Al Gore, Bloviating Blowhard + New World Order Coin + Mandatory Flu Shots; Yes Virginia, The New World Order Gang is REAL!

Dear Readers,

There is so much news to cover, I can scarce keep up with it all, let alone decide which stories to publish.

First-up, we have the disgusting, corpulent, psychopathic hoaxster Al Gore publicly lauding how the “cap and trade” bill passed by the house will help bring in “GLOBAL GOVERNANCE!”  That’s right boys and girls, the criminals are now so bold, they don’t even pretend to hide their real goals.  Ulterior motives have become obvious motives!

Read all about it right here:

Al Gore says U.S. climate Bill Will Help Bring About “Global Governance”

Now before you dismiss Albert as a well-fed nut-job with delusions of internet-inventing grandeur and an earth-saving messiah complex, remember these facts:

Al Gore is a high level minion of the “New World Order” gang.  He may be fat, but he is not stupid.  His job is to help bring about new carbon taxes and he works very hard at his job.  While extremely wealthy and influential, like Henry Kissinger or Donald Rumsfeld, he serves higher masters and helps to implement the agenda they want to see happen.

Al Gore, like his Senator father before him, receives substantial financial support from one of the worst corporate polluters in the world: Occidental Petroleum.  YES – “Mr. Global Warming” has stock in an oil company! 

If you search on “Gore and Occidental Petroleum” you will get hundreds of main-stream articles.  Here is a good summary:

Gore and Occidental Petroleum

Also in the news, I am sure you have read stories about how China is unhappy with the US dollar as a reserve currency, and that “something must be done.”

This week-end we see pictures of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev presenting a mock-up “worldwide coin” to the press.

China is correct in their analysis.  The US dollar, thanks to the hard work of the Bush/Paulson/Obama/Geithner/Greenspan/Bernanke branch of the gang *is* rapidly becoming more worthless than toilet paper, but the US dollar is all Americans have left.  We don’t make ANYTHING except fat people and mindless TV shows.  Take away the dollar’s reserve currency status and watch how fast we devolve into a third world cesspit.  It won’t be pretty.

Think all this is by accident?

Silly rabbit.  Don’t you know that broke &  desperate people are easier to control?  Throw in a couple of false-flag terror attacks and a bio-engineered swine flu virus and then you have broke, desperate and terrified people.  Those people are really easy to control!  Those are the kind of people that beg for the “security” of martial law and FEMA camps.  They roll-up their sleeves and take their shots and get herded like cattle without a shot being fired.  Viva World-Government!  Viva unlimited power for the Banksters!  Viva the New World Order (which is actually the “Old-World Order” i.e. a few obscenely wealthy people at the top and a mass of  peasants at the bottom, locked down by a police-state grid; disarmed and broke, too beaten-down to resist their loving governmental masters.)

To help “cull the herd” of excessive rabble, the New World Government will simply spray the air with tasty toxic chemicals to make the people passive, sick or dead.  Of course, the argument will be it is to “Protect the Earth from Global Warming” bwah ha ha hah ha ha.

Oh, it is *possible* that all the heavy metal particulates sprayed into the upper atmosphere may also be to help focus the power of the government’s “this-is-not-a-weapon-it-is-a-research-project”  HAARP weapon (see below)

But, they say chemtrails are to HELP THE EARTH!  They call it “GeoEngineering” – and they are doing it now.  See my “Chemtrail” category for information and proof of this insidious and dangerous atmospheric spraying.  Here is a link to a paper published by the Council of Evil…..oops I mean the Council on Foreign Relations that calls for the “option” of geoengineering:

Also ever more present in the news, we have the constant hum of warnings and predictions of a massive swine flu pandemic.  This “swine flu” is about as naturally occuring as Chicken McNuggets.  It is completely manufactured and it is another weapon of terror and control.

You *do* realize that your loving Government ALREADY has passed “Executive Orders” saying they can forcibly inject you in the event of a pandemic….right? 

Read all about it right here:

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations This Fall?

