PA drafts 2009 Mandatory Vaccination Law

FoundingFather1776  notes: States are getting ready for the mandatory vaccination stage of the eugenics program, and Pennsylvania is right on schedule with Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act.”

To read the entire bill go here:

Pennsylvania House Bill 492

Source: Swine Flu Shot Safety Program

State governments continue promoting emergency powers legislation, even while insisting these unconstitutional powers will never be used. Here are a few excerpts from Pennsylvania House Bill 492, the “Emergency Health Powers Act” [PDF]:

Section 2523-D. Effect of declaration.
(b) Emergency powers of Governor.–During a state of public
health emergency, the Governor may:
(4) Mobilize all or any part of the Pennsylvania
National Guard into service of the Commonwealth. An order
directing the Pennsylvania National Guard to report for
active duty shall state the purpose for which it is mobilized
and the objectives to be accomplished.

Section 2532-D. Access to and control of facilities and

The public health authority may exercise, for such period as
the state of public health emergency exists, the following
powers concerning facilities, materials, roads or public areas:
(3) To control, restrict and regulate by rationing and
using quotas, prohibitions on shipments, price fixing,
allocation or other means, the use, sale, dispensing,
distribution or transportation of food, fuel, clothing and
other commodities, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives
and combustibles, as may be reasonable and necessary for
emergency response.
(5) To control ingress and egress to and from any
stricken or threatened public area, the movement of persons
within the area and the occupancy of premises therein, if
such action is reasonable and necessary for emergency

Section 2542-D. Mandatory medical examinations.
(a) Powers of public health authority.–The public health
authority may exercise, for such period as the state of public
health emergency exists, the following emergency powers over
(1) To compel a person to submit to a physical
examination or testing, or both, as necessary to diagnose or
treat the person subject to the following:
(i) The medical examination or testing may be
performed by any qualified person authorized by the
public health authority.
(ii) The medical examination or testing may not be
reasonably likely to result in serious harm to the
affected individual.
(iii) The medical examination or testing shall be
performed immediately upon the order of the public health
authority without resort to judicial or quasi-judicial
(iv) If the public health authority is uncertain
whether a person who refuses to undergo medical
examination or testing may have been exposed to an
infectious disease or otherwise poses a danger to public
health, the public health authority may subject the
individual to isolation or quarantine as provided in this
(2) To require any physician or other health care
provider to perform the medical examination or testing, or
(b) Enforcement.–An order of the public health authority
given to effectuate the purposes of this section shall be
immediately enforceable by any law enforcement officer.
(c) Penalty.–A person who refuses to submit or perform a
medical examination or test under this section commits a
misdemeanor of the third degree.

Section 2544-D. Vaccination and treatment.
(a) Powers of public health authority.–The public health
authority may, for such period as the state of public health
emergency exists, compel a person to be vaccinated or treated,
or both, for an infectious disease subject to the following
(1) Vaccination may be performed by any qualified person
authorized by the public health authority.
(2) A vaccine may not be given if the public health
authority has reason to know that a particular individual is
likely to suffer serious harm from the vaccination.
(3) Treatment may be performed by any qualified person
authorized by the public health authority.
(4) Treatment must not be such as is reasonably likely
to lead to serious harm to the affected individual.
(b) Refusal.–If, by reason of refusal of vaccination or
treatment, the person poses a danger to the public health, the
person may be isolated or quarantined pursuant to the provisions
of this article.
(c) Enforcement.–An order of the public health authority
given to effectuate the purposes of this section shall be
immediately enforceable by any peace officer.
(d) Penalty.–A person who fails to comply with this section
commits a misdemeanor of the third degree.

Section 2572-D. Enforcement.
(a) General rule.–The public health authority shall have
the power to enforce the provisions of this article through the
imposition of fines and penalties, the issuance of orders and
such other remedies as are provided by law.

Section 2574-D. Liability.
(a) State immunity.–Neither the Commonwealth, its political
subdivisions, nor, except in cases of gross negligence or
willful misconduct, the Governor, the public health authority or
any other State official referenced in this article shall be
liable for the death of or any injury to persons or damage to
property as a result of complying with or attempting to comply
with this article or any rule or regulations promulgated
pursuant to this article.
(b) Private liability.–
(3) During a state of public health emergency, no
private person, firm or corporation and employees and agents
of such person, firm or corporation who renders assistance or
advice at the request of the Commonwealth or its political
subdivisions under the provisions of this article shall be
civilly liable for causing the death of or injury to any
person or damage to any property except in the event of gross
negligence or willful misconduct.

