What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 3

This is the spot to continue your comments regarding chemtrails and other information of interest.

If you are a new reader and have stumbled across this blog, you might not be sure what we mean by “chemtrails.”  More and more people are looking up in the sky and witnessing strange formations.

I encourage you to read through the information in “What the hell are they spraying on us Parts 1 & 2” and to also check out the links I have posted under the “Chemtrails” section to the right.  I must warn you, once you see the chemtrails for yourself, and begin to understand what is being done to us, you will never enjoy the bliss of ignorance again.  The good news is that more and more people are waking up, and the powers-that-be that are doing this to us are running out of time.

Here is one site (of many) that has lots of chemtrail information:


From Reader “Sky” we have a video account of the “natural cloud formations” over beautiful Las Vegas:


“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized: In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”
Arthur Schopenhauer (German Philosopher, 1788-1860)




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  1. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – About 8 seconds into this you’ll see the roads awash with chem-fallout . This was what my own road looked like on the one and only rainfall we got this spring/summer. Tankerenemy caught it on video. He posts out of San Remo Italy and if you guys haven’t seen the rest of his vids, they are excellent- most of the commentaries are in Italian but Straker ( tankerenemy) also speaks English.

  2. Sky Says:

    @ FoundingFather – Here’s my favorite short little chem vid


  3. Sky Says:

    @ clark -Take a look at this in Florida. Talk about your HAARP action !

    The next one shows 2 of those bomb cumulus from about 33 sec to ?

  4. Ursa Major Says:

    Sky, I had watched the one with the funny guy before, and even though looking at those chems isn’t funny, the way he says ‘perfectly normal’ makes me laugh.

    But wow, those atrocious ‘clouds’ in the ‘Strange Cloud Formations’ one are scary! I don’t know which look the worst, but I think those green ones that look like wool under a microscope would make me feel like the world is ending if they were above me.

  5. Sky Says:

    Wow ! I’d forgotten how awesome tankerenemy’s vids are. If you guys go to his youtube site he’s got some vids of townhall type meetings in Italy ( on a smaller scale) where they are actually debating chemtrails with the govt disinfo agents LIVE AND IN THE FLESH….not just in cyberspace. It’s in Italian but you’ll get the gist of it anyway.

    This link will take you to one of his vids called ” Electromagnetic Fields and Chemtrails Motion. ” This man is a genius with the video camera and he captures some stunning HAARP/CT action.

  6. Dude Says:

    Chemtrail Class by Clifford Carnicom:

    Planet X Class by Jason Martell:

    FF: “A few nuggets of information wrapped in a 10lb bag of BS”; haha, I couldnt put it better myself and its an epidemic. if he was gonna do all that, its not very hard at all to switch ip addresses. i do it all the time for liars and agents that ban me for telling the truth.

    Celline: “it did not bother you, cause you weren’t made mudd out of, right?”; what you call ‘made mud of’ to me is very mild. think about the crap you nice people here have given me, and then think of the possibilities from those that arent nice at all. i usually just give it back though, or deem whomever too stupid and move on.

  7. clark Says:

    Day two and one half of clear blue skies, no jets and wow those videos are very freaky.

  8. Sky Says:

    Here’s one that might suit your purposes Founding.

    I am stuck indoors. Might as well surf. Can’t breathe my air outside today the smoke is so bad.

  9. Celline Says:

    “Clean” here also today, Deep blue skies, What a rare sight.
    Sky, I found the Italian, great.. they sure Throw things out there.. loudly, hope the world and it’s sheeple are listening.

  10. Darran Says:

    @ Celline

    By their fruit we will recognize them….


  11. Sky Says:

    Hey Darran we could have used you earlier, things were heating up around here.

    I was just on some of the BC chemtrail sites and one of the Aussie posters asked the fellow from BC if they’ve plume bombed BC yet. Never heard of that one. Here’s the vid from Australia

  12. ericswan Says:

    Hey Darran: My Christian spirit allows me to forgive Sarah. I think the pressure of the world closing in on her little green acres, coupled with her ego has moved her and moved us to fractio-nation. Maybe you can quote Jesus and tell me if He forgives the fallen woman.

  13. ericswan Says:

    Sky..nope, never seen that kind of runoff. We are being sprayed since early this morning. Expect they will spike the flu virus just in time to sell the poisonous antidote and prolly on Dude’s DOA.

  14. ericswan Says:

    Hey Marc..if you were wondering why I haven’t sided with the ladies or the gents on Cane’s post, it’s because they were too long and I scrolled through them. I don’t know what he said that got him booted but if frequency is a problem for you, volume is a problem for me. Regardless, a healthy blog needs participation from many points of view.

  15. Ursa Major Says:

    OMG, Sky, I watched that video, and we have certainly been plume bombed! In fact, I have pictures from two days ago that prove it. They look JUST like the plumes in that video. I had no idea how those things could have happened, but now I know.

  16. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – Don’t worry about the swine flu, eric, I’m thinking the fires may get us first here in BC. Just got off the phone with someone whose wife is one of the head dispatchers for the forestry.

    Bad news- things are far WORSE than they’re telling us. The entire situation is out of control.

    I cannot even SEE Mount Boucherie, and that’s only a stones throw from where I live.

  17. Celline Says:

    @Darran. I feel sorry for her, I would like to meet the person.. who did not sin, one or more times. He who is without sin, throw the 1. stone.

  18. Celline Says:

    @Sky, where do you find those incredible videos?
    I found the Italian one, and an Italian started to reply to me.. I and my broken Italian, and he in his broken English. But, we understood eachother anyway !

  19. Sky Says:

    Celline just go to any old chemtrail video on youtube.

    Next read the comments.

    If you find a comment that looks intelligent, then click on the poster’s name. That will automatically take you to their youtube channel. That’s how I found tankerenemy and many others.

    Do you ever go on any of the German speaking youtube chemtrail sites ?

  20. Sky Says:

    Uschi here’s the link for you for the Aussies channel – check out the chemclouds they get over there- like the ones in China just before the earthquake. We get lots of chembows, but I’ve only seen those multi-hued wispy clouds a few times here.


    I’m going to try my radio reception in the basement, and if it sucks then I’m going to try sleeping down there. Maybe it’ll help.

  21. clark Says:

    While I didn’t see a single chemtrailing jet over my Midwestern city for the last two and a half days, suddenly at eight p.m., eleven chemtrailing jets appear. Three of the jets have short chemtrails stretching only a little over a quarter of the sky, while the rest stretch from horizon to horizon. Other than the chemtrails, the sky is clear blue and cloudless, the temperature is 73° F the Humidity is 59 the Wind Speed is 11 and the Wind Dir SSW. While most of the jets are from east to west, two are from north to south, and one is from the southwest to the northwest. No additional jets appeared, the sky remains clear, but now it’s hazy.

    Severe Weather Potentials for the Next 6 Hours:
    Heavy Rain
    High Winds
    Dense Fog

    It’s been cool and breezy all day. Area radar shows absolutely nothing.

    Simone Weil, Letter to George Bernanos c. 1938: “As soon as men know that they can kill without fear of punishment or blame, they kill, or at least they encourage killers with approving smiles.”

  22. clark Says:

    @Celline (and Sky if you’re intersted) the videos on this page are by what I think is a doctor who has a very differnt take on ailments, especially dealing with the vitamins B and acids. I thought it was worthwhile to watch, maybe you will too.


    @FF, ok, I’ll try via notpad, no http, it’s an asian webpage showing a picture of a chembow. I would almost expect to see one above a large fire.


  23. Ursa Major Says:

    Darran and Celline, are you serious that you believe a story published in the Enquirer? Before you believe what they say, you better do a thorough search on the subject and find evidence elsewhere, as the Enquirer is one of those smut-papers. They’ll print stuff that are vague rumours as truth.

    Today started out with the craziest chemtrails, one huge, wide one going right over my house. When I got out of church, it was all cloudy/hazy, and when I got home and took pictures, it rained.

    Later in the afternoon it was blue skies and normal looking clouds (or normal enough that I wasn’t sure about them, anyway). So I wasn’t blinded by the glaring sun (a sign of metal particles in the air), I put on my prescription sunglasses, which I normally only wear when driving west when the sun goes down (my regular glasses turn dark automatically).

    Normally, the brown tint will ENHANCE colours and make them more vivid. The greens look greener, and normally the blue sky would look bluer. But today I looked up, and it looked brownish! What’s up with that? Of course, when I looked closely without the sunglasses, there was an almost unnoticeable haze there, and it wasn’t as blue as it should have been (no surprise there, of course). Obviously, you-know-who declared it a glorious day.

    Sky, it seems to me that it is time to start a counter-fire, or dig a huge trench or something like that. The forest can’t be saved it seems. It will regrow (if there is any rainfall, that is). If they just keep doing what they are doing, it will keep going on forever, more houses will burn down, people might get killed………. There is a time for fighting the fire, and I think that time has passed. Now they should save what can be saved.

  24. Celline Says:

    @ Uschi, NO, what are u saying about the ” Enquirer ” I do not read this stuff.. ever. I merely answered Darran.. that even if Sarah committed adultery, then I forgive her.. because none of us are w.out sin.
    I had no clue where he got the story.
    @Sky, yes, I am looking at German sites all the time, and the few people who do know, are very active and are protesting. The Europeans in general, are standing up more, than what I see in the US.
    Thing is, I don’t know how to post videos, dumb, I know, but I just don’t.
    I can put them in e mails just fine, but not on the blog. HOW is that fire doing, are you ok?

  25. Celline Says:

    @clark, thank you for that video, I had seen it be4.. it has some good info, I wish that woman would not “scream” at me ;o)

  26. Celline Says:

    Did anyone read the “World Net Daily”?
    If not, please do, there’s a whopper unfolding.

  27. ericswan Says:

    The village of Lillooet pop 2,000 has been evacuated in the last couple of hours. The setting sun was blood red here in Kamloops. I couldn’t smell smoke but my eyes were really affected. Good luck Sky. I’m afraid your forestry friend is absolutely spot on and they simply haven’t been telling us the truth. A battalion of Ontario firefighters have arrived in B.C. this evening. We are fulfilling destiny in some sort of crushing vice of corruption and evil.

  28. clark Says:

    This comment on one of the videos about the reactions to discussion about chemtrails is what bothers me the most about my fellow Americans:
    “I do find it disturbing that these formations are not only virtually unnoticed by the public, but even questioning? or pointing them out seems to be socially wrong to do.”

    In most of the videos, and elsewhere, ridicule is the most common reply to the idea of chemtrails. Links to facts are seldom referenced. When a small amount of facts are used to attempt to refute chemtrails, the poster always gives up easily and resorts to ridicule. Just like with the housing bubble, “there is no bubble in housing, therefore; you are an idiot” was a common saying a few years ago. Who is the idiot now? Are there people who still deny we had a bubble in house prices? Even the, “experts” were wrong.

    @Celline, heh – I kind of liked her screaming, most don’t though. Did you watch the other videos she has, they are kind of science lab-like, but easy to understand. Which whopper on WND? ‘America becoming a ‘stupid’ nation?’ Heh- yeah, I know, Obama and his paper shuffle, as if it matters which puppet is center stage, the power structure pulling the strings is still the same.

  29. clark Says:

    @Eric, do they use military troops and troop transport trucks to move people out? Or are most using their own vehicles to flee? Do you have a backup place to go to?

  30. Celline Says:

    @eric.. what is going on where u are? Is this fire moving fast, and toward you ? Sounds just terrifying. Can you update please?

  31. Anonymous Says:

    “Maybe you can quote Jesus and tell me if He forgives the fallen woman.”

    If she genuinely repents then He will forgive her. I wasn’t gossiping actually…

    I had posted a link showing Palin flashing illuminati hand signals with Obama, Clinton, Bush, Berlusconi, Putin etc… in another thread and Celline told me she had decided it was because she was naïve and didn’t know what she was doing and rather doubted she was not a sincere Christian.

    I disagree, and I doubt very much she is “a babe in the woods”. I just don’t see that as possible in politics nowadays.

    I was posting as general info on the topic for Celline, it might not be true, or it might. I was actually in the process of trying to decide whether or not she and her husband were genuine. I’m halfway there.

  32. Darran Says:

    That was me, forgot to fill in the name field

  33. marc Says:

    I agree, Eric.

    But FF reports Cane/Truth was NDG, and I take his word for it.

    All the same, Cane did offer some people here good advice:

    1) Don’t tell the world your private business.
    2) Spend more time with your family.
    3) Try not to obsess, unless you can actually DO something about it.

    That sounds ok to me. There may have been more, but who has the time to sift through it all.

    They’re cheming full-out this morning.

    Does anybody here ever call government agencies to inquire? Transport, defense, health etc.?

    That’d be a start. Say you’re calling on behalf of a bunch of neighbors. A strength in numbers kinda thing.

    Bug them.

    They spray us like bugs, so bug ’em back.

    I’ll say this much, excluding the “run-on” of a few, this is one of the best sites on chemtrails and FF’s articles are excellent.

    And now, on to other sites, other minds.

    Good luck all!

  34. ericswan Says:

    Darran..I’m about where you are and did read in the Alaska report that it is now confirmed that Palin’s are headed for divorce and that Sarah is planning a move to Montana.

    As you know, I’ve mentioned numerous times that the bible has been falsified. The author of this site indicates exactly which verses of Revelation were added to scripture. Most of the readers here will not be able to comprehend this document as it is beyond your experiential expertise and you already have your big daddy in your corner. What you don’t realize is that we have the same God, just not the same satan.


  35. Celline Says:

    am concerned about Sky and that BC fire.. it’s real bad according to the news. !75 miles to the South of us, in Baja, CA.. there was a huge erthquake this morning 6.0.. that’s enough to rattle your cups.
    Our sky today is a total nightmare, chems of all shapes. colors, yes colors and sizes. Rainbow colors in the midst of them.. I took pics and people stared. Asked me what I took pics of. So, I stood there explaining to them.. as I always do, when I get the chance. They stood there rapt.. and astonished.. til one numbskull piped up:” Them’s just clouds”..
    People dispersed, and I guess, I’m done for the day. What I do believe though is.. some of them will keep looking up, and wonder…
    sorry, Best I could do.

  36. Ursa Major Says:

    I forgot about the picture of Sarah Palin doing the evil sign. But still, as I said, when you read something in the Enquirer, you always have to confirm it, to make sure it is true. Unfortunately, it appears that it is true, I wished it wasn’t.

    I woke up this morning at five, and because I couldn’t go back to sleep, got dressed and went for a walk, obviously taking my camera.

    Today is a holiday here in Canada, so not many people were about, only a couple of people walking their dogs.

    I saw a little bunny, and took some pictures, in between of taking pics of the atrocious chemcloud sky (popcorn clouds, ‘cirrus’ clouds and other strange looking things). One lady stopped so as not to disturb me taking pictures of the little rabbit. She obviously must have seen me taking pictures of the sunrise and clouds, too, but ignored my comment on that.

    Then I met a man walking a dog. He asked me why I was taking pictures of the clouds. We had a very long chat 🙂 . It seemed like he believed at least some of what I said. At any rate, I am sure I gave him something to think about.

    The man told me he was an amateur astronomer, so I asked him about the planet Nibiru, and planet X. He said that planet X is just an area in the sky and doesn’t actually name a specific planet. And he thinks that Nibiru doesn’t exist and is nonsense.

    Both those people were either around my age or older. The guy said that he has seen me taking pictures of the clouds before, and had wondered what I was doing. So, he is a curious person, and might just go and do a little research of his own.

    When he told me that he had heard that the newer planes used a different kind of jet fuel, that would leave persistent contrails, I explained to him, that what he heard is the official government disinformation, and that it is an outright lie.

    Anyway, I have told several people in the neighbourhood what is happening, and you never know, some might believe me.

  37. Ursa Major Says:

    Darran, I agree that Palin can’t be so naive as to not know what that hand signal means. Anybody who gets up so high in politics to run for vice president is a shrewd person, and knows what she is doing.

  38. Dude Says:

    Eric: that version of revelation is not much better, if any, than the other one. Read Ezekiel, Amos, Habbakuk, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, most of Psalms…..they are all the same story about the same war that will destroy us on 10-10-09. For more info on the Annunaki gods, read Enoch and the Sumerian translations by Zachariah Sitchin.

    Celline: there have been a few high power earth quakes this year, several in the past month. Krakatoa and a Russian volcano are erupting and I think more but I forgot. Its all because of Nibiru. Jesus told you that there would be earthquakes in diverse places and changes in the sun, moon, and the earth before the great war. Ezekiel gave you the date: 10-10-09.

    Marc: inquiring about chemtrails to the government will do nothing but waste your time. they will not tell you. civilization will collapse if they do.

  39. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, I agree, and did not know about the satanic-NWO handsignals Sarah did. It blows me away, I really thought, this woman is honest, she sure could have fooled me.. am sad about it.
    Chems so bad here today our sky is white now. When the white parts a bit.. there’s popcorn only. I do just as you do, I talk to people I meet in the street. Truth/Whatever keeps e mailing me, and I mean crazy stuff. I now blocked all his screen names.. sorta scary this man, Multiples is a big possibility.
    This big news from WND is working it’s way thru the usual channels, can’t wait to see if anything comes of it.
    What are our friends doing, the ones threatened by this enormous fire?
    Waiting to hear.. am concerned.
    Uschi, just read your mail, u are correct, but like I said, I blocked him til he gets himself some new names, then this stupid games starts over.. ugh.
    Dude, thank you for the pointers, I really appreciate your sincerety.. but w.out the HolySpirit, you are unable to discern scriptures, and as far as I know, you rejected all I had to say about this i.e… HOW one becomes spiritfilled.. and a true believer. You know, it never hurts to listen to goodwilled and honest people, maybe you too could learn something.
    No hurt intended Dude, I really do like you, but please LISTEN sometimes.. ok?

  40. Dude Says:

    Celline, i listen but i already got most of it figured out. yall need to listen i thinks but aint a lot you can do now except take a vacation. i wonder how much longer thats even going to be possible.

  41. Ursa Major Says:

    I just want to let everybody know that Sky won’t be posting for a while, because of a severe health crisis within close family (it isn’t for me to post what it is, in case she doesn’t want it public).

    The fires are bad, but her house is still standing, and they aren’t evacuated.

  42. clark Says:

    This message is for those who still think chemtrails are contrails:

    If these chemtrail jets were commercial jetliners, where are they today? It’s Monday, after a little cloudiness this morning there has Not been One single jet flying over my area all day. I was outside for most of the day with an eye towards the sky, it was clear and blue with only a scattering of small clouds towards mid-afternoon.. Off and on I looked outside this evening, no jets. Does the nations entire cross-country commercial jetliner traffic get diverted due to clear skies? There were no regional storms, the entire nation except some small section of Utah and Washington State are free from anything on radar at 9p.m.. Why were dozens of jets flying overhead here last week, and zero today? Hmmm? Why is it that when the jets do fly in this area, they cover the sky like a farmer plows his fileds, row after parallel row? Do commercial jetliners do that? It doesn’t matter what type of fuel they burn, their flying patterns are those of application of a substance.

    We had a bubble in housing prices, prices and sales have gone down. There is something to chemtrails, they are Not contrails. Both the housing bubble and chemtrails were artificially created by government intervention, and many are still in denial about the existence of chemtrails just like they were in denial about a bubble in housing prices.

    Sorry, I just had to point that out. Perhaps I convinced someone to think.

  43. clark Says:

    fileds = fields, a true typo.

  44. Dude Says:

    This is it right here:
    “Barack Obama’s policy of engagement with Iran – the “unclenched fist” of his January inaugural address – has about 60 days left to run. If Tehran does not respond positively and credibly to his offer of dialogue on nuclear and regional issues by the end of September, all bets are off.”

    And lets not forget:
    “We are not planning to attack anyone. But our partners should clearly understand… that the armed forces will be used if necessary to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and its allies, including on a preventative basis, including with the use of nuclear weapons,”

    68 days. . . . .

  45. Dude Says:

    clark: same thing here with the trails today, however, visibility was very low. there was still a lot of ‘stuff’ in the air. it kinda reflects pinkish-purple and the sky is still kinda white.

  46. Dude Says:

    And heres some more of those quakes Jesus was talking about:

    5.8, 6.9, 5.0, 5.9 Quakes In Gulf Of California

    and plenty volcanic activity too:

  47. Celline Says:

    @ericswan. This time you are wrong. I read this post, yes, all of it.
    Who is this guy? Do you know where he hails from?
    What gives him credibility?
    Like anyone else.. I do not understand much of Revelations, only bit by bit does it open up to me.
    This guy sounds like a very bitter ( maybe EX ) catholic.. and I put no credence in his writings whatsoever.
    I do believe, that a God.. who created everything, including every bit of life there is, is perfectly capable of keeping His Word.
    This man does not believe in the redemption of mankind through the shed blood of God Himself.. and this is enough to put him where he belongs, into the category of ” Denial of the one and only Jesus Christ and his reason for becoming a man !” ” Add or take away, and all these plagues will be added unto you…” read for yourself.

  48. Celline Says:

    BTW : JOHN was not ” Devine” !

  49. Darran Says:

    “As you know, I’ve mentioned numerous times that the bible has been falsified.”

    Do you have any idea how spectacularily false, and demonstrably so, that idea is? I think we need to stop right here and set the record straight. That is simply not true, and I’d like to discuss it as soon as I have time if you agree.

  50. Dude Says:

    yea, yall sit here and argue about the whackest book in the Bible while you ignore all the clear books that spell out our destruction coming in 67 days. Thats real smart!

  51. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..I appreciate your pov (point of view) and that you took the time to read the document. Here is the link to background for this gentlemen’s website..

    I read stuff as you do and know the truth when I see it. The problem is, I have to see it.

    Darran..might be an interesting backgrounder for you.


    God bless you Sky. Hope all goes well. The wind is whipping up and all the refugees from Lillooet are here in Kamloops. Let us pray.

  52. Dude Says:


    and this:

    are not correct. they do not understand what the Bible says and the latter one, amitkah, is way out there. i know one follower of that site who tells me that aliens are destroying our sun. I seriously suggest reading the Bible and the news. Thats all you need, IF you know what youre reading.

  53. Dude Says:

    This is interesting but i can not form an opinion either way. just something to tuck away and observe world events for evidence. I know there are aliens here on earth (from the Bible and Sumerian texts) but to know their plans…….? I still say follow what the Bible says (NOT what the churches and Darren says) because it is so full of very accurate details about America and this coming war IF you read it right.

  54. Dude Says:

    It appears to be a clear day here but the white shit is all in the sky. Havent seen any classic chemtrails but the white shit can be seen in wisps and visibility is very poor. I judge by mountains that are 30 mi away. Cant hardly see them at all, especially when there are no visible chemtrails. On the days where it has been very cloudy and the clouds stop the chems from descending, visibility is awesome.

  55. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude..I’m with you on that but doubt you read Reed as it is hundreds of pages. I have a message for you from “Cane”. He wants to talk to you. 950-970-2343.

  56. ericswan Says:

    My bad..should read 951-970-2343

  57. ericswan Says:

    I should clarify just what it is I’m agreeing with. I have no experience whatsoever of aliens or a possible invasion. I think “giants” and Nephilim in scripture are synonomous. Are you familiar with the second reference to Nephilim..

    In Genesis chapter 6 verse 4 says this:

    The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. – The Bible NIV edition

    Shortly there after God decides to kill every man and creature on Earth with the flood because man had become corrupt, saving only Noah, his family, and 2 of each animal.

    Suddenly though, generations after the flood and just after Moses has lead the Israelites out of Egypt, we come across this verse when they are preparing to enter the land God promised them.

    Numbers Chapter 13 verse 33

  58. ericswan Says:

    Cane..you are an obsessive compulsive. I’m sure you can read the corrected ph no. as they are both posted within the same minute.

  59. Dude Says:

    eric: ive read enoch and a ton of other stuff. ive read a lot of the stuff on amitkah’s page too and pretty much determined that there was enough false info (regarding the Bible) that i didnt want to continue.

    haha tell Cane to talk to me at sebruffy@yahoo.com. i got enough phone bills. that works on yahoo im too.

  60. Dude Says:

    but not now cause im about to go do stuff but im always in and out on here.

  61. ericswan Says:

    Luke 10/18

    Jesus said…”lightning fall from heaven”. In Hebrew, lightning is translated as baraq and heaven as bamah.

  62. Dude Says:

    i read about that too. interesting. the literal meaning will happen also, first fromt he russian supersonic bombers then from the asteroids that Nibiru is bringing with it.

    Celline, Ursa: if yall add me to your yahoo im, Ill send you jonathan grays books, which I know youll love. He proves Genesis correct by all his archaeological evidence and it is very interesting.

  63. Dude Says:

    Heres your population control right here:

    its not the chemtrails. they have another purpose entirely.

  64. clark Says:

    I got Dudes pink/purple sky for several hours this morning which eased into a solid white yet mostly cloud free sky. Yesterday and today we have humidity. Humidity has been rare this summer, usually it isn’t. It seems that because they didn’t spray much the last several days the humidity stuck around.

  65. Dude Says:

    They spraying here today. they do it in little patches trying to be discreet but theyre still doing it every day. they stupid, i can tell just by looking at the clouds and sky whether or not theyre doing it.

  66. Celline Says:

    Our sky is totally “Popcorned” out, with stripes inbetween, as gross as I have ever seen it.. will read Dud’s post now.
    Dude, please.. please, ok? Dude please have a heart.

  67. Dude Says:

    heart? what i need one of them for? haha j/k. i try to be nice but at the same time, i have to say the things i know to be true.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Just an idea from elswhere, plausible though:

    “….an aerosoled precursor has been put into the air and almost everyone has breathed it into their lungs. (When Swine Flu) vaccines (are) administered in the fall, (they’ll) be activated when (their) constituents come into contact with the aerosoled precursor in the body and will cause a rapid spread of the H1N1 influenza A virus. The biochemist is very upset about the matter….and is a very reliable source that needs our utmost protection.”

    Anyhow, the two next things I would like to talk about, and will when time permits, are:

    1. the misguided idea that scripture is falsified and unreliable
    2. God’s escape plan for his servants (straight from the “whackiest” book at the end of our bibles which you are meant to ignore…)

    I think you will find part 2 interesting, and you will understand why hoarding food, and many of the other preparations people may be making are useless.

  69. Celline Says:

    @Dude, that’s not what I meant. Cane has written me to most confused/confusing, one after the other.. always from a diff screen name.. very befitting a Multiple. Please do in no way encourage him.
    or I would have to close out one of my screen names, and u know what kind of pain that is. Spare me, if you can, purleeze ?
    I think he contacted you in specific, to get in touch w. him, a friendly warning, it’s NOT going to be what you think, unless of course you like to deal w. multiples.
    Thank you much,

  70. Dude Says:

    Darren: interesting theory about the vaccines and chemtrails. that could be a secondary use for them since theyre doing them every day anyway. As for your 1. some books were omitted from the Bible. Mostly the things that deal with the physical aspects of angels, cheribum and seraphim. The christian crusades were used to remove all traces of true spirituality from the worlds various religions that were all based on the same principles of peace and love and the spiritual world within oneself. 2. God said in several books to GTFO and you save your life. Im basing the food and water on the fact that it will be necessary in order to survive here but is in no way a guarantee as the Bible also says there will be those that escape the famine and will still die by the sword.

    Celline: I aint worried about him. I like his sporadic typing, its entertaining. i thinks yall got your panties in a bunch again. 😉

  71. Celline Says:

    @Dude, NO ! I like ” entertainment” as much as the next person.. but hardly the kind, that is designed to hurt.
    Darren.. this ” Whacky ” book, is Revelations? Well, I hope that you understand it better than I do, I am studying it right now, asking God, to open up to me, what He would have me understand.
    Y’all.. don’t forget Sky, she needs out thoughts and earnest prayers.


  72. Celline Says:

    * OUR ( typo )

  73. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, almost forgot:

    [Lieberman: Attack May be Only Option on Iran]

    and dont forget:

    [MOSCOW (AFP) — Any US military intervention in Iran would be a “political error” that would have “catastrophic” consequences, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov said in an interview published Tuesday.]

    67 days. . . . . .

  74. Dude Says:

    Celline: read Ezekiel and Amos and the little books at the end of the OT first. Then go read Revelation. Theyre talking about the same war! same “from the North”, same “fire that melts mountains and makes all heads bald”, same references to the great earthquakes, same famine so bad that parents will eat their children, Same time of the year (fall, 10-10), same quickness (destroyed in an hours time), etc. Thats how to figure out what is going on. Read the descriptions of the things happening and the description of who its happening to, not the names so much. we are the Mountains of Israel, Judah, Babylon (so is Russia), samaria, mtns of samaria, land of canaan, and Zion or Sion, depending on who wrote the book. We are also the “temple” that will be rebuilt before God returns.

  75. Celline Says:

    Thank you Dude, I already read it 85 or so, times..
    Our waterbill today DOUBLED !!!!What’s next, the air we breathe, oops I forgot, they already took care of that one.

  76. Dude Says:

    The Russians arent playing:

    [Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.]

  77. Sky Says:

    @ FoundingFather…..Thank-you honey. You are on the ball !! : – )

  78. Celline Says:

    @ Founding : ;o)

  79. clark Says:

    Modern Survivalism Tenet Number Five
    Food stored is an exceptional investment. You simply can’t lose by storing additional food that you use on a regular basis… “eat what you store and store what you eat.”


    End of the world as we know it, or not, storing up food makes sense. Many people think there’s a bad bunch of inflation in our future once this temporary deflation finishes. Inflation’s already showing up in scarce goods and services by rising prices, such as skyrocketing utility bills, soon to be passed on by producers x2 to consumers. Water bill today, grocery bill tomorrow… taxes and user fees the day after.

    If I recall correctly, housing sales are up this month 11%, but they are down 22% from a year ago. Overall, sales are down.

    I suspect that the number of people who notice this difference in looking at the sales numbers is the same percentage of people who are taking note of the chemtrails.

    The rest could care less and are more than ready for their flu shots. Could you even imagine someone like Oprah going on TV and telling people to avoid getting the flu shot and then doing a story on chemtrails?

    “War games, economic, health and environmental disasters… when we return.”

    Perhaps instead of protesting government representatives people could protest to celebrities? Cant you see it now, a clone TMZ reporter corners a celebrity and asks them their take on chemtrails and one says they’ve read all about it and are very concerned? More people would respond to that than if a governor shut down his airspace to flyovers. If an online video showed Hilary Duff say, “OMG chemtrails scare me. What can we do?” The nation would be a buzz about chemtrails and People Magazine would have to do a story over it. It would be the Twitter of the town. HAHAHA.

  80. Sky Says:

    Just a reminder :

    And there are better graphics on the Bank Merger card here .


    Carefully note which currency fish swallows which ( remember this info was released in 1995 )

  81. Sky Says:

    @ Clark…Remind u of anything ?

  82. Sky Says:

    FINALLY….a new one from 3rdEyeDear. 3rdEyeDear is a REAL man. He’s a chemtrail activist who isn’t the slightest bit threatened by women. He works WITH them , not AGAINST them : – )

  83. clark Says:

    @Sky, yup, it sure does. That 1st video, the distance the two planes were from each other is about what I saw. And, the other planes followed that same path.

  84. clark Says:

    I pulled this segment from a website about police beating the public and other torture. Could this percentage be why the churches are silent when it comes to chemtrails?:

    One might think that support for torture would be restrained by the influence of America’s church-going population. One would think that those Americans who worship the Man of Sorrows who was tortured to death by the occupation forces of a pagan imperial state would be among the most insistent opponents of the vile and indefensible practice.

    Again, one would think this would be the case.

    One would be entirely wrong, since exactly the opposite is true: A survey taken earlier this year documented that a majority (54 percent) of people who attend church at least once a week support torture.

    Perhaps the most arresting discovery was that more than sixty percent of white, evangelical Protestants condone the practice. Torture advocates of this theological persuasion profess a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ. That relationship must be, at best, a distant and superficial one.


  85. marc Says:

    Just a quick word on something I saw today.

    I wear sunglasses most of the time, when it’s sunny, which is rare these days.

    Today is sunny.

    However, while driving I noticed something odd in the “blue” sky. I parked the car, stepped out, and took a good, long look.

    Perhaps you guys know about this already, but here goes anyway:

    The sky is veiled. I don’t know how else to put it. There are gossamer-like “scarves” across the apparently “blue” sky.

    My sunglasses are tinted brown.

    So, to the naked eye the sky is “blue,” (I checked) but through my sunglasses I see it is as veiled throughout with these extremely delicate “smoky” trails.

    I’m not much interested in photoshop pictures of gigantic chemclouds in brilliant colors.

    This veiled effect is fascinating because of its surreptitious nature.

    No one would believe me unless they were focusing and wearing sunglasses.

    “They Live” comes to mind.

    Hoping for some feedback from the resident experts,

  86. marc Says:

    Clark: I may have missed something, but are you talking about a survey done in the US? If so, it makes sense since most USA-ians still think 9-11 was an Arab thing. Stupid American cattle still out for Revenge!

    Let me tell you that a recent international survey placed ITALY as the nation MOST AGAINST torture of ANY KIND.

    An enviable culture that. Beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful food.


  87. Dude Says:

    Marc: that “veiled sky” you see, thats what Im talking about when I say they discreetly put shit in the air. There arent any visible classic chemtrails but there is still shit in the sky. Every day. And we got volcanos and earthquakes in diverse places and asteroids everywhere that are now being classified secret. Why?

    Americans are really gonna regret supporting torture (i dont believe the statistic either) when the Chinese army is doing it to them very soon now.

  88. ericswan Says:

    Hey Marc..I have more than a few bad habits. One is leaving the TV on all night but turn it off (or down) when I get up. It’s the thief in the night thingy.

    My other bad habit is forcing myself to look directly at the sun without protection. I’m sure you have all done the same thing and didn’t realize it. It happens when you are driving near sundown and you have to keep your eyes open even though it’s streaming right into your face.
    Anyway, not so many days ago, I decided I needed to look into the sunrise. It takes time for your eye/brain to get used to this but eventually you can focus and much to my surprise, I was seeing what you were talking about as clearly as if these were clouds but in fact, they were not there until I focused my eyes directly into the sun.

  89. marc Says:

    Put your speakers on a window ledge.

    Blare out crowds yelling, “911 was an inside job.”

    That’s what I’ve been doing.

    Hey, people play Rap at ear-splitting volume — why not documentaries on 911, 7/7/05, WACO, Israhell’s crimes against humanity and on and on.

    Nobody has bothered me yet. And I’ve been at it for a long time.

    Try it.

    Call those gov. agencies. Ask them or tell them we all know what they’re doing. They love secrecy. It really annoys them to know you know.

    Or are you scared?

    You prefer to yap within the “safe” confines of the little black screen…not much else. You are not safe here nor anywhere else.

    And as for Sky and her “men who work WITH women, NOT AGAINST them” — know what, you are, all by yourself, not withstanding your idiotic girlfriends, a REAL BORE.

    Go read some of Makow’s stuff on feminism and then take the blue pill and STFU.

    Await your answer Clark, if you will.

    Thanks FF,

  90. Dude Says:

    i like to work with women, especially if theyre hot! haha, that was bad….one sexist remark for another i guess. 😉

    eric, unless youre a lizard, youre gong to lose your eyesight if you keep staring into the sun.

  91. Celline Says:

    I noticed the same thing here…. veiled skies.
    Our sun is way too hot to allow moisture in the air, it’s bonedry everywhere.. and eventuel REAL clouds burn up in minutes.
    Yet, what I see.. stays and stays and stays… no, it’s not smog either.. it’s all over, and indeed looks like a veil. Besides that.. here and there.. little white ” clouds” are developing, just out of the blue, and stay.
    Bullwark, them’s NO clouds !

  92. clark Says:

    They are spraying heavily here. The strange part is the northern sky is blue and free of clouds while through the pockets of blue everywhere else I can see the chemtrails being applied.

    We woke up with headaches today. A woman behind a counter said she felt, “off” today and stumbled around. Another woman told me (without any input from me) she got dizzy from sitting down suddenly and that she felt like she just got off a carnival ride or something. I said it must be the weather huh.

    That line of spraying I saw awhile back, with the multiple jets applying the chemtrails in a concentrated line, it seems to me that at the speed the clouds were moving they would have reached Louisville about the same time they had their recent heavy rains and flooding. Just a coincidence?

    From a news article describing the rains:

    Louisville was inundated by up to a half-foot of rain within a couple of hours Tuesday morning when a strong thunderstorm also packing hail and high winds stalled over the city.

    The downpour was so intense that the city’s main airport received an inch of rain in 15 minutes, said National Weather Service hydrologist Mike Callahan. Across town, parts of western Louisville got 3 inches of rain per hour for two straight hours, he said.


    @Marc, yeah that veiled effect is fascinating, don’t know what to make of it though. And yes, the survey was of Americans, the link to the survey is on the page I linked to. Also, I think it’s a waste of time and effort to tell government officials about anything, but that’s just my take on things, yet, I wouldn’t discourage anyone else from doing so. Here and there I, “yap” well placed, “yaps” but I try not to waste my, “yaps” on those who won’t listen to, “yappings” and instead leave little hints, or gentile persuasions, that‘s how I became aware. My hope is that others will find this page and be convinced by the facts they read and see, or perhaps someone will see a pattern that I do not as a result of what I posted.

    @Dude, nice comment(s), HAHA, I concur.

  93. Celline Says:

    We have come from ” veiled” this morning, to lines of lovely popcorn.
    It appeared in the Northern sky.. spread out to East and West.
    Right now, it’s reaching us here. Never once did I see a jet though.
    I still believe they are doing it over the ocean.
    Mail from Germany this morning, Georg sais:’ Please give me time w. this.. am being rediculed to the max, and have to get use to this, before I can fight back, and let the “jokes” just fly by my head “.
    Sounds familiar ?

  94. clark Says:

    Once that cloud bank began to move off to the southeast, I saw a final jet flying along the tail edge of the cloud bank, laying down a long chemtrail as if it were a border for the clouds. the temp was 83 degrees, Mostly Sunny
    Humidity: 53% Dew Point: 58 °F
    Pressure: 30.09 in Visibility: 10 Miles
    Winds: NW at 6 mph

    It almost became all clear skies, then some new and different clouds moved in. I had to go out and I wore my sunglasses. I noticed some dark clouds among the white ones. There were beams of grey-blackness under a couple of the darker clouds that looked like dark sunbeams. I took off my sunglasses and I couldn’t see them, everything blended together all looking the same, the darkness disappeared. I put the sunglasses back on and I could see them. It was like the color spectrum was being absorbed by something in a few select clouds causing the sunbeams that did filter through to look grey-black with sort of normal looking blue sunbeams mixed in with them and along side them. After seeing jets everywhere all day, there were absolutely no other jets in the area for the hour and forty-five minutes I was out.

  95. clark Says:

    @Celline, Your friend in Germany, and many here, are coming up against a brainwashed population. I found this and thought the part about refusal to accept reality to be what causes the ridicule from people about chemtrails. All the images from 911 and the threat (or real losses) from the market crash combined with the endless stream of talking heads on TV traumatizes the population. In my city they have even switched the tornado warning sirens to go off every time there is a strong storm coming through, which was often for awhile.

    The following is from an entry on http://mindbodypolitic.com/

    Trauma and Brainwashing
    August 4, 2009

    Repeatedly traumatizing someone (and sexual humiliation and violence are the easiest avenues to do this), breaks down their sense of identity. In all but the strongest people, it produces compliance, refusal to accept reality, escapism, psychosis, and addictions of all kinds.

    In the strongest, it produces resistance. Either lawless resistance to the state, which is what we call criminal, or, in rare cases, the fierce concentrated resistance of the social or political activist, the revolutionary…and even the saint…

    The victims produce the fodder that the state manipulates.
    The survivors become the excuse for the state to ratchet up control.
    Either way, the state grows.

  96. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline: you might try this link with your Europeans…


  97. clark Says:

    My brainwashing post didn’t post and now it says duplicate comment. Arg.

  98. Ursa Major Says:

    This morning, I saw some insanely crazy chems. Then they all dissipated, and by mid-morning the sky appeared blue, but when looking closely, yes, with sunglasses on, the sky looked striped. Later it just went to ‘veiled’ (I guess we are all seeing the same thing).

    Those ‘stripes’ must have been fine particles that would attract moisture, because by late afternoon we had rows of clouds. They were way too long and flat to be normal clouds, yet I am sure that most people would think they are normal.

    Eric, I once read a story about a ‘very spiritual’ Buddhist monk. He was totally blind, his eyes had gone completely white. That was because he would meditate every morning for an hour, looking straight into the sun.

    If you keep looking right into the sun on purpose, the same thing will happen to you. You will lose your eyesight. Dude is absolutely right on that.

    If you want to look right into the sun, you need to get yourself a welding mask. Only with that will it be safe.

    Other than that, do what I do. Take pictures of the sun by pointing your camera in the direction of the sun without looking. You can see what is to be seen when you look at your pictures.

    Clark, your observations sound exactly like mine. I am sure I see things others don’t, because I wear glasses that automatically turn quite dark when out in the bright sun. But for when I need more than that, I also have prescription sunglasses, and I see even more.

  99. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, Your comment was trapped in the SPAM queue for some reason. I released it.
    Wordpress has a mind of it’s own sometimes.


  100. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Well folks, uncharacteristically (for me) I was at the beach today (East Coast US).

    I always wear sunglasses when out. I use Zeiss sunglasses with a polarizing grey lens.

    You can absolutely pick up chemtrail details much easier and with much more definition by wearing sunglasses! I wonder if a polarizing grey lens for a camera or video camera would have the same effect?

    The chemtrails were the “popcorn” type, extremely heavy. And a large section of the sky was neatly strung out with those chems exactly as seen in some of the HAARP scalar photos posted elsewhere. You know, kind of like the way iron filings will align up on a piece of paper when a magnet is placed underneath it.

    Everyone around me seemed completely oblivious to the artificial haze hanging over the beach and the water. The only way I could enjoy myself was to not look at the sky and just concentrate on the breeze and the sound of the surf. Even then, the atmosphere was so hazy and oppressive, it never seemed “refreshing.”

    But it is all for my benefit I am sure…..The Government LOVES US! They only chemtrail us relentlessly to HELP US! Why, we might all immediately vaporize into powder if there was ever a day of natural blue sky shining down on us!

    How I despise those bastards doing this to humanity……and the earth, and the birds, and the animals, and the fish and every other part of God’s creation that is being polluted by these constant attacks from the air!

  101. Ursa Major Says:

    Foundingfather, I know exactly what you are talking about. It is very hard to enjoy yourself when there is chemcover, and to stop yourself from looking up and being upset about it. And it is even more upsetting that everybody around you is completely oblivious, having fun.

    It reminds me of movies where people are laughing, having a blast, being totally unaware that something sinister is moving towards them, the music reflecting that something dreadful is going to happen.

    And most won’t wake up until it is too late.

    On Friday I am finally meeting a lady who is a writer, who is aware of chems, and Brian, who owns the website http://www.holmestead.ca . We are going to Brian’s house, and he is going to show us everything he has, and we are going to talk strategy. Maybe we’ll figure out how to do something concrete that will make a difference (or at least we can try). My family is going to kill me when they find out. But I don’t care.

  102. Celline Says:

    @ Uschi:” Atta Girl ” thank you clark, I will look thru it, and maybe pass it on. I have a huge question, eh, anyone? If this brainwash has been going on, and is and will.. how come, some of us have not responded to it, and we see and hear everything, and figure everything out?
    What, or who protectet us from becoming sheeple?
    our skies now are all popcorned out, I watched people.. all oblivious, except myself. it’s depressing, very.

  103. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, I just saw a large chemtrail being put down, and ran outside to take pictures. And the new neighbour across the street asked me what I was taking pictures of, and I explained it to her.

    Too bad I missed taking pictures of the striped red and black sunset as a result. But she saw it, and I asked her if she thought that those long stripes are normal clouds?

    And she said she never thought about that, but now that I am asking, no, clouds aren’t supposed to be long parallel lines like that. She said she will do some research and look it up. I warned her of government disinformation.

    We talked about the routes commercial airlines take around here, and if they go this way, and that way (me pointing to all the different directions the chemtrails were in the sky), and she said, no, those can’t be commercial airliners, we don’t get that many around here.

    I think I have somebody else who is going to think for herself now, and who hopefully will not be sucked in again. That is two since Monday. I am getting converts, who won’t be sheeple anymore!

  104. ericswan Says:

    Ursa..that is awesome. Brian is prolly the expert on chemtrails that was first to report the details. This is important. About 5 years ago, Brian posted details from an insider whistleblower who was disappeared or committed suicide based on what he knew or what he told Brian. Brian said there was a second letter from the whistleblower that was sent to him before the death and that he would release it someday. So far, he hasn’t done so and if you would ask him to do so, the time is ripe.

  105. ericswan Says:

    Clark: I failed to respond to your post where you gave details of weather with your report. I have been thinking about how we could co-ordinate the data and what I came up with is a page similar to what Ursa is doing with her chemtrail photo page. If we all had access to a page like that, we could all post pics on one particular day and even particular time that would have similar details included in the description comments section for each pic. We don’t have to do this alot maybe just one day so that there is an historical record of the activity all across North America.

    Celline: I sent you a link yesterday to a story of a European complaining about chemtrails in Belgium. That wasn’t what I really wanted to post. Alex Jones sent a reporting team to California and one of the things his team investigated and apparently collected documents for was from the FAA which showed the flight paths of chemtrailers flying in circles and ovals over the ocean etc. Jones hasn’t posted that information as yet. I mentioned months ago that I was on a cruise last September and documented chemtrailers flying overhead. They definitely lay these trails down off the coast and over the ocean.

  106. clark Says:

    Maybe I should get a digi-camera. Words mean very little without a photo, or so it seems.

    Headache is gone, but wow do I feel like I just got off a rollercoaster, the same way that woman described that I talked to yesterday.

  107. Dude Says:

    so, No one caught Clarks message about not seeing any chemtrails in his Northern sky? why is that? why is it there were no chemtrails to the North?

    It amazes me how everybody here ignores everything leading to the actual reason for the chemtrails and seems content just talking about the details of them.

    Keep ignoring the quakes, volcanos, and especially the Russians.

    65 days. . . . .

  108. ericswan Says:

    Don’t worry about Russians Dude. Look in your own backyard. Look at the NASA mission to put a 2 T device on the moon that is set to explode on Oct. 9.

  109. Dude Says:

    NASA isnt going to destroy America and everyone I know but the Russians are . . . on 10-10-09.

  110. Celline Says:

    @eric, thank you for confirming what I thought all along. They are spraying over the Pacific, that’s why we do not see any planes.
    We were clear this morning, but just now.. the stuff is moving in, from the North-West, huge clumps.. in measured distances. Nature herself could not be that accurate…
    Wrote my 10th letter to Hannity on Fox.. asking him, WHO told him to shut up about the chems, and if this is why he’s never replying to me. Should really tick him off.. if he even reads it.
    Our NORTH is full of chems, Dude.. I did not know how to respond to Clark, but I read everything !
    What’s this about the moon? What are they planting there.. and do you really believe, they ever even landed there? Hollywood at it’s Finest, I think.. correct me if I am wrong.
    SKY, where are you? How’s M and how’s that new fire? Thinking about you.


  111. ericswan Says:

    I don’t know why Dude gets so defensive when I bring to his attention, even more collaborating info on the date he proscribes. Yes, NASA is going to bomb the moon on Oct. 9, 2009.


  112. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..this link is Christian. If you click in the middle where it says listen live…the California chemtrail speaker is on “right now”..


  113. Celline Says:

    @eric, thank you, I will sure take a look. What is this about bombing the moon? What for.. is it to destroy evidence, that other nations have been there be4 us.. if anyone really was ? Obviously,all this meddling in all of Creation will have serious consequences, Creator God will intervene.. scary.

  114. clark Says:

    We’re not ignoring you Dude, there’s just nothing we know of that we can add/do or say about what you present. I suppose we are going along as best we can, and in the off-hand chance you’re wrong we are doing… something. Perhaps by getting just a few people to take notice of chemtrails as a result they will try to get right with The Creator, and that would be a plus for us. And, if you’re right, what we did may still be good? Have you convinced anyone new at your parties? I suspect not, otherwise you wouldn’t be invited to the parties. The Titanic is sinking, we’re telling people to put on life jackets even though we may all freeze to death in the water awaiting a rescue that may be delayed,… is it a waste of time and effort? Maybe. All is vanity.

    Blowing holes in the moon? I thought they already established that there were large pockets of water on the moon, guess they want to *really * establish the water theory? This is what happens when gov’t has unlimited money that is not theirs to spend. If only taxes were voluntary and I didn’t have to pay for this worthless endeavor. I still wonder what they learned from their study of the moon rocks, prolly nothing! I’ve seen plenty of articles saying they learned something, but the funny thing is they Never say what that something is.

    I’m happy about one thing, I’m not one of the brainwashed masses who can’t see reality.

  115. clark Says:

    When I would take my breaks at various slave-like factory worksites years ago, frequently I would look up at the jets flying overhead and wonder where they were headed and how I could get on one. Never once did I see chemtrails stretching across the horizon as I do today. It’s something I would have noticed. Especially the row upon row of flights applying the chemtrail substances. I would submit to a naysayer, find me some footage from the 1950’s, the 1960’s, the 1970’s or the 1980’s where chemtrails stretch from horizon to horizon, even one. I’ve been watching some old movies lately and I haven’t seen a one.

    I really think we would be better off asking celebrities what they think of chemtrails rather than of politicians or sell-out media personalities, or do I repeat myself? Just to get the subject out there and in the lime-light.

    Again, though, all is vanity.

  116. Sky Says:

    @ Uschi & Celline…..January, 2009…German Television meterologist mentions chemtrails…this vid has limited subtitles in English/Italian. The vid is in Hochdeutsch. Do you gals speak Hochdeutsch or Plattdeutsch or both ? I am hooped when it comes to Plattdeutsch, but can still stumble along in Hoch.

  117. clark Says:

    ……………………………….lines like “snakes”

  118. Dude Says:

    yea, i talk to ppl at parties. some listen, some dont. i dont have much problem getting invited to parties either. im fun to party with and everybody know if i meet somebody new, im gonna tell em about whats coming. the chemtrails make it easier too, they got some proof right in front of em if they think for a min. many wont think. everybodys programmed one way or another. i wonder if the moon bombing isnt an attack on an alien base. the astronauts who went to the moon said they were watched the whole time by ufos lined up on a crater edge. i know theyve open fire on ufos from a base in australia, that vid is on youtube. thats when nasa started scrambling all the live feeds right after that was captured by amateur radio operators. the bible says we fought with an angel and were given power to overcome it. Two retired top generals have publicly stated that roswell was indeed a ufo crash. it happened right after the usa put up a high power radar station. mustve screwed up the alien crafts control system.

  119. Celline Says:

    @Sky, priceless thank you, I forewarded it to all my german friends, thank you so much. Even though it’s old, it’s from Jan 14 th. it will help.
    Many of my friends in Germany no longer write me, they think that I totally “lost” it. How is mum.. and that new fire?
    Dude.. I understand.. I do.
    A friend sent me a video, where a UFO follows a chemtrailing jet.. sucking up the chemtrails. Honest vidoe.. no hoax.. wish I knew how to post it. Klaudia, I will e mail it to you, ok?

  120. clark Says:

    An article saying we are going to have more of this global cooling. Record cold spells in many areas backs this up. Chemtrails at work?

    Won’t You Do Your Part to Save the Hummingbird?


    In that article was a link to, “Global Cooling is Here – Evidence for Predicting Global Cooling for the Next Three Decades”

    I thought of some of you when I read this article about Sarah Palin, Sarah-Phobic: Liberals Love Hunting When the Target’s a Conservative Women

    The last line was interesting: “Whatever you think of the moose-hunting mayor, she isn’t an insider, and it was insiders who dragged America through the mud over the last two decades. That makes her – one way or other – a voice for ordinary people, one of us. The persistent trashing of Sarah Palin is a trashing of ordinary Americans.”

    Until recently, that hand-sign she flashed that you all don’t like and point out, I thought it meant, “party”/reject gov’t authority and stuff like that, so I might give her a pass on her use of it, especially after reading this:

    Palin says Obama’s health care plan is ‘evil’

    It poured rain again all day today, totally solid white sky.

  121. marc Says:

    No human has ever walked on the moon.

    The Van Allen Belts alone are the prime deterrent.

    Great book: “NASA mooned America” free online. It’s a quick, intelligent read, and quite funny as well.

    Youtube: “Moon Landing Hoax” and so on.

    The lies your guvmint has told you run deep, awfully deep.

    There’s talk the chems might be a sort of shield re. an expected massive solar flare or other planetary event. Not to save us, but rather to better protect “them” whilst they lounge about in their D.U.M.Bs.

    Planetary alignement due August 22 or September 9 or thereabouts.

    Moon bombing October 9, 2009. A 2-ton (?) payload sitting up there just waiting to go BOOM!

    Dude: 64 days, right? Sorta like a New Year countdown. Got my party hat on!

    Something nasty this way surely comes…

  122. Sky Says:

    Here you go Celline….I will post the links for you. Your links came through just fine on my email.Here’s the first one – UFO chasing a chemtrail

  123. Sky Says:

    Next – Area 51 Aliens Working Alongside Humans

  124. Sky Says:

    And here’s the last one you sent me : UFOs in Toronto

    I had to post these one at a time. For whatever reason, when I clicked on the email links you sent me they took over the FoundingFather thread. Youtube is terrible for that. I can have 3 or 4 empty google screens on my computer but without fail if I go to access Youtube, Youtube automatically takes over the best site I have running on my computer. Given a choice, YouTube LOVES to take over Infowars or Prison Planet if I have them running…and I usually do.

  125. Sky Says:

    Celline…the fire from the other day was put out because it started during the day while the forestry choppers were still flying.

    BUT, the other huge fire ( Terrace Mountain ) burning just behind me continues to grow daily. Thank God the winds have been light. The smoke is horrific , unbelievably bad. Many people are getting sick and having trouble breathing. BC is now getting firefighters from Australia and New Zealand.

    Yesterday was the first time in almost 3 weeks that there was a break in the smoke. And last night I could see the sky…and yes… the bastards were up there laying down the chemtrails.

    I get a break from the smoke when I go into town to the hospital. It’s not nearly as bad there .

    I found a whole new group of people to inform about chemtrails- all the hospital visitors ! They only allow 2 visitors at a time to see the patients and ,because I come from a large family , I get kicked out of the room from time to time.

    The people I’ve encountered so far at the hospital have all been far more open to chemtrails than the other people you run into while doing your daily running around chores.

    Most of them in fact are VERY open. Watching someone you love suffer has a way of doing that.

    Of course, tact is required in a situation like this. I’m NOT telling the patients about the chemtrails. They have enough on their plates. But the patient’s family and friends are happy enough to chatter away ( it relieves the stress a little). So first we talk about the medical stuff ,and next the fires and the drought which of course leads to geo-engineering/chemtrails/HAARP etc. A couple of them want to watch ” Don’t Talk About the Weather” , so tomorrow I’m going to drop off the DVDs for them.

  126. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – If you have other links that you would like posted just email them to me and I will be more than happy to put them on here for you. : – )

  127. Celline Says:

    @ Sky, thank you so much. What a great idea.. in case I have something I would like for everone to see.
    Thos post has been quite. Glad your mum seems ok? And you are in your home. I get no converts lately, glad that you do. Hope Uschi is ok.
    We have chems daily, nothing new to report.
    In California, our Senate voted on some issue, and then.. tried to delete all their votes, so no one would ever know, who voted on what. Can one even fathom that one? We are surrounded by crooks. Someone foiled their attempt though !

  128. ericswan Says:

    Calderon, Obama and Harper (the three Amigos) are meeting in Mexico tomorrow. IN the book 1984 this is called OCEANIA which used to be called SPP http://www.spp.gov/

    but they changed the name so no one knows what they are up to. Well, they are up to no good.

  129. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..a paint gun might be all you need.


  130. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky..223 pages..some call it the play book…


  131. Celline Says:

    @eric, this smacks of what we have known for some time. The borders between Canada and the US.. and Mexico, will fall.
    Part of NWO, next will be one money, as in Europe.. the Euro.

  132. Celline Says:

    I have another, new idea about the chems.
    But I don’t dare post them, because it will sound totally crazy to most.
    Need to keep my credibilty ;o)But, I think I’m right.
    It falls into the category of otherwordly powers working w. human government. OK, I’ll stop right here !
    Because it all is so very secret means, they are hiding something huge, something that would cause panic? oK, am done.

  133. clark Says:

    There is a post on thehousingbubbleblog about how this one person tried to influence his friends around him and alert them to the housing bubble. The way he describes how those around him viewed his attempts to educate them are not so different than what people who are pointing out what chemtrails are, are experiencing.

    It’s a short segment, here is some of it:

    What Color Is The Sky In Your World?

    People generally have two worlds in front of them. They have the real world and the fantasy world. The way things are, and the way we want them to be, seldom have much in common. As adults we should be able to recognize the difference. Unfortunately, we see time and again that people too often choose to live in the world of fantasy, and ignore the real world. This varies from person to person…

    I turned to “alternative” information sources to find out what was going on in the world…

    My email rants could be two sentences or ten pages. The message was always the same. “You are living in a fantasy. Come over to the real world. We have plenty of space.” I hammered away, day after day, week after week. I had few victories to my name…

    Another friend called me “Chicken Little”. He has since repented. Others thought that I had gone nuts. That would not be a surprise. I have always been the, ahem, adventurous one of our group…

    [This is the interview part of the segment:]

    Were you reading or hearing that kind of outlook from any other source? [That there was a bubble in housing prices.]


    If “no”, why do you think that is?

    The media doesn’t investigate anymore – they just spew what the “experts” say as gospel. Apparently, Journalism school doesn’t teach much anymore – the media are glorified Administrative Assistants to the experts/elites. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke were the experts, so anything they said was golden. Therefore, there was rarely a dissenting viewpoint. At least none that anyone took seriously.


    I learned in journalism class that if you wanted to change the world, this was the class to be in. They left out the part where manipulation and lies were HOW they intended to change the world.

    @Celline, the video showing the chemtrails actually moving, that was bizarre enough. Now you wanna pile on top of that? Just kidding… there’s seemingly no end to this Pandora’s box.

