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When the PEOPLE Fight Back!

May 24, 2009

Dear Readers,

Here is a short little video clip that should be shared far and wide.  One little incident where official brutality was countered by the righteous indignation of the public.

In this clip, an exuberant soccer fan runs across the playing field.  He shouldn’t do this of course.  He should be apprehended, removed from the playing field and given a citation.

What happens instead is that multiple cops (in their internationally standardized black SWAT uniforms) get the guy on the ground and the cop near his head pulls out his nightstick and forcibly jams it into the prostrate man’s head multiple times.

So an inappropriate high-spirited prank from a sports fan is met with a brutal and unwarranted assault by Police.

This occurs on the playing field in front of everyone.

Then the PEOPLE strike back!

To any Police that may be reading this, first let me say, I KNOW you have a difficult job.  I know their are criminals out there that wouldn’t think twice about trying to kill you.  I know many of you are good decent people that sincerely live up to the motto “To Protect and To Serve.”

However, far too many of you are buying into the Police-State mentality promoted by the New World Order Elites that control politics, and by extension the police forces.  You blindly believe that “Al-Queda” terrorists are behind every bush; that the citizenry are slave-scum instead of your master. You believe you have the right to “bust-heads” whenever you like.

Well I hope you will listen to my words carefully: Police, YOU are NOT part of the “Elite!”  They will use you like sacrifical pawns.  Like it or not you are part of the PEOPLE that many of you seem to enjoy abusing.  You need to get your head straight and think carefully about who you will serve.  When you start behaving like Nazi storm-troopers, when you start violating the human rights of your fellow man, and if you try and enforce illegal laws against the bill of rights such as shutting down free speech or confiscating peoples firearms….YOU are going to be in a world of hurt.

There is no need for any of this.  There is no need for either the police or the people to be at each others throats.  Recognize who the real enemy is.  Do not serve evil.  Refuse to obey unconstitutional laws and directives from your superiors.

Spend some time checking out this web-site:

Now here is the clip I promised.  Yes, it is “just a sporting event” but this little drama represents a microcosm of societal forces that are building right now.

Yours in Liberty,