What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 7

(FoundingFather1776 Notes: The issue of “Chemtrails” is getting more attention, but not nearly enough in my opinion.  This nefarious practice intentionally inflicts untold damage to the health and well-being of every living thing on the planet – indeed the entire ecosystem of the planet itself.  Sick control freaks like the current administration’s “Science Czar” John P. Holdren have openly called for chemtrail spraying in books they have written – see:


And he is just one of many such freaks who would do the earth a  great service by simply removing THEMSELVES from the living population!  At any rate; here is an excellent overview of the situation I recently came across on Rense.com.  Please keep informing your friends and neighbors about chemtrails and ask them to LOOK UP IN THE SKY!

Our only hope is to build awareness until the sheep wake-up and start demanding an end to this evil.



Observations On a Damaged Society – Clandestine Weather Modification At All Costs

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

Over the past three years, in order to investigate and observe more closely the vast weather modification across the United States and Canada, I have driven back and forth across the country four times. As part of my research, I also have met with some of the top scientists and researchers. What I knew to be the “United” States (now heavily manipulated behind the scenes by powerful corporations and compliant federal and state governments) today is hardly to be seen.

Some of the US façade remains. But the very deep chasms (no longer mere cracks in our society) are evident everywhere. In fact, one could equate another level of our economic and political chaos with the explosions and underwater chasms in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig catastrophe. It is all part of the bigger, inter-related picture of destruction.

West Coast

From the shapes of the now-ubiquitous synthetic and often EMF clouds, there are several different weather modification programs active. In the Pacific Northwest (perhaps one of the most heavily environmentally poisoned geographic areas), sunshine is rare. This past winter, Oregon and Washington had mostly heavy rains and some snow for months on end. Both are now filled with an abundance of highly toxic heavy metals, including barium (damages the heart), aluminum, and mercury (the last two, long-term, both destroy brain function). People complained frequently in conversations about the lack of sunshine, but the corporate news never reports what is really happening.

The environmental assault is many layered: long-term radiation poisoning from more than 60 years of emissions from the Hanford Nuclear facility (one of the oldest in the country); the burning and release into the air of deadly sarin and VX nerve gases stored at the Army’s Umatilla Chemical Depot [toxic chemicals have been stored there since 1962 but there has been little public discussion](1); large releases of mercury and other hazardous chemicals; and the ever-present toxicity of Chemtrails overhead. Unbelievably, to add to this, Depleted Uranium bombs are also being dropped in the area.(2)

Driving north or south on Interstate 95 and east and west on I-84, there is further environmental damage noticeable. Chemtrails are everywhere overhead. Along both the Columbia River and on I-95 the clear-cutting of the magnificent forests is devastating to see. Where entire mountains have been clear-cut, desertification has set in. The whole ecosystem has been drastically altered. On some stretches of I-95, a thin layer of trees still stands on either side of the highway, as if everything is still in situ. However, I have taken numerous flights along California and Oregon. Seen from overhead at 35,000 feet, the clear-cutting is heart wrenching. Over the past 15-20 years, very little tree replanting has been done. Further, many stands of trees are noticeably unhealthy ­sick and dying.

Most citizens are unaware of the ever-present environmental degradation and dangers, because very little is reported by any mainstream media. Portland, Oregon, is considered a beautiful city and residents consider themselves environmentally “aware” and green. Thousands bike ride and run daily. The tragedy is that most are completely un-informed about the many-layered chemical assaults with each and every breath they inhale.

Chemtrails activity is extensive and heavy and the skies are constantly blanketed with a toxic grayish cover. The smell of chemicals in the air is often quite evident. Yet, when one mentions it, no one seems aware of the odor of chemicals.

Clifford Carnicom, one of our country’s top Chemtrails investigators gave a public lecture in Portland, Oregon, in September 2009, and told the audience that “we are now breathing plasma and assorted poisons” due to Chemtrails and other illegal weather modification programs.(3) After his lecture, he spent another hour and a half answering questions. People want answers. The composition of our air ­essential for our very survival­ has been radically altered. Yet, no public official has replied to repeated concerns of thousands of citizens. In Orwellian doublethink, if public officials don’t respond to concerns or dismiss them, the issues surrounding toxicity don’t exist.

Over the past decade, Clifford Carnicom has focused more on analyzing, under a high-powered microscope, and discovering the probable causes due to the devastation wrought by Chemtrails. He has done ground-breaking research on the newly emerging and painful Morgellons Disease/Syndrome. So far, it is of unknown environmental origin. But it seems likely to have come from some secret bioweapons lab. The invisible nano-technology of fiberglass-coated aluminum, an integral part of these toxic aerosol sprays, has also contaminated the blood of millions of people. In order to discredit those with this painful illness, many medical reports erroneously deflect blame on to innocent citizens. However, there is now ample evidence ­with Carnicom heroically leading the way­ to prove the links, both in humans and other animals, between Chemtrails, its “invisible” polymer fibers, and what comprises Morgellons on a microscopic level. In blood samples Carnicom has discovered: “an encasing filament structure”; and “a chalmydia-like organism (with chalmydia pneumoniathe strongest candidate thus far)an erythrocytic (red blood cell and likely artificial or modified] form; and some possibly Mycoplasma-like form.

Carnicom has also discovered a replication process now found in this newly described “organism” (possibly some kind of synthetic blood); and it is in our mammalian blood (meaning our pets, too).(4) Other aspects of his research show that these unusual biological forms were taken from an airborne sample. It was sent to the EPA; and they refused to examine it. There is no cure for this debilitating affliction, while we continue to be unwitting experimental animals. All of this is illegal both with federal and international laws. Yet it continues.

The long-term effects of more than 12-15 years of illegal aerosol spraying (from military, private, and commercial planes), using all of us as uninformed test subjects, has resulted also in other chronic and multiple illnesses, such as upper respiratory diseases, cardiac illness, and high rates of brain dysfunction.(5) These are now at epidemic proportions and linked to the toxins in Chemtrails. These are often mis-diagnosed or undiagnosed, because most allopathic physicians have no training (or experience) in environmental medicine. It’s the proverbial elephant in the living room: what they don’t know, or can’t see, they cannot diagnose correctly.

I saw this personally earlier this year with my two-and-a-half year old granddaughter. She was diagnosed with a tumor and urged to have surgery. The diagnosis was given by a pediatric specialist; but it was based only on a visual exam. No tests were done to confirm this diagnosis. The second opinion came from the child’s pediatrician (who had recommended the specialist). Neither doctor had any environmental background or training. I urged getting one or two other medical opinions before she was subjected to the trauma of surgery and my deep concern for the effects of anesthesia on a tiny child. Sadly, un-necessary surgery went ahead.

The biopsy report supported my urging of precaution: it was a cyst, not a tumor. The cyst (curable with alternative methods) was not examined for environmental toxins, but everyone is exposed to them. It took her 10 days of wobbling around dizzy, until the last of the serious effects of anesthesia finally wore off. What long-term effects might this have on her immature immune system? None of this trauma was necessary had her parents considered another medical opinion with someone who had training in environmental medicine and ubiquitous toxins. Unsubstantiated medical diagnoses are prevalent; and, unfortunately, parents are placed between their genuine concern (but they are often uninformed about environmental issues) and being pushed by fear into medical treatment that often is un-necessary. The Pacific Northwest is rife with invisible toxins that affect everyone 24/7/365. Every physician should have environmental training, given the endemic poisoning to which we are all exposed. Yet, this is not part of Western medical training. In my public lectures and writings, I repeatedly note: “invisible does not mean safe.”

In discussing environmental toxins with my college students (outside of classroom time), not one student was aware of these dangers. Yet, three of my young students (all under 30) have had major crises this past year: two had hysterectomies and another student was diagnosed with pelvic cancer and underwent chemotherapy. In a discussion with the Dean of Students, he told me there were staggering rates of illness that the college did not have 15 or 20 years ago. Looking back 25 years ago (if you are old enough), can you remember young children and college students having these major illnesses? We didn’t even have childrens’ hospitals then. Cancer is now out of control; and this won’t change until prevention is a major part of the equation.

Allopathic medicine is often not about precaution or real care. It is all about supporting pharmaceutical companies (who make enormous profits on poorly or untested drugs and vaccines) combined with a medical system far too closely tied to the drug industry and supposedly “independent” governmental agencies (where, in fact, a revolving-door policy insures corporate management of the entire medical system). Doctors rarely have any environmental medical training, so the system supports drug solutions, not precaution and prevention. If we had the latter two, we would not have epidemics of cancers (especially children’s and now what used to be rare cancers ­some induced by cell-phone technology). A “cure” for cancer does not mean prevention. The existing situation will only become far worse than it already is with the supposed “health-care reform” ­in essence, “forced” care. This will only exacerbate the already out-of-control environmental crises we already have.

California, the seventh largest economy in the world, already is under siege. The state has been bankrupt for the past two years. State employees are often given IOUs for their paychecks. State-funded universities (UC Berkley had huge student protests early this year) have increased tuition by 30 percent. Many public schools have been shut down, while students are bussed far away from their homes. Schools are in a shambles. US education has become LCD ­the lowest common denominator. Children are dumbed down, and then promoted from grade to grade, whether or not they know the now watered-down material. What then is the worth of a high school diploma? These educational deficits become major stumblings blocks with students who enter college and cannot read or write a coherent sentence ­let alone know how to write a small research paper. Remedial college classes now abound to help these students. When I moved to California 30 years ago, the state had the second best educational system in the US. Today, it ranks 47th. An ignorant and poorly educated population is easy to manipulate. Trivia is all important, while students are engrossed with their cell-phones, chat, and computer time. This isolating technology has become far more important than human interactions. Combine this with news that focuses on the irrelevant manias of starlets and sports idols (often with reprehensible personal habits), and one has the perfect recipe for an updated version of Roman decline.

In addition, over the past eight years, California also has had drastic increases in arsons and extensive wildfires. Hardly anyone has been prosecutedeven when arson-related deaths [i.e., murder] have occurred. Having lived and taught in the state for decades, I speak from personal experience. The 1-million-acre FIRESTORM that hit southern California in October 2003 destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. Up to that time, it was the worst fire in the state’s history. There were 14 arsons that comprised this three-and-a-half-week catastrophe. My neighborhood of 2,000 was completely destroyed by CDF (California Department of Forestry), after our local volunteer firefighters had saved it. It was done for greed: the more the fires raged out of control, the more money CDF firefighters made. It was all covered up by a deceitful “Blue Ribbon Commission.” No one was ever prosecuted.

We had 15 minutes to evacuate our neighborhood. When we were allowed to “return home,” almost four weeks later, nothing was left but burn and ash and hot soil. Despite being declared a “Federal Disaster Area,” we had almost no help from any governmental agency. For those who had any home-owner’s coverage, the insurance companies did everything they could not to pay their policy owners what they were legally entitled to recover. This is the way they consistently do business during a catastrophe. What I call FEMA, the Federal Mis-management Agency, is a military operation that does everything possible to thwart real recovery. This is the way this broken system “works.” This is what we experienced [literally, for years after] and also what happened to those survivors in Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. In fact, when an area is declared a “Federal Disaster,” this means: “tough you are on your own.”

Arsons and long-term drought conditions in California make for a nasty combination. However, with daily Chemtrails assaults overhead, there is also another level of environmental destruction. With his extensive research into the patents for these toxic aerosols, polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle told me personally that one of the highly toxic ingredients is ethyl dibromide. This deliberately causes/increases drought conditions ­especially in an area that already has what used to be natural, semi-arid desert conditions. It is part of what Dr. Castle calls the clandestine planned “Methodic Demise of Natural Earth.”(6)

Ethyl dibromide is a contributing factor in our skin’s dryness and accelerated ageing. It may also be a major factor in excessive Springtime pollen, increases in allergies, dry and itchy eyes, and other skin conditions. It is thought to be a major contributing factor in the pine beetle infestation and sudden oak death in thousands of dead and dying trees in southern California communities and national parks. Pine beetles can infest trees, when sap does not flow, due to (deliberately created) weather-modified drought conditions.

Plains and Mountain States

These states have their own environmental problems. The once-gorgeous expanse of skies across the Plains states (Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, the Dakotas) are now often a washed-out grayish white across what used to be a magnificent, deep blue. Weird-looking, geo-engineered-synthetic clouds abound. “Tentacles” of polymer fibers can be seen in thousands of these clouds. Local TV and radio weather stations never report the visible Chemtrails or the consequences of weather modification ­although everyone talks about the strange weather. The dots are not connected, while the “news” continues to be manipulated by insiders.

Another alarming sight along Interstate 80 (going across Utah and Wyoming) is the current construction of possibly thousands of “road blocks” on what used to be “public” roads. All across the US, thousands of miles of roads have been repaved over the past three years ­and with them many newly posted signs, with large yellow lights, one-half mile before exit ramps, noting: “Warning, when lights flash, exit next.” If you don’t exit when these lights are on, the penalties include fines and jail sentences. [NOTE: photos were impossible to take, due to truck traffic.] Red and white gates (similar to those that lower at railroad-street crossings when a train passes) can now be lowered across the highway for whatever reason. These new gates are often at one exit after another. How many millions of taxpayer dollars went to potentially pen in cars and drivers and cut off traffic flow? There is no sane justification for thisexcept in a police state.

Mid-West States

Not two weeks ago, driving through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio, deeper-blue skies were visible for the first time. Yes, there was still a Chemtrails cloud cover, but often there were “holes” in these clouds where you could see the sky. The sky color there was a far deeper blue than I have seen in more than a decade. In personal conversations with Dr. Castle, he told me he is investigating the reasons for these changes. More news will be forthcoming, as there is new weather modification activity. Again, none of this is reported by mainstream news.

New England and the East Coast

For several years now, New England has been under constant aerosol Chemtrails assault [www.newyorkskywatch.com has been outstanding in regularly reporting the latest news]. This has dramatically altered the weather. Heavy rains and often mountains of snow and blizzards have been the changed winter weather. In the winter of 2007-2008, Maine had a record 16-feet of blizzard snow. In 2008, there was 8-feet of snow. Bitter cold and windy weather with sub-freezing temperatures of 30 and 40 below zero [Fahrenheit], made everything worse.

As in the Pacific Northwest, sometimes there is barely any sunshine. This has affected crops significantly. Without the sunshine, there is less photosynthesis. Consequently, crops with green color now have a “washed-out” color ­not the vibrant dark-green they used to be. This also results in less vitamins and minerals in the vegetables we eat. The organic was movement started decades ago for us to have a safer food supply. This is now totally undermined by Chemtrails spraying. These poisons have entered the entire food chain and the planet’s web of life. Chemtrails, other weather modification assaults, and pesticides all destroy the nutritional value and safety of food that millions of consumers want and think they still have. This is a multi-billion-dollar business. The organic movement could supply a leadership role (backed by millions of consumers) in stopping the Chemtrails and other weather modification assaults.

Economically, the East Coast is in a far worse crisis than is being reported. Last year, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg closed more than 120 public schools despite vehement parental protest. Again, this is another indication of the disregard of legitimate citizens’ concerns. In Maine, many schools have also been closed this year, due to the broken economy that puts war expenditures ahead of social concerns. Busing students will lead to overcrowding in thousands of schools ­many of which are old and already in serious decay.

The South

The entire southern part of the US and all the states along the Gulf of Mexico are now in extremis ­due to more than five months of on-going lawlessness and complete disregard for all life, resulting from the massive offshore oil rig explosion and subsequent illegal aerosol spraying of Corexit 9500 oil dispersant ­not just over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico but over land as well (done by stealth at night).(7) This is the most toxic dispersant available; and most of its deadly ingredients are “dispersed” underneath the Gulf waters, so as not to be seen. How is the Corexit dispersant combining with Chemtrails? This is not even being addressed. The widespread havoc and mass die-offs of all sea life and the extensive oil catastrophe-induced illnesses are rarely reported as on-going fact on corporate-controlled mainstream TV, radio (even PBS and NPR), and newspapers. There are continued reports of people exposed who are bleeding internally.(8)

The Gulf region has been so poisoned that every two days the toxicity is equivalent to the 1989 ExxonValdez oil catastrophe off Alaska. Numerous reports from Dr. Riki Ott (marine toxicologist and survivor of the ExxonValdez nightmare), and Dr. Chris Pincetich (marine biologist and toxicologist) both continue to report catastrophic animal and bird die-offs, human illnesses, cover-ups of both the extent of the catastrophe and its toxicity, and corruption.(9)

Workers who have been hired by British Petroleum (now called Beyond Petroleum, but better called Beyond Prosecution) have been warned not to talk to reporters. Further, the beaches along the Gulf have been covered at night with sand from other areas (so it looks as though the beaches are untainted). What has happened is that the oil and tar has seeped deeper under the sand to contaminate the area further. No signs have been posted to warn children and adults of the dangers of swimming in toxic waters.

The secret meetings between government officials, agencies, and BP continue to allow for the ecological destruction of an enormous area of the US and the Gulf waters. BP has one of the worst environmental safety records. Nothing is even remotely fixed. This used to be one of our planet’s most vibrant ecosystems. Now the contamination, death, and destruction will be with us for possibly generations. Oil has been found even along the Atlantic Ocean as far up as New Jersey. Any fish or crustaceans caught in the Gulf are not safe to eat. This is another tragic/epic example of how corporations ­with their legalized “personhood”­ have decimated the planet.

We are all in grave danger, as our lives and our planet continue to be trashed by those in charge. As a species, we are failing miserably in being caretakers of our planet. This is our home. As yet, we do not have any Star Trek technology to go to some other planet. Further, global warming is a cover for the illegal geo-engineered destruction of our weather and atmosphere.

I met last week with eminent international scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell. She told me that “weather warfare” has accelerated around the globe. It is no longer just one dangerous h.a.a.r.p. [high active auroral research program] facility in Alaska. The US has another facility in Puerto Rico. Russia has at least one. Another one is at the South Pole. [This has been confirmed also by someone who has been to the South Pole and seen it.] So now, extreme weather (earthquakes in Haiti and China, floods in Pakistan and India) may be caused by the invisible and dangerous tampering of our planet’s atmosphere by more than one h.a.a.r.p. array manipulation. Dr. Bertell is the author of “No Immediate Danger” and “Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War. A Critical Study into the Military and the Environment.” These books are essential reading for everyone. Dr. Bertell is an internationally known scientist who, for four decades, has been involved in researching and reporting the dangers of radiation ­even supposedly low levels, which are generally and erroneously reported as not harmful. She is a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and she led the international Bhopal and Chernobyl Medical Commissions.

The consequences of manipulating our weather ­short and long-term– were never explored, nor has there been any public discussion about these h.a.a.r.p. arrays. We are the guinea pigs for destructive and secret plans by the military and elite, while the Air Force, in its hubris, is on record as wanting “to own” the weather by 2025.(10)

The US system is completely broken ­except for the wealthy and insiders who barely pay any taxes and live in gated communities. This is the new world dis-order devious plan of insiders. Checks and balances are gone. Congress is bought and sold and in thrall by big multi-national corporations. They are a big part of the problems ­not part of the solutions. Our Constitution has been trashed. It is no longer “we, the people.” Rather, now it is “we, the corporations and banks.” As I have written in my book, “The Uterine Crisis,” a corporation’s bottom line is profit. We only count, so they can continue their profits at any and all costs. We are all expendable for corporate profits.

These crises are multi-layered, as Naomi Klein has written in her book, “The Shock Doctrine.” It is the intention of the wealthy and well-connected insiders to bring our country down. It is all being done by stealth and hidden agendas ­while lies and deceit abound.

Yet, the Orwellian façade is crumbling, as more and more citizens are wrecked both physically and financially and see the treachery that is perpetrated on us. More of us are connecting all the dots, and realizing what we think we know is up for re-evaluation. There are outstanding writers, investigative journalists, and professors who have written extensively on the web to give us real news ­to report for the first time what has been hidden from the usual “orchestrated” history of school textbooks. Editors Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall’s new book, “The Global Economic Crisis. The Great Depression of the XXI Century” ­just published­ connects the dots of the many layers of our manipulated-behind-the-scenes economic disasters.

Part of the over-all economic crises are directly related to both the private banking consortium of the Federal Reserve ­not accountable to anyone, yet stealing trillions of taxpayer dollars­ and the vast budget (more than three-quarters of the total US budget). The Federal Reserve banks have hijacked our hard-earned, but now worthless inflated fiat dollars. So, when most of our taxpayer dollars go for illegal wars and theft by the Federal Reserve, there is nothing left for vitally needed social services ­education, health and elder care, and other real social services essential to this country’s survival. All our social services are being deliberately destroyed, while the military budget increases astronomical and is thriving.

Thomas Jefferson reminded us: “I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.” We now have standing armies on our soil –both the National Guard and foreign troops secreted here as well. This is against our Constitutional laws. Roadblocks are in place along well-traversed highways. Our entire web of life is rife with a highly toxic assortment of poisons and hormone-disrupting chemicals that surround our every move. Our children and grandchildren are in grave trouble; and they are our future ­if we are to have a future without a mindless robotic, soma-controlled population.

This is where we find ourselves today. These crises are fixable, although it will take years ­and we are fast running out of time. But real ways out of these nightmares will only happen with a well-informed, well-educated citizenry who choose to find peaceful solutions to the illegal activities that are destroying not just North America, but much of the rest of the planet. PEACEFUL must be the operative word, as these criminals are already spraying us with a wide assortment of hazmat poisons. It is do-able, if we wake up.


Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.”


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  1. Celline Says:

    http://www.debka.com/article/9060/ how much of this is real and how much is fearmongering?
    My last post has an error I need to correct, the name of the gentleman who made this chemtrail document is “Griffin” not Griffith.

  2. clark Says:

    Here’s some observations, I don’t really have anything, other than to say that photo above of the varvy clouds is exactly what I’ve described, usually in a concentrated area about the size of an OK-sign if you held your hand up in the air.

    The other day I saw two high altitude jets, one closely behind another with a third approaching from the opposite direction and head on to the other two. They all looked to be at about the same altitude (producing 4″ contrails) but even if they weren’t at the same altitude but on the same straight line, it seemed odd that they didn’t swerve or anything as they seemed to almost collide and had only a pencil thin distance between them.

    Lots of clear blue, cloud and jet free days around here lately. When they chemtrail it’s usually pretty light, maybe five or six at a time, except for one moderately heavy day, followed by the only cloudy day of the last two weeks.

    Celline, consider this,

  3. clark Says:

    The weather page says it’s partly cloudy here today, but it isn’t, it’s all from a very heavy burst of chemtrail activity this morning. The sky was clear and blue before they started showing up. There’s nothing in the sky that even remotely looks like clouds, only the slowly expanding residue from chemtrailing jets.

    Currently, with chemtrails that stretch from horizon to horizon, dozens of them, it is 79 degrees, feels like 79 degrees, chance of precip 10%, 34% humidity, with winds from SSW at 8 mph.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    hello DUDE, what do you have to say now, I really want to hear !

  5. solsburyhill Says:

    Chemtrail free here for the last three days. Not a single plane in sight. Deep blue sky with a yellow (not white) sun.

    Are funds running dry…..?

  6. Celline Says:

    This “Anonymous ” post is mine, and I have no clue why this happened. I wanted to clear this up.

  7. clark Says:

    Not so much today, we have clearish skies… but the last two days the, “Armada” has been covering my skies non-stop, only producing a hazy covering, but not a complete covering or whiteout.

  8. clark Says:

    okay, so much for the clearish skies, after a very brief respite the, “Armada” has returned.

    They have the entire sky lined like a football field, all the lines are evenly spaced apart, about three fingers apart. Most of the lines don’t stretch from horizon to horizon, but they come pretty close.

  9. Celline Says:

    “Funds” will never run dry, the black budget is the deepest pocket in the world. We are having “lumpy clouds w. lacey edges”. Out in the desert where skies are deep blue.. out of nowhere there will be those lumpy/lacey looking things and no planes anywhere in sight. This is the greatest mystery to me, I never ever see any planes.


  10. Celline Says:


  11. ericswan Says:

    I’ve been in Puerto Vallarta for the last week or so and not one cloudy chemtrail to be seen. I think they simply use the many many trucks of armed soldiers for mind control.

  12. Celline Says:

    Eric, that is interesting. It makes me think,”they” are trying to achieve the same thing w. either the chemtrails or all those armed soldiers.. maybe the latter is cheaper?! Doesen’t it sort of tell you, the goal could indeed have something to do w. mindcontrol? In a sense, this is what you are indicating if I understand you correctly?
    Another thought I have: what about this:Flue-season? Sais WHO there’s a season for cold and flu?
    Cold weather could not be doing it, because we no not have cold weather.
    Could it be, that all along, “they” have been spraying something for a long long time to make us sick, and we do believe it to be “seasonal”? Makes no sense to me. Did you talk to anyone in Mexico, did you ask anyone about the chemtrails? What do they think?

  13. Celline Says:

    Dude, if you are still around and are reading this blog, what are your thoughts on doomsday not happening again?
    Sorta reminds me of the JWs and all of their “wrong” predictions.

  14. Celline Says:

    http://www.bariumblues.com/ just saw this, thought it was worth posting !

  15. clark Says:

    Oh yeah, that is a good link Celline. The, “Boiling Sky” is what I imagine to be like your cottage cheese skies, only clumpier. Maybe Ursula could send you her camera, if she’s still alive and kicking so you could show us what you see?

    The, “Black Line” phenomenon reminds me of the first time I noticed chemtrails before I knew what they were. I thought a rocket, space shuttle or jet liner had crashed and maybe I should check the news.

    – The, “Armada” hit us up pretty heavily from sun up until noon today, then they just stopped. All the haze drifted away and the sky was free of clouds, not a jet to be seen all the rest of the day, just blue sky… but I wouldn’t call it clear blue, it had a slightly white tint to it.

    I read that Dick Cheney had a device attached to his heart to pump blood in a way that he doesn’t have a pulse.
    Could you imagine the Illuminati all doing this and then making it so those who don’t have one… ahh, nevermind.

    eric, we haven’t heard from you in awhile, busy prepping I hope.

    And now that 10/10/10 is a dud, maybe if Dude hasn’t bet the farm and wracked up his credit card and such, maybe his expertise could be a bit useful in describing what’s going on? Not that it would make much difference as most people seem to have their heads stuck up their…

    Still, * I * want to know what the hell are they spraying on us, and why.

    Once the SHTF a bit more maybe some other people will wake up a bit and take notice? Who am I kidding, they’ll probably just act surprised, play the victim, and mug their ex-best friends.

  16. Celline Says:

    You’r probably right on, Clark, w. those ” best friends”, I made more ” enemies” w. the chemtrailsubject, than I did w. anything else in my whole life.
    Uschi is very busy w. family etc, and she needed to sorta get away from it all.. to save her strength for her family. We all feel this way, I know.
    I joined Twitter, and word about the chems is getting out now, big time.
    But, does it really matter anymore? The damage they have done is probably as big as it ever will be. As in: Monsanto thrives, while natural seeds are dying. Read the reports about Indian Farmers, it’s heartbreaking !
    I think, Haliburton “did” the oil leak, found several sites on that subject, plus, Jesse Ventura sure is on the right track ! Another thing that becomes clearer and clearer to me is.. that many of our leaders act like robots, and who knows, maybe they are?! ( MKultra?)
    Look at their wonkey eyeballs.

  17. clark Says:

    wonkey eyeballs – haha, wonkettes.

    Yesterday I saw another set of jets with 12-16 inch contrails coming from opposite directions approach head on, 1/2 an inch between them. The thought that they were mixing two substances came to mind.

    It was an, “Armada-lite” day, not as many jets. Mostly very high altitude jets but there were a few horizon to horizon chemtrails too.

    There was a big section of varvy (rippled) clouds like the photo above, at one point chemtrails partially framed it.

    With just a few very high altitude jets which produced normal looking contrails this morning the rest of the day has been void of them, no clouds.

    Is that a pattern? They lay them down low for awhile, then concentrate up high… the result, a solid structure, the jet stream lifts the tail end which forces the leading edge to “dig in” and move air masses forward. Manipulate the leading edge or heat the tail end and the whole structure follows? Heat left, turns right? Just thinking out loud.

    And clouds like Celline has are sponge dams to keep the thinner stuff up North? A funnel?

  18. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..talked to quite a few people in Mexico but the issue of chemtrails was not one of the subjects. The fact of the matter is that there were no clouds most of the time.

    You bet Clark.

  19. clark Says:

    …So much for clear skies. We had a flurry of activity. Dozens of sporadic high altitude jets with one inch contrails among fifteen or so jets with chemtrails of different lengths, some as long as 3/4 of the sky. All of them looked to be at the same altitude.

    None of the chemtrails really spread wide, they all stayed about the same diameter. Some of them may have became wispy powdery, or it blew in from the West.

    Three different times I saw jets with one inch to two inch contrails come within an inch of each other, head on from opposite directions. A couple of perpendicular ones an inch apart as well. I don’t think that’s normal.

    I noticed that all the cars in my area that are parked outside have a thin coating of white dust on the hoods and windshields. It’s been dry, it’s harvest season, but the dust seems to be a bit much to be coming from that. Besides, the dust from farm fields shouldn’t be white, the same white you get when you drive down a dusty gravel road.

    63 degrees F., 34% humidity, chance of precip 10%, wind NNW 5 mph. No clouds in the sky.

