Buy Physical Silver! Crash JP Morgan!

Dear Readers,

My blog, and thousands of others, have documented cases where the government and the banksters that control it have run roughshod over our rights.  They debase our currency, they steal our liberties, they dumb-us down and tell us everything is just fine while wholesale looting and fraud is openly carried out by their minions.

I know the litany of injustice we confront can seem overwhelming.  I know it is easy to feel like we cannot possibly do anything to defeat the bastards.  I know times are hard and many of us have very limited means.

What can we do?

Two words: BUY SILVER!  If you have $35-$40 you can buy a one ounce silver coin.  If enough of us buy even one silver coin, we can make the banksters at J.P. Morgan go bankrupt…and that will be the first time in modern history that the “little guy” was able to take out one of their opressors directly and decisively!  

Maybe when that happens their fellow criminals at the Federal Reserve, at Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the Wall Street cabal will decide they best ease off on the ongoing economic rape of America.

J.P. Morgan has been “selling” millions of ounces of silver that they don’t have (and that do not exist) in a scam called “naked short selling” – this allows them to make millions of dollars in fraudulent profits and to also supress the price of silver from what it should be.  If everybody buys just a few ounces of silver – REAL silver, not silver stocks or certificates – and takes possession of their silver, JP Morgan will be forced to start covering their short positions and the price of silver will skyrocket….and JP Morgan will go bust!

Not only do you get to fight back against the fraud and corruption that is robbing us of a real economy, you also stand to make a fantastic return on whatever amount you invest.  How can you turn down an offer like that?

This explains it better than I can:

By the way, if you don’t know how to buy silver bullion you are not alone.  Less than 1% of Americans own any gold or silver bullion at all.  Here is an article I wrote a while back that explains how to do it (note what the price of gold was when I wrote this):

There are many reputable companies that you can buy from – it is easy to do.  Once you do it the first time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner….it is so easy!

Buy silver!  Crash JP Morgan!


8 Responses to “Buy Physical Silver! Crash JP Morgan!”

  1. Randall Says:

    I heard this first on Alex Jones’ Show. Max Kaiser was the one who brought up the idea. Let’s do it.

  2. WhiteRose Says:

    This is great!! Yes, just 1 silver coin will be a grat start. I bought a few thousand silver coins 5 years ago.

    Tired of these people herding us around and stomping on our rights, I just read a new book that’s a must read for all of us. Amerians finally take a stand & it’s so real. Not much spending money this yr. for the holidays so I’m getting others this book. It’s that good.

    Another idea is to have everyone pull out all of their money in their bank account. If the banksters don’t have our money then they can’t control us as you mentioned. People can dig a hole in their yard & buy the money or whatever they want to do, but at least the world’s money won’t be in the banks possission. What do you think?

  3. ericswan Says:

    The real money is in the actuarial tables. This is an example currently up the spout everywhere. TSA employees are using the full body scanners on passengers. Alex Jones would have you think that Chertoff is making all the money. This is diametrically false. The guys making the money and doing it with a stream as long and durable as the line ups at airports are the guys who buy up the cusip numbers attached to the workers at TSA that are exposed to the back scatter radiation. By taking out dead peasant insurance policies like say a Lloyd’s of London, and tracking all the employees who have a cusip number that indicates this exposure, and is attached to every financial instrument known to man including job applications to large corporations that can be monetized or car purchases, mortgages and on and on; if it is on paper and can be tracked by a cusip, it can be bought and sold which is where derivatives come from.

    Look FF…you don’t have to believe this as it really doesn’t make sense without doing alot more work but this is the number of the beast.

  4. elainedianetaylor~ Says:

    I found you through someone linking from your page to mine.

    Awesome article. It’s great to get the info about the banking industry and silver manipulation out to the general public.

    Silver for the win.

  5. swain Says:

    I just bought 30 ounces from JP morgan.

  6. clark Says:

    I came across these two comments about solutions for the future that are positive for silver.

    The first one is in response to a person saying no one will accept your pre-1964 dime for a loaf of bread:

    “…no supermarkets will acept your silver dime for $2.10 value…

    Incorrect, sir! There are grocery stores in California, and more poping up around the country that now employ scales, calculators, and a computer (to get up-to-the-minute silver quotes) to do EXACTLY that….take silver for their goods!”

    “…in NY 30 different locations are taking silver coins.”

    Junk Silver Coins are being used in Grocery Stores video:

  7. omaxa Says:

    I guess I should not be surprised that my email and blogsite addresses are already in the panels!

