What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 4

Chemtrails are just a “crazy tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory” …. as long as you don’t look up!

This is the spot to continue your comments regarding chemtrails and other information of interest.

If you are a new reader and have stumbled across this blog, you might not be sure what we mean by “chemtrails.”  More and more people are looking up in the sky and witnessing strange formations.

I encourage you to read through the information in “What the hell are they spraying on us Parts 1 & 2 & 3″ and to also check out the links I have posted under the “Chemtrails” section to the right.  I must warn you, once you see the chemtrails for yourself, and begin to understand what is being done to us, you will never enjoy the bliss of ignorance again.  The good news is that more and more people are waking up, and the powers-that-be that are doing this to us are running out of time.

Dear Readers,

I thought I would share some of what I saw today while driving in New Jersey and Eastern PA, USA.

These photos are completely untouched and were only resized to fit this blog.  They were taken with a cheap Polaroid 4 mega-pixel digital camera.  My point is,  these heavy chemtrails were VERY VERY obvious to anyone that bothered to look up at the sky!

This first one is quite revealing.  In it, we see a heavily chemed sky, saturated with particulate matter swirling about at high altitude and yet we can still make out the “solid” line of more fresh chemtrails being sprayed!

Awwww….look kids!  A “Chem-bow” in the sky!  Isn’t it pretty?  Just like the way motor oil gets that rainbow gleam when rain puddles up in it!

The Blue Sky was *trying* to peek through……..

But instead it just got “swirlier and swirlier”

Three big globs were slowly spreading together to form one huge “chem-cloud”

The lines of chemtrails they lay down initially look thin and straight (at least with the most common type of chemtrails – they *do* use variable spray techniques).  Here is a fresh “standard” chemtrail:

And here it is after spreading a few minutes…….

And here is how the sky gets “cloudier”

…and cloudier…..

….and cloudier!

At this point, I don’t know what to say.

We are regularly sprayed like cockroaches and not one damn thing is said in the “Main-stream” media!  Not one concerned politician brings the issue up! Not one “Environmentalist” speaks out.

And the Government makes rules against “second-hand smoke” because they care about your health?  Puhhhleeeze!  What about this outrage?

If I were to type out every bit of vitriol I am feeling about the criminals that are imploding our economy and destroying our planet and free humanity I would be up all night.  A word to the wise is sufficient.


Yours in Freedom,



404 Responses to “What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 4”

  1. ericswan Says:

    Clark..thanx for addressing Celline’s concern about what is in chemtrails. I think it’s partly acclimatizing people to their existence as you probably have seen certain “insiders” proud to show them up in commercials and in TV movies. My bet is that it is an easy way to weaponize the skies anytime tptb see the need.

  2. Dude Says:

    I’m betting, with all the recent big quakes and the moon’s orbit changing, and the weird weather and all, I’m betting that the chemtrails are hiding Planet X. The natives are talking about it too. They know. Armageddon in 4 days. . .

  3. Sky Says:

    Remember the old joke about the guy who got a tour of Hell ? Everybody in Hell was standing ankle deep in shit.

    The guy thought to himself….hmmm. This isn’t so bad. I could do this if I had to.

    But after a few minutes, Satan blew his whistle. ” OK, everybody, ” shouted Satan , ” coffee break is over. Everybody get back to standing on your heads. ”

    That’s what it felt like last week. We had a break from the chemtrails….a blessed break with hardly any chems in the sky. It was an ankle deep in poo break.

    But, yesterday, last thing in the day, they sprayed their gigantic X right over us. So I knew we were in for a major assault today.The sky is already obliterated with chemcrap.

    Sigh……coffee break’s over.

  4. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, here they’ve been spraying relentlessly it seems. Even though I don’t see it, every time the rain stops and the rainclouds part, there are the chemclouds. Most of the time no lines that people would recognize, though. And if I wake up at night, there they are, too. I think they are spraying during the night now most of the time.

    This morning there were just popcorn clouds, but now it is complete cover, with lots of ripples and bumps in it, and parts of it eerily wavy looking. But hey, I am sure most people think those are normal clouds. Especially because rain WILL fall from them soon, I think.

    I am sorry, Sky, that your valley is even worse off than we are.

  5. Dude Says:

    hahahahaha, the chemtrails are just a symptom of something a lot bigger. just wait till the symptoms are gone and you see the real problem coming. If youre in a ?big? city, you wont see it though.

    Those 4 big quakes last week apparently didnt register in anyones minds. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. history favors the prepared. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. hmm, theres got to be some more quotes that fit. . .

  6. Celline Says:

    Thank you Founding ! Dude, as for me, I was and am very aware that those latest disasters would have something to do w. HAARP/Chems.. somehow.
    Saturday is approaching fast, and my family and I plan on being around.. relatively unharmed, hope you will be too.

  7. clark Says:

    If the information and well made videos in Part 3 does not convince people chemtrails are not contrails:


    …then nothing will – short of The President saying so on TV.

    I wonder if anyone else has tested the makeup of chemtrails recently, not that it would tell us much more than we already know. The real useful information is what people in positions of power over us all are not revealing.

    And I see yet another moon bombing is in the works for this Friday:



    @Dude, got any links for that change of the moons orbit comment? It wouldn’t surprise me at this point, maybe that’s the purpose of their bombing of the moon?

    – no chemtrails were visible in the breaks in the clouds here today.

  8. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, I read the link about the NASA moon-bombing. Thanks for sharing that.

    NASA itself is a very strange organization. It was literally founded by Nazi’s like Werner von Braun and avowed Satanists like Jack Parsons (see my blog called “RoseMary’s Baby” here:

    Also, NASA logo’s and symbols are dripping with Occultic meaning.

    Hey Dude, what are you doing in preparations for the big day?

    Personally, I am staying at home. Actually, that is my preference on most days!

    I have noticed lately that there seems to be a lot of people indulging in gallows-type humor. Maybe it is the economy……maybe it is halloween coming up….maybe it is the crap we breathe from the chemtrails…..or maybe it is the “zeitgeist” from something bigger?

    Everyone, take care!


  9. Dude Says:

    FF: food, water, weapons and prayer. seeds too. got a rad meter. need some stealth and ir tech but didnt get any. i printed a copy of ‘complete self sufficiency’. i saw that ‘rosemarys baby’ movie too. crazy satanic.

    clark: no i dont have a link to the moon stuff. i was reading native prophecy stuff and they mentioned it. ive also noticed the moon just dont look like it has the same path as it always had but i havent measured it, just a feeling.

  10. clark Says:

    Before sunrise today the moon had quite the halo around it, not huge mind you, just colorful, kind of greenish, edged with pink. And surprisingly we have a clear blue sky with no chemtrails… yet.

    @FF, very fitting choice of artwork/photo for the top of Part 4, it sure does say alot without words. And what you said in the body, x2.
    Your pictures of the sky above your area are just like what I’ve seen here in the Midwest lately, and much like what Ursa has captured and placed on her webpage:


    Many times the sky here in the Midwest looks exactly like this one:

    When I saw this photo I was reminded of the time I took a sixty mile journey and it was the same thing the whole way, mile after mile. My intention at the time was to see if they were only spraying above my city, I was thinking I could just move further out into the country to be away from it… if only.

    It would seem to me that truckers and hunters should notice this more than most anyone else, especially duck and geese hunters, how could they not notice? But they aren’t exactly the type most people would listen to about such a scientific event/process.

  11. Celline Says:

    To my great surprize one of the late shows last night ( Jimmy Kimmel ) did talk about that our moon will be ” bombarded “.. this weekend.
    I have heard no one else talk about it, so it surely surprized me.

  12. clark Says:

    Apparently it’s not considered a, “bomb” it is called a penetrator. I read somewhere it’s because they think a bomb releases more chemical / nuclear energy than the kinetic energy of impact, where a penetrator does the opposite. A heavy thing with steering rockets.

    -Blue sky all day no chemtrails!

  13. Ursa Major Says:

    I’ve just come across a website with tons of chemtrail pictures taken over several years by somebody in Arizona. The site is organized in a weird way, but still worthwhile going to. Every link leads to many photos and descriptions. http://www.eugenecarsey.com/chemtrails/default.htm

    Rainy and cold today, the usual, looks like regular rainclouds, but whenever there is a small break, you see the chems. Always, ALWAYS they are there.

  14. Ursa Major Says:

    Another fantastic site, and this guy actually appears to have some excellent theories about the reason for chemtrails. http://chemtrails.bust.angelfire.com/

  15. clark Says:

    Nice find(s) Ursa, I’m never going to catch up on my reading. I noticed the person on your last link hasn’t posted since Last Updated June 1st, 2009 when they were going to do a media jump on the planes as they sat on the ground, do you suppose they’ve been disapeared? Probably not though… right? This is so frustrating.

  16. clark Says:

    So much for my nice day. All day I was outside, not one cloud. plane or chemtrail. I just looked outside and in the time from my post at 4:39 to now they have just about covered the sky with silky misty white chem-clouds and long chemtrails, no wonder I’ve gotten sleepy and groggy.

  17. Dude Says:

    Ursa: we already know what the chemtrails are for. you dont need any other “theories”. Yall see the two quakes this evening? 6.7 and 7.8. Nibiru cometh! 3 days until Armageddon. And to top it off, my Mom almost died on me tonite. i gotta go to the hospital soon. fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu………

  18. Dude Says:

    she gonna be ok. they got her fixed up. flu + old age + smoking = disaster.

  19. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude.. Your biblical analysis never made the cut. Your countdown qualifies you for something that is found in the bible. It’s called a false prophet.

    Don’t get me wrong. You used arithmetic. Times have changed. You need to upgrade your skills into quantum time/space continuum where it has happened and just like you said it would just not in this timeline.

  20. clark Says:

    Space Preservation Act of 2001
    1st Session
    H. R. 2977
    October 2, 2001

    To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.

    …[Follow the link below to read the body of the Bill.]


    In this Act:

    (1) The term `space’ means all space extending upward from an altitude greater than 60 kilometers above the surface of the earth and any celestial body in such space.

    (2)(A) The terms `weapon’ and `weapons system’ mean a device capable of any of the following:

    (i) Damaging or destroying an object (whether in outer space, in the atmosphere, or on earth) by–

    (I) firing one or more projectiles to collide with that object;

    (II) detonating one or more explosive devices in close proximity to that object;

    (III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object; or

    (IV) any other unacknowledged or as yet undeveloped means.

    (ii) Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)–

    (I) through the use of any of the means described in clause (i) or subparagraph (B);

    (II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or

    (III) by expelling chemical or biological agents in the vicinity of a person.

    (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–

    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;

    (ii) chemtrails;

    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;

    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;

    (v) laser weapons systems;

    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and

    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.

    (C) The term `exotic weapons systems’ includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.

    This Bill was introduced and, was “…referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committees on Armed Services, and International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned”


    Latest Major Action: 4/19/2002 House committee/subcommittee actions. Status: Unfavorable Executive Comment Received from DOD.

    The Bottom line is… they know and they said NO! their not going to stop deploying the weapon known as chemtrails!

  21. Dude Says:

    eric: im hesitant to say this here but i am anyway: youre full of shit. wait 3 more days. I also never said i was the prophet, Ezekiel is the prophet. Im apparently the only one who got enough sense to know what the nigga was talkin about.

  22. Celline Says:

    A bit cloudy all day, yet not hard for me to see that 1/2 of them were chems. Dude, am glad your mom is ok, what a shock for you both.
    Give her a hug for me.
    Off to read Uschi’s and all the other new links. Myself I don’t have anything new to offer. But I am praying that God won’t allow anything to happen to the moon, He set the moon for a nighlight for us. Arrogant humanity!!! The Tower of Babel is growing awfully tall, I can’t help but think, God will intervene. Do not be fooled, God is not mocked.. y’all know that scripture..

  23. Celline Says:

    Yes, Uschi, I noticed this also ( read your link ). Older flicks, like Bonanza, Gunsmoke etc.. do have superimposed chemtrails in the skies.
    Blatently noticible. Also, they are on all commercials, backgrounds of Anchors, just everywhere. Good try for brainwashing the populous.
    As for me… every child and young person I know I tell that what they see in the skies is not normal. Children , also teens are very open to listen to an adult, if they respect him/her. Just doing my part.

  24. Dude Says:

    Celline: Im glad shes ok too. that scared the crap outta me. she about didnt make it. shes 75. im dusting and vacuuming all her stuff now too. maybe thatll help. she dont like to go to the doctor until shes about half dead anyway. i hope she get to spend at least one day back b4 the war.

    they put chemtrails on bonanza and gunsmoke? whaaaaa? thats just whack. yea, young people do listen better usually. apparently the programming takes more hold as you get older. i know people who never wouldve believe stuff from the govt that does now. i blame the workplace peer pressure too. sheep guarding the sheep.

  25. clark Says:

    Chemtrails – was something such as chemtrails artificially affecting people in unusual ways, perhaps causing the drive people had to make reckless financial decisions during the housing bubble, or to blindly accept the conclusions of 911 and to support the national urge to go to war against something, or someone(s) at an elevated irrational level, or even being the cause of the newly created condition bi-polar – chemtrails may play an active role in all those, is it only a matter of making the connections, is this a beginning?:

    “Neuro-economics is the study of the neuro-physiological underpinnings of economic decision making. The field is new and providing unexpected insights into human economic behavior. …persons A and B were placed in the same experimental scenario as before, but they were (unknowingly) given an intranasal administration of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neuropeptide that plays a key role in social attachment and affiliation in animals and causes a substantial increase in trust in humans. In these experiments the effect of oxytocin was to increase the amount of money that A gives B. The experimenters concluded that “oxytocin may be part of the human physiology that motivates cooperation.”


    From this it’s not so difficult to conclude there are other substances that do the opposite and more. It seems the elite may be manipulating the masses in more than one way.

  26. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, I’m glad your mother will be okay.

    As for you saying ‘WE’ already know what chems are for, speak for yourself. Because I am not convinced that your explanation holds water.

    In three days we’ll know if you are right or not about the war. This coming weekend will be our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, nobody better mess it up! Not that I care that much about Canadian holidays, but my family does.

    I am glad we don’t have TV, it would drive me nuts to see chemtrails in the old movies, I would never be able to keep my mouth shut while watching, it would make me so mad!

  27. Dude Says:

    Ursa: i was in canada for the last thanksgiving. it kinda felt weird…..too early for me. so youre not connecting the dots on the prophecies, the quakes, the coverup, and the military threats? this is weird for me. i been telling people about this war for two years and im still gonna shit bricks when it happens. i got a funny feeling im gonna like telling people about doomsday a whole lot better than living it. God will have pity on a few. that guy who was here awhile back, Truth or whatever, he sent me a thing listing the good things in psalms for those who truly believe and obey and acknowledge His name. All will not be lost but its gonna be one hell of a ride.

  28. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, yes it’s true, ” they” are superimposing chems in old flicks. I know 4 sure, because I like to watch ” Bonanza”, love the actors, 3 of them are dead. The show is so squieky clean, honor and integrity written big etc, anyways, yes ” they” are doing this !
    @Dude, now please.. are u saying u are communicating w. this person, whom we recognized as schizzo ?Why would you do this? With company like this, no wonder you are a mess now. I wish, instead, you would listen to us. Reading along, you got mountains of good advise from lots of us here in this blog. But, I guess, people do what they want to do, and hear what they want to hear. Taking scripture out of context is very very dangerous, and this is what u tend to do. I hope u will be able to be of some comfort to your sick mom, and not make her sicker w. your topsey turvey outlook and your pessimism ! Look Dude, God is still in charge.. all creation is HIS, and so are you. Turn to Him yourself and ask for healing for your mom, and everything in your own life. I do this daily, for family, friends and myself. Eh, it doesen’t hurt a bit, try it !

  29. Dude Says:

    Celline: an email a month hardly qualifies as communicating. he aint that schizzo, hes as hard headed as yall are. I do ‘this’ cause ill talk to anybody until they sufficiently piss me off. who said i was a mess now? Im not listening to you on some things, nor any one else. i make up my own mind based on my analysis of all the available info on any particular subject. analyzing chemtrails daily is not what i would consider good advice. food and water storage is good advice. an international vacation is good advice. i dont take scripture out of context. i just know what i read. Mom will be fine, until saturday, then she gonna freak when the shtf. i do ask God for healing but now i ask for the healing of our souls. our body is temporary and is only an experience. see david icke, he know a little in this area. im startin to feel ganged up on. it might be time to dispense with the computer idol anyway. been past time.

  30. Darran Says:

    Just reached Rome for my 5 week holiday, thought I’d check in to see when Dude’s prediction would fail – when exactly was Armageddon again?

    Contrarily to Malta it looks like they are spraying here in Rome. I’ll try and get some shots to post during the week.

  31. Dude Says:

    I was so hoping darren would be in the usa on 10-10-09. i guess when all this happens, he will give the credit where it belongs, to the real prophets Ezekiel, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the rest.

    one thing good will come out of all this. the ignorance will cease.

  32. Darran Says:

    “one thing good will come out of all this. the ignorance will cease.”


  33. Celline Says:

    @Dude: even once a month is too much. He will show you one personality, next time another, this would be confusing.. why not stick w. people who are who they are ALL of the time? How’s your mom?
    Chems mixed w. real clouds, like yesterday. Sneaky, they got very good at making them look like the real thing,.
    @Darran, I saw chems on Malta, but ” lost” the link. they are everywhere, the whole Globe is infested w. them.The attack on the moon is in the news now all the time, they even gave the time. It is suppose to happen at 3 : 50 AM fri. morning. It is so disgusting and scary, I have no words for this. Other than: The tower of Babel is getting awfully high, there will be intervention of some kind soon. I feel it.

  34. Dude Says:

    Celline: hes pretty consistent with me. same whack ass stuff he was posting here for the most part. Mom is doing great but they prolly not gonna let her come home tomorrow and ive told her over and over she needs to be here on saturday. idk, nobodys listening. same stupid crap i get everywhere. kinda like darren, using Amen’s name while trying to say Amen is a liar. btw, that is only one of the names that God has been called. The Bible says our country is named after Him. Amen rica -> Ame rica -> America. rica = province -> God’s Province, Zion. Interestingly enough, were the only country to have “In God we Trust” on their currency.

  35. clark Says:

    Wednesday, 7 October 2009
    Temperature goes to 400C in Jordan Burning Trees and Killing Sheep
    AMMAN -…According to the shepherd attending the herd, Sleimat said, the sheep caught fire, “was completely burned and disappeared”.

    According to Sleimat, the ground in the area was still unusually hot until late Tuesday, and once any material was thrown into the area, it burned quickly and smoke and flames came out.
    …the plot’s temperature rose dramatically, burning all grass and trees around it.

    ATL – Advanced Tactical Laser
    The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) ACTD is an innovative concept for airborne ultra-precision strike missions that uses a high-energy laser weapon mounted in a tactical aircraft to engage stationary or moving ground targets.
    …The ATL uses a closed-cycle, chemical oxygen-iodine laser (COIL) with an appropriate beam control. The closed-cycle system captures waste by-products, making it suitable for tactical employment. The ATL will be installed in a C-130 aircraft to demonstrate its ability to engage tactical targets from a moving platform at ranges of approximately 10 kilometers.

  36. Darran Says:


    I’ve checked daily for two months now, and I am sure: they are not spraying Malta. If you find the link again, please send it.


    am only curious of one thing at this point : whether you will have the intellectual honesty to recognize that you are clueless as to what the bible says , or whether we are now going to be fed excuses as to why nothing happened, whilst you dive back into your own personal world of extrapolated bible verses whilst screeching as you have done for months now that it’s simple as long as you read the bits you like and ignore the rest?

    Humor me – answer me after Armaggedon…..

  37. Dude Says:

    daren: 1 day, haha shit.

  38. clark Says:

    In Malta there might not have been chemtrails, but it might have been like in California where chemclouds roll in off the ocean? But then again, maybe that is one place that has been spared and hasn’t had any solid white skies, did it never rain in Malta?

  39. ericswan Says:

    I’m happy for Obama. He must feel like he’s king of the world.

  40. stef Says:

    Dude and Clark and FF:

    Nothing to see. Cheming so heavy the last 2 weeks nothing to see. Rain every day.

    The end is nigh so I best tell you Marc is my bro and Babete is my sis who originally told us about this site.

    Today is tomorrow, Dude. We’ve filmed ufo by the dozen, man. Filmed them going about their business. Yes, we’ll put it up on the net soon. Maybe?

    Not space junk, Dude, ufo.

    Women here: You have the instincts of junkyard dogs…scare everything away. No brains. I have noticed it’s always women who work like dogs to promote cancer “research” everywhere.


    Be well as apocalypse means removing the veil.

    Hope we’ll meet after the ultimate uncovering….

    No hard feelings,


  41. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan- I hope that was sarcasm about you being happy for Obomba. The Nobel committee has a real sense of Ha Ha. Hellarious .

    Strange days here. Trees are still green, no fall colors yet, geraniums still blooming BUT it feels like December outside. We have 2 seasons now – summer and winter. And the summer is VERY short.

    Bad spray day 2 days ago. Something new though – they sprayed in the ” classic” patterns that morphed into the wispy cirrus clouds but then something strange happened. The cirrus clouds turned into those doomsday asperatus clouds. This happened VERY quickly.One minute it was a sky full of wispies and within an hour they morphed into scary asperatus. As per usual, not a drop of rain.

    Yesterday my husband and a friend were watching them spray. The jets were VERY low, highly visible. It was early in the day and , despite the chemtrails, the sky was still mostly blue.

    Anyway they were watching this one jet laying a thick, ropy trail and then suddenly the trail stopped. So they continued watching the jet closely to see if the sprayer would be turned on again. The jet flew into a small cumulus cloud.

    Now comes the weird part – they waited, and waited and waited for the jet to emerge from the cloud. But it never did. It flew into the cloud but not out !Now you see it . Now you don’t. Cloaking technology ?

    @ clark – great link. Organic matter under the ground causing sheep to go up in flames ? Ha ! Ha ! Those scientist’s explanations are also Hellarious.

  42. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – Did you grow any corn ? Ours didn’t make it to maturity. VERY short growing season. Freezing , bloody cold out. Brrrrrrr. And we’re living in Canada’s banana belt here in the Okanagan.

  43. Celline Says:

    Sky, I heard it was a laser technique setting that place on fire.
    Has anyone heard about what happened w. that moon bombing? I can’t find anything about it?
    A plane vanishing in a cloud after spraying, I have witnessed many many times too….

  44. Ursa Major Says:

    Yesterday morning was the first time in weeks that we had a deep blue, cloudless sky. Until around ten in the morning, that is. I happened to look out of a south-facing upstairs window at that time, and saw a very long, thick chemtrail going from west to east, and some thinner ones behind it.

    Ten minutes later I looked out again, and that ONE trail had turned into a very wide band of those lumpy clouds! It spread at an incredible speed. Half an hour later those ‘clouds’ were gone, but the whole sky was filled with that mist.

    Out of one single chemtrail they covered the whole sky with mist, incredible.

    When at 11:00 a.m. I went for a walk, I saw a new chemtrail whenever I looked around, in all directions. But I saw NO planes at all, spraying those trails! They all appeared without any visible planes, and spread rapidly. By noon the ‘cloud’ cover was so thick, it was a very dull day. I am thoroughly disgusted!

    All the farmers here are behind with the harvest, due to incessant rain. Yesterday SHOULD have been a beautiful, clear day. The potato farmer my son-in-law works for would have had the people work from 6:00 a.m. until midnight to get the harvest in (tractors have lights these days), as the first deep frost will destroy the potatoes.

    But because of the spraying, it was raining again by 10:00 p.m., and they had to quit (you can’t harvest potatoes in the rain, as they’ll rot if harvested wet).

    And this farmer is the one who was the farthest in this area with his harvest! Today it is raining buckets again. They’ll have to wait for the next sunny day to finish the harvest (unless it really freezes first, then they’ll have to give up). If they manage to finish, the crew will go and help their neighbours with their harvest. If………….

  45. Celline Says:

    This is unreal, I have not seen this in a long time, if ever !
    Our whole sky.. and I mean all of it.. is covered with chems.. and the South is completely obscured, total whiteout.
    Streaks and stripes, X es and T s like writing almost, there’s not one spot in the sky that’s not scribbled on, just horrendous.
    In a parkinglot, I called several people’s attention to it, they all acted like..” umm yea.. how can you drink this early in the day…?” and walked away.. o well, there goes my pristine reputation, do I care.
    Honestly, this is the worst I have ever seen this crime.. our sky would be blue, w. not a cloud.. it is about 80 degr.. hot and no wind.

  46. clark Says:

    I found this about the moom bombing:

    …the bombing of the Moon on BO-NBC, and nothing was visible. NASA’s pr trick—the first time anyone has paid any attention to the bureaucratic space cadets for many years—was a bomb.

    HA HA HA UPDATE from a news service:

    First a 2.2-ton empty rocket hull smacked the moon’s south pole at 7:31 a.m. EDT Friday. Then four minutes later the camera-and-instrument laden space probe made its death plunge. The smaller probe had five cameras and four other scientific instruments and NASA had touted live photos on its web site. But those images didn’t occur. NASA officials say they are sure the two probes crashed and are looking to see what happened to the pictures. Pictures were live until seconds before impact.

  47. Celline Says:

    @clark, thank you so much, I was looking for news on this, and could not find anything real conclusive. I am elated ! For what it’s worth to any of you.. or whatever u might think of this, i will tell it anyways !
    For days I prayed that God would do something, anything.. to not let this go down as planned. I told Him that I knew, He created the moon for a nightlight for us, and who is humanity to ” fiddle ” with such an all important part of Creation. I asked that He would put His hand as a shield, so puny little human efforts to change something about this Nightlight.. would, if not fail alltogether.. at least be as minimal as He would allow ! Now, if I am not all wet, my prayer was answered./ !

  48. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Dude,

    You have given us the day….any idea on the *time* when the fireworks start?

    I don’t believe in numerology but I know the Occultic Elite do. I am a little more concerned with 10/11/09 which reversed is basically 9/11/01.

    After all, we had the London bombings on 7/7/08 and the Georgian sneak attack on Russia in Osettia on 8/8/08. Clearly both of those were “New-World-Order” Illuminati operations.

    I need to buy some more beer……


  49. ericswan Says:

    Hoagland says the moon bomb showed a high sodium content that will be difficult for scientists to explainaway.

    I planted corn really late but it took off and was ready in 75 days. The only downside is that I’m in a community garden and the temptation for fresh corn was too great for the foot traffic that goes by.

  50. clark Says:

    Moon bombing humor:

    This story has already been flushed down the memory hole, it’s cached. Some not funny stuff about vaccines:
    THE cervical cancer vaccine may be riskier and more deadly than the cancer it is designed to prevent, a leading expert who developed the drug has warned.

    It seems like the mafia (or whatever else you want to call it) has co-opted big phara, have they co-opted everything? Seems that way, doesn’t it?

    High sodium content = evaporated bodies of water?

    I never thought to stock up on beer.

  51. clark Says:

    big pharma , not big phara.

  52. clark Says:

    “More than 160 years ago Søren Kierkegaard declared that “truth is a power.” But it’s a power that is rarely acknowledged beforehand because it entails suffering, and most people reject suffering. Eventually, however, the truth proves victorious, and the majority accepts it. “Why?” asked Kierkegaard. Not because it is truth. “They join it,” he explained, “because everyone else is joining.”

    After reading this, it seems like the mafia (or whatever you want to call it) I wrote about above are the Socialist.

    “The final crisis awaits, and … we have a choice: to be soldiers against socialism, or to be its victims.”

  53. Celline Says:

    Founding, on blog 3 I never had to enter name and e mail, yet on this one every time, how come?
    I just compared the pictures at the beginning of this blog, to our skies today. No 10 fits the bill to a “T”. The whole sky was covered all day, and still is. w. chems, symbolisms.. ts and x es, curves, circles.. even letters.
    Very upsetting and people do not notice.How is this possible?
    I hope Dude doesen’t drive his mom nuts tonight, the poor lady has to heal.
    I don’t like beer much.. so I decided to get some Italian liqueur ( sp )?
    that I will indulge in, a buddy will join me.
    Not holding my breath though, inspite of the fact that I hate to have to breathe what this ” Mafia” is dishing out !
    Hope to see y’all tomorrow at around the same time in reasonably good condition and shape !

  54. Sky Says:

    Celline says – “Founding, on blog 3 I never had to enter name and e mail, yet on this one every time, how come?”

    I am having the same problems .

    Also, I am not getting my email notifications of any new posts.

  55. Dude Says:

    FF: from what i gather, the false flag will be in the morning time and the attack will occur before the end of lunchtime. thats what i gather from a couple verses that i cant even remember now. And ya got beer! cool. i didnt stock any beer at all. oh well. i got a little of that good herb and tobacco but not much of those either. what i do have is corn, wheat, oats, and rice…..and a bunch of it, and other food and probably over 10,000 gallons of water. Ill be praying for all of us.

  56. Sky Says:

    It’s just after 8 PM and it’s already freezing out : – 2 C ( 30 F ) . It’s supposed to go to – 8 C tonight. This is a creepy , abnormal situation. I’m so sick of all this evil weather manipulation.

    Ursa, I feel so bad for your farmers. Farming is hard, hard work and dodgy at the best of times. Now the NWO is engineering the droughts and floods that could well bankrupt the farmers and put the rest of us in a position of begging for our food and water.

    I still can’t get over our local weather conditions. In September the crickets finally came out because our Sept nights were warmer than the night temps of July and August. July/August day time temps were screaming hot but most nights were just too cold for the cricket’s liking.So they came out in Sept instead.

    The birds are screwed up too. Why are the robins still here ? Normally they migrate south in mid-August, with the hummers. But they’re STILL here. Did they think Sept was July ? And now the extreme cold snap. Will they survive?

    Before our first frost, we normally have weeks of rain. None this year. None.

    Nobody’s blown out their lines for their underground sprinkler systems yet. There’s gonna be a whole lot of burst and damaged sprinkler pipes as a result of this cold, cold, cold.

    How bizzarre everything is. Will summer temps return next week ? It wouldn’t surprise me. Just about nothing does anymore. Disturbing, yes. Surprising, no. : – (

  57. Sky Says:

    @ Dude – That is if there IS a next week. : – )

    Stay well, Dude. Try not to worry too much, take it one NWO day at a time and keep the faith. We’ve always been on borrowed time down here in satan’s kingdom anyway. But no matter how things play out , God shall prevail.

    Scary times, for sure. Stay in the spirit.

    Blessings and love to you and your Mum.


  58. Ursa Major Says:

    I have problems with this new blog no. 4 as well. Even though I don’t have to keep entering my name and e-mail, I also can’t stay here and just refresh when I want to see what’s happening. It won’t refresh, but claims it can’t find this address.

    So, I have to go to the blog and then click on comments to get here every time. It is kind of annoying.

    Rain, rain, rain. Thankfully, no frost, so the farmers still have a chance.

    Sky, that is almost creepy for you to have -8 degrees at this time of year, and that in ‘balmy’ BC!

    Celline seems to think this board is disabled. I hope she is wrong.

  59. Sky Says:


  60. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I appreciate the fact that everyone enjoys this blog and I understand that not all of you are from the “computer generation.”

    Also, if people are experiencing problems posting or if the blog seems to be “down” then by all means, I hope someone will let me know.