    Here’s a financial bit:

    “I repeat: It appears we are heading into a period of major inflation. All assets (aside from bonds) will soar in price, especially gold and silver. The billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper had it right when he said a few weeks ago, “Buy assets, any assets.” ”


  20. Celline Says:

    The only “new” thing I have to report is a letter I got from Germany this morning, and the friend said, that their skies look very much like the pictures I sent her ( chem-pics). Except, their skies are very cloudy most of the time, so they rarely see the sky.
    But.. she sais, that when the skies are clear, they have the same chemtrails that we do here. We have been overcast the last few days, so there was nothing to observe. But we will make a desert trip tomorrow, and I am curious what we will see out there. I will report then.

  21. Celline Says:


    This is the one I had been waiting for to come out.
    I have contributed to Mr Griffin’s work/documentary,so I am naturally interested, how it came out.

  22. Celline Says:


    just found this, worth taking a look at

  23. clark Says:

    Celline, that link you had about chemtrails being weapons, it made a lot of sense, especially the part about barium not being the culprit to health problems, instead it’s from… the effects from weaponizaton of the atmosphere, a.k.a. Star Wars.

    We have, “Armada-lite” again today. Lots of broken lines and sections floating about. Quite a few jets flying staggered and parallel, again they are maintaining 1/2 an inch between them. Big sections of white mist floating about too, usually near where older chemtrails are expanding with thin feathery strands in between the outer edges.

    It seems like some jets lay down a short section and awhile later another jet drops a short section alongside or in front of the previous section. Bit by bit instead of all in one shot?

    The strange thing to me is that they haven’t made the whole sky full on whiteout in a long time where many times in the past after such heavy overhead flights that has been the result. Instead there’s lots of glorious sunshine.

    Quite a few chemtrails stretch 1/3 to 1/2 the way across the sky.

    It’s sunny, 63 degrees F., 27% humidity, dewpoint 29 winds 6 mph ENE

  24. Celline Says:

    Clark, I found this last link I posted, very interesting also, was glad to find it. All the things you write, are, as if you live on another “planet” because I see nothing like what you see.. ever. Except, the shapes and the general look of these chems. BUT.. never ever, at no time, do I see any jets. never ! The stuff seems to appear out of nowhere.. there are no machines of anysort laying it down. It’s always just there.
    This is either, because they are doing it over the ocean and it moves in, but thing is.. we had easterly winds last week.. and so how can those things move from west to east.. when the winds are opposite?
    For 2 days now, we are completely overcast and it’s raining a little, so there’s nothing to see right now at all. Or maybe, up high there are different air currents, and they pick those that go west to east.. even though it’s the opposite weatherwise. Does that make any sense? Have a hard time expressing clearly what I mean?!

  25. clark Says:

    Yes, the winds are probably different at a higher altitude.

    I’m not certain, but on a chemtrails article somewhere, I think some people in L.A. said there were jets up there. But even then, your clouds Are different than what anyone I’ve ever read describes.

    I finally got to see a jet with four separate chemtrail lines coming out the back.

    The jet was much larger than the other jets that spray chemtrails here, it looked like a B-52 or something compared to the others that look like 727’s.

    From a distance the chemtrails from this jumbo jet looked like it had only two streams coming out the back, but right away as it appeared on the Eastern horizon it looked different from the others because the gap between the two lines coming out the back were spaced much wider apart than what I’ve seen in the past, and today,… that is until it got closer and the four streams became quite obvious.

    …today has turned into a full on, “Armada” day (jets all over the sky) complete with chemtrails that Do stretch from horizon to horizon.

    At 63 degrees F., and 26% humidity I can’t help but think unpleasantly of those people (the supposed experts) in denial who said this effect wasn’t supposed to happen at such a low humidity level.
    Chance of precip 10%, nothing on the radar anywhere remotely close by.

    Something else (unrelated?) a few days ago my PC could barely surf the Net at all, it could barely open a webpage. I switched PC’s and it was unusually slow too, but not as bad. Both have been fine since then. Funny thing is, someone else in my town complained of the same thing that night. Reminded me of Celline’s connectivity complaints awhile back. Viruses of some kind, or interference of some type? Interference from things in the atmosphere, or cyber troops doing their thing with their new directive? Testing? I don’t know.

  26. clark Says:

    I was reading this article when it occurred to me that these are the people who know about and allow chemtrails, they’re not the only ones, but it seems like they are the primary ones. Of course, they are just following orders:

    “STRATCOM, the U.S. Strategic Command charged with, among other things, ensuring that we dominate the heavens…”


  27. Dude Says:

    Ok. I forgot about yall until i saw the address in a search. I figured Id come back and take some heat for 10-10 not happening according to schedule. Id like to point out that Planet X is still coming, they’re still spraying the skies to hide it, they’re still threatening Iran, Russia is still ready to nuke us, and our economy is still on track for complete collapse. All that being said, I appreciate a little more time to party and have fun. Yall should do the same.

  28. Dude Says:

    I would also like to point out that I did NOT make up any of that. It all came from the Bible, the news, and more. I am just a reporter of what I find. It all will still happen, just dont know the date now but Amos is very clear that it will be in the fall, two years before the earthquake, and we KNOW thats in 2012.

  29. Dude Says:

    This should clear things up about how the war will go when it begins.


  30. ericswan Says:

    Hal Turner has no credibility. He is feeding the fear and oppression of racism. How can you even suggest that the Chinese would attack America? Why would they? They have bought and paid for Africa. The Chinese will own the planet eventually but it won’t be by aggression. It will be by patience and a superior intellect in their house of power.

  31. Dude Says:

    Funny that the scenario in that speech perfectly parallels the story in the Bible. Interesting that China depends on Iran’s energy for its very existence. That speech is real.

  32. clark Says:

    The chemtrail Armada was as thick as ever here today, grids all over the place at sunrise, line after parallel line all day. Minor varviness late in the day.

  33. Celline Says:

    Clark, I am sorry, maybe I missed something here, but would you please explain to me what ” Armada” means ?

  34. clark Says:


  35. clark Says:

    Definition of Armada:

    Armada is a reference given to the unusually concentrated and unusually large number of jet aircraft which produce chemtrails, more specifially, the jet aircraft are STRATCOM’s Armada.

    This reference is due to the similarities of the way a fleet of warships of long ago amassed while sailing off to war to cause destruction for Empire.
    This reference is also due to the similarities of the huge wakes the warships produced behind them in the water, wakes with characteristics similar to the appearance of chemtrails.

    STRATCOM’s Armada is producing a grid-like pattern of chemtrails in the sky this morning in the Midwestern U.S. Many people refuse to accept this reality.

  36. clark Says:

    But suddenly soon after sunrise the chemtrails drifted off and the sky is now clear and blue.
    A few high altitude jets are still flying but they only have normal-ish 3″ contrails. Anyone who looks up at the sky right now would think everything’s normal.

  37. Celline Says:

    Thank you, Clark.
    We had heavy reains, but today there is a partially blue sky. Yet above the real floating leftover clouds, who are swiftly moving eastward you can observe the chemclouds/trails. So, they are mixed in with the real clouds, that only the “trained”eye can make out. Another thing: the real clouds are moving fast, while the chems sorta just sit up there.. not moving much, if at all. To me it means, that the rainwater we got, was heavily tainted, with you know what (ever). Not a jet.. not one. I never notice any, ever.. period !

  38. clark Says:

    Well, they were all over a southwest section of the sky today. No clouds though. Often there were short “contrails” two on either side of a long chemtrail, the long chemtrail looked like it was at a steep vertical incline compared to the usual horizontal, although; there were both vertical and horizontal long chemtrails. The jets producing short “contrails” would (somewhat) frequently fly perpendicular and intersect within a half an inch while a scattering of other short “contrail” jets flew about close by.
    Two longer “contrail” producing jets even swerved considerably to closely intersect with two short “contrail” producing jets, separately.

    The short ones were sort of like moths around a light bulb.

  39. clark Says:

    Another day of full on, “Armada” filled the skies here. Most of the sky stayed blue even though, and the chemtrails streaming clear across the horizon stood out like a bleeding and mangled thumb. Dozens and dozens of them as far as the eye could see from horizon to horizon.

    I would bet I saw twelve instances where two jets coming from opposite directions at a slight angle towards each other came within one half an inch or less as they intersected. I doubt a pilot of any kind would risk such a close call, so there’s a bit more circumstantial evidence that these jets are remote controlled drones.

    It just really amazes me that more people don’t notice this, and what’s even more amazing are those people who deny that this ain’t freaking normal.

  40. clark Says:

    … and with this bright full moon I see they are leaving chemtrails at night too. The stars shine brightly on either side of the chemtrails.

    Chemtrails are Not about obscuring the sky, imho.

  41. Celline Says:


    something funny 4 a change 😉

  42. Celline Says:

    After several real rainy days it now is dry.. and our skies are completely clear of rainclouds. Even the little leftover ones that appear sometimes after rainy days are gone.
    But, the skies are full of “Fake” clouds. Lacy, cottagecheeze looking “stuff”
    To the untrained eye, this all would appear to be leftover rainclouds. Not true, there isen’t one of those. We are being fooled into believing there are still real clouds lingering, while in reality, those are “chems”.
    I can tell the diff, yet I believe that most people can not.
    Our skies are completely clear and blue, if you are able to “think away” the sprayed stuff. Not one jet in sight though, as usual.
    I have to believe the crime is happening over the Pacific, to be observable only if you are at sea.
    Not enough people are aware though, so nothing will change.
    Even if they were aware, nothing would change. We gave away our power and freedom and rights a long time ago, seems to me.
    I wish I were all wet, all wrong, but I know I’m not.

  43. Celline Says:

    Another raincloudy sky, with no rain. Above those clouds. . the sky is covered, totally covered w. spiderweb looking stringy sprayed stuff.
    Wherever the sky should be blue ( open spaces between real clouds ) it’s covered with the spiderwebs. This no longer is our sky, this is somthing so totally foreign to our area, am amazed I seem to be the only one looking up. That’s nothing new.

  44. Celline Says:

    http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message729576/pg1 ooops I posted this be4, sorry, need to be looking for newer things.

  45. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I have recently returned from a long road-trip that took me from the East Coast to the Mid-West, down through the Southern States and out as far West as Texas…and then back again.

    Like the post at the beginning of this section by Dr. Perlingieri, I am sorry to say, I saw chemtrail spraying throughout my journey.

    In Ohio I witnessed a huge chemtrail “X” in the sky. Tennessee in particular was being very heavily sprayed the day I drove though it. The “Armada” was making a full-on assualt in the skies above Tennessee.

    However, states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas also had chemtrails clearly evident to anyone that bothered to look-up and ask themselves “What the hell are they spraying on us?”

    It was disturbing to witness the massive scale of the spraying operations…..yet it did not come as a surprise. I believe these operations and the cumulative damage they are causing to humans, animals and the environment, will eventually be proven to dwarf any other treachery ever inflicted by the New World Order eugenic psychopaths.

    I have ordered a copy of the G. Edward Griffin documentary “What in the world are they spraying on us” from Infowars.com (here is the link):


    I will be mass-copying this documentary and handing it out in my area. I don’t know what else to do. Unless the majority of people wake-up and realize that at best we are being treated like lab-rats and at worst we are being treated like cockroaches being sprayed with a giant can of Raid, nothing is going to change.



  46. Celline Says:

    Founding, this Griffin documentary was done via donations, and I am happy to say that I donated my share, MrGriffin asked me, if it was ok to put my name under: donations by..
    I too am busy contributing it, to anyone who wants to know about this crime ,or not.
    Funny you should mention TN, my daughter lives there.. and staunchly proclaimns: “There are never any chemtrails over TN.. or for that matter.. anywhere “!. So, that’s my own daughter.. need I say more?

  47. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Celline, your daughter must be in MAJOR denial. The day I drove through TN the spraying was extremely heavy and visible. Nobody in their right mind could think the grid pattern I saw in the sky was “normal contrails.”

    However, I also have family members that refuse to believe the truth, so I understand what you are up against.



  48. Celline Says:

    “Denial” is the word. It’s upsetting, but what can you do. It’s weak personalities, who can’t handle TRUTH in general, I am noticing.

  49. clark Says:

    “It’s weak personalities, who can’t handle TRUTH in general,”… And those who are heavily vested in maintaining the status quo.

    “Oh, don’t rock the boat…”

    Sorry if I’ve mentioned this before, when I think of or see people who encounter the word chemtrails for the very first time, I imagine the scene from the film, The Erin Brockovitch Story where Erin tells the middle class housewife that her water is poison and is making people in her town sick, the same water her children are swimming in in the background.

    It’s that moment right before she yells at her children to get out of the swimming pool because she realizes what’s going on and how the reality of the situation impacts her and those she loves, in those seconds the housewife has to weigh what Erin is saying… to accept or reject. For some reason(s) a great many people refuse to accept.

    Is the biggest reason a lack of official reports and lab work presented by someone connected to “authority”?

    Lacking such a smoking gun, my thoughts shift to scenes from the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, especially this ending, where we also seem to be at:

    “…The final shot is of him standing in the middle of a highway shouting warnings at passing cars and then directly at the camera.”


    All attempts by those who wish to silence the truth now, are focused on discrediting the shouting person in the middle of the highway.

    The lesson from this might be, wear a suit and tie while handing out DVD’s. And, speak clearly, avoid being emotional or desperate… having a pretty woman with a long jacket and a short skirt next to you could help too.

  50. ericswan Says:

    Perspiration and persistence work just as well. It only takes a millisecond for the break through. Once one brick fails, the wall comes down. I see chemtrails as that brick with vulnerabilities.

  51. clark Says:

    A scary spooky gross bit about an upper member of the Canadian air force suggesting a much wider scope. Chilling, especially if chemtrails are considered as their tools.

    Canadian Serial Killer Linked to Elite Satanists? (Updated)

    October 21, 2010

    “… its tentacles reach into the highest offices in the land.”


    The Canadian goberments practice of destroying evidence after a trial is no good either. I’m quite amazed it’s done.

  52. Celline Says:

    Clark, I have this website, but honestly I was afraid to mention this subjecty even here in our small circle, because I was afraid to be called a nutty ” conspiracy-nut” ! Thanx for posting, I was aware… and I believe for it to be true !

  53. Celline Says:

    OMG ! guys, something like this i never saw before.
    Rainy days/skies for days now, but what I just saw, shocked me to the core. The skies would be clear right now, if it weren’t for:
    A see through lacey ” canape ” from horizon to horizon is covering us. There’s no place that’s free from it.. it’s a complete cover.. it’s like a blanket over everything, totally not a free space, I have a tough time describing it, am actually shaking.
    No planes, nothing just a totally and evenly covered w. fake lacey “clouds” covered sky.

  54. clark Says:

    Celline, you-need-to-get-a-digital-camera. They’re cheap.

    I feel bad saying that because I should get one too, but my skies aren’t bizarre quite like yours seem to be. Go get one.

    And, as far as that that Henry Makow link goes, you shouldn’t feel like you’re a, “conspiracy nut” as viewed by the flaky, stuck-to-supporting-an-insane-system, brain dead zombie idiots who might refer to you as such.
    Why? Because a lot of people in positions of power are seriously nutz-o, deranged and off their rockers flat out weird. The Satanist bit is just a modifier and a unifier, kind of like being a National League Football fan causes many people to shut out the world around them and only associate with those who share the same demented outlook on life. Imho.

    – I’m into day two of cloudy, mostly whiteout skies. But in the few breaks there are I can see chemtrails still being applied.

  55. Celline Says:

    Thank you Clark, this helped ;o)))
    As to the digital camera, I have one. My problems are 2 fold.
    1. I have no one who would show me how to use it.
    2. I wouldn’t know how to get the pics from the camera into the computer.
    Maybe you forgot, how dumb I am when it comes to technical stuff.
    The camera was a gift.. now I need the gift of someone to tell me how to use it all !
    I liked your description of the Elite Evils, it almost succeeded in making my day 😉 Righton bro, righton !

  56. Celline Says:

    I read somewheres ( didn’t save it ) that Bush sr started the Iraq war because of some bible prophecy, that he determined was meant for him to act on ! Bingo.. thus.. we invaded Iraq. I don’t know if that story is true.. but I believe it !

  57. Celline Says:

    http://adventofdeception.com/movie-review-avatar-deception since we are on that subject :

  58. clark Says:

    Most cameras are pretty easy to use these days.

    Either just plug the camera into your computer with the wire supplied (whatever hole it fits into is the one that works) Or look for a square card inside the camera that pops out if you push on a small tab while you pull the card out.

    Hopefully your computer has a small slot on the side that the square card from your camera fits into.

    Once you plug your camera into your computer, or push in the square card from the camera,… a window should automatically pop up showing you the photos you took with your camera.

    We already taught you how to copy and paste. You do this to copy the photos and paste them onto your desktop.

    Even you can figure it out, I’m certain.

    But then comes the hard part, sort of, you have to create a photo bucket webpage like what Ursula has to upload your photos to so we can see them. If she can do it, so can you. Or maybe she’ll let you use hers?

    I’m interested in seeing your skies, so if there’s something you don’t understand, I’ll try to help.

  59. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..The hardest part of running a digital camera is getting the batteries in the right way. I’m sure you know that the batteries are always put in with one up and one down. It that doesn’t work the first time, put the other one up and the other one down.

    Now take a picture.

    Now take another one.

    When you finally have the camera “full” of pictures, invite the paperboy in to show you how to upload the pics to your computer. He doesn’t have to be your paperboy.

  60. ericswan Says:

    As per your respective observations, there is a bizarre situation developing over North America. The Northern jetstream has split in half again. On the West coast it is snowing in some parts because the usually 30,000 foot high jetstream has a north to south flow with the lower jetstream has an air pressure of 28 or so inches of mercury and has dipped to as low as 400 feet in areas where snowfall has been taking place.

    As the higher fork heads into the east, temperature are abnomally high and tornadoes are expected in the south and extreme weather top to bottom.

    This is a must read if you need to understand weather and earthquakes as well as cloud cover and how these are manipulated into a weather attack.


  61. Celline Says:

    Clark, Eric, that was just so nice of you and I thank you so much for trying to help me.
    I tried, but it’s like me trying to put a wet noodle thru the eye of a needle, I am all thumbs, you must believe me, I don’t get it, not even close. Uschi is too far away to help me.
    Thing is, I could ask my family to help me, but if they’d find out ( and they would ) what I am doing w. it and why, I would get tortured and would never hear the end of it.
    Our skies today should have been clear blue, because everything that showed up up there.. were chems, not one of these lumps were real clouds. “They” are spraying the living hell out of us. This time, the whole thing moved in from the desert (east) and no plane in sight anywhere.
    Tomorrow, I will make a trip to the desert.
    Thank you again, so much .

  62. Celline Says:


  63. Celline Says:

    http://www.orbwar.com/ am sending this, because the headline picture is what I meant when I said, our sky has a Blanket over it. This is exactly what it looked like.. only very evenly all over, w.out that rainbowcolor. Sorry, best I can do 4 right now.

  64. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here are some links that *might* be helpful to share with individuals stuck in denial about chemtrails and govt. weather modification programs:

    http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf (Air Force Research paper called “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025)

    http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO409F.html (A follow-up and excellent analysis by Michael Chossudovsky that also mentions the HAARP weapons program)

    http://www.technologyreview.com/Infotech/20463/ (news article discussing how the Chinese modified the weather during the Olympics)

    (Declassified US Govt. document about cloud-seeding from 1967 to 1972 in Vietnam to flood the Ho Chi Minh trail)

    I am sure you can find many more links with irrefutable and admitted evidence of Governments actively attempting to manipulate the weather.

    Of course, if more people would simply LOOK UP IN THE SKY they can see the evidence for themselves.



  65. Celline Says:

    Clear blue, easterly winds, hot and dry.
    Except just now coming in.. against the easterly winds.. out of the west..
    Thick, neatly placed , parallel placed “stripes”
    One right next to the other. Once these come closer they will totally cover the sun.
    I am sad about the no pictures am doing my very best to describe what’s happening.
    Thank you Founding.. I passed those links on to a person who mails out newsletters, and is looking for more “proof” so he can put it in his newsletters. Maybe those will help him.

  66. clark Says:

    Clear blue, cloudless and jet free here too.
    Clouds are supposed to roll in later.

  67. Celline Says:

    Guys, great news here. I forwarded Founding’s links to my friend Al.. who puts out those newsletters, and he just wrote me back, saying” Yes, this I can use, this is the 1. time, I feel I can print it.. the 1. time, this is valid prrof… Celline, yes, this will be in my next newsletter !!!
    Wow, Founding thanx…

  68. foundingfather1776 Says:

    That is great news Celline, I am glad the information will be spread! Can you post a link here to his newsletter or web-site when he publishes it?

    This is an “info-war” and the more people that know what is going on, the better off all of us will be.



  69. Celline Says:

    http://www.mediaspotlight.org/ <—- yes Founding, and this is the one. Al Dager owns it and yes it's a christian newsletter ! Very widely distributed one.
    Just returned from a quick trip toward the dsert, as of " Ramona" on the way to AnzaBorrego Statepark, skies are as clear as can be.
    Returning, going back West.. the closer I got, the worse it got, til I got home.. and the skies are a total mess, can't even describe it.
    So, clearly. hardly anyone lives in this desert.. but lots of people live in the beachcities, if u can, draw your own conclusions !

  70. Celline Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KeRQlnakhg&feature=player_embedded Mr Griffin and Murphey sent me this this morning !

  71. clark Says:

    This seemed like a good one:


  72. ericswan Says:

    193 countries voted in the UN to end chemtrailling by the United States. Here’s a preview


    I’m still looking for the official report but apparently the United States reps indicated in the study that they have been conducting geoengineering using chemtrails.

  73. clark Says:

    Are Chemtrails getting a slight bit of mainstream attention now?

    While they don’t come out and say chemtrails, it seems to be what they are discussing, found this on Infowars:


  74. ericswan Says:



  75. Celline Says:

    Clark, Eric, your latest links are priceless.
    Yes, am wondering, if we are thrown a bone by the UN.
    The Griffin documentary seems to stirr up a lot of “trouble” for them,
    am happy we made it happen, they needed lots of money to put this one out there, we made it, it’s so awesome.
    I forwarded your links to Al Dager, he’s desperately looking for something that is strong enough, to hold up, when he puts it in his newsletter.
    I can’t wait for his next one.
    Guys, this is real teamwork !

  76. Celline Says:

    On a more personal note: We were sprayed so heavily the last few days the daylight was dimmed. It so upset me, I drew the blinds when I was at home, could not handle look at it any longer. It is affecting me something terrible.

  77. Celline Says:

    I believe all you would like to know, that a real tragedy is going down in Uschi’s life. One of her about 1 year old granddaughters is on lifesupport, and we do believe, she’s already”gone”. Uschi does read this blog here and there, let her know that we care.

  78. Celline Says:

    Hello, where’s everybody? I want to share something I just read, please indulge me here:”Thousands of organizations like the UN promote the Elite’s world government agenda with practically no publiuc scrutiny.The Elite instigated the 9/11 attacks in order to justify their “war on terror” The repressive ” Patriot act” and Iraq war. The flooding of New Orleans, vaccinations and the Bird flu, power blackouts are other tests or possible harbingers.They established a Seedbank on a remote Norwegian island in case of nuclear war”. Sophisticated and dedicated people roll their eyes when told about ” conspiracy”. They are hypnotized by their ” education” and the mass media. (Henry Makow “Illuminati” the Cult that hijacked the World ) My reason for typing it here.. to demonstrate that our questions etc concerning the chemtrails.. need to be realized as merely a small one thing of a huge “plan”.As individuals we can only make changes, where we can touch.Even this seems futile, since too many people are fast asleep w. no intentions of getting to the truth of it all.
    They ignore the chemtrails.. so how can we expect them to face something even much larger? ok pessimist me.Founding, let me know if contributing things like this.. is not what you want on your blogs, and I will not go further into this subject, it’s Your Blog.

  79. ericswan Says:

  80. ericswan Says:


  81. Celline Says:

    http://www.orwelltoday.com/stagedevents.shtml “Order out of Chaos”
    a main theme of Masonry !

  82. Celline Says:

    http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2010/10/what-world-are-they-spraying-los-angeles-film-fest Mr Griffin just sent me this

  83. clark Says:

    So if geoengineering with chemtrails partially consists of dumping huge amounts of sea water in the sky, then the photo of the hand in the article above might be related to the photos in this:


    and/or it could be a natural process perhaps combined with GMO gone wild:

    “Rainmaking Bacteria Ride Clouds to “Colonize” Earth?

    The theory that bacteria can shape the water cycle…”



    Don’t eat the snow, and don’t drink the rain?

    Those twin engine airplanes I described earlier, were they operating an airborne mass spectrometer?

    Here’s a picture of one and a diagram of how it is used:


    The diagram makes me think that sometimes chemtrails are a filter (or lens) to allow the satellite to analyze or detect. A hazardous chemical filter perhaps?

    Bacteria, metals, chemicals, who knows what falls from the sky or where it comes from and how it’s piggy backed and grouped together, or if it even is?

    But there’s something going on, that’s for certain.

    And those who refuse to listen, to even consider, perhaps they are destined to follow that path to where it leads, dragging us along as well.

    Dirt wars and fate.

  84. clark Says:

    Hmm, those who refuse to listen, to even consider, they are not impossible to convince,… entirely,… some of them anyway:

    The Fuzzy Logic Of Useful Idiots


  85. clark Says:

    – Oh, and we’re on day two of clear blue skies, no jets of any kind all day.
    Had some clouds this morning, but the nights have been clear too.

    It’d be nice if this was the end of it.

  86. Celline Says:

    Clark, we did too, 3 totally clear blue days. So gorgeous.. it just was too good to be true, and it was.
    Yesterday afternoon, they started up again with fury.
    Worse than in a long time… E Griffin sent me the DVD of the film, and I watched it last night. Was thinking: who will go watch this? In LA ? Are you kidding, a flick w. no Action? Just scientific data etc.. I wonder how long it will be running, not very long I’m afraid, better than nothing though. I keep wondering, how he managed to get it into a theater? Got to ask him..

  87. ericswan Says:

    We got chemtrailled yesterday. I don’t think the UN has any intention of bringing the subject of chemtrails to the table. The language as I understood it, is addressing the issue of geoengineering the Gulf of Mexico into a blue/green algae farm for the production of ethanol. In my mind, this solution looks viable as it reduces the need for land/agricultural based gmo corn for the production of ethanol and replaces that with the livlihood and food production of the entire south coast of the U.S. I can’t help but wonder what forces are behind this corporate takeover of the gulf. Apparently, there is a story behind the story and no one is stepping up to tell us what that would be.

  88. solsburyhill Says:


    Just want to draw your attention to a thread that has gone viral on ATS and which deals with indications of an imminent false flag event.

    I have seldom rated any threads on ATS above junk status, but the one currently having obtained some 390 flags (“Nuclear False Flag Alert!! It’s ON In 3 Days!”) is truly intriguing and frightening at the same time.

    To make a long story short: there are a number of hints in there that leads to a likely FF to appear on Saturday, November 6. That’s tomorrow, folks.

    Look at the whereabouts of Obama with family (including 3000 staff), 34 warships, the Senate, Hilary, Gates. They are all away from Washington. Look at the Fed celebrating 100 year anniversary on Jekyll island. Look at the Executive Order signed by Obama on November 4 etc etc…

    It’s a long thread indeed, but all the hints there are quite disturbing and may be too good to be just a coincidence.

    If any of you are from Baltimore, you might as well take a little weekend trip elsewhere…

    For what it’s worth to you:


  89. Celline Says:

    Wow Sols, will go over this again and thanks for the headsup.
    Eric, in my humble estimate, the answer to your question is: The English Crown..

    fits my researches to a “T”. As in: we still are subjects of the crown.
    and 7/4 is a well celebrated hoax ! OK, ducking here….

  90. clark Says:

    How much do you think it cost to operate the worldwide chemtrail project on yearly basis? Rough guess, anyone?

  91. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Given the massive scale of the project, it has got to be, as the late Carl Sagan was fond of saying…”Billions and Billions……”

    This is obviously not an apples-to-apples comparison, but I looked up the expenses for American Airlines – In the first quarter of 2010, their operating expenses were 5.5 billion, revenues were approx. 5 billion, for a half-a-billion dollar loss:


    So just imagine extrapolating those kind of costs to the chemtrail program – and if, as I suspect, the HAARP facilities are tied in as well, then it could be in the trillions. Since it is part of the Pentagon’s black budget, we will never know.

    Maybe that will be the upside of the total dollar collapse and civil unrest….the evil empire will be unable to divert enough dollars to keep their spray planes flying? Somehow, I don’t think we will be so lucky.

  92. clark Says:

    Other than an observation, I’m stunned & speechless. Perhaps it’s from being overwhelmed by The Fuzzy Logic of [the] Useful Idiots who surround me?

    – Yesterday’s sky was completely clear, except towards evening when some high altitude jets with contrails showed up, although; some of them were a bit longer than normal sized contrails. The night sky remained clear.
    Today started clear and blue but there were many short contrail high altitude jets, until noon when 1/2 the, “Armada” showed up and filled the sky with long chemtrails that seemed to expand faster than usual, creating a thin dispersed veil.

  93. clark Says:


  94. Celline Says:

    @sol: nothing unusual happening today, so far !
    Excelleny observations, Clark and Founding, and yes, it’s the black budget paying for the chems. We are covered w. them daily.. even above the incoming rainclouds. Rain will be nothing but liquid filth !
    @Founding: what do you think about how long this film will be running in LA ? Do you think many will watch, because it has no “action”?!
    This film is info + it’s plain fantastic, lots of work, thought and guts did it take to make it. And how on earth did they get it into a theater, is beyond me?!

  95. ericswan Says:

    This is it folks. By next Sunday, the world as we know it will be in the balance.


