The Truthiest Truth You Will Ever Read….

FoundingFather1776 says:

I humbly ask all my readers to PLEASE READ this extremely important article from James Perloff!  This article should prove to you once and for all that the false “Left vs. Right” or “Republican vs. Democrat” paradigm most people operate under is a load of baloney!

We are collectively being played like a fiddle.  Arguing about front-man puppets like Bush or Obama plays right into the hands of the Globalists.

This article, although lengthy, is vitally important.  If you don’t understand how your enemy operates, you will never be able to defeat him.

Please read this article and watch the videos.  Even better – check into the information yourself.  Every statement Mr. Perloff makes is factually correct When you are done, Please forward this to the people on your email list.  It will take a majority of people, fully awake and aware, to break the grip of the CFR and their money-master bosses.

Yours in Liberty,


(Johnny Silver Bear of originally published this article.  He notes: “Just as it is imperative that every American Citizen understands that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal or has any reserves, and that it is the sole cause of all this country’s economic woes, it is equally important that we understand who the puppet masters are. The puppet masters control the Federal Reserve, U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and Wall Street. The lackeys they have working for them (which includes everyone from the President on down…) are simply shills in a bigger arena. The council on Foreign Relations is the American Arm of the “Darkside” which is presided over by the perps (the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, etc.) who answer to those who control the Bank of England. Knowing who your enemies are will go a long way towards providing for your financial survival.” – JSB)

Council On Foreign Relations

Article by James Perloff

During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama consistently promised Americans “change.” Such promises aren’t new to the voting public.

When Jimmy Carter ran for president, he said: “The people of this country know from bitter experience that we are not going to get … changes merely by shifting around the same group of insiders.” And top Carter aide Hamilton Jordan promised: “If, after the inauguration, you find a Cy Vance as Secretary of State and Zbigniew Brzezinski as head of National Security, then I would say we failed. And I’d quit.” Yet Carter selected Vance as Secretary of State and Brzezinski as National Security Adviser; the “same group of insiders” had been shifted around; and Jordan did not quit.

Carter’s administration was dominated by members of the Trilateral Commission, which had been founded by Brzezinski and David Rockefeller. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan was campaigning against Carter, he protested:

I don’t believe that the Trilateral Commission is a conspiratorial group, but I do think its interests are devoted to international banking, multinational corporations, and so forth. I don’t think that any Administration of the U.S. Government should have the top nineteen positions filled by people from any one group or organization representing one viewpoint. No, I would go in a different direction.

Yet after his election, President Reagan picked 10 Trilateralists for his transition team, and included in his administration such Trilateralists as Vice President George Bush, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, U.S. Trade Representative William Brock, and Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. Yet the entire North American membership of the Trilateral Commission has never numbered much over 100.

The reason that presidential candidates’ promises of “change” go largely unfulfilled once in office: they draw their top personnel from the same establishment groups – of which the Trilateral Commission is only one.

Chief among these groups is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most visible manifestation of what some have called the American establishment. Members of the council have dominated the administrations of every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the cabinet and sub-cabinet level. It does not matter whether the president is a Democrat or Republican. As we will later see, Barack Obama is no exception to CFR influence.

Power Behind the Throne

In theory, America’s government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.” While this concept rang true in early America, and many individuals still trust in it, the last century has seen the reality of power increasingly shift from the people to an establishment rooted in banking, Wall Street, and powerful multinational corporations. Syndicated columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt, granddaughter of Teddy Roosevelt, explained:

The word “Establishment” is a general term for the power elite in international finance, business, the professions and government, largely from the northeast, who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House. Most people are unaware of the existence of this “legitimate Mafia.” Yet the power of the Establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job. It affects the nation’s policies in almost every area.

Roosevelt added that this group’s goal is “a One World Socialist state governed by ‘experts’ like themselves.”

David Rockefeller, the longtime chairman (and now chairman emeritus) of the CFR, acknowledged the role of the establishment in trying to lead America in the one-world direction in his 2002 book Memoirs:

Two major means the establishment employs for controlling government policy: (1) through its influence within the two major parties and the mass media, it can usually assure that both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates will be its own hand-picked men; (2) by stacking presidential cabinets with CFR members at key positions – especially those involving defense, finance, foreign policy, and national security – it can assure that America will move in the direction it wants. Since the council’s founding in 1921, 21 secretaries of defense or war, 19 secretaries of the treasury, 17 secretaries of state, and 15 CIA directors have hailed from the Council on Foreign Relations.