But I am sure the vaccine is absolutely safe and has nothing bad in it.  Because the Government LOVES US!  Yes, they even fluoridate 66% of our municipal water supplies so we can all have shiny white teeth!  (I grew up in a town with fluoridated water;  I never once remember getting a free Government toothbrush, or a voucher for a dentist visit, but by golly they gave me “free” fluoridated water!)   Check out my “Fluoride” category for more information on this wonderful gift from our Government.

Just breathe in the chemtrailed air, drink the fluoridated water, roll-up your sleeves for their vaccinations, pay your carbon taxes and watch TV.  Al Gore is right.  Humans are warming up the planet.  He is going to help stop that. Bad humans!  Bad! 

53 Responses to “Al Gore, Bloviating Blowhard + New World Order Coin + Mandatory Flu Shots; Yes Virginia, The New World Order Gang is REAL!”

  1. Celline Says:

    worded well, and yes, was aware.Am wrecking my brain on what to DO about it ! Would love to leave.. but there would not be a safe place, I assume, or we would have mass- emmigration. But wait.. maybe not, because the sleeping public, would never believe their own Government would do this to them.. Convincing one person at a time, once a week or so doesen’t cut it. Mass awakening is needed.. or is even that too late?
    Alec Baldwin in Congress.. yeah, that will do a lot of good. N O T !
    Mass awakening just isen’t gonnu happen, and pretty soon, no one will have a gun anymore ( last line of defense ), I just don’t have an answer.

  2. Ursa Major Says:

    Wow, I did know a lot of this already, but your article really brings the scheme together.

    A quote taken from an article by following your first link:

    “The tens of billions of dollars per year generated by a global tax would “flow into a global Multilateral Adaptation Fund” to help nations cope with global warming, according to the report.

    Schwank said a global carbon dioxide tax is an idea long overdue that is urgently needed to establish “a funding scheme which generates the resources required to address the dimension of challenge with regard to climate change costs.”

    ‘Redistribution of wealth’

    The environmental group Friends of the Earth advocated the transfer of money from rich to poor nations during the 2007 UN climate conference.

    “A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources,” said Emma Brindal, a climate justice campaigner coordinator for Friends of the Earth.”

    Oh, sure, “flow into a global Multilateral Adaptation Fund”. Who believes that? It is nothing but robbing people for every mile they drive, to stop them from driving. And hey, it works, too!

    In Toronto they have now instituted a carbon tax on vehicles. Fortunately, it hasn’t come to my small town yet, but give it time, and it surely will.

    Also, I read that car manufacturers are going to be required to put a special GPS into every car soon. It isn’t for the purpose of not getting lost, but rather so the government can keep track of every kilometer you drive (and obviously, they’ll also know where you are going, and where your car is at any given moment), so they know how much they ‘need’ to tax you.

    It is a sinister scheme, no doubt about it.

    I knew HAARP was dangerous, but watching that video is really scary. They could destroy the whole earth with it if they are not careful! And I certainly don’t trust them with ‘being careful’, that’s for sure.

    Not to mention that their experiments have likely already caused countless deaths and great devastation, and will continue to do so.

    I just hope that God will protect his faithful from the mind-control part of this technology.

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  4. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a video that is interesting, too.

  5. Celline Says:

    Is it possible Palin knows about all of this.. and quitt her job, because she wanted nothing to do w. it? Or, did not want to get involved any deeper ? This begs the question, as Governeur…would she have had any power, to halt, or prolong.. or even stop it?
    Could she have made it public ? Maybe not because of threats ?
    She seems very honest. her conscience could no longer bear it?
    Just my thoughts.I bet Fox would not go there…Maybe, she’s starting an anti-movement? Sorta doubt it.. she has family. Overall: Only God can help us now !

  6. klhrevolution Says:

    Nice site ! I think you expressed a lot in a little post and hopefully others find this site and others like it and maybe even look into some of the stuff that you refer to.

  7. ericswan Says:

    Celline..You are asking the right questions. I would defend Palin for every step she has taken so far. I think she’ right.

    1776..Awwwsommmme post. One of those really scary researchers that requires weeks of research just to cover his position is Adam Trombly. He is one of the best..

  8. ericswan Says: of my previous links has pics of chemtrail spraying…no plane..

    pics around page 20 or so..

    Clark..try to reload this page..