    This blog is a part of my life, but only a small part. I am not always aware of what is going on.

    That said, everyone must understand that at times, WordPress may be updating their servers, or performing maintenance or otherwise not functioning 100%

    There have been times when even I could not login to the control panel. I go back later and it works. Such is the nature of these things. No need to panic.

    Also, if you are having problems resolving the address, or refreshing the web page, those problems may exist with *your computer* or your ISP service. There are so many variables. Sometimes just cleaning the cache on your web browser and re-booting your computer will fix a myriad of problems!

    In regards to be being required to leave a user name & email address – originally that was never turned “on” – then legitimate posters like Darran somehow were always ending up in the spam queue and I would have to release them, because the avatar keys off that info (and IP, etc).

    Once I have approved a new users first post, all of their subsequent posts will be approved automatically. I had to turn this feature on after certain bi-polar individuals started jacking with my blog.

    So I am limited as to what I can do to make it easy for anyone to post, but difficult for the knuckleheads to get in with their psycho-spam.

    At any rate, I have turned the requirement for a user name and email OFF since it seems to be causing issues for some. If someone posts and it doesn’t appear, then try it again with a user-name and email and see if it works.

    Also, FYI – you should be able to include up to 30 links in one posts before it goes to the Spam queue!

    Does everyone have popcorn and their adult beverage of choice?



  61. Ursa Major Says:

    FF, I cleared my cache (I do that regularly) and then refreshed. It will go to your home page (instead of refreshing just this chemtrail blog part), and I have to go and click on ‘comments’ to come back here. So, especially because it always worked for parts 1, 2 and 3, it is definitely NOT a problem with my computer.

    Well, since I was up most of the night because of certain health problems, I shall go to bed now and try to get some more sleep. I hope that while I am sleeping the world won’t come to an end.

  62. Darran Says:

    Well I guess that’s it then, let’s draw the appropriate conclusions:

    – picking verses out of the bible that coincide with your favorite conspiracy theories is absolutely unreliable.
    – when the bible says Jerusalem it actually means Jerusalem, and not the USA or whatever else human fantasy dictates
    – no matter what the Russians, Chinese or N.Koreans are up to, they are but pawns in the game: the Lord wrote the rules and no matter what happens, his word will stand – it cannot be challenged.

    And by the way Dude, I’m not here to gloat. The reason you completely misunderstand and consequently misinterpret the bible is because the mysteries of God are hidden and are only revealed in the Spirit. To think you can understand God’s Word without the Holy Spirit at work is again wrong. Surely it makes sense to consult the author?

    So we are back to where we left off, let me underline it again:

    – the next major prophetic event in Scripture is a middle-eastern nuclear war.
    – the economy will not recover, the world as we know it and the times of plenty will be over once and for all.
    – hunger and fear will become predominant in everyone’s lives as the horrors of reality become apparent to the world at large
    – the passage of planet X will cause the apocalyptic scenario described by the 6th seal of Revelation. the greater part of the world’s population will die.
    – after the consequences of the passage of planet X, the elites will leave their underground bases and the soldiers will round up survivors. freedom fighters, patriots, war protesters but chiefly Christians will be tortured and beheaded. all resistance to the NWO will be eliminated as the Antichrist (a political figure) rises to power supported by the church (the false prophet).
    – untold numbers of Christians will fall from the faith, as they were not living in the Spirit and will not overcome in their own strength. the disappointment at not being raptured will prove to much for many. this is what is meant when we are told: “In those days the love of many will grow cold”. Faced with torture and death they will swear allegiance to Lucifer.

    I am on holiday now so I will find the time to address two topics I’ve mentioned before and which are crucial to understanding the overall picture:

    – God will not rapture us until Jesus returns, after 3 1/2 years of tribulation until just before he pours out his wrath. He does however have an escape plan for those who love him and who are diligent in their relationship with him: this escape route is clearly and geographically recorded in the bible.

    – Once the church has been raptured, there is a group of Christians, strong mature Christians whose faith has been tested, refined and proven who will be sent out DURING the 3 1/2 years of tribulation to “…preach this gospel of the kingdom to the whole world, and THEN the end (Armaggedon) shall come.”

    This is the group I mentioned a few weeks ago, any clues? More hints?

    They will be sent out as part of the same mission throughout time (spreading the gospel of the kingdom) as the 12 and the 70/72. They also will enjoy supernatural protection (sealed on their foreheads) and will walk in the same healing power as the disciples, the same power the church tells us is clearly ours today when quite as clearly that is nowhere close to true. Anyone’s pastor out there performing miracles on a regular basis? No, I didn’t think so…

    I am talking about the 144,000, and what I would like to show you quite literally is nowhere to be found in church doctrine (how could it…), but I ask you to judge it on it’s merits, ie it’s clear, plain literal meaning in the bible. I will show you that the 144,000 gathered on the mount of olives after the passage of the 6th seal are not the only Christians left alive. There is another group who are not mature enough for this special mission but whom God will protect supernaturally as well, and the bible indicates WHERE as we are given a specific geographical location.

    That WHERE applies to YOU, and as with the Israelites in Egypt God will make the travel arrangements. That is why faith and the knowledge of God’s Word is all that is needed: God has never and will never abandon his children. You can rely on that.

    Is anyone getting even remotely curious? These discoveries were the most exciting things I ever came across in my life, especially after 5 years of daily research into world events and conspiracies. It is my belief that those of you who walk in the Spirit will be just as excited and are in as much need of the resulting peace as I was and am.

  63. Dude Says:

    darren: i still say youre whack even if armageddon doesnt happen today cause that aint what the book says.

  64. ericswan Says:

    Hey Darran’ hope to hear more from you while out on sabbatical. You might reconsider your interpretation of prophecy in the bible with the crucial promise from Jesus for a “Comforter”. You apparently have a bag of hand grenades others call dogma in your satchel. Until you figure out the “literal” language that Jesus spoke, there is little opportunity for you to proseletyze to the peanut gallery. Just sayin’

  65. Darran Says:

    “cause that aint what the book says.”

    Sorry, you have neither the authority nor the credibility to tell anyone what the bible says. That is plain for all to see.

    “You might reconsider your interpretation of prophecy in the bible with the crucial promise from Jesus for a “Comforter”.

    The Holy Spirit? Sorry but I don’t quite understand what you are saying? If you are saying that I am dogmatic it might be an idea to support your claim?

    “Until you figure out the “literal” language that Jesus spoke”

    Hebrew. So? I still don’t follow you?

    What I lay out with biblical support is for your consideration, I am not planning on changing your mind on anything. Intelligent, articulate people don’t just change their minds like that – it doesn’t work that way. It didn’t for me and it won’t for you.

    I claim no idea that I cannot support literally from Scripture, and I see no solution to any of man’s problems aside from God. When I say things like that I wonder how you imagine me in your mind’s eye…?

    I think you would be surprised…

  66. Celline Says:

    Last night, I could not post…. it said ” writes ” were disabled,
    so this here.. is a tryout.

  67. clark Says:

    Not that I don’t find this all very interesting, but it seems like the topic is being derailed a bit. Is there no stopping chemtrails? Are a great many Christians set in their ways enough that they wont lift a finger to try and stop chemtrails? If I see a thug beating on a kid in the neighbors front yard I’m not going to just sit there and say, “Its God’s will” and do nothing. It seems like a great many Christians are planning on doing just that. Or did I miss something?

  68. Celline Says:

    ok, it worked, last night… it gave me this weird writ.. that this blog was disabled.. scared me !
    About the Holy Spirit, He is the Comforter and He came to us, when Jesus rose up to Heaven. He is here w. us right now, and w.out Him, we would not be able to even hold on.. or grow in our Faith.. let alone, hold on, when things get worse. And, we are unable to understand the Bible w.out the Holy Spirit interpreting for us. I read thre bible many times as a teen, and later.. and what it said were merely words. but I memorized them anyways. When I became a “born again” believer, all those memorized verses came to mind and sorta exploded in my head.. because suddenly I understood their meaning, and this is ongoing all the time, the more I read, the more I understand.W.out the HolySpirit, this is impossible. I do understand Darren’s words and I ” hear” he’s righton.
    Thank you, Darren. Sky, Usch and Founding, I wrote u e mails late last night, to see if u were able to blog, because I could not.
    Glad it was a fluke thing.
    Dude.. take care of your mom, ok?

  69. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, it is now 3:36 p.m., and nothing has happened in the USA that was worth mentioning in the news. Hold on to all your water, Dude, you might still need it in the future. Because things WILL go bad sooner or later!

    I just read that Obama ‘won’ the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? I can’t figure it out. For being the worst president ever? For ruining the US economy? For working hard on a one world government? I guess the last one must be it. It shows clearly who is behind choosing the recipient (of course, it is the same people who are choosing everything important in this world, and we all know who I am talking about).

    Those Nobel prizes have become a joke these last years, anyway. I remember being stunned when Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess that was no worse than Obama getting it.

    The rain stopped around noon I believe, but the sky is completely filled with chemclouds. It is already starting to get darker again, I am sure the rain will soon commence again.

  70. ericswan Says:

    The best the NWO can do is the fulfillment of 1984. The NAFTA dealio reminds me of the Roman soldiers throwing dice to see who would get Jesus’ robe. The die is cast and Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia roll snake eyes doubled down.

  71. Dude Says:

    almost time to think about getting drunk. we still got a few hours left in the day though.

  72. ericswan Says:

    Jesus was trying to tell us that the Holy Spirit is a person. When “he” comes then and only then can Jesus Christ come to us.

  73. Celline Says:

    @eric, Jesus said, when he was ” leaving” : BUT I WILL SEND YOU A COMFORTER…….. which He did, and the PERSON of the Holy Spirit is w. us at this present time, w.out Him, we could do nothing, including we would not be able to understand scripture.
    Who taught you eric? What religion taught you ?
    Well ok, I will let this rest.

  74. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I got your mail. am so sad.. will keep doing what I am doing.
    Dude, how’s your mom? And maybe, just maybe you want to listen now? Without the Holy Spirit it is impossible to interpret or understand scripture.
    It is He who opens our understanding, our eyes and ears.
    Dude, I mean well.. and to speak bluntly: You need Jesus, cause we all do, you are no exception.

  75. Celline Says:

    http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ very interesting site.

  76. clark Says:

    Not to stir things or anything, but Dude could just have his calendar wrong, especially if Darrian is describing a Planet X in the future, maybe it’s according to the calendar used in Ezekials day and not the one we use today, lots of changes since then, or it could be after 10 years of something, who knows what. That food and water supply might still come in just as handy if the many people in the financial circles are correct and we are headed towards a hyperinflationary depression. Just a thought of two.

    Wondering about these people claiming drywall from China is a problem, I think they are blaming their symptoms and metal corrosion on the sulfur in the drywall, I wonder if their conclusion is just misplaced, and the sulfur from chemtrails is to blame?

    Thousands of Homeowners Cite Drywall for Ills


  77. Dude Says:

    Celline: Moms great. That war is still coming because everything the book says is still right here and now. we just dont know when but it will be the same day as the next false flag with a nuke. until then, it looks like we got more days left to party but its not gonna be too much longer because Nibiru is going to end this war. the date has definitely confused me though, especially since the time of year is described as in the fall, after the first harvests and before the second and right before the grape harvest. dont forget that robert gates told iran that we had a plan to take care of iran this past week. im sure they havent decided to leave iran alone.

  78. Dude Says:

    yea, the food will be great even if there is no war because the dollar is about to be worthless. there will still be a war against us though.

  79. ericswan Says:

    Celline…the bible was compiled hundreds of years after Jesus Christ. No where does it say that the Holy Spirit has landed anywhere or on anyone. When Jesus said he would rise again, he did that and it was witnessed. Who witnesses the fulfillment of Jesus promise to send the comforter? Many say they were filled with the holy spirit but that is not the “he” that Jesus promised and given that it was the last thing Jesus promises at the last supper, you should expect a report that is not found in scripture.

  80. ericswan Says:

    Dude…you took your shot and you struck out. I think you should go back to your drawing board and see if you can re-wire. You have been given a gift to prophesy but you have not been patient and did not receive the gift of inspiration. When you realize that you have been led astray by your own wishlisted ego, then you might see the truth.

    Celline..Many will be deceived. Why are you waiting on Jesus to “do it” for you? Stop running and make a stand. Dude is still plying his liquor and false faith in Niburu etc to do the dirty work. Wagging your finger, wagging your thumb, wagging the train and wagging your tongue. Jesus is the door but to walk the walk, you must know by now is “Love your neighbour”. Take that first step. Walk out the door and visit a neighbour. See if you can bring yourself to wash your neighbour’s feet.

  81. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, you are very wrong in many ways. The books of the New Testament were written by the people who still knew Jesus personally, or were part of that generation. Meaning, it was all written within probably 50 years or so after Jesus died and went to Heaven.

    And yes, he said not to do anything until the comforter came to guide them. That happened on Pentecost! The Holy Spirit (who is the Comforter who was promised) came onto the apostles and disciples like tongues of fire, and had them speaking in tongues, so everybody there, even the foreigners, heard the Good News preached in their own language.

    After that the apostles had the courage and wisdom to go out and preach the gospel to the gentiles. The Holy Spirit, who was now inside them, empowered them to do that.

    And now, when you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and repent of your sins, the Holy Spirit will fill you, too.

    There are no more prophets now! Only false prophets, who do not prophesy from God. If there were still prophets, then the Bible wouldn’t be complete.

    None of today’s so-called prophets are reliable. None have had all their predictions come true. The Bible’s definition of a true prophet is, that their predictions come 100% true, every single time, because it is God himself who speaks through them.

    In the Old Testament, false prophets were stoned to death. Because they claimed to speak for God, which was blasphemy if it wasn’t true (and still is, of course).

    So, no, Dude is not a prophet, not by a long shot.

  82. clark Says:

    Ah-hem… chemtrails?

  83. clark Says:

    Here is a bit from this video (worth watching) to understand why people won’t or can’t open their eyes:

    “…The demoralization process in America is basically completed already… Most of it is done by Americans to Americans thanks to lack of moral standards… exposure to, “true information” does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to acess true information, the facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp he will refuse to believe it, until he’s going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes his (privates?) Then he will understand, but not before that, that’s the tragic of the situation of demoralization…”

    It seems it is a waste of time to do, or say anything about chemtrails, 9/11, the Fed and the financial situation or the various wars. We are in step 3, the Soviets Did in fact win The Cold War. The Christians and other religions have been co-opted by the Marxists?

  84. Darran Says:


    For the kind of answers that are likely to satisfy your intellect, try “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell. I think Ursa Major said the remainder quite nicely…


    “Not that I don’t find this all very interesting, but it seems like the topic is being derailed a bit. Is there no stopping chemtrails? Are a great many Christians set in their ways enough that they wont lift a finger to try and stop chemtrails? If I see a thug beating on a kid in the neighbors front yard I’m not going to just sit there and say, “Its God’s will” and do nothing. It seems like a great many Christians are planning on doing just that. Or did I miss something?”

    Just about everything. 🙂

    I just happen to not be able to figure out how to force the world’s elites to comply with my desire not to be sprayed, taxed and poisoned. It’s not that I haven’t given it any thought, it’s just that I’m clearly quite inadequate when it comes to solving the world’s problems!

    Maybe you would care to explain how that has anything to do with your stereotyped conception of how Christians react to world events?
    Last time I looked around ‘everyone’ had their head stuck in the sand, not just Christians.

    It seems to me that everyone in here has done the research, is networking the information and battling a considerable amount of ostracism in the course of their attempts to inform others of the dangers around them. Are you doing anything more than that yourself?

    I’ll tell you what, if you have any brilliant ideas on how to stop Chemtrails …I’m in. That’s not sarcasm either.

  85. Celline Says:

    Thanx Uschi, you explained it well to Eric. He’s so totally off track.. but then, to deny the presence of the Holy Spirit is to miss it all.. unable to understand even a sentence in the ” Good Book”.. thus, eric, you are sealing your own fate.
    I don’t know who taught you.. but whoever did, has done u much harm.
    What more can we do about those chems?
    Topple Wallstreet, sure.. but how? Don’t buy another anything, no food either? Nothing, no money, no wallstreet. This is beyond my comprehension.. we’d need leadership for this one.
    I just read something I really already knew, but it brought things fresh to mind.
    Our soldiers are not fighting for America, they are fighting for the UN.
    This alone shows that we no longer are a sovereign nation, yet nothing more than stupid, even brainwashed pawns of the Elite.
    Sure.. some people are aware, but so far I met no one who knows what to do about it. The JWs and the Mormons have a headstart on this.. simply refusing to be drafted. Makes me think, they are “Part” of the whole nasty NWO-thing, infact, yes, I know they are.
    Could I wash my neighbor’s feet? Well Eric would you?
    My reply is: Yes, of course I would, and I can.

  86. clark Says:

    Darrian says, “…I just happen to not be able to figure out how to force the world’s elites to comply with my desire not to be sprayed, taxed and poisoned. It’s not that I haven’t given it any thought, it’s just that I’m clearly quite inadequate when it comes to solving the world’s problems!”

    Very well said.

    It just seemed like the conversation was getting a little off track, that’s all.

    My statement wasn’t based on any stereotypical conception what-so-ever (notice the key words “great many” before the word Christians) and it certainly wasn’t meant to imply that Christians alone ignored chemtrails (especially not here on this blog) it was based on the comments I see everywhere, just a small sample for instance; Celline’s preacher friend’s inability to even discuss chemtrails, and the wide range of Imperial Christians:

    Perhaps you missed the frustration, like I quoted you, and there seems to be nothing more to do. The reply Celline got from the people the other day, something about drinking a bit early, is about as much thinking as people will give the subject… I don’t know.

    The brilliant idea is, it seems as if there isn’t anything that can be done, it’s like that ex-Commie guy says in the video, people won’t accept the truth until it kicks them in the butt and then some.

    I guess I’m a bit demoralized by understanding how well the demoralizing process is working to demoralize the masses. I expected better. That’s my problem, I had too high of expectations of the people’s ability to use reason and logic and such to understand.

  87. Dude Says:

    eric: i aint no prophet i told you. the story is still the same in the Bible. the russians are still ready to nuke us over iran. the neocons are still pushing to invade iran. the dollar is still collapsing. the thing theyre hiding in the sky is still coming. nothing has changed except the date stated in the three books of the bible has passed. the other books make it clear its in the fall too so i wouldnt imagine it would be too far off, i just dont know when now.

  88. clark Says:

    Intellectual revolution.

    Here is the only solution I’ve seen so far that makes any sense (if the world isn’t destroyed in the meantime) substitute any nation in place of America and it might just work as well, it just might not happen until after the Marxists boot kick though, if at all:

    “…Celente forecast the ongoing continuation of politically-charged protests several months ago, saying “we’re calling, of course, for an intellectual revolution: that people understand, become knowledgeable and not rise up against the government in an armed way, but in an intellectual way.” He also believes “we need a new, third [political] party.”

    As America wakes up, those in power are doing everything they can to discourage us. Protesters are being labeled radical for utilizing their God-given, constitutionally protected freedom of speech to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Be that as it may, public officials would be very wise to respect the words of John F. Kennedy, who once said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    American Patriots must peacefully band together in this intellectual revolution – and embrace the principles of civil disobedience over violence – to force changes within our Federal Republic and its governing structures. By doing so, our nation will be empowered to foreclose on the ethically, morally, and financially bankrupt cesspool of corruption, which is destroying the entire world with it. In short, we need a change we can believe in; we need a new era – The Great American Renaissance – and we need it right now.

    “The whole system is breaking down and something new will be born, but if we use our intellect, rather than continue along the same path, we can create a better future,” says Celente. “We don’t need Wall Street, we need Main Street. We don’t need Wal-Marts, we need Mom & Pops. We don’t need agribusiness, we need family farms. We need to bring America back to when it was at its most, when it was the most egalitarian nation in the world, when the quality of life was at its highest. That was the model [for success].”


  89. Celline Says:

    Excellent, Clark.. exactly where America should be.
    The thing is, that the Powers that be have been working on the opposite now for a long time.
    Destroying the farmer and all privately owned small or even big.. businesses. No water for the Breadbasket of America !!!!
    Wow, Kolchosen are springing up , Monsanto up front,( which I already lived under in Communist Germany.. thanx !)
    I escaped it under gunfire, and to my horror it has followed me here.
    I saw it coming a long time ago and warned people and was laughed at.
    I do not know Clark, what u meant by ” drinking early”, personally I don’t even touch the stuff. You are correct, I was and am unable to discuss all of these matters w. my Christian friends in leading positions. They are scared that the next paycheck won’t come, if they blow the whistle. I am so discouraged w. ” christianity” in America, that I no longer attend any organized church. No thanx !
    My 5 cents.. for what it’s worth !

  90. clark Says:

    Celline said, …This is unreal, I have not seen this in a long time, if ever !
    Our whole sky.. and I mean all of it.. is covered with chems.. and the South is completely obscured, total whiteout.
    Streaks and stripes, X es and T s like writing almost, there’s not one spot in the sky that’s not scribbled on, just horrendous.
    In a parkinglot, I called several people’s attention to it, they all acted like..” umm yea.. how can you drink this early in the day…?” and walked away..

    They walked away like brainwashed idiots, and I expected more from them.
    You did good Celline.

  91. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, I am still trying to get my husband to get it. Sometimes I see a glimmer of hope, but then he says something that makes it clear he still thinks I am nuts.

    Today I mentioned that there is lots of evidence that Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative. That he is long dead, and that the videos shown are not even him. My husband scoffed at me. Then I asked him if he truly thought it was possible that a paper passport could have survived an airplane crash into a building, the resulting fireball, be propelled out of a ‘terrorist’s’ pocket and land on the pavement below the building in nearly perfect condition. He actually said that he thinks it could happen! It just blows my mind.

    Clark, what you posted seems to be true. Because how is it possible that somebody with normal intelligence (not too much above average, but definitely normal) like my husband has this absolute BLOCK in his mind to seeing the truth, because he has believed the government lies for too long?

    SEEING the chemtrails with his own eyes will also do absolutely nothing to convince him of what they are. I point out to him the trails, and then how they have spread and have covered the whole sky. How they have wiped out his ‘glorious, sunny day’ within an hour. It made him look thoughtful the other day. But today, he put down people who believe in a chemtrail conspiracy again. Ugh. It is disheartening to be so alone, with my WHOLE family treating me like an idiot.

    So, what can I do all by myself? Not much, especially because I have no money, no energy, can’t walk because of severe problems with my feet, can’t breathe……….. etc. Who would listen to me? The local media, politicians, church? Whatever. Without the support of my family, friends and neighbours I won’t get far.

    I wished I could go to Germany, my brothers and I could possibly wake up a few people. But they are too far away to do anything with, of course.

    It is getting cold here, winter is just around the corner, it could snow any time now. Were I live, there is pretty much only summer (short) and winter (long). Spring and fall are hardly worth mentioning, as it goes from hot summer to cold winter overnight it seems, and in the spring it is the same in reverse.

    The fields are still not completely harvested, but hopefully will be tomorrow unless it rains again before tomorrow night. They worked all day yesterday, but because the trucks get stuck in the muck because of all the rain, they had to keep pulling them out, slowing things down. No Thanksgiving Monday for the potato farmers if they want to get their harvest done before hard frost sets in. I just hope it won’t rain tomorrow.

    Lots of chem clouds today, but clear skies tonight with lots of stars.

  92. Celline Says:

    Thanx Clark for clearing this up.
    Uschi, I know how u feel, I am in the same position.
    Lets u and I go to Germany, I have an invite from some friends in Bavaria, to go to Capri w. them, and I am seriously considering it.
    Now this should be fun.
    Maybe then I could show them the chems in their own backyard and they would believe it.
    So far, they claim that they don’t know what I am talking about !

  93. Celline Says:

    my posts do not come up… 3. try.

  94. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, the board is working fine. Do you remember how to clear your temporary Internet files? I think you may want to do that, it will likely help.

    I was out there at 8:00 a.m. The sky was filled with those popcorn things, and two obvious chemtrails, forming an X in the sky (of course, they were going right over my house, as usual, and there were only those two).

    Now it is 9:27 a.m., and they have already merged to completely cover the whole sky. While the sun was still shining through earlier, it isn’t now.

    It was 0 degrees Celsius at eight, now it is 3 degrees (0 degrees is 32 Fahrenheit). Lots of frost everywhere earlier.

    I hope the rain will hold off, as they can’t start harvesting potatoes yet, it is too cold. 40 acres left to harvest, and the other area farmers are farther behind. If it doesn’t rain, they’ll likely start at noon. 40 acres is 8% of this farmer’s fields, which would be a significant loss if they can’t bring it in. Normally they are long done by Thanksgiving, but through relentless chem spraying, it has been raining so much that they are way behind.

  95. Ursa Major Says:

    Yes, Celline, if you can afford it you should go with your friends to Capri. You need a break, and a nice holiday like that would be good for you. But don’t hold your breath on convincing your friends, as here the chems are right in people’s faces, too, and nobody believes me!

  96. ericswan Says:

  97. Dude Says:

    Celline: yea, go on that vacation. this wars still coming and this would be a good time to go somewhere. Im with you on boycotting the churches too. they still dont have a clue.

  98. Ursa Major Says:

    I wished I could boycott my church, too. But if I’d do that, I will be really in for it! Then my family will really think I’ve lost my mind and that I am backsliding and need preaching to day and night. I don’t think I need that.

    But now and then, when I am really not feeling good, I skip church, like yesterday. If I would have made a serious effort I could have gone, but I just didn’t feel like it. I am supposed to listen to all of them, and be loving and kind and all that, but NOBODY listens to me. I get so sick of it! But they are good people, so I won’t break with them completely. I am just not too overly chummy with any of them.

    It is looking more and more like it will be raining soon. If it does, I think the area potato farmers will have to kiss the rest of their harvest good-bye. And NONE of the clouds are real, natural clouds, they have the obvious chemcloud look! Evil, evil, evil. It makes me SO mad! Because I am sure they do it on purpose to ruin all our farmers.

    As Sky said, they ruin some with drought, and others with too much rain. Either way, they are doing it on purpose.

  99. Dude Says:

    eric: excellent vid by project camelot. jordan maxwell is an incredibly smart individual. Terri is sometimes annoying cause she sometimes wants to answer her own questions or changes the subject when im listening. They cut out a couple parts that i was into in this vid and did you all notice that he wont talk about something he and Sitchin talked about???? I know what that is and its the thing that NO ONE will tell you about and it’s the thing theyre hiding with the chemtrails. And yes, hes right about America being destroyed too. i dont know when (obvioulsy) but its close.

  100. Celline Says:

    another try, yes, I clear my computer daily, Uschi.
    We have stormclouds today, of course though, not a drop of rain.
    The clouds had an open spot, where the blue sky should have shown.. and there it was POPCORN. I heard it rains north of us and of course every drop will be full of chem-crap.
    Yes, the farmers are taken out of business.. it’s not even new. They started this when I came here. I remember my father in law, who was a potato farmer in Idaho, telling me, that the Government was paying him NOT to FARM. That’s years and years ago. But now, we are feeling the impact and we all are eating Monsanto engeneered food..

  101. Celline Says:

    Just had a computer expert checking out my computer, am trying to see if my problem is fixed…

  102. Celline Says:

    listened to your video Eric. Actually, this isen’t anything new .
    ” The gods created us and these gods have enemies”…….
    excuse me but: Duh !
    God created us, and Satan fell out of Heaven and w. him 1/3 of the angels. The latter are demons. They are moving around, on,in ,above the earth.. seeking someone to devour ! Does this ring a bell?

  103. Celline Says:

    The book ” End the Fed” is shooting up in price on Amazon.. due to high demand and sales of course. Interesting..

  104. Sky Says:

    BC report – 80-100 temperature records broken across BC because of the extreme cold the last 3 days.

    These records weren’t just broken by a fraction of a degree. They were SHATTERED by many degrees C .

    The wine industry is huge in my valley. The grape growers got the double whammy this year. Extreme cold in the spring damaged the buds after pruning. So their crops yields were already greatly reduced. And now this. They weren’t finished harvesting when the sustained minus temperatures hit. So they’ll lose even more of their grapes . : – (

    But the temperatures alone don’t tell the whole story. Normally when temperature records are broken, the temp with dip above/below normal for a few hrs at most.

    This cold was SUSTAINED cold. By early evening it was already below freezing, and it took till afternoon the following day before the air temp rose above zero.

    Just a week ago, we had record breaking highs. People in Vancouver were still wearing shorts. Then SUDDENLY, with no incoming systems, we are subjected to below zero temps.

    All the plants in my yard died overnight, the first night of the long cold.

    And it’s still soooo dry. Very bad for the trees and shrubs. They need moisture in the soil to survive the winter without damage. And they need to shut down their sap systems gradually. Not like this- one day summer, the next day winter !

    Was listening to Ian Punnet on Coast to Coast AM the other night. He’s somewhere back in the eastern USA, where they are getting moisture. They got hit by the cold too and then it snowed. Punnet remarked on how strange it was that the leaves on his trees were still green ( they hadn’t turned fall color yet ) and how the snow knocked down all these still green leaves onto his lawn. His lawn was covered in snow and GREEN leaves.

    Sigh…..the robins are STILL here. Things are so screwed up.

  105. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky..ditto on wt…

    We have to remember that these chemtrails enable some to think they are or have the power of life and death. Coupled with HAARP and their criminal friends in the natural gas pipeline biz and the percentage take on the use of natural gas by way of the carbon tax, this weather was bought and paid for. Is it any wonder this planet is due for a reallignment.

  106. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan- Yeah , you’re right. The weather was bought and paid for. Why not drive heating bills thru the roof and kill the farmers at the same time ?

    I’m dreading the days of extreme water and power rationing.

    They’re coming.

    We’ll all freeze to death up here in this northern gulag.

  107. Dave Mason Says:

    The purpose of this webpage is to host government white papers and organization’s files on controversial issues. All of the these exhibits are public domain, and were found using Google Advanced Search or were hosted by mainline or alternative news outlets. All of these hyperlinks are actual documentation, as I do not link to any news articles. The only “news” I link to are press releases from the actual agencies.

    I highly recommend downloading all of these PDF and PPT files onto compact discs and send these discs to everyone you know. I also recommend printing out these documents to hand out to people for first amendment activism purposes. You can double click on each link to view the file on your browser if you have the appropriate software installed. To download these files, right click the link and select Save Link As. The file sizes are large, so if you have a slow internet connection, please be patient. This information on this webpage is very important and it must go out to everyone. All links are in either PDF, PNG, JPG, or PPT format.



  108. Dave Mason Says:

    The Government White Papers – and the chemtrail patent



    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: (regarding chemtrails) “We estimate a total cost of lifting mass into the stratosphere on wide-body commercial aircraft to be ~$0.3/pound”

    Climate Change: A geoengineering fix?

    “Geoengineering Option” CFR article

    US Patent 5003186 details “chemtrails”

    China Lake: Weather Modification

    Pacific NW Natl Lab: Geo-engineering Modeling Studies

    UK Parliamentary Office of Sci and Tech: Geo-engineering Research

    UK DECC: Geo-engineering Options for Mitigating Climate Change

    CFR: Unilateral Geoengineering

    Royal Society: An overview of geoengineering of climate using stratospheric sulphate aerosols

    The Oceanography Society: “tiny sulfuric acid particles could be dispersed artificially in the upper stratosphere by aircraft.”