    @Eric, Thanks for posting that, I didn’t know. The Fascist are going the backdoor route to disarm the sheeple before they enact very unpopular and hardship causing laws, as expected. (To me it means our Constitution and the, “rights of man” are meaningless to the people in those states) But, this isn’t so bad, those who want such can live there under tyranny, those who don’t can move to Montana and such places. That WAS sort of the way things were supposed to work to make room for the various opinions and ways of living. The result is, “may the best man win” kind of situation. Already that map shows the most boot-licking, wanting to be helots groups of people in the red states. They can have that. Buncha thoughts about the paintball idea, not going there, too many words. Other than the cops, and some criminals, everyone else would fear the paintball. HAhA those idiots. It’s one thing to choose not to pick up a weapon, it’s quite another to be prohibited from doing so. IMHO. Don’t they consider the sky rocketing crime rates in coutries that banned guns? No, of course not, if their masters do not tell them to consider it, they don’t consider it.

  134. ericswan Says:

    Clark’ that’s why I went to journalism school and prolly why they kicked me out.

    Celline..nuff’ said.

    My rose coloured glass have been shattered by the advances made in Europe as per NWO. Here’s a link to a lady that is in the trenches ..http://123realchange.blogspot.com/

  135. Celline Says:

    @eric ” nuff “? I am just getting the 1. little specks of dust out there.. wait til I tell you what I Really think…. but it can wait til tomorrow.

  136. Celline Says:

    @eric: have no desire to be in her shoes, updates on twitter.

  137. clark Says:

    @Dude, I got some clear sky, and some Coronas 🙂
    And, I don’t see anything too much out of the ordinary, the moon is at a nine O’clock position and, three fists to the right there is a pretty bright star, is that the northern star? It is looking unusually bright. Other than that, everything looks normal for miles >>>>>>>>>>>> in corn country, above oceans of corn.
    Of course, I’ve caught enough episodes of http://www.jackstargazer.com/ to know that on some days and at certain hours you can and cannot see certain constellations and such, so it may mean nothing.

    And, I don’t know if it needs saying or not, but my above rant about guns, well, if you outlaw and/or restrict ammo enough, it will make a gun nothing more than a rock for throwing. But of course, it’s just the six or seven (or ten?) of us reading this so it doesn’t matter much eh? The rest of the world has plugged their ears like a two year old. [Rocks, didn’t those take out a giant once? Wasn’t that a good thing?]

    Do you all like Caddyshack? Seems to me that’s a very North American cult movie. The show cracks me up, it covers about all the levels of class envy, petty human interactions and such that there is it seems. Has everyone joined the Judge’s side and decided to ignored the, “force” that is the ball? Did I die when I went under the knife and wake up in some other world? Cause the one I’m in now doesn’t seem like the one I grew up in. It’s nothing like the John Wayne/Alamo/Clint Eastwood/Every Which Way But Loose/Free will/Evil Knievel/ world I thought I lived in. (Excuse the Ground-hog Day moment) Or was it, ever since the Pope-mobile…? I mean, for crying out loud, 8yr olds are infatuated with some kind of vampire series where it just seemed like yesterday Cabbage-Patch Dolls occupied that space. I could understand if it were Wonder Woman or something, but vampires? WTF is up with that?

    @Eric – kicked out of journalism school, kewl. The, “why” was like a bug zapper eh. “You’ll get nothing and like it” Yeah, says who? Heh.

    “What’s happened to all the defenders of democracy?” – It wasn’t me, somebody‘s confused.. I’m all for a Republic, or even Anarchy (oh it’s terrible but monarchy is looking good these days too, compared to democracy) that democracy stuff is a big fat lie and mob rule of the little people, screw that. All you get from democracy is The Fed, cops with taser happy fingers and chemtrails.
    *Rant off*

  138. Sky Says:

    @ clark – You read books, clark ? A good place to start if you want to gain some insight into the orchestrated cess pit we live in nowadays is a book called ” The Road to Malpsychia ” by Joyce Milton. Here’s a short review :


  139. Sky Says:

    Check out this latest little psyop – Flying high above the chemtrails ( chemsprayers at around 3:00 min). Wow ! The observers were so impressed ! And listen carefully to what was said at the end of this vid to understand the REAL message.

  140. ericswan Says:

    National Guard asked to explain ‘internment’ jobs
    Campaign recruiting for workers at ‘civilian resettlement facility’

    Posted: August 07, 2009
    11:45 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    An ad campaign featured on a U.S. Army website seeking those who would be interested in being an “Internment/Resettlement” specialist is raising alarms across the country, generating concerns that there is some truth in those theories about domestic detention camps, a roundup of dissidents and a crackdown on “threatening” conservatives.

    Are you an enemy of the state? Get the bumper sticker that lets everyone know you have no apologies for being right!

    The ads, at the GoArmy.com website as well as others including Monster.com, cite the need for:

    “Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialists in the Army are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility. I/R Specialists provide rehabilitative, health, welfare, and security to U.S. military prisoners within a confinement or correctional facility; conduct inspections; prepare written reports; and coordinate activities of prisoners/internees and staff personnel.
    The campaign follows by only weeks a report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warning about “right-wing extremists” who could pose a danger to the country – including those who support third-party political candidates, oppose abortion and would prefer to have the U.S. immigration laws already on the books enforced.


  141. ericswan Says:

    Google Pulls Sibel Edmonds’ Access to Her Blog
    August 9th, 2009

    I don’t know what it’s going to take to make people understand that Google (and its associated brands, Blogger, YouTube, Google Video, Gmail) are NOT to be trusted for communicating controversial information. The fact that dissidents don’t understand this basic information is just more evidence of how screwed we are.

    Via: Justacitizen:

    My Blog Site http://123realchange.blogspot.com is now blocked by Google’s Blogger. They will not let me post during this most sensitive period, when I am about to provide deposition on Foreign US government illegal operations in the United States!

    The link I provided a few hours ago (http://123realchange.blogspot.com/) has gone quiet. If you think Darwin had it right and we are evolving into the survival of the fittest, than we need to evolve into survival of the easily corruptible just to get through the next few weeks. I have been censored by who knows who from this blog and anywhere at anytime in the past. It makes me wonder how much we read here can be trusted.

  142. Celline Says:

    eric, I have a research-source, where no one can follow you, just don’t know how to get it t you. I gave it Uschi, maybe she knows a way?
    Will give it to Sky too.

  143. ericswan Says:

    They are spraying through the night here in British Columbia. We have a forecast for rain in a couple of days so this is somewhat typical of heavy trails just before a downpour. Don’t know what that is all about.

  144. clark Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen them spray at night here. I haven’t looked a whole lot though.

  145. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, I met with the other lady on Friday, and we went up together to visit Brian http://www.holmestead.ca . The man used to be a famous cinematographer, and co-invented the most used colorization process for turning black and white movies into colour ones! They got an Emmy award for that one. If you watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in colour, he did that.

    Anyway, we had an amazing visit. Eric, he forgot all about that whistleblower business, and asked me to find it on his website and remind him. He has a lot on his mind.

    He told us that about four or five years back, when he was very actively working on the chemtrail part of his website, and constantly petitioning and bugging the government, he was harassed in multiple ways.

    One day when he was outside on his deck, a black, unmarked helicopter slowly rose above the trees at the end of his large property, then came down on his side and slowly came towards him.

    He wasn’t thinking, and ran inside to get his binoculars instead of his camera. He tried looking into the cockpit, but the windows were so dark you couldn’t see anything. Then they rose just enough to barely clear his roof, and went right on the road.

    Several minutes later he got a call from his buddy down the road (to the right), who had been collaborating with him on a lot of the chemtrail stuff. He asked him, “Brian, you won’t guess what I just saw!” And Brian said, “A black helicopter?” And sure enough, they had done the same thing to his friend.

    Not long after, a plane buzzed his house, he counted, and it went twelve times round and round over his property. This time he took pictures, identified the owner by the markings on the plane (going through open records) and reported him. This guy didn’t bother him again.

    He says that regularly chemplanes will fly right over his property and start spraying right above him. He thinks they do it on purpose, to show him that he can’t stop them.

    Brian’s website used to get at least 700 hits a day by government and military agencies, especially US ones. He said that now they have started using different identification, and aren’t as easily identified.

    Most of this information is right on his website, so I am not saying anything he hasn’t put out there for the public to see. But it takes weeks to get through all his links, and even I haven’t done it all yet.

    The other lady I went with is friends with a Canadian senator. She was the first black senator, and has been a senator for 30 years.

    This senator has just recently become aware of chemtrails through a neighbour. And my new friend had lunch with her recently, and when bringing up chemtrails, the senator (who is 69 years old, and not computer savvy) asked her to give her all the information she can get her.

    She has just been quite ill with ovarian cancer and will likely retire soon. Plus, she doesn’t know how long she’ll live. So, she said that she might as well ‘go out with a bang’ and make a stink about chemtrails. trying to get some real answers as to what is happening.

    It will be interesting to find out what she will be able to dig up (of course, they might not tell her anything). I will definitely be kept up to date.

    After heavy chemtrailing on Friday and Saturday, we had just insane thunderstorms last night. The worst ones in a long time. Of course, that was to be expected. It is now so humid, it feels like you could cut the air. It was like that before the thunderstorms, too, and very hot as well.

    I went for a walk at 8:30 this morning, and as usual, when the rainclouds clear, there are plenty of lovely chemclouds that were above the rainclouds.

  146. Ursa Major Says:

    I forgot, on July 30th I took pictures of a cylinder shape object spraying chemtrails, it definitely wasn’t an airplane. And when we were outside at Brian’s place, a chemtrail was laid right above his house, and I took a picture, and it might be another orb thingy. But because I don’t have a powerful enough zoom, it is hard to tell because it was too high up. I need a better camera!

  147. ericswan Says:

    Brian is an amazing resource. http://www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/shieldproject.html

    In part 2, the “whistleblower” answers more questions and Brian indicates that “he” committed suicide and that at some future date he (Brian) would release more information. This is one of the most startling revelations on the subject and to consider it was posted 6 years ago, is near prophetic in it’s content. Thanks Ursa. Don’t know where the suicide report is anymore.

  148. marc Says:

    Hey, why did nobody responded to my comment? Hum…

    Is this a “members only” sorta thing? Just shut the “other” guy out and go on with your e-mails?

    Open the window! It’s starting to stink in here…

  149. ericswan Says:

    Here, let me respond Marc. The Van Allen Belt? the moon landing was faked? Something evil this way comes? Good questions. What’s your point.

  150. Ursa Major Says:

    Marc, first of all I didn’t comment at all for a few days, I was too busy. And secondly, I had nothing to say on the subject that hasn’t already been said.

    If I found your comments relevant, I’d respond. And sometimes that is the case.

    It isn’t anything personal. I don’t respond to a lot of comments, if I either don’t want to (because I don’t like them), or because I simply have nothing to say to them.

    So, just post more often, respond to others, too, and soon you’ll find yourself involved in the conversation, too.

  151. marc Says:

    Is that how this works? Thanks so much, Ursa, for your brilliant instructions!

    You are a godsend, Ursa! Now that you’ve explained it I see everything so clearly!

    Do you give plumbing instructions too? You should.

    Eric: That IS my point! Did you read the book online or watch the documentary? No, ‘course not.

    How can we have any sort of conversation if you don’t read/view/research what is suggested?

    Never mind. I’m busy too.

  152. ericswan Says:

    Marc thanx for the head’s up. Will scroll back even more of your comments to see what it is you are on about. Nope.. don’t see it. maybe just a bit of hint???

  153. marc Says:

    Eric: Great book: “NASA Mooned America” free online. It’s a quick, intelligent read and quite funny as well.

    Youtube: Start with “Moon Landing Hoax.”

    Jay Weidner’s articles on the Apollo missions.


    I gotta go get some fresh air now.

  154. Dude Says:

    Well, 2 months left. 61 days to be exact.

    The moon landing was a hoax but I believe we went there, were watched and told to GTFO. None of the pictures have stars in them, airbrushed out to hide the air on the moon I think. There were other pictures of crystal-like structures. The moon is inhabited and with a good telescope, you can witness lights, objects being built, and unbuilt, and other wild stuff. I photographed the air on the moon myself so i know thats there.

    They will spray chemtrails at night if Nibiru is visible at night. Ive seen it here. Theyre harder to see at night.

    See where a court refused a FOI request to divulge where all the missing trillions went from the evil federal reserve? I know where that money went and I also know why they will never tell you about that or the true purpose for the chemtrails.

    Yall see the 7.1 quake south of Japan? Already this year, there have been more >5.0 quakes than in the past three years combined. Yall watching the asteroids hit the other planets in our solar system? Where they coming from? Whats bringing them here?

  155. ericswan Says:

    I have the moon landing hoax on my desktop. There’s way more about NASA that you should know. June 6, 2000, a satellite called Compton was forced down and the crash site in the Pacific was cleared of all traffic so there would’t be no incidents. They said they would videotape this crash using Navy jets to follow the largest satellite ever launched to it’s early demise. Except, they never showed us the vid because they never crashed Compton; they sold it Goldman Sachs and Deuteuche Bank so they could use it’s TDRSS communication system to buy and sell gold, silver, stocks, bonds with communication system that since 2000 has put them ahead of any other communication system extant by triangulating Compton to Hubble to Chandra for worldwide independent and “private” communication that to this day has not been discovered and will not be reported anywhere on the internet. So don’t worry if we don’t respond to “old news” about faked moon landings. Be creative. I would rather here what you think and what you are doing than something more than 4 decades old that has been covered by many pundits and is part of the cosmic consciousness. Yes we have no bananas…

  156. marc Says:

    Dude wrote: ” i wonder if the moon bombing isnt an attack on an alien base. the astronauts who went to the moon said they were watched the whole time by ufos lined up on a crater edge.”

    I was merely responding to Dude’s comment.

    Eric, I bet you can be pretty “creative” with bananas. Ah! you “creative” types…

  157. Celline Says:

    what’s so strange to me is, I hear you say :” Rain and thunderstorms ” after heavy chemtrailing. It’s the opposite here.. extreme drought… and when the chems appear above incoming rain clouds ( which we have only part of the year ) it will not rain, it’s as if those chems are sucking out and away all moisture. Thus, our drought !!!
    I too have experienced black helicopters and lowflying planes buzzing my house.. also chems sprayed directly over it.
    Familiar w. just about all their dirty tricks.

  158. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, they can cause droughts, flash floods, thunderstorms…………. whatever they want.

    In the Okanagan valley, where Sky is, and in your part of the world they create drought and fires. Here, it is too much rain. Flashflood in Ottawa two weeks ago.

    The thunderstorm last night was the most severe weather in many years here. Trees are down all over the place. And I mean LARGE trees, ripped out by the roots! There also was a tornado not too far from here.

    One of my daughter’s friends was out for a jog, when the thunderstorm came on, really fast. She came running into our house, hysterical, she was in shock. She almost got hit by lightning! And she said the wind was so strong, it was like in one of those bad dreams, where you are running, but aren’t moving. My husband said she looked like a drowned rat :-). It took my daughter quite a while to calm her down.

  159. clark Says:

    It’s been very cloudy and rainy (with bad thunderstorm like Ursa described) after a big hot and humid spell here, so it was hard to tell if they were spraying or not, yet through every break in the clouds I didn’t see any jets the last few days.

    Then this afternoon we had a break of clear skies, so as if on cue, suddenly right now (8p.m.) I’m being bombarded by jets. There are over a dozen chemtrails above me at the moment. Funny how it appears all these jets took off at the same time – and flew across my area in an evenly spaced parallel fashion – all at the same time. I’m convinced my skin reacts to the stuff they spray (or to the HARRP).

    After reading some to the north of me say the jet activity was heavy the last few days in opposition to my sky having none, I wonder if the jets have stopped flying to the north of me now? That could indicate the fleet of jets is not as large as I once thought, but rather limited, if having the ability to cover most of the globe can be considered limited.

  160. clark Says:

    Heh- my 8p.m. flyover was a number 1813 on Ursa’s photo chart.

  161. Ursa Major Says:

    I know, I am WAY behind putting my pictures up for you to look at. I’ll likely get to it next week, I have simply been to busy, and will be for a few more days.

    But I’ve decided you need to see a couple of pics I took on July 30th. You tell me, does that look like an airplane? Click on the folder, click on the second thumbnail, then click on it again to zoom in.

    It was taken when the sun was going down, and is shining in the sun. I don’t see wings, do you?

  162. Ursa Major Says:

    Okay, here is the link (oops):


  163. Sky Says:

    8 FEET of rain fell in parts of Asia: “Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) — Tropical Storm Morakot hit eastern China after killing three and pouring a record 8 feet of rain onto parts of Taiwan, as mainland authorities evacuated nearly 1 million people, shut airports and harbored ships to avoid losses. ”


    In my own neck of the woods – Terrace Mountain fire continues to grow – it’s now 9000 hectares. There’s rain in the forecast, but I’m not holding my breath. In Vancouver it’s raining heavily right now so there IS a system heading our way….but….they sprayed us heavily all day yesterday and it remains to be seen if the chemtrails will once again eat up all the cumulus rain clouds. Since March we have had ONE decent rainfall here. ONE !

    Headaches, fatigue, and barium blisters on my lips from yesterday’s chem attack- and no doubt 3 weeks of breathing nothing but smoke contributed. We are all smokers now here in Kelowna.

    What’s worse ? The droughts or the floods ? The heat or the abnormal summer cold ? Is the weather normal ANYWHERE ? Even Austria had a ” monsoon ” this spring.

    I am getting so sick of this !

  164. Sky Says:

    Hey Ursa. Nice to have you back : – )

    I hope something comes of your meeting with Brian and the senator’s friend.

    But that senator ? I don’t hold out much hope there. Those politicians are a bunch of big talkers and double crossers. Even the retired ones. They all tell you what you want to hear and then do exactly the opposite.

    That former mayor in Belgium, the one who’s raising the chemtrail issue over there, why did he wait until he was OUT of power to say something ? It’s all just a game and the useless eaters are nothing but pawns to be sacrificed.

  165. Celline Says:

    Uschi, no, this is no plane. Myself, I one time saw something like this ( while driving ) it was rectangular, looked like a breadbox, and was not shiny. I thought I was hallucinating, blinked, blinked again, but no, it was real, a flying breadbox.. chems surrounding it.. but “it” itself had nothing coming out of it. Just weird. Our drought will break Southern Cal.. our waterbills just doubled, we are out of water. If they would spend the money on making drinking water out of oceanwater, instead of that black budget, we would have a chance ! Won’t happen.
    And still.. the german friends who were here.. do not believe me, that there is such a thing as chemtrails.. I almost feel disgust, even hatred , that’s not me at all !
    So sorry for what your daughter went thru, Uschi, my heart goes out to her.
    Our chems today were spotty.. rushing in from over the Pacific, I never ever see a plane !

  166. Celline Says:

    I have some thoughts I would like to share, even taking the chance it sounds crazy.. !
    What if this whole chemtrail-issue has to do w. demonic powers?
    What if Satan and his cohorts are in our atmosphere, and need this stuff, for something? Or the other way around: What if the government knows their presence and are scared because of their powers… and are trying to find a way to fight them?
    I know, it took some guts to throw this one out, but.. eh.. thoughts are still free, right ?

  167. clark Says:

    @Ursa, no, it does not look like a plane, nor does it look like the TR-3B’s (or whatever they are called) that I saw before and I think was the same, “flying breadbox” Celline described a little while ago. It does look like it’s the same jet as in the third photo, if so, what happened to the wings? The glow doesn‘t extend out wide enough to cover the wings. I suspect this is their newfangled invisibility toy, but who knows? Impressive shot.

    @Sky, 8 FEET of rain in Asia, wow, I can’t even imagine.
    I know of nowhere where the weather is normal.
    Barium blisters, now I have a name for it, it’s as good as any other.

    @Celline, if the gov’t knew of, “their” presence and were fighting such, it seems to me they would let the public know – for support. Because the gov’t isn’t saying anything, I would say, probably not. Probably not, but who knows?
    I do know that if I was you and couldn’t move away, I’d buy a solar powered battery charger and one of those distillers that makes water from the atmosphere and runs on a 12volt battery, or get a power inverter so it can.

    One things for sure, secrecy breeds doubt.

  168. Celline Says:

    @clark, I don’t know what you are talking about, w. this mysterious water-maker, never heard of it b4, where would I get a little miracle worker like that?
    About:” They would call the public for help..” hmmm, food for thought.
    So then, it could be the other way around, they are working With ” them” or are “commanded by Them”? !
    Surely, secrecy doesen’t only breed doubt, but it also
    makes me come up w. otherworldly thoughts..

  169. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, here is a place where you can buy machines that filter water from the air:


  170. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, when I took the picture of the flying object, the sun was going down. It is the sun reflecting off it that makes it glow. If it had wings, wouldn’t they glow, too? And it wouldn’t make sense to make only the wings invisible. So, I don’t believe it is a plane at all.

    Many people all over the world have photographed the same thing, that looks like a cylinder. It appears that all it is being used for is chemtrail spraying, and it obviously must be remote controlled (as probably are most chemplanes).

  171. ericswan Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff is satanic but is made manifest in the hearts of man.

    The drought conditions always seem to occur in places that would be highly desirable if it would just rain. Tptb are using HAARP to create these situations and drive people off their land and pick it up from bank foreclosures.

  172. Dude Says:

    Eric: can you define this pile of church-crap language: “There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff is satanic but is made manifest in the hearts of man.”

    stuff is satanic? stuff is made manifest in my heart? Part of the causes of church peoples’ ignorance lies in using abstract, nice sounding words that mean absolutely nothing.

  173. ericswan Says:

    Sorry Dude..did not mean to use plain English. Manifest means something from nothing. Evil is not in the skies; it’s in man and specifically THE MAN. I don’t do church and didn’t realize I was speaking their lingo. My point to “reiterate” is that chemtrails are satanic but that doesn’t mean “he’ flies the planes.

  174. Dude Says:

    eric: haha i know what the words mean but that arrangement of those words mean nothing. the chemtrails are not satanic but rather, the purpose behind them, which is deception that will lead to millions (perhaps billions) more deaths. idk, maybe its for the better. it gives those of us who know a little more time to prepare before the shtf.

    Ursa, those machines suck a lot of power so wont be useful during the war. These are more feasible with limited power: http://www.naturestapestry.com/edv2200.html

    and for more choices:

    any power generation needs will have to be met with solar and mechanical (hand crank) generators. There wont be much sun during some times, like after initial invasion and especially after yellowstone.

    and all this while avoiding 200 million chinese trying to exterminate us with high tech weapons. oh the fun we’re about to have.

  175. clark Says:

    We have Perfectly clear skies with no jets, such an amazing contrast to yesterday.

    Ursa says: looks like a cylinder.

    That’s kind of odd. I saw several flatbed semi trucks hauling white cylinders that were as long as the flatbed and six feet wide at one end and they tapered off to the other end and rounded off. Kind of like a used up toothpaste tube. I couldn’t imagine WTH they would be used for, maybe some type of dryer, but now I got an idea. Combine four of those with an unmanned predator drone type aircraft and you have no worry of ethically challenged pilots and crew who need an ever upwards sliding pay-scale. But that does make them vulnerable to a hack. Unless they are using that satellite communications system Eric mentioned earlier.

    @Eric, maybe the result is they buy the land at foreclosure, but the goal is to drive people into concentrated areas. I have read that is a widespread goal of many, even a part of the reason for allowing the housing bubble to rage out of control and spiral prices upwards to the point people couldn’t afford to live in the suburbs or the country.

    This blog article supports what you’re saying (and reminds me of that saying, first manufacture the problem so they can provide a solution that makes things worse so they can be seen as coming to the rescue again even though they are not):

    Climate Change: The “International Communist Conspiracy” of the 21st Century

    Climate Change Seen as Threat to U.S. Security

    The changing global climate will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention … to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, military and intelligence analysts say.

    Such climate-induced crises could topple governments, feed terrorist movements [notice how they get “terrorism” in too, i.e., a 2-for-the-price-of-1 “scare”] or destabilize entire regions, say the analysts, experts at the Pentagon and intelligence agencies who for the first time are taking a serious look at the national security implications of climate change.


  176. Dude Says:

    oh, those solid state dehumidifiers have temp and humidity specificatons way above the compressor type so they wont work in really dry or cold regions so ya still need water. they would just be a supplement in the summertime.

  177. Dude Says:

    Kremlin bill on using army abroad
    The bill would allow Russian troops to be used abroad “to rebuff or prevent an aggression against another state” or “protect Russian citizens abroad”.

    Strong earthquake shakes Tokyo area
    TOKYO (AP) – The USGS measured the quake at magnitude 7.1, while the Japan Meteorological Agency put it at 6.9.

    Big quake hits off India’s Andamans
    PORT BLAIR, India (Reuters) – A major earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck in the Indian Ocean off India’s Andaman Islands early on Tuesday

    Like the fist of an angry god Saturn)
    Deep in the outer realms of our solar system, well over a billion kilometers away, something bizarre happened at Saturn’s F ring.

    Jupiter Hit by Comet or Asteroid
    Jupiter has once again been bombarded by space debris, according to information from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley.

    Bright Spot Found On Planet Venus
    A strange spot emerged on Venus last week, and astronomers are not sure what caused it.

    Just a little news to point yall in the right direction again.

  178. Celline Says:

    @clark, you mean:” Order out of chaos ” ? Sounds so terribly familiar.
    Thank you, Dude, shall look it all up.
    “sons of God, daughters of men” Gen:6
    is what gave me the idea, that all this strange activity in our skies, is human/ alien-demonic inspired, and executet.(sp )?
    Uschi, don’t be mad at me, I really believe this.
    Not at last: ” as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end..”
    Maybe, it’s not the end yet. we measure things w. human sight..
    God measures in His timeline, which is not nearly ours.
    Chems drifting in from over the Pacific again.. no plane in sight.. bet the cruiseships though see them.
    People/sheeple, don’t notice a thing !
    Yes, I agree.. who said this? scroll up C, it feels as if ” they” are driving sheeple and people out of desirable areas, as Southern Cal..
    that’s a whole lot of people who would show up in MN and Montana, Idaho.. and North Dakota etc.. hope they welcome us all. Speaking of North Dakota, got to check if they have chems too? If yes, then this would shoot this therory all to heck, ja? I like our blog now.. no more ugliness going on, so nice ! Has anyone checked out the Denver airport, with it’s 8 stories beneath.. and all those vibes, once u get near the monster airport ? It’s all humming w. electro powers. People who are sensitive actually get sick. Underground activity, that’s strictly hidden, but u can google this. My daughter said once:” I don’t know what u are talking about, this is a beautiful airport !” She also doesen’t believe in chems, the 2 seem to go together ! Uschi, how is your daughter, did she get over that shock w. the thunder and lightening ?

  179. Celline Says:

    about ND etc, I was wrong, got to check for drought there.. not chems..

  180. Celline Says:

    Big Signs posted at all pharmacies here :” Remember, the Flu-shots start on 9 / 1 .”
    Here we go !

  181. Dude Says:

    Celline: This ” as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end..” means that the end of our country will come as quickly as Noah’s deluge. At least they could see the thing coming. They wont let us see it or tell us about the Russian and Chinese threats. You said maybe this isn’t the time but unfortunately, everything happening is described all through out the Bible and other stuff. This is the time.

  182. Celline Says:

    @Dude, ” as it was in the times of Noah ” also means.. the condition and the lack of godlyness amongst the people, in other words, the condition of mankind all together. When you observe it this way.. then you are indeed correct.. we are there ! scary? !
    Some things I would like to mention are so dern politically incorrect, that I don’t dare say it, forgive my yellow shades !
    All civilizations fell for the same reasons: debauchery, perversity,
    and the “love of mammon” !Don’t we have all of the above?
    Surely do. Dude, it’s high noon, for turning our eyes and hearts to God, who ultimately is in Control.. agreed?
    Now, I will look at the sights u gave.. didn’t have time earlier..

  183. Celline Says:

    @ Dude.. fascinating indeed. As to the Russian armees, o yes, they have been used extensively forever. I am one of those who tasted their ” human ness, their brutality, their disrespect for life all together, their alcoholism, their disrespect for women in particular, their brute ness,
    and their lack of culture, yes, you read it right, total lack of civilized behavior.. and animal bahavior, as if had grown up in tents ! )
    Don’t forget now, the flu shots start 9/1. If I sound flippant, it’s because I don’t dare show, what I really think !

  184. Sky Says:

    Hi Celline. I just listened to the entire A.C.Griffith interview the other day. Interesting that you should happen to email me a couple of segments of that interview. I’ll post all 5 parts for you.


  185. Sky Says:

    I see the link for part 1 is screwed up. Here it is again :

  186. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan- The promised rainfall did not arrive. The cumulus clouds DID arrive ..but so did the chemtrails. Not a single drop, not a single drop of rain fell. The chems ate up all the moisture again.
    Is the NWO letting Kamloops have any rain ?

  187. clark Says:

    @Celline, Order out of chaos, that sounds about right.
    Here’s another idea for getting water in SoCal, it might be good to know how and it’s very cheap. I imagine the water situation cold get very bad, very fast, out thata-ways, who knows:

    The building of Condensation traps or moisture traps (as they are more commonly known amongst Survivalists) is a survival skill to collect drinking water.

    We had some clouds today, and then the sky cleared up. I saw one regular jet with contrails. The contrail seemed to be further away from the end of the jet than chemtrails.
    I suspect the jet fleet left my area to hit up the North.

  188. Sky Says:

    @ clark -” I suspect the jet fleet left my area to hit up the North.”

    Yup, that would be us here to the north of you. They sucked up all our promised rainfall…again.

  189. Sky Says:

  190. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – Went outside to turn off my sprinkers at midnight, checked the sky as usual for the chem conditions. ( The fire is still burning but today the smoke lifted so we had blue sky mixed with chemtrails ).

    What the hell is going on in our southern sky ? I’ve never seen anything like what I saw last night.

    What I saw was NOT Venus. I know what Venus looks like and where it’s supposed to be.

    This was a bright, glowing object – about 5 times brighter than Venus at its brightest and low and close in the southern sky.

    At first I thought it was a forestry helicopter with its search lights on. But it wasn’t moving and making zero noise.

    Now the strange part is that this thing would turn ” on” and ” off “. About 30 seconds of intense , radiating light and then it would dim to nothing within seconds. Black out. Then the whole cycle would start over again. It did this for about an hour.

    The clouds would move in front of it but when it turned ” on ” it was so bright that its light easily penetrated the thick cloud cover.

    What the heck ?

    Of course now I can’t sleep, I keep going out to check what’s happening. For the last hour now it has been shining steadily. No more ” on ” / ” off “.

    Anyone have any ideas of what this is ?

    I found a thread on the internet and it seems I’m not the only one who’s noticed this.


    ThaMaestro’s descriptions on this link come the closest to what I saw.

    ericswan- pls check your Kamloops sky for me if you’re up that late.Tell me what you think it is .

  191. marc Says:

    Yeah, my neighbor and I saw it too: A super bright object with two brilliant sharply delineated trails curving away on each side of it. I thought it was Jupiter, but then I found Jupiter. My neighbor thought it was Venus. Too big to be Venus.

    Anyway, I’ve made plans with a friend to get a better look at it, if it’s out there again tonight.

    Dude, what say you? Think this might be Nibiru?

  192. Sky Says:

    I’m checking out now. I just looked outside and it’s gone.

    When I said it it was 5 times brighter than Venus, that wasn’t quite accurate. I meant 5 times BIGGER than Venus.

    It was incredibly bright and as I said for the first hour it would switch on and off. Literally !

    I’ve seen Venus many times….it was not Venus.

    I’ve seen many satellites as well. Again..no.

    Just checked on the brightness of the ISS ( International Space Station ) and they have it rated as a minus 4 ( less bright than Venus ) so that’s out too.

    Plus this object was VERY close from my vantage point here in Southern Canada.

    It’s a mystery.

    Bonus – I saw quite a number of shooting stars while I was outside.

    It’s good to see something other than SMOKE !

  193. clark Says:

    That sounds like the thing I saw a last Saturday in my southeast sky two fists widths away from the moons path. I thought it might be the Northern star or something. It didn’t pulse though, however; I didn’t look long either.

    So far today we have clear blue sky, no jets. The fleet must still be up there.

  194. clark Says:

    Sky says, ThaMaestro’s descriptions on this link

    — the way that person described it with the shooting red and green streaks, I saw something similar months ago and described it here (it was basically straight up above me). I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I didn’t feel peaceful reading that description, it was unsettling. This description is nothing like the large bright object I saw Saturday night. Saturdays star was just a white bright star looking object.

  195. Dude Says:

    Marc: “-Yeah, my neighbor and I saw it too: A super bright object with two brilliant sharply delineated trails curving away on each side of it.”

    You just perfectly described Nibiru. It is the winged disc and has been said to resemble a crab. Your description perfectly matches that of ancient writings. This is what I’ve been telling yall for a long time now.

    59 days until armageddon and 2 years until the new heaven and new earth.

  196. marc Says:

    Yes, Dude, and that’s why I asked.

    It wasn’t Polaris, that I can affirm. Polaris is NOT the brightest star.

    Jupiter oftentimes looks like a “crab,” but it’s much smaller than what we saw last night.

    What about the celestial alignment due end of August, early September? Think that’s going to have an impact on the earth as well?

    The sky is silvery blue as usual, but the sun is veiled and the surrounding area is white. Weird.

    “New heaven and new earth” — precisely what’s needed. I’m not being facetious.

    Talk to you anon, Dude.

  197. ericswan Says:

    I tried to google Mars as it is supposed to be brighter than the moon on Aug. 28 but nada. The object that Clark is describing is Mars. I didn’t see the Perseid showers but they are supposed to be heaviest tonight with 200 shooting stars an hour but somewhat obscured by the moon after midnight.

    The chemtrails have been the wispy drifted in kind in Kamloops for 2 days. No aircraft but definitely chemtrails. We had miniscule rain on Monday morning but the forecast for rain today is not going to happen.

  198. Dude Says:

    The thing Marc described is NOT mars.

  199. Celline Says:

    Sky, that video stopped just before it got to the real importatnt part.. did u notice? Someone ” fixed” it, so no one would hear it.

  200. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky..we got rain. It’s not heavy but there is more than we’ve had for some time.

  201. Sky Says:

    Still not a drop here. This afternoon a huge cumulus system moved in and I had the ” pleasure” of watching the chemtrails destroy it again.

    Heavy, heavy spraying here today. Some of the huge cumulus clouds were busted into many small chunks. Then I saw other huge black clouds being turned first dark grey, then dirty white. It didn’t take long. Probably an hour. In either case….all the rain was eaten up .

    I’m glad at least Kamloops got a little rain.

  202. clark Says:

    All day and eveing, no jets.
    Clear skies at night.
    I think Eric is right about Mars being what I saw, it’s still there. It sure is bright though.

  203. solsburyhill Says:

    Perhaps another shot of what may be the Nibiru taken in August?


  204. marc Says:

    Nope. Turns out what I thought I saw was actually Jupiter. Big and bright, moons and all.

    I was mistaken.

    Dang it!

  205. clark Says:

    5a.m. north to south chemtrails and a cloudy day after that, not a solid white sky though. Some of them whipped down here and went back up north?

  206. Dude Says:

    Jupiter doesnt look like a crab and it is not as big as Venus (to us here). Im not particularly looking for Nibiru because I know it is there, behind all the chemtrails, and it is coming.

    If you want to figure out exactly where all of the heavenly bodies are, try Microsoft Worldwide Telescope. With that, you can see where each is located in real time from your location. That will help you eliminate the usual bodies. NASA announced they found Planet X coming from Orion. MS WWT and Google Earth/Sky both show an object near Orion’s belt that fits perfectly the descriptions given by the ancients.

    WWT: http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/Home.aspx

  207. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, chemtrails every day in Virginia. Every day since I started paying attention in January. The grass is usually brown this time of year from lack of rain but like the Bible says, there will be water flowing from every hill and mountain int he great day of destruction. Remember that there has to be moisture in the air for the chemtrails to form rain-bearing clouds.

  208. Celline Says:

    Bonedry California here. This morning the sky looked blue to me, til I drove for a while and noticed that in all 4 directions.. there is a brown haze, no, not smog !
    An hour or so later.. here they came, as they do daily, streaming in from over the Pacific, the ugly nasty ” velcro-clouds ” that have people duped into believing, those are clouds. People who have lived here for a while.. like me. should take note.. that in August, we have NO CLOUDS, none.
    Unless a freak thunderstorm moves in, but that doesen’t happen anymore.
    All moisture is eaten up by the ” velcros.”
    I saw pictures from Vegas yesterday, and there the sky is striped so intensely, that only small parts of the skies peek out, and the temps are way down. Don’t the natives.. even the tourists notice this? I don’t get it.. it all is so very obvious. @Sky, how is your mum? How is this fire doing? Please tell us.

  209. Celline Says:

    The healthcare situation is another story to watch.

  210. clark Says:

    Obamacare you mean?
    Do any of the photos on Ursa’s photo chart look like your velcro clouds? This morning I think we had some, my sky looked like #1100410, #4476, and #2104 combined. The rest of the day and this evening was all clear skies and no jets.

  211. Celline Says:

    @clark, yes, just like Uschi’s “velcro” clouds.
    Trying to make up names that best describe what these things look like.
    With ” velcro” I mean: they are shaped like real clouds but are sort of see through, lacy looking. I Never see jets.. living right next to the Pacific, I think they are doing their dirty work over water, then it moves inland. Because it’s the same every day: Blue skies.. and then , here they come, the ” velcros” from the West.
    Yes, Obamacare is what I meant.

  212. clark Says:

    lacy looking, ok, that describes what I saw this morning pretty well.

    Another thing I noticed: Around here in all the other places I’ve lived, if I leave the garage door open at night with the light on, quite a large number of moths and other bugs are attracted to the lightbulb. In the place I’m in now, that never happens. A couple of bugs, but not very many, and no moths. I cant recall the last time I saw a moth. I looked at the street lamps the other night and there were no bugs or moths swarming those lights either. This seems odd to me. I need to take a night time drive around town and look at other streets. It’s not that the countryside has no bugs, as my windshield can attest, it’s just odd here in this part of the city. My bevy of sparrows have skeedattled too. I haven’t seen a whole lot of birds, some golden finches, cardinals and doves, but no sparrows. Still haven’t seen a one paper wasp’s nest, and I’ve been looking.

    Those obamacare townhall meltdowns are getting interesting. People probably need a permit to protest though and I couldn’t imagine one being granted for chemtrail protests. Here’s a video of a young fella and a few others trying to protest out East and they got run off by the cops and from what I can tell the cops had no business doing so. Let this be a lesson on what to expect for anyone contemplating protesting chemtrails, be prepared and know your stuff/rights:

  213. Celline Says:

    @clark, this is an example of what is happening.
    I will pay attention to moths now and other bugs, I have not before.
    Now, Northern California is burning. Hugely. 50 miles South of San Francisco.. huge fire 0 contained. Thousands evacuated. No wonder, no rain ever. We have birds, many in fact, including hummingbirds.
    But, I will pay closer attention from here on, as to what kind etc.
    Am concerned about Uschi and Klaudia, have written them, but no reply so far, I hope everything is ok w. them. Our hottest month, August, is one of the coolest this summer, so far.

  214. Celline Says:

    .. P.S our dogs are acting weird. They are moping around, not playing, not their happy Selves. Constantly following us wanting attention, whiny.
    They are ” Taco-dogs” (can’t spell chiuhawa), usually active, noisy and yipping. They are totally out of sorts.For what it’s worth, I wanted to tell it.

  215. Celline Says:

    This is worth mentioning: Our weatherman just found a nice word for the chems.. and the reason for lower than normal temps, he said :” An unusually high amount of MONSOON moisture is what we have to content with…” Ha, chems = monsoonmoisture, so that’s what it is, now we know, finally. They lie so swift they don’t even wink.

  216. Dude Says:

    Celline: your dogs are psychic, more so than most people because people are poisoned and brainwashed to believe they are not. During the tsunami a couple? years ago, there were NO animals found dead or floating in the water, just thousands of people. Your dogs probably realize doom is coming. Mine does the same thing lately sometimes.

  217. marc Says:

    Dude: Is “Microsoft Worldwide Telescope” free?

    Can I just download and view?

    I’m asking ’cause “money is too tight to mention” presently.


    Clark: I saw that a while ago. Thanks. Have you seen the elderly stick-person get slammed into the pavement at Walmart, cracking her friable skull? Or the NY icecream girl getting harrassed by the pigs? She reminds one of St. Joan, close cropped hair and stoic expression and all.

    Or the wrong man who got slammed into a wall and now in a coma? Or the retard who gets beat up by the pigs for just walking around?

    And it keeps getting better: Clinton and the CIA HUGE drug importing business at MENA which resulted in the death of two innocent teenage boys? And many, many more possible witnesses.

    American citizens, no trial, no jury, barbequed at WACO? Oklahoma bombing by a CIA operative which enabled the true criminals to label all of us as “homegrown terrorists.”

    WTC bombing #1, failed to do it’s evil work which meant having to hire a “more efficient” Demolition company= MOSSAD.

    Elite crimes go on and on.

    The world is utterly and completely corrupt. This must be hell.

    Three cheers for Orwell!

    Come on Nibiru!

  218. ericswan Says:

    One of those days. My 18 mo. old puppy is way down in the dumps this morning. I’m coughing up blood which has never happened to me before. I feel okay and am not really worried but then I do get the hang up phone calls which seem to be some sort of threat. I really feel like something desperate and evil is coming this way. I’m reading a book that is mostly published on this website. There is more in the book but from what I read on the website, I have to agree with the author that global warming is part of the plot to bring us to the brink of destruction. We need to warm the planet and C02 is the only tool we have to avoid the desert storm we will have if we don’t support plant life.


  219. marc Says:

    Hey, Eric, with all due respect FUCK YOU and your global warming BS.

    Go away and die you creep, you spy, you liar and gov. agent.

    You leave a stench wherever you go!


  220. Celline Says:

    Taking the chance to sound real stupid, I have a question: At Waco.. those peops were a cult.. and probably abused by the leader.
    What happened? Can someone please exsplain.. tell me what happened and why??? Thank you.
    @eric: Global Warming? You jest of couse? I have never seen a colder year than last year? You mean.. you believe Gore? Na, tell me it ain’t so.

  221. Celline Says:

    @eric, I do not understand why you did not get to a hospital pronto.. coughing up blood? Please….
    Either you are joking, or you don’t care about your life.. don’t do jokes like this, ok?
    If that’s not a joke, ( bad one at that )see a Dr.. and fast..

  222. Celline Says:

    @All, what happened to our once lively blog ?
    Only thing I can think of: everyone is looking for solutions, we all know the happenings now, so, what are we going to DO ? anyone?
    Stumped here too…
    Uschi is busy w. g.kids, Sky probably busy w. sick mum.
    @Founding, give us an update, or a hello again, we miss your comments.. well I do !

  223. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline just out of the hospital and there was no reason for my symptoms. Ruled out cardiovascular, cancer, or clot and have to wonder what “irritation” I was having. Still coughing up blood 12 hours later.

    Marc.. I will re-link the post so you get the message I was sending.


  224. ericswan Says:

    To All..just so a newscast where the neighbourhoods adjacent Sky’s property endured major flooding. I’m sure Sky’s property is properly drained with plenty of thirsty trees but other new neighbourhoods did not fair well.

  225. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, were x-rays taken to rule out tuberculosis? Of course, with all the chems, it is just a matter of time before we all end up with some kind of lung disease (for me it is chronic bronchitis since January).

    I can’t believe that they just declare there is no reason for your symptoms. What garbage! It’s like when I went to the hospital in Oct. of 2005 with awful chest pain (after being VERY ill all summer). After all kinds of tests, they told me to go home, as there was nothing wrong with me, apart from low potassium, my electrolytes being out of whack and stomach and bowel cramps. Morons, I figured out myself that I have Celiac disease.

    There is a REASON you’re coughing blood. They are just too lazy to figure it out.

    How come there is major flooding around where Sky lives? Did the rains finally come and hopefully put out the fires? Of course, leave it to the weather-mongers to first cause a drought, and then a flood. Can’t just have some normal weather.

    Here we’ve had a cold summer until this week. Now it is extremely hot and humid all of a sudden. But so much rain still, that our property never really dries enough to just sit on the grass. And lots of mosquitoes, of course, even though by now they should be all but completely gone (and normally we pretty much don’t have ANY here).

    No chems in a couple of days. But when I looked outside tonight around 8:10 p.m., there was a fairly large chemtrail north-west of here. But just one. I think they just started spraying as the sun went down, and tomorrow morning we’ll likely have a covered sky again.

  226. ericswan Says:

    Hey Ursa: strangest symtoms 5:30 coughing up blood which is still happening when I cough. 9 am my lips and tongue were numb with pins and needles and 1230PM my left leg was numb and then 5 hours in emerg with ct, xray, multiple blood work electrocardiogram, several bp and stethescope by doctors and nurses. I’m on sick leave already for major artery surgery with gangrene and mega blood clots from Jan. to my last surgery in May. I respect the people in our little community (80,000) hospital so it’s just something undiagnosed in the first 12 hours for now. I’ve never had any of these symptoms before.

  227. Celline Says:

    @eric, this has me concerned. Can’t diagnose you but I can pray for you, which I will do.
    What about stomach, have they checked your stomach ?
    What about something simple, your teeth/gums? Wrecking my brain here.
    Have not heard from Sky at all..there’s water now? I thought there were fires? Am confused about this one.
    Eric stay in touch please.. ok?
    Chems here as usual, streaming in from over the Pacific in ” velcro ” shapes, non stop. I see no planes…

  228. Celline Says:

    am taking a chance of u hating me, when I tell you, I just listened to Bill Maher…. ducking………
    He’s now turning into a total idiot, I use to like to listen to him.. but now, he’s so totally wrong trying to sound “sound” by making his typical jokes. Thing is, he knows some of the truth but does not have the guts to admit it, so now the whole show is just crazy ” talking heads”.. ducking again…

  229. clark Says:

    Clear skies all day and nite, no jets. Were did they go if they are not up there? Down south?

  230. Sky Says:

    Good grief ericswan, that’s some list of symptoms ! : – (

    Are you eating poisonous mushrooms up there in Kamloops ? Or did you get tangled up with a Brown Recluse spider ?

    Just about all the damn ornamental plants and shrubs are toxic to some degree -that includes all parts of the ubiquitous Ninebarks,Elderberry ( except for the berries themselves ), Yews etc. The list is endless. Don Burnett ( our local master gardener ) came over a couple of years ago to diagnose my Elm trees. First thing he pointed out to me was a cute little shrub that had self -planted itself in one of my beds. It turns out that the lovely red berries on this shrub are DEADLY poisonous. Even one berry will kill a child or animal. So I’m hoping you didn’t somehow get sickened by some bad vegetation. It happens all the time.

    ericswan ,I’m sure Celline and Ursa are praying for you. Add me to the list. : – )

    Weather report : RAIN,RAIN,RAIN ! 2 inches of rain overnight, thank God.

    That was only our second rainfall in the last six months. They did spray yesterday, but maybe they took pity on us and sprayed us with the rain producing chems that they’re obviously using back east where it’s been nothing but rain.

    I’m hoping that the rain helped with the fires.

  231. Sky Says:

    A piece of enlightenment…from an old scifi story by Lucius Shepard …. ” When the tragedies of others become for us diversions, sad stories with which to enthrall our friends, interesting bits of data to toss out at cocktail parties, a means of presenting a pose of political concern, or whatever……..when this happens we commit the gravest of sins, condemn ourselves to ignominy, and consign the world to a dangerous course. We begin to justify our casual overview of pain and suffering by portraying ourselves as do-gooders incapacitated by the inexorable forces of poverty, famine, and war. ‘ What can I do ? ‘ we say. ‘ I’m only one person, and these things are beyond my control. I care about the world’s trouble but there are no solutions. ‘

    Yet no matter how accurate this assessment, most of us are relying on it to be true, using it to mask our indulgence, our deep-seated lack of concern, our pathological self- involvement. In adopting this attitude we delimit the possibilities for action by letting events progress to a point at which, indeed, action becomes impossible, at which we can righteously say that nothing can be done. And so we are born, we breed, we are happy, we are sad, we deal with consequential problems of our own, we have cancer or a car crash, and in the end our actions prove insignificant. Some will tell you that to feel guilt or remorse over the vast inaction of our society is utter foolishness; life, they insist, is patently unfair, and all anyone can do is to look out for his own interests. Perhaps they are right; perhaps we are so mired in our self-conceptions that we can change nothing. Perhaps this is the way of the world. But, for the sake of my soul and because I no longer wish to hide my sins behind a guise of moral incapacity, I tell you it is not . “

  232. Sky Says:

    How many people do you know that fit Shepard’s description to a T ?

    I know plenty. It’s not the people that CAN’T see the chemtrails that frustrate me to no end. It’s the ones that REFUSE to see them. Or the ones that DO see but choose to walk away based on their ” casual overview of pain and suffering ” .

    That’s the wall we are up against. And it remains to be seen whether we can scale it this time around. Last century alone this wall crushed 200 million of our fellow humans.

    Can you understand that the elite are NOT the real enemy here ? The real enemy is innumerably larger, incalculably more entrenched, and far more dangerous. Whoever said ” We have met the enemy and he is us ” was correct.

  233. ericswan Says:

    All the fake news is such an abomination. Woodstock as news when Woodstock was a distribution psyop for psychedelics. Japan offers up it’s surrender when it’s surrender was well before the Atomic bomb. It’s painful to know the truth and never here it.

    Thanx for the prayers. X-ray was clear so not TB. In fact, I feel pretty good this morning but still have spotty blood in my lungs. It’s raining this morning and the chemtrail residue on the patio makes me wonder what they are spraying on us.

  234. Dude Says:

    Here we go:

    [Israeli media reports that visiting National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action “in eight weeks”]

    The eighth week from this article is the week of 10-10-09.
    Lets not forget:

    [Attack Iran and you attack Russia]


    Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day. — Ezekiel 24

  235. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude..are these dates ripe or is this a Julian calendar date?

  236. Dude Says:

    The date stated in the Bible is in our claendar because the book was written to us right here, right now. The news articles obviously use our calendar as well.

  237. Celline Says:

    I feel like a broken record : Blue, yet hazy skies til about 12 pm.
    Then, here they come, as usual.. from over the Pacific, trying hard to look like real clouds, which the sheeple believe…appear the lacy see-thru velcro-chems. What about this question for travelling Obama, in one of those townhall meetings :” Mr. Persident, where does all that Black Budget money go, and who pais for the funny lines and velcro clouds in our skies? Never heard of either? I thought you twitter.. it’s all there. O, and, look up, it’s real easy to see. So again, Mr President, who’s paying for that ?” Na… the pre screened peops and questions would never allow this. The net is our only chance to get it out.. and then of course person to person.
    Just had my hair done.. and that salon will never be the same, the salon and it’s customers.. ALL heard about it. Eh, that was almost better than any townhall meeting !

  238. Dude Says:

    Now if you would just warn them about the war thats going to destroy America in 2 months. . . . . . at least someone would know that you knew before it happened, cause nobodys going to listen to you.

  239. clark Says:

    They hit my area up hard today. It started at around dawn, then we had a small break. At first I wasn’t sure they had resumed because it was cloudy, but my skin went berserk, especially my scalp, ouch. Once the sky cleared up a bit I could see them, jet after jet. No jets on Thursday and Friday, but jets on Saturday, yeah they are commercial, uh-huh. Right. Tell me another story. We have a solid white sky at sundown.
    Currently at 8:31 PM
    78 °F RealFeel®:76 °F
    Humidity: 63% Dew Point: 65 °F
    Pressure: 29.95 in Visibility: 8 Miles
    Winds: S at 9 mph

    @Marc, yes, I’ve seen them. !@#$%^&*(! The world’s gone crazy.

    @Celline, way to go, WTFG! That’s the way to do it, the grape vine, the gossip chain. Let it spread like wildfire.

    @Dude, no doubt. So very few will listen about chemtrails, so I never get to Planet X. That’s just going to have top remain the thief in the night. As it should be I suppose.

    @Eric, __ what can I/do I say? Compassionate line goes here ___.

  240. Celline Says:

    @Dude, I don’t do dates. I don’t do doom dates either. It’s wrong,
    If you knew your bible.. and I mean all of it, not only selected verses that fit your agenda, then you would know, that no one knows the date or the hour. NOONE! Not even Jesus.. while walking the earth, He knows now, I am sure. Yes, clark, that grapevine is amazingly effective..
    and I am using it. We have the usual, as told be4, above. Trickeling velcros, slithering in from the West… neatly placed right in front of the incoming oceanmoisture. Outstanding engeneering, and calculating !
    Who the heck pays for all this? Those smart people who figure it all out, and then for all that chemistry in those tankers? ! Better stop before I get any angrier. NO, not at you…

  241. Celline Says:

    Tip : Beautyparlors, barbershops… both excellent places for the news.
    Captive audiences, no one is leaving w. 1/2 a haircut, or foils all over their heads , or fingers in soapbowls.. mudd on their faces, etc ;o)

  242. clark Says:

    I don’t want to be in defense of Dude, but if Planet X were true, it’s not the end of the world. The date of the end of the world is a secret no one knows the day or the hour of for sure. This Planet X stuff doesn’t have to be secret, anyone could know an attack date, it’s quite a different thing altogether. Both could be theives in the night to the general population, yet one could be known by some… IMHO, anyway.

  243. clark Says:

    @Celline, what did they say when you told them?

  244. Celline Says:

    @clark, one women, w. dye on her hair said:” Dang, so that’s what it is, I have wondered and wondered what’s happening to our always so blue skies.. so that’s what it is.. o wow..”
    One of the operators said:’ Yes, I see this all the time and I saw something about it on the net.. you are confirming what I suspected..”
    My operayor said :” Am trying to convince my hubby, he’s still skeptical, but I believe it.. I mean, come on.. this just isen’t our skies anymore..”
    Several other people were listening, very intently.. one girl said:” You know, a group of us were praying about many different things, and the subject of Noah and the arc came up, also Sodom and Gomorrah..and we prayed for guidance and answers..” today, I think I heard one of the answers from you..”
    That’s about all, better than nothing, ja?

  245. clark Says:

    Thanks Celline, … That was better than nothing, for sure. Well done.

  246. Dude Says:

    hey celline, if you knew your bible, and i mean all of it and not selected verses that fit your agenda, then you would know that Armageddon is here and the war is on 10-10-09.

  247. Celline Says:

    @Dude.. sigh:::::::::::::

  248. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, I know you are convinced and sincere about what you believe. And you really want to warn people, which is appreciated. But the thing is, it is your opinion against the opinions of many.

    Why do you truly think God has given the answers ONLY to you? That he is warning only ONE single person of this? Do you really think you are more special than everybody on earth, and only you have the intellect, wisdom and insight to know the truth?

    Come on, Dude, don’t you think that is a little much?

    Anyway, we’ll all know soon, right?

    It is possible that things are going to happen in October. For instance the forced vaccination campaign, and possibly even people being put into FEMA camps for refusing to be vaccinated. But a war that will wipe out all of America?

    Good job, Celline. Too bad that I NEVER go to the hairdresser, beauty parlor or any other place like that. I can’t stand other people, especially strangers, touching me. I cut my own hair and do my own nails (I just cut and file, that is all that is needed).

    So, that venue is out for me. And I have no intentions of going to those places only to put out the word about chemtrails.

  249. Dude Says:

    Ursa: God gave the information to everybody who can read and think. Its those two things that nobody wants to do. The news I posted above says that the us is going to take care of Iran in 8 weeks (10-10-09). Iran is what Russia is going to destroy us over. Its very plain and almost every detail is in your Bibles.

  250. ericswan Says:

    Thanx Clark but there is more bad news. My wife says it’s smoking period and then Rense puts up a story that there are 599 chemicals added to tobacco. Anyway, cutting back seems to help.

    Ursa; don’t mean to defend Dude as he is totally capable of doing same, but he was ahead of the curve at least the viral part of it with his October surprise prognostications. Now I’m reading that the fan is in the barn as of August 22 which relates back to a live video feed that I and many thousands witnessed on two separate internet channels. It’s a long story but the “jist” of it is found here…http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1265.htm

    and here…http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message862082/pg1

    Like I said, we were watching this guy for 8 hours and what happened to him is strange, disturbing and without precedent.

  251. ericswan Says:

    Celline…sooooooooo…what did you have done? Just kidding. One of my favorite spots is in the lineup for some sort of electronics clearance blowout sale where people line up over night just to get in. It’s another one of those captive audiences and since it’s outside, it’s easy enough to get people on the right side of the page when a chemtrailer blows over and you ask them where they think that plane is going.

  252. Celline Says:

    @eric, I wish you would not talk in riddles, I hardly ever understand what u are saying. What a about this guy, where those strange things happened.. gimme a better clue.
    As to what I had done in the beautyparlor.. haircut and highlights.
    Am a natural Blonde, and the grey sneaking in, is highlighted back to blonde. That’s enough reason for me to go there. ( takes off 10 years.. easy ;o) I belong to a private christian chatroom, and we talked mighty serious stuff last night. I kept thinking how much I wanted for all of you to be there.. but, I guess there would be no interest ?! Made me sad, it’s educational, the peops in there are extremely knowledgable. Floating velcros today.. as usual. And of course overall this nasty brown haze.

  253. ericswan Says:

    K..Celline..this is all I know.. A guy in a red vw was tracked through LA for several miles, was cornered and had dozens of police with army, navy, secret service, you name it, on his tail. This lasted nearly 9 hours. The guy had a robot bust through his window and spray him with “something” three times and he did not budge. Then we watched a team of 5 or 6 firemen looking guys with a fire hose spray him through the other window and he did not budge. The robot sprayed him 3 times with smoke billowing out the window. This was covered by the Fox channel and NBC but it only went as far as the internet live feed. It wasn’t reported on the public channels and most of the information that was on the net has been scrubbed. Which is why I gave you the two links which all you have to do is click.

  254. ericswan Says:

    I was warned by Sott.net that “godlikeproductions” was a CIA fronted website. I got this message while trying to make my 4th post to this site..

    Your IP address is banned from posting!

    If you feel you have been banned in error,
    please email us and we will look into it as soon as posssible.
    Please include in your email the IP address shown above.

    Possible reasons why you might have been banned: posting links to unauthorized sites,
    too many links in a single post, too many posts in a short period of time, use of banned words.
    These measures are necessary to keep the spam within the forum to a minimum,
    and if you’ve been banned by mistake, our apologies for the inconvenience.

  255. clark Says:

    @eric, interesting, that guy in the vw, he must’ve been prepared and he had the goods on someone or something big, otherwise there wouldn’t have been a news blackout. My wild guess is, good proof of chemtrails from an inside perspective. He must’ve been somebody important, otherwise wouldn’t they have just blown him away? He is one of the, “disappeared” now? Just like in Argentina and the old Soviet Union… off to Siberia for that non-entity. Or, that guy in the vw had a bomb and they sprayed, “something” on him to deactivate it somehow? Why else use a robot? Or, he was super contagious with something? No hazmat suits though, so I doubt that.

