What the hell are they spraying on us?

Dear Readers,

I need to bring up an important subject that I have not previously mentioned.   I have waited to broach this topic because I have been doing research so that I may report my findings to you as accurately and as thoroughly as possible.

The subject is “Chemtrails.”

I have been vaguely familiar with chemtrails for some time, but I never got around to researching them because there always seemed to be more pressing issues to cover: the economy, our Government’s steady slide into fascism, false-flag terror attacks, corruption, tyranny, the dangers of vaccinations, fluoride in the water, the attacks on the 2nd Amendment, the attacks on the 1st and 4th Amendments, and so on.

But I can be silent on the issue of chemtrails no longer.  I have seen them firsthand; CONSTANTLY!  I have done the research and the facts are not good.  I will continue to work to educate people on this issue and to DEMAND our Government be held accountable for what they are doing!

This is serious folks.  Unless you have your own rocket-ship, there is no escaping the atmosphere!

First, here is a short introductory film that clearly explains what a “Chemtrail” is.  Please watch:

Before I continue, I want to address a small criticism I often hear.  It goes something like this:

“Your blog is too negative!”

“All you cover is bad-news!”

“I don’t really want to hear about this stuff”

“It’s all in God’s hands….why worry about it?  What can we do?”

First, as any of you know that have checked, I do not make this stuff up!  I couldn’t.  I am not that imaginative.  I research and uncover FACTS and I share them here in this format.  I am effective at finding the truth for two reasons:

1. I am able to let go of preconceived notions of what is and what is not possible, choosing instead to let the facts and data-points tell their own story.

2. I spend a great deal of time doing research – more than I should perhaps.  But the truth is like a drug that refreshes the spirit.  Once you try it, you’ll know what I mean.

There *is* much to be thankful for in this world.  Love and Beauty and Friendship & Family & the simple pleasures of life all still exist and should be enjoyed and savored!  For those of you that know me personally, you know I have a great joy of life, and that my usual disposition is cheery.

All that being said, what I have to share with YOU dear Readers, needs to be told.  I am sorry if it upsets you.  I am sorry if it is depressing, confusing, or unimaginably dark, but it is the TRUTH.

The world is run by a bunch of inbred, psychotic control-freaks that are obsessed by the occult and worship Lucifer.  They believe strongly in “eugenics” and that the “inferior people” of the world  (what they also call “useless eaters”) should be exterminated  using various diabolical soft-kill and hard-kill  methods.  I am not joking.  I have documented this in dozens of previous articles.  Many other have as well.  (Dr. Henry Makow has an excellent post on his site right now discussing this very topic, check it out: “Lucifer’s Rebellion Gains Momentum” – and as always, also check out the supporting links provided!)

Since that is the truth, it naturally follows that much of what I am bringing to light is going to be “negative.”  Sorry.  Luciferian-psycho-eugenic control-freaks don’t usually provide much in the way of positive news.

If you don’t want to “hear about this stuff” that is fine.  I am an evangelist for the truth, but I am not stupid.  Jesus even said in the Sermon on the Mount: “Do not cast pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6) – the general meaning is taken that his message should be passed on to those most likely to accept it.  Who am I to argue?

If you don’t want to know what is REALLY going on, if you want to believe the fairy-tales we are fed from the media and from the politicians, then fine.  Ignorance is bliss.  Be as happy as you can…while you can.  When reality hits, just don’t say you were never warned.

Finally, for those of you that recognize what I am telling you is the truth, but who choose to throw-up your hands and adopt the fatalistic attitude that “it’s all in God’s hands…what can we do?”  I say you are wrong….WRONG both morally and spiritually for abandoning the God-given gift of free-will and choosing the easy route of DOING NOTHING!

Should the Good Samaritan have stopped to offer aid to the robbed man?  Are you assuming it was “God’s will” he be beaten and robbed and left for dead?  Then why try to help anyone?  Why try and fight evil in any way?

Here is a newsflash for you – evil exists, and good people try to counter it, thwart it, and destroy it!  That seems to me to be the proper attitude.

Launching wars, inflicting suffering, destroying that which is good, spraying the skies with poison, brain-damaging innocent children with toxic vaccinations, reducing humanity to ignorant, frightened sheep; these actions are the hallmark of the “New World Order” crowd.  The roots of which are found in the 13 Illuminati bloodlines that are deeply enmeshed in the occult and that rule this planet.  Lucifer is their “god” (no I am not kidding.)  If you are a spiritual person, do you think the Creator would be happy with you if you did NOTHING to counter the evil around us?

