up……..

    ALL Activists, Demonstrators Meet at (at closest public property- to be announced) San Diego Convention Center at 7:30 AM on Saturday, February 20th. Scientists and others will be meeting for their conference entitled “Can Geoengineering save us from Global Warming” (see below). There is a small park area across the street and sidewalk from Building F. We will be gathering there.

    There will be a PRAYER opening this day’s activities. All in attendance are DEEPLY ASKED to respect the rights of others, especially the City of San Diego, which is now aware of our demonstration. If SDPD officers should request your attention, treat him / her as a brother / sister. They have asked us to NOT BLOCK any doors, entrances, intersections, traffic etc. We are free to express our 1st amendment rights, respectfully expressed. Both SDPD and the Port Police serve the convention center neighborhood.

  475. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude..others think chemtrails are out there to block telescopes. You are not alone..


  476. clark Says:

    @FF – Along those same lines, you might like reading this entry:


    In the comments section… Very interesting, it needs condensed and circulated?:

    …links to webpages which expose the techniques of media disinformation and mind-control.

    [Getting the discarded message, blog is full, eh?]

  477. clark Says:

    [cont…] I encourage your readers to spend $8.99 to buy the E-book, “Conversations with The Crow,” available here:


    “The Crow” was Robert Trumbull Crowley, Assistant Deputy Director (or second-in-command) at the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, the department that assassinated Kennedy, assassinated one Pope and conspired in the attempt to kill another, and murdered hundreds of innocent people as collateral damage in other expedient operations. They even murdered their own ex-Director William Colby. In the book, Crowley explains why, also why Kennedy took us to war in Vietnam, and why the CIA and others killed him. Crowley joined the CIA at its inception in 1947 and retired in or about 1986.

    Disclosure: I have absolutely no financial interest whatsoever in this book or with the people putting it out. However, on enquiry, I was told no publisher in the US or any English-speaking country would touch it with a ten-foot pole, and thus it is being published only as an E-book. It will never be reviewed by Oprah or the New York Times; in fact, you will probably never hear about it anywhere, except perhaps on the Web. I encourage everyone to download it before it is possibly forcibly removed from the Internet. It is ten times more devastating than Smedley Butler, Eustace Mullins, and Benjamin Freedman, combined.

  478. clark Says:

    “Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used To Keep You In The Dark”


    Video: “How Mass Media Control You” (Includes a frank exposition on the diabolical 25-year process of intentional corruption of a national culture, by a former KGB defector):


    “Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why” – A fairly long technical and historical discussion of the psycho-emotional power of Symbolic Archetypes, and more:


    “Why Propaganda Trumps Truth” – A discussion of irrational belief in “Facts” presented by “Authority” as “Truth” (more extensively investigated in Eric Hoffer’s book, The True Believer.)Quote from article: “The problem faced by truth is the emotional needs of people” – will encourage us to separate emotion from belief:


    …this is now serious. We need to understand what is going on. I encourage everyone to expand their awareness – carefully read and watch these. Especially the 3 videos ending with the interview with the KGB spy, which is so prescient it will make your jaw drop.

  479. clark Says:

    …Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The same forces behind what happened in Russia in 1917 are the same forces behind what is happening in the good old USA right now.
    It’s the banksters! I don’t know why we have to get esoteric about it or argue about Soviet infiltration of our government.

    George Bush and Barack Obama work for the same people who employed Lenin and Stalin.

    Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

    – They sprayed real heavily today, last time the did it like this the East coast wound up with a ton of snow, lets see if anything like that happens this time?

  480. babette Says:

    By all means treat cops as your very own brothers and sisters! Like the retarded bro who tortures cats in the basement and the slutty sis who’s been caught trying to smother the baby with a pillow.

    Pigs will beat you and arrest you for simply looking at them the wrong way, (any look is the wrong look) while those responsible for 911 are still galavanting about.

    Demonstrations for Truth and Transparency + Cops = Citizens’ get a brutal asskicking.

    Treat them like you don’t see them, as if they were invisible. It really gets under their lizard skin. What we call respect they identify as “easy prey” and blam! Whatever you do, don’t let them see you cry.

    Good luck to you.

  481. Celline Says:

    Clark:” Conversations with the Crow” the book is available at the end of the link u gave.. for $ 8.99.
    I am getting it.
    Also..Eric. yes, I will attend this SanDiego meeting, can’t wait.
    Am not afraid of cops, since I sorta, was one of them, and to this day… most of my friends are cops.

  482. Celline Says:

    Clark, I have observed those chemtrails too. They vanish quickly, right after you watch the invisible jet lay them down.. and voila, the skies are blue. This is the 2. day I watched this here.
    Maybe it’s a new trick to make us think those things are contrails?!
    About foreign ” soldiers”, yes, we would not have enough people in our armed forces, if it weren’t for foreigners who sign on, and are promised citizenship. Just read an extensive article about this yesterday !

  483. babette Says:

    “…since I sorta, was one of them, and to this day… most of my friends are cops.”


  484. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark…I’ve read “Conversations with the Crow” as it was published in serial form over the past couple of years. The same author writes about a relative from the Nazi SS named Mueller that is even more interesting than Crowley.


  485. Celline Says:

    Eh, Babatte, whoever u are ( I have my suspicions of course ) how in the heck is it your bus….. what my profession is/was and who my friends are ?
    I suggest you keep those kind of thoughts all to yourself.. it’s the best place for them !

  486. babette Says:

    Celline, why did you type “bus…” instead of “business”? What excrutiating (and idiotic) self-restraint! A remnant of the Victorian era you grew up in, perhaps?


  487. Dude Says:

    Play nice now, Putin and Nibiru Cometh !!!

  488. babette Says:

    Dude, have you been to “The Big Wobble” yet? The “spirals as warning” explanation is convincing. Ok, re. the other thing.

  489. Dude Says:

    I saw the spiral. I dont know anything about it. I do know that WW3 will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO and in 2012, Nibiru will wreak havoc on the Earth and end the war, and it is all being planned by the evil bankers, and Americans are too stupid to see it. Thats all I know.

  490. babette Says:

    WWIII then Nibiru? Sounds like the RoadRunner’s life.

    How is Planet X being “planned by the evil bankers”? Does that make sense to you? Does it? Ah, what the heck! “Contento tu, contenti tutti!”

    Gotta go…meep-meep!

  491. Celline Says:

    just did some bus in a local bus, now got to pay the piper, argh.
    Chems diff lately, huge puffs from south and east. like a circle.

  492. Celline Says:

    it has been 80 to 85 here the last 4 days, as to the chems, just huge puffs, different than usual.

  493. Dude Says:

    babette must be short for babbling blonde cause that last comment was about stupid.

  494. babette Says:

    “I do know that WW3 will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO and in 2012, Nibiru will wreak havoc on the Earth and end the war, and it is all being planned by the evil bankers, and Americans are too stupid to see it.”

    And you accuse me of babbling?!

    Please explain how the evil bankers are responsible for Nibiru, Dude. I’m all ears…

  495. Dude Says:

    Theyre NOT you blonde. They ARE, however, planning WW3 like they planned all the wars of last century and profited from both sides while at the same time reducing population.

  496. darran Says:

    america’s fall comes “after” nbiru’s passage.

    next is the bombing of iran, followed i would think rather closely by a larger nuclear middle-eastern war.

    plenty of trouble to get through before you are anywhere near being wiped out

    then you will get nbiru and the cataclismic 6th seal events…why are you in such a hurry?

  497. Celline Says:

    Dude, u got that right, plus, I could name a few names on top of that.
    Had a Dr appointment today, when she came into the room, she could tell I was upset. She asked:” Why” I pulled aside the blinds and asked her to look up, toward the sky. She did, then said:” Yes..we all are breathing it, and I assume, that’s why I need to prescribe so much Advailr. I have no idea why or what it is.. except I know, that someone is making piles of money because of it “Then she asked me.. if I had any more info about that mess. I told her ” no” just encouraged her to research it.. since we all are in the same boat. This was the 2. or 3. time, where she outright admitted to me she knows about it, and is as upset and angry as the rest of us !
    Streaked skies today, nothing hidden and different like the last 4 days.. just the typical:’ In your face, what are you gonna do about it” stuff.

  498. ericswan Says:

    I suppose we are all entitled to an opinion and mine is that we have been slaves forever and no falling star or rising deity is in any hurry to change it.

  499. babette Says:

    RENSE: ISS Watch How The Space Station Has Grown

    In approx. 10 years they built this floating mastodon (like a gigantic “doomsday plane” way up in the sky), yet there’s little to show of the (sarcastically) named Freedom Tower here on earth.

    And Silverstein wants a bailout and he’ll get one just to keep him shushed on 911 ’cause that serpent-faced demon KNOWS what happened.

    Interesting and plausible theory: Space ray was used to explode and pulverize WTCs which caused long-lasting, unexpected changes in the soil…things disintegrate making building on the spot nearly impossible.

    As someone (here?) said: “No planes hit WTC! We live in a CGI world. Get used to it!

  500. Celline Says:

    @eric, I never heard it described better, right on ! Why would they want to change it.. eh, it’s perfect, isen’t it?

  501. brad sherman Says:

    SAN DIEGO—The prospect of cooling the planet manually—geoengineering—was the subject of several presentations here today, including two presentations that involved new findings on the controversial idea. The scene was the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (which publishes ScienceNOW). It turns out that there’s a lot scientists don’t know about various cooling methods, but that’s changing steadily. And researchers are learning lessons that suggest that some techniques may have fewer barriers than previously thought.
    But before they got to the sessions, the scientists had to contend with protesters. Outside of the meeting room, a smattering of activists with drums, cameras, and a megaphone spread the message that the government is already performing geoengineering. More on that here.
    Once inside the conference center, University of Calgary physicist David Keith presented work on the concept of spreading droplets called aerosols in the stratosphere, where they could block a small fraction of the sun’s rays. A paper published last year suggests that the main way scientists have proposed to do so, spraying sulfur dioxide gas, wouldn’t work. Sulfur dioxide is converted in the atmosphere into droplets of sulfuric acid—a monthlong process that happens in nature after the eruption of volcanoes, which spew the gas. But the paper found that the acid droplets would clump up and fall out of the sky before they could have much cooling effect. For example, injecting 10 megatons of sulfur—roughly the amount of sulfur belched forth by Mount Pinatubo in 1991—would counteract less than half of the “forcing” energy thought to be responsible for global warming.
    To get around this problem, Keith and colleagues—some of whom wrote the first paper—have proposed spraying the acid, not the gas, with airplanes. In data that has yet to be published or peer-reviewed, Keith and his collaborators found that only “a few megatons per year” of sulfur could be more than twice as effective at blocking radiation as the sulfur dioxide.
    Seeding the skies with sulfur would pose great risks, of course, but the scientists said studying the technique was important. One challenge is balancing temperature changes with changes that geoengineering might cause. That includes changes in rainfall and snow patterns, which would result from altering the balance of radiation striking the ground.
    In previous modeling efforts, adding sun-blocking particles uniformly across the globe has tended to undercool the poles while overcooling the equator. So Ken Caldeira, a geochemist at the Carnegie Institution in Stanford, California, tried various modeling runs in which geoengineering was used to try to counteract a severe warming—a doubling of preindustrial CO2 concentration. In new work yet to be published, he distributed the particles to try to minimize those effects, for example, putting more geoengineering particles at the poles versus the equator. (Global warming is greatest at the poles.) By doing that, Caldeira was able to minimize the undercooling/overcooling problem, but it worsened the effects on precipitation.
    That said, Caldeira emphasizes, either variety of geoengineering—doing it uniformly at the pole or the geographically optimized version—have shown less total warming and less disruption of rain patterns. “In a high global warming world, more people would be better off with geoengineering, but some people would be worse off,” he said.

  502. Dude Says:

    The “geoengineering” explanation for chemtrails is a lie. The chemtrails are hiding Planet X!!!

    Nibiru Cometh!

  503. Celline Says:

    since it now is common knowledge, Dr J Coleman on KUSI exposed ” The Global Warming Hoax”, on Friday, 19th, 9pm, PST.
    The meeting in San Diego.. was a weak try, to convince the sheeple of the benefits of blocking out the sun.
    We know, this is a total lie, because there is no G W.
    Follow the money ( changing over all cooling devices years ago.. this alone was huge money.)
    But money isen’t the only reason.. and this, is not talked about at all, only whispered. Are there ” powers” that are greater than any US powers, that have made some sort of pact?
    I am getting into things that are too much to explain here, but the chemtrail subject, the disarming of the people, the secrets in Nevada and California, most of them underground.. are all connected.
    Am still looking for a good link on the subject.

  504. clark Says:

    That was a great article Brad, thanks for posting it,… really.

    When I read the word theories, modeling, or papers etc.. I got the feeling these were real world tests, I hope other people make the connection too.

    When I read, “But the paper found that the acid droplets would clump up and fall out of the sky before they could have much cooling effect.” I thought of the greenish-yellow powders covering everything outdoors that so many experienced and described on here.

    @Dude, ok, so you’re not going with the multiple use theory of chemtrails, just sticking with the single reason, if that’s your position, fine, but to say the multiple reasons for chemtrails theory is a lie,… well, I think using the word, lie is incorrect. It’s what some people think/conclude/etc… with what little facts there are and with the many observations. You disagree, it’s your choice. Any new information you drag up, I’ll still take a look at it, most likely.

    – three times on three different days I’ve seen those OK-sign sized layered clouds (on one day it was the only thing in the sky) and afterwards there were no more jets to be seen that day. Three is just a number, but it’s something?

  505. Celline Says:

    @clark, great observation, I think it’s a 13 though?!
    All the rain we are having.. is falling after the clouds sat under chems.
    Must assume that every drop that falls, has destructive chemicals, salts.. whatever in it. Plants, trees look ” stressed”.
    People are more aware now.. many are. Also it seems, they are conductors for more insidious reasons. “They” now have the vehicle to deliver anything they please.Even affect DNA and the brain in general, let alone deseases.
    There is no day ever anymore, that our skies are free of it. Day or night !
    Has anyone noticed what the skies look like in Vancouver right now? Would be interesting to know.

  506. clark Says:

    Vancouver? Why would that be interesting?

    It looks hazy and clear from these webcams:

  507. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here is something interesting……..

    It seems Chavez is having economic and popularity problems due to unusually BAD WEATHER in Venezuela:


    I am sure it is all completely natural. I am sure chemtrails and weather weapons have nothing to do with it.

    Yep – nothing to see here folks…move along.

    Here is the text of the article for posterity:

    Hugo Chávez may be wondering, as Venezuela’s taps run dry and its cities fall into darkness, whether God is on the side of the Yankees.

    The El Niño weather phenomenon appears to be taking sides as it parches leftist-ruled parts of South America and brings bounty to US farmers and corporations. One of the severest droughts in decades has given Venezuela’s socialist president a political nightmare as hydro-electrical power dribbles to a standstill, unleashing blackouts, rationing and protests. The waters behind the Guri dam, which supplies more than half the nation’s power, have touched perilously low levels. Chávez has declared an “electricity emergency”, urging people to spend no more than three minutes in the shower. The president has even dispatched Cuban pilots to seed clouds for rain.

    The state oil company Edelca has aimed higher: it summoned workers to a prayer meeting entitled “Clamour to God for the National Electricity Sector”.

    The crisis has extended to Paraguay, where another leftist leader, Fernando Lugo, ordered the presidential palace lights switched off. In Argentina and Brazil – also with leftist governments – torrential rain and high temperatures have blighted crops with insect and fungi attacks.

    A suspicious soul could ask whether El Niño, a Pacific weather system that influences climate worldwide, is on Washington’s payroll. Monsanto and Dow Chemical are enjoying booming pesticide and fungicide sales in Argentina as farmers battle to save soy harvests. But in the US Midwest, farmers expect record corn and soy crops.

    Venezuela’s economy is expected to shrivel as factories close and shops and offices reduce working hours. “It’s a true emergency,” said Chávez. With his popularity falling, he has fired the electricity minister and brought in foreign experts.

    Chávez blames El Niño and climate change. Critics blame the Marxist commandante for not investing enough in power plants during his decade-old revolution. Whether there will be another decade of Chávez could depend on rain.


  508. clark Says:

    Yes, that is interesting FF.

    Especially this:
    “The president has even dispatched Cuban pilots to seed clouds for rain.”

    Chemtrails being used like an oil blockade, like what was used with Japan to cause them to attack out of self-preservation? When countries retaliate against weather manipulation, who would take seriously the reasons why? That may be why no leader anywhere discusses chemtrails openly, that we know of.

    TPTB are up to something in South America, that’s for sure.

  509. Celline Says:

    TPTB ?? Wow, I had not heard about this be4.
    Obviously.. they are used to make or break an economy and more.
    Clark, I am curious about the Vancouver sky, because of the winter olympics. Was wondering, if they do it more.. or less, because of the games. Thank you for the link.

  510. clark Says:

    TPTB The Powers That Be

    …Ahh, the Olympics, for the crowds and the cameras, I see.

  511. Celline Says:

    Clark, thank you !

  512. Celline Says:

    at the top of this blog, the chem pic, this is our sky today, exactly.
    Like spiderwebs obscuring the sky.. totally.

  513. clark Says:

    This morning we had some layered clouds break up the clear blue sky with nothing but a few jets with contrails. The layered clouds were similar (but not nearly as tightly packed) to the ones that fit in an OK-sign, and sure enough the rest of the day there were no jets… that is until late in the afternoon when a large cloud bank rolled in, more of a white-out than anything else. At the leading edge of the cloud bank I could see long chemtrails stretching from horizon to horizon. I only saw a couple of them before the skies were obscured.

    The reason I mention that is because I was beginning to think they had totally switched to a new method of application as I haven’t seen any long chemtrails like that in quite some time, just stop and starts, fading fast, or spread out and expand.

    If Celline is getting them like the photo at the top of the blog, that means more than likely I’ll see them tomorrow or the next day… oh joy.

    And the next time someone says you’re crazy, for thinking… take comfort in the ideas this author presents:
    “My aim in this essay is to raise the question ‘Is there such a thing as mental illness?’ and to argue that there is not.”

  514. Celline Says:

    This day was/is one of the worst I have ever seen. Spiderweb like stuff all day.. covering the whole sky, later on, something pitchblack moved in from the West, and I thought, it was the typical oceanfront we get.
    Except, then I noticed that all this black cover looked like waves and frayed edges. So, they covered us w. black soot, from about 4 PM, to now, and it’s still ongiong !

  515. Celline Says:

    Excellent article, Clark, and to add to ” lifestyle choices ” one could add, lack of selfcontrol, weak natured, not too bright, bad genes.. and just plain the old Devil !

  516. Sky Says:

    HAARP strikes again !

    In broken English :

    Hello, writing from southwest Santiago, Chile. It seems a war attack during the eartquake for all the lightnings on the sky.


    CNN just interviewed a journalist who lives in Santiago ( Cecila Lagos).She described how she was sleeping and was awoken by the tremors. At first she wasn’t too concerned because tremors are common in Chile. But as the temors got stronger and the noise louder she got scared. Now comes the strange part… she went on to say that the thing that terrified her the most was the SKY ! She looked outside her bedroom window and said the sky changed color and she thought it was the end of the world coming. Remember that this quake struck in the dead of night at 3:30 AM Chile time. But the sky changed color ! HAARP !!!!

  517. ericswan Says:

    Nice to hear from you FF. I hope you can find the time to listen to this one hour radio broadcast by Kerry Cassidy. If you aren’t familiar with the subject, this is really well presented. If you are familiar with ELF mind control, than you should see a few pieces of the puzzle heretofore unexplored.

    [audio src="" /]

  518. Celline Says:

    Sky, suspected this, thanx for the link.. and the eyewitness story.. must check out !

  519. Dude Says:

    More Earthquakes —> Nibiru Cometh !!!

  520. Celline Says:

  521. Celline Says:

    Dude, it’s not Nibiru that cometh..l get it into your noggin !

  522. babette Says:

    According to, Hall, the charlatan on Project Camelot “we hear voices in our heads” “my fridge talks to me” did you hear him say it’s ok for the military to use it “over there” but not “over here”? His “humanitarian side” thinks, “It’s shouldn’t be used on anyone,” but his “realistic side” says, “Yeah, let the military use it as long as it’s NOT ON US.”

    Someone needs to put the feet to that 21st century Cagliostro, give him good reason to feel “attacked.”

    But when Hall and Cassidy started into the “hang around heavy vegetation” and “sit in lead-lined room” … guess what thoughts I was projecting into their devious heads!

    Certainly there’s a project afoot… a project to convince us we’re all schizos. Cassidy cracked me up re. the “thickness of the wires on her tv.”

  523. Dude Says:

    Yall stupid then. Nibiru Cometh !!! The HAARP thing is complete government bullshit to keep the people confused and stupid. It wont work with me. Im neither confused nor stupid.

  524. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Whatever HAARP is really for, and whatever HAARP is really capable of doing, to claim that it is “to keep the people confused and stupid” seems to be the *least likely* explanation I have come across. That’s what TV and the media is for..hah!

    Dude, your monomania on “Nibiru cometh” seems to have settled over you with a much greater intensity than your incessant exclamations of WWIII starting in October 2009.

    You are free to believe whatever you like, but responding to everything with “Nibiru Cometh” in the supreme self-confidence that allows for absolutely no dissension nor possibility of alternative explanations doesn’t contribute much to the discussion.

    Nor does your prior attempts at prognostication lend much credence to your ability to analyze and decipher esoteric information.

    By all means, feel free to continue to present evidence if you wish; but exclaiming “Yall stupid” (if we don’t agree) hardly qualifies as “evidence” to anything other than your personal obsession.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare: “Methinks the Lady doth protest too much”



  525. babette Says:

    Very Strange ‘Ring’ in Chile Sky Before Quake – HAARP? – Video (Rense)

  526. clark Says:

    Well put FF, I’ll second that. …As if how eric put it awhile back wasn’t good enough? If the sheeple won’t look up at the jets doing the grids, or even consider the implications of the flight patterns as applying “something” then there would be no point in covering up an approaching dot from space, nobody would look or give a hoot.
    Not that I’m saying a Planet X is impossible, just looking at the facts.

    “…“mass delusions are part of the human condition”. Capitalizing on them, after all, must be good business.”

    If there were an appraoching Planet X, the government would capitalize on it like they did the emotions of the nation after 9/11… we’d be spending the stimulus dollars building a laser/missle station or something and underground bunkers the public could be aware of and rally behind rather than being an event causing chaos and public disorder.

    WhoTF knows though, only time will tell,… eventually.

    – Whatever the purpose of the bastard chemtrailers, I didn’t get swamped with them last week after Celline did like I thought we might, we had three days of clear skies and almost no jets. The jets there were had normal contrails. The fourth day was cloudy white-out-ish, that was the day of the earthquake? The skies did clear that day to reveal a large number of parallel chemtrails but not quite like the picture at the top of the page.

    For two days the jets flew chemtrails, but they cleared out quickly each day, I only saw them from noon to about four P.M. then the skies would clear too, lasting all night… until today, back to white-out skies again.

    The good news is Spring like temps are arriving, there’s just something recharging-like when the temp gets close to 40 degrees F.

  527. Celline Says:

    Words are failing me to describe what is happening here..
    all of the sky is wavy.. the whole sky.
    Weatherman lst night said this:” Rain has fallen, and excess moisture is escaping back into the atmosphere.. building clouds”.. I screamed at the TV…

  528. Celline Says:

    My server keeps kicking us off all the time, could not finish what I wanted to say. Try again now.
    Sky is ” wavy’ w. intermittent huge Xes and ” normal” chemtrails lines and huge puffs. When you look up, it’s hard not to get dizzy, because there’s no horizon.. but horizonal waves.. not even w. the horizon.
    Something is going on, but no one is paying any attention to it.
    It’s as if people are being hypnotized, to not pay attention?!Sure seems like it to me.