  256. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..this is Sorcha Faal’s comments on this issue..

    Top Israeli Scientist Captured In US After “Threat” To Blow Up White House

    By: Sorcha Faal,

    A bizarre report is circulating in the Kremlin today wherein the FSB states that one of Israel’s top bio-weapons experts was violently captured by US Federal Police Forces before he was able to reach the safety of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles to which he had been fleeing after his receiving a “warning” that he had been “targeted” for assassination by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

    According to these reports, Joseph Moshe Bar is one of Israel’s top bio-weapons scientists who while under the “control” of the Mossad was “placed” in Los Angeles to “monitor” a swine flu vaccine “experiment” being carried out in that city by US scientists upon their poorest citizens under the guise of giving to them free medical care.

    Note: in Western propaganda media reports his name is shortened to Joseph Moshe.

    Note: These reports state that the venue for these experiments upon America’s poorest citizens was the Los Angeles Sports Center where the alleged to be CIA financed Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corporation, for the first time in its history, was conducting a “clinic” in the United States.

    Upon Moshe’s attempt to reach the Israeli Consulate building in Los Angeles, these reports continue, he received “information” from the Mossad that he was being “targeted” for “immediate assassination” by the CIA, whereupon he drove his vehicle at “high speed” to the US Federal Building (a few city blocks from the Israeli Consulate, both being on Wilshire Blvd.) where Israeli officials were able to put him the “spotlight” of their American media “contacts” and thwart the death threat against him.

    Interesting to note about Moshe’s narrow escape from assassination was his hour’s long standoff [photo top left] against US Federal Police Forces that was televised in full view of the American public under the absurd “story” that Moshe was attempting to blow up the White House, but which was, these reports state, the time period needed for the Mossad and CIA to come to an “agreement” for the “defusing” of this crisis.

    Also interesting to note is that during this “standoff”, US Federal Police Forces bombarded Moshe with CS powder canisters (Note: tear gas is not a “gas” but is a powder) to which these police forces were confounded because it had no effect upon him, and leading Los Angeles Police Lieutenant, Ruben de la Torre, to state to the press when asked about how Moshe was able to withstand this attack, “I can’t explain that, there’s no way to explain that”.

  257. ericswan Says:

    Hey Sky…Did you read this?

    Interior wildfires make Lillooet water undrinkable
    Updated: Sun Aug. 16 2009 14:31:40


    Fire evacuees in Lillooet, B.C., returning to their homes after the Mount McLean wildfire are being told it could be up to two years before its safe to drink their water again.

    A boil water advisory is now in effect for most residents who use the District of Lillooet water system.
    “I’m boiling the water, but that’s not helping all that much because there’s arsenic in it. And when you boil the water it doesn’t take the arsenic out.”


    I heard there were issues with this “new” fire retardent which I reported here as causing fires. The groundwater here in Lillooett is now contaminated with arsenic. How is this possible?

  258. ericswan Says:

    I’ll try to link the comments page again..


    I hope it’s a link but if not it will copy/paste.

  259. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline: I know you think I talk in code. Here’s a link to the guy in the red vw that should clear it up for you.


  260. ericswan Says:

    This article is written by Jay Weidner talking about something I saw and discussed at “godlikeproductions”. The interesting thing to point out is that http://www.sott.net fingers both of these sites as “disinformation”. The red herring in the article is the deal where Weidner suggests that Israel prolly won’t take the flu shot. The truth is there is a program going on in downtown LA called RAM which is looking for doctors, nurses, etc. to provide free medical to the homeless. The actual reason for this is to innoculate these people with a virus that may not kill them but might kill you.

    Note: These reports state that the venue for these experiments upon America’s poorest citizens was the Los Angeles Sports Center where the alleged to be CIA financed Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corporation, for the first time in its history, was conducting a “clinic” in the United States

    http://www.ramusa.org/ which says…


    AUGUST 11 – AUGUST 18, 2009
    3900 W Manchester Blvd

    beginning at 5:30AM daily
    To provide free MEDICAL, VISION, and DENTAL care for uninsured, underinsured, unemployed, under-employed persons

    RAM needs
    Medical Doctors (all specialties) and Nurses,
    Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, Ophthalmic Techs, Paramometry Techs,
    General Dentists, Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Registered Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants.

    Jean Jolly, Volunteer Coordinator, Remote Area Medical

  261. Dude Says:

    godlikeproductions has banned me many times for telling the real reason for the chemtrails, just like Alex Jones.

  262. Celline Says:

    @eric, thank you for explaining things a bit better, just for dummy me.
    The things u describe and say are enough to scare me away !
    Chem report : The usual velcros drifting in from over the Pacific, but one thing is different today. I had to drive inland, about 2 miles.. and there the velcros were gone.. but instead had developed into brownish haze.
    The untrained eye, if they’d even pay attention at all, would think:
    Typical, a bit of cloudines near the ocean, and a tiny bit more inland, they burn off in our intense sun. This is true, and normal,. BUT : the clouds I see daily aren’t clouds, they look entirely different.. they are lacey and when the sun shines through them, you get an eerie limelight.
    The reason I bring it up , how wonderfully and smart, the average Joe out there is being fooled into believing, this is just ” normal”.
    So, even if I would call someone’s attention to it, they would not believe me. Northern Cal is on Fire..
    This makes me wonder, where Sky is and how she is.
    Uschi, where are you ?
    Our temps are 10 degrees below normal, the only place that’s still normal, seems to be DeathValley.. it’s cooking away as usual.
    Car insurance went up ! 130 mill credit and ATM cards were compromised I heard this morning.. via some computer breakin somewhere..That is 1/2 of all cards used in the US ! About MOTHS, am paying attention now, and sure enough, I have not seen any for weeks now.
    Bats and owls must be hurting, I guess.
    And yesterday again, dead honeybees all around over the ground in our yard.

  263. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I did post yesterday, but I guess Eric and Dude have been posting so much, you didn’t see it.

    Suddenly, our wasp population has exploded, they are everywhere.

    We had four days of relatively blue skies (normal blue to most people, but I could see the haze), but today there were the chemclouds again. And sure enough, soon the sky was also covered with rainclouds, and we had another cloudburst.

    In its wake, when the rainclouds dissipated, there were the chems again. Now most of the sky is milky white, with chems, while to the east it is just blue.

    And the humidity is just terrible. When the chems appeared today, I went outside for about fifteen minutes to take some pictures. That was enough to make me feel like I couldn’t breathe at all. I had to get back inside and take medications, I was suffocating.

    Whatever is in those chems is deadly for me. I don’t do well in hot, humid conditions. But normally I wouldn’t feel like I am about to go into respiratory arrest within fifteen minutes! I can’t even go for my daily walk with my tiny grandson.

  264. clark Says:

    I got to see one of those pulsing chemtrails this evening. All day there was a solid white sky (very still and humid, suffocatingly so) cloudy and rainy until this evening when the clouds went away just before sundown. [For most of the day my neck was affected much like my scalp was a few days ago, thankfully my scalp was unaffected today and the irritation in my neck eased up towards evening.] The rays from the setting sun reflected off the remaining cloud bank in the northeast causing that part of the sky to radiate a pink/red glow – as if the sun were setting – in the northeast.
    I scanned the sky and saw traces of chemtrails and then directly above me I saw both a reflection and a glow on a jet, yet the jet was still mostly visible. [The jet didn’t exactly disappear like in Ursa’s photo.] The glow was larger and as bright as any jet lights – coming from the lone jet at a very high altitude. Backward from the path of the jet were short narrow spots which looked like rectangular bits of chemtrail. Scanning forward I caught the jet pulsing a short burst of chemtrail followed by a short space, then another short burst of chemtrail, then a longer burst of chemtrail. then two more short bursts, and then a final long burst as the jet flew off into the sunset without leaving any further chemtrails. The spaces in between the short bursts were evenly spaced the same size as the short burst of chemtrail, and the longer burst were evenly spaced from the shorter ones by the same length as the longer ones. The short bursts were probably five jet lengths long, while the longer ones were about four times that size. As if it matters.

  265. Celline Says:

    clark and eric, where do you hail from? Can you at least just give me the State or Country ?

  266. marc Says:

    “Celline…sooooooooo…what did you have done? Just kidding.”

    “As to what I had done in the beautyparlor.. haircut and highlights.
    Am a natural Blonde, and the grey sneaking in, is highlighted back to blonde. That’s enough reason for me to go there. ( takes off 10 years.. easy).”

    This shit cracks me up.

    Clark: I saw those chems in intermittent short and long bursts … like Morse Code. Next time let’s take pictures.

    I’m checking the pattern you describe, perhaps it’s a message?

  267. marc Says:

    I used a Morse Code translator. Worth a shot, but no message I could decipher.

    Splitting up the chemtrail produces more “realistic” clouds, but why split it up so precisely? The one I saw struck me because it was executed with perfect timing, the distance from, and length of, each plume seemed exactly measured leaving a MC effect.

    Thanks Clark, I shall keep my eye on those henceforth.

  268. Ursa Major Says:

    Marc, I can see why the beauty parlor stuff cracks you up. I feel the same way, you couldn’t drag me in there if you paid me. Of course, I can easily say that, because my hair is still auburn (at the age of 56) with just some scattered silver hairs, that can hardly be seen. But if I turn gray, so what, I am as old as I am and couldn’t care less who knows it.

    Well, rain on and off most of the day yesterday, and during the night. At about 9:00 a.m. I looked out, and it was sunny, so stepped onto my deck, and found that the whole sky was covered with chemclouds. Which I expected if it cleared up, as I saw a trail being sprayed above the clouds yesterday, when there was a break in them.

    The sunshine with blue sky/chems lasted precisely one hour. Enough time to go for a walk around the block with my grandson, all the while taking pictures (the baby is a great alibi for walks, and he doesn’t care how many times I stop to take pictures of the sky). When we got back, the sky was nearly completely covered with dark clouds, but in one break I could see another trail being sprayed (as if the sky wasn’t already completely covered in them). I am sure we’ll be getting thunderstorms soon, it is getting awfully dark now.

    And the humidity is just stifling, I shouldn’t even have been out there, I am overdosing on my medications nearly every day now (and they are very bad for the heart, the one, Ventolin, increases the chance of heart attack by 50% if used regularly). But hey, if my time is up, it’s up, I can’t be too worried about that.

    Marc, if those planes are remote controlled, everything they do would be quite precise, as it it probably pre-programmed before they even take off.

    I find that when they spray those short trails, within fifteen minutes max most people would think they are normal clouds.

  269. ericswan Says:

    I think they are remote controlled but since they kicked me off godlikeproductions after less than 24 hours of posting there, I didn’t get the opportunity to tell these folks that the plane that t-boned the helicopter and killed the scientist is the type of fixed wing aircraft that has auto-pilot. The inventors of this tech is Raytheon and this remote control has the capacity of being a weapon aka 911. Lots of planes have dropped out of the sky in very suspicious circumstances including the one in Buffalo where one of the passengers representing the 911 families met with Obama a couple of days before her “accident”. She was spearheading the court review of 911 and had refused millions in compensation.

    Celline;; they can crash a plane anytime they like.

    I live in Kamloops, British Columbia and not too far from Sky who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

  270. ericswan Says:

    Ursa..Your visit to Mr. Holmes farm is important. I have the feeling you didn’t read the “whistleblower” report. I know your health is bugging you right now but your access to Bryan and his insider information from the whistleblower, is absolutely essential to all of our understanding here and now.

    Tuesday, 28 September 2004: If you have visited this page before you will know of the story told by the scientist I named “Deep Shield”.

    I received word early today that “Deep Shield” had committed suicide late last Sunday afternoon at his home in the Emeryville/Berkeley/Oakland area of California.

    The method used was to run a hose from his car’s exhaust pipe into the closed car in his garage. His wife found his body and she says that there was no suicide note.

    However her late husband’s behaviour and mood for the past month had been extremely agitated and dark.

    The police are not pursuing this as a homicide because it is, in their mind, a clear and cut case of suicide. There will be the usual inquest/autopsy and most likely a very quiet funeral due to the nature of the death.

    Our most sincere condolences are offered to his family.

    Some may be wondering if further information will be forthcoming but at this time out of respect for the family there will be no name or credentials given. Perhaps at a future date his widow will be asked if more information should be revealed – it will be her decision.



    I have been after you for some info on this and you just have to know that this is the real deal. The whistleblower talks about how the chemicals are mixed into the spray..read it…

  271. clark Says:

    At six a.m. the sky was completely clear, by eleven a.m. the few remaining patches of cloudless sky were being filled with chemtrails going from horizon to horizon until finally by noon we had a solid white sky which is now breaking up a bit. After reading eric’s latest link, what they are doing sort of makes sense, still not right to do though. Remote control skies. Who has the remote?

    @Celline, I’ve mentioned it before, I’m in the, “beg and may issue – hardly ever” State of Iowa where it seems the people love to be under the watchful eye of government cameras at almost every point of public interaction – not so differently than bugs on a food pile under a microscope. Towering government cameras are posted at almost every major street intersection in a very intimidating way, and outside places where the public gathers (bars and ?) even in the small towns and at many places on the interstates and some roadways and bike paths. I’m in a place where The people rush to support the mandates of the UN and the NWO, i.e. bans on public smoking (even in private clubs), seatbelt laws, and passing laws enabling the government to usurp the role as parents of our children in a god-like capacity, all the while mistakenly thinking its a local decision they have a measure of control over and a say in the matter. An odd kind of place where the people focus on the small trivial matters of their lives and the going-ons happening at ground level while ignoring the implications of the, “big picture” and the sky above us. A place where anyone who thinks outside the box is laughed at and ridiculed or told, “why think, just live for the moment.” Or did I just describe the whole world these days? 1984.

    @marc, yes, I need to get a camera, and a video one, the camera IS the new gun.

  272. clark Says:


    A new article in TIME magazine suggests that geo-engineering the planet may be the only way forward to prevent the climate “collapsing”.

    Bryan Walsh’s article, entitled Can Geoengineering Help Slow Global Warming?suggests that through the use of fossil fuels we are “already geoengineers” and that “we might as well get good at it.”

    – From the Time article:

    But before we start creating man-made volcanoes, we should worry about the side effects. For one thing, increasing sulfur in the atmosphere would increase acid rain, with all the damage that can do to forests and wildlife. And there are serious concerns that artificially changing cloud cover could disrupt global precipitation patterns, a risk that climate scientists Susan Solomon and Gabriele Hegerl raised in a recent article in Science. They found a global drop in precipitation levels after the eruption at Mt. Pinatubo, and an increase in droughts. A cool but dry planet wouldn’t be an upgrade from where we are now. “Climate change impacts are driven not only by temperature changes, but also by change in other aspects of the climate system, such as precipitation and climate extremes,” they write.

    – – – Yeah, we noticed! What the Geoengineering process called chemtrails has produced is worse than the original problem, typical government results.

  273. ericswan Says:

    You are a very thoughtful and serious participant on this global expanse and your posts are much appreciated. Much to the credit of this blog and you in particular, I would attach this link..


    This writer is way out of the box and much of what he says is incomprehensible but the proviso would be that “Billy” wrote this paper in the last few days and it is rife with errors. My reason for bringing this to your attention, is the overall theme that ice ages are a consequence of our relationship to the universe and that many biblical and other cultural knowledge is based on this mostly simple conclusion that there will be an ice age and what are “you” going to do about it?

  274. Ursa Major Says:

    Okay, Eric. I did originally read the whole document, about seven months ago. I just reread the whole thing.

    He did post a supplement of more questions and answers. The only thing he didn’t reveal yet is the man’s name, location etc.

    Below are some quotes from the interview (by by e-mail).

    I talked to Brian about it once, and he agreed that most of it is pure bullcrap. This is government disinformation at its finest.

    For instance, that it is secret because if people would know that without them doing the spraying we would all die within twenty years or so is pure nonsense. This guy WANTED Brian to post all that, so people would believe it. Almost everything this guy said are lies, when talking about why they are doing this.

    I do believe though that the WHO is involved, as well as all the other agencies he lists. And obviously, lots of people are dying because of the spraying. I certainly know firsthand how it affects people with respiratory problems, too.

    Again, the UV poisoning stuff is purely made up. It has long been shown that without vitamin D, which is produced in our bodies from the sunlight reaching our skin, cancer rates will skyrocket, as will rickets (actually, there is a rickets epidemic amongst toddlers and young children happening right now, because everybody is warned to stay out of the sun and to slather on the toxic sunscreen).

    When they say that Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer, they fail to mention that in Australia the highest rates of skin cancer are amongst OFFICE workers, and the lowest ones amongst beach life guards, who are in the sun all day!

    The ‘news’ that something is the matter with our ozone layer, is again, pure bunk. It is an excuse for doing what they are doing. They have brainwashed most of the masses to believe those lies, so they can do their ‘fixes’ with impunity. And the sheeple will thank them for doing it, I am sure.

    Okay, here come the quotes from Brian’s interview. Again, I want to remind you that Brian posted this stuff, but he doesn’t believe that this guy was telling the truth. He didn’t say that, so the man would give him more information. He was hoping people would be intelligent enough to see through the lies. And of course, the guy was murdered, I have no doubt about that.

    “Correcting the ecological damage that mankind has done has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are relatively new to this notion of terraforming on a real scale. That is what we are doing, Terraforming. We are trying to recreate the ideal life-sustaining conditions on a dying planet. We have never done this before, not intentionally. We are testing and trying different methods. Granted, if we do nothing 89% of all species will go extinct and humanity stands a high chance of not surviving through two more generations (or less). However the idea of 2 billion casualties death and permanent injury is not easy to swallow either.”

    “There are several causatives for this. Some people are more sensitive to metals, whiles others are sensitive to the polymer chemicals. As stated in a previous email, people will get sick, and some will die. It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years.”

    “Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense. The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.”

    “Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed. People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days. Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking ‘safety’ in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe. Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.”

    “12. When will spraying stop?

    There are several factors governing this:

    A. Should the Ozone layer repair itself or our active attempts at repair reduces the amount of ground level UV to acceptable levels, spraying will stop. Present calculations place this between 2018 and 2024.

    B. Should another method be found which is more effective, less costly or presents us with long-term solutions the Shield project would be replaced.

    C. When the other problems become too big to make the maintenance of the shield worth the effort. The estimated date for this is 2025 to 2050.”

    “I would assume Canada does contribute funding to the Project. Canada is one of the top nations contributing time, material and funding to this project. Most of the Free World, the Western World, has taken on most of the burden of the costs.”

    “26. Where are the official sources that state that a certain number of people (worldwide?) will sicken and possibly die as a result of the spraying? In other words, what *internal* studies have been done on the health issues and who carried them out?

    WHO (World Health Organization) carried out most of the studies. Other nations have carried their own research on the matter. Some have said the ill effects will be minimal – along the lines of a million or so, while others have found the numbers to be far higher – 3 to 4 billion.”

    “The accepted Estimated Casualties (from WHO) is 2 billion over the course of 6 decades. The majority will be either the elderly, or those who are prone to respiratory problems. These numbers are based on the current estimates of the general health of the population, the average age and the occurrence of respiratory problems as a health issue. All are estimates since there are no solid numbers to work with.”

    “Some may be wondering if further information will be forthcoming but at this time out of respect for the family there will be no name or credentials given. Perhaps at a future date his widow will be asked if more information should be revealed – it will be her decision.”

  275. ericswan Says:

    Thanks Ursa..if he was murdered, (which is likely), he must have revealed more of the program than say a plant, would reveal. The disinformation would have been to protect his identity and his family. Obviously, that didn’t work.

    The Canadian part of this is as NAU (North American Union) as it gets. Our government has signed agreements with the U.S. and Mexico to exchange military over our soverign lands in any situation they deem as threatening. Foreign soldiers are less likely to put up a fuss when asked to move citizens from another country into detention.

    My issue with “who mixes the chemicals” is from the Holmestead.ca website where it says some sort of lottery goes on and no one knows what mixture is going where. This is tied in with this pandemic and when you read that very remote aboriginal areas are getting H1N1, you really have to wonder what is spreading this flue and then what is the second shoe. In the last 5 minutes of an interview with Bill Deagle by http://www.projectcamelot.com this morning (which will be on their radio archives July 18, sometime later this week, Bill says that these attacks here now and in the near future, are alien attacks. Bill’s a born again Christian but has stated he is a direct line descendent of Moses and has prophetic powers as well as an IQ plus training that makes him a 1%er.


  276. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, maybe the guy truly believed that they are saving the population by doing this, who knows. And he believed every bit of the ‘sunshine causes cancer’ garbage and in global warming. That doesn’t make it true, though.

    I know that people will deceive themselves and make themselves believe lies in order to justify their actions.

    When people in the WHO (which really is a criminal organization, just like NATO and the UN) tell themselves that sacrificing two to four billion people is a small prize to pay in order to save the planet, and really believe what they say, then they are deceiving themselves in order not to feel guilty.

    They have been using aboriginals as guinea pigs for a long time. They are giving them untested vaccines, to see what happens, for instance, before giving them to anybody else.

    They may have giving them the H1N1 along with regular vaccines. But of course, chemtrails are definitely suspect as well. Who knows.

    I disagree on why the guy may have been murdered, Eric. If he revealed exactly what he was told to reveal, he now was a loose end to tie up. He knew too much, and he knew that what he said were lies, and who told him to lie.

    It is hard to know. I believe that some of the things he said were true, while a lot of it was pure fabrication. Truth mixed with lies are more dangerous than outright lies, because it is harder to prove the disinformation this way.

  277. Celline Says:

    Thank you eric and clark. Indeed you had posted it be4, but I forgot, and did not want to scroll all the way back.
    I don’t understand what is so funny about beautyparlors, there’s no way I could cut my own hair, or maintain my blonde shade w.out help.
    But enough about bagatellen.
    Your last posts are fascinating, may I ask.. if this mean.. we now know, why they are spraying? Sounds like it, if Uschi’s report and what this guy sais.. is correct.
    So.. we don’t breathe now, or what do we do??
    Are there any countries where they don’t spray?
    Why are the Germans still denying? They are no idiots. ( well most ) !
    The hole in the ozone is not new, I heard about this many years ago. How long has HAARP been in existence and operational?
    What I get out of the whole story.. is population control, sum it all up, that’s what I get.
    Surely we don’t need Nibiru !
    How.. are the Elite, the 300 Importants, the Bilderbergers etc.. protected from all this? They don’t breathe, or what? Or are they all innocculated?
    The mention of ” aliens” I believe to not be nonsense. Yet I believe them to be Demons. Satan has ruled the earth ever since his fall…. looking around, someone to devour. So, why could they not act as ” aliens” fooling the non believer, as to originating from another galaxy.. or even having lived on our very planet underground, for millions of years. Why not? The Devil is the Masterliar, he could well pull that off.
    I now realize why certain places I have been, (Death Valley being on of them ).. where, in certain areas, I would get goosebumps inspite of the 120 temps. Makes perfect sense to me now.
    Lest I bore you more w. my suspicions, as in subject ” beautyparlor…”
    I better quit, while I am ahead, ja ?

  278. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I think beauty parlors are fine for most women, just not for me (sorry about the teasing, I wasn’t serious, other than that I hate them for myself). And it is a great idea for you to spread the truth about chems there, you have a ‘captive’ audience! I actually have taught myself to cut my own hair, including layering.

    Actually, the hole in the ozone layer over the antarctic has always been there, and always will be. There is a hole during the arctic winter because there is no sunshine, and in the summer it closes completely. It is a seasonal thing and perfectly normal.

    Here is a link to an excellent article, which explains why phasing out Freon was a huge fraud. Most people believe that Freon rises and damages the ozone layer. Too bad that Freon is four times heavier than air, and goes DOWN not UP when released!


    Freon is a perfectly harmless substance, and cheap. What they use now in refrigerators and air conditioners instead is a highly toxic, odorless gas, which will, if it leaks out, kill people. It also is very expensive and not nearly as efficient as Freon.

  279. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline asked me to post a link to a youtube video, which she says shows exactly what it is like where she lives every morning.

  280. Celline Says:

    Thank you Uschi.
    Yes, sm aware about the Freon-fraud, lots of the head-criminals made a lot of money on it. In fact, we knew about it during the changeover.
    Sheeple just are willing to believe anything that’s on CNN or Fox, instead of doing some research. And that’s what the Criminals are counting on, our stupidity, then they pull it over on us. Better not think about it anylonger, BP going up !

  281. ericswan Says:

    I don’t mean to be paranoid but this download works, it’s free and it’s only been up for a couple of days.


  282. solsburyhill Says:

    The CFR published an article in March/April 2009 called “The Geoengineering Option – A Last Resort Against Global Warming”

    For what it’s worth…


    Also, US Patent 5003186 purportedly details chemtrails


  283. clark Says:

    I’m starting to think that even with proof positive no one would care or do anything…Not even IF a two ton heavy thing hit them upside the head. Here is another failed attempt of mine to get someone to take notice:

    “It’s a fascinating idea, but at the end of the day, it’s just one more thing. At this stage, I’m beaten and controlled by so many things that, honestly, what’s one more?”

    The bad economy works against truth? There are so many influences that shut people down to thinking or doing anything to be more aware or to change their condition.

    So many people are self-absorbed into worldly, “religions” perhaps that is why they are blind and remain in denial and experience cognitive dissonance about chemtrails, a tunnel vision for sure. Take this story about a football quarterback leaving a team for another, notice how the action is correlated to switching religions, i.e. from their side to the Taliban. The quarterback is referred to as an icon, and people treated his image and related iconography as sacred with special significance in a, “holy” shrine upon their walls.

    Here is a sample from an recent news article:

    On the rare occasion a fan called to support Favre’s right to play for the Vikings, they were bayoneted by the next five callers, who reacted as if they’d just heard someone pitch the positives of joining the Taliban. One caller said he’d confiscated all the pieces of clothing in his house emblazoned with Favre’s number. Another woman said she had removed Favre’s autographed picture from her wall and banished it behind her couch.

    “I think it comes down to how you were a fan,” said Gary Nixt, nursing a beer inside Stadium View. “If you’re a Packers fan, you’re behind the team and you’re going to have that tunnel vision. If you are a Brett Favre fan, you’re going to stand behind him no matter what he does.”

    …Some have come to see the onetime icon as a self-absorbed football nomad. Others remain the baptized faithful,

    …Tuesday took another chunk out of a crumbling mythology that may never be the same…“Of course it takes away from his aura,”


    –They are hitting us here heavily today, on the way to solid white.

  284. clark Says:

    This blog and story are talking about an, “adult curfew” in New Jersey due to crime, but it seems to me this is the beginning (incremental steps and public acceptance of the idea?) of martial law on a local scale:

    The curfew would last for two months and would bar people from loitering outside from midnight to 7 a.m. Violators would face up to a $2,000 fine and 90 days in jail.
    Officials are still working to make sure the plan can withstand legal challenges. If the City Council passes it Sept. 1, a second vote and a public hearing are needed for it to take effect.


  285. ericswan Says:

    interesting take on the subject Clark. Not as controversial as the Vick story but both seem to have a common thread of turning the world upsidedown. read this blog..http://dicklickinggood.blogspot.com/

    on Vick but listen to this interview by project camelot with Bill Deagle from yesterday….http://projectcamelot.org/Bill_Deagle_19_August_2009.mp3

  286. Dude Says:

    The “climate change” and “geoengineering” is all bullshit! It is a cover for Nibiru and they can not stop it and they know it and theyre scared as shit because they know that when we collectively figure out theyve lied to us for 26 years, their asses will be grass. That is why they are doing everything theyre doing now. It is also why they are going to have us destroyed on 10-10-09. And now THEY have told us when!

    August 13, 2009
    [Israeli media reports that visiting National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action “in eight weeks” demonstrate that even when everything changes in Washington, nothing changes.]

    —> The eighth week from 8-13 is the week of 10-10-09 !!! <—
    Russia has told us they will nuke us over Iran. They are going to do it.

    There have been many big earthquakes all over the world lately, just like Jesus told us. Yall keep detailing the symptoms now. Nothings changed. Same shit every day. Just like I been telling yall.

  287. ericswan Says:

    Dude..good point about earthquakes but God doesn’t do earthquakes. Apparently man causes earthquakes and the diverse places you talk about are “aimed” at races of people and politicians that are not falling into line with the NWO.

    As for what is really going on, I suggest you tune into Alex Jones and Steve Quayle that will be live at http://www.infowars.com for the next two hours.

  288. Dude Says:

    Eric: God told us about the earthquakes preceeding the war that is going to destroy us. They are caused by the thing that will end this war with the greatest earthquake since man has been on the earth. Read you Bible.

    Alex Jones is a LIAR by omission. AJ will NOT tell you about these things but God did IF you read and understand, which NOBODY does.

    What is really going on is what Ive been telling you all for about a year(?) now.

  289. ericswan Says:

    Well Mr. Dude (if that really is your name), isn’t it time for you to put your money where your mouth is? Why are you so well known to the establishment by virtue of isp but anonymous to everyone else? If you can’t stand behind your words, you are standing up for nothing whatsoever.

  290. ericswan Says:

    extracts from Dude’s link..again, this is important and if you really think people should read it, post it…..

    Israeli media reports that visiting National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action “in eight weeks” demonstrate that even when everything changes in Washington, nothing changes. President Barack Obama has claimed that a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a high priority but the Israelis and their allies in congress and the media have been able to stonewall the issue. Israel has made no concessions on its settlement policy, which is rightly seen as the single biggest obstacle to eventual creation of a Palestinian state, and has instead pushed ahead with new building and confiscations of Arab homes. Obama has protested both Israeli actions but done nothing else, meaning that Israel has determined that the new US president’s policies are toothless, giving it a free hand to deal with the Arabs. Vice President Joe Biden’s comments that Israel is free to attack Iran if it sees fit was a warning that worse might be coming. If the Israeli reports are true, it would appear that the Obama Administration has now bought completely into the Israeli view of Iran and is indicating to Tel Aviv that it will fall into line to bring the Mullahs to their knees. In short, Israel gets what it wants and Washington yet again surrenders.

    President Obama’s ultimatum that Iran must start talks and quickly “or else” may be based on the belief that pressuring the government in Tehran will produce a positive result. If that is the judgment, it is wrong. Sanctions did not force Italy to change its policies in 1935, nor those of Japan five years later. Saddam Hussein survived them in the 1990s, and they have most certainly not brought the Cuban government down after fifty years of trying. The Iranian government will only respond by closing ranks against foreign pressure. Quite possibly, the only result an enhanced sanctions regime backed by a military threat will produce is a war, which would be catastrophic both for the United States and for Iran. Nor would it be particularly good for Israel in spite of what the current crackpot regime in Tel Aviv might think.

  291. ericswan Says:

    That’s your link and that’s the content. What are you saying? Is this www www www on it’s way? Alex is saying that H1N1 has 5 new mutations just in Texas. These are the facts. What is your speculation?

  292. Dude Says:

    The people here who pay attention know who I am but it does not matter in the least. I didnt put the whole article because it is not necessary and long posts full of irrelevant information suxs.

    Again, these are not my words but those of God, and tons of prophets. WW3 will happen on 10-10-09 and it will happen to America. The cdc-created virus is just another sign (pestilences).

    what we have is:

    1) Russia has told America for two years they will nuke us over Iran.
    2) Israel is pushing the US to attack Israel.
    3) the US says they have a plan for Iran for the week of 10-10-09.
    4) the us says bin laden (the dead man) has a nuke and will use it.
    5) the neocons stole a nuke in ’07.
    6) the neocons have told us there will be another big event this year.
    7) the russians and others have told us it will be a nuke.
    8) the Bible describes every aspect of our country and it says we will use the nuke on ourselves and on that same day, we will be destroyed.
    9) The Bible says it will happen on 10-10-09.
    10) the Bible says the war will start 2 years (approx) before the great earthquake that will erupt yellowstone and end the war.
    11) The Sumerians, Mayans, Mexicans, Egyptians, and more tell us about an object that will return and destroy the Earth. They say it will be in 2012. others have said 2011. they describe it perfectly.
    12) the govts of earth are hiding something with global chemtrails every day.
    13) something is causing big earthquakes and a lot of them.
    14) something is disrupting our magnetic field (planes dropping, measurements).
    15) the govts has spent trillions on IR telescopes and doomsday vaults and DUMBs. why?
    16) Russia took out our satellite, china took out our sonar array.
    17) Russia has subs near the US, a huge force in Siberia (where they took out our satellite), Chavez gave Medvedev an island with a base to launch his supersonic bombers from, and the Russians have been doing stuff in Cuba too.

    i could go on but youre not going to believe until you see it just like all the other blinded, herded, confused sheeple.

  293. clark Says:

    @Dude, the, “why” of chemtrails … psft.. I can’t even get people to accept the, “what” – that they aren’t contrails. And the few I do convince a bit, they do nothing, nor care to think about the why. That’s the way it’s supposed to be from both the NWO perspective and from God’s perspective. The NWO wants no opposition and God will come like a thief in the night. So either way, few will listen. In both cases some people know, but, so-freaking-what? I read the other day of a definition of a Progressive that applies to people in general as well:
    “Progressive”: a self-congratulatory word used by the lemming at the front of the pack to describe himself, as he and his fellows “progress” toward the edge of the cliff.

    — what’s that up ahead? A cliff?

    @eric, I read that they are using old avian flu shots (in Europe, who knows where else ) so when the swine flu virus meets the avian flu virus that meeting causes the mutations. Pestilence – the Bible doesn’t say who causes it, just that it is, I think.

  294. Dude Says:

    the only thing in that article that is worth reading is this:

    {National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action “in eight weeks”}

    and the date (August 13, 2009) because then you have some govt verification of the date in the three books of the Bible, as well as an extremely accurate description of us and everything about us.

  295. Dude Says:

    clark: i know. i deal with idiots all the time. theyre an epidemic, a planned epidemic. they will learn in 52 days but it will be too late, as usual.

  296. Dude Says:

    Im certainly not the only one who knows what the us/israel are going to do, but I appear to be the only one who knows what the result will be, thanks to God and His book.


  297. ericswan Says:

    more news from


  298. Dude Says:

    kamchatka volcano. yup. one more little sign all pointing to the very same things. 52 days.

  299. Celline Says:

    Just returned from a trip to the desert. There I saw something new ( to me ).
    Crystal clear blue skies, so gorgeous, it brought tears to my eyes.
    We sat out for a while.. enjoying the sights.. and then it happened:
    In the blue skies.. out of nowhere, no planes no anything.. ” POP” there it was, a white small “lump”. It immediately doubled in size.. lenthwise.
    Stayed this way for about a minute, then it slowly vanished..gone.
    We drove on, paying attention now, and noticed that this repeated itself every mile or so. Blue skies… “POP” a white thing.. it doubled in size.. and Akabadabra.. vanished ! Then.. on the way home, the closer we got to the ocean, the whiter the sky got. White sky, with those mysterious white lumps in it…Oh and.. brown haze all over the desert… and really, everywhere.
    OK, now I will read all the new links u gave..

  300. clark Says:

    Someone commented to me, “I just saw a big cloud explode, looks like it’s gonna rain.” And it did. It was ironic to read Celline’s post about the popping clouds.

  301. Celline Says:

    @clark, lol ! It ” exploded” onto the scene…. and ever so gently then vanished.
    Either way, weird, oh so very weird. What on earth is going on?
    What gets me most is, out of 100 peops, maybe 3 even notice !!!
    Na, estimate too high, let’s make this ONE !!!

  302. Celline Says:

    @Dude, thanx, interesting links u gave !
    Isen’t it oh so very weird, “they” did not find Bin Laden yet?
    Who believes this crap anymore ?
    This guy is a friend of… don’t dare say… and he’s in and out of the US at will.
    I think, the next lie I hear, will make me just explode.. how about you?

  303. Dude Says:

    Celline: bin laden is dead. Benazir Bhutto confirmed it before the cia(?) had her killed. Ever compare the different bin laden videos? different people cause the original died. he denied having anything to do with 911 before he died too and he is not on the fbi most wanted list cause they dont have any evidence.

  304. Celline Says:

    @dude, I never heard he’s dead, and who’s Bhutto?
    Of course he had nothing to do w. 9/11, one of those fat “B” lies.
    Ah, now I am going to explode.

  305. clark Says:

    who’s Bhutto? – HAHAHA, not laughing at you Celline, really, well, the exploding part maybe.
    No exploding – we live in a world of lies – lies – lies, like flies, don’t let ’em get to you just swatt ’em away and enjoy your pie until the chemtrails fall from the sky, ruin your pie and … well, I guess maybe you should explode.

    Live as peaceably with your neighbor as you can stand to, wasn’t that how it goes? We’ve about had it though, haven’t we?

    Put fliers under windshield wiper blades is about the best idea I’ve seen so far, there’s not enough pain and suffering yet to go out and protest, get beaten, tasered, and jailed… yet. But if Dude and/or eric are right it won’t get that far and we’ll all (most of us?) will explode via other means first.

  306. Celline Says:

    lol@clark, now to summerize one part of all our discussions: did we come to a conclusion, why the chems are around, and what about the “Elite” and other VIPs breathing them just as much as the peons do?
    Do we know why.. or are we still guessing ?
    For myself I have decided that it is utterly evil and Satan inspired.. but maybe even those who have instigated and are doing it.. they themselves don’t know that?! Who is the ultimate leader in all of this ( we know the groups etc ) but who’s at the top of it all? Do I dare mention names? And how are ” they” convincing all government agencies.. even the cops, that it’s all good? This alone convinces me, it’s not humanly possible to blind so many.. and convince so many, that it’s a good or harmless thing. It’s just not possible. So, I say.. it’s the Devil who’s at the top of all of it. Not so weird a thought when you think, it’s worldwide, and not even on Fox News yet. It’s obviously huge and humanly impossible to control.
    Spinning my thoughts here, there comes to mind: Where is Sky, and what’s up with Founding, have they deserted us?
    Founding, a little word would be much loved and be so encouraging.
    Need to know you are ok !!!

  307. solsburyhill Says:

    I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of the Web Bot Report. According to this report, there are likely to be some major events taking place on November 25/26 through December 5 this year. These events involve war with Iran, but also attacks on Israel and the US. The swine flu outbreak is also mentioned in this context.

    Dude may have a point regarding current events eventually leading to WW3 this year (also supported by the report). However, no support for the 10-10-09 date can be found for such a scenario in the report.

    We are indeed living in interesting(!?) times…

  308. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Well I have been busy of late, but I am caught up on the discussion. A couple of things come to mind:

    1. I *definitely* believe the bulk of the chem spraying is being done with remote controlled aircraft. There is simply too much spraying going on, and now we get reports of very precise patterns and nearly invisible aircraft laying it down. Remote controlled aircraft solves so many problems: no talkative pilots, and no pilots that refuse to spray. I don’t think all of the spraying is being done remotely, but certainly a lot of it is.

    2. As I have written many times before, I appreciate all of you “unconventional” thinkers because it is so very frustrating dealing with the mass of stupefied sheep. I have small victories here and there (I recently had an uncle look up at the chemtrails being layed down and admitted..”Yeah..that is weird!”) but the mass of people will not or cannot even begin to comprehend the evil matrix we are immersed in.

    Today I read an AP propaganda piece in the local paper about how “Vaccine shortages may occur” in the fall. The article even said “there may not be enough of the *precious fluid*” Give me a break! I laughed out loud…literally. They are herding, controlling and manipulating humanity at every level they can; the air, the water, the food, the media, the medicine, the money….on and on it goes.

    3. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. I do know this, I have a tremendous apprehension in my “gut” that something evil this way comes….and soon. Is it my understanding of how the Elite operate? Is it Obama’s plunging poll numbers that mean they may stage a false-flag attack to rally the sheeple around the flag again? Is it some subtle psychic discernment? I haven’t a clue. All I know is, for me, it is palpable. A nauseatingly persistent knot right in the pit of my stomach.

    Friends, I intend to keep blogging as long as I can, but I really don’t know if we have the luxury of time to “win over converts” to reality. At least, not enough to change course. By all means, continue to try (I know I am) but I also suggest that it would be prudent to get your physical house (food/shelter/protection/plan/etc) and your spiritual house in order.

    As Proverbs 22:3 says:

    “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”



  309. marc Says:

    And the “knot” gets a little tighter each day.

    There are independent thinkers here who’ve never heard of WACO, or Oklahoma City or Bhutto! Heck, even basic sarcasm escapes them!

    It doesn’t matter; somehow, with little more than the “chems” to go by they seem to have grasped the bigger picture.

    Again, I and others have brought up the fact that chems are sprayed everywhere, over “elite” heads as well as the populace and this would confirm Dude’s theory of chems used as a form of concealing something coming our way.

    Also, irritating is this endless “fluoride making people dumber” debate. Fluoride in the drinking water quenches the “elite’s” thirst” as well. It makes people “dumber?” Why then does it have no effect on traitors such as Chomsky, Gore et al. Do their kitchen taps have a “no-fluoride” switch? Or do they drink and bathe strictly in purified water or asses’ milk? Maybe.

    Fluoride should have all of us babbling like fools by now. Perhaps we are. Perhaps we’d all of us be Teslas if it weren’t for “fluoride?” Nah. Not likely.
    Fluoride BAD, TV GOOD.

    Chems, fluoride, aspartame, toxic vaccines, and every other real and present danger to humanity are what “someone” wants the so-called awakened to believe they are. Convinced that chems are a form of slow/soft-kill we cease investigating other possibilities. Same with fluoride, same with vaccines…

    In other words, it’s all of it a monumental scam. Otherwise the “elite” too are dying from chems. They too will be rendered babbling idiots from the fluoride — LIKE THE REST OF US. RIGHT?

    Unless, Icke is right and some of us are and some of us aren’t; human, that is. I don’t think so. Then again, anything is possible.

    In any case, FF, I agree wholeheartedly ’tis time for them, who haven’t yet, to get their houses in order.


  310. Ursa Major Says:

    Founding, good to see you are okay. I understand about your apprehension, I feel the same way. I just know something awful will happen soon.

    Yesterday I looked after my ten month old grandson at my daughter’s place (I go there once a week, and he comes to my house the rest of the week). She wasn’t ready to leave for work when I got there, so I went outside to take pictures of the most atrocious chemsky ever. Planes visible, laying down more chems while I was watching.

    The planes weren’t really visible (if they were planes), but the thin stripes they laid down were. Some crosses, too.

    My daughter jokingly said, “You aren’t allowed to take pictures of my sky, we don’t believe in crazy conspiracies around here!”

    The WHOLE sky was striped, and not all in one direction either. I couldn’t think of a more unnatural looking sky, I don’t know if I’ve seen anything like it before.

    So, my two youngest daughters were outside under that sky all morning (‘scouting’ potato fields, meaning that they go through all the rows in potato fields, looking for bugs, noxious weeds and disease on and around the potato plants, as some of them would destroy the whole crop if not caught right away), all the while denying that chemicals were being dumped on them.

    When I took the little guy for his walk, I got so mad, when taking my pictures. I don’t even know if he is going to be allowed to grow up, but his mother is one of the sheeple and refuses to even look up!

    When I took my youngest daughter home (she is still a high school student and works for the other one for the summer), she was exclaiming on the ‘pretty clouds’ (by now the chems had turned into little white fluffy clouds somehow). Those ‘cute’ clouds were way too evenly spaced, when spaced close together you could see the evenly rippled bottoms of them. The edges were not well defined, either, but were too fuzzy. They covered the whole sky at that time, as far as the eye could see in any direction.

    My daughter has terribly puffy, red eyes since yesterday afternoon. She can’t explain how that happened at all. Well, I can, she was out there all morning under those awful chems. But of course, I can’t say that, she would get mad at me.

    And of course, my husband exclaimed when I got back what a glorious day it was. I often feel like exploding, being around those stupid sheeple every day, all day. How can they manage to keep up the pretense? It is beyond me.

    Here is a link to what might happen with the swine flu vaccine. There are six videos in that, which I haven’t watched yet myself, but plan on watching when I get the time.


  311. ericswan Says:

    Celline you hit that nail on the head. We are in a spiritual battle and the rebellious one is working his way through those that have “fallen” for his tricks, deceit, greed, avarice, and their reward on this world but not in the next.

    Solsburyhill; That was a great link to the CFR. I did a word search on their website for “air, earth, fire, and water” and wouldn’t you know, the link that came up was Gore’s 2007 acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace prize. My reasoning for that search is that the fascist corportists that are running the show have divided up the essence of this planet for their greedy minions with earth “owned” by Monsanto, Dow Jones, etc., the air by Boeing, NASA, CBS, Fox, etc., the water by Coca Cola, etc. and fire of course is Exxon, BP etc.

  312. clark Says:

    @Ursa, the other day I too saw those same evenly spaced clouds you described.

    @marc, the “little elites” don’t say anything about chemtrails, perhaps that is why the “elites” at the top don’t say anything either? And, from the way the upper, “elites” don’t seem to ever looked tanned and they seem to spend very little time outside, who is to say they aren’t avoiding the same air we breathe and the water we drink? I have seen lots of websites where people show how to use air filtration to avoid the “pollutions” and things like Morgallons and such in the air, maybe that is what the “elite” do? Only go out on clear days? But, who knows. I do know many upper class snobs drink Only special bottled water. Many also use special reverse osmosis water filtration systems, as do many hotels where the “elite” stay. Maybe a small amount is no big deal? Too many maybe’s. It’s hard to put into words, but I’ve seen many instances where people know something is bad, yet do it anyway, to themselves and others, a sort of, “so-what” attitude sometimes.

    This news caught my eye:

    – No fish can escape mercury pollution. That’s the take-home message from a federal study of mercury contamination released Wednesday that tested fish from nearly 300 streams across the country.

    They blamed the contamination on coal plants, but I suspect chemtrails are the true culprit. If the source of the mercury is in the air and so widespread, it seems like it would be in our above ground food supply as well. The article seems to imply the danger is in the water, “where natural processes convert it into methylmercury — a form that allows the toxin to wind its way up the food chain into fish…where bacteria in surrounding forests and wetlands help in the conversion.”
    It seems those same bacteria and processes would take place above ground, in places other than the, “surrounding forests and wetlands” and/or that same water is applied to crops via irrigation and runoff.

    Ursa says, …My daughter jokingly said, “You aren’t allowed to take pictures of my sky, we don’t believe in crazy conspiracies around here!”

    –what does she believe? A bit spooky when you hear that from almost everyone else too. It’s almost as if those who will not accept chemtrails are under a spell. It’s not so different than the followers of the NWO. I’m creeping myself out with this thought.

    @solsburyhill, I’ve heard of this Web Bot thingy, it’s like a consensus generator slash magic 8-ball. I guess it’s come a long ways since I last read about it.

    FoundingFather1776 says, …As Proverbs 22:3 says:
    “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.”

    For a long time I’ve been searching for a place to move to, a place more like what this country was like only a few short years ago, pre-internet, before the landscape became covered in surveillance cameras and over-regulated with intrusive laws. Perhaps that was naive and we’ve had over-regulation for hundreds of years. Recently I wanted to simply find somewhere where there were no chemtrails, I can’t say that I’ve found any such place. Although I haven’t searched Russia or China and they might be free of chemtrails I’m not sure I’d be welcome there anyway. So where the Proverb says, “hideth” I’m not sure what to make of that. Burry your head in the sand? Crawl into a hole? Or just shut-up and quit being a nail un-hammered and look like I’m one of them brainless, clueless, stuck in denial, cognitive dissonance eyes-to-the-ground sheeple? Is it like I’m in an un-armed crowd and someone is in front of it pointing a gun at the crowd saying, “Now does anyone else have anything to say?”
    — uhhh – no.

  313. Dude Says:

    Celline: We have indeed come to a conclusion of what the chemtrails are for. It is hiding Nibiru. It is for this reason that all the governments are going along. They all know that when the population sees it coming, there will be a total collapse of civilization. I myself have questioned telling people but Im not one to keep secrets. Heres who Benazir Bhutto was but this will be censored. I suggest finding alternate sources for the details of her death: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benazir_Bhutto

    Solsburyhill: I know of the webbot project. It has a prediction very very close to the date of Armageddon given in the Bible. Here is an excerpt from an article:

    {- September 22-27 2008 are seen as precursor dates to a significant event expected to take place on October 7 2008.
    Closely watch events during September 22 through 27 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7 2008. Although the predictions are not specific, the event is expected to be as significant as the events of 9/11.

    – October 7 2008 to February 19 2008 will be filled with emotional intensity
    The Web Bot has never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, the events of 9/11 lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion.}

    FF1776: You are absolutely right about not having enough time. The sad fact is that we have had 8 years since 9-11 to do something and the blinded sheeple failed to step up to their duty. The people of a nation are responsible for their governments actions and we are about to have full responsibility heaped upon us.

    Ursa: You need some bawls I think. My family thinks Im nuts too but I dont take it with a nod, I give em hell back and I present all the evidence and news articles and I put it right in their faces. I show them who the stupid ones are and let it be known that I am not one of them. Doesnt do any good though, they either get mad or just ignore me. Reminds me of Marcs comment “Fluoride should have all of us babbling like fools by now. Perhaps we are.” He is exactly right. The poisons and programming have worked tremendously for the elite. No one I know possesses any analytical ability or even any curiosity to learn anything.
    Your daughter is in high school eh? Make her do a report on the physics of contrails, or at least learn about it. Dont forget who is the parent and who is the child. My situation is exacly reversed from yours. My parents are the idiots. If you want recognition from your family, tell them what will happen on 10-10-09 and when they see it, they will listen to you. Since youre in Canada, this may help you relocate for the passing of Nibiru, as I dont think Canada is going to be exterminated. The Bible says that “for those in the north country, His spirit will be quieted.” (thats another hint as to what country Zion is, the Bible says there are countries to the north and south and it goes from sea to sea) For the Americans here, it also says that they (Canada) will turn against us, cut us off trying to escape and send those of us who remain there to the border. Dont go to Canada for the war.

    Marc: From my years of research, I suspect that David Icke is right about most everything he says.

    As a side note, Alex Jones had Steve Quayle on his show yesterday and Steve was talking about the Russians and trying to explain how grave the situation is with them and China but AJ kind of blew it off. AJ is stupid and he is a liar by omission. Ive been censored on his website again this week for telling what the chemtrails are for. Every time I post about it, almost everywhere, I get banned or threatened. Wonder why?

  314. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi marc,

    You raise an interesting point. I have a lot of problem with Icke’s theory of a reptoid race, yet if it were true, perhaps that explains why the “Elite” remain unconcerned about certain poisons. If they are not human, it might not affect them the same way.

    Here is what I do know through a great deal of research. Fluoride is a poison. It is the main ingredient in rat poison. It vastly increases certain types of cancers. Know what else is a poison? Pure alcohol. Now you can drink moderately every day of your life. Does it diminish brain function and IQ? Evidence indicate it does, but the effect is highly dependent on other factors (amount ingested over time, consumed with or without food, type of alcohol (beer/wine/liquor) etc. But I defy *anyone* to chug a liter of pure-grain alcohol and remain among the living. If your bodie’s self-defense mechanism doesn’t initiate violent vomiting…..you will slip into a coma and die.

    Aspartame is a documented neurotoxin. There are tons of scientific papers available on this. You can see YouTube clips of neurosurgeons like Dr. Russel Blaylock and others stating this unequivocally. Even the FDA admits the number one product they receive complaints about is Aspartame…….yet they refuse to “un-approve” it.

    It is widely reported that the “Elite” bring their own bottled water when they travel. Additionally, I have read multiple articles that Elites only eat beef raised organically on their own land, etc. While having a constant supply of pure water and food available may be a difficult and tedious task for “regular folk” – such would be a minuscule problem for the mega-wealthy Elites. And you can bet that any vaccines or medicines they get do NOT have thimersol and other goodies in them.

    So for me, this only leaves the question of “why aren’t the Elite concerned about chemtrails affecting them too?” I am not sure. Some possibilities:

    1. As mentioned – perhaps they are not human and are not affected by them?
    2. Perhaps they are so nihilistic and immersed in their Luciferian religion they welcome the destruction of everyone and
    everything? Even if that includes themselves.
    3. Perhaps they receive some sort of chelation or other treatments that nullify the poisons ingested from the air?
    4. Perhaps HAARP keeps the air over their estates pure as the driven snow? I have read that HAARP is capable of
    incredible control in terms of “pushing” and “pulling the ionosphere to do what they want.
    5. Perhaps “Old Men” like Rockefeller only look at the potential for control and destruction in chems and are ignorant of
    the health effects?
    6. Perhaps the Elite view chems as merely “hiding something?” (Yet it is hard to imagine they would overlook breathing in
    barium and aluminum salts – among other toxins – as being very bad for a person)
    7. ?????

    and so on.

    I understand you are being a bit-tongue in cheek. We don’t need to debate if the world is round or flat. Certain concepts are well-proven.

    Personally, I *never* close my mind to possibilities. I lived like that a long time and I don’t want to go back there! I will change my theories as the evidence indicates. I never allow myself to think “I understand it all” because I don’t.

    I don’t know what exactly the deal with chemtrails is, I have some theories, and I keep researching them, and the reports from people all around the globe as to what they are seeing are very important evidence, but I still don’t know “what the hell they are spraying on us” and why. I just know from documented reports that barium and aluminum nano-particles ain’t good to breathe (and the other crap they put in as well). More importantly, I know the Elite are fixated on the occult and revel in death and destruction. So when I see them implementing a world-wide program that must cost billions upon billions to implement with hardly a peep from the controlled-media…..well, you don’t have to be Einstein to deduce it is bad for humanity.

    Clark, you correctly point out the problem with biblical scripture…..the many translations and shades of meaning. Language can be like water, powerful, but hard to pin down. Here are multiple translations of that proverb (I used the King James version – and yes I am fully aware King James himself was very evil and had “his” version of the Bible translated because he did not like the people reading the “Geneva Bible” which was then in widespread use):


    Maybe this cross-referenced Proverb is more apt:

    Proverbs 14:16 “A wise man is cautious and turns away from evil, But a fool is arrogant and careless”

    “Hideth” in Proverbs 22:3 could be taken literally as “run away and hide” – but as you mention – what if there *is no place* to hide? I think the Proverbs quote above clearly is addressing a spiritual condition i.e. “turn away from evil” – together it seems that they address the “get your house in order” idea. Obviously it could be your physical house, but perhaps more importantly – your spiritual one.

    I am uncomfortable providing too much Bible commentary, because, unlike some of you, I am really not that well-versed in scripture. Bible studies, to be done as thoroughly and as accurately as I would like, represents a time commitment I can’t make right now. But occasionally I come across a passage like those above that I really think is appropriate.

    I know one thing, the Elite are involved in every kind of dark occult practice you can imagine. For the public, they preach atheism or “alternative” religions. But for Christianity, they hold a seething contempt and antipathy!

    When I realized that fact, I sat up and paid attention. I also started working on learning my Bible better. I may be ignorant of many things….but I am not stupid.

    Best to all,


  315. Dude Says:

    Ayatollah sees global Islamic ‘Mahdi’ army
    Calls for Muslim nations to unite militarily under messianic figure

    { “We have to train honest forces that can stop the obstacles that may hinder the coming of the Mahdi like the United States and Israel,”
    . . .
    Many evangelical Christians believe the Bible predicts a charismatic ruler, the Antichrist, will arise in the last days, before the return of Jesus. The Quran also predicts that a man, called the Mahdi, will rise up to lead the nations, pledging to usher in an era of peace. Richardson makes the case these two men are, in fact, one in the same. }


    The man who wrote that book is absolutely right about this one thing. The antichrist and the mahdi are the same. The story is the same everywhere, in all the religions, all the ancient texts, all the prophecies, all except the evil khazar luciferian religion that rules the world today. That man who is the antichrist, the Bible tells us he is the one who gathers the nations together for the great battle against jerUSAlem and that man is Vladimir Putin. after he destroys the ‘evil americans’ the whole world will love him and his accomplishment will go to his head and he will exalt himself above God. He will set up the ‘mark of the beast’ monetary system and Russia announced back in 07 or 08 that they were setting up a world financial capital in Moscow. Hmmmmm. . . .

  316. Dude Says:

    FF1776: The best way to read the Bible is to read, read, and read. Do not pay any particular attention to the names but to the story. Look at the similarities in the war story (fire that melts mountains, famine where parents eat their children, from the North, etc.) so you can tell that the different books are talking about the same war. Then pay attention to the descriptions of the countries involved. Start with Ezekial, Amos, and then read all the books from Isaiah to the end of the OT except Jonah. They are all about this war. Psalms is mostly all about this war. the Middle of Obadiah is talking about Canada (tribe of Dan, land of Beersheeba). As you read, keep current events in the back of your mind. When you do all that, you will have the understanding that I have put into my document.

  317. ericswan Says:

    Dude: Think 911. It was the Reichstag fire. It closed down several investigations. Thousands of pounds of gold disappeared. It got rid of an asbestoes problem. It got rid of some people. Now look at chemtrails. It’s multi-faceted. It may be the part 2 to the vaccines. It may be making billions of dollars for the M-I-C. It may have weather implications. It may be covering up things including Niburu. It may be a conduit for HAARP-i_CANES or various other military applications.

    As for the elite and their drinking water, the air they breathe, the food they eat, etc. This is why Obama is related to Cheney. They are the elite because they were born elite with all that it entails. The attack against us is one of pro-creation. You can be sure that they are not exposed to contaminated vaccines or the second shoe falling from chemtrails. They have underground bases worldwide that will support 30 million. Guess what? You and me are the remnant that H.G. Wells talked about. The Eloi versus the Morlocks.


  318. Dude Says:

    eric: i know all that already. that book with the morlocks, that was a movie too I think and one of my favorites when I was little. maybe I read it, idk.
    I seriously do not believe that just plain RF energy can do the things that people attribute to HAARP. I think it is used to simply spread out the chems. There is plenty of evidence that the govt is using or trying to use weather modification technology but it will have to be more involved than just RF (radio frequency) energy from HAARP. The only things RF can do are heat things that are the right size to resonate with the transmitted frequency (microwave) or affect ferrous metals in the air. this would explain very well the rippled clouds that have parallel lines that are spaced evenly across that I see all the time. Aluminum is not ferrous but i suspect that the electric field part of the RF energy can help disperse that as well. RF is comprised of interchanging electric and magnetic fields with a 90 deg phase angle between them.

    Clark: I like your flyer idea. I wish I could afford to print my document and put it everywhere. We used to use flyers a lot when I was working with NORML.

