A Look at the Candidates……(Or “Why I support Ron Paul”)

Stalin Voting FLR

Loyal Readers, can you believe it is already Feb. 2008? Next week is “Super Tuesday” with 24 states holding primary elections to select delegates for the 2008 election!

With that in mind, and to honor the request of several of my faithful readers, I think now is a good time to take a closer look at the candidates and our current state of Democracy.

I know you come to “FoundingFather1776” to get the REAL TRUTH…not the false spin and pandering pablum that passes for reporting nowadays. Let’s begin…..

Hillary Clinton.

What can I say? Harpy harridan from hell. Wife of BeelzeBubba. Doyenne of domestic bliss in the house of the New World Order. Socialist. Liar. Scum. Card-Carrying Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Bilderberg Conference attendee. Puts the “Eeee” in Evil. See:




Leon Phelps….The “Ladies Man?”

HS Barry O

Barack Hussein Obama.

Ladies Man. Not offensively Black. Not stereotypically White. Oprah’s secret fantasy (if she wasn’t gay). Card-Carrying Member of the CFR (and that’s not all…his wife is on the Board of Directors for the Chicago branch of the CFR). Only “mildly” corrupt (came in at #8 on Judicial Watch’s “top ten”). See:



And also:




Angry McCain

John McCain.

War Monger. Economic Blockhead. Angry. Bitter. Married to a drug addict. Original member of the “Keating 5” S&L scandal from the 1980’s. Hypocrite. Liar. Scum. Card-Carrying Member of the CFR.







“MITTENS” Romney

Fudge Romney

Mittens Romney.

Ken Doll. Creepy. Liar. Scum. Gun Banner. Flip-Flopper. Card-Carrying Member of the CFR.


A CFR Boy all the way:



Fat-Boy Slim

Fat Huckabee

Mike Huckabee.

Bug Eyed Demon. Warmonger. Petty thief. Corruption Personified. Made #6 on Judicial Watch Ten Most Corrupt Politicians. Card-Carrying Member of the CFR.




The Good Doctor

Ron Paul

Dr. Ron Paul.

Married to the same woman for 51 years. Doctor. Congressman. Has Delivered over 4,000 babies. Strict Constitutionalist. Modern-Day Thomas Jefferson. Staunch advocate of Liberty, Sound Money, Smaller Government, Non-Interventionist Foreign-Policy. Wants to abolish the IRS and the Federal Reserve. Voted against the Iraq War. Voted against the National ID card and all forms of Gun Control. Voluntarily refuses to participate in the lucrative Congressional Pension plan. Returns a portion of his Congressional Office budget to the US Treasury every year. An anachronism in modern politics….a moral and decent man. Has NEVER been a member of the CFR!


Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming

Ron Paul: Paint the Town Ron

Ron Paul: When in the Course of Human Events

Ron Paul: Together we are Invincible

Here is a great site! Full of financial and investment information. If you scroll mid-way down the home page, you will find a treasure trove of Ron Paul links:


Dear Readers, being the wise and omniscient blogger you all know and love (with a flawless record for accuracy, I would like to humbly add) I have been asked by some of you *who* I would recommend supporting in the upcoming election, since Ron Paul’s chances seem so slim.

It is a fair question. It is also a simple one to answer. If you care about liberty, peace, prosperity, our soldiers and our country…there is ONLY ONE CHOICE!

Ron Paul – Now

Ron Paul – Forever!

If he is not on the ballot when I go into the voting booth…I will bring a big fat sharpie loaded with fluorescent permanent ink and proudly write RON PAUL! in the write-in space! I urge you to do the same.

<GACK> you cry! “I will be wasting my vote!” and you will go on to moan “I want my voice to be heard….I want to help shape the future of my country…I want to participate in the democratic process!”

Dear Reader…..I hear you. I share these goals. Have I not illustrated that ALL THE CFR AFFILIATED CANDIDATES ARE WICKED AND EVIL AND CORRUPT??? How can you possibly think you are “doing good” by voting for the least worst of that pathetic lot??

No…..by voting for Ron Paul, you are sending a message that makes the Men in power nervous to their very core. You are signaling loud and clear that you are on to their game…that you will *not* select a turd sandwich from their stinky buffet. YOU WILL NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE! YOU WILL BE MAKING IT MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

FoundingFather1776 is an optimist, but not a fool. He knows as well as you the odds of Ron Paul becoming the next President of the United States are slim indeed. Yet Ron Paul and his message of freedom is already winning! The establishment is nervous. They seek to marginalize the good doctor at every turn…and still his popularity grows!

Ladies and Gentlemen….our country has been stolen from under our very noses. We do not have real choices….only the illusion of choice….*Except* by voting for Ron Paul you send a clear signal to the establishment…AND you get a clear conscience. Now that is a “win-win” if ever their was one!

Finally, I know some of you may not be sure exactly what the “Council on Foreign Relations” is and why it is so bad that every candidate (except Ron Paul) is a member.

Here is some additional information on this nefarious organization:


Here is that traitorous, murderous, globalist, New-World-Order piece of filth Dick Cheney joking about how he was a director of the CFR, but “..never mentioned that back home in Wyoming.”


The CFR is so successful, because they back candidates from BOTH parties…..so no matter who “wins” the people “lose!”


Here is a short video, home-made, but it’s got a great reggae beat:

Last, but not least…..here is a fantastic essay that brutally lays out the truth of our current “Democratic” system. (Read this and think how inane it is to “waste your vote” voting for one of the “Main-Stream” candidates:


So, to reiterate….I cannot support ANY OTHER CANDIDATE besides RON PAUL.