  529. Sky Says:

    @ Foundingfather –

    Who knew ? When most of us think of psychopaths we think in terms of Ted Bundy or Hannibal Lector.

    Psychopaths make up 6 % of the population, and most likely 100 % of the satanic elite. The condition is mostly hereditary, although some come to psychopathology via trauma and brain injuries.

    Some distinquishing characteristics that set psychopaths apart from the rest of us are- no conscience, no empathy, no capacity for deep emotions ( as measured by brain scans ). They are predatory high achievers who use masks and deception to achieve their goals. The consensus is that the condition is not only incurable… but also untreatable.

    Psychopathology flows from the top down to infect many in our society.We are sick and getting sicker by the day.

    Here’s a comprehensive and fascinating article on this subject. This knowledge has purposely been kept from us and the author had a difficult time getting published.

    This article goes a long way in expaining WHY the elites would use depleted uranium, chemtrails, etc when they THEMSELVES are affected by these poisons. The elite are NOT insane…. they are fully functioning psychopaths…. conscienceless… of a TOTALLY different psychological make-up from the majority of us.

    We have trouble in understanding just how the elite operate because we project our OWN feelings and emotions onto this group of people who DO NOT POSSESS these things.


    The elite and their minions are evil and the psychological study of this evil provided a lot of answers for me. Considering that most psychopathology is hereditary, it looks like there is indeed a satanic bloodline running throughout history.

    I never paid much attention to David Icke, but could this psychopathic bloodline refer to his ‘ Lizards ‘ ?

  530. Sky Says:

    After having read that article, and it’s a long one, I am more forgiving of the sheeple. Many of them have become infected by these psychopaths. It doesn’t change anything, and it doesn’t excuse them ( they have weak moral standards ) , but it sure explains how this evil filters down into society. From the satanic top on down.

  531. Sky Says:

    Snippets from the link :

    The pathocratic system, that is, a government staffed by psychological deviants, will produce similar effects whether it is hidden behind the mask of fascism, communism, or capitalism. The ideology itself is unimportant. It merely serves as a cover and a rallying point for a certain percentage of the population who are needed as a support base. This support group believe the slogans and are unable to see behind the mask.

    The two parties are mirror images of each other. To preserve the image of democracy, both are needed, both serve the same masters. But there are no leaders in the US who are standing up and speaking about the genocide of the Palestinians. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are passed over in silence. There is no room for conscience in the US government, in either party, and the control of the press, not to mention other means such as blackmail and threats, ensure that those who might speak up, don’t.
    Recently we saw Cindy Sheehan wake up to the fact that the Democratic Party is just another ideology behind which psychopathy operates. She decamped and has now, as I understand it, decided that the 911 Truth Movement is the right place to be. I’m sorry to have to inform her that psychopaths are vectoring that show also. You didn’t really think they would commit crimes like 911 and not cover their backsides by instigating and controlling a “truth movement,” did you?


    That last part, about 911 Truth being controlled at the top by psychopaths, that’s scary. But probably true.

    This psychopathic ( satanic) misery and suffering does NOT have a HUMAN cure !

  532. Sky Says:

    I’m going to try and phrase this info in a simpler way.

    The ones at the top and a not insignificant percentage of the general population is BORN ( hereditary) without a conscience. Their evil actions are NOT a choice, like for the rest of us. They are different. They are soulless.

    It truly is a satanic system of things. Celline, eric , et al… does the Bible specifically reference these rulers as being born without souls ?

  533. ericswan Says:

    Babette..You jump pretty quick for a neophyte. I suggest you read Bearden’s “Oblivion..America At The Brink” 2005…

    I know people who are under attack. I know what these attacks can do. Just because you can’t see a microwave doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  534. Dude Says:

    FF: Nibiru is real and it is coming. Ive done the research and Ive presented much of it here only to be ridiculed by those who refuse or are not allowed to think. The war is also coming, maybe 10-10-10. Youre very lucky if ya got another summer, dont waste it. The alternate explanations for the earthquakes are lies designed to keep the awakening internet community confused and stupid. It is apparently working. Again, I’ve worked with RF energy as an engineer, and Im telling you that RF can NOT cause these earthquakes. To believe HAARP is causing the quakes indicates incredible ignorance in the field of RF energy and geotectonics, especially when there are so many people who know Nibiru is coming and when there are many many writings on the subject, including much evidence being found of previous deluges. I have given yall the benefit of the doubt on not being paid liars but I am really beginning to wonder again. Maybe I should start practicing remote viewing and then I would know for sure and tons more. :))

  535. babette Says:

    Yes, Eric, I confess. I hear voices in my head all the time and my tooth fillings are transmitting musical messages to aliens on planet Xerox.

    No doubt about it, I heard Hall say it’s ok to use it over there, but not over here. You didn’t hear it! Proof positive that I’m being elf-waved.

    Must sit in my lead-lined room for awhile.

  536. Sky Says:

    @ Dude -The Earthquake Machine (Pamir 3): Haiti And The Seismic Weapon :

    “….in 1975, the USSR embarked on a new research, this time in the field of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) for the purpose of studying the earth’s crust and be able to anticipate earthquakes. The Soviets examined the possibility of provoking small quakes in order to forestall a big one. This research was quickly militarized and resulted in the construction of Pamir, the earthquake machine.

    After the dismemberment of the USSR, those in charge of this programme decided to go to the United States for lure of money, but the Pentagon refused to pay them since their research was incomplete. In 1995, when Russia was governed by Boris Yeltsin and oligarch Viktor Chernomyrdin, the US Air Force recruited the researchers working at their Nizhny Novgorod laboratory. They built a much more powerful machine, Pamir 3, that was tested successfully. At that point, the Pentagon bought the men together with the material and shipped them to the United States, where they were incorporated into the HAARP programme.”


    The internal link to the French documentary clip showing Pamir is broken. Here’s a working one :

  537. babette Says:

    Damn, I had to step out again. I heard ya, Dude.

    Paid liars? We’re “paid liars”? We’re not quite as definite about “Nibiru cometh” as you are and that makes us all “paid liars”?

    Eric, talk to Dude.

    (door slam)

  538. Dude Says:

    There is no “talking” to dude. Dude KNOWS.

  539. clark Says:

    HAHA – too funny.

    I heard on the radio: the Chilie quake sped up the rotation of the earth causing the day to be shorter.

    Wow. Imagine what a really big quake or a huge meterorite hitting the earth would do. If the earth spun fast enough, could you say a million years equals a thousand years?

  540. Celline Says:

    @Sky, yes, it DOES make reference to it, Gen;6.
    Since the ” Flood ” ” they ” have continued their deeds though, and the creatures with their genes are indeed ” soulless”.
    I did not mention it be4, because I feared redicule, but I decided.. I don’t care anymore.. let’em laugh, it happens to be truth.
    So many more things that I am aware of, but my ” Shield of Faith” is way stronger, and OMG.. what I would do w.out is, I can not even comprehend.
    Thank you for the links etc.. which I now will check out !

  541. clark Says:

    – Today was like the picture at the top of the blog. A bit more powdery though… watching that stuff sift down to the ground like rain is eerie… the wind blowing it kind of in an unusual way, as if dragging a paint brush through flour and the ends curled up wispy like the ends of a womans hair, that 1950-60’s Jackie O look – J eventually becoming a thin lacy-like veil across the sky, spider-web-like, well, just like the picture at the top of the page.

    I saw an OK-sign sized set or rows of 3 or so layered clouds at one point in the day, after that I didn’t see any more jets. This is the fourth time that has happened, of course the day isn’t over yet and I may be proven wrong.

    Last week i noticed a lot of people arguing, felt irritated myself a time or two. Without mentioning it to another person, I was told they observed the same thing… they get calls from the public and that week their phone lit up like a Christmas tree – people calling about arguments and fighting – or so they said without any input from me.

    Are we all microwavable popcorn bags?
    Is there a description anywhere of what it feels like to be micro-waved?

  542. clark Says:

    “I am not interested in conspiracy theories; I am interested in the facts of conspiracies.” – the late Chris Tame.

  543. Celline Says:

    Clark, your description of what u saw today, is vivid. I never saw an “ok” sign be4, yet all the other things u mention.. yes, all the time.And lots of X-es !
    About the irritated, nuked people, I have wondered about this myself before, and I believe your observation is valid.”They” are doing something to us, w.out a doubt.
    But I will pay much more attention to this particular thing from now on.
    Even though” knowing” this for sure, would be overwhelming and terrifying. I see very few jets, just their , what I call ” evil farts” that take on all those varies shapes and sizes. There are no more blue skies in Southern Cal, tourists might feel very letdown.. looking for Blue and Gold, and finding only besmirched nasty looking skies.
    Talked to my GF in Germany this morning, who said, ” if all this were true, we’d all long be dead”, then she said :’ I no longer care” I believe her reaction is pretty much that of the average person. The incredulity of it all, just makes it unreal and unbelievable, and this alone,seems to me.. validates any ” conspiracy-nut” out there. Call me one of them if u wish.

  544. clark Says:

    Not an OK-sign… rather, what’s inside one: a stacked row of short clouds/chemtrail-bits that fit inside (and are no longer than) the circle of your fingers when you hold it up to the sky and look through it.

    I have your California blue skies here today – surprisingly – after yesterdays dozens and dozens of jets and their chemtrails that filled the skies, yet for “some reason” there hasn’t been a single jet fly overhead All Day Long today. I have a very wide field of view too, I even went for a drive to see if I could see any jets… none, not a one.

    People do seem to make the jump, the assumption that IF “they” were spraying something it would have to be deadly, so therefore, because we are still alive there’s nothing to it, keep your eyes down, don’t think, don’t question, submit, obey… no wonder many people are so apathetic and “no longer care” they simply exist, they do not live, they are prisoners of…?

    And they’re not going to care until they, “…get a swift kick in their big fat bottom” …but of course by then it’s too late?

  545. Celline Says:

    you are correct Clark, and I do understand this. Today, even though skies are blue, I see lots of ” Jetplane-farts” puffy fat things everywhere.
    ( Founding, please don’t ban me for ” foul” language ) I just can’t think of a better way to describe what I see.
    DUDE, just lately, there’s much chatter about Nibiru on Twitter, check it out.
    Last night took the cake. I came home late, almost full moon, walked to my house looking up. there it was, a Hand w. 5 fingers et al. So I went inside to get myself a witness ( my son ) and when we stepped back outside.. this hand had turned into about 25 short wide stripes. So, there it was, dark skies, huge moon, and over the house, about 25 big fat wide lanes/stripes ! How did it change it’s appearance so fast.. how?
    My son said :” Mom the wind blew the hand apart.. and created more lines.. is all”. So again, I can’t prove that hand.. felt stupid once again.
    Then I got a little lesson on ” obsessing”, guess I’ll have to take it in stride.

  546. Celline Says:


  547. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..here’s a link to the possibilities.


    and specifically..


  548. clark Says:

    Oh, I don’t know if I can open those links eric I may have to wait awhile, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and your stuff usually expands the conundrum exponentially.

    I think I’m seeing, Jetplane-farts” puffy fat things – without any jets around. I’m also seeing, “about 25 short wide stripes” in a row this A.M. – kind of odd looking, sort of out of place?

    – Still not one jet in the sky.

  549. clark Says:

    Awhile after 9 a.m. the sky cleared up completely, except, in the middle of the sky blue there was another one of those OK-sign sized layered clouds, it was the Only thing in the sky.

    There was only one jet all morning (which produced normal contrails) and it was so high it was barley visible. I didn’t see any more jets until after noon when I went for a drive and noticed a huge white sort of cloud bank in the West about 50-100 miles away. Coming out of this cloud bank were white cris-crossing “spokes” …chemtrails that stopped just outside the cloud bank.

    I watched a high altitude jet with normal contrails suddenly switch to chemtrails as it headed into the cloud bank, then another, then another. They were only producing chemtrails when they were above the cloud bank. Funny how as the day got warmer the contrails turned into long streaky chemtrails… I thought chemtrails were due to cold air? (Sarcasm off)

    I still haven’t seen any jets over my town, just in the distance, but that “cloud bank” is headed this way, bringing the jets and their chemtrails with them I’m sure.

    Yesterdays chemtrail bonanza was captured by a local newspaper photographer and made the front page above a story about skate boarders… Pathetic.

  550. Celline Says:

    Clark, but that’s the 1. time I heard that a newspaper even bothered to show them at all ?!
    I notice that your description of all and everything, describes all of my experiences to a “T”. ( That’s outside you using my words, see above ) when I describe the whole thing using ” bad” language.
    Thanx all for not being upset w. me , but words sometimes can’t describe what I see.. so I make up new ones… my bad.
    No jets in the sky at all, but just above the clouds, apparitions of chems in all shapes, sometimes like symbolisms. Coincedence, because of the wind, or on purpose, who knows.
    Just talked to a friend returning from an Australian vacation, he said, their economy is booming !!! Had not heard this be4. And he said, he noticed no chemtrails ( He is very aware of all and everything, so he’s telling me the truth )

  551. clark Says:

    Just before sunset I noticed the, “cloud bank” had not advanced and out in front of it was another one of those OK-sign sized ripple/wavy spots. All around the cloud bank there were short chemtrails (and horizon to horizon chemtrails off to the North) except where that spot was.
    There were jets with no contrails or chemtrails whatsoever flying both above and below the chemtrailing jets.
    The jets never did fly over my area, they stayed well off to the West, South and North.

    On the way home I noticed what Celline might’ve seen the other day with her “no horizon, it’s black” statement… the Eastern Horizon here had a black – to dark violet band about the height of the Rocky Mountains with a narrow pink band above that. The band went all around – the entire horizon in all directions – but it was darkest in the East. The band looked similar to when a large thunderstorm cloud front moves in, only it didn’t look anything like a cloud, or a front… sort of like a smog bank… it was unusual,… especially in contrast to the blue skies above my area.

  552. Celline Says:

    I read all the links Eric gave ( above )
    One huge thing makes sense: we are being radiated, and electromagnetically charged. We are walking ” antennae”.
    Differently shaped chems, have different agendas and effects.
    The ” Hand” I saw last night, that turned into 20 fingers w.in 5 minutes, seems to be a real powerful one in affecting every living thing. I do not grasp/understand all the details/explanations in those links, but I highly recommand reading them.. they unkey some mighty mysteries.
    And scare the living c…. out of me.

  553. Celline Says:

    Our skies today: Look at the picture above, to a “T”.

  554. clark Says:

    Howaboutthat… we have sky blue, no clouds, no chemtrals, just a couple of normal contrail jets at a very high altitude.

  555. Celline Says:

    it’s raining, the blue sky places that are peeking thru the rainclouds, are chockfull of chems. Poisoned rainwater once again.

  556. clark Says:

    – blue sky, no clouds or jets again.

  557. clark Says:

    – Yesterday those blue skies were wiped away with a sudden whiteout and rain.

    Before and during the Civil War, people such as newspaper editors in the North who spoke out and said the States had a right to leave the Union were jailed for doing so along with many protestors… If history rhymes, it seems like they are going after and soon to be targeting the bloggers (here, anywhere, global) who speak out, and other current or Potential resistors, it’s as if they’ve already scoped everyone out and have their “Red List” now they’re justifying themselves as did those in Lincoln’s time?:

    McCain-Lieberman Bill Flirts with Totalitarianism

    By Anthony Gregory on Mar 5, 2010 in Civil Liberties, Law

    Former Democratic VP candidate Joe Lieberman and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain have introduced a new detention policy bill in response to the Christmas Day underwear bomber. From The Atlantic: “A close reading of the bill suggests it would allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on suspected activity.”

    This is another reminder of why, as horrible as Obama is on practically every issue, his competition was likely no better. Not that I expect Obama to veto this monstrosity. On detention policy, he has proven himself to be approximately as bad as his predecessor, if not worse.

    Can we build a bipartisan police state, complete with the destruction of the last vestiges of due process, while we distract the public with political sideshows and debates over whether the government should control 60% or 61% of the economy? Yes we can.

  558. clark Says:

    – yesterday the whitout happened and brought rain.

    Post got eaten… that’s ok it wasn’t very good anyway, the link was though:

    McCain-Lieberman Bill Flirts with Totalitarianism

    By Anthony Gregory on Mar 5, 2010 in Civil Liberties, Law

    Former Democratic VP candidate Joe Lieberman and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain have introduced a new detention policy bill in response to the Christmas Day underwear bomber. From The Atlantic: “A close reading of the bill suggests it would allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on suspected activity.”

    This is another reminder of why, as horrible as Obama is on practically every issue, his competition was likely no better. Not that I expect Obama to veto this monstrosity. On detention policy, he has proven himself to be approximately as bad as his predecessor, if not worse.

    Can we build a bipartisan police state, complete with the destruction of the last vestiges of due process, while we distract the public with political sideshows and debates over whether the government should control 60% or 61% of the economy? Yes we can.

  559. Celline Says:

    Clark, where can I reads this in detail? As to ” bipartisan” that’s just Show, they all dance to the same piper.
    McCain.. no surprize here, he has the same “bosses” as the rest of
    whoever is running the show..
    I wish we had more participation, and FF please new space ?

  560. clark Says:

    The full bill can be read here (PDF).

    Click to access ARM10090.pdf

    I wonder if everyone else here has noticed, of all or most of the people who comment against chemtrails, they’re always either condescending or mad and full of anger and hate… not once do I recall a conversation or comment where the person against chemtrails goes something like, “Well, gee that is odd how those planes fly in parallel lines in grid fashion on random days, but here’s why they may be doing that…” Instead it’s always, “you crazy *!@#$!!! your idiots.”
    The followers of strife and hate, unable to ever see anything that doesn’t conform to their worldview?

    The person who doesn’t say which way they think about the issue doesn’t count.

    Maybe others have had good experiences, but would that make a difference?

  561. clark Says:

    I think I found the answer to my own question:

    So it seems to me at least possible that easy access to public self-expression tends to make people more bad-tempered and ill-mannered than they would otherwise have been. It releases people from inhibitions, and allows them to breach psychological barriers. Even wit suffers, for it is far easier to insult than to think of a really damaging, but amusing, witticism. To write to Professor Dawkins that one feels ‘a sudden urge to ram a fistful of nails down your throat’ is easier than to explain succinctly why he is wrong, if he is wrong.

    Moreover, the fact that one can vituperate using a virtual rather than a real address promotes such verbal intemperance.


  562. clark Says:

    I guess we’re the “new” Vietnamese? Look how similar Agent Orange is to chemtrails:

    A total of 20 million gallons of dioxin-containing herbicide was sprayed by U.S. aircraft on at least 10 percent of what was once South Vietnam—over 3.6 million acres, much of it populated, even heavily populated. Cropland was deliberately targeted, and water bodies used for drinking and irrigation were contaminated.

    “Only grudgingly has the U.S. government acknowledged that the many herbicide-linked diseases in its own veterans stemmed from their years serving in Vietnam. The government has been even less forthcoming in helping Vietnam deal with the legacy of Agent Orange.”

    But the government is not alone. As the coverage of the latest Institute of Medicine report on Agent Orange demonstrates, the American media continue to ignore the ongoing tragedy that 10 years of reckless (and probably criminal) use of herbicides by the U.S. military has bequeathed to the people of Vietnam.


  563. ericswan Says:

    09. 03. 10. – 11:45

    US military behind Haiti quake, says Innsbruck scientist
    Innsbruck political scientist Claudia von Werlhof has accused the USA of being behind the Haitian earthquake in January, it emerged today (Tues).

    Werlhof said that machines at a military research centre in Alaska used to detect deposits of crude oil by causing artificial earthquakes had intentionally been set off to cause the Haitian earthquake and enable the USA to send 10,000 soldiers into the country.

    Ferdinand Karlhofer, the head of the Innsbruck Political Science Institute where von Werlhof works, has slammed her comments. He said such conspiracy theory had no scientific basis and her claim would damage the reputation of the Institute abroad

  564. buds Says:

    They have been spraying in Adelaide South Australia quite a bit recently.
    today we had a big car race here and they sprayed quite a bit. I got a good close up telephoto shot of a megasprayer which is quite rare!
    have a look:

  565. ericswan Says:

    Good pic Buds. It seems like the aussies are intent on being the proving ground for the NWO. I shake my head when I read about the censorship of the internet that is heading our way.

  566. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark. My next door neighbour adopted a third generation baby from Viet Nam. Her eyes were more to the side of her face and her nose cavity revealed the inside of her skull. Her upper lip was cleft. This is a baby born 40 years after the war.

  567. clark Says:

    In Bud’s closeup picture, the trails didn’t look anything like what I’ve seen around here… but maybe that’s what the ones at really high altitudes look like?

    eric, …sad tale,… …. cruel world,… shows the relevance of order of importance?

  568. babette Says:

    Million UK Books To Go Underground For 3 Yrs (hmm…) Rense

    Doomsday Seed Vaults, DUMBs and now underground Book Vaults? Big time preparations going on.

    We’re being sprayed here like there’s no tomorrow… um, yeah.

  569. babette Says:

    1- “Mike Brown, who discovered Sedna in 2003, said: “Sedna is a very odd object – it shouldn’t be there! It never comes anywhere close to any of the giant planets or the sun. It’s way, way out there on this incredibly eccentric orbit.

    2-The only way to get on an eccentric orbit is to have some giant body kick you – so what is out there?”
    He suggests it is up to five times the size of Jupiter or 7,000 times the size of Earth. He said: “There is statistically significant evidence that this concentration of comets could be caused by a companion to the Sun.”

    Excerpts from: Search on for Death Star that throws out deadly comets.

  570. babette Says:

    Another possible reason for the superduper chemtrails these days?

    “Halo CME incoming March 17th”
    (Godlike Productions)

    “The Moon is glued to a picture of heaven, and all the little pigs have God.”

  571. babette Says:

    I’m viewing movies of yesteryear that show recognizable chemtrails. The earliest shot I found, so far, of a nice, fat chemtrail is in “To Live & Die in L.A.” released in 1985. A few minutes after the credits.

    William Friedkin, of “Exorcist” fame, directed.

  572. Celline Says:

    Something new? The last 2 days, our sky looked different once again.
    Like scribbled w. a very finepoint pencil.. can only describe it, like a kid’s scribbling. This mess covered the sky from horizon to horizon. To top it of, highflying jets.. 2 or 3 at a time.. made their usual big fat lines,straight across the scribble-mess.

  573. clark Says:

    Supposedly, over 4500 people signed this, I don’t think it’ll do any good, but it’s nice to know there are more than a few dozen people who notice the chemtrails, The Chemtrails Petition to U.S. Congress

  574. clark Says:

    The blog isn’t letting me post this link (discarded) the link is short and only has a forward slash and letters, must be a keyword? petition

  575. clark Says:

    Not a keyword, it just won’t let me post URL’s. Finicky blog.

  576. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, you should be able to post links. I would definitely like to have a link to that petition here. Please try again – put the whole syntax down, for example:




  577. Celline Says:

    .. ditto. me too Clark, I am going to try and hunt it down right now.

  578. Celline Says:


  579. Celline Says:

    this one ?

  580. Celline Says:

    I think, it is the correct one, and I just signed it, for whatever it’s worth.

  581. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    That looks like the right link. Thanks for posting it!



  582. clark Says:

    That’s the one.