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  10. Celline Says:

    @revolution, thank you for your comment, please come back and be part, we like to think we are speaking the truth with solid knowledge.. yet we need to learn more.. most of all, we need solutions. We have dwelled on the problems for a long time.. and will furtheron.. but we all are starved for a solution.. your visits here are very welcome.

  11. Celline Says:

    @ eric, yes, I fully support this lady too. She is the only politician I know, where I will say.. she’s honest. How on earth can an honest politician survive todays corruption, and stay in an important post ?
    Impossible, I would think. This lady knows what we know.. PLUS.. and she can’t stand by anymore and partake.
    She’s Done.. yet hopefully she will use her fame and status for something constructive, w.out getting hurt.
    She did the right thing from where I am standing.

  12. Pandoras out... Says:

    makes sense

  13. Celline Says:

    kind of, but that’s just not the main reason.

  14. Ursa Major Says:

    That young man, Levi Johnston, is obviously trying to make Sarah Palin look as bad as possible. I wouldn’t trust anything he says. He is trying to cash in on her fame by dissing her.

    Here is a good article on her:

  15. clark Says:

    @Eric, yes, that link worked, now I just have to read it. So much stuff to read.

    Solutions… what if there aren’t any? The only ones I know of so far are withdraw of financial support through taxes, audit and get rid of The Fed, and a return to the gold standard, but as many other authors have written elsewhere, too many people seem to love their government more than their own children or are in denial, too self-centered, egotistical and closed minded to change their ways in the least bit.

    Of those who act unaware, the answer from those who are somewhat aware is, “I know, can we change the subject?” Not until they slam into the hard truth of reality such as economic collapse and job losses, expanding poverty, the wiping out of the middle-class, and widespread hunger or worse will people change their tune, by then it will be too late.

    Who knows how long things will chug along uninterrupted, but history shows Socialistic societies always fail, collapsing from their own lop-sided weight. As they spiral down, the masses will love only their selves, their sports, war and the so-called glory that comes with it – also known as the praise of man – all the while faithfully worshiping the images on their shrines called The TV or those symbols that represent power over others.

    Money alone does not buy that power over others.
    The problem certainly isn’t from the love of money, as most people don’t have any. What many people of today love, is the praise of man they get from displaying what they purchased with their debts and the social status they received in exchange for their life long bondage. This is why many continue to support the system that gives us HAARP, chemtrails and all the rest while viciously attacking anyone who gets in the way of maintaining the status quo.

    Screwy perceptions.

  16. Celline Says:

    @clark ” get rid of the Fed ?” by any chance, you are not dreaming?
    The FED.. is “THEM”, the same reason we have no power of the chems, we have no power over the Fed. The Fed belongs to the Upper 300, this includes the Rockefellers, Rothchild’s Bushes etc etc. So, tell me, how exactly would u go about it ?
    It’s privately owned by them, it’s not ours.( Even though, the money came from the taxpayer )
    And to the Fed… goes all of our money.. then we ” borrow” it back, for ” stimulous”.. which of cause we can’t pay back, thus..”They” own us.
    Now.. of course you knew all of this.. hence: Why the suggestion?
    It’s impossible.. as far as I can understand it. ( Maybe I misunderstood you )
    @Uschi.. of course, young Levi tries to make money.. telling tales about Palin, of course ! His kind makes his living that way.. taking it from where ever he can, don’t we know his type from somewhere?
    No reply from my Pastor-friend, none zilch.

  17. Darran Says:

    Regarding Sarah Palin I am in doubt. A real christian, or pretending? She certainly seems to know the same “moves” the rest of the crowd do….

    Of course she could just be naive, however allow me to doubt that. You don’t get selected for office nowadays if you do not bow to the NWO agenda and cannot be 100% controlled…

    I would have liked to believe in her. I’m afraid I don’t….

  18. Celline Says:

    @Darran, hello. Your observation is good.. personally I had never ever seen Palin doing this evil gesture, til I went to your link.
    Never saw this, am shocked. I would like to know what she said at the time she made this handsignal…
    After seeing it, I have to agree w. you, I now am suspicious of her also.
    Wow, how much I hate this. You are correct.. no one can be elected.. unless they are part of ” the Plan ”
    I thought, she’s different.. guess I was wrong.
    Thank you for your comment.