Prior to the CFR’s founding, what Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. (the father of the famous aviator) called the “Money Trust” – a cabal of international bankers including the houses of Rockefeller, Morgan, and Rothschild – conspired to create the Federal Reserve System. Their agents, such as Paul Warburg and Benjamin Strong, who had secretly planned the Fed at a nine-day meeting on Jekyll Island, were then put in charge of the system itself. This gave them control of American interest rates, and, by virtue of this, control of the stock market, as well as the capacity to have the U.S. government spend without limit by having the Fed create money from nothing. The result has been decades of inflation and skyrocketing national debt. (For full details, see the April 13, 2009 New American or

Not just an accumulation of wealth, but a consolidation of political power was involved. The Money Trust had backed Woodrow Wilson in the presidential elections, and then controlled him through their front man, Edward Mandell House, who lived in the White House. The trust recognized how the power of government could be used to advance their own interests.

Wilson, surrounded by the bankers, traveled to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, which was settling the aftermath of World War I. His chief proposal there, of course, was the League of Nations – a first step toward world government. However, although the League was established by the Versailles Treaty, the United States did not join because the Senate refused to ratify the treaty.

In response to this rejection, the bankers’ circle, still in Paris, held a series of meetings and proposed to establish a new organization in the United States, whose purpose would be to lead America into the League. This organization was incorporated in New York City two years later as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Architects of a New World Order

The CFR’s goal was formation of an incrementally stronger world government. Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate of the U.S. Navy, was a CFR member for 16 years before resigning in disgust. He stated: “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence, and submergence into an all-powerful one-world government.”

After World War II, the League’s successor, the United Nations, was born. Contrary to what the public is commonly told, the UN was not founded by nations who had tired of war. The UN was conceived by a group of CFR members in the State Department calling themselves the Informal Agenda Group. They drafted the original proposal for the UN, and secured the approval of President Roosevelt, who then made establishing the UN his highest postwar priority. When the UN held its founding meeting in San Francisco in 1945, 47 of the American delegates were CFR members.

Though the UN was not initially set up as a world government, the intent was that it would develop into one over time. John Foster Dulles (CFR), an American delegate to the UN founding meeting who later became Secretary of State under Eisenhower, acknowledged as much in his book War or Peace: “The United Nations represents not a final stage in the development of world order, but only a primitive stage. Therefore its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization.”

Two other postwar institutions, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, were technically created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. But the initial planning was done by the CFR’s Economic and Finance Group, part of their wartime War and Peace Studies Project. The World Bank and IMF act as a loan-guarantee scheme for multinational banks. When a loan to a foreign country goes awry, the World Bank and IMF step in with taxpayer money, ensuring that the private banks continue to receive interest payments. Furthermore, the World Bank and IMF dictate conditions to the countries receiving bailouts, thus giving the bankers a measure of political control over indebted nations.

Despite what Americans were told, the postwar Marshall Plan was not invented by General George Marshall, though he did announce it in a 1947 Harvard commencement speech. The Marshall Plan was dreamed up at a CFR study group with David Rockefeller as its secretary. Marshall was simply selected to announce the plan because, as a general, he would be perceived as politically neutral and help garner bipartisan congressional support for the plan. Unknown to the public, Marshall Plan funds were circuitously rerouted by John J. McCloy – appointed U.S. High Commissioner to Germany – to Jean Monnet, founder of the Common Market, which evolved into today’s European Union, a microcosm of world government. McCloy returned home to become chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1953.

The tragic Vietnam War was run almost entirely by CFR members. William P. Bundy (CFR) drafted the Tonkin Gulf Resolution before the now-discredited Tonkin Gulf Incident even took place. Bundy’s father-in-law, Dean Acheson (CFR), as leader of a senior team of advisers nicknamed “the Wise Men,” persuaded Lyndon Baines Johnson to dramatically escalate the war beginning in 1965. And Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (CFR) helped develop the “rules of engagement” (e.g., preventing the Air Force from attacking critical targets) that guaranteed the war’s disastrous prolongation. This generated a huge slide to the left among American college students. When Bundy left the State Department, David Rockefeller appointed him editor of the CFR’s journal Foreign Affairs. And McNamara, one of the leading architects of the Vietnam War debacle, became president of the World Bank.

Broadening the Scheme

The CFR is not a uniquely American phenomenon. It has counterpart organizations throughout the world – e.g., the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England, the French Institute of International Relations, etc.

To help coordinate policy on an international scale, CFR chairman David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973. “Trilateral” refers to the coordination of three global regions: North America, Europe, and Asia. The commission’s meetings allow the gathering together of heads of state, banks, multinational corporations, and media. Republican Senator Barry Goldwater called the commission “David Rockefeller’s newest cabal,” and said, “It is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.” The commission, like the annual secretive meetings of the Bilderbergers and the notorious Bohemian Grove, enables the international power elite to privately assemble and plan our destiny.