  319. Ursa Major Says:

    Okay, I took a ton of pictures today when going for my walk. As usual, I also took some pictures of the sun, by pointing my camera in the general direction of the sun without looking at the sun (Eric, I hope you have stopped looking directly into the sun!).

    I just looked carefully at the pictures. Lots of strange stuff. I have seen weird shapes in my pictures many times, but dismissed them, thinking I am nuts and my camera must somehow be doing this.

    But they are NOT always in the same spot, or look exactly the same. They are not fingerprints on my lens, and my camera is not producing them.

    Anyway, when looking at two pictures of the sun (not taken successively), I saw the same weird shape with the green polka dots I’ve seen before, with a strange brown shape beside them.

    I’ve compared the pictures, even printed them out to compare them. They are not in the same spots in my pictures, ruling out something on the lens. They are also not in the same spot as the previous picture I had you guys look at, taken a while ago.

    Anyway, here is the link, please tell me what you think. The first pic is the one I took July 17th, the next three today (Aug. 20th). As usual, click on the thumbnail, and then click on the picture, and click again to zoom in a little.

    Gotta go, grandson woke up. http://cid-f399739f694ae2de.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Strange%20stuff

  320. Dude Says:

    Ursa: The green thing with the dots looks like a sundog or multiple ones. The reddish spot in the second two pics…idk what that is. The plane looks weird. Maybe the lights are two very reflective surfaces. idk. When you see Nibiru, you’ll know it though.

  321. clark Says:

    The Eloi versus the Morlocks.

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.” – Dante Alighieri

    As far as substances affecting some and not others, maybe there has to be a receptor in people’s brains, some have it, some don’t, as is the case with other substances.

    Dude says, …No one I know possesses any analytical ability or even any curiosity to learn anything.

    –Here too.

    HAARP-i_CANES – very fitting wording. HAARP-i_nadoes too?

    Dude says, …I seriously do not believe that just plain RF energy can do the things that people attribute to HAARP.

    –Perhaps, “they” have developed an additional way to “reach out” using HAARP and can manipulate things in other ways? A kind of virtual hand?

    @Ursa, you do have some unusual images, especially that octagon shaped one with the lines inside it. I wonder if a different camera or the use of some type of filter would change the results?

    I like this parallel commentary of the Proverb:
    “The judgment of God threatened, and approaching. Hideth – Retires to his strong tower, by prayer and repentance, puts himself under the protection of the almighty. Pass on – Carefully and securely.”

    Thus this translation makes sense:
    “The prudent hath seen the evil, and is hidden, And the simple have passed on, and are punished.”

    “…God will be the Friend of a man in whose spirit there is no guile;”

    Today is a windy day, no chemtrails or jets, the air feels refreshing, almost as if I’m no longer in a microwave oven.

    Sundog – “…at the same distance above the horizon as the sun… they always stay at the same altitude as the sun… the colors overlap considerably and so are muted, never pure or saturated.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog

    I zoomed in on this sundog, and it doesn’t look like what she has, but, who knows.

  322. Celline Says:

    @dude, I hear you, and I have something important to add.
    To read the bible for info… as you would scout out another book for other info.. just will not work. Just N O T. Because the Word of God will be open for those who are led by the HolySpirit of God.
    Yes.. you gleen some facts w.out the HS, yes, of course.
    but the real meaning WILL escape you.
    I have told u many times, and I believe that u are either: ignoring me, or u do not understand what I am saying?! The Bible is the Word of God to his people.. not just a book w. prophecies.
    The bible has a deeper purpose than this. The Bible wants you to KNOW your Creator, GOD. You know many of the Word in your head.. but do you know GOD ? That’s where the fly is in the ointment.
    If you want to fly free.. and really really understand.. you need to belong and know: JESUS.
    This I said out of Love and Concern.

  323. ericswan Says:

    I hope I’m not as locked into my pov as others appear to me. I still think I don’t know everything but I’m learning.

  324. clark Says:

    Do I appear locked? I don’t feel locked. You don’t look locked to me eric.

  325. Celline Says:

    “afterlunchreport” Complete whiteout/ lumps in it.
    And then some large, long and fat unadulterated real chems.
    My gardner is outside working, just chatted w. him.. called his attention to this ” typical SouthernCal August sky !!!” Yuck !
    He said:” I know am outside all day, have noticed it for a long time, it’s just not “our” sky anymore. Then I explained whatever I know, to him.
    He got it.. Thus: I am claiming another convert or 5 ( yes 5, he does not work alone ).
    Founding, thank you so much for letting us know you have not deserted us, yet are with us all the way. God bless you for your work.. and in specific.. this blog ;o)

  326. Dude Says:

    Clark: my bad. sundog isnt what i was referring to. i was talking about a spot the size of the sun somewhere else in the picture. it moves with the camera’s movement and occurs when taking a pic through glass but the lens will also produce the same result. again, idk, just taking a guess.

    Celline: I know about God. I learned everything you did when I went to church. I learned much much more though (from reading it myself and THINKING), and knowing that the book is written to us right here and right now and understanding the things being talked about has brought me much closer to God I think but Im currently experiencing a numbness to it all but believe me, i know whats up with that book….at least the parts God has allowed me to understand. this computer is starting to give me a big guilt complex because of it too. i dont know it all though and one thing that bothers me is the 666 thing. revelation says that is the number of a man who is the antichrist. I know from the other books that the king of the north, who gathers the nations is the antichrist, and i know who that is (vladimir putin) because i watched him go around to all the nations gathering them. cant fit the number there but it mightl come to me one of these days.

    eric: im only locked into my pov on the things i have plenty of evidence for. this coming war and the details have ample evidence but no one wants to look at it. they want to avoid it and not deal with it. they wont have it any other way. seems to me that two years of serious military preparation and threats from Russia, the story in the Bible perfectly matching politics, the time given there and by our own govt, the evidence of an astronomical catastrophe coming, the ancient writings about this catastrophe, and much more, it seems to me to be pretty clear. Im still not understanding why no one else will believe what is right in front of their faces (the ones I show, includes yall). idk, ive always known i was wired different all my life. i got thrown out of 2 4-credit college courses for telling the teacher to “prove it”. he was wrong. he gave me Fs and kicked me out. I went to the dean, had the grades changed to W’s and then passed the classes by examination. when he threw me out, i was the only one who had completed the project and mine had a bunch of ‘bells and whistles’ to go along with it. kinda reminds me of this war situation. i know already, my document is my ‘bells and whistles’, and everybody else is struggling to get their project working. actually, it might all be for a purpose because the Bible does say that God will pour out His spirit so that they will believe a lie. then again, i might just be full of crap. never know. aint life a bitch?

  327. clark Says:

    I though these two guys were relevent to what we’re discussing, although all the rest are too. From the List of Dead Scientists:

    John Mullen, age 67. Died: June 29, 2004. A Nuclear physicist poisoned with a huge dose of arsenic. A nuclear research scientist with McDonnell Douglas. Police investigating will not say how Mullen was exposed to the arsenic or where it came from. At the time of his death he was doing contract work for Boeing.

    Dr. Eugene Mallove, age 56. Died: May 14, 2004. Autopsy confirmed Mallove died as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found at the end of his driveway. Alt. Energy Expert who was working on viable energy alternative program and announcement. Norwich Free Academy graduate.Beaten to death during an alleged robbery. Mallove was well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion. He had just published an “open letter” outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of “new energy research.” Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.

    –from: http://www.stevequayle.com/dead_scientists/UpdatedDeadScientists2.html

  328. Dude Says:

    Haha, i just sent Steve Quayle my doc. There have been many dead microbiologists too and a lot of air force personnel associated with that steve-fosset-stolen-nuke incident back in 07.

    Some of you Canada people should print this blog out. it may be worth a ton of electronic-russia-mark-of-the-beast money in the future 😉

  329. Celline Says:

    Looked up each and every link u nice peops put out there.. since I am last in the chain of the timezones ( 3 hours behind everyone of you I guess ) I get the whole load at one time, and it’s actually work, to go thru everything. Found this Burgermeister report simply fascinating.
    Uschi, I agree, you got to get ” meaner” w. your Loved ones. They take plenty advantage of you and the least they can do, is RESPECT what you have to say, and not make fun. If they do the latter.. then I would say:” Know what? If I am that crazy and out of it… then I no longer trust myself to babysit.. it should be done by a “normal” person.. who will charge u a fortune.. so that you can be confident.. the babies are in good hands..” something like that. I think that would work, because it will hit them where it hurts the most:” The Pocketbook” !
    Something has to be done about my family also, since I have the very same problem. For some strange reason, my 2 grandsons know everything I know.. and they believe me. They too are unable to convince their parents. I will nail one of my son’s feet to the ground, so that he will be a captive audience… cause all he will be able to do is.. run in circles.. since only one foot will be able to move.
    Uschi.. there.. another good idea? Got to keep my jokes in check.. but then, we need some laughs, a jolly heart does a man good ;o) Something like this..

  330. Celline Says:

    @eric, what do u mean with: Locked and pov? Need to splain to less IQ laden peops like myself ! Thank you.
    @dude, you just get (((( hugs )))) right now !

  331. Dude Says:

    awww shux. (blushes). went from an occultist to gettin hugs in just two months i think. not bad, now if i could just work like that in person, id have it made! nah…mouth too big.

  332. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline..your relatives can’t see the forest for the trees because they are not enpowered with the Holy Spirit. You should work on their belief systems and start with the “Honour your mother and your father”..

    POV is point of view.. Locked in my pov means unswerving stubborn and to a certain extent, wearing blinders to the truth.

  333. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I know many of you like camping out here in the chemtrail blog, and that is fine. But I just wanted to give you a heads up. I have a new post entitled “Why I Don’t Own Stocks or Bonds” on the main blog page. If nothing else, watch the embedded interviews with Max Keiser. Now *there* is a guy who should be President!!

    The main page is simply: http://www.foundingfather1776.com

    Feel free to post any comments regarding that post in its comment section.

    Best to all,


  334. Celline Says:

    @eric, thank you, and yes.. true.
    I just wrote a letter to Uschi telling her what just happened to me, am reluctant to share it here.. because it’s so huge.. that umm.. have no words other than: It was the HolySpirit, o yes, no one else would have been able to accomplish what just happened.
    All I will say is.. the skies in my area are chemFREE.. Clear blue only,
    Believe it or not.. but, I do not lie !
    @dude you deserve the hugs, so here are some more (((( dude 😉

  335. marc Says:

    Thanks for responding to my comment, Founding, and yeh, I’ve been checking out all the plentiful and profound info here.

  336. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for reading! The fluoride issue kind of blew me away when I started researching it. If you look under “fluoride” in the categories section you will find a two-part article I did a while back called “A Drink to Die For.” The entire article is heavily documented and cross-linked.

    I have found the quickest way to get people’s attention on fluoride is to ask them to look at the back of their tube of toothpaste and find the little box where it says if you swallow more than a “pea-sized amount” to contact the posion control center!

    Also, does anyone remember the Stanley Kubrick movie “Dr. Strangelove” ? Kubrick was reportedly an Illuminati insider (see my post called “The Genius of Stanley Kubrick”). In particular, does anyone recall the scene where Peter Sellers as a British officer is holed up with the “crazy” American officer that is trying to start WWIII? In the scene, the “crazy” American officer “General Ripper” has this dialogue with Capt. Mandrake (Peter Sellers):

    General Jack D. Ripper: Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk… ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children’s ice cream.
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Lord, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper: You know when fluoridation first began?
    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: I… no, no. I don’t, Jack.
    General Jack D. Ripper: Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

    Is that evil genius or what? Kubrick reveals a key Illuminati plan accurately and openly in a movie, but he does it from the mouth of a “crazy” character. It is like one of those mirror within a mirror wall hangings.

    The net effect? The Illuminati have a good laugh at how dumb the sheeple are…and forever after, anyone that questions the safety or purpose of water fluoridation is automatically considered a “kook.”

    Complex, multi-faceted, diabolically clever evil genius.

    There are many, many such examples. One has but to look.

    Kindest Regards,

    Water Fluoridation was indeed introduced to America in 1946. Interestingly enough….this is the similar time frame when America was importing legions of Nazi scientists under “Operation Paperclip”……gee, I wonder where the Americans got the idea to fluoridate water supplies??

    Sounds crazy? Hah! Read the article I did on the founder of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labratory called “Rosemary’s Baby” – that one will blow your mind.

    You have chosen to take the Red Pill my friend. There is no going back.

  337. ericswan Says:

    I watched the film a couple of weeks ago and was stunned to hear that dialogue quoted above. How did I miss that?

    We had flouride banned from our water supply a few years ago. It was spearheaded by a lawsuit against the city, province and federal government and I was one of two people in court to hear the proceedings. This case didn’t stop flouride but it did raise public awareness where it was voted out of the water on the second try in 25 years. The guy who brought the lawsuit was homeless.

  338. foundingfather1776 Says:

    That is good news Eric! I wish everyone would get involved with local level politics the way you did. That is where we really have a chance to turn things around.

    Thankfully, I am on a well that produces pure clean water. I used to work in a city that fluoridated. People thought it was ridiculous the way I lugged my big jug of well water in to work every day to make my coffee and to drink. I didn’t care.

    I might have good water, but I still try and make others aware that they need to look into this issue. The Elite attack us on multiple fronts, so we need to take counter-measures on multiple fronts. I tell people that Germany has banned fluoridated water because such a practice would violate their laws against “forced medication.” Understandably, the Germans are sensitive on this issue.

    Over 60% of American municipal water supplies are flouridated. The dumb Americans just laugh and flip through their 500 cable channels, popping prozac (chemically related to fluoride by the way) and continue to think they are the smartest, wealthiest, and most “free” people on the planet. Yikes!……how far we have fallen.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe
    they are free.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  339. Ursa Major Says:

    By following one of the links from this site (on 911), I found this German chemtrail video. It is only visual, with a soundtrack of an English song, so no German skills needed.


    For the ones speaking German, here is the site this video originally came from. I just went there, and will have a look at what they’ve got. It looks good.


  340. Celline Says:

    @Founding, I read all of it, and except for a few names, I already knew all of what I read… and have known it since about 1975.
    I called many people’s attention to it, but instead was called : a conspiracy-nut. So far, so normal.
    Consequently, the money we made came from real estate.
    Surely this opportunity will vanish shortly, because we just can’t have this, in our New World. The smooth lying is whwat gets me most.. no, one thing is even more surprizing: The stupid vulnerabilties of the sheeple. I think, Donald Trump did it right. He knows all of it and acted accordingly, smart cookie. I always thought, to do whatever he does.. would be smart !
    He now is operating in Scotland.. interesting.. eh ? His funny hair is a planned distraction I think.. underneath is the shroodest ( sp ?) guy I know.
    What to do about it all? Take the money from them.. educate yourself, never again elect someone who sounds so good….( especially if he’s charming ), get rich via real estate, then hightail the heck out of here, and live in Portugal… well there’s a few other places.
    Nough said… just wanted you to know, I knew almost the day I came to the US, and was too in love and dumb, to do anything about it.
    Now.. I just could scream, but, too late 4 me.

  341. Celline Says:

    By the way.. did you know, that BaBa WaWa, Diane Sawyer..
    Cronkite*, and the big Media wigs.. are CFR ?

  342. Celline Says:

    Dang, the cup of coffee had not hit my brain yet.. when I tried to spell Shrewd…. arghhhh, sorry.

  343. clark Says:

    Some say that succession from the Union is the only solution for those in the U.S. and for some in Canada too.

    Perhaps after they implement Obama’s Health Care Death Panel and people realize the government gets to decide who lives and who dies in a sort of, “Logan’s Run” kind of way and people start being treated like the Native American Indians, Then people may start to take action and become involved. But, if as you say, the fluoridation is as bad as it seems, the people the world over will easily and happily be lead wherever their masters take them, even if it’s over a cliff.

    Next up is government cameras in our houses, for safety of children and to monitor food and medicinal choices? First it will be only the, “undesirables” and then it will expand until it includes everyone, as it has begun in the wimpish UK. Or do you think they’ll do so in one fell swoop when they implement that Codex Ailamentus deal while deaths from the manufactured swine flu and the corrupted vaccines pile up and the Dollar crashes from the run from U.S. bonds, causing a very long bank holiday? All that’s missing is the false flag attack many are expecting,… or some other calamity. This whole thing is starting to seem too much like a bad movie.

    “…forever after, anyone that questions the safety or purpose of …[Anything The Government Does] is automatically considered a “kook.”

    Complex, multi-faceted, diabolically clever evil genius…”

    — Indeed. It seems we did lose The Cold War.

    Manipulation of the people and the culture via the scripts of movies and TV shows is more powerful than fluoridation or any other substance, especially when combined with the dumbing down, propaganda and pre-conditioning from the public school systems. It’s hard to see how we escaped and are not easily led astray as well.

    Maybe there is more than a casual relationship between being able to become aware, and fluoridation in water. I was raised on well water, as a result, I’ve always been picky about what the water I drink tastes like, and my stupidest moments came during the years I drank heavily from the city school water fountains and certain workplaces. Perhaps all that distilled drinking water and other well water I drank during and later on was more than just good tasting, it lowered my intake of flouride? Ursa and Celline are both from Europe and escaped much of the effects from fluoridation, did they also drink well water or bottled water? Is there anyone on this board who drank heavily from city fluoridated water for a long period? Perhaps the age at which you drink it matters too?

    Sorry about the length, I always intend to post short comments, but they always seem to get me to thinking and…

    Through the storm clouds I can see blue sky, that causes such a nice feeling – when it’s not a solid white background.

  344. Celline Says:

    @clark: We had wellwater in Germany.. I started to drink the american poisened kind, at the age of about 30.
    Just little enough to have kept my spunk.. and freedom of mind ;o)
    But, my kids.. they of course grew up w. the poison.
    I have had numerous real fights w. my dentist over it.. to the point, where I almost drew blood ( on him ). He was redfaced, and in other words.. said:” So you know more than I do?” Upon which I confidently replied:” Yes Sir” ! He got more red.
    But.. at the time my kids were small, I did not know yet.. guity guilty, so guilty ;o(

  345. Celline Says:

    50/50 hindsight is very very painful, but can’t go back to change it all.
    The fights w. my dentist continue.. and if he would not make so much money on me.. he’d throw me out !

  346. Celline Says:

    our sky today is ominously dark today, as if it would rain shortly.
    Yet, when there’s a break in the dark clouds.. the chems peek thru.
    Conclusion: It ain’t gonnu rain, just a tease, it’s going to stay bonedry.

  347. Celline Says:

    Ah all you blessed people. living o so far from any ocean.
    California has just been warned that the next earthquake ( set of intentionally by nuclear devices .. naturally ) will cause a Tsunami, that will not only swallow California, but up and down the coast, everything that has breath.. now that includes the plantlife too.. right ?
    Bingo, I always said: Stay where you are, do NOT, I repeat, do not move to California 😉

  348. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I grew up on non-fluoridated water. I moved to Canada at the age of 25 to an area that has never had fluoridated water, and still doesn’t. Officially, they’ve amalgamated three towns a few years ago, Alliston, Beeton and Tottenham, into ‘New Tecumseth’ and call it a town, which is ludicrous, as it is still three towns with lots of farmland in between.

    Tottenham has fluoridated water, but Alliston, where I live, does not.

    Celline, my dentist was mad at me many times, because I would NEVER allow him to do his stupid fluoride treatment on my kid’s teeth. I told him that I had no intentions of allowing him to poison my kids. We had a heated argument, in which he tried to convince me that it had been PROVEN that fluoride prevented tooth decay, and I told him that there was plenty of evidence that what he told me was entirely false. He didn’t like it at all. But since I am the mother, I prevailed.

    I told him, after doing a treatment without asking me first, that he was NEVER, under any circumstances to do anything to my kids without permission from me, including taking x-rays. Because I don’t believe in routine x-rays. If he could show me that there was good cause for them, I’d agree. If I didn’t think there was a valid reason, I didn’t. He got to where he would ask permission for every little thing. 🙂

    My oldest daughter got married and moved to Ottawa at the age of 19. Somehow I never thought of the fluoridation issue at the time, and it didn’t occur to her, either until she had three kids (she has six now). At which point I did some checking on all the towns my kids lived in at that time, to see if they had fluoridated water.

    Of course, they did in Ottawa. They were poor back then, and we had money, so we gave them a fairly large sum of money to allow them to buy bottled water for a year. After that they were able to afford it themselves. They just installed a reverse osmosis filter for their drinking water this spring.

    At that same time the second-oldest was going to university in Kitchener/Waterloo (Amish and Mennonite country). Her water was fine, I guess those feisty Mennonites would start a (peaceful) revolt if the government would decide to poison their water.

    The daughter going to school in London got a rental water cooler with water being delivered monthly from us, so she wouldn’t drink the fluoridated water. She is married now with a son, and they have a house in the country with a well.

    I WILL NOT allow my kids or grandkids to be poisoned, even if it means cutting back on stuff myself.

    What puzzles me is the fact that my kids will be so conscious about contaminated food and water, all refuse to have their kids vaccinated, they use natural remedies and prefer chiropractic and naturopathic doctors to regular MDs. They won’t buy canned food, but cook from scratch.

    But they absolutely refuse to even consider that I might be right about chemtrails. They have decided that those are regular contrails, and regular, normal clouds, because their dad says so. I raised them to be independent thinkers, what happened? I guess they all have too much of their sheeple dad in them. It aggravates me to no end.

    By the way, yesterday was an atrocious chem day, followed by a violent thunderstorm with tornadoes touching down in many places north of Toronto, causing great damage and killing one boy. Fortunately we are in a valley, and tornadoes appear to go around us, and never touch down here.

    After the storm was over, we had the most spectacular sunset, with the most ominous clouds I have witnessed so far. No surprise there.

    We had ‘asperatus clouds’, that looked seriously like bulges in the very sky itself. Very, very strange, to say the least. They looked like almost clear bubbles, facing downward. Somehow the violent storm must have made the mist that was covering the sky earlier do that.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it turns out that asperatus type clouds always follow in the wake of a violent thunderstorm (which was caused by chems to begin with).

  349. Celline Says:

    @Uschi.. what’s so weird is, that you get all that water.. and we get none.
    We had normal rainclouds today, but I noticed the chems peeking through. Consequently, not a drop, and we need water ( rain ) so desperately. We are literally bonedry, and I see no chance that we could get even one drop out of this system sitting over us. It’s just a big tease.
    To know all this, drives me nuts.
    LOL about the dentist.. I tell you, the whole office was listening to that discussion, and all those girls working there have children. Who knows.. maybe some of them took this to heart.. never know.
    How’s lil’ Bekka ? Still praying ! What’s up with Sky? Sure hope she is ok.

  350. ericswan Says:

    My dentist was the president of the BC dentist association for a time. I told him numerous times that flouride was toxic waste but Tad was adamant that he and his cohorts were doing this for our interests. I think he got over exposed to his own medicine and was forever sniffing behind his facemask. I heard him make a snide remark to his assistant while cleaning my teeth and you know two weeks later my front lower tooth had absessed and I was back in his chair for an extraction. That was the last time I saw him as within months, his leg was amputated and within a few more months, he died of cancer.

    We had won the battle to remove flouride from the drinking water and I think he pushed plaque under my gum. His staff under a new dentist were made aware of my feelings about Dr. Nabata and his pro-flouride statements in the press.

    We had a huge huge lightning storm last night with very little rain which had followed unreal chemtrailing for two days. I like to be outside and see huge storms but this one was different with most of the lightning in sheets and the few exceptions off to the nw that started forest fires. The interesting thing to me was that the lightning illuminated a chemtrailer right in the middle of the storm.

  351. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, they are drowning us here. If we could give half our rainfall to you, we’d all do very well. We’ve had the most violent thunderstorms within the past fifty years or so this summer.

    And those thunderstorms ALWAYS happen after heavy chemtrailing, without fail. I have no idea why nobody else sees it.

    Eric, I do agree that it sounds like your evil dentist purposely gave you that abscess. It is very unusual for a front tooth to abscess, unless there was severe trauma to it at some point. I guess he may have died by his own ‘medicine’.

    Rebekah and her mom are still living in the basement of their house, where the electromagnetic radiation isn’t as bad. Plus, they have installed filters down there.

    Still, she has been having seizures again. The good news is, that since she has been getting large doses of B vitamin complex for her non-functioning cerebellum, her development has exploded. She has gone from still acting much like a newborn at seven months, to making different sounds, grabbing things, sitting securely on her own and rocking on her hands and knees (in readiness for crawling) within three weeks of starting treatment. Which is very encouraging.

    But of course, they may have to move. They are in a townhouse, where there’ll be a lot more wiring in the walls, due to neighbours on both sides of those walls. But houses in Ottawa cost a fortune, hopefully they’ll be able to afford to move. Plus they have the most awesome, helpful neighbours. It is a tough choice.

  352. clark Says:

    After reading what Ursa said about her kids and a lack of fluoride, I’m more inclined to think the lot of us are able to overcome the cognitive dissonance of chemtrails because of our experiences in life. Ursa and Celline dealing with the German machine and its leftovers and adapting to a new culture, Dude and his close minded ridged thinking teachers, FF with his Wall Street eye-opener, and stuff I’ve been through. eric too, I think. Maybe it’s because most of the younger generations of people haven’t had to face much adversity or betrayal or anything like a bad economy, or in the case of Babyboomers, they haven’t accepted any past wrong doings of their government and they’ve accepted certain false hoods such as house prices always go up and have wrapped themselves so tightly with this thinking they will let NOTHING change their perspective. The largest group I have convinced are of the older Vietnam era.

    I still have yet to see night-time chemtrailing.

  353. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I think you have a point. My kids have never been so poor that there was no money for food or new clothing, they’ve never had an occupying force in their country, they weren’t abused as children, either physically or mentally, they have really had it great all their lives.

    I was one of eight children not long after the war, life was very hard. I survived all kinds of abuse and hardships. I learned not to trust anybody, and needed counseling in my forties to learn to trust again.

    They on the other hand are way too trusting, and can’t imagine that our government is evil and means us harm. Admitting that would shatter their perfect world. Admitting that our air is poisoned might also be too scary when looking at their very small children.

    I on the other hand am facing the fact that my grandchildren may not be allowed to grow up. It is a scary thought, but denying reality is even scarier.

    I have seen chemtrails being sprayed at night. Too bad I don’t have a good enough camera to be able to take pictures of it. Also, when I wake up when it barely starts getting light, there are the chemclouds. By the time most people get up, they’re often gone, turned into a haze that by now seems normal.

  354. Celline Says:

    Now the news sais.. we had lightening ( doesen’t that mean there was rain too?) anyway.. now we are having fires from lightening.. yet not a drop of rain.. I have never experiened anything like this !

  355. Celline Says:

    @clark, you are correct, the things that I have seen and survived would not fit into a paperback, it would be a tome.
    My children know all of what I went through.. but they still have no clue. My daughter once even made fun of my ” stories”.. as in : ” That’s all I ever heard when I grew up !” Something like that. It hurt me to the max, she is a cold and not very nice person. But, this is no subject for this blog. I could write a 2. tome about her.
    Uschi, I so feel for your daughter and that baby. But I m happy you see progress. I am making it a real strong habit now, to pray for each and every person who has shared a need, I wish there were more real love in our world, know what I mean? The unconditional kind..
    We need God back in our countries, or we will perish.
    ” If My people, who are called by My name.. will humble themselves and repent and turn from their evil ways…. THEN I will………” you know that scripture. I quote it often to myself, to remember, that this is a promis of God.. ah, people do not know the Word, and if they do, they do not act on it..
    Oooops, did not mean to preach here, I was in a christian chat last night for 4 hours.. it was so awesome, I guess.. I am still there in my mind.
    All of the people in this blog, I feel a certain ” kinship” to, as if we were friends or something, does anyone else feel this way?
    Here I go, being sentimental and emotional, I know that someone will come along and make fun of it. But.. so be it, it’s how I feel, and I always speak my mind.

  356. marc Says:

    Hi Founding!

    Always a pleasure to hear from you!

    Someone here, and lots of other places, said that everything on this planet is interconnected which has me wondering how does one avoid fluoride 100% of the time or barium or GM/antibiotic foods etc.?

    The question was: If the chemtrailed water falls from the heavens enters the “clean” water below, and showers all fruits and vegetables everywhere and the cow eats chemed grass and drinks fluoridated water which in turn we drink the milk, or eat the cheese or the meat etc. …

    We’re being poisoned. Of that there is little doubt. OR PERHAPS WE ARE BEING CHANGED?

    Were we meant to live to ripe old Biblical ages until “someone” decided to stop us doing that? So I brush with bicarb and drink reverse osmosisified water and say I stayed indoors a lot and didn’t eat whatever, would I live longer?

    But what about quality of life? How much enjoyment or self-fulfillment could I hope for if I lived in terror of the materials in the mattress I sleep on or the untold millions of outdoor contaminants my pooch drags in with him every day.

    We live on faith. Faith the guy driving towards us on the other side of the white line will continue to do so…

    I almost died in Mexico from one sip of water. Was it the fluoride? I was violently ill for days and days in Portugal after eating half a serving of calamars fried in contaminated oil. Almost Met my Maker in Old Jerusalem after eating a “meatball” from a “friendly” street vendor.

    Founding Father said it, they are attacking us on many fronts, too many for one individual with a life to live and worries and obligations etc. to fight adequately, but then again danger is a part of life. The smart and the quick learn to predict it, sidetrack it, reduce it and so on. Too many precautions and one ends up living in a state of paralysis.

    Since the red pill seems permanently stuck down my gullet (’cause trust me, I’d go back if I could) I’ve decided to stop worrying and PITY the Satanic crowd, with an eye to their inevitable downfall.

    Clark: The pendulum, as you know, always swings back. In the affairs of men, throughout history, the proud and powerful are ALWAYS undone.

    Whether man-made or natural, seems the time of Great Truth or Great Cleansing is fast approaching and even the drooling retards we deal with every day will report, “I don’t know what it is. ‘Can’t explain. Just something doesn’t feel right. It’s like something’s gonna happen, but I don’t know what.”

    As Founding Father aptly put it, the sense of dread is palpable and all of humanity seems unified in its apprehension.

    Celine: Er, no. If I believed all the people I encountered in this little black box were my “friends” I’d be in a straight jacket. By the way you, does WACO mean anything to you NOW?

    Dude: War, as you say, followed by something big for this planet, big as Beteigeuze, big enough to make all our petty problems scatter like confetti in the wind.

    On another note:

    Are any of you planning to join 911 demonstrations in your area on said date? That’s worth taking a few toxins on board for!


  357. Dude Says:

    i grew up on well water too. i went to a Cindy Sheehan march in my town a couple years ago. Shes awesome. i used to like activist stuff but lately it can be dangerous. seems futile too given the fact that i know it wont do any good. 49 days. . . .

  358. ericswan Says:

    Hey Marc..there is a concerted 911 protest in Washington on Sept. 12, 2009. I agree with Dude (if that really is your name) that protests won’t do it. Networking with your neighbours might. We should have an “intranet” system in all of our neighbourhoods which would work in real time. If someone up your street needs a ride, and you’re going that way, hook up real time. If someone’s fruit tree is busting out all over, share. Neighbours should be able to share compost and where one neighbour is in need of a fertile garden, then all should be able to pitch in with grass clippings etc. and get that neighbour into self-sufficiency. The way to defeat the NWO order to abandon their money, politics and religion if only for 10% of your valuable time. Commit to the people around you for love not money.

  359. Celline Says:

    @marc : what is “Beteigeuze “???
    You misunderstood me.. did not mean it THAT way. And no, don’t know more about Waco still.. splain.
    The sky is chockfull of chems.. and they are telling us.. them’s thunderclouds.. not a drop of water in that chemistry up there..
    Maybe that whole ” rainstorm ” was nothing but chemistry.. I would not doubt it.
    Not one drop of water fell anywhere… They lie lie lie.. and lie some more.

  360. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, if you want to find out about Waco, read through this website. It will shock you.


  361. Ursa Major Says:

    While following links that started in this blog, I found this video. It is only ten minutes long and well worth watching.

    From there I followed the link to this former nurse’s blog, which is amazing and is found here:


    And here is her take on chemtrails:


    I still have to read through most of this and follow the links, but have run out of time for today.

  362. marc Says:

    Celine: “Beteigeuze “ or Betelguese is the name of a
    Red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion.

    You might want to check out USS Liberty, RUBY RIDGE, Oklahoma City bombings, WTC #1 bombing etc. too.
    Pssst…have you heard? Did you know? Oswald may not have been Kennedy’s assassin after all? Wow!

    Eric: You would deem 911 Truth demonstrations “useless.” It fits your MO. It’s your Mr.Rogers’ type advice that’s uselss. You still think in terms of private property, garden backyards etc. No such things under Communist rule, buddy.

    As for manure, EricSwan (if that’s YOUR name, ducky) you’re as full of manure as they come.

    And pssst, I don’t think Dude means “useless” in the same way you do.


  363. Celline Says:

    @marc, thank you.. but I know all and then some about communism.. well umm, get this, I grew up under them, thank you ! ( gets red w. fury )
    But.. about WACO.. indeed I know very little and will read Uschi’s link.
    Thanx Uschi.

  364. ericswan Says:

    Marc;: If a politician gives a speech and there’s no one there to hear it, is he still lying?

    I was part of June 1983 protest of millions in New York City. Not only did it not get reported, it has been dumped in the memory hole. March on young man but my advice was network your neighbours, not don’t march. You seem to be the bright sort. You could click on my website and verify my name, address, pho. number with whois but then you would have to admit that it is you who is anonymous and that would never do ..

  365. Celline Says:

    Read it all, thanx again Usch..
    Did anyone hear from Sky?

  366. ericswan Says:

  367. clark Says:

    “If a politician gives a speech and there’s no one there to hear it, is he still lying?”

    Very well put.

    N the rest of the stuff you said too, Or so it seems.

    Clear f’ing blue sky- all day long, I didn’t see a jet all day. At night I saw two parallel runners, but no chemtrails. Woo-hoo!

  368. Ursa Major Says:

    We’ve had rain, rain, rain again, and it is very cool for August. And when (or if) there is ever any blue visible, it looks suspiciously like chems up above the rainclouds. Same old, same old.

    I am the first one to post today, is there nothing to report today at all, anywhere?

    If any of you believe that David Icke’s stuff on many old civilizations having had the same experience with a god-like figure like Jesus Christ, who did the exact same things, let it be known that he is a liar and a hoax.

    I finally (after a friend sowed doubts in my mind) researched it, and found this site, which answers it all. I verified some of his research, and it is sound. http://www.kingdavid8.com/homepage.html

    Scroll down to “Jesus a Copycat?”, click on that, and then scroll down to where he debunks every single claim David Icke makes on every so-called god figure. Many never existed and are completely made up, while others have very little or nothing at all in common with Jesus.

    So, the answer to doubts creeping in due to false teaching, is to do your own research to find out the truth. I did that, and my doubts vanished. I should have done it earlier.

  369. ericswan Says:

    I far as I know, Icke went through a period when he thought he was Jesus Christ. As for your refutation to Icke, I’ve never heard his claims and wonder if you have a link to that..

    We have helicopters flying water over the house all day. Don’t know what they’re up to but reports of many smallish fires including 60 new ones in the last 24 hours.

    Sky got more bad news yesterday. The first cases of west nile virus were found in her area. Mosquitoes are so thick in the rural areas around Stockholm that tourists are gone and farmers aren’t able to work with as many as 200 bites per hour on unprotected skin. They claim it’s global warming..

  370. ericswan Says:

    If you scroll to the bottom of one of my blogs, you will see the location of all the hits I’m getting.


    If you do the math it’s many millions a year. If you look at the site of these hits, and they don’t show a “city” they are military/psyops. If you feel like posting, do it.

  371. Celline Says:

    I also was fascinated by David Icke for a time, even read one of his books. The problem w. him is, firstly, his huge Ego, and a vivid fantasy life. He has some truth, then he mixes it with heresies.. and things he invents. I have not studied him indepths, and won’t either.. because once I find ONE lie, then I am done, and need to know no more.
    Just lately I discovered it, so I still am sorting things out.
    I have not been out of the house today, because I am in incredible pain..from the waist down, it’s the Sciatic, I think (sp )? Hope to give a more exciting report tomorrow. From what I saw out of my windows, we had blue skies. Now I will look at eric’s link.

  372. Celline Says:

    “Jovial hen or hindering trendies” lol eric.. I did go to your site

    and among other things, did my ” anogram ” got a good laugh.
    There’s so much to read there, but not tonight.
    Will go back there.. awesome site.

  373. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is the quote from David Icke’s book, sent to me by a friend, that got me uneasy, until I did the research (and as I said, should have done it immediately):

    “”The Biggest Secret”
    ISBN 0 9526147 6 6
    Page 91 second edition May 2000

    The New Testament

    OK, a little quiz. Who am I talking about? He was born to a virgin by immaculate conception through the intervention of a holy spirit. This fulfilled an ancient prophecy. When he was born the ruling tyrant wanted to kill him. His parents had to flee to safety. All male children under the age of two were slain by the ruler as he sought to kill the child. Angels and shepherds were at his birth and he was given gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. He was worshipped as the saviour of men and led a moral and humble life. He performed miracles which included healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, casting out devils and raising the dead. He was put to death on the cross between two thieves. He descended to hell and rose from the dead to ascend back to heaven.

    Sounds exactly like Jesus doesn’t it? But it’s not. That is how they described the Eastern saviour god known as Virishna 1,200 years before Jesus is claimed to have been born. If you want a saviour god who died so our sins could be forgiven, take your pick from the ancient world because there are a stream of them, all originating with the Aryan and reptile-Aryan race that came out of the Near East and the Caucasus Mountains. Here are just some of the ‘Son of God’ heroes who play the lead role in stories which mirror those attributed to Jesus and almost all were worshipped long before Jesus was even heard of:

    Krishna of Hindostan; Buddha Sakia of India; Salivahana of Bermuda; Osiris and Horus of Egypt; Odin of Scandinavia; Crite of Chaldea; Zoroaster of Persia; Baal and Taut of Phoenicia; Indra of Tibet; Bali of Afghanistan; Jao of Nepal; Wittoba of Bilingonese; Tammuz of Syria and Babylon; Attis of Phrygia; Xamolxis of Thrace; Zoar of the Bonzes; Adad of Assyria; Deva Tat and Sammonocadam of Siam; Alcides of Thebes; Mikado of the Sintoos; Beddru. of Japan; Hesus or Eros, and Bremrillahm, of the Druids; Thor, son of Odin, of the Gauls; Cadmus of Greece; Hil and Feta of Mandaites; Gentaut and Quetzalcoatl of Mexico; Universal Monarch of the Sibyls; Ischy of Formosa; Divine Teacher of Plato; Holy One of Xaca; Fohiand Tien of China; Adonis, son of virgin Io, of Greece; Ixion and Quirinus of Rome; Prometheus of the Caucasus; and Mohammed or Mahomet, of Arabia.

    All but a few of those ‘sons of God’ or ‘prophets’, and the mind-prison religions founded in their names, come from the very lands occupied or influenced by peoples emerging from the Near East and the Caucasus. The lands of the Aryans and reptile-Aryans. Other ‘sons of God’ included Mithra or Mithras, the pre-Christian RomanPersian god, and in Greece and Asia Minor they had Dionysus and Bacchus…. ”

    And if you go to the above link, every one of those are easily refuted. Some of the names he simply made up.

  374. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that there is not, and has never been, any god named Virishna, not in India or elsewhere. Virishna is one of David Icke’s inventions, probably a composite of Vishnu and Krishna (and neither one of them fits the ‘Christ’ profile, either).

    I need to e-mail Sky, I hope her mother isn’t worse, or something else happened to them again. She sure is having a bad time of it lately.

    Celline, I am sorry to hear that you are doing poorly, will pray for you.

  375. Dude Says:

    So its bash David Icke time eh? I dont know whether all his information is true or not but he does one heck of a job delivering the evidence for thinking what he does. I believe a great deal of what he says because the research is there. I also believe that the “good” religions come from the same place. Islam and Christianity teach the same principles of peace and love and their respective books tell the same stories including the war thats about to destory us but the Quran has almost no details about it compared to OUR Bible. Yall should watch his presentation with the stars on the projection in the background. I guarantee that you will learn some things even if you object to other things. I do know that he had a hard time not telling the real reason for the chemtrails and I expect it was because Alex or someone else told him he couldnt talk about it; but he very noticibly danced a round the subject and I could tell he was not used to doing that.

  376. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, the idea that all the religions of the world come from the same place is ludicrous. And Islam and the Bible don’t tell the same stories. Mohamed took some of the old testament stories and managed to slaughter them, because he didn’t know them well enough to tell them accurately. He also admitted that the ‘angel Gabriel’ who told him what to say was a demon.

    Allah is the moon god, not our God at all. He is not a loving god, only an avenging god. And Mohamed himself was a pedophile, mass murderer, robber and psychopath. In Islam, women are chattel, who rank in worth with dogs and cattle, and can be killed with impunity if they don’t please their masters.

    And David Icke is no better than your beloved Glenn Kimball or Zechariah Sitchin, all are frauds.

  377. Dude Says:

    Ursa: Im not sure I believe any parts of that. Ive read a bit of the Quran and it has the same story of the great judgment day and of peace and love and how to treat people. Whatever you say about Islam, they are not the ones killing millions all over the world, it has been the “christians” and theyre still doing it. None of that matters though anyway. This is Gods country, we are His people and we are about to be judged. 47 days. . . .

  378. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, you are very misguided if you seriously think the muslims are not the ones killing people. More people have been killed in the name of Allah than for any other cause, ever.

    The way the muslims have ‘converted’ Christian lands (Asia Minor which includes Turkey), Morocco and others, is by the sword. The rule was, you either submit and pay heavy taxes (if you were a Christian or Jew, animists didn’t have this choice), leave or be killed. Animists had the choice of ‘convert or be killed’.

    Christians are still second-class citizens in Muslim countries, with very few rights, and no opportunities of rising above poverty.

    The Koran repeats the same stories over and over and over and over. It tells and retells (with bad mistakes) the story of Moses and Noah.

    It tells people that the guaranteed way to heaven is to kill Christians. Or to die a ‘martyr’ as they are killing infidels (Christians or Jews).

    The English translations are whitewashed and can’t be trusted. I am a member of a site that is run by experts on the Koran, who can read it in the original.

    Muslims in western countries murder their daughters for not wearing the headscarf, for dating non-Muslims quite frequently. Those are called ‘honor-killings’, because those girls have dishonored the family, and have to die to restore their honor.

    Mothers have held down their daughters so their fathers could stab them to death (in Toronto). A man has cut off the head of his wife for being too westernized (in the States a few months ago). Last year right here in my small town a Muslim father stabbed his thirteen-year-old eighth grader for not wearing her headscarf, fortunately, she survived and he is in jail.

    Those are NOT isolated incidents, they happen in all western countries, I’ve read stories from Canada, USA, Germany, England, France……… wherever you find large immigrant populations of Muslims.

    So, don’t come me with the worn cliche of ‘peaceful Islam’. It is a lie.

    Which is not to say that there aren’t peaceful, good Muslim people. But the peaceful ones are the ones that aren’t following their own religion. And most of them haven’t got a clue what the Koran says, they only know what their Mullahs tell them. Because the Koran is such a boring book to read, it is quite a chore to actually read it.

    It is NOT great literature. It is so filled with grammar mistakes that translators have to fix them when translating it into other languages, otherwise they anger Muslim leaders who claim that they have mis-translated the Koran. Also, if they translate it exactly the way it is written, it doesn’t make any sense in many places.

    One problem is, that Mohamed was illiterate, and a lot of what he said was pure nonsense.

    If you really are interested I can give you plenty of links to back up my claims.

  379. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, I admire you for taking the time and effort.. to turn Dude from the error of his ways. I admire you for it, because personally.. I would not have bothered… because all you said.. is common knowledge.. and OUT THERE, for anyone to inform himself on ” peaceful Islam”.
    Your very neighbor could be one of them.. or just go to the grocerystore and meet them there. The women look intimidated and scared to death.
    “nough said.
    I just had to make a little trip.. and I can’t believe it myself.. crystal blue skies.. w. not a one chem in it.. no where ! Never seen it like this in years.
    The black budget must have run out of money??? Wouldn’t this be a dream come true. But of course, if they’d need money, they’d just print some, so there must be another reason, eh Dude.. even the South was so clear…. you could see for miles. This is Southern California beauty in it’s purest form.. and tears were streaming down my face.. looking at it.
    I will keep praying !

  380. clark Says:

    A few early morning light chemtrails and either short duration or regular contrails today, surprisingly. Blue sky into evening on a Monday (with slight wisps of sparce isolated mist) I can’t recall the last time this happened after a break in spraying.

    @Ursa, I don’t know about that whole, “Muslims being the biggest killer of people” line. That just does not sound right compared to atomic bomb/Dresden type firebombing/Soviet mass killings. The biggest killer is governmnet, what type of religion it is doesn’t really matter. And I’m sure there are plenty of counters to those horrible Muslim murder stories, just because a murder wasn’t commintted in the name of the religion means little. JMHO.

    From what I’ve read, the thinking isn’t, all religious stories come from one place, it’s that all (or most) religions worship the same creator. That’s what they teach in some schools of thought. Just what I read though.

    I got a headache, must be a headache spray day?

  381. Dude Says:

    yup, yall ladies sure do cling to your programming to be so informed about chemtrails. whenever the sky is “clear” here, there is still the white shit in the sky so that the entire horizon is white. i had some dumb old drunk laughing at me telling him about the chemtrails tonite. that conversation went kinda like the one above.

  382. Celline Says:

    @all of you : The Flu has hit our home…

  383. ericswan Says:

    Celline; my wife is an infection control admin. and those born before 1957 should have some immunity as this type of flue has rolled through in the past. My condolences to you and yours. I suggest you look at Joe Mercola’s website and get on his email list. He’s well informed and my offer advice. Some natural supplements are available from
    http://www.clayandiron ministries.com.

    Dr. Deagle is a good source of information and has a two hour radio program that runs from noon your time.

  384. ericswan Says:

    bad link try again….

  385. solsburyhill Says:

    Massive chemtrail activity here yesterday followed by heavy rain in the night.

    I washed my car the other day and it is always parked outside. This morning it was full of white staints all over from dirty rain.

    I assume you have all had a similar experience from this dirty rain, but has any of you actually had a sample of rain water tested yourself?

  386. clark Says:

    @solsburyhill, There were all kinds of substances here on this blog, and nowhere to send them to. Who would listen, or trust the source? Mine was green and everyone I mentioned it to claimed it was from tree pollen. A person here convinced us putting the samples in plastic ruined the sample. I didn’t have the money to send it to a lab.

    Last night the sky remained clear, this morning was somewhat clear too, odd for a Tuesday. Normally at this time of day, during the week, I’ve got dozens of jets seeming to come from the same point in the east. Today is like yesterday, just a few jets from other directions leaving a different type of chemtrail, at least for this area, they look like these on Ursa’s photo chart.

    http://cid-f399739f694ae2de.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Chemtrails from Feb. 25th to present/IMG|_2192.JPG

    This one especially, imagine a very long single twisting trail like this:

  387. clark Says:

    @solsburyhill, there were a lot of samples here on this blog, but who would listen, or trust the source? Mine was yellow-green, and everyone I mentioned it to said it was from tree pollen. A person came in here telling us our samples were ruined by being placed in plastic bags. I didn’t have the extra money to send it to a lab, but like I said, who would listen anyway? It would have been good to know though, I sort of wished I’d sent mine… somewhere.

    Last night the sky remained clear, this morning was somewhat clear too, odd for a Tuesday. Normally at this time of day, during the week, I’ve got dozens of jets seeming to come from the same point in the east. Today is like yesterday, just a few jets from other directions leaving a different type of chemtrail, at least for this area, they look like these on Ursa’s photo chart:

    [A list of URL’s gets your post sent to the spam bucket?]
    #’s – 1540, 2248, 2192, 3409, 5722, and especially a long single twisty version of #3291.

    A link to Ursa’s photo chart:


  388. Dude Says:

    Celline: i had that flu already. its a lot easier to get rid of than yall ladies’ preprogrammed beliefs and much less dangerous. take a lot of vit c + d and get plenty rest. now you can tell em you already have immunity when they start passing out vaccines.

  389. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, since the swine flu has EXACTLY the same symptoms as the regular garden variety flu, you won’t know if it is the swine flu unless you have your blood tested for it.

    But as Dude said, this flu is no big deal, either, you use the same measures as with any other flu.

    One of my daughter’s friends has had confirmed swine flu, and recovered just fine. In school they told them that when exposed to this swine flu, you invariably get it, too. Lies, of course. In fact, that is what schools are designed to do, not to educate at all, but to brainwash kids.

    My daughter spent a lot of time with this kid, even while he was already ill (not knowing what he had), and she did NOT get it. And neither did any of his family members (mom, dad, two sisters).

    Here the sky is blue with some fairly normal looking clouds for the third day in a row (and yes, Dude, I am quite aware that there is that fine mist somewhere way up there, as the sky isn’t as deep blue as it should be).

  390. clark Says:

    Funny how were all experiencing basically the same sky conditions.

    I’ve noticed a few, “puffer” jets. In the jets flight path, with a regular contrail, there is no chemtrail for awhile, then there is a short burst, followed by a space and regular contrail looking exhaust for awhile, then a long chemtrail. I even saw a thicker short section within a chemtrail, it almost looked like it was moving within the chemtrail, but that was probably just a visual trick,… probably.

  391. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I’ve seen the same thing you have. Meaning, I wasn’t being paranoid after all. I saw a jet putting out a chemtrail a week or so ago, but then it changed to a regular contrail, and I thought I was wrong in thinking it was actually spraying chems. But with you seeing the same thing, I guess I was right after all. They are getting sneakier all the time.

    It was spraying a chemtrail where there were clouds/chems already, but changed to contrail in a blue space above me. Probably changed back to chemtrail when it entered the next cloud. Bastards.

    I have seen chems/clouds move in all different directions, so I don’t doubt that you saw what you think you saw.

  392. clark Says:

    Ursa says, …It was spraying a chemtrail where there were clouds/chems already, but changed to contrail in a blue space above me. Probably changed back to chemtrail when it entered the next cloud. Bastards.

    –Yup, that’s what I saw, and, I agree.

    Plus, I saw a jet with contrails at an altitude higher than a set of chemtrails below it that were produced only minutes before. That sure does put a needle in the bubble of lies that chemtrails are due to the cold air at the higher altitudes. I got a photo but I don’t know how good it is, or if I can get my camera to work with my PC. As if it would matter anyway.

    08/25/09 -12:38 CST
    80 degree temp.
    UV Index: 7 High
    Wind: From SSW at 12 mph
    Humidity: 63%
    Pressure: 30.04 in.
    Dew Point: 67°F
    Visibility: 10.0 miles

  393. Ursa Major Says:

    I just reread what I said. When I said ‘I have seen chems/clouds move in all different directions, so I don’t doubt that you saw what you think you saw.’ I meant that some moved in one direction, and others in a different one, all at the same time, even within the same altitude.

    So, seeing chem move within a chem wouldn’t surprise me, as I have seen the same sort of thing. I even filmed some, but on video it just doesn’t look as convincing and dramatic as looking up at that big sky.

    The clouds here have no completely disappeared, I think they turned to haze. The haze cover is much more pronounced now. The sun is still shining (glaring from the sky), but the sky is only light blue, while at this time in the afternoon it should be a deep blue without clouds.

  394. Ursa Major Says:

    Rats, I wished we had an edit button. The first sentence in the last paragraph above should read, “The clouds have now (not no) completely disappeared”.

  395. Celline Says:

    I so appreciate all the advice y’all gave me. So far.. one of us is sick, and it’s not me. But I am over there to help out, she is very weak.
    So, we all are exposed to the max.
    She had no bloodtest, so we do not know if it is the dreaded H1n1 or whatever they call it, I guess, we don’t want to know.. period.
    2. day. with crystal-blue sky. nada cloud in it, not even one.. it’s just exactly what our sky should look like. I looked for haze, and saw haze.. but it looked like the typical ocean-mist air we often have. It is not brown.. but of course they could fool me. And the mist could be chems.. if they are, I can’t tell. 2 days in a row w. no chemtrails hasen’t happened in years.. it’s.. it’s.. too good to be true looking. But, I enjoy it inspite suspicions.. and I keep praying ! Has anyone heard from SkY? How is her mom, how is she? Anyone ?

  396. clark Says:

    Lots of sporatic spray burst happening now. Couple of solid lengthy parallel lines above a thinly clouded area with another crossing it and then I watched another come from the opposite direction in the same flight path leaving a long chemtrail halfway across the sky and then it stopped for a few brief seconds then resumed. They do seem to be concentrating on specific areas. It’s not your average chemtrail day.

  397. ericswan Says:

    South Central British Columbia still burning but not threatening private property. Some fire must be close by but very gusty winds blowing in the same direction that the water bucket helicopters are flying and east of my place. All the chemtrails were laid down east of me and drifted in with that wispy plastic floating cloud that bunches up then breaks up with the next huge wind we are having. Back to blue skies for the time being.

    Haven’t heard from Sky at all but her area south of me is not experiencing forest fires so it must be something else. Hope she and hers are all right.

  398. Ursa Major Says:

    I sent Sky an e-mail last night, but haven’t had a reply. I hope her mom isn’t worse.

    Well, it was too good to last (even with the stupid mist). Tonight atrocious chemtrails. First those huge ones, that put out those long, curly lines sideways on both sides. Then more chems being laid on top of those. The whole sky was covered in that crap by the time sunset came around. Interesting sunset, but not spectacular like the one last Wednesday after the thunderstorm/tornadoes.

    Hubby and daughter going away for the weekend, yay! Hubby on canoe trip, daughter to visit elsewhere. I can do what I want, without anybody bugging me. Too bad I won’t have the good camera, my husband is taking it, that is my only regret. I need to buy myself a new, better camera!

  399. Ursa Major Says:

    I just saw an article that shows that in Hong Kong less than half of health care workers (doctors and nurses) are going to voluntarily get the swine flu vaccination this fall.

    One paragraph states:
    “It is unlikely any rare side effects will pop up until the vaccine is given to millions. That might include things like Guillain-Barre syndrome, a temporary paralyzing disorder, which was seen after the 1976 swine flu vaccination campaign, and happens fewer than once every 1 million vaccinations. ”

    Which is a lie, as usually people with Guillain-Barre syndrome will never recover fully from the paralysis. And many more people got it from the 1976 swine flu vaccinations than just one in a million, plus quite a few people died from that vaccine.

    Here is the link to the article:

  400. ericswan Says:

    When he comes back, ask him where he thinks those aircraft were going..hehehe

    You need to get some perspective in your shots. Eagles are awesome but tree tops, smoke stacks, Mickey D’s just anything to identify the shot. I have pics with the helicopter pulling a bucket and chemtrails in the background. Will post to one of my blogs and send directions presently.

  401. Celline Says:

    Uschi, what a great time you are going to have. Just maybe hubby will see something that makes him think, while he’s paddling upstream ;o) You might pray to the Lord to open his eyes, exactly what I would be doing !!!
    How’s little Rebekah, am always thinking about her.
    Nothing new here, so far, Kim is the only one sick, we all are spoiling her.. all this good stuff. Praying , the rest of us remain untouched by this bug. No chems here yet, not one speck that I can see. Almost eerie.
    Like holding your breath waiting for the thunder after the lightning.
    The love I have for Southern Cal, I can not describe, never have cold feet cause I have to walk on snow or ice. As a kid, I froze my feet and we had no shoes to wear.. I have the scars to show. So, my love for S Cal, is easy to understand. But all this is besides the point. I just heard on the news that Government ” MUST” be insured Healthinsurance, might be unconstitutional. But,” They” have conveniently overlooked the constitution so many times, that I am not holding my breath, that they can/will do it again.
    ciao.. til I have some news, not just be chatting away.

  402. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, who are you talking to when saying “Eagles are awesome but tree tops, smoke stacks, Mickey D’s just anything to identify the shot.”? I always try to have something in my shots to give them perspective. But sometimes that isn’t possible.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

  403. ericswan Says:

    Click on the title to bring you back to the blog.


  404. clark Says:

    Wow, spectacular photo eric. So that’s what it looks like from the air. Now, multiply those times fifty or so and you have an image of the sky over the Midwest many days.

  405. clark Says:

    Oops, I did a Celline, wrong blog. Heh. Too early for me to be posting I guess. Here is the photo I was talking about:


  406. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, nice shot of the helicopter! Wow, Clark, so that is what they are, Morning Glory Clouds! Good to know (sarcasm).

    Well, hubby is off until Sunday evening, daughter is leaving tomorrow early afternoon until Monday.

    It rained over night (of course), clouds earlier but clearing now.

  407. Celline Says:

    100 even near the Pacific today, it is so hot, you don’t want to breathe.
    Blue and completely clear sky once again, am not sure if there is a touch of dirty looking haze in the distance.
    The bad news is, on my way out of my home, in my frontyard, I found a dead sparrow !!! It broke my heart, can’t explain how hard this hit me.
    He was not there yesterday, I would have seen him.
    Often we find young ones who fall out of the nest, and fall victim to cats and dogs.. but this one was an adult bird, who had no business being dead ;o( 2 people ill now in our homes, still not me. But this makes not any happier…

  408. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, one dead sparrow is no big deal (even though finding a dead bird is always sad). They have to die when old like any other species. He may have died of old age.

    I hope you won’t get sick, too.

    After some extremely weird looking chemtrails earlier, our sky is a deep blue. I am not sure there is any haze, the moon is high up in that blue sky and is clearly visible.

    Clark, I did some research on ‘roll clouds’ and found that there are real, legitimate roll clouds. But they do NOT come in columns of three, but there is always only one. And they look a lot fatter and smoother than the ones in the picture you linked to. I do believe those are chemtrails, not roll clouds (or Morning Glory Clouds, another name for roll clouds).

  409. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude..they’re playing your song…


  410. clark Says:

    rain and solid white skies last two days with more expected… no blue sky here.

  411. Ursa Major Says:

    The daylight ended with a big, fat cross and other chems in the sky. Totally unexpected when looking outside at sunset time!

  412. Celline Says:

    wow Uschi, a cross??? Scary so scary.. I have no words.
    We continued to have deep blue skies for the 3rd day.. blazing heat ( 100 ) my thermometer gave up, it only goes to “50” and there it sat. It’s suppose to get hotter tomorrow, that’s when I suppose that thing will explode. The heat is so bad.. because we have so much moisture in the air because from the Pacific. One hugely bad thing: as expected with this kind of heat.. and no previous rains.. we are burning, i do not know how many fires…. but it’s burning East of me something fierce.
    Personally we are in no danger at this point.
    2 people down w. that flu…

  413. Celline Says:

    On my “priority” prayerlist, in case you care to know:
    For this country to turn from their evil ways, repent and ask God to heal our land. Come against the chems.. in Jesus name. Bekah,
    Health in my family. For all of you to be safe and have peace.
    For Sky to be ok, and her mom to get well.