  19. clark Says:

    Of worldly solutions.

    @Celine, From what I’ve read, other authors have said one way to eliminate The Fed is to withdraw your participation in the tax and banking scheme. This may be involuntarily done, as the unemployed are finding out. If enough people do so, the pyramid crumbles. No need for the Congress. The President(s) combined with the inaction of the Congress, has made the Congress irrelevant – and they are.

    The government is a drunken debtaholic with a credit card, just like when a person or company keeps increasing their debt until they can no longer do anything except pay the interest on the debt, making only the minimum payments. Once a person loses a job or a company no longer makes a profit or sells a competitive product or service, they can no longer pay the meager minimum payment and service other expenses, and the debt is not allowed to expand by the creditor, at least not for long.
    I.O.U.’s only work for so long.

    Once the tax dollars fall below a certain level, the government cannot pay the minimum payment (this is supplemented by selling Treasury Bonds, but it is not the total sum of government obligations to continue operating) watch as tax revenue falls the same way it rose during The Fed created artificial boom.

    If enough people withdrew their funds from the banks and stopped using them, this would deprive the banks of profits and cause shortages of loanable funds to generate new loans. If enough people became self-sufficient, traded and bartered with their neighbors or even used local scripts in place of money (much like a number of American communities are doing today) they would deny the government the ability to have a taxing point and eventually the government would no longer be able to make their minimum payments on the interest due to their creditors and further credit would be denied. The V.A.T. might be of help to the government, though probably not enough.
    This would create a backlash much like what is happening in California where spending and services provided by the state must be scaled back or eliminated. Once The Fed no longer makes a profit, it ceases to exist, so long as it remains a private entity. Once the government fails to take enough money from its subjects, it must stop expanding, spending, and growing, it must cut, hopefully chemtrail funding first. Unlike with California, with the government, the value of the currency falls. This is partially how and why Socialist countries fail and our socialist/fascist
    government/economy will as well. The other part is regulation and too many laws.

    It’s only a question of when, if more people did this, it would be sooner rather than later.
    If only we could have remained a capitalistic free-market confederation 200yrs ago we might have avoided all of this. A strong centralized government cannot be chained by a constitution. The Anti-Federalist were right.

    It’s not impossible to get rid of The Fed, it’s inevitable.
    Once the laws of economics reassert themselves the value of the pay of those flying chemtrail jets and maintaining the infrastructure will plummet, so too will their retirement promises, and once they realize this they will no longer fly.
    I think I’m getting it, and I hope I did the subject justice here.

    The bad thing is, as a result, many say the next stop is an inevitable dictatorship. And many others reply: the solution to that is succession.

  20. Celline Says:

    will reply to this tomorrow. One thing real quick.
    You can not withdraw more than 9999.99…. w.out being “reportet ”
    Now what…. how am I going to get my money out ?
    By the way.. thought about it long and hard.. Palin might not be aware of what this hand-signal means.. guess I want to believe in here.

  21. clark Says:

    Supposedly, you will be, “reportet” for as little as $2000, it just depends on the mood of the bankster at the time. Many people are waiting for a dip to buy gold, some are buying farms, while others are starting small businesses that produce something needed, as opposed to a want or other trivial pursuit.

    I saw this in todays LRC blog and thought it was very fitting for here:

  22. clark Says:

    Oh yeah, and if you take your money out of the banking system, you are more likely to be labeled crazy by those who choose to deny the reality of chemtrails, love their gov’t and trust banksters. I read this on LRC today too:

    A large number of people must be withdrawing their money too (and having an affect?) as the mainstream media has this story trying to make those who do so look bad while downplaying their well justified reasons for doing so. It’s as if The Great Depression never happened and those who lived through it don’t know what they are talking about when describing the unscrupulous behavior of banksters and Revenuers at that time, and successful ways of surviving, while those who weren‘t even born at the time know oh so much better. The implication is to just ignore how governments, like in Argentina recently, stole the savings of retirees by removing their bank deposits as a template for how other governments might respond to similar, “emergencies.” Hmm and somewhere I just read how The Treasury Secretary is planning on using taxpayers to support the derivatives mess.

