A Gigantic Fraud

Essay by Don Stott

What is a gigantic fraud? Washington D.C., that’s what. Just think about Obama’s speech, as a classic example, or for that matter, his and the George Bush entire four year term. Might as well throw in senior Bush, Carter, LBJ and back to JFK for that matter, because JFK was probably the best we have had since colonial times. Obama’s deep voice and expert reading of the teleprompter, makes me think of a Latin term, “Sine scientia ars nihil est.” Which means, “Without knowledge, skill is nothing.”

46 years ago, JFK was murdered by the CIA, LBJ, and probably a lot of others, because he was going to bring the whole mess down. He was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve, bring everyone home from Vietnam, and stop the incessant war making. Do you think the bureaucrats and powers that be, would have stood for that? Of course not. The whole Lee Harvey Oswald, Warren Commission, and bullet that made 90 degree turns, was so false and fake, that it was then, and still is, totally unbelievable. JFK was murdered because he was going to straighten out the mess in D.C.

Eisenhower warned about the “Military-Industrial Complex,” and not be ruined by it. That’s exactly what has happened, and still goes on and on and on. Was there a reason to go to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan? Of course not. Why did we go there? Because the 535 members of Congress are paid to do the wishes of the military-industrial complex, and it’s that simple. Obama’s lies about ‘protecting us’ by being in Afghanistan are so ridiculous as to be laughable. Why do we want the Taliban out? Because they would stop all the poppy growing, which makes heroin, and with which the US Government is in bed. The Taliban and Muslims hate drugs, alcohol, entertainment of all sorts, and unfortunately women pretty much. But under them, Afghanistan was drug free, and crime free.

Did Saddam pose a threat? He had no weapons of mass destruction, and even though he was a tyrant and murderer, have we done any better? Was it any of our business? Since the invasion of Iraq, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. Did we solve anything in Korea? Was it any of our business? No, because we still have 37,000 troops there, and the war has never been officially over. Did we solve anything in Vietnam, other than killing hundreds of thousands and losing the war we should have never gone into in the first place? Was it any of our business? Have we infuriated the Muslim world by invading their nations, and virtually forced them to retaliate? If anyone is honest, they will have to agree. Why don’t soldiers and National Guard people refuse to go to these absurd wars? They volunteered to protect our nation, not go to Afghanistan, or Iraq. I think it would make an interesting case for the Supremes.

30,000 more troops will go to Afghanistan, and at a million bucks a crack, that’s $30 billion a year, not counting the hundreds of thousands there already, at a million a year per soldier. Lots of scrip being printed to occupy and fight there. Remember, we subsidized the people we are now fighting, to run the Ruskies out! How utterly stupid, back breaking of the dollar, and a total FRAUD, with all capital letters. And the press is so gullible, that they must be in bed with the military-industrial complex, who makes all those bullets, tanks, guns and planes. Lots of profits made by the military-industrial complex.

And then we have a President who we know nothing about. Absolutely NOTHING. His college grades, birth certificate, passport he used when doing all that traveling when he had another name, etc. Try to go aboard a cruise line without a passport. Which one did he use, and under what name?  Who is paying off the press, NBC, CBS, and ABC?  The entire thing is a total ripoff and sham.

This is why we need to wipe the slate clean next year of both Republican and Democrat incumbents, and replace them with true independents, of whatever party. Party affiliation no longer matters. Both are totally corrupt. Anyone but incumbents in 2010! The U.S. is failing rapidly, our dollar is doing the same, and all because of the vermin in Congress, and they must be gotten rid of next year.

Congress just raised the debt level to $12 trillion, and it’s already higher than that, not counting long term committed debt of $100,000,000,000,000. Every two seconds, the U.S. Government adds $100,000 to the debt. No wonder the precious metals and gun makers are doing a land office business. Americans are scared. Will their correct fears translate into voting booth votes to oust the entire House of Representatives and third of the Senate? We can hope. Earmarks, wild spending, and constant wars are an outrage, not even counting the U.S. dead and maimed.



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6 Responses to “A Gigantic Fraud”

  1. Big "D" Says:

    Great post, when everyone figures out that our government, both D’s and R’s are nothing more than a fraud, we’ll be making progress. Keep up the good work and remember vote them ALL OUT of office in 2010.

  2. John Smith Says:

    The problem is that when a republican is in office, good people stick their heads in the sand because he wore the name “Christian” around his neck. Now, the very same people are crying out because of our current regime, but they lack the ability to see that these problems started a LONG time ago.

    From the soap box, to the ballot box and finally with an ammo box.

  3. AnacherForester Says:

    You lost me when you said “the George Bush entire four year term.” Either you can’t count or you somehow think George Bush’s first term wasn’t corrupt to its very core. Either way it displays a profoundly distorted view.

  4. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi AnacherForester,

    I believe in his essay Don Stott was referring to the “four-year-term” of the presidency itself.

    I won’t speak for Don, but I can assure you that *I* understand very well that Bush’s presidency, both Daddy & Junior’s, were absolutely corrupt to the very core!

    Indeed the entire Bush Family is a criminal enterprise. As powerful as the Bushes are, they are but “Capos” and high-level minions of the New World Order Crime Syndicate. Obama is exactly the same.




  5. Ursa Major Says:

    Canada has lots of soldiers in Afghanistan, too. The worst part is, that IF they actually every pull out and let the people in Afghanistan and Iraq finally run their own countries again, things will be worse than before the ‘war on terror’ (which is a sham, too, of course).

    All the people who have helped the occupation forces will likely all be slaughtered, along with their families. Repression of women will be worse than before.

    I used to believe that those wars were just. But I’ve long changed my mind, they are wrong, and were from the very beginning.

    What right does the US have to go in and wage war on countries that have not threatened us?

    I wished they’d have been as eager to go into Rwanda and stop the slaughter when the Hutus were killing 800,000 Tutsis in 1993. But of course, there was no oil or anything else they wanted, so they didn’t care. Just some black people killing other black people. And the UN ‘peacekeepers’ were standing by and watching the slaughter.

  6. clark Says:

    Frauds with real power, killing power… a recent article from a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury concludes:

    In no previous death of a U.S. citizen by the hands of the U.S. government has the government claimed the right to kill Americans without arrest, trial, and conviction of a capital crime.

    In contrast, Dennis Blair has told the U.S. Congress that the executive branch has assumed the right to murder Americans who it deems a “threat.”

    What defines “threat”? Who will make the decision? What it means is that the government will murder whomever it chooses.

    There is no more complete or compelling evidence of a police state than the government announcing that it will murder its own citizens if it views them as a “threat.”

    Ironic, isn’t it, that “the war on terror” to make us safe ends in a police state with the government declaring the right to murder American citizens who it regards as a threat.


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