The other candidates are morally reprehensible stooges of the “New World Order” and I am sick and tired of playing their corrupt little game.

Get out those FAT SHARPIES and head to the voting booths people! Write in RON PAUL and take satisfaction in knowing you have given the corrupt status quo the ole’ heave-ho!




As if this post wasn’t chocked full of fancy facts fabulously laid out already…..

I need to point out the reason for the graphic at the top of the post. You see Dear Readers, as much as it pains me to admit…. the system *IS* corrupt. Very…very…VERY corrupt. Dr. Ron Paul was robbed of election results in NH for sure and other states most likely. You know Foundingfather1776 always backs up his statements…so here are the facts:







10 Responses to “A Look at the Candidates……(Or “Why I support Ron Paul”)”

  1. flybenji Says:

    I plan to write his name on my ballot with a majic marker if his name is not on the ballot

  2. politicalthought Says:

    Hey interesting blog; however, I think your position is not anti-spin and all that fine jazz. Instead I think you add to it. Underneath Mitt Romney you placed the word Mormon as one of his offenses. Since when is being Mormon wrong? If Jerry Lewis had ever ran for office would you say no because he “is a Jew”?

  3. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Thank-you Dear Readers for your comments. And to “PoliticalThought” I must say you are quite correct. FoundingFather1776 believes in freedom and equality for all races, creeds, and religions and the designation of Mitt Romney as “Mormon” despite being factually correct could be taken as a pejorative in the context it was placed and that was not my intent. Thank-you for your input.

  4. RiseUp07 Says:

    thought you might like this video ha

  5. RiseUp07 Says:

    Great post love all the info on Ron Paul… I hate when people refer to him as radical, but hell at this point maybe America needs someone “radical” to makes things better. I really think he would do a great job in turning around the Economy. I too will be writing his name on the ballot in large part due to this post!

  6. Jason G Says:

    As much as I love Ron Paul, if he’s not on the ballot then I’m shifting my vote for Obama. I’d rather see Obama than any of the other quacks running for Pres. I admire your zeal for RP, but nobody is going to care if you sharpie his name onto the ballot, certainly not the establishment.

  7. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi there Jason G, good to hear from you. I always counsel everyone to do what they feel is right. I understand your desire to vote for someone that you feel has a shot at winning and that would “not be as bad” as some of the other scum-bags running.

    However, the key point to my analysis of the candidates, was, except for Ron Paul, they are ALL unworthy of my vote. Even worse, we have solid evidence of election tampering in NH and other areas. When Ron Paul beat McCain for Second Place in Nevada…the media just ignored him and went ahead and said McCain was the 2nd place winner! The system is absolutely corrupt. Arguing that Obama is a not as bad as Clinton or McCain is akin to arguing that Goering wasn’t quite as bad as Hitler….maybe that is true….but THEY WERE BOTH SCUM!

    Perhaps it is the guilty knowledge I carry in knowing that I voted for Bush twice because I thought he was “the lessor of two evils.”

    Now, after taking “the Red Pill” and waking up to the reality of our Matrix (and after reading about how Ohio vote was thrown to Bush and several people in the Ohio election system are now in prison for election tampering….which again the MSM ignores see:


    I realize I have to vote for the RIGHT candidate….damn the consequences. If they are going to steal the election anyway…then steal it! But I will sleep at night knowing I didn’t vote for evil and (maybe I’m dreaming) but if ENOUGH people did that, then the magnitude of the corruption of our election process would be so manifest….a lot more people would begin to realize the truth of our situation.

    Writing Ron Paul’s name on the ballot may not change anything except make me feel better. Voting for any of the other candidates won’t change the predetermined outcome either. The evidence is pretty clear…..Hillary Clinton has been selected by the Bilderbergers to be the next President. They stole votes from Obama in NH same as they did to Ron Paul.

    At the very least….if we force them to be really blatant in their election theft…maybe more people will catch on and WAKE-UP! The Millions of people that support Ron Paul and Freedom are NOT going away after this election. They have “left the reservation” and are not going back to be trapped in the false “left vs. right” paradigm that has been created for them all these years.

    Yes, stay involved, support who you believe in, but do not look for REAL CHANGE for the better to happen until the majority of politicians become servants to the will of the American people instead of their corporate globalist masters.

    That change WILL come one day……but I fear the deprivations we will suffer as a people before we arise with one voice and firmly declare – ENOUGH!


  8. RiseUp07 Says:

    I was wondering if you have read Ron Paul’s book “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”? if so was it any good?

  9. foundingfather1776 Says:

    To RiseUp07: No, I have not read the book you mentioned by Ron Paul, but I am confident it would be worth reading. I have read some of Ron Paul’s essays on gold and some of the transcripts of him debating Alan Greenspan and I can tell you, the man is brilliant. It is sad but true that most Americans have been so dumbed down, they can’t even place Dr. Paul’s ideas in the proper context, let alone *understand* them!

    Here is an interview with Ron Paul from 2006:

    Here is a very brief essay by Ron Paul from 2004:

    Here is Ron Paul vs. Alan Greenspan:

    Here is a speech by Ron Paul from 2006 entitled “The End of Dollar Hegemony” Ron Paul has been warning people for a long time what is happening to our economy and now we see the dollar at all time lows and gold rising to all time highs and our Country on the verge of an economic meltdown just as he predicted: http://www.house.gov/paul/congrec/congrec2006/cr021506.htm

    Why don’t you read his book and write up a review? Send it to me and I’ll post it!


  10. RiseUp07 Says:

    Thought you might like this article if you haven’t already seen it.


    Why Ron Paul Scares the GOP

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