Even if you are not a spiritual person, you need to understand that the people that run things are!  Even if you think this is all baloney, surely you can see that the Illuminati/Masonic/Occultist Elites manifest evil by the events they bring about.  What agnostic or atheist would disagree that killing innocent people (like on 9/11) or chemically dumbing-down populations (like with fluoridated water supplies)  or conducting all sorts of horrific experiments on unsuspecting and innocent people (like Tuskegee experiments, MK ULTRA, The Ringworm Children, The NYC Subway bacteria spraying, etc.) is wrong and immoral?

For me, researching all this evil has made me so appreciative of the GOOD!  My belief in a greater power has grown, not diminished.   I also believe that for those who are aware, action is expected.   To do nothing against the evil we see, to refuse to speak-out and oppose it, is reprehensible to God who gave us a brain and free-will to use it.

So while it is true that it *is* “all in God’s hands” we cannot cop-out by claiming that our actions are insignificant and unnecessary.  Action is ours to choose,  the consequences belong to God!

Now, back to the subject at hand.

OK, now that you have seen examples of chemtrails, the next logical question is, has anyone had a chance to determine what is really in them?

The answer is yes!

Here is one example:

Here is an excerpt from “Strange Days Stange Skies” (which has a great deal of information on their site.  Check it out by clicking here.


“We the people have not been warned, advised or consulted but are certainly vulnerable to the outcomes.”

“Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria” Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fall out. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in chemtrail fallout.

Dr.R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers. Dr Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Rahim Karjoom have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers. Additionally Drs. Staninger and Karjoom have reported findings of self-replicating nano-machines and rivers of silicon running wild through the bodies of the Morgellons infected. Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease. Welcome to the brave new world of toxic skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP(FoundingFather1776 Notes: HAARP is a whole ‘nother can-of-worms.  However, there are many indications that HAARP and chemtrails are related.  I urge all of you to click on the HAARP link and at least get a rudimentary knowledge of what it is about.  HAARP is quite real, but what the military is actually doing with it requires some detective work.  Here is an aerial shot of the HAARP facility in Alaska:

Our health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems as well as the emergence of a bizarre and frightening new plague, Morgellons Disease, an infection with a previously unknown agent that appears to be a synthesis of a bio lab created pathogen combined with self-replicating nano-technology. Over 60,000 families in the U.S. are now infected with Morgellons. (Click the Morgellons links for more info on this horrific affliction).

There is a main-stream media blackout on this subject so the only way to get the word out is by word of mouth. Realized or not people are already dying from chemtrail related illnesses. People are dying from Morgellons Disease. During this time of chemtrails a shocking drop in general life expectancy in the U.S. has occurred. This situation presents an immediate and serious threat to you, your family and loved ones. We must join together to stop this insane program of chemtrail spraying now. Some of you reading this may be in a position of influence and power to take significant action to bring chemtrails to a halt. Everyone can do something to help. Whatever your position or realm of influence please do whatever you can to bring an end to the aerosol spray program known as Chemtrails!

Chemtrail research links:

For another extremely good (in depth) resource on this subject, CLICK HERE

Then check out these other links…







CLICK HERE to watch more videos about Chemtrails

See also: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=chemtrails
I know this is disturbing information.

I know this is not fun to contemplate.

But we *MUST* be aware of this henious activity so WE CAN STOP IT!

We suffer from lack of knowledge.  We are used as human guinea-pigs without our consent.  Even *if* you believe the Government is spraying us for some supposedly noble goal like “stopping global warming” (baloney of course, but I am making a point) don’t they owe us an explanation?  Why the secrecy?

If this is all part of a “research” project, then how do we know it is safe!?

This garbage falls on the ground and the water supply.  It affects people, animals and plants; yet there is NO DISCUSSION about safety?

What does that tell you boys and girls?

You may have noticed the new “chemtrail” link section I have added.  Believe me, I am going to spread the word on this madness far and wide.  Dear Reader, I urge you to do the same.

Here is another look at what your loving Government is giving you……

598 Responses to “What the hell are they spraying on us?”

  1. f-22 raptor Says:


  2. The Velvet Fist Says:

    First, North American society is in a state of total denial about all things not having to do with entertainment, distraction, or spectator sports. So, us thinking types will always be accused of being negative because we notice, think, and introduce for discussion anything not involving the aforementioned.

    What I’ve read/heard is that chemtrails are an attempt by the world’s elites to block the energy coming from “up there” from our benevolent space brethren. Now no one will believe you! Check out http://www.pimpinturtle.com or http://www.halfwayhuman.com and it will give you a different slant on things.

