History Repeating, Criminal Rothschilds and engineered Depressions

Dear Readers,

Every single statement in this ten minute video is a historical FACT.

Watch this video and share it with your friends.  You will witness what we as a nation have endured at the hands of the bankers. 

Their tyranny continues.   What is covered in this short, powerful film is not conspiracy theory.  It is historical fact.

Contact your representatives and urge them to support Ron Paul’s bill to “Audit the Fed.”

Recognize the lies and thievery that are ongoing.  Bush, Obama, Paulson, Geithner, etc.  ALL THIEVES AND CRIMINALS SERVING THE GLOBALIST BANKERS!

Are you better off today than your parents?  Will your children be better off than you?  Why does it take two working adults to raise a family nowadays?  Why are you working more but steadily losing purchasing power?  Why do Wall Street Banks get a “bailout” but GM is allowed to go bankrupt?

These things did not happen by accident my friends.  Knowledge is Power.  Get some knowledge.  Follow the money trail and behold the matrix.


7 Responses to “History Repeating, Criminal Rothschilds and engineered Depressions”

  1. solsburyhill Says:


    Financial crises have always been manufactured.

    Nothing happens by chance!

  2. Any natural remedies for depression? | Depression remedies Says:

    […] History Repeating, Criminal Rothschilds and engineered Depressions … […]

  3. Big"D" Says:

    We are under the control of Big Money and Big Government. They are one and the same, the Big Money runs and controls the Big Government, Republicans and Democrats alike are under the control of the Big Money People. Namely the Central Banks around the world. History will continue to repeat itself until we wake up and through them all out.

  4. ericswan Says:

    I don’t see the point in trying to wake anybody up. I’m as dumb as a bag of hammers but I have been following the alternative path for many decades. Either you see it or you don’t. I think our work here is to improve ourselves and to present an alternative. Pointing our finger at the cow paddies in the stream is missing the stream.

  5. ericswan Says:

    We Canadians already have hate legislation and apparently, you will soon have these laws. Our government prosecutes hate speech and that means we are under threat of fines and or imprisonment if we get into discussions like this one.

  6. ericswan Says:

    I’ve actually been using spectrum analyzers for a very long time now. And you can hook a spectrum analyzer up to a signal source, and if you know what wave forms to look for, in a TV signal for example, you can see all kinds of interesting things–like the Lilly wave, invented by Dr. John Lilly when he was working for NIH, the National Institutes for Health, in 1959 when they first started implanting dolphin brains and discovered that they needed to give the dolphin brain a chance to respond. Then they discovered that they could use these same waves on human beings. He was doing work for the Navy at that time, and he got out of that research because he felt so conflicted about what they were doing.

    We discovered that this was on the wiring harness of our home in Aspen when he was visiting us in 1990, and he saw this on my spectrum analyzer and he said, “How did that get there?”

    So, this kind of entrainment is not just used at Barack Obama rallies, if indeed it is being used there–this is secondhand information on that. On people’s homes, however, this is firsthand information because I’ve done those measurements myself, and this is to keep people in a narcoleptic state. When John Lilly saw this waveform on my spectrum analyzer, when I was powering up my spectrum analyzer early one morning, and he said, “Where is that from?”

    And I said, “That is from the electrical power grid.”

    And he said, “But I invented that waveform. It’s a mind control waveform.”

    And I said, “I had no idea.” I really didn’t know that. I wasn’t familiar with the Lilly wave. I didn’t know that it was a mind control waveform. All I knew was every morning when I turned on my spectrum analyzer, which is hooked up to the power grid (we use the power grid…we use certain aspects of the power grid as an antenna), I looked at it. I would see this waveform and not really cognize what it was about.

    But when he told me what it was about, he said, “This is outrageous! They are using your own harness of your house to trigger your water molecules to go into an entrained kind of pattern that will create certain neurochemical responses in the human body.”


  7. Scobo Says:

    They avoid scrutiny because they own both news outlets Reuters and Associated Press. This is crazy how many people don’t know this stuff. Baffling how they’re not in prison. Because they should be. All of them.

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