For our purposes here, the most important clause in this Act is as follows:

A vaccine may not be given if the public health
authority has reason to know that a particular individual is
likely to suffer serious harm from the vaccination.

Unfortunately, the CDC has already declared–contrary to evidence from 1976 onwards–that individuals are unlikely to suffer serious harm from vaccination!

And if you do suffer harm–as thousands of others have over the years–the state and its contractors accept no responsibility.


FoundingFather1776 says:

Isn’t it ironic that the state which was the birthplace of our nation is even considering such tyranny?

If this Nazi-abomination ever becomes law, the “powers that be” who are so eager to dispense these shots:

….will most likely find that they have to contend with an entirely different and more disruptive kind of shot…….

Yours in Freedom,



15 Responses to “PA drafts 2009 Mandatory Vaccination Law”

  1. Ursa Major Says:

    This is obviously not unexpected, but disgusting nevertheless. I really, really hope people won’t just submit to forcible examinations and vaccinations without revolt. If too many people refuse, they can’t get away with it!

  2. clark Says:

    This, “act” seems to be a State embrace of a mix of Communism and Socialism – call it Fascilism or Obamunisim – where the State (directed by a few who are most likely corrupt) act as if they own everything and everyone.
    This, “act” was the most sickening set of words I’ve ever read, I’ll bet it comforts America’s enemies too. What good is there in having our national Constitution, and your State Constitution, if they can be suspended? If they can be suspended, they are meaningless.

    According to this video, the mass rioting starts in three months, or will it be sooner?:

  3. clark Says:

    Another thing that occurred to me is that this act seems an awfully lot like a proclamation of slavery. But it’s not unlike many other laws that have been passed that treat Americans as slave to the State such as forced search and DUI blood draw checkpoints, eminent domain laws, wiretapping laws, or where once a person’s house was their castle, sneak and peak laws.

    In fact, if you go down the list called the Bill of Rights you could probably find a law that says it’s ok to violate each and every one of them for some reason or another – and they are always expanding the exceptions – proving the rights of man are not observed by the State and a constitution does not bind the State from doing as it pleases.

    Would have been better off under a monarchy?

  4. foundingfather1776 Says:


    I agree. The tyranny has become off-the-charts and in-your-face!

    We were better off under the CONSTITUTION but only when the people KNEW their rights and REFUSED to allow the government to take them.

    Now most “citizens” are sheep that the New World Order has their way with.

    But they haven’t gotten everybody….not yet. We live in “interesting times” indeed.

    I always enjoy reading your comments.



  5. clark Says:

    I don’t know why, but this was a disturbing read, almost as much as, PA drafts 2009 Mandatory Vaccination Law:

    Financial Holocaust, Zero
    Bound and the Next Leg Down

    And in this other article, Gerald Celente says we have to fight with ideas, not weapons. (But does the majority only understand emotion nowadays? Ideas do not do well against emotions.) I don’t think he thinks we stand a chance using weapons, but that’s why they still have horse races and boxing, nobody knows who is going to win.

    The History of the Future: Trends 2012

    Rather than weapons, I think it would be nice if these three words worked:
    Nullification, Interposition, Secession

  6. clark Says:

    Before Red Dawn, There Was a Shadow on the Land

  7. Ursa Major Says:

    I just found this ‘news’ article on Sympatico/MSN news. They are saying that there are scams trying to take advantage of people. While their whole swine flu thing is nothing but a scam! And of course, as usual, they are trying to discredit all doctors who ‘dare’ use natural means to boost your immune system to avoid getting the flu. They won’t make any money that way, and won’t be able to kill anybody, either.

    Here is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola, and posters to print out and put up all over your community to get people to wake up, and not get the vaccine. I just printed out a bunch, and will do just that, and I will make sure they are close to doctor’s offices, too.

    And a recent alert by Dr. Mercola:

  8. Ursa Major Says:

    Apparently, last night Barrack Obama declared the swine flu a national emergency, PREEMPTIVE to an EXPECTED outbreak. Meaning, there is NO emergency yet, but one is definitely expected.

    Also, their numbers are very inflated. Most of those H1N1 cases aren’t confirmed at all, but are ‘diagnosed’ by symptoms alone. Meaning, most of those aren’t the swine flu, or any kind of flu whatsoever. In fact, they are diagnosing swine flu in England over the phone! If you have the expected symptoms, you must have it, so they presume.

    Anybody with a cough, breathing problems, sniffles etc. is now diagnosed with the swine flu, so they can say we have an emergency, and people NEED to be vaccinated.