    Of course in the examples above of what people are doing with their money, like buying farms, the gov’t will get a bite, but once that initial transaction is done you should be able to support yourself more than before and thus lower your overall tax support, or so the thinking goes, as I’ve read in numerous places. Just by simply taking your money out of the bankinng system you withdraw your consent.

  23. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, you could slowly take your money out. If they report withdrawals of $2000, then take out $1,500 at a time. Buy silver dollars with it. One of my brothers has done the research (and he has hoarded a stash of silver dollars now), and he says that all through the ages, no matter what, one silver dollar will keep you fed for a week. That holds true even if money is completely devalued and worth nothing.

    At this point he keeps his silver dollars in a safety deposit box. But if he sees signs of bank collapse being imminent, he’ll take it out and bury it, he says.

    I don’t have the money to buy them, I’ve got a few, though.

    The reason silver is better than gold is, that silver is a lot more useful than gold. First of all, silver is rarer than gold, so there is a limited amount of it. Also, it is used in making alloys, conductors, mirrors, for developing photographs and many other things.

    In fact, it is indispensable for some industries. Of course, it is possible that the government is going to confiscate all silver if they run out, which is why you shouldn’t make it known if you have any, and hide it. And make sure it isn’t in a safety deposit box when everything breaks down, as then you won’t see it again.

  24. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, this scares me to death, but I know it’s reality.
    Thing is, I won’t have the gutts to do it.
    Where would one buy Silver $$ ?

  25. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Here are two reputable companies I have bought gold & silver coins from. I only buy Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo bullion coins. I have ZERO interest in “collectible” coins. I am just trying to move my paper money into something that has real worth!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I started gaining an understanding of the NWO 5 years ago, since then I have basically done nothing else except research current events and try and tie them in with bible prophecy.

    People think I am nuts. I partly agree with them :).

    It is only last year that I finally let it go and stopped worrying. I will not be hoarding food or buying gold and silver. I am however stocking on health products and vitamins before codex bans them.

    The very fact that you are all here discussing these things and that your IP addresses have been recorded on certain websites frequently means you are listed as ‘knowing things you shouldn’t”.

    Why stock food? They WILL come for all of us, and I am NOT feeding them…. 🙂

    You might as well stop paying taxes though, you don’t want to pay for your arrest and deportation to FEMA camps.

    Clark, great post but….it just won’t happen. Federated enough people to actually get off their asses and fight for their freedom just won’t happen. It’s not laziness either I think, just fear….

  27. Celline Says:

    @Anonymous : How do you know, our IP addresses have been recorded ?

  28. Celline Says:

    @Founding, I have no clue how to go about it, what to choose and…
    how do they send it to you, in the mail? How safe is that?

  29. clark Says:

    I don’t think silver is rarer than gold. It would probably be more expensive if it were. But, there is no way to tell until we dig it all up, eh?

    This guy was calling the housing crash in 2005, he seems to know his stuff:

    Solid Gold Reasons to Own Gold
    15 reasons to do so.

    The Great Debate Continues: Silver vs. Gold
    Here is my main point: I have heard this same argument about silver’s imminent shortage ever since 1973, when I sold silver for a living.
    silver – an industrial metal – is more vulnerable to a decline in price than gold is, which retains its status as money for central banks.
    I warn everyone not to accept as proven the assertion that the alleged decline of inventories of silver in bar form is the same as a decline in the above-ground supply of silver.
    Is it [silver] better than owning fiat money? A few thousand dollar’s worth, yes.

    @Celline, It is well known that NSA [US gov’t] tracks every move of every computer, records every phone conversation and every financial transaction it can capture, which is probably all of them. It’s the reason people say privacy no longer exists in America.

    Better to be on the list as someone who knows something than to be off the list as no one who knows nothing.

    Fear gives way to flight or fight, eventually.

    No combat fighting required, just the fight of simple self-interests, eventually people will seek what’s good for them, the bloom of the black-market and voters not allowing the California gov’t to increase taxes and spending are examples supporting this thinking. What kind of small scale black-market business would you operate? I hear vitamin supplies may be hot. I saw on TV that sales in California to cancer sufferers denied relief by the state is doing well. Who knows what innovative ideas people will come up with to serve their fellow man to preserve their own self-interests in order to survive.