  414. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I meant a huge X (that is a cross, isn’t it?), glowing red with the sunset. Ugh.

    Rebekah is doing amazing physically, suddenly rocking on hands and knees, grabbing stuff and sitting unassisted. But there is no speech development at all. I hope she can hear, her mom will investigate.

    One thing she is VERY sensitive to are fluorescent lights. Those new twirly lightbulbs are a menace, they give off UVA radiation as well as high amounts of dirty electricity. Another conspiracy to make people sick, to ban the regular lightbulbs by 2012 (yes, here too, as well as Europe).

    My daughter refuses to have them in her house, for obvious reasons. And I just replaced the last one I had by a normal one today, I won’t have those atrocious things in my lamps/lights any more.

    Many people get migraines, seizures, fibromyalgia and other ailments from those light bulbs! And I bet I am one of them. I hear those sensitivities run in families.

    My advice for everybody: Stock up on regular light bulbs while you can. And if you run out after 2012, use LED light bulbs (if the world is still normal enough at that time to even worry about it).

    I heard that you can get fluorescent light bulbs that are surrounded by a glass globe, making them look like normal light bulbs, and that those are okay, as the glass filters the radiation.

  415. Nightmareskies Says:

    Hello everyone, I’ve come limping back.

    Thanks for your concern over my absence, people. I’ve kept up with reading your posts but had zero energy for posting any of my own.

    I’m Okish for the moment, but the very heavy chemtrail campaign here over the last 2 weeks literally knocked the living hell out of me. Even my hubby, who has a much stronger immune system, felt the negative effects. So did a lot of my friends.

    I need a laugh. Has everyone listened to the swine flu song- from a pig’s perspective :

  416. Sky Says:

    Oops, I forgot to abbreviate to Sky.

    Check out this fantastic footage from Italy, complete with orb !

    And from Ireland, outstanding shots of the unmarked chemtrail tankers.

  417. Sky Says:

    @ Dude- Madmod’s youtube channel ( the Italian footage in my previous post) has major videos with UFOs, orbs etc.

    You’ll probably want to take a look see.

  418. Sky Says:

    That footage out of Ireland also shows a chemtrail campaign underway where the planes are spraying BOTH persistent and non-persistent chemtrails at the same time.

  419. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan- I wasn’t aware of how the forestry poisoned the water supply in Lilooet until you pointed it out. Thanks for that. I rarely pay attention to the MSM and I watch zero TV .

    That freaky and frightening lightning storm last week was bizarre. The storm came out of nowhere. It produced enormous amounts of dry lightning for the most part, but there was also intermittent rain that came pouring down for a few minutes at a time. The rain really shook me up because while it was raining the skies were clear above me. I could see the stars, not a cloud in the sky.

    And I’m not the only one who noticed the rain out of a clear sky.

    Scroll down a little on the front page of this site. He lives just a few miles to my south.

    Watch the moving slideshow of our Kelowna chemtrails on the 19-20 of August. If you read the accompanying commentary, you’ll see where he mentions the rain that fell from a clear sky.Well, it was clear in the sense that you could see the stars and there were NO rain clouds, only minor chemdrift by this point in the evening.


  420. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – Oh no ! The flu. I hope your loved ones are well on the way to recovery and that you’re keeping yourself as healthy as possible ( given the chemtrails ). I’ll keep you in my prayers, Celline. Mum’s getting better, thanks for your prayers and kind wishes .

    I ran across these wise tips for preventing the flu and other illnesses on another forum and am pasting them here for everyone.

    Optimize your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is the likely cause of seasonal flu viruses. Getting an optimal level of vitamin D will help you fight infections of all kinds. In fact, the largest study yet of the association between vitamin D and respiratory infections found people with the lowest blood vitamin D levels reported having significantly more recent colds or cases of the flu.

    Eat plenty of probiotic-rich fermented foods, or take a high-quality probiotic supplement to support your digestive and immune system health.

    Avoid or Limit Sugar. Sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately and a strong immune system is key to fighting off viruses and other illness.

    Get Enough Rest. Just like it becomes harder for you to get your daily tasks done if you’re tired, if your body is overly fatigued it will be harder for it to fight off cold and flu viruses.

    Exercise. When you exercise, you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads.

    Take a good source of animal-based omega-3 fats like Krill Oil, which is crucial for maintaining health.

    Wash Your Hands. Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don’t use antibacterial soap for this – antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good. Instead, identify a simple chemical-free soap that you can switch your family to.

    Also, be careful not to overdo it. Washing your hands too much can actually remove much of the protective layer on your skin and increase your chances of acquiring an infection.

  421. Ursa Major Says:

    Sky, good to see you back! I am glad your mother is doing better, but not glad that those evil chems are knocking you out.

    Well, I woke up to chem-covered skies. My daughter is late bringing the baby, so went for a walk, taking pictures. When I got back, and took pics from my deck, there was first one jet putting down a chemtrail, and then another one, crossing that one (and there is NO commercial flight path that way). It went RIGHT over my house, and as it did so, turned the chem spray on and off repeatedly. After it had gone over my house, and a little to the west, but still well in my view, it turned off the sprayer altogether.

    I am seriously wondering if they did it purposely because of me living here. They know I am in contact with Brian Holmes, I am sure. And they do that to him.

  422. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, by the way, I saw a sundog today. That other thing that somebody suggested might be one is definitely NOT a sundog. I did some research on them, and what I saw earlier looks exactly like what the pictures show that I saw in several websites, including Wikipedia.

    Too bad the other side of the sun was obscured by a building, and I was unable to go far from home, or I would have jumped in my car and gone were I could have seen both sides of the sun.

    But I do have great pictures of that one sundog, anyway, it is unmistakable, I am 100% sure that is what I saw.

    We now have a large, colourful halo all around the sun. The sky is covered by haze wherever we don’t have obvious chemtrails.

  423. Dude Says:

    eric: yup, that article is laying it out.

    yall look at the stupid-ass comments in this article:

  424. clark Says:

    Those people who respond with insults, they are the worst, never thinking, never using facts and observations, always attacking the messenger. I can see why you get so short with them Dude. It’s hard not too. Oh the condescending attitudes – arrogant and smug. Stockholm syndrome on steroids. One good point (or were they tiny points of light?) were the few people who mentioned chemtrails, they seemed pretty much with it, good comments from them. Heck, I felt proud of them even.

  425. Dude Says:

    many of the people who respond with insults and such are paid govt liars. i do not have any patience with them whatsoever. sometimes i really enjoy making them look like the stupid idiots they are.

  426. Sky Says:

    Swine flu report out of Zimbabwe…Just got off the phone with a friend of mine whose wife is from Zimbabwe. With the exception of a couple of her sisters who also live in Canada, her entire large extended family still lives in Zimbabwe.

    Anyway, my friends were talking on the phone with relatives over there, and their relative from Zimbabwe is scared sh**less. Swine flu is very bad there. It’s killing a huge number of people. Is the death rate so high because the people in Zimbabwe were already in a pre-weakened condition ? Or has this virus been engineered to kill the blacks and Latinos more so than the Caucasians?

    I don’t know. All I know is that we’re not getting ANY information about this from the media.

  427. ericswan Says:

    This report says no flu in July and only 5 thus far in August for all of Zimbabwe.


  428. clark Says:

    Contradictory things that make you go Hmmm.

    @Ursa, those twisty light bulbs, you know about the Mercury in them? Hopefully your kin know not to vacume them up or sweep them if they break. I have no idea how you clean them up though. My recollection is fuzzy on that (too lazy to look it up tonite) but I think that is the official line. I suspect even when they burn out they emit mercury.

    Solid white sky, rain all day.

  429. Celline Says:

    ((( Sky ))) so glad to see u back.. mom all better ?
    Clark, this thing w. the lightbulbs sacres me into Stockholm syndrome on Zoloft. I never heard of this be4 and we all have lots of those.
    The info you guys are giving in this blog, is awesome, thank you.
    No chems here again today.. zilch, none. Deep blue skies.. many smaller fires though. The heatwave is insane and is suppose to last til sunday.
    Went into town today, and almost fainted getting out of my car.. it’s bad real hot/bad ! The heat east of here is always that way.. but the air there is bonedry. makes is ok.So now, I am going to look up “Sundog” I have no clue what that is. ( Could have looked it up w.out telling you, to not sound so dumb. )So far, Kim remains the only one with that flu.. so far so good.. she’s slowly getting better.
    Blessings to all of you,

  430. Celline Says:

    @Sky, I don’t think it is possible to ingeneer a virus.. so it will be horrid in one place, and less bad in others. People travel, and the stuff gets carried everywhere.

  431. clark Says:

    Celline says, …this thing w. the lightbulbs sacres me into Stockholm syndrome on Zoloft

    HAHAHA crack me up. It’s true though, look it up.

    Celline says, …I don’t think it is possible to ingeneer a virus.. so it will be horrid in one place, and less bad in others.

    That’s very interesting, and, I don’t see why not, sort of like invisible fence for dogs. Dia-a-freakin-bolical. Can’t you just hear the sales picth to the NWO, “It’s not just ethnic orientated, it’s geographically controlled.”

  432. clark Says:

    pitch … how come I didn’t catch that? picth… I hate getting old.

  433. Celline Says:

    @clark: hahaha, don’t feel lonely out there in that old age fog.. who knows.. when that fog is real dense a hand might sneak up onto your shoulder and a voice whisper:” Don’t be sad, I know what you are going through, lets go and watch Chris Rock or something….he’s so bad, we both will appreciate to not be of his generation, cause we were so much better than this………….

  434. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, yes, I know about the mercury in those “environmentally friendly” light bulbs, and was mad when my husband bought those at all. According to him, they have now toned down the ‘having to call the clean up crew’ thing to clean up the contaminated room etc.. I guess they don’t really want people to know how hazardous those things are now, because too many stopped buying them.

    Celline, I think they have genetically engineered quite a few viruses to call mostly non-whites, like the Ebola virus, for instance. I think it is very suspicious that Mexican people die from the swine flu a lot more often than white people.

    It is possible that the government in Zimbabwe is hugely over-inflating the death toll numbers in order to scare people into getting the vaccine. My daughter told me that in school (before the summer holidays) they were told that around 2500 people had died from the swine flu worldwide, when in fact the number was closer to 100. Evil government workers! Of course, the teachers (most of them aren’t too smart) may just have repeated the numbers given to them, without checking the facts.

    Sky, ask this lady of how many people she PERSONALLY knows who died from the swine flu, or if her numbers come from the media. If she gets them from her local media, then they are suspect.

    Eric, your link is interesting. Maybe they’re downplaying how many people get it in Zimbabwe? It is crazy how we are so dependent on media reporting to get the truth (or better, usually we don’t).

    The reality is, that the illuminati people hate black people and want to eradicate them. Which is why blacks are targeted by all kinds of things there, like wars, droughts, viruses, malaria etc. Yes, malaria, DDT is, according to my research, harmless to people, birds etc., but was about to eradicate malaria because it kills mosquitoes, when they banned it. Now millions of people (mostly blacks, 70% of them children under five) die of it every year.

  435. Celline Says:

    funny.. and we just elected a black Prez ??? what’s he going to do about this?
    Chemtrails, like degrated fish hanging in the formerly blue skies today,.
    And w. this heat, who knows how this will affect the fires..
    I will be fighting….

  436. Ursa Major Says:

    Uhmmmmm, I meant genetically engineered viruses to KILL non-whites, not call. I guess the chems are getting to me, too. The whole sky is covered in them.

  437. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, Obama will do exactly as he is told, just keep on doing what he is doing. Crazy thing is, that if they get their way, the ‘elite’ will eradicate him along with all the other blacks. He is apparently not very bright to have been sucked into this crap.

    Here is an explanation why we are getting sundogs so frequently now. Scroll down to the third picture from the bottom.


    Here are tons of pictures of sundogs.

    Mine wasn’t as bright, and no halo, because there were too many chems in the sky. It looked more like the one on weather wars.

  438. Ursa Major Says:

    But I saw a full halo around the sun later on, when it was high in the sky. One of the pictures on that Google sundog page is a halo, not a sundog. And it is undoubtedly caused by chems.

  439. Sky Says:

    @ Ursa- My swine flu report re Zimbabwe came from the people who actually live in Zimbabwe.And according to them ( those who are currently living there) the swine flu is killing huge numbers of people.

    The media is not reporting this…or is using numbers that are minimizing the flu deaths in Zimbabwe.

  440. Celline Says:

    Uschi, am aware and totally agree. He does as he’s told, period. Sure thing….. known that all along.
    I was gone all day, and did not yet read your mail.. will do this now, thank you for it.
    Everywhere I was today.. boneless fish all over everywhere, I made a new word for those gross spineless creepy, evil trails.
    But I have not given up my “fight”… I sure saw none over our homes.
    Talked to a pharmacist friend today, he came outside with me to look at the sky. He got very emotional.. and angry too and said:” No wonder, Advair is the highest seller “… need I say more ?

  441. Ursa Major Says:

    Sky, what I am asking is, do those people actually see people dying? Do they personally know people who died and are dying? Or are they TOLD huge numbers are being killed by the swine flu?

    Can’t you see the whole swine flu thing is a huge conspiracy? They are predicting that this fall there will be a terrible pandemic, with huge numbers of people getting sick and dying here in North America of the swine flu? How do they know that, unless they are going to make it actually happen?

    I’ve read that because of that, martial law will be declared in the USA this fall. They will take any children who come to school with symptoms away from their parents, and put them into ‘quarantine camps’ (FEMA camps?).

    How do you know the reports out of Zimbabwe are true, unless you ask if those relatives actually know, personally, victims of the swine flu? Is it what those people HEARD, or did they actually SEE or know victims?

    Why should huge numbers of people die of the swine flu in Zimbabwe, while it is a mild illness here? If this report is true, the strain in Zimbabwe must be engineered to kill blacks. By why only Zimbabwe? What about the rest of Africa?

    Lots of questions. I will do a search on the Internet to see if I can find out more. But of course, Google is controlled by tptb, too. Who knows if I’ll find anything. I guess I’ll check the last pages that come up first, because usually the first few pages on anything controversial are government disinformation.

  442. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is one thing I’ve found.


    The media in London, England, is saying that the government is planning on using mass graves this fall for swine flu victims! Since this far it isn’t spreading fast, and the swine flu at this point isn’t any more dangerous than the regular flu, what are those evil people planning to need mass graves? It gives me the creeps.

    Well, I can’t find anything that says that more than seven people have died of the swine flu in Zimbabwe. But recently, about 600 people died of the cholera there.

    Either NONE of the media are reporting it, people are claiming that the cholera victims died of the swine flu, or there is a massive coverup happening.

  443. Celline Says:

    Mosquitos carry that cholera.. and years ago” They” outlawed DDT which killed the mosquitos.. ok, but we are talking 30 or so years ago.. w. the outlawed DDT, so those mosquito-carried plagues should have taken over years ago. So.. why now?
    Uschi your question ” haben Hand und Fuss ” und ich habe ausser ” Conspiracy ” auch keine Antwort.

  444. clark Says:

    I read, “they” are expecting the flu this Fall to be orientated to the lungs. Wonder why the lungs..hmm, or should I say, no-duh?

    My solid white sky cleared up at 4p.m. today, around nightfall some normal-ish clouds rolled in. Maybe tomarrow I will see the sun? I remember last year and the year before, the weather guy would say its been X number of days since we saw the sun. Not a normal thing, I think anyway.

    I don’t like what I’ve been reading at other places on the net, the ideas as to what’s about to happen. Not a positive note, that’s for sure.

    One of the links posted here refers to chemtrails as scalar hunting. Ok, if they are hunting what do they do next? Just provide cover? Do nothing about the source? Sounds B.S.-like.

    @Celline, your telling people, the last one was… for lack of a better expression, human. I haven’t had the ability to do what you do. Hats off to you.

  445. clark Says:


    “Doctors are reporting a severe form of swine flu that goes straight to the lungs, causing severe illness in otherwise healthy young people and requiring expensive hospital treatment, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

    Minority groups and indigenous populations may also have a higher risk of being severely ill with H1N1.

    “In some studies, the risk in these groups is four to five times higher than in the general population,” WHO said.”

  446. Celline Says:

    @clark, I am so sorry, but I did not understand what you said to me?

  447. Celline Says:

    I read your link, clark, it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel.
    Also, I feel, it sounds like fearmongering ! That being sorta like a measure of “control”. Fear weakens the imunesystem. Even though I do believe it all sounds like an artificially induced danger ( boneless fishes in the air could carry just about anything we can imagine ).. more and more I am determined to stand tall, never mind I am all of 5 “2.
    With all I have, I will speak hope and love to my fellow human.. because ” they ” do not have all the power they think.. just not.
    With all of my heart I wish I could pass on my unshakable faith in God, who ultimately IS in control.. laughing at the size of this Tower of Babel, because one move of His hand, and it comes tumbeling down !
    This is what keeps me strong. Look, you did not create yourself
    yet someone way Bigger than any of ” them” !
    Keep Hope and Love strong, your immunesystem will love you for it.

  448. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, mosquito-born diseases were almost eradicated by DDT, before they outlawed it. Wherever there are swamps, where it is hot and humid all year round without a winter to kill off the mosquitoes, that is where there is malaria.

    It is so bad, that in certain places malaria is the number one killer of people, especially young children. And of course, it is mostly black people who die. People who are too poor to even have mosquito nets for every person in the family so they won’t be stung at night while sleeping.

    So, yes, those mosquito-borne diseases HAVE taken over years ago. Just not where we live, but rather where mostly non-Caucasian people live. In much of Africa, South America, parts of Asia. Not Europe or North America for the most part.

    Clark, first they weaken people’s lungs with relentless chemtrail spraying, and then they introduce a virus that attacks those weakened lungs. As I’ve said before, I’ve had chronic bronchitis since around February or March, and will be very vulnerable.

    Also, breathing in those metals in the air weakens the immune system as well.

  449. clark Says:

    It’s somewhat cloudy here, but there is blue sky above the clouds and I haven’t seen any jets or chemtrails – today is a nice day. I think I should buy some vitamin D tablets and save them, just in case. Maybe a jar of Tang too.

  450. Celline Says:

    Never seen them busier chemtrailing our skies, as I do today.
    The sky is literally white from it. And today.. I even see the criminal deeds being done, I see the jets doing it. Bet they don’t have that crap over the Arlington cemetary? Or over the famous ” compound” either ?!

  451. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline same white out conditions here in British Columbia but it’s right to the ground with smoke from forest fires. They aren’t close but we are expecting another sheet lightning storm front the same as 10 days ago when these fires got started. The humidity is below 10% which makes for dangerous conditions considering the storm blowing in later this evening will have high winds.

  452. Ursa Major Says:

    Wow, Eric, only in the desert should the humidity be that low! That is insane and NOT normal.

    Some clouds here, with blue sky. This far haven’t seen any chems.

  453. ericswan Says:

    Apparently, it’s unprecented for B.C.

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_August_27_2009.mp3" /]

    The last 15 minutes reveals information on Planet X that was startling.

  454. Celline Says:

    Oh, unreal eric.. those are desert-conditions, like we have here.
    Not normal for your area.
    Dr friends of mine are going on a trip, Norway, Sweden, St Petersburg,
    Holland, Berlin.. forgot where else.. I asked them to take up close pics of boneless fish/chems. Those are people ( she is a Shrink ) who know much.. educationlevels huge, who do NOT acknowledge the chems.
    Flat ignore them, just blows my mind. But I am not done w. them.. he likes to photograph.. I will pester him to take pics.
    I heard that a Pneunomia shot, would protect from swine flu.. not that evil flu shot.. Pneunomia shot. Heard it from them ( the ones I just talked about ).. that’s their feedback on the subject anyways.

  455. Ursa Major Says:

    Actually, Celline, forget about all vaccines, NONE of them have been proven to work and be safe, including the pneumonia shot. Your best bet is to build up your immune system with vitamins (especially vitamin D and B vitamins) and minerals (NEVER take calcium without magnesium, and best equal amounts) and also herbs.

    It is cool here and feels like fall. Lots of rain in the last couple of days, too.

  456. Dude Says:

    eric: i think that last part of that was disinfo. There is one big object coming thats bringing a bunch of little objects with it. Several statements he said were wrong too. strange. . .

  457. Celline Says:

    @Dude, I listened to this fascinating tape also.
    This guy is no liar. he is a physics scientist.. and I believe him.
    What I had heard be4.. that certain rich criminals are boring tunnels
    to live underground, was most fascinating. Our world is already riddled w. underground life.. even highways. Whatever those wannebe golfers are afraid of, doesen’t scare me.. because I am sure, they do not understand ” the book”, cause they don’t have the tools to unkey it.
    Overall.. an educational hour of listening.

  458. ericswan Says:

    I agree with both of you. McCanney is telling the truth but not the whole truth. I thought the info on Hale-Bopp having a similar path to Planet X was new information. Three comets have conjunct with the star Algol in recent years and I think if there were a sign in the heavens, it’s a comet. Algol is the severed head viewed in the mirror of Perseus’ shield. The comet Hyakutake conjunct Algol on April 11, 1996; the comet Hale-Bopp on April 10-11, 1997, and comet 17p/Holmes conjunct on Jan. 22, 2008.

    All three comets were the most visible comets I’ve heard of in my lifetime. The first two intersected Algol with a flight path that formed a perfect cross and the last one illuminated to the size of the moon on Oct. 24, 2007.

  459. Dude Says:

    Celline: This is part of your programming: “This guy is no liar. he is a physics scientist.. and I believe him.” That is the attitude that keeps millions in ignorance. The scientists WILL NOT TELL YOU that doom is coming. Most of the information he presents is in my document. He DID lie. He said that there is no written descriptions of Nibiru and that is a LIE. That thing is described by many ancient civilizations. He also lied about what is written in the Kolbrin. 41 days left . . . .

  460. ericswan Says:

    Interesting pic of the Gakona, Alaska HAARP instalation with chemtrails in the background.


  461. Dude Says:

    I seriously believe that HAARP was engineered just for the purpose of dispersing chemtrails. Everything the governments have done since they found Nibiru in 1983 has been related to this event, including our planned extermination on 10-10-09 and the NWO led by Russia.

  462. ericswan Says:

    40 days and 40 nights.

    Dude..McCanney quotes the Kolbrin and offers copies for sale on almost all of his programs. If you listened to the last bit on Planet X, the point he makes is that NASA is covering up the work Herrington was doing and that he “died” before he could complete that work. You may recall that Sitchen has a 10 minute video of Herrington that supports your claim that Planet X has been under scrutiny since 1983 and since Herrington was the chief NASA astronomer, that would be saying alot. McCanney indicated that the Vatican, NASA and many other countries have set up telescopes in Antarctica. You never mentioned that fact. And finally, McCanney was the first to point out that NASA was covering up the Planet X from the southern hemisphere meme.

    I suggest you visit my blog for more on HAARP from Nick Begich.

  463. ericswan Says:

    And one last thing on McCanney and I will let it go. No one no where has mentioned that the Bush Paraquay property has an underground facility that he detected using Google Earth before the area was blacked out.


  464. Celline Says:

    @eric, best picture I ever saw of HAARP, makes u wonder, what Palin thinks about it, and why there have to be chems all over it.
    What u said earlier about all those comets and Halebob and Algol.. wellI am sorry, it might as well have been Greek to me.
    Dude, I know u don’t care.. but I DO ! You call me “programmed” one more time, I will think of a one better 4 you. am totally sick of it, and I am serious. If you had have my life.. you would know, I had no time for such BS.. and, more importantly, I have an extremely tough steelhead w. a mind, that can’t be fiddled with. It stand fine by itself. Cut it out, Planet X will roll you as flat as a pancake.

  465. Celline Says:

    eric, correct, the Herrington story by far the most telling and fascinating.
    Why he got knocked off??? They did not want that 2. picture, obviously.
    But, doesen’t that mean, they already had it, or knew?
    Why would the Bush clan digg themselves underground digs ?
    ok, I will let it go too, all I will say is” Don’t matter how deep you are going to hide yourself…if it’s wormwood time, there is no hiding, regardless of your riches, banks u own or/and land…. you be a dead duck. Erin go bragh, about how rich and powerful u are, it won’t save you.

  466. Dude Says:

    haha, i got Cellines panties in a bunch again. That attitude of believing somebody because they are the experts, authorities, scientists or whatever is most certainly a very programmed behavior. They strive for people to think like that and they have been very successful. I will believe something when it makes sense and theres supporting evidence no matter what whomever says.

    The guy, first of all, he uses like 100 words to say what he could with 10. He does offer good points about the observed PX search and he did reveal some other interesting points that Eric mentioned above. He also bounced from topic to topic too often.

    He said that the Bible people didnt see anything. OK, Im not as familiar with the past stories as i should but the prophecy stories, especially revelation for this detail, talks about the powers of heaven will be shaken and many other details.

    then he quoted the Bible saying “itll take you by surprise” and that part is referring to the coming war in 41 days. i bet you all are going to be surprised and i been telling you about it for a year.

    he said it is not possible for PX to come near earth twice. If we are on the opposite side of the sun as this thing orbits, then itll be close on the way in and again on the way out and thats what the prophets say will happen.

    he said theres no indication of a 3600 year orbit and ive read that in many places but that could be debated.

    he said they dont know if it comes into the solar system and thats a lie. they know full well it passes between the orbits of mars and jupiter, right where the asteroid belt is.

    and then at the end he goes off talking about there could be 1000s of PXs coming from any direction. he leads the listener to believe that nobody knows and dont worry about it.

    The plain truth is that we are not going to know the details because they dont want us to know. What we do know from observation is that the thing is visible a lot of the time now all over the world and it is hiding behind the chemtrails. we know it is there because of its effects….all the quakes, volcanos, orbital variations, solar and magnetic variations, and all the preparing that the elite is doing.

    And if you take that and put it together with all the russian news about protecting iran and military preparations, then put that together with the story in the Bible about this war, the date, the thing thats going to end the war in two years with all the big quakes and yellowstone, and you will start to get the big picture.

  467. Celline Says:

    @Dude: Wrong, never wear any ! So there !

  468. marc Says:

    Ugh! Way too much info there Celine! You say you are how old? And 5’2″ short? With a thick steel head…ugh, gag, yuk.

    Dude, the programmed never question whether they might be programmed. She admits, heck, she flaunts, her thickheadedness anyway!

    I’ve a astronomer friend. We’ve been eyeballing the pm/am skies for a week now.

    Thanks for the countdown, Dude. Helps me prioritize.

  469. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude and Marc, a little arrogant, aren’t we? I guess we’ll find out who is ‘programmed’ on Oct. 10th. You guys think you know everything, and women are dumb. Typical men, ugh.

  470. marc Says:

    You always squeak up for the other one Ursa. Why is that?

    Celine assumes many personas : good as gold granny, diminutive dyke with a whip, WWII survivor and pontificator, tearcher’s (FF) pet, Miss Brill, weepy & confused damsel in distress, and so on.

    I sorta look forward to seeing who she’s gonna show up as next.

    Feminism Detox for you: Henry Makow – Feminism & the Illuminati

    May I suggest you tone down the vitriol towards your hubbie. You married the guy and HAD CHILLEN WITH HIM, so what does that say about YOUR judgement?

    Please, don’t go into your life story again. Just go to Henry’s site and deprogram.

  471. Celline Says:

    @marc:so what do you know? Besides it merely was a joke that dude started, lighten up. Yourself surely would not be George Clooney, I can tell…..
    The End on this ” too much info” suject. And Dude, don’t provoke me again please, 10/10 I’ll be letting YOU have it.

  472. marc Says:

    Clooney is in your age group gran.

    I apparently bear a striking resemblance to Josh Hartnett.

    Dude, I’m eager/anxious for 09/09/09 = 6/6/6. But it would be too obvious.

  473. Ursa Major Says:

    Marc, in my twenties, my judgment was clouded, due to abuse and brainwashing by my mother. In the meantime, I DID deprogram, thank you, and learned to think for myself.

    But it isn’t so easy to undo your mistakes, especially when children and grandchildren are involved.

    And I am sure you are perfect, and always have been.

    As for sticking up for Celline, I just hate you guys belittling her like that. Plus, she is my friend and fellow German. We both had a very hard time growing up, due to her growing up right in the middle of the war, and me during the aftermath. What do you know about that?

  474. marc Says:

    Ursa, there you go goobering on my shoulder again.

    The Myth of Maturity: A time of life when people learn to take responsibility for their actions, past and present.

    It was entirely your mother’s fault you went and married the dumb turd? How old were you? 14? 16? In your twenties, you say! Well, well.

    In point of fact, most of what is being reported here flies way over both your’s and Celline’s heads unless, UNLESS, it pertains to chemtrails or “pass the kleenex” soap-opera nonsense.

    That’s what I’ve deduced.

    In other words, although I cannot dismiss what you two claim to have experienced during or after the War, my dedicated research and reading on the subject is surely as profound without its being distorted by emotion.

    Darn, now where did my pesky mirror go?


  475. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, actually it is only this ” Josh Hartnett” type ( who the heck ever that is ? ) who has tried to get up my dander. With Dude.. to me, that was just a joke.. and I responded with one.
    I have met them all: the Abuser, the Liar, the Fake, the Selfabsorbed, the thief,and the monster, yet survived all of them!
    Mein Fell ist dick, but, I do so thank you for sticking up for me.
    This blog is valuable, and important. If I did anything to mess something up, I am deeply saddened. But this much I do know, we are in no need for the ” Josh Hartnett ” types. ^ 5 to Clooney.
    So, I am done with this stupidity and I hope that the Regulars of this blog, will continue to contribute. And of course, all of us are eagerly awaiting 10/10 , the day Dude is going to leave us.. that is, if he doesen’t have the gonads to take the beatings !

  476. Celline Says:

    @ “Josh” one more thing: All those different fascetts of who I am, I have needed to survive in my life. Each and every part of me is a survivor.
    Yet all of these are integrated into one person/personality, which is me.
    I intend to employ each and every part of who I am, for wherever what is needed. You my dear, seem to have nada clue what life can hand you, yet according to Dude, you will find out on 10/10. ( OK.. this last comment is a joke, ok?)

  477. Ursa Major Says:

    Marc, the way you behave shows your level of maturity, which isn’t all that high. I have no intentions of ‘goobering on your shoulder’. I am not complaining or whining, but rather explaining the facts. But it appears you can’t see the difference.

    When your self-esteem has been eroded to nothing, you aren’t capable of making mature decisions even in your twenties. And no, I never said that it was my mother’s fault I married him. But my upbringing explains why I did.

    You don’t know me at all. Everything reported here flies over my head? Sure, if you say so. In reality I may know more about many of these subjects discussed here than you.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Henry Makow. I’m reading through his excellent site right now (I guess you’re good for something). And no, I am NOT one of those feminists. I’ve raised my own children and did a darn good job at it. I’ve just married the wrong guy. Still, we’ve been married for 30 years now, that should count for something.

    By the way, your dedicated research on the subject of the second world war can NEVER be as profound as the experience of being there. Because facts aren’t everything.

  478. Celline Says:

    I don’t believe this ! Uschi is one of the people who contributed to this blog.. more than most. Her research and knowledge are incredible and indeed rare. I have learned from her, and I dare say. other’s have also.
    Please U don’t back down. because w.out your contributions, this blog.. at Best.. would be mediocre. Founding, we have not heard from u in a long time, I’d love to hear what you find new and important and interesting, please make an ” appearance”! ok?

  479. Dude Says:

    wow i stirred up the drama eh? Celline, i wasnt trying to provoke you, merely pointing out the attitudes and beliefs that they have programmed into people, at least the ones i can recognize anyway. Ursa, ignorance isnt gender specific. neither is programming. Marc: i hope nothing happens on that day, its kinda a special day and the Bible doesnt say that day. Celline, yup, youre taking the blog-o-buse well lately, especially for a programmed person 😉 i may leave you all before that day, im pretty sure of it cause of the idol thing. gotta step into the law of the Lord if I am to have any chance whatsoever of makin it thru all this. but if nothing happens (it will though) Ill come back to take the beatings but im gonna redirect it to the book it came from. i expect ill be somewhat inebriated too.

  480. Celline Says:

    @Dude, haha, I have to laugh, you are kinda cute, u just are !
    You call ME Programmed, when YOU are the one who’s hiding from Planet X. So. who’s got the birdie now.. huh? You or me?
    Tell you what, I’ll stick w. my programming, it sure never guided me wrong. So, for what it’s worth, Dude, get real, because if it’s over, it’s over for all of us. Yet my bible gives me no dates for this event.. so I’ll be kewl and let the Lord surprize me, while hoping, that I have been waiting and watching, with lots of oil in my lamp…

  481. marc Says:

    What was that about, Celline? Oil in your lamp? Something of yours needs oiling, that’s for sure. Bah! I don’t want to get crass, though it’s tempting.

    Look up “Josh Hartnett,” Celline. It’s not hard. You have access (way too much, in my opinion) to the Net, so just type the name and YOU’LL see who he is.

    And why must you beseech FF to step in every time you feel threatened? Got that old urge to get somebody booted out of your nice, neat little banana republic again? You teacher’s pet, you.

    Get thee hence to a hospice, Celline. Honestly.

    And Ursa, good of you to point out I might be “good for something.” Coming from such a blowhard and self-proclaimed “intellectual” such as yourself, well, it fills my hard heart with joy. Ha!

    Tick-tock, tick-tock…

  482. marc Says:

    Dude, what “beatings” is she talking about? The elderly should be seen (as little as possible) and not heard.

    Ursa, you weren’t actually around during the war. So stop braying about it!

    It’s no wonder your hubster fucks off to be by himself, far, far, far away from you every chance he gets.

  483. ericswan Says:

    40 days and 40 nights. Sounds biblical to me. Death by a thousand cuts is more to the point. This is and always has been a class struggle and the tools of the trade are divide and conquer. I remember reading somewhere to “Love thy neighbour” and when I suggested that we save seeds, compost and network with our neighbours, I based it on my faith in mankind and my life experience of joy while hanging by the gossamer thread of peace through my entire life. I’m not willing to break that thread.

  484. marc Says:

    ErictheDuck: Threads of goodness & peace & sharing & love & gardens & neighbors & compost & light, light, lots and lots of light — damn those chems!

    Were you at Woodstock, perchance? There now, you jes go on an’ take another toke, bro and we’ll all meet on God’s golden shore.

    This is the sort of shit whoossshhhes right over the grills’ heads, I’ll bet.

    One urgently needs to get laid, the other fitted for a straight-jacket and the “Sky” one seems to have tiptoed away.

    Henry is the MAN!

  485. ericswan Says:

  486. solsburyhill Says:

    I am pretty sure that it was not FF’s intention to let this thread develop into a Kindergarten, which seems to have been the case lately.

    Guys – let’s stick to the subject of this thread, and leave personal allegations/insinuations where they belong.

    Btw. today the PTB is pretty busy trying to paint the clear blue sky white. Criss-crosses all over the sky. Whereever you look. It’s just apalling.

    My head sounds like that…

  487. Dude Says:

    Celline, Im not hiding from planet X but I will be hiding from the 200 million chinese flying around in choppers lookin for us. Im also pretty darn sure your Bible has included Ezekiel 24:1-2, so there is your date and it lines up perfectly with what Robert Gates told Israel about Iran. The whole planet X thing is the warning so that we know what is coming.

    marc: cut the ladies some slack, they know a lot more than most people, especially people their age. heck, most people my age wont even consider chemtrails to be anything other than clouds, and that includes a few engineers i know. go figure. . .
    Oh, the beatings she was talking about will be for me when the war doesnt happen on 10-10-09 like I been telling everybody but its not gonna happen cause the war will happen. I wish i had been at Woodstock!!! I know people that were but, unfortunately, I was only about 3 mo old i think. Ive tried to make up for missing it though 🙂

    solsbury: i agree with the kindergarten thing but there is nothing this thread can accomplish if no one will analyze the real reason for the chems and prepare. So if thats not done, then everyone may as well have fun with it. That seems to be the general feeling among my friends anyway…”if its the end, then lets party while we can!”

  488. Dude Says:

    I like Dire Straits but that song isnt one of my favorites. Yesterday I was watching the old artists when they were young on the old show The Midnight Special. Yall remember that show? It ran in the 70s. Looking at it now, after studying the programming techniques used in television, I can see it in even those old shows. Sex is one of the things used on tv to manipulate us. It is one of the main things used. When Linda Ronstadt first appeared she was in a modest dress and looked like the pretty, innocent girl next door. In her next appearance on the show, she looked more like a pole dancer.

  489. marc Says:

    Right, Dude. They know more than the average and that’s commendable, but it’s their stinking hypocrisy and maudlin BS gets to me, you know.

    They just can’t help themselves; they’ve been phony their whole lives, they’re phony in public, they’re phony in private.

    That awful phoniness clings to them, it emanates from every pore, it’s in every word they write , even as they “share” in a little black box. Either they don’t know it, or they believe it can’t be detected.

    If I subscribe to your theory of 10/10/09, Dude, I owe it to myself to not put up with any more BS. I never did, but I’m on a veritable crusade now!


  490. marc Says:

    Before I go, to Solisbury:

    We don’t really know what FF’s intentions with this thread are, now do we?

    He/she can shut the mf down on a whim and what’s been written becomes FF’s property.

    Without meaning to impugn FF’s honesty and goodwill, his/her probity, who is FF? Do you know? Is he/she a close personal friend or simply one more information “gatherer”?

    He/she is a formidable writer, that we do know. Otherwise, ????

    ALL MEDIA IS OWNED BY THE JEW. Keep that in mind.


  491. Dude Says:

    man, that “jew” thing really irritates me. the ones who say they are jews are NOT jews. Americans are the real Israelites and America is Zion or the Mountains of Israel. all media is owned by the lying khazars who say they are jews.

  492. clark Says:

    More proof – to me – that these jet flights overhead are not regular commercial flights, if anyone else reading this needed more convincing:

    It’s Monday, a very busy travel day, the sky is clear and cloud free, it’s also been jet free – with not a single jet in the sky – contrail or chemtrail. Yesterday I saw three or four jets with normal contrails (a very rare sight these days) mixed with two with partial chemtrails and none of either the day before. With the lower temperatures we’ve been having I would have expected to see more chemtrails – rather than contrails – IF temperature were a factor in the appearance of chemtrails in the sky. Basically the entire national weather radar is clear of any storms or fronts which would be a reason to divert any regular commercial flights from my area today.

    The forecast for the next four days is clear skies, with temperatures below seventy-five degrees for the next ten days and record low temps tonight. In the past few months I’ve noticed the chemtrail jets don’t fly in the mornings until the temp gets close to eighty degrees. During the hotter months the jets would start very early in the morning. When the sky was slightly overcast and the temperatures were below eighty degrees in the mornings, yet expected to rise above eighty degrees by mid-afternoon, the jets would not begin to appear until later in the day. As the days got cooler, the chemtrail jets would appear later in the morning. This week the temps are not expected to get above eighty degrees, this implies to me that I will not see the jets for that reason. Storms are expected for Saturday and I fully expect to see jets with chemtrails by Friday. The dual purpose perhaps being smog/pollution control along with weather manipulation?

    Maybe, in the beginning, the smog/pollution was more difficult to disperse and now that they have knocked it down it is easier to control and requires fewer chemtrail applications? Farming activity has been at its lowest point, lowering the overall smog/pollution levels. Harvest time is approaching and this would greatly contribute to smog/pollution and I wonder if I can expect to see another increase in chemtrail applications at that time for the purpose of smog/pollution control rather than temperature control? Of course, there could be other additional reasons why they apply chemtrails to the sky, but these are two that have some type of correlation to the timing of the flight patterns.

    It’s 10:25 a.m. CST and I’ve just seen my first regular commercial flight of the day with contrails go overhead in the same east to west flight path that I would normally have seen be covered by dozens of chemtrails by this time of the day… during the hottest months of the year.

    I’ve also only seen a total of five moths this whole summer where normally I see millions.

  493. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Wow – what an “honor” – I detect the same suspicions regarding my “intentions” with this blog as some people cast upon Alex Jones and his integrity. I didn’t think I had reached that level yet.

    What do we *really* know about you Marc? How do we know YOU are not here to sow discord and strife and take the subject off track?

    I could say my name is Sam Smith. What would that prove? Would you need my Social security number, street address, and 3 personal references before you feel my blog has any merit?

    “Judge a tree by its fruits” – the only reason for this blog’s existence is so I can share information. It makes me feel good. It makes me hope that in some small way, I am fighting the New World Order. I also enjoy the ongoing commentaries and different points of view in the comments section.

    This blog does not generate one cent for me. I work in the corporate world to pay the bills and keep the computers running. I do NOT WANT to have to self-censure my writing for fear that some employer will take offense and force me to choose between my blog and my job. In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is not exactly good right now.

    Another thing, I don’t “own” this blog. WordPress does. The data is on THEIR SERVERS. There have been times when even I could not login to the control panel because they were updating or doing something. If the plug is pulled, it won’t be by me. I have urged everyone before (and I will do it again) to pull information they deem important down to their own computers and make copies on paper or DVD’s for archival purposes. Have you not heard of the bill introduced to give the President “Emergency” control of the Internet!? The “emergency” will be when they feel too many people are learning the truth of their criminal actions and they pull everything down. Then only “Govt. approved” bloggers will be allowed. Hello 1984.

    Oh….and my lineage is German/Irish. Not that it matters. I *am* an American.

    Best to all,

  494. ericswan Says:

    I wonder if Jay Rockefeller is right to shut down the internet? I remember the promise of the future when I was a kid. The American dream was viable and we had the expectation of a piece of the pie.

  495. marc Says:

    I stand corrected, Dude. Lying Khazars it is. I’ll not make that mistake again.


    Why so defensive, FF? Your probity is not in question. Ok, I didn’t communicate my meaning correctly. I shall atone.

    Your advice re. copies etc. is sound, and yet, to every thing there is a season: When “they” decide to “pull it” (Silverstein/controlled demolition jargon) those who know the score will know the score, those who don’t, won’t.

    Too late to “educate” anybody by then and that’s how, I think, it’s meant to be.

    Incidentally, what do you, FF, make of that Russian sub episode?



  496. foundingfather1776 Says:


    While I am not happy about Russian subs patrolling the East Coast of the US, it does not alarm me. I suspect that has been going on for some time. I am sure we do the same to them.

    I suspect a “false-flag” swine-flu emergency that ushers in martial law or a “terrorist nuke” set off in a US city by the same people that brought us 9/11 is far more likely to occur than the Russians launching an unprovoked sneak attack.

    If we launch another war against Iran however, that could be cause for concern; I doubt the Russians would ignore that.

    Haven’t you heard? Inbred Luciferian control-freak eugenicist madmen are running the world……..

  497. ericswan Says:

    Think big Marc. The corruption is the white brotherhood and there are no borders. Ask yourself why the CIA would rendition suspect Alciada to Syria.

  498. Dude Says:

    Marc: you already know what I think of the Russian sub thing. they are doing a lot more than that and I knew of the subs (more than they tell you) long before it hit mainstream media.

    Ill tell you all again what is going to happen. On 10-10-09 (the week stated by Robert Gates to Israel), the us/israel will do a nuclear event as the next false flag to invade Iran and on that same day by the end of lunchtime, Russia, China and the SCo are gong to completely destroy America in one hours time. They will floow with an invasion of 200 million and hunt us for two years until Nibiru swings through, erupts yellowstone, splits this continent into thirds, kills 5/6 of the 200 million invaders, and ends the war.

    That is the story in the Bible and told by numerous other prophets, and it is the story unfolding right before your eyes. 40 days. . .

  499. marc Says:

    Thanks for the input, FF.

    I think big, Eric, I do. Insomnia makes for a nasty disposition; it’s all so otherworldly enormous.

    I don’t expect compassion, since I have none to give.

    White Brotherhood, Eric? I’ll have to read through your link VERY, VERY CAREFULLY. Hope you don’t mean what I think you mean.

    FF, brothers at arms, are we.

    And the Dude abides.

  500. Celline Says:

    @FF, thank you for the imput, glad to hear from you, always.
    Chems like lumpy oatmeal here today.. 2/3 of the sky.
    Over the weekend I wrote about 50 letters to Media etc.. yet I realize there will be no response.
    Marc, you are someone.. most any one of us could do w.out, you creep me out.
    ” Oil in your Lamp ” watching and waiting.. are adminitions given to us by God.. to watch for HIS return.
    But.. now I am throwing pearls be4 swine.. not good.. mustn’t do this.
    I Love to hear from Founding, because I respect his knowledge and character… as to me calling 4 his help is a joke, I am very capable to take care of myself.
    This is the last comment I will make to marc’s ugly, nasty comments.. from here on, I consider it beneath me.
    Dude.. thank you ! Like your honesty and attitude.

  501. ericswan Says:

    Celline: why aren’t we getting this story?

    CALIFORNIA: Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities; 22 TV Stations, 25 Radio Stations — The heat-driven fire nearly doubled in size overnight and has now burned 35,000 acres (14,000 hectares) of thick, bone-dry brush in the mountains above five towns, a 12-mile (19 km) stretch from La Crescenta to La Canada Flintridge, the California Fire Department said. Authorities have ordered residents to evacuate about 2,000 homes threatened by the fire about 15 miles (24 km) northeast of downtown Los Angeles.”These fires are still totally out of control,” Schwarzenegger told reporters at the firefighters’ command post in Lake View Terrace, California. “This is a huge and is a very dangerous fire. The fire is moving very close to homes and to structures… this is why it’s important to pay close attention to the evacuation.”

  502. marc Says:

    Know that the feeling is mutual, Cell.

    Speak for yourself, you crone, for the essence of what you truly are does not escape those who can see.

    Go on with your machinations.

    Pitiful. Jes’ pitiful.

  503. Celline Says:

    @eric, yes, I just an hour ago found out those terrible details from my friends who live in that area ( Los Angeles ) I called them.
    They escaped it all together, but told me, that it is unpresidented.. as in size and destruction. One mountain has many TV and Radio stations broadcasting from it.. some of which are now off the air.
    Los Angeles is huge.. but Mt Wilson, is pretty central.
    I am sorry I did not mention it be4.. I had no clue how bad it is.. because I was busy yesterday and did not watch news at all.
    Will now keep u posted.
    Between LA and San Diego is a huge ” empty ” area ( Camp Pendleton ), where LA fires would not be able to ” cross”, that’s a reason, San Diego will not be affected by that one. But.. we have our own fires.. due East of me, that are bad enough.

  504. clark Says:

    I didn’t see any overhead chemtrails today. Very few contrails. Off in the north were some clouds that could have been a few chemtrails laid during the hottest part of the day, hard to tell, but other wise, my theory is still holding.

  505. Celline Says:

    1/2 of our sky is crystal blue, the other 1/2 is full of chems.. lanes and stripes but mostly ” lumpy clumps “… all moved in from over the Pacific, did not see 1 plane. The typical oceanclouds are not coming from the area the chems are streaming in, you can clearly see the difference from the typical ocean moisture moving in … and the stuff coming from a different direction. It is very hot ( 100 ) and no wind at this point.
    While in LosAngeles it’s blowing hard. Who knows how much those chems have to do w. those fires, because whatever we have here ( chems) LA has too, in fact.. we think those tankers are coming from LAX.

  506. Celline Says:

    2 dead firemen in LosAngeles, fires probably not contained til mid Sept.

  507. Dude Says:

    marc: email me at sebruffy@yahoo.com for a msg from somebody else.

  508. clark Says:

    Scary this:

    By Maribeth
    April 7, 2009 1:52 PM | Link to this
    Morgellons is an infection! It is an opportunistic pathogen to Humans, Animals, Plants and insects (becoming a ‘vector’ introduced infection). It is ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36. This fungus was mass produced by GMO as a bio controll (nonaflatoxin)organism because it out competes and replaces ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS (which contains Aflatoxin) Aflatoxin contamination is controlled by CDC and results in needed Crop
    destruction and revenue loss. Aspergillus Flavus 36 was dropped by air in a “colonized degermed wheat seed” application over most of our farm land to eradicate the normal, but costly, Aflatoxic Aspergillus Flavus, soil organism. The soil replacement organism, A.Flavus 36, was used extensivly with GMO BT Toxin crops. (BT COTTON} These crops are genetically altered by adding the DNA of the toxin in Agrobacterias. This BT TOXIN DNA then became assymulated from the BT Plants into the aggressive A. FLAVUS 36 Fungus. This has resulted in a progressive loss of normal soil into a disbiotic pathogenic soil by this Rouge Genetically altered and mutagenic bio control “BT Aspergillus Flavus 36” fungal organism. Now causing colonization infection in Humans, called MORGELLONS

  509. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Clark, that is most interesting (and frightening!)

    Do you have the original link to this info? I would like to look into this more.



  510. solsburyhill Says:

    Indeed interesting reading, Clark.

    I have always been of the opinion that there is a link between chemtrails and the Morgellons disease. Whatever these Morgellons are, they are scary to say the least.

    I think it is reasonable to assume that the chemtrail spraying serves a multitude of different purposes – all in the name of NWO, of course. This will range from depopulation measures on a global scale to hiding whatever there is to hide from the public eye (Nibiru, UFO’s, black projects, wormholes, project bluebeam etc etc).

    The ruling elite definitely has something up their sleeves for this autumn (read false-flag event), and I gather that this can best be felt in the ever accelerating process of various abnormal events that we are confronted with almost on a daily basis now. THEY need their agenda to unfold within the next two years, so THEY are getting nervous now.

    For those of you who read French, please have look at the attached document, which explains how the French Government is planning a mass swine flu vaccination program. You can also read more about it on Infowars, in case you are interested.


    This is getting serious, people, and all these measures planned against the population are far from limited to the US. These are on a planetary scale. We see similar developments in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Australia etc. Yes, folks – everywhere!

    “Wandering in the chaos the battle has left,
    We climb up the mountain of human flesh,
    To a plateau of green grass, and green trees full of life.
    A young figure sits still by a pool,
    He’s been stamped “Human Bacon” by some butchery tool.
    (He is you)
    Social Security took care of this lad.
    We watch in reverence, as Narcissus is turned to a flower.
    A flower?”

  511. clark Says:

    @FF, No original source. Kathleen posted this in the comments section here:


    I will ask her, sometimes I get a response.

  512. Ursa Major Says:

    I went and checked what the Germans are saying about the coming swine flu epidemic in the fall (I am sure it will be made to happen) and getting vaccinated. Apparently, at least 60% of Germans are determined not to get the vaccine.

    For the people here who speak and read German, some links:




    This one has many more links to follow:


  513. Dude Says:

    Clark: very good info about the fungus thing. I wonder if this is related to the fungus they were desigining to attack hemp about a decade ago. We were fighting that pretty hard as the tomato is a cousin of hemp and the fungus couldve attacked that as well. Theyre jeopardizing the food chain every way possible it seems. Funny that their seed stock in the Norway doomsday vault are non-gmo.

  514. Ursa Major Says:

    Some of the poorer countries are upset that there won’t be enough vaccines for them, too, that only the rich countries can afford it! Lucky them, I say. They’ll soon see that they are fortunate (unless a special strain of the flu will get them and decimate their populations without the vaccine, of course).

    It is obvious from reading government sources, that every western country is absolutely EXPECTING a devastating outbreak of the swine flu this fall. Apparently, they know that it will be on purpose, otherwise how can you expect it?

  515. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is an interesting article on a new proposed cyber-security bill.


  516. clark Says:

    So much for my theory that I wouldn’t see chemtrails until Friday. While the skies directly above me were completely free of chemtrails all day, in the skies to the northwest of me there were a smattering of cris-crossing long duration mixed with off and on chemtrails that slowly drifted over me. The sky above me was clear of clouds too, for most of the day, but not the skies all around me.

    It seems as if companies like Monsanto (acting like Goldman Sachs and the revolving door of government regulators) want to rule the world by owning the food supply by wiping out any competition and patenting the DNA of everything they can. It’s no small stretch to go from attacking hemp and unintentionally stumbling across to tomatoes and onward from there. The latest I read of was patenting the DNA of certain pigs.

    It’s not just Weather Wars, it’s Weather and Dirt Wars. Whosoever owns and rules the soil and the skies is king of all. The modern Tower of Babel with power no past emperor or king ever had or dreamed was possible?

    From Ursa’s link:
    “With respect to this particular provision, our concern is that what we need to do to defend the Internet, in everybody’s best interest, is to develop a more collaborative process between the public and the private sectors,” Clinton contends. “The Internet can’t be managed by a centralized, government-mandated system, which we would see embodied in this bill, at least the bill as introduced.”

    [So, not Communism, or Socialism, but Fascism is what they want, or so it appears? Let me guess, controlled by a board much like the Federal Reserve?]

    “…Obama stated that “we need to build the capacity to identify, isolate, and respond to any cyber attack.”

    Clinton agrees that the U.S. is behind countries like China in this regard.”

    Is this the same as saying they are unhappy because America isn’t monitoring and censoring everyone online like China does? That they WANT America to be like China? WTF? Get ready for a real world internet ID required for online access, a backdoor national ID? Bizzaro World.

  517. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, thank you for the links, I forewarded some of them to my friends in Germany, good thing. The french ones, I read.. they had nothing we had not heard be4, only thing I had hoped was, that the French would not allow it.. but then, from what I hear from the Germans, they are sheeple just like here ( US ).
    I have been watching for Moths.. someone.. clark? said.. there are no more moths. In the weeks now that I have been looking for them, I have seen 3 ! Chems sketchy, yet constant, day and night. The ” lumpy oatmeal ” kind. Thunderheads over our deserts, and above them… lots and lots of Chems. So, once it rains.. the rain will be full of the stuff.
    Once u observe all this… it almost explains itself. My very politically active GF does not believe in Internet control, she sais.. it would be impossible to do. She has no clue how wrong she is ! I sent her a few things that might open her peepers.
    Yes.. the Tower of Babel is getting mighty big, and I can see it come tumbling down…..Gods’ bigger, Allelujah !!!
    Fires in LA hugely uncontained, about 60 homes lost so far. Even Glendale, close to city center is threatened. Here we have fires too.. but as far as I know nothing out of control. Skies though are ashy.
    No rain in sight, and we had no measurable rain.. in….. I can’t even remember when.. maybe a year ago or so, dunno. Yes, it is Fascism that is aimed for, the crown of Socialism&Communism…been there.. seen it done it. By the way, their color is BROWN !

  518. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline: We finally had a thunderstorm today and last night, that blew the smoke out of the valley for the first time in a week. Most of the smoke has been headed south to Sky’s backyard. Stuff is toxic.

    I wonder if the hurricane headed your way will put the fires out or fan the flames. It’s been a long time since a city burned to the ground but seeing how it’s LA..the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  519. Celline Says:

    @eric, That hurricane won’t come that far North, all we are going to get.. are some ankle-slapper waves. Not a drop out of the sky either.. after all, we are a desert by the sea. And of course whatever it is ” they” are doing w. those chems.. or the weather otherwise, seems designed to drive people out of this area. We have water rationing now, lawns are brown.. I don’t think that even our native Peppertrees and the Eucalyptus will survive this drought. Southern Cal, my beautiful.. is indeed a sad sight now.
    Glad you got some relief, happy 4 you !

  520. Celline Says:

    on a lighter note : Angelina is preggers I heard ;o)
    ok, forgive my mentioning this Lapalie, could not help myself !

  521. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, yes, it would seem that they are sorry that they can’t control the web like they do in China. It is coming, I have no doubt about it. In Saudi Arabia people are imprisoned who say something against Islam in their own blogs. I’ve read of a lady who had a Google blog, and Google BLOCKED her from using her own blog, because it offended her government.

    So, it isn’t just China. They can monitor everything we say here and undoubtedly trace it back to our computers. Better back up everything we don’t want to lose that is in our favourites. Just make sure you have a place to hide all that when it gets to where they may use it as evidence against us.

  522. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is another example (a Canadian one this time) of controlling the Internet. And by the way, the income tax is just as unlawful here as it is in the USA.


    Here is the Canadian vaccination plan for the fall. It appears that they are ‘ill prepared’ and won’t be ready to vaccinate when the USA and Europe will. So, we might get the luxury to see how deadly the vaccine is before it is used here, and it might prevent some deaths.


    I saw a few chemtrails this morning, which quickly spread out to cover the sky with a thin haze that was almost unnoticeable. We had some REAL clouds (fluffy white ones) later.

    Meaning, that I took pictures of wild flowers instead of chems while walking the baby! Hard to believe, eh?

  523. ericswan Says:

  524. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan ….Thnx for your smoke ! Just what we needed. : – )

    Actually I don’t think it was just the Kamloop’s smoke that made it unbreathable here in Kelowna again on Sunday and Mon. There are a ton of other fires blowing the smoke our way…Clinton, Salmon Arm et al.

    I couldn’t tell if they were chemming us on the weekend, the smoke was too heavy. They could well have been spraying us above this heavy layer of smoke. No way of telling.

    Last night the smoke thinned somewhat, to be replaced by a wicked, wicked combo of sheet and fork lightning. Mostly all dry lightning except for about a 2 minute downpour.

    VERY strange rain. I was watching under the cover of a corner of my deck. Looking up at the big fat drops , the rain appeared normal. But looking at the raindrops closely, from eye level, it looked almost like hail. It definitely wasn’t translucent, the rain was an opaque, whitish color. Like hail. Except this wasn’t hail.This was chem rain.

    And sure enough, once again, the roads were awash with white powder.

    Tonight we are being treated to an encore presentation of yesterday’s terrible lightning. Once again, dry lightning, except for another small chem rain that lasted only for minutes.

  525. Celline Says:

    This one might stirr up some dust ! My very politically active GF is the right hand of ” Diane Lenning ” a Republican on a big rise !
    My GF asked me for a donation for her. Upon which I wrote Diane a letter, ( I have her home-e mail ) so I am sure she’s going to read it even tonight yet. I told her, my wallet is zipped tight . I will donate to no polititian, unless they mention, give answers, tell me they are trying.. tell me they will dig, will press.. to get answers about the chems. ” Dear Diane” I said, I will donate to your campaign, if I know that you will try and get answers.. not just me, but so many people.. etc etc etc.
    I realize my GF will be mad at me.. and I don’t know how Mrs Diane will respond.. but darn.. I got to a polititian, and I know she herself will read it. Had to share this here w. you, for what it’s worth.
    I never again heard from my Pastor-friend.. or the guy who publishes a Christian newspaper, they all say: We need facts, be4 we throw it out to the people. Well then.. if you want my money, then go GET those facts.. or else look for the money you need.. elsewhere, don’t come to me !