  9. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh wow, the propaganda machine is rolling full speed here in Canada, here is another one!

    They are saying that there will be no drop in cases until most of the population is vaccinated! Yet they are also saying that the second wave of swine flu hasn’t even started yet. But it is coming, they are confident of that.

  10. clark Says:

    This is interesting, somewhat, in an odd way… sure, it’s a lame ass reporter doing the wording, but still… I wonder. The flu is being called a disease in this Yahoo article:

    The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever in the country and production delays undercutting the government’s initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October.

  11. ericswan Says:

    Dear Prime Minister Harper:

    Montreal 350 – TckTckTck passports – Copenhagen nuke

    Hawks CAFE believes that the ICAO’s Montreal agents are issuing saboteurs with `TckTckTck’ passports to transport nuclear weapons to Copenhagen and extort delegates to a UN Climate Change meeting in December into making a binding commitment to a 350 ppm cap on atmospheric CO2.

    Our Blabbermouth agents have evidence that the ICAO is issuing `tcktcktck’ E-passports to Tahawar Hussain Rana – a Canadian citizen settled in Chicago as an immigration consultant and abattoir operator – to travel to Copenhagen with others and identify targets for attacks with weapons of mass destruction up to or including suitcase nuclear bombs.

    “ICAO news release Montreal, 11 July 2005 Effective today, the machine readable passport in the format specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization International Civil Aviation Organization is the worldwide standard”

    “A former Pakistani cadet and medical student who got Canadian citizenship then settled in Chicago, Tahawar Hussain Rana was known as an immigration consultant and abattoir operator. Now he is accused of helping mastermind a terrorist plot that he and alleged conspirators dubbed the Mickey Mouse project, with tentacles stretching from a Toronto office tower to radical groups in Pakistan. Mr. Rana’s co-accused, a Pakistani-American who Westernized his name to David Headley, told the FBI he wanted to kill two Danish journalists in retaliation for their paper’s publication in 2005 of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, according to court documents unsealed Tuesday. Mr. Headley, who was arrested Oct. 3 as he boarded a plane at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, also told police he trained with Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group behind the Mumbai attacks last year. The alleged conspiracy ended in a dramatic raid 10 days ago, when more than 100 federal agents, some with assault rifles and body armour, descended on Mr. Rana’s slaughterhouse in rural Illinois while helicopters and surveillance planes buzzed overhead. Mr. Rana, who was arrested at his home, was known among Chicago Muslims as “Dr. Rana,” a Mercedes-driving entrepreneur who provided immigration services at an office decked with the Canadian flag. Mr. Headley posed as an employee of Mr. Rana’s immigration consultancy during a January reconnaissance trip to Denmark to stake out the paper, the court filings say. Mr. Rana’s staff in Chicago and Toronto were told to expect calls from Denmark checking Mr. Headley’s credentials. The court filings don’t say how the attacks would be carried out but note that Mr. Headley had sent his will to Mr. Rana .. When he was arrested, he was carrying a memory stick with videos of the newspaper building, a nearby military barracks and a train station. He even admitted he checked out a Copenhagen synagogue because he mistakenly thought Mr. Rose was Jewish, the court filings say. In addition to the immigration consultancy and the abattoir, the 48-year-old Mr. Rana owns a grocery store in Chicago .. He lived in a Chicago flat leased to a dead man and used a cellphone also registered to a dead man, the FBI said. He is also associated with another radical group in a lawless tribal part of Pakistan, Harkat-ul-Jihad-e Islami, which has ties to al-Qaeda. Starting a year ago, the pair had been online on a Yahoo discussion group for former students of a cadet school in Hasan Abdal, in the Punjab part of Pakistan. “Call me old-fashioned but I feel disposed towards violence for the offending parties, be they cartoonists from Denmark or … Irshad Manji (Liberal Muslim trying to make lesbianism acceptable in Islam),” Mr. Headley allegedly wrote in a posting in October of 2008. Mr. Headley and another conspirator began preparing a plan and tried to code their communications, according to the FBI affidavits. The two and Mr. Rana allegedly created a string of numbered e-mail accounts. But the FBI was wiretapping their phone calls and intercepting e-mails. Agents were listening in as Mr. Rana calculated out loud how he should code a new e-mail account, according to court affidavits. Mr. Rana also went to high school with the Pakistani consul-general in Chicago and used the relationship to facilitate a five-year visa for Mr. Headley’s travels, the FBI said. Mr. Rana, the affidavit says, booked one of Mr. Headley’s plane tickets, a return flight from Copenhagen. The FBI alleges Mr. Headley sent an e-mail directly to Mr. Rana after the visit: “I checked out business opportunities here. They seem quite promising.” From there, he went to meet terrorists in Pakistan, the U.S. complaint says, adding that he returned to Denmark for another visit last summer. Questioned about his travels by U.S. border guards upon his return to North America, Mr. Headley allegedly said he was a representative of Mr. Rana’s business, First World Immigration Services. First World has been in business for about a decade, said Mike Bell, an Ottawa lawyer who sometimes reviewed immigration applications for the agency. Mr. Rana appeared to just be “a wheeler-dealer businessman,” Mr. Bell said. “A terrorist plot. Holly Molly. I had no idea. No idea whatsoever. … He’s always been above board. They’re very reputable in their dealings with us.” Muhammad Salim Mukhti, a former halal butcher who often prayed beside Mr. Rana, described him as a Punjabi who had served in Pakistan’s army before coming to America. Even at the mosque, conversations with Mr. Rana often turned to large amounts of money. “I meet him every Friday, he prayed with me. He says, `You know, he owes me, one guy, $70,000, $4,000, $5,000 … blah blah blah,” Mr. Mukhti said. The FBI says there is considerable reason to doubt the alleged cover story that Mr. Headley visited Denmark because First World Immigration Services wanted to open up a branch in Copenhagen. Certain terms overheard by authorities during intercepted e-mails and phone calls – such as “countersurveillance,” “route design” and “cover authentication” – are more consistent with a planned terrorist attack than with any legitimate business, the FBI says.”

