Quantitative Easing Explained

(FoundingFather1776 says: This pretty much says it all.  The juxtaposition of having animated characters speaking the raw truth of our financial situation – a truth you will NEVER hear spoken on the “main-stream-media” – seems amusing, until you remember how horribly serious it all is!

Here is a simple 100% formula for successfully revitalizing our economy:

1) End the Fed

2) Arrest Bernanke, Dudley, Geithner, Greenspan, Paulson, and the ENTIRE Goldman Sachs wrecking crew.  Send everyone of those sonofabitches to prison!

3) Outlaw fiat-currency and central banking!

That’s it boys & girls.  Three simple steps to unleash the economic might of America from the shackles of the central banksters.



2 Responses to “Quantitative Easing Explained”

  1. Big "D" Says:

    I believe you have hit the nail right on the head. Punish those who were responsible and end the fed once and forever………

  2. clark Says:

    Best cartoon, EVER!

    One mom replied to me that she liked this video, it was simple! And her friend agreed.

    Another mom couldn’t be bothered to watch it and said she doesn’t prefer this crap, because she’s not interested and she doesn’t have time.

    The nation is divided between good people and the clueless people who use The Fuzzy Logic of Useful Idiots.

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