  30. clark Says:

    Oh yeah, and I really liked this story:
    The King Doesn’t Like Gold, Never Has, Never Will – Unlike Mr. Chang

    The Risks You Run When You Own Gold, and the Danger You Face If You Don’t

  31. foundingfather1776 Says:


    In answer to your question: “How does one buy (precious metals) and how safe is it?” You have only to search my category called “Gold” – specifically read this article I wrote that explains everything:

    Gold and Silver is sent registered mail, signature required. It is safe. I have never had a problem, and the Gold & Silver traders would not use this method if there was a problem because THEY are liable for the value of your shipment (or at least their insurance agent is) until YOU sign for it and take possession.

    Finally, there are many arguments which favor Gold over Silver or Silver over Gold. Since The whole point of owning precious metals is to reduce risk and protect purchasing power when Fiat money collapses (think Weimar Germany) I simply allocate money to BOTH Gold & Silver, that way I am covered no matter what.

    FYI, right now, silver appears to me to be a screaming buy. It is being priced so low, they can’t mine it out of the ground for that price. This is all artificially supressed of course. The Globalists desperately want people to think that Gold & Silver is cheap and arbitrary and that only their fiat currency has real “worth.” Of course that is baloney.

    The fact that you had no idea about how or what to buy is typical. I have read that fewer than 5% of the population owns Gold & Silver bullion (jewelery is not the same as bullion coins). This is precisely what
    the banksters want; the great multitude of humanity working all their lives to accumulate fiat credit and paper money, never owning anything much of *real* value!

    Even for people who can’t buy gold or silver, I urge you to take some of your paper money and buy things that will hold their value and be something you can use or trade.

    Several months ago, I saw an analyst on MSNBC (a propaganda network for sure, that is why what I saw was so surprising) actually say that it would be wise to go out and buy a case of Scotch. The reason being, you could buy the Scotch now before hyper-inflation hits, you can store it away (it won’t go bad, and may actually get better with age) and then you could either enjoy drinking it or trade bottles of scotch down the road for something else you want. Made a lot of sense.

    FYI – the Chinese are currently buying up and storing commodities like copper becuase they realize buying US Treasury notes is ridiculous at this point. The Chinese are methodically trying to position their huge trade surpluses into something of *real* value.

    I think individuals should do the same.



  32. Celline Says:

    @Founding, thank you so much. I will act accordingly !
    And from the West.. just now it started, we had BLUE skies for 2 full days and nights…..they are rolling in with great vigor, and great volume,
    you guessed it, the Chems.

  33. Celline Says:

    We have no clouds in July.. this is so evil. The whole sky is covered with popcorn chems.. from horizon to horizon, I feel sick !

  34. clark Says:

    Jim Rogers likes silver over gold, that was a surprise to me. He also likes commodities in general, so do I. This is a short interview worth reading:

    Did you see the list of those who support The Fed? I’ll bet they love the NWO too, modern day Loyalist?:

  35. Celline Says:

    Would appreciate good update-pics and articles on the chems, so I can send them to my Pastor-friend, he just answered me, and he wants to check into it, does not know much, but he’s asking me for anything I can find on the subject, and foreward it to him ! He believes me, and wants to know all there is to know !!!

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    […] US Cap and Trade Bill will usher in ‘global governance’.  Foundingfather1776 has more here.  Al Gore doesn’t have to worry about the elite; he’s a member of it.  Americans will […]

  37. ericswan Says:

    The cap and trade bill is more than that. It makes the consumption of “any bio-fuel” that the robotics need to push into the hinterland, legal. Cap and trade is only a couple of pages of the 1,000 that deals with carbon. Most of the act relates to the burning of bio-fuels to produce energy.

  38. ericswan Says:

    You will know when you are ready for investments when you have enough food, water, seeds, compost and the love of your neighbours to see you through this cosmic portal.

  39. Celline Says:

    ” cosmic portal ?”, why not call it what it really is : “GoreRockeBushKissRothetal”NWO-portal.