    Scroll over the top bar where it says “shows” and click the bar that says latest to take part in a life changing event. This is Clif High’s last interview. It’s free.

  96. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I just received my DVD copy of “What in the World are they Spraying?” yesterday from infowars.com – I will be watching it tonight with family. Anything G. Edward Griffin is involved with should be good!

    Eric – I am listening to the Cliff High interview from the link you provided. I like exploring unconventional approaches to knowledge, but I remain extremely skeptical about Cliff High’s theory. Much of the “chatter” on the web is complete crap. Think of the endless twitters, blogs, and mainstream news stories of Lindsay Lohan’s arrest or who won “Dancing with the Stars”………so channeling a stream of data into a computer program and claiming it “predicts” the future is quite a stretch.

    In short – his system predicts NOTHING, and it is not even a very good reflection of current events.

    Cliff High merely has invented a high-tech way of being just as wrong as DUDE. He claims silver will be up $5 to $10 an ounce by Monday the 8th (tomorrow!) – Well I love silver, and it will be going up, but he is smoking crack. Silver was up .39/oz on Friday. That is significant, but it is nowhere near $5-$10 an ounce.

    Cliff High and Dude ought to get their own radio show. It would be hugely entertaining!



  97. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Oh – I am sorry – he is saying that silver will open $28/oz HIGHER on Monday!

    Bwah ha ha hah ha hah. If he said by next year, that would be plausible, but by tomorrow??

    This guy makes Dude look like Nostradamus!

    Hugely entertaining – but not much insight.

  98. Celline Says:

    @Founding, yes, This film was sent to me by Mr Griffin too, and I watched it, then I forewarded it to many friends ( the online version ) and the response is overwhelming.
    People who pooh poohed the whole thing til now.. have started to take it seriously. I hope the film runs for a while.. it’s the best ever made in my opinion.

  99. clark Says:

    I haven’t read the NASA page on this yet, but something seems to be missing:


    “Though NASA will have 24 – 48 hours forewarning that a solar discharge is on the way, they won’t know until about 30 minutes before impact where the geomagnetically induced current (GIC) is going to hit. Not really a whole lot of time when we’re talking about tens of millions of lives depending on the shield to work.

    The hope is that within this 30 minute time frame NASA will be able to identify where the GIC will occur and contact necessary infrastructure heads to shut down the grids before the sun takes us back to the stone age.”

    NASA’s “shield” consists of unplugging things,… that’s a Funny way to describe a shield. Chemtrails came to mind when I read about this.

    What’s Not said, seems to be bigger than what’s said, imho.

    – non-stop chemtrailing yet again here today with a clear blue sky as a backdrop.

  100. Celline Says:

    Have yet to read your link Clark, to understand what u are saying. Real quick I wanted to share what I just saw;
    3 layers : 1. layer the usual chems, like tiremarks, oatmeal and lace,
    2. layer, underneath : some rainclouds
    3. beneath those, pitchblack puffies that are racing from west to east w. an incredible speed.
    Another new one, never noticed 3 diff layers like this. And that pitchblack stuff, looks like filthy exhaust of some type.
    My daughter is ill w. something Dr’s are unable to diagnose,nausia, unable to keep food down ( no, she’s not pregnant )general weakness and dizzyness. Just wanted to throw this in, in case any of you have heard of someone else w. those symptoms.
    Off to read your link, Clark.

  101. Celline Says:

    @Clark: not only did I read your link, but I also put it out on Twitter, but what do you know.. I promptly was put into ” Twitter-jail ” ( your tweets don’t show, and you are stuck for about an hour !) So, what the heck.. was this a classified thingy or something? Sure was fascinating to read, I I think that it went out over Twitter.. unless they deleted it !

  102. clark Says:

    Well, Celline, when NASA characterizes things they do so with purpose and clarity.

    When NASA names something a, “shield” yet clearly the process does Not act as a shield – but instead acts as a communication relay and an interruption – there’s something not right about what they did.
    It was not likely an error on their part as things like naming processes is what bureaucracies like NASA spend a lot of time considering and debating.They strive for accuracy when they name things!

    For them to name this a, “shield” when it clearly is no such thing implies to me they left out some details when telling the public what it is they are doing.

    Doesn’t it seem that chemtrails would fit the description of a, “shield”? One that could be deployed within thirty minutes or so, to block radiation/EMP from the Sun?

    With the way Sky’s husband, myself and others were Not able to get sunburned this Summer when in the past that would have been the case under the same conditions seems to indicate there’s something (chemtrail bits?) in between us and the Sun causing us to Not get sunburned. And I Don’t use sunblock, ever.

    2+2= __

    Last week, on the same day the chemtrailing jets showed up after an absence of several days, we developed symptoms similar to a four day stomach flu, one that caused weakness and some nausea and some slight light headedness and perhaps dizziness too. The stomach pain was intensified when we ate food.

    Lots of nostril irritation too.

    We don’t seem to have any symptoms today.

    Is there a connection between the symptoms and the appearance and disappearance of chemtrails, who knows? And maybe it’s normal for two people who aren’t doing anything unusual, such as applying suntan lotion, to develop a large pimple on their foreheads at the Exact Same Time?

    Because the symptoms are something the American public doesn’t like to discuss, it’s not talked about. Maybe it’s by accident, but what better way to hide something that is out in the open?

    Image of the huge towering Pro-Active acne dispensing machine at center court in the local mall, goes here. X

    3+2= __

    – Today, there’s only been three jets (with normal looking contrails) flying overhead all day. I’ve been out in it since daybreak. Clear blue skies with September weather.

  103. clark Says:

    Left out a word:

    Image of the huge towering Pro-Active acne Medication dispensing machine at center court in the local mall, goes here. X

  104. Celline Says:

    Interesting: Being extremely agitated again because of heavy chemtrailing, I just now called Governor Schwarzenegger’s field office in San Diego ( He’s in office til january ) Talked to a very nice secretary and cried on her shoulder, asking her all kinds of questions including, where I could send a handwritten letter to.
    Well.. she started to tell me, how terrible it is, how bad our skies are.. how sick and tired she is fo all the spraying !!! That’s the Gov’s Office !
    She also said, they get mountains of complains out of LosAngeles.
    So I sat down and wrote Arnold a handwritten letter, with one german sentence in it. Of course he’ll never get to read it, but it might get a bit of attention. Just sharing, I know nothing will come of it, but at least.. I did Something again !

  105. clark Says:

    You could send it to local newspapers, as it will probably never be read if you send it along with the thousands of others the Governors office gets.

    Publicize it, as best you can, if you’re so inclined.

    Did the sexratary actually use the word, “spraying”? If so, wow, people Are getting their heads out of their…

  106. Celline Says:

    Clark, yes, she actually used the word “spray” and that it’s “just terrible”, straight out of the Gov’ office. Too bad I didn’t tape the conversation !

  107. clark Says:

    PSft, most likely they would’ve thrown you in jail if you did.

    I think that, “Being extremely agitated again because of heavy chemtrailing” has worked its way this way.

    It’s very hard to overcome. It’s like a damn drug.

  108. ericswan Says:

    foundingfather1776 Says:

    November 7, 2010 at 11:59 am
    Oh – I am sorry – he is saying that silver will open $28/oz HIGHER on Monday!

    Bwah ha ha hah ha hah. If he said by next year, that would be plausible, but by tomorrow??

    This guy makes Dude look like Nostradamus!

    Hugely entertaining – but not much insight

    It’s at 28.45. I suggest you actually listen to the interview all the way through.

  109. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Eric – I did listen to the interview – he did not say the opening price was going to be $28 – he said it was going to open $28 HIGHER!

    Please don’t make me go back and re-listen to give you the time mark where he says it, but I am willing to do so if you want to continue to believe his delusional tripe.



  110. ericswan Says:

    FF..thanx for the clarification. I wonder how you draw that conclusion when he points out that silver will rise a dollar a day and that if it hits 5 dollars in any one day, the dollar will have collapsed. Nonetheless, I’m disturbed that no one else has taken the time to follow this program. This is it folks. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s too late.

    By the way, the event that took place was the 100th anniversary that Bernanke et al celebrated on Jeykl Island. The fed denied this meeting took place for nearly half a century. Now they celebrate it. Such treachery has no peer. Remember that the Fed was created on Christmas Eve in the middle of the night with less than a dozen congressmen present.

    You might take note, that land is rising off Java, that volcanoes and earthquakes are following the 87 day sun cycle that Clif points to with the next events on Jan. 11, April 19, 2011. Lots of opportunity for him to be wrong. The crisis point is Sunday and it has everything to do with the dollar and the Fed. Let’s hope he is wrong. He only claims to be 50 per cent right.

  111. clark Says:

    “I’m disturbed that no one else has taken the time to follow this program.”

    Rest easy, at least FF and I listened to it.

    There’s not much else a person can do at this point it seems.

    Time will tell.

    WTF knows, but yes, Let’s hope he is wrong, just as Dude was.

    And, I guess this means there’s not going to be a dip in price. I was kinda hoping to be able to get more.

    What’s your take on this guy, FF?

    Bernanke’s Folly: The End Game


    From reading the comments there, outside the handful of commentators, it seems few people will even consider the economic problems we face,… so Useful Idiots not following anything that requires more thinking than that, is no surprise.

    However; everyone I’ve told about chemtrails has gotten real real quiet lately. Maybe they looked up and saw the, “Armada” this weekend and were stunned?

    – clear skies again, no chemtrails, just a few high altitude jets with contrails. Most of the contrails are straight back from the jets, but a few of them form a V-shape. I don’t like those V-shaped ones, they don’t seem right.

  112. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Eric, I did look into the Web-bot when you first mentioned it some time ago.

    One thing I am very good at is doing research. I researched the web-bot, and I came to the conclusion that Cliff High, like DUDE, might be sincere, but his methodology is wrong, and therefore, so are his conclusions. In general, he says many things I agree with, but anyone that has studied the NWO or the banking system would have similar insight. If you claim to have magic software that can predict the future, you better give me more than just vague outlines about how corrupt our banking system and the Elite are.

    He tries to portray the web-bot as a very scientific computer algorithm, but he also says he has to “interpret the data” which is a big red flag for me. You cannot claim something is “scientific” but also requires personal “interpretation” that only he can provide. You cannot have it both ways. Something is either based on the scientific method or it isn’t.

    Here are some highlights that everyone is free to verify for themselves just what he said. I used a repeatable and verifiable method to get this data: i.e. I used a stopwatch.
    Time started from the very beginning of the stream (i.e. stopwatch started as soon as the show started, so this includes the intro, promo’s etc)

    Time: 14min 30sec: “The tipping point will be from Nov. 5th through the 14th”
    Time: 25min 30sec: “The Dow will likely go to 20,000 between now and January”
    Time: 26min 37sec: “Silver will move upward $5/oz tomorrow”
    Time: 27min 10sec: “Silver will move up another $5 to $10/oz over the week-end”
    Time: 27min 20sec: “By Mon. – Nov 8 – silver will have a $20 to $30 lag UPWARD”
    Time: 27min 40sec: “Bank holiday may happen on (Nov) 14th.”
    Time: 41min 37sec: “Silver will have a $20 lead on Monday”
    Time: 41min 55sec: “When silver hits $175 to $200/oz the banking system will shut-down.”
    Time: 45min 17sec: “I am electro-magnetically sensitive and I know when people are beaming stuff at me”
    Time: 2hrs 16min 50sec: “It is a good thing to smoke marijuana”
    Time: 2hrs 23min 00sec: “Next year I would like to lead an assault force against the Reptiles on the moon.”
    Time: 2hrs 26min 44sec: “The moon is an artificial structure and is undoubtedly inhabited.”

    Is it possible that “Cliff High” is a pseudonym? Is he making a joke about being “high?”
    Does he have a fondness for a certain medicinal herb like our own DUDE?
    Just a thought.

    Eric, don’t waste your time with this whack-a-doodle. Spend more time reading the many excellent articles on http://www.Silverbearcafe.com – you will certainly get more insight as to what silver will be doing.

    Now, as to the basic concept of real-time amalgamation of massive amounts of data to “predict” behavior of people – yes, that is plausible, and the NSA and Google are doing it:



    But from my research these projects are not so much about real “predictions” as they are about massive data mining and building a comprehensive surveillance grid. If I know that you subscribe to dog magazines, that you used your credit card to buy dog food, and that you recently bought a dog license at the courthouse, am I really “predicting” that you own a dog? It is more accurate to say that I have so much data on you, I can form an accurate summary of your habits and lifestyle. This is scary enough. Hello “Big Brother” and 1984.

    What Cliff High is doing, trying to predict economic, geologic, social and political movements through his mysterious “algorithm” strikes me as modern-day alchemical baloney. He, like the Dude, has already proved himself to be spectacularly WRONG. If something he alluded to comes close to being right – it will be like the proverbial “broken-clock” (you know, a broken clock is right 2x a day!). He does say many things that are absolutely true and that I agree with; fluoride is bad for example. But, as I said earlier, simply researching the subject of fluoride, you can quickly learn how bad it is. The magical mysterious “web-bot” software is not needed.

    Clark – I just read the article you link to it. Overall, I agree with his analysis. Gold & Silver only protect your purchasing power if you have some semblance of a viable economy. If we descend into Mad Max road warrior, then “precious metals” will become brass & lead and the most valued resource will be food & water (and probably toilet paper). Tobacco products and liquor are also a safe bet.

    Celline – I watched “What in the World are they Spraying” – they did a good job with the film. I will be copying it like mad and handing out as many copies as possible. The end of the film was particularly revealing, it showed how the scumbag politicians were literally running away from the issue! We need to wake up so many people that by the next elections, any politician that refuses to speak out against chemtrails knows they will be voted out! Hopefully we can help build that kind of momentum.



  113. clark Says:

    Just thinking out loud about savings:

    And if we don’t go Mad Max,… (or even if we do and in spite of that) if people don’t wake up and effect some kind of change, the worry I have, is what Daniel R Amerman is selling at the end of this article. An article which seems to do a good job describing what the Banksters are doing, I’m tempted to buy his solution:

    Radical Difference Between Monetization 1 and QE2


    “…a simple solution of just buying gold leaves you handing a good chunk, or perhaps most of your starting net worth, over to the government by the time all is said and done. The way the government – under existing laws – effectively confiscates the wealth of gold investors in a highly inflationary environment is little understood by most gold investors, but should form the central point for their investment strategies…

    To have a chance, you must learn not just how wealth will redistribute, but how unfair government tax policies (that can be relied upon to increase in unfairness) will cripple most simple methods of attempting to survive inflation…

    position yourself so that wealth will be redistributed to you in a manner that reverses the effects of government tax policy. So that instead of paying real taxes on illusionary income, you’re paying illusory taxes on real income. And the higher the rate of inflation and the more outrageous the government actions – the more your after-inflation and after-tax net worth grows.”

    I wonder how that works, and are there any alternatives (other than trading in a black market) or if this type of info is already out there for people to learn?

    I don’t really want to buy oil stocks. The idea of doing so seems a bit repulsive, but it too seems like one of the few ways to preserve wealth of any kind.

    The article with the expectation of, “$23 Dollars for a loaf of bread” isn’t making things seem any better either.

    And lastly, how big is the file for the film, “What in the World are they Spraying” ?

    Will it be made available on the internet for free to download and distribute?

  114. clark Says:

    – The, “Armada” of jets returned at 4 p.m. leaving chemtrails that went from horizon to horizon, only this time 3/4 of the length of the chemtrails at both ends would dissipate leaving a section in the middle which would not spread, but drifted/dripped down from the main section. Many of the chemtrails did this, leaving a large section of the sky striped like a football field.

    I saw a chemtrailing jet do a curved 90 degree turn. That’s very very Very rare in this area.

    There were also jets with short contrails mixed among them.

  115. ericswan Says:

    Clif High is an alias. He is or was connected to tptb. Most, if not all of his prognostications could have been developed from algorithms based on surveys of “all the news that’s fit to print” or in other words, only certain stories are printed ad nauseum like the lead story every Feb. 2. These stories are not only predictable, they are mandatory.

    Clif mentions this research has been going forward for at least a decade. I had the same opinion that you now have for the first 8 or 9 years that I have followed his work. Your jaundiced eye points to quite a number of inconsistencies. At the same time, a list of his “hits” could form the opposite conclusion. Let me retrench my position and couch my statements by saying here that my glass is half full and I didn’t even touch a drop. Thanks for your input. I suggest you put up a blog on the subject. Clif is making big waves and a second sober thought on the subject is much appreciated.

  116. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, the film “What in the World are they Spraying” will indeed be available for free online. Alex Jones asked Griffin that very question and he said absolutely, they are trying to sell enough DVD’s to recoup the cost of making the film, and then they are going to put it out for free. The whole point is to get the information out, not to make money.

    I bought the shrink-wrapped DVD so I could support the film makers and so I could start making copies. Right on the label of the DVD it says “OK to copy and share this Disc” and I intend to do so. I don’t think you will have to wait long for it to be available online.

    Eric, One of my favorite quotes from Thoreau is “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds.” I am not afraid of being proven wrong. If my analysis of “Clif High” is incorrect I will offer mea culpa’s. Please do share any evidence of his “hits” that can be documented as to being published before the event occurred. But I am not going to accept “There will be an earthquake, there will be financial trouble, there will be conflict” those kind of broad blanket statements are the weasel words of charlatans looking to dupe the gullible.

    You said he only claims a 50% accuracy rate? Really? I have a coin that I can flip that will generate the same “accuracy” – “Will the stock market end up today?” “Will it rain today?” If you phrase any question as a binary “Yes or No” then you AUTOMATICALLY get a 50% accuracy rate. It either *will* rain or it will not. The market either *will* close up or down. See what I am saying?

    You will have to munge any additional Clif High data for me and post it because I don’t think I can sit through another of his interviews.

    However, at least you know I analyze things very carefully, and I call it as I see it. This blog of mine (all subjects, not just chemtrails) documents some pretty outlandish things that a few years ago I would have dismissed out of hand. I no longer do that. I have found that truth really is stranger than fiction. I am open to alternative views and alternative thinking, but just because something is “alternative” does not automatically make it true. I have come to learn there is as much disinformation in the alternative media as their is in the mainstream media – but usually the alternative people are sincere in their beliefs.

    As always, I hope people will analyze the data and think for themselves! Accept NOTHING at face value! Can you imagine how difficult it would be for the Elite to control us if everyone started doing that?



  117. clark Says:

    I saw a person post a news bit about the unidentified missile being fired off the coast of California. Another person explained it away by saying it was “just” a contrail seen from “just” the right angle.

    That contrail excuse can be used to explain away so many things.

    The video didn’t look like any contrail Or chemtrail I’d ever seen.

    Based on the word choice used by the people who saw it to describe what it was like to see it, made it clear – to me anyway – that it wasn’t a jet airplane.

    As if there’s an air strip 35 miles off the coast of L.A. anyway.

    People are easily led.

  118. clark Says:

    It didn’t take long for that excuse to rise to a headline status:

    “Mystery Missile off LA Coast Possibly Just a Jet Contrail”


    Someone commented elsewhere, the whole issue will be dropped by the MSM and if anyone says this is something other than a contrail, they will be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and ignored.

    How about that.
    It’s like watching an older kid bully a younger one time after time and the younger kid falls for the older kids reassurances nothing is afoot, every single time, then Whack! or grab.

    Some people never learn.

    – There were some chemtrails in the distance this morning at sunrise ahead of a cloud front, once the front moved on I didn’t see Any jets of Any kind the whole day, most of which was clear and blue.

    The point of that observation being, if the 100’s of daily overhead chemtrail flights were from regular air traffic, why isn’t it consistent?
    Or even slightly consistent?
    100’s one day, and none the next, yeah, that’s normal all right.Uh-huh. I’ve noticed that the people who think that’s normal, often seem to be heavily invested in the system maintaining the status quo, for example, they own a lot of U.S. Bonds or they have hero whoreship of the goberment,… things like that.

    Sometimes I think it’s like they are under a spell of some kind.
    Living under the influence of fuzzy logic?

    Some people are noticing though.
    A midsized website was asked to cover chemtrails, and their reply was ok by me, I took it as meaning, what else can be said at this point that isn’t already being said?

    “…We went to Google and typed in “chemtrails.”

    It came back with the following message:

    About 3,170,000 results (0.14 seconds)

    That’s certainly a starting point … “

  119. clark Says:

    Here’s a more detailed attempt to explain away the missile as a contrail, they use photos of chemtrails and call those chemtrails, contrails.
    How very convenient.

    There’s some smart cookies commenting though and they aren’t distracted, they’re providing some thorough details as to why it’s not an airplane.

    Not having any lights or wings should be the biggest clue.

    “Mystery “missile launch” off California – solved?”


    There sure are a lot of “skeptics” following the fuzzy logic of useful idiots, exactly as that article described their reactions.

  120. babette Says:


    Not a concept. 100% proven. There are no planes spraying anything. There was – in the early 90s late 80s spraying aluminum salts.

    The beam you see is a plasma beam, ionized air, charged particles. It is a conductor for these scalar devices, the tip of this beam can project anything, a sound, a taste, a smell, and even AN IMAGE.

    You are looking at a hologram.

  121. clark Says:

    Are you talking about just the missile? Or chemtrail jets generally?

    Hologram? Charged particles… maybe, I guess it’s possible, but the particles would have to be really dense to stop you from seeing what’s on the other side of the object, such as when a jet flies in front of the Sun. That doesn’t seem possible to me.

  122. foundingfather1776 Says:

    “Contrails” are the new Lee Harvey Oswald. You can blame EVERYTHING on them! How stupid do they think we are? (apparently pretty damn stupid)

    I think this article is a lot closer to the truth:


  123. ericswan Says:


  124. clark Says:

    The orange and yellow rainbow squares of chemtrail activity…

    I saw this headline and thought of eric’s URL:

    Exorcists wanted: apply to Catholic Church

    – Fri Nov 12, 4:55 pm ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Wanted: a few good men to cast out devils.

    Overwhelmed with requests for exorcists, U.S. Roman Catholic bishops are holding a special training workshop in Baltimore this weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite, the Catholic News Service reported.

    …Possible signs of demonic possession include scratching, cutting, biting of the skin; profound displays of strength; and a strong or violent reaction to holy water.


  125. clark Says:

    If you missed it,

    “General Mcinerney: “I am absolutely certain that is not an aircraft”

    Sean Hannity began the interview by saying that the official statement by the Pentagon is that the object was a plane, and that he was willing to entertain that assertion.

    However, Retired Airforce Lt. General Tom Mcinerney, with no reservations stated that this object was clearly a missile…”


    – Once again, no jets of any kind in the sky above me today. It was beginning to cloud up for awhile in the afternoon, but then a couple of chemtrails drifted in from the West. Soon thereafter, the sky was completely clear. And still no jets.

  126. Celline Says:

    Somebody please explain this one to me?!
    2 nights ago, about midnight I was standing on my patio watching an incredible clear sky and was enjoying looking at those beautiful stars.
    Suddenly, one of the “stars” moved, w. incredible speed.. over to the right, about 1 m. Then stood still for a minute or so. Suddenly it zigg zagged, circled.. shot forward another m or so, and stood still again.
    By now I was fascinated, called out to my daughter who had just returned from work.. and we both watched. Now… this thing shot foreward.. fast.. til it rested directly above our heads, and stood still.
    We watched, it looked like any of the other, real stars. It then remained in that place.. and we gave up watching. Can anyone guess.. what this might have been?

  127. clark Says:

    Laser pointer, maybe?

    What was your daughters reaction? The way you wrote it, it seems like she saw it too.

  128. ericswan Says:

    It’s a light show Celline. TpTb are playing with their holograms to confuse people and prepare them for a fake alien invasion.

  129. Celline Says:

    what is TpTb ?
    Yes Clark, my daughter watched it also, I think it scared her.. she said:’ Pendleton is near us.. who knows, anything is possible…” and rushed away ! She was scared.
    I will go out again tonight and look for this show again. Eric, you are probably righton ! How though would they get a light up there? It looked exactly like any of the other stars.

  130. ericswan Says:

    The Powers That Be..

    Holograms can be generated from space satellites or ground projection.

  131. Celline Says:

    @Eric, thank you for explaining this !

  132. clark Says:

    Some kind of interesting things I did not know:

    In the early 1990’s they would drop vaccinated baits from aircraft over wide areas to inoculate raccoons from rabies.

    In Arizona today there’s been an increase in rabies in foxes, they’re saying it’s a “mutated” form that can be spread by social contact instead of just bites. One researcher said this form of mutation is impossible in the wild, meaning it was created in a lab. I’m not certain but after I read that and tried to go back and copy the quote I think it was removed from The National Geographic article it was in,… strange.
    The researcher also mentioned the high fevers which heat the brains of the victims that accompany rabies causes aggression and rage-like symptoms, I wonder if those symptoms are the same as the anger that is associated with chemtrails, either from microwaves and or from a type of vaccination?
    The worry was there would be an Airborne Zombie rabies that could infect people, and the article downplayed that risk a bit.

    – Tuesday and Wednesday the skies were cloudy so I couldn’t look at the stars. On Thursday the chemtrail Armada returned with a vengeance and has filled the sky since then non-stop day And night. Thursday they did white out the sky, however; Friday with strong winds they didn’t white out the sky. I don’t think it was merely due to the high winds because by evening the winds had died down completely, the jets were still as numerous, but the chemtrails didn’t widen and eventually the sky cleared up quite a bit, enough I could see the moon and a few stars, along with thick chemtrails, the kind that don’t expand and widen.

  133. ericswan Says:

    You’re on a roll Clark. Rabies is a global problem so it’s no wonder they ice the story.

    Here’s more “now you see it…”


  134. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Celline – when you put your EMAIL in the name column and your NAME in the email column…..guess what happens?

    Careful with that keyboard…….


  135. babette Says:

    “TpTb are playing with their holograms to confuse people and prepare them for a fake alien invasion.”

    Yes indeed, Eric.

  136. clark Says:

    FF, just wondering how the DVD distribution is going.
    What’s the common response from those who take it?
    Any feedback from people who watched it?

  137. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Clark,

    Like most of my projects, I am behind where I want to be. I have only burned about 15 copies so far and given them out to family and friends. I still intend to get a big batch done and set them in my friend’s store for free.

    So far, the feedback I have received has been very positive. I have not had anyone (that has seen it) dismiss the material presented as mere “conspiracy theory.”

    With the issue of chemtrails, all we need to do is plant the seed. Simply ask people to “look-up” and realize that they are NOT seeing natural clouds or contrails. Even if somebody scoffs at the idea, sooner or later they will look up at the sky and see the “Armada” and the long lines from horizon to horizon. Then they have to decide for themselves if they want to live in denial, or look into the points we (or the documentary) raised.

  138. ericswan Says:

    I know you debunk clif high’s work but sadly, more of his prognositications are coming true. If you need to debunk, try wikileaks and ask yourself the question why no mention is made of chemtrails in the release of this most recent batch of 250,000 “disclosures”.

  139. foundingfather1776 Says:

    OK Eric, I’ll bite…..which one of clif high’s prognostications are “coming true” – don’t forget to document the original published spot where he said something specific before it occurred.

    As to Wikileaks….I have my suspicions.



    Can you at least admit Mr. Clif High was stupendously and dramatically incorrect on nearly everything he said regarding the “turning point” slated for mid Nov?

    In case you haven’t noticed….I do not have much patience for pseudo-prophets, however sincere they might be.

  140. clark Says:

    On top of that (the Wiki leaks not mentioning chemtrails) all of the websites I visit that ever talk about them have grown silent, and no comments tagged at the bottom either.

    It could be there’s simply nothing to add (everyone’s reached a stopping point or a saturation point?) but it seems slightly strange it’s happening in unison.

  141. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Check these pics out – are the HAARP boys playing with their toys?


    About the third or fourth one in, you can clearly see the “chembow” in the center of the “cloud”
    What mental contortions it must take for people to see something like this and think it is due to natural causes!

  142. clark Says:

    From the comments section, did you watch the video from the guy in Arizona with the same type of hole in the sky? It’s about half way through the video:

  143. clark Says:

    Unless radar and satellite do not pick up the haze from chemtrails, and I think they do, here’s another observation of the apparent collusion of local weathermen and Clear Channel in a comment in this article:


    December 4th, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Today has been one of the worst Spray Days in Dallas, TX that I have ever seen. The weather forecast tells us it is Clear with no clouds yet the sky is blanketed with haze from the jets. At one time there were Seven X’s in the sky.

  144. ericswan Says:

    The link to Peterson is information overload. The vid you posted is beyond belief. How is this possible? I’m sure this planet is being terraformed for aliens.

  145. clark Says:

    I can’t see this video clearly, my monitor is not high definition, perhaps you can see this better?

    I’m thinking this is what Cellines unusual and hard to describe “glopy cottage cheese” skies look like from the window of the space station?:

  146. ericswan Says:

    The above vid reminds me that Dude thinks this chemtrail thingy is to obscure Planet X. It might be the other way around and is meant to obscure things going on the planet.

  147. clark Says:

    What In The World Are They Spraying is available online for free, now:


    Saw the link in one of two stories today:

    Clippers, “Chemtrails” and the Hallelujah Chorus


    This was interesting too:

    Spraying the Skies: 1975 U.S. Patent for Powder Contrail Generation


  148. Jerry C Huntsville AL Says:

    I got to the part about the Pac NW having very little sunshine and stopped there (about a paragraph into this lunatic diatribe). Has no one here ever heard that the Pacific NW is widely known and has been widely known for decades – if not centuries – for being a rainy, dismal environment? Everything in the following paragraphs could be spot on, but it’ll only be read by nut cases wearing tin foil hats because credibility is shot by Paragraph #3. . .