(Editor’s Note: Here is a link to a free online pdf version of Brezezinski’s book “The Grand Chessboard” and some additional background information on this New World Order scumbag:

Jimmy Carter was a member of the commission, hand-picked to be president after meeting with Brzezinski and Rockefeller at the latter’s Tarrytown, New York, estate. Carter filled his administration with CFR members and Trilateralists. Indeed, Brzezinski noted in his memoirs that “all the key foreign policy decision makers of the Carter Administration had previously served in the Trilateral Commission.” Carter then embarked on a destructive course of foreign policy that included betraying the Shah of Iran, leading to the installment of Ayatollah Khomeini and the U.S. hostage crisis; betraying President Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, resulting in a Marxist dictatorship under the Sandinistas; and betraying Taiwan in order to recognize Communist China – a move previously set up by Richard Nixon’s overtures to China, dictated by his own CFR advisers.

Under Bill Clinton (a CFR member who selected 12 CFR members for his cabinet), the United States enacted NAFTA, an economic alliance with Mexico and Canada. This arrangement was created by the establishment, not by the American people, who did not suspect the game being played on them. Not only did NAFTA swamp us with cheap, job-destroying imports, but it was designed to be the foundation for a continental economic union leading to political union. Robert Pastor (CFR), a key architect of North American integration, acknowledged in the January/February 2004 issue of Foreign Affairs: “NAFTA was merely the first draft of an economic constitution for North America.” And Andrew Reding of the World Policy Institute said: “NAFTA will signal the formation, however tentatively, of a new political unit – North America. With economic integration will come political integration. By whatever name, this is an incipient form of international government. Following the lead of the Europeans, North Americans should begin considering formation of a continental parliament.” [Emphasis added.]

A similar stratagem had been used against the peoples of Europe – by first deceptively hooking them into an “economic” alliance called the Common Market, which then, requiring common laws to regulate trade, transformed via a series of steps into the European Union, the super-national government of Europe that is swallowing up national sovereignty.

Following the initial step enacted under Clinton, President George W. Bush, whose father was a CFR director, moved toward politicizing the NAFTA alliance. On March 23, 2005, he met Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to launch the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the rudiments of a North American Union. CNN’s Lou Dobbs said of it: “President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it.”

Furthermore, regional alliances such as the European Union and proposed North American Union are not ends, but only steppingstones to world government. As CFR/Trilateralist Zbigniew Brzezinski stated: “We cannot leap into world government in one quick step. The precondition for genuine globalization is progressive regionalization.”

In furtherance of this, on April 30, 2007, President Bush stood at the White House beside Angela Merkel, president of the European Council, and José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, and announced the signing of a new agreement to “strengthen transatlantic economic integration.” It called for “joint work in the areas of regulatory cooperation, financial markets, trade and transport security, innovation and technological development, intellectual property rights, energy, investment, competition, services, and government procurement,” and various other steps toward economic integration. But as usual, “economic integration” is the predecessor of political integration. CFR members have dreamed of a political union between the United States and Europe since the 1950s, when the CFR-dominated Atlantic Union Committee promoted a merger they called “Atlantica.”

Enter Obama

Candidate Barack Obama revealed he would proceed with the Bush initiatives. In a speech in Berlin on July 24, 2008, he stated:

That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another. The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down…. Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. No doubt, there will be differences in the future. But the burdens of global citizenship continue to bind us together…. In this new century, Americans and Europeans alike will be required to do more – not less. Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.

Obama had only been president for a little over two months when he traveled to Europe for a series of meetings with European leaders. He attended the G20 Summit, which ended with a tentative agreement to launch a new global financial system, using as the rationale for this major step toward global government the recent Fed- and government-spawned financial meltdown.

Henry Kissinger – foreign policy mouthpiece of the establishment for four decades – wrote an article for the January 12, 2009 issue of the International Herald Tribune entitled “The Chance for a New World Order.” He stated:

As the new U.S. administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises, it may seem counterintuitive to argue that the very unsettled nature of the international system generates a unique opportunity for creative diplomacy….

Even the most affluent countries will confront shrinking resources. Each will have to redefine its national priorities. An international order will emerge if a system of compatible priorities comes into being….

The alternative to a new international order is chaos.