    – after several days of clouds and white-outs, a day or so of blue sky without any jets what-so-ever was nice, but today, dozens of jets and chemtrails, but surprisingly enough they didn’t white-out the sky, instead it cleared up, then later a thin fine white mitsy-like film covered the sky, it was clearly formed from the chemtrails being applied in parallel fashion. Once that film drifted off they would apply chemtrails off and on for the rest of the day, but in never whited-out, or got cloudy.

  583. Celline Says:

    Clark, very similar here today, it came in in huge puffs, then just vanished, and the sky looked milky.
    Was thinking: This ” petition” could have been put out by a shill?
    In that case.. o well.. I signed it.
    Another thought: I think ” aliens” are involved w. full knowledge of the government. I do believe what we have here.. is cooperation between humans and spiritual things. Put in short:The devil working overtime, something huge is up !

  584. clark Says:

    …” petition” could have been put out by a shill?

    Could be, who knows about anything these days? It was just something I came across while surfing.
    After reading about the earths electromagnetic fields and what happens when they are disrupted,… we’re lucky the ground is solid when we take a step.

    – They must’ve been spraying in the night as the skies this morning at dawn were full of many low altitude wide, thick, dense chemtrails. There were a number of short high altitude regular contrails too. What a mix of things… a couple of jets stood out, in that they looked to be flying much slower than jets normally do. Usually the jets look white colored, today I saw several that looked black. I couldn’t stand to look anymore after that.

    Ursula often commented about how she saw giant X’s in the sky above her, off and on over the last year now I’ve had one appear in my Eastern sky throughout the day (but very often at dawn) at about tree-top level. It’s always in about, or in exactly the same spot,… formed when flights originating from the East cross the path of flights originating from the North, rarely – to – never do I see them coming from any other direction to form this long lasting X that often winds up more like an asterik * where some of the chemtrails last for a long time and other chemtrails are short duration or have gaps, all at the same time. It’s like an in-your-face flashcard of many of the different types of chemtrails all in one spot. Hmmm… focused in one spot * with parallel and perpendicular lines surrounding it.

  585. foundingfather1776 Says:

    They were spraying the East Coast area like crazy yesterday. Driving home on a four-lane highway, I looked up and counted at least FIVE jets spraying! Because the sun was starting to set and the sky had an orange glow, the chemtrails were very obvious against (what was left of) the blue sky.

    I am not kidding when I say it kind of reminded me of those old WWII pics of the Armada of ships streaming towards Normandy on D-day. The long streaks of chemtrails were being laid out in mostly parallel lines. It was so ridiculously obvious to anyone that has a clue.

    I had my trusty digital camera and managed to get some shots. I will try and upload some later if they came out. I know it is not safe to try and take pictures while driving, but these trails were so particularly heavy and obvious I had to try.

    The whole issue of chemtrails needs to get a LOT more attention than it is. What is being done to us is being carried out on a MASSIVE scale. I can’t even begin to imagine the logistics and cost of the chemtrail operation; the health costs will be even higher I am sure.

    God help us……


  586. clark Says:

    “…it kind of reminded me of those old WWII pics of the Armada of ships streaming towards Normandy on D-day.”

    I’ve been trying to put a finger on how to describe how they are and that is perfectly exactly right.

    – They turned the sky solid white, the odd part is, it’s bright, sunglasses bright, but it’s a solid white like a high altitude fog. I used to think of the white-outs as a thick substance like a snow fall… but today it seems and appears as if it’s a thin dense layer… the thin film they created earlier fluffs up and collapses back together, or dries to form a dense film?
    A person somewhere described chemtrails as a “thing” producing a thin self-constructing aluminum film, one that partially self replicates inside people. This is the most un-fun game of connect-the-dots I’ve ever been in.

    Fish in a bowl.

  587. Celline Says:

    Clark, Founding, all I can say is :Ditto, I observe the same things here.
    Today, as our ” oceanbreeze” came in, usually has some fog w. it certain times of the year, so as this fog-layer came in, I noticed that the frontline of it was sorta ” feathered”. That’s not what it normally looks like.
    This feathering moved inland and dissapated quickly, while the real fog is moving in slowly. Where the sky is still blue, I notice big fat puffs of things that are not clouds or fog, it’s clearly unnatural.. it’s chemtrails.
    Lately I am getting mail and pics from Germany with the same thing !
    Really ” funny” comment I got from Germany:” But the Media isen’t saying anything, so there just can’t be anything wrong !” Blew me away and I was at a loss for an answer. How does one deal w. total stupidity and ignorance ?
    Yes, GOD HELP US, please !

  588. Celline Says:

    This dumb smileyface was suppose to be a “D” and I have no clue how that happened, am sorry, NOT funny !

  589. ericswan Says:

    X’s and ooze. There is alot of interest in the subject of chemtrails. I think the mainstream will get involved soon. We need answers.

  590. Celline Says:

    Everyone is glued to TV and Radio about the healthcare reform.
    To me this means: Something super important is going on elsewhere.. maybe the Middle East ? that ” they” doen’t want anyone to be aware of.. wannu bet? just talking like this because of past experiences !
    Total whiteout here, and it’s not the usual Oceanclouds. Oh no, I know what they look like !

  591. Celline Says:

    Suspense is over, ” They” won, just as expected.
    Can’t even imagine what went on behind the scenes, don’t want to picture it either.
    Now I am looking for what Really really happened at the same time.. anyone found anything yet??

  592. clark Says:

    – Yesterday there seemed to be slightly fewer chemtrailing jets, but they switched to higher altitudes and more parallel lines with hardly any perpendicular lines.
    The human eye supposedly can determine the difference in the thickness of things within the width of a human hair… I looked at the many… dozens of perfectly spaced parallel lines for awhile yesterday (70 degrees F) and I couldn’t determine any variation in the distance apart of these parallel lines, pure precision.
    They didn’t cover the sky noticably at once, it was, a row or three in the NE, then some in South, then back to and perfectly spaced above where they were in the NE. Back and forth all day long.

    Today there was only one lone regular contrail producing jet in the clear blue sky, that is until sunset (after a bit of mesh-like thin cloud-like cover moved in, like the upper right of the photo at the top) when a number of chemtrailing jets flew over (randomly? no parallel lines) a bit lower than yesterday.

  593. clark Says:

    Oh joy, we got your total white out sky this a.m. too, Celline.

  594. Celline Says:

    Just came home from a trip into our desert. Temps there were 100.
    The usually clear , intensely blue desertsky was a total mess.
    Firstly I spotted a spraying plane.. that suddenly completely vanished.
    There was a person with me, he saw it too, we were baffled.
    The desertsky was the filthiest I ever saw. Total Grey-Out in the distance, and short and long, fat and skinny lines right overhead.
    I can’t help it.. but I think that just planes.. aren’t able to do all this.
    Seems to me there are flying objects involved that are extremely fast and able to cover huge areas in seconds. Am convinced those are machines they secretly developed, it’s just too much.
    How can the whole sky be covered w. chems, and all you saw is one plane ? Something more than just spraying planes is going on here and I of course have no real clue.. just how ” they” do it.
    The desert was green, with many blooming cacti, many many tourists out there, enjoying the sights, and I did not see one of them looking up. It’s all going on right in front of the sheeple, and they don’t question a thing.Anyone who knows what our deserts normally look like, would be shocked to see what I saw today. But I seemed to be the only one looking up, and taking pics. I love the deserts, and I feel so sad now, it used to be such fun to go there !

  595. babette Says:

    Breaking: S.Korean Navy ship sinking in Western Sea Border- UPDATE: Confirmed NK Torpedo Attack, SK Navy Now Returning Fire… Quote

    [link to media.daum.net]

    WWIII begins in earnest?

  596. clark Says:


    The way everything is set up, it looks that way.


    – – – _

    Someone did my idea of hooking a camera up to a balloon and sending it up… it seems like he is doing so for other reasons, but perhaps he will come out with future photos that capture chemtrails and their jet source. It might be a site to watch? That is, if we are allowed to.

    Here’s his website:


    Here’s the story about him,
    Man Baffles NASA With Space Photos
    Uses Balloon And Home Camera To Take Amazing Space Photos


    I imagine you all have already read this, but in case you didn’t:

    Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It


    This too:

    Isaiah’s Job
    by Albert Jay Nock


    I’m not sure where this quote comes from but it’s very fitting:

    “I’m running into the lunkhead phenomenon and realizing that stupidity and ignorance does more harm than criminality.”

  597. Celline Says:

    Founding, you did not respond to my request, would u please?
    I don’t understand something here, Clark, why would a fight bewteen South and North Korea take us into W111 ?

  598. Celline Says:


  599. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    I think I mentioned before, I don’t like to go and edit past comments, even at the commentator’s request, primarily because it will give other readers who follow the blog the impression that I am censoring someone. I don’t censor anyone’s comments and I have only had to ban one person outright.

    The other reason I don’t care to go down that road is that my time to blog is limited. I want to put more posts up (I have some great ones in mind) but like everyone, I have other pressing needs as well.

    What if someone asks me to go back over their comments and edit them for typo’s? Or re-write them so they have proper syntax? That is not a business I care to embark on.

    When I post something on other forums, I re-read my own post carefully so that it says what I want before I hit “reply” – even then, sometimes I see I made a mistake. If so, I just post again and “correct” what I meant to say with another post.

    That is the model I would like everyone to use on my blog as well.



  600. babette Says:

    “Earth Has NO PLAN To Avoid Extinction” By Karl Schwarz

  601. Celline Says:

    1 1/2 days with clear blue gorgeous, untainted skies.
    So beautiful it was breathtaking.. until dusk today.
    There they rolled in, the blotches, the lacey circles the whole mess
    from the West, as if created over the Pacific.

  602. clark Says:

    The Armada steamed by today, big time.

  603. babette Says:

    CERN was fired up this morning. Lots of glitches and postponements, but it finally shot it’s load at 11:00 am or thereabouts. CERN’s logo is 666… 11:00 am. Hmmm.

    Anyway, pack of stinking scientists clapping and chugging champagne at their 80m$ toy whirring and buzzing. Some “acceptable leakage” was reported — nothing to worry about. (grin)

    Did anyone else watch it?

    The video recording of the event will soon be available from here: http://cdsweb.cern.ch/collection/Videos

  604. clark Says:

    – The “Armada” has just been relentless the last few days… except for a short window where I could see the full moon, come to think of it I don’t think the view of any full moons have been obstructed… who knows, I didn’t keep track but it seems that way.

    The “Armada” and the effects once again look just like the photo at the top of this blog.

    Looking out the window, I rarely see flights from North to South, there have been a number of these N. to S. flights across the ones from the East to the West creating a rhomboid grid mixed with giant V‘s and X‘s.

    The other uncommon sight is seeing flights veer off course in a slight curve).

    The chemtrail dust is powdery and falling like a mist as it slowly drifts in the wind – haven’t seen that in awhile.

    The other day I was reminded of the first time I noticed chemtrails. I didn’t get it then though, I saw a jet leaving a dark chemtrail off into the horizon in a way that looked like it was a rocket spiraling and crashing to the ground. I think this was pre-9/11, so it was easy to brush off, but the image stuck in my mind for some reason, maybe because it was so odd looking? Then I saw the same thing some time later,… then again…
    Along about that time I had a friend going-on about “Scalar weaponry” you’d think I would have gotten it then, but nope. It wasn’t like I was being stubborn or in denial or anything, I just hadn’t been motivated to investigate or come across any convincing information.

    Convincing information from crediable sources combined with what I observed.

    The comments on this page also mention an increase in chemtrails:


    I saw the movie, The Happening., in the movie they mention the bee decline, they sum it up to being, “something we may never know the reason why” as if that’s the accepted official line in real life, a sort of conditioning of the public?

    Plenty of possibilities or any combination of.

    As far as the bees go, this possibility was plausible, would it apply to moths as well, or are they simply attracted to the HAARP in the sky as if to a light bulb and die of exhaustion?:

    March 29th, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    The reason for the bee population decline in simply this: The bees harvest the pollen from the flowers for their food. The pollen is contaminated by the powder… CHEMTRAILS !!! that comes out of the planes that are spraying them. The powder ? A coloidal from of aluminum oxide and barrium salts that sticks to everything,Human, Plant, Animal, Structures and one cannot wash it off because it’s a salt.

    In addition to this is the GMO’S that are being produced by corporations of death such as Monsato. The pollen from the GMO’s ( plants that are genetically mixed with the genes of an insect to prevent a particular insect from eating the plant) mixes with the natural pollen and when the bees harvest that man made toxin and then add the “dust” from the CHEMTRAILS and they eat that, guess what happens to the bee’s.

    THEY DIE !!!!

    Duh. Get rid of the Chemtrails and Monsato. The bees will recover. They are needed for pollenation.

  605. Celline Says:

    This is how I see it also , Clark, but if the bees will recover, I question.
    When will we notice a shortage of honey in the supermarket?
    Or prices soaring for almonds, etc?
    Chems are increasing here, I think, in fact.. they have doubled.
    We have a storm moving in ( suppose the last one this season ) and above the real clouds, ths kies have like a ” Lacey net ” of CTs.. some of it looks like fishes bones, weird alright.
    I stood there taking pics, but was the odd one out, looking at the sky. the sheeple are interested in ” Jersey shores, and if Aniston will finally meet her man etc “.. they know nothing about what’s going on over their very heads. I have a new contact in Germany, found him via Twitter, and now I get updated info about what it looks like in Germany.
    My friends still being in denial.. sick and tired of me asking them and mentioning the mess. Now I can send them brandnew pics of chems right big and fat over Germany. The guy sais, the german people are sheeple too, they notice nothing. Why is this.. I wonder?

  606. Celline Says:

    .. it can’t be just stupidity, it’s something worse than that.
    they don’t WANT to know or see, so the few who do see and care are treading water, it seems.

  607. Celline Says:

    Within 15 minutes.. no plane insight, our sky was, is covered with, what I think is called: Lenticular clouds, only they are not clouds.. but CTs..
    And I mean.. as far as the eye can see.. the sky is covered w them.. no planes.. not a one in sight..

  608. babette Says:

    Lookit, no planes, no chems, C. NO PLANES, NO CHEMS, get it C!

    Didn’t anyone take even a peek at CERN’s “take-off”? Not the least bit curious? Somebody? Anybody?

    Ok, ok, repeating the dogma, “OMG, the sky is bleached with chems…why, oh why, doesn’t anyone else see?!?!”

    Gets boring, fast.

  609. clark Says:

    It’s on my list, the thing keeps growing though.

    I don’t see how sharing observations about atmospheric conditions, movments and human behaviors is dogmatic, on this blog, but okay.

    It sure is boring, looking for a pattern, especially if there isn’t one,… Worse than looking under a microscope all day or working on a factory line,… something to do until something new comes along.

    Such as… tell us more about the CERN, what is it that you are focusing in on, what draws your attention, maybe there’s something to it?

  610. Tweak Says:

    Hello all. I just wanted to drop a line saying that I stumbled across FoundingFather1776 while looking up information about the 2010 census and noticed the Chemtrails links so I followed them.

    I too am inundated with what appears to be chemtrails on a daily basis as well and I first noticed them around 2002 in my part of the US (Midwest). They run the gamut from parellel lines to the giant “X marks the spot” type.

    My curiosity has always been piqued by these phenomenon and after going through five pages of everyone’s comments ranging from the informative (Dave Mason, Clark, ericswan) to the bizarre (Dude) I have noticed a disturbing trend in the comments: There is only reporting and no ideas on action or getting any public official to comment on them.

    I realize there are online petitions, but has anybody considered contacting the FAA and finding out which airports these jets takeoff from? Or inquiring AFB’s in the area about any exercises they are conducting to possibly get closer to a departure or arrival of these jets? Possibly recording the conversations so that the obviousness of covering up the air traffic can be publically posted?

    Also has anyone contacted the congressmen responsible for HR 2977 (which didn’t pass), the bill that prohibits the use of chemtrails (among other things) and why they redrafted the bill as HR 3616 in which the provisions of not allowing EMF type weaponry, chemtrails, et al were struck from the bill and then THAT version passed? I have searched tirelessly and it seems as if no one out there (not just here) is interested in confronting the drafters of those bills or the nay voters for the former or yea voters for the latter…

    I would like to be proactive in pursuing this — but it seems as if everyone here is content to just report their skies instead of trying to commit to a line of action for answers and/or stopping them.

    Please note that I mean no disrespect. It just seems that the legislature that has been in the House of Representatives would be the place to start in that the people who voted against the first bill should be outed and confronted.

    I have been labeled a “kook” or “paranoid” by my friends and family and ostracized from social functions with both because of trying to wake them up to the sinister intentions of their government officials and corporate masters. I’m ok with that. I have to “go along to get along” with them, as I’m sure most of you have to do.

    But it makes trying to get anything done damn near impossible — which is why I guess I’m commenting to the regular posters that I’ve seen on this site and particuliarly the “what the hell are they spraying on us?” series.

    It just seems it’s time to stop reporting the skies, and time to start taking proactive measures toward ending what’s going on, or at least get them to admit publically what’s going on.

    How do we start to go about doing that? Why doesn’t anyone here seemed concerned about contacting their local news organizations and try to convince them to do some kind of story about it?

    I’m afraid talking about this is not accomplishing anything. Informing people about them seems to not accomplish anything. Signing online petitions doesn’t seem to accomplish anything.

    What will it take?

    Thank you FoundingFather1776 for allowing me to post my comments on your very informative site. I appreciate the work involved in trying to wake people up, and the time invested in your articles to do so.

  611. Celline Says:

    am well aware of ” CERN”. yet another attempt to prove those, who have been on the wrong track forever, right. Nice experiment, admirable, as in all what science can do.. but I don’t see that it takes us anywhere.
    The whole earth is in a ” net” that will enable unbelievable things to take place. But this is way beyond the chems.. it is the big plan for which the chems were needed.
    Right, it no longer makes sense to discuss.. how many, what shape, or from where they come, we all know they are there… only diff is, they are getting more and more.. and there’s real brainwash going on on TV.. as the chems appear in every commercial, behind every anchor.. even old flicks have been worked over.. and have the chems superimposed, so the sheeple may think, it’s always been like this.
    It’s all a huge lie, and the real plan is to finalize the huge LIE.
    This I see coming very shortly, and those who are aware will recognize it.
    .. we need more space soon, please, Founding !

  612. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Tweak,

    Thank-you for joining us, and I appreciate your comments.

    I believe Chemtrails are one of the most insidious daily abuses we face. The news is reporting we have had record rainfall in New England this year. It seems to me we have also had “record chemtrails” but since, officially, they don’t exist – they never make it into the extreme weather discussion by the main-stream-media.

    I agree that more action needs to be taken. I agree that “preaching to the choir” won’t bring us salvation from the almost daily attacks. I think many people here post their observations more from a sense of frustration and with the realization that most of the people reading their comments will completely understand what they are seeing and feeling.

    I love hearing about solutions, and by all means post any and all ideas, feedback, experiences, victories, etc. that you have. We can all learn from one another.

    Most politicians do not care what “the people” are concerned about. Concrete provable things, like the banker bail-out and the socialized eugenics-based Obamacare are routinely passed now….despite MASSIVE opposition from the people. With chemtrails it is even worse. They can easily try and denounce you as a simpleton or a kook and say “that is just normal jet traffic.” Don’t misunderstand me, I think it is important to confront politicians and make your views felt. I am just a bit pessimistic about the results.

    What I have found some success and satisfaction in is to go up to strangers on a beautiful chemtrail-laced day and start talking nonchalantly about the weather. Then I introduce the subject of chemtrails and invite them to look-up. I give them a business card with my blog address. Many people are hungry for knowledge. My hope is that eventually, enough people will wake up and demand political change – REAL change.

    Chemtrails are very upsetting to me because I see them everywhere and, it seems, with greater intensity – I wish I had a solution but I don’t.

    My local congress-critter recently said that they automatically ignored all the calls they received against “Obamacare” because he *knew* they were “just controlled opposition and not “real people” calling.” Naturally he voted FOR Obamacare….while simultaneously flipping the bird and insulting anyone that did not want socialistic, higher taxes/lesser care eugenics-based medicine as merely “controlled opposition” – nice huh?

    But you know, I do like the spirit of your comment. Perhaps I should call up his office and ask if I can meet with him to discuss the issue of “chemtrails” – it would be an interesting experiment.

    It would be nice to have anyone in government acknowledge what we can see with our own eyes.

    But then I think this is also the same Government that tells me 19 radical Muslims high-jacked planes (knocking down 3 building with just 2 planes in NYC alone! Pretty amazing!) and it is also the same government that fluoridates 66% of all municipal water supplies in the US so we have shiny white teeth, and tells me I need an ever increasing roster of vaccines to stay healthy and GMO food to eat and whose leaders are very much into the occult and that the “terrorists” hate my freedom so I had better surrender it to the Govt. to be safe…and on and on…..

    Can you sense my frustration?

    But I do sincerely welcome solutions and ideas and I hope you will continue to share your comments here.



  613. Dude Says:

    Hey folks. Dont forget about me. The news today was talking about Vladimir Putin and how he has been in power for 9 years. Two of the dates in the Bible says 10-10 in the 9th year of his (invading king) reign. See all the lies and push for war regarding Iran now?

    Change is coming: Six months until the War of Armageddon exterminates America.

    The few remaining Americans left will be happy when Nibiru swings through in 2012 and rips North America into thirds, erupts Yellowstone super volcano, and ends the war.

    I hope everyone does more to prepare this year than last year. We got one more summer than I first thought. I hope everyone really enjoys themselves this summer.

    Old but very relevant news:

    Heres your locusts from Revelation:

    New stealth warship:

    Russia Gets Ready for Biggest Naval Drills in Years:

    Putin meets Chavez for talks on military, energy cooperation:
    (Dont forget that Chavez gave Putin and island to launch supersonic bombers from)

    Im not going to post any earthquake news but I hope yall are aware of the massive increase in the past year. Nibiru Cometh….from the south…..where the horizon has been kept white for the past three years.

    I took out the prefix to the links cause wordpress kept saying “discarded”.

  614. Celline Says:

    Tweak, did u really think, that none of us have tried your above mentioned ” solutions”? Then you have not yet found out, that it is impossible ( unless you have the know how.. or know someone ).. to talk, write, phone your Congressman, Senate, or any other Official, yes IMPOSSIBLE.. because I for one have tried and tried again, HAVE YOU ?
    I have done all of the above, and the very second you mention anything about the sky ( let alone chemtrails).. they cut you off, tell you lies.. get a sudden phonecall that can not wait etc etc etc. So, my answer to you is yes, I tried. I have written at least 50 letters, to anchormen, Senate, Congress, Governor, even the President himself. So.. how’s that ?
    Do better, if you can !
    This chem-thing is : on a need to know basis only, and even the poor dumbo mechanic who puts the stuff onto the planes.. won’t know what it is he’s doing. Do Better, by all means.. and tell us the results, we’d love to know. Thanx for joining us, and hopefully you will do better than the rest of us, and of course, then share share share ! As for me.. I think I found an asnwer, as to what’s going on, but I only shared it w. Uschi via e mail, because most of you would not go there, and after all the upsetting things going on, I would not be able to deal w. criticism, redicule.. etc… should someone decide what I think is stupid.
    Thank you Dude for your contribution, No, I did not forget you.
    Thing though is, it’s the same story w. you, you interpret the bible the way u see fit.. and that’s just going to work. Dude.. it’s a Spiritual thingy, and we are unable to decipher those prophecies and much more. w.out.. well, we told you be4, but you just don’t believe us.
    Kudos to you though, I know you are sincere and I do appreciate your honest efforts.

  615. Celline Says:

    Today again , we have ” Fischgraeten “.. meaning fish, w. no meat on their bones, in the sky. Literally, all over…. deboned fishes, no, not kidding !