  526. clark Says:

    very cool Celline, keep that wallet zipped.

  527. Celline Says:

    She actually already answered me !!!!!
    Sais, it’s bugspray for the “titzi-fly” ! Anyway.. she’s either in denial, or she doesen’t dare come right out and admit to the chems.
    Our ” conversation” is ongoing, I answered her back, called her attention to the fact, that she was denying that chemtrails exist.. wow…
    stay tuned to that one ! Now, I am going to bed, was waiting for her reply.

  528. Dude Says:

    Celline: tell your idiot friend that there are no titzi flies in Va, nor in many other parts of the world where they spray almost every day.

    btw, yesterday was one of those days where they didnt spray anything that I saw. it happens about 1 or 2 days a month. Apparently, Nibiru isnt visible all the time.

  529. clark Says:

    Six days – a new record for my area – since I’ve been on this blog. Six days without seeing dozens of chemtrailing jets overhead. Last night the sky was clear, at dawn the sky was clear, and at noon the sky was clear. No jets with chemtrails or contrails, and no clouds. The normal suddenly seems abnormal. It’s like waiting for a punch you think is coming.

  530. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, you’re right. They sprayed nearly every day from February to April. Then, on Good Friday, they stopped. Nothing for a whole week. And then, wham, on Apr. 17th the worst spraying I’ve seen this far!

    The sky is blue here as well, with just a couple of little white, real clouds. It isn’t as blue as it should be, and turns to very pale blue on the horizon. But no obvious spraying.

    But I know it won’t last, it never does.

  531. Celline Says:

    Clark, I am happy 4 you.. now do not hold your breath.
    My Polititian, is full of it.. she flat denied the whole thing, I wrote her back, explaining away her Titzi-fly BS.. and told her.. my wallet stays zipped.. until she gets it.. and throws it OUT there.. period.
    Made another enemy, na 2.. Judy and her.. do I care !
    What it looks like here today: Huge thunderheads over the deserts in the East, yet over and above those.. the chemtrails. Very few right here.. because we will not get rain. But in the deserts, it is possible to get some. When this rain falls…. it will already have mingled w. the chempoisons !qwertyuiop&*&^% !!!!!
    LA fires out of control.. because of a circulating high, we don’t seem to get the ashes and the smell.
    I want to see one day under a 100.. a low humidity.. maybe I could breathe !

  532. ericswan Says:

    Thanx for the update Celline. I gave up on politicians, media and the establishment some time ago. The only way through this mess is at street level. You should embrace your neighbours and not try to convert them but simply to love them.

    I found a website that updates all the fires and it’s up to the minute when fires are very active. What is your latitude?


  533. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, I found that when I am out there taking pictures while neighbours are around, they’ll ask me what I am taking pictures of. And I explain it to them. And I’ll ask, “Do you think that looks like a cloud?” And for the first time they’ll actually really look, and say, wow, I never noticed, but that isn’t a normal cloud, what is it?

    And since they asked, I’ll tell them. Mind you, usually they don’t talk about it with me again, and some avoid me. But hey, at least they can’t say that nobody told them.

  534. Celline Says:

    Will have to look this up, Eric.
    As to our farmers: Central Cal.. supplies about 75% of all food to CA.. and a whole lot to the whole US.
    Now they are getting 10% of the water they used to have up to a week ago. What this means, we all know. Farmers will go broke, they can not water their crops. This in turn leads to something I have already seen in my life. It is called : Kolchosen ! German word I can’t translate.. but it means.. that private land will be confiscated, then all farming will be done in huge conglamourates ( sp ) run by.. of course, the Government.
    That now is Communism. The farmer keeps working on his formerly owned land.. but is working for big bro. Then they will have 3 – 5 years of ” Soll ” meaning, the production must be so and so high.
    Then there will be plenty of water. All the ” protecting white rats etc,” was nothing but leading up to : Taken people’s land. Since I already lived thru this and know all the details.. I can just lay it out for you.. to a “T”.
    I FLED from them.. under gunfire, what the heck…. they found me, now where do I go ? Thank you “R”.. he knows who he is !

  535. Celline Says:

    Eric, can’t get to a decent map right now, all I could find out on the quick is:
    if this helps?

  536. clark Says:

    Next is cash for drought stricken farmland, with a few strings attached?

    I did a 30 mi. trip today, not a single jet of any kind.

  537. Celline Says:

    Thunderheads moving West, toward us. Looks like there could be rain. Alas.. with the clouds also arrived the chems.. neatly placed above the thunder and rainclouds. How the heck do they do that?
    Thanx R u know who u are !

  538. Celline Says:

    could cry, storm fizzled out 20 miles east of us, so again, not a drop here.
    Chems were eagerly standing by.

  539. clark Says:

    An interesting comment/observation found on infowars,I hope it’s an isolated case:

    UPTOHERE Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    I do not know if this has happend to anybody else but my garden is dead, my pomergrtantes on my trees have all split and are no good now. My watermelons and cantalopes were hollow inside and the cucumbers just started turning brown along with the rest of my garden. My grapes shrivled up and dissappeared. Now I have been useing filtered water organic plant food and only natural pesticides. I believe this has happpend because of the chemtrails. I live in las vegas nevada and I realize that it gets haot here but never has this happend to any plants or trees I have grown. I’ve been in vegas since 1969 . I believe the nwo wants to make sure we the people have nothing to eat even out of our own gardens. I may be wrong please someone tell me I’ am. Has this been happening to anybody else?…

  540. Celline Says:

    I would love to reply to UpToHere,
    Yes, it’s happening here also. We are suppose to eat Monsanto genetically altered ” food” only. Las Vegas has the worst Chemtrails I have ever seen. Horrible and relentless.. worse than here.
    Our garden suffers extensively from Fungi, and no matter what we do.. everything will be white like mildew all the time.
    Even the flowers are not doing well. The Bogan Velias are droopy too.
    So far we have tomatoes that are ok. Everything else in the vegetable family.. looks sick, white and mildewy. Will update, can you get this to “Uptohere”.. clark?

  541. clark Says:

    Not likely Celline, sorry, the infowars comments section is huge and post get deleted all the time. I just found his comment relative to this blog. But, don’t let that stop you from the update.

  542. clark Says:

    Celline says, …white and mildewy

    Thinking out loud in an aimless way:

    Denial is a psychotropic, mind-altering drug that by comparison makes crack cocaine look like health food, and addiction to it shuts down the brain. – Stewart Dougherty

  543. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Speaking of Vegas, there is a new show on the History channel called “Kings of Pawn” about a family run pawn shop in Las Vegas. I saw part of the show. What caught my eye is the opening sequence of the show is filmed from the perspective of a rider in a convertible car, the camera is pointed up (“looking” at the sky). You can CLEARLY SEE the chemtrails in long lines over Vegas!

    Vegas is already a desert. What the hell are they doing spraying heavy chemtrails there? I know chemtrails are like a multi-function tool for the Elite.

    My guess is the heavy trails over Vegas are to help give the tens of thousands of tourists “something extra” to take home.
    Otherwise, why bother?

  544. Ursa Major Says:

    My two youngest daughters are potato scouts during the summer (the older one as part of her job working on the farm year-round, the younger one as a summer job). This year blight was terrible. Blight is a mold that can destroy whole crops if not detected quickly, and if it goes to seed, can wipe out the crops of the whole province, as they get blown by the wind and spread.

    The farmer has to apply fungicide immediately if any blight is detected, and often has to plow under part of his field. Last year it wasn’t much of a problem, but this year I believe he lost at least one whole field (and he has a huge farm, with some fields not around here but a 45 minute drive away).

    Of course, this summer wasn’t much of a summer, cold and wet. We had way too much rain. I think they know where to make it rain too much, and where to cause a drought for most effect.

  545. ericswan Says:

    How could I not get involved in a conversation about mold and fungi?


  546. Celline Says:

    Yes Uschi, yes clark.. will update as I find out.
    The chems over Vegas are the worst in the world, from what I have seen.
    Founding has the best answer yet, I have wondered about Vegas for a long time. It is total desert. hot and dry. But Millions from all countries in the world visit the attractions there. Myself, I know this town inside out, the Glam and the Glitter over here.. stark poverty right around the corner.
    If those chems carry something that will stick w. you.. and you can pass it on to others… then Founding is right on, it makes sense.
    The precision, how they hit the spots that need poisening, is amazing.
    When I saw our storm over the desert today.. the chems were poised precisely over the clouds. As the storm came nearer us ( west ) out of nowhere.. big clumpy oatmeal chems appeared , directly over our town. Had that storm come our way, every raindrop would have been saturated with chems. The ” engeneering ” the precision, the whole thing just blows ,my mind ! And to think, most people don’t even know this monsterous plot exists, is unimaginable. Clarks saying, above, is so very fitting.
    I am so scared for my children.. who also are in denial…. and I think I am done trying to talk to politicians, media etc… because this thing is much bigger than a human event, this is satanic, and yes, I stand behind those words. It is Humans in concert w. unspeakable Evil..
    And all I know what to do is pray, pray, for God’s mercy !

  547. clark Says:

    @FF, I would imagine the outskirts of Vegas has large irrigated vegetable farms. Chemtrails – weather and dirt wars – covering all the weather and dirt fit to grow food with? Indoor people and sand might be more difficult to saturate? IF a part of the purpose of chemtrails is a fungal replacement application. Getting it inside heavily filtered buildings may be difficult too, as many have read articles such as eric’s Toxic Mold link.

    Did I mention on this blog the article about bats being killed by mold while they slept in their caves? I think I did. It may be linked to the disappearance of the moths. Blade Runner world in the makings?

  548. clark Says:

    I’m half-way through day seven of totally clear skies… no jets, no clouds, nuthin’ but some smog… wait, smog? The smog is back, I’ve never been happy to see smog but I am today! My mid-sized industrial city didn’t normally have much smog before, but it was noticable, well, in years past it was, it’s been absent this year, until now.

  549. clark Says:

    That last comment should read, “I’m half-way through day seven of totally clear skies from dawn to noon, with natural looking clouds that clear up by dusk… other than the smattering of chemtrails in the distance the other day, there have been No jets, No chemtrails. The once busy flight path over my house where dozens of jets once flew is totally free of jets of any kind what-so-ever. < There, accuracy.

  550. ericswan Says:

    China set to unveil new missiles: state media
    Sep 2 03:03 AM US/Eastern

    China will unveil a range of previously unknown missiles during its October 1 National Day parade, including intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles, state media said Wednesday.
    The new hardware on display also will include conventional cruise missiles and both short- and medium-range missiles, the Global Times newspaper reported, citing an unnamed People’s Liberation Army source.

    “These missiles are domestically designed and manufactured and have never been officially reported before,” the source, who is with the PLA’s strategic missile defence unit, was quoted as saying.

  551. Celline Says:

    Eric.. w.our technology, am sure. Nixon’s visit there.. then Clinton’s from what I remember..weren’t ” friendship” that’s for sure.
    While they were at it, they probably gave them all our parklands too.

  552. clark Says:

    Like countless other eco-conscious consumers, the Middlesex, Vt., teacher and blogger switched to the aluminum bottles for her two young girls because of bisphenol-A, or BPA, a substance commonly used to harden plastic that has raised health concerns and bedeviled buyers of plastic bottles.

    Now this shocker from Sigg Switzerland: Bottles made by the company before August 2008 had “trace amounts” of BPA in the epoxy liners. Sigg officials knew it since June 2006, but didn’t announce it until last month.


    It’s amazing how people get so bent out of shape for stuff like this but totally ignore chemtrails. Can’t you see the article in the future: Government officials knew chemtrails were dangerous as they were being applied in the 1990’s and the first decade of 2000 but didn’t announce it until 2012 after they concluded their results.

    Or do we never find out about how chemtrails are a failed missile shield meant to deflect this new and improved USA designed made in China missile? Or, is that why Clinton et al sold the parts to China to make the missiles, because they thought chemtrails can detect and destroy such missiles making them obsolete?

    BPA is that what you call childs-play?

    How many days left Dude? Oh wait, never-mind, nobody else is listening football season is about to start, why would they care to know about any of this, from chemtrails to molds to Planet X, it’s ten minutes to kickoff.

  553. clark Says:

    Aspen, the white-barked trees with golden leaves that gave their name to the famed Colorado ski resort, have been dying off across the Rocky Mountain states. The die-off is puzzling but some foresters point to climate change.

    Recent droughts and other factors linked to global warming are seen as likely causes for “sudden aspen decline,” or SAD, so named because it can strike a forest so quickly.


    What’s sad is that this is probably the result of chemtrailing efforts and not the Marxists lie called global warming.

    –Day eight, the skies at dusk last night, and at dawn this morning were cloud and jet free. I haven’t seen a jet of any kind all morning.

  554. ericswan Says:

    Interesting stuff Clark..Follow this link to the occult day of destruction being 09/09/09 eric swan


  555. ericswan Says:

    Now we can see is why HD television, the fluoride, vaccinations, microwaves etc damage the minds of humans making them much easier to possess. So, this is the point of view from the Rothschilds, the satanist bankers. I am a very good friend of the Rothschilds and I know they would like me to reveal their secrets and agenda, so as a special favour to them (joking!) they plan the depression, WW3 not just to enrich themselves and make them rulers of the world but from the satanist agenda to use the human body in order for dark energy matter beings – or demons in old fashioned language – to be able to enjoy themselves and walk the earth and enjoy themselves. This will require a huge blood ritual on a scale where slitting the throats of a few children in a dungeon which might put one demon in one body, for example, to produce one member of the royal family, but they’d have to do it on a massive scale if they are going to have hundreds of millions of dark energy matter beings brought in.

    The end result is to evict humanity from the earth and just have the Rothschilds in command of the bodies which they use for vehicles for their demons. If there are any humans left, they can be used for torture-slaves for magic rituals in the camps. This is what the Rothchilds are actually planning. I know it sounds insane, but if you look at the facts of what they are doing, it all fits perfectly. I thought I’d stray slightly from the geopolitics into the Rothschilds field, to let the Christians in America know that Obama and Gordon Brown have an agenda which fits perfectly into the world view of the Christians in America, it’s just they are on the other side.

    Even though Obama’s war in Afghanistan has failed and his efforts to make Pakistan a Zionist state have backfired today; and the world economy is 1.5 quadrillion down the drain and Israel is ready to nuke Iran – all this must be seen not as failure but as the Rothschilds succeeding. The Rothschilds satanist agenda is going to plan. No-one believes in the occult – except, of course, the American military who are doing massive Manhattan projects on psychic warfare, of course, and then there are the Russians, the Chinese, the Israelis and the British. For the common man, the occult doesn’t exist, but for the military, it is the cutting edge of new warfare, the ability to influence minds, for example, having nuclear submarines collide in the Atlantic would be useful, or getting your enemy to make a mistake and attack a country which would lead to its demise. The ability to influence minds is the new battlefield of the Pentagon. Though, it’s not really the new battlefield because the Rothschilds have been there, seen that, done that, and have convinced their generals of the efficacy of satanism and there is dedicated cadre of Pentagon generals who implement these rituals on a vast scale which are called Iraq, Afghanistan and Benjamin Netanyahu, a close friend of the Rothschilds, ready to implement it on a gigantic scale against the Muslims who were the reason the Jews survived the Christian purges. So one can see that the death of all these Muslims, from the cosmic view, as karma, punishing the Muslims for protecting the Jews who became the Rothschilds who took over the world and unleashed ultimate evil on the planet. So everything has a reason even though it might appear nonsensical and the non-moral majority in America are worshipping satan even though, for example, Southern Presbyterians for Israel – an oxymoron – but we can see that the Christians in America, of their own free will, have become satanists and are following the Rothschilds agenda. This is why the Rothschilds fund a lot of churches in America and there are all those stupid people who don’t believe in satanism when all the bankers are totally dedicated to it. Masonic temples, for example, in simple occult physics, are just three spaces where they twist you through 90º and allow the soul to be linked up with these dark energy matter beings. There’s a whole range of science which is unavailable to the public


    The link above is in 3 parts. This is the link wherein 09/09/09 is the lynchpin to a successful take down by the satanists. I never heard of this stuff until this morning. In my opinion, this is the nexus of the problem we face and the turning point is hours ahead of us. 284 hours to be exact.

  556. Celline Says:

    @eric, do not be too surprized when I say, I know all of this.
    Throw in a few Rockefellers please, Astors and Duponts.
    I know what u wrote sounds way out, but I know it’s totally true.
    By the way.. I have not attended any church in years.. precisely of what u said. The corruption, the lack of teaching the Truth.. the political connections of the Pastors w. Big shots ( yes they do Golf also )
    The SOFT Gospel, The Socialclubbing.. the outright wrong even evil teachings, drove me away years ago. I understand.!. Not all christians are brainless u know?
    Anyways.. I 2. everything u said !

  557. Celline Says:

    Eric, I must add this. I never heard anyone say what u said, and for some reason, I always only vaguely touched on it. Like when I would say: This is a conspiracy between Human and Evil.
    You though spelled it out.
    I have studied these things for a very long time.. and came to one conclusion only, there’s but ONE way, to win out over this unspeakable Evil, and it is: 2. Chronicles: 7 :14 !
    Say what u will….. if you find a better answer, then you tell me, ok?

  558. ericswan Says:

    I have to agree Celline. This has been in the public domain for a long time. The new information for me is the numerology practised by the illuminati in the 6/6/6, 7/7/7, the 8,/8/8 and what no doubt will be the last train out of the station the 9/9/9.


    Makes it very clear and imminent. The illuminati lost the 8/8/8 to Russia in Georgia aka Georgia Stones, George sr. and George jr., aka St George and the 13th tribe, George Soros………………….

    Georgia, because the Rothschilds had taken over the magic and the archetype of Saint George, the patron saint of the English, the 13th Tribe of Israel, who will slaughter the Jews in Israel as the grand sacrifice to the one world government. Stalin was born in Georgia and we need the archetype of Stalin to bring in the one world Talmudic Jewish gulag government which will take over after the assassination of Obama. The Georgia Guidestones put it in stone because the Shethlia stone which is the manifestation of the Matrix and the Georgia Guidestones are there and are thus called, for a reason. Georgia is the country which will bring in the one world government of Talmudic Satanists. Why George? Because St George slayed the Dragon, Dragon energy is the energy of dark energy matter realm. The lance with which he kills the Dragon is the Chakra which comes out of the temple, the unicorn’s horn which all MI6 occult branch people are trained to use in order to direct and use the dark energy matter demonic energy.


  559. Celline Says:

    @eric, I read all the links.
    The whole thing comes out of the occult, you are right.
    I find some of it conjecture.. but overall, righton !

  560. clark Says:

    I think I found someplace without chemtrails, or clouds, or rain. I’m not sure if it would be a good place to go to either.

  561. clark Says:

    I’ve suddenly had a terrible thought. What if chemtrails and the rain they produce are to the planet as what central banks and fiat money are to the world economy? Hiding the true nature of the way the whole system should be and will be once the artificial stimulation is removed, and that the artificial stimulation cannot continue indefinitely much like with any addiction, more and more stimulation is required until all the stimulation in the world is not enough and no longer works to produce any type of result. Is this video what the whole world should look like right now but doesn’t because of the chemtrailing effort?

    I better stop thinking and take The Blue Pill huh? It couldn’t be possible. A system winding down, a motion coming to rest.

    It was a partly cloudy, hazy blue/white-ish sky all day until it cleared up this evening, just like all the other evenings the last eight days without jets and chemtrails.

  562. Celline Says:

    Clark, I found a lot of websites that show Argentinia w. chemtrails, still don’t know how to put the links here ;(
    Maybe your video shows the results of said chems.. because I have the notion, that’s what Southern Cal is going to look like, we are almost there.
    Please read all what Eric had to say and look up the links, that is what’s at the bottom of all of it.
    OK, blue pill time…

  563. Celline Says:

    I have an SOS call.. anyone?
    What causes chronic weak feeling, fatigue ? Everything has been checked out, no Dr has a clue, can someone help ?

  564. Ursa Major Says:

    For starters, that is one of the things caused by chemtrails, all by itself, no other diagnosis needed.

    But you may have adrenal fatigue, too. That is when the adrenal glands (Nebennieren) stop functioning properly, due to stress, usually. The stress can be illness, emotional stress, an accident, war (and yes, it can take a long while to get really bad) a severe shock……. any number of stressors can cause it, usually a combination.

    The biggest problem is, that most doctors dismiss it, because they don’t have a clue.

    Plus, if I was you, I would take iron and vitamin D supplements, as I’ve said before, I think your doctor is clueless.

  565. Celline Says:

    Thank you Uschi !!!

  566. clark Says:

    A good sweaty workout is good for that too sometimes, or a swim. Beer works every so often as well. Dr. has no clue HAHAHA Dr.’s are mostly dumb a.. I can’t/shouldn’t give the examples, but from what I’ve seen they are often as clueless as a high schooler in a lab. Some Dr.’s get it though, but not many. I still haven’t figured out how to beat the energy zapping power of some chemtrails – sometimes you’re just beat and got no motivation and that’s that. Chew on a root?

  567. Ursa Major Says:

    Very timely, just this morning I got my regular e-mail from Dr. Mercola’s site, and wouldn’t you know it, he has an article on adrenal fatigue! Here is a link to that article:


    Celline, I’ll send you an adrenal fatigue questionnaire I scanned from a book a while ago, so you can see if it is a likely problem.

    Yesterday, after several days of blue skies, I saw some minor chemtrails right over our elementary school (which is the only school in the area that has year-round-schooling, which means that they pretty much follow the European school calendar, and have been back in school for a couple of weeks). That was late morning.

    Too bad I had let my guard down, and didn’t look outside for several hours. Plus, I was working on something on my computer and lose track of time.

    So, I didn’t look outside from about 2:00 p.m. until 5:17 p.m. And was shocked to see the whole sky covered in those ‘veil chems’! Seriously, they looked like somebody had thrown a whole lot of this flimsy veil material all over the sky. With some sylphs and puff thrown in. It was just atrocious.

    Today the sky has gone from the bright blue of yesterday early afternoon to the usual light blue because of that evenly spread out junk way up from yesterdays chems.

  568. clark Says:

    My record is over, they are back this morning, all coming from the same spot in the east where the sun is rising. I didn’t get to see the dawn, but there are a number of older chemtrails and I just counted four jets within the last ten minutes leaving quick dissipating chemtrails mixed with short bursts chemtrails. The older chemtrails are a couple of long lasting horizon to horizon chemtrails. The sky is still fairly blue but here and there are what Ursa described as flimsy veil material … With some sylphs and puff thrown in. I came pretty close to correctly predicting when they would return, only off by one day. We’ll see how bad they get today, whether they keep it up and make it cloud over and rain or whether they back off and we have a day like days past.

  569. ericswan Says:

    Heavy chemtrailing into the evening and rain this morning. Please note that B.C. was the first province to institute a carbon tax.

  570. Ursa Major Says:

    We had white clouds (normal looking) for a while, but they are gone, and the sky is light blue. My hubby will likely call it a ‘glorious day’, as the sun is glaring down through that junk.

    I just want to note that our sparrows are back, there seem to be hundreds of them in our backyard every day, flying around in swarms.

    I saw ONE honeybee yesterday (the one and only one I’ve seen all summer). Thousands of wasps, which are a real pest. But that is fairly normal in September here. Just as the weather is nice enough to eat outside, you can’t because of the wasps. We ought to buy one of those screen tents.

  571. ericswan Says:

    Celline..You should investigate the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks for refuge.

  572. clark Says:

    They sprayed this area hard yesterday, with no rain resulting. They didn’t white out the sky due to the wind. The chemtrails seemed a bit different, more particle-like and much longer lasting, surprising with the fairly strong wind. Saw a big U-shaped squared set that looked like an attempt to cover an area with less application. Very vivid bright pink sunset reflecting off the chemclouds. Today is almost all solid white sky with bits of blue here and there, no visible chemtrails. Yesterday the temp got close to 80 degrees. This week the temp is supposed to get to 79 degrees until around Thursday, then things get cooler. My prediction, I’ll see chemtrails until Thursday. Lots of body and joint aches around here, cramps in people who have never had them, stuff like that.

  573. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is an interesting video about how easy it is to put out wildfires, but our governments refuse to do it. Why?

    Lots of chemtrails today. Some obvious ones, but many not so obvious, very thin ones, that spread fast.

    My breathing is terrible, and my ‘dear family’ tells me that is because I need to lose weight. I asked them why I have been sneezing like crazy all day, is that because of being overweight, too? There is obviously something in the air that is really affecting me. And my breathing is always worse when there are chems being sprayed.

    It really only hit me last night, that the ONLY chemtrails I saw on Friday morning where right over the ONLY school actually in session in the whole area. There were no other chemtrails until the evening anywhere else. Very curious, don’t you think?

  574. Ursa Major Says:

    Oops, forgot to post the link to the video, here it is:


  575. Ursa Major Says:

    Hello….lo…o….o….o (echoing in empty room). I guess everybody is busy this holiday!

    More wispy veils late morning and some obvious chemtrails (crosses right over my house), but not in your face ones…. because they were not stark white against a blue sky, but rather with that veil background.

    Now we have clouds, and I bet with all the chems yesterday and today, by tonight we’ll likely have rain.

    I went for a walk on a hiking trail in a nearby park yesterday. By now there should be ZERO mosquitoes, even up north. But they were attacking me the whole time (especially in the shade, of course), so I couldn’t stop but had to keep going. Because whenever I stopped, they started coming from all sides. It is crazy.

  576. Ursa Major Says:

    California and British Columbia aren’t the only places with devastating fires. Greece is burning all over. And it is believed that most of the fires were arson. Surprised? Not really.


  577. Clark Says:

    No jets today. Temp below 79 degrees.

  578. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..posted a vid you should watch at 1776 why I don’t invest in stocks blog.

    Here’s an item you might look at for your xmas stocking stuffers.


  579. Celline Says:

    Our heatwave finally broke and the oceanbreeze is back.
    The heat was tremendous we are breathing sighs of relief.
    Very clear days the last few, and I have not seen any chems.
    Doesen’t mean they aren’t there since the globe is saturated w. them, it’s just nice to not have to see them for a few days.
    Blessings to all…

  580. Ursa Major Says:

    It is extremely foggy here today, so can’t see if there are chems. Of course, the fog is likely saturated with chemicals, and not safe to breathe.

    Here is an article by Dr. Mercola, which shows that especially in Germany, doctors are more and more opposed to the swine flu vaccine. The makers of the vaccine are using CANCEROUS animals cells to make it!


    Click on all the links, too, and download the free pdf book, which is very informative.

  581. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a post by somebody on Dr. Mercola’s forum that spells out what I’ve found in my research on cholesterol and vitamin D. Folks, please, don’t even THINK about taking those deadly statins!

    “Cholesterol is crucial for homeostasis. A high cholesterol indicates that it is not being converted adequately into the steroid hormones or Vitamin D. Lowering cholesterol artificially with statins, deprives the body of adequate capacity to produce Vit D3, steroid hormones and digestive capacity.

    The recommendation by the medical industry to lower cholesterol is designed to upset homeostatic metabolism, as a means to deprive folk of their libido and fertility and their ability to fight infection. It also causes widespread skeletal problems resulting in osteoporosis and a metastasis of calcium from hard bone tissue to soft vessel tissue where it is deposited as plaque.

    Furthermore , the fight and flight hormones are also negatively affected , curbing normal social responses… making people into compliant zombies.

    Finally, I must mention that chlolesterol has absolutely nothing to do with heart disease, Cholesterol is a Pharmaceutical scam to make a killing. Together with the UN, WHO and FDA, they conspire to harm the masses and cause them to prematurely self destruct.

    This is eugenics in progress and exactly what the New World Order is all about.

    This is the first post after this article:


  582. ericswan Says:

    The video i posted speaks to the issue of cholesterol. I have alot of experience with statins. Baycol killed my mother and several heart attacks have nearly killed me. I stopped taking my statins but I also stopped all exposure to the halides. Got rid of the hot tub and no more bromine. Got rid of toothpaste and no more flourides. Got rid of chlorine when the city stopped putting it in the water and wonder of wonders, my cholesterol is normal.

    The Pete Peterson video says we are exposed to the halides so the government doesn’t have to pay out pensions. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you do so.


  583. clark Says:

    At sunrise no jets, no clouds… now it’s almost 11a.m. clear skies and still no jets, on a Tuesday after a holiday, how can there be any doubt to any sane rational person that these jets are not regular commercial jets? What the Hell are they spraying on us?

    A few of my posts are getting eaten, does that mean this comment roll is getting full?

    @eric, I was drawn to something like the Sangean ATS-803A/DX-440 (Radio Shack/Realistic) to pick up ham radio also. I didn’t get to look into radios as much as I wanted to, my PC kind of froze up, for “some” reason, which I kind of think I know why/from where, now. That radio you suggested had some bad reviews, but I didn’t look at it very closely. Do you have one? That video on the Why I Don’t Own Stocks thread was interesting, I don’t know if I’ll watch the other videos in that set or not, is there anything earth-shattering revealed?

  584. solsburyhill Says:

    Following a general medical check-up I had two years ago, I was informed that my cholesterol level was too high. The doctor recommended me to change my eating habits (less “junk food”) and to regularly take a yogurt drink known as “Danacol” (by Danone). If my levels did not come down after approx. six months, I was recommended to take medicin to this effect.

    Well, to make a long story short. I was indeed eating more healthy for a while and also had one Danacol a day. I didn’t go back for a follow-up check after six months as suggested and I stopped with Danacol shortly after as I was told by a friend of mine that Danacol was not good for the body. Now, I’m not taking anything for the cholesterol. I eat normally (which includes pizza, cheese from time to time). I have not checked the level, but in general I feel fine.

    I have friends of mine who, like me, are pretty active and definitely not overweight – and they all have high cholesterol.

  585. ericswan Says:

    In the first vid, Pete Peterson talks about his first encounter with UFO’s which was a “public” spectacle over two hours at an outside wedding reception at the age of 10. He doesn’t say too much about aliens except that in the science of DNA, he and his co-workers believe that 15% of the world’s population carry DNA that is “other worldly”.

    The most salient feature is his belief that the US is headed to destruction by way of corrupt polititicans, masons, illuminati and that he has moved to a location in Idaho where he makes his own alcohol to operate his homemade vehicles to run on it. His box canyon can be sealed up with a stick of dynamite or even a pry bar. His parents were self sufficient and solar in the 50’s which included growing all their own meat and vegetables.

    I’m going back to work after months of recovering from a couple of surgeries for collapsed arteries. It feels like the Benjamin Button thing where the old guy gets younger.

    I didn’t see the reviews on the radio. I like wind up, solar, battery aspect but the real issue is access to SW1 and 2. That seems to be an important aspect to “survival” when most systems fail.

    The best thing I’ve said here is network with your neighbours. You need to protect and provide for each other and be inclusive. No division by race, creed, colour, etc. just the one requirement that this or that person is your “neighbour” and you need to work together.

  586. clark Says:

    @eric, that last part, in the video Dr. Peterson implied urban survival just aint happening, not with the lack of ethics in present day America compared to the 1930’s. A close knit social group in the backwoods, sure, but not in urban/suburban/city areas, I keep thinking of his words about grilling on a charcoal grill near someone who isn’t so nice or friendly and hasn’t eaten in a week. Good summary of the video by the way. That Dr. Peterson sure does have a nice sounding place, damn the torpedoes… blow up the pass, lock out the world, a world that time can forget?

    @Celline, I noticed on weather.com it says So. Cal. is 73 degrees today, I wonder if that is why you don’t see any chems today or yesterday. I wonder if those low temps are further inland as well, and as a result, no chems there either?

  587. ericswan Says:

    Alex Jones faked an interview with Obama. The fallout is lost credibility for all of those who oppose the one world government. I got sucked in not realizing that this Charlie Sheen/Obama interview was a fraud and posted the same to my blog. The subject of 911 truth is now dead and needs to be buried right beside Ted Kennedy.

    Here’s a 5 min. vid of chemtrails over New York City.


  588. Sky Says:

    @ ericswan – The interview wasn’t a fraud. This is an open letter that Sheen wrote and is sending to Obama in an effort to get a new 911 investigation. It’s like a movie script of what COULD happen.

    Read the bottom of the letter where it says :

    “Author’s Note: What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.

    This is an open letter to the President requesting a new investigation.

    Charlie Sheen.”

    Here’s the link to the letter.


    I can easily see where people could get confused by this. A J’s staff did a very poor job of setting this up on infowars.It should have been made very CLEAR to the readers that this was in fact a piece of fiction.

    I’m looking forward to his interview tomorrow with Sheen.

  589. clark Says:

    There’s that “star power” I was talking about earlier, he could drag in other stars and people would listen, a little chemtrail conversation worked in between perhaps. (It’s not that bad eric.) I read the disclaimer was a little late in being posted and I could see how people could feel misled or betrayed, but I think that was for dramatic effect, AND to get people to pay attention. Because it’s probably how things could turn out anyway (really, the results are the same so far) this sets up an expectation AND The POTUS can’t behave as it’s been written or he will look bad so he will have to do something differently.

    Isn’t that how things work in the, “High Pro-Glow Crowds” of the Upper classes? This is exactly how Generation X does things (even though he may be a Boomer, I think the lines blurr a bit) and I’m not put off by it, nor will anyone who knows nothing of the Truthers or chemtrails and such, you know, the clueless masses.

    The only people who were thrown off or are mad are people who already know, not those who need convincing. IMHO.

  590. Sky Says:

    OK, I just read the board on infowars- Twenty Minutes With the President.

    Most people got sucked into believing this actually happened.

    I don’t agree with the way AJ set this up. On the one hand, it does create sensationalism and gives the 911 truth buzz a boost.

    But on the other hand, I think it hurts Alex Jone’s integrity. And that’s the last thing the truth movement needs.

  591. Celline Says:

    @eric, I still have to watch the link u posted, can’t wait to see it.I also am on statins because of skyhigh cholesterol.. and scared not to take them.
    What is the answer ? I am on the skinny side.. surely a healthy eater, but since taking the statins.. I feel so wiped out all the time, very unusual 4 me.
    @clark, our temps were higher than indicated by you, we are in the upper 80ees and inland it is in the 100s.
    The newest trick in the chems I notice, like today.. from over the Pacific, into our blue skies come floating in those puffy cloudlooking things, that are no clouds. When I look directly up at them.. I can see how stuff is falling out of them like a mist. I watched them for about 20 minutes today. They come in about ( guessing here ) 2 miles wide.. from the west.
    No planes in sight.. they puff this stuff out over the ocean. We have absolutely no clouds certain times of the year, like now… only oceanmoisture creeping in at nights. Yet no clouds.
    Those weird puffs started out about 11AM, and checking a second ago, are still going strong. Knowing this area well, I know what our skies look like. Why am I the only one.. apparently? Sheeple, retardet sheeple don’t notice.
    Now I will read all your links, hoping to find something about the cholesterol problem. Thank all of you for throwing out all of this tremendous info, that is so helpful..

  592. Celline Says:

    @eric, please, what is ” Baycol and Halides”?

  593. Sky Says:

    George Noory ( Coast to Coast AM ) just mentioned the stunt Alex Jones pulled.

    Noory wasn’t too happy about it. He called it a distortion of the truth.

    Now I imagine the next thing will be air time for AJ on Noory’s program ( Coast has a HUGE listenership ) so that AJ can apologize.

    I realize that what AJ did will get him more exposure….but still I’m not happy about it.

    Imagine if we saw on his website an interview with the people in charge of chemtrails. We’d be jubilant that the truth was finally being exposed…….only to be absolutely crushed later to find out it was all only fiction !

  594. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, it has been found in several studies that women over 50 with high cholesterol (higher is better, anything below 250 is bad) live far longer than women with low cholesterol. Please wean off those statins, they are known to cause heart attacks and shorten your life! I’ve told you before, your doctor is killing you! By the way, your heart runs on saturated fat, plus coenzyme Q10 is essential for your heart to function. Statins deplete CQ10 and wreck your heart.

    If you want to be healthier, stay away from your MD and go and see a naturopathic doctor. Your MD has been trained by the pharmaceutical companies, who don’t care about people, but want to make money.

    Statins lower cholesterol, but since cholesterol is a ‘problem’ fabricated by the pharmaceutical companies as another big moneymaker, they don’t save any lives, but rather kill people.

    Here is a link with enough information to keep you reading for a while.

    It is cool here, but the humidity is high. When the fog cleared, there were quite a few chems there. They conveniently sprayed them when nobody could see them because of the thick fog.

  595. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is an excellent article. The first sentence says, “People with high cholesterol live the longest”. It is a fact that I have read in many places. Any doctor worth his pay knows it.

  596. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here is my .02 on the Alex Jones “interview” between Charlie Sheen and Obama:

    The 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is upon us, and Alex wanted to remind people that 9/11 is still a big deal and is still being covered up. I think the “disclaimer” should have been at the top of the interview and not at the bottom. I think Alex may have promoted this too aggressively. I think Alex’s passion and demeanor turns a lot of people off from actually listening to his message and researching the facts for themselves. All that said, Alex does a better job than ANYONE else in highlighting the criminals that run our government!

    Eric, do not despair. 9/11 truth is not “dead” – how can the TRUTH be dead? If Alex Jones were to go insane on air tomorrow and announce he was the tooth fairy or the reincarnation of Jesus and the Buddha, that would not change the FACTS that NORAD stood down on 9/11, that the towers “collapsed” at free-fall speed, or that building 7 imploded into its own footprint at free-fall speed despite no plane hitting it!

    The TRUTH does not exist as an extension of what Alex Jones says or does.

    As Clark noted, the influence of celebrities is extremely powerful in our culture today. I think it is wrong and illogical but it is a fact! If Oprah says “buy this book” on her show it goes straight to Nu. #1 instantly! If Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan endorse a product, sales go up. I admire Charlie Sheen’s courage, I like him as an actor, but his research is the same as mine. His facts are the same as mine (regarding the attacks on 9/11) – the difference is he can say these things and get national headlines, and I can’t. God Bless him for making this an issue! How easy it would be to not “rock-the-boat” and sit back in a Hollywood mansion, cashing your checks from a TV show and enjoying hot models and cold drinks and never speaking out. My hat is off to Charlie on this.

    Every 9/11 anniversary I will post a new blog entry specifically about 9/11. I will NEVER LET PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT 9/11! It is the key that unlocked the final power-grab for the New World Order Gang.

    9/11 truth is more important than Alex Jones or Charlie Sheen or FoundingFather1776. None of us are perfect, none of us can convince everyone of the truth that stares right in front of them (I have members of my own family that refuse any explanation of 9/11 except for the ridiculous “official” fairy-tale promoted by the Government!) All I know to do is to keep trying. To try and present the information better. To try and get people to look at the facts. To wake-up my fellow man to the evil that surrounds us to the best of my ability.

    Unless I find something better, I think I will reprint the Charlie Sheen interview on my blog for this 9/11 anniversary – although I will run the disclaimer at the top! I like the 20 bullet points with the documented links. I like that it exposes Obama for the fraud that he is. Even though the interview is imaginary; Obama’s inaction on this issue is quite factual. He is a NWO meat puppet, same as Bush. His skin is darker and he reads from a teleprompter with greater skill, but he is a soulless scumbag minion of the Illuminati cabal…..same as Bush!


    Today is 09/09/09. The Globalists are obsessed with numerology and the occult – remember the London bombings on 07/07/07? Remember the Georgian sneak attack against the Russians on 08/08/08? Everyone keep their eyes and ears open. If some “event” happens today, be sure to snag all news reports from the web, radio and TV to archived copies on your computer and your tapes and VCR’s. It is in the confusion of first reports that the truth is often available. Only later do they get a chance to “scrub” the propaganda to the way they want it.

  597. ericswan Says:

    Clark’s perception that this venue was generational is the only way I can forgive this betrayal.

    Celline; Baycol was the most popular statin on the market. It was responsible for the deaths of thousands with millions in lawsuits. One of it’s side effects which still occurs in the small print of all statins is a disease called rhamdalysis which was one of my mom’s main complaints. It weakens your muscles and shows up in your hands and feet and presents like athersclerosis. The “Halides” are chlorine, bromine and flourine.

    Ursa..I agree with you. The plaque that anneals to the wall of blood vessels is the consequence of cholesterol that has been damaged.

    1776 Your take on 911 reminds me of the torch the IRA carried for 500 years celebrating the betrayal by William of Orange at Inniskillin.

  598. Ursa Major Says:

    I was just going through news reports, to see if anything unusual is happening. And I found this interesting report.

    They are saying that aviation emissions are too high, and if we want to use as many airplanes, we have to cut all other air pollution by 90%. Of course, they show chemtrails in the background as proof of ‘aviation emissions’, which obviously is a big fraud.

    So, another reason for chemtrails – stopping people from using technology if they want to keep travelling by plane – never mind the fact that for the most part it isn’t commercial airlines polluting the atmosphere, but military airplanes purposely spraying crap into the air.

    Here they are busy, busy, busy today, covering the whole sky with chemtrails. But they do it in such a way that mostly it isn’t too obvious. While the trail on this side of the sky has almost turned into haze/cloud, they are spraying on the opposite side. And of course, the atrocious, huge cross was right in front of the bright sun – right over my house, as usual. They ALWAYS put the worst, most obvious ones right over my house. Every time. How can that be coincidence? I think it is freaky.

  599. Ursa Major Says:

    FF, I will be watching for something unusual to happen today, I think you might be right. I hope it won’t be anything too terrible if it happens.

  600. Ursa Major Says:

    By the way, my husband was talking to our mechanic the other day. That man is shrewd and very clever. He has a ‘chip wagon’ (making and selling french fries) on his property with the garage (I guess clients who are waiting for their cars to be ready buy those fries). He carefully filters and cleans the cooking oil (canola oil) and uses it to fuel his modified car with it. He says it runs great, and he gets excellent mileage with the oil. He hasn’t bought gasoline in years.

    To fuel his furnace/air conditioner, he uses the machine oil he drains from people’s cars when they come in for an oil change! Of course, he also cleans that first.

    So, he runs his car and furnace for FREE. If he can do it, others can, too. In fact, if more people would catch onto that, it would likely be outlawed, and the man might end up in jail for being thrifty and inventive, because the government (no sky-high gas tax) and oil companies would be suffering if nobody uses regular gas any more.

  601. clark Says:

    Kind of wierd sky this a.m., cloudy but blurry looking, as if out of focus. There are still bits of blue poking through so it’s not a total whiteout. I didn’t see any jets or chemtrails.

    @Ursa, yesterday when you said there were chemtrails and it was cool, was that 79 degrees cool, or much lower?
    It seems to me that french fry oil deal is like corn ethanol, the total energy cost of production is higher than the benifits. And, if everyone captured their own used motor oil there wouldn’t be enough to go around for everyone to do so too. Who knows though.

    I thought it was unusual that Greenspan sounds like a gold bug and hard money man today:


  602. Dude Says:

    I already told yall when the next false flag will be. 10-10-09. 31 days.

  603. Dude Says:

    canola oil is actually rapeseed oil and is not healthy for consumption. its more of an industrial oil, or so Ive read.

  604. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, this mechanic only cleans the french fry oil to use it. He has modified his car engine to run on it. So, no production cost involved. But of course the reason he has enough machine oil to run his furnace on, is that he changes the oil on so many cars. We would never have enough oil from just our cars.

    Yesterday when I said cool, it was about 58 degrees Fahrenheit. It did go up to about 79 in the afternoon, which I consider hot, not cool. 😉

    By now the ‘clouds’ are blurry looking here, too. Whenever that happens and I take pictures, it always looks like my camera didn’t focus right.

  605. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, I’ve read that too about canola oil. But they seem to put it into everything these days.

  606. clark Says:

    There it is then, that 79 degree mark. My prediction, when the temp is below 79 all day is when you won’t see chemtrails, or in Cellines case, chemclouds. I think the following day might have to be low temps too or they may spray the day before even though it’s lower than 79 to get a jump on the next day. That is, IF my theory is correct… and it doesn’t necessarily mean any of the other theories are any less valid. It may only apply after the growing season, I can’t remember what the temps were last Spring when they were spraying, and I don’t know if they were spraying in the Winter. If they were spraying in the Winter it may have been to manipulate ground moisture levels, that is important for crop growing.

    @Dude, your 10-10-09 deal, that would not be a false flag. That would be a real deal.

  607. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, if you look at my pictures, you’ll see that I started taking them in February, with snow on the ground. And chemtrails all across the sky.

    I’ll have to think about how hot it was when taking pictures of chems this past while. I’ll let you know if your theory holds up. Gotta go now, will be back on sometime tonight.

  608. Celline Says:

    yes.. I thought about the 09/09/09 also just this morning.
    It has to be an occultic sacrifice day, I know it. Will be watching also.
    It is 1 PM and no chemclouds have yet drifted in from over the Pacific, temps are in the 80ees.
    Uschi, thank you so much, my Dr will no longer be able to kill me, I will not touch another statin as long as I live !!!!!!!!!
    Damn them, sorry for that swear !
    Am majorely peo’d.
    Canola oil is highly dangerous for consumption.. that one is old news guys.
    Did not know about Charlie Sheen ^5 for him. Maybe he’s not getting any more movie-roles now. NewAge Hollywood will avoid him like the plague.
    LA fires must be out, I no longer hear a thing about it.
    Clark, thanx for explaining what all this stuff is.
    With ” Chemclouds ” I am trying to describe clouds that aren’t. They look exactly like clouds and only if u know what u are looking for, can u tell they are not… ok? ( They drizzle stuff on you ) !
    Drought awful here.. in Las Vegas it’s even worse, I won’t go there anymore, can’t stomach to look at that sky. Beautiful Lake Mead reflects the chems.. and u feel completely surrounded by them.
    Dude.. great to hear your voice, I missed you. Lemmie assure you.. u will be around in 32 days. Sometimes:” I know stuff” ;o)
    About the 79 degr theorie, am not convinced of this. We have 70 to 75 ( abouts there ) temps all winter long, and the chems have been there last winter daily anyways. Will be watching.
    Will report if anything unusual happens today, nothing yet, and I am not sure.. we would know it right away, because the Elite is secretive, so are the Satanists etc.. bah, all the same thing…. yuck.
    B—-sacrifices am sure.. we might never know.
    as for me and my house….

  609. ericswan Says:

    Alex apologised for his little deception by claiming his excellent it guys couldn’t get the page to load properly. I’ve had the same thing happen to me so will chalk it up to “plausible deniability”. He’s taking heat for it and he knows it.

    The 911 story is not going to be resolved. It’s a done deal. There is no point to it.

  610. BlameTheChemtrails Says:

    Has anybody noticed that the collective human consciousness is parallel with the destruction of the earth? The chemtrails are a reflection of the disease in the souls of the sheeple and their psychopathic controllers. The sickness of the earth is like a woman in labor. (I didn’t come up w/ that metaphor). The labor pains get more intense and closer together until the Age of Aquarius is born.

    Right now I believe there’s a higher percentage of evil people in the population than there has ever been. This is directly related to the earth-raping, people-killing technologies that have been developed in the last century. Satan influences men to kill men, but I don’t think he has the power to kill all life on earth.

    Most of what I say is vague, unprovable, and of little practical value to the average person. But it’s ideas like these that maintain my will to live. The spiritual world is fascinating and it goes way beyond science and logic.

    If you allow your thoughts to dwell on the wonders of spirituality, it’ll help you deal with the horrible realities we’re destined to face on this cursed physical plane. The bullshit keeps piling up everywhere, but we gotta keep on enduring the hardships and doing what we can to stay sane until it’s time to go.

  611. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, Clark was saying they only spray when the temps are 79 degrees or BELOW. So, getting sprayed all winter with temperatures from 70 to 75 degrees fits his theory very nicely.

    Well, they’re still at it here. They started spraying early morning (found the chems when looking at 7:00 a.m. already), and haven’t stopped yet. The sky is a milky white with stripes, and rainclouds are starting to form below the chems now. I bet we’ll have thunderstorms tomorrow, as usual after heavy spraying.

    Just got back from the nearest city, Barrie. When coming back down into our valley, I could hardly see the woods and hills on the horizon, they were obscured by white mist. Of course, at 6:00 p.m., after a whole day of sunshine and no rain for several days, there should be NO MIST at all! Maybe early in the morning, but NOT at this time. And I also saw more jets spraying more thin, very quickly dissipating stripes onto the already striped sky.

    And the temperature has been steady at 79 degrees Fahrenheit all afternoon.

  612. Ursa Major Says:

    BlameTheChemtrails, I agree with what you say. By the way, how do you manage to not have an avatar? Normally you automatically get one when posting.

  613. Celline Says:

    .. makes not much sense to me.. cause we have been in the 100eds for weeks, and the spraying was and is going on nonstop. Dunno where the 79 fit in now?! Anyway.. either above or below 79 we have seen all these temps w.in the last 6 or so months… yet chems daily.
    If I don’t get something here.. someone please ” splain” to me.
    Yes, we see temps below 79, does not affect the spraying at all.

  614. Celline Says:

    @Blame, where’s your avatar? You see, we are suspicious and careful people here….. so please tell us who u are and where u hail from, in this blog u need to prove u aren’t one of the past ” troublemakers”, sorry if u are innocent, but.. eh.. u know how it is online..

  615. ericswan Says:

    Welcome aboard Blame..The radio podcast near the bottom of this webpage would be an awesome place for you to visit.


  616. clark Says:

    For California, the coast lines might get chemclouds created over the ocean with the intent to have their effect of lowering temperatures over the inland areas. So while it might be 73 degrees on the coast, it might be over 79 degrees inland, thus requiring chemtrails or chemclouds – probably created from ships at sea, or oil platforms.

    If a jet flew over a mountain range, the area in front of the mountain range, and many miles further out, might not be affected, that’s why Celline gets chemclouds when it’s 70 degrees. I wonder if on the few days she doesn’t see chemclouds, on those days is the temp in the inland valley under 79 degrees?

    Up North (and in other areas, like Canada) in the Winter they may use chemtrails to increase ground moisture and/or to cause disaster such as flooding like they had in North Dakota – on the North River wasn’t it? And in Minnesota a year or so prior to that. This is to get the public to clamor for and accept the use of Federally directed emergency FEMA and National Guard troops rather than volunteer and State relief workers. Pre-conditioning. Isn’t that what people are saying about the HARRP-icain Katrina?

    Just a theory.

    The skies cleared up this evening, still no jets or chemtrails.

  617. marc Says:

    Dropped in for a look-see and thanks FF. 911 is NOT forgotten. Not by sentient beings anyway. Forgotten, yes, by empty vessels, but then they don’t count. Never did.

    “Past troublemakers.” How swiftly gnarly senile crab targets newcomers!

    No wonder “newcomers” promptly veer away. Evidently, her unrelenting “boringness” escapes her. Thanks, Mr. Alzheimer.

    Clark’s insights always ring good and true. Loyal to the “cause — in his fashion, is he.

    No chems here for days. Maybe the “work” is completed.

    Eric, you claiming, “The 911 story is not going to be resolved. It’s a done deal” … fits you in snugly with those others I mentioned earlier.

    Now 30 days, Dude? That’s 30 days too many.

  618. Celline Says:

    clark, I understand what u are saying. Yes, huge temp differences between in front ( west ) of the mountainrange.. and east there of.
    I have yet to drive east of the mountains.. toward the desert.. and found temps lower than 80. The exception would be wintertime.. and the real high mountains like Palomar, where the famous observatory is.
    Now in that area.. temps are of course always lower. We have this so called ” microclimate ” and every 5 miles or so, you have a different climate all together.
    Today I saw nothing here.. but over the mountainrange I observed .. ranging from way north to way east.. a line of ” clouds” that were not clouds. They were artificially put there.. it looked fake, out of place and just plain weird. But.. even the natives ( except me ) don’t notice.
    You probably are onto something with your theory, and it’s impossible for me to follow up on it, because like I said.. diff climate and temps every few miles.

  619. Celline Says:

    @marcS : Schizzos I feel for, yet your kind, not even that much.

  620. Celline Says:

    the mexican airline w. the want to be hijacker ,
    is the only crazy thing I heard of today, because of the 09/09/09 date.
    I guess all of you heard about that one too?!

  621. clark Says:

    09/10/09 – nothing happened, people will stop thinking anything will happen, ever.

    No chems here for days. Maybe the “work” is completed.

    That is an unsettling thought. More than ever it makes you look around the room to see whats changed, to determine what did they do that is fininished? Do I got eyes in the back of my head now? Like a recent Dr. Who episode, are the nano-technology swarms dispensed with after transforming some Zombies? Was it simply a part of The Dirt War and the transformation of the fungi in/on/under the ground is total? Or were the jets focused on making it rain in Houston, Texas?

    What did happen to those new people who stopped in? The place isn’t that harsh or unwelcoming, maybe they really were, “Agents” as Dude says, intent on enticing someone to say they want to or will do, “something” allowing one of those infamous F.B.I. sting arrests that result in nothing because they were instigated and prodded solely by the Agents? This isn’t exactly “Entertainment Tonite” so it wasn’t the entertainment factor. Paging Mary Heart…

    Could you imagine chemtrails being discussed on ET?
    Who would do the lead-in on that?
    What would be the opening lines?
    Where would they even begin?
    When Is Oprah going to do a chemtrail special report with Lisa Ling?

    Right after that they could discuss how it affects Ellen DeGeneres as an American Idol judge and why Portia wasn’t selected instead.
    Must be because of those stupid people games she had on her show, made her out to be the new Johnny Carson.

    Did you see the new images from the telescope Hubble? The second photo down, that’s alot of stars, I never thought it was so densely packed or so colorful.


    But it did leave me with a, “all that money and that’s it?” feeling.

    No word yet on how the bombing of the moon went? Figured that would make more waves than it has.

  622. clark Says:

    …Correction: that’s, paging Mary Hart… how could anyone forget her?

    Maybe the same way people forget the inteview Prince did when he mentioned seeing chemtrails and their effects in people when he was growing up. That is one observant person to notice such as a child. I wonder how many people he woke up with that interview and how it affected his future?

    Who will be the next star to be brave and step forward and acknowledge chemtrails?

  623. ericswan Says:

    Good morning Clark. Actually, something did happen. The province I live in became the first jurisdiction to legalize online gambling. To me, this is a significant but not easy to communicate change in the world. Man is evolving from his chemical body to his TV body then his chip body and now his virtual world. Online gambling will make avatar worlds that will change this planet like nothing ever has and it happened yesterday. 09/09/09. Incidentally, we were the first jurisdiction in North America to bring in cap and trade or the carbon tax which is plank one for taxes in the NWO.


  624. Ursa Major Says:

    If nowhere else, they sure are spraying here. I woke up at 7:00 a.m., and the first thing I saw when I looked out my bedroom window was a huge X in the sky. They’ve been spraying relentlessly ever since, and won’t likely stop until tonight, just like yesterday.

    Marc, you are one hostile dude. What is your problem with old people, do you hate your mother, too?

    Other than the chemtrail operation suddenly stepped way up and VISIBLE again (not at all stealthy today, but right in your face), nothing happened here. I really expected something to happen.

    But that doesn’t mean I won’t pay attention, maybe it will happen tomorrow, on the anniversary of 9/11. Also, something significant could have happened that wasn’t reported by the media.

  625. ericswan Says:

    This link to a government website is the wakeup call for all of us even if it’s just happening in BC.


    As far as Blame not having an avatar, that seems to be related to the number of letters in the name you choose. The longer names don’t have them.

  626. UrsaMajorMotherOfFiveAndGrandmotherOfTwelve Says:

    Eric, I guess I will see if your theory holds with the longer names not having avatars, by giving myself a longer name this time.

    The spraying is absolutely relentless and at least as bad as it was on April 17th, probably worse, since that day they only started in the late afternoon. Absolutely no stealth today, but straight in your face. And of course, nobody but me even notices or cares.

  627. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, here goes the theory about the avatar for long names. I don’t know if the comment shows up for everybody else, since it says it is awaiting moderation. But my avatar is there as usual.

  628. Ursa Major Says:

    My comment with the very long name is not showing any more (it originally showed for me), but my avatar was there.

    This is part of what I said in that comment, just in case FF won’t release it (or realize it is there):

    The spraying today is absolutely relentless and at least as bad as it was on April 17th, probably worse, since that day they only started in the late afternoon. Absolutely no stealth today, but straight in your face. And of course, nobody but me even notices or cares.

  629. foundingfather1776 Says:

    A note to all regarding new people posting:

    Due to the forced departure of the unlamented “Mr. Truth” all new posters leaving comments have to be approved by me before they will appear. For example, I had to “approve” Ursa’s new test-name before it would appear. This is unfortunate and I would prefer to turn this feature off, but I won’t allow my blog to be inundated with spammers or scammers or the those afflicted with “multiple-personality-disorder.”

    If you have posted before, then your comments are automatically approved….unless WordPress randomly sucks your comment into the spam queue. Just posting multiple links should *not* put you in the spam queue because I have upped the default number of links allowed.

    “Blame the Chemtrails” is a legitimate commentator because he/she has a unique IP address. I believe the reason an avatar was not generated is because they did not enter an email address. That is the only difference I can see from my end. I think this is a flaw in WordPress. Every new poster *should* have a unique avatar generated.

    If someone would like to test this theory I would appreciate it.

    At any rate, I do try and keep things running smoothly. Different points of view are always welcome, but people pretending to be someone else or “agent provocateurs” will find their stay here to be brief.


  630. FoundingFathersTest2 Says:

    This is a test to see if no avatar is generated!

  631. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Weird. If I leave a message as new user “FoundingFathersTest2” and no email address, I don’t see an avatar in the comments section, but one shows up in the “new comments” gadget on the main screen.

    It is definitely a flaw in the WordPress avatar generation program.

    At any rate, all new posters still have to be approved, so it would be difficult for someone to start playing games.

    Carry on.


  632. Ursa Major Says:

    Thanks, FF, for clarifying the avatar issue.

    Eric, I checked out your link. I just LOVE the words “Games feature a session log displaying the amount of time players have spent online, responsible gambling reminders on screen, a set transfer in limit pre-determined by the player, and factual information about the odds of winning.”

    Yes, responsible gambling. The more you lose, the more government wins. Let’s really suck the taxpayers dry, as if they don’t already take more than the law allows!

    Gambling is addictive, and many people gamble all their money away, leaving nothing for housing and feeding their families. But the government has made sure they can gamble responsibly. Trust my government? I don’t think so (or any other government in this world).