Kissinger also stated on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”: “The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously…. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”

Past statements reveal that the establishment wants a single currency for the world, just as the EU has consolidated its currencies into the “euro.” As far back as the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, John Maynard Keynes proposed a world currency he dubbed bancor. Richard L. Gardner (CFR) wrote in the Fall 1984 Foreign Affairs: “I suggest a radical alternative scheme for the next century: the creation of common currency for all the industrial democracies and a joint Bank of Issue to determine that Monetary Policy.”

In March of this year, Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with reporters at the White House. Brown announced that “there is the possibility in the next few months of a global new deal that will involve all the countries of the world in sorting out and cleaning up the banking system.” Obama added that

Globalization can be an enormous force for good…. But what is also true is … we still have a 1930s regulatory system in place in most countries designed from the last great crisis, that we’ve got to update our institutions, our regulatory frameworks, so that the power of globalization is channeled for the benefit of ordinary men and women.

If trends continue, however, the changes can be expected to benefit a tiny handful of the global elite, not “ordinary men and women.” Further evidence that Obama’s administration will simply continue the globalist agenda is indicated by his appointments.

CFR Domination Continues

During his campaign, Obama selected the ubiquitous Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR), promoter of the “regional” approach to world government, as one of his top foreign policy advisors. Obama called Brzezinski “one of our more outstanding thinkers” and “somebody I have learned an immense amount from.” Presumably Brzezinski’s teachings included the world government he advocates.

For Treasury Secretary, Obama chose Timothy Geithner: Senior Fellow in International Economics at the CFR, Bilderberger, former head of the New York Federal Reserve, and former employee of both the IMF and Kissinger Associates. One doesn’t get more establishment than that! It is Geithner who is managing the bailout of Wall Street with taxpayer dollars. Assisting Geithner at Treasury in overseeing the auto industry bailout is fellow CFR member Stephen Rattner.

For Director of the National Economic Council – a U.S. government agency created by a Bill Clinton executive order – Obama selected Lawrence Summers (CFR, Bilderberger). Former Chief Economist at the World Bank, his last position was at the investment firm of D. E. Shaw & Co, where he earned $5.2 million in one year while working one day per week. Henry Kissinger had said Summers should “be given a White House post in which he was charged with shooting down or fixing bad ideas.”

For Defense Secretary, Obama elected to continue with Bush pick Robert Gates (CFR, Bilderberger). During the Carter administration, Gates served as a special assistant to Zbigniew Brzezinski. In 2004, he co-chaired a CFR Task Force on Iran with Brzezinski, who lauded Gates in Time in 2008. Joining Gates in the Defense Department are fellow CFR members Michele Flournoy (Under Secretary of Defense for Policy), Jeh C. Johnson (Defense Department General Counsel), and Kathleen Hicks (Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Strategy, Plans and Forces).

For Secretary of State, Obama chose Hillary Clinton, who has attended the top-secret Bilderberger meetings. Hillary is not a CFR member, but husband Bill is, and her State Department is laden with CFR members, including James B. Steinberg (Deputy Secretary of State), William J. Burns (Under Secretary for Political Affairs), Susan Rice (U.S. Ambassador to the UN), Jacob J. Lew (Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources), Todd Stern (Special Envoy for Climate Change), and many others.

The Department of Homeland Security, which many Americans fear may turn our country into an Orwellian surveillance society, was conceived before 9/11 by a task force called the U.S. Commission on National Security, nine of whose 12 members belonged to the CFR. The administration of the department under Obama is particularly heavy with CFR members, including Janet Napolitano (Secretary), Jane Holl Lute (Deputy Secretary), Juliette Kayyem (Assistant Secretary, Office of Intergovernmental Programs), and Alan Bersin (Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs).

Thus the CFR continues to dominate our government’s key areas: finance, defense, foreign policy, and security. To this may be added various other Obama CFR appointees, such as Mona Sutphen (White House Deputy Chief of Staff), Paul Volcker (Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board), Peter Cowhey, (Senior Counsel, Office of U.S. Trade Representative), and Eric Shinseki (Secretary of Veterans Affairs).

The Future

The idea that Barack Obama became president from a “grass-roots” movement is illusory. American government policy continues to be largely dictated by the rich and the few. This is generally unknown to the public – not because it is a bizarre conspiracy theory, but because the same power elite who run our government, mega-banks, and multinational corporations also run the major media, as an inspection of the CFR membership roster would reveal.

Membership in the CFR, of course, is not an automatic condemnation. A few people are added as “window dressing” to give the group distinction and a veneer of diversity. An example is movie star Angelina Jolie. No one suspects Jolie knows much about foreign affairs or is a conspirator for world government. But within the CFR are hardcore globalists who, linked with their foreign counterparts through the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission, head the drive for one-world government.