  40. clark Says:

    When they lie, they do so very well. Either that or they are idiots, but they don’t strike me as idiots. It’s the same in any area, take for example their co-NWO friend The Chairman of The Federal Reserve Board. Here is a very good example of how over the last few years they present their lies, all dressed up fancy in their suits and ties, very official sounding with educated words and all, only they are and were wrong about everything:

    Now listen to how a more normal person describes their NWO activities in the financial area:

    The NWO and chemtrails are made possible by cash from The Federal Reserve, support efforts to audit The Fed :|/bss/|

    and perhaps, as a result, this will stop the funding of these activities.

  41. ericswan Says:

    Listen to this program while you blog. It may save your life..

    [audio src="" /]

  42. Alexis Says:

    Wait a minute….great article, and I AGREE with the point made that it’s very difficult for honesty and politics to mix. We have SEEN and continue to see steadfast honesty from RON PAUL, but do you people truly believe that Sarah Palin, a woman who pays more for ONE VISIT TO HER HAIRSTYLIST than you can afford to pay for a year’s worth of food? THEN TURNS AROUND AND DOES IT AGAIN WHEN SHE VISITS HER MAKEUP ARTIST. You people REALLY believe that Sarah Palin, excuse me if I sound crude, gives a flying shit about what happens to us???REALLY??
    I’d like to hear some theories as to what would cause anyone to think Palin’s out for our good. And the fact that she left office, good people, is simply not enough.

  43. clark Says:

    I doubt it, but… people DO change. More likely though she got a pocket full of cash from someone who has friends who have friends in high places. Have you seen this video where The Federal Reserve Chairman says foreign banks got huge amounts of U.S. cash and no account of where it went other than to say a central bank got some? For instance New Zealand got so much cash they could have given every one of their citizens $8,000 each… betchya lots of people want in on that action.

  44. ericswan Says:

    Sarah’s last day on the job will be at a “public” picnic celebrating Alaska’s 50 years. Her most recent statement is that she will come out swinging once she is out of office. There is method to her madness. All investigations and slanders against her must proceed within 2 years of leaving office. This will be the launchpad she needs to run for president as the storebought press including the above comments by the anonymous Alexis, must cease and desist. Yes I think she’s the real thing and look forward to her new found freedom. This hair and makeup criticism makes me want to…..

  45. Lynn D Says:

    Ron Paul may be “honest” but I think he is one of them. It is rumoured that he is a freemason and that is the NWO mystery religion cult, presented as a men’s organization on the surface but is Luciferian underneath and a power ladder for those who rise to the higher degrees. I think the NWO goons are using Ron Paul to divide the thinkers from the cud chewers so that know who to put on their FEMA lists and how to sort them by category. Do you really think they would let him run his mouth otherwise??
    P.S. The only way out of this mess is to repent and follow Jesus Christ who is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. John 14:6

  46. clark Says:

    “Do you really think they would let him run his mouth otherwise??”

    You did, are you a freemason? Are you with the NWO and Luciferians?

    You post as a Christian, Christians are not supposed to make judgements without hearing the other side of the story, did you? Or are you just a rumor monger?

    Buncha B.S. as far as I can tell.

    Most of the real thinkers are quite as a church mouse anyway, so that tactic would be of little use to them.

  47. ericswan Says:

    Have you been made aware of the massive roadblock plans to stop all travelers for a vaccine bracelet (stainless steel band with a micro-chip on board) that will force you to take the shot? Refuse it? You will be placed on a prison bus and taken to a quarantine camp. What will you do when your children are NOT allowed into school without the shot? What will you do when you are not allowed into the workplace without the vaccine paperwork? Buy groceries? Go to the bank? Shop anywhere?? Get on a plane, bus or train? Use the toilet in the mall? Nope. Police officers will become loathed, feared, despised and remembered for their “official” duties.

  48. ericswan Says:

    The following vid is so thoughtful that it has to be viewed. It’s about a couple of heroines and you know we don’t have enough of them.

  49. ericswan Says:

  50. ericswan Says:

  51. ericswan Says:

    Posse Commitatus is dead..

    Arrest at G20 Demonstrations, September 24, 2009

  52. ericswan Says:

  53. badgafe Says:

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