  633. ericswan Says:

    Another quirk in WordPress closely following The Jonestown debacle where he claimed the same program dropped the disclaimer that the 20 minutes with the president was fiction.

    Thanx for exploring the gambling site. I won’t go past the front door. I have an addictive personality. hehe..

    Clark..apparently one of the components of chemtrails are nano-plastics that float and suspend the metals in high altitude for longer periods. I think I read that on http://www.holmestead.com.

    Alex’ big story this morning are “secret” meetings between Israel and Russia for a possible go ahead to attack Iran. If I were to conjecture on this “secret” meeting, I would be more worried about loosing national security secrets and possibly economic sabotage against the U.S. Obama is not real popular in Israel.

  634. Celline Says:

    it’s over 100 again and big ” chemclouds.. huge ones ” moving in from over the Pacific. never seen any uglier ones. Frayed edges, just so obviously NOT CLOUDS !
    Thank you Founding, this time I honestly did consider to no longer participate, because I am not a Glutton for abuse, was sick of it.
    But alas you stepped in.. Bless you 😉

  635. ericswan Says:

    Israel Warns Russia “We’ll Bring Whole World Down With Us”

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    Grim reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that during a “shouting match” between President Medvedev and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [photo 2nd left], the leader of the Jewish Nation warned “We’ll bring the whole World down with us if we have to” after his, Netanyahu, being “told with all authority” by Medvedev that Russia would not sanction Israel’s planned nuclear bombing of Iran and would “very likely” retaliate if Netanyahu carries out his threat.

    In what Russian Foreign Ministry Officials are saying was an “unprecedented breech on International protocol”, Netanyahu secreted himself to Moscow this week aboard an Israeli registered private jet that reported its destination as being the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, which Israel had previously armed for that Nations brutal assault upon South Ossetia which Russian forces were able to successfully repel during last years war.

    However, upon the Israeli plane nearing Russian airspace, these reports continue, an “urgent” request to deviate from its original flight plan and fly to Moscow was received by Russian Military air controllers who were “stunned” when informed by the pilot that Netanyahu was aboard whereupon permission was granted for the flight to land at the Kubinka air base in Moscow Oblast where it was met by FSB forces, Russian and Israeli diplomatic officials.

    Medvedev, when informed of Netanyahu’s surprise visit was rushed by his Security personal to Kubinka where according to these reports he was met by an “enraged” Netanyahu, Israeli Military Affairs Secretary General Meir Kalifi and Israeli National Security Advisor Uzi Arad who all then demanded the “immediate return” of “all documents, equipment and Mossad agents” captured by Russian and US commandos who took back control from the Israeli and rogue CIA commandos the hijacked ship Arctic Sea.

    [Note: We had previously reported on the Arctic Sea hijacking in our reports: “Russia “Alarmed” After Nuclear Warheads Go Missing In Atlantic” and “Russian And US Forces Retake Missing Nukes From Rogue CIA “Terrorists”]

    [Note: Western propaganda media sources are currently reporting the absurd notion that the Arctic Sea “may have” contained Russian missiles bound for Iran, which as anyone who knows this region is aware that all sea traffic between Russia and Iran is done on the waters of the Caspian Sea that both countries have ports on and is never conducted on Atlantic or Mediterranean sea lanes.]

    Medvedev, when faced with Netanyahu’s “outburst”, was reported to have responded (Medvedev and Netanyahu both spoke in English which they are both fluent in) that as the facts into the Arctic Sea hijacking was still being investigated Russia was “not prepared” to release any of the “evidence” to anyone.

    Netanyahu then issued his threatening words to Medvedev along with a further threat that Russia “should watch its own back” and not to be surprised when “mushroom clouds start appearing over Tehran” whereupon he re-boarded his plane with his military and intelligence entourage for his return flight back to Israel and leaving “everyone shocked” as to what all of the events meant.

  636. ericswan Says:

    Nicotine has an anti-inflammatory effect via the vagus nerve, which is useful against many diseases, and perhaps may block the cytokine storm of the H1N1 swine flu.

    Nicotine stimulates the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. At the end of this pathway are immune cells that produce anti-inflammatory cytokines that block inflammation. Thus, nicotine, although one of the most addictive chemicals, can have beneficial effects on inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases and perhaps, H1N1.

    Tobacco Smoke Is Toxic but also Anti-Inflammatory
    Paradoxically tobacco smoke contains hundreds of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that produce inflammatory reactions and numerous degenerative diseases, but it also contains nicotine that is anti-inflammatory. Smokers assault their bodies, but moderate and obscure the inflammatory degeneration and disease, until they stop the nicotine exposure.

    Nicotine Withdrawal Is Inflammatory
    The anti-inflammatory benefits of nicotine reveal the inflammatory basis of many unexpected diseases. Nicotine withdrawal is severe, partly because it leads to rebound release of inflammatory cytokines, inflammation and inflammatory disease symptoms that include depression and obesity. Smoking cessation may contribute to more severe symptoms of H1N1 infections.


  637. BlameTheChemtrails Says:

    I have no idea why my last post didn’t have an avatar. My previous posts had one though. I did say where I was from in a previous post, but that must’ve been at least a month ago.
    Central Texas is where I make my livin’ and all I do is think about the world, even when I’m at work.
    Go back thru the old posts and you’ll see that I really shut this guy down hardcore for trying to discredit my words. His name was “truth”, I think, but he was posting under another name trying to disguise himself. He didn’t even respond to my dis. It felt good to shut that liar up.

    Keep trying to see the positive within the negative. Have as much awareness of the source of evil w/o letting it consume your thoughts.

    Peace out.

  638. Ursa Major Says:

    So, Eric, nicotine may kill you, but it might also save you from certain diseases? Sounds like a no-win situation to me. I say it is best to stay away from it altogether in the first place.

    By the way, tobacco smoke is my worst allergy, and growing up living with a heavy smoker caused my childhood asthma and has irreversibly damaged my lungs. Which is why I had no chance against those chems when they started their heavy spraying here in February.

  639. Celline Says:

    Chermtrails all over the place but especially to the North and the East of me.. over the mountains and deserts.. where there are real thunderclouds. Meaning it might rain there.. thus, the chems right above will turn this much needed rain into poison.
    Any news? No, just good old acid rain.

  640. Celline Says:

    The weirdest thing just happened. I was outside and watched a plane laying a wide trail into blue skies.. I could clearly see the plane.
    As I was watching this.. the plane vanished into thin air, even though I never took my eyes off of it, and skies were blue, just like this, the plane was gone ! I kept hearing the engines.. but never saw the plane again.
    Anyone have a clue how this is possible?

  641. Celline Says:

    Sky is solidly covered w. chemtrails now….covered all the way

  642. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, I have watched planes disappear like that several times. As soon as they turned off the spray, they disappeared. They must have cloaking devices installed on the planes.

    I took my last pictures of the day at 5:18 p.m., after which I unfortunately fell asleep and didn’t wake until after dark. And that on the worst chem day ever and wanted to record the sunset!

    You can now see bright stars in some spots, and even though it is dark, bands of chemclouds in others. But this time they apparently didn’t do cloud seeding, as there are no rainclouds at all. We’ll see what it will be like tomorrow.

    And even though the sky was striped, and having the absolutely weirdest formations and looking as unnatural as possible, it was all declared ‘natural’ by my family, and those chems were only regular contrails, of course. And that suddenly there were so many jets, when normally air traffic over our area is sporadic at best, just meant that I don’t pay attention and that there are always that many jets.

    Many of them looked like they only had contrails. But as I watched, whenever they entered an area that was already white, they’d turn on their chemtrail devices and left a long trail. Meaning, you can’t even trust you are watching a commercial jet any more by seeing just a contrail!

  643. clark Says:

    @Ursa, re: second hand tobacco smoke, I think the propaganda is B.S.. I grew up living with a number of heavy smokers and I have no breathing problems, nor do other family members, or friends I knew who lived the same way. I think what is sprayed on the soils in the fields and kicked up in the dust (heck even the dust by itself) plus volcanic action, plus above ground nuclear testing, plus Chernobyl, plus toxic household cleaners, plus reactions to microscopic parasites are what give people the symptoms attributed to second hand smoke. The government simply will not come out against all those things and Procter and Gamble et al. I just had to throw that in. Didn’t we all go through discussing similar info before?
    Just out of curiosity (a small sampling, no answer required though) your non-chemtrail believing family, do they also look down on gold ownership and think the economy is recovering right now? Are they in debt up to their eye-balls? The live for the moment type who try Not to think, ever? Do they watch a lot of TV? I think that those who cannot accept the faults of the economy and the government doing misdeeds are never going to accept chemtrails. Something has them hypnotized, and it’s not just the TV. I don’t mean to seem like this is picking on you, it’s just that you brought out most of the examples I’ve been a pondering lately… Much like what I think BlameTheChemtrails might do during idle moments?

    Ok, now where’s that silver lining?

  644. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, that is just what is so baffling. NOBODY in my whole family even OWNS a TV (other than one being used as a monitor to watch DVDs or videos, that is, but most just use a computer for that). They are aware that the economy is bad and would likely buy gold if they could afford it.

    No, they are absolutely not in debt up to their eyeballs, they are all very frugal and try to keep their credit cards paid off completely. They cook food from scratch (as opposed to eating canned garbage), refuse to have any of their kids vaccinated (that is 12 grandchildren who aren’t getting vaccines)…………… etc. Which makes their denial about chemtrails even more baffling. They DO think for themselves otherwise.

    But they think the world of their dad (while I am just this weird mother with the strange ideas), and he has them all convinced that I have huge problems mentally, and that my conspiracy nonsense (when it comes to things like 9/11 and chemtrails) is just that, nonsense. And that they shouldn’t listen to me.

    Which is why none of them will even so much as look at my pictures or listen to me when I talk about those subjects! They straight out say, “I don’t want to hear that, no, I am not interested in your pictures, if you don’t stop talking about it I’ll hang up the phone/leave”

    My youngest daughter (17 1/2) said to me today that she will wreck all my cameras one of these days so I can’t take any more chemtrail pictures. And that she and her dad were getting very pissed at me for taking those pictures.

    I don’t usually bother TALKING about chemtrails in their presence any more. I don’t take pictures when driving the brat, either (who with everybody else is being a very nice girl, they all love her). But they are embarrassed by the neighbours seeing me take the pictures.

    I am sure that by now my husband has talked to all the neighbours I had talked to, who were actually considering the chems, and starting to look up, that I’ve got a problem and they should not listen to me. He is VERY good at that. The sweet husband, concerned for his wife’s fragile mental health, we’ve got to humour her by pretending to listen to her, but dismiss everything she says when talking about those issues.

    And then he’ll give them the official government lies, telling them that is the truth as confirmed by his pilot friends (who really barely are acquaintances, but because they’re Christians, too, he considers them ‘brothers’ and friends, and of course, they would NEVER lie).

    I grew up in Hamburg, Germany. In a suburb, without fields. Chernobyl happened when I was in my forties, living in Canada. Tobacco smoke IS my worst allergy. Whenever I am exposed to it, I’ll have a severe asthma attack within a short time. I can’t visit anybody who smokes in their house (which thankfully most people won’t do anymore), or I’ll be sick for weeks afterwards.

    When I was removed from my home at the age of sixteen to live in an orphanage at the North Sea for two years (my doctor was fearing for my life), my asthma went away completely. They chalked that up to the good air. But when I was in Montreal for all of 1978, and came back home, I had an asthma attack the first day back home!

    There is LOTS of evidence that second-hand smoke is damaging to susceptible people. And not everybody is allergic to tobacco smoke, so they may never develop a problem. I am very intolerant to all nightshades, which includes potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and TOBACCO. Which would probably explain why I am very allergic to tobacco smoke.

  645. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, and I forgot this about second-hand smoke:

    I have six brothers and a sister. We all grew up with the chain-smoking dad, but I am the ONLY one who is allergic to tobacco smoke and who developed asthma as a result. Two of my brothers smoke themselves. Our of my 13 nephews and nieces, ONE is allergic to tobacco smoke.

    But just because most people don’t develop obvious problems from tobacco smoke, doesn’t mean that people like me weren’t damaged by it.

  646. Ursa Major Says:

    I meant to say “OUT of my 13 nephews and nieces”, of course (FF, how about that ‘edit’ feature?).

  647. Celline Says:

    All US citizens : please google : HR 45
    Just got an e mail from the PD my husband worked for, and those are their words:
    This is done ” under the radar ” !

  648. Celline Says:

    yes Uschi, right when he turned of his spraying device.. the plane vanished. I could hear it, but not see it.
    I just asked an airplanemechanic about this, and he told me this is impossible !
    So what kind of a cloaking device would this be? I looked right at it.. in an instance, that plane was gone..
    Chems all over today !

  649. Celline Says:

    Uschi, I don’t know how u can stand this treatment by your family, this is just terrible.
    But really.. in a way I have the same problem. They look at me cockeyed when I look up at the skies, and they see what I see.. yet they turn their backs on acknowledging. How can some people be so brainwashed and others not? I watch TV as much as the next person and have no problem divveing ( sp?) up the BS from the shreds of truth.

  650. clark Says:

    @Ursa, wow that whole family deal, from the no TV, no debt, and concern about the economy really threw me off, very surprising. So too is the explanation of your family basically wanting to take you away to the funny farm. Now imagine that times two million and we have an idea of why chemtrails is so thoroughly kept out of the mainstream media.
    And, an allergy is not the same as a cause of asthma, or smoke affecting everyone without exception as the government propaganda states. I still lean towards household cleaners and fine dust particles in the air as a cause. – Thanks for the reply, very illuminating.

    This morning as I looked at the clear blue sky with nary a jet in sight I thought about how I had The most bizarre dreams last night. More bizarre than I ever had. I reflected that at least I didn’t encounter someone in my dreams I knew long dead from twenty years ago and hadn’t thought about since then as has happened a few times before. Does that ever happen to you? Then I noticed a bluebird and thought about how I see so many of those birds, then it suddenly occurred to me I hadn’t seen a blue jay all year. Now mind you, except for a front-end loader banging away in the distance there was not another sound, even the squirrels were silent as they crept about looking for acorns when suddenly not one, but three blue jays flew right over me and landed in a nearby tree. Is that odd, or what?

    @Celline, the military has several new types of invisibility technologies that work very well. They have found another application for them, as you have now seen firsthand.

  651. clark Says:

    @Celline, I wouldn’t be surprised that HR:45 passed (I think much like the farm animal chipping program, enforcement of it would be the final straw, the trigger to casue a civil war to break out) but luckily so far it seems to have no co-sponsors and is sitting in committee.
    Our leaders seem to like having closed door sessions (so much for transparency and open government) so it may very well be, “a done deal under the radar” secret government and tyranny are no good. The only secrets government should ever have is possibly the meetings of military planners, but not secret law making debates. Being as how no one reads the proposed laws anymore, it makes little difference anyway I suppose.
    You may be talking about this and it’s not any good either:

    Lawmakers pass gun show ban at Cow Palace

    On a 45-33 vote, the California Assembly on Wednesday passed legislation banning the sale of firearms and ammunition at the state-owned entertainment venue.


    People should be free to choose and lawful activities in the public sphere shouldn’t be arbitrarily discriminated against. Much like with online gambling, it may be considered bad by some, but individuals should be free to choose. Otherwise such leads to government incrementally deciding everything for people and the people become like cattle unable to do things like select which food they will eat, unable to choose to grow their own food or not, even unable to choose which religion to be part of or even practice religion. JMHO.

  652. ericswan Says:

    I will update these pics taken a couple of minutes ago, later in the day.


  653. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, your pictures look like my sky yesterday morning.

    This morning was complete whiteout, followed by stripes and popcorn clouds as the mist cleared a little, followed by more spraying.

  654. Celline Says:

    Complete striped whiteout this morning.
    Now I have to convince my son, that planes can make themselves invisible…… and he asked me if I felt ok????

  655. ericswan Says:

    I have a great view of 60 miles to the north, 20 miles to the east and 20 miles plus to the north north-west. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the chemtraier intelligence knows me, knows when I’m asleep, knows if I’ve been good….I just posted another set of pics to the above link. What you should notice is that the chemtrails laid an hour earlier have drifted to the east on the prevailing winds, that the chemtrailers are on their way back but hiding behind the work they did before I got up and directly between me and the sun. It’s like Dude says; They are hiding something and in this case, they are hiding themselves in the chemtrails that have drifted into the sun by way of the jetstream and the sun which blocks pictures of their grid system being deployed. I’m sure they are spraying hard as I type as they know where I am and what I’m doing. Read the post attached to my updated pics which talks about mind control, remote viewing and satellites.

  656. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, especially the picture at the top is exactly what I am seeing today. More spraying within already existing chemtrails, right in front of the sun so you can’t see it well.

    And I also have the feeling they know when I am looking, and I really think that they put the most obvious X shapes right over my house, every time, just to bug me.

    Maybe they have their satellite beamed in on my house? Who knows. But I bet they know I am communicating with Brian Holmes, and have visited him and a whole lot more.

  657. clark Says:

    It looks like eric and Ursa are getting what I had been getting by the looks of those photos and the descriptions. It’s still pretty clear out here, a few natural clouds, two normal contrailing jets, but not a single chemtrail and certainly not dozens of jets like before.

    @Celline, you might try looking at some military webpages with .gov web addresses that show pictures of and talk about their invisibility capabilities to convince your son. I’ve seen a few of those websites but I didn’t save a link for them. There’s official stories and pictures showing they have invisibility capability (a tank outfitted with it is fresh in my mind) they are up front about that. Years ago even in the local newspapers there were photos of a Japanese lab girl wearing the first prototype invisibility jacket. If after all that they don’t accept the technology, well, there’s nothing you can do.

  658. clark Says:

    Quite clearly I saw the moon in the western sky today at about the 2’Oclock position.
    And, no cloud bank or whiteout blocking the sun here, just scattered clouds.

  659. Celline Says:

    It’s not clouds it’s not ocean overcast.. it’s Chemtrail-Whiteout.
    The whole sky !Went to the market, saw the guy that delivers the weekly magz, I had a chat w. him.. told him to take a very good look at the sky when he’s done inside.. then when he’s home, to look up HAARP.
    This guy did listen.. did not make fun of what I said, got very serious, And said:” First thing when I get home I will check out all u told me.”
    Bingo.. I think I got a convert !
    Because of the chemcover our temps went from, yesterday about 90, to today.. 78 ! Ah those nice people making it cooler, I can’t express enough gratitude…..qwerty^&&***** !!!!!

  660. BlameTheChemtrails Says:

    This just gets more interesting. Jets that disappear when their sprayer’s turned off… I believe it, tho.
    And then u have the sinister bastards putting the huge white X’s over ursa’s house. I believe that too.
    For me the weirdest thing is low flying helicopters flying directly over my house. I’d say 300-500 ft. in the air. One time a helicopter actually SPOTLIGHTED my truck for a few seconds while I was sitting in it one night. I got out and looked up and it continued spotlighting the ground under it for another 15 seconds or so. Then it turned off the spotlight and flew away.

  661. clark Says:

    But… then it got hot here, 85 degrees. They didn’t come from the east like they used to, they were flying in the western skies quite a distance from me so that the winds would carry their chemclouds this-a-way and wind up covering most of the sky, not a total white-out, but pretty close.

  662. Ursa Major Says:

    Total white out for most of the sky now. Another sun dog, which only happen either with the morning or evening sun. They are supposed to be on both sides of the sun, but this one is only on the right side of it (the chem cover on the other side is too thick for it I suppose).

    BlameTheChemtrails, the helicopter spotting your truck must have been unsettling, to put it mildly!

    And spraying happening all day. Every time I looked closely, I could see them spraying their mostly thin chemtrails, which spread out and joined the rest of the white stuff at incredible speed.

  663. Celline Says:

    saw a pic from space ( by the spacemachine that’s suppose to land in CA today ). cause our weather is good for it to land.
    To see 1/2 of the earth from this spacepic.. just made me sick…. the chems covered the globe as far as the camera did see.
    It clearly were the same spots dots and lines I could see from the ground… this space machine showed it from way high..
    And according to that picture…… the Globe was covered !

  664. Celline Says:

    Have we come to any, some conclusion.. what this is all about and why we all are being sprayed?
    Am frustrated and lethargy is setting in.

  665. Celline Says:

    .. and “under the radar” we are being disarmed which is really no surprize at all.. saw that one coming long ago.
    But.. now it’s affecting the police.. this, I did not see coming.

  666. Ursa Major Says:

    What do you mean, it’s affecting the police? I saw videos and read that the police is being armed to the teeth, with sub-machine guns. All in preparation for total control, once all the citizens are disarmed.

    I just got back from taking pictures of a blood-red sunset. No surprise, of course. Took a cool video of bats going after the mosquitoes that were going after me, too! We seriously should have ZERO mosquitoes by this time, in fact they should have been gone the middle of August. Why are they still there? I guess it must be all the rain we’ve been getting.

  667. Celline Says:

    Usch, I forwarded the PD info to you.
    Dude.. please let me hear from you, I sorta miss you !

  668. clark Says:

    Before sunset the temp lowered and the skies cleared up. Stars are bright tonight. I didn’t check the temp but I’m sure it was below 79 degrees.
    I’ve had a lot of helicopter activity in my area, I just attributed it to National Guard units practicing, but who knows?

  669. clark Says:

    Celline mentioned the cops, then I saw this sketch of Colonial Church of England members waterboarding a Baptist without the board and thought this is what is in the hearts of many who hold positions of power over others in this day and age:


  670. Dude Says:

    Hi Celline. I haven’t had much to say. things are the same here. some days are all chemed out and others, barely a spray but either way, my southern horizon is never visible. im just enjoying my last summer and getting ready. 28 days. I got 500 lbs of wheat the other day for about $120. I also got about 10,000 gallons of water stored too. itll need filtering but at least its there. now all i need is a anti-chinese invisibility cloak and i was working on that one but i dont think im gonna get one.

  671. Ursa Major Says:

    I just received an interesting article today, that casts a whole new light upon Bible prophecy of the battle of Gog and Magog. If this new interpretation is true, then this battle happened long ago, and whatever it is you see in it, Dude, is not true at all.

    Read it for yourself and see if you find any merit in it:


  672. clark Says:

    It’s supposed to get to 81 degrees here today, it’s nice out right now, except for the dozens of jets laying gridwork like mad. I haven’t seen it this heavy in quite some time. I saw the moon again, I imagine in an hour or so it’ll be total whiteout here judging by the amount of chemtrails they are laying out. The parallel lines, there’s more of them (equally spaced out) than ever before, and they are layering them one atop another as eric described yesterday. I saw two jets flying parallel to one another, not very close, but parallel. Anyone who can look at this stuff and think it’s normal has really got something wrong with them.

  673. clark Says:

    @Ursa, I looked that link over briefly, there sure are an awful lot of uses of the word probably, and he didn’t sound solidly convincing. He mentioned cities will live without walls, and cities in countries such as Israel will be without walls and bars, well, I can think of one great big wall between Israel and Palestine right now, aren’t there two cities on either side? So that kind of puts a big stick in his idea if you ask me. In many parts of the world people have bars over their windows and iron gates around their houses, do they not do that in Israel today? I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Plus, the whole world does not know Israel is of God, nor has it ever, when rainforrest indians know this, then someone could say the events have passed. His proposal is inconclusive.

  674. Dude Says:

    Ursa: I didnt get past the title. This land you’re livin in is Zion, the Mountains of Israel in Ezekiel. this is the land that the Israelites (us) came into. this is the land that will be destroyed because of our sins and not following the covenant, and images are the number one reason. on the earthly side, Putin is going to destroy us to protect Iran just like hes said for the past two years. 28 days.

  675. Dude Says:

    nah, i read a little, that writer is totally full of shit. he is spouting common church lies. people like that are the reason i wont go to church. theyre stupid. 28 days.

  676. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline; here’s one for your friends in the force.


  677. Celline Says:

    Thank you Eric.. will read. So gald to hear from you Dude.
    What is a chinese invisible cloak? Is that what planes are using to vanish before my very eyes?
    Aww dude c’mon, nothing will happen in 28 days, I told you.
    I know u are serious, buying that kind of supplies. but let me ask you this: if u get squashed by that Nibiru, why do u need food or water?

  678. Celline Says:

    Eric, I read it and will talk to one of my cop friend about it.
    We are having a social reunion soon in Palm Desert.

  679. Dude Says:

    haha, absolutely no one listens to me i think. Nibiru isnt going to squash us, it is going to rework the land and water surfaces of the earth. this continent isnt going to sink although it will be ripped into thirds and Yellowstone will erupt. that event is going to end this war and God said the time will be cut short or there will be no flesh left. For His name only, He will save 10% of us.

    An anti-chinese invisibility cloak would be anti(thermal/radar) camouflage netting and is only available (that Ive found) from China. They wanted too much information and never quoted me a price which im sure would be substantial.

    for the war deniers:

    August 13, 2009
    Israeli media reports that visiting National Security Adviser General Jim Jones and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates have told the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop complaining about Iran because the US is preparing to take action “in eight weeks”

    September 11, 2009
    Evidence of a secret dash to Russia by Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, intensified speculation yesterday that a hijacked cargo ship was smuggling arms to Iran.

    11 September 2009
    Putin warns against Iran attack:
    Mr Putin, speaking in Moscow, said any attack on Iran would be “very dangerous, unacceptable” and would lead to “an explosion of terrorism”.

    Dr. Van de Meer Predicts Monetary Collapse Of US Starting On September 30th:
    “Although September 30th will be the tipping point at which the tree’s fate is determined, the branches will not hit the ground until October 7 and 27th and going on into November,” he says.

    08/09/2009 (Sept 8)
    Russia demonstrates military machismo in West 2009 war games:
    A combined force of 12,500 troops, over 220 tanks, some 470 armored combat vehicles, 230 self-propelled and towed artillery pieces, mortar guns and multiple-launch rocket systems, auxiliary equipment and warships from the Baltic, Black Sea and Northern fleets, 60 airplanes and 40 helicopters, and officers from the two countries’ security and law-enforcement forces will train in order to “ensure strategic stability in the East European region” from September 8 to 29.

    New Su-35 fighter can attack eight targets simultaneously

    28 days. . . .

  680. Dude Says:

    9-11-9 Dr. Van de Meer link:

    Russian date 08/09/2009 is September the Eighth.

  681. Dude Says:

    Russian “West 2009” war games link: http://en.rian.ru/analysis/20090908/156063504.html

    i think i need to give up the typing today.

  682. Darran Says:

    Hi all! been trying to read daily but have been really, really busy. Hey Dude in almost exactly 28 days I have 5 weeks holidays coming up – maybe I should come to the States….

  683. Ursa Major Says:

    Every time I look outside there’ll be another chemtrail being laid. Many are parallel, but there are also lots of X’s and all over the place ones. By tonight it will here also be total whiteout again, just like yesterday.

    And strangely, this time no thunderstorms follow in the wake of heavy spraying, as it always happened during the past months.

    I am walking around with my camera in my pocket, because whenever I look out a door or window I see yet another one. I’ve taken lots out of an upstairs window, but many walking around my house. And of course, I am the only one looking up. Because, of course, it is a ‘glorious, sunny day’ today! Who cares that they are working on blotting out the sun, let’s not worry about that!

    Dude, the writer of that article is making a point of saying that there were quite a few unwalled towns and cities in the Israel of old. He never said that there aren’t any walls today. He just said that in modern warfare they aren’t too useful.

    And I think that his explanation is just as valid as yours. I think yours is really just trying to stretch what the bible says to fit your ideas and your personal interpretation/opinion.

    And in reality, no matter what, any interpretation is the interpreter’s opinion, as lots of the bible is hard to understand, and possibly we aren’t meant to completely understand beforehand. Understanding often comes after the event happened.

  684. Darran Says:

    Reality is this fall is shaping up to look crucial. As mentioned before, the next event on the road-map is a middle-eastern nuclear war, and it is pretty obvious that we are heading that way and fast.
    Once the middle-east goes up in flames the World Economy goes down the drain once and for all.

    “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”.

    Notice is says preached as a ‘testimony’. That is the kind of preaching that holds people accountable for it’s message. Compare with the sending out of the 12 and the 70 (or 72).

    It is pretty clear: the ‘whole’ world. Do you think that might include N. Korea? Has the Gospel been preached in N. Korea? I don’t mean the odd underground minister or clandestine radio station, I mean ‘as a witness’. Have N. Koreans witnessed the glory of God and known the salvation of Christ?

    I think not, just another verse which is conveniently ignored by anyone who wants the world to end on dates of their choosing.

    When it is time we will know it is time for two reasons:

    1. ALL the relative bible verses will find confirmation in end-times events, not just some of them.
    2. God will warn us! The second coming of Elijah anyone? God will send a prophet to gather his people in repentance…we will be going to Jerusalem
    and God will provide the ways and the means. If that strikes you as hard to believe you might want to try and consider how the Israelites felt when Pharaoh not only set them free, but also paid them their arrears in wages.

  685. Dude Says:

    Yea, Darren, you really should be here in Zion on 10-10. You could learn a ton about your Bible real fast.

  686. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, with all due respect, I think that your idea that the USA is the Zion of your Bible is just pure nonsense. And while something may well happen this fall, I very much doubt it will be what you think. It will be more along the lines of war between Russia with Iran against Israel, and martial law in the US because of the fabricated swine flu, and scores of people dying all over the world because of the vaccine.

  687. ericswan Says:

    10,000 gallons? whoa. The root to go is to sprout the wheat and make essene bread which is cooked in a solar reflective oven at 200 for 12 hours. Tastes real good with raisins and dates and nuts and seeds. I have underground aquifers which will have to suffice but would prefer sealed and filtered water in my underground root cellar. It’s not going to take bunker busters but it should get me through the quarantine period. I’m headed for Alaska tomorrow. Will report back on global warming in a couple of weeks. Stay well.

  688. clark Says:

    They weren’t able to white-out the sky after all this morning, surprisingly. Almost though. At one point in the day there was a corridor, about two fists wide, of at least a dozen chemtrails side by side. Throughout the day I’d look up and there was never any fewer than four jets laying chemtrails from horizon to horizon. If that number was constant, which it seemed it was judging by the number of chemtrails in the sky, there were hundreds of jets flying overhead. Yet they never were able to white out the sky, perhaps due to the slight wind? All around me was covered with clouds, but not directly above me, it was blue, sometimes hazy white.

    I got to see plenty of examples of jets leaving chemtrails across the sky from horizon to horizon parallel to jets with short contrails and both were at the same altitude flying at the same time, one intersected with another.

    The skies cleared up a bit this evening and there were fewer jets. As I was looking up a few minutes ago I watched a jet leave a huge chemtrail from horizon to horizon which slowly dissipated unlike the ones from the afternoon. This jet had another jet (both jets were dark colored) follow up the same flight path leaving a short contrail then I briefly noticed a white jet beneath the darker jet at almost the same altitude leaving absolutely No contrail what-so-ever and after it passed beneath the darker jet the white jet simply disappeared. I mean it vanished! It wasn’t cloudy in the area, I had good visibility and I was watching it the whole time, I never took my eye off the thing.

    – I think I saw my first invisible jet.

  689. Celline Says:

    Clark, so then you saw exactly what I saw.. whole time my eyes on it.. and poof it was gone…
    It’s cooler here today for the 1. time in weeks, finally this heatwave broke ! Did not see any chems today.
    Darran, good to see u back.
    Dude in a way u sound like a JW ? ! They think it’s 44 000, so that ” Soll” is long filled, and I don’t really know what they are hoping for.
    For you it’s 10 000, u think u will be amongst them?
    I’ll just do my thing day by day, enjoy what I can, read the book a lot, and trust my Maker !

  690. darran Says:

    A few more words on Mathew 24: 14, and a different perspective likely than you have ever been exposed to:

    A And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

    Remember how during his ministry Jesus sent out his twelve apostles and also later his seventy others? When he did so, he said the same thing to them about doing this “for a testimony against them” as Mark records:

    Mark 6:7-13 — 7 And He called the twelve to Himself, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits. 8 He commanded them to take nothing for the journey except a staff–no bag, no bread, no copper in their money belts– 9 but to wear sandals, and not to put on two tunics. 10 Also He said to them, “In whatever place you enter a house, stay there till you depart from that place. 11 “And whoever will not receive you nor hear you, when you depart from there, shake off the dust under your feet as a testimony against them.

    Matthew adds slightly more detail:

    Matthew 10:5-26 — 5 These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans. 6 “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7 “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8 “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. 9 “Provide neither gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, 10 “nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food. 11 “Now whatever city or town you enter, inquire who in it is worthy, and stay there till you go out. 12 “And when you go into
    a household, greet it. 13 “If the household is worthy, let your peace come upon it. But if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. 14 “And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet. 15 “Assuredly, I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city! 16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. 17 “But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to councils and scourge you in their synagogues. 18 “You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a
    testimony to them and to the Gentiles. 19 “But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; 20 “for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you. 21 “Now brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. 22 “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end
    will be saved. 23 “When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes. 24 “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. 25 “It is enough for a disciple that he be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more will they call those of his household! 26 “Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.

    Notice the statement above “you will be hated by all men for my name’s sake” spoken to the twelve. There is no record of that being fulfilled in that day, nor does it make any sense for their time in going through the land of Israel where the masses loved the message of Jesus and followed after him (the leaders of Judaism threatened by him were in the minority). Thus it appears to be a prophetic statement about someone else like the twelve. As a matter of fact, this same verse is quoted as part of the Olivet Discourse in Luke 21 about the followers of Jesus in the end times:

    Luke 21:17-20 — 17 “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. 18 “But not a hair of your head shall be lost. 19 “By your patience possess your souls. 20 “But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near.

    Luke also has the only account regarding the seventy:

    Luke 10:1-24 — 1 After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. 2 Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. 3 “Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves.
    4 “Carry neither money bag, knapsack, nor sandals; and greet no one along the road. 5 “But whatever house you enter, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’ 6 “And if a son of peace is there, your peace will rest on it; if not, it will return to you. 7 “And remain in the same house, eating and drinking such things as they give, for the laborer is worthy of his wages. Do not go from house to house. 8 “Whatever city you enter, and they receive you, eat such things as are set before you. 9 “And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ 10 “But whatever city you enter, and they do not receive you, go out into its streets and say, 11 ‘The very dust of your city which clings to us we wipe off against you. Nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near you.’ 12 “But I say to you that it will be more tolerable in that Day for Sodom than for that city. 13 “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty
    works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. 14 “But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you. 15 “And you, Capernaum, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades. 16 “He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.” 17 Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” 18 And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from
    heaven. 19 “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. 20 “Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” 21 In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight. 22 “All things have been delivered to Me by My Father,
    and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.” 23 Then He turned to His disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see; 24 “for I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see what you see, and have not seen it, and to hear what you hear, and have not heard it.”

    Notice how the sending out of the twelve and then the seventy or seventy two perfectly mirrors the real order of the witnessing of the gospel of the kingdom historically. First it went out to the twelve tribes of Israel, and only later to the whole world

    16For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16)

    Back to our topic.

    If one spreads a geographical map on the table, not only are there vast areas of the world that have not yet received the gospel of the kingdom, therefore Matthew 24:14 has yet to be fulfilled, but also quite frankly it doesn’t look poised to happen any time soon either and understandably, the traditionally church-held view is that pending fulfillment of this verse there is no End in sight.

    Will the gospel be preached ‘as a witness’ to these areas in the next 28 days? 28 months? 28 years? Regime change in N. Korea for example will not happen overnight. What of the middle-east? They are certainly not going to be very ‘receptive’ to our message after the lessons of the last decade. Can we blame them?

    From my point of view that is a rhetorical question: if the Lord asked quite seriously whether or not he would find faith on the earth when he returned, it seems safe to assume he wasn’t expecting mere Christian ministries to fulfill the daunting task of ‘evangelizing’ the world.

    How is anyone expected to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ when they are not exposed to its truth? Will God really hold a N. Korean responsible for rejecting Christ because he chose not to join his friends who, weekly and in great secrecy, under penalty of death if discovered, gather together to read some chapters torn from a bible and smuggled into the country? Or because he didn’t discard the Gods of his elders, cultures and traditions in favor of the white man’s ‘Jesus’?

    Let’s remember we are talking about being held accountable for sin, and the ‘wages of sin’ are death according to the bible. This is no trivial matter. God doesn’t seem very fair here all of a sudden, does he?

    Let me try and bring it all together: there is a third group, whom the twelve and seventy two were prophetically foreshadowing, who will fulfill Matthew 24:14.
    They will depart on their mission to preach the gospel ‘as a witness’ on the eve of the three and a half years of the great tribulation. They will go out two by two to the ‘whole world’ and they will be anointed with power and supernatural protection from God to withstand the conditions on earth at that time, and also that they may validate their claims to me spokespersons for God.

    They will also fulfill the parts of Luke that don’t make any sense unless you understand that in the context they are prophetic utterances,
    “For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.”
    “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake.”

    Here is my question, who are they?

  691. Dude Says:

    28 dayys. . . . .

  692. Celline Says:

    Darran, I read each and every word u wrote. The 1. thing that I need to say to you is” Blessings to you !”
    As to your question, I always assumed, these are us, the Believer, the person who witnesses.
    Go ahead please and correct me if I am wrong !
    @Dude, please read every word above, and accept the Truth offered here.
    Then accept the peace in those Words. My heart goes out to all who are hurting. I know that all of us are hurting, yet in different ways.
    The center of who we are needs to have peace, and that center is our soul. And only God can give that peace that passes all understanding.
    We are so very limited w. our understanding and w.out God, we are driven by every little wind. With all and everything we are discussing.. all our concerns about the world, and our pains in our personal lives.. we can be driven to dispair.
    As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. This and this alone not only ” get’s me through ” but gives me hope and sleep at nights.

  693. clark Says:

    Darran, I read what you wrote. [ Workin’ your way out of, “Agent” status, btw ]

    This shattered me for some reason:

    For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

    Then later you say it again and add:

    They will also fulfill the parts of Luke that don’t make any sense unless you understand that in the context they are prophetic utterances,

    ….Here is my question, who are they?

    It is us, isn’t it?

    Celline Says: …As to your question, I always assumed, these are us, the Believer, the person who witnesses….And only God can give that peace that passes all understanding.
    We are so very limited w. our understanding and w.out God, we are driven by every little wind. With all and everything we are discussing.. all our concerns about the world, and our pains in our personal lives.. we can be driven to dispair.

    No frinkin’ kidding.

    Woman, your words say a lot.

    I watched a 1980’s movie tonite, I miss the 1980’s. Things made a heck of a lot more sense back then and we were free in a way that was huge now that endless CCTV security cameras have invaded every aspect of our lives, among many other mega BS.

    I also was, “forced” to watch the animation cartoon movie, “Over The Hedge” in this movie, targeted towards children, I noticed that in every scene that showed the sky, save one, chemtrails were in the background, unbelievable! Classic conditioning was being utilized.

    The sky is clear as a bell here tonight.

    28 days….

  694. Celline Says:

    Clark, W T H is CCTV ????
    I read Tom Bearden ( eric on the other blog ) and tonight IMA gonnu need an extra dose of God, to even be able to get some shuteye !
    Dang you guys…………..

  695. Celline Says:

    Looked up CCTV ( closed circuit TV ) Clark, are u saying, that we are being watched, watching TV ?
    OK… getting all my “making me invisible” gear our of the hope chest,
    and IMA gonnu hide !

  696. Celline Says:

    and on it goes: The National Debt is Unconstitutional and illegal, does this mean that China now owns us, and the Queen of England?
    Maybe they are going to put their own police into our country to ” protect their assets”? Like all of our National Parks for instance?
    Enough for tonight, my head is smoking ( sorry Uschi, I know about your allergy ).. back to the future, hello Feudalism, long live William.

  697. Darran Says:

    Hey Clark,

    Agent status? Me?

    “This shattered me for some reason:

    For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.”

    That is a classic contradiction (seemingly) in the bible. Jesus was talking to his disciples and clearly said, in the context of talking about End Times, that they would not have gone through the cities of Israel before the End would come. What gives? Seeing as they did go throughout the cities of Israel and the world is still here 2000 years later, was Jesus wrong?

    Whenever you see some of the sayings of Jesus obviously unfulfilled in the context of the passage you are reading it is a dead give away that you are dealing with dual prophecies, and more generally with prophecy. Otherwise Jesus would be wrong. Seeing as that is not possible, we need to check our premises.

    In this case diligent examination of the bible provides enough clues to confirm we are dealing with a prophetic utterance. My question stands. When Jesus said ‘you will not have gone through….’ who is ‘you’?

    This ‘you’ has traditionally been interpreted as Jesus’ immediate audience (the disciples), when actually yes, the disciples are part of the ‘you’, but they are not alone.

    The ‘you’ is a special group of God’s servants which comprises the twelve who were to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the Jew, the seventy or seventy two who were to be preach the kingdom to the gentile, and … another group mentioned in the bible who will preach the gospel ‘as a witness ….and then the end shall come’ thereby fulfilling Matthew 24:14.

    A group of men is chosen, equipped with power and sent to proclaim that the Kingdom is at hand. Once for the Jew, once for the Gentile, and once for everyone during the Great Tribulation….and then the end shall come.

    Whoever it is won’t have the time to go “…through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.”

    Who is it?


    Matthew 24 is all I really think you need. v6 especially for you. Please note the chronology in the CLEAREST INDICATIONS GIVEN BY JESUS AND RECORDED IN THE BIBLE:

    “And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? (…)
    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
    All these are the beginning of sorrows.
    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. (…)
    But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. ”

    Now Dude, this…

    “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. (…)”

    …also has to happen before the End. Note the use of the word ‘then’.

    Matthew 24 alone completely invalidates all your theories because it shows your chronology is not aligned with the Lord’s chronology as given to the disciples in Matthew 24.

    Now I have to chose, and that’s your fault because you chose to state things that are at odds with what Jesus himself states. No offense, its not that you don’t have any credibility, its just that He has more.

    Biblically the world cannot be over in 27 days so hey, you must be wrong.

    Oh in the Conspiracy world all the alarm bells are ringing. I have no trouble believing we are in for sorrows beyond description either, but you will still be around 27 days from now because the bible says so, and guess what? When he Lord records his plans in his Word for us, he is genuinely unconcerned about Russian military maneuvers, Obama and martial law.

    Here is precisely what scripture has to say on the matter:

    Psalm 2: 1-4

    “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,
    Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
    He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.”

    ‘Derision’ a strong enough word for you? He is laughing at exactly all the things and people you place such great emphasis and reliance on to ‘predict’ the End of the World.

    “errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum”

  698. clark Says:

    Half asleep I say, Dude’s event is not the end of the world, it is a sword moment, quite a different thing. The rest is too deep, too much for me tonite. My brain is smokin’ just like Cellines, and she’s getting it right, we’re being watched, watching TV and we are China’s and the Queen of England’s, are you ready for their police presence? I’m not.

  699. Dude Says:

    Darren needs to read Ezekiel, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, Habbakuk, Obadiah and more. While reading, focus on the war story. The details are scattered but all are about the same war against Zion and the Israelites and that country is perfectly described in the book to be the USA.
    27 days. . .

  700. darran Says:


  701. Darran Says:

    Lets face it, we are all waiting for an event or series of events which will officially signal the end of the world as we know it, in the sense of the end of good times and of plenty.

    The only thing it looks like we have plenty of is trouble. That’s a given. But those of you with faith and patience will see that the Lord is not surprised by events, and that he will deliver those who call upon his name.

    Look you all have insight beyond the majority of people who are being led as sheep to the slaughter, you ‘see’ the world out there, you sense darkness and sorrows ahead, you know what lurks behind the New World Order.

    But how do you manage ‘all of that’ daily if not by casting your burdens on the Lord and seeking his counsel? Is not his wisdom to be preferred and treasured above and beyond that of man?

    Whose counsel is it to stock food, water and ammunition and live in fear until the End comes?

    Slick marketing though, the internet is full of conspiracy websites and individuals posing as fathers of the truth movement – the whole thing is a Psy-Ops. Simply unreliable. And so depressing…

  702. Dude Says:

    The Bible says there will be no food or water for 2 years and that parents will eat their children and die from contaminated waters. Again…this is NOT the end of the world, just the end of Zion (for now) and the beginning of a new era (the time of the gentiles) and about 70 years after the war, God will physically return. I dont live in fear…that will come with the war. For now theres just the knowing and the incentive to enjoy the last summer of life as we know it. 27 days. . .

  703. darran Says:

    America is Mystery Babylon in the bible, not Zion. And her destruction is AFTER the passage of Planet X.

  704. clark Says:

    Blue skies this morning with increasing chemtrails across the sky throughout the day. The ten day forecast here calls for sunshine and 80 degrees until Thursday when temps will be below 72 degrees. IF temp is a factor, I’ll see chemtrailing jets until Thursday and wont see any for the remainder of the week. The smog is gone from what I can tell.

    Im halfway through this, it’s an interesting read about being prepared or not from the perspective of someone who went through HARRP-icaine Katrina: http://www.theplacewithnoname.com/blogs/klessons/index.html

  705. clark Says:

    The change in behavior of the jets today is, they are all coming from a wide angle in the West to a small point in the East, whereas in the past they almost always usually came from the same point in the East and fanned out to the West.

    This story seems like it could be about chemtrails and the other stuff we discuss here:

    A certain large town received reports that a vast rampaging heard of elephants was headed toward the town. The people in this town and
    the surrounding area had never heard of elephants before, since no elephants lived in that part of the world, and television hadn’t been invented yet. The people went to the rulers, who, because they had been educated, knew what elephants were.

    The rulers held a meeting and said, “It is not good to panic the people.”, and they showed the people a picture of the tail of an elephant. Upon seeing this, the people felt relived and said, “What harm can such a small worm-like creature cause? They can easily be crushed underfoot!”, and went about their everyday lives with little thought of the
    coming elephants.

    When an outlying village heard about this, they went to warn their brothers because they had seen elephants and knew what they were
    capable of. They called a large meeting in the street and declared that preparations needed to be made and precautions taken against the
    coming of the great elephants. On hearing this, the people all laughed derisively and said, ‘FOOLS! Why do you speak to us of elephants!?’

    I should probably put this page in a ‘psychology’ section, because we’re going to get into some psychology. The first bit of psychology is that you are going to find that if you tell your friends and family that you are preparing for SHTF, they are likely to react in a negative, unsupportive way. Most ‘survivalists’ find this out early. If you tell people that you are preparing for disaster, you will be given all the respect of a circus freak. While in the middle of making fun of your sanity, most people will also make the statement, “Yeah, well if SHTF, I’ll just come to your house!”

    This very common statement really means, “I’m too damn lazy to prep myself, so I’ll just come eat your food and you can protect me and
    keep me safe and warm.” Since it is a common statement, I have two
    common replies. If I don’t like the person so much, I say, “If you do, I’ll shoot you in the face like any other looter.” If I do like the person, I’ll say, “I’ll be happy to feed your kids, but if you’re too lazy to make sure that they have something to eat I’m not going to feed you.”

    …”With the price of food going up all the time, do you think it would be a good idea to start picking up a little extra every time we go to the grocery store so that if the prices skyrocket we’ve already got some kind of food bank?”…


    Ammo is the same as food in this instance.

    Sky could have really benifited from reading this blog beforehand as an example of why I should get off my couch and do something too.
    If Dude were wrong and something else happened near his area, he (with his supply) would be a great benifit to those in need.

  706. Celline Says:

    @clark, thank you for your trouble to explain at length, what we might be facing.
    I know for a fact, that all Mormons have such supplies, always have had and always will have, it’s part of their religion, and a ” must do and have” to be a member in good standing. Also, they are armed to the teeth. Don’t even think about getting food or water from them.. should such times arise. Since I have Mormon family, I have seen those storage facilities and what’s in them more than 20 times !
    Why do I mention this? Because if I would do what they are doing ( cause Joseph Smith told them to do it in the 19th century )..
    I would feel as if I’m one of them, and would have faith in my own wisdom and forsight. Yes you are correct.. we should be wise to what’s happening around us. Yet going to the length that you are discribing.. like I said, would make me feel like one of those.. who put their faith in an occultist who led millions astray and brainwashed another few mill.
    If my days are up, so be it, obviously this is out of my hands.
    I can’t do it clark, just can’t. But I want you to know how much I appreciate the care u took, in explaining it all.

  707. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Darran (and everyone else) PLEASE remember to put your user-name and email address in the fields EVERY-TIME you post comments. That way your comments will *automatically* be approved.

    Darran, in several comments you failed to put your name and email and the comments were held in the spam queue under “anonymous” – once I saw that the IP address was the same, I put your name on them and approved them.

    To any new people that wish to post, you need to select a screen name and enter an email when posting. You need to use that same screen name and email address every-time you make a comment. It doesn’t have to be your real email address if you don’t want to supply that (and your email address is not shown to or shared with anyone else) but it is needed because of the way WordPress tracks unique users. Because of problems in the past, I no longer allow anyone to post anonymously. All first time posters are held for approval. After your first-time comment has been approved, all your subsequent comments will automatically be approved and show up in the comments section immediately. Once in a while, WordPress will throw a legitimate comment from an approved poster in the SPAM queue. I have no idea why that occurs, but it doesn’t happen too much. If your post is not showing up, email me and let me know.



  708. clark Says:

    The other thing I learned on that blog/book was that during Kartina firefighters would respond, walk in the open front door to find a person sitting normally in a living room chair while their house was on fire out back. The firefighters would try to get the person out and tell them their house was on fire. The homeowner would deny their house was on fire and the firefighters had to drag that person outside. Even after all that the homeowner would not accept that their house was on fire, and would minimize the fire damage when it was finally pointed out to them.

    And I wonder how people can deny chemtrails or 911 being fishy.

    @Celline, that blog does not ask anyone to stockpile like a Mormon. Are you saying you can’t buy an extra can of green beans when you go to the store? You do replace the batteries in your smoke detector don’t you? Why?… isn’t there some quote by The Man saying sell some stuff and buy a sword? I don’t know, it’s of course up to you what you do. It was an interesting bit of reading, it might change your mind a bit.

  709. Celline Says:

    @clark, yes I do this all the time, have for some time.
    It sure is the wise thing to do.

  710. clark Says:

    The wise thing to do. Very well put. You don’t leave out the batteries and say, If my days are up, so be it? Having a small bag on hand as that blog/book suggests, and having some extra canned foods and bottles of water around is the same.

    There was a story within that blog/book about an old timer who had a swamp fan boat, I’m sure the people he saved were glad he had that boat so he could go out and save, not the people stranded on their rooftops, but to hear the cries of those trapped in their attics, find them, and bust them out. Maybe he was God’s tool? He would have been a useless tool if he’d a had the attitude, if my days are up, so be it. Keep moving forward until you can’t.

  711. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, unfortunately he also says, that if your spouse isn’t on board you can’t prepare. My husband already thinks I am a nutcase, I don’t think I can convince him to start preparing for a disaster he doesn’t think will come too soon. He thinks maybe in 20 years or so things might get bad. He doesn’t believe they might get bad soon, and in a hurry, not slowly.

    I can’t say we should prepare for a possible natural disaster, as that isn’t too likely. We aren’t near the ocean, so hurricanes have a minimal effect on us. Tornadoes happen around us, but never touch our little town (probably because it is in a valley). There are no mountains, so mudslides won’t happen, either. Torrential rains don’t seem to make a difference here, as we’ve had those. We certainly don’t have our house on a flood plain, either (people who build there and complain every year that their basement is flooded are plain stupid). And earthquakes are also not going to happen here (unless the whole earth has them because of a meteor hitting).

    So, what would I say to convince him to prepare for disaster, without him thinking I’ve now really gone over the edge? Meaning, I would like to prepare, but can’t. I don’t have money of my own to do it myself and in secret.

    As this guy said, some people died because one spouse wanted to leave, but the other one simply wouldn’t. He or she didn’t believe there was any danger.

    No chems yesterday morning and afternoon, but jets absolutely everywhere spraying in the evening. Overcast this morning, with obvious chems in the mix. It was supposed to be a clear day.

  712. clark Says:

    The jets are going somewhat steady again today, though not as heavily as this last weekend, still from West to East.

    @Ursa, You didn’t mention the threat from a house fire, many causes for those, aren’t there wildfires and embers floating in the air in your area? That guy did give some examples on, ‘difficult” spouses, I presume you read that too? You don’t have to spend a lot of money, that guy is a cheap person and shows cheap simple small things you can do, if nothing else. That-a-ways you won’t be running around all frantic like if something were to happen while your husband sat in his living room like the person described on that blog who couldn’t accept the situation. You can lead a horse to water…

    I imagine if Sky were to read it she’d be nodding her head yes a lot.

    A bit on understanding why people don’t accept their house is on fire, or chemtrails, or 911:

    “It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes… we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions – especially selfish ones.” -Solzhenitsyn

  713. Ursa Major Says:

    Nope, zero threat from wildfires here, either. This town is entirely surrounded by farmland. Any forests, large parks or wooded areas large enough for that kind of threat are many miles north of us.

    Of course, we have smoke alarms, one on each level, and I insist on having those in working order at all times.

    In principle my husband is all for being prepared. It is just that he can’t see an immediate threat, and thinks we have many years to prepare. We disagree on that, obviously.

    There are very small ways he believes in the New World Order. I throw him nuggets of what is happening whenever it is so glaringly obvious that he can’t deny it.

    For instance, I have him pretty much convinced that the vaccination campaigns are a way of population control. I sent him several links from newspapers about Baxter purposely contaminating vaccines with the bird flu, and sending them to 18 countries. So, he is also very concerned about the swine flu vaccine, because I’ve given him evidence that this vaccine is likely going to START an epidemic, not prevent it. He has no intentions of getting that vaccine, or any flu vaccine, for that matter.

    But even though he has always been fine with our children and grandchildren not being vaccinated, he got all the recommended vaccinations for a missions trip to Papua last year, even though I had shown him better and healthier ways of protecting himself.

    One of our daughters went on a missions year to Guatemala a few years back, and she used naturopathic ways of protecting herself. She was the only one of her group who was well the whole time. So I know it can be done.

    When I did my research on vaccinations, we had no Internet. I bought books and magazines to read, and read passages of them to my husband. He was easily convinced then.

    But now, with 9/11 and chemtrails, it is too easy for him to go on the Internet to find government ‘evidence’ that contradicts me. And not only does it contradict everything I am saying, but paints all conspiracy theorists, as we are called, as kooks at best, and delusional and crazy at worst.

    And when then PILOTS are telling him that the government version is the truth, I obviously MUST be nuts, and seeing things! I sent him a link to ‘Blue No More’, which is by a retired pilot, so this guy surely knows what he is talking about. But he says he sees no reason to trust this guy, he could claim to have been a pilot, even if it wasn’t true.

    I told him that he could e-mail the guy, asking him for proof, but of course, he won’t do that. Because he really, really wants to believe that chemtrails aren’t what I say they are, and getting in touch with a real pilot who says they are chemtrails, not contrails, is a serious threat to his belief system.

    It is all very frustrating, to say the least.

  714. clark Says:

    No doubt.

  715. Darran Says:


    Sorry, I have to remember to insert them before I redact the body of my post else I tend to get distracted and forget.


    ““It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes… we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions – especially selfish ones.” -Solzhenitsyn”

    Nowhere is that more true than in the prophetic…
    Thank you for that. That really hit a deep chord.


    Don’t worry if you cannot convince your husband to prepare for disaster, I’d say the Lord is aware of your situation and I daresay he will provide. It’s not lack of research, wisdom or diligence on your part. The Lord knows your heart.

    The problem is that our belief system is a construct of ideas which we individually hold to be true. At a certain stage in life it becomes virtually impossible to challenge a core strand of this construct because in so doing you challenge not only an idea but an entire belief system. Nobody is likely to accept any idea which risks shattering their entire inner ‘me’ and everything they always held true. Quite devastating, recover from that now if you can…

    Can we blame them? Should they have the courage and willingness to reconsider everything they know, the next question will be, and I’ve seen this so many times: “So what can we do?”. The honest answer (aside obviously from love and trust the Lord with all your heart mind and soul) is not much. That should be the knockout blow for the few who had remained standing…

    It’s like this: people are more aware than we think, but they refute the ideas violently because they know that if they accept such an idea a true, then it brings down the whole castle of cards as it means most other things previously held true cannot consequently be honestly considered so any longer…. few have the courage or the inclination to change their entire belief system over a new truth promising so little reward not to mention the added emotional burden.

    People need to hang on to a semblance of normality, which in reality is an imaginary parallel world where the real world can be justified, explained and excused exactly as per Solzhenitsyn’s quote in Clark’s previous post. Something like rationalizing the irrational in order to have the peace of mind required to get on with increasingly challenging daily lives, so to speak.

    You see, people want to live in the castles of their imagination, and all we have to offer are the slums of reality.

  716. Celline Says:

    All those ” Fluffies” that are floating from West to East here today… are not clouds, but chems. How can I tell? Cause I know the diff between real and chemicals.
    @clark, I do not disagree w. you at all.

  717. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, I took some pictures of chemtrails today. But they are gone. My stupid, bratty 17-year-old has deleted them off my camera before I had a chance to put them on the computer.

    When I figured out she did that, I just lost it. I can’t believe she actually did that! She claims she is scared out of her mind by my obsession and ‘mental illness’ in believing that our government would actually be evil, wanting to spray harmful chemicals on us! She is trying to ‘help me’ get back to reality, and by trying to stop me from being obsessed with things that don’t exist.

    She says my whole family and all our friends are concerned about my mental health, and that NOBODY other than me and a bunch of equally mentally disturbed people on the Internet believe that crap.

    So, now I know what my family and ‘friends’ really think about me. That is very reassuring I am sure. I am on my own and can’t trust anybody any more!

    So, now I really have to hide my cameras. In fact, even though I can’t afford it, I’ll buy myself a smaller, better camera that I can hide easier. It has come to that. I just can’t believe it is happening yet.

  718. clark Says:

    “…people want to live in the castles of their imagination, and all we have to offer are the slums of reality.” – perfectly describes the situation.

    @Ursa, you’ve done a lot, you have created an awesome gallery, but there seems to be little more you can add. Perhaps you should take a break? Get your family off your back, read, do other things if you can. Get some exercise? If they catch you hiding your camera they will get worse, maybe even call the funny farm? Some love that is though. Or,… it could be thrilling, like a teenage adventure? Only, it’s not exactly my idea of a good time.