  109. Dave Mason Says:

    the chemtrail patent = http://patriotportal.yolasite.com/resources/5003186.pdf

  110. Dude Says:

    The world is cooling down. It has for several years and that is proven. So the chemtrails are not for cooling down the planet.

    The chemtrails have been sprayed almost every day since January, that Ive noticed, with no visible effects on anyone I know. They arent for population control. Besides, that is what the spanish/bird/pig flu and its corresponding vaccine are for.

    The chemtrails are getting worse with time, therefore whatever their purpose is, it is becoming more pronounced.

    There are at least 5 times the number of large earthquakes this year as in the three previous years combined. Many volcanos have and are erupting also. why?

    All the governments of Earth are spraying and they have all been digging underground bases as evidenced by all the mysterious hums, in addition to the known underground construction bases and sites.

    The worlds elite built a “doomsday” seed vault. why?

    The Dutch government announced they were preparing for “doomsday” and was censored by fox news. why?

    After launching their infrared IRAS orbital telescope, NASA announced they found something headed this way, previously proven by mathematics, and two weeks later said it was a “mistake”.

    Since then, the governments of the Earth have spent *trillions* on IR telescopes in space and on Antarctica. Why?

    In addition, every ancient civilization on Earth tells us about this thing coming.

    So how much more do you all need to understand what the chemtrails are for?

  111. Celline Says:

    @David, I can not get results on US Patent 5003186 !
    Neither am I able to open the links u gave.

  112. clark Says:

    @Dude, I don’t know if they are related to chemtrails or not, but have you forgotten about Morgellons? That’s a huge number of people harmed, and their condition is kept under wraps just like chemtrails are. The CDC is supposedly studying the issue, nothing from them yet, surprise, surprise. Plus the many possible links to other problems such as Fibromyalgia and a host of similar conditions. Didn’t we cover this in Part I and II?

    – It seems like it’s been weeks now, almost always solid white skies and every time the blue sky and sun tries to peak out massive numbers of chemtrails appear and the sky goes back to solid white. I’m so sick of this. Some early October snow with green leaves here too.

    I found this in an article, perhaps chemtrails play a role? Mildly shockingly the article even briefly mentioned the Air Force’s HARRP weapon, because chemtrails are a weapon.:

    “…The ultimate objective [of the NWO goons] is to subdue the citizens, totally depoliticize social life in America, prevent people from thinking and conceptualizing, from analyzing facts and challenging the legitimacy of the US-NATO-led war.”


    I think they are succeeding.

  113. Ursa Major Says:

    Dave, the patriot portal site looks very interesting, I’ll read and download articles as I find time. For now I have bookmarked it so I can find it again. Thanks for posting the links.

  114. Celline Says:

    Dave, I finally was able w. the help of a friend to open your 2 links. NOW : We can not understand the content, it takes a scientist to do this.
    Can you, in a few words explain some of the most important content?
    Important, because the friend owns a newspaper.. and he wants to put it out there….. IF we can understnd it.

  115. Dude Says:

    clark: i read somewhere that morgellons was related to lyme, which i have, thanks to plum island lab. any increase in any type of particulate matter results in higher breathing problems and death rates.

    We have had yet another big earthquake (6.3) and 3 that are >5.0 today. i know what the chemtrails are for.


  116. Dude Says:

    clark: i read somewhere that morgellons was related to lyme, which i have, thanks to plum island lab. any increase in any type of particulate matter results in higher breathing problems and death rates.

    We have had yet another big earthquake (6.3) and 3 that are >5.0 today. i know what the chemtrails are for.

  117. Celline Says:

    Dude.. 4 real.. u have Lyme’s?
    Where were the quakes? I did not hear anything about it.

  118. Dude Says:

    earthquake.usgs.gov i tried to include the link earlier but wordpress canned the post.

  119. Dude Says:

    ive had lyme for awhile and ill most likely die from it, if something else doesnt get me first. that why i eat antibiotics all the time and why i make colloidal silver but they dont do much. i dont have many symptoms either, an occasional painful joint thats kinda different from any other joint pain i ever had. and you can believe this too: the shit spreads by mosquitos. I saw it happen. the doctors lie. they dont know much about it either but i know that it was created in plum island lab and its another bioweapon made by the evil bastards, like aids, the spanish/pig/bird flu, and probably more. these would be the pestilences spoken about in the Bible. there will be more to come, especially during the invasion, i believe.

  120. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, I have read, too, that Lyme disease was created in a lab. I might have it as well, but doctors here are too ignorant (they claim there isn’t Lyme in Canada, but right across the border there is, the mosquitoes ‘obviously’ respect the US/Canadian border).

    Mind you, I have also read that possibly Lyme’s and Morgellon’s is the same disease. I don’t know if that is true, but it might be.

    I’ve just had the obligatory spraying line go across my house. Lots of chemclouds in the sky, but at this point the ones meant to look like good-weather clouds (and failing miserably, can’t fool me). It is zero degrees Celsius here (32 Fahrenheit).

    I hope the good weather holds for the afternoon, because then the farmer my son-in-law works for will be able to finish harvesting today (it rained yesterday).

  121. Dude Says:

    Celline: There IS lyme in Canada. I saw a Canadian (ontario) doctor. Hes the one who said “i didnt think that was possible” when I showed him that mosquitos transmit the disease. the thing is the lyme bacteria is probably on the order of 1000 times larger than the aids virus and they tell you mosquitos cant transmit that, they LIE. Oh yea, and the canadian doctor gave my boy a prescription for a corticosteroid for the lyme rash. If I had used that on my son, he would permanently have Lyme like I do and for the exact same reason. the doctors are stupid i tell you.

  122. Dude Says:

    Ursa: haha i just woke up. I thought Celline typed that cause she was asking about it first.

  123. Dave Mason Says:

    Celline – contact me at thedealmagnet@yahoo.com and I will explain everything in full. remember this word – PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.

  124. clark Says:

    @Dude, 1st, I had some bothersome “balls” in my joints, I took olive leaf after every meal for awhile and they ALL went away while some people around me resorted to surgery which failed to cure them. Just saying.

    2nd, I don’t think Morgellons has any relation to Lyme what-so-ever. If anything it has to do with toxins, sort of like what may be pouring out of the chemtrail jets? I found this recent bit and it was interesting but not official in any way:

    We just say, “Morgellons Disease does not exist.” We are researching HYPER TOXICITY SYNDROME, which is defined as bodily states so toxic that further pharmaceutical treatments cause observable local, or general debilitation. This was once common mainly among the elderly, but now, it is among the young. There is so much environmental, nutritional, and pharmaceutical tissue pollution these days that side effects are rampant, and far more unpredictable. Almost any conventional treatment sickens them further. We must expand beyond fixation on skin symptoms. There will be found to be hundreds of other ailments related to HYPER TOXICITY. This is much bigger than the old Morgellons goof up.

    It is well known that healthy, toxin free, well fertilized trees, and vegetables are, to a large extent immune to insect, and parasite invasion. TOXIC DEBILITATION should be expected to make the skin, very susceptible to parasitic invasion. Good. Now we have some winning terminology.

    HYPER TOXICITY can easily be researched via computerized medical databases. I would advise that further proclamation that Morgellons exists is a self defeating effort, because the disease has been redefined into something which really does not exist.


  125. Dude Says:

    clark: sounds like you had calcium deposits. Some people have linked, or found things to imply a link between morgellons and lyme but i dont remember who or where i saw it. search for it if youre interested. Others have linked it to the chemtrails. Dont confuse any disease links to chemtrails with the real purpose of most of the chemtrails, which is the thing coming in the sky.

  126. clark Says:

    Maybe so. Maybe not.

  127. Celline Says:

    @Dave Mason, thank you Dave, but in the meantime, we have it all figured out. 3 heads were better than my one, thank you again for those incredible links, the best I have seen so far. You have been of much help.
    Dude, if it ain’t 1 thing it’s another eh?
    How is your mom?
    Chemtrails all day, intermixed w. real clouds. We have another heatwave coming.. we got hardly any rain at all.. while Northern Cal did, so unfair !

  128. clark Says:

    Perhaps many people are unaffected by chemtrails, just as with vaccines? The question is, how many are affected by both? This one person who was affected by a vaccine is nothing except the word “but” to many in healthcare and government, so too are those who may be affected by what’s in chemtrails? A sad tale for sure:

  129. Celline Says:

    http://pimpinturtle.com/ this is making the rounds in Twitter.

  130. Celline Says:

    @Founding. Could u please do something so I won’t have to put my name/address in, be4 I can blog?
    And something is still strange when I add something to the blog. It doesen’t appear right away like it use to.. I have to log out and when I check on it later.. it did post. Just those 2 odd things that never happened be4.
    Am I the only one w. those ” glitches?”
    We have heat again, and late afternoon, with the usual oceanclouds, here they come, the chems are layed in front of them. I found Dave Mason’s links amazing and downloaded them.

  131. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Celline,

    I am sorry, I can’t help you. YOU ARE the only one with these glitches. Your comments keep showing up as if they are posting from a “new” person, and I have to manually approve them. That shouldn’t be. Your IP address is the same.

    Also, I have turned off the requirement for leaving a name and email address.

    There is something not right with your computer or your internet connection. No one else is having these problems and there are no requirements to post here (except new posters have to have their first comment manually approved).

    Sorry. I don’t know what to tell you.



  132. Celline Says:


  133. Ursa Major Says:

    Bizarre skies yesterday. Today started out with a clear blue sky, but it is full out attack, the sky is being x-ed out! Crossing obvious chemtrails in every direction from horizon to horizon, no attempt at concealment at all.

    Yesterday I saw again a large jet flying quite low, leaving no trail. But it also made NO NOISE at all. In contrast, later I saw a small propeller aircraft, which was quite noisy. Obviously, a jet should be much louder. What was that quiet jet doing, that it needed to be on ‘stealth mode’?

  134. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Founding. I just had my computer ” fixed”, so if there’s still something wrong w. it, then I just need a new one, that hurts my pocketbook, so I will have to put up w. what I have.. til after christmas. I won’t complain anymore though because it’s obviously my computer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Crystal blue and sizzling hot here today.. Santa Ana winds.
    No chems yet today, but then, the day isen’t over either.
    Uschi, I have seen things like this myself, Jets w. no sound.. and other weird stuff. Dave’s links explain much, digging in there, we even might find an explanation for that one. Still have my nose in it.

  135. Celline Says:

    Just blogged and it did not show again. I need a new computer, but can’t afford one right now.
    Uschi, I have seen jets that made no sound , also seen jets that vanished from one second to the next.
    Still looking in Dave’s links for many many answers.

  136. Celline Says:

    My previous blog came up as : anonymous !

  137. Ursa Major Says:

    Blue-white striped sky today, with ‘pretty’ chem-bows, and other ‘cool’ stuff. Those are SOOOOOOOO obviously NOT normal clouds! But nobody cares.

    I have all my kids here this weekend. Last week my husband and I decided that we want to downsize to a smaller house this coming spring, to get rid of our mortgage, to hopefully have a bigger yard to grow a garden, to make things easier for me (stairs are a problem) and other reasons (we both think the economy might collapse).

    I was looking at houses in the village north of here that my second youngest daughter lives in. Those houses cost a ton less (even though it is only a twenty minute drive from here), and are generally smaller than the house we have now.

    I had mentioned to my oldest daughter that we might want to move there. She talked to her younger sister the other day and mentioned that I thought it would be nice to live near her.

    Anyway, I overheard my oldest daughter talking to my husband earlier today (they thought I was still in the shower and wouldn’t hear), and she told him that her sister absolutely does NOT want us to move there, because I would go around taking pictures of clouds and she doesn’t want her neighbours to see that, as it would embarrass her. She doesn’t want her neighbours to think she has a ‘whacko’ for a mother.

    I met this younger daughter yesterday at the farm she works at. And right over the fields were a ton of chemtrails, lots of them crossing, the whole sky was covered in them, stark white against a bright blue sky. It was one of the worst, obvious chemtrail days in a long time.

    So, I pointed behind her at the sky, and when she turned around and looked, I asked her, if she seriously thought that those where normal, ordinary contrails put there by commercial airplanes, or that those were ordinary clouds. I said that I had also seen a couple of regular commercial airplanes leaving normal, short, disappearing contrails just a few minutes before.

    I left it at that, kissed the baby good-bye and left. I wasn’t going to argue my point (which is pointless with her), I just wanted her to look when she could not POSSIBLY deny that those were rather odd and should not be there.

  138. clark Says:

    Brainwashed, just like in that video. It’s amazing how brainwashed people are. You simply cannot undo it, not until they get a kick in their fat bottom from a Jack boot.

  139. clark Says:

    A small bit on an, “official” website. This Yahoo news article discusses chemtrails without calling it such, weather control in Russia:


    “…the mayor of Moscow promises to keep it from snowing. For just a few million dollars, the mayor’s office will hire the Russian Air Force to spray a fine chemical mist over the clouds before they reach the capital, forcing them to dump their snow outside the city. Authorities say this will be a boon for Moscow, which is typically covered with a blanket of snow from November to March. Road crews won’t need to constantly clear the streets, and traffic – and quality of life – will undoubtedly improve.

    Controlling the weather in Moscow is nothing new, he says. Ahead of the two main holidays celebrated in the city each year – Victory Day in May and City Day in September – the often cash-strapped air force is paid to make sure that it doesn’t, well, rain on the parades.

    “You know how every year on City Day and Victory Day we create the weather?” Luzhkov asked a group of farmers outside Moscow in September, according to Russian media reports.

    The plan was unsurprisingly rubber-stamped this week by the Moscow City Council, which is dominated by Luzhkov’s supporters. Then the city’s Department of Housing and Public Works described how it would work. The air force will use cement powder, dry ice or silver iodide to spray the clouds from Nov. 15 to March 15 – and only to prevent “very big and serious snow” from falling on the city, said Andrei Tsybin, the head of the department. This could mean that a few flakes will manage to slip through the cracks. Tsybin estimated that the total cost of keeping the storms at bay would be $6 million this winter, roughly half the amount Moscow normally spends to clear the streets of snow.

    So far the main objection to the plan has come from Moscow’s suburbs, which will likely be inundated with snow if the plan goes forward. Alla Kachan, the Moscow region’s ecology minister, said the proposal still needs to be assessed by environmental experts and discussed with the people living in the area before Luzhkov can enact it….”

  140. Ursa Major Says:

    Wow, Clark……… amazing about the weather control in Russia. Those people do whatever they want, they have never cared about the environment (or their people, for that matter) and can brainwash their people to believe anything. If they tell them it is good, the people (who have never learned to think for themselves) will agree. They don’t HAVE to be subtle there!

  141. ericswan Says:


  142. Celline Says:


  143. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, I went to church this morning. In our church the words to the songs being sung are put on a screen with a projector. They will always put a background image to throw the words onto, and usually get an image from the Internet. Often it is an image of a cross against a blue sky (don’t know where those crosses stand).

    I had a very hard time feeling worshipful this morning while singing. Because the image today was a large wooden cross against a backdrop of a blue sky with at least twelve CHEMTRAILS criss-crossing! I could hardly believe my eyes, and it makes me so mad.

    And I don’t mean chems that aren’t obvious, but glaringly obvious, in your face chemtrails. Ugh, I don’t go to church to see chemtrails, I see enough of them already!

    But that is how oblivious people in my church, including my pastors (one of the pastors being my own son) are to reality.

  144. Dude Says:

    Theyre not about the weather!!! heres a video concerning 2012 complete with two agents reneenme and graywolf who have been on this video for a whole year constantly, every day denying the existence of Nibiru. Why is that? Theyre also some of the ones who threatened me and proved they were agents. So what does this tell you? I apparently got drunk last night and engaged them in conversation again. oh well…..
    I hope this doesnt embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlcPWa6SomE

    and Clark, you hit it right on the head: “Brainwashed, just like in that video. It’s amazing how brainwashed people are. You simply cannot undo it, not until they get a kick in their fat bottom from a Jack boot.”

  145. Dude Says:

    Ursa: If I had seen that in church, I wouldve at that point commandeered the service to explain what everybody was seeing. Probably a good thing I dont go to the hypocritical churches.

  146. Dude Says:

    fond another agent, haha, theyre sooo pathetic.

  147. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, those people are so brainwashed into believing those chemtrails are normal contrails/clouds by our pathetic/evil governments, that they simply CAN’T see what is glaring in their faces. I mean, even the people I show the chemtrails to and explain it to won’t believe it! They see them in all movies, ads, in TV backgrounds etc., everywhere they go, that when they see them in the sky or on the church screen, they don’t even notice them at all.

    And my husband said that if I am right and those really are chemtrails, I should realize that the cross in the foreground signifies an almighty God who can take care of chemtrails and so I shouldn’t worry about them. Sigh.

    Those chemtrails IN church where almost the only ones I’ve seen today. The sky was just a clear blue all day, and only at sunset I saw one chemtrails on the horizon. Mind you, it might have been the beginning of all-night spraying, and we might wake up to a white sky again.

  148. clark Says:

    For most of the day it was a clear blue sky today too, only midway through dozens of chemtrails streamed every which way across the sky… it was like I was under the runway of LAX or something. The strange part was they didn’t white out the sky like usual, but as with Ursa, I’ll probably wake up to a white sky again.

    @Ursa, it seems as if your congregation was praying to the chemtrails, the way you described it anyway.

    I imagine in the past someone said to their loved one’s that God can take care of Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin – as they starved or killed them off in some way, while others fought, hid or ran… isn’t there some saying about not messing with evil but turning around and going the other way? Hmm and which way is Malta, land of the chemtrail free zone? Nevermind, I’m just rambling. … What to do… What to do.

  149. ericswan Says:

    It appears the link I provided above, has gone south. The researchers involved in this chemtrail website include G. Edward Griffin. If you aren’t familiar with that name, he exposes the federal reserve in what can only be described as peerless. If you are worried about the health effects of chemtrails then you should know what is causing the health effects and why. http://lookupabove.tripod.com/index.html

    No Virginia. Chemtrails aren’t trying to block your view of Niburu.

  150. clark Says:

    Just before daybreak I could see the stars but it did seem like there were chemtrails, but it was too dark to tell. However, once the sun came up, chemtrails galore, and so far they haven’t white’d out the sky yet. There’s an almost perfect mix of chemtrails and contrails at every altitude. One very long chemtrail which switched off and became a contrail. I think I even saw a chemtrail being created by one of those invisible jets. ECK! And I still cannot find any pattern or method to their flights.

    @Ursa, thinking about your church iconography where the cross is below the chemtrails… such placement indicates the cross is below and subserviant to the chemtrails rather than above the chemtrails indicating power over them. This iconography supports the idea in this article that many of the “Christian” churches today are really the churches of Statan whose members worship the golden calf:


    @eric, good link.

  151. Dude Says:

    Chemtrails are designed to block the view of Nibiru the world over, not just Virginia. Go read something ancient.

  152. clark Says:

    Nothing new to us, but this is a half-way decent video showing one jet with contrails and one with chemtrails at the same altitude and a nice demonstration of cloud heights:

    I found it here: http://snardfarker.ning.com/group/chemtrailreporting

  153. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, the cross was not UNDER the chemtrails at all. It was a photograph of a large wooden cross somewhere, taken from an angle that showed the sky behind it, which was covered in chemtrails.

    Somebody in our church chose it (the sound guy I guess), without giving the chems a second thought. He probably thought the ‘contrails’ gave it an artistic feel or something like that. Last week it was a different picture, and no chems in it.

    There is no way at all that our church would worship knowingly anybody but the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They only make me mad because they are so stuck on the ‘traditional’ church doctrine of the place of women, and because my husband has such a great influence there. Which makes me unable to say anything about anything, and nobody would listen to me about chemtrails, because he would undo what I have done.

  154. Dude Says:

    The churches are stupid. Wanna be spiritual? Make yourself have an out-of-body experience. Is not too hard, all you have to do is stay awake while your body falls asleep. Deep relaxation….then, if you are able to remain aware, you will experience a vibration and maybe a loud popping sound. Will yourself to get up and leave without moving your physical body. Then you will understand that you can and do exist apart from your body. From this perspective, you can explore spiritual realities youre normally not aware of. You can fly too and go through objects. I used to do it all the time when i was younger not knowing what was happening. These realities are very thought reactive, youll see what you will to see. If you think about your physical body, youll be snapped back into it pretty fast.
    This is one of the gifts we have been given by God. These gifts are why Jesus told us that if we wouldnt know ourselves then we would live in poverty and we would be that poverty.

  155. ericswan Says:

    You neglected to mention that the astral plane is just an extension of your chemical body which extends to your chip body your TV body and the landscape of the android meme. All of these reflect the good and evil you find around you. It’s not church.

  156. Dude Says:

    eric: idk where you got that load of crap but it isnt true. The astral plane is not physical and the laws of our physical reality do not apply.

  157. Dude Says:

    By the way eric, that kind of reasoning is an example of the sheeple keeping the sheeple in line. They program us so that we will put pressure on each other when one of us tries to attain “forbidden” knowledge, and when I say forbidden, I mean forbidden by the elite, and not God, who commanded us to be spiritual (not to be confused with the occult or satanists). It also works politically too. Look at the responses you get from the programmed people when you tell them 911 was an inside job. This technique doesnt work on me. I dont give a rats ass about what anyone thinks of me or any pressure they try to apply. Im gong to tell the truth as i see it and ive played in the astral plane many many times when i was younger and didnt realize what was happening. Its awesome!

  158. ericswan Says:

    Are you kidding me?


    That’s from today’s news.

    Here’s a link to some old news.


  159. ericswan Says:

    You can’t even put your name to your posts so. What are you afraid of?

  160. Dude Says:

    re the rense article:

    well, first off, this is a lie: “The Palestinians are the real descendents of the people in the Bible”. The Bible describes Zion as America and NO other nation comes close and the Bible also says that Abraham will be the father of MANY nations and that Zion has two sisters. so……..

    The author makes fun of the Bible saying it gives license to kill arabs, not true. It talks of wars where God helped the Hebrews but it maintains throughout that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. The Bible has been distorted over the years, thats why I read all kinds of ancient texts.

    I have personally not read the kabalah because it is the book used by so many evil people even though I am aware it contains some magic or spiritual stuff.

    Soooo, i suppose Im disappointed in that article. Rense usually has good articles. The author doesnt really draw any conclusions, mixes up very different ideas in a random sort of way while conveying very little information. For instance, the kundalini and pineal glad have nothing whatsoever to do with astrology and tarot.

    Do NOT confuse magic with spiritualism. tarot and astrology are more toward the things God told us to stay away from. Lets also not forget that Jesus Himself told us that we are Gods ourselves if we only learned to use our gifts by becoming “born again in the spirit” and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the “praize jeebus” bullshit the churches promote. Im not ridiculing Jesus here at all, just the churches distortion of the facts.

    as far as who i am: thats pretty low there since ive put my name, email, and location on previous posts. And who I am makes not a difference in the world. Study the message and dont waste too much time on the messenger. That is also a product of programming. I see it all the time. My family will find any and every little thing about anyone who has a message they dont agree with, whether it be true or not. Just another ridiculing technique used by the elite to control the sheeple.

  161. AnitLieGuy Says:

    maybe I should use the name in which I use to torture the paid liars on youtube. Is this better?

  162. Dude Says:

    Looks like Im stuck with Dude, haha, other name is awaiting moderation.

  163. clark Says:

    @Ursa, I wasn’t meaning to imply that your church, “knowingly and openly” worshipped chemtrails, just that in a way they seem to do so if they are putting up this big picture on an overhead projector in such a fashion with chemtrails *above* the cross – at least that’s how many who study art, history, and anthropology *might* see things from an outside perspective. It may not even apply to Canadians, but did you read the link I posted? Does your church worship the military too? No need to answer, and it’s probably not that bad up there like it is down here.

    – Just can’t predict what those chemtrails will do or produce, we wound up with a clear blue sky day with no clouds, no chemtrails, no contrails, very warm temps for what we have been having – and now the asian lady beetle swarms are in full force, I wonder if that is what’s responsible for the decimation of the paper wasps? The mud dabber wasps aren’t too happy about the asian lady beetles either, they seem agitated as they crawl across my windows and swarm about outside.

  164. Dude Says:

    i cant speak for Ursa but Ontario is much more of a dictatorship than Virginia.

  165. Dude Says:

    damn…….yall go check out the conversation i got going on this video:
    This is a true piece of filth and ive made him show his true colors. hahahahah.

  166. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude (I think I remember that your name is Steve, because, yes, you had an e-mail up in part 1 I think), those out of body experiences is something that witches are capable of doing any time. They are the only ones who seem to be able to consistently do that. Why is that? Because it is not of God, but the Devil. And if you do it, you open yourself up to demon possession.

    Clark, I had no time to follow your link or watch the video earlier. I had a full house this past weekend (four extra adults and eight children staying in our house, and four more adults and four children hanging out and having meals). The last of them just left (phew, heavenly peace and quiet!).

    Let’s just say that my husband is one of those military worshipers. He prays for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq every night. I don’t, and our church as a whole doesn’t either. They do have a boy play on his trumpet on Remembrance Day (November 11th), and have a special sermon to ‘remember the soldiers fallen to defend our freedom’.

    I hate Remembrance Day. It reminds me that these same Canadian or US soldiers I am supposed to remember and honor might have been the ones killing my uncle and bombing my home city (Hamburg) to rubble for no good reason at all. Because there were only women, old people and children left in the cities. All males fourteen and above had been ordered to the front by Hitler to ‘defend Germany to the last drop of blood’.

    I am not saying I would have liked to grow up under Hitler. But they could have prevented the war and stopped Hitler BEFORE a war took place. But of course, it was all planned ahead of time, anyway.

    No, in our churches they don’t have signs to pray for our troops, or send letters and packages or anything like that. The only time they remember them is on Remembrance Day, thankfully.

    Beautiful blue sky most of the day, but chemtrails starting towards noon, and after everybody was gone just as the sun was going down, ‘asperatus clouds’ and other interesting fake clouds aplenty.

    We’ll see what it will be like tomorrow.

  167. Dude Says:

    Ursa: OBEs are NOT witchcraft. All children and animals do it, are they witches? Very young children and animals can also see spirits. Ive seen it multiple times with my kid and my dog but I dont remember that far back myself. As we age, we become more imprisoned by the flesh. If you do not discover your spiritual side (apart from the flesh), you are not born again and therefore you will forfeit eternal life for your consciousness. This is the message in every religious book Ive read including the Bible.

    You have presented another example of the programmed sheeple trying to keep the other sheeple in line. They have proven this phenomenon with monkeys and they have applied it to us as a control technique. It doesnt work on me in the least.

    At any rate, I used to fly often between age 5 and 15 and I love it. Ya know, the term witchcraft and all the implications that go along with it were devised by the elite to keep us from becoming spiritual. When we all discover this gift from God, among others, they can not control us any longer. Call it what you want, I know the gifts are from God and only through His will, will can they be obtained.

    Read this: http://www.sacred-texts.com/gno/th2/th227.htm

    If I recall right, I already presented you the Bible passages where Jesus told us some have the power of healing, others prophecy and that these are gifts from God. He also said that we are gods ourselves if only we would know ourselves. If you insist on trying to tell me this is bad, Ill go dig them up again like I did with the Truth character and the Good Herb.

    besides, what part of keeping your mind awake while your body goes to sleep…what part of that would constitute “witchcraft”?

  168. clark Says:

    @Ursa, From this viewpoint, it does indeed seem like your church as a whole does whoreship the military, same as those who worshiped golden calves, if only for one day, individually in their minds, just as you say your husband does, it probably does so on many other days. And, from your somewhat unique viewpoint, I think you see why that is not good, as you described so well.

    There *were* many simple opportunities WWII could have been averted, but… it wasn’t, that’s kind of telling in and of itself.

    – tomorrow.

  169. Dude Says:

    No nation ever has ever stood up to a dictator and demanded their freedom, not even in the usa. during the revolution, only 3% actually did anything. <– that came from the Jordan Maxwell interview.

    Like right now, If We the American People stood up and took our country back, we wouldnt be destroyed but its not gonna happen like that and 90% of us are going to die for being stupid.

    The govt gave BoA $30 billion bailout of OUR money. The bank has now given out bonuses in the amount of…….you guessed it……$30 billion.

  170. clark Says:

    @Dude, are you sure about the “no nation” part? I can’t think of a specific example, but I know there were a number of slave nations in the Caribbean who rose up and threw off their dictators, and then had to turn around and do it yet again when the slave revolt produced a slave dictator, it was a regular occurrence.

    What about every colony throughout history that rebelled against the country that claimed them? What about the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks? The last French Revolution? It’s a bit foggy memory, but I think there were many many instances of nations throwing off their tyrannical rulers.

    Maybe it’s more like fads: music, clothes styles ,or trendy sayings? One day everyone is doing it, then one day their not. Change happens.

    Hunger might motivate the masses to seek change. An economic depression might cause people to seek change. Even NBC is giving people air time saying things like: This global recession will turn into a “full-blown depression,” Nicu Harajchi, CEO of N1 Asset Management, said Friday, adding that global stimulus hasn’t come down to Main Street.

    Wall Street is making money, while consumers aren’t, Harajchi told CNBC.

    You never used to hear that kind of thinking on the mainstream media channels, but now it’s slowly dawning on people that things are going to change.

    Who knows though, 90% of us might die, Mass Man *is* pretty stupid. Then things would be up to the 10% left, just as they are now? 3% vs. 7% isn’t terrible odds.

  171. ericswan Says:

    I have never heard of witches doing astral travel. I do know that there is no escape from evil and daydreaming your life away on your blanky flying carpet is not going to give you the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings.

    As far as I can tell, this world’s revolutions still bring us to this point in time where we now face the final solution.

  172. clark Says:

    Even PBS is giving airtime to thoughts that are not in line with the mainstream idea of a centrailized Socialist power structure, one that is failing. Socialism everywhere it has been tried has failed:

  173. Dude Says:

    clark: im not sure about the “no country” thing. Jordan Maxwell said it right after my favorite part of that interview at 2:42:00. I do know that it wont happen here and now. My fellow country people are just plain stupid and dont care anything but themselves. Thats also what Maxwell said. I have verified this a thousand times over and it is true.

  174. Dude Says:

    re that video above: “they” are allowing more anti-government sentiment on the liebox to provide a glimmer of hope so that the masses wont actually do anything because they think other people will. The reality is that it is a distraction, a control technique used for the sole purpose of delaying their ultimate plan of our extermination. They know the world is about to be plunged into total chaos and destruction and they are just biding their time. Talking crap on the liebox accomplishes nothing, just like protests and letters to congress. The criminal elite use murder, lies, theft, coercion, and extortion. They will absolutely not stop unless FORCED to stop and that is what this kind of liebox programming is intended to postpone. Its like throwing a a bone to a starving dog, it tastes good and occupies the dog while providing very little sustenance.

  175. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a link where you can download a free e-book, titled “Get a clue to the swine flu”. http://www.valyou.org/SwineFlu.htm

    I don’t know yet if it is good, as I have just started reading it.