  149. clark Says:

    Another well written fact filled article today:

    UN Climate Concern Morphs into Chemtrail Glee Club


    This comment about the article is worth repeating:

    “Interestingly HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE is becoming “usual” in young adults…

    The chemicals sprayed in “persistent contrails”,(a bow to Rosalind Peterson, who says nobody takes you seriously if you use the term “chemtrail”), are known to cause elevated blood pressure, so we’re thinking this is what is happening to the young people…”

    A link within the comments about Quantum weapons, a.k.a. scalar weapons briefly outlining:

    Scalar Interferometry

    The Tesla Howitzer

    Tesla Shield


    Here’s another link saying chemtrails are being taught about in a school:

    Chemtrail Sunscreen Taught In US Schools

    “At least this is what one American father found while paging through his child’s science book…

    The chemtrails section is found in the Centre Point Learning Science I Essential Interactions science book. Under “Solutions for Global Warming”, section 5.19 features a photo of a big multi-engine jet sporting a familiar orange/red paint scheme.

    The caption reads: “Figure 1- Jet engines running on richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a sunscreen”…

    Helping habituate children to a life under lethal sunshine and “protective” spray planes,…”


  150. ericswan Says:

    Good stuff Clark. It looks like attendence is dropping off. Not unexpected when you consider the attention span of the general populations is about 11 minutes.

  151. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Nibiru Cometh!

  152. clark Says:

    Dude must have come across this:

    Massive dark object ‘lurking on edge of solar system hurling comets at Earth’


    Last updated at 8:50 AM on 8th December 2010


  153. ericswan Says:

  154. clark Says:

    Was there a point to that, eric?
    If so, I didn’t see it.

  155. Dude Says:

    Nibiru is behind the chemtrails, not so far out in the solar system anymore.

  156. Celline@Celline.com Says:

    Am reading a book by Henry Makow” The Cult that Hijacked the World” “Illuminati”. Worth reading, infact it should be a must-read for those of us who want to be informed.
    The chems here are as awful as they ever were, it’s a non-stop 24/7, today a little less, but usually, we are literally covered.
    Mr. Griffin moved on to Geoingeneering, the film about the chemtrails was very successful but of course it didn’t chamge anything that I am aware of. In the Magazines I receive from Germany, the photographs show me, that it’s as bad over there as it is here. Yet the Germans.. just like the Americans, either are blind, or just plain won’t admit to seeing a thing.

  157. Anonymous Says:

    am glad I “invented” this s/n, because just like last time, the e mail shows up in the post. This time it doesen’t upset me though.. because it’s not a real one.. as Founding suggested, I could try and do.
    Thanks for this, Founding w. out your suggestion I wouldn’t have dared anymore to post anything,

  158. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Glad to see a lot of interesting comments here. Clark, good stuff as always. Eric – I had read before about 666 in the barcodes. I think they love to flaunt their luciferian theology in front of us. For example, the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre that was stated in the design to be made of 666 panes of glass (although I read in the actual construction, it wasn’t quite there, but that is what the plans had called for.)

    FYI to Celline and anyone that posts – apparently WordPress keys off of your email and name, so please make sure to be CONSISTENT in how you enter the info into the comments form. That way, I only need to “approve” your initial comment. After that, all your comments will be approved automatically. I used to not have any moderation turned on, but you know, one bad apple and you have to start putting some controls on – but as Celline said, you can use any fake name and email if you wish. The system doesn’t check it and neither do I. I want people to participate, we are not the TSA here, so you can be as anonymous as you like.

    I enjoy Henry Makow’s perspective and have him as a “recommended link” he really has a lot of solid info on his site.

    Dude – Welcome back. In these turbulent times, it is almost reassuring to see you have never wavered nor deviated from your convictions. As I have said many times before, it *is* entirely possible a giant comet or small planet could crash into earth one day – but I don’t think “Nibiru” has one damn thing to do with the issue of chemtrails. Not one damn thing.

    Now….off to enjoy a delicious French Armengac by the fire and finish some Christmas cards…..

    Take care,


  159. Celline@Celline.com Says:

    FYI ? what does it stand for?? The “Anonymous” by the way, is mine, I tried to enter my name in the other spot, but that didn’t work either, so I will be consistent with the C@C, to end all confusions.

  160. Celline@Celline.com Says:

    Founding, what does:” WordPress keys off of your e mail or name”.. mean?

  161. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline, WordPress is the software this blog is published on. It is free to use. It comes with tools that allow you to customize how your blog looks, and how comments are handled. One of the tools is “comment moderation” which means it can hold comments in a queue until the blog owner approves them. Another tool allows you to “auto-approve” comments once someone’s first comment has been approved. To do this, WordPress keys off-of each unique user’s screen-name, email and IP address. “John Smith” from JohnSmith@yahoo.com and IP address 123.456.789.000 is a different user than “John Smith” from JohnSmith@aol.com and IP address 987.654.321.162 for example. The software knows this and filters the comment based on how the settings are configured.

    It is not your fault, but it appears even when you enter everything the same, the system is holding your comments for moderation. When I see them in the queue, I approve them. But for some reason, yours are not being auto-proccessed. Your last two comments had the same name, email and IP and I still had to approve them manually. I don’t know why that is – but I wanted to let you know the reason you may see a delay between when you post and when it appears. It is nothing personal on my end.

    In the past sometimes legitimate comments from different people have been routed to the SPAM queue. I have no idea why. Again, I free them when I see them, but sometimes that might be a while. I hope that explains it. As long as everyone is consistent in the username and email address they use, hopefully WordPress will start working right.

    WordPress is continually being tweaked by the company that runs it, so hopefully they can fix this issue with auto-approval. It works fine for most users, but for some reason it stopped working properly with your comments.
    My only other suggestion would be to try using a fake email but one with a REAL domain, for example “Celline@yahoo.com” or “Celline@gmail.com” as the software may be validating wether a domain is real or not.
    Since “Celline.com” does not really exist, it may be sending all your comments for manual approval, even though you are being consistent. (A lot of the way WordPress proccesses stuff is automatic and I am just making a guess here).
    Try using Username “Celine” and email Celline@yahoo.com for example on your next post and after I approve the first one, post again – entering the information exactly the same way – and let’s see if that fixes the problem.

    Thanks for your help on this.


  162. clark Says:

    All I could figure on eric’s video was this: “The news outlet quotes the captain of the vessel as saying he has never seen such bad weather as is occurring this week in the Drake Passage in more than 100 trips to Antarctica.”

    Dude’s video wasn’t half bad, but the background music was kind of creepy and and so were a few of the images.

  163. Celline@Celline.com Says:

    Thank you Founding for explaining. I just hope that nothing more ” serious” other than computer hangups is doing this.
    Reading Henry Makow’s incredible book, I would like some feedback, from any of you. It states, that the founding of Israel in ’45, was the doing and the money of the Elite.. and not the literal fulfilling of bible prophecy. That turns everything taught in christianity on it’s head, since everyone teaches, Israel’45, is the fulfilling of prophecy.
    So the 3 day war in the 60ees, and the incredible win for Israel, so heralded.. might have been a hoax also, the job of.. again.. the Elite or Zionism. I don’t know what others think of this, but I would love some feedback.I have read much in my life. but this book is the most ( historically )educational book. True history, all destortions and lies uncovered and set straight. Wow, am still not done w. it, it’s a tough read.
    Thanx for helping me here, if any of you have something to input on this subject?

  164. Celline@Celline.com Says:

    still ” awaiting moderation ” but I will be consistent.

  165. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline. Please try using the fake email of Celline@yahoo.com – that might work because yahoo is a real domain. Thank-you!

  166. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    .. ok, let’s see if this works, as u suggested Founding.

  167. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    1 more time.. whata P..;P

  168. clark Says:

    “It states, that the founding of Israel in ’45, was the doing and the money of the Elite.. and not the literal fulfilling of bible prophecy.”

    I’m no expert, but it seems to me it wouldn’t matter How it was done, just that it was done, the result is the same.
    If that makes sense.

  169. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Clark, thank you, appreciate that. Only thing w. me is, I’m thinking, that the Jews God is talking about are those 12 ( 13?) tribes…
    And it seems they aren’t the ones who are part of the forming of the new State. Am researching right now, if anyone knows.. where they are.
    All this, Henry Makow and his book ” the cult that hijacked the world” Illuminati, this guy did his homework, it’s an unbelievable read !

  170. Dude Says:

    Nibiru still Cometh!

  171. clark Says:

    Augmented reality technology, a.k.a. Project Blue Beam – real time holograms :

  172. clark Says:

    I should have added this comment from the YouTube page:

    “The people in the room can only see the objects on the screens. We are able to see the real man appear to be manipulating the objects because we are only looking at a video recording of what was on the screens in the room. This does not allow the creation of a 3D object appearing to be in the same room as you in real time visible with the naked eye. It does not allow projection of giant religious figures in the sky.”

    Also, this is supposed to be from 2004, so I imagine things have progressed a bit since then.

  173. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Pretty amazing. Just imagine how useful that technology would be to the Elite for controlling populations. We are in a state of “infowar” – the govt and their media lackeys, et al. constantly send their messages out: take flu shots, drink fluoride, bearded men from caves did 9/11, the economy is getting better, etc.

    On the other hand, alternative media, blogs, social networking, etc. is helping to provide REAL info to people.

    Now, just imagine how they could use perfected hologram technology – for example, they could show Osama Bin Laden setting off bombs in Times Square and you would have thousands of “eye-witnesses” swear they saw him do it. Then the govt could say, “See, we told you the terrorists were out there!”

    This is truly more frightening than anything George Orwell could have imagined. The ability to project a false reality in real time will be “weaponized” I am sure.

  174. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Wow, it all is way above my head.. probably everyone’s.
    It could be, that the present “:chemtrails” are just practice for the real thing? Thank you Clark for posting this, the possibilities are endless and might just confuse the Elite too? Now there’s a tiny piece of hope.. imagening, they themselves to “screw up?!” They are in over their heads I think, and unless Satan himself lends them a hand, in no time at all..
    they are in it way over their heads.Myself am in a conversation via e mail w. a pastor friend of mine, and right now, we are discussing the ” Anakim” out of Deuteronomy 9, as to who they are and where they fit in in our day. Plus, are they the same as in Gensis 6 ” The offspring of the Sons of God and the daughters of men”. If they are still around in our day, then we are dealing with mankind working hand in hand with supernatural beings..
    Am not sure, if this interests any of you, I just mentioned it, cause it’s fresh on my mind.. and the e mail is still going back and forth between my friend and myself. Just some thoughts here..

  175. clark Says:

    “The offspring of the Sons of God and the daughters of men” a.k.a. Kenites

    On my mind too, Celline, on my mind too.

    This may be the point the chemtrail story merges with Revelations?

  176. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Clark, this is exactly what I am looking for, this very connection.
    I can’t prove this of course, but I strongly feel, yes, something here does “connect”.

  177. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    am waiting for my friend to answer, because that’s part of my question to him. Also, curious is the fact, that all and everything was destroyed in ” the flood”.. yet the Anakim reappeared. This begs the question, if the same thing happened post-flood, and who knows.. could be ongoing today?! The ” Blue-Blood Elite” is fascinated with the supernatural, and somewhere I read that Bush invaded Iraq for some “biblcal” reason.. as to “force” the hand of God. They seem to have done it w. Israel ( Rothchild bought the land for the Jews to return ).. forcing the hand of God?!But all those things I have asked my friend and I will share his answers.. once he answers me.

  178. clark Says:

    I keep finding a common theme of sociopath and psychopath, the traits of the Kenites, et al, perhaps(?) and those under their control.

    Celline, you might want to look into this guys way of presenting things, it’s a bit different from the rest (especially Dude) his perspective is available on CD, I don’t see any info on his website though, or his web broadcast on his homepage might prove useful:


  179. clark Says:

    Celline said, “that all and everything was destroyed in ” the flood”…”

    Two of every kind were on the Ark, two of *every* kind.

    Although not exactly related to chemtrails, the following interview was interesting, the attached comments were even more so:


    Here’s a section of a comment to keep in mind if you decide to read the comments:
    “It is well known that Solomon was a wise man. In the Book of Ecclesiastes, Ch. 1 he tells us that there is no new thing under the sun. (v.9).”

  180. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Clark, thank you, am working myself thru all your posts, we’ll see what I get out of it. We are having rain since 4 days, nonstop. and it’s suppose to keep raining til thursday. I have never seen anything like this.. since I live here. Am sure that above all those rainclouds there are the thickest chems we have ever seen. I consider those falling floods, poison.
    Daughter got sick w. some stomach problem no one can diagnose, she’s now in the hospital. That’s just a bit sad.. 5 minutes before christmas, I hope she’ll be home soon, WITH a diagnosis ?!

  181. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    http://beforeitsnews.com/story/302/915/The_Faces_of_Evil_that_Rule_the_World.ht enough to curl your hair..

  182. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

  183. clark Says:

    Impressive video, Celline.

    The naysayers and doubters will all surely say everything was, “just a coincidence.”

    The world Is being deceived.

  184. clark Says:

    The cause of unruly and unusual weather blowing off the ocean and onto the coast of California?
    Plus, two comments:

    Red Orbit
    December 21, 2010


    December 21st, 2010 at 9:33 pm
    …I’m not sure when or where it happened, but I now trust the Chinese more than the Americans!

    December 21st, 2010 at 9:33 pm
    Let the harp wars begin.

  185. ericswan Says:

  186. Dude Says:

    clarks lying again. haarp can NOT cause earthquakes. PLANET X is causing the earthquakes. he really gonna trust them chinese when they raping and killing him.


  187. clark Says:

    Good find, eric. That 2yr old video should silence those people who claim, “pockets” of humidity cause the chemtrails to disappear and reappear.

    Keyword, should.

    A comment from one with eyes and cannot see?:
    “There are 3 planes in that footage, all at different altitudes. The one that is leaving no contrail when zoomed in is obviously at a much lower altitude than the other 2, just look at the size of it in comparison. Those are normal contrails and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise.”

    I didn’t notice the small round orb until I saw someone mention it in the comments, Then I noticed it,… reminded me of a laser pointer in a way,… or something being chased?

    In the comments one person really spends a lot of time attacking people:

    “You forgot to answer my question McChav88; why is it you have decided to spend weeks of your life attacking anyone who wants to research this topic again?.”

    It seems that for the other people who do not have the ability to even question chemtrails, they are being manipulated in some way, perhaps certain Christians have it right and Satan has a god-like ability to device people in this way by causing them to basically Not think or to think in certain ways,… it seems that only those people who like, love and support the NWO and big over-reaching centrailizd government are the ones who have difficulty examining the chemtrail issue, for the most part.

    Is there even one instance of a person who is against the NWO challenging the official line that chemtrails are just water vapors?
    I haven’t come across any.

    Another comment said he thought it smelled like chlorine after it rained.
    Lately, after a snowfall, I have been smelling something similar to anti-freeze coolant, I thought maybe it was from a nearby factory or from my car or something, but now I wonder.

    Another comment:
    “It not only makes my eyes tickle but my nose as well!”

  188. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Eric for some reason, I can’t view the video u posted.
    Just a minute ago there was a break in the rainclouds and sure enough, what I saw was the thickest chemtrailcover ever… not blue skies, as would have been normal. We have had pouring rain since last friday and no end in sight. The damage is enormous, it’s all a huge mess. What bugs me most is the realization that all this falling water, is pure poison.
    We’ll see what it does to all of our vegetation. Also I heard, from one of our weathermen, that the Jetstream has dipped too far South.. unusually so.. thus we have all the rain that usually falls further north.
    I have no proof, but all this weather seems strange to me, as long as I have lived here.. I have never seen anything like it.
    I have not noticed any unusual smell, but that means nothing, I s’pose.

  189. clark Says:

    River of rain…



    One person noticed the last river of rain event in the 1800’s happened at about the same time Nicoli Tesla was messing around creating inventions. Coincidence? Perhaps.

    @Celine, there may be something wrong with your PC, your connection, or your browser (AOL bites) I could view the video ok just now.

  190. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Clark you are right, my daughter is still sick, am waiting til she’s well, so she can help me install my new computer, I can’t do it alone. But, I have it, it’s sitting here on the floor waiting. Thank all of you for your patience putting up with the mess this old one has been/is.

  191. clark Says:

    Celline, this could possibly be of help?


  192. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Clark, thank you, I saved it and will go over it w. her. We are still tapping in the dark as to what’s the matter w. her.
    Am reading a ” summery” of where the powerful Rothchilds/Rockefellers come from, and it’s fascinating. For one, the Federal Reserve is their’s.
    Andrew Jackson, the 7th pres of the US, was ONE… who recognized the scam and thievery, and he wanted to be remembered as the one who” KILLED the BANK”. He managed to get the 2. centralized Bank ( Rothchild bank).. out of the US. Thus he said:” I killed the Bank”.
    All following presidents were in their pockets. They ” purchased the right for Israel to to call Israel a Nation, for $2.000.000! I never knew this and it makes sense.The now ” War on Terror ” is the next step to the NWO.
    But, I need not tell all this here, since you are doing your own research.
    Begs the question, is todays Israel is the “prophesized” one.. or is there yet another one in the future. We are told in the Bible, that Satan is ” The Prince of the Power of the air..”, does this mean,”they” own the air and can poisen it, as they please. We would have all blue skies today, if there weren’t about 10 planes busily painting the blue, with white stripes, circles, Xes.. and the usual schmierie stuff. Also, I noticed veil like trails.. really thinly layed chems. All the rain that fell over the last 8 or so days.. must have been full of God knows what. Will the vegetation soon show it? Am watching. But people in general still don’t know.. or seem to care. The stores are full of customers, everyone busy w. Christmas.. not even looking up. Either way: I wish all of you a great Christmas with the focus on it’s real meaning.. ignoring all the lies.

  193. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    I posted something a few hours ago, but it never showed up !

  194. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    My posts no longer show at all.

  195. Celline@yahoo.com Says:

    Founding, I will give up, maybe after installing the new computer,
    I will give it another try.
    So long all, and be well, I’ll miss you lots.

  196. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline, I was away, and now that I am back I released all your comments that were in the moderation queue. It appears to me that you are putting your “name” and your “email” in the wrong slots and thus your comments are held, but you said you are entering them correctly and it just shows up that way. Hopefully your new computer will fix this problem that seems to be affecting just your comments.

    By the way, I really liked your “Faces of Evil” link and I have to say the pictures of Baroness Rothschild with her Baphomet/Satan/Luciferian necklaces was quite “illuminating” (pardon the pun…but you have to laugh to keep from crying right?)

    Here is an intersting article I found called “Merry Chemtrail Christmas” – the author lives in California and includes pictures. Very interesting:


    Hope you can get your technical problems resolved.



  197. clark Says:

    An interesting UFO video I found over at The Daily Bell:

  198. foundingfather1776 Says:

    This seems very suscpicious to me:

    “Thousands of birds fall from the sky in Ark”


    First of all, they said the area affected was a “narrow band” – second the Govt. workers that came out to clean up the dead birds were all wearing haz-mat suits and respirators and refused to answer any of the resident’s questions – (either they honestly didn’t know what was going on, or they were told not to say).

    Could this event be related to chemtrails? To a HAARP test? To some type of nefarious poison spray?

    For those of you that don’t know, the avian respiratory system is MUCH more efficient than mammalian or human respiration, which means they are also much more sensitive to any toxins in the air. THe term “canary in a coal mine” is based on the actual practice (before modern sensors were developed) of coal miners keeping a caged canary in the mine. If the bird dropped over dead, it was a sign the miners had hit toxic gas and needed to escape. The bird would be dead before the miners even smelled or felt any physical effects themselves.

    So the question is; what killed thousands of blackbirds in Ark and knocked them out of the air? Of course the Govt. is doing the investigation so I am sure we will get the unvarnished truth of exactly what caused it. Bwah hah ha ha ha ha…..

  199. clark Says:

    I’m short on time and it’s tough to get my thoughts together on this, but here’s some:

    I’m north of that state a ways, the “Armada” was very very intense on that day as I recall. Saturday too.

    On Friday night, it seemed to me there was a thick chemtrail fog low on the surface that night.

    People in my area were driving all crazy like on Saturday. I noticed lots of, sort of aggressive behavior in people in stores.
    In the day, there were some really wicked looking small red clouds in front of a dense cloud front that reminded me of eric’s description of light blue clouds(neon blue-ish?) I forget how he put it.

    It seemed that a “cold” bug worked its way through the population then too, everybody sniffling and sneezing.
    Expected warming temperatures came through all of the area Saturday, thus the tornadoes in Missouri, it was very cold and windy Sunday.

    From what I could see through the clouds, there were no chemtrails on Sunday, and so far today the sky is clear, blue and chemtrail free.

    I have been watching the barometer lately, noticing when the pressure gets close to 30 they spray and continue to spray as the pressure drops. Once the pressure begins to head back up, after awhile, they stop.

    I haven’t been watching long enough to know if this is a constant, just something I noticed lately.

  200. ericswan Says:

    Happy New Year.. What with all the tornadoes, I would think the blackbirds fell victim to an ionic heater aka microwaves that triangulate to form twisters. God’s message to us is the sacrifice of these blackbirds.

  201. clark Says:

    Found this and thought of HAARP:

    “…have lived in North Queensland (“Qld”) most of my life.

    flooding started before Christmas.

    torrential downpours.

    The strangest thing is – we had thunder and lightening starting in the morning and continuing for most of the day – for about 3 days – this is very unusual and rare – I have lived here for 17 years and can only recall afternoon storms. I had to have the lights on in the house in the middle of the day…can you appreciate how bright it is here in summer (compared to summer in Europe or London).”


  202. clark Says:

    Someone in the comments to that dead birds story mentioned this too:

    dead drum fish now cover a 20-mile section of the Arkansas River near Ozark.

    …the number is likely in the hundreds of thousands.


  203. foundingfather1776 Says:

    All this extreme, crazy weather; mysterious deaths of masses of birds & fish….

    How can people be so blind? How can they possibly think any of this is “natural?”

  204. clark Says:

    There was a chemtrail ingredient listed in this article I had not come across before, radioactive thorium:

    Feb 3, 2011

    Declassified NZ Defence Force Reports Reveal Chemtrail Linked To Outbreak Of Illnesses

    “Evidence collected for over a decade reveals that chemtrails are used for at least seven functions, including weather control and military applications, and are comprised of a wide variety of harmful ingredients. They commonly include aluminium and barium, which are toxic to both humans and to the environment. They may include radioactive thorium, desiccated red blood cells, dangerous pathogens, including Mycoplasma Fermentens Incognitus, plus mold spores, ethylene dibromide, and self-replicating nanotubes that cause Morgellon’s disease, which according to researcher Clifford Carnicom’s findings, now contaminate virtually everyone.”


    From a small sample that I know of, I think there are an unusually large number of people who are sick in my area today, and I think it also includes a much wider geographic area. Felt a little sick myself this A.M. too, completely groggy.

    – Today is cloud and chemtrail free, it’s been so cloudy and the sky filled with jets for so long now that a clear day with maybe only one or two jets with short contrails flying overhead is a bit spooky.

    Often when there is a clear morning the sky becomes totally overcast by 1 p.m., as if on cue.

    You would think the skies today would be full of jets (especially yesterday, Sunday) after a holiday week, that is, If these jets were merely commercial aircraft.

    Just before I hit the Post Comment button I looked out the window to see white mist-like clouds coming into the area lead by a section of varvy cross-hatch-rippled mist cloud.
    The following mist-like clouds have areas that look like powder was spread horizontally on a glass surface by a fine brush in one stroke, along with many varvy cross-hatch-rippled sections in the surrounding mist-clouds.

    A jet with a much longer contrail flies overhead, the “contrail” persists, spreads a bit yet maintains it’s shape while it blends in exactly with the surrounding clouds,… still, the “Armada” has not returned,.. yet. Who knows though, the things can’t be second guessed or predicted in the least bit it seems.

    I wonder if the varvy cross-hatch-rippled sections is HAARP in action being used to push a low pressure front Northward.

  205. clark Says:

    With only one species of fish being affected in the die off, and only red-winged blackbirds too, I’m more inclined to think something other than HAARP was involved, or maybe some combination there of?

    Viruses and the GM Insect “Flying Vaccine” Solution


  206. clark Says:

    It didn’t take long, my skies are total white-out now.
    In from the West it came.

  207. solsburyhill Says:

    …and as if it was not bad enough, just look how chemtrails are being used in TV shows, cartoons(!), movies, advertisements etc.

    “Normal” is indeed a product of social engineering. Repeat it long enough, and anything appears “normal” to the unwary.

    This is scary…


  208. clark Says:

    Symptoms I overheard from several people yesterday: headache at midnight that wouldn’t go away, sinus problems, internal pain,… I’m guessing some type of internal organ damage perhaps? Lots of dots to connect, or not.

    And then there’s this, nothing unusual, the new normal:

    Mass La. bird deaths puzzle investigators

    “Hundreds of dead and dying birds littered a quarter-mile stretch of highway in Pointe Coupee Parish on Monday…

    Necropsies performed Monday on the birds in Arkansas showed the birds suffered internal injuries that formed blood clots leading to their deaths,…

    …USGS records shows there have been 16 events in the past 30 years involving blackbirds where at least 1,000 of the birds have died seemingly all at once.”


    – No chemtrail jets today, lots of blue sky with some clouds that look like the ones in the photo at the top of solsburyhill’s link.
    Where often there are dozens, I’ve only seen three jets all day since sunrise.
    With steady or rising barometric pressure.

  209. clark Says:

    Via infowars.com, from a mainstream media outlet:

    “Have scientists discovered how to create downpours in the desert?

    Technology created 50 rainstorms in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain region last year

    …scientists employed by the ruler of Abu Dhabi claim to have generated a series of downpours.

    Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state’s eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.

    Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is no rain at all.

    People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightening.

    The scientists have been working secretly for United Arab Emirates president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

    They have been using giant ionisers, shaped like stripped down lampshades on steel poles, to generate fields of negatively charged particles.

    These promote cloud formation…”


  210. clark Says:

    From the article, http://www.infowars.com/why-are-the-animals-dying-birds-fish-wiped-out-in-mysterious-deaths/

    “…in Chesapeake Bay, thousands of dead fish have begun washing up onto bay shores.”

    From the comment section:

    More dead birds, this time in Falkoping Sweden, on the 4th:


    A couple more comments:

    “Greetings from Ozark…
    … the weeks leading up to the birds and fish dying here, the skys here were litterlly criss-crossed with chem trails, more so than I’d ever seen in my life…”

    “Alot of fish in new zealand are washing ashore dead now too”

    Here’s a news report on the fish on the East Coast:

    “The Maryland Department of the Environment said that tens of thousands of small fish have died in the Chesapeake Bay due to the stress of the cold water.

    MDE spokeswoman Dawn Stolzfus said reports of a fish kill started coming in last week…”


    Another news article, and yet another fish kill:

    100 tons of fish die in Brazil

    The last time the Chesapeake saw such a massive fish kill was in 1976, records show, when about 15 million spot died due to the cold…

    Nearly 100 tons of dead fish, consisting mostly of sardines, hit the beaches of Paranagua, Brazil, on Sunday.”


  211. clark Says:

    Seems there were a few more mass animal deaths, this page has a summary of the ones above too, the article appears to be a minimizing/excuse page, of course they could be right, who knows, but scientists Are baffled by some of it:

    Thousands of fish found floating in Florida after cold snap

    And in Britain, 40,000 devil crabs join list of casualties

    It’s the Aflockalypse:


  212. clark Says:

    I wasn’t aware of this one:

    “A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called “unprecedented.” It was strong enough to actually cause cracks along the ground and it was felt in portions of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.”

    But I did know about this:

    “According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas just since September.”

    tectonically active

    “This entire zone through the United States is suffering some type of tectonic activity that I believe is tied to the deeply buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico.” – Jack M. Reed, a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist


  213. clark Says:

    Leaked document: EPA knowingly approved bee-killing pesticide

    “A Colorado beekeeper recently obtained a leaked document revealing that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knows a popular crop pesticide is killing off honey bees, but has allowed its continued approval anyway. Despite opposition from its own scientists, EPA officials first gave the a-okay to Bayer CropScience’s toxic pesticide clothianidin in 1993 based on the company’s own flawed safety studies. But now it has been revealed that the EPA knew all along about the dangers of clothianidin and decided to just ignore them.”


    “…decided to just ignore them.” I’m not sure if that is believable or not.

  214. clark Says:

    There’s no links, but this person is adding to the list of wildlife that have perished recently in large numbers, via a comment at http://www.infowars.com/the-10-leading-theories-for-dead-birds-and-fish/

    100′s fish dead in Volusia county Florida

    100′s birds dead in Lake o’ the Pines Texas

    unknown number dead birds in Kentucky


    Other people added these links:

    “…Earlier this winter, hundreds of starfish and jellyfish died around the Isle of Palms beaches due to unseasonable cold.”


    “Thousands of dead fish are washing up on Folly Beach Thursday.

    The Department of Health and Environmental Control says the fish is called menhaden they likely died as a result of the cold water. Biology crews are out on Folly Beach collecting samples.

    The menhaden are a schooling fish and there does not seem to be any unusual circumstances other than a cold kill, according to DHEC.

    The large amount of dead fish could be easily seen from the Folly Beach pier, extending great distances in both directions.

    The cold has caused problems for other sea animals, including a number of turtles being treated at the South Carolina Aquarium.”