    Being a ludite, I cannot know the technology as applied, so… hohum!

    Ne’ertheless, the text on your site re the ‘Illuminati’ t-shirts for sale, roped-me-in, as-it-were.

    These clubs and spooky goings-on are ‘blahzaye’ to myself, as I’m in exile from the Scottish Sutherland clan and the Meredith (ex-Tudor kings) clan.

    Only lately have I uncovered my name’s meaning, search: ‘Max Nichols Meredith’, and other mysteries linked to my forlorn life.

    Murder, intrigue and my extramarital conception, add-up to a mystery bigger than Jesus!


    If you haven’t yet, read my blog. The allegations in your article about the designers of Communism, Nazism, etc, concur with my own gathering of knowledge, so…, thank you for this confirmation of my ‘theories’.

    Indeed, ALAS? Old man Sutherland of the 14th century was an early Freemason. If they’se in party with the Illuminati, then so are the Catholics – aka my mother was stolen by and ‘educated’ in a St Joseph’s convent between 1933 and 1939 or so, programmed to commit heinous crimes to keep me as a puppet.


    The false Christ, damn-it!

    I DEFY! Finding out too late of this massive conspiracy and the one world government etc etc, and that I, a damaged loner, akin to the multitudes who reside in psyche hospitals world-over, am born to play their puppet!

    And still, after some 12 years of being terrorised by all and sundry, alone, mocked and regularly spooked by idiots, they keep thwarting all my tries at doing it my way, the Honorable, Wise and I reckon only Intelligent way, of rejecting calls and temptations of power, because, if that old adage has merit, it applies most of all…, to mememe!

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

    So I do not take the bait and drive to Canberra, but instead do the Honorable Thing, and seek to retire to the Aussies desert – ‘Uluru’, or thereabouts, to die alone if necessary, because the whole affair called my life, is the biggest lie going.

    I DEFY! as I write here and there, and resort to being a “REALPolitik OUTLAW Journalist Commentator” permanently on-the-road, deploying the occult against the establishment to expose or breakdown their bungcum.

    The occult they’ve erroneously used to keep me stupid and their puppet my whole life.

    What fools they are, to deluded themselves that they, (Theosophical Society, Freemasons, Cecil Rhodes and his Oxford co-conspirators inc., E.G. Bulwer-Lytton, B-Lytton one of the Tudor descendants, the Vatican, et al et al, and as your article conforms for me, the Illuminaughties, could get away with such a massive fraud on the hearts minds and souls of Humanity!?

    All Strength to your Org, Comrades!

    Surely its time this charade was brought down?

    If their is a God (which I no longer believe) it would make mincemeat off these over-rich and dangerous fools.

    As there is no God, it is up to Humans to bring these psychopaths to some semblance of sanity. But perhaps it is too late, if we read the weather aright?

    Nevertheless, Thanks for your insight and info on the nutters.

    Each day I realise that I’m not a new idea. An hour after I walked out of ‘Green Park’ London underground station from Heathrow in 1975, it went BOOM!

    The IRA.

    Just a day or two ago, I realised, that they were using the bomb to say to the Anglicans, et al et al, that “the boss (me) has arrived!” Or so…

    Holy SHEE-IT!?!?

    Well…., I STILL DEFY!

    The Hollywood ‘Conspiracy Theory’ movie with Mel Gibson, about me, had my old boss named ‘Finch’, tell Gibson at the water-torture bath “only the truth will set you free”.

    So, I think it is for myself in real life. Or, I am trapped in this hex of bad spells cast by the Illuminaughties etc, to keep me dumb, surrounded by wannabe good folk who can’t talk true to me about this massive load of crap going on behind my back, because the spooks will ZAP them!

    Damn the lot of them, I say. If none can ‘Talk True’, then I refuse to play ball for or with ANYONE.

    I feel I have divined that this gross fraud does not fit into the larger Cosmic reality or Law, so is bound to fail, and that as long as they doggedly persist with untruths, the bigger the calamity they bring upon the Earth, but most upon their own Souls.

    So… a HOHOHO to all of the upclubster idiots.

    I refuse to wake my 3rd eye for anyone. But if I do…..

    They can consider themselves warned…..

    Do you hear me, James Murdoch?

    Keep up the Great Work, Dudes!


    Omaxa bin Eartha
    King Commo!

  8. Glen Woodfin Says:

    I’m a silver coin collector and I found your post very informative in the sense that it has given me purpose to keep on collecting silver coins. Thanks for this very nice information.

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