    Atrocious, in your face , criss-crossing chemtrails all morning, that quickly wiped out the beautiful blue sky even before the sun was really up. White, hazy sky now, of course, with the sun still doing its best to shine through.

  176. Dude Says:

    Its fairly clear here, a wisp of chems here and there but mostly clear. Notice how the chems change periodically kinda like moon phases? The earth is moving so the thing being hidden has to be hidden in different places at different times.

    All ya need to know about the spanish/bird/pig flu is that is was created in a cdc lab (they announced they were making it) and that the vaccine is a bioweapon.

  177. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, with all due respect, you seem to think that after you were so OBVIOUSLY wrong on the date of ‘armageddon’ happening on Oct. 10th in the USA (which you claim is Zion), we should all still believe everything you say. You STILL claim you are the only one who can interpret the Bible properly, and we should all be listening to you.

    While I certainly don’t hold your failure to interpret the Bible correctly against you, and didn’t (and won’t) deride you, I have no intentions of taking your word for it when it comes to interpreting the Bible. I prefer my own opinion on what scripture means, thank you very much.

    And I can NO EVIDENCE whatsoever of Jesus EVER saying anything to the effect that we can all become gods. That is something the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses (who are cults) believe, but it is completely unbiblical.

    I do agree that young children see angels and demons. I remember my son telling me when he was four, that the night before a big, bad angel (demon) came into his room to hurt him, and a good angel came, and they had a big fight and the good angel won. And I believe him, because he was always very truthful and didn’t make up stories like that.

    Once his younger sister said (when she was about three or four) that she woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and a demon was standing in the hall. She said she punched it (her fist went through it) and told it to leave in Jesus’ name, and it left.

    There are other instances, but those two come to mind right now.

    But that is something totally different from astral travel. I don’t care what you say, I still believe it is done with the help of demons and is evil.

  178. Dude Says:


    John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

    1 Corinthians 12 4-11 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

    Now ive shown you again. I also told you the Bible needs no interpretation. One only has to pay attention to the story and descriptions and READ. No one reads the book and if they do, they dont read nowhere near enough to pick up the overall story. The book says exactly what it means if you pay attention to the story and descriptions.

    I really dont care if you or anyone else believes me about anything; and most dont, and that is absolutely fine with me. BUT you will never become any smarter than you are now by taking pics of chemtrails all day and arguing with people. You need to read tons of stuff and pay attention and most importantly THINK. I dont expect you to listen to me anymore than my family does and all of them vehemently deny chemtrails exist…..theyre at the same point with those as you are with your spiritual knowledge.

    Ive already figured out why the chemtrails are there and so I dont concern myself with trying to analyze and track them. I know they will be there until the war destroys us. I know what is coming that will end the war which is being hidden by the chemtrails. All your answers are in the Book youre pretending to worship if you would only read and understand. I try to enhance your understanding by referring to other sources because its apparent that God is not going to allow many people at all to understand His book. anyway….good luck with that.

  179. Dude Says:

    btw, the sky in Va is covered this evening. Just like most every day this year. Nibiru Cometh!!!

  180. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Dude,

    It is not my intention to insert myself into an ongoing theological debate between you and Ursa.

    I agree with both of you on some points and disagree with both of you on others, but that is a side issue.

    I would like to offer a suggestion; since you were so massively and unequivocally incorrect about the date of Armageddon…..you *might* want to temper your pronouncements with a qualifier.

    Something like “I believe that Chemtrails are for hiding Nibiru” or “I think the Bible means thus and such.” When you write your comments in absolutes like “I KNOW chemtrails are for hiding Nibiru” or “The Bible means xyz” it really comes off as myopic and shrill. And quite possibly (and I know you have never considered this) incorrect.

    I am not trying to bust on you. I appreciate your passion. I appreciate that you think outside the box. I can only relate that in my own life, I have found it a very productive practice to stop and analyze my own train of thought on a regular basis. No mortal man is above faulty logic or misdirection. Humility can lead to real insight.

    I am just saying…….


  181. Dude Says:

    Thanks FF but no. I am right about Nibiru and I know it. The evidence is all around and very much in-your-face. It has been corroborated by the hoards of govt agents on youtube, especially the three of them that threatened me and revealed private information about me.

    The date came from the BIBLE. The story is very accurate in the Bible and if you follow my document and read Ezekiel, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the others, and read them all in a couple days, you should get it. The story has not changed, the news has not changed, the russian threat is still there and the drive to attack iran is still there. May I offer this: the hebrew calendars 10th month is around dec or jan, however, the Bible does most certainly put it in the fall. I dont know the date but everything is still perfectly aligned with the story and it wont be long now.

    As for the argument with Ursa..it is kinda like the one with Truth. They want to say they believe in the book and then deny the words in the book. At any rate, Im about making people think. I encourage reading tons and thinking. It is the epidemic lack of both reading and thinking that is about to result in the destruction of our country.

  182. ericswan Says:

    ericswan said…
    Many years now, FSHOD has investigated the HAARPICANE which is where we all met in Hoagland’s blog on Wilma. We don’t seem to discuss chemtrails all that often but it is an integral part of the investigations we are parley to. My recent links to Montauk and the weaponization of space (above) seem to suggest that the vortex following behind jets and using JP-8 fuel with the pre-requisite quartz crystal dust, aluminum oxide and the all important barium oxide is beginning to gel for me. As an aside, scientists splitting the uranium atom noted that one of the by-products of splitting uranium is barium.

    [audio src="http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2009/10oct/RIR-091018-abasiago.mp3" /]

    I wonder if spinning these metals is making mini time tunnels and whether the light green orbs often photographed behind the planes is an indicator. In the Montauk experiments, the object of their investigation was a cloak of invisibility. Some have surmised from these experiments that the ship was made invisible because it went into another dimension or to put it another way, it time travelled.

    On another note..here is the best explanation for chemtrails on the www.


    Sunday, October 18, 2009 8:39:00 AM

    ericswan said…
    The chemtrail link above is real interesting. One of the features I had not considered was the effect that this type of military application has on time/space.

    More on time travel here..

    Sunday, October 18, 2009 9:28:00 AM

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 7:49:00 PM

  183. Dude Says:

    Eric: That lookupabove is an interesting page. Check this one out too: http://www.philschneider.org
    There is tons of stuff going on that we are lied to about. Almost everything that comes from an official source is a lie.

  184. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, all I do most of the time is to read and think. Taking pictures takes up very little of my day (not that it’s any of your business anyway). I also do NOT worship the Bible, as you claim I supposedly do (that would be idol worship, by the way). I worship the God of the Bible.

    And I don’t believe that your supposed date came from the Bible at all. It is your personal interpretation you are trying to push on everybody else here.

    FF is right, you ought to say ‘I think ………….’ and ‘I believe……..’ when you are giving your opinion of what you think might happen. You come across as arrogant and a no-it-all, when in fact you have already proven that you obviously DON’T know it all.

    I don’t claim to KNOW what is going to happen. I don’t claim I know what everything in the Bible means. I have done research, Bible studies etc., and based on my information I form an opinion. That is all anybody can do, as even the so-called Bible-experts disagree on a lot of points.

    I hope you are wrong about Nibiru. I don’t believe you are right, but can’t be sure until after the date you’ve set passes, just as with October 10th. But of course, Revelation says that the angel will throw a mountain into the sea and great devastation will follow. It will happen sometime, but YOU don’t know when. I suspect that the date you have will be just as off as it was for ‘Armageddon’.

  185. Dude Says:

    sorry. i am right about nibiru. again sorry. that page eric just posted seemed to have a ton of “theories” and not a one of em was to hide something. thats a clue by itself. getting banned all the time by alex jones for saying what the chemtrails are for is also a clue. I figured after a year and all the evidence and stuff yall wouldve got it by now but i guess not. oh well. i guess im an asshole too sometimes. ok yall take care then.

  186. ericswan Says:

    Hey dude..Phil’s work is interesting and is well supported by Branton at many sites. I agree that we don’t get much of a dollop of truth but then, we are here to explore this universe, not have it handed to us on a platter. Just for clarity, the bible is fiction. Niburu is coming. Chemtrails are multi-purposed. Thank God we still have Jesus in our corner.

  187. clark Says:

    Interesting links above. So much stuff… so very much.

    Here is more:

    A link to a Preliminary Schedule of Events for the AAAR (American Association for Aerosol Research) 28th Annual Conference at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis (IF this is true) they will discuss: Atmospheric Aerosol Nucleation and Growth – Molecular Clusters to Nanoparticles to Climate I, Recent Advances in Biomass Burning Emissions – Aerosol Characterization, and much more.

    I couldn’t open their main page – that’s a red flag, but it could be something relevant.

    Then there’s this link to a Yahoo video showing what looks like swarming insects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz35TNc0-4k
    but the videographer swears it’s not insects, either way, he provides some really fascinating links about swarming computing research going on at universities that seem relevant to chemtrails.

    So much stuff to absorb, you might have to have a couple of PhD’s and an abacus around to help you figure it all out.

    @Dude, if Planet X happens, it happens ( as I’ve said before, even Darrian admits it will come, sometime) nothing we can do about it, and human nature being what it is many will spend their time trying to figure out the other how’s and discovering any additional why’s, although, giving up and partying is enticing, there seems to be nothing wrong with working this jigsaw puzzle. If you find some new info, post it. Perhaps Stef will send you a link to his UFO (or swarming or time traveling barium spinner) videos and you’ll post that here? WTF else is there to do? Watch the meteor showers this evening 1am to dawn.

    Multi-freakin-purpose, indeed.

  188. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, you say the Bible is fiction, but we have Jesus in our corner. It appears to me that you’ve got an oxymoron there. Either the Bible is true, and we have Jesus in our corner (if we are born-again believers), or the Bible is fiction and Jesus is just another fictional character in a story book, and therefore can’t help us any more than Superman can. You can’t have it both ways. You better make up your mind either way.

    And Dude, OF COURSE you are right about Nibiru! You were SOOOOOOOO right about America being wiped off the map on October 10th, too!!!! You must feel awfully sorry for not running from the Chinese and Russian occupation forces now, you were so geared up for that scenario.

    And why oh why are you so awfully set on the chemtrails hiding something? There is absolutely ZERO evidence for that! Yes, they are definitely multi-purpose. But hiding Nibiru is not one of them.

  189. clark Says:

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I just read the Wiki entry, strange tale, about a real little girl in a fictional story book? – I’m up too early for this stuff, this crazy world… I’ve just realized I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole, so many doors and so much stange stuff behind each door, most of it all very true. I miss my motorcycle, such fun they are, such bliss.

  190. ericswan Says:

    Ursula I appreciate that you can’t comprehend how it is that “I” think I’m a Christian but you don’t. Look at the links I posted in the last couple of days. You need to get off that hobby horse and try to grasp the reality you are a part of instead of dictating to others your reality.

  191. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, you can’t be a Christian if you don’t believe the Bible. Period, nough said.

  192. Ursa Major Says:

    Grey skies and rain all day where I am. Which isn’t a surprise after the obvious all over chems yesterday all day. It also is not unusual for fall, of course.

  193. Celline Says:

    Heavy chems on clear blue skies today, I know it sounds paradoxical, but the skies would have been clear blue, if it had not been literally covered w. them. Those were no ” clouds” . I have a new “convert” a 24 year old man.. who listened to me explain. He was visibly upset, and said that he will research all he can find on the computer. It’s the young people I try to reach, because they are the ones who are starting to believe, that this is the way the sky normally looks. ^5 to this guy, I know he will research and get his friends involved.
    Uschi is correct when she sais: Unless you believe the Word of God ( Bible ) you are NOT a christian. Period, nough said !

  194. Dave Mason Says:

    Celline – Here is another great source for RESEARCH – Also, remember the word Plausible Deniability.

  195. clark Says:

    Did you see the photos of RFID chips 5 microns thick? 5 microns and they work, amazing. That whole swarming computing deal comes to mind for some reason. How are we going to keep those chips out of our bodies? We aren’t, are we?

  196. Dude Says:

    <param name="FlashVars" value="file=http://xfacts.com/tv/mufon_la.flv"

  197. Dude Says:

    shit. code didnt work.

    watch this:
    [video src="http://xfacts.com/tv/mufon_la.flv" /]


  198. Dude Says:

    i want a delete feature! That video will show you the facts regarding Planet X.

    The sky was devastated here today just like 98% of all the days this year and also in sweden as a youtube user told me today. Global. Every day. Not gonna stop.

    Notice the massive military exercises the us and israel are conducting as preparation for the attack on iran? wont be long now.

  199. Celline Says:

    @ Dude: do you have a link for the chems in Sweden?

  200. clark Says:

    I read this article about gun control, it’s sort of a release to read it and apply it, And, if you swap out the words gun control with the words chemtrails it makes sense that way too. If someone is open to hearing about chemtrails, knock yourself out talking it up much like Celline did with the young guy above. But if they are all like, “there’s no chemtrails” and slam you and deny the facts, there’s no winning over that mindset. It’s very much like that idea in the ex-commie brainwashed/demoralized video. I would guess that means people like Ursa are never going to convince their families, but the actions of the government might, someday.

    Gun Control: Schemed by Tyrants, Supported by Fools

  201. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark that is a great article. Here is a quote from it, that is so true:

    ” At the time I remember discussing this with my grandfather and can still hear his response in my mind: “Son, don’t try to make sense of people who don’t have any.” But, I still could not understand; many of the folks I had been debating were well educated. It was then I learned that being educated does not confer any degree of common sense. ”

    My husband has more education than me. He has gone to college and university and is proud of his degree (a B.A. in political science, which is pretty useless in real life). But he has NO common sense when it comes to seeing what the government is doing. He will believe that the governments of the western world are good, and nothing will convince him otherwise, the facts be damned.

  202. clark Says:

    I found this, I haven’t watched it yet, I’m not sure I want to after reading some comments about it…. but I suppose I will have to, just to know.

    One Mainframe To Rule Them All:

  203. clark Says:

    @Ursa, one thing will eventually convince him otherwise, a jack booted kick in the fat bottom, nothing else until then will though.

    “… You will come to know, when the bullet hits the bone…”

  204. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I agree. My problem is, that when that happens I will suffer along with him, even though I would have been prepared would I not be dependent on his money and goodwill.

    If I had my own money, I would get a gun (not registered, as the registry is only there so they can take away the guns or kill all gun owners when the takeover takes place), move to a more secure house (and would build a secret escape exit) and stock up on all necessities for an emergency. As it is, that is not happening, of course, and I don’t like it at all.

    His most important criteria for choosing a house is, that he is able to walk around town handing out his gospel tracts and engaging people in conversation about Jesus. He goes for at least one walk every day, and doing this is the SOLE purpose for his walks.

    As for a question you asked farther up about how we will be able to keep rfid chips out of our bodies, I don’t know. Even if we can avoid being injected with one, they could make all clothing and shoes etc. with them right in the fabric/sole/whatever. Unless we spin our own yarn, weave/knit our own fabric and sew our own clothing, and also kill the animals, make our own leather and make our own shoes, we WON’T be able to stop ‘them’ from tracing us.

  205. Celline Says:

    still have to watch all new links. I wanted to say that I reached yet another person, a young woman from LasVegas.
    She’s now heavily involved in researching our much discussed subjects.
    She is a salesperson at ” Zappos” where I buy things frequently. She had to straighten something out for me, and when there was a pause.. I asked her.. how bad those whispy clouds looked in Vegas today? Well.. she let loose. she said” you notice that too?” Needless to say I gave her lots of info and where and what to google. She could not wait to get to her computer.. so there ! Just doing my thing. Clear blue skies here.. except.. they are laden w. chems.. mainly North and East ( desert ).
    Maxine Waters ( D) let it slip, that the goal is to” Socialize” us.. then she paused, saw her slip, everyone stared at her.. excellent clip, but I am unable to post it, sorry.

  206. Celline Says:

    I do not think much, if anything of Glenn Beck, but this one is more than interesting !

  207. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I just watched all five videos of ‘One mainframe to rule them all’. Wow. I do believe it.

    It has been raining here since Tuesday. Heavy chemtrailing Tuesday morning, and the expected heavy rainfalls, of course. In the evening a weird sunset, with the exact kind of sun with yellow halo as you can see on http://www.bluenomore.com It is still raining and no end in sight.

    On Tuesday, when waiting in my chiropractor’s waiting room, one of the guys asked me if there were still leaves on the trees in my town. I told him there were lots. A lot of them had not turned colourful as usual, but they were slowly falling anyway.

    He said that that afternoon he was at his mother’s place, somewhat south-east of us, and suddenly, ALL the leaves of ALL the trees came plummeting down at once, leaving bare trees. He wondered if it happened anywhere else.

    If what he says is true (and I have no reason to think it isn’t, I’ve been talking with him for years while waiting in the waiting room), that is truly bizarre, and I wonder what could have caused it. Certainly no natural cause. What do you guys think?

    Also, in my town, many maple trees, including the one in my own yard, have large black spots on all the leaves. And it looks to me that those spotted leaves did not turn their usual fall colours (with very few exceptions I have found when walking around town), but come down still green, covered in those very large black, mostly circular, spots.

    Normally our yard is filled with colourful leaves from that maple tree in the fall. This year it is those strange, green, spotted leaves from the same tree.

    Many weird things this year. No honey bees (I’ve seen two all summer), no lady bugs, spotted leaves on ONLY maple trees, cold, rainy summer (cold and rain always after heavy chemtrailing), no wasps all summer, but suddenly wasp nests all over in early fall. Large jet planes disappearing in mid-flight after chemtrailing, low-flying jets with no sound……… It has been a strange spring and summer, and now fall.

  208. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline asked me to post this link to a very revealing video.

  209. Celline Says:

    Thank you, Uschi !
    Our weather is the total opposite to yours, nothing but heat and drought.
    We have no turning leaves here, so I can not tell a diff in that.
    But from what u are saying, this sounds as if poison, or maybe a sudden interruption of oxyden happened. Nothing normal, that’s for sure.
    The black spots do sound like poisening, it all is so very sad. You know, I keep thinking it all has gone way too far, the tower of Babel is way too high. To poison the CREATION the way it is done, sounds like blasphemy to me. Do not be fooled, God is not mocked, and what a man soweth he also will reap, comes to mind. Something is going to happen to put men into their place. No, no one knows when, but I have a strange”knowing” this will stop.. change.. upruptly. Something something.. When we look at history, every time a society ( now the whole world) got to a certain immoral, corrupt and evil state, there was intervention and a great Fall.
    My thoughts, for what they are worth…

  210. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is what is happening with the swine flu. I’ve copied this from the part of this forum on swine flu, because I don’t think all of you go and keep up with the other topics here.

    I just found this ‘news’ article on Sympatico/MSN news. They are saying that there are scams trying to take advantage of people. While their whole swine flu thing is nothing but a scam! And of course, as usual, they are trying to discredit all doctors who ‘dare’ use natural means to boost your immune system to avoid getting the flu. They won’t make any money that way, and won’t be able to kill anybody, either.


    Here is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola, and posters to print out and put up all over your community to get people to wake up, and not get the vaccine. I just printed out a bunch, and will do just that, and I will make sure they are close to doctor’s offices, too.


    And a recent alert by Dr. Mercola:


    Apparently, last night Barrack Obama declared the swine flu a national emergency, PREEMPTIVE to an EXPECTED outbreak. Meaning, there is NO emergency yet, but one is definitely expected.


    Also, their numbers are very inflated. Most of those H1N1 cases aren’t confirmed at all, but are ‘diagnosed’ by symptoms alone. Meaning, most of those aren’t the swine flu, or any kind of flu whatsoever. In fact, they are diagnosing swine flu in England over the phone! If you have the expected symptoms, you must have it, so they presume.

    Anybody with a cough, breathing problems, sniffles etc. is now diagnosed with the swine flu, so they can say we have an emergency, and people NEED to be vaccinated.

  211. Ursa Major Says:

    It is hard to believe, but here is another one. Their propaganda machine is gaining speed, they want to make sure EVERYBODY will be alarmed enough to get the vaccination!


    They are saying that there will be no drop in cases until most of the population is vaccinated! Yet they are also saying that the second wave of swine flu hasn’t even started yet. But it is coming, they are confident of that.

  212. Ursa Major Says:

    On that same news page I found yet another article on swine flu! That is number five. Those are sprinkled all over, in different sections. Making sure that people get it, our government is all set to have EVERYBODY six months and over vaccinated. So, folks, get with it, you will NEED it or die! (sarcasm)


    Still a very dark, dreary, overcast/rainy day. Haven’t seen the sun since Tuesday (and then only through chems).

  213. clark Says:

    @Ursa, just a sample, out of curiosity, is your husband getting the shot?

  214. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh no, only over his dead body. You see, curiously, he believes SOME of my research to be true. He is completely convinced that the swine flu vaccine is evil (I showed him some evidence that he couldn’t possibly ignore). He is not entirely convinced that the swine flu came from a lab yet, but he admits that it might be true.

    He also wouldn’t get a regular flu shot. He did get the recommended shots though, before he went on a short-term missions trip to Papua, Indonesia last year. But he was fully behind me when I told him that none of our kids were getting any more vaccines of any kind after thoroughly researching them when our youngest was a baby, nearly eighteen years ago (back then, I had to do my research without the help of the Internet, not an easy task).

  215. Celline Says:

    @Founding : This ” Documentary ” u posted on 10/24 is an earthshaking eyeopener to many, who did not have a clue. But.. it’s earthshaking literally for everybody. I listened to all of it and sent it on to certain friends who in turn, will do the same. Thank you for posting this. It’s not good to listen to if ” depression” is something u don’t want to suffer from.
    What I would like to know is: What are we going to do about it all? Isen’t it a bit late in the day? If Repulican or Democrat, it matters not.. they all have the same master.
    Chems all day, blatent and obvious. I made a couple of new ” converts”, including the baker at ” Albertson’s”, I do what I can but it’s hard.

  216. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    I am glad you watched the documentary and are passing it on. Thank-you for that!

    I wish I had a good answer for your question. I am not sure what the answer is. I do know this; we have to try to “wake-up” as many of our fellow human beings as possible to the dangers we all face from the “New World Order” crowd. Sometimes when we try to wake others up it seems like we are beating our head against the wall…….but when we succeed, each and every time it gives me a ray of hope.

    I totally agree with your last statement “I do what I can….but it’s hard.” Amen.

    Sometimes I get frustrated with the level of willful stupidity I see all around me. A few days ago, as I was walking into a CVS pharmacy for a toothbrush and some vitamins, I see a mother and her little girl leaving. The little girl was maybe 5 or 6 and cute as a button, but she had a big frown on her face and was rubbing her arm because her and Mommy had just gotten their “free” flu-shot in the Pharmacy! Aarrgh! I wanted to yell at the woman, “What is your problem? Can’t you do 5 minutes of research on Google before you bring your child in to to be shot full of poison?”

    Of course I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything to her. It was just a split second that her and her daughter passed me by. But to see something like that and to *know* it is being orchestrated by evil eugenic control-freaks at the top, is a lot to deal with.

    So I blog and I “engage” people where I can, and I do things like burning hundreds of DVD’s (and I will be doing that for the documentary you watched as well) and giving them away to people. To know what is going on and to say nothing and to make no effort to resist is to acquiesce to evil. I believe that is *not* what God expects from us. I believe (strongly) that part of the “answer” as to what to do is to help educate our fellow-man so that a critical mass will arise and say NO to the New World Order. NO to forced vaccinations. NO to chemtrailing. NO to billions for the criminal bankers. NO to tyranny and oppression.

    We are not there yet, but that critical mass is building….and so is the tyranny. Lord Obama has signed-off and we are now “officially” in an H1N1 Pandemic. Of course, Obama is doing what he is told. He is a meat-puppet; same as that moron George W. Bush. And of course the H1N1 “pandemic” is pure baloney. The shot they lovingly want to give everyone for “free” is a million times more deadly than the flu. Gee, I wonder what the cancer and dementia rates will be a few years from now? FYI – did you know that the state of New Jersey has the highest rates of autism in the USA….and that the state of New Jersey also has the highest level of “mandated” childhood vaccinations? Interestingly, New Jersey also hosts many headquarters and/or manufacturing facilities for the major pharmaceutical companies (but I am sure the lobbyists for those companies had absolutely nothing to do with getting the NJ schools and doctors to “mandate” high levels of childhood vaccines….no…it must all be coincidence!)

    What that documentary does so effectively is clearly show that our problems are NOT Republican vs. Democrat or liberal vs. conservative or really anything other than the criminal elite vs. free humanity. And yet, billions of people do not even realize this simple concept. The false “left vs right paradigm” blinds people to the true nature and source of our problems. We have a lot of work to do…..but many hands make light work.

    Praying helps too. We have become a decadent, selfish, godless people. We have allowed evil and tyranny to metastasize into our culture. Sure, the Elite are helping things along as fast as they can, and they *are* putting poisons in the water and food and air to dumb us down and make us compliant. But most people tread merrily down the path of spiritual decadence with nary a thought that there may be more to this world than they can see. We warehouse our elderly and abort the unborn.

    One of the most profound realizations that my research has brought me to is that the Elite of the world are *very* spiritual people! Indeed, it is nearly universal that the Elite are deeply into the occult. They have a god they pray to and do rituals for, but it is not the God of you or I.

    Some people have asked me why my blog has “regular” articles on concrete subjects like the economy and politics, but then I also have so many “weird” articles on the occult, Freemasonry, and occultic symbolism, etc.

    The reason is simple; if people want to get to the truth, if they want to understand how society has been set-up, they need to get it through their heads that the world is run by inbred eugenic control-freaks that worship Lucifer and want to kill off most of humanity. They need to learn about the “Georgia Guide-stones.” They need to look at the symbolism used in movies, on the dollar bill, in corporate logos and understand these THINGS HAVE MEANING!

    So, education, enlightenment, patience and PRAYER is the only “answer” I know of at the moment. There will, I’m sure, come a time when direct-action will be needed as well. I can assure you, I have no intention of permitting anyone to forcibly inject myself or my loved ones. I will also not be herded off into a FEMA camp “for my safety.”

    Action is ours. The consequences belong to God.

    Thank-You Celline and Thank-You to everyone else that is of like-mind and takes action to fight the New World Order!


  217. ericswan Says:

    Ursula..you might have posted your epitataph on swine flu to the right forum. If you had done so, you would have seen the video I posted on the effects the vaccine had on the Washington Redskins cheerleader. I would appreciate URSULA..that you document (post a pic???) of all the crosses that occur over your house and possibly a pic or two of the maple leaves falling in your yard.

    Founding: Alex Jones has a pov that is selective to the masters he serves. I posted to the forum on that issue.


  218. Celline Says:

    Thank you FF for your extensive blog, I agree on each and every point, and have made it my goal to inform at least 3 sheeple daily, one way or another ! I wish they had left Alex Jones out of that tape, I do not trust him one bit. SHILL comes to mind, I could be wrong, those are gutlevel feelings.
    Ja Uschi, please, a pic of the black spotted leaves would be nice.

  219. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Good job. Make sure to get your daily quota of sheeple!

    Regarding the documentary, you can’t really blame “them” for leaving a little bit of Alex Jones in the documentary. After all, it was MADE by Alex Jones!

    Pop-back over to that section and read the latest comment I made directed towards Eric. It covers my opinion on Alex Jones.

    Keep up the good work!


  220. kimberly Says:

    Eric Swan,
    The correct name of the researcher associated with the following website
    is A.C. Griffith.

  221. Celline Says:

    @Founding : Gotcha ! So Jones is good fer something then afterall.. contrary to my feelens ’bout him, ok. No ” converts” today, am at home w. a crunched ankle ;o( But via computer, I might have filled my quota anyway. Persistence, tenaciousness and a few friends in ” higher ” places, does help !Your Documentary can be read by 372 people.. it is some place where my politically savvy GF did post it !

  222. Dave Mason Says:

    Military Said Behind Up To Four
    Different Chemtrail Programs
    By Mike Blair

    Just what exactly are those mysterious airplane vapor trails seen filling America’s skies? A group of independent investigators may have the answer.

    In a series of high-tech programs that would enthrall the most dedicated science fiction fans, the military is producing what have become known as “chemtrails” — the thick, viscous airplane engine trails that have been poisoning the air and ground with toxic chemicals.

    For two years, The SPOTLIGHT has been in contact with experts in fields ranging from medicine to nuclear energy who have been investigating the mysterious trails left by airplanes in skies all over America and in many foreign countries.

    These “tracks” in the skies, believed to be left by a combination of military and civilian aircraft drawn into the massive, multi-billion dollar program, are unlike regular high-flying aircraft’s vapor trails. Instead of dissipating rapidly, these so-called “chemtrails” mesh together for hours and are often mistaken for natural clouds.

    The principal chemical being deposited in the air consists of various mixtures of barium salts, which were revealed in studies undertaken by a Pennsylvania-based high-tech weapons scientist. Chemicals, he said, were being utilized as part of the development of a new radar system at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The base will be the site of a public demonstration on Saturday, June 23, starting at 1 p.m. under the sponsorship of Ohio Citizens Against Chemtrails, headed by Kim Weber, one of the citizens working on the chemtrail investigation. The rally will be attended by hundreds of people from across the nation who are concerned about these poisons being dumped out of the sky onto millions of people on the ground.

    Considerable effort has been put into chemtrail research by a physicist who has been associated with Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, N.Y. The scientist, with his fellow researchers, has determined that the chemtrails are being created by efforts of the military in at least four major, but separate, projects.

    The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from hitting the Earth, including ultra-violet radiation that will come through without an adequate layer of ozone in the upper regions above the Earth. In the event of global warming, this, it is hoped, could lower temperatures on the surface of the Earth and block ultra-violet radiation from causing skin cancer in humans. The aerosol being sprayed in this case is probably aluminum oxide or a compound that would have similar properties, and is the only one of the government programs that does not use the barium mixtures.


    The second and most secret project is the Navy’s Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) program, which is a system encompassing a group of computer programs. One of its supporting subprograms is know as Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation or VTRPE. This is a computer radio frequency propagation program that deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to visually see the terrain of a battlefield in three dimensions on a television-type screen.

    The RFMP system also depends on a satellites to supplement the images of a battlefield picture obtained from the ground, thus producing the 3-dimensional images. In providing an interactive picture portraying in the radar screen, the RFMP system allows the computer operator to develop familiarity with the “environment” before a war mission occurs by playing a variety of “what if?” virtual warfare scenarios on his computer screen. Since all major modes of radio frequency propagation are modeled in his computer (the RFMP system), special, sometimes counter-intuitive, cases can be examined in detail and exploited during a battle. Initially, the VTRPE computer program only worked accurately over water and along coastal areas but not over land masses because the system’s radar waves required an atmospheric condition known as “ducting,” over land, to operate accurately.

    This “ducting” problem was solved by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the atmosphere over the United States. Thus, they can make an atmospheric radio frequency “duct” with a base of barium aerosol released from aircraft.

    One of the researchers, the physicist from Brookhaven, explained how the process works: The chemical and electrical characteristics of the mixture cause moisture to stay in the clouds. The aerosol sets up an electrical and chemical environmental that supports RF ducting for the RFMP/VTRPE warfare system.”The mixture of barium salt from the aerosol when sprayed in a straight line will also provide a ducting path form point A to point B and will enable high frequency communications along that path, even over the curvature of the Earth, in both directions,” he said. “Enemy high frequency communications can be monitored easier with the straight line A to B ducting medium.”