Though numerically small (less than 1,000 members during the Kennedy years, less than 4,500 today), this organization has dominated every administration for over seven decades.

As long as the CFR controls our government, we can anticipate more of the same: diminishing national sovereignty; free flow of immigration (which confuses national identity and weakens national loyalties); increasing jobs losses through multinational trade agreements; further internationalization of law (Law of the Sea Treaty, Kyoto Protocol, World Court, global taxation, etc.); increasing loss of freedoms in a “surveillance society”; progressive organization of the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union; and ultimately, broader merger into a world government where all power will be concentrated in the hands of the elite.

Eternal vigilance continues to be the price of freedom.


18 Responses to “The Truthiest Truth You Will Ever Read….”

  1. ericswan Says:

    Thanks 1776. I checked most of your posts and note your over-dependence on Alex Jones. He’s a constant companion for me but never do I fall for his crank “point of the spear” leader of the free world crap. He is under deep cover and that’s my opinion.

  2. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Alex Jones is a good source of information – but I research everything myself and use multiple sources.

    This article for example has nothing to do with Alex Jones. What have you found to be in error here?

    I know full well Alex’s radio style is very “off-putting” to many people. But I have found his information to be accurate, so why kill the messenger?

    As to whether he is or is not a “deep cover” agent, I guess time will tell.

    I agree with Alex on one thing in particular, it is very important for people to check the facts for themselves! Only when you diligently research, check and learn are you able to effectively filter the truth from the BS.



  3. ericswan Says:

    Dr. Bill was on today to say that Burgermeister is messing up the H1N1 truthers. He says Novartis and not Baxter is the fly in the ointment.

    1776..I listen to Alex’ show every single day and if I miss it, I listen to the re-broadcast. I know you’re right about the quality of his information and that he is a powerful force in getting the word out but my feeling is that he is a humpty dumpty and when he falls off the wall, untold millions will be lost to the struggle. We both know how this system works. Lots of planning over many generations and both sides of any issue have their plants. There is an agenda to depopulate and with that in mind, no holds are barred. In some ways, I can see the total destruction of modern man and all of his cities as inevitable.
    We live in a garbage heap we call society. It all has to go but it’s not over population that is the problem. It is density and it is evil that need be addressed. Canada is near empty. I could walk out my back door and head straight north and never encounter a road or another human being. Not one. Thousands of miles of uninterrupted paradise. We need to think small and take the steps necessary to be self sufficient.

  4. clark Says:

    For what it’s worth: I have never listened to Alex Jones. I do read his website, there is a lot of information there I do not find elsewhere. Just the facts Jack. In God we trust, all others, bring facts. Speculation and thoughtful hunches appreciated from time to time too.

    Density isn’t the problem. There wasn’t a density problem in The Mongolian Hun Empire, yet that empire crumbled. The desire for empire might be one of the problems. The problems are multiple:
    Lack of respect by government of individuals and their rights, alongside greed, avarice, sloth, envy, and such are the problem.

  5. ericswan Says:

    August 08, 2009 IMPORTANT POSTING … on my thursday night radio show and for some time previously i have been stating that the end of august would be the time for a planned upcoming bio attack on the united states (and europe) and it would be a “swine flu pandemic” with a bio event being held at the same time using an alleged swine flu pandemic as a cover … the statistics of the H1N1 “novel” swine flu (so called by the news media) show only an alleged 1000 deaths world wide since its inception this past spring in mexico city (most of those were people with pre-existing conditions) … that apparently was a testing ground for many aspects of disseminating a bio event under cover of “swine flu” … the day after my last show the CDC (USA Center for Disease Control) released nationally protocols for schools across the land to scrub down desks with disinfectants in preparation for a potential 40% absence of staff and students for the upcoming school year … remember i stated they would target schools … additionally all the major smooooze nooooze outlets are pumping up the “testing of the new swine flu virus shots” and notably the company chosen in the USA to produce these on the government ticket was caught putting live viruses in shot serum in europe … here is a local posting of KSTP TV aired friday … note that the posting time is 42 minutes into my live show so i was not able to post this in my show thursday night august 6th …

    Metro Schools Prep for Swine Flu Outbreak
    Updated: 08/06/2009 6:42 PM
    By: Nicole Muehlhausen, Web Producer

    The new school year in Minnesota is just weeks away, but with it are new worries about swine flu.

    From health officials, to school officials—they’ll tell you in all their years of experience, the start of this school year brings with it the most uncertainty of any school year before. The swine flu could be a non-factor, or it could keep a record number of kids home sick.

    In many school districts, like Minneapolis, they’re preparing for the worst.