    It got hot here, 86 degrees, and there were huge numbers of jets again, as many as ever, chemtrailing a variety of chemtrails, short, long, and intermittent.
    I saw another invisible jet today. I just walked out to have a cigarette and looked up noticing a lot of chemtrails with one particularly fat one directly overhead and halfway across the sky. The jet was dark colored and contrasted well against the blue clearing in the sky above me while all around me the clouds were mixed. I watched that jet for awhile then it just suddenly disappeared and stopped spraying its chemtrail. I looked ahead of where it should be for awhile, but it never reappeared. From the opposite direction in nearly the same flight path another jet approached (exhausting a very short contrail) at about the same altitude and flew parallel and next to the freshly created fat chemtrail, this made me think there was no way some type of anomaly caused that other jet to disappear.

  719. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, THEY are the ones who need help, they are the ones denying reality, they are delusional if they think that our government, or the government of the USA or any other one in the world is actually made up of mostly good people, who want nothing but the best for the people they govern. Especially the people at the top are evil.

    I am told that EVERYBODY knows that what I am saying is nonsense, that all sane people would see that I am obviously mentally ill. I told her that EVERYBODY knew that everything revolves around the earth when Copernicus and Galileo proved that to be untrue. And that Galileo was persecuted for telling the truth.

    She didn’t want to hear that, and insists that she has always thought I was mentally ill because of my crazy ideas and obsessions.

    Is it more normal to be obsessed with hairdos, being popular, and caring a lot about being fashionable, than to care about knowing what is going on, doing research and facing the truth of the evil in this world? Apparently it must be, because here I am being declared mentally ill for facing the truth. Some crazy world it is, when the brainwashed sheeple are ‘normal’, and the people who think for themselves are declared ‘mentally ill’. Good strategy that, of course, to get rid of the people questioning the status quo.

    I am NOT going to stop taking pictures of chemtrails. I have every right to take pictures of whatever I choose. I have the right to research whatever I want. It is what I do, it is what keeps me sane in this crazy world. If suddenly I am supposed to act like one of the sheeple, just to be declared normal, that will REALLY drive me crazy!

    If they can’t manage to accept me for who I am, then I don’t need them. It is entirely their problem. I don’t think my husband would seriously have me picked up for being mentally ill. He is too concerned about his self-image to do that. But if I ever think it may come to that, I always have the option to get on a plane to Germany. My brothers or my sister would take me in. They are just as ‘crazy’ as I am.

  720. Celline Says:

    Uschi, hugs to you and assurance, that you are not crazy. Because if you are, then so am I, and all of us in here. This is highly unlikely, since there are extremely educated and smart people on this blog.
    The thing is, we are in the minority. What we have to do as individuals.. is to have our priorities right. You still have young children, one anyways.
    This girl is a teen and she is a typical teen w. all her thoughts and activities. She needs for you to be there for her with all the good stuff parents do. She simply misses you, I think I understand her. From her point of view, her mom is more interested in taking chem-pics, instead of being there for her. Teens are extremely selfcentered.. you know this.
    Make her a priority, spend time w. her etc. Give the chems a rest.. they will be there when you get back to them. But your daughter might turn her back, is that worth it.? It is not ! I have basically the same problem, probably all of us do. I simply no longer talk about it in their presence.. neither do I look up into the sky when my family is around. They KNOW the truth, they chose to ignore it. I can not change that fact. And I assume this is the case in your family also. They KNOW something is wrong… but their biggest concern is your preoccupation w. this matter.. while they NEED YOU. See what I mean? Again I want to reassure you, we are being sprayed, the chems are as real as a day is long.
    Turn your back on them for a while, and concentrate on the family.. it’s what I am doing, even though I can not avoid looking at the sky ” for the day”. And I do my research and all of that.. but I turn my back on it all, when family is present. Uschi, you are not alone, we are with you.. and in Germany, I assure you.. you won’t fare any better. The Germans ( my friends ) are as much in denial as Americans are. Fact !
    There’s 2 people I know in Germany, who are as aware as I am.
    And I know and communicate w. at least 20 ! Hope this helps?!

  721. clark Says:

    Ursa says, …If suddenly I am supposed to act like one of the sheeple, just to be declared normal, that will REALLY drive me crazy!

    –HAHAHAHA, so true.

    Ursa says, …I always have the option to get on a plane to…

    –Hmmm, not so true.

    It’s a Mad Mad Mad World.

  722. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hey Ursa,

    Here is an article to show your family that has their heads-in-the-sand.

    The US Navy is launching a rocket full of toxic aluminium oxide into the atmosphere for a “test.”

    The project is called the “Charged Aerosol Release Experiment” – that’s right….the acronym is “CARE” !!

    Sick evil bastards! They just love diabolical little jokes like that! (Remember the slogan for the Gardasil vaccine is “one less! one less! – the idiot public thinks that means one less girl with cervical cancer. The eugenicist meaning is “one less” girl period! Or at least “one less” girl able to have children – sterility is one of the side effects!)

    Anyway…here is the link:

    US Navy to Conduct Massive Atmospheric Test

  723. Darran Says:


    ” I am told that EVERYBODY knows that what I am saying is nonsense, that all sane people would see that I am obviously mentally ill. ”

    ” She says my whole family and all our friends are concerned about my mental health, and that NOBODY other than me and a bunch of equally mentally disturbed people on the Internet believe that crap. ”

    My line of defense against that one is actually also one of my all-time favorite quotes:

    I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

    Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) British historian and essayist.

    “The project is called the “Charged Aerosol Release Experiment” – that’s right….the acronym is “CARE” !!”

    Quite simply painful. I suppose if the experiment is successful chemtrails will be normalized and everyone will agree that it was always a known fact that spraying was occurring in an attempt to contain the effects of global warming.

    My heart goes out to you guys, as we are definitely not being sprayed here in Malta. At all. If anyone can afford to relocate…

  724. Darran Says:

    Valid hypothesis from another forum, at least I found:

    “They are studying the dispersal of particles suspended in aerosols and dust. My guess it is for the planned delivery of biological and/or radiological weapons. They need to estimate the damage they can inflict and whatever limited control they can maintain on the delivery. Can they control the weather enough to direct wind currents to control the dispersal of radioactive dust clouds created by nuclear bunker busters? What is the dust/particle concentration in the wind as it travels—is it concentrated enough to kill and, if so, over what distance? I can assure you, none of this research is for the good of mankind.”

  725. Darran Says:

    “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.”
    Wayne Dyer (1940-?) American psychotherapist, author and lecturer.

    “A person is never happy except at the price of some ignorance.”
    Anatole France (1844-1924) French writer.

    I think that kind of sums the concept up too. 🙂

  726. clark Says:


    The beginnings of proof. Most people require a .gov or a .mil web address to believe anything, and this .gov website validates that the government IS intent on making artificial clouds, and that the government IS intent on depositing particles in the atmosphere this month. This rocket test does minimize their actions, and they seem to leave open their plausible deniability option for the chemtrailing jets that fly over us.

    @Darran, they might not be spraying directly over you, but the winds have got to be carrying this to every point on the planet judging by the amounts they are spraying here. The NASA article indicated this stuff stays in the atmosphere for weeks, plenty of time to get anywhere. Lucky you though. Any jobs there?

  727. Ursa Major Says:

    Thanks everyone for your support. Celline, I am there for my daughter, and always have been (the same goes for the other kids). I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom. I am here when she leaves, and I am here when she gets back. I listen to her whenever she wants to talk. I drive her around, I even go clothes shopping with her, which I generally detest.

    When she needs to be picked up at 1:30 in the morning, I am the one doing it. I homeschooled her until the end of grade 6. I advocate for her when her dad is being too harsh (which is frequently). What more can I do?

    This is the crazy part: I have always taken tons and tons of pictures of everything interesting. Hundreds during family gatherings of the family, hundreds of pictures of flowers, both wild flowers and garden flowers, pictures of animals, insects, whatever…….. When I take my grandson for a walk, I take just as many pictures of him, flowers, bugs, trees, anything interesting I see.

    It is NORMAL to take hundreds of pictures of all those things/people. But it is NOT normal, to also take pictures of chemtrails. Since they are of interest too, what gives?

    I have Asperger Syndrome. One of the main characteristics of people with AS is obsessions, usually one at a time. I’ve always been totally immersed in researching one particular subject. At one point it was vaccinations. When I figured I pretty much knew all there was to know about that, I moved onto the next subject. Right now it is chemtrails.

    What is happening is, that they are saying that as a person with AS, it is not permissible to BE like a normal person with AS. Which is totally illogical. AS is NOT a mental illness. I’ve always been different from the norm, which does NOT make me crazy. Just different. And I LIKE being different. I don’t brainwash easily, as I question everything. I am extremely curious and want to find out about things. I can hyper-focus when working on something of interest to me.

    I am not a social person. I prefer to be alone most of the time. But I have always been a good mother. The problem is, that teenagers want their mother to be like everybody else’s mother. I’ve always been an embarrassment to my teenagers, because I am NOT like all the other mothers. And I am not planning on trying to be like them, either, because I don’t have a clue how.

    FF, I am going to send that link to my husband, very interesting indeed, and not surprising. Maybe that will make him think!

    Clark, I’ll send him your link, too. The more proof the better. He won’t be able to dismiss that! It is official, and if the government is saying it, it must be true, right? 😉

  728. clark Says:

    It’s not so funny how in the comments on infowars a high percentage of the posters scattered across the entire country are claiming that since Labor Day up to today they have seen the most chemtrail activity ever. Same here, I even saw my first SQUARE CLOUD, it was kind of big, not tiny, it looked artificial. There were clearly two types of clouds intermixed today, natural clouds and stringy artificial ones.

    @Ursa, from my experience growing up, even now when talking to girls and women, most, maybe 7 in 10 are embarrassed by their mothers behavior all the time, or at some point, so I’d say that makes you entirely normal. At least your not chugging litres of vodka and breaking things, and spend most of your time in jail, and such. Have you ever shown a touch of wildness or done anything risky? If nothing serious, I’d say no one putting you down has a leg to stand on.

  729. Celline Says:

    From about 11 AM to 3 PM,( PST ) I watched artificial clouds.. moving from West to East. No, they were not real clouds, they were lacey and frayed..
    they looked like chemtrails cut into sections.
    Suddenly, it all stopped, that was at 3 PM.
    I have a sore throat, and feel strangely tired. Not as in wanting to go to bed tired, so it feels more like weak than tired.
    Uschi, I know you are a great momie.. I am too.
    I am scared for my children, the pain is too great to put into words..

  730. Ursa Major Says:

    There were weird clouds yesterday. Some obvious chemtrails, but mostly long, strung-out clouds that I don’t believe were real ones, as some had the obvious texture in them that identifies them as chems.

    This far today it is completely clear with a blue sky. But of course, it is still early in the day, so who knows what will happen later.

    No, Clark, nothing crazy and wild. The wildest things I’ve done is taking university and college courses in web-design and digital audio production (I am capable of making radio shows, and I am my church’s webmaster). Which of course, is not what your average middle aged woman does. Most women my age are awed by what I can do with the computer, when really, I only have basic skills as far as I am concerned, and would love to take more advanced courses.

    But really, I have been put down while I was ‘obsessed’ with Southern Gospel music a few years back, while I was researching Asperger syndrome and Tourette syndrome when I was diagnosed with those, when I was researching Celiac disease when I found out I had that, and now while researching 9/11 and chemtrails.

    So, nothing is really different, other than that with chems I take pictures, so I have something you can look at. And OTHERS see me doing it. That is the crux. With what I did before, most people didn’t know what I was doing, and now what I am doing is visible. And that is a big no-no, they hate it when other people can see that I am ‘weird’.

    They could make fun of me and roll their eyes when I listened to my gospel music, but humour me all the same by even buying me CDs. They couldn’t argue really with wanting to find out everything I could about AS, TS and Celiac (even though it drove them nuts when I suggested they all might be gluten intolerant as well, as well as most grandkids, but in the meantime I have been proven right).

    Plus, the other subjects weren’t controversial enough to be a real problem. With chems, since nobody believes it, I stand out as a ‘conspiracy nut’. Meaning, I hurt their reputation as ‘cool’ people or as ‘pillars of the community’ or whatever it is that they want to be known as.

    Their problem is, that they believe what the school/media/government tells them for the most part, and I question everything and VERIFY what I hear before I believe it (or not, as is the case much of the time). They WANT to be brainwashed, because that is easier to do. And they certainly want to fit in. I have never fit in anyway, so I don’t care if I do or don’t. I think that is the most important aspect of this family problem. I am supposed to fit in, and since I don’t, I must be crazy. Doesn’t seem logical to me at all!

    I’ve still only seen two bees this far this year. Others I mentioned bees to will say, “Yes, you’re right, I haven’t seen any either, why do you think that is?” And I will give them some possibly explanations, including the chemtrail one. And invariably, they’ll say, “Chemtrails? What is that? I have never heard of it”. And when I explain it, they admit that they never look at the clouds, they haven’t seen the long white lines in the sky. In a word, no matter how smart, how informed on other subjects, how non-conformist they are (as is the case with my chiropractor), they still don’t see the obvious weirdness of the sky these days at all.

  731. clark Says:

    The biggest roadblock…
    If you haven’t already read this, here is some bits of it that jumped out at me:

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler explained the believability of the Big Lie as compared to the small lie: “In the simplicity of their minds, people more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have such impudence. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and continue to think that there may be some other explanation.”

    science is a belief system just like everything else, and that his theory was outside the belief system.

    I have seldom experienced open minds even in academic discourse or in the highest levels of government. Among the public at large, the ability to follow the truth wherever it may lead is almost non-existent.


    Clear blue chemtrail-free skies here as well.
    Most people truly are lemmings into shiny metal boxes.

  732. Celline Says:

    “Only the small secrets need to be protected,
    The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity !”

    Read this somewhere, and it is so very true !

  733. Celline Says:

    Same as yesterday, but this time it started at 2PM ( PST ) Out of the South/West, weird blobs are now coming in.. moving East.
    ” Created ” over the Pacific, they again are not clouds.
    Will watch how long it goes on.. yesterday from 11 til 3..
    Today from 2 til ?
    Boy ” they” are getting smart, sheeple think them’s clouds.. oy vey !

  734. Celline Says:

    The fake clouds never stopped coming in today.. yet mixed themselves w. the normal incoming ocean clouds. Now, I no longer can tell them apart.
    This I know, ” they” are spraying us daily, and I feel like a “d…” bug !
    And that’s what we are in the eyes of the Elite.. stupid useless food and earthly goods devouring bugs !

  735. Celline Says:

    30 miles North of LA lies the ” breadbasket” of America. I know the area well. There is a canal that waters those fields.
    Some stupid fish is suppose to be endangered, and they shut down the canal and the fields are all dried up. Our food will be coming from ( Monsanto ) China and S.America, because we can’t water our crops.
    This is the biggest outrage I heard in a long time.
    I went on Twitter to tell everyone what’s going on w. that.
    I know of course the NewAge-plan behind all of this… but if enough wellfed people would pay attention and make some noise.. maybe our farmers and the workers could go ahead and grow some great California produce ?

  736. Celline Says:

    Hello.. hello.. is there and Echo I hear? Where is everyone ?

  737. clark Says:

    Yesterday was a high of 79 degrees. Today, so far, it’s a cool 71 degrees. The two days are shaping up to be about the same, clear in the morning, fairly cloudy in the afternoon leading to clear skies again in the evening and throughout the night. And, No Chemtrails! Or hardly any other jets for that matter, I saw two yesterday with contrails, and none today.
    Twice now I’ve come pretty close to predicting when the chemtrails would appear and disappear, it could just be a coincidence, but…?

    Friday and Saturday are supposed to be 79 degrees, and cooler temps after that. There may or may not be chemtrails this weekend, I suspect not because the temp is not going over 79 degrees, but we’ll see.

    With rain forecast for Sunday through Tuesday, it may require chemtrails to trigger the event as it has been very dry, but again, we’ll see. Hopefully there will be no more chemtrails the rest of the year. If there is, that blows my theory of temperature being a determining factor and rather soil moisture content may be the goal of chemtrailing instead, or at least a factor within other factors such as controlling the spread of nuclear fallout from bunker buster bombs, controlling the view of the sky, battles between unknowns, or electro-magnetic communications or manipulation of some type.
    Did I leave any out?

    Six volcanoes errupt at once? Hmmm. Not excatly outside the realm of possibility, but…
    “Nothing to see here folks, now move along…”

  738. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, here the day started out with 47 degrees Fahrenheit, and went up slowly to be about 70 now. And they have been spraying us on and off all day.

    At around 10:30 this morning (at which point it was around 60 degrees), I looked out and most of the sky was filled with really puffy popcorn clouds. Because the baby woke from his nap right then, I thought I could pick him up, and if I’d leave for our walk within fifteen minutes, I could take pictures then. Wouldn’t you know, when we got outside, they were GONE!

    Today isn’t windy, barely a breeze. Meaning, they didn’t blow away. They just ‘dissolved’ and became part of the ‘glorious blue sky’. Or fell down. My breathing was bad outside today, and not too bad inside.

    Just after lunchtime I saw quite a few obvious chemtrails, one right over my house, of course. That one, which was fatter than the rest, was not anywhere near the other ones, it really stood out.

    And just now I went to take pictures, because we’ve got puffy popcorn clouds today. And I saw a large, shiny jet flying fairly low, making NO NOISE whatsoever. As quiet as a mouse. That isn’t normal, meaning, that this jet’s sound has been muffled. If it is just another normal passenger jet (which I am sure it isn’t), why the muffled sound?

    It wasn’t spraying. But I bet it wasn’t up to any good, either. Needless to say, I’ve got pictures of the jet.

  739. Ursa Major Says:

    I meant in my second to last paragraph, “we’ve got puffy popcorn clouds AGAIN” not ‘today’ (which is also true, but isn’t what I wanted to say).

  740. Celline Says:

    Strange here today. Out of the West, puffy chems.. and right behind them a wall of ocean moisture. This moisture normally is burnt up by the sun at around 11 AM. Yet, it is still there.. so I am starting to wonder.. if this also is fake.. I do not know.
    The South is completely fogged in w. chem, no visibility at all.
    Dude might have a comment on this one ?!

  741. clark Says:

    From an article titled, Quietly Building the Totalitarian State in America, With the Full Complicity of the Big Media:

    We who are trying to expose what is being done in the US now to public view necessarily work under immense constraints. Almost everything in America can now be censored in the Media as a “violation of national security” or by simple disappearance and stigmatization as “Crazy.” We have to rely on these many insider accounts and carefully analyzing them in relation to each other to “connect the dots,”


  742. clark Says:

    The Black Brant XII suborbital sounding rocket was supposed to be launched today to spread it’s payload of CARE dust into the sky. I wonder how it went, and were there any revealing comments by those involved?

  743. clark Says:

    Massive chemtrails here today. Most from horizon to horizon, mixed with jets with regular contrails. Yesterday was clear and cloudless, even into the night. Today is supposed to be a high of 79 degrees, with cooler temps throughout the week, so much for temperature being the determining factor.

  744. clark Says:

    Some comments about Paul Craig Roberts’ latest article that easily apply to those who cannot accept chemtrails:

    Keith Shelton Reply:
    no, this is how the human brain is wired. ingrained beliefs and attitudes are very hard to change. Facts alone will not do it. People are not inherently sheep, people are just complex.
    Persuasion is a science and there are different ways to go about it, but waking people up is more than just displaying the facts, they have to buy into it completely. You have to appeal to their attitudes and beliefs which are based on a great many things.

    niburian Reply:
    Very good point Kieth.In order for the average citizen to believe the mass of objective EVIDENCE about 9-11, the average citizen is reqired to reject most everything they BELIEVE about their Gov’t, their Lifestyle,their security. It shakes the very foundations of what one percieves oneself to be. That dosen’t make everyone sheeple. It is a very NORMAL responce which is EXPLOITED by the zionistas who control ‘Amerika’ and ‘The West’. These oligarchic arseholes like D.Cheney, D.Rumsfield,G.Bush,Tony Blare,Gordon Brown,Barry Sorotero and “Bibi Netanyahoo(who are all only the front-person stooges anyway) have no compunction whatsoever about doing ‘whatever it takes’ to further their aims.

    joey-the-wise Reply:
    what he’s saying is, you can bludgeon people with the truth all day long and not get your point across. Or, you can ‘appeal’ to their senses and win them. There are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ methods of delivering truth–just ‘effective’ and ‘ineffective’. He’s right.

    Ed Reply:
    People with good conscience like truth. Keep telling the facts, eventually one sticks and brings down the wall of lies.

    arwijn Says:
    Finally an article on 9-11 truth deniers… It’s a good one.

    Xander Reply:
    I like that Truth Deniers. With all this talk about Truthers, Birthers, and now Tenthers I think that it is about time we brand the opposition as they have us. Labeling someone a Holocaust Denier, or a Global Warming Denier appears to work on the masses. So, in my opinion we should spread the word that those who believe the “official” story of 9/11 are Truth Deniers.

    Truth Deniers, freakin awesome I love it.

  745. stef Says:

    Clark, Dude, FF:

    Upgraded telescope since last I said, “Goodbye.”

    Exchanged the mastodon reflector for a (hybrid, and best of both worlds) catadioptric 8″ Celestron Nexstar SE.

    Added half a dozen lenses and a laptop, to boot.

    Have been watching the skies with great alacrity.

    Will report on moon bombing of October 9.

    Given the right circumstances (no rain etc.) and a splash of luck I should be able to video the event for myself. Never mind NASA — not trustworthy.

    Hope you are all well.

    “Puffy clouds” … heheh

    Best Wishes,

  746. Dude Says:

    stef: sounds like youre getting into the telescope thing pretty good. Now if only theyd let ya see the big one coming. be sure and report that moon thing on the 9th…dont wait till the tenth.

  747. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Stef,

    I am looking forward to your report. I know next to nothing about astronomy, but I do know NASA is not going to tell us what is really going on.



  748. clark Says:

    I saw a cloud today I’d never seen anywhere before. Perhaps it was a small segment of chemtrail, it looked as if a wisk broom was dragged across a light powdery substance, the white evenly spaced lines, all the same length and curved at the ends, appeared to be horizontal in the sky, a stark contrast to the dark rain producing clouds which surrounded it and filled the rest of the sky.

  749. Celline Says:

    @clark: I have seen one like that once be4, and named it” a cutoff chem”. I think,” they are trying new stuff ” For instance, most of what I see is.. they are laying chems in the shape of real clouds right infront of natural clouds. When our ocean overcast moves in late afternoon, just in front of it.. like a hemline.. there they are the puffy chems, trying to look like the real thing!
    Amazing what they invent to fool the sheeple, and of course, they do succeed.
    The weird ” cutoff” chem, like what you are describing, happened once only so far, that I have seen.

    Only the small lies need protecting, the big ones are taken care of by the incredulity of their nature.

  750. Ursa Major Says:

    Clark, I’ve seen ‘clouds’ like that before.

    We’ve had all kinds of different chemtrails being sprayed all day. Most spread quite fast and the majority of people wouldn’t think twice about them (but then, they also don’t notice the criss-crossing chems, either).

    All day we’ve had evenly striped ‘clouds’ on the southern horizon that were sort of a yellowish colour.

  751. stef Says:

    FF: “I know next to nothing…”

    Yeah, well, that’s why I doled out the extra bucks for a fully computerized machine. It has 40,000 celestial bodies in memory and quietly, gently, shows me where they are and follows “it’ till I get bored and ask for another.

    I mean it explains what I’m looking at and everything!

    Hell, uh, meant to say heck, it practically holds my hand as we tour the heavens.

    I’ve almost forgotten the agony I went through with that other unwieldy beast.

    Now it’s bliss, pure bliss.

    Dude: Oct. 10. Tell me something, Dude. What if they’re trying out this kinetic weapon on the moon on Oct 9 purely to see how well, how accurately, it works.

    If all goes as planned, then they can use it here, declaring it a “nuke” attack minus the fallout. Another False Flag US/Mossad scenario executed with their usual relish. Followed by WIII etc. Your thoughts, please.

    By the way, has anyone watched the films/docs on that site I suggested? WIDE EYE CINEMA?

    Celline: “Oy Vey”… is that supposed to be funny? Some people never cease to rub me the wrong way.


  752. Sky Says:

    @ stef – By the way, it was ” marc” who recommended Wide Eye Cinema. Not ” stef “.

    Most of us still have memories, despite the chemtrails.

    You seem to be suffering from the same problems that Truth has.

    It was easy to tell that marc/stef were one and the same. Besides the identical syntax in your posts, your misogyny gave you away.

    Try to keep your various personas straight.



    @ Celline – Don’t let anything that stef/marc says get to you. : – )

    This person has issues.

  753. Ursa Major Says:

    Thanks, Sky for noticing that obviously it wasn’t Stef who posted the link to ‘Wide Eye Camera’. Stef was officially not present with us at the time.

    I went back, and found that Stef used two avatars (his normal green one, and once a blue one), and Marc has a blue one and a black one. Obviously, somebody with lots of different computers, or different places to post from (or both).

    And sometimes Stef was really nice, and other times very nasty, and the same applies to Marc. Interesting, to say the least.

    First thing this morning the sky was covered in sort of stripy clouds, and now it is raining. We haven’t had rain for more than a week, which is unusual, when looking back at all the rain and cool weather we’ve had this summer.

  754. ericswan Says:

    Hey Y’all. Noticed the different avatars myself. Another toss your way Ursa. Chemtrails have changed over the years and as Celline points out and Clark confirms, they are more difficult to pick out without alot of previous experience in identifying them. Noticed that in Alaska this week. I recognized a couple of trails mixed in with an 80% cloud cover.

    Your family might have been easier to get along with your process if they had been paying attention. It’s not easy to see what’s going on when the chemtrails are sprayed over unoccupied parts of Ontario and drift into your area. They used to lay trails in multiple side by side attacks which seems to have changed to one after the other so that you can’t photograph them working in tandem.

  755. Ursa Major Says:

    Well, after the rain stopped I looked out, and when the rainclouds moved away, the whole sky was covered in obvious (to me anyway) chemclouds. And of course, ONE plane sprayed just the one obvious chemtrail, going right over my house.

    Whenever there is only one chemtrail, or two, crossing each other, it seems it is always right over my house. Only when they are spraying everywhere (as they did the other day) that isn’t so obvious. How can that be a coincidence? They’ve got me tagged because of communicating with, and visiting, Brian Holmes. I am certain of that.

    I took my grandson for a walk (taking pictures of those chemtrails/chemclouds as I went). We went around the block, which took a little over half an hour. When we got back, the sky was covered in clouds again, and it started raining five minutes after being back inside. Unless you would look up within that short time just before lunch, you would miss the chems altogether.

    Eric, my family HAS seen the obvious chemtrails. I’ve pointed them out to them, the X’s, parallel lines, spreading out etc. My oldest daughter has seen some of my pictures from that one awful chemtrail day (Apr. 17th).

    The rest refuse to look up, and they won’t look at my pictures, either.

    The youngest tells me she sees the chems, and believes that is what they are, but so what? There is nothing we can do about it anyway, so it would be best to just ignore them. And she gets mad at me for not doing that.

    My husband believes the government ‘official explanation’, because a couple of pilots he knows say it is true. They are pilots, and if they say they are only contrails, it must be so. My research and personal observations mean nothing in comparison.

    Most of the time the chems aren’t obvious unless you have seen them laid down and spreading before, you are right about that. It is definitely harder now to convince anybody. But even when it was glaringly obvious, people wouldn’t believe it. I don’t know if it makes a difference.

  756. clark Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog, about life in an economy that collapsed (Argentina) to get a perspective about what it might be like here in North America. Some surprising stuff. People hearing about crime all around them yet never doing things like securing their own doors and being surprised when theirs gets kicked in. How old people act and react to the changing times, some get it, while others don’t or won’t.

    This guy lived it, and has seen quite a bit. He gives a really hard time to those who think they can make it in the countryside or be without guns, showing real life examples. Well worth the read, even if you don’t agree with everything he says.

    I suppose, Ursa’s family and many like them ignore or deny the chemtrails much the same way people down there ignore the change in their society. It’s not until something happens that people pay attention and accept reality, if even then. Of course, for many, it’s too late at that point.


    Full white-out with clouds here today.

  757. clark Says:

    That Youtube link didn’t show up as a video, it usually does, they make for good bookmarks too, hope you don’t mind, here it is again, Zombies:

  758. ericswan Says:

    I tried to post the subject of filtering air, water, soil and radioactive fallout with zeolite. I’m sure it works to negate the effects of chemtrail additives and it is available in abundance worldwide. I suggest you look into it and specifically clinoptilolite. It works.


  759. clark Says:

    In a more optimistic moment, if only chemtrails were a massive worldwide mosquito eradication effort.

    “Chikungunya is coming.”


    If only…

  760. Celline Says:

    Clear day today, easterly winds. yet at dusk, here they came;
    Inspite of the winds ( Santa Ana ) …sneaking in from the WEST.. were the chems.. in cloud-shapes of course. No one would have noticed this, but me of course.

  761. Celline Says:

    @Sky : Thank you girl ;o)
    Eric… that link u posted scares the begeebees out of me.
    Who is putting this out.. and do you believe all of this? Another question: when u were in Alaska, u did not happen to check out HAARP.. did you?
    oy vey, whata world we live in !

  762. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Heavy chem-spraying in my area today. They were mixing the “newer” types with the good ole’ straight line-miles-long-stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb type. It made the sky look completely bizarre…..at least to anyone that bothered to look.

    Honestly, when they are out spraying hard and heavy, I don’t know how anyone can pretend everything is normal.

    But I am sure it is a loving gift from our Government….they do *love* us so!

    Isn’t it strange how politicians will hold a press conference if they raise social security a few percent or extend unemployment benefits (that is if the banksters can spare a few crumbs)….but they never mention the wonderful multi-billion dollar chemtrail spraying project all done for our health and benefit…..I wonder why that is?

    ha ha ha ha…..

  763. Celline Says:

    Founding, that’s what ” the black budget” is for.
    Never mind that this is our money too.
    What’s Letterman got, that the Prez would honor him w. his presence tonight, I wonder? First he had some ” Zsars ” on his show and tonight, the Boss. Did anyone notice?
    I bet Letterman would not have the nerve to ask about the chems, even though as a metereologyst ( sp?) he would have more than a clue about it..

  764. Dude Says:

    18 days. . . .

  765. Dude Says:

    Im from the Irish tribe of Israel. I like this song:
    www . youtube . com/watch?v=BtS6Lr4sIxw&feature=related

    Goes well with the Holland brew. I need some Irish brew.

    Im not ready.

  766. Dude Says:

    I got a fancy for some cool, informative hip hop too:
    www . youtube . com/watch?v=WA_xXWSXyFI&feature=related

  767. clark Says:

    It’s all clouded up again, but there was a small break in the clouds, a chemtrail went the length of the opening. Slightly above the chemtrail and to the side I watched a solid white jet flying without a contrail or chemtrail of any kind.

    How does a pilot rationalize and explain away chemtrails when a jet without contrails is flying over a chemtrail?

    This was the closest I’d been to one of these types of jets, who knows why it was flying so low, but it’s during times like these I think of the professional pilots trying to rationalize and explain away chemtrails as contrails and I think they either must be in insanely deep denial or are being paid to discredit the truth movement.

    I’m surprised there aren’t more people willing to accept or become aware of chemtrails, especially considering how there are so many who go berserk over second hand tobacco smoke or act as if a gun is a rattlesnake and try to stamp out either if they are within proximity to their family members or any environment they might be in, or even if there is the slightest possibility they may do so.

    A different group of people, also unwilling to accept chemtrails, are the ones who are ok with second hand smoke and guns, but go off like a firecracker when, for instance, a child they don’t know is injured by a hit and run driver in their city, their fury and rage is very evident and they are willing to make assumptions about the drivers intent and character without any facts, yet fail in the slightest to consider the intent of those who operate the jets overhead.

    On some message boards I’ve noticed an up tick in the numbers of people nationwide who are commenting about seeing chemtrails. One sticks out in my mind, saying something like, “I used to think those chemtrail people were crazy, but then I started noticing.” Then the feeling of getting across to people fades as another poster chimes in, “Who cares, football is back on TV.”

    @eric, I think you will find this video very interesting: Global Barter Network – but they wind up using scripts/coupons/social currency, as all barter winds up doing eventually, I don‘t think you can get around it:

    I found this video at http://ferfal.blogspot.com/

    It looks like a good idea (I want to start one) but I think the state would smash it for failure to license and pay tax, so it may only work after the state has collapsed. The organizers think it’s, “not the definitive solution” but a good temporary thing… until money is linked to gold?

    @Dude, that hip-hop YouTube video was good, there should be more of those types of things online.

  768. Dude Says:

    clark:yea immortal technique puts the truth out there. Ive been expanding my music as I learn that most of the popular music is designed to manipulate. i was feelin good last night, hehe.

  769. clark Says:

    @Dude, Green bottles, yup.

    You might like this one too, NB: explicit lyrics.:

  770. Dude Says:

    Clark: that video was on whatreallyhappened.com yesterday. it got quiet again. People are preparing I hope. 17 days left. damn, time flies these days.

  771. ericswan Says:

    Hey Founding..hammer time..

    [audio src="http://www.achieveradio.com/archplayer.php?showname=Cash%20Flow%20with%20James%20Martinez&ShowURL=http://audio.achieveradio.com/cash-flow/Sep-17-2009-at-12-00PM---Cash_Flow.mp3" /]

  772. ericswan Says:

    Celline..I don’t know who Sorcha Faal is. Would you look at these pics and tell me if this is what you see.


  773. ericswan Says:

    Dude..this radio broadcast indicates that Oct. 10 is the drop dead date for a dirty bomb which was brought to my attention by 3 separate and disparate sources. The following link is from a former intelligence agent, Tom Heneghan.

    [audio src="http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-27564/TS-263554.mp3" /]

    Rayelan Allen has been interviewing David Hawkins of http://www.hawkscafe.com every Wednesday at noon pacific time for a month. David is a forensic accountant and his story is not public to the internet. You have to listen to Rayelans’ radio program at
    or subscribe to David’s Yahoo mailing list which I’ve been doing for a couple of years. His information is tight but don’t expect miracles of understanding what he has found.

    Rayelan’s husband died in jail after 17? years to shut him up. Her husband was CIA.

    I don’t know if she archives her programs but if she does, try to find her interviews with David Hawkins who happens to live in Vancouver and is the leader of a political party called the Action Party here in British Columbia.

    I’m just listening to the radio program posted above. Tom’s partner on the show, Stu Webb, says chemtrails and HAARP can activate the vaccine and kill you instantly. He says they are going with the dirty bomb because too many people have indicated they won’t take the shot.

    You folks have picked a bad time to fall asleep at the wheel.

  774. clark Says:

    I read a couple of articles way back that concluded dirty bombs wouldn’t/didn’t work.
    I saw some clouds like that early in the Summer, flatened and evenly spaced and lined up for miles, didn’t see it but once or twice though, like being upside down over a rolling football field of sorts.

    Still solid white-out skies here.

  775. Celline Says:

    Eric, one of your links ( those many ones ) kicked me off line.. everytime I tried them.
    The one u wanted me to look at.. yes, it is a site I am familiar with.. and yes, I have seen all those diff chems too.
    Lately.. I have not seen many… other than when the ocean cover comes in, they lay them right infront of the real cloudcover.
    I think the whole scheme has changed, is less obvious.. and definitely made to look like real weatherclouds.
    But there’s always a haze in the air, and sometimes I sneeze a lot, which is not usual for me. We again have a huge heatwave.. from the coast to the desert, and I have not seen real chemtrails in 2 days.

  776. Celline Says:

    @ Dude.. lets go dancing..

  777. Dude Says:

    eric: that talkshow is making a lot of sense. and they know the date even. the bomb isnt gonna be just a dirty bomb though, itll be the nuke they stole in 07.

  778. Dude Says:

    Celline: dancing?

  779. Dude Says:

    Remember me telling you all there was air on the moon? It has now been confirmed: http://www.rense.com/general87/moonwater.htm

  780. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, I see those kinds of ‘clouds’ all the time. Just yesterday I saw a lot of different kinds of chems, as well as a striped sky (stripes going in different directions in layers), together with obvious chemtrails. It is getting more atrocious all the time, but at the same time less obvious to most people.

    Dude, confirmed by whom? First of all, water has not been confirmed officially. Some people claim it is there. So, IF there is water, there must be an atmosphere. I haven’t seen any conclusive evidence that there is water on the moon.

    And we’ll see about October tenth. At this point it is all speculation, and I do hope it is all wrong. It seems to me that this date has been making its rounds, and people haven’t come to the conclusion independently as to something happening on Oct. 10th at all, they just think they have come up with it all on their own.

  781. Dude Says:

    Celline: like the last dance on the Titanic? Ive almost never danced at all but I can skate like hell. 🙂

    Ursa: I already photographed the air on the moon with my own telescope. i knew it was there. they are now saying that three spacecraft have confirmed water and if there is water, there must be some kind of air.

    The 10-10-09 date did not come to me on my own. I told you: Ezekiel 24:1-2.

    15 days. . .

  782. ericswan Says:

    James McCanney does his last call on Planet X. Dude, this guy is tuned in. Listen closely.

    [audio src="http://www.jmccanneyscience.com/JamesMcCanneyScienceHour_September_24_2009.mp3" /]

  783. clark Says:

    We finally got some blue sky and sunshine today. Nice bright half-moon this evening too. – Not a chemtrail in sight.

  784. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark. I can see that half moon here. You must be pretty close …

  785. ericswan Says:

    I would be willing to bet that there is nothing going on behind the curtain..


  786. Ursa Major Says:

    Listen to this video. Good questions, bullshit answers by the ‘expert’.


  787. ericswan Says:

    Today is the day of atonement.
    This year the Feast of Tabernacles starts on October 3, 2009 and ends on October 9, 2009. The Last Great Day is October 10, 2009.

  788. Celline Says:

    @Dude, subj: ” on the lighter site of things ” : According to you we have 13 days, that would give us enough time.. to do some compromizing:”
    How about Waikiki and Waterskiing”? Ready anytime you are.
    C’mon, smile, we all need a smile.

  789. Dude Says:

    Celline: hawaii gonna get it too, how about waterskiing in australia?

    Eric: I didnt know that about 10-10 and this feast. Another thing pointing to the same date.

    well folks, i guess it was nice while it lasted.

  790. Celline Says:

    Big fat chemtrails all day, all shapes and sizes.. just gross to look at. Most of it looks like lumpy grits. but as usual.. most .. ummm.. I almost said ” idiots” would not notice a thing.
    Gladly will I go waterskiing in Australia Dude.. now, how are we going to get there.. in a Chemplane?? !

  791. ericswan Says:

    This LRAD thing reminds me that this protest took place during the week of “Feast of the Trumpets” which is exactly what has taken place here in Pittsburgh.
    I’m not suggesting “off the grid” but “out of the matrix”. This is the opposite of globalization. Think small.

    Feast of the Trumpets reminds me that this is the fourth trumpet or the pale horse of pestilence. Be ware or be square.

    The opposite of globalization is tribal and in the 21st C this is called Suburbia. Love your neighbour.

  792. Celline Says:

    single patches of chems that look like fungi, moving in from over the Pacific. Grossed me out.
    In the North West.. all lakes and streams are growing a type of algae that is poison ! Surprize? Not here. Do not take walks around your lakes, keep your ducks out of the water.. and by all means.. do not eat the fish…

  793. clark Says:

    @Celline, You’ve got to learn to copy and paste links, where did you read that about poison algae?

    — no chemtrails here in the last few days.

  794. Celline Says:

    @Clark, can you teach me how? I’d love to know how to do it.
    The report on algae-poisened lakes and streams.. was face page on AOL yesterday !

  795. Sky Says:

    @ Celline and Clark……I am so freaked out about what’s happening to our water.

    Take a look at this story about Lake Winnipeg and the algae bloom.

    “Canada’s sickest lake
    Living, toxic goo is killing lakes the world over. It may be too late for Lake Winnipeg. ”

    “The putrid green mat, twice the size of P.E.I. and clearly visible from space, is jaw-dropping evidence of an ecosystem in deep trouble. Already, Lake Winnipeg, the world’s tenth-biggest lake, is in worse shape than notorious Lake Erie…..”


  796. Sky Says:

    Here’s some more photos :

    And here ‘s a shot from space, showing the massive size of the algae bloom.

    Check out the chem clouds !!!!!

    Scroll down on this link for pics aplenty :


  797. Sky Says:

    Of course humans are being blamed for the devastation of Lake Winnipeg, primarily the farmers. But the farmers have been there for generations. I’m sure they do have an impact on the lake…..but this ??? No way, Jose!

    Chemtrails vastly reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the earth. This allows fungus to FLOURISH .

    Report from my own backyard :

    – They started spraying us heavily in my valley ( almost non-stop ) from the spring of 2008.

    – By mid-summer of 2008 most of the shrubs I had planted were surrounded by a green mold I had NEVER encountered in my 20 years of gardening. Conditions were DRY ( our rainfall stopped with the chemtrails ) and there it was – green mold everywhere.

    – This summer was even drier than 2008. Now our entire yard and areas that NEVER see the sprinkler are covered in a different kind of fungus – mushrooms. Mushrooms everywhere ! Mold and mushrooms love MOISTURE…..NOT dry conditions. So where is all the fungus coming from ? One guess, boys and girls .

    I remember watching Carnicom’s CT video – ” Aerosol Crimes ” in which the naturopathic doctor described how the bloodwork of her patients was all showing fungus of one type or another. This fungus causes fatigue, among other symptoms.

  798. Sky Says:

    Subcommittee examines ways to prevent, control harmful algal blooms

    WASHINGTON, DC, Sept. 17, 2009 — Today, the House Committee on Science and Technology’s Subcommittee on Energy and Environment held a legislative hearing to examine harmful algal blooms and hypoxia research and response needs, in order to create and implement a plan that would monitor, prevent, mitigate, and control both marine and fresh water bloom and hypoxia events. Specifically, Subcommittee Members heard testimony on the draft legislation, The Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia Research and Control Act of 2009.


    Any looky here, guess who else is involved ? Oh. that would be the lying hounds at NOAA……..”.New Project to Forecast Toxic Algal Blooms on Pacific Northwest Beaches
    September 16, 2009 ”

    “NOAA understands and predicts changes in the Earth’s environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and conserves and manages our coastal and marine resources. ”

    NOAA understands changes in the Earth’s environment ? Yeah righhhht ! NOOA is COMPLICIT with the chemtrail cover-up . But they have a nice litttle industry going for themselves, what with the grants and all. Here’s the link :


  799. Sky Says:

    To boil it all down: I’ve always maintained that part of the chemtrail black-op is slow motion ecocide. These massive algae blooms are part of the agenda.

    NWO wants to reduce us to a state of feudal serfdom, but it will be much worse than that. Serfs at least had water to drink.

    If the NWO gets their way, we will be BEGGING for every drop of water. The NWO’s water poisoning program is well underway and advancing rapidly !

  800. Celline Says:

    @Sky, exactly you explained it to a “T”.
    It is part of the plan, and yes, water is already so scarce here, we no longer can water the lawn. The Colerado has as much water as ever..
    and there’s plenty of snowfall in the Sierra Nevadas to take care of Southern Cal.
    But, somehow.. “they” manage to increase the costs.. and make it look as if there’s not enough water. It’s all a huge scam.
    Take for instance: ” The breadbasket of America”, this is about 50 miles north of LosAngeles, where everything is grown that is edible. Also huge animal farms. This precious land is not allowed enough water anymore, to grow what needs to be grown to feed us. Haven’t heard dear Mr. Schwarzenegger-hero do anything about it ! Farmers up there are broke and everyone out of work. The wineries ( Nappa Valley ) is probably next.
    All this in addition to the fungus problem. I saw chemtrails today.. that resembled Micro-closeup of fungal growth. I watched it for some time today. It rots away everything including our airways. No wonder ” Advair” is one of the highest selling Pharmaceuticals. So.. those bastards ( sxuse my anger ) are even making money on it….
    I better stop while I am ahead.

  801. Dude Says:

    Celline: Windows has a clipboard. When you copy something to the clipboard it is accessible from any other programs. Whatever you want to copy, select it, that is make the text highlighted. You can copy by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing c. Ctrl-C. You can also right click and hit “Copy”. From the Edit menu at the top of the program, you can also hit “Copy”. This action puts whatever onto the windows clipboard.

    Now go to wherever program you want to copy the information to and then do the Paste function. You can also do this by holding Ctrl and hitting V. Ctrl-V. Paste is also available in the right click menu and the main menu at the top of the program.

    When you want to copy a link, click once in the address bar and the whole line shoudl highlight. then hit the Ctrl-C. paste it here by clicking in your Reply box and hit Ctrl-V.

    This works with almost any kind of data like pics, documents, files, whatever.

    And yea, if ya wanna go ski wherever away from this continent Ill be glad to go. Send me two tickets. hell, Id drive to you and get on the plane with ya. haha, shit. 12 days.


  802. clark Says:

    I didn’t know there was a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. …And diatoms are supposed to be the solution… there are a kind of diatoms in modern jet fuel too, hmmm. Strange, in that here, in the Mississippi River we had very little algae this year, unlike years past.



    There’s a video too.

  803. Celline Says:

    is my computer doing weird things? Instead of my avatar.. there’s a red X, and I can not opem Sky’s links…

  804. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – I talked to my pharmacist last fall ( after my immune system crashed from breathing in a whole summer’s worth of chem crap and I got a case of extremely painful shingles around my waist). Anyway she said that the biggest increase in meds she saw was in 3 categories :

    1- breathing medications…like asthma puffers

    2- meds for a dramatic increase in all types of cancers

    3- meds for what she called “strange ” skin conditions. She had previously only seen similar skin diseases like this amongst the homeless. Morgellons, no doubt .

    Did u see the pics of Lake Winnipeg ? They HORRIFY me !!!

  805. Celline Says:

    Can someone please explain to me, why my avatar vanished….
    maybe my post went into the spambox? Is someone able to explain?

  806. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Celline, there is nothing in the spam box. I see your avatar fine. Reboot your computer and see if it freshens things up a bit.


  807. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – Your avatar looks normal on my computer screen ( no red X ).

    If you can’t open the links, go to google and search ” lake winnipeg algae bloom “. At the top of the google screen – on the left-it says ” web ” Images ” videos ” Maps ” News ” etc etc.

    Click on ” Images ” and you’ll find the pics. Just enlarge them. These pics are terrifying.

  808. Celline Says:

    Sky, something is weird w. my computer suddenly.. I can not open your links, as much as I want to… and all my avatars ( sp ).. vanished.
    Maybe someone doesen’t want me to say another thing…
    aww I am sure there has to be an explanation? Anyone have a clue?
    So now I said the same thing, thrice… help !

  809. clark Says:

    I didn’t read anything about, “poison algea” if AOL is using that as a headline, they are fear-mongering.
    Chemtrails might play a role, they might not. Their spent fuel might be seeding the lakes? It’s definately Not a fungus issue. There was a pretty good sounding solution mentioned in the comments section, one where the farmers don’t have to suffer or change their ways. It didn’t seem to be a giant terrible condition, I’ve seen similar on small ponds before, it’s controllable.
    It seems more about using this fear Sky feels to get public support to curtail private and large scale farming and that would be a NWO food control agenda resulting in population control of people and getting people concentrated into city centers and off the rural landscape. Not to mention establishing the government as lake body (all waterways) managers in a bigger way.

  810. Celline Says:

    Dude, thank you so much for explaining, IMA try, ok? Sweet of you.
    But.. you have to pay for your own planeticket if u want to go w. me.
    I never pay anyone’s way, principle.
    Why do u want to save money? You only have 12 days to spend.
    Founding and Sky, how nice of you to help me here, I can not see it.
    Will reboot.
    You guys just are the best!

  811. Sky Says:

    @ Clark- Chemtrails are having a devastating efffect on the natural microorganisms in the soil . I’ve seen vids from SoCal of trees that look like they’re dying of drought. Except these trees all have their feet in the water ie. their root systems are in the marshes that the trees growing in. But these trees are dead now. That’s what the aluminum in the CTs does.

    Monsanto is busy bioengineering aluminum resistant plants. And drought resistant plants. Check out Monsanto’s GMO rice that grows with hardly any water.

    NWO provides the poisons and the droughts…..or floods ( depending on which area you live in ). Then they come up with a ” solution “.

    This may have been what Celline was referring to :

    SAN FRANCISCO — Dangerous staph bacteria have been found in sand and water for the first time at five public beaches along the coast of Washington, and scientists think the state is not the only one with this problem.

    In the new study, researchers tested 10 beaches in Washington along the West Coast and in Puget Sound from February to September 2008. Staph bacteria were found at nine of them, including five with MRSA. The strains resembled the highly resistant ones usually seen in hospitals, rather than the milder strains acquired in community settings, Roberts said.


  812. Celline Says:

    Sky, righton.. thank you for making very clear what I was trying to say.
    I rebooted, and my computer” problem” is fixed.
    I googled winnipeg lake, Sky and that’s exactly what I saw yesterday on the aol frontpage.
    Yes, drought here ( we are a desert ) and in areas where it rains a lot, what is going on there? More rain?
    Yes, Monsanto wants to feed the world w. genetically altered” Foods”.
    Will try your link again now, Sky, thank you and Founding for helping me.

  813. Celline Says:

    Everytime Mexico’s “fecal” and other horrible wastes runneth over, it spills onto our beaches. But this is nothing new, it does not explain the mess in SanFranzisco, or WA. What I saw in the sky today looked diff than anything I ever saw. It looked like fine hair under a mic. A huge patch of it that I watched for several minutes. Then I noticed the next one approaching from over the Pacific. Of course, in all of Southern Cal, I’m probably the only one who noticed…..

  814. clark Says:

    Celline says, …fine hair under a mic

    That sounds like what I saw awhile back. A single row of it, all about the same length and curved on the end?

  815. Celline Says:

    Clark, yes ! But not just a single row.. yet a whole large patch of them.
    And they came one right after another.

  816. Ursa Major Says:

    It seems that I saw the same thing today, and have the pictures to prove it. I also saw all kinds of other ‘natural wonders’ in the clouds. Lately I have the weirdest, scariest looking clouds ever!

    I am doing very poorly health wise right now, and I am overwhelmed with too much to do. So I am falling farther and farther behind in updating my pictures. One of these days I’ll have the time to do it!

    The chems have changed so much since I last posted pictures, their operation is getting more sophisticated and clandestine. NOBODY who isn’t clued in to what chemtrails are will recognize them now, except for the very odd day (if people would look up, that is, which they won’t).

    Sky, your pictures are scary. And I believe you that the chems are spreading fungus and mold. I know, because I can smell it, and it is what is making me ill. Mold is my worst allergy. I smell and taste it before anybody else can.

  817. Sky Says:

    @ Ursa – I hear you about your poor health. I’m there too .

    I feel beat up, zero energy . Normally summer and fall is when I feel my best- high energy and great spirits. But that all ended last fall after the chems crashed my immune system . Now it seems like I have only bad days or worse days. Good days have pretty much vanished into the chemtrail vortex.

    The fungi – I don’t know whether the chems are spreading them or setting up the soil conditions so they grow on their own. I suspect the CTs are spreading them because of the absolute speed in which my own molds grew in my yard last year ( there wouldn’t have been time yet to destroy my soil ).

    And this year the mushrooms ( many different types ) are just unreal. There is NO way in hell that conditions in my drought stricken valley are conducive to growing mushrooms ! It’s so dry here that the decks are splitting open. We’ve had only 2 decent rains since spring and both times the roads were awash with the white powder that the rain brought down.

    About the water- I read on some of the Youtube chemtrail commentaries about CHEM-WAKES . Some of the posters were saying that they are also spreading chemtrails by BOAT ( chemwakes ). It’s more than likely true. After all, if they’re hitting us by air…why not by boat too ? Maybe this has something to do with the massive algae blooms in our watersheds and lakes ?

  818. ericswan Says:

    Celline, you can do this. Place your cursor over the period at the end of this sentence.<<<<. Now push your left side button on the period. Drag the cursor over the sentence. Did it turn blue? If it did turn blue, push the right side button on your mouse. It says copy and paste. Push copy. Now it's in you computer and ready to paste. The sentence you copied by turning it blue and right mousing can now transfer to the text. Try it.

  819. ericswan Says:

    Sky..You can do it. Take your digital camera outside. Snap a picture of the mold, fungii etc. (Why, you ask? Because I would really like to see it SKY)

    Now, if it’s not too challenging for you, go to this link and post your pics..


  820. ericswan Says:

    Sky..I photographed the molds and fungi growing on my trees and in my lawn. The moose antler has zeolite under it. There is a supply of zeolite in your area out of Princton. It apparently won’t stop the fungus but it will detoxify the air, water and soil and retains moisture better than any other agricultural amendment to soil.


  821. ericswan Says:


  822. ericswan Says:

    Hey Dude: things is gettin serious… Summary:
    Magnitude Mw 8.1

    Date time 2009-09-29 at 17:48:17.9 UTC
    Location 15.43 S ; 172.20 W
    Depth 60 km
    Distances 1041 km E Suva (pop 199,455 ; local time 05:48 2009-09-30)
    184 km S Apia (pop 40,407 ; local time 06:48 2009-09-29)
    163 km S Siumu (pop 1,117 ; local time 06:48 2009-09-29)

  823. ericswan Says:

    by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media

    It is now reported that both Samoa Islands have been hit by dangerous tsunamis. American Samoa was hit by a 2.5 foot wave, and Western Samoa was hit by a 5.1 foot wave. Remember; it does not take a large wave to create damage and fatalities. It is the “surge” which is most deadly.

    Just In: Death’s have now been reported in American Samoa. No details at this time

    Earthquake magnitude has been raised to 8.3. Hawaii has been put on alert and could be hit by a tsunami wave within 5 hours. New Zealand was early on put on alert, with a warning to residents to immediately move to higher ground.

    FULL ARTICLE: http://earthchangesmedia.com/secure/3247.326/article-9162526346.php

    If tsunami waves impact Hawaii, the estimated earliest arrival of the first tsunami wave is: 0111 PM HST Tuesday Sept. 29th

    New Zealand is tracking a one metre wave.

  824. Dude Says:

    eric: i know. its going to get exponentially worse as nibiru approaches. almost down to 10 days left. Im scared.

  825. Celline Says:

    Thank you eric ;o) now please tell me this. I am on a site that I want to link to this blog. So, if I am elsewhere.. how do I transfer that link here, I can’t have both open at the same time?!
    Uschi, you are not alone, not only can I smell it, I literally feel it too.
    It is an all permiating stench that is all engulfing. No amount of parfume can cover it. I can’t believe how openly this all is being discussed here and on the net in general, and nothing can be done to stop this crime against humanity. It’s a lack of organization, I guess. Uschi thanx for that article u sent me.. I know I know, yet again, who is FOR us and will protect us? Dude, I saw a rainbow today, a gorgeous one and it re enforced my trust in God. He still is in charge, and nothing or no one can hurt one hair on your head, if He is your protection.
    Anyways, it sure comforted me. Just want to send you some (((hugs)))
    For what they are worth..

  826. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – yes leave both sites open.

    Next :

    1 – Go to the site you want to link. At the top of that site you will see an address. eg – http:// blahblahwhatever

    2 – Take your mouse and aim the pointer right on top of the address – http:// whatever

    3 – When your pointer is right over the address…LEFT CLICK

    4 – The address will turn blue

    That’s part one of the procedure.

    Next – As soon as the address turns blue do not move your mouse.


    You’ll see a little window come up that says :




    NOW we will proceed to the final step.

    Come back to THIS site and go to your comment box.

    Take your mouse and left click on the comment box where you normally post your comments.

    LASTLY – RIGHT CLICK on your mouse and then RIGHT CLICK on PASTE.

    The site address will now be pasted onto the comment box .

    The link won’t look quite right yet.

    But it will AFTER you submit comment.

    Try it out, Celline.

    Good luck to you.

  827. Sky Says:

    @ Celline – I’ll be here for a little while.

    If you get confused or have trouble with the copy/paste procedure, just give me a shout and I’ll try to walk you through it.

    The blind leading the blind. : – )

  828. Celline Says:

    am trying… don’t get it..

  829. Celline Says:

    http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/ ummmmm.. like this?

  830. Dude Says:

    yea, like that! i read that site before. they got some good stuff i think. thanx for tha hugs!

  831. Celline Says:

    http://www.think-aboutit.com/, and this?

  832. Celline Says:

    I am doing it wrong, I am dragging the heart in here.
    Thanx Dude..

  833. Celline Says:


  834. Celline Says:

    http://www.brachwitz-saale.de/ ooops, error sorry.

  835. Celline Says:

    A german site here.

  836. Sky Says:

    Hey guys, here’s something CHEERFUL for everyone to watch ( Of course it involves animals and my FAVORITE animal of all – dogs)

  837. Dude Says:

    Whoa!!! Cellines on a roll now. Gonna take me a little bit to go through those.

  838. clark Says:

    Night time chemtrails this evening. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them at night. Today was clear and sunny, I could see for ~twenty miles each way today and not a chemtrail in sight all day, haven’t seen them since before I last posted, although most of the days it was too cloudy to tell, whenever there were blue patches of sky I didn’t see any.

  839. ericswan Says:

    Hey Clark..That usually means rain on the way.

  840. Celline Says:

    I should not have cluttered the blog, I am sorry.
    I still do not know the right way.. but Sky is teaching me, so sweet of her.
    Night-chems here all the time, nothing new.
    Today was windy and I did not see the crime.. maybe the wind would have carried into areas that weren’t s’pose to be sprayed?
    Or maybe they ran out of taxpayer’s money for the day?
    Dude, be good.. nothing can happen to you, that’s not happening to all of us.. besides, God is in charge !

  841. Dude Says:

    i didnt see any today either but there were clouds and the horizon was completely obscured. a few days ago, there were tons and tons of them. still, most days here they do it. almost all of the days here i see em, that why i dont comment on them. i know why theyre there, i know were not gonna stop it, so ive kinda accepted it. ill live long enough to see that thing im sure. its gonna be wild. yall better hold on, were about to be in for one hell of a ride!!!

  842. Dude Says:

    Celline: youre good. if you got on a messenger like yahoo, aim, or msn, i would help ya real time whenever im on. i loooove to see people learning. whatever it is, it helps your analytical abilities. {{{hugs}}}

  843. Celline Says:

    Dude, right now, I am on e mail w. Sky, she’s teaching me the rest of what I still need to learn about the Paste part.
    Thank you 4 your offer, I feel as if I am amongst friends ;o)
    ((( hugs ))) back.

  844. clark Says:

    I have often looked in the night sky for chemtrails without seeing any, which is why I was surprised to see them tonight.
    Rain is forecast for the next three days.
    I’m not ready for Fall.

  845. Sky Says:

    So, is this a future FEMA camp ? What do you guys think ?