    The third project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere and involves weather control. It is a project of the AIR Force and utilizes concepts of radio frequency radiation, developed originally by legendary scientist Nikola Tesla, against the ionosphere above the Earth. Known as the so-called HAARP project, it is manipulating life-support systems in the environment, testing and altering them for military advantage.

    Air Force documents, obtained by the independent researchers, indicate that “the risks are high but the rewards are worth it.” The mixture of barium salts, supporting moisture, is administered along the weather fronts and manipulated in a controlled fashion. It is believed that microwave energy is also utilized in the weather control program. Weather data is also a required input to the VTRPE program of the RFMP system. Perfect weather control technology will enable the military to withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause storms, withhold sunshine, damage food crops, and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot.

    The fourth atmospheric project is being run by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a means to detect and decontaminate enemy biological attacks. The program also utilizes a mixture of barium salts as the base vehicle in aerosol, along with special polymer fibers. The combination allows detection of biological agents. Some biological agents have actually been released into the atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and decontamination systems. It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that may be directly or indirectly responsible for unexplained nose bleeds, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory ailments and arthritis-like systems. Chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere are producing air and ground conditions that may be harmful to humans and animals, while stimulating the growth of molds and bacteria. Barium salts, an Earth metal, are toxins that absorb readily into the gastrointestinal tract which are deposited into muscles and other tissue. No case data is available on the long-term effects of barium in humans.

    “The programs remain secret because the Environmental Protection Agency and state environmental agencies need ‘not know’ about the by-products of the metabolites of these biological, illegal and harmful agents,” said one of the researchers. “It’s for that reason the combined projects have been kept secret from the citizens.” _____

    Jet Trails Tested In Combat Scenarios

    The U.S. military is testing high-tech, experimental equipment in the eastern United States.


    Three-dimensional radar systems, such as the Navy’s top secret Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) program, which visualize the terrain of a battlefield on a television-type screen, are being developed through spreading chemtrails across the nation’s skies and are being field tested in the military exercises across the country. The latest, which the Pentagon is calling “Joint Patriot 01,” is under way at Fort Drum, a military base outside of Watertown, N.Y. Exercises will run through June 30.

    Centered at Fort Drum, the home of the Army’s elite 10th Mountain Division, the military is also utilizing facilities at Combat Readiness Training Centers at Volk Field, Wisc., Alpena, Mich., and Utah’s Dugway Proving Grounds. “Concurrently, the exercise permits testing of advanced command and control technology developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, N.Y., research site,” a Pentagon spokesman said. “Numerous technologies will be field tested, including command and control systems, dynamic planning and targeting systems, sensor systems, and specialized next-generation communications systems.”

    The Air Force Research Laboratory at Rome, located in Central New York about 75 miles from Fort Drum, used to be part of Griffiss Air Force Base, a Strategic Air Command B-52 bomber base. In 1982, the air base was closed down and the top secret laboratory was the only Air Force facility retained. The lab was enhanced and its mission scope increased. Little is known about what goes on there, but it is known that the scientists there are developing military technology involving lasers. In the mid-1990s, a local sensation was created in the vicinity of Rome when numerous residents reported seeing bizarre “balls of light” traveling at treetop level. Many believed the phenomena were created at the Air Force laboratory.

    The Pentagon claims that the maneuvers at Fort Drum are “a war-fighting capability training exercise for more than 6,000 Air and Army National Guard members and elements from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, and allied reserve forces from Britain and the Netherlands.”

    In a similar drill, not reported in the media, 26,000 military personnel on March 20 took part in a massive exercise, which involved a Navy battle group headed by the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise 200 miles off the coast of North Carolina. In the drill, Eastern North Carolina was “enemy territory” and the VTRPE system was used to keep surveillance on it. Exercises at Fort Drum and North Carolina may have been assisted by Air Force-induced weather changes. >

  223. Dave Mason Says:

    CHEMTRAILS = Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation or VTRPE

    On the Monday Edition of the Power Hour Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley Interview Ex Government Employee A. C. Griffith who had Top Security Clearance. He talks about CHEMTRAILS and so much more! He and Mike Blair of now The American Free Press over 9 years ago actually infiltrated the program at Right Patterson Air Force Base where the program is now being managed. People who were dissatisfied there helped them divulge what was going on inside this program of aerosol spraying. People have been killed inside this program. One of the key persons who designed this barium salt aerosol program was set up by people in the Reagan administration and he is now sitting in Federal Prison. They still go to him and ask him questions. They call it Program Clover Leaf within the aircraft industry. It is very secretive and people die from speaking of it. He also explains how it works and why he is now speaking out. This is a very explosive and informative interview. A must listen! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7PLrFuQK0&feature=player_embedded#

  224. solsburyhill Says:

    In relation to Ursa’s comment earlier on maple trees showing black spots, I would like to say the following:

    I have experienced exactly the same thing on the chestnut trees in the public park outside my house. Every autumn, these leaves turn yellow, orange, red before they finally fall to the ground. But not this year. The leaves have sort of dried up and turned light brown (as if it had been a very dry season, which is not the case at all) – and this already in end of July! In addition, black spots are to be seen on all the leaves. Most of the leaves have now fallen to the ground, but the usual spectrum of autumn colours were not seen this year. Ever since late July, these threes have all looked as if they were really sick.

    By the way, I have also seen black spots on some of the straws in my lawn. Needless to say that chemtrail activity has been reported on a daily basis.

    Regarding the “Fall of the Republic” documentary, I have now seen it, and it is really an eye catcher. The big question is how do you successfully get this message through to the dumbdowned masses? I sometimes feel that every attempt to awaken the masses is futile. Have we become so entrapped in the global elite propaganda machinery that we are not capable of thinking outside of the box or even dare to have opinions that are not mainstream?

    It is frightening to say the least…

  225. ericswan Says:

    Trees being decimated everywhere. Sky has been raising alarms about trees for some time. I see green leaves down on my lawn and have to think that the week of minus 8 weather is the reason. This was unprecedented and record cold weather. Leaves are a storehouse of energy for the tree and if they don’t send it back to the roots in season, the next year could be deadly for the tree.
    The chemtrail link is just so integral to the NWO and their cap and trade world exchange of carbon credits in Chicago, that we will throtle the life out of all living systems by pursuing a 350 ppm carbon threshhold. One of the ways farmers benefit from this nwo regime to reduce carbon on their farms is itemized in the U.S. program called AGRIGATE. This program supports the depop agenda. It is EUGENICS in it’s full regalia. There are five planks to the agrigate rebate program. It’s so new that the internet doesn’t have that much info to offer but from what I’ve managed to find so far..reduce food production by planting trees..no tillage chemicals only farming,…take marginal land out of production..etc.

    The nwo order expects 60% compliance from farmers if the Copenhagen Global Warming negotiations go their way in reducing carbon to 350 ppm. So much going on here that I can’t believe it’s happening. Carbon should be at 1,000 ppm if we were in the pristine world of 1,000 years ago. If we push this 350 agenda to it’s conclusion, we will have successfully killed off mankind.

  226. clark Says:

    And we thought we were free? You two said it perfectly:

    “So much going on here that I can’t believe it’s happening.”

    “The big question is how do you successfully get this message through to the dumbdowned masses? I sometimes feel that every attempt to awaken the masses is futile. Have we become so entrapped in the global elite propaganda machinery that we are not capable of thinking outside of the box or even dare to have opinions that are not mainstream?”

    – Yup.

  227. ericswan Says:

    I mispelled their madeup word. It should read AGRAGATE and here’s a thumbnail sketch of the wool pulling.


  228. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, I DID watch the video about the cheerleader. Very sad, and I wished everybody who is contemplating getting the swine flu vaccine would first be able to watch it.

    I am planning to go out and put up posters by Dr. Mercola all over town this afternoon. They explain, in a non-hysterical way, the dangers of the swine flu vaccine.

    Here is the link to the posters, in case any of you want to do the same thing:

    I’ll see what I can do about the pictures.

  229. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a very interesting article on the federal reserve, written by a well-known Christian Author/economist. I haven’t followed any of the links yet, but will.


  230. Celline Says:

    Sky completely covered w. chems….. we are at 90 degree heat.. no rain in sight. All above important links and the documentary.. have been sent by me to countlessly many people. People who in return will foreward them again and also post them. I did my quota today already, it’s 2:30 PM. Including a cop-car, with 3 cops in it. I pointed to the sky and asked them to explain. They looked dumbfounded and one of them said dryly:’ Got to check this out !” Bingo.

  231. Ursa Major Says:

    Crazy chems today. It was very windy, which blew the rainclouds away…….. and wouldn’t you know, as expected, the sky above them was covered in chem clouds.

    Much of it was what I’ve decided to call ‘Ice floes in spring’, as in when a frozen river thaws. That is what it looks like.

    And when I got out of a store tonight, the moon had a colourful ring around it! I took pictures, but I don’t know if they’ll be any good, even if I brighten them. We’ll see. My camera is nice, but I want one that costs over one thousand dollars (and I don’t have the money, shucks).

  232. Celline Says:

    I miss Sky !
    Made 5 ” converts” today. It was a day that made it easy. Our skies were chock full of them, all 4 kinds ( types). Grossest I have ever seen.
    So bad, that people actually looked up.Very hot, and the skies normally would have been clear and blue. Instead it was like kids fingerpainting all over. Late afternoon I felt weak, dizzy and wiped out.
    Am convinced it was the chems. Via Twitter I know some famous peops who occasionally reply to my e mail address. I am asking 2 of them to help w. the chem-issue, they could ask questions and bring up the subject on the shows they are on daily. Who knows, they might not, but noone can say, I did not try !

  233. clark Says:

    @Celline, Yup, no one can say you didn’t try… good one with the cops, that was funny.

  234. Celline Says:

    @clark, yes, it was funny.. cops aren’t use to peops coming up to them and ask about chemtrails ! They only know things on the basis of: Need to Know, and I do believe they did not have a clue. Thing is, my approaching them was curteous and honestly ” concerned” so they did not just label me ” some nut”. They did look up and looked baffled.
    Am pretty sure they won’t get it off their minds now, and will notice the heavy chems now.. every time they see them. I think, this was a good one !

  235. Celline Says:

    no converts today, cause I’m at home w. my badly crunched ankle.
    My politically active girlfriend now has all and everything that I have, and she posts posts and posts some more. So I will leave the converts up to her 4 today.

  236. Ursa Major Says:

    I figured out what the black spots on the maple trees are. It is called Tar Spot of Maple. It is a fungal disease.


  237. Celline Says:

    Oy Vey Uschi, that’s interesting, and I would not have guessed this.
    Meaning, we all are breathing the same stuff.

  238. Ursa Major Says:

    Yes, you’re right. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself from saying to my husband that I think the fungus came from chemtrails. That was a mistake, because he thinks I am nuts to think that (what else is new). And since I can’t prove it, it would have been better to keep quiet.

    In the grocery store I saw the cover of ‘Wired’ magazine, and it is all about promoting vaccinations, and trying to make all people who are against vaccinations look stupid.

    I looked it up on the net, here is the link:

    Interesting discussion going on in the comment section. To their credit they haven’t edited out anything. Because most of the comments make them look pretty bad.

    Another cloudy day, with plenty of chems. Warmer today, though, than it has been.

  239. Dave Mason Says:

    CHEMTRAILS = Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation or VTRPE

    On the Monday Edition of the Power Hour Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley Interview Ex Government Employee A. C. Griffith who had Top Security Clearance. He talks about CHEMTRAILS and so much more! He and Mike Blair of now The American Free Press over 9 years ago actually infiltrated the program at Right Patterson Air Force Base where the program is now being managed. People who were dissatisfied there helped them divulge what was going on inside this program of aerosol spraying. People have been killed inside this program. One of the key persons who designed this barium salt aerosol program was set up by people in the Reagan administration and he is now sitting in Federal Prison. They still go to him and ask him questions. They call it Program Clover Leaf within the aircraft industry. It is very secretive and people die from speaking of it. He also explains how it works and why he is now speaking out. This is a very explosive and informative interview. A must listen! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7PLrFuQK0&feature=player_embedded#

  240. Darran Says:

    Pilot monitoring the production of chemtrails by 2 C-17 Globemaster cargo planes in 6000 m height over Germany


  241. ericswan Says:

    Ursula..just on the fly here but things have changed and here’s the heads up. Less and I mean LESS than 2 months ago, Alex Jones called chemtrails “persistent contrails”.. The reason he now sees the truth is that the government has admitted they are spraying. I’m not sure if he has a link posted but things are moving right along.

  242. Celline Says:

    @Darren, I read your link, with the German Pilots.
    I wish I could read that in German because of the translation being very very poor. By some chance, does this link exist in German?
    Can you get it? Thank you !

  243. Dude Says:

  244. Dude Says:

    Go to 1:43:00.

  245. clark Says:

    I think the Asian lady beetles (Harlequin ladybirds) are responsible for the disappearance of the paper nest making wasps, the moths and most of the butterflies in my area rather than chemtrails, or maybe it’s both? That is IF this short article is correct and they eat caterpillars. I imagine they would eat honey bee larva as well. There might very well be a problem pollinating food crops in the near future. I wonder what else in the food chain will be affected by this butterfly effect?


    I am overloaded with stuff to watch and read. Someday I’ll catch up, someday.

  246. Dave Mason Says:

    The purpose of this webpage is to host government white papers and organization’s files on controversial issues. All of the these exhibits are public domain, and were found using Google Advanced Search or were hosted by mainline or alternative news outlets. All of these hyperlinks are actual documentation, as I do not link to any news articles. The only “news” I link to are press releases from the actual agencies.

    I highly recommend downloading all of these PDF and PPT files onto compact discs and send these discs to everyone you know. I also recommend printing out these documents to hand out to people for first amendment activism purposes. You can double click on each link to view the file on your browser if you have the appropriate software installed. To download these files, right click the link and select Save Link As. The file sizes are large, so if you have a slow internet connection, please be patient. This information on this webpage is very important and it must go out to everyone. All links are in either PDF, PNG, JPG, or PPT format.



    CHEMTRAILS = Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation or VTRPE

    On the Monday Edition of the Power Hour Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley Interview Ex Government Employee A. C. Griffith who had Top Security Clearance. He talks about CHEMTRAILS and so much more! He and Mike Blair of now The American Free Press over 9 years ago actually infiltrated the program at Right Patterson Air Force Base where the program is now being managed. People who were dissatisfied there helped them divulge what was going on inside this program of aerosol spraying. People have been killed inside this program. One of the key persons who designed this barium salt aerosol program was set up by people in the Reagan administration and he is now sitting in Federal Prison. They still go to him and ask him questions. They call it Program Clover Leaf within the aircraft industry. It is very secretive and people die from speaking of it. He also explains how it works and why he is now speaking out. This is a very explosive and informative interview. A must listen! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j7PLrFuQK0&feature=player_embedded#

  247. Ursa Major Says:

    Just coming in here to quickly post a link, referring to our discussion about self-defense a while back.

    I just stumbled onto this site, and think that especially the stun guns are a great idea. And lipstick-pepperspray! Very cute, and definitely inconspicuous.


    Too bad they won’t ship to Canada. But hey, maybe I could have something shipped to a good friend in the US, who can send it to me? After all, customs would never suspect that innocuous looking flashlight to be a stun gun, now would they? At least not, if it isn’t in the original packaging, that is.

    Another full day of rain and clouds, pretty dreary.

  248. Dude Says:

    The chemtrails are not for geoengineering and the global warming theory is a lie.

  249. Dude Says:



  250. ericswan Says:

    Mr. Mason..I would be interested to know if you can collaborate the data following;


    DOCID: fr02oc09-83

    [[Page 50913]]

    Presidential Determination No. 2009-31 of September 29, 2009

    Presidential Determination On the Delegation of Certifications Under Section 1512 of Public Law 105-261 Memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce

    By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of Title 3, United States Code, I hereby delegate to you the functions of the President under section 1512 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 (NDAA). In the performance of your responsibility under this memorandum, you shall consult, as appropriate, the heads of other executive departments and agencies. You are authorized and directed to publish this determination in the Federal Register.

    (Presidential Sig.)


    Washington, September 29, 2009

    [FR Doc. E9-23917

    Filed 10-1-09; 8:45 am]

    Billing code 3510-BP-P

    US Code Title 3 Section 301 which states:

    The President of the United States is authorized to designate and empower the head of any department or agency in the executive branch, or any official thereof who is required to be appointed by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to perform without approval, ratification, or other action by the President

    (1) any function which is vested in the President by law, or

    (2) any function which such officer is required or authorized by law to perform only with or subject to the approval, ratification, or other action of the President: Provided, That nothing contained herein shall relieve the President of his responsibility in office for the acts of any such head or other official designated by him to perform such functions. Such designation and authorization shall be in writing, shall be published in the Federal Register, shall be subject to such terms, conditions, and limitations as the President may deem advisable, and shall be revocable at any time by the President in whole or in part.

    Section 1512 of the National Defense Authorization Act


    The President shall certify to the Congress at least 15 days in advance of any export to the People’s Republic of China of missile equipment or technology (as defined in section 74 of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2797c)) that–

    (1) such export is not detrimental to the United States space launch industry; and

    (2) the missile equipment or technology, including any indirect technical benefit that could be derived from such export, will not measurably improve the missile or space launch capabilities of the People’s Republic of China.

  251. ericswan Says:

    I suppose we all know the
    Secretary of Commerce

    or what others say about
    Secretary of Commerce


  252. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude..Good thing you don’t get over to Indonesia..


  253. Dude Says:

    eric: thanks for that cool site. I already linked a news article to that event. And dont worry about us missing out, were gonna get all that and way more.

  254. Dude Says:

    “The USA will not take a risk of triggering a global war. If it does, the nation will suffer from much greater damage than it did during WWII. There were no intercontinental ballistic missiles 70 years ago. However, the nation can provoke smaller, local wars, for example a conflict between China and India. If it happens, the USA will not try to have Russia involved in any regional conflict because Russia, for the time being, is the only state that is technically capable of destroying America.”

  255. babette Says:

    Hey, Bub, meaning Dude, you’ve been wrong before. Quiet now, for a little while. You’ll be proved honest and true shortly. Just a tad off, is all.

    Israhell, determinded to squirm its way out from under the GOLDSTONE REPORT. Oooooh! How ugly they are by the minute.

    And it doesn’t help Auschwitz has officially lowered the number of dead jews from 4 to somewhere around 1 million, and even that reduced number is now under close scrutiny.

    But those motherfucking Israeli demons need water. Who shall be invaded next?

    Might be a neighborhood near you soon….

    Perhaps one of your very own delicately tonsured “private” properties? Hahahahaha!

    It strikes one as the quintessence of mendacity inate to the mainstream media and the times:

    Any comment signing off with “Remember the USS Liberty” gets promptly “disappeared” from BILL MOYER’S interview with Judge Goldstone.

    Several of us got deleted for that self-same “crime.”

    Moyers, fat glistening maggot that he is, knows better than to wander far afoot of the script handed him by his masters.

  256. babette Says:

    Just prior to any of the old, indoctrinated bats descend upon me …

    Goldstone is a zionist and a jew which means he will never tell the whole, unvarnished truth about Palestine, about the bloodfest which was, and is, the Palestinian genocide, but he is doing his zionist utmost best to show jews will not defend lowly, racist, indoctrinated ie. military jews from the “elite” jews when the SHTF.

    Remember Madoff and zionist conrolled Hitler.

  257. ericswan Says:

    Hater speech is going no where except maybe jail. How’s your hate speech legislation doing anyway?

  258. babette Says:

    That’s right, Eric, call the truths “hate speech” like the criminals who invented the term to shut their critics’ mouths. You fit right in. Have you no sympathy for the Palestinians? At the very least since Caste Lead? israel wants war, know that? And any war will do. Keep on keepin’ your mouth shut…
    Remember the USS Liberty!

  259. Ursa Major Says:

    Babette, what have you got to say about chemtrails? Just wondering.

  260. babette Says:

    Hi Ursa,

    Plenty! I’ve been on a rampage on several sites that talk about ANYTHING but chems and I’ve made several converts who have turned the conversation to chems in a big way.

    Every day, in every way, I try to make someone aware of our poisonous skies. It’s not really difficult on a good day when they’re streaking away with their usual flair. It is necessary to encourage the sheep to look up, by pointing up, and to keep their attention on the sky for more than a few seconds, but I’ve had some success.

    I’m irritable and short-tempered after 3 weeks of “gray” skies and rain. I’m sure you all must know what constant rain does to the spirit. And the knowing WHY we have no sunshine MAKES IT WORSE.

    As an aside, a LOT of folks noticed Moyer’s bias and have taken to reporting it everywhere.

    One writer explains that “sugar-coating” the truth at this time is suicide. Harsh words exposing the ugly facts are vital to fight those who seek our annihilation!

    The Mossad’s role in 9-11 cannot be dismissed.

    That, I think, will suffice.

  261. Celline Says:

    As far as my eyes can see ALL of the media follows ONE leader, comes off the same wire. There is not even one who speaks the truth. None.
    So why is Bill Moyer worse than the others? Has he maybe exposed the chems.. or anything? Besides, he doesen’t say what he wants, he sais what’s told him to say.
    Even Limbaugh is bought and paid for, so’s Beck..
    Why listen to any of them? I no longer do.
    One paper will be talking about the chems, next addition:” Media Spotlight”. Small christian paper, but the editor has the guts to do it.

  262. clark Says:

    – After too many days of total clouds, record rainfalls and farmers complaints of not being able to get into their fields to harvest their crops the sky was all clear this evening and the full moon lit up everything. The weather is supposed to be better the next two weeks, the US Dollar is supposed to rally, commodities are supposed to fall a bit… bad timing for farmers I suppose.

    OT, kind of, this person put together some interesting observations indicating the moon landing photos Do seem to indicate the moon landing by NASA was faked, maybe there are explanations, maybe there are none:


    How much stranger can it get? WTF is next? Pelosi coming clean about chemtrails? They have gutted the Audit The Federal Reserve bill so it will do anything except audit The Fed, meaning chemtrail funding is not in any danger of being cut off. Will a collapse of the Dollar stop chemtrail funding and how long can, or will, foreign countries support the Dollar to keep it from crashing? It’s almost like they don’t want it to crash so the chemtrail planes can keep flying, a sort of expanded currency wars? “And this too shall pass.”

  263. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..interesting introspection. I prefer that to the duck walk Babette is bent on pursuing. There is a relationship of the NWO “cap and trade” tax that must be ratified in the Copenhagen/Kyoto climate change agreement on Dec. 8 to 15, and chemtrails. The obvious question is how to avoid the effects of what we see on the ground in the overall effect it has on climate. If it’s not discussed or is not included in the overall picture, then we can assume that the member states are being blackmailed, threatened, or just naturally corrupted and brain dead. I don’t think the world is warming up. I think climate change is a cooling planet and that 350 ppm of carbon dioxide is the tipping point to the end of human activity on this planet.

  264. Celline Says:

    @Eric :blackmailed and threatened is correct.

  265. Celline Says:

    .. forgot to mention the moon”landing”.. indeed this was the greatest Hollywood production, ever. But as to the pictures I have seen.. there could have been some other ( ancient ) type of civilizations there.
    This of course, Nasa would not deem us worthy, of being ” in the need to know”!

  266. Ursa Major Says:

    Of course, the ‘ancient civilization’ could have been mankind before the flood. We really don’t know how far they had come before being destroyed.

  267. clark Says:

    Saw this article, EMdrive using microwaves to propel jets and rockets. Right off the bat there are many who say it’s impossible, sort of like what certain people say about chemtrails? The author writes that after the initial bit of info everyone is quiet about the subject. Perhaps these are already being built and are what makes the jets people have seen be so quiet?

    “…I was informed that the publicity was very unwelcome, especially any suggestion that there might be a military application. (Yang had previous published a study on the use of plasma as a weapon against low-orbiting satellites. [.pdf]) No further information has been forthcoming, and no Chinese papers have been published on the Emdrive, though Yang has recently published work on (unrelated) microwave plasma thrusters (.pdf).”


    Plasma as a weapon… hmmm, would plasma be a good way to describe the motion of certain chemtrails?

    – the last two days through the breaks in the clouds I didn’t see any chemtrails or jets, but the clouds… many looked like they were sponges filled with dry dust, dripping/sifted as if squeezed, some fell straight to the ground while with others the wind blew it and it zigged and zagged as it slowly fell to the ground:

    Like above, I’ve never seen such falling from clouds – everywhere.

  268. clark Says:

    I see that the, “greater than” and “less than” symbols don’t post on this comment board.


    The Z’s and the S above are kind of showing the pattern the dust made as it fell to the ground. That is what is supposed to be above the words, “like above” in my comment above. Heh – maybe I need more caffeine?

  269. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, that is truly bizarre!

    Here we have finally a little sunshine (with more rain forecast for the afternoon). Of course, the whole sky is filled with chemclouds. Earlier, there was a very large arrow over my house. I tried to photograph it, but it was too big and too close to get it all in one picture.

    Really, it looked like a perfect, pointed arrowhead with a long shaft. The arrowhead was clearly defined at the borders and was perfectly symmetrical, with a sharp point.

  270. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude…

  271. clark Says:

    – Clear most of the day, some, “flour sifting” clouds into the evening, but not one chemtrail jet. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a blue sky and no jets.

  272. Ursa Major Says:

    A mixture of rain and sun today. Whenever the rainclouds clear up, there are the chemclouds. Some pretty obvious, short chemtrails today (not obvious to most people).

    I’ve watched a video (actually, several linked videos) and read an article on Dr. Mercola’s site today, that got me even more alarmed about the swine flu vaccinations. Especially when administered to pregnant women. According to Dr. Blaylock (who is the one being interviewed on the video), there is pretty much a 100% guarantee of braindamage in the unborn children. Very scary!

    I am about to put out more posters around town. And I printed a list of the flu clinics that are going to happen. I intend to go and put up posters outside those locations AFTER the nurses are inside and have set up, but BEFORE the people are let in to be vaccinated.

    That way, those people doing the shots won’t see the posters before they go in, so won’t take them down. And the people I want to warn get to read them as they are waiting in line.

    Meaning, I’ll arrive about ten minutes before the clinics are about to begin.

    I’ve just sent a warning and two links to three women I know who are pregnant. I hope I am not too late.

    Here are the links:

    Apparently, the Canadian flu shot is different from the one in the US, and even more dangerous, as it contains squalene, and I don’t think the one in the US does.

    Please people, if you know any pregnant women, send them those links, it may save them a lot of heartbreak with damaged kids.

  273. Celline Says:

    New to me today : Chems, by the 100ds, evenly spaced, everyone looking like a funnel, or tornadocloud. Out of the bottom of them.. freely falls some stuff out of it…. all over God’s Green Earth.
    Is this what you meant w. ” Flower sifting” clouds ???
    Maybe we are seeing the same thing, giving it different names?

  274. Ursa Major Says:

    I saw something like that, too. But I am not sure that it wasn’t raining in those places not far from me. Sometimes, when you see rain falling from a cloud that isn’t above you, it looks like that, too.

  275. Celline Says:

    Uschi.. clear blue skies.. no rain in sight.. these were no weatherclouds, they were evenly spaced , white funnel looking things, and at the bottom where they turn like into a bottleneck.. ” stuff” fell out of them..
    I know what it looks like when rainclouds do this, I know the diff..
    What I saw today, was new to me.. and absolutely terrified me.

  276. clark Says:

    Sort of Celline. The, “sifted flour” didn’t appear to be coming from any chemtrails, they were normal-ish looking clouds. It was not rain falling, I know what that looks like too. I think it is a different substance than regular chemtrails. There’s supposed to be three kinds of chemtrails, I think there are four. On the days the, “flour sifting” clouds let loose, there wasn’t rain falling anywhere, not much moisture in the air either. Yesterday the, “flour sifting” clouds were much smaller (and there were fewer of them) while the particles were flowing horizontal rather than vertical, with much less wind, that was odd.
    It didn’t appear as though the, “flour sifting” clouds were created by the chemtrails in my area, and yesterday they appeared alongside long streaming horizon to horizon chemtrails that held together pretty well for hours without losing shape or form, plasma beam-like?
    I think it may have had something to do with the consistency of the powder, it seemed like it may have been clumping and or applied too heavily at first.
    Yesterday the sky was blue and clear in the morning, but by mid-afternoon the chemtrailing jets had returned and turned the sky white, but not solid white, and no rain, like usual. The sky is clear blue again this morning.

  277. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, as expected after the sky was filled with chemclouds yesterday, it is another grey, dreary, rainy day today. It is certainly not typical for this region, to be cloudy and rainy for weeks on end.

    I found and printed out for myself the schedule for H1N1 vaccinations in this area, so I can go and put up posters for the sheeple to read, AFTER the nurses have set up, but BEFORE the stupid people are let in.

    That way, the sheeple will see them as they are waiting, but the nurses doing the shots won’t see them until they are done and come out (or are going for a break). So, they should stay up for several hours. I’ll do that for every clinic they’ll do. Hopefully at least SOME people will reconsider and leave!

    I don’t know if any of you followed any of my links yesterday. The evidence is pretty clear that EVERY baby inside the womb of a stupid pregnant mother getting the shot will be braindamaged as a result. It makes me sick to think about it.

    And the adjuvanted version of the vaccine is MUCH worse, and will especially affect babies in the last trimester, as that is when the brain grows the fastest.

    So, when reading the (dis)information my local ‘health’ unit put out, I just saw what it said about pregnant women. Here is the quote:
    “Pregnant women – adjuvanted vaccine is available for women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant or have underlying medical conditions. Women less than 20 weeks pregnant and who do not have an underlying medical condition may wish to wait until unadjuvanted vaccine is available (anticipated at the earliest November 9th).”

    Meaning, that they absolutely WANT to put that squalene into pregnant women if their babies brain is rapidly developing, or if they have a medical condition! The insanity gets worse all the time.

    And those women won’t question this, because they believe that their government has their best interest at heart. It makes me want to scream! It makes me want to go to those lineups and SHAKE those women and tell them that they are PURPOSELY damaging their babies by being so utterly stupid!

    In fact, thinking about the terrible consequences to the future generation makes me cry. Because while I might be able to save a couple, millions will be damaged. Of course, with brain damage, they’ll make much better sheeple.

    Obama has claimed that his family has health problems that stops them from having those shots. Whatever. He KNOWS that they are deadly, of course.

    Not to mention the fact that squalene is known to cause infertility. Make the people stupid, and stop them from reproducing. A noble goal, don’t you think?

  278. clark Says:

    What your doing is heroic Ursa, reminds me of The White Rose somewhat.

  279. Celline Says:

    ^ 5 Uschi, and may God bless you !!!
    The immunizations aren’t even available here yet, as far as I know.
    Weirdest sky again today. I think I mentioned, that we get no rain anymore.. nada drop, CA is bonedry, like a tinderbox. Today I observed the following: Rainclouds were moving in from the N/W.
    Above and inbetween them…. thick as thick can be, Chems, looking like lumpy cream of wheat. From those cream of wheat looking things, something was falling out.. into the wouldbe rainclouds.
    In other words, what I saw is, the rainclouds had something ” injected” into them, and sure enough, not a drop fell.. or will.
    So the “plan” for us seems to be different then the plan for where Uschi lives. They get all rained out, and we are drying up.
    Don’t know if I explained it good enough.. I described what I saw all day !