    “In my years as an educator, yes, this is the most concern we’ve had about a pandemic,” said Minneapolis Schools Emergency Management Director Craig Vana.

    The city’s schools are being scrubbed down from top to bottom in preparation to battle the illness.

    “We’re using more disinfectant on the sinks and hand washing areas,” Vana said.

    According to the Centers of Disease Control, the swine flu may once again rear its ugly head in early September, with potentially huge numbers of people affected.

    “One of the things the CDC is saying is that you can expect a possibility of up to 40 percent absentee rate,” explained Vana.

    Unlike last year, when schools were closed at the first sign of swine flu, this year—parents will be urged to keep their children home for seven days at the first sign of flu symptoms.

    “If we have a high absentee rate within a department, how are you going to cover the tasks that have to be done? How do we cross train people to make sure they’re able to fill in, and then what’s the threshold to close schools?” Vana said.

    The CDC is expected to release new swine flu guidelines to schools as early as Friday.

    Officials with both Minneapolis and St. Paul School districts say parents will be kept updated on any changes or flu outbreaks.

    so for any of you who had doubts about what i have been talking about … i hope you are starting to catch on to what is about to happen to your country … note that there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to imagine that all of a sudden a flu strain that was weak and caused far less illness and death than a regular flu season strain … would all of a sudden magically emerge just as school is starting … and this is just what this is … someone pulling a rabbit out of a hat … what you have to understand is the level of preparation that has gone into prompting people like local police and school principles and the smoooze noooze news readers to promote this farce to you the public … the CDC is sending out “bulletins” to all sorts of places and most probably to the place where you work (if you still have a job) and many other locations getting the “community leaders ready for the worst” … are you ready for the worst and ready to take care of yourself ??? the reality is that the bio event could easily be propagated through the swine flu shots and who knows what else would be in those shots … or it could come through the city water supply or aerial spraying … do you trust your leaders ??? and the local leaders are your typical morons who have absolutely no clue what is going on around them … yes we are about to enter a new form of circus ride … jim mccanney

  6. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Eric’s recent posts highlight two things we should all keep in mind:

    1) It appears the “powers-that-be” have some sort of contrived “crisis” planned for the fall – most likely one involving the “flu-pandemic.”


    2) When the fecal matter hits the oscillator, The US Government (and others) may very well try and implement some sort of “National Security” baloney and pull the plug (officially or unofficially) on any web sites, blogs, or content they deem antithetical to their official line of propaganda.

    With that in mind, I urge everyone to take the precautions they deem prudent to “weather the storm” at home and resist “relocation” to a “camp” for “your safety.”

    I would counsel everyone – in the strongest possible terms – to REFUSE any vaccinations! Period!

    Finally, as wonderful as the online community is; as amazing as it is to be able to freely interact with like-minded people from around the globe, keep in mind access to web sites and blogs like this one can be turned off in a heartbeat!

    My suggestion is to START ARCHIVING KEY INFORMATION NOW! Download the text of blogs and web sites, pdf white papers and key YouTube videos. Burn these to CD’s and DVD’s so you have them forever. When people wonder what is going on, you will at least be able to show your family and friends information that explains what is happening.

    YouTube is especially devious the way they will pull any “Patriot” or “Truther” video whenever they can. Last year I did a blog post with an embedded link to a documentary on Google video that exposed the evil of Monsanto and their GMO food. When I checked the link a few days later, Google video had pulled it!

    Here is a great tool for your arsenal:

    Learn how to use this plugin with Firefox to download and archive videos. You can then use another software tool like NERO to convert the downloaded files to standard DVD format that will play on a regular DVD player. It is worth the effort to learn how to do this. Even if they shut down the web entirely, people will still have their “Tell-Lie-Vision” and their DVD players!

    Finally, I would also urge people to think about a backup communications plan. Maybe have a shortwave radio, an “emergency fax list” for friends and family and perhaps some patriot media outlets. Basically, have a way of getting and sending news and information in the face of a web lock-down.

    Personally speaking, I do not know what is going to happen in the future. It certainly seems like the stage is being set for some sort of biological “false-flag.”

    I hope everyone will think through various scenarios and plan accordingly.


  7. clark Says:

    I found the free program Ask & Record to be very good for recording video from YouTube using Internet Explorer.

    This bit supports this post:
    Pettigrew: Speaking Truth To Power

    Any suggestions for a shortwave radio? One that uses tubes perhaps, to avoid the dreaded EMP bombs?

  8. ericswan Says:

    It’s near impossible to find anything with tubes. I suggest you put your radio/electronics in metal cookie cans that don’t leak.

  9. ericswan Says:

    1776..Here’s a link to the playbook.