  616. Celline Says:

    Something I just read caught my attention: Chemtrails .. autism, Alzheimers, etc? The only way I can think of to get to a Congressman , Senator etc, is go from person to person, til u find someone, who knows one personally. This is what I am going to do next.. from friend to friend, to someone who knows one !

  617. clark Says:

    The flying Russian “Crocodile,” Mi-24 chopper did look like a locust.

    Aren’t most Congressman owned by Big Pharma, Monsanto et al whose products depend on having passed and been tested under controlled conditions, the results of which would be invalid if chemtrails were acknowledged? … Ain’t no one going to say anything, mum is the word, short term self-interested gains are the only focus for most, it’s the system.

  618. babette Says:

    Excerpt from a rant I recently found somewhere:

    I AM A VET. 1966-1970, 11/BRAVO/20 & 11/ECHO/20 ALSO 71/QUEBEC/20.



    There you go. Whatever it is chems are meant to do, hasn’t been “switched on” yet. Our decade-long, daily aluminum particle shower will really SHOCK us at some point.

    Hey Dude! My eye is on the sky.

  619. clark Says:

    – After the total white-out fog bank left the area this morning (an unusual looking rain producing fog bank no less, like a wall) there wasn’t a single jet in the mostly clear sky until 5pm (what a great feeling, not seeing them) when another total white-out, wall-like fog-looking cloud bank approached with a number of chemtrailing jets on the leading edge. I think I’ve described this same technique of theirs before, like brushing out a puddle, or pile of powder while adding more.

    Found this comment on infowars, we experienced… something similar, throats being affected and such:

    April 3rd, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    yes the chemtrails are spreading pathogens… on thursday i went to my friends house 5 miles north of philadelpia to go fishing on the delaware river, the whole day there was massive chemtrail spraying, but later on in the night around 9 or 10 pm me and my friend noticed there was really low chemtrail spraying right over us, i have never seen them this low, no more than a hour after seeing the low chemtrail spraying me and my friend started to have really itchy throats.. then around midnight i left his house and started to drive home back to new jersey where i live, i got home and i had the worst headache and sore throat, so i went to bed.. the next day(friday) i wake up my head was killing me i was shaking and had the chills and my muscles and bones were so sore, i have never felt this sick ever in my life, so i took my temperature and it was 102 degrees. And then finally today (saturday) i woke up covered in sweat and i felt alot better, i really think the dam chemtrails caused me to get sick.. anyone else experience the same problem..

  620. Celline Says:


  621. Celline Says:

    clark, your experience w. this whiteout plus the ” trails”, I am observing a lot.
    Yes, of course, Congress et all are owned by big Pharma,and Monsanto.
    Thing is, if u are able to get a hold of one of those guys, via a friend of a friend, he’d at least have to give u an answer, and I’d love to watch them quake in their shoes, if nothing else. My above posted link I picked up from someone on Twitter, I thought it was worth putting up.

  622. Celline Says:


  623. babette Says:

    Clark, in answer to your question (if it was one): No.

    I don’t know what they’re for, but killing us slowly, very slowly, much too slowly, I don’t think is it.

    Be well, buddy.

  624. Celline Says:

    Today, chemtrails ( the lacey kind ) and earthquakes.
    We were having Easterdinner, when 2 of us were thrown out of our chairs, the Baja quake hit San Diego hard.
    It’s quiet now, but aftershocks will continue. One of my windows cracked, some glasses in the kitchen broken. No one hurt.

  625. babette Says:

    As per my research on chems in film: Earliest so far is in Antonioni’s “L’eclisse” 1965. No kidding. Four planes (or was it two) side-by-side laying big ole chems across the screen sky.

    Maybe we’ve been fooled. For a long, long, really long time.

  626. babette Says:

    Make that four planes, that’s 4 planes, spraying. Any questions, just ask.

  627. babette Says:

    Or maybe we’ve been “prepared” to accept them.

  628. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Babette, is this film available on Netflix?

    What time-frame in the film do the planes appear?

    Interesting research you have going there.



  629. Dude Says:

    The chemtrails here are about twice as bad as last year. That is because Nibiru or Planet X is higher on the horizon.

    That war that will destroy us will be this year too. Ezekiel says the war will be two years before the great earthquakes and we know that they will be in 2012 because every ancient civilization on Earth told us when the Destroyer would return.

    And heres the news that sets the timetable for the extermination of America, again 10-10:

    [Former Def. Minister: Israel Will Attack Iran by Nov.]

  630. clark Says:

    @babette, I think you misunderstood, it’s more like… in the movie Jaws and the initial reaction of the Mayor to news of a shark attack. What did the Mayor do? Using a short term outlook no different than what you’d find as common at all levels of government, he had the official report of the cause of death of the first shark attack victim changed from “shark attack” into “boating accident” to protect his own self interest and those who contribute to him.

    If a Senator, a Mayor, a reporter, and a CEO with those three in his back pocket all benefit from and/or own stock in a bio-pharma company – or otherwise benefit from maintaining the status quo – they would all say nothing (especially if they really thought it was nothing, “Chemtrails? Aw, come on!”) about information that could possibly invalidate the studies of their product which prove the product works – because the substances from chemtrails floating in the air everywhere were not factored into the studies. Would trillions of dollars be at stake? Everything would have to be re-evaluated, at a minimum studies would have to be redone, a huge cost, stocks of the companies might plummet, chaos could ensue, their jobs might be at stake if the information got out as the official position…
    The chain of things doesn’t help either… the reporter calls the Mayor who can’t take an official position and think for him or herself, they have to have others tell them what to think, they would call an expert or a Senator (or a campaign donor) who would tell them what to think, “Follow the Party line” is the usual response isn’t it?

    For many of the rest, people who won’t discuss chemtrails, they won’t say anything because they don’t know what to do or what to think. Even after the second shark attack victim the town politicians only banned swimming for 24 hours… it’s not a problem, “we’ll, uh, we’ll take it under advisement.”

    “…Housing bubble? We’ll contact our experts who’ve already assured us there is no housing bubble.”
    If the mere existance of a housing bubble was next to impossible to get on the mainstream media, if no Senator, Mayor or reporter would acknowledge house prices were too high and too many houses were being built and the Federal Reserve was casuing a bubble with it’s loose monetary policy… does it mean they were conspiring or had bad intentions, or was it like in the movie Jaws, or both?

    My guess is, chemtrails were a government/military response to the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s and expanded from that point forward.

    I didn’t see any chemtrails in Jaws.

    – Totally clear sky here today… after the holidays and all, I’d expect to see more than one jet all morning… nothing but clear blue, funny that.

  631. clark Says:

    … and from affecting the weather during the 1930’s Dust Bowl, using that same technology and skills and applying it to nuclear fallout containment in the 1940’s and 50’s.

    The scientists who came up with Fat Boy didn’t exclude the risks from the fallout from detonation, can’t you easily see them spraying down the skies over the Pacific after Nagasaki and Hiroshima to contain the fallout? There wouldn’t be any people involved in such activities (few would be required, far less than the Manhattan Project) who would be willing to talk, considering the mood of the times especially.

    Maybe the above ground nuclear tests in the 1950’s weren’t tests of the blasts, but rather tests of containing the fallout from the blast? It’s very hard to imagine the scientists of the day Not knowing and considering the risks from the fallout of a blast, they would have to take some type of precaution, if for nothing else than in response to, “What if the Russians nuked America,… what could we do?” and how could any danger be contained? Why, multi-use chemtrails of course.

    If that were true, then perhaps chemtrails are an attempt to shield, or absorb radioactive material, applied when radioactive levels are high, knock it to the ground fast and … maybe they found a way to neutralize the danger of the radioactiveness? Doubtful, but who knows.

  632. Dude Says:

    Yall STOP lying and misleading the people! The majority of the chemtrails are for hiding Planet X. Thats whats causing all the earthquakes. After reviewing all the evidence, and living all the censorship, and paying attention to the activities of the governments, its sheer stupidity or lying to state otherwise. Yall read the news where one of the libraries in Europe is putting their books in underground storage? Stop lying or being stupid, whichever it is, it is not right.

  633. babette Says:

    Dude: Do I detect a note of panic in your print? Nibiru cometh! Let it. It would be a NATURAL cosmological event as argued by Velikowsky (Earth has suffered catastrophic close-contacts with other planets, principally Venus and Mars, in ancient times). I’m ok with it. It’s the MAN-MADE ones I can’t stomach! We’ll go the way of the dinosaur? So be it. S’long as we ALL GO! The sun has also changed, Dude, not in a positive way either.

    Thanks FF. I don’t know if you’ll find it on Netflix, but you can Youtube “L’Eclisse” … part 5…they take a plane ride, afterwhich they land, Vitti wanders around for a while, stands before a small plane, then looks up at planes leaving trails.

    Are they spraying toxins? I don’t know, but they are leaving long, enduring trails and that suffices to add this film to my list. As for “To Live & Die in LA” one must buy it. It’s a chem alright.

    Clark: Re. “military response to Dust Bowl” — in what way? “They may not have had bad intentions” — uh, the military never, never, never has good intentions. No chems in “Jaws” — confirmed.

  634. Dude Says:

    Babette, Planet X is not a scary as the war thats about to destroy America. I am sick of all the liars on the internetz. Almost EVERY web site censors me and NONE of them tell the truth about anything.

  635. Tweak Says:


    I haven’t tried to contact any congressmen. I have lost faith in that avenue really but only made the inquiry as to whether anyone here had done so. In searching for information about this issue, I just have never seen anyone proactively tackle it. I didn’t mean for you to take my exasperation as a slight against your character or your passion for this.

    I do plan on notifying an “underground” newspaper in my city that publishes monthly and distributes it’s paper for free. They cover local bands and filmakers, countercultural topics, and political issues. Maybe I can get them to at least research this chemtrail issue and report on it.

    The other thing I was thinking is that maybe grass roots environmental groups would be able to do something. They are pretty fired up now over Obama opening up the Atlantic shores to oil drilling. I have read they are also planning law suits to stop the process from moving forward.

    Maybe some of these groups can be convinced to include wording within the suit that brings up a cease and desist on the chemtrails? After all — chemtrails are slowly polluting ALL plant and animal life. Invite them to look up and let them know it’s not just the ocean that needs their attention. I’m not talking Greenpeace or Prince Phillip’s eugenics front the WWF — but honest people that don’t have a social engineering agenda to shove down the people’s throats.

    The only problem is, with environmentalists if the chemtrails are “shown” to slow the process of so-called global warming, then they’d be for it and not against it. There has to be some kind of group or movement out there that can incorporate this heinous and sinister spraying of our skies into their political rhetoric and bring it to the national forefront somehow.

    Like FoundingFather1776, I too am frustrated beyond belief and am now beginning to take the chemtrails as a matter of course. After all, if they haven’t stopped by now with over 13 years of varifiable spraying — they’re not going to. And that’s the one thing in all of this that is “clear” anymore.

  636. Dude Says:

    Tweak: Theyre NOT going to tell you what the chemtrails are for nor will they stop them. I already told you what their main purpose is — hiding Planet X…..that is why you have not seen your southern horizon for the past three years and that is what is causing the earthquakes and thats why they built the DOOMSDAY seed vault, the underground bases, and why every web site but this one censors me. All the people are not totally stupid, thus the reason for the censorship. Ill post this again:

  637. Celline Says:

    @Tweak, I appreciate the efforts that anyone makes, concerning the chems, ” underground paper” sounds just great !
    As to ” Prince Phillip” he is one of the worst NWO peops, hellbound on destruction of anything good. Read on about him.. just read on.
    He’s one of the Club of Rome people, the NWO ones etc etc..
    Let alone his son ( Charles ), wait for nothing good to come out of their fake ” efforts”.. money is the absolute only thing that interests them.

  638. clark Says:

    @babette, the Dust Bowl might’ve been seen as a threat to national security, bring on the military perhaps they can spray some revolutionary substance… just like the many rain dancers of the old West? The beginnings of chemtrails? Ending the Dust Bowl could be seen as a good intention, and they probably didn’t even have an ulterior motive just yet. Stop laughing, it could happen.

    I saw To Live and Die in L.A. long ago, even then I think that chemtrail stood out, it just didn’t ring a bell at the time. I think I can recall the scene.

    @Dude, it seems like you need to chill out, spend some time away from the PC? Did you give up on that whole “be of good cher” bit?

    Cassandra dealing with Medusa…
    @Tweek, environmental groups – some people say they are all water melons, green on the outside, but on the inside where it counts they are communist red – so I don’t know how much they really care about environmental degradation, especially if they still support the global warmist after Climate-gate. Not that you shouldn’t try… But, “There has to be some kind of group or movement out there that can incorporate this heinous and sinister spraying of our skies into their political rhetoric and bring it to the national forefront somehow.” That’s what I would call a very hard sell. If you didn’t catch it before, a possible best route might be to simply point out the ways of The Federal Reserve and ask where’s the money going? People might support ending the Fed and hopefully chemtrail funding with it?

  639. babette Says:

    “…am now beginning to take the chemtrails as a matter of course. After all, if they haven’t stopped by now with over 13 years of varifiable spraying — they’re not going to. And that’s the one thing in all of this that is “clear” anymore.”

    That is perhaps the cheeriest, sanest bit I’ve read recently.

    Ignoring “chamber films” or “studio interiors” ie. “Laura,” “Doll’s House,” “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” “The Iceman Cometh” “Cries and Whispers” and the likes, where absolutely no significant “outdoors” is depicted, I continue my search:

    Comes a Horseman
    Gypsy Moths
    Bridge on the River Kwai
    Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
    The Passenger
    The Bicycle Thief
    The Garden of the Finzi-Contini

    A lot on my plate, you say? i still have a job, so sorta, yeah. But since they are all part of my film collection, not so much. Though I NEVER NOTICED whether chemtrails appeared or no.

  640. babette Says:

    I never noticed… till now.

  641. babette Says:

    Dude, this should make your day:

    Official Space Weather Advisory issued by NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
    Boulder, Colorado, USA

    2010 April 05 at 12:13 p.m. MST (2010 April 05 1213 UTC)


    A geomagnetic storm began at 05:55 AM EST Monday, April 5, 2010. Space
    weather storm levels reached Strong (G3) levels on the Geomagnetic
    Storms Space Weather Scale. The source of the storming is an
    Earth-directed Coronal Mass Ejection associated with a weak solar flare
    that occurred in Active Region 1059 on April 3 at 05:54 AM EST. This
    is expected to be an isolated storm that should subside quickly. Other
    than the flare and CME erupting on April 3, this active region has not
    produced any significant activity. Systems that can be affected
    include electric power systems, spacecraft operations, high-frequency
    communications, GPS, and other navigation systems.

    Data used to provide space weather services are contributed by NOAA,
    USAF, NASA, NSF, USGS, the International Space Environment Services
    and other observatories, universities, and institutions.

  642. babette Says:

    Anybody ever notice that in “Eyes Wide Shut” during the ritual scene, Tom Cruise ‘sans mask’ or Tom Cruise’s doppelgänger stands behind the masked Tom Cruise before he’s asked to take off his mask? At around 1:40 into the scene?

    I’m also sole owner of an intriguing theory about Humbert in Nabokov’s “Lolita” that’s apparently, according to several Lit profs and Film profs, truly original and surprisingly revelatory too. Interested? Ask me.

  643. babette Says:

    It’s my theory.

  644. clark Says:

    After reading the Wiki entry about Nabokov, sure. It’s kind of like the relationship many people have towards government and sports?

  645. babette Says:

    So Clark, you’ve never read Nabokov? You had to go to Wiki to find out who he was? Geesuz, but public education has collapsed.

    Your second sentence… what does my Humbert theory have to do with gov or sports. Since I haven’t told you what my theory is how can you couple it with either subject?

    Am I writing in English or what?

  646. clark Says:

    My question wasn’t perfectly posed i suppose…

    I’ve never read Nabokov, I’ve heard the story many times with many variations, it’s referenced often, much to do about nothing, life wouldn’t be incomplete without knowing any of it and I’m sure the right instructor could make it insufferable.

    The Nabokov story was sort of like the relationship many people have towards government, patriotism, sports and other isms – following a religion uncontrollably so? – maybe your theory does too, maybe it doesn’t.

    I think you’re typing English, I have no idea what you’re writing in, or are you using one of those PC tablets?

  647. clark Says:

    “There has to be some kind of group or movement out there that can incorporate this heinous and sinister spraying of our skies into their political rhetoric and bring it to the national forefront somehow.”

    Perhaps the part about a ban on bio-chemical weapons would fit the bill:

    The New Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons

    By David Theroux on Apr 5, 2010 in American History, Civil Society, Military, Morality, Nuclear Weapons, The State, War, peace, weapons

    In an article in the Wall Street Journal on January 4, 2007, “A World Free of Nuclear Weapons,” national security establishment icons George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn startled many people by calling for a campaign to ban nuclear weapons worldwide in a effort to avoid a new nuclear arms race and the growing possibility of terrorists obtaining nuclear weapons. Understanding the folly that nukes provide defense deterrence in a multipolar world of rogue states and non-state, terrorist organizations, they again reiterated their call one year later in another Journal article, “Toward a Nuclear-Free World.” Additional important figures in academia, government, and the media have worked for many years to advance such a ban along with similar campaigns to ban bio-chemical weapons, land mines, etc. (For example, Independent Institute fellows Robert Higgs and the late Murray Rothbard long called for the banning of all nuclear weapons on both moral and practical grounds, and Institute research analyst Anthony Gregory more recently highlights the need for such a ban here.)

    One such key voice is Joseph Cirincione who is President of Ploughshares Fund (former Vice President for National Security at the Center for American Progress; former Director for Non-proliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). Dr. Cirincione has spoken for the Independent Institute (see here) and hosts the following new video on the important, new campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons worldwide.

    Story, video and links found here: independent.org/blog

  648. babette Says:

    Dude, looks like this guy has found Nibiru [Confirmed coordinates for this star is:
    6h42m8.44s, 41 40′ 18.94″] and filmed it in infrared.

    Vids can be found on Godlike Productions.

    You’ve been vindicated…I fear.

  649. Dude Says:

    babette: That is not Nibiru. godlikeproductions is a front operation for lies just like alex jones, whatreallyhappened, globalskywatch.org, and every other place Ive posted on. Globalskywatch is even operated on anonymous servers.

    Nibiru appears as a “crab” when it is still far off and becomes the “winged disc” as it gets closer. It looks exactly like that SOHO image in my document. That video also showed no chemtrails. Nibiru will ALWAYS be behind the chemtrails.

    Yall see the earthquake map today? Almost 900 quakes are on the map including a 7.2 and 7.8.

    Anyone who tells you Nibiru or Planet X doesnt exist is either a moron or a liar, and theres no shortage of either.

  650. babette Says:

    You say it’s not Nibiru, Dude, then what is it? The guy who took the vids didn’t know what it was. Others remarked having seen it and wondering too.

    He’s got his own site. Check it out, Dude. I’m waiting for his updates and if that things gets larger over time…well, “wings” or no “wings” — we have trouble.

  651. clark Says:

    From a 2007 article posted today, with recent comments, here are a few interesting & relevent ones:

    April 6th, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    two months ago i sent emails with pics of chemtrails and info about them to my county sheriff (somerset county, nj) and the prosecuters office, county freeholders, bridgewater police.. and they all just ignored it i didnt even get back one response. but i did send the same email to our local tv station called news12 new jersey and i got a response very quickly and it said please dont send emails about this supposed chemtrail spraying to us anymore we will contact the police if you do. I was in shock when i got that email, i just cant stand how there are so many ignorant, stupid, fluoride drinking people that dont want to open their eyes and see the overwhelming evidence to whats going on in this country.

    April 6th, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    The Disvovery Channel did a Chemtrail special.Maybe they ,nah they will not. I got buzzed by an unmarked black helicopter a few years ago. Called my Dem Traitor congressman. He said it was my imagination as they do not exist, BUT IF I SHOULD TAKE RETALITORY ACTION AGAINST ONE OF THEM THAT WOULD BE A FEDERAL CRIME. This brain dead moron just voted for Osamacare. I gave the letter to radioliberty for safekeeping

    April 6th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    There’s always chemtrails goin’ down here in Alberta. Heck, I live under the approach path for Edmonton International and the planes are like 3000 feet above me most days. What crap is being emitted while I’m watching them land. I got weird crusties in the snow in the winter and now there’s snow mould all over the freaking place. My wife and kids cough like they work in the mines and I’m a smoker that smokes outside, I don’t even have a smokers cough and she says nothing’s wrong with her. OMG we’re just getting screwed on EVERY level!!!

    April 6th, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Same here in Lisbon, Chems all over us. I wonder what happened with the follow up of the admission by the German government of using Chems…

    April 6th, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Today a small gap in the chemtrail generated cloud cover allowed a small amount of sunshine from the morning to the early afternoon, resulting in gangs of half naked youths fighting in the street 12 thats a full dozen police cars / vans were called and it took about 15 minuits to clear the area for traffic.
    I would not be suprised if the enviroment it`s self turned out to be fully addicted to chemtrails.

    April 6th, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    Actually, I’ve been wondering if they haven’t screwed up the planet so much that we can’t have precipitation WITHOUT them?


  652. Dude Says:

    Hey Clark, go post on Alex Jones web site that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X and see how long it takes them to ban your IP!

  653. ericswan Says:

    Welcome Tweak. I was in Cuba this past week and just got back to this website. Yes, they chemtrail Cuba.

    Babette, I heard a report on Alex Jones that the Korean war circa 1951, was the first use of chemtrails.

    As for activism, I’ve tried. I submitted a brief on a very tight timeline for submissions to the Canadian Senate committee on our involvement in wars. I was very specific and referred only to chemtrails and their effects on a free society to corrupt the press, the weathermen the government and a society of free citizens all constrained from discussing the subject based on national security.

    I’ve made other submissions over the years and all have been published except this one. I’ve contacted the weather channel and asked them to report the effects that chemtrailing was having on the weather to which they responded over their TV channel that these were vapour trails called contrails. They did not respond to my email.

    Hey Dude (if that really is your name), isn’t it just about time for you to stand up and tell us who you really are.

    FF…Steve Quayle is saying that the only organic food to be had now or in the future, will be grown under cover. Babette’s quote above about super weapons and satellite tracking systems is exactly what is going on.

  654. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Lots of good discussion here, I always read every one’s comments.

    Dude, I know myself, and many other regulars here have never denied that there may be a planet or huge asteroid called “Planet X” or “Nibiru” that may crash down into the earth. What I have disagreed with you on (as well as many others) is that the chemtrails are for “hiding” Nibiru. Isn’t it obvious to you that if 99% of people will not consider huge, thick trails in the sky laid out in a grid pattern as odd…..indeed that 99% never even bother to look up, that the Govt. doesn’t need chemtrails to “hide” anything as most people certainly can’t (and won’t) identify celestial objects!

    However, I *did* watch the entire 13-part presentation you posted earlier of Lucas at New World Order Books. I enjoyed watching the presentation and he presented a lot of great info. I was aware of most of his material, but I still learned a few new things. However, his casual disregard of 9/11 as something to “distract the public” (as if it was just a moronic television show or sports event) and over all sentiment that every geo-political move made by the Elite is for preparation for the coming of Nibiru has some major flaws in logic.

    First of all, I have no doubt that something very strange is going on at Denver airport (there has been a link to such information on my main page for nearly a year). I have no doubt that the Elite have underground keeps and have them well stocked with non-gmo seeds, clean water and food, etc. The fact that they build these in the mountains is not prima facie evidence they “know” a great flood is coming. A great flood *may* be coming…but Kings and Soldiers have been taking the high ground to build fortresses on since the dawn of time. Remember King Herod’s fort on Masada? How about the location of most European castles? High ground is ALWAYS easier to defend and harder to attack.