  280. Celline Says:


  281. Ursa Major Says:

    Actually, correction. Squalene is known to have caused/is causing Gulf War Syndrome, and Polysorbate 80 causes infertility.

    They claim in the patient leaflet that both are completely natural and harmless. Sure.

    Rain, rain, rain. I took my grandson for a walk this morning when it wasn’t raining. But then it started drizzling this fine mist. While I walked, I heard a fairly low flying, loud jet going overhead twice, but because the sky was so wiped out, and the ‘clouds’ were so low, I was unable to see it.

  282. clark Says:

    Ursa, in your picture sets, there are a couple of ‘cirrus clouds’that have the “sifted flour” look to them like the kind I saw going vertical on the second day, IMG_5804 and IMG_5722. Imagine that silt-like stuff pouring straight out and down to the ground from large individual thick clouds like image IMG_6256 only in greater amounts and that’s about what I saw everywhere on the first day. Some had funnel shapes on the lower half like what Celline described.

  283. clark Says:

    Kamloops – isn’t that where one of you Canadians lives? Just reading about a man from Poland who was taser tortured to death up there by the Mounties… thinking Ursa better start wearing taser-proof clothing while doing her thing because – a person can’t always know how to act as expected when confonted by the mafia class.


    – another day with no clouds or chemtrails, it’s odd nowadays, not seeing chemtrails and seeing the sun… then I look out the window again and see a big streaking chemtrail……………………………………… Here we go again.
    If it was found that chemtrails had the same effects on people as tasers or the DNA damaging effects as with those pervert naked viewing airport x-ray machines, it seems like the population at large would be A-ok with that and try to find reasons to justify it. No doubt just like shooting poison vaccines into pregnant women. And I thought witch burning Puritains were barbaric.

  284. clark Says:

    It turned into a pretty nice sunny cloudless day, 4 chemtrails the whole day. Maybe a half dozen jets altogether. No pattern, no how, no way.

  285. Ursa Major Says:

    Rain first thing today, breaks with blue sky and chemclouds a couple of times. This afternoon hail, rain and slush, and snow coming down in buckets now! Temperature has dropped a lot today.

  286. Celline Says:

    Another new one today. The sky was striped all day.. like tic tac toe.
    Now, as the suns is setting, the whole sky is Zebra-striped.
    Just wondering, the people driving home from work just now.. they would have to see the zebra in the skies.. do they think, this is normal too?
    Just thinking out loud here…
    My foot was x rayed, it is no break.. it is a pulled tendon, my walking around is so very limited, thus I have no new converts to report.
    Am falling short on my ” Soll” ( communist expression for Must ).
    The expression the commies used for the Kolchosen ( united government farms ), and what they absolutely had to achieve was called the Soll.
    Funny this should come to my mind right now… my past seems to be following on my heels. Boy do I hate that !!!

  287. clark Says:

    This comment (possibly a rant, but who knows?) she describes something close to what I have felt before, that’s kind of spooky. I wonder if this is another aspect, another tool to use in conjunction with chemtrails? This is just a part of the comment:

    I’m still being attacked by the CIA,,,
    They have some nasty technology with Satellittes and are still working to take me down…

    In fact Saturday they attempted to tasor me over 20 times…
    They aren’t able to use full tasor,,but none the less they were able to make contact…
    About 3-4 of these tasoring’s they were able to hit the neck region,,,and your entire body becomes numb..
    I call it the Spock nerve pinch..
    Otherwise they made contact with just a arm,leg,stomach…

    With this was dizzy,along with the after effects of sore,exhaustion,migrane and nausea ..

    This is the Anti-Christ,,
    These Schmucks were working on taking down everything Good,Lawful,and God..
    People can understand good and lawful,,
    But they actually had a program to take down God..
    The Rothschild family actually declared WAR on God…
    Even if you don’t believe in God,,God represents Good,,
    So there program was to destroy everything Good..


  288. clark Says:

    Today it seemed like the chemtrailers were getting a bit sneaky. They started in the late morning with a blue cloudless sky. Soon there appeared a stringy wisp here, a seperated puff there, a couple of hours of this and then they would lay out a very high altitude string or two here and there every so often that seperated quickly but lingered and the effect was a gradual clouding over so that by four p.m. most of the sky was a hazy white cloudy overcast condition and that is when they started laying it on heavily, row after row, cris-crossing, both the long white chemtrails and the black chemtrails (which I haven’t seen in quite some time) but they were not very visible as the cloudy conditions they created acted as a cover to mask what they were doing. This is how it appeared anyway.

  289. Celline Says:

    We had rainclouds moving in today, so .. a slight chance of some showers.
    Yet every dark cloud had chems sitting on top of them, and I mean every dark cloud that moved our way was covered by them. Consequently, not a drop. By now the rainclouds have moved on.. probably dried out, to Az where it won’t rain either.
    Normally by this time of year we would have had at least 2 good rains.
    None zero zilch this time around. Meanwhile we are prohibited to use water on our lawn ( mentioned this be4 ), and brushing teeth is a problem too, cause u can’t keep the water runnung etc etc.
    Is the plan for Southern Cal to drive the people out, so the Elite can live here and not be crowded? That is.. after they turn the water back on?
    Wow Clark, I have read things like what u describe be4.
    It’s like out of a science fiction flick, but, I know it’s true.
    Scary world we live in…
    As for me, I know that ultimately: God is in charge, and this ” Tower of Babel” just can’t get much higher . My thoughts.

  290. Celline Says:

    Uschi, look what I found.http://www.chemtrails-info.de/
    Hope the link works.

  291. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, thanks a lot, that’s an amazing site! You link doesn’t work, because you didn’t leave a space between your period after your sentence and the url. But it doesn’t matter, because I copied and pasted it into the address bar.

  292. Celline Says:

    Thanx Uschi ! am still learning, glad u got it anyway.

  293. Celline Says:


  294. Celline Says:


    sorry if it’s not working as a link, but maybe copy and paste..
    it is a real important link.

  295. Darran Says:

    ” Today it seemed like the chemtrailers were getting a bit sneaky. They started in the late morning with a blue cloudless sky. Soon there appeared a stringy wisp here, a seperated puff there, a couple of hours of this and then they would lay out a very high altitude string or two here and there every so often that seperated quickly but lingered and the effect was a gradual clouding over so that by four p.m. most of the sky was a hazy white cloudy overcast condition and that is when they started laying it on heavily, row after row, cris-crossing, both the long white chemtrails and the black chemtrails (which I haven’t seen in quite some time) but they were not very visible as the cloudy conditions they created acted as a cover to mask what they were doing. This is how it appeared anyway.”

    I have just returned from London and really your description is eerily precise: I observed the exact same thing.

    Which makes me think: whatever is being sprayed daily worldwide is being sprayed in such quantities that the sheer logistics of supplying airfields is bound to leave more than just a paper trail. on. That is where we should direct our attention. How do they get whatever it is they spray us with to and onto the planes, daily and worldwide? Who delivers? The answer has to be a list of Companies surely? Or are the substances deliverd in plain unmarked vans and helicopters in isolated hangars of the airfields? Harder to imagine really. I think I’d say they hide their activities in plain site: there is simply so much coming in an

  296. Darran Says:

    in plain sight: there is simply so much coming in and out of airports….

  297. Ursa Major Says:

    I went to a seminar today. When I got up, the whole sky was striped with chems. When I left at 9:00, wouldn’t you know it, there was ONE lonely X right over my house, as usual.

    Yesterday morning it was completely cloudy, but early afternoon it had cleared up quite a lot. When I went out around 1:30, there were jets spraying chemtrails in every direction I looked! Clear skies are simply not allowed any more, that needs to be ‘fixed’ right away.

    This afternoon when around 3:30 the seminar was over, the sky SEEMED to be clear, with the sun shining (you-know-who declared it a glorious day, of course). But the horizon was whitish-brown, and above it was just the palest blue, almost white. The sun was glaring down through all that crap. NOT glorious at all.

    I have apparently managed to convince several people not to get the flu shot. At least I am managing to get through to people with SOMETHING (if only they’d listen to me when talking about chemtrails, too).

  298. Celline Says:

    yes, Darren, it’s done right out in the open in front of our noses.
    My biggest question is an obvious one” They” are breathing the same crap we are, how do “They” protect themselves?
    Uschi, about this creepy X over your house: Have u pointed this out to him, or anyone of the rest of the family? And: do you think, this is an actual personal ” attack” on you.. because you know so much and are talking about it? Darren, during the long flight to Europe, did u see chems out of the plane windows?
    S C A R Y..

  299. Sky Says:

    Hello everyone. Hope everyone’s keeping as well as possible in these evil times.

    I’ve been spreading chemtrail/ HAARP info on a classic cointelpro site. It’s a long story that will keep for another day. Suffice it to say that the woman who runs that site is satanic. I’ve been under heavy attack for the last 2 months.

    Bear in mind this site is mainly an economic forum that focuses on the FOREX, Asian influence on the USA economy, Goldmansucks, gold prices etc. BUT this site also brings up the issue of the NWO and the global elite. That was my ticket onto that forum. Enough for now. I have IMPORTANT info for you guys.

    Everybody…PLEASE read the links I’m going to give you. I have a very bad feeling that things could deteriorate rapidly. These links concern the pandemic.

    I’ll start a fresh post and continue.

  300. Sky Says:

    The H1N1 pandemic : I’ve been following a very long thread on ATS ( over 130 pgs ) that concerns the situation in the Ukraine. There’s virtually a MSM blackout in the west on this subject.

    This thread was started over a week ago, by a medical student in Lviv( Ukraine).

    “Number of victims to unknown virus growing! State of emergency to be imposed in Ukraine? ”


    The med student is from India but studying in the Ukraine. He’s at ground zero for this outbreak.

    So, I’m going to give you a brief overview of that thread. In addition to H1N1, people are dying from a strange hemmoraghic lung condition that has the Ukraine doctors baffled. And they’re bleeding out not just from their lungs, but from other bodily orifices as well. And they’re dying EXTREMELY rapidly !

    Keep in mind that this thread was started when there were only 39 deaths and under 40,000 people infected. There are now close to 900, 000 infected.

    Samples have been sent off to London, but whether WHO will tell the truth about the unknown virus is anybody’s guess !

    So is the unknown virus Pneumonic Plague? Is it a deadlier mutation of H1N1 ? That’s what the very smart and cautious posters on that thread are trying to determine. There’s people there from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and other parts of eastern Europe…as well as Canadians, Americans .

    I think they’re pretty much agreed that it is NOT Pneumonic Plague and are leaning more toward a mutation of H1N1. On Tuesday the poster from Prague has arranged for an interview with one of the top virologists/epidemiologists from Prague. This doctor is now retired but still maintains plenty of connections, so they’re hoping to get some good inside info for the thread outside of official channels.

    Now look at THIS : India !!!!

    Date: 2009-11-05
    “Doctors at Sassoon Hospital, who are in the thick of the swine flu battle, are a worried lot. Thirty-five patients with swine flu-like symptoms died in the last 45 days at the hospital, and not one of them tested positive for swine flu. The doctors still don’t know what caused the death of these patients. ”


    My next post will contain a link that is also a must read !

  301. Sky Says:

    The ATS thread is verrryyy long. But I’m amazed at how on the ball those guys are on that thread. Up to the MINUTE info on there ! And if one person posts a link that is in any way suspect, the other posters put him in line right away for quoting from a tabloid or unconfirmed source.

    Did you guys know that the Polish Health Minister has refused the vaccinations as being unsafe and untested ? And this Minister also just recently won a pretigious award for exposing corruption within Big Pharma and govt. You’ll find all that and more on that ATS link.

    I am NOT in any way trying to spread panic here.But I have to tell you all that I did get a warning , not in dream form like before 911, but this warning had a similar ominous flavor to it. I did NOT receive the specific information as to what the catastrophe would be….but the warning came about 3 days before ANY news came out of the Ukraine ( 3 days – 1 week is my normal advance notice time frame).

    Now, prior to my warning, I’d been following the H1N1 spread. But casually, with a moderate amount of concern.

    As soon as the news came out about the Ukraine, I was on top of it. It looked like just a typical H1N1 outbreak. The numbers were small at first. But I was like a moth drawn to a flame. I had a horrible feeling that this was what my warning was about. I could be wrong…but … : – ( : – (

    And then the Ukraine numbers grew bigger. A few days later I came across the ATS thread about the unknown virus. Why and how I ended up on ATS is a complete mystery. I’ve only ever been there once in 6 years. I forgot all about that site .But, that’s where I was led. And what I read on that scary thread just confirmed what I’d already been feeling.

    OH, I forgot to tell you guys,,,,there’s parts of that thread where the people in the Ukraine ( including the med student who was right there) talk about being SPRAYED by planes . But they thought it was some kind of disinfectant for the virus .The govt officials over there even had to come out and make official announcements on how the govt was NOT spraying, and that these were only rumors. Yeah right ! Some people woke up and found their windows covered with a strange green colored substance.

    I’ve gone on too long again. Making up for lost time, I guess. But this info IS important. Stock up everyone. Do it NOW !

    They ran out of basics like masks, Tylenol, Vitamin C, lemons, garlic on the first DAY in the Ukraine. The med student had to get someone from Poland to bring him some meds to the Ukraine border.

    Next post will be the scariest and also the one you all HAVE to read .

  302. Sky Says:

    What are your thoughts on this ? :

    Snippet :

    by Ken Welch in Houston
    November 5, 2009

    You are getting a lot of scare stories from the media (and the Pentagon’s billion dollar Internet propaganda machine) about the Swine Flu. But the swine flu is a joke, and almost everyone knows it. The real pandemic is still seven to ten weeks away.

    We’ve recently learned the secret behind the Swine Flu Vaccine that is being pushed so strongly on the public. While the vaccine may make you sick, its real purpose is to greatly increase the fast-kill mechanism of the pandemic still to come. Worse yet, the vaccine is being used to target specific groups of people who are simply not welcome in our brave new world.

    In the USA these include Blacks, American Indians, and Baby Boomers.


    I first picked up on this ten years ago. I was intensely interested in Chemtrails, those bizarre streaks in the sky that first appeared in the week following Pearl Harbor Day, 1998. They were linked to a banned pesticide, Ethylene Dibromide, right off the bat.Most of the later stories you’ve read about chemtrails have been designed to draw you away from this initial identification. Throughout 1999 I used RS to eavesdrop on Washington. I got what I wanted, but it seemed of no value. I learned that the chemtrail operation was part of a billion dollar CIA-run program called Starwars. No, it has nothing to do with space. It’s named for the first Starwars film which, if you’ll think back, featured a monstrous weapon aimed at an entire planet.

    I also found that the Starwars program had a second component. This involved CREATING a disease, and that something about this process involved BIRDS. Unfortunately, this information made no sense. Remember, this was the time of Y2K. A lot of things didn’t’t make sense then. In this case, how would dosing people with the world’s nastiest pesticide be related to a killer influenza, and what was the disease to be used for? And why?

    Read the rest here :


    This flu is looking more and more like a bioweapon every day !

  303. Sky Says:

    I’d like to apologize to everybody here if I’ve flooded you with info all at once. But it’s taken up all my time lately reading through that ATS thread and battling the demon on the other forum. That battle’s over. I warned the ones I could and have to let her/it go now.

    It will take you days to read the ATS thread. You pretty much have to start at day 1 and read it in context to get to know the people. It is a worthwhile read if you find the time.

    But, DO read the other links. They’re brief but important.

    There’s something not right with this virus. Why doesn’t it show up more in standard med tests? Why does it often take an autopsy to find it ? A lot of unanswered questions.

    Then, too, the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu was H1N1. The current virus is also labeled H1N1 but it’s mild….SO FAR !

    And here’s one last thing….keep in mind this is UNCONFIRMED…..there was a poster on that thread who was from Oregon. He said his coworker’s father got back from the Ukraine a few weeks ago. Then the father came down with what he thought was the flu. Now he’s on a ventilator, his lungs are hemmoraghing and…he tested NEGATIVE for both H1N1 and TB. So…?? I’m praying that the poster made that up. He was only on that thread twice and then he disappeared. So it could well be false info. Let’s pray that’s the case !

    Missed you guys! Missed this site. Hello Founding : – )

  304. Sky Says:

    This just in – One of the ATS posters just uploaded a vid about the Ken Welch article. Gotta LOVE the techies on that site !

  305. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky..confirmed on the Ukraine strain..


    I don’t do supplements ever, but earlier in the week I found myself stocking up on vitamin C and D. I don’t know if it’s because Codex Alimentarius will ban the international sale of these from the 1,000 IU’s recommended down to 40 IU’s or because I have that same sinking feeling but the Codex will be decided in December.

    The radio program above is easy listening. I suggest you listen to it and surf the apocolypse at your leisure. His latest program of Nov. 6, deals with the Ukraine issues.

  306. ericswan Says:

    Waterman reported 750,000 flu cases 3 days ago…UPDATE


    BRATISLAVA – Slowakia closes all but one borders to Ukraine because of the flu outbreak. In Ukraine now more than 900.000 people are infected, 135 died sofar.

    At the only open border at Vysne Nemecke, doctors are stationed to check EVERY PERSON on flu symptoms. Who ever has flu symptoms is not allowed in the country.

    the border between the Ukraine and Slowakia is the East border of the EU. When a person enters this border, free travel within the EU is possible without checkpoints.

  307. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Sky, welcome back!

    I have read the Ken Welch article. It *is* interesting, and I like that he is trying to fit all the pieces together.

    I do have a couple of concerns;

    1) I would like to know more about Ken Welch and if he has any kind of “track-record” – I had never heard of him until I saw your link. It seems he has predicted Armageddon several times in the past. He admits he was wrong because the Illuminati were “thwarted” but now they MUST make this chem-trail/flu attack work or they will have to spend another “billion a year” on more chem-trails which seems to concern the Illuminati….and leads me to point two:

    2) According to Ken Welch, the millions and millions of deaths in the coming “culling of the herd” is for MONEY so they US Govt. won’t have to pay benefits to Baby-Boomers. These evil plans have nothing to do with Satanism or “any other such strangeness” ?-
    I am sorry, that is IMHO a totally inaccurate interpretation! “Middle Management” Illuminati minions, like the Bush Family, or Henry Kissinger or Timothy Geithner, etc. are motivated by money and power but the ELITE sitting at the top of the pyramid? You have got to be kidding me! THEY OWN THE CENTRAL BANKS THAT PRINT THE MONEY!

    The CIA needs another billion for another year of chemspraying? No problem! That just means the slaves are even more indebted in the Fiat money system. The Elite, especially the Rothschilds are very heavily into the occult and the worship of Lucifer. Ever see pictures of the Israeli Supreme Court building that was funded and designed by the Rothschilds? They couldn’t cram more occult symbolism into that building if they tried – they even had to stick the obligatory pyramid up on the roof!

    While I applaud Mr. Welch’s attempts to connect the dots, and while time will certainly tell if he is on the right track, I question how accurate he can be if the underlying premise of his analysis is so fundamentally flawed.

    Finally, I couldn’t help but notice he referred to the Jeff Rense web site as a “Popular Propaganda Outlet” – and that his article would never be published there. That seems odd to me, Jeff Rense publishes a LOT of controversial and “out-there” stuff. Even I have had several articles picked-up and linked to by Jeff Rense. I never knew I was guilty of feeding a “Propaganda Outlet” till now. It just seems like more “Patriot/Truther” infighting and EgoWars to me, which I find distasteful.

    But please keep sharing your research (that goes for everyone!) many hands make like work. We have to find out what is going on and why by OURSELVES – the “media” is nothing but an Orwellian propaganda machine “Ministry of Truth”

    And let me be clear – FLU SHOTS ARE BAD – people should not take them!
    CHEMTRAILING THE PLANET IS BAD – the Govt. should not be doing it!

    Why these things are being done and how they relate is something EVERYONE should be looking into.

    Best to all,

  308. ericswan Says:

    I received Ken’s newletter for a couple of years and your perception that he predicts the end of the world could more accurately be stated as a “weekly” diatribe. I had to cancel my subscription as it began to feel like being on a merrygoround.

    Rense is an agenda agent and his agenda is that the Jews are the problem.

    To me, that is an oversimplification which in a trite but concise precise should read “class” not race.

  309. clark Says:

    @Sky, your mid-day link isn’t working, for me anyway. And, it wasn’t any kind of interruption, you make good posts. Ethylene Dibromide, those bromides are everywhere, in rocket fuel and soda pop to keep the substances from seperating, I forget what the Di part in dibromide means. I do know my old favorite soda pop with bromide tastes funny these days and makes me swell up a bit, so I cannot drink it anymore. The green stuff they got sprayed on them over in the EU, it’s probably the same green stuff they sprayed over here last Spring, it’s easy for people to dismiss it as tree pollen – we already discussed that nasty stuff throughly on this blog awhile back.

    @eric, those vitamins might make good barter, I’m thinking I should have more on hand myself.

    @Celline, brown hazy conditions on the horizon, after two days of blue sky here with no chemtrails (which is Really odd after the heavy chemtrailing we got a few days ago, rain and full white out usually follows) I thought it was a return of smog, maybe that’s what you’re seeing too? Or maybe not? When the smog disappeared in my area I didn’t even notice until Dude mentioned the chemtrails did this, Then I noticed. My city isn’t huge, but it has industry and I have noticed it has, or had, smog as an everyday thing, something my old small hometown never had, but for the last year I rarely see smog. Also, the people who make and apply chemtrails don’t say or do anything because they think it is harmless or is intended for another application, my guess anyway.

    @Darran, my other guess is chemtrails are a powder, not a liquid (for the most part, or perhaps they use both? Powder from military craft, and liquids from civillian craft?) that would explain how it blows around, clumps up and falls and such and has multiple characteristics and colors: white, black, and green. If so, the powder would require a sifting type shaker machinery with operators who wear resperators and such to constantly monitor the density of the substance while they bagged it up. If they didn’t pay attention or it was humid where they were at it would explain how some of it wasn’t loose enough to work normally and it would have different looking effects as it fell to the ground as it’s probably not intended to make it to the ground in a size large enough to see.
    It would also require huge expensive dryer type equipment to prepare it for bagging. Both of these operations would require huge buildings and an educated workforce. It seemingly wouldn’t be difficult to convince both the workers and the plant owners that what they were manufacturing was for a different purpose, so no need to hide what they were doing. And/or this stuff is made on military bases, soldiers often don’t ask questions, can be isolated, and, “stop lossed” so they are essentally slaves chained to the machines (who would know?) and who would say anything, especially if their plush lifestyles depended on it? Or, just say it’s for the War, and meant for, “over there” and many people would gladly produce poisons.
    The pilots in the commercial craft with liquids might not even be aware they are spraying, it could be a remote controlled function? Only transcontinential flights spray, I’ve watched plenty of regional flights take off and land in this area and they Never produce chemtrails.
    Rail cars and trucks loaded with chemtrail substances labled as something else, it wouldn’t be the first time such was done, but I suspect the base elements and mixtures for chemtrails could be openly made and transported, even barrium, then they mix it at application time. No wonder people think chemtrails is crazy talk, it Is freakin’ crazy, and war is madness.

    I killed a moth last night, that’s like maybe a dozen moths I’ve seen for the whole year. That still freaks me out a bit, I find it hard to believe Asian Lady Beatles ate ALL the moth larva in this area. Perhaps it was a tag-team effort bewteen Asian Lady Beatles and the effects from chemtrails? The Asian Lady Beatle’s get into my house too often as well (I wonder if they are disease carriers?) and the best thing I have found to deal with them is to run outdoor electrial “bug-zappers” inside in a corner, the Asian Lady Bugs are attracted to the lights and get zapped.

  310. clark Says:

    Or, the moths got zapped by the ELF they are pumping through the atmosphere? That frequency thing eric was talking about awhile back. Overwhelming stuff.

    Glass bottles might be a good thing to stock up on too. The easy to throw 1/2 gallon sized and the mason storage sized type.

  311. Celline Says:

    Every time I stroll thru the yard, or walk to the mailbox or my car.. I find dead honeybees on the ground.
    So not only moths are affected, yet the precious honeybees.
    What happens w/out pollination? Unthinkable.
    California almondtrees are affected already.
    Klaudia, am happy to see you back, just wish we had happier things to talk about once in a while.
    Chems here daily, nonstop. No rain ever. I never heard about Cytokinestorm be4, I hope all I read are assumptions and suspicions, if all true, then who has any kind of hope ? This is just too dismal.

  312. ericswan Says:

    I watched George Carlin’s take on the 10 commandments. I won’t post a youtube link to it but it really makes the viewer wonder why we have such reverence for these as they are redundant and and dogmatic to the point where they should be discarded.

    Jesus “new law” to love your neighbour covers all of them and more.

  313. clark Says:

    @eric, I wouldn’t say redundant and dogmatic, something about not replacing or changing one iota of the law, or something like that, plus what many say about natural law rules out discarding the top ten. But… I haven’t seen what you saw, someday I might.

    You might like part of the take on, “what to do” in this article (your currency being barter items?) bottom line is:

    It is time for each and every individual who values his or her own life along with the creative potential of the human spirit to begin to work with others to create a new nation and world. The government isn’t going to do it for us. Please believe me. This is not a system that can be reformed. It is a system that must be replaced. And it must be replaced by the ordinary working men and women who have been crushed, used, and abused during the past ugly half-century.

    Americans, get to work. Call your friends and family together today and begin to figure out what to do. Start with 15 minutes of prayer and meditation. You will be shown the way from within yourselves. My own view is that setting up local currency systems, as many communities are now doing, is a good place to start.


  314. clark Says:

    That Dr. Mercola fella, he is something else now, he seems pretty dang smart. His article about the flu maybe being a bioweapon was,… “oh wow.”


    Here is some stuff he has about honey bees probably easily applied to moths as well:

    When cellular phones were placed near hives, the radiation generated by them (900-1,800 MHz) was enough to prevent bees from returning to them, according to a study conducted at Landau University.

    Scientists believe the radiation produced by cellular phones may be enough to interfere with the way bees “communicate” with their hives. Cellular phones may create a resonance effect that interferes with the movement patterns bees use as a kind of language.

    Most recently, experiments by Sainuddeen Pattazhy, a researcher and dean in the department of zoology at SN College, Punalur, Kerala, also found that microwaves from mobile phones appear to interfere with worker bees’ navigation skills.

    When Pattazhy placed mobile phones near beehives, the hives collapsed completely in five to 10 days. The worker bees failed to return home and vanished, never to be found. Adding to the mystery, parasites, wildlife and other bees, which would normally raid the abandoned hives, would not go near the collapsed colonies. Pattazhy said:

    “The navigation skill of the worker bees is dependent on the earth’s magnetic properties. The electro-magnetic waves emitted by the mobile phones and relay towers interfere with the earth’s magnetism, resulting in the loss of the navigation capacity of the bee. Then it fails to come back. Also, the radiation causes damage to the nervous system of the bee and it becomes unable to fly.”


  315. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, it looks like the bees are attacked from all sides, just like us humans. By radiation, chemtrail fallout and who know what else.

    By the way, I now understand what you were trying to explain about the stuff falling out of clouds. I witnessed it yesterday on a large scale myself! It was very creepy, to say the least.

    First there were ‘clouds’ consisting of lots of little white puffs, banded together somehow. Suddenly they would start pouring black stuff (definitely not rain, it did look like powder) out towards the ground, all curving towards the same side (it wasn’t windy).

    All to the background of the sunset.

    My husband and daughter claim those were just normal clouds. I am not sure what could have looked LESS normal and bizarre!

    I picked up my daughter right as this happened, from a friends house. This friend lives in the richest neighbourhood around, in a mansion on a hill. So, from there I had a perfect view, and just HAD to take pictures! My daughter got really mad at me. When I said to her, “Can’t you see how bizarre those clouds look?” She really got mad and told me that she is just sick of my ‘psychobabble’, and that I had just ruined her until then perfect day (it was her 18th birthday). She didn’t talk to me the rest of the day (sigh, I am getting so sick of this, I wonder WHO is crazy, it isn’t me).

    This morning I looked outside about 7:30, and saw a large chemtrail going over my house (where else?). I went outside with my camera, and they were busy again. The plane was still going, so I took pictures. When it was about to disappear in the south, it turned and did a perfect round curve. I lost sight of it because of trees, and came into the house and went upstairs to see what I could see out of an upstairs window, which wasn’t much.

    When I went back downstairs (after less than five minutes, probably more like two or three), and outside, the chemtrail was GONE! It had taken less than five minutes to completely disappear, dissolve into little puffs and white haze. While before I went upstairs there was still a good deal of blue sky, when I came back outside the whole sky was covered in wispy haze. It took FIVE minutes for that to happen. Wow, they are getting ‘good’ at this!

    Well, my grandson just woke from his nap, so putting up pictures of all this weirdness will have to wait. I am going to take him for a walk, so who knows what I might see now. At least HE thinks that stopping all the time and taking pictures is perfectly normal, he’s been watching me do it for months, since he was five months old. He watches for ‘birdies and doggies’, while I watch the sky. Works for me.

  316. Ursa Major Says:

    Very interesting walk. It is a warm day (19 degrees Celsius, which is about 68 Fahrenheit, very unusual for this time of year). The whole sky is covered by haze, the sun has a ‘pretty’ halo around it, with sundogs (chembows) on the sides.

    And wouldn’t you know it, when we got back, there was another plane doing a chemtrail, the same route as this morning, and doing a turn while spraying in the very same spot, too! Very weird.

  317. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I just want to assure you, eh.. if you are ” crazy” then so am I.
    I have seen this stuff fall out of the chems many many times.Our sky today wasen’t visible, because of chems in all shapes, forms and sizes.
    Most of it looked like lumpy oatmeal.. others like huge fish ( just the bones ). Others yet were dabs, precisely spaced. A plane flying thru this whole mess, laying down more of the same.. and yes, making circles too.
    Clark’s explanation about the bees makes much sense, I found more dead ones again today. Some trying to fly, but falling back to the ground, as if too weak to do a ” take-off”. It all is utterly depressing to watch and be helpless to change anything.

  318. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Of course, they now say that while the swine flu SEEMS to have slowed down, it will resurge and come back in a big wave soon. And that people better go and get vaccinated if they haven’t done so yet, because otherwise they may get ill! And to make sure EVERYBODY can get vaccinated, they are getting lots of vaccine in. Right. Here is the link:

  319. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Yesterday chems and spraying all day. And again, close to evening/sunset, black stuff pouring out of puffy little clouds. This time it came zig-zagging down, just like Clark described somewhere farther up.

    The temperature has plummeted overnight to a normal 0 degree Celsius (32 Fahrenheit). This far blue sky without any clouds today. Can’t last, though, never does.

  320. Ursa Major Says:

    Darn, I didn’t pay attention, and the silly thing changed my name to my real one twice. So, I am posting again to reset it, hopefully it will work. Still deep blue sky, not a single speck of anything. It is almost eerie, I am not used to that!

  321. clark Says:

    As if it maters, in case you missed it, here is yet another article talking about weather manipulation in China:

    The China Daily, citing an unnamed official, said the Beijing Weather Modification Office had artificially induced both storms by seeding clouds with chemicals, a practice that can increase precipitation by up to 20 percent.