    This could all just be natural occurrences, or just partially, who knows? I don’t.

  215. ericswan Says:

    Man o man..The snow is piling up with a weather system stretching all the way out to Hawaii and yet everytime I venture outdoors, I hear the chemtrailers at work.

  216. foundingfather1776 Says:

    The EPA/FDA/pick-your-govt-agency are completely criminal. They should be locked up along with the banksters.

    Killing off the honeybees = reduced crops
    Weather modifications; droughts/floods/freezing/heatwaves all in areas that it shouldn’t be = reduced crops
    Constant chemtrails = aluminized/posioned soils and streams = reduced crops

    Notice a pattern? The people doing these things are beyond evil. I am sure Monsanto will come “save us” from famine with their miracle GMO crops that will allow them to medicate/manipulate/kill and control us at will (depending on what goodies they add to the corn and soybeans, etc).

    Birds by the thousands killed by “hail” and / or “fireworks” ? How stupid do they think we are???

    I just hope everyone that reads this blog and the other alternative media sites is archiving and documenting the information. I think, unfortunately, it is too late to stop the madness. The only thing we can do is point out who did this to us once the dust settles.

    The perpetrators of all this evil might escape earthly justice, but that’s about it. The hereafter is going to be a lot longer and more unpleasant for them. David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Bush Sr, the British Royals, et al. might be able to live to 120 years with their carefully cultivated organic food, their pure water, and their life-extension technology. But sooner or later, they are going to die and then they are going to find-out what justice is all about.

  217. Ursula Says:

    Hi guys, thought I’d check in after all this time.

    Founding, you’re so right with what you’re saying! I’ve been researching, paying attention, taking pictures all this time, as always.

    It isn’t likely those evil people will get what they deserve in this life. But they’ll certainly not enjoy the next one! If they kill us all off, hopefully many of us will have eternity in heaven, while they’ll be roasting in hell, where they belong.

    I expect that the fish and birds (and bees, and whatever else we aren’t yet aware of) died from chemtrails and HAARP etc. And it is happening all over the world (no real surprise here).

    I am glad I don’t live in the US. You’re likely to be hit first with martial law, FEMA camp relocations etc., but I don’t think we and the rest of the world will be far behind.

    Nobody believes me still, that they’re working hard at reducing the population to their magic number of 500 million. But I can see the pattern, mass starvation is just around the corner.

    An area of the size of Germany and France combined flooded in Australia, after years of drought. All their crops wiped out. And elsewhere, as you say, floods, droughts, cold spells etc. wiping out crops as well.

    Somebody told me, well, we’ll just eat locally grown food! That’s nice for us at this point, but I DO care about the people in the rest of the world!

    Also, both in the USA and in Canada they’re about to outlaw us growing our own food, and especially sharing it! All for our own safety, of course. They’re also outlawing all supplements that would help us from getting malnourished and hopefully not get too sick from their GMO crap (can’t call it food).

    But, as the Bible says, they can kill our bodies, but they can’t kill our soul.

    It is an absolutely horrendous spraying day here today. Clouds and snow the past days, chems above whenever you could get a peek. But today it should be blue skies. They’re working hard at getting rid of that, as usual. Very obvious chemtrails today, very in your face (which is unusual, they’ve been more stealthy here for months).

  218. clark Says:

    And yet another batch:

    Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks

    “Blue stain believed to be sign of poisoning or hypoxia – lack of oxygen that is precursor to altitude sickness

    Rapid movement of Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have caused bird deaths

    A witness told http://www.examiner.com: ‘We have no idea why this happened all of a sudden.

    ‘The doves just started falling one-by-one then in groups of 10s and 20s.’

    Scientists have said the Magnetic North Pole is shifting at an average of around 25 miles a year.”


  219. Ursula Says:

    Even though it is true that the North pole is shifting, how in the world would that account for all those birds and fish dying? That explanation doesn’t make any sense at all.

    But yes, they’re doing something terrible to make this happen all over the world!

  220. babette2be@yahoo.ca Says:

    Prominent chemtrails in several scenes of Kubrick’s “Barry Lyndon.” (1975)

  221. ericswan Says:

    I have the Kubrick collection but haven’t watched Barry Lyndon. Will do so. Here’s Loughners youtube channel. What say you all?


  222. clark Says:

    “Was he, like so many of the school killers, on some psychotropic drug? Inquiring minds want to know.”

    “Spooky! Jared Lee Loughner Is on Rep. Gifford’s YouTube Channel”


  223. clark Says:

    This entry has some pearls of wisdom that apply to many subjects, here is a small bit of it I thought was profound:

    Wisdom from Rothbard on the Arizona Tragedy

    “society” is not a living entity but simply a label for a set of interacting individuals. Treating society as a thing that chooses and acts, then, serves to obscure the real forces at work.


  224. clark Says:

    For further support of the idea that chemtrail jets are unmanned drones, there’s this small blurb about planes that are years away from “official” service, but not necessarily other service:

    Report: New spy plane tested in Calif. desert

    Two other robotic planes will be tested at Edwards in the coming weeks. The planes don’t have production contracts and are years away from service.


  225. clark Says:

    An interesting Geoengineering Cost Analysis report prepared by Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation (www.aurora.aero) of Cambridge Massachusetts for The University of Calgary:


    A statement from the aurora.aero website:

    ” …Aurora Flight Sciences unveiled the Orion unmanned aerial system, a flight vehicle demonstrator that will stay aloft for up to five days. Orion was selected by the US Air Force Research Laboratory in late August to meet the objectives of the Medium Altitude Global ISR and Communications (MAGIC) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD).”

    Here is video of what appears to be a Cargolux plane in action:

  226. babette Says:

    So, Eric, what do you think re. chems in “Barry Lyndon”? True or not true?

    Clark, if you’re interested and if you aren’t already familiar…


    Robert Arthur Menard – Freeman-on-the-Land


    Mary: Croft: How I clobbered every ….


  227. babette Says:

    p.s. Eric, ok, watched the Jared whats-his-name vid. And?

    New currency? Yup, that should be the next step?

    It may ultimately fail.

    Lots of “their” tricks do.

    And Kubrick bummed the unique lens with which to film “Lyndon’s” candlelight scenes from NASA.


    Except for chems + HAARP, that is.

  228. ericswan Says:

    That’s an awesome find Clark. 1.6 million tons of fuel per year per chemtrailers translates into disaster for the oxygen levels in the upper atmosphere.

    Babette, no time to watch the movie just yet but it is on my agenda soon.

  229. ericswan Says:


  230. AntiLieGuy Says:

    Sun Rises 2 days early in Greenland:

    Magnetic pole shift speeding up rapidly:

    Nibiru Cometh!

    The bird and fish kills are part of the criminal “elite” plan for mass starvation of the population…all because of the approaching Planet X!

  231. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Mysterious “Green & Yellow” goo taints icicles and houses in NY.

    Authorities claim it may be bird droppings……hah hah haha…

    Chemtrails are never mentioned in the article. Of course not!


  232. clark Says:

    Those are some freaky and unsettling links guys,.. any other comments you wanna add besides prep & pray? Cause I’m at a loss for words, especially eric’s link, wow, just wow.

  233. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I just finished reading the link Eric posted (article written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk).

    She offers an interesting theory, but a couple of questions immediately came to mind:

    1) If the lines we see in the sky really are Contrails and NOT chemtrails – then why is there such inconsistency? She basically says that we have done serious damage to the upper atmosphere because of nuclear tests done years ago, and this has “condensed” the atmosphere so what we are seeing really is simple contrails from jets.

    The problem is, here on the East coast, some days are very heavy spray days, and some days are not. Therefore, for her to be correct, I have to believe that the majority of commercial flights have ceased operation on the days with no contrails/chemtrails and that does not seem plausible to me.

    Even more problematic – I have personally seen (on many occasions) two or more jets flying – one produces no visible contrail/chemtrail and the other is laying down a huge thick line. Both planes appear to be flying the same general altitude. How is this possible if this woman’s theory is correct?

    2) In the documentary produced by G. Edward Griffin, a great deal of time is devoted to evidence showing major changes to the soil and to the aluminium contamination in the snow of Mt. Shasta which *should* be pristine. What is causing highly aluminizied soil if it is not fallout from chemtrails?

    3) As has been documented here before, Every nation that seeks to be a world power (US /China/Russia etc) has acknolwedged “experiments” and efforts to manipulate the weather. You can google “Owning the Weather by 2025: Weather as a force multiplier” or “China weather manipulation olympics” etc. for tons of evidence on this.

    In short, the theory is quite interesting, and there may be some truth to some parts of it. I have no doubt the scientists at the Defense Department were just as insane and reckless in the 1950’s and 60’s as they are now, but I think she has some holes in her theory you could drive a truck through.

    After all….the truly knowledgeable investigators KNOW that chemtrails are sprayed to hide NIBIRU!!!!!

    heh heh,
    …….couldn’t resist that one………

  234. ericswan Says:

    I don’t like the effect these jets are having on the oxygen levels but it’s not critical until we hear that climbing K2 requires a personal air supply before it could be attempted. The suggestion that the secret government is doing anything for our benefit or to save the planet is just plain ludicrous.

  235. MamaKat Says:

    I live in West Virginia in an area that is NOT a major flight path. In Oct 2010 coming off night shift – the sky was a complete 8 x 10 grid – a perfect checkerboard in the sky. The sun was coming up and they glowed like fire – why they caught my eye – most people just don’t look up. Guess sheeple just look down at the grass. Since then I have been noticing hardly any blue sky days – if we get one – the spraying begins – they are doing it right now. They are very low – not like a contrail and spread to cover the whole sky. No checkerboard today just a huge x and many many more trails. Soon that pretty blue sky – first I have seen in weeks, will be filed with dirty gray feathery fake clouds and no sun. What can we do though?? Can’t shoot the planes out of the sky. Can’t complain to the government – they are the ones doing it. What to do????

  236. MamaKat Says:

    Ooops forgot to mention . . . 1 – 2 days after the spraying it rains or as in now it snows. More snow days in a row than I can recall ever happening here and I am over 50 so I have seen a few winters. What the hell can we do about it?

  237. clark Says:

    “What the hell can we do about it?”

    Opt out of the system to remove support.
    Flee to an unaffected country.
    Or do nothing at all?

    Avoid using the word, “chemtrails” as that seems to turn people off right away, rather use the term, “geoengineering” and the phrase, “regional atmospheric aerosol injection testing” perhaps that will help?

    That’s about all I’ve got. It is a bit frustrating.

    Some comments and observations about the flu and sirens:

    “…Where are all you sick people? Is it a regional outbreak? I’d like to know if we can track it because the govt isn’t.”


    “This is bizarre… Last time i checked that map it showed sporadic for Ca. Everyone I know has been sick with this horrible upper respiratory infection. I have never seen Ca. white this time of year.”

    “This town is small and in a rural county. It’s been a one-siren-a-day town for all the years I’ve lived here. Then it became a several-siren-a-day town in the middle of last year. It’s as if people are getting more stressed and acting out or taking bigger risks.”

    “Yes, I know it’s flu and cold season, that’s not really my point. My point is the government was wrong last year when it sent a panic through the country about the flu. But this year, when the flu really is bad, there is nary a word about it from the government. So my question is WHY NOT? Look at all the comments on this topic that mention how bad the flu has been and yet the news media is ignoring it, the government is ignoring it, the CDC is not on the news each evening talking about it like it did last year. I’m just trying to read between the lines because this apparent change of policy doesn’t make any sense.”

  238. ericswan Says:

    Israel did a beta test on shutting down the internet the day before Egypt pulled the plug. The Israeli’s internet was reportedly sabotaged with lines being cut or dug up. The new world order replacement for Egyptian president Mubarak was moved into Egypt the week before the so called “spontaneous” protests. In my opinion, Egyptian leadership is so well entrenched after 30 years in power, that they don’t do what they are told…

    Barry Chamish made an interesting statement last week. He says Israel doesn’t need American aide. His point was that Israel’s economy of 350 billion is way over the top and that American aide would be doled out to all their “friends” with a ratio where Israel gets 1.6 to Egypt’s 1 etc., etc. but the strings attached to the aide was the requisite purchase of American arms aka the ak-47 which according to Chamish, is crap compared to the weapons developed by Israelies.

    My point is that the Egyptian police stations that were run over and looted put AK 47’s in the hands of the protestors.

    The American government puts AK 47’s in the hands of foreign governments to supppress their people. The rest of the American aide money has strings attached for other weapons to suppress their people including jets , bouncing betty’s etc. Watch the news footage to see that the Egyptian people are not protesting enmasse. It’s the same video repeated thousands of times to keep the public watching TV and putting their brains on hold.

  239. clark Says:

    eric, boy do the gun blogs go on and on about what is considered crap compared to an AK-47. I think it’s split 50/50, some say the AK is great, others, no.

    Your point that the Egyptian police stations that were run over and looted which put AK 47′s in the hands of the protestors. That is considered a good thing by many, but I suppose the ruling class are hoping they will be used for non-defensive reasons, justifying a further crackdown?

    I haven’t been watching videos of it all, but from the many photos and interviews, it doesn’t seem like the Egyptian people are not protesting enmasse. But who knows these days.

    Your bit about, “to keep the public watching TV and putting their brains on hold.” … it doesn’t take much to do that. Reminds me of the introduction in Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of Nations: “Strahan, Smith’s publisher, wrote… when commenting that the sales of the book had been much more ‘than I could have expected from a work that requires much thought and reflection (qualities that do not abound among modern readers) to peruse to any purpose’.

    I thought this was an interesting read about Egypt:

    I was talking to some people about Spring, they mentioned the Sun. I said, “The Sun? What’s that thing?” They responded by laughing in agreement.
    Always full white out skies here, and whenever the skies clear just a bit, super Armada is there to change it back right quick.

  240. ericswan Says:

    The Power Hour has Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on and will repeat this evening. The subject is chemtrails and one has to wonder if TPTW have a payback for spraying foreign countries or is it coercive weather war technology. I’m thinking it’s just like shipping AK-47’s to Egypt. The only difference is that the people won’t be getting their hands on this technology any time soon.

  241. ericswan Says:

    The oil industry must be supporting chemtrails simply to take out the self sufficiency of solar energy. The fact that the public is slowly poisoned benefits the governments around the world as the longest living human died yesterday at the age of 114 where, in fact, God says in Genesis that we all could live to 120.

  242. clark Says:

    Any new information from Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on the Power Hour, eric?

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011:

    “Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960′s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.”

    “Dr Livingston was assigned in 1966 from the Naval weapons research Laboratory to a marine fighter squadron in Vietnam. Instead of guns, the aircraft under Livingston’s control were fitted with cloud seeding equipment. “My mission was to find clouds and seed them for maximum precipitation value” he stated.”


    He did an interview, I haven’t seen it.

    But I did see a narrow stretch of blue sky for awhile today, this was the first I’ve seen of any type of blue sky for a long time, amazingly it wasn’t full of chemtrails.

  243. clark Says:

    On the same day the mid-section of the U.S. was experiencing record snowfalls from a massive blizzard:

    Powerful cyclone strikes Australia’s northeast

    “…the most powerful storm to hit the area in nearly a century.”

    “It’s such a big storm — it’s a monster, killer storm,”

    “This impact is likely to be more life-threatening than any experienced during recent generations.”


  244. ericswan Says:

    Murphy talked about a family living in the interior of one of the Hawaiian Islands.. This family has access to completely organic living tropical foods but their youngest daughter had an analysis on her hair only to find toxic levels of aluminum, strontium and barium. This same family noticed many of their coconut trees dying and they attribute this to the chemtrailing going on off the coast.

    The conclusion I would draw from this information is that chemtrails were meant to contaminate people and not weather or warfare related.

  245. clark Says:

    eric said, “The conclusion I would draw from this information is that chemtrails were meant to contaminate people and not weather or warfare related.”

    Really? Just the one purpose when this is their motto? “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

    Amazingly, my sky is clear blue and not a jet to be seen anywhere.
    I know they’ve canceled a lot of flights, but not All of them.

    However, it appears that others are not so lucky:

    February 3, 2011 at 11:48 am
    “they sure as hell are spraying here in Louisville, KY today…”

    February 3, 2011 at 12:04 pm
    “Yep, here in FL too.”

  246. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi MamaKat – I think Clark summed it up best regarding “what to do” on chemtrails:

    Opt out of the system to remove support.

    Eric – you mentioned “The conclusion I would draw from this information is that chemtrails were meant to contaminate people and not weather or warfare related.”

    In my research, what I have come across time and time again is the *diabolically* clever way the Illuminati/Elites will use complex multi-faceted schemes that further their overall goal. So I believe that chemtrails ARE meant to contaminate people and ARE also used for weather manipulation and ARE used for weather-wars or military purposes (denying the enemy good flying weather etc.)

    Want a perfect example of what I am saying? Look at the mysterious and massive shorting of airline stocks right before 9/11. And it wasn’t all the airlines – ONLY THE ONES INVOLVED IN THE ATTACKS! Quite simply, the main purpose of 9/11 was not for the insiders to make some easy millions on shorting stocks, but hey, why not add that to the plan while they were scheming to start wars and destroy our bill of rights? So that is exactly what they did.

    Here are the details: http://hereinreality.com/insidertrading.html

    They do this sort of thing constantly. In fact, I think it would be harder to find one of their schemes that only had a singular goal.



  247. Darran Says:

    Hi everyone, nice to see you are all still here and this thread alive. Just dropping in to share some health-related info, summarized:


    I have been using hydrogen peroxide for six weeks now and can testify to it’s remarkable effects. To be extremely blunt, I feel 15 years younger, and my energy levels have skyrocketed.

    I would definitely recommend that those of you living in heavily chemtrailed areas try hydrogen peroxide, it’s precisely the support your immune system needs.

  248. ericswan Says:

    Two minutes of hell on earth.

  249. ericswan Says:

    by Zen Gardner

    Surprise. Military brass don’t like chemtrails either. So they stopped them for 3 days in San Diego this week while they enjoyed their multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded festivities. Sort of the Oscars for the military elite you might say.

    Besides, while setting up with exotic boats and planes, bringing in dignitaries and the like, you’d hate to have pesky hazy, toxic days for your guests and families. And while the elaborate air show was going on it wouldn’t be convenient to be competing with other Navy/NATO/covert aerosol planes, normally seen almost daily spraying the vicinity, state, country and world, would it?

    That’d just be downright silly. And with all those TV crews and phone cameras clicking away someone just might notice something a little strange, or at the least, “disturbing” to the unitiated, in front of the unsullied elite and their precious guests.

    That would be messy.

    Clear Days of Preparation
    We just found this out noticing signs on the LA Freeway to avoid the Coronado Island area while heading south to look at the beaches. We’re always wondering when and why the chemtrails get turned on and off and film them quite a bit. This recent span of clear days had us rejoicing, thinking recent complaints to the media a la one of my recent chemtrail posts was having an effect. (Right..)

    Turns out they’ve been prepping for this event for the same several clear days we’ve been enjoying. It’s been gorgeous “weather” they’ve so gratiously “allowed” via our controllers, and everyone’s been getting some unfiltered sunshine at last – although the white sheen from years of aerosol seeding can still be seen on the clearest day and we’re still not getting full sun, nor is anyone anywhere sad to say.

    But here’s yesterday’s announcement of today’s event:

    Navy to celebrate 100 years of flight with huge air show
    Feb. 11, San Diego – In a massive choreography of planes, boats and automobiles, more than 120,000 people are likely to gather around San Diego Bay on Saturday for an historic parade of Navy air power.

    Nearly 200 current and vintage military aircraft will fly over the Coronado Bridge and up the belly of the bay to celebrate 100 years of naval aviation.

    The Navy is bringing the party here because North Island was the birthplace of naval aviation in 1911. Source

    Hmm. Just can’t seem to get away from that pesky 911.

    U.S. Open Golf Tourney Clear Too
    Two weeks ago we also noticed clear skies for several days, which doesn’t happen often in southern California. We’re a major population center and they hit us hard with chemtrails as often as they can, like other densely populated areas.

    I was wondering about that one day and after driving for a while and coming upon the ocean view there was this huge blimp.

    Sure enough, it was the weekend of the U.S. Open! Bingo!

    The elite LOVE golf! Problem solved.

    So again, “Should we turn the aerosols off, or on, for our esteemed guests?” “Well off, Jeeves, of course. Especially with all the local Illuminati in attendance and their ‘golden boys of golf’ to protect.”

    Hey, give ’em a break. We’re only peons, aphids, fodder, worker bees, useless eaters, or their new institutional term:

    “human resources”.

    By the way, who’s resource are you? Think about that one.

    Just wondering, Zen


    If this just sounds like a “coincidence”, let me tell you about my experience in Texas last year.

    (I’ve heard this has been witnessed by others, but got to see it clearly for myself.)

    Obama came to visit Austin and then Dallas during his campaigning for whoever. Austin, an alternative hotbed, gets BOMBED with chemtrails. And the air doesn’t move. I coughed horrifically there during our visit.

    As I said, I photograph and film these things. It empowers me to know and document that “I see you!” but also I’m building an archive I use regularly.

    Saint Obama Arrives
    But sure enough, the skies cleared one day, and oddly enough it was the day of our departure from Austin for Dallas. But lo and behold, it turned out to be the day of Obama’s visit. And if that’s not enough, he touched down, did his little gig, and took off for Dallas…where we were going as he was arriving.

    Dallas gets creamed regularly as well. Again, the air doesn’t move so for me it’s toxic. A doctor I saw there said this weird “early onset asthma” or something was sweeping the area and respiratory problems were off the charts.

    Anyway, we start approaching Dallas. I usually see the chemtrails ahead of time and am taking pictures. Nothing. Closer. Nothing. It was a chemtrail spigot “turn off”…and sure enough, it was for Obama and his nasties. He came for the day and meant that much to the sprayers to turn it off.

    I kid you not. Think about it.

  250. clark Says:

    South Korea chaos after ‘heaviest’ snowfall
    14 February 2011

    “Hundreds of houses have collapsed under the weight of the snow. One newspaper described it as a snow bomb.”


  251. clark Says:

    – The Armada sprayed heavily today.

    A person in a different state mentioned heavy chemtrails there as well and made the comment that their teeth hurt.

    I thought, mine did too, coincidence?

  252. foundingfather1776 Says:

    The Armada invaded here today. Very heavy thick chemtrials laid out in long parrallel lines from horizon to horizon.

    What should have been a beautiful warm clear day was quickly turned into a mottled, milky mess. Heaven forbid they let any sunlight through!

  253. foundingfather1776 Says:

    “U.S Geo-Engineering Budget Exceeds Billions”


  254. solsburyhill Says:

    “NASA scientist: Persistent Contrails Cause Global Warming”


  255. ZuZannah7@aol.com Says:

    Would like to try again, see if it works. I discovered a man ( deseased) by the name of Alberto Rivera, who had incredible things to say, being an X- black Jesuit. Ok, this is a tryout , hope I’m able to participate again !

  256. Celline Says:

    ..’nother try…

  257. Celline Says:

    I think, now it’s working correctly, will delete the aol-name if I should have trouble w. it.

  258. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline, Welcome back.

    Heavy chemtrails here on the East Coast today. What should have been a nice hint of spring (temps near 50) was marred by the heavy chemtrail spraying turning the sky into a milky mess.

    These were “classic chemtrails” with very obvious parallel lines being laid down. Then the lines would slowly creep together and form a solid band across most of the sky.

    I try not to let it bother me, I try to remain calm, but it infuriates me that it is nearly impossible to enjoy a nice day without these evil bastards spraying the sky full of toxins and chemicals! And except for the blogs and alternative media NOTHING is ever said on the “news” or in the papers about these ongoing operations!

    As if the constant spraying is not bad enough, the State of PA is allowing the mining industry to turn one of the most beautiful parts of the state into a toxic wasteland……..while also dumping tens of millions of gallons of radioactive and toxic wastewater into rivers that supply drinking water for millions:


    I guess the Elite will not be happy until everyone is contracting cancer by ten years of age and dead by fifteen. It really gets to be a bit much to take.

  259. ericswan Says:

    I’m back from Puerto Vallarta and yes folks, they spray their crap their too. I talked to a Mexican waiter about weather manipulation. Too much to absorb at the moment but he has seen what he calls “artifacts”?? and what we call UFO’s. Some interesting things go on in the outback of Mexico’s deserts. Will post the chemtrail pics later as they were “blocked” from posting while in Mexico.

  260. sonmist@aol.com Says:


    The latestI just received.
    My entries just aren’t working right, so I will keep using a bogus sn.

  261. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    I have no clue, why mo avatar, but trust me please, it’s me.. Cel.

  262. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    I forgot to mention, that the above posted link, was sent to me by Edward Griffin, with the request, to please mail it everywhere we can, and contact etc.. all mentioned people, organizations etc.

  263. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    one more thing: I have skincancer now on my lower left leg,
    and will have surgery ( insurance permitting, waiting for their ok ).. next week.

  264. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Thanks for the link Celline. I will make it a permanent link under my “Chemtrail” section.

    Best of luck on your surgery,



  265. ericswan Says:

    It is bothering me still, that I couldn’t post my pics from Mexico. There are consequences to censorship that go beyond the electronic frontier and into dimensions yet to be acknowledged by the unbelieving. Good luck Celline. Prayers are with you.

  266. sonmist@aol.com Says:


    It works, I am using it ! I wanted to post it, because I assume the industry doesen’t want people to know about it, cause there would go their profit.
    I can only testify to the skincancer part of it because I am using it.. and it already removed one spot, so I thought.. people should know about it !

  267. clark Says:

    It just seems like this has something to do with chemtrails:

    Secretive X-37B Space Plane Launches on New Mystery Mission

    “The X-37B’s mission is classified, but Air Force officials have said the vehicle will be used to test out new spacecraft technologies…

    The Air Force’s other X-37B plane, known as OTV-1, returned to Earth in December 2010 after a similarly mysterious seven-month maiden mission…

    The X-37B spacecraft looks a bit like NASA’s space shuttles, only much smaller. The vehicle is about 29 feet long by 15 feet wide (8.8 by 4.5 meters), with a payload bay about the size of a pickup truck bed…

    [It can] stay in orbit for up to nine months…

    …the X-37B’s chief task is testing out new hardware for future satellites — instruments like sensors and guidance, control and navigation systems…

    “It gives the Air Force the ability to test-fly some of this hardware,” said Brian Weeden, a former Air Force orbital analyst who works as a technical adviser for the nonprofit Secure World Foundation.

    Weeden suspects the X-37B is testing gear for the National Reconnaissance Office, the intelligence agency that builds and operates the U.S.’s spy satellites…”


    Some photos on this next page, I think I’ve seen this thing flying overhead based on the description of how slow it flies:

    “Also, the X-37B isn’t all that stealthy, Weeden said, pointing out that amateur skywatchers were able to track the OTV-1 on its maiden mission.

    The vehicle is not terribly fast or maneuverable, either…

    “It can be tracked, so it’s going to be hard for it to sneak up on anything,” Weeden said. “And when it comes down itself, it’s a very ungainly, slow-moving glider.”…”


    More photos:


    @eric, I noticed a person in the U.S. had censorship problems too, they said they couldn’t post info critical of the government on Facebook. Sporadic incrementalism?

  268. clark Says:

    Here’s some support for the idea that perhaps there are paid shills on the internet who downplay or dispute the existence of chemtrails:

    Your Favorite Wacky Morning Radio Show Is a Festival of Lies:

    “Andy Denemark, a spokesman for United Stations, defended the fake calls, saying his actors are so over the top that any listener would know the calls were staged. “We do wacky comedy,”…

    Which makes it tough to explain why United Stations once asked “Burt,” an actor who used to do fake call work and asked that his name not be used, to pretend he was a pilot so one station could talk about a recent plane crash. “There was a news story about a small plane that crashed after takeoff,” he told me. “I played a pilot saying that problems on takeoff were really common. They needed an ‘expert.’ It was probably the most questionable thing I did.”…

    there’s nothing even remotely illegal about populating radio shows with fake characters and passing it off is real.”…”


  269. ericswan Says:

    Smoking guns Batman..

  270. babette Says:

    With the Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactors meltdown (3 and counting) followed by possible global radiation contamination … well, it does seem pretty silly to bring up chemtrails in film; Nonetheless, here goes: The Tin Drum 1979- lots of chemtrailed skies. Whole frames with them.

    The number of “old” films I’ve studied searching for the clear and undeniable presence of chemtrails and found is quite remarkable.

    Could it be that what we think is a relatively new phenomenon really isn’t?

    Beware the Ides of March.

    Good Luck All.

  271. babette Says:

    Since music videos are not really part of my observations this one was noticed by chance: Kate Bush “Cloudbusting” has what certainly look like chemtrails in it.

    Youtube it.

  272. ericswan Says:

    Not a good time for you folks to fall off the wagon. Next “huge” earthquake is indicated for you by March 25. Time to stock up on the essentials.

  273. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/ I received a letter this morning from Michael Murphy, who did the film: What are they spraying on us, together w. E Griffin.
    Michael is now accused by” abovetopsecret” that he created panic, and is spreading lies, concerning the chemtrails. Michael is asking all of us to please call ” above top secret” ( number u will find when u open the link ) and tell them, that we will not tolerate the attack of honest people who are shining the light on the chemtrails. Assure them of the fact that we SUPPORT Michael, and E Griffin, because they were speaking the truth.
    This film made a lot of waves, and is causing those, who are creating the chemtrails a lot of trouble. So now, they are trying to discredit, Murphy and Griffin. Michael sounded very urgent in his letter, and I wish I could post it here, but I do not know how. Only thing I could do is foreward the letter to Founding. Founding, would you like for me to do this?This all is very important, seems to us, this little documentary was effective and caused those who I want to call “our enemies”, lots and lots of trouble. Please call” Above top Secret” and let them know, we are no longer putting up w. lies, and we stand solidly behind E Griffin, and M Murphy.
    This is what I was aked to do by Michael… to post his request here.
    No use to do it on twitter, I don’t know anyone there.. who would even care. We need to help Michael, he did a gutsey and obviously dangerous thing, for the good of all of us.
    Thank you all,

  274. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    I do not know why I show no avatar, you just have to trust that it’s me, Cel.. thank you !