    The bottom line is this: Lucas believes that this huge celestial body (call it Nibiru or Planet X or an asteroid…..) is going to cause a massive problem for us on earth (he even said in his commentary he thinks it will be THIS year and not 2012) and that the only safe place on earth will be the high ground. He further states that the Elite know this, so EVERYTHING they do, 9/11, chemtrails, economic manipulation, etc. is just so the public is distracted and the Elite can make their preparations to survive doomsday.

    He may be right. He may be partially right. He may be wrong. I don’t know, but I do know there are some major flaws in his logic. If you think about it, I am sure you can discover some too.

    Overall, he does present a lot of interesting information and I thank-you for posting the link. Again, nobody is saying that the earth may not be destroyed from an “Act of God” type event. There is nothing any of use can do about that. Not even the Elite could stop it. However, I disagree that chemtrails are for “hiding Nibiru” for reasons stated above. And if the world and most of her people are to perish this year or next year or in 2012, then why bother flying planes to coat the sky? Why put laws requiring micro-chipping the population in the health-care bill? Why use soft-kill cancer viruses in the vaccines since most people will be dead soon anyway? A LOT of what we see the Elite actively doing makes NO SENSE if you and Lucas are correct in your analysis. Comprende Amigo?

    Babette, I pulled up the “unmasking” scene on YouTube of “Eyes Wide Shut” – you are correct. You have a good eye! The only other person in the crowd that does not appear to have a mask stands behind Tom Cruise at the moment Cruise unmasks and it does look like his doppelganger! Very interesting. I do believe I could watch a Kubrick film a 100 times and find something new each time.

    Eric & Tweak, did you see that someone managed to submit formal questions regarding chemtrails into the European Aviation Commission records?


    Best to all,


  655. babette Says:

    FF, every word a gem! But these get a big, red, shiny star: “…casual disregard of 9/11 as something to “distract the public” (as if it was just a moronic television show or sports event) and over all sentiment that every geo-political move made by the Elite is for preparation for the coming of Nibiru has some major flaws in logic.”

    Major flaws in logic! Thanks for enumerating, FF. Thanks.

    The major flaws, Dude, the flaws in logic similar to:

    I support the troops, but not the cause.
    I’ve just had a baby, so I don’t want to hear scary stuff.
    America is at war.
    War on terror

    Eric, Cuba too! That’s partly the reason I don’t travel much anymore. I’m planning a trip to Greece in the coming months. I know the skies are as messed up there as they are here and I weep bitter, bitter tears.

    Tweak, I’ve tried all I know how to do; letters, chatting people in parking lots and parks on a ‘good’ chemday, phone calls and e-mails. Here’s just one of many dead-end responses:

    As discussed regarding your question on chemtrails. A functioning aircraft engine emits mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide with small amounts of substances such as carbon monoxide and nitrogenoxides. This is a combustion process similar to that of car and truck engines. As a result, aircraft engine exhaust does not pose a health risk to the general or travelling public. Given the very low temperatures at aircraft cruising altitudes, the water vapour quickly condenses into the white condensation trails of ice particles, known as “contrails,” that are visible behind aircraft engines. In short, contrails are a normal effect of jet aviation. Depending on the wind, temperature, and the humidity in the air at the altitude of the aircraft, contrails may dissipate quickly or persist and expand. We can get an idea of this effect by watching the condensation from a car’s exhaust pipe on a cold winter’s day. It is also important to realize that airline passenger traffic has increased at four times the rate of population growth in the last few decades, and as a result, there has beena significant rise in the development of contrails over Canadian and other North American cities. Claims of “chemtrails” have been made to Health Canada in the past. These were investigated by searching the scientific and other literature and consulting other relevant federal departments, such as Transport Canada andEnvironment Canada, which require permits for any weather-related or otheractivity of the type you reference. We are pleased to report that HealthCanada found no credible evidence that the exhaust seen coming fromaircraft over cities is anything but normal contrails.

    Agent principal de communication du risque et de participationpublique /Senior Risk Communications & Public Involvement OfficerSécurité des milieux / Safe EnvironmentsSanté Canada – Québec / Health Canada – Quebec

    Sorry re. its length, but this is the BS I get back. Many years into it I’ve decided to adapt to my new environment. I don’t care about “waking people up” anymore. Searching for the truth can, eventually, make one misanthropic. I seek the company of like-minded people and shun all others.

    I appreciate the discussion — worthy of perusal.

    Thanks again.

  656. Dude Says:

    eric: youre stupid. It doesnt matter who I am and I have already disclosed who I am — I AM ANITLIEGUY, THE VOICE OF TRUTH! Why dont you disclose your affiliation with your govt masters?

    FF: I agree that almost no one looks up but at the same time, their white crap at least resembles clouds. The sight of Nibiru would most definitely have people talking and thinking as nothing like this has been seen by anyone alive. I dont recall him “dismissing 911 as a distraction” (i watched it a long time ago) but at the moment, I tend to agree. It was a criminal act that has been proven to be a criminal act and no one does anything but talk. If theyre discussing 911, theyre not focusing on the more pressing issues like Nibiru and the war that will destroy America. Again, the world will not be destroyed and Nibiru will not crash into the Earth. It will, however, cause billions to die and a small moon will crash into the ocean. I do not spend time nitpicking over little details. There is ample evidence to show what is coming. Ive also read all the ancient literature I can get my hands on and that is how I know so many details about Nibiru. Again, theyre hiding the sight of Nibiru because they are very afraid of what We the People will do to them when we collectively realize what they have done to us. That is a major reason for their planning our extermination with the SCO.

    Babette: give me the address of that canadian POS liar and Ill send her a real letter and let her know that we know shes a whoring liar.

  657. babette Says:

    Thanks, Dude, but I not only spoke with her at length, I sent her “a real letter” and yeah, she is that X 10.

    Be nice and explain once more why they will start a world war ’cause they know Planet X is incoming. How does that work? Why bother? A WW as distraction? A little excessive, isn’t it, considering most people are utterly captivated (distracted) by Dancing with Stars/American Idol. Heck, you can keep a crowd enthralled by merely releasing hundreds of colorful balloons!

    “If they’re discussing 911, they’re not focusing on the more pressing issues like Nibiru and the war that will destroy America.” Read what you’ve just written. Think about it. If it seriously makes sense to you, then you’re on your own, Dude.

    FF said it all, and said it best.

  658. Dude Says:

    Babette Im not going to explain anything again but if you want part of the truth, google “Art Bell frantic caller” and listen. Go to the project Camelot youtube channel and watch Alex Collier and George Green. Theyre posted above I believe, did you not watch them??? As far as my statement you quoted, it makes perfect sense to me. The entire world and half of Americans know 911 was an enormous crime and talking will accomplish nothing. It will, however, take peoples time and energy away from the more important issue and that is our annihilation.

  659. Dude Says:

    Over 1000 Earthquakes on the Map now!

    “There are only two things that are infinite and they are the universe and human stupidity, and Im not sure about the former.” — Albert Einstein

  660. babette Says:

    Has anyone seen or read about these:

    Wikileaks Video Exposes Apache Murders of Journalists, Children In …

    US military ‘trying to retrieve’ Iraq killings video.

    Can be seen on PrisonPlanet, for those interested.

    Dude, I heard Art Bell’s (hated that smug, nasally bastard) caller and I watched the videos.

    Your mind is encased in cement, buddy.

  661. Dude Says:

    My mind is obsessed with TRUTH. Please refer to the previous Einstein quote for your own personal reflective enlightenment. haha

  662. babette Says:


    Mike Rivero brays the US has invaded Iraq, yet, in the same breath he admonishes the US military be more careful when targetting insurgents.

    Dude, both of you suffer from the same sort of mental disequilibrium.

    As for truth, we are all searching for it. It is not your private domain, bud.

    For other TruthSeekers: 12160.org — Tectonic Weapons in Play – Big Earthquakess Being Triggered

  663. Dude Says:

    Apparently the truth is my domain since Im the only one who knows whats coming AND is willing to tell others. Mike Rivero is a liar like all the other ones. He deleted me from his myspace friends for telling that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X. I sent him a nasty email informing him that he is a traitor to his country and his planet but Im sure he already knows that. And stop lying to the people, there is no tectonic warfare, there is only huge gravitational and magnetic effects from Nibiru. Pathetic, puny little mankind can not produce such events. The only thing HAARP can do is help to spread out the chemtrails and thats why you sometimes see evenly spaced lines in the “clouds”. If you measure that distance, you can tell the frequency theyre using. Stop being a liar or stupid or both.

  664. Celline Says:

    FF.. one thing jumped out at me, in what you say: did I hear, that in the wonderful new healthcare bill… is a little clause, where it requires people to be microchipped?? did I get this correctly?
    This would mean.. the end of all we know, of course, I go by Bible prophecy making this statement.
    Here we are, unless ” chipped’ no job, no money, no buying and selling etc etc”, who will be strong enough, to resist being chipped?

  665. Dude Says:

    I think healthscare bill requires them to set up the database to handle the chip data but it’s going to be Russia who sets up the mark of the beast system. The Bible tells us that it’s a monetary system and Russia announced back in 07, I think, that they were setting up a world financial capital in Moscow. News of it became scarce after their initial announcement.

  666. babette Says:

    Voluntary chipping of the population will go as well as the voluntary vaccine blitz, meaning not well at all. The more time passes the more people are becoming alert to government lies. This sort of stampede-the-herd-type project, especially since the last vaccine fiasco and ClimateGate etc., is less and less effective.

    They may resort to forced chipping following the next false flag event.

    More than likely they’ll just zap us…when the time is right.

  667. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    The health-care bill calls for regulation of “approved” medical devices that can be on or “inside” a person. Some claim that this is just for things like pacemakers and does not mean microchips. However, the wording in the bill was left intentionally vague. If someone chooses to believe our wonderful government would never do something like forced micro-chip the population in order for the people to receive the health “care” they have already paid for through taxes, then they can relax and dismiss this as “crazy conspiracy-theory”. However, since we know the Elites are Luciferian at the top, and since this seems to jive with the “mark-of-the-beast” in revelations, and since people like Aaron Russo are on record as saying that a “chipped population” is one of the major goals of the Elite….it seems foolish to me to assume they just mean “pacemakers.”

    You can read more about it here:


  668. babette Says:

    Dude, do you ever visit Cliff High’s HalfPastHuman.com? What about Webbots?

    There’s a good deal of info in the first about the SUN, you should maybe consider.

    Fascinating essay on HPH titled “WooWoo-do, Time Delay Epiphany, Consensus Churn, Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the space aliens.”

    Here’s a taste:

    Religions are control tools, and most modern religions are the result of claimed channeled material.

    There is most probably some form of space warfare underway at this moment over your head. The amount of earth orbit space activity visible with 3rd generation night vision goggles will alter the local universe view of anyone who gets a chance to observe on even a few chemtrail free nights. The reason de guerre, and the participants are unknown. Those claiming to know are speculating or delusional or both.

    The ‘unawakened masses’ are NOT your friend. They prefer their controlled lives, and universe view, and WILL defend it. Remember, that approaching those outside the woo-jo, and inviting them, or even insisting that they join, will not work. To the unawakened you are attempting to kill off their comfortable existence. It is like teaching a pig to sing, it will not work, and will only annoy the pig. It is up to universe whether any specific individual shifts over to an awakened state. Repeat…it ain’t up to you.

    Great, great stuff.

  669. Dude Says:

    babette: i have researched the web bot thing. interesting indeed. you are right about space warfare. there is a video on youtube filmed from the shuttle bay showing a US base in australia shooting at a ufo. we know the evil ones are controlling the planet and we also know there are good ones. the bible says that when God returns, there will be war in the heavens — thats the skies for those who think heaven is some mythical paradise. i am well aware of the ‘unawakened masses’ hostile stance but at the same time, it is my duty to inform those who who arent paying attention. it may be that the universe is responsible for me knowing and teaching those who want to learn, and there are some who do. i will continue. armageddon on 10-10-10 and Nibiru cometh in 2012!

  670. babette Says:

    Well, finally, two things we do agree on, Dude: 1) Strange and extraordinary things ARE happening up there. 2) Mike Rivero is a maggot.

  671. Tweak Says:

    Could a Freedom of Information request be drafted for inquiry into the following (?) :

    *Isolation modulation

    *Dielectric material scattering

    *Resonant scatterers

    *Mycoplasma infections

    *Use of barium & aluminum salts


    *Polymer fibers

    *Silicon carbide

    These are the main things attributed to chemtrails. I’ve never drafted a FOIA request. How does one go about doing that? Can anything come from it but a plethora of blacked out sheets of paper?

  672. clark Says:

    “Can anything come from it but a plethora of blacked out sheets of paper?”

    HAHAHA. You never know, sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    From the website, http://www.nist.gov/admin/foia/

    How do I make a FOIA request?
    Submit your request in writing to the NIST FOIA Office at the following address or via e-mail to foia@nist.gov.

    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Catherine S. Fletcher, FOIA & Privacy Act Officer
    100 Bureau Drive, STOP 1710
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1710

    Do I need to complete a form?
    No, just write a letter or send an e-mail message with as much detail as possible about the records you want.

    – end –

    Saw something slightly unusual today. Yesterday there were no jets, there were none at sunrise either. At around 9 a.m. (where often I would have already seen dozens of chemtrailing jets) I saw a couple of normal contrail producing jets taking either the 11 O’Clock or the 2 O’Clock flight paths from the East, nothing dramatic like a wheel spoke pattern in the sky as has happened so frequently lately.

    So far all the jets had the same length contrails when one flying the 11 O’Clock flight path produces a contrail twice as long as the others. As I was watching it and thinking what was making it so much longer than the other contrails the glimmer of the very high altitude jet disappears and the contrails flair up and widens a bit, like this ( ) before splitting off in separate directions producing a V with a tail (the top of the V is where the jet is/was) then poof everything dissipates. I kept looking for signs of the jet in the clear blue sky to no avail as they say. Nothing, nada, zip.

    Another jet flew in the 2 O’Clock flight path after that producing another normal looking contrail. Yet another normal contrail producing jet came from the West down the 11 O’Clock flight path to the East, this is an odd thing, a jet coming from the West through this particular area, at least from what I’ve noticed.

    – clear blue sky with no jets at all now.
    So far, This is a nice day.

  673. Tweak Says:

    Thanks for the info clark. I’m going to give it a shot.

    I too have noticed this same type of jet pattern “behavior”. In my area this precludes possibly a day to a day and a half of the skies as they should be. Then all hell will break loose with the spraying.

    I’ve concluded that this is maybe a way to “debunk” chemtrails by having the jets fly in normal patterns emitting normal contrails. That way it gives people like us the opportunity to look like complete paranoid kooks when the real deal shows up.

    Either that or it’s a different function that they’re performing.

    Who can say for sure?

  674. babette Says:

    Here’s another for ya, Dude:

    Apr 9, 2010 11:30 AM in Space

    “Cool brown dwarf may be a newfound neighbor of the sun.”
    Spotted by WISE, it’s reported as 13 times the mass of Jupiter.

    From GodlikeProductions:

    “The world is trembling. It is obvious something is causing this that isn’t common to Earth. I bet this is space related. Either the Sun is ramping into a massive maximum cycle, we are finally entering the energetic space cloud or there is a massive body getting closer to Earth.

    Averages from 2000-2009

    MAG – average
    8.0-9.9: 1.3
    7.0-7.9: 13.1
    6.0-6.9: 144.5
    5.0-5.9: 1,545.9
    4.0-4.9: 10,197.0
    3.0-3.9: 7,741.9
    2.0-2.9: 4,751.8
    1.0-1.9: 700.0

    2010 so far
    8.0-9.9: 1
    7.0-7.9: 5
    6.0-6.9: 53
    5.0-5.9: 677
    4.0-4.9: 2,171
    3.0-3.9: 455
    2.0-2.9: 676
    1.0-1.9: 7

    Departures from Average for 2010
    * 100% = 0 change
    8.0-9.9: 286.69%
    7.0-7.9: 142.25%
    6.0-6.9: 136.70%
    5.0-5.9: 163.22%
    4.0-4.9: 79.35%
    3.0-3.9: 21.90%
    2.0-2.9: 53.02%
    1.0-1.9: 3.68%

    The math is accurate. Take the number of earthquakes so far and multiply by 3.727 to get the yearly total if the numbers as of April 9th 2010 stay steady. Earthquakes on the rise!…”

    Cue wild-eyed bible thumper quoting from the babble…heh.

  675. ericswan Says:

  676. babette Says:

    Dude, get your ass over to GodlikeProductions! Type in the search engine: All I can say, many of you are close.

    95-96 pages of discussion with a NASA whistleblower re. the sun’s and other planetary perturbations, Planet X, EQs, timelines and so on.

  677. Dude Says:

    Babette: I already know all about Nibiru, how they knew it was there for over a hundred years, how they found it with their IRAS telescope then lied about it, when it will be here wreaking havoc (2012), and I also know what the ancients told us about it. I dont need a NASA whistleblower but I find it a little refreshing that this topic is being discussed there. I think I have been banned from there too but I dont remember. At any rate, watch Iran and the lies about them. The war of Armageddon will see us destroyed on 10-10-10 (9th year of Putin’s reign)!

  678. ericswan Says:

    What Are They Spraying Us With? – Pt II
    Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances From Stratospheric Aerosol
    Geo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World?
    By Michael J. Murphy

    What would you do if you were told that toxic substances being sprayed into the sky are falling to the ground and decimating eco-systems around the world? This very claim, made by concerned citizens outside the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting last month in San Diego, sparked my interest to investigate further.

    The AAAS meeting hosted several top geo-engineering scientists who gathered to discuss the “plausibility” of implementing various geo-engineering programs throughout the world. One of the options addressed was the stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering (SAG) , AKA chemtrail program, where scientists discussed the “plausibility” of spraying aerosol aluminum, barium and other particles into the sky to block the sun as a means to “reduce” the Earth’s temperature. When asked specifically about the potential risks associated with using aluminum in the program as an aerosol, scientists replied by stating that they have not studied much about the risks associated with aluminum and added that something terrible could be found tomorrow that they haven’t looked at. When probed further about the deployment of existing aerosol programs, the scientists stated that no aerosol spraying programs have been deployed to date.

    The concerned citizens I met outside the meeting were claiming quite the opposite. They came in protest after witnessing airplanes that they believe are regularly spraying aerosols into the upper-part of the sky. Many from this group have tested and found extremely high levels of aluminum, barium and other substances in their soil, rain, water and snow. Ironically, the substances that they reported finding are the same substances the scientists are “considering” implementing in the various aerosol spraying programs discussed at the meeting. They also believe that these substances are leading to the destruction of eco-systems and are coming from already deployed SAG programs. Due to the severity of this issue and my desire to know the truth, I was led to Shasta County in the Northern part of California to investigate not only the claims of what is being reported in the sky, but also claims of what is in the rain, water, snow and soil from what many residents are saying is the result of SAG programs.

    The first stop on this trip led me to Dane Wigington’s beautiful 2000 acre property overlooking Lake Shasta. As we toured his breath-taking land, he pointed to multiple trails that blanketed the sky. He claimed the trails are present on most days above Northern California. Wigington referred to this as a “moderate spraying day”. Like many other residents in Shasta County, Wigington moved to the area to get away from the heavy pollution of Southern California that he grew up with as a child. His dreams of living off the land and becoming one with nature are now coming to a grinding halt as he is focusing his time and energy on the issue of geo-engineering.

    Wigington became concerned about SAG when he began to notice dramatic changes in the solar power that he uses to supply his home and property. Owner of one of the largest residential solar systems in Northern California, he began to notice very high declines in solar power. It can be decreased by as much as 60 percent on what he calls “heavy spraying days”. Wigington said, “The trails are literally blocking the sun”. He also went on to say that he regularly samples the fine dust layers on top of his solar panels and other outdoor surface areas and frequently finds very high levels of aluminum and barium. Wigington believes that these are a product of SAG programs.

    At the same time as finding decreased solar power, Wigington also began to witness dramatic changes on his property as the trees, grass, insects and wildlife started dying. This led him to get his first rain test just four years ago. The results were shocking as they found aluminum levels at 7 ug/l or 7 parts per billion. Although aluminum can be found around the world in smaller quantities, geo-hydrologists told him that this number was quite high. Since that time, he has had aluminum tests escalate as high as 50,000 percent to 3,400ug/l. That is literally toxic rain. These results prompted him to get additional pH tests from two USDA soil scientists which yielded more shocking results. The pH of the soil was 6.6 in one area and 7.4 in another. This is over 11 times the normal alkalinity of the soil which should be in the range of 5.0 to 5.5. It is important to note the tests were taken in the forest far removed from any highway or industry.

    When asked what these changes can do to the ecosystem, Wigington replied by saying that it is devastating. He went on to say, “if this continues, we can only expect to see things get much worse. Not only are we seeing our trees dying here, but also a major decline in our wildlife and fish”. As a matter of fact, Wigington stated that according to The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the salmon run, once seen in abundance in this area has declined from 769,868 in 2002 to 39,530 in 2009. That is over a 90 percent decline. Amazingly enough, this decline started occurring about the same period of time when residents began to see a dramatic increase in what they believe to be SAG programs. Wigington’s efforts to get these issues and test results addressed has been largely ignored by government agencies and officials.

    After a closer look at Wigington’s property, my initial awe of the beauty and breath taking views led to sadness, frustration and anger over the contamination that is literally destroying the eco-system. This led me to investigate further by seeking an expert in biology. I packed up the car and headed north to the breathtaking town of Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta has been known for its beauty, clean air and as being the source of water for some bottled water companies. Many travel from around the world to mountain climb and vacation in this beautiful part of Western America.

    Francis Mangels, BS in Forestry, Masters in zoology and a retired soil conservationist and wildlife biologist who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for over thirty five years, welcomed me into his beautiful home in the town of Mt. Shasta to discuss the “hidden” crisis that is occurring. Mangels alerted me to the rapid decline of fish in the nearby rivers and streams. Mangels brought me to a nearby creek that had an abundant supply of fish just a few years ago. Because the primary diet of the fish in the creek is aquatic insects, he performed a standard sample method to measure the amount of insects present. The samples he had performed before the alleged aerosol spraying campaign had yielded an average of 1000 aquatic insects. Our sample yielded only 31. This is over a 96% decline from samples taken just a few years ago. Mangels stated that because the fish live off of the insects, they are literally starving. This rapid decline is likely due to changes in the chemistry of the water. The only changes that Mangels is aware of are the dramatic increases of aluminum, barium and strontium which he believes is from SAG programs.

    We also took time to test the pH of nearby soil and snow which contained over 10 times the alkalinity of the normal pH. Mangels has evidence that this drastic change in pH is also due to the massive increases of aluminum. He stated that forests, fields and farm ecologies thrive in acidic soils. Aluminum acts as a buffer that increases alkalinity and can decimate ecologies in large amounts. Mangels also pointed out that snow on Mt. Shasta was tested and sent to theEnvironmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) who found results that contained 61,100 ug/l or parts per billion of aluminum and 83 ug/l of barium. The normal amount of aluminum in the snow at Mt. Shasta is 0.5 ug/l. Drinking water allowable is 50ug/l. That means that the snow on Mt. Shasta has tested at 1200 times more poisonous than water standards allow for aluminum. Mangels said, “Mountain climbers that come from around the world are drinking the poisonous water from the snow on the mountain”. Mangels went on to say that government action is required at just 1000 ug/l of detected aluminum. Although he alerted several government agencies of these findings, no governmental action has been taken to date.