    The office refused to comment on the report when contacted by AFP. On Tuesday, an official had said the storm was “natural”.

    In 2005, the snow-melting agent was responsible for killing 10,000 trees in Beijing and decimating 200,000 square metres (2.15 million square feet) of grassland, the paper said, citing official statistics.


  322. Darran Says:


    please comment.

  323. Celline Says:

    I read all the links.. like fto.co.za etc. What can I say, other than :
    Who listened to us when we screamed about ” chemtrails”? Not many.
    We are unable to stop this crime, and I am convinced we are dealing w. genocide. Not just in the Ukrain… but maybe worldwide
    “They” can spray us w. anything they want.. no one notices anyways.
    Only question I still have is: HOW on earth does the Elite protect themselves and all of their families? Do they have some wonderdrug they are taking? Who knows.. maybe. Scientists being murdered is the most disturbing thing, they would be the whistleblowers. But, the ones who still live probably are silent for fear. I am speaking for myself when I say: There’s nothing I can do except pray.. and hope God has mercy, much much mercy..

  324. clark Says:

    @Darran, the Rense document kind of implies this:

    WWIII = the elite vs. the peons with the weapons being lab created micro-organisims

    The first step is to wipe out a large enough section of the population as to reduce or discourage revolt while at the same time restricting existing rights and freedoms in a way that is supported by the remaining healthy population.

    @Celline, with nanotechnology the elite are probably protected – think of very very small robots that can allow or stop events from occurring inside a human, that is nanotechnology. The sad part is most of the population doesn’t even believe nanotechnology is possible.

  325. clark Says:

    My computer is acting kind of funny, I didn’t mean to post that yet, it’s an incomplete thought, but I suppose it will do.

  326. Celline Says:

    Clark, so you are saying, that the ” Elite” and all the ” Theirs” are receiving some type of nanotechnology.. that protects them?
    Isen’t this s bit out of the realm of reality? There are many many people, who are close or extendet family of the Crime families. Do they then decide.. who gets protected and who does not?
    I know it’s a way out question, and of course no one has an answer to this. It’s still ” out there” as a big ? mark to me.
    Skies here today had no blue at all.. because chems covered every qm and qkm..
    Now clouds are moving in, real clouds, and the chems are above them.
    I watched this phenomena all day.Result of cause.. as be4, the rainclouds will not give us a drop, not even one !
    Southern Cal, is desert originally, but it used to have enough water to sustain a huge population. I can not see this to continue, just can’t.
    DUDE.. there’s a german guy on twitter.. who has sites about Nibiru.. I read a few of them, and can’t help but think, w. Nibiru, they mean Wormwood ! Only thing deadwrong, are the dates ! If interested.. I will provide his links, let me know..

  327. Ursa Major Says:

    Today another day with blue skies, warm and sunny. But the sky wasn’t as blue as it should have been (you all know what I mean, of course). One chemtrail being sprayed near sunset, and one very large one from horizon to horizon when it was too dark to take pictures. Which might mean that they’ll be spraying all night, and we’ll have whiteout tomorrow. We’ll see.

    I put up fifteen swine flu shot info posters today. Some very strategic spots. I hope people will read them and not get the shot!

    One spot I just love. I went to a Foodland store in a small town south of me. Right after entering on the right hand side was a large poster by Health Canada (they should be renamed Death Canada), with the usual propaganda as to why everybody absolutely needs the swine flu vaccine. Right above it was an empty spot just the right size that was just asking to be filled with my poster, and hey, I was happy to oblige. Another one in the same store on the bulletin board at the exit.

    I also put one right onto the front door of my own doctor’s office (there are I think six doctors working out of that building). I don’t think it will be up long, but you never know.

    Three weeks ago I had put up a poster onto a fuse box (for large lights) in the employee parking lot of our local Baxter Pharmaceutical factory. Surprisingly, it stayed up for quite a while, somebody took it down three days ago. I sure was chuckling when putting that one up, they are the makers of one of the vaccines.

    Several in our rec centre, one in the lady’s bathroom, very visible, one in the elevator and one at the restaurant. Again, I don’t expect them to be up for long, but if I’ve saved only ONE person from getting the vaccine, it will be worth it.

  328. Celline Says:

    This link is interesting stuff, from a jewish perspective.
    About the ” Nibiru” site from twitter, Dude.. it’s all in German, so I won’t post it, ok?

  329. Celline Says:

    Uschi, you are awsome… you are tenacious , and persist getting the truth out there.. even though it must cost you much time and effort.
    ^ 5 to you ;o)

  330. clark Says:

    @Celline, yup, it’s, “out there” alright, unfortunately it all very real and very possible. Nanotechnology could be the new smart bombs, bombs gone micro-scale. Nanotechnology combined with DNA databases is even scarier. Just watching the scientists who work with nanotechnology sitting around talking about making people live to be 150 years old, whether they want too or not, as they did on a PBS show called Nanotechnology, The Power of Small (or something close to that) really was bizarre, and most likely possible, no needle injections required. I’ll bet it works just the opposite just as easily. Another Pandoras Box.

    @Ursa, did ya see this? Sad stories:
    The Flu Vaccine Horror Story You Never Heard About

  331. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, yes, I get Lew Rockwell’s newsletters, too. I am still working on getting through that one. Somebody posted a link to a video you may want to watch. Very long, but worthwhile.


    I haven’t posted there, if I’d tell them that polysorbate 80 has been linked to infertility, they’ll all freak. Because not only have they lost their babies, they may not be able to conceive again! I can’t do that to them right now, I don’t think. Better concentrate on preventing others from getting the vaccine. Tomorrow morning I’ll try to put up posters at our local public school right before a vaccine clinic which will run from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

    As I said, I’ll go ten minutes before it starts. That way the people doing it will be inside, but the victims still outside and can read the info. I hope MANY will turn around and go back home.

    Jets spraying chems in all directions today. ‘Fluff’ all over the sky. It would look pretty if I didn’t know it is deadly. My lungs are getting worse. If I didn’t own my own nebulizer I’d have to pretty much hang out at the hospital, as my inhalers don’t work too well any more.

    When I wanted to get more of the inhalers the other day (I usually get several refills on my prescription), I was told they could give me one (I usually have one in my purse and one in my bedroom of each kind), because the demand was so high right now that they were backordered! Wonder why (sarcasm)?

  332. babette Says:

    Sorry, no time to read comments, but will mention the Ukraine aerosol spraying the day before the pandemic of haemmorhagic pneumonia which has now made it to Poland, Belarus, Hungary….

    It’s here, people.

    We warned them, but they would not listen.

    Prepare for the great collective LOOKING UP!

    Too late.


  333. ericswan Says:

    Here’s a heads up for those of you who dare to prepare. Dr. John Waterman is a practicing naturopath living in the U.S. and licensed to work in Canada.


    I posted his radio program in the past at


    Dr. John was a professor and did his post doctoral work on pleiomorphic virii. He is studying the Ukraine situation and has information on this subject half way through his 2 hour radio program.

  334. Ursa Major Says:

    So, this morning I went to the school where they are doing the flu vaccine clinic. I stuck five posters in strategic spots, including one right above the sign pointing the way to the clinic, and one on the door leading into the school.

    I just drove by, and of course, they have all been taken down by now. I hope they stayed up for at least several hours.

    It just made me sick to see all those people going there this morning, including one mother carrying a toddler.

    My oldest daughter and my daughter-in-law are doing some campaigning as well, by posting on facebook and talking to friends (they have a whole lot more facebook friends than I do). I think the other two married daughters are trying to at least wake up their friends and husband’s families.

    Next Saturday is another flu clinic at the same school. I think I might print a whole bunch of flyers to hand out, and stand outside the school all day, handing out the flyers and educating people on why they should go back home without getting the shot.

    And if they have me arrested, even better. Because we are taxpayers, the school is taxpayer property, and there is no law against free speech yet. My husband would call the paper, our Christian radio station etc., and make a big stink. That would be very good for drawing attention to the truth about the vaccinations.

    The day started with whiteout (like yesterday), which turned to weird chem formations, and now cloudless blue sky. It is 20 degrees Celsius here (about 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

  335. Sky Says:

    2 of my sisters now have H1N1( one got the vaccine, the other didn’t).My brother and 2 nephews came down with H1N1 6 weeks ago. One of my close friends – his entire family came down with it over a month ago.

    Don’t mess around with this flu if you get it.The people who got it weeks ago are still not well. My friend’s family is into natural cures and threw everything at this bug – colloidal silver, vitamins, garlic, tons of different herbs, etc. but they still ended up on antibiotics. So did my brother and my nephews. One of my sister’s did as well.

    The antibiotics helped to some extent. All of them are able to function BUT they still feel crappy. Sore throats, congestion and coughs that just won’t go away.

    This H1N1 is a sneaky bugger. If you make it through the first week without landing in the hospital, then it SEEMS like you’re recovering . Except that EVERY ONE of the people I know had a relapse. And they are still not recovered.

    So, heads up everyone. REALLY baby yourselves if you come down with this miserable bug.

  336. Sky Says:

    @ Ursa- Nice to see you’re finally getting summer- in NOVEMBER ! What’s wrong with this picture ? Why, nothing of course. The sheeple insist our skies are normal, summer weather in November is normal, all viruses are cooked up in Mother Nature’s lab, worldwide endless droughts and flooding are purely natural phenomena, and the govt has the best interests of the people at heart.

    Meanwhile, back in the REAL world :

    USDA Declares Half of Midwest as Agricultural Disaster Area


  337. clark Says:

    I saw that map on another site the other day, my county and half my state are listed as in drought conditions according to that map, but we are just fine, even record rainfall in many areas of the state.

    But supposedly they Are having droughts in Argentina, this comment from someone down there that is most likely truthful:
    …the droughts in Argentina are real. Specially in Cordoba, they are rationing water a lot, the San Roque lake has gone down several meters.

    A fitting comment from another person:

    Eventually everyone will go into ” automatic mute ” whenever any government official says anything at all.

    Two quotes below from George Orwell!!

    Political Language – Is Designed To Make Lies Sound Truthful And Murder
    Respectable, And To Give An Appearance Of Solidity To Pure Wind.

    The Great Enemy Of Clear Language Is Insincerity. When There Is A Gap
    Between Ones Real And Ones Declared Aims, One Turns, As It Were,
    Instinctively To Long Words And Exhausted Idioms, Like A Cuttlefish
    Squirting Out Ink.

  338. Ursa Major Says:

    Hi Sky, nice to see you here. My youngest daughter had the flu two weeks ago, went to school last week, and is really sick again now. Her lungs seem to be just fine, though.

    Of course, they have STOPPED actually testing for H1N1 and just assume all flu-like illness is the swine flu. Are you sure your family has the swine flu?

    Since we don’t know what it is that is being sprayed on us, they could all be sick from something that came from above. I sure am.

    You’re right, we SHOULD be having snow by now, not summer weather! It is really weird.

    Gray skies today, a very dull day. Still way warmer than it should be (12 degrees Celsius, 54 Fahrenheit).

  339. Ursa Major Says:

    Interesting story here, which predicts a new ‘little ice age’. Global cooling, not warming is in the forecast:

    The day today started out with totally different kinds of ‘clouds’, which shouldn’t be occurring at the same altitude. Slowly they are turning to the usual almost invisible mist.

  340. Ursa Major Says:

    Lots of chembows today, sooooooooo pretty! (kidding, I would think they were pretty if I wouldn’t know what they are).

    During the afternoon and evening the sky was filled with strings of little puffs, that looked like they all originated in the same spot. Sort of like a fan, or fireworks kind of idea, as if they had been shot from one location. Very odd.

    Pretty chemical sunset, very orange, with ‘clouds’ in different pastel colours.

  341. Celline Says:

    Something must be up.. because we had a clearblue sky 2 days in a row.
    Am holding my breath.
    Something interesting: this gf of mine is adviser to a ” Diane Lenning” who will be running for the Senate in CA ( R ). I think, Senate, have to ask again.. it might be another office.. but either way, an important position.
    So, my friend asked me to contribute to this campaign. Upon which, I wrote several letters to Diane ( telling her who I am ).. educating her on the chems, and many other important things, that are on all of our hearts and minds. Well, my friend told me today, that Diane KNOWS all about the Bilderbergers etc etc.. and the chems.. and she sais, that once she in “in”, she will make all kinds of noises !
    My question is: Won’t she immideately intimidated, subsequently become as useless as any other politician, who originally went into politics w. good intentions?? I’d love some input from you, dear blog-buddies.
    Thank you…

  342. clark Says:

    @Celline, Sounds nice. Would be nice. Probably won’t happen.

    Consider this blog entry, I’ve condensed some of it to more apply here:
    “…serves no more than a symbolic purpose … they keep promising to bring us, pending the higher priority of blowing up foreign peoples, jailing political dissidents, crushing … and routing … Once all of this is done, they say, then they will get to [“it”] … Of course, that day never arrives, and it is not supposed to. [“it”] … serves [them] … the way Communism served Stalin: a symbolic distraction to keep you hoping, voting, and coughing up money.

  343. Ursa Major Says:

    Clear blue skies today……… or so it seems. It was cold this morning (-7 degrees Celsius). Not a cloud in the sky. Then why is my breathing worse today than it has been when there were lots of chems?

    Straight up it looks very blue. But the horizon is whitish, and when I drove home on a country road earlier, I could see haze when looking at wooded areas. I am sure it is the haze that is bothering me. Who knows what it is…… and probably came down from yesterday’s chems.

    Great article here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=GAL20091028&articleId=15860
    The inventor of the original flu vaccine is now saying that he finds that it is useless, after all! Very interesting.

  344. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a good article that really reflects population control, even though it appears to be about a vaccine.

    ALL young girls and women are absolutely required to get the gardasil vaccine when coming to the United States. US citizens don’t have to get it if they don’t want to.

    While this vaccine has never been proven to prevent cervical cancer, it is suspected of causing infertility. Meaning, they don’t want any immigrant girls to be able to have children. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  345. ericswan Says:

    A caller to http://www.infowars.com says that the chemtrail attack on Ohio is unprecendented.

  346. Dude Says:

  347. Dude Says:


  348. Dude Says:

    This blog just dont like the stuff I try to embed. This is the only time or place I will post this online. Go look at the pic of that particular conversation for some enlightenment.

  349. Celline Says:

    Clark, so what you are saying is, that even Diane L. would not be able to do anything, or blow the whistle or anything?
    Are u saying, I would waste my money? Please be clear about this, because this woman almost gained my trust.
    3 days w. crystallblue skies, it made me cry, literally… holding my breath now for sure.
    OK.. will now read all new links.
    Uschi, I feel that all and everything is pointing to making people sterile, it is so very obvious don’t you think?

  350. clark Says:

    @Celline, I will be very clear about this – politicians lie.

    Trust no one.

    …Getting that ‘discarded’ message again, the blog is getting full I think.

  351. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, yes, it is obvious. They want the ‘useless commoner’ to die out, so that only the ‘elite’ will survive and be able to breed.

    Total whiteout this morning, chemclouds now. Those nice blue skies couldn’t last, of course.

  352. brad sherman Says:

    On November 15th I went to Congressman Brad Sherman’s TOWN HALL MEETING and presented the Congressman in front of over 1,000 people the PROOF that chemtrails are being sprayed over his District. There was a lot of support for me speaking out, and I hand delivered in front of the audience of his constituents all the documentation to open an investigation in CONGRESS. please check out this article that has been posted about the event. -http://reason.com/blog/2009/11/16/post-3962-town-hall-tour-becer#comment_1456988
    The documentation for the chemtrails that I provided Brad Sherman in person after I spoke can all be found here – http://www.patriotportal.yolasite.com

    Also, I would like everyone to call Brad Sherman’s district office and make sure that heis investigating the material that was delivered on GEO-ENGINEERING. the phone number is (818) 501-9200

    Congressman Brad Sherman
    5000 Van Nuys Blvd.
    Suite 420
    Sherman Oaks, CA

  353. clark Says:

    @Brad, gutsy thing to do… good job. I gather you gave him all the documents listed on Patriotportal? Or did you just give him certain ones? Me personally, I’d be shocked if it went any further.

    @Celline, something I’ve often wondered about politicians, would they be willing to sign a document, an agreement to do or say certain things and if they fail to do or say the certain thing they would resign and/or give back all the money. This-a-ways you got something in writing you could take to a courtroom if need be to force the issue (and get your money back) as the word of anyone these days is worthless and unenforceable. If a politician were unwilling to sign such a document, you would know they were insincere. Such a thing would end this silliness of people promising one thing before they get elected and doing quite the opposite once elected, I think,… maybe.

  354. Celline Says:

    ^ 5 Clark.. thank you so much and you are righton !!!!!!!
    I will do this, I will ask Diane to agree and sign such an agreement.. if she does not.. NO DOUGH.. geeez, thank you. Count on it, I will do this.. such an excellent suggestion. Besides… many people are in moneytrouble right now, and I help where I can. Of course, mainly my children. So, it’s not that I have money to burn.
    Right right right, I want it in writing.. that she will do something about the chems and other things.. dang right you are.. thank you.
    3 days blue skies indeed was too good to be true, so today.. the little puffies are streaming in from over the ocean.. and they can’t fool me into thinking :” Them’s clouds” ! They are chemtrails !
    On Twitter there’s a German guy who gives much info about chemtrails in Germany ! Yes, I will call 818 501 9200… thank you for this one ” Stranger” and welcome here !

  355. ericswan Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: A strange new “super flu” is wreaking havoc in the Ukraine. It has the people lining the halls of local hospitals… and politicans running scared.

    But what is this “Ukraine strain?” And where did it come from?

    We don’t have answers to those questions yet, but today will share what is known so far. PLEASE note the connection of the vaccines and the spraying of chemtrails by U.S. military planes.


  356. ericswan Says:

    If you recall the discussion we had about Joseph Moshe back in August and subsequently since then, an update on his whereabouts can be found here.


  357. ericswan Says:


  358. ericswan Says:

    This flu’s for you..

    [audio src="" /]

  359. ericswan Says:


    Posted By: Rayelan
    Date: Friday, 20-Nov-2009 13:53:38 Jane just sent this to Dr. Robin Falkov who forwarded it to me.

    Read it carefully… the Pastor says it may have already reached Albuquerque.

    Remember… just last week we have massive chemtrails over California.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Day
    Date: Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 4:24 AM
    To: jmburgermeister@gmail.com

    Dear Jane the Brave,

    Thank you for what you are doing for the whole world ! Perhaps you were chosen for such a time as this, as Esther was.

    I have copied below an email I rec’d this AM from a Pastor here in the US.
    I took off his name and address, as I would think it right to ask his permission before using it. But, he states clearly in the email that we can share the information. (and I will send his name and email address to you personally, if you should need it).

    I am familiar with the Pastor, and have no reason to doubt his word.

    My prayers are with you,

    From: Pastor R.
    Subject: Verification
    Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009, 8:19 AM
    Dear brother,

    I have the verification you asked for straight from the “horse’s mouth.”


    I have a dear brother in Christ who lives about 30 miles from me. His grown daughter spent two years in the Ukraine as a missionary, and knows a lot of people in the Ukraine. She called friends in the Ukraine yesterday to learn the truth about the situation there. It took her several hours to even get through on the phone as she had to be “checked out” before they would let her call go through. Anyway, she finally got through and when she told the people why she was calling they were absolutely shocked. They couldn’t believe that she had even been able to get through to them. Here is what they told her.

    The entire nation of Ukraine is under quarantine by the World Health Organization and by their own Ukrainian government. No one is allowed to enter the nation, and no one is allowed to leave. All transportation in or out has been grounded. All border crossings are closed and heavily guarded. All schools in the country are closed. Most businesses are shut down. No large gatherings of people are permitted. Only medically necessary and government vehicles are permitted on the streets. People are generally confined to their homes. Not a word of what is happening is being printed or reported on by the news media. There is a complete news blackout. And people are dying by the hundreds every day. A few bodies are being buried when possible. Most are being burned. Almost everyone in the country is wearing masks or bandanas over their faces for protection. The disease is highly contagious and thousands of new cases are occurring daily.

    The folks in the Ukraine that our sister talked with told her they were thankful that she was not there, and begged her to ask God’s people everywhere to pray for them. God have mercy!

    Now dear brother, you have the verification you wanted. I wish I could have told you that the reports were not true and everything was okay. But I knew that wasn’t the case even before my dear brother called me with this report from his daughter. Brother, this is what we are facing right here in America. I suggest you convey this information on to your son in Albuquerque and tell him to take extreme precautions to protect himself and his family, for from what you told me this disease has already reached Albuquerque. If the Lord doesn’t come right away for His people we are all going to be staring death in the face; horrible excruciating painful death.

    The worst part of this is the whole thing is a man created disease deliberately being spread by the New World Order Satanic S.O.B.’s for their own agenda of “population reduction.” God have mercy! And some preachers today are so spiritually dimwitted that they no longer believe in or preach “the total depravity of man.” Sic!

    I am leaving for … right now and will be gone all day. I won’t be home until about 8 p.m. tonight, so I won’t be able to answer your emails today. Share this information with whomever you feel led to share it with. Pray for me, and I will be praying for you and for all of God’s people. God bless you dear brother.

    “Even so, come, Lord Jesus,” Revelation 22:20.

    Pastor R

  360. Celline Says:

    @Eric, thank you for this, it is frightening indeed. I wrote all and everything I know about the Ukraine to my GF in Germany.. who knew absolutely nothing about it. Can one believe that?? Germany is closer to them than we are.. and not 1 word in the press.. nada.
    I will translate and send her this letter also,
    Thanx again, Eric.

  361. Celline Says:

    My blogs are getting stuck again.. do we need a new space maybe?
    I had written a thank you to Eric about this letter.. which I will translate into German and mail to my GF in Germany.. who knew nothing about the Ukraine, until she heard it from me…
    Hope this one posts.

  362. clark Says:

    @eric, I dunno about all that… (the last comment) it could be, but I doubt it for some reason.
    Notice the last sentence in this exerpt:

    Latest reports of what is being called a deadly Swine Flu outbreak in Ukraine according to on sight reports appear to be a political concoction by a threatened government to avoid election defeat … The details indicate how convenient the current WHO “Swine Flu” H1N1 “pandemic” scare is for regimes in trouble.

    WHO “strongly recommends early treatment with the antiviral drugs, oseltamivir or zanamivir, for patients who meet treatment criteria, even in the absence of a positive laboratory test confirming H1N1 infection.” That means Tamiflu, the highly dangerous drug whose major shareholder includes former Pentagon head Don Rumsfeld. And it means GlaxoSmithKline, maker of the reportedly equally dangerous rival Relenza drug. The drugs produce precisely the symptoms of severe lung complications found in flu and in some cases have reportedly caused death.


  363. Ursa Major Says:

    Guess what, Clark, the doctor I saw yesterday with severe lung problems (I thought I had pneumonia) wanted me to take Tamiflu! He could not understand why I said that I would not take that. Even if I have swine flu (which I doubt), Tamiflu is not something I’d consider taking (he is sending in a throat and a nose swab, for testing).

    I am taking prednisone though to fight inflammation, and an antibiotic. Both seem to be working, as today I can sort of breathe again. It was getting to where I was getting desperate and thought I’d end up in the hospital (the last place I’d want to be right now, it isn’t safe).

    We’ve had a few very dreary days, when it never really got light out, the cloudcover was so thick. And of course rain, rain and more rain. Today was better, but I am not sure what it was like, because I never got dressed because of being sick.

    So, I doubt I’ll be able to stand by the school and hand out flyers as people go there for their flu shots. But I might go and put up some posters along the route people have to take to get there (not the same spots as last week, as that is where they’ll look, I am sure, to see if I’ve done it again).

  364. clark Says:

    @Ursa, am I reading this corrctly, your doctor had severe lung problems?

    Lots of dreary days here too and it never got all that light out in the day, it was sort of like night, I imagine it was from a combination of chemtrails and heavy rain clouds (there’s no way we’re in drought conditions now for certain) with a low temperature stationary low pressure front all combined. Today we finally had sun, I forgot what blue sky and sunshine were.

    Ever thought about taking a few drags off a menthol cigarette? I do that sometimes when I have a bad cold, it seems to help a bit.

  365. Ursa Major Says:

    Ha ha, very funny, Clark. No, of course, it is me with the lung problems! I am very allergic to everything high in salicylates (salicylic acid). Everything mint is almost as bad as Aspirin (which is pure salicylic acid) and would really make me sick.

    Actually, once when I was in my late teens, somebody tried to get me to try a menthol cigarette, thinking the way you do. It made me much worse, and now I know why (in those days I had no clue about my intolerances/allergies).

    This was not my doctor, she wasn’t available, and I had to see somebody else. My doctor would know better than to get me to take Tamiflu. She would even apologize if she would suggest antibiotics or steroids, knowing that normally I won’t take any of that stuff. But when you think you might not make it through the next night and day without drastic measures, you reconsider (except for stuff like Tamiflu, or vaccinations, I won’t budge there).

    I wonder what is REALLY happening in the Ukraine! Right now I am not sure if anything coming out of there can be believed.

    You know, one group of people who are supposed to be a priority for being vaccinated are ‘people living in remote communities’. Translation: Inuit and Native Canadians (here in Canada).

    They’ve always used them for their experiments, trying untested vaccines on them, amongst other things. If they can get them to ALL take the shot, they’ll soon die out. Many will get sick and die, and the women will all be sterile (and most of the pregnant women will miscarry). Perfect plan, right?

    You wonder how in the world, after everything that has happened to them, is it possible that they still trust the government and line up like good little sheeple for their shots.

    By the way, I know plenty of spunky old people who won’t dream of getting any flu shots, including the H1N1 shot. Not everybody is stupidly believing everything our government says.

    But it did bother me that one guy (a black man, originally from Jamaica) in our bible study group wore a t-shirt with Barack Obama on it last week. As a Christian he should know better, and do his research before showing his support for somebody. Obama is definitely no Christian, he is just pretending to win the trust of the people (he is failing in that, though).

  366. Dude Says:

    This board has become a severe distraction, maybe some purposeful lies from operatives, which are all over the internet en masse. Again, the chemtrails are not for the global warming lie and they are not for spreading disease, thats what the vaccines are for.

    The disinformation is now spreading to the UFO community. Here are two UFO files, one detailing “ramjet contrails” which everyone here should know to be a lie.

    About 1/4 down the page:

    And this one details what would be perfectly described as the thing coming in the sky that the chemtrails are hiding.

    About half way down the page titled “Indiana Light”:

    Sure is funny how everyone here avoids this subject like the plague even though the other reasons for the chemtrails are illogical, and in spite of the evidence supporting their true purpose. Since my last threat, this is the only place Ive posted anything. Funny how that was ignored. Its enough to make one really wonder about the motives of some of the individuals here. It is also worth noting that the government liars are experts in the field of infiltrating movements.

  367. solsburyhill Says:


    With respect to your threats, can you please elaborate. I’m not suggesting that you are wrong in any of your claims, but have you got something that clearly manifests gvt involvement?

  368. solsburyhill Says:

    Btw, if you haven’t already come across this, then please read it through. This is huge, if true.


    Here’s the source (it takes a while to download):


    Seems as if the CRU has activated their DRP…..

  369. Dude Says:

    Solsbury: I got that leaked or hacked data and searched it for things related to the inbound object but not much luck. The threat I received was on another board and is linked in my post above. I have also included it in my original document, its the last page of the document.

    The fact is that everything being discussed except the inbound object and our planned extermination is a distraction. There is heavy ET involvement and our leaders “are not us” as Alex Collier put it, conforming perfectly to the Bible. On the youtube channel ‘jagbodhi’, there are a few videos with much truth in them.

    This guy “watch?v=scym0WH3Jww”, at the part discussing crop circles makes the only reference you will hear from a public figure about the inbound object.

    This guy “watch?v=cd-cCeaKrOA” will tell you all about the destruction about to happen to earth but will not mention the source.

    This guy “watch?v=uR46QjXjLH0” has an excellent presentation but he lies about what will cause the earth changes at the end, talking about galactic alignment or some other BS.

    And this guy “watch?v=6WAyKnqzHco” somewhere in the middle talks about a very powerful three letter agency that will lose all of its power in the next few years. This is older and i presume he means the CIA and what would make them lose all their power? The destruction of America.

  370. Celline Says:

    @Dude, sorry budd, but your blogging is becoming more and more ” greek” to me. How about splaining yourself a tad better?
    Were u just accused of being a shill? Or did I get that wrong too?
    We had some rainclouds moving in today…. hovered over by lots of chems. If someone could just explain to me how this works, because it happens everytime a front moves in. Here it comes.. is covered by chems.. and I mean, they are poised precisely over the real clouds. Then after a very short time, the whole thing has vanished, and again, we did not get one drop of water. I really believe the plan is to dry us out. Any thoughts?

  371. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, the problem with you is, that you absolutely INSIST that there is no other good reason for the chemtrails than obscuring your planet Nibiru.

    I don’t believe that there is the slightest shred of evidence for you claim to be true. Which is why I am getting VERY tired of your nonsense and have chosen to mostly ignore it.

    You are a good guy, and you are sincere. But the most sincere people are often the most wrong ones.

    You have proven yourself wrong with one of your predictions already. One that you insisted for many months was going to happen. Too bad you didn’t know what you were talking about.

    Those chems are meant to make people sick, to control weather, cause droughts and floods, and a lot of other things meant to get people to agree to a global government. This global government will ‘fix’ everything going wrong.

    There may be other reasons, but hiding a mystery planet called Nibiru or Planet X is NOT one of them, that is just pure speculation.

    Maybe you are threatened for being a big pain in the ass? Just a guess.

    Here is an article I just received with one of my newsletters, giving more evidence on how deadly especially the Canadian version of the H1N1 vaccine is.

  372. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, the opposite is being done here. They create clouds, and make it rain, rain and more rain here. Every time the clouds open up, there are the chems above them. After yesterday being a little lighter with some blue sky, it is completely overcast again today and dark. It is very dreary and depressing.

    So, they are causing a drought were you are, and making it wetter and wetter here. Disgusting. And it is ALL blamed on non-existent global warming, very convenient, of course.

  373. Dude Says:

    Celline: No i wasnt accused of being a shill, I was threatened for telling the truth i just told you here. Ursa would be one of the shills, unwittingly or not (notice the viciousness of the rebukes she gives me without considering the evidence?). Please go watch those videos for some idea of the truth. you would put “www.youtube.com/” in your browser and then add the parts i put above (watch?v=uR46QjXjLH0) after the youtube part of the address. I didnt put the whole link because i didnt want to imbed them here. Better to just go here and watch them all but a couple really suck. The link to the Project Camelot channel is:


    Kerry goes into some detail of what is coming but none of them except David Wilcock mention anything about the incoming body and he doesnt say much. The rest tell you of the effects and some lie and say BS like “galactic alignment” or “climate change” or “solar flares”.

    Patrick Geryl explains what will happen in very good detail but he doesnt say what its from, he says “what does it matter whats going to cause it?” and then doesnt elaborate.

    Listen to them all and you will know a great deal about reality as opposed to the illusion that they force us to live in.

  374. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, if you claim my reply was vicious, you are hallucinating! I didn’t insult you the way you have insulted me in the past. I didn’t call you names, not even close,

    All I said was, that I am getting tired of you claiming you are the only one who knows the truth, when you have already proven that you don’t.