    The Grand Chessboard

    American Primacy And It’s Geostrategic Imperatives
    Zbigniew Brzezinksi

  10. foundingfather1776 Says:


    Thanks for that excellent link to the Brzezinski book! I have incorporated it into the body of the article.

    I hope that people will take the time to read for themselves what these “New World Order” bastards really think and what they really plan to do.



  11. clark Says:

    The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War

    by Prof. Peter Dale Scott

    Is this the same stuff? I’ve only read one so far, the other has been sitting all day waiting.

  12. ericswan Says:

    Subject: RE: Suppression of the Meg
    Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 11:21:22 -0600

    Hi John,

    It’s even worse than that. There has been a very deliberate suppression of overunity systems (i.e., COP>1.0, using excess free energy taken from the vacuum) since 1892, when J. P. Morgan elicited Lorentz to modify (cripple) the Heaviside equations, which were to be used in setting up the model for what was to be a new subject and technology, electrical engineering, which was then to be taught in all the universities.

    Lorentz “borrowed” some previous work by Lorenz (without the “t”) and used it to deliberately symmetrize the Heaviside equations so the new EE technology being set up to be taught in the universities would not ever contain free energy and overunity COP systems.

    In short, the High Cabal had electrical engineering itself deliberately mutilated and crippled just prior to its very birth. Hence all our EEs have been taught to think, plan, design, develop, and deploy only self-symmetrizing EM system — so that electrical power systems will always be requiring us to consume fuel etc.

    So we do not even teach or apply Heaviside’s original vastly reduced subset of Maxwell’s theory, much less Maxwell’s original theory! Instead, we teach and apply the deliberately mutilated and crippled Heaviside-Lorentz model which produces only self-symmetrizing EM systems self-enforcing COP<1.0.

    This deliberate mutilation and crippling of electrical engineering is the real and single cause of the world energy crisis, of our dependence on oil, and of much of the pollution of our biosphere in the electric power-producing processes and energy processes.

    The "High Cabal" — Churchill's name for the secret consortium of elite families and organizations we loosely refer to as the "control groups" — has been ruthlessly suppressing free energy inventors for a century, including by direct assassination. Having personally survived several such assassination attempts, I have experienced what I'm speaking of. If one has not heard of an ice dart dipped in curare, or a little shooter that fires a beam whose wavefronts are warped, so that when it strikes a body then in seconds it induces total loss of control of the heartbeat, wild eruption of the heartbeating, and a massive heart attack, stroke, or both.

    The situation has only changed for the worse. The High Cabal actually is a derivative from feudalism, and firmly believe in governments etc. being feudalistic in nature. In other words, the only real "humans" on earth are the direct members of certain elite families, and all the rest of us are subhuman and "serfs" at best.

    The U.S. as a great republic granting lots of rights to its citizens got established as a fluke. With the discovery of a new continent (America), with lots of land and plenty of resources, the downtrodden and poor and near-starving "serfs" of England and Europe desperately migrated to America to get some free land to till and have food and sustenance for their families. And their strong struggles in starting anew to become a "worthy" person and landowner, generated in these settlers the strong sense of inalienable personal freedom and personal rights. Fortunately, when they later rebelled against the King and England, America was so far away and so difficult to reach with equipment and troops on the old sailing vessels, that England could not project enough power ashore in America to quell the revolution.

    So we finally got ourselves a republic when the various states or areas then met together and drew up the unifying U.S. constitution, writing in the rights of individuals, what rights the state had and its limitations, etc.

    This is and was so unique in world history that from the beginning the High Cabal was determined to eventually destroy it.

    Presently the High Cabal is still adamantly determined to destroy the U.S. for once and for all, to eliminate it from the earth and stamp out any return to a republic. In short, they have deliberately arranged this present giant economic crisis, which is going to develop into a depression far worse than in the 1920s.

    Here's an example of just how critical it is. In our cities and towns we have actually about four days food on hand at any time; the big diesel trucks continually bring it in as it is being sold. So if the big diesels slow and stop, in a heartbeat we will have hunger, rioting, mob murder and looting, and total chaos in all our cities. This nation has never seen anything like it, and it will be hungry, starving, destitute, and totally berserk and in total chaos.

    At that time, the Japanese Yakuza — who have been directly engineering our weather since 1990, under direction of the KGB/FSB (guess who gave us Katrina, e.g.) — will be freed to start destroying our cities. And they will do so, methodically. They consider themselves the last of the Samurai, and they fervently believe that the greatest shame suffered by Japan in all her history was the U.S. conquest of Japan and the dropping of the atom bomb on it. In their view, such a giant shame can only be remedied if they kill — or participate in killing — every living American man, woman, child, and baby. So they have sworn to do just that.