  275. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Forwarded from Celline:

    Many have written Above Top Secret, however, we have found that phone calls are very effective as well. Last time this happened the station manager was begging for people to stop calling the station. Let’s light up the switchboard and let Above Top Secret know that we will not tolerate deceptive propaganda used to cover-up the biggest crime in history. Perhaps they will think twice before attempting to do another chemtrail/geoengineering hit piece. ATS phone number is: 1-877-417-2204

    Above Top Secret claims to be The Best in Uncensored News Information and Analysis on the internet today. While proven to be effective in the past, Saturday March 12 contradicted this claim when Michael J. Murphy was not only censored, but disconnected from the show due to him addressing truths about chemtrail/geoengineering programs. This was an obvious attempt by ATS to discredit him and his film “What in the World are they Spraying? Above Top Secret’s’ host, Nef Argued with Murphy on almost every fact made about the science and data about the damaging chemtrail/geoengoneering programs that have recently been uncovered. While having difficulty debunking the science and facts of the film, Neff, resulted in accusing Murphy of many things including creating public panic over the questions raised about current chemtrail/geoengineering programs. He went on to claim that “people everywhere are now paranoid when they see airplanes flying above them”. After the interview, Murphy stated that “due to the monetary and political interests associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, we expect resistance from those who are working tirelessly to protect such interests; however, we were shocked to learn that Above Top Secret was amongst one of those groups”. He went on to state that while we encourage healthy dialog , we will not tolerate the deceptive propaganda being used to protect the interests associated with programs that are designed to protect those who are harming nature and humanity. Please take a moment to write Above Top Secret News and let them know that we will not tolerate this deceptive propaganda that is not only compromising all of us, but all of humanity. Above Top Secret News can be contacted at the following link: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/contact.php

    Please take a moment to address this serious issue.

    Michael J. Murphy

  276. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    interesting viewpoint

  277. clark Says:

    Came across some interesting photos. While I read about these photos Operation Obscure came to mind for some reason:


    From one of the photos:

    “The face of Jesus than miraculously appeared on a weather satellite photograph!”

    “An evangelist in England, Jim Sepulveda, was given this photo by someone who worked at a weather station around 1986…”


    From one of the photos:

    “In the morning of Feb,4 1988 at about 1.45am, a seer from Gimigliano (Italy) takes a photo with a Polaroid towards a blinking point of light towards the Ascension mountain. The result is this photograph of the face of Jesus.”

    @Celline, I wonder if there is more to that video, does the Dr. go into more detail and what was the interview for?

    I don’t know if this means anything or not, or if it’s just a few batches, the oranges I’ve gotten from California these last few months really reflect how you described the skies out there awhile back, they taste awful.

    – Chemtrails have been really numerous lately now that not every day is totally overcast. They don’t always white-out the sky, often they just make it hazy and partially cloudy/white-out-ish, in some ways it all reminds me of a net.

  278. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    Clark, about that picture, I can only give you my thoughts on it, ok?
    I consider this a “fake” given the fact, that we do not know what Jesus looked like, other than a very short description in scripture, where it sais there’s nothing “special looking” about Him, but he is a rather “homely” and not something eyecatching! Am using my own words here. The pictures we have of Him, are man-inspired, thus a total guess !
    I do not put any real weight on this occurence, even though I do believe that it happened. It could come from anywhere, but personally I do not believe it to be from God. Our belief is by “Faith” and not sight.
    I am very careful w. things like these, because everything in creation and other things have been duplicated by Satan, except for one thing: LOVE ! About that interview I posted, I have to listen again, it was about guinea-pigs, which I believe we are… will view it again.
    About the oranges, are we surprized? Our skies are so very chemtrailed daily, no wonder everything that grows here, does not taste the way it used to, I am aware of this.

  279. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    I have often thought, some of those chemtrails, might contain radioactive “trash”, because how would they get rid of it? It might be, that they are dumping it in the skies plus other materials, am guessing of course. I think, this interview touches on this subject. I would not be surprized if it’s medical experiments also. How “The Elite” is protecting themselves from all of it, is the one huge question, that remains unanswered and is the reason, many don’t believe it’s happening at all.
    We here in CA now have fallout from Japan, but we don’t worry ourselves crazy about it, other than taking our daily supplements, hoping and praying for the Best.

  280. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    http://aircrap.org/legislation-concerning-the-criminalization-of-toxic-aerosols-upon-the-people-of-the-planet/33363/ good news ?!

  281. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    My desert trip yesterday was again, interesting. The chemtrails reached from over the Pacific about 100 miles inland, then abruptly stopped.
    Clear blue from there, to Imperial Valley, there they start again.
    There is a definite area that seems to be always unaffected.
    What I don’t understand is, there are no planes to be seen ( inland) inspite of all the chemtrails. Could they be moving in from over the Pacific.. this far, w.out dissapating?
    About E Griffin and Michael, I had mail yesterday, but just one short sentence: ” Let me know how you are doing, I am fine..”, no more, no less. Michael is discouraging to write him.. he is being watched including his mail. Their “movie” was effective and has been seen by thousands,
    and Edward and Michael are keeping a very low profile. Keep them in your thoughts, please.

  282. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    I would like to remark about the wildly popular Glenn Beck. Obviously something deceptive here, even though he throws out some interesting stuff, I fail to ever hear one word out of his mouth, about the chemtrails.
    This makes him suspicious to me, not to be trusted. It’s as if he’s working for the Elite, to get peopole all bent out of shape and angry.. for a reason. You put this together::::: I have my thoughts on this !

  283. clark Says:

    At 1:24, small section of video showing jets flying over Vietnam spraying poison during the war. Reminds me of chemtrails, a lot of the video does.

    sonmist@aol.com asked, “Could they be moving in from over the Pacific.. this far, w.out dissapating?”

    I think so, yes. Sometimes they drift in from the West here, from at least 60 miles away, or more, and then just drift off to the East until they are too far away to see.

  284. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    One of my friends, a local attorney is dying from diabetis and kidney disease , results of being sprayed in Vietnam, when he was deployed there. Chemclouds more than trails these days, heavily before rains.
    But even when there’s no rain in sight, daily heavy spraying. From over the Pacific, to about 80 airmiles inland, then it suddenly stops. Then there’s clear blue sky for about 20 miles, and it starts up again. I must assume they are not only spraying over the ocean, but inland also, even though I did not see 1 plane !

  285. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    has anyone noticed Clouds on new $bills, clouds over “DC” that weren’t there be4 ?

  286. clark Says:

    Saw this comment, perhaps it’s also an offhand way to shine a light towards the chemtrail issue, for those who look a bit deeper?:

    “G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jeckyl Island” on Glenn Beck. I don’t like to listen to Beck too much but Griffin is a very sober guest and the show gets interesting espeially past the 20 minute mark where he says that the elites needs have moved beyond another mansion,or another yacht but has morphed into a need for political power, aka New World Order.”

  287. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    Excellent observation, Clark,Griffin is the one who did the “What in the world are they sprayng”, that got much attention ! Mike Murphy is his right hand man, a journalist.. whom I am in contact with via e mail.
    If E.Griffin was on the Beckshow, that means he did talk to Beck about the chemtrails ! Am curious, if something will come of this. I never trusted Beck, since Fox is owned by a ” Bilderberger !” And he couldn’t say anything, that he’s not allowed to say.Seems to me, things are coming together, not at last because of the internet !

  288. solsburyhill Says:


  289. solsburyhill Says:

    Chemtrails exposed on local news WSPA Greenville SC

  290. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Solsburyhill – thanks for these links. The first link especially is packed with good links and resources.

    I don’t know what it is going to take for people to look-up and realize the skies are *NOT* normal anymore.

    I just wish more people would start at least getting pissed-off. But hey – Obama starts new wars (while of course continuing & expanding the ones of George W. Bush) the bankers keep looting, our rights keep getting systematically undermined….and the population in general seems to take it all in stride.

    So I guess asking the sheeple to look-up and ask their “elected representatives” why we are being regulalry sprayed like cockroaches is asking too much.

    And the idiot in the video clip implies chemtrails can’t be real because if they were it would be leaked out because the government can’t keep a secret!? Sheeesh!! Give me a break. Chemtrails are NOT secret you moron. They do it almost every day in the sky, Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren has written books on the subject, the Pentagon has white papers about weather manipulation, the AP reported the Chinese Govt. manipulated the weather to make sure their ceremonies for the Olympics didn’t get rained on, scientists have analyzed soil and water samples in “pristine” areas and can’t account for off-the-charts levels of barium, aluminiumun, and other goodies, etc. etc.


  291. ericswan Says:

    [audio src="http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Project-Camelot-32k-033011.mp3" /]

  292. ericswan Says:

    This radio broadcast is one of those things we who live in interesting times need to hear. Kerry interviews Keith Hunter and what this bureaucrat has put together is beyond your pay scale so don’t expect to believe any of it. I post it here for your benefit. Incidentally, clif high has been spot on throughout this last conflagration of radiation poisoning which ties into the broadcast above.

  293. clark Says:

    Super Smug guys like the Boomer on solsburyhill’s video – saying, if chemtrails were happening someone would squeal, so because no one hasn’t, it’s not real – those types of guys really burn me up, to guys like that it’s As If the Manhattan Project was well known at the time. WTF? Talk about clueless dumkoff.

    At least the subject was on TV.

    – I don’t know if this means anything or not, just passing it on,… this Sunday several People around me complained about chest pains and the like, another Person hundreds of miles away, at the same time, went to the hospital with the same symptoms.

    Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I just thought about how some People say HAARP can raise blood pressure… who knows what else?

    Monday morning there was a bevy of chemtrails filling the skies, but since then it’s been mostly sunny skies with just a bit of frequent mist type clouds, and,… Not One Aircraft Since Then. I haven’t seen daybreak for awhile, nor all the sky, all day, but from the time I have spent looking up, I haven’t seen Any Aircraft of Any kind, none since Monday. That’s kind of strange considering prior to this I couldn’t look at a partly to mostly cloudy sky without seeing some type of jet or another whenever I did look up.

    Not to mention, seeing sunshine is a “new” thing too, after so many cloudy days.

  294. clark Says:

    The streak ended today, massive amounts of chemtrails in the sky all day. At first they were kind of unusual in that they drifted Eastward really fast with the jet stream, I’ve never seen them whisk by so fast before. By mid-day they had slowed to a crawl across the sky, it was almost as if they were glued to one another creating a solid latticework.
    They never did blot out the sky or create a whiteout sky. It did get a bit cloudy though, dark clouds.

  295. clark Says:

    Saw this series of comments and thought they were interesting, I don’t know anything about them though, reminded me of Dude:

    “Why the hell is there a BIG BLACK RECTANGLE in the Google Sky map near Orion??? .. i have tried a few other sky veiwers and they all black out the same area… if you mess around with it you can see it is some sort of overlay.. they just delete the entire area.. it was adjacent to Orion to the left of the constellation”

  296. clark Says:

    A follow up comment: “…the best explanation I could find is it is just an area unmapped or in the process of being mapped and has yet to be uploaded to google sky.. it has been over 2 years that people have been asking about this … someone in a blog said that windows version of sky has the data and there is nothing there worth noting..”

  297. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    did anyone happen to watch CNN tonight, with Jesse Ventura? He talked about all and everything we are discussing here, I couldn’t believe it.
    I don’t even know if this was a repeat or live show, but either way.. this guy said it all and then some. Am curious if any of you saw it?

  298. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Chemclouds, not trails so much anymore. Puffy chemclouds all day, everyday. California Blue gone forever. I see no planes though.. just their deeds.. . They used to sweep across the skies leaving those long stripes, but no more. Something has changed hugely, it looks like tiremarks and oatmeal to me. Never ever a clear day anymore.

  299. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Huge fires near Denver, all those brown trees are burning like tinder..

  300. clark Says:

    Who was Jesse Ventura talking with on CNN?
    What was the response to what he said?

    Your clear skies are over here today, surprisingly… No jets.
    I saw someone write elsewhere in half-jest, “The sun came out today, I nearly fell over, it’s been so long since seeing it”

  301. clark Says:

    Oh I take that back about the blue skies, a huge sheet of white covercast-ness just rolled in and totally covered the sky.

  302. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Clark, the CNN guy’s name is “Peirse”, something like that, a Brit.
    His aim was to discerdit and redicule Jesse. Jesse did one thing that was bad: his bodylanguage. He was uptight and rocked back and forth all the time. The “P” guy, tried to make him look like an idiot. this did not work though, Jesse stayed composed, and talked about 9/11, Oklahoma, Haarp..and Cheney/Bush, and “O” being a puppet. I did not hear a word about chemtrails, I might have missed it!
    How did “P” receive it all? He debunked, and tried hard not to get angry.Whenever Jesse was talking about a real hot subject, they interrupted him w. commercials. All in all, worth seeing, it’s all out there now, no matter if it’s believed or not, it’s out there via Media, and that’s the important thing, that it came from CNN. I have not heard a discussion about it on Twitter (yet) which surprizes me.
    Jesse lives in Baja now, and plans to vanish.. once his book tour is over.
    That’s as good as I can discribe the whole thing. There are some exerpts to be found on it, via Google. Maybe today there will be more, but I have not found anything yet. The net though should have it all by now, i will look for it. The usual today, chemclouds and trails today, it would be clear blue w.out it !

  303. ericswan Says:

    I listened to part of the interview. Pierce asked him if he thought Bush was responsible for 911 and Ventura replied no but Cheney was in on it. The interviewer said do you really believe that and Ventura said he did.

  304. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Eric, yes, this and so much more. He even talked about Oklahoma, making it pretty clear that he thinks, McVey was an MKUltra.
    If Jesse did not have this nervous bodylanguage ( rocked back and forth the whole time) he would have been getting much more respect
    Big thing is, it all got out over the Media. And of course, Peirs tried hard to make Jesse look like a nut, and if he succeeded, this would reinforce people’s to believe in all the official versions. Exactly this might be the reason ” They ” permitted this interview in the 1. place. Strange is, that I did not hear a word about the chemtrails. Everything else was discussed.. just the chems were missing.. food 4 thought?!

  305. clark Says:

    I’m not certain but I think his rocking back and forth is due to a health condition of some type like Parkinsons.

    It’s probably not a good idea for him to mention chemtrails, he would get a label as crazy and be barred from TV entirely.
    Anyone who looks into HAARP will learn about chemtrails, those who won’t bother looking into HAARP will likely dismiss the subject of chemtrails right away anyway.
    HAARP is a starting point, one that at least has proof it even exists – officially – so no one can say he is making totally baseless accusations.

    Thanks for the run-down about the show.

    – Most of the day was jet-free, there were two chemtrail jets in the evening after a mostly sunny day, the majority of the clouds were mixed with a heavy concentration of the white powdery wispy substance. I saw lots of odd and unusual behavior today. I overheard more than one Person mentioning something like, “You just never know about some People”.

  306. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Stormclouds today, when there’s a break in those clouds, you see the chemsoup, very very thick chemsoup above the clouds. So we don’t know what’s in our rainwater, do we?
    Jesse was on more talkshows yesterday, he got the message out, that’s for sure .This with Government shutdown, seems like scaretactic to me, saber-rattling, did not read this anywhere.. those are my suspicions.
    We are a laughinstock for the world, it is embarrassing. By the way, if this shutdown happens, will we stop warring, in all those little wars we are involved in? And, does “O” get paid? What about all the other BigWigs in the Government, are they ” expandable?” HA ! being sarcastic here. My avatar isen’t showing, am glad all of you know who I am.

  307. clark Says:

    Chemtrails and the theme of “dirt wars” comes to mind while reading this:

    Genetically modified fungus could fight malaria

    “For years, Angray Kang at Westminster University and colleagues have been testing whether they could genetically tweak a fungus to kill the malaria parasite carried by mosquitoes.

    Now they’ve found that in lab experiments, mosquitoes exposed to the fungus show a sharp drop in levels of the parasite. If it works that way in the wild, that should make it harder for the disease to infect people.

    Kang said the mutant fungus could be sprayed onto walls and bednets like insecticides and could be made for a comparable cost…

    Kang’s experiment involved inserting a human antibody against malaria into a fungus commonly found in soil and plants worldwide. Spores made by the fungus burrow into the mosquito, invading its circulatory system. When the malaria-causing parasite multiplies inside the insect, the antibody keeps the parasites from reaching the mosquito’s salivary glands. That theoretically stops the disease’s spread.

    “The mosquito can be infected by malaria, but it can’t pass it onto humans,” Kang said. The mutated fungus then eats away at the mosquito from the inside, killing the insect after a couple of weeks. That’s long enough for the mosquito to reproduce, which should lessen its incentive to evolve resistance to it…”


    Play it off on the public as a good thing (after the fact?) to gain acceptance.

    Mosquito parasites in humans affected by airborne sprays, hmm, where has this topic come up before?

  308. clark Says:

    A similar theme, many of these properties are woven throughout chemtrail discussions:

    IBM Develops Anti-MRSA Nanotechnology

    “Once these polymers come into contact with water in or on the body, they self assemble into a new polymer structure that is designed to target bacteria membranes based on electrostatic interaction and break through their cell membranes and walls. The physical nature of this action prevents bacteria from developing resistance to these nanoparticles.

    The electric charge naturally found in cells is important because the new polymer structures are attracted only to the infected areas while preserving the healthy red blood cells the body needs to transport oxygen throughout the body and combat bacteria.

    Unlike most antimicrobial materials, these are biodegradable, which enhances their potential application because they are naturally eliminated from the body (rather than remaining behind and accumulating in organs).

    … it’s a potential alternative to antibiotics…”


  309. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Thank you Clark for all this interesting info. I have nothing to add to this, I only want to share a ” new” thing the CT criminals seem to be coming up with. Get this: our skies today are Barcoded ! That’s exactly what it looks like. Tiny itsy bitsy narrow stripes, hundreds of them bunched together, maybe 10 miles long, are covering our skies. This, and others that look like tiremarks. I had not seen the barcode things until today, so I wanted to share it. Maybe you have seen similar things, please share.

  310. clark Says:

    Ha, that is the Armada, Celline. I see it often.

  311. clark Says:

    Or maybe not? How itsy bitsy?
    Are you sure you don’t want to buy a camera?

  312. clark Says:

    Exclusive Interview

    Jesse Ventura on Government Cover-Ups . . . 9/11, the Reality of HAARP and Making Government Better

    Sunday, April 10, 2011 – with Anthony Wile

    Daily Bell: What potentially deadly healthcare outbreaks have been covered up?

    Jesse Ventura: Many. There are biological experiments that have been done at Plum Island, which is right off Long Island. Eric Traub ran that operation, and his expertise was biological warfare with wood ticks and mosquitoes. Ironically, right across the water is a place called Lyme, Connecticut. And Lyme, Connecticut was where the first case of Lyme disease was reported, and as we know Lyme disease is passed by wood ticks. So was that an experiment that went awry at Plum Island, and now it’s loose, and we have to deal with it? That’s just one example of the US government dealing in biological warfare.

    Daily Bell: What is HAARP and why is it so important?

    Jesse Ventura: HAARP is big in Alaska. It’s 50 radio antennas and they shoot up 50,000 watts of power, which is the equivalent of what they allow for a radio station. It’s run by five or six diesel engines the size of locomotives, and it sends low-level radio frequencies up to the ionosphere, which is the top level before space, and throws them back to earth.

    Dr. Nick Begich, who wrote the book, “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, Advances in Tesla Technology,” has told me, “Governor, this is the death ray. It can knock airplanes out of the sky. It can control the weather.”

    They claim it’s to communicate with submarines under the water but they lied initially about it, because they called it an unclassified research center. When I went up there, they wouldn’t let me in, so that tells you right there they are lying because it’s not open to the public. If it were unclassified, somebody would be happy to let me in.

    One of the initial stories behind it is intriguing. Remember the tsunami that hit Indonesia a couple of years ago? That tsunami happened, but there was no earthquake and there was nothing that should have caused that, and yet witnesses on the ground said they saw northern lights before the tsunami came. Well, you can’t see the northern lights from Indonesia. But when HAARP is ramped up, it looks like the northern lights when they are using it.

    So a guy says, “Come on Governor, you think they just kill these people for no reason?” I said, “No, they probably wouldn’t do that, but what if they were testing this thing and the end result was they created this tsunami.”

    They aren’t going to go, “Oops, I guess we screwed up.” No, they’re not going to say anything about it, if they caused it. Allegedly China is experimenting with it also. There is an international treaty that says you are not supposed to create any weapons that can control the weather. You know what the loophole is? Nothing says you can’t do it domestically, so you don’t violate the international treaty.

    … My son is running my website now, and it’s called, http://weaintgottimetobleed.com/

    Editor’s Note: A few days ago, on April 7th, Russia Today’s Anastasia Churkina sat down with Jesse Ventura for an exclusive interview about his latest book, “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want you to Read.” http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDailyBell?feature=mhum#p/a/D86E2FE05A15C4A1/0/zAdQB7sMR38


  313. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I heard Alex Jones interviewing David Icke from the Thursday 4/7 show. Icke said something that really struck a chord with me. I am not saying I *believe* it is 100% true, but it is a very interesting hypothesis that would answer a lot of questions:

    Icke said: “There is definitely a clear agenda to make humans receive more and more radiation from more sources of radiation (cell phones, nuclear plants, airport naked body scanners, etc).”……..”We are an electromagnetic field….when you disrupt an energy field you can affect health, thought, harmony, etc…….this is a calculated policy……..HAARP is a big part of this…….all of this is not by accident. It is a coordinated attempt to affect the world we live in.”

    Alex asked: “Why do the Elites roll all this out? It is going to affect their children as well. Why do the Globalists love to hurt themselves and not just us?”

    Icke’s response: “Well, maybe their not quite the *same* as us? Maybe that’s the answer? And therefore they are not affected in the same way. The rabbit hole of all this goes so deep……the situation we are facing is much greater than what we can see touch and taste. They are clearly not going to irradiate the planet if it is going to affect them too, so maybe there is something different about them. The bloodlines that (the Elites) obsess about are hybrids. These people are not human.


    It made me pause and think. Would also explain why the massive chemtrailing program goes on, since, theoretically, the Elites have not gone to their underground bunkers yet and therefore must breathe the same posioned air we do.

    Things that make you go “hmmmmmmm?”

  314. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    @FF and Clark, good points. I have chickened out thus far to mention this subject, for fear of being rediculed.
    But, here we go, you have the same thoughts.
    There is something that “protects” the Elite from all the junk we all are exposed to. what might it be? Either, they are injesting something that protects them.. even via injections, I know it sounds so far out, but it’s the biggest question out there, yet. My thought is,they are demonically protected, no matter how crazy this sounds, it’s what I believe. Besides, there’s more unbelievable stuff out there, than to believe this.
    Because the 1 question I get from everyone when I mention the Cts is this one:” How do “they” protect themselves” and I’m always at a loss for an answer.
    No doubt, they are protected somehow and there are means out there, that will do just that. Even if those “means” are the supernatural kind.
    All and everything that’s happening, is way too hard for any human to achieve, I have suspected for a long time, the supernatural to have a big part in all of this !

  315. clark Says:

    Could be that Celline, plus, I read a description somewhere about how the Power Elite are kind of self-destructive and sadistic, if so, it wouldn’t trouble them a bit to be included in any negative effects from chemtrails or financial troubles from their actions in trying to bring about a NWO.

    That whole Serpent Seed and the Kenites theme fits in perfectly too.
    From Adam to Abraham to Joseph the bloodlines were pretty important, enough to basically murder to protect, so it’s not a big stretch to say the Kenites have done the same.

  316. clark Says:

    And when I say, protect, I mean, to guard the purity of a certain bloodline,… not to protect from harm and injury or loss, while at the same time spreading their bloodline into as many other Peoples as possible to dilute the rest.

    Some People have a big percentage of the bloodline in them, some have only a little, it is spread thick and thin, far and wide throughout the world.

    Hope that makes sense, it really is bizarre, but it all seems to fit together.

  317. SonMist@aol.com Says:

    Clark, it makes perfect sense, I “studied” all and everything Fritz Springmeyer had to say on this subject, and even though it’s bizarre to the common sense thinker, it’s nevertheless true. That’s why I always make the statement” it’s not all human activity, it’s human/demonic, that’s why it works so well.” All these Elite, bloodline peops by the way.. are satanists. This includes very wellknown peops, it’s unbelievable.
    There one can see, that matters of the “spirit” have nothing to do with “IQ”, or common sense. This is how people get suckered into the occult, or just plain cults, but, that’s a whole other subject.
    Thing is, it does fit in our discussions, because we are dealing with the consequences of all this.

  318. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    Am bringing this up, because I have not read anything about this here, of course, I might have overlooked it, so correct me if I am wrong.
    Reading about these solar flares, and the fear they might become too great for us to survive… what if the Elite decided to shield the earth? Is this a possibilty ( chemtrails)? Just putting down my thoughts, desiring all you real smart and educated people’s input?!

  319. clark Says:

    I think that angle has been discussed here.

    Idk what the real smart and educated People think, but if you consider that the Sun is huge and any solar flares from it would likely not be precise, the above explanation, while acceptable to some People, does not seem to hold water.

    If they were “protecting” why would they cover the Inland Empire of CA. and not the coastal cities? The sporadic coverage is the same in other areas too.

  320. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    there were no chemtrails here in 5 days. This is an absolute 1.
    E. Griffin and Michael Murphey wrote me today, they are having great successes organizing people in LA and San Diego.
    Personally. I am not doing well, had 2 strokes in 4 days, no clue yet, if my Dr sees any help or hope for me.
    Thought I tell you, don’t want to vanish w.out having at least said something about what’s happening w. me.
    I feel a bit, as if talking to friends here, and I’ll hang in as long as I can.

  321. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    I am very sorry to hear about your health troubles. I’ll keep you in my prayers. I hope you have a speedy recovery.



  322. eric swan Says:

    Hang in there Celline..

  323. clark Says:

    I know you (we) can’t live forever, but maybe this will help?:

    Natural Health from A to Z

    “…vitamin K as a regulator of calcium appears to be helpful are in preventing strokes…”


    How Western Diets Are Making the World Sick

    “…The modern Western diet, high in fructose, grains, and grain-fed, pesticide-laden and hormone-laced meat, is the primary driving factor behind the skyrocketing incidences of type 2 diabetes and heart disease…”


    How to Solve Nearly Any Illness – Without Drugs

    “Are You on Any of these Dangerous Drugs?…

    These 10 strategies promote overall health, as opposed to chasing and watering down various symptoms:…”


    A Fatal Heart Attack Can Occur With Normal Coronary Arteries

    “Why is this story significant? Dr. Privitera finds 1 in 3 patients visiting his office have blood clotting problems, as exhibited on the dark-field microscope test, and are at greater risk to experience a heart attack and other health problems. Imagine the number of heart attacks and other health problems that could be quickly detected and avoided if the office of every primary care doctor and cardiologist employed this simple and inexpensive test?…”


    – We mostly have overcast days here. When a clear blue sky day does come along it is quickly changed into an overcast day by an onslaught of jets laying down closely spaced parallel lines and a few perpendicular lines. It’s sooo obvious, yet People remain oblivious.

  324. clark Says:

    That last entry (A Fatal Heart Attack Can Occur With Normal Coronary Arteries) that wasn’t what i meant to post from that article, this was:

    “Dr. Privitera instructed Patricia to consume some fish oil and magnesium capsules and within minutes her pain was gone. Subsequent dark-field blood cell analysis showed resolution of the clotting. She continues to take fish oil and magnesium capsules preventatively…”

    Good luck.

  325. clark Says:

    I didn’t know this:

    The Worst Mississippi River Flood Ever?

    “In just one 24 hour period last week, there were a whopping 226 active tornadoes in the United States.

    Overall, there were approximately 600 tornadoes in the United States during April. That is the most tornadoes that have ever been recorded in a single month in all of American history.

    Usually, there are only about 1,200 tornadoes in the U.S. during an entire year.”


  326. solsburyhill Says:

    All exposure is good exposure…..


  327. sonmist@aol.com Says:

    the CTs around here are different now.
    A little cloud will appear in an otherwise totally blue sky, and if u watch it, it vanishes and then reappears. After 1/2 hour of keeping my eyes on it, off and on, this cloud suddenly became a whole swarm of them. No plane in sight. Then, driving west, the horizon was filled with evenly spaced small chemclouds, that vanished as they were moving east.
    They “mingled” w. the blue skies. and sorta became invisible.
    Am wondering, if E.Griffith’s and M.Murphey’s movie, and all the other things they are doing.. did affect “their” plans of how to do their evil deeds less obvious? Guessing, but surely, something has changed around here.
    I am better, will participate as much as I am able to !

  328. clark Says:

    Mystery Boom in Virginia Likely a Meteor

    “Tuesday evening, residents across Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Suffolk, Va., dialed 911 to report what sounded what a large explosion. Today, a NASA scientist explained that it might have been a meteor.