    Here is an excellent article completely debunking the global warming garbage, and that those global warming advocates KNOW they are lying, and covering it up.

  375. Dude Says:

    Ursa: i know about that. I downloaded it when it was hot. I said that earlier. What Im giving you crap for is this:

    “There may be other reasons, but hiding a mystery planet called Nibiru or Planet X is NOT one of them, that is just pure speculation.”

    The evidence, and the constant denials of the agents, the ancient civilizations, the Bible, the witnesses, the crop circle, the whistle blowers…..they all say the chemtrails are hiding an inbound object. Most of them tell you without telling you, but they tell you, nevertheless.

    And I wasnt wrong. That date came from the Bible, which I still believe, which is still the story unfolding before you (iran war, object coming) and it will happen. The 10-10 may be in the Hebrew calendar, idk, but the story will happen just like the Bible says and that includes this inbound object, so quit giving me crap and work on your own puzzle, mine is nearly complete.

  376. Ursa Major Says:

    Okay, you claim that paragraph was vicious? Come on, get real.

    The ancient civilizations, the Bible, etc. are telling about chemtrails hiding an inbound object? Your Bible and mine must not be the same book.

    Maybe the ‘mountain being thrown into the sea’ will happen in 2012. I don’t know, but I am sure we’ll find out. I gave you the benefit of the doubt with your Oct. 10th date, as obviously I didn’t KNOW you were wrong, even if I doubted it to be true. The same holds for the events of 2012.

    Fortunately for me, I am about as far away from any oceans as I can get, which is a good place to be in the event of enormous tsunamis. No large faults for causing massive earthquakes here, and no volcanoes or mountains, either.

    The crop circles have been proven to be hoaxes. What witnesses are you talking about? Yes, I know the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Maybe they just decided to end it there for no particular reason? Who knows. The calendar ending then, or crackpots like the guy who wrote that Bible….. what was it called again? isn’t convincing enough for me.

    Besides, even if it was true, it would be a natural disaster, which absolutely NOBODY could do anything about. Why hide it if it is there? What good would it do? Would the people trying to hide it escape if it hit? They would suffer along with everybody else.

    Underground cities won’t save them. Nothing would save them! It would be completely useless to go underground. Earthquakes would make anything underground more dangerous.

    Anyway, I just wished you would try to be a little more open minded, instead of trying to ram YOUR truth, or what you perceive as being the truth down our throats.

    I don’t know what will happen, and neither do you. Stop calling us ignorant, or shills and stop ranting at us for not believing everything you say.

    The truth will be known in 2012, no matter what.

  377. Ursa Major Says:

    And come on. You weren’t wrong? What about the Iran war? You don’t know there will be one. You were wailing on about America being wiped out on Oct. 10th by Russian and Chinese armies. It seems to me that America is still around, even though Obama is sure working hard on destroying it. But no foreign armies have attacked America. So, yes, you were wrong.

  378. Dude Says:

    yup, youre disinformationist. you spout the identical bs as the agents. they got a line they follow, the only thing you havent said yet is “what about y2k?”

    this crap is why i aint been here for awhile.

    the date was not my date, its in your bible three times and still may be correct in some manner i dont know about. The war will happen. the inbound object will be here and rip the earth to shreds when it does. “they” apparently think the underground bases will help or they wouldnt have been building them like mad since 1983.

    and yes, on the very same day as the next false flag with the nuke (like the bible says) we will be completely and totally invaded.

    Stop running your mouth to me and go listen to the people in those links i put in here. they are way smarter than most anyone you know i suspect.

    one of em talks about how the elite put the information about what theyre going to do right in front of everybody and they figure that if youre too stupid to get it, then you deserve exactly what you get. in a way, theyre right.

  379. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh boy, I guess we’ll see who is stupid in the end. I HAVE read your document, and I have followed a lot of your links. And how many times do I have to point out that your date is NOT in the Bible, and the verses you quoted have NOTHING to do with America!

    It seems to me that your pot may have clouded your brain. And if you consider that an insult, that is as strong an insult you will get.

  380. Dude Says:

    you sound like youre married to that truth guy. sounds like its settled then, dont reply to or address any of my posts in the future. btw, you lied: 10-10-9 is in ezekiel, jeremiah, and kings, and my document points them out. in the modern jewish calendar conversion, it is dec 27. it may be next year at 10-10 but i doubt it. they cant hide the inbound object that long. the smarter people are waking up pretty fast and that scares them immensely.

  381. Darran Says:

    I am getting alarming reports from all sides….

    Check this article out, most of it is rather plausible, linking aerial spraying to the coming pandemic.

    Ken Welch in Houston, TX
    Nov. 5, 2009

    After working with Reversed Speech on government officials for more than ten years I can tell you that there is indeed a long-running plan to dissolve the Federal government and remake the world into what you might call a global corporate feudalism. This plan is coming to its climax right now. Although the final moves have been postponed several times, all indications are that there can be no more delays, and a global killer pandemic is the first step in that plan.

    You are getting a lot of scare stories from the media (and the Pentagon’s billion dollar Internet propaganda machine) about the Swine Flu. But the swine flu is a joke, and almost everyone knows it. The real pandemic is still seven to ten weeks away.

    We’ve recently learned the secret behind the Swine Flu Vaccine that is being pushed so strongly on the public. While the vaccine may make you sick, its real purpose is to greatly increase the fast-kill mechanism of the pandemic still to come. Worse yet, the vaccine is being used to target specific groups of people who are simply not welcome in our brave new world. In the USA these include Blacks, American Indians, and Baby Boomers.


    I first picked up on this ten years ago. I was intensely interested in Chemtrails, those bizarre streaks in the sky that first appeared in the week following Pearl Harbor Day, 1998. They were linked to a banned pesticide, Ethylene Dibromide, right off the bat. Most of the later stories you’ve read about chemtrails have been designed to draw you away from this initial identification. Throughout 1999 I used RS to eavesdrop on Washington. I got what I wanted, but it seemed of no value. I learned that the chemtrail operation was part of a billion dollar CIA-run program called Starwars. No, it has nothing to do with space. It’s named for the first Starwars film which, if you’ll think back, featured a monstrous weapon aimed at an entire planet.

    I also found that the Starwars program had a second component. This involved CREATING a disease, and that something about this process involved BIRDS. Unfortunately, this information made no sense. Remember, this was the time of Y2K. A lot of things didn’t make sense then. In this case, how would dosing people with the world’s nastiest pesticide be related to a killer influenza, and what was the disease to be used for? And why?

    That year was also odd because a propaganda campaign designed to convince everyone that the world was overpopulated kicked into high gear. You still run across it today, but it was intense when it first started.

    The result is that most Americans falsely believe that they are simply rubbing shoulders with too many people. Excepting four or five of our largest cities, the reality is that you need only drive for 20 minutes beyond the edge of your town, and you will see nothing but nearly empty land. Overpopulation is a myth designed to make you feel better in a post-pandemic world. (Fact is the entire world’s population can fit in about half to ¾’s of Australia, with room for farms, livestock, business, tourism, recreation, and other aspects of good living !!)

    I watched that year as government money financed three different expeditions to find 1918 burial sites where frozen samples of killer virus might be found and retrieved. I also learned that, although there are good indications this virus was introduced in injections given to Europe-bound U.S. troops at Ft. Riley, Kansas, the genetic origins of what was soon called Spanish Flu suggest that it’s genetic source involved birds – either in the wild or in a vaccine laboratory.

    It wasn’t until 2004 that I understood why the “illuminati” were interested in creating a killer pandemic. That was the year I ran across an article in a magazine devoted to real estate that talked about the massive shift of wealth that would be happening in the future. The author was writing about the retirement of the Baby Boomers. Later I would learn that this would be the greatest financial threat our western governments have ever faced.

    The hunt for the 1918 virus was public knowledge, as was the failure to find any living samples. Also made public was the commitment on the part of CDC and others to find some other way to recreate the virus since the search for the original had failed. It wasn’t too much later that one of those attempts scared the medical community half to death. A Chinese laboratory, working under contract to recreate the virus by working backward from current bird flu allowed their creation to escape. Rather than give this virus a proper scientific designation, it’s genetic origin was hidden by calling it SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

    Anyone who knew the symptoms of the 1918 pandemic would have recognized SARS immediately as a virtual clone of the 1918 virus. In fact, virtually everything we know about how to protect people from pandemic influenza (which is much more than the government or media will tell you) was learned in the SARS outbreak. But SARS had a significant flaw. It was not seriously contagious until after the victim was already showing signs of illness. Intercepting people with symptoms stopped it from spreading. The real pandemic influenza is contagious before symptoms appear, which is why it will spread like wildfire once it is released on the public. But it will kill in exactly the same way.

    As reported in normal news channels, the 1918 killer flu was in fact rebuilt from scratch using the latest gene technology, made to match viral DNA that was brought back from the original expeditions. In a civilized world this would be a capital offense. But that is a world that mankind has yet to create.

    In the meantime, governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars preparing for the moment that the “Bird Flu” is finally released. Do you think they would do this based on a rumor or perhaps a psychic reading? All that money has been spent in preparing for the “continuity” of government, the control of civilian populations, and the methods for dealing with millions of dead or dying civilians in the most efficient and cost effective manner. How much did they spend on protecting or saving you? Not a dime.

    The public is still being told that everything will be fine if they just make sure their kids wash their hands.

    Now, you may be wondering how the various governments expect their countries to keep functioning in the aftermath of an engineered pandemic that could take out a huge percentage of the workforce. Actually that problem has been solved. If you will think back to 1999, you’ll realize that was the time that Washington began it’s open-door policy for illegal aliens. Likewise for Europe, and in both cases entirely against the wishes of their citizens. So we now have an extra 20-25 million “illegals,” all of whom have a lifetime of experience in societies where you don’t fight city hall. Although six or eight million may lose their lives in the Pandemic, there will be plenty left over to answer the need for labor. They will be there to take the jobs, buy the empty houses and, in return for legalization, pay the taxes. No problemo, amigo!

    The REAL Pandemic Is On It’s Way

    Our Project (and this website) was created three years ago to track and expose repeated attempts to use a false-flag nuclear weapon to trigger the destruction of Iran and the theft of it’s vast oil reserves. This plan is code-named GAMBIT, and the latest version is running right now. Gambit has failed many times, much to the outrage of the Oil Cartel that conceived it. Each time it has failed, the date for the killer pandemic has had to be postponed as well. You can see an actual example in the report on this page:

    Just scroll down to the first reversed-speech segment, which features George Bush absolutely furious because a 2007 attempt to set off a nuke in southeast Texas has failed. Note that he says the failure will require another billion dollars for Starwars, the chemtrail/pandemic project that now must wait another year before it can be concluded.

    The current version of Gambit involves a nuclear tipped missile aimed at some sparsely populated area in Israel. Although we don’t know the date, we do know that the White House and Downing Street have been told repeatedly that this is Gambit’s last chance. It cannot be recycled and tried again.

    Why have Obama, Gordon Brown and others been told that this is the last chance for Gambit? Because the “Bird Flu” Pandemic simply cannot be postponed for another year. Once it begins, large scale military operations will become impossible, and the U.S. will need it’s military here at home, perhaps for a very long time. Ready to go at least three years ago, the pandemic has been postponed each time a previous Gambit attempt failed. Everyone is being told that this is not going to happen this year.

    Postponements have been a nuisance for our Illuminati masters, because each time has meant another billion dollars for the chemtrail program in North America, and a similar amount in Europe. Chemtrails and the Pandemic are two parts of the same operation. We didn’t understand why until we learned that pesticide poisoning distorts hormonal functions, and reduces adrenal availability. The invisible part of chemtrails, the pesticide Ethylene Dibromide that falls to earth immediately and blows through your neighborhood, is reducing your ability to fight off the Cytokine Storm, the fast-kill mechanism of the recently recreated 1918 virus.

    As I’ve told our newsletter readers many times, the Pandemic has nothing to do with imaginary overpopulation, Satanic goals, or any other strangeness. It’s strictly about money. All the welfare states, including Russia, are going broke. In the U.S. retiring Baby Boomers are about to suck away the government’s last penny. Unless something is done, the Illuminati-run North American Union designed to replace the current circuses in Washington and Ottawa will quickly bleed to death if it must pick up the same welfare burden. Socialism has only one answer for problems like this: mass murder. And it simply can’t be put off any longer.

    There is a word we are finding quite often now in reversed speech from Washington and London: DECEMBER. It’s always there, like the uninvited guest lurking in the corner of the room. When we are following current plans as they appear in the reversed speech, nothing seems to go past the next six weeks or so, and the thoughts trail off as the word DECEMBER appears again. Like a dark cloud on the horizon. It seems to be something so terrible that no one wants to think about it directly. All my experience with reversed speech, and ten years of tracking the chemtrail/pandemic conspiracy, tells me that middle or late December is the current target for the release of the recreated 1918 virus.

    You will be told that swine flu has made it into bird populations and magically mutated to create a deadly, rapidly spreading form of Bird Flu. There will be no truth to this at all. The virus they will release is the recreated 1918 virus, already in many bio labs, and perhaps boosted a bit from the original 1918 variety in terms of lethality. You are being given a psychological practice run for this scenario right now, with scary but exaggerated stories from Ukraine.

    The world will be told that there are no vaccines that can touch it. It will spread slowly at first, but by mid January it will be sweeping the globe. Make no mistake. This is the one I’ve been warning about, and you will literally see bodies on the sidewalk if the records from 1918 are to be believed.

    Swine Flu Vaccine A Deadly Trap

    In comic contrast, the swine flu is a joke, and at least half the world knows it. Even its official designation is a joke. The original 1918 virus is H1N1. This new bug, which does not appear to be natural in any way, would have some other number if the murderous clowns at the CDC were even remotely honest. A lot of very sharp people have been looking at the swine flu and swine flu vaccine program, but they don’t know the larger picture.

    The puzzle they cannot solve is why western governments are so adamant about getting people to actually take the shots. Most of us understand that these big vaccine campaigns are simply money-making programs for Big Pharma, third in the pantheon of corporate players that own and operate virtually all western governments. But does it make sense this time? After all, these vaccines are already paid for. They could be dumped in a landfill and the manufacturers wouldn’t care at all.

    It’s virtually impossible that anyone could actually benefit from the swine flu vaccine, especially with the nasty components included in the batches for the general public. (Big scandal in Europe now about VIP’s getting clean batches instead.) So why does “Obama” want you injected?

    Two years ago, when anti-flu products were designated for different age groups (workers, elderly, young people) the implications were clear. Remember this is a welfare-driven emergency.

    The secret purpose of the swine flu vaccine is not obvious until you fully understand what the vaccine does. And you must combine that information with the understanding that the real Pandemic is just around the corner.

    I don’t want to seem omniscient here, so I’ll have to confess the real secret of the swine flu vaccine just came across my desk on Wednesday. Someone sent me a couple paragraphs attributed to Dr. Russell Blaylock, the MD that produces the Blaylock Wellness Report, a subscription newsletter. Here’s the paragraph that says it all:

    No one should take the swine flu vaccine – it is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever devised. It contains an immune adjuvant called squalene MF-59 which has been shown to cause severe autoimmune disorders such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. This is the vaccine adjuvant that is strongly linked to the Gulf War syndrome, which killed over 10,000 soldiers and caused a 200% increase in the fatal disease ALS (Lou Gehrig disease). This [swine flu] virus kills by causing a cytokine storm, which means that it causes the body’s immune system to overreact and that is why it is killing young people and is a mild disease in the elderly. (The elderly have weakened immune systems.) This vaccine is a very powerful immune stimulator and carries the real possibility of making the lethality of the virus much greater.

    What Dr. Blaylock is saying, is that the vaccine will greatly boost the Cytokine Storm, increasing the chance that people will die from the silly swine flu virus before the vaccine can kill it off. He doesn’t realize that a disease with twenty times the Cytokine effect is just around the corner.
    In our newsletters I’ve been talking about the Cytokine Storm for almost three years. It is the quick-kill factor in the original 1918 virus that killed several hundred million of people around the globe. In simple terms it is a form of rapid inflammation, similar to an allergic reaction to the toxins produced by the virus as it multiplies in your gut.

    The inflammation takes place in the lungs, and if it is too strong, or lasts too long, it will kill you. Often within a single day. A popular saying in 1918 and 1919 was, “Healthy in the morning, dead by nightfall.”

    Populations of all western nations practicing socialized welfare systems have already had their ability to shut down the Cytokine Storm greatly impaired by six to ten years of chemtrail spraying. Now, if the part of your immune system that produces the Cytokine Storm is put on hyper drive by the swine flu shot, when the real H1N1 virus comes along in December or January, your chances of survival are going to be very poor.

    No wonder Homeland Security has spent thousands of man-hours trying to locate sites for mass burials! Those folks are not stupid, and they know what is coming. You, on the other hand, are assumed to be both stupid and powerless.

    Who Is Being Targeted For Death?

    I’ve told you all along the Baby Boomers are the primary target. The financial disaster caused by their retirement has been known for twenty years or more via simple arithmetic. But the rest of the story is even uglier.

    As you know, the big news on the vaccine front is that shipments have been delayed and, although every state has received some, supplies are limited. This has been beautifully orchestrated to produce a specific result. Limited supply means that specific groups can be selectively targeted for death.

    Last week a man I know personally visited his doctor. This man is a good Pharma slave – he visits an MD regularly and does whatever he is told. He went for a quick check-up and his seasonal flu shot (yuck!), which he got with no problem. Naturally, he also asked about getting a swine flu shot. He was told the same thing that others around the country were being told.

    Because of “limited availability” the only people who could get swine flu shots at that time, whether paid or for free, were Blacks and American Indians.

    I checked around and found that other people had been told the same thing.

    Did I tell you this is a Welfare-driven emergency? Although grossly unfair, it appears that our masters have determined that Blacks and Indians are the “welfare classes” in our society, and their numbers must be drastically reduced.

    Canada is marching to the same drummer. Benevolent Canadian functionaries have made sure to send the first batches of swine flu vaccine, along with unusually generous supplies of body bags to Canada’s Indian nations. Just off the top of my head, I’d say that Canada is expecting the vaccine to produce something other than the lifesaving effect being advertised! Do you remember the stories of blankets laden with Smallpox given to Indian tribes in the 1800s? Yes, it’s same thing all over again.

    Sure it’s genocide, but in the chaos to come you are not supposed to notice.

    Just in case you do notice a post-pandemic statistical strangeness, the Pentagon’s domestic propaganda teams are already working on it. The same people responsible for about 80 per cent of the goofiness you see on the web have begun recirculating old stories about diseases created to attack specific ethnic groups. At least two e-mails on this topic specifically using the term “genocide” have crossed my desk this week.

    This is a typical tactic. If you should discover later that deaths among the Indian Nations or African Americans are disproportionately high, then you have a wild goose story already prepared to lead you away from the fact that these people were selected for death in their own doctor’s office.

    Growing Resistance Not What You Think

    There is a growing sense of resistance in this country. We certainly see it, loud and clear, in regard to the swine flu vaccine program. Guess what? I’ve tracked about a third of the anti-vaccine material back to known Pentagon propaganda mills.

    Why would they do this? Two reasons. They are very strong right now on fostering disgust and rebellion against the Obama administration. They apparently feel this will make their job much easier down the road, when it is time to dissolve the central government in Washington, and “white hat” generals help to put in the new one. They also want to make sure there is enough anti-vaccine hysteria on the Internet that fact-based warnings like this one, or Dr. Blaylock’s simply can’t be heard.

    However, just to show how difficult it must be inside what Orwell would have called the Ministry Of Truth, other offices inside this massive operation must churn out Swine Flu hysteria pieces at the same time. Naturally, this is putting the gullible in a serious dilemma: Get the shot that will kill me tomorrow, or risk the flu which might kill me next week. To get the flavor of all this, check out this popular propaganda outlet to see what I mean. You’ll see why this article will never be referenced there.

    We’ve built up a good store of remedies and other Pandemic information in our private archives; stuff that no one else has. Due to the nearness of the Starwars “Death Star” I’m working as fast as I can to get all that material out and into public view. Save your spare cash and skip the Christmas presents, because you will be wanting to use that money to protect yourself and your family.

    Good luck to us all,


  382. clark Says:

    You two obviously need to be seperated.

  383. clark Says:

    Interesting read Darran, but nothing I haven’t read already in bits and pieces here and there. One point, during the 1918 flu epidemic, I’ve read that it was the use of aspirin that led to so many deaths and not the flu itself. But who knows what’s going to happen? So much info, so little trust. Your post does fit in well with that new guy at the helm of the EU blatantly admitting the goal of One World Government, “The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.” youtube.com/watch?v=hXWeOa-FuyM


  384. clark Says:

    Using ethylene dibromide, and vaccines to retard immune systems, as if we’re all just rats in a cage. That makes sense. Bombs *are* on a mirco level these days… the micro-wars.

    @Dude, still not ignoring you, just have nothing to say about that.

    However; I still think chemtrails have multiple purposes, or at least it appears that way.

    Oligarchy – rulers of nothing.

  385. ericswan Says:

    Thanx Darran..I wonder if this was the Ken Welch story that Sky was talking about. As for newness, I was intrigued by the reason he gives for dragging out the availability issues. I wonder if this is a local or international fact. I think much of what has been stated in this article is “original” and maybe “Clark” you should read it again. You missed something.

  386. ericswan Says:

    Half of the obits in the local paper were for people who died from H1N1 today. That was a total of 5 people and the deaths from the flu were middle age 50’s. One of the guys I work with went home early last night. He was clutching his chest and looked terribly ill but said this didn’t feel like the flu as in the past, he always felt aches and pains whereas he couldn’t describe what was going on last night.

  387. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, it would be interesting to know if those people dying from the H1N1 had been vaccinated for either it specifically or had their regular flu shot.

    Also, if people had the flu shot LAST year, they were twice as likely to get the swine flu this year.

    Plus, I wonder how many of those people who they claimed died of H1N1 had been positively confirmed by a lab, or if they just assumed that it was the H1N1, as they appear to do these days.

    Deaths are always up in the fall and winter, every year, anyway. I always read the obituaries in my local paper to see if somebody I know died, I’ve always noticed deaths being up this time of year.

  388. Dude Says:

    yes, chemtrails have multi-purposes.
    Maybe 1% are for weather control.
    Probably 2% are for weakening our immune systems.
    At least 97% are for hiding the inbound object, and is why i am always getting threatened by the govt liars. none of the liars object to reasons one and two, but let somebody mention number three and the liars will come out of the woodwork like the cockroaches they are, trying to make stupid people believe its not possible to have another sun or planet because they are terribly afraid of the American People when we collectively figure out the magnitude of the betrayal they perpetrated against us.

    So anyone decide to learn and listen to the Project Camelot interviews on youtube?

    Heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/jagbodhi#p/u/7/scym0WH3Jww

    In this video, at 1:43:00 is the only place you will see a public figure actually point out whats going to cause the great destruction. The rest lie, msm and alternative.

  389. clark Says:

    @eric, ok I re-read it, I haven’t seen the week following Pearl Harbor Day in 1998 as being the start date for massive chemtrails before. And the Reversed Speech deal is kind of original-ish. It was a well put together article.

    I wonder who is was that linked chemtrails to a banned pesticide, Ethylene Dibromide, right off the bat? Only recently have I seen that substance mentioned, but of course I haven’t read anywhere near everything on this issue. It does seem that the later stories about chemtrails have been designed to draw you away from this initial identification.

    Oligarchy murder for money… orchestrated to produce a specific result… specific groups can be selectively targeted for death… murder by numbers?

    I saw this comment and related it to the post:

    When it becomes the mindset that it be farfetched the notion that a single totalitarian regime could ever destroy the entire world, is the day the world must prepare for that exact manifestation.

    @Dude, i’ll watch the video in the A.M.

  390. Darran Says:

    “Trying to figure out the reason for the spraying has become somewhat of a national passtime, to judge from the Internet, but you cannot escape the basic logic: The only purpose of spraying a proven lung- damaging chemical is to produce a lung-damaged population. The only known benefit of a lung-damaged population is that they are much more susceptible to biological agents spread by air.”

    Ethylene Dibromide is one of the most toxic chemical pesticides ever developed, and also the first to be banned for all uses that would bring it in contact with the environment or any human being.

  391. clark Says:

    Sounds like it has very limited applications, and therefore limited producers.
    It seems like it would be easy to say, “hey, who manufactures that stuff” and find the culprits. But, the U.S. government probably makes it on a base somewhere.

    Why wouldn’t they just spray a sufficant or some deadly potion right off the bat? Why all the pussyfooting around? Saving certain segments of the population can’t be all that important to them and if their this all-powerful it seems they would have their own army to run roughshod over the whole of humanity? I suppose even the so-called “muscle” bad guys wouldn’t go as far as genocide of their own people and need some kind of cover story so that they can rationalize to themselves that what they are doing is ok?

  392. Dude Says:

    The main purpose for chemtrails is not to poison, but to hide the inbound object. This guy will tell you all about the effects of this object but he will not state that there is an inbound object that is going to cause it but none of the other theories will even come close to causing what he is saying.

  393. Ursa Major Says:

    I just read about why Katrina wasn’t the cause of the New Orleans flooding, but that the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the levees failing. An eye opener that exposes the lies that most people, including me, have believed.


    Your government has lied about so many things, and is just getting worse (and ours isn’t much better). It is disgusting.

  394. Ursa Major Says:

    By the way, overcast and rainy AGAIN today. Yuck. Earlier this morning there was almost a break in the clouds, and you could see that the chemclouds were up there, above the normal looking clouds. What else is new.

  395. ericswan Says:

    23 November 2009

    • A source is sending us photos of chemtrails seen this weekend in the skies over Chicago area.. stating that this amount of activity appeared to be much worse than previously seen…

    They included various photos including this one showing what they labeled as 9 visible chemtrails at once:

    They wrote:

    I live in a visible path of commercial aircraft that land at Chicago O’Hare. No commercial aircraft came through my sight today during these chemtrails (11 am – 4 pm CST). The commercial aircraft have been put back on their regular paths in my sight since about 6 pm today. It appeared that these chemtrails started south of Chicago at an unknown earlier time and finished in my sight around Milwaukee, WI around 5 pm, from my view. FYI.

    They are concerned in case this may be a precursor in spreading the virus. We are posting this for the record at this time in case other reports begin to surface around the U.S. and rest of the world of unusual escalation of chemtrail activity prior to any future outbreaks.

  396. Dude Says:

    Eric: Kerry knows full well what the majority of the chemtrails are for. Kerry also states in this Alex Collier interview at 1:39:00 that the point is not to give you everything on a platter but to point you in the right direction to figuring out things. No one is going to come out and tell you the chemtrails are hiding an inbound object thats going to cause global devastation.


    This is very relevant to a new movie I just watched last night: “Planet 51”, I think. This movie is an attempt to program young people with some very wrong ideas about ET. They portray all ET as being friendly and just like us. They also emphasize that ET do not experiment on or consume humans. These are direct lies that contradict every piece of evidence. The ET phenomena is very connected to worldly events happening now. Listen to the entire Alex Collier interview for the full story and then listen to the Phil Schneider interviews. Phil lost his life by government hit for telling the truth.

  397. ericswan Says:

    Dude (if that really is your name), have you ever seen a starry night? Do you own a telescope? How is your vitamin D3 levels? Do you get enough sun in a day to meet your daily requirements? Why is it chemtrails are sprayed during the day? Is that some sort of coverup for all of us amateurs who can’t see past the two large objects in the sky anyway?

  398. Dude Says:

    eric: you sound like a govt op now. this isnt about me. its about you all being able to find (and accept) the truth. chemtrails are sprayed when the inbound object is visible, day or night, and ive seen both. yes, dude is my name since your memory doesnt seem to be any longer than your nose.

  399. Dude Says:

    Above link brings up different video, but its a good one also. Heres the Alex Collier video:

  400. Celline Says:

    @Founding, my last blog, seconds ago.. when I sent it it said: Discarded.
    What’s up w. this.. and do we need a new space maybe?

  401. clark Says:

    If it helps any -clear skies yesterday, no chemtrails, this morning was solid white sky with no clouds, which cleared by mid-afternoon revealing no chemtrails, but it remained kind of misty-like all day. Both days were 50 degres plus, kind of unusual. i guess they were all up North? Feeling kind of flu-like.

  402. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Dude, I was going to reply directly to your earlier insinuation that everyone who doesn’t agree with you on the purpose of chemtrails must be a “govt. disinfo agent” but Ursa replied so thoroughly and effectively that I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    There very well may be a planet Nibiru hurtling towards us bringing unstoppable doom. Whatever the truth is on that subject, you expect us to believe your analysis is correct just because you sincerely believe it is true? Dude, you believed you were 1000% correct on Armageddon starting in October. You still think you were right. Denial is not a river in Egypt m’kay?

    Your argument makes ZERO sense. The Govt. embarks on a massive, global chemtrail spraying program to hide a planet coming at us that no one could do anything about anyway? Dude, I have had to point out the very obvious chemtrails to people around me because they never look up – and most of the time when they do, they say “Oh that is a jet contrail!”

    In other words, why would the Govt. bother to “hide” something when the average idiot doesn’t even recognize that huge symmetrical lines laid out in a grid pattern in the sky are not natural clouds!!!

    As to Eric’s point about chemtrails blocking sunlight, I can tell you in my area, I have seen the clear sky at 4:AM and marveled at how clear and beautiful it was, only to have it completely blotted out by chemtrails at noon. Yes, they may start spraying at night in some areas, but overwhelmingly it is in the day. Vitamin D deficiencies are rampant. The flu pandemic is manufactured and a fraud. People in Ukraine reported “being sprayed” before they started coming down with virulent “black lung” disease. HAARP exists and you don’t have to be a scientist to know that putting heavy metal particulates in the upper atmosphere would definitely help propagate radio-frequency energy.

    So Dude, why won’t YOU consider that you are wrong? How do we know YOU are not a “Govt. Disinfo Op” trying to derail OUR investigations into chemtrails which might actually bear fruit? FYI – I don’t really think you are a disinfo op, I am just trying to point out that paranoid name calling and accusations do not contribute productively to a discussion.

    I am sick and tired of being sprayed and seeing the dollar devalued and the Globalists having their bought-and-paid-for politicians enacting every sort of abomination into law and having to walk into drugstores and seeing sweet innocent children rubbing their arms after being given a soft-kill bio-weapon, so Dude, please forgive me if my patience is wearing thin with your one-track conviction that it is all about “Planet Nibiru.” You have a right to believe whatever you want, but other people have a right to disagree.

    And….not to toot my own horn, but I when I say something with 100% certainty, I have a pretty good track-record. Go read the post I wrote almost TWO YEARS AGO entitled “When I say Buy Gold, I Mean Buy Gold Now!”
    Also, my articles against vaccinations against the Fed, etc. I want to help people with information they can use now. Sure, I study esoteric subjects that might have no practical use. I have posted articles I thought were interesting or thought-provoking, but I don’t develop a monomania on one subject that I can’t prove or disprove.

    Most importantly, I can ADMIT WHEN I WAS WRONG!

    Kindest Regards,


  403. foundingfather1776 Says:

    FYI: Here are some chemtrail-related links I found interesting:




  404. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

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    Please go to the NEW “What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 5 to continue your comments.
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