    Mengels brought me to several other locations around the town of Mt. Shasta where he tested the soil, rain, water and snow that also yielded tests that revealed the pH to be over ten times the normal alkalinity. He went on to say that these types of changes in soil, water and snow are very uncommon except in other areas around the world where people have been witnessing what many believe to be spraying from SAG programs. Mengels also stated that these changes have produced an “ecological crisis” and will have horrible consequences if continued. Mengels said, “Losses to our economy will be incredible and are on their way as we speak. Tree growth will be decreased which will result in the loss of logging jobs. It is also causing the decline of naturally occurring plant and grassgrowth that occurs in the normally acidic soils of grazing pastures, resulting in the demise of our grazing industry, fishing industry, and worst of all, basic agriculture in Northern California.”

    What is amazing is that these tests and many others throughout the world are largely being ignored by the very governmental entities that are required to address them. Some politicians, like Mt. Shasta City Council member Ed Valenzuela may choose to ignore the issue. Valenzuela was made aware of the mass contamination at a city council meeting where he stated that the city did not want to sample the water for aluminum because the request was a “can of worms” that would, “open a Pandora’s box” that the city would have to pay for. Although several local citizens volunteered to pay the $22.00 cost of the test at an EPA lab, both Republican Committee Chairman Russ Porterfield, and Valenzuela voted no to having the water tested. The mayor Stearns wanted the test, but was overruled by a 3-2 vote. This response is not uncommon as Mengels has presented this issue and his scientific data to over 15 local and federal agencies including Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer’s office. To date he has received no response or action.

    Is it a coincidence that the substances found in the rain, snow and soil in this region and around the world match the exact substances that scientists are “considering” implementing in various geo-engineering campaigns throughout the world? If not, then why have agencies and officials largely ignored these findings that are destroying our planet’s eco-system? Could it be that officials are fearful of exposing a massive cover-up of a world-wide ecological crime? Or is it the belief that this issue is simply too large and too complicated a problem for them to tackle? Whatever the reason for this ignorance, we need to demand that our questions and shocking test results get addressed not only in Shasta County, but in every part of the world. Our future on this planet is dependent on this issue being addressed.

    Because this movement has come under attack from those who appear to be protecting the many political and corporate interests associated with SAG, it is essential that all of us around the world get involved by testing the rain, snow, soil and various outdoor surfaces and reporting the results to our elected officials and local environmental agencies. We must also reach out and educate all those involved with SAG who might be unaware of the environmental implications associated with their programs. Testing for pH changes and metals is simple and can be performed almost anywhere at a nominal price.

    Simple testing instructions and more information about geo-engineering programs can be found on the internet at www. geoengineeringwatch.org. Biologist Francis Mengels can be contacted by e-mail at bioguy0311@sbcglobal.net for more information on this issue, the tests he has performed and suggestions on testing procedures. Please take action by testing, reporting and demanding answers on this ever so important issue. Both nature and humanity depend on it. For more information, please contact me at whtagft@hotmail.com or visit my blog: http://truthmediaproductions.blogsot.com.

  679. ericswan Says:

    Babette You may have to go back through the archive to realize that FF, Clark myself and others have posted more links and information to the Planet X issue than others who visit here. I suggest you visit Professor James McCanney who has been dissed here by some but is recognized by many as the first to posit the issues of a brown dwarf Wormwood/Niburu/Planet X. Sitchen has been mentioned many times and to add to that, you might reference John Moore the liberty man on the same radio channel as Rayelan Allan who has much to say about Planet X.
    None of the above support the theory that chemtrails are a Planet X smoke screen.

    As far as I know, I’m the only person that has posted my phone number, website, address (WHOIS??) the whole nine yards, and don’t appreciate being called a government shill when in fact, I also posted wayback links to my earlier websites that go back to 1997.

    You might wonder what my issue is with “What’s in a name”? I suggest this link and note the time.. is 7 AM on the west coast. The Torah Code website is calling for a major earchquake today. shake your booties.


  680. babette Says:

    I, called you a gov shill? When? Where? Not me, Eric, not me. And if I’m wrong, then please accept my sincerest apologies. But, not me.

    Actually they’re looking for what some now call a “cold star” rather than a brown one, if that’s useful — nicknamed Nemesis. And I agree, chems may not serve to hide Nem, according to all I’ve read, because the “cold star” found (above and to the left of the last star on the left in Orion’s belt) can be seen only with infrared.

    And another thing, I’m well aware FF (and others) have never denied the existence of Planet X etc. I’ve read Sitchen et al and ask, “How can anyone with a lick of sense deny the possibility there are things out there we know nothing of, incoming and/or will cause havoc on our planet?” We, here, have nothing but the utmost respect for FF.

    I merely suggested Dude visit there because the discussion FOCUSES on the SUN’s reaction(s) to this newly detected cold star/brown or red dwarf. It’s not something hitting the earth, it’s something hitting/perturbing the SUN (solar max, EQs etc.) and the consequences for poor little us.

    The intriguing thing (ah! so many!) is: Why are TPTB trying to snuff life on earth when they already know something evil this way comes? Unless, unless we, in our great numbers, would become a menace to them after the fact?

    Spain had an EQ yesterday, I think. A 6.3 or thereabouts.

    I’m buying a sunfilter next month, if the gods allow.

    Thanks for the link and everything, Eric..ciao!

  681. babette Says:

    Sorry…cold dwarf, not star. Hey, what can I say, this object keeps changing names on me.

  682. Dude Says:

    U.S., Israeli attack on Iran would be ‘unacceptable’ – Russia military

    Israeli attack on Iran might lead to nuclear conflict – Medvedev

  683. Celline Says:

    Eric, so many thank you’s for your report. No surprize here, yet am taken by those efforts some people are extending to try and bring about change. This whole thing is a plan that is so very evil, there are no words.
    In our yard I can tell the devastating effects of the aerosol crimes too.
    Our fruit trees are fighting for survival, and nothing is thriving.. while before we could grow anything and have incredible harvests. No more.
    Hunger and desease will be the results, and our beloved planet will no longer sustain life.. as we know it.
    We are dealing with something that is human/demonic inspired and excecuted. Any rainstorm coming into our area, the clouds are laced on the edges and inside out, w. chemtrails. Very very obvious to the trained eye. There will be no response from amy ” Higher-ups” anywhere.. anyhow. I have tried and tried again. Our Dr Coleman ( meteorologist ) here in town, has recently told his viewers, that we have nothing to fear, because all it is , is watervapors. I wrote him a scathing e mail.. which of course he probably never bothered reading. People are scared this is obvious, threatened and scared. I feel that I have been one of the few who has already done as much as one person can.. but I get no support from anyone, except on this blog. Tell me, whatelse I can do.. and I will !

  684. babette Says:

    Silly me. I meant “not I, Eric.”

    Celline, you are needful thing desperate for attention and that seriously bugs me.

    Dude, looks like your dates are nearly spot on.

  685. Celline Says:

    To all who participate in this blog.
    Please guys, all of you, lets get behind “Eric”, he’s one person who is actually doing something about the Chem-problem, I just talked to him on the phone. I support him 100% and feel confident, he is the person to be supportet, please go to his blog, and find out who this man is.
    I did !

  686. Dude Says:

    haha. no one is going to do anything about the chemtrails. If they did, civilization would collapse overnight, and it will soon enough anyway with the war that is going to destroy America.

    Babette, theyre not my dates, they come from the Bible, the best book–by far–about this coming war. Heres the timeline in the news:

    [Former Def. Minister: Israel Will Attack Iran by Nov.]

    And heres the next false flag being presented:
    [Obama: Risks of Nuclear Attack Have Risen]

    And this is the target nation for the next false flag:
    [Lieberman: U.S. Should Attack Iran’s Nuclear Program if All Else Fails]

    Armageddon — 10-10-10 (9th year of Putins reign)

  687. Celline Says:

    Babette I am seriously sick of your stupid remarks.
    If anyone is needy here.. it’s just got to be you,
    cause I am just fine, thank you.
    For future reference : Please ignore my posts and I will gladly return the favor. It is the attackers who are the ” in need of attention’ ones.. the rest of us have no need to either critisize or attack, Get a Life ! and get lost !

  688. babette Says:

    Time to grease that whinging old barn door again. (sigh)

    1) Mysterious radio waves emitted from nearby galaxy. Yet it does seem to be moving – and fast: its apparent sideways velocity is four times the speed of light.

    2) Astronomers find 9 new planets and upset the theory of planetary formation.

    Clear skies here, two days running. A man I crossed in the park this evening pointed out a chemtrail to me! Refreshing + encouraging.

  689. clark Says:

    Some more interesting comments, hope you agree, condensed:

    April 14th, 2010 at 11:33 am:

    We witnessed a Barium Aerosol spraying of the Florida Atmosphere in the 1976 or 1977. This was announced in the paper that it would happen and told people not to worry.

    All the evidence indicates Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease appears linked to Aluminum. X-ray Diffraction of Brain proteins show Aluminum in the center of damaged proteins. Aluminum might well be a cocaine like substance that destroys tissue.

    April 14th, 2010 at 3:51 pm:

    if you want to research chemicals and their toxisity levels there is no better site than The Occupational Saftey and Health Administration web site…


    the saftey guy my work brings in every year for our safety meetings tried to tell me that aluminum dust is meerly a minor upper respritory irritant..
    i went to osha.org and found that the most minor of the symptoms aluminum dust causes is Hemorragic Pneumonia, i filed a complaint against the safety guy to osha and he has not been back…

    Osha also fined my shop $30,000 for the health violation of not having a ventilation system to filter the dust out of the air.

    in short aluminum is bad…its regulated…and if anyone disagrees, show them the Material Safety Data Sheet on aluminum and is properties on the osha web site…

    April 14th, 2010 at 7:27 pm:

    Yeah so is Blister Agent until you get a healthy dose and choke to death from PUSS bubbles growing to the size of apples in and all over your body…

    You drown to death from them popping inside your lungs…

    One of 100s of nice s— we learned in the militrary.

    April 14th, 2010 at 1:50 pm:

    Possible theories on why they are being sprayed:

    1.) Chemtrails are the compliment to technologies like HAARP, which exite the atmosphere with energy. For example, if you stick you hand in pure distilled water (no ions, just H2O) and stick a live wire in the same water…nothing happens because there are no ions to transfer the electricity to your body. If you do the same with regular tap or spring water…you die from electrocution because now the ions in the water are able to carry massive energy to your body, thereby stopping your heart (or just cooking you alive). Now imagine our atmosphere is close to the distilled water situation described above. Our air actually does has a few ions so it does react to energy being directed at it via technologies like HAARP. Now imagine if you super-saturate the atmosphere with ions, not just any ions (like non-metals), but heavy, metallic ions that also react to electromagnetic fields. Now with an atmosphere saturated with tiny metal ions, when HAARP-like energies are directed at our atmosphere, they get a large reaction instead of a small one. So if before chemtrails HAARP could “look” into the crust of the earth…now HAARP can shake the earth. If before, HAARP could carry a signal across the ionosphere, now it can cause that signal to gain amplitude, and potentially be directed toward targets on the surface and fry all electronic equipment. The possible applications increase in magnitude with the increase in magnitude of the atmosphere’s ability to react to energy. That is one possible reason why the chemtrails are being sprayed. An extremely reckless, short-sighted, not well thought out military operation being conducted by the industrialized nations. But, then they would have to have the full support, allegience, and secrecy of the media off those nations also.

    April 14th, 2010 at 3:42 pm:

    There is a woman named Gwen Scott, she is a former CNN news reporter.
    she quit working for CNN and was literally quieted for over a year because of contracts or something.
    She noticed the trails and wanted to report on them but wasn’t listened to.
    She is also a naturopath doctor. She does speak of malic acid as a help.
    But anyway, when I noticed these trails in 1996 I started digging for info and came across her story as well as Carnicom and Peterson .
    may be of interest to some.
    Chemtrails are very much a concern for me as well, because they are so blatant and in our face and no one seems to care let alone, look up and see.
    One note; there is something about static charge and trails I am always getting shocked, used to be in the dead of winter there would be more staic but now, it is all the time.
    try this; pull a strand of hair from your scalp and watch what it does, a lot of peoples’ hair strands act like a snake and move around for over 20 minutes or more. This is very unnerving to me and should be to us all,
    look under a black light at your pupils and your finger nails some peoples actually glow.
    So, are they making sure we can be seen no matter where we go???? makes ya wonder.


    – For the last three days here, the Armada has been full speed ahead, prior to that we had a whopping three whole days without them.

  690. ericswan Says:

    Interesting report about the 76/77 spraying of aluminum. I worked in a uranium mine in 75 and a test study was undertaken that year where the men were sprayed with aluminum immediately after coming to surface. Management claimed it would mitigate the effects of radiation. Further to that little adventure of trying to hold one’s breath while in the “dry” or the shower room was a piece of federal legislation that came out a week before I was to leave the job and head back to university which stated that anyone who revealed anything about the uranium industry to the public which would have included being exposed to aluminum, was subject to two years in jail. Nice country that Canada.

  691. Dude Says:

    The chemtrails are hiding Planet X. Hypothesizing any other reason at this point, with all the evidence, is just stupid. The reason for the static shocks in the summer is that the chemtrails are always forming clouds from the moisture in the air, making it condense and rain. Moisture in the air dissipates static charges. This is why we had a record rainfall year last year and why the Bible says that in the great day of destruction there will be water flowing from every hill and every mountain. Armageddon 10-10-10 (9th year of Putins reign).

  692. Tweak Says:

    I’m curious Dude…

    Do you find it difficult typing with a straight jacket on?

    I actually hope you’re right — sincerely. I’d rather be destroyed by a natural phenomenon than be made to have my death prolonged and make me sick with man made concoctions that are teeming with poison due to nefarious plots and schemes.

    But I’ll tell you what my man — I’m not going to hold my breath for Nibiru, reptiles, WWIII, Putin’s reign of terror, biblical prophecies of the Joseph Smith kind, Armageddon, a coming war (which really at this point is asinine since we have perpetual war anyway), ghosts, goblins, angels, demons, boogeymen, or Santa Claus.

    Whether they are spraying to hide Nibiru to me is irrelevant. THEY ARE SPRAYING. PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK. It’s not a matter of “why” but “what”.

    I’m sorry if I’ve offendend you but sometimes I feel that if you tie biblical predictions in with what you see with your own two eyes, you become a misguided fool and a slave to misinformation. Your evidence rests on interpretation of what I like to call “The Greatest Story Ever Sold”.

    But if it gives you solace and it gives you comfort then I am truly envious. You need not wake anyone up to Nibiru smashing us to pieces. You need not waste your time on websites trying to convince the unconvincable.

    You need to make peace with God and your loved ones so that you are not judged unworthy and therefore left behind. Posting “Nibiru this” & “Nibiru that” is taking away time from your family and friends is it not?

    I’m happy that you know the truth. I believe that you believe. I wish I could be as “committed” as you (pun intended). But I see chemtrails. I don’t see Nibiru. I don’t feel the changes in our planetary rotation from it’s gravitational pull.

    Sorry everyone — rant over. Back to the skies in my area.

    Since I last posted there wasn’t a single chemtrail in the skies (over a week). The deepest, most beautiful blue I had seen in a long time (and yes Dude – I could even see the southern horizon).

    Then this morning on my way to work I counted 7 jets spraying the grid pattern.

    I knew it was too good to last. Either that or Nibiru has resumed sending radio transmitions to Earth eh Dude?

    Jeez I can’t believe I actually allowed myself to be baited like that. But I had to get it off of my chest. I’m sorry for derailing the discussion everyone.

  693. clark Says:

    No need to apologize Tweak, nice rant.

    @eric, wow. That’s a very believable workplace / bad government story
    I wonder if a micro-phish stored image of that ’77 article would be valuable $$$, at least to one or two truth/info/news websites? The way the economy is I’m surprised it hasn’t been dug up yet,… it must’ve been “destroyed” in a hurricane?

    – Last year at this time I spent too much time describing a green powdery substance covering all the cars, it is happening again, only I’m fairly convinced it’s oak tree pollen. I still don’t understand How it gets splattered on the vertical doors the way it does though.
    Now if only it would come out that chemtrails were simply dirty sea water … if only.

  694. Celline Says:

    Do this ” hairtest”. Pluck a hair off your head watch it between your 2 fingers, it’s absolutely amazing. Make sure there’s no draft from an open window or anywhere like that. I did it.. sorta could not believe what happened. It will act like a wiggle worm, snap back and forth.
    So.. what exactly are we exposed to? This is getting crazier and scarier.
    Our skies today: Not whiteout, but Blackout. It started w. spiderweb looking “stuff” all over, as far as the eye can see. After a while.. it took on dark color and finally the whole sky was covered, very dark.
    Weather report states: Sunny skies, no storms approaching, nothing nada..

  695. Celline Says:

    Our Meteorologists are lying, lying lying, it should be beneath their dignity and character. What must be going on behind the scenes, that these people are made to tell outright lies to the viewing public?
    Was approached by a ” Green-peace” person today, to join them. Well, I got a good e mail adress out of this conversation, then I wrote them and sent a video I got from Eric, and I asked some pertinent questions.
    Even said something about ” donating” money to their cause, if they could answer my question. Well.. at least I try !The ” Green-peace” person who approached me, has something to think and talk about today, when she gets back to her office !
    Did anyone see what happened last night over MN ? This fireball streaking thru the skies, noisy and vibrating the whole area? Any idea what this was ? It’s on the aol headpage.

  696. babette Says:


  697. Dude Says:

    Tweak: Youre stupid and very misinformed. I see better with one eye than you do with two. You worry about people getting sick and ignore the fact that approximately 290 million Americans are going to die in the next two years, mostly from war. That is incredibly stupid….one of the biggest indicators of a liar. You also do not read what I type. You call names and make assumptions about things you have no knowledge of. All indicative of a paid liar. Your opinion means nothing to me because i can ‘see’.

  698. babette Says:


  699. babette Says:

    Fascinating interview with Benjamin Baruch who interview two expert astrophysicists. They confirmed a companion neutron star to our sun that has an elliptical orbit of approximatlely 24,000 years. It’s nearing the solar system and causing major problems between 2011 and 2017. (The earth’s core heating up which is fragmenting the magnetosphere, the appearance of multiple north and south poles/shifting, windspeed bursts nearing mach 1, tsunamis, continental plates shifting, etc…)

    12/21/2012 is only one day in the midst of what will take place over a 7-year period. All governments are aware and are preparing bunkers for the elites and TPTB.

    Best case scenario: The end of Western civilization as we know it. Loss of life on the magnitude of 30 – 50% of the population.

    Worst case scenario: (You don’t want to know!)

    Confidence level of the astrophysicists: 99.9%

    IMHO, it’s worth listening to:

  700. Dude Says:

    Nibiru is not a neutron star. It will take about 7 days to pass Earth going in and another 7 coming back out at its closest. This is the time that the Earth will be most heavily affected. Nibiru will take up 1/5th of the sky as it passes and lightning will go between it and Earth. Nibiru will not hit Earth but a small moon will appear and break up and fall into the Pacific Ocean. Many asteroids that Nibiru is bringing from the Oort cloud will hit the Earth. Nibiru’s orbit is 3,600 years and archaeological discoveries confirm this. 90% of Americans will die from the war of Armageddon on 10-10-10. As much as 80-90% of Earth’s population will die from Nibiru’s effects and the governments are promoting this with all their secrecy, they are all following the instruction of lucifer and will be responsible for billions of deaths. EVERYTHING YOU ARE BEING TOLD IS A LIE.

  701. Tweak Says:

    So everyone who disagrees with your obsessive remarks about Nibiru is a paid shill spreading disinformation? Well that sucks, since I’ve yet to get the paycheck.

    Wouldn’t it be just as fair for me to accuse you of being the shill as you spout out some Philip K. Dick version of the end of humanity as we know it?

    I’m not here to argue your beliefs Dude. I’m here to discuss ways in which we can end chemspraying. Regardless of what it’s used for.

    I’m not stupid when it comes to Nibiru. I just don’t have the faith and determination about it that you do. I’m a live-in-the-present kind of guy, and presently we are being biologically altered in some fashion or another by the poison they are spraying on us.

    That doesn’t concern you? You only have compassion for your fellow man as long as they believe in Putin’s reign of terror and Nibiru and your interpretation of what is written in a book?

    Think man!! There’s more to life than Nibiru for God’s sake!!

    And I’m the shill for trying to be proactive against the causes that can be proven and identified and possibly combated. Wow. F!@# this Dude — you win.

  702. Dude Says:

    youre not gonna stop the chemtrails retard because theyre hiding nibiru and theyre not going to let you see it. THINK

  703. Tweak Says:

    Of course. Thanks for addressing everything that didn’t have to do with Nibiru — especially the whole “retard” comment.

    Spoken like a true Christian bible thumper.

    Tweak: What do you think is in the chemspray?
    Dude: Nibiru!!

    Tweak: How often do you see them spray in your area?
    Dude Nibiru!

    Tweak: Is there any groups trying to bring attention to chemtrails?
    Dude: You’re stupid and a lying shill. Nibiru cometh!!

    Tweak: Are there any increases in Morgellon’s Disease in your area?
    Dude: Armageddon!! You’re retarded!! Morgellon’s is caused by the nebula under Putin’s reign of terror!

    Tweak: Is there any way to get these government stooges to admit the truth about chemtrails?
    Dude: You’ll know the truth on 10-10-10. Or 12-21-12. Or 10-12-21. Or whatever other date will suit my cries of doom! Doom! DOOM!! Nibiru!!!

    Thanks for letting me post guys — but I can view all the one sided, divide and conquer crap elsewhere. I’m just sticking to FoundingFather’s articles. I’m too old to play chase the butterflies with madmen.

  704. Celline Says:

    @Tweak, just 1 comment I want to make: Dude is not a Christian.. and the Biblethumping done, on his part, is w.out knowlegde, and the interpretations are all his, and his ( Dude’s) alone.

  705. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Tweak – You dirty rotten Govt. shill, you almost made me spit coffee out on my keyboard! LOL

    I know Nibiru will smite me for my impertinence, but that comment was just too funny!

    FYI, the skies are a chemtrailed mess as usual here on the East Coast USA.

  706. babette Says:

    Hey now, Tweak, it’s true Dude’s mindset is impenetrable and implacable; his convinction akin to Oates’ Jedediah, whose prayers were answered when he finally saw god’s face (and how very, very sorry he was when he did).

    Babblethumpers are deeply disturbed people to begin with so be of good cheer, Tweak, many here have tried to “connect” with the mighty Dude and failed.

    Here’s another character he might bring to mind: Simón, the son of Simeon Stylites, who lived for 6 years, 6 weeks and 6 days atop an eight-meter pillar in the middle of the desert — nobody, but nobody could talk Simon down. You wouldn’t want to stand within 100 yards of that tower anyway.

    FF is right, Tweak, you are excellent fun. Hope you’ll stick around.


  707. clark Says:

    – Finally this evening (4p.m.) we had clear skies, no jets no clouds.

  708. Dude Says:

    haha. yall funny.

  709. clark Says:

    – Saturday, not one jet in the sky all day, not even a Cessna, no clouds either, all clear until 10:30 A.M. Sunday when I saw one jet with a short chemtrail. As the day grew warmer (temps. into the 70’s with 50% humidity) the chemtrails got longer and longer and more and more of them appeared. They were all very high flying, so high I could barely see the jet, just the chemtrails.

    Saw a jet from the West flying head on into the path of a jet flying from the Eest, they didn’t look to be that much higher in altitude than each other, but still it seemed unusual.