    The area is home to several military bases, so residents are accustomed to loud sounds. This was out of the ordinary, though; several 911 callers reported a loud noise that rattled their screen doors and windows. One woman told the local television station, WAVY, that it felt like an earthquake…

    “The only other thing that I’ve been holding open as possibility — and this would be quite rare — is this could be a result of an atmospheric ducting phenomenon,” Zawodny said.

    This phenomenon requires just-right weather conditions to create layers in the atmosphere that then act as a wave guide and channel sound waves from one place to another, sometimes over long distances.

    “We’ve had the right temperature profile in the area [to create an atmospheric duct],” Zawodny said. “There could have been an offshore Navy thing that made sound that traveled along the duct inland. It would have had to be a really huge sound, though.”

    “It’s a really remote possibility,”…”


  329. clark Says:

    Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician

    Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com May 16, 2011

    “A top Duma political leader caused shock waves in a recent television interview when he warned that Russia could deploy an arsenal of new technology to “destroy any part of the planet” and kill over a hundred million people using secret weather weapons if the United States, the UN or Georgia tried to stop Russia’s entry into the WTO.


    Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR)…

    …Zhirinovsky cited Russia’s supremacy in space and stated that the country had, “Lots of money, resources, and new weapons that no one knows about.”

    “With them we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes,” he sensationally warned.

    “Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of laser, not lightning, but a quiet and peaceful weapon,” added Zhirinovsky, warning that “whole continents will be put to sleep forever” and that “120 million will die” if anyone interfered with Russia’s claim on the Kuril Islands, which are the subject of a territorial dispute with Japan…

    Zhirinovsky made reference to the recent tsunami in Japan, suggesting that the “new weapons” to which he refers are related to weather control technology,…

    Threatening to annex Georgia completely, Zhirinovsky warned, “And then there will be another tsunami, on the other side of the planet, in the Caucasus. Zhirinovsky’s reference to the Kuril Islands in connection with the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in March is a not so subtle suggestion that Russia had something to do with causing the natural disaster that killed thousands, led to the Fukushima crisis and threatened to derail Japan’s economic recovery…

    Moreover, in an April 1997 speech to the University of Georgia, Athens, then US Secretary of Defense William Cohen spoke of the threat of an “eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”…

    …Zhirinovsky is a controversial character in Russia with an incendiary personality, he is nonetheless a major political player…”


    – Today, so far, the sky has been cloud and jet free all day. People don’t travel by air on Mondays I guess? The national radar shows the entire midsection of the country is clear, lots of rain on the east and west coasts though. Still, I haven’t seen a single jet all day. Funny that, there were plenty of chemtrailing jets yesterday and the days before that.

  330. clark Says:

    Perhaps I should have waited half an hour to post, some clouds did roll in from the east, a small focused band of little white ones which looked like they were flour sifters pouring out fine lines three times the length of the clouds.

    But still No jets, not a one.

  331. clark Says:

    – Today was another unusual day.
    In the morning there were about twelve jets, some left chemtrails over 1/4 of the sky, the rest were high altitude with short contrails. Four were in pairs, the two pairs were following each other at the same speed, one right behind the other (if you held out your hand to measure, one was an inch apart, the second was half an inch apart) the second was slightly staggered. After those two passed by another jet flew overhead and that was the Last Jet I Saw All Day!
    The rest of the day was cloud free.

  332. clark Says:

    Also, I noticed this comment (which is similar to my own observation) one which I think describes the symptoms of the latest “batch” of chemtrails and its side effects:

    “…There seems to be a malady of sorts going around. I had that thingy hit me with the pain in the left arm, shoulder and neck. It took weeks for it to abate. First it went out of my arm, then neck, then my shoulder was left like a hurtin’ son a gun.
    My son had a kink in his neck and shoulder, which it flows and ebbs. He hasn’t said to much lately about it.
    Then my brother-in-law is suffering with his shoulder and neck. He called the VA and they couldn’t get him in till he said he would be dead, so he has decided to suffer…”

  333. foundingfather1776 Says:

    We are still getting regular spraying here on the East coast.

    Many people seem to suffer from respiratory ailments. It *could* be allergies….but my neighbor is a hospice nurse and she says they are seeing MASSIVE increases in Alzheimer patients and dementia…even in some patients that are only in their mid-50’s!

    Nothing like breathing in aluminium and heavy metal particulates to get the old brain neurons clogged-up and short-circuited eh?

    I have not been blogging too much. I enjoy reading the posts from regulars. There are lots of stories and info that I feel I should repost or write-about…but then I figure “Those that know…know….those that don’t…won’t.”

    I am constantly amazed at how effective the NWO has been at dumbing down the masses. Here is a little experiment. Ask people you meet what they think a “Modern Reichstag fire” might be? Or ask them if they think we will ever have a “Weimar Republic Hyperinflation”? Watch their quizzical looks, examine their furrowed brows….and realize they have NO CLUE what you are talking about and they could care even less.

    This is the kind of ignorance I am talking about. Massive and profound events from 60-70 years ago might as well be from ancient history as far as most people are concerned. Is it any wonder they are incapable of recognizing we are starting to go through it all again?

    On a “lighter” note, I must admit to some “Schadenfruende” seeing the IMF chief arrested for rape.
    When you get to see the Elites publicly fighting amonst themselves and “eating their own” as it were, it is most amusing.

    Clearly, the guy must have pissed-off someone higher up the food-chain. There is NO WAY they would let one of their minions be arrested for raping a mere commoner if he was in good standing.

    If he had behaved exactly as he was supposed to, he could have chopped-off the maids’ head and sodomized her skull and the police would have helped carry his bags down to a waiting taxi…..

    I’m just sayin’……..

  334. eric swan Says:

    Speaking of skulls, when I heard that the Bin Laden abduction was called operation “Geronimo” I couldn’t help but remind myself that the Skull and Bones crew are said to have that particular skull in their clubhouse.

  335. clark Says:

    Saw this basic outline on infowars and thought of your comment, FF.

    “…Americans have gone down the endless well of the hive mind:”


    @eric, I forgot about that Geronimo skull – creepy stuff.

    – It was almost completely overcast today, but I could see a chemtrail line in the overcastness, like a fresh marker pen dragged across old.
    It cleared up somewhat though and I haven’t seen any chemtrails (or jets) yet… It has been so nice to see blue sky and sunshine – and no flour sifting dripping clouds either.

  336. Michael Says:

    Sorry to burst your collective bubbles, but those white trails following planes are contrails, not chemical like aluminum, tin, or anything similar. These have been around since the 60s when I was a kid. No evidence to show that these are heavy metals.

  337. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well, there you have it everyone. Definitive proof. Michael has enlightened us. Chemtrails do not exist! It is all perfectly natural – contrails that hang in the sky for hours and hours and blot out the sun. Simple moisture condensation from hot jet engines.

    Michael, thank-you for your profound and well-reasoned explanation. You obviously put a lot of thought and analysis into the subject.

    I *thought* when the researches that analyzed the snow-pack on top of pristine Mt. Shasta and found aluminium content thousands of times higher than the EPA allows it was all a scam. And when John P. Holdren (Obama’s science czar) wrote in his book “Ecoscience” that we may need to spray particulate matter in the sky for “geo-engineering” I guess he was just writing about a “theory” (of course the book was published in 1977). And the declassified papers the Air Force published about “owning the weather in 2025” must be all dis-info to scare the commies:


    And of course the News articles from main-stream media about weather manipulation are all hoaxes too:


    So see everyone, the hundreds of comments, observations, news articles, essays, pictures, youtube clips and evidence of your own eyes does not matter.

    Michael says chemtrails are really contrails. End of subject.

    Michael, I suggest you invest in Japanese Real Estate. I hear it can be scooped up cheap near Fukashima, and the Govt. has assurred us it is all completely safe!



  338. clark Says:

    It’s all sunshine and lolipops, eh Michael?

    And this must be just more propaganda, yet another high level politician mentions the effects from chemtrails, this via infowars:

    Ahmadinejad says West to blame for drought in Iran

    By Agence France-Presse
    Thursday, May 19th, 2011 — 9:01 am

    “TEHRAN — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in the Islamic republic, as he inaugurated a dam in a central province.

    “Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran,” the official IRNA news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying in the central city of Arak in Markazi province.

    “According to reports on climate, whose accuracy has been verified, European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent, he said.

    By doing so, “they prevent rain clouds from reaching regional countries, including Iran,” Ahmadinejad charged…”


    It’s all probably just another big fat lie?


    Are You a Sheeple?
    Take the quiz and grade yourself

  339. clark Says:

    This video was interesting:


    Apparently he forecast the last bunch of tornadoes by looking at weather radar showing haarp rings and voretec technology to understand how they steer the storms and create them. I’m not certain, haven’t checked it out thoroughly.

    In this next video where he talks about scalar squares, he shows what appears to be electrical transformers blowing up for no reason in Texas and Wisconsin on the same day:


    Here is the blog of the person who produced the videos above:

  340. clark Says:

    As if it’s no big deal and certainly not a secret:

    Artificial Rain Considered To Water Chile’s Dry North
    Written by Phil Locker
    Monday, 23 May 2011 21:12

    Cloud seeding technique would cost an estimated US$1.27 million annually

    The Northern Society of Agriculture (SAN) has requested that cloud seeding companies help increase rainfall in the Coquimbo Region, north of Santiago, which has experienced a severe water deficit over the past six years.

    According to experts, the drought could continue into the winter of 2012. For this reason, SAN approached companies specializing in the stimulation of rain to develop a program, which is now being analyzed for funding by the regional government.

    Farmers in the region are prepared to partially fund the project, due to the effect the water shortage has had on their crops.

    The process of creating artificial rainfall consists of releasing substances into the air that promote cloud condensation, altering the physical and chemical processes within the cloud. By tampering with the hydrologic cycle, experts can create rain.

    “This is a longstanding technique, except that now we have technological developments at our disposal that ensure that the system works,” said Francisco Meza III, regional director of the National Agriculture Investigations Institute.

    The rain generating project, focusing in Coquimbo’s Elqui, Limarí and Choapa towns, would have an annual cost of around US$1.27 million.

    The acting regional governor for agriculture in Coquimbo, Juan Francisco Garcia, is not ruling out the initiative: “We are aware that it is an alternative that could help the problem . . . but we cannot say whether it’ll be government funded.”

    José Moreno, the head of SAN, said, “We cannot see another rainless cycle, the reservoirs are empty and we have to do something to combat this.”

    By Phil Locker ( editor@santiagotimes.cl This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
    Copyright 2011 – The Santiago Times


  341. Celline Says:

    I have a new computer, hoping things will work right now. Still am trying to figure out copy and paste, it’s different on this new thing.
    A PalmSprings TV station has a series on Chemtrails, the reporter is: Elisabeth Beaubien.”KMIR” affilliated with NBC, is bringing these reports.
    We should write and call them, to encourage this reporting. I will try and put the link up here, but am not sure I have figured out yet how to do it, bare with me please !

  342. Celline Says:

    Sorry but I am not succeeding, can someone please look them up.. and post this story for me?
    PalmSprings, CA NBC affiliated KMIR, Elisabeth Beaubien.
    Meanwhile, I will practice, have not gotten the hang of this yet, so sorry !

  343. clark Says:

    On Memorial Day the skies were filled for much of the day with dozens of chemtrailing jets crisscrossing the sky making grids.

    After the morning cloud cover gave way on Tuesday (at about 12 noon) the skies were clear and blue… and basically jet-free the remainder of the day, save two lonely contrail producing jets. Two! For the whole day!

    I guess People don’t fly on Tuesdays after a major holiday? … or (drum-roll for People like Michael) the air traffic on Monday wasn’t commercial air-traffic and the persistent contrails they produced were not what one would call, normal.

    Also, saw a comment that said A.I.G. was the parent company of C.I.A. front company Evergreen,… probably the biggest reason A.I.G. was too big to fail?

    As if it matters,… People are smart.

  344. clark Says:

    What a difference a day makes.

    The Armada of jets has been non-stop All day… dozens and dozens of jets leaving long stripes from horizon to horizon along side many shorter ones (in fact, every length except none at all) from West to East, and East to West,… but unlike Monday, none from the North or the South.

    I often wonder how People such as Michael can explain the gap/the drop in the numbers of aircraft on Tuesday? I imagine they just don’t think about it and just push the easy button?

    Twice today the exhaust from the jets, a.k.a. persistent contrails, a.k.a. chemtrails have completely covered the sky.
    It cleared up/drifted off the first time, it’s breaking up a bit now too but it looks like it’s going to stick around and of course there’s supposed to be rain tonight.

  345. clark Says:

    … and there’s still no apparent rhyme or reason to how they do things. I walked out just now and the sky is clear, blue, cloud and jet free,… go figure.

  346. Celline Says:

    The NBC affiliate TV station in Palm Springs who I mentioned the last time I blogged, sent a mass e-mailing today, to 100reds of people all over the US.
    Thanking them for their interest and letters and phonecalls, in that Special they had on Chemtrails.
    The journalist wrote:” Thank you for the interest you have taken in my special report on chemtrails. Because of the massive interest, and the thousands of letters we received, I will have more specials on this subject. We were overwhelmed w, mail and calls and decided, this subject is worth persuing….. E B.
    I did use my words to say what her letter said.. as closely sticking to her wording as I could. I think, this is huge, I have not heard about any other news-source, cable TV or otherwise, getting into the chemtrails before.
    I applaud this lady’s bravery, and guts. It is interesting to know, we here on this blog, aren’t the only ones upset about the Cts, but it’s finally getting everyone’s attention, and hopefully there will be some results.

  347. clark Says:

    I suspect anything NBC produces would downplay and ridicule the subject.
    I won’t hold my breath on that one but I would love to be surprised.

    – I don’t know what was special about today, something was though. I supect it has to do with the heat wave we’ve been having and the expected cold front along with rain and severe storms working its way here by midnight Thursday.

    From 7a.m. to 5:30 p.m. the skies were clear and blue while being Completely Free of Both clouds and Jet Aircraft of Any Kind All Day – not a single jet – then, after 5:30 p.m. CST the sky became full of chemtrails, at least half the “Armada” worked hard to line the sky, but they didn’t create a whiteout covering until just now.

    The chemtrails seemed a bit different, maybe it’s a Summer blend? Some of the chemtrails broke up in sections and widened into V-shapes, there was a broken up puffiness to them that I don”t recall seeing before and they didn’t stay ridged and remain straight like usual, they were jagged.

    People just-don’t “get it”… or want to. Consider a title like this one, “The New Military War Against Climate Change” you’d think it might have some substance with a title like that, but it’s oh-so shallow and misses the mark by a mile even though it has quotes like this:

    “…the Department of Defense have to release a February 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) declaring that climate change will play a “significant role in shaping the future security environment”- and cause a “…need to adjust to the impacts of climate change on our facilities and military capabilities”? The QDR warns that this climate change threat “… may act as an accelerant of instability or conflict, placing a burden to respond on civilian institutions and militaries around the world”.

    … through the QDR, the DoD is incorporating and considering the “threat” of climate change into its long-range strategic plans…”


  348. clark Says:

    Correction, the storms are supposed to arrive tomorrow and the cold front (resulting in a 20 F’ drop in the high temp. Thursday) is to arrive tomorrow night, not Thursday at midnight.
    I strive to be accurate even though it likely does not make a bit of difference.

  349. clark Says:

    A part of an interesting comment I found:

    I saw part of Panetta’s hearing at capital hill for his confirmation as defense secretary.

    Interesting that he said this: “the next Pearl Harbor that we face could well be a cyber attack’. does that sound familiar?

    The cyber attack talk has been increasing lately. Remember the PNAC crowd that wrote their report in 2000 and also talked about a “new pearl harbor”.

    Well, that report is very interesting when you get down to about page 50. That is where they make that infamous statement (top of page 51). But even more interesting was their report on Cyber Space and the internet.

    In their report in September of 2000 this is just one sample of what they say:

    ‘In short, the unequivocal supremacy in space enjoyed by the United States today will be increasingly at risk. As Colin Gray and John Sheldon have written, ‘Space control is not an avoidable issue. It is not an optional extra.’ For U.S. armed forces to continue to assert military preeminence, control of space – defined by Space Command as ‘the ability to assure access to space, freedom of operations within the space medium, and an ability to deny others the use of space’ – must be an essential element of our military strategy.

    If America cannot maintain that control, its ability to conduct global military operations will be severely complicated, far more costly, and potentially fatally compromised. But, over the longer term, maintaining control of space will inevitably require the application of force both in space and from space, including but not limited to antimissile defenses and defensive systems capable of protecting U.S. and allied satellites; space control cannot be sustained in any other fashion, with conventional land, sea, or air force, or by electronic warfare. This eventuality is already recognized by official U.S. national space policy, which states that the ‘Department of Defense shall maintain a capability to execute the mission areas of space support, force enhancement, space control and force application.’

    ‘No system of missile defenses can be fully effective without placing sensors and weapons in space. Although this would appear to be creating a potential new theater of warfare, in fact space has been militarized for the better part of four decades. Weather, communications, navigation and reconnaissance satellites are increasingly essential elements in American military power. Indeed, U.S. armed forces are uniquely dependent upon space”

    Isn’t that spooky? They admit to militarized weather!

    Here’s the link:

    CIA Head Panetta, ‘the Next Pearl Harbor’, and the Onward March for Militarized Cyberspace Dominance

    June 10, 2011


  350. clark Says:

    “A new strain of H1N1 influenza that emerged this spring has reached global pandemic levels.” – CDC website.

    Perhaps that is the “allergies” that are affecting so many People?
    Many People (including myself) in my area have been affected with an allergy type condition recently, but it certainly is Not allergies, it is much Much worse.

    “we are no longer in the cold war, more like the blizzard war.” – Leon Panetta, while testifying at a hearing on the defense budget.

  351. clark Says:

    Did you see the full moon tonight?

    I saw a photo of the moon at sunset, it looked like there was a thick sunlight band (the thickness of the moon) going horizontally across it.

    A few hours ago, under clear skies, it looked like there was a huge cross on the moon (the thickness of the moon) it extended on either side of the moon by about three times the thickness of the moon.

    A little while later and it looked like an X.

    Just now, the lines of the X have worked closer together, as if it is going back into a single horizontal line.

    I wonder what causes this?

    It’s probably a normal thing i just hadn’t noticed before, right?

  352. clark Says:

    Well, I guess I’ll have to stop commenting if I’m the only one.

    Retroactive Justification?:

    Bonkers: IPCC’s crazy geoengineering plans

    “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) papers, leaked ahead of a key meeting in Peru next week, outline the series of techniques in which scientists hope will manipulate the world’s climate to reduce carbon emissions.

    Among the ideas proposed by a group of 60 leading scientists from around the world, … blasting aerosol “mirrors” into the stratosphere and suppressing cirus clouds.”


  353. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I always like reading your posts Clark.

    I have been negligent with updates here. It is funny how things evolve.

    One thing I did want to mention, I have a good pair of polarized sunglasses. SInce I am in the habit of wearing sunglasses, I squint something terrible if I don’t have them on in bright sunlight.

    With my sunglasses on, I can *really* see the chemtrail “skid-marks” – especially on cloudy days, when they try and spray to mix it in with the real clouds. I don’t know if the polarizing filter helps the chemicals appear more distinct in the sky, or if it is simply that my eyes are sensitive to the light and I can’t see as clearly without the sunglasses.

    At any rate, I encourage others to give it a try with a good pair of sunglasses. Goodness knows you will have plenty of opportunities!



  354. foundingfather1776 Says:

    This is not about chemtrails per se, but it strikes me as extremely odd.
    Knowing as I do the Globalists penchant for occultic symbolism and the importance they place on numerology, I find it curious they have a massive nationwide Emergency Broadcast System test scheduled for November 9th of this year…. or 11/09/11.

    And why are they announcing it FIVE MONTHS before it happens?


  355. solsburyhill Says:

    I don’t know if it’s only me, but I have got the impression that the chemtrail activities in my area have decreased lately. We used to be heavily bombarded as if there was no tomorrow. Now, they even allow us to see what a clear blue sky used to look like.

    Mission accomplished, change of tactics or no more funding?

    FF: Your observation regarding 11/09/11 is indeed interesting, albeit disturbing. I wonder what they can actually achieve during the alleged 3,5 minutes radio silence…..

  356. clark Says:

    Decreased here too, solsburyhill.

    Found this and thought it was somewhat relevant and you all might find it interesting:

    “… The current gravity-based astronomy cannot explain why comets act as they do.

    …In October of 2007, [Comet Holmes 17P] suddenly and unexpectedly brightened by a factor of a million. In less then 24 hours, it grew from a small 17th magnitude comet to a magnitude of 2.5, so large it was easily visible to the naked eye on Earth. Holmes’ coma continued expanding until by mid-November of ’07 it had become the largest object in the solar system, vastly larger than the Sun. The coma’s diameter had grown from 28 thousand kilometers to 7 million km.

    At the time of Holmes’ extraordinary display, the comet was actually moving away from the Sun, and therefore cooling.

    … It always comes down to money. Another reason why government should NOT be involved in science. Large bequests tend to freeze science. Scientists on the government dole work to reinforce what will provide a continuance of the income stream rather than a cessation of it. In other words, they tell government bureaucrats what they expect to hear.

    … the next big breakthroughs in physics and astronomy will come from young people working in basements and garages without the “benefit” of government money. People think logically that more money supports better scientific results. In fact, government money for science is corrosive in the extreme. It virtually guarantees that scientists will merely elaborate on what has gone before.”


  357. Celline Says:

    No chemtrail letup here, not at all !

  358. solsburyhill Says:

    Thanks for your observations hereon, Clark and Celline!

    The decrease in chemtrail activities that I have noticed lately may perhaps be explained by change of tactics more than anything else. They spray at night now. In the morning, there are very few visible trails, if any at all. If you look carefully, however, you will instead notice a very thin, almost transparent, white layer (like fog) covering the entire sky. The sun will shine through though, so to the untrained eye, it will appear as a fully normal blue sky.

    The long trails reaching from horizon to horizon and the criss crosses that we have been used to see in our skies for quite some time seem to have been replaced by quite small/short trails. It is as if they turn on the spray button for less than a minute to release just a small portion of whatever they keep in the container and then shuts it off
    again. If you follow the plane in question on its path until the point where it is no longer visible, you will notice that it will repeat the pattern. The result is a sky covered with many short trails, slowly spreading out and falling to the ground.

    E.coli, anyone?

  359. solsburyhill Says:

    Chemtrail rally…

    There are indeed some committed and concerned citizens, who do their utmost to bring the message through.


  360. solsburyhill Says:

    Unfortunately, I must admit that the PTB now seem to have resumed their regular spraying activities in my area.. 😦

  361. clark Says:

    That’s odd, solsburyhill, after two days of blue sky and no jets, followed by some overcast conditions yesterday evening, I woke up this morning to skies that fit your earlier description perfectly.

  362. Celline Says:

    no letup, day and night spraying. All done over the Pacific, we do not see any planes.. only their dirty deeds moving overland
    Shapes have changed to look like clouds and are mixed in w. real clouds ( when there are any.) Weathermen lie thru their teeth

  363. Celline Says:

    Strangest thing I have observed so far is that the “planes” are changing shapes right in front of my eyes, and/or vanish all together. Makes me think something spooky is happening here.
    How about this whole thing being a Demon/Human co-operation? I know how crazy this sounds but.. have you got a better explanation? I hate to say ” Aliens” because I don’t believe in them, but the Bible talks about Demons plenty of times.. so that’s where i would be going w. my thoughts. Also, this would mean that subliminal pictures are imprinted onto our peneal glands.. o well.. thinking out loud here…

  364. solsburyhill Says:

    Funny, I had the same thought the other day when watching some of these “planes”. I initially thought I was hallucinating, but something does not add up here. It sometimes looked as if the plane was not real, but rather a CGI.

    Unless I have been completely drugged and docile by all the chemtrail and fluoride intake, I am pretty certain I saw what appeared to be a normal plane suddenly missing first one and then both wings.

    There could of course be a rational explanation for this, but I have observed planes like this before, and this is the first time that I see this kind of “abnormalities”.

    However, don’t take my word for it. Use a pair of good binoculars and see for yourselves (and be patient). In the worst case you will just have a good laugh, while I end up with a straight jacket on…. 🙂

    I’m no big fan of AJ, but I thought the following link could be of interest nonetheless…

  365. clark Says:

    Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 19

    An Integrated Alternative Conceptual Framework to Heat Engine Earth, Plate Tectonics, and Elastic Rebound


    A comment about the PDF:

    “…where it is proposed an alternative mechanism from traditional plate tectonics to explain earthquakes and volcanism through electrical phenomena, suddenly the “conspiracy nuts” suspicion that HAARP might have something to do with actual present day earthquakes, becomes less of a fantasy…”

  366. clark Says:

    CERN ‘gags’ physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment
    What do these results mean? Not allowed to tell you

    Posted in Science, 18th July 2011 12:01 GMT

    “The chief of the world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva has prohibited scientists from drawing conclusions from a major experiment. The CLOUD (“Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets”) experiment examines the role that energetic particles from deep space play in cloud formation. CLOUD uses CERN’s proton synchrotron to examine nucleation.

    CERN Director General Rolf-Dieter Heuer told Welt Online that the scientists should refrain from drawing conclusions from the latest experiment.

    …The CLOUD experiment builds on earlier experiments by Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark, who demonstrated that cosmic rays provide a seed for clouds…”


    “…the role that energetic particles… play in cloud formation…” “…cosmic rays provide a seed for clouds…” Hmm, how about that?

  367. hakkor Says:


  368. hakkor Says:

    My last post folks. It’s taken a half hour to get this to work on my ie 6. Just to comment on your last link Clark. This may explain why we here in B.C. are getting way above rainfall based on radioactive particles in the atmosphere up here.

  369. clark Says:

    I came across the following comment about chemtrails, anyone care to write/paste a good reply? I don’t think mine was sufficient:

    “Nobody’s ever described the differences between contrails (condensation trails) and chemtrails to me. What are they? I admit to never having paid any attention to the whole chemtrail thing since they always look just like contrails in the photos. Can you explain?”

    Here’s one reply to the above comment:

    “There are plenty of descriptions, no smoking gun, lots of contradictions.

    The fact that greenies have speculated on the costs and feasibility of trying to block sunlight by putting up aerosols seems to be all the evidence needed. Notwithstanding the fact that the cost, the altitude and the new aircraft designs it would take to get there, the quantity, and the chemicals all seem to be leaving zero evidence. Such a scheme would spray sulfuric acid in order to form sulfur dioxide, at altitudes between 50 and 100K feet and at the equator (not where the observations seem thickest). This because sulfur dioxide is most effective for the purpose, being the component of volcano eruptions that reflects sunlight enough to affect temperature. I’ll leave it to you to describe to someone just what it takes to haul a load of liquid to that kind of altitude.

    The claim is that they are poisoning us with ‘aluminum’ in the form of powder (a bunch of giant flying M-80’s?). Or maybe AL2O3 (but that’s in the dirt, and non-poisonous).

    For some reason, believers never check the conditions aloft to see whether maybe the ‘spraying’ corresponds with humidity and temperature, since they claim some days there are criss-cross patterns and other days, nothing. Explanations from pilots like myself about winds aloft and navigation fixes leave them unimpressed. The suggestion that condensation trails turning to ice crystals can form condensation nuclei for spreading out and causing a thin layer of clouds leaves them unimpressed, too.

    I asked for the evidence, looked at it, and came up with no smoking gun.

    But that’s just me, I have adopted a little higher standard for what I can consider evidence. That doesn’t mean I can’t be fooled, obviously. And it doesn’t hand me the evidence, either. And it doesn’t tell me how to discern truth from falsity. All I can do is to go by the evidence available to me, try not to misunderstand it with preconceived notions, and be prepared to accept the consequences for it if I am wrong. But I look around, I see most people believing in things that have zero evidence to back them up. Look how long it is taking to puncture the paper money system!”…

    Also, hakkor, that was an interesting link you posted above. Wow.

  370. clark Says:

    I collected these links for another website, it contains a majority of the best links from this blog (and a few new ones) to KNOWN FACTS which support the idea “they” are indeed spraying something upon the population of the world. I’ve included some commentary and conclusions and attempted to condense things.

    A summary is often helpful:

    A Person asked a question about chemtrails, “If there are armadas of planes like that flying in formation, surely someone would notice?”

    Some do.
    Why would you imply none notice?
    There are videos from pilots online, as well as from others. Also, we have seen what “happens” to whistle-blowers in other areas, People notice this too and keep quiet as a result.

    The Person asked, “Wouldn’t all these flights be on ATC?”

    Maybe ATC doesn’t “know” I’ve read of People saying as much, some are pilots or People who work with them.

    RE: ATC, only one side has to be aware of the other to avoid problems. ATC is not required.

    The Person asked, “You’d see them taking off and landing en masse, right?”

    Wrong, parallel – yet staggered – not a straight line fleet. Sort of like on-ramps on the outskirts of a city leading to a busy Interstate roadway.
    At any rate, some People do claim to notice them taking off and landing, just not en masse.

    The Person said, “I know you think I’m being intentionally blind, but I just don’t see it.”

    I don’t know if you’re intentionally blind, I think perhaps you’re not connecting any dots while waiting for proof extraordinaire,… exactly how People reacted to tales about Agent Orange and so many other things discussed on these pages? The majority of People prefer not to notice a great many things going on these days.

    The Person asked, “Why not go up in an airplane and get a sample? If there is anything going on I assume there might only be testing of some type involved”

    There have been ground level air samples taken, but what good does that do? There have been soil and water samples too.