    “LONDON, GENEVA and NEW YORK, Sept. 8 The website will today receive its 1 millionth pledge from people all over the world campaigning for a just and binding global deal at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. The website is run by the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), an organisation formed by the world’s leading NGOs who have agreed to aggregate their actions and campaigns towards Copenhagen under the TckTckTck banner .. The TckTckTck device and creative assets for the campaign were developed to spearhead Kofi Annan’s campaign for climate justice. David Jones, CEO of Havas Worldwide, said: “Kofi Annan’s campaign was specially designed to be open-source and collaborative. It is fantastic news that the combined total of TckTckTck actions has now reached over the one million mark and we’ll be driving this even wider with upcoming release of the ‘Beds are Burning’ cover as a free download on October 1st.” Details on the song release will follow in the next several days. For more information and global media enquiries, please contact Marian Salzman, Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, on +1646-361-1837 ( ). For UK-based media enquiries, local contact: Pete Bowyer, telephone: +44 (0)740913886 (”

    “The International Civil Society is getting ready for Copenhagen .. Montreal, June 22, 2009 – Thanks to initial support of $300,000 from the Government of Quebec and start-up help from Montreal International, a new international organisation for the fight against climate change was created and is launching its Secretariat in Montreal. The Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) brings together .. OXFAM, WWF, World Council of Churches, Union of Concerned Scientists, Équiterre, 350, Avaaz, Greenpeace, Global Humanitarian Forum, Global Call to Action against Poverty, and the Pew Environment Group .. to obtain an ambitious, fair and binding international agreement at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change which will be held December 7-18, 2009.” .. “Time is ticking away for the world to agree on a new global climate treaty–world leaders gather in Copenhagen this December to ink the final deal .. The good news is that we have one clear target: 350 parts per million, the safe level for CO2 in the atmosphere .. The latest draft of the forthcoming global climate agreement coming from the UN includes the 350 target! In fact, it includes 350 six times–we counted”

    We alerted you to some of our 350 concerns in the post of October 23

  12. ericswan Says:

    State of emergency declared in New York over H1N1
    By Kay Mathews. (3 hours ago)

    Gov. David Paterson (D-New York) has declared a state of emergency due to the rise of swine flu cases. The release of the executive order suspends state law and allows more health care professionals to administer vaccines.
    The AP reported that New York Gov. David Paterson has “declared a state of emergency because of the rise in swine flu cases.”
    The executive order released by Patterson allows more health care professionals to administer vaccines after getting only brief training. Dentists are included. The executive order was required in order to suspend provisions of state law.
    According to the AP, the executive order “says at least 75 deaths in the state have been attributed to the swine flu.”
    Officials in the state indicate that the number of vaccine doses is being increased. Due to the federal government’s making more vaccine doses available, New York is ordering twice as many doses as a week ago. This trend is expected to continue.

  13. ericswan Says:

  14. ericswan Says:

  15. ericswan Says:

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