    The Armada white-out’ed & clouded up the sky by dusk.

  710. clark Says:

    Eest is a funny way of spelling East when your tired.

  711. solsburyhill Says:

    Due to the general ban on flights here in mid-Europe since Thursday evening last week as a result of the vulcano eruption on Island – no jets, no chemtrails, clear blue skies and YES a completely uncovered sun.

    If something would be hiding next to the sun, then this thing would have been visible during this extended chemtrail free weekend.

    I took an extra good look this weekend at the sunrise and sunset, and a sky that was absolutely free of clouds or chemtails. Btw, quite scary how quickly your mind is getting used to the sprayed skies that we are all so used to see by now.

  712. solsburyhill Says:

    Sorry, “Island” should of course be “Iceland”. Nothing else… 🙂

  713. foundingfather1776 Says:

    What an interesting observation solsburyhill!

    It makes sense. They can’t let the volcanic ash damage their precious chemtrail jets now can they?

    Isn’t it ironic that an “Act of God” temporarily halts man from trying to play God with the atmosphere?

    You should enjoy your chemtrail-free blue skies and take pictures. “Look kids….the skies used to be like this all the time!”

    It will be interesting to see if the chemtrail jets come out again in force once flying is allowed to resume. Please keep us updated.



  714. clark Says:

    No doubt.

    …Some things, incomplete brainstorming, in no particular order:

    10.) Groups against chemtrails – they are small, fragmented, and made up of various origins, i.e. this blog, and the group against Nukes and chemical weapons. The anti-nuke group not being seen as an umbrella for the groups, maybe not seen as effective and possibly too pro-government?

    9.) It’s socially unacceptable to belong to these groups for some reason. Kind of like living in Mormon/skinhead towns in Idaho? If you’re not one of them you’re shunned, treated badly, wrongly and worse, or so I’ve read it characterized by some who live there. At least one can move away from that.

    8.) Things have to get really bad for people to act up against #9 rather than simply move away. I mean really bad, like WWII bad, cornered or … hmmm, it has to get to the following because up until that point the State uses what a person loves against them for submission or whatever:

    “You can only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.”

    ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    7.) Define, “everything” from Aleksandr above, is there a line in the sand?

    6.) I forget who said, “A slave is someone who waits for someone else to free them”

    5.) A free range slave/surf is different than a slave, for one, there is no shadow of the Pharaoh to escape, nowhere to run to.

    4.) Felons are called “Restricted Persons” and the sub-class caste-like system isn’t even questioned, always a Jim Crow too.

    3.) How we got here shows a lot about where we are headed.

    2.) …

    – They must’ve shifted the extra Euro jets over here as the morning skies today were SUPER-extra full of them, and as a bonus we got a halo of light pink and blue around the Sun just big enough the lower section is not visible so it looks like a small rainbow, but whoever heard of a pink and blue rainbow?

    The weird part is the sky is a white-out and yet much of the time I can still see the chemtrails quite clearly, hard to describe.

    More chemtrails than I’ve ever seen before, long and streaking from horizon to horizon now.

  715. solsburyhill Says:

    Thanks FF,

    I will of course provide you all with an update once flying is allowed to resume in continental Europe.

  716. ericswan Says:

    I’m not so sure that this volcano is an act of God. The consequences, however, may very well be a justice not contemplated by tptb.

  717. Celline Says:

    agree w. Eric here, just am trying to figure out, what HAARP’s intent would have been ? Good thing for us is, that the B’s are fightings the R’s, and the R’s the B’s. If it werent for that, we would be further down the road already.
    Blackish horizon in the East today ( no fires ) and white puffy chems floating in that black soup. Something new again….

  718. ericswan Says:

    Lots of chemtrail activity here in British Columbia and on the same day that out premier announces another hydro dam in the far north that will flood a valley one kilometers wide and 80 kilometers long. The transmission lines will further devastate the back country by a thousand or more kilometers. The claim is that 6 billion for this project will offset the 12 per cent of electricity we currently import.

  719. Celline Says:

    This just in from Germany : Centralization of the European airspace,
    control over who can and can not fly in it.
    I can’t translate it too good, sorry.. but u get the drift, right?
    That little vulcano w. the real weird and hard to pronounce name.. has some significance, after all.Wo knew ? !

  720. Celline Says:


  721. babette Says:

    Volcanic ash cloud tempest-in-a-teapot: BRILLIANT ARDENT 10.

    “One of the largest NATO military drills is being held today, rather conveniently while volcanic ash is keeping all commercial aircraft on the ground around the U. K. That won’t stop one of the world’s largest military exercises from going forward though.”

  722. babette Says:

    “Chemtrails are a signal planes use so they won’t crash into each other/get all mixed up.”

    “An apple falls from a tree is called gravity. It’s a fact. There are no chemtrails, there are contrails and they are normal just like gravity and that’s a fact.”

    “Chemtrails are an internet conspiracy only idiots believe in.”

    George Carlin (bless him) was so thoroughly disgusted and disappointed with humanity’s greed and STUPIDITY he fervently wished a gigantic asteroid would hurry up and smash into us.

  723. Celline Says:


  724. clark Says:

    Friday was nice – no jets.

    Those are some revealing quotes babette.


  725. Sarah Says:


  726. Sarah Says:

  727. Tweak Says:

    I don’t know what’s worse:

    Dropping so called “chaff” in order to throw off a cruise missle’s radar and blow up another part of our country that wasn’t originally targeted or the myriad of other things these chemtrails are “accomplishing”.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the old adage is true: The more you learn, the less you know.

  728. Sarah Says:

    Well Tweak, that’s not really true. It’s better to know something, than be “dumb” all together.

  729. Sarah Says:

    By the way, I do not remember how this namechange happened.. either way to clear it up, it’s me, ” Cell’.

  730. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    I saw that and I thought it was odd. Notice your identicon stayed the same? I see where it says “Author: Sarah” can you change the author setting when you post? Or we can just call you Sarah/Celline :>0



  731. clark Says:

    I’ve been thinking lately that the major part of the purpose of chemtrails is using chaff and clouds to block spy satellites. There was a big deal about some advanced satellites China was putting up in 1991 or 95, then nothing was heard about it… maybe that was along about the time the U.S. “accidentally” blew up the Chinese Embassy (spy listening post?) in Yugoslavia during the air war, and the U.S. U-2 spy plane was forced down?

    It might explain why we have clear days, the satellites are out of range?

    Or we get clear days on the launch week?…

    The picture of the X-37B sure looks a lot like certain slow moving chemtrailing jets. It’s remote controlled with secret advanced weapons very few people know about and it’s so secret even the budget is secret, the bad part is there are probably people who won’t even accept that the X-37B is a real jet and they especially won’t believe it’s remotely controlled… that’s too far fetched they’ll say… arrggg


  732. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Clark,

    I have long felt that the massive chemtrail program is tied into some weapons program. It might be HAARP, it might be to hide or deflect satellites, to control the weather, to study how bio-weapons might travel and spread, or all of the above.

    I don’t think the primary purpose is to kill off humanity (at least not yet) but I think they don’t give a damn about the toxic effects and long-term consequences of spraying tons of powdered aluminum, barium and Lord only knows what else up into the atmosphere.

    Did you see this clip of G. Edward Griffin when he was asked about chemtrails?

    He makes the astute observation that it seems to be primarily NATO countries doing the spraying.

    Massive secret program – check
    Mostly NATO countries – check
    No Govt. Officials care to acknowledge spraying is actively being done – check
    No concern is shown for likely negative long-term effects to humans, plants or animals – check

    Seems to “fit” a Pentagon black-budget program to me…………..

  733. Celline Says:

    wow Founding, this is the 2. time, I see someone talk about the chems, the 1 I put up, and now yours. Also yours, and clarks observations are righton, I believe. ( By the way, I am trying to change my name back to Cell.. hope it’s working correctly )
    I would like to call everyone’s attention to the fact, that @Eric and a friend are actually doing something about the chemproblem. This friend of his is travelling to Europe in May and will be speaking about it in a very important meeting. They then are working on a documentary. I don’t know why @Eric did not share this here on this blog, but it is so very important that I will support them where and however I can.
    The documentary and connected travel are expensive, and I plan to support them, as good as I can, so I am throwing this out here, to all of you. Founding, I would love for you to check w. Eric about his plans, if u did not do this already?! This blog of ours is so very important and informative, it is endless how many people just I alone, was able to inform and got their interest, thank you all for your contributions.

  734. Celline Says:

    This ” Edward Griffin ” is well worth looking up, this is someone who’s side we need to be on !
    Clumpy, windswept looking, heavy chemtrailing here daily, from horizon to horizon.
    I now am experiencing breathingproblems, especially during the night and have been prescribed ” Advair “.
    About the new healthcare ( forced down out throats mess ), my co-pay for meds use to be $ 5.00, but since April it has doubled and tripled.
    Nice to know who’s paying for it all.. you and I !

  735. clark Says:

    FF said, Mostly NATO countries – check

    Mostly… seems odd it’s mostly and not only.

    I’ve onl read half of this review of Jesse Ventura’s book, but it’s got some good points, not good though:

    We love stories far more than we love reality. But it goes deeper than that; we also despise the truth-tellers who push our tolerances too far, and we love to hang the gadfly for whom the search for truth is more important than the crowd’s approval. History shows us that unrepentant truth-tellers meet their fates by the side of the road, in a ditch or on a pike or cross. Whistle blowers disappear in car accidents in their backyards, poisonings with suspicious aftershave in their hotel rooms, airplanes that disappear in bad weather, and unexplained coronary events while in deep sleep.


  736. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Clark,

    By habit, I refrain from using superlatives in my analysis unless they are warranted and I have high confidence they are correct. Hence I chose “Mostly NATO countries” instead of “ONLY NATO countries”

    This Wiki passage summarizes nicely:
    Some grammarians object to the use of the superlative or comparative with words such as full, complete, unique, or empty, which by definition already denote either a totality, an absence, or an absolute. However, such words are routinely and frequently qualified in contemporary speech and writing. This type of usage conveys more of a figurative than a literal meaning, since in a strictly literal sense, something cannot be more or less unique or empty to a greater or lesser degree. For example, in the phrase “most complete selection of wines in the Midwest,” “most complete” doesn’t mean “closest to having all elements represented”, it merely connotes a well-rounded, relatively extensive selection.

    Celline – G. Edward Griffin is the author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island” which is considered the most scholarly and exhaustive expose of the private Federal Reserve System. He has been fighting the New World Order for nearly 50 years.

    I would say most readers of this blog are very much “on his side.”

    Regarding Eric’s work – I would be happy to promote a documentary or other such work that exposes chemtrails. We are all in this together.

    Readers are welcome to submit items of interest, guest columns, reviews, etc. My main objective here is to spread accurate and useful information about how they world really works and what is really going on.

    This blog is tiny in the overall scheme of “mass-media” but I try to keep the quality high and the information solid. We all have a part to play, and if I can help Eric, or any other “info-warrior” get the truth out, I am happy to do so.



  737. clark Says:

    It’s just that it seems like “mostly UN countries” should mean the stronger anti-UN countries like Cuba would be excluded, I could understand if there were only chemtrails that drifted in off the ocean over Cuba, but eric said chemtrails were over Cuba… I think. Weren’t there other highly anti-UN countries that also had chemtrails, China even?
    It seems like countries such as China and Cuba are powerful enough to stop any over flights they wanted toooo, and that’s the key? That they wanted.

    PSft… a person cannot trust anything these days of course that doesn’t help, any video could be fake.

    When I first started knowing about chemtrails and looking at the videos of the extremely heavy chemtrail traffic recorded I couldn’t accept that it was true because it was so obvious and so not normal compared to anything I’d seen in the past,… that is until I started seeing the same in the skies above me. Chemtrail films often get the benefit of the doubt now, but not for other people.

    – No sinus problems all year for me, that is until yesterday after they started using the powdery substance that falls to the ground like powder… haven’t seen that behavior in chemtrails in awhile… (after a 6 hour break in chemtrailing, the shortest break ever?) makes me want to show a fireman, point to a chemtrail and ask them (nice bit for a documentary?) what they think the substances are based on their behavior in the sky as it falls and drifts in the winds. The responses from several different firemen might be interesting to compare.

    Reverse engineer the chemtrails?
    What capabilities could be on a spy satellite and what substances could be used to defeat the spy satellite?

    Aluminum to deflect one type of visual from a spy satellite?
    Aluminum to be heated by HARRP, which attracts moths and bees to certain exhaustive vain flights of death, and affects and controls clouds, storm systems and the jet stream?
    Barium to heat up as it falls to the ground blinding heat sensing from a spy satellite?
    Living organisms to replicate the effect a school of fish has creating a solid object on sonar, sonar from a spy satellite?
    At the moment I can’t think of any other substances suspected to be in chemtrails, the others probably bind and release the barium, aluminum and any other important substance.
    The attraction of water in the air to form rain,

    At this moment I can see numerous horizon to horizon chemtrails intermixed (at all altitudes) with many short contrails or contrail looking chemtrails,… I’m just not in the mood to type and I’m terrible at this type of summary work, K.I.S.S.

    There’s not a bogie-man under the bed, but there are men in the sky.

  738. ericswan Says:

  739. Celline Says:

    @Ericswan: The video ” mediatruth” u posted, and the name Michael Murphy connected with it, is what I got mixed up with you.
    I thought, this Michael Murphy is you.
    I contacted him, and promised him my support, which stands, I will do it.
    But I must apologize for thinking all the while, that Michael is you.
    All my previous comments are referring to Michael Murphy, not you.
    Michael is doing a documentary, and many more things, that need supporting.
    Please forgive me, for getting you mixed up.
    I hope all of you here in this blog, will forgive my unintendet error. Thank you.

  740. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Very powerful clip Eric! Thank-you for posting that. I have forwarded that one directly to some people on my mailing list that need to wake-up and “smell the coffee” as they say……



  741. clark Says:

    my skies this morning, and often, look like the skies in the opening of The Panacea Chemtrail Production (2 of 32).

    After watching the films, blocking satilites seems like a minor thing and not a reasonable primary reason for chemtrails. They would cover all the sky to cover just one section, but…? Damn Chinese puzzle.

    Today I think I saw a small section of those “new” type of clouds that were photographed last year over Cedar Rapids. At the time, the rest of the dark blue/white cloud filled sky seemed blurry in an eerily odd way.

    Yesterday I saw an arms wide section of sky with rippled clouds like what I’ve described as being OK-sign sized. From the video, at the end of part 2, it looks like that is what they are calling, “marked electromagnetic influence”
    From what I’ve seen so far, the jets stop flying after one of these appears, sometimes for only an hour, most of the time it’s the whole day.

    After that a few other clouds that drifted in looked like tractor tire prints in the mud. Never saw that before either.

  742. clark Says:

    Forgot to add, it was 81 degrees F., winds at 28-38 m.p.h. and about 50% humidity.
    The sky finally turned blue, the jets were fewer but there were still long chemtrails amid short contrails. After the wind died down it seemed obvious that obscuring the sky wasn’t the goal.

  743. ericswan Says:

    Good point Clark. If anything, “sky obscuration” is the disinformation we have all yearned to hear.

    Celline..didn’t mean to ignore your comments or mislead anyone here. I’m glad you got this sorted out.

    Sky..I’m hearing you are already under water restriction. What is happenin’ down there?

  744. clark Says:

    I noticed Ursula has a good photo of what looks like one of those invisible jets we saw last year, it’s just a glow:

    Her whole photo gallery captures them pretty well. This one shows what looks to be the white powdery substance which falls from the chemtrail clouds here, only these are much smaller. I didn’t see any photos of chemtrails dropping powdery substance:

    Looking at these pictures kind of made me feel sick, especially this one, it’s a lot like what I see in my sky many a day:

    I’m having a hard time picturing jury nullification making any headway against this.

  745. clark Says:

    All day on a Saturday, No jets, no chemtrails, no contrails nothing but some normal-ish looking clouds dripping powdery substance just like in this photo from my above comment only a bit larger and more of them:

    I saw my first straight (horizontal) rainbow today. It wasn’t very long, it followed along a wide chemtrail-looking cloud within a larger batch of clouds. It was mostly yellow with turquoise to light blue colors. It reminded me of the wedge Ursala described on one of her photos.

  746. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan- Water woes aplenty in this valley.

    Vernon is bad off, even though the weather has been cold, cold, cold. Down to one day a week for a few hours of sprinkling, people’s pools and hot tubs dry and empty. They’ve set up a water crime hotline, so people can rat each other out. A NWO dream scenario.

    Westbank is in major trouble, and of course so is Summerland.

    I’m in the Lakeview Heights Irrigation District. A contractor burst one of our main 24 inch lines on Friday morning so we have been without ANY running water for almost 48 hrs.

    I hit it lucky Saturday afternoon. Called the irrigation district and yapped for over half an hour with a MOST informative fellow. He’d been awake for over 36 hrs at that point ( trying to repair the main) and it’s amazing how much information you can extract from the normally close-mouthed civil servants when they’re sleep deprived.

    – Worst off is South-East Kelowna Irrigation- and that just happens to be our FARMING district- most of our apple and cherry orchards . Farmers normally start irrigating April 15th, but won’t get any water until the middle of May.

    Lakeview Heights is still OK for now. They implemented year round odd/even sprinkling 2 years ago. A very proactive board of trustees pushed for the Big Horn Dam, which feeds Bear Creek which in turn feeds Rose Valley Reservoir.Big Horn is full up, and Rose Valley is down a bit, but Bear Creek is down to a trickle at the moment. The guy sounded worried.

    The irrigation employee I talked to is in charge of monitoring the water quality, and also the flow rates into our Rose Valley Reservoir. He explained how their computerized valve system was instrumental in maintaining our water flow and quality last summer during the Terrace Mountain fire. The waters in Bear Creek were heavily contaminated with phosphorous from the fire fighting chemicals and this computerized system kept this water OUT of our reservoir.

    I talked the guy into booting up his computer and looking up our aluminum and barium readings. According to him we’re still in the safe range.

    What a miserable spring. Cold and dry, dry, dry. And windy.We’re being freeze dried. Lived here for over 40 years and everything changed when they started with their damned chemtrailing. Hardly ever see the sun anymore. It’s just a smudged out, ghostly looking blob in the sky that you can stare at directly at high noon. What’s wrong with this picture ? Why, NOTHING….according to most of the blind sheeple. Sad. So very, very sad.

  747. Celline Says:

    it’s below normal here also. We would have plenty of sunshine if the sky weren’t chock full of chemblobs.
    Michael Murphy is making a documentary film about it all. He told me he got a ” help us call” from Mauii, where chemtrailing and geoengeneering has been pushed into high gear.
    His website is the best I have found yet, and it’s Ericswan who mentioned him earlier.Glad I found him, putting some $$ where my mouth is, am supporting him and his efforts. Here’s someone who’s doing something about it all !

  748. clark Says:

    @Celline, Michael Murphy is the BlueSkyNoMore guy or does he have a different website? What is the URL?

    Just in case some wayward person who is undecided about chemtrails reads this,… that wispy powdery stuff from the other day, I wonder if it causes small blisters on exposed wet skin and when you breathe it? We had just a bit more of that stuff, then it went away, for the last three times I’ve seen it I had blisters afterwards.
    There weren’t any jets of any kind all day today, I couldn’t see them yesterday through the clouds either. It’s funny how on the 1st part of the month after most of the nation gets PAID causing the malls, stores, parkinglots and streets to be filled with people, yet there’s not one single jet in the sky where often there are dozens. What gives with that? The national radar map is pretty clear too.

    Did you catch this article about a killer fungus? The symptoms sound like the flu, and it’s described as causing bumps under the skin of animals, do you think that might happen to people too? Wouldn’t it be neglegent of the government Not to do anything about it? Are chemtrails an attempt?

    Potentially Lethal Airborne Fungus May Spread to California
    Unlike typical strains, new pathogen can attack healthy people, researchers say


    The bit from Sky above about low barium and aluminum levels, some people say the atmosphere has been energized or some such, perhaps like the static on a TV screen and how it attracts small particles, only in the earths situation maybe the energized atmosphere causes certain small particles to cling to the upper levels of the atmosphere rather than the ground so it infrequently reaches the ground to increase levels found in water.

  749. Celline Says:

    @ Clark: I will look up Michaels info, then come back and post it 4 you.
    I have a report of 2 days.. w. blue blue blue skies, not a dot or diddle or stripe or lump in it. Gorgeous SouthernCal skies, the way they should be.
    UNREAL !OK.. will look up info and be back in a few..

  750. Celline Says:

    @Clark : http://truthmediaproductions.blogspot.com

    and : http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

    Sorry I could not give the links, just the ” where and how” to find it.
    The 2. one, Michael recommands to pull up for excellent info.
    I believe that Eric posted both of those.. above.. way above somewhere.

  751. clark Says:

    Thanks, Celline.

    – I ‘ve got those clear blue skies too now, no clouds, no chemtrails, I did see one normal jet with a contrail, just one though.

  752. Celline Says:

    wow, what’s going on w. no chems.. are they maybe running out of $$ ?
    If money is the reason, let’s all brace for some other contrived tax !
    2 days of unblemished gorgeous skies, almost too much to take in, ah, that beauty !

  753. Celline Says:

    was jubilant too early. Today ” they” aimed at the Imperial Valley ( US breadbasket ) and all places in the desert where avocados and cirtusfruits are growing. I could see the mess from my frontdoor.. in the north-east.
    Then we drove into the desert to watch the Occotillos bloom.
    Big letdown, 1/2 of those gorgeous bushes were dying, the other 1/2 blooming sparsely. The skies were full of ” tiretracks” so thick.. that fake rainbows appeared everywhere. Those ” rainbows” looked poisenous, which they undoubtedly were. Yuck ! The trip turned out sad, if not depressing.. yes, ” they” even kill our deserts. Coming home, sure enough, there only were a few tiremarks in the skies.. the leftovers from the mess over the desert.
    ^ 5 to Michael Murphy who is now making a documentary, and Mr. Griffin is involved in this also. Yes, someone is doing something about it all, remains to be seen if it will make any kind of impact.

  754. clark Says:

    Sudden Impact!

    I never saw that movie.

    The day started off with a few clouds but I could see there were no jets in the sky. We had an afternoon of clear blue skies, I saw two high altitude jets with regular contrails, and that’s all.

    At 2:30 p.m. the chemtrails returned, at first they were off to the the South and I still had a clear sky above me. I looked up and saw what appeared to be a white slow moving 727 not producing any exhaust of any kind. I almost looked away but I thought I should just watch for a few more seconds, and why was that jet moving so slow? Then POOF! the jet was gone, just like that.

    There was one very small puffy cloud half the size of your fist, but it was an arms length away from the jet, the rest of the sky was empty and blue.

    Couple hours later the chemtrails were heavy, three lines which were almost touching were running across the Southern sky standing out starkly against the blue, the winds blowing the particles like dust as it drifted horizontally. This was mixed with jets at various altitudes with regular contrails too, both above and below the chemtrails.

    By sunset the jets had disappeared, the chemtrails remained, spreading to cover the sky in a thin veil or film of white, but not white-out.

    All that happened under these conditions:

    80 degrees F.
    30% humidity
    visibility 10 miles
    winds from SSW 26 m.p.h.
    pressure 29.69 and falling slowly.

    Currently it’s:
    67 degrees F
    52% humidity
    visibility 10 miles
    winds from SSW 9 m.p.h.
    pressure steady at 29.70

    Go figure ~ eh.