    Here’s two, one of snow another of water:
    “This reporter has obtained copies of lab tests conducted on snow samples collected by the city of Edmonton, Alberta between Nov. 8 – 12, 2002. The tests show unaccountably elevated levels of aluminum and barium. Norwest Labs lab report #336566 … Acting like the electrolyte in a car battery, barium chemtrails developed at Ohio’s Wright Patterson Air Force Base are routinely sprayed into the atmosphere to “duct” or bend military radio and radar waves over-the-horizon, instead of continuing straight beyond the Earth’s curvature into space. ”

    Newscast video of lab sample of water:

    There are air samples, I just can’t find them at the moment.

    There are open discussions about weather modifications in Chile, and elsewhere in the past, yet for some reason you think they *might only * be “testing” in the U.S.?

    Define, “test”.

    Does the definition of “test” include a ten year time span covering thousands of square miles in multiple countries? If so, then perhaps they Are only testing.

    “The project, called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE)… CARE will release its (aluminum oxide) (2), dust particles a bit higher than that, then let them settle back down to a lower altitude.”What the CARE experiment hopes to do is to create an artificial dust layer,” Professor Scales told SPACE.com. “Hopefully it’s a creation in a controlled sense,…”

    Here is the NASA link about the test:
    Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket

    Patent application title: Methods of removing aerosols from the atmosphere

    Throw in the desire of military Generals to be able to vaccinate troops in the field with aerial dispersal and you have a whole mix of uses for chemtrails.

    Official documents support the idea of weather modification and using weather as a weapon as they have in the past and yet many People act as if it’s not at all possible and something as large as The Manhattan Project could not be kept out of public discussions today.

    The blue cloudless skies this Monday morning are free of aircraft once again. If the numerous aircraft which recently filled the sky all day in the past were commercial flights this significant interruption shouldn’t be taking place. Others have made similar observations from Texas to Canada.

    To top it off, suddenly there’s a “new” type of cloud:

    The subject of chemtrails does make it into the mainstream media, however; it is brief and rare, unless it downplays the subject.

    Millions were in germ war tests

    Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials
    Antony Barnett, public affairs editor
    The Observer, Sunday 21 April 2002 10.23 BST

    “The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.

    A government report just released provides for the first time a comprehensive official history of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979.

    Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.

    While details of some secret trials have emerged in recent years, the 60-page report reveals new information about more than 100 covert experiments.

    The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any ‘inquisitive inquirer’ the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution…

    One chapter of the report, ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, reveals how between 1955 and 1963 planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population. The chemical drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator was towed along a road near Frome in Somerset where it spewed the chemical for an hour.

    While the Government has insisted the chemical is safe, cadmium is recognised as a cause of lung cancer and during the Second World War was considered by the Allies as a chemical weapon…

    The report also reveals details of the DICE trials in south Dorset between 1971 and 1975. These involved US and UK military scientists spraying into the air massive quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria, with an anthrax simulant and phenol…

    Successive governments have tried to keep details of the germ warfare tests secret…

    Sue Ellison, spokeswoman for Porton Down… Asked whether such tests are still being carried out, she said: ‘It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.’


    The study, titled “Toxicologic Assessment of the Army’s Zinc Cadmium Sulfide Dispersion Tests (1997)”, details the use of the compound by the US Army. It suggests insufficient safety testing was performed, noting that the Army didn’t test acute inhalation exposures. This seems like a fairly large oversight given the compound was dispersed in air for the express purpose of modeling airborne delivery of bio-weapons.


    Chemtrails showing up on German ZDF weather radar:

    U.S. meteorologist describing “military chaff” appearing on radar over the Northwest:

    Florida Meteorologist explaining away chemtrails as “life saving” military chaff:

    German news report of a meteorologist discussing radar data of anomalous cloud formation and weather manipulation:

    The History Channel did a show on chemtrails which was said to be basically an “in-your-face” acknowledgment that chemtrails, weather modification and weather wars are REAL, but it downplayed the issue.

    Another, “new” type of cloud:

    Clouds light up the sky– wait, clouds?

    “…”noctilucent” clouds.

    They are clouds at the very edge of space, hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. The air is very cold and very dry at that level of the atmosphere, but in the summer time, the rising air from the hotter surface can gradually push a little water moisture to those space-high altitudes (that’s why they’re seen only in the summer). Scientists are still not quite sure of all the details that cause the clouds to form,…”


    More photos of “noctilucent” clouds:

    And here’s what NASA has to say about them:

    February 19, 2003: They hover on the edge of space. Thin, wispy clouds, glowing electric blue. Some scientists think they’re seeded by space dust…

    “Noctilucent clouds are a relatively new phenomenon,” says Gary Thomas, a professor at the University of Colorado who studies NLCs. “They were first seen in 1885″ about two years after the powerful eruption of Krakatoa hurled plumes of volcanic ash as much as 80 km high in Earth’s atmosphere…”

    [“Seeded by space dust” eh, don’t suppose there could be “other” sources of that dust? Sure, it *could be* from space, or in combination with…?]

    “Eventually the ash settled and the vivid sunsets of Krakatoa faded. Yet the noctilucent clouds remained. “It’s puzzling,” says Thomas. “Noctilucent clouds have not only persisted, but also spread.” A century ago the clouds were confined to latitudes above 50o; you had to go to places like Scandinavia, Russia and Britain to see them. In recent years they have been sighted as far south as Utah and Colorado…

    Astronaut Don Pettit is a long-time noctilucent cloud-watcher. As a staff scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory between 1984 and 1996, he studied noctilucent clouds seeded by high-flying sounding rockets…

    …”Krakatoa may have seeded the mesosphere with dust in 1883, but that doesn’t explain the clouds we see now,” notes Thomas. “Perhaps the source is space itself,” he speculates…”


    Here’s an interesting set of photos of chemtrails lit up like a string of Christmas lights, are they fake or are they real?:

    Military Said Behind Up To Four
    Different Chemtrail Programs:

    “Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation or VTRPE… This is a computer radio frequency propagation program that deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to visually see the terrain of a battlefield in three dimensions on a television-type screen.

    The RFMP system also depends on a satellites to supplement the images of a battlefield picture obtained from the ground, thus producing the 3-dimensional images…

    the system’s radar waves required an atmospheric condition known as “ducting,” over land, to operate accurately.

    This “ducting” problem was solved by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the atmosphere…”


    User’s Guide for the VTRPE (Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation) Computer Model:


    Here are a few other facts which support the theme:

    1975 U.S. Patent for Powder Contrail Generation:


    It’s not like they don’t have a history of doing similar things. In this document they describe using, “40mm aluminum photoflash-type cartridge case with primer and a candle assembly. The candle assembly includes a plastic container 3 inches long with the seeding material and necessary delayed firing mechanism to ignite the free falling container. The silver iodide or lead iodide is produced as the chemical mixture burns…

    The units are dropped inside the cloud in the active updrafts at intervals of approximately one-half mile…

    The WC-130 carried pods containing 104 units each on both sides of the aircraft fuselage just forward of the paratroop jump door…

    During October 1966, a scientifically controlled test of the concept and seeding techniques was conducted in the Laos Panhandle… On November 9, 1966, the Commander in Chief, Pacific [CINCPAC] reported the test completed and concluded that cloud seeding to induce additional rain… could be used as a valuable tactical weapon…

    [In a question and answer session:]

    Senator Pell: Since the secrecy of this program is held so tightly, do you think there could be other weather modification programs going on now in the Government of which you are not aware?…

    Mr. Doolin: It is possible…”

    [Read the rest, it is pretty detailed, they discuss clearing fog in Panama, providing drought relief in the Azores, and assisting the Philippines.
    “The apparatus is commercially available.” What else did they create?]

    Do you suppose they did some more tests and advanced the procedure a bit since then?

    Or did they just abandon the whole idea? I find that highly implausible.

    As if it’s no big deal and certainly not a secret:

    Artificial Rain Considered To Water Chile’s Dry North
    Written by Phil Locker – The Santiago Times
    Monday, 23 May 2011 21:12

    Cloud seeding technique would cost an estimated US$1.27 million annually

    The Northern Society of Agriculture (SAN) has requested that cloud seeding companies help increase rainfall in the Coquimbo Region, north of Santiago, which has experienced a severe water deficit over the past six years.

    According to experts, the drought could continue into the winter of 2012. For this reason, SAN approached companies specializing in the stimulation of rain to develop a program, which is now being analyzed for funding by the regional government.

    Farmers in the region are prepared to partially fund the project, due to the effect the water shortage has had on their crops.

    The process of creating artificial rainfall consists of releasing substances into the air that promote cloud condensation, altering the physical and chemical processes within the cloud. By tampering with the hydrologic cycle, experts can create rain.

    ‘This is a longstanding technique, except that now we have technological developments at our disposal that ensure that the system works,’ said Francisco Meza III, regional director of the National Agriculture Investigations Institute.

    The rain generating project, focusing in Coquimbo’s Elqui, Limarí and Choapa towns, would have an annual cost of around US$1.27 million.

    The acting regional governor for agriculture in Coquimbo, Juan Francisco Garcia, is not ruling out the initiative: ‘We are aware that it is an alternative that could help the problem . . . but we cannot say whether it’ll be government funded.’

    José Moreno, the head of SAN, said, ‘We cannot see another rainless cycle, the reservoirs are empty and we have to do something to combat this.”

    The story has since been removed from the website.

    An interesting Geoengineering Cost Analysis report prepared by Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation of Cambridge Massachusetts for The University of Calgary:


    A statement from the aurora.aero website:

    ‘ …Aurora Flight Sciences unveiled the Orion unmanned aerial system, a flight vehicle demonstrator that will stay aloft for up to five days. Orion was selected by the US Air Force Research Laboratory in late August to meet the objectives of the Medium Altitude Global ISR and Communications (MAGIC) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD).”

    At 1:24, small section of video showing jets flying over Vietnam spraying poison during the war. Reminds me of chemtrails, a lot of the video does.

    One difference between a contrail and a chemtrail is, a chemtrail (sometimes) appears, contrary to The Appleman Chart. That is, there are persistent contrails in the sky when, according to The Appleman Chart, there should be none,… by a wide margin.

    The Appleman Chart:


    Means, motive, and opportunity seems established. The other bits, while not a smoking gun, do support the conclusion.
    The accusation is not without merit.

  371. foundingfather1776 Says:

    EXCELLENT Summary Clark! I know that took a lot of work to put together. I hope other people will use it as a resource.

    Of all the “conspiracies” that are hidden in plain sight, the issue of chemtrails is the most incredible to me. All you have to do to prove they exist is to look up in the sky on most days and think about it logically for 2 minutes!! The fact that people like myself and Clark and all the rest of you “awake & aware” people have to pile up evidence before 80% of the population will even consider that chemtrails *might* be real is more than a little frightening.

  372. clark Says:

    Part and parcel to the whole dang thing, I wonder if American fundamentalism has been vaccinated out of the population?:

    “…the army and CIA developed a plan to vaccinate Moslems to eliminate what they call “the god gene.” To precipitate the vaccination program the army would release a disease such as flu. Then it would offer the vaccine to protect the population. The vaccine would render the potential freedom fighter harmless to Jewish and American aggressors, now essentially the same things.”

    “The army calls it “Fun-vax,” which is designed to vaccinate against Islamic fundamentalism by altering the victim’s DNA.”


  373. Celline Says:

    Clark, I wish I could fully comprehend all you say, but I can’t.
    May I use my words again to describe my observations?!
    The skies everywhere, all continents, at all times, are covered with ” lacy-curly-seethrough often lengthwise” things, that to the unsuspecting eye, might look like clouds. Of course, not to me.
    Seems to me I never see normal clouds anymore. Especially here, there are no clouds this time of year. Yet not a day or night go by, when the sky is not covered w. this above described stuff. OK, nothing I have not told you before. But, now I am asking this: I see no planes, or other flying objects ever, Never, so how is it even possible to cover the whole earth with these things, w.out any visible means for them to be put out there, where does it all come from? It is now so normal, that literally no one even looks up anymore.
    The next generation would not even know the difference ( this by the way is a typical Nazi/Communist tactic, to have the next generation so brainwashed, they will never know what’s normal and what’s not). My question again: HOW do they do it? How.. w.out me seeing ever a plane? How many planes would there have to be, to cover the whole earth with this stuff? And.. could it be, that “they” just are getting rid of waste materials this way?
    My brothers in Germany, both scientists ( not in this field though) nevertheless smart and unbiased.. are telling me, that it is impossible to cover the whole planet with fake clouds.. just impossible, and we argue til we give up. In other words. they explain it away w. normal “contrails”… it bothers me, because both of them are really smart and educated, one of them flies ” sail-planes” for a hobby,
    Clark,Founding, HOW is it done? How can it be done w.out the skies being covered w. planes.. rockets.. ufos whatevers?
    I see nothing, but the results, Skies covered w. fake clouds.. all the time, 24/7.
    Can u plz explain what u are thinking, in plain english, because “plain English” is all I am able to understand !
    Wow, there, I said it.

  374. Celline Says:

    And: WTF pays for it, it this where this huge debt originates… where does the money for all this come from? The taxpayer of course.WHY and how can the truth stay hidden like this? Are we the only 20 or so people on earth who are noticing and questioning?
    The “striping” seems to be gone, it’s all fake clouds now, so whoever was questioning the striping, is all satisfied now.. because they are gone.. is this part of the plan? To make it more natural looking? To me it looks so obviously fake, I could scream at people and ask:” are you retardet, don’t you see ?”

  375. clark Says:

    Without saying so, it appears Chile implemented the chemtrail program:

    Chile: Snow, rain hit world’s driest desert
    By EVA VERGARA – Associated Press

    SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — This has been the wettest winter in decades for Chile’s arid northern desert…

    July came and went with major storms that together dumped more than five times the annual average of rain and snow on parts of the world’s driest desert…

    A similarly wet stretch in early July dumped four years’ worth of rain in one day on coastal Antofogasta. That was just a quarter of an inch…

    That storm also brought as much as three feet (a meter) of snow to mountains that normally receive zero precipitation during the southern winter. Soldiers helped rescue 400 people including busloads of foreign visitors who were trapped in snow drifts and 50 mph (80 kph) winds, said Ernesto Figueroa, chief of Chile’s emergency agency in the northern Tarapaca region.

    … Horacio Larrain, an archaeologist who lives in Iquique, where a dust storm surprised residents. “The sky was red with dust at sunset, which was something no one had ever seen before.”

    Average annual rainfall in the northern city of Arica is so low that it would take 50 years to accumulate an inch. This July, the city was swamped twice by what would be considered mild showers almost anywhere else on the planet. So far this year, Arica has had 0.13 inch (3.4 millimeters) of rain, more than six times its yearly average during 30 years of record keeping…

    This year’s rains and snow are caused by high-pressure systems farther south that have disrupted prevailing wind currents, Quintana [a meteorologist with Chile’s weather service] said…

    … July’s abnormal rainfall is expected to cause flowers to bloom starting in late August. Usually, the high season is September through November,…


  376. clark Says:

    Other People across the U.S. have mentioned now that there’s a slow down in the chemtrails the great big tall clouds are more numerous. I’ve noticed the same. Whereas before there were almost none.

    In this video, in the circle, the type of wispy cloud shown,… after the big thunderstorm clouds have gone though and dropped some rain, once the clearing begins I see wispy clouds like that in the upper atmosphere above the thunderstom clouds, it’s as if those wispy clouds in the upper atmosphere are used to “push down” the thunderstorm clouds to cause it to rain.

    Just an observation.

  377. Celline Says:

    Not around here, skies are full of Oatmeal and stripes and other weird configuerations, just as always. Going east it gets a bit lighter, more blue skies. The nearer u live to the ocean.. the worse it is

  378. Celline Says:


  379. clark Says:

    Celline asked, “how is it even possible to cover the whole earth with these things, w.out any visible means for them to be put out there, where does it all come from?”

    I don’t think they are covering “the whole earth” just select parts of it that influence the rest. Let’s say, large portions of the earth?

    They could be applying substances many miles from you and it drifts towards you and that is why you don’t see any aircraft or other sources.

    At daybreak today, I saw a few chemtrails, they were gone by mid-morning. Since the first of July I haven’t seen any chemtrails other than once briefly at the first of the month.

    I have been keeping an eye on my sky and I haven’t seen more than a dozen aircraft in the sky above me on any one day, whereas before I was seeing dozens per hour daily. … Plenty of blue skies and sunshine though, as if I were in Southern California.

  380. clark Says:

    “Ion-induced nucleation [cosmic ray action] will manifest itself as a steady production of new particles…”

    “Role of sulphuric acid, ammonia and galactic cosmic rays in atmospheric aerosol nucleation”


    Substitute H.A.R.R.P. for cosmic rays and that might explain why Celine sees strange clouds but no aircraft.

  381. clark Says:

    Suppose these People were not going to remain quiet about chemtrails and H.A.R.R.P.? It kind of seems as if that could be the case:

    Truly a Bizarre Passenger list for Flight 77 that Crashed into the Pentagon (Article)

    …” For a random collection of passengers, this is a very impressive manifest…

    a senior scientist with the US Navy, retired Army. [12] A third-generation physicist whose work at the Navy was so classified that his family knew very little about what he did each day. They don’t even know exactly why he was headed to Los Angeles on the doomed American Airlines Flight 77.

    a Boeing engineer in Integrated Defense Systems; he served in the US Air Force for four years, and for the National Security Agency for 14 years. [36]

    a director of program management at Raytheon, US Army (ret.) [28] who helped develop and build anti-radar technology for electronic warfare. Raytheon‘s website notes that they are leaders in every phase of the Precision Strike kill chain; are the world’s leading organization at Missile Defense; provides state-of-the-art technology to detect, protect and respond to terrorism and provide Homeland Defense; and that their technology forms the eyes, ears and brains of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems, from the Predator to the Global Hawk.

    a retired naval aviator who worked for Veridian Corp., a defense contractor, who was working with military aircraft and weapons systems [56] A Navy test pilot who worked on the development of the F18. “He had done a number of black programs — which means top-secret,” said his son. “We were given no details.”

    an electrical engineer with defense contractor BAE Systems. [41] largest technical support supplier to the US Navy. BAE Systems is an industry leader in flight control systems, which are present on nearly every US military aircraft. BAE electronic warfare systems such as their jamming system are vital to the US Navy operations.

    2 Boeing propulsion engineers: a lead Propulsion Engineer and a Project Manager with Boeing Satellite Systems, [32] and a lead engineer for Boeing Satellite Systems. [40]

    a software architect with Lockheed Martin Corp., US Army (ret.). [42] A manager in the systems and software architecture department.

    a Vice President for software development, EMSolutions and retired Lieutenant Commander, Navy. [18] He spent 20 years in the US Navy, where he developed high capacity signal processors, multi-processor application software and innovative signal processing algorithms. EMSolutions maintains a facility security clearance, and has contracts with Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and BAE Systems.

    a technical group manager at Xon Tech, a defense-related research and development firm [46] He previously worked as an engineer at the Naval Research Lab. Also a technical manager of Xon Tech [53].

    a retired Navy Rear Admiral, former Navy pilot, and retired American Airlines pilot. [24]

    a senior executive at the Defense Department. [29] A budget analyst/director of the programming and fiscal economics division who worked at the Pentagon.

    a former Navy electronics technician worked as a Department of Defense contractor with Vrendenburg Co. in Washington [57]

    managing partner and co-founder of Stratin Consulting. and retired Marine Corps Lieutenant and Vietnam War veteran [26]

    a lawyer who had worked with the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. [49]

    and of course, there was Barbara Olson, attorney, CNN Commentator and wife of the United States Solicitor General. [39]

    …The odds against this being a random group of 53 American Airlines passengers are simply astronomical! There are more top secret security clearances here than in most medium-sized cities in America.

    Especially astounding in this bizarre passenger list is the preponderance of Navy personnel amongst the 4 armed services, and the tilt toward propulsion and guidance systems amongst all of the possible secret technologies. It’s almost as if someone put this list together thinking that Navy personnel were expendable – or needed to be expended.”…


  382. clark Says:

    They only work with smaller aircraft, but the applications seem to be easily adaptable to larger aircraft:

    Weather Modification Incorporated


    Available Cloud Seeding Equipment

    Weather Modification, Inc. manufactures a variety of cloud seeding equipment. We complete FAA-approved installations of seeding equipment, emphasizing functionality, safety, reliability, and ease of use. Aerial cloud seeding equipment includes: Burn-in-Place Flare Racks, Ejectable Flare Racks. [See images]


    Also, I was reading some descriptions of life in a small American town in the 1950’s or so and came across a comment, I knew they sprayed for mosquitoes with trucks but I didn’t know they used airplanes too:

    “you remember planes flying over in the summer to spray for mosquitoes.”

    “Yes they were really low too!”

    “mom used to come out and make us all run in the house when they were spraying”

    “I remember when trucks went up and down the streets blowing that white fog – it’s a wonder we all didn’t get sick!!!”

  383. clark Says:

    A lot of People put a lot of effort into convincing others there’s nothing unusual about the numerous large aircraft which have been flying over many communities.

    This latest observation seems a bit difficult to explain away:

    I spent much of Labor Day relaxing on the back porch under mostly clear skies, my eyes focused on the sky. I saw One large aircraft the Entire day, and it was landing at my local airport.

    Having spent some time in the past hunting ducks and geese I’m used to spotting small objects in the sky, so it’s not like I simply didn’t see any aircraft that might have been flying overhead, there just weren’t any!

    The day after Labor Day I spent most of the day outside from sunup until sundown and I didn’t see a Single large aircraft in the clear blue skies above me. Not one!

    If the large aircraft I have regularly observed in the past (often 12 every ten minutes, all day long) were commercial aircraft, certainly there should be at least one or two the day after Labor Day?
    Don’t you find that unusual?

    That there are Zero aircraft the day after Labor Day, indeed – there have been fewer than three aircraft per day since the first of July – plainly indicates the numerous aircraft which had been routinely flying above in the past were Not commercial aircraft following regular flight paths.

    Tuesday was the same as Monday,… on the following Sunday the sky was filled with large aircraft for a number of hours, their “persistent contrails” filling the sky, then all at once for the rest of the day there were no more aircraft.
    Don’t you find that unusual?

  384. clark Says:

    Compare Labor Day and the day after Labor Day to this last Monday and Tuesday.

    Monday the skies were filled with large aircraft leaving long “persistent contrails” everywhere (6 every ten minutes until 5 PM) then the skies were basically empty the rest of the evening.
    That’s what you might expect the day after Labor Day to have been like.

    Tuesday was clear and blue with maybe six large aircraft all day. Not a single contrail.

    Today, once again, six or more large aircraft filling the skies with long strands of “persistent contrails” every ten minutes, all day long.

    That Sure is some funny commercial jet aircraft flight patterns. Not.

    I guess the two month break is over.

    Then there’s this video, it talks about 9/11 and how the aircraft have large cylinders underneath them that are just like what the military has on remote controlled large jets used for things such as in-flight refueling and on drones used in tests, the cylinders are used to destroy them remotely.

    The video shows a jet hitting one of the towers and a flash is evident where the cylinders are.

    The video also mentions the white jet aircraft seen in the skies near the towers and attempts to link the jet to command centers used for controlling drone aircraft.

    More evidence yet that chemtrail jets are remote controlled?

  385. clark Says:

    This five minute video captures the frustrations of the 9/11 Truthers quite well, imho.
    It’s easy to imagine a similar take on chemtrails:

  386. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here on the East Coast it is a beautiful day…..except of course for the “classic” straight-line chemtrails being laid down above us….slowly spreading across the sky and blotting out the blue.

    It is completely normal for “clouds” to go from a pencil thin line high in the sky to a wide haze that blots out the sun. Yep. Completely normal. …..sigh…..

    We got hit hard too with Hurricane Irene. First time I ever had flooding in my basement. The volume of water was unreal. Was it natural? Or was it enhanced? I don’t know. It is extremely frustrating to know these lunatics are trying to play God with the earths atmosphere and there is not a damn thing we can do about it and probably less than 10% of the population even has a clue about chemtrails.

    Frustrating indeed.

  387. clark Says:

    Amazingly, after a bit of clouds cleared off this morning, we were treated to yet another Monday with clear blue skies and Not A Single Aircraft Anywhere All Afternoon!


    I can only hope that my observations here opened the eyes of some People so they understand – these massive overhead flights are Not normal commercial air traffic – otherwise, there would be air traffic today.

    Ignorance IS Strength.

  388. clark Says:

    Just to follow up, yesterday from sunup until 6 PM the skies were full of jets. At one point there were five or more every five minutes, most leaving very long “persistent contrails” across the sky. It seemed as though there were hundreds of aircraft over the course of the day.

    After 6 PM the skies were pretty free of aircraft.

    On into today, with mostly clear skies, I saw three jet aircraft in the morning and one in the afternoon. It was quite a contrast with the previous day.

    I saw this on a discussion about economics and thought it applied here as well:

    There are basically four types of people –

    1) People who are awake, know what is truly going on, spend time talking to knowledgeable people, read, and expend efforts on their own research.

    This constitutes about 10% of population (highside figure) by my estimates.

    2) The next group are the ones who just don’t care. Their concern is what is on TV, what is for dinner, and worrying about making ends meet.

    This group seems to constitute about 70% of the people.

    3) Then there is the group that is in firm denial. It doesn’t matter what you say, what you show them, what is physically going on around them. These are the people who would still say the Titanic could, “never sink!” as they are drowning.

    This group is about 15% of the population.

    4) An lastly, you have a group that that has a vested interest in denouncing the coming catastrophe.

    These range all the way from car salesman that want you to Buy!, Buy!, Buy!, to Bankers that want you to Borrow!, Borrow!, Borrow!, to gov’t and corporate stooges that troll sites like this saying people who are paying attention to what is really going on are just plain crazy and should be ignored. (This includes your typical pysch-ops people – People paid by the gov’t just to go on the internet and spread dis-information, discredit people trying to warn others, and trying to shape opinion as gov’t wants people to have)

    This constitutes about 5% of the population.

    So you see, the simple fact is, the simple majority of people just really want to bury their head in the sand because they believe in some way, shape or form, that if they ignore the problem,.. it goes away on it own.

  389. clark Says:

    Kind of, sorta seems like they’re trying to cover something up with this info:

    Mystery Illness Plagues Asian Factories
    By Benjamin Radford

    Researchers from the United Nations recently met in Cambodia to solve the mystery of why large numbers of female workers in that nation have succumbed to an unknown (and temporary) illness. But rather than a physical illness as the source, the scientists may want to look at the mind as the root cause. …

    Workers in shoe and clothing factories have reported feeling fatigued, dizzy and nauseated. Most claimed that they felt faint, though none actually fainted. After some rest and medical attention, the women quickly recovered and went back to work; few if any reported lingering symptoms. So far no one has found any toxin or environmental contamination that could cause the symptoms.

    Over a thousand workers have experienced similar episodes since June. The most likely explanation is mass hysteria, also called mass sociogenic illness. …

    Often the physical complaints are accompanied by reports of a strange smell, sound or lights…

    Denial is typical in these cases; victims usually reject the diagnosis and remain convinced that some unknown agent is causing their discomfort…

    [They said, “Nor is a diagnosis of mass hysteria merely a default explanation when investigators can’t find a cause.” … and yet they say this:]

    Unless investigators find another cause for the mystery illness, it will likely be traced to mass hysteria.


    It just seems a bit suspicious.

  390. clark Says:

    Veterans Today has an unusual piece about HARRP (without naming it) I didn’t know about, Project Woodpecker:

    Unnatural Disasters – Something in the Air

    “The USSR’s program Woodpecker has so warmed up Siberia, making its vast mineral deposits accessible, but the process has left Russia with the western part increasingly contaminated with methane, and the eastern part drying up like a desert.”


  391. Celline Says:

    Founding, you summed it up perfectly when u said:” they are trying to play God..!” When u think about it, Satan fell from Heaven w. 1/3 of the angels, because he wanted to be “like the Most High”.
    The reason I bring this up is that I believe the creeps who are chemtrailing us among other things, are utterly evil. And what it seems to come down to, is the original sin, committed by Satan.
    The chems and so many other happenings are clearly satanic ( playing God..)
    E.Griffith and Mike Murphy, who made that movie ” what in the world are they spraying us with..” we talked about this, and it was Mike in fact, who pointed this ” wanting to be like God ” out to me.
    I hadn’t thought about this be4, but that’s exactly what it is.
    We never have the striping anymore, only those eery lacy imitation clouds, nonstop. In our deserts though.. there’s nothing but clear blue skies. Very obviously around here.. it’s the beachareas that are being sprayed, while the deserts enjoy the wonderful clear blue.
    Just wanted to talk to y’all again real quick, I notice there’s very little participation, I assume it is general frustration.. because no matter what we do or say, nothing is impacting this unspeakable crime.
    Founding, thank you for keeping this Blog open though, let’s not give up, ok?

  392. Celline Says:


  393. Celline Says:


  394. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Thanks for the comments. Good to hear from you.

    I know I have not been as prolific with new marterial lately, but I never intend to stop blogging. Sometimes it seems pointless, but maybe here and there a few people will wake up and start to recognize what is going on.

    I am closing this section of “What in the Hell are they spraying on us” and opening a new section that will lead off with a FANTASTIC and well documented article on chemtrails by Rady Ananda.

    See you all there!



  395. While everyone is spilling their guts…is this more corruption from SARS? | Scanned Retina Blog Says:

    […] https://foundingfather1776.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/what-the-hell-are-they-spraying-on-us-part-7/ […]

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