    The Yakuza obtained longitudinal EM wave interferometers in 1989 from the Soviets, under their agreement contracted with them. Today they are the most experienced uses of such weapons on earth. The weapons really do exist, and they really have been being used against us to control and alter the weather, evoke volcanic eruptions, etc. Quoting then-Secretary of Defense William Cohen:

    "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important." [Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997].

    Note that SecDef Cohen stated that TERRORISTS had these weapons and were doing these things; he was referring to the Yakuza.

    The Yakuza have precisely oriented several large scalar interferometers on the huge supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park and vicinity. If that one is violently evoked, it will destroy 90% of the U.S., 70% of Canada on the north, and 70% of Mexico on the south. And they can blow it anytime they are released to do so by the KGB/FSB.

    But there is an added attraction: one can easily produce and add negative energy and its negative probabilities to the local vacuum's normal positive energy and positive probabilities. Then by simply "tickling" an area of vacuum by little positive-energy pulses, one pops out electrons from the some of the filled holes in the Dirac Sea, leaving behind the holes (negative mass-energy electrons — the so-called "dark matter" that our astrophysicists are seeking so desperately with their telescopes. The remaining holes survive until they meet a stray electron and get filled again. While the negative mass-energy electrons exist, they pour out negative energy photons, forming negative energy EM fields.

    Now if you "tickle" fairly broadly and a bit heavily a particular vacuum area on the land where living systems exist, one reverses their physical processes so that instant and total death occurs of any and every living creature.

    By taking a scalar interferometer and enlarging its interference zone to an "area", and then adding "Dirac tickling" to the vacuum in that area, one can produce perhaps the most diabolical superweapon presently existing on earth: the SCOURGE. By slowly sweeping that massively-tickled vacuum in the interferometer's interference zone across a land area, all life inside that interference zone dies instantly. So in addition to blowing up some cities for their vengeance, the Yakuza will also use the scourge, swept slowly over the ground surface area and killing everything.

    The Russians tested short-range tactical versions of this "scourge" in Afghanistan, against two villages, firing the weapons from Hind helicopters. The bodies of the villagers fell instantly, instantly and totally dead. Never a kick, never a struggle, nothing. The bodies continued to emit longitudinal EM wave radiation thereafter, so that vultures and scavengers would not eat them. If they came near the bodies, the longitudinal wave radiation began interfering with their nervous systems etc., and in fear they turned and fled.

    In short, the Yakuza presently have just such capability for their longitudinal EM wave interferometers, and they will indeed kill every living man, woman, child, and baby in America — and the birds, bees, animals, the works — adding the total and finishing touch with "THE SCOURGE".

    This is what is planned for America by the Control Groups, and they intend that it shall happen within these next two years.

    We are still dealing with the greatest conspiracy in all human history, and the most deadly. And it has always intended to destroy the upstart United States and return again to feudalism. Indeed, if 90% of the humans on earth die in the final convulsions and struggles, the High Cabal thinks that will be just dandy. They would prefer to see most of the world return to a very limited population, totally under control by the absolute power of the elite (the only real "humans").

    And Armageddon pales by comparison to what they intend to unleash on us all, now coming down upon us and coming "around the bend" at us.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Bearden

  13. ericswan Says:

  14. clark Says:

    But why would they wait to use such a weapon on us if they had one? Blackmail? If they had such a weapon they could get everything without blackmail. This weapon(s), maybe it can be traced back to its origin if used, and get bombed for using it, so are they simply waiting until they develop the ability to use it without being traced? Or do they not have enough of them currently?

    It seems like an imperfect weapon, as the Soviets didn’t win Afganistan. Maybe it doesn’t work through rocks? And what else? Water?

    You do get one to thinking.

  15. ericswan Says:

    More information that is dated but prolly where Bearden got his information. This Tesla type weapon has been bouncing around the planet for 40 years. These guys are playing for real. We are looking at doomsday and it has nothing to do with God.

  16. clark Says:

    If all that doesn’t get us, this will:

    Monthly Mortgage Rate Resets = “Option Armageddon”

    And for past reference don’t forget this where things went really off track, The Bankster-in-Chief removes the dollar/gold link and explains things:

  17. Alicia Says:

    Thank you so much for writing the truth.
    This isn’t relevant to your post but it has to do with the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller has many siblings. Abby was the first born. Her date of birth was on September 11, 1903.
    Coincidence? I don’t know. Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with the post but just needed to tell you that.

  18. Celline Says:

    Eric, u flat scare me to death !

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