  755. Celline Says:

    Clark, what I don’t understand is, that I never ever see any planes at all.. and yet have all those same chemtrails.
    Why is that? Either they are invisible, or they create their ” stuff ” over the ocean and then it blows inland. But, we have had offshore winds lately, so then they would not blow inland.
    This whole thing is blowing my lil’ mind.

  756. clark Says:

    Buy a camera and go for a boat ride and see? Or go up to the mountains and look down? I don’t know what else to say. Is interesting though.

  757. Celline Says:

    Maybe a cruise would do ! Yesterday afternoon it started: chems rolling in from the West.. till late night. So far today, not a anything in the skies, but BLUE. I keep hoping “they” are running out of money?
    Old optimist me. Right now the beginning of this documentary by Mr Murphy and Mr Griffin has started… beginning in Maui out of all places.

  758. clark Says:

    Yesterday morning my skies looked like the picture at the top of this blog, followed by rain, today is solid white-out.

    Just thinking how, if people such as who sky was talking to are not finding higher levels of barrium or aluminum, and they’re actually testing for it, it may simply mean that whatever they are spraying isn’t being specifically tested for.

    I imagine a silicone graphite would be cheaper and easier to get than aluminnum and perhaps do the same function.

    Whatever barruim does, they found something else that does it better, with all of the side effects too probably? Who knows.

    I came across this, I wonder how many thousands of people don’t know about this fact of life, and how many don’t care,… too many:

    “There was a sideshow to the Vietnam war, and that is that the United States conducted massive bombing campaigns against Vietnam’s two western neighbors, Laos and Cambodia. From 1964 to 1973, the US dropped more than two million tons of ordnance over Laos in a operation consisting of 580,000 bombing missions – equal to a planeload of bombs every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years. This unprecedented, secret bombing campaign was conducted without authorization from the US Congress and without the knowledge of the American people.”


  759. babette Says:

    Just now peroused an article re. ‘strange rainbows around the sun’ and I grew progressively sicker as I read the insanely stupid follow-up comments.

    Also see: Chemtrails on News 10 Sacramento May 5, 2010
    (Godlike Productions)

    “For the first time in human history, for the first time in all of human history, almost all of mankind is politically awake. And these new, and old, major powers face still yet another novel reality, in some respects, unprecedented. And it is that while the lethality of their power is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low. I once put it rather bluntly and I was flattered that the British Home Secretary repeated this as follows, namely, in earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million. Easier to kill than to control.”

    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Nov 17 2008

    And thanks, Clark.

  760. Celline Says:

    Our otherwise deep blue skies, are covered with something that looks like spiderwebs. I saw 1 plane in the middle of one of those weird looking webs, and it suddenly vanished. I had a clear view and followed this plane w. my eyes, and poof.. gone it was.
    I am convinced now. more than ever, that all our chemtrail activities are done by planes that can not be seen w. the naked eye.
    Does anyone else notice this weird phenomena?
    “They” are withholding so much from the public, it is frightening.

  761. babette Says:

    Eventually, the US military will deploy its remote-controlled drones over the American population. Maybe then the retards will wake up?

    But right now there are still too many American idiots cheering and chanting, “Another one bites the dust’ like they’re at some stupid hockey game, whenever dozens of Pakistanis or Iraqis or Afghans are butchered by drones.

    The US, its military and its citizens, inspire unimaginable levels of justified contempt throughout the world. Let us pray the inevitable financial collapse results in the US being divided up, its military rendered impotent and henceforth, to eternity, its people ‘managed’ by more civilized nations.

    Until that day no one can stop them spraying people like bugs or anything else they wish to do to us.

  762. babette Says:

    Excellent vid on Youtube:

    Rare Adolf Hitler speech 1942 Israel Iran Zionism WW3

    Israeli run US will spark WW3. Adolf has been demonized for decades. He’ll be canonized in the near future.

  763. Celline Says:

    @babette u touch on something very important here, as in:
    The ultimate goal obviously is, to control Jerusalem.
    Even the Pope wants his ” throne” there.
    Meanwhile sheeple are sleeping sleeping…
    @Founding, do u think a new space would encourage more participation? Just thinking out loud here.. This blog needs reviving it’s too important and good to fizzle out !

  764. clark Says:

    I thought the blog just kind of reached a stopping point? There doesn’t appear to be any new information or facts, we’ve pretty much covered all the bases, and what there is to possibly do. I could be wrong of course.

    – day three of solid white skies and scattered rain with sometimes ferociously high winds for this time of year. It’s so dreary, and does it ever feel like a day in October.

    I have a sunlight meter, from a small distance away, a 60 watt light bulb measures at 5000 candle watts, three 20 watt fluorescent bulbs are about 100 candle watts, both seem equally bright. On a solid white-out day like today the sun produces 200 candle watts. What to think about that info, I’m not sure.

    I read a number of people writing on gardening blogs take notice of the unusually cloudy weather.

    Other people complain about not being able to use their swimming pools like they used to due to lack of sunshiny days. Imagine the grief that comes with owning an in-ground swimming pool and not being able to swim in it.

    And that’s where the thinking stops.

  765. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Babette, if your point is that the New World Order is using the American Military and the American people to do its dirty work, I totally agree. If your point is that most Americans are dumbed down and brain-washed, I’ll also agree (I mean we do fluoridate 70% of municipal water supplies, hand out vaccinations and drugs like Ritalin and Prozac to the population on a massive scale, AND have hundreds of channels of propaganda to watch on our credit-card purchased flat-screen home theaters!)

    But you’re in Canada right? Well before you wax poetic about some civilized nation coming here to “manage” the American people, you should think long and hard about the way the New World Order totally owns and controls Canada! Canada is more of a police state than America (and America is pretty bad). Canada is an overt “subject of the crown” while America is a covert “subject of the crown.” Canada always seems ready to help out by sending some troops to our illicit wars as well.

    My point is, lead by example – lets see the Canadians kick the Queen to the curb and say “NO!” to the North American Union and refuse to go along with the corruption of the United States in it’s wars and New World Order Implementation!

    Let people like David Icke or Henry Makow give lectures in Canada if they want to, without being shut out by the Jewish or Homosexual pet groups of the Canadian Government.

    I visited Canada…ONCE. Absolutely beautiful country, and very nice people. But the little Stasi twerp on the Canadian border who screamed at me like I was a truck bomber because I pulled my car (unwittingly) up too far in the border check lane soured me on the experience right then and there (and yes, I am well aware we have horrible inbred thugs filling most of OUR border jobs at the TSA).

    Here is one big difference, I can (and do) LEGALLY carry a firearm where I live and travel in the US. I am well skilled in its use. Canada denies its citizens the right, for the most part, to own handguns, and certainly forbids carrying of them. That is not “social progress” in my book.

    You see Babette, there are a lot of stupid, sheeple Americans, but thankfully, there are many that are NOT, (like your humble author) and it is on our shoulders that eventually the US ship of state will be righted – not by some “more civilized nations” sent here to “manage” us.

    Maybe in the end we will fail and the world will just turn into a giant prison-planet charnel house run by inbred-psychopaths free to rape, torture, loot and pillage at will? I certainly hope not. But I will tell you this, if the American Patriots fail in ultimately stopping the New World Order onslaught, then I seriously doubt any other already neutered (i.e. defenseless population) country will succeed either.

    Let’s see the English take back England! Let’s see the Australians take back Australia! And yes, let’s see the Canadians take back Canada!



  766. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, I have been meaning to update the blog and post some good stuff. Unfortunately, thanks to our wonderful economy (he says sarcastically) I have not had the time to do all the things I would like.

    The other issue is, I have to try very hard to keep from sliding into apathy myself. Not because I am unaware of the truth and hypnotized by TV (like most people) but because I AM AWARE of just how real all this is, and yet it seems almost impossible to wake-enough people up to the TRUTH to change the direction we are headed.

    Nevertheless. I shall carry on. I hope that we all do. Maybe eventually enough people will remember the things we said and the information we shared with them so that down the road a “mass-awakening” and resistance will set in when the sheeple come face to face with the wolves and can no longer deny their existence?

    I will close this section soon and start a fresh chemtrail chapter. Everyone, feel free to send a picture, link or video that you think would be good to head the new chapter on Chemtrails. I know it is *so hard* to find any evidence of chemtrails right? (he says very sarcastically)…..



  767. Celline Says:

    ” Covert subject of the crown” Founding, I am glad you said it, I thought, I was one of the very very few who even knew about this.
    Yes.. the Queen owns the world, and the Windsors are part of all and everything that’s ailing our world.
    ” Scroogle” use to be a site where you could ” google” everything w.out being tracked ! Well.. guess what : Google took it over a few days ago.
    Our freedoms are vanishing quickly and people are still fast asleep.
    Ursula, by the way.. is totally aware of what Canada is all about, and that it is subject to the crown.. just like Australia. I am sure Sky is too.
    Spiderweb-like chemtrails daily here, consequently we too have less sunshine. I can tell by our citrustrees and avocados, they are not doing well at all. Michael Murphy is busy doing a documentary, I just hope it will be more successful than all the previous ones !

  768. Celline Says:

    There’s much chatter about ” total control” of the net and it’s already happening, I have noticed in a few places. There is a News-Site on Twitter, where u could find all the things the media won’t tell you.
    Today I noticed that most of their links are no longer working/ not showing up !
    Founding, please don’t give up, if it weren’t for people like you,
    we would have absolutely no hope. I will stick by you as long as you are around ! God bless and keep you !

  769. Celline Says:


  770. clark Says:

    – at noon there was a small bit of sunshine peaking through, 2,200 candle watts worth, soon after it clouded up and dropped back down to 300 candle watts.
    Just enough light to produce scraggly plant growth.

    Was thinking if chemtrails are a layer or film of particles acting as a whole, it would sort of be like a sheet of plastic.

    Life under a sheet of plastic, if you’ve ever looked under one, it’s not pretty.

  771. Celline Says:

    Today, from chemcloud to chemcloud was a thing, that had the color of a rainbow. Of course, we see this all the time, just not as big as it was today. So here comes ” Dr Coleman” our weatherman, who got a few hundred phonecalls about this ” rainbow” when there wasen’t a drop of rain anywhere in sight. He explains :” A very very very rare occurance, when the sun hits icecrystalls just right….. very very rare !”
    How easy must it be to lie to a few thousand people? Easy enough.. I watched him swallow real hard, right after he said it. For real.. it looked like he was swallowing a camel. I would guess, most of the watching public swallowed it right along w. him ! Clark, the ” plastic shield “is explaining it well, I have used the expression ” spiderweb “… meaning the exact same thing u are describing. Those Plastic shield spiderwebs.. are covering us all day, and they are creating those weird lil’ rainbows, that are so very very rare, and only if the sun hits the icecrystalls just right…….. etc etc etc.

  772. clark Says:

    Had another momentary tiny break in an area of clouds, chemtrails were there of course, but a little while later I saw a bit of cloud that could easily be described as fish bones because it looked like the skeleton of a fish.
    I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything like it, sure – Celline describes them all the time – but this is the first one I’d seen before.

  773. clark Says:

    I imagine you’ve all already seen this at infowars, but just in case:

    Sweat-triggered vaccine delivery: Carlos Alberto Guzman of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany with Claus-Michael Lehr and Steffi Hansen of the Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research will develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines.


  774. babette Says:

    Hi FF, thanks for your insights. Canadians can buy guns. Many of us own guns of all varieties and do so legally. We, however, don’t go on endlessly jabbering how we’re the best, we’re the most well-armed, we’re #1 ad nauseum and DO VIRTUALLY NOTHING BUT TAKE IT UP THE ASS.

    What’s the point of being well-armed then? Greeks are fighting with modest Molotov’s and rotten eggs, Icelanders made their gov elite shit themselves etc. Wait till Italians, French, Spaniards…just wait. Those citizens have only contempt for the US. They’re not quite as convinced as you seem to be that if the US fails, the whole world will fall. It is strictly the US believes it’s the most important, most free, most fill in the blank.

    And not for one moment have I ever thought water fluoridation ‘dumbs down’ or ‘mind control’ or pacifies people. Fluoridation is slow poison, that’s what it is. Americans are just plain dumb and have grown conspicuously dumber with tv and such. They are more easily swayed by jingoism + balloons than any other nation on earth and being dumb and militarized makes the US the most dangerous nation on earth.

    Only the US is building Empire. lest we forget.

    As for Canada eagerly joining your invasions and helping you build your Empire. That’s false. We simply don’t have any choice. Sometime during or after WWII Canada was stripped by the US of its right to have a proper military force and was obliged to surrender its right to defend itself to the US, making the US our ‘guardian and protector,’ sadly, very sadly. l’ll search for the documents regarding this matter online ’cause I may be mistaken, although somehow I don’t think so.

    No need for a long list of crimes: The US alone dropped nukes on unwary citizens.

    The US, England and Rome ARE the Illuminati. Everybody wants to control this little planet, but the Americans are responsible for the biggest, deadliest messes.

    Sorry, FF, I’m very upset these days as surely you and all must be: BP Gulf oil GUSHER is a disaster, disaster, disaster…

    Best Regards to all.

  775. foundingfather1776 Says:


    1) I never said Canadians cannot own guns. I CORRECTLY stated your right to legally carry them for protection is severely restricted. Much like the socialist inmates in some of our states like NJ / NY /etc.

    2) Water fluoridation is a poison and IT DOES lower IQ and help induce apathy. That is a fact


    3) Americans may be “just plain dumb” but what does that say about Canadians that allow themselves to be totally dominated by such a dumb country? It must really suck to have to do whatever the dumb Americans tell you AND to have to curtsy to the Queen – A double ass-banging with no lube. Ouch!

    Look, I don’t want to argue stupid tribalism about whose country is better or worse. Both Canada and America are completely run by the Elite and do NOT represent what the majority of their people want. Your myopic fixation on America as the primary source of the world’s evil is incorrect and surprising coming from somebody who otherwise seems to understand the “big picture.”

    I hope the Greeks rise-up and take back their country from the Bankers, I hope the people of Iceland arrest every one of the bankers they can get their hands on. I hope every single nation in the world rises up and throws off the Illuminati Banking cabal that is the REAL enemy. But perhaps the Bankers will succeed in convincing the people of all those nations that the real problem is “America” and with a judo-like move deflect the anger on to America instead of the Bankers? Won’t you be happy then? Do you really think that if America is broken and destroyed and her people are totally enslaved that suddenly Canada, Greece, or Iceland will be all better? If you do, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

    America is like a big hog slowly being swallowed by a python. Once the python eats America, it will be that much easier to slither around and finish eating the other little piglets.

    And please don’t imply that I stated anywhere I believe America is “#1” or “the most free” – a lot of Americans believe that spoon-fed propaganda. I don’t. I know better. I also recognize that the unprecedented effort the Illuminati have focused over the past 50 years to conquer and destroy America from within means only one thing: the Elite recognize America as an impediment to their plans and *must* take her down. So far their plan has been frighteningly effective.

    Your attitude and apparent eagerness to witness the downfall of America amounts to a “rah-rah” cheering of one of the most diabolical and cherished plans of the “New World Order” Illuminati cabal. Why on earth would you think that is a good thing?



    PS – Perhaps you have read these quotes before, but they are worth re-rereading. They support my contention that we are ALL in big trouble and the time for bickering about whose country is “better or worse” has long past:

    “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or *promulgated* [emphasis mine], that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this *scenario*, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.” Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

    “The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

    “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

    “The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen….At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties.” New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922

    “The depression was the calculated shearing of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market….The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.” Curtis Dall, FDRs son-in-law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father-in-Law

    “Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government – a bureaucratic elite.” Senator William Jenner, 1954

    “The case for government by elites is irrefutable.” Senator William Fulbright, Former chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated at a 1963 symposium entitled: The Elite and the Electorate – Is Government by the People Possible?

    “The Trilateral Commission is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical. What the Trilateral Commission intends is to create a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nationstates involved. As managers and creators of the system, they will rule the future.” U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater in his l964 book: With No Apologies.

    “The Council on Foreign Relations is “the establishment.” Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitutional Republic into a servile member state of a one-world dictatorship.” Former Congressman John Rarick 1971

    “The most powerful clique in these (CFR) groups have one objective in common: they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the U.S. They want to end national boundaries and racial and ethnic loyalties supposedly to increase business and ensure world peace. What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people. The CFR was founded for “the purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government.” Harpers, July l958

    “…This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of “one world government….National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept…” Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter.

    “Some even believe we are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and I am proud of it.” – David Rockefeller from his book, David Rockefeller: Memoirs.

    “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg (Rothschild Banking Agent 1950)

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller

  776. clark Says:

    I haven’t looked into it enough but I was under the impression Canadians without guns couldn’t own guns, or getting a permission slip was made very difficult, and those who owned guns were being slowly squezed out.

    I’ll have to search for articles about Canadian gun shows/stores/hunting.

    The only part of what you said that jumped out at me was this:

    “As for Canada eagerly joining your invasions and helping you build your Empire. That’s false. We simply don’t have any choice.”

    Everyone always has a choice.

    Brings to mind the old saying, what if they had a war and nobody showed up?

    – 5,100 candle watts at noon. Had some blue sky, saw a lot of chemtrails, like the picture at the top of the blog.

  777. babette Says:

    Fine, FF. The Illuminati, a convenient fairytale sort of bogey man, is to blame for the catastrophic situation the world is in. Not US Empire and its invasions, coup d’etats, False Flags etc. No, no, USSA’s innumerable crimes are merely benign sidelines of the big, bad Illuminati agenda to take down America. The USSA is the MAJOR FORCE behind One World Government!!! Ok, never mind, have it your way. Can’t stomach American delusions anymore.

    The 1000 plus US military bases in countries all over the world IS NWO, the outrageously lengthy list of sovereign nations invaded by and remain under US occupation IS NWO — ALL DESPISE the USSA/NWO. We are legion to despise you, you can sure.

    The Illuminati wish to demolish only the US POPULATION, not the US Empire, the Empire means to live on. The population must be reduced financially, intellectually, morally to that of a banana-republic in order to be better controlled. Same principle as the British Empire: One World Government ruling over world-wide colonies.

    I certainly pray, fervently pray, that as Chalmers Johnson explains Empires are inately unstable and, as many empires have collapsed since his birth in 1931, the US Empire too shall collapse and is on the verge of doing so.

    Afterwhich the US population should be ‘managed’ (not destroyed) by any number of civilized nations to ensure it remain permanently confined within its own borders, never again to contaminate, corrupt or cause havoc in the world outside. House arrest, if you will, or “Yankee Stay Home.”

    Unfortunately, when Empires sense their demise is nigh, they grow increasingly crazy. The US Empire is as crazy as it gets right now.

    You think the Elite “recognize America as an impediment to their plans and *must* take her down.”? The Elite ARE the USSA! The BEAST is the sum of its tentacles: Pentagon, WhoreHouse, NorthCom, Corporate Media etc.

    Most Americans are ignorant of their own history so one can’t expect to know anyone else’s: Canadians, particularly Quebecers, have tried many times in many ways to disengage from the bloody Queen. And as I thought I explained, we have NO CHOICE but to live by US dictates since your Empire eats small, poorly armed populations for breakfast and that’s why our government has SOLD (for peanuts, rather than get blown away) practically everything worth selling to the US.

    Thanks for your replies, thanks for the quotes.

    Choo-Choo Martinez asked (following the uS-Panama Invasion) “How can the American people be SO STUPID?!”

    The question still stands.

  778. foundingfather1776 Says:


    All evil comes from the USA. The Illuminati are a “convenient fairytale.”
    “The Elite ARE the USSA!” – Wow.

    The Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland, a Rothschild controlled World Bank, will wither and die when America is destroyed.

    The Bank of England, completely controlled by the Rothschild Banksters has no influence in America. FDR passed a law to confiscate all of America’s gold in the 1930’s and shipped it to England because it was part of an Evil American plot.

    Adam Weishaupt, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Masonic lay-out of Washington DC, the occult symbols and secret societies all mean absolutely nothing. It is just a fairytale. American’s are inherently evil and when the nation is destroyed the birds will sing and the flowers bloom and milk and honey will flow to the rest of the world. Is that about right?

    I think it would be more accurate to say the “USSA” is the engine of the Elite. The engine is about blown. The Elite are well are on their way to fully converting to their new engine, China. As the American Empire is used up and bankrupted, they will continue to build-up China. Then you can rant about the 1,000 Chinese bases all over the world and how much they are hated and how everything will be great if only the Chinese empire is destroyed. Sounds crazy now, I know, but if we are all around in 50 years, let’s see how much things have changed (and how much they have stayed the same.)

    Most “normal” people intuitively understand the concept of tribal belonging. They say “I’m an American” or I’m a Canadian” and they usually look favorably on their homeland and seek to strengthen it. Not the global Elites. They hold such beliefs as quaint anachronisms inherent in the peasant class. They use these tendencies to exploit the people and sow division. To someone like David Rockefeller, ostensibly an American born and bred; he views with contempt the idea of national sovereignty. David Rockefeller sees himself as a true Globalist “Master-of-the-Universe!” America can be sucked dry of wealth and resources, militarized and consumed in endless wars of aggression. David Rockefeller is all for it, especially because he can use America’s rise and fall to his benefit. He will just as happily move on to exploiting the Chinese and any other country. These people are psychopathic in every sense of the word and their nationality and even their race holds no allegiance to them as long as they see themselves in total control of everyone and everyplace else.

    As I previously quoted:

    By way of another illustration, are you aware of the well-documented influence the House of Rothschild exerted over their agent in America, J.P. Morgan? Was JP Morgan evil & rotten? Sure. But he wasn’t the one calling the shots. He was DOING THE BIDDING of his European masters.

    See: http://behind-the-matrix.blogspot.com/2010/04/jp-morgan-is-rothschild-outllet-why.html




    Remember this Babette…*REAL POWER* always remains hidden. It will not stand upright for you to see and throw tomatoes at. The world situation right now is no different. Let the world see America fall and her people annihilated. When that day comes, don’t be surprised when things continue to get worse, not better.

    Do you seriously believe Obama or Bush or Clinton actually run anything? Can’t you see that despite their supposed differences, they have all served the same masters and pursued the same agenda? Bush (or rather, during Bush’s presidency, they) started illegal & illicit wars based on the fraud of a false-flag attack, and Obama – a liberal Democrat – has EXPANDED the wars and the troops and has talked openly how we may need to go into Pakistan! Do you really think this is by accident?

    Don’t worry….the “fairytale” Illuminati will be sure to give you another target to throw your tomatoes and anger at…..of course, as always, you will be mis-directed and lied to. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of your feelings!



    At the risk of self-promotion – you may want to go back thru the archives and read this article I posted earlier:


  779. Celline Says:

    Founding: I 2nd all u say. Mere puppets.. our ” presidents.”
    There’s no diff between the donkey and the elefant, they all follow the Master. Nothing new, it started around the Adam Weishaupt era.
    American people are not ” evil” to the core, they merely, and on purpose, have been dumbed down. See all the things Founding mentions.
    Baddest thing is, that if u try to explain it to them, they think you are a fanatic, and they iggy you. That’s the most frustrating part.. but it also is the part, that will render the USSA a pile of used up trash.
    Chemtrails are so bad here.. it looks like a plastic cover, even the sunlight takes on a ” muted” color. Founding said it all, nothing I have to add.

  780. Celline Says:

    Talked on the phone this morning w. my German Dr friend, all they talk about is what they are doing this weekend, opera, concerts etc…. smart people w. nada clue. My Point? It’s not only Americans that have been dumbed down.. it’s humanity as a whole.
    And that’s why the PLAN is so successful, there’s absolutely no resistance. And if you are in the know and say something, you are a fanatic, a bore and a huge pain in the neck, that’s about it.

  781. foundingfather1776 Says:

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