    Major ingredients to the airborne soup include barium and aluminum. I guess flouridating the water only gets rid of so much of it.

  3. eric swan Says:

    At some point we have to point out that this is an affront and assault to the temple of God which is our respective bodies. When we allowed vaccinations, we opened the door. It’s clear that the UN will not allow the violations of sex or torture or forced work but somehow, we let them dictate vaccines. We will have to look at that soon. Chemtrails are the same as vaccines except that this is pharma that attacks all living things.

  4. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    I have pictures to prove that this is happening on a large scale in Canada as well. I am trying to make people aware of what is happening, but they either think I am nuts (“I am quite concerned about your mental health” from my husband, “Really, Mom, this time you are going too far, those are just contrails”) or I hear “Mom, I believe it, but I don’t want to talk about it, there is nothing we can do anyway”.

    My health is declining, with constant attacks of asthma and bronchitis, especially every time they spray. But people don’t want to contemplate such evil, it is easier to deny it.

  5. dogismyth Says:

    What I don’t understand is if this is sprayed everywhere, wouldn’t it affect even those behind the program. It seems that the material fallout would affect everyone in its path. So how would those individuals protect themselves?? That seems unusual.

    Second, I think you have to understand the nature of these chemtrails. WHile difficult to ascertain, I have some experience with particulate and aerosol fate and transport. Essentially, particulates (less than 0.5 microns or smaller will begin to act as a gas. Assuming what they are releasing is an aerosol (mixture of AL, BA, Ethylen dibromide, etc.), the gaseous exhaust would maintain its altitude for quite a long time. In fact, you would not expect fallout to occur much at all. Additionally, although you see it above your head, it will likely have an impact much further downwind, if at all. It really depends on the nature of the aerosol, its release mechanism, and the size of droplets formed after release. At the higher altitude, it is also likely that the aerosol droplets would freeze instantly. The crystalline nature of the frozen droplets would (and does) add to opacity, and therefore, the easily observable clouds.

    My thoughts also lead me to suggest that this “spraying” program may have something to do with weather control, or purposely concealing something in the sky. Just a thought since I don’t really see fallout being a big issue. But, of course, I could be wrong not having any specifics to make a more scientific prediction.

    Additionally, they would have to spray quite a bit of material to generate a level of toxic material (air concentration). That seems implausible at first, and I could determine the efficacy of such a program if I took the time to do the calculations.

    Of course, any type of precipitative event would flush the atmosphere of this material. This may be their intent since it would produce a more viable means of directing the material over a specific region. That certainly would address my first question regarding how those in charge are protected from the fallout. Maybe the answer is….don’t go out in the rain. Not sure.

    The best data would be a sample collection directly from the chemtrail. The sample could be tested for particle size and makeup. This is the best solution to determine what we are facing. Otherwise, it is just conjecture with the next best idea being forced to the front of the line.

    Anyone with some money and connections could get plenty of air samples. That’s what we need and that’s what we should focus on in the near term. Otherwise, we are reaching for straws here and the concerns will be shrouded in mysticism and taken less seriously.

    Something needs to be done for investigating this further. That’s where we should focus our energy….not on conjecture and further fear mongering.

  6. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello dogismyth,

    I definitely agree that more research needs to be done. However, the results that we have so far are quite alarming.
    I hardly feel it is “fear mongering” when we have tested samples of precipitation showing unnaturally high levels of barium
    and aluminum.

    The horrific disease of “Morgellons” didn’t even exist a few years ago. We can’t say for sure what causes it, but many believe it is related to the “fiber” chemtrails being sprayed. Morgellons Disease Story & Photos

    And it is important to note, It appears there are several *different* types of chemtrails being deployed. Yes, if someone would go up in a plane and collect samples as they were being sprayed, THAT would be ideal. However, from the ground samples that have been collected it is apparent some have more heavy metals, some have weird “fibers” with an unidentified biological material, and so forth. “Chemtrail” is a slang term that describes a range of toxic cocktails that varies based on whatever they are trying to “test.”

    You did raise the exact same question that crossed my mind, WHY would the Elite work to destroy the entire planet with toxic clouds? It seems difficult to imagine as it would affect them as well.

    I think their are three scenarios:

    1) These people are completely nihilistic and twisted. They feel a sick joy in the idea of exterminating humanity, even if that means they go down too. Someone like Dr. Pianka for example: Dr. Death & The Religion of Genocide


    2) The Elite know what is being sprayed, and have counter-measures for it. Perhaps they simply make sure to stay away
    from the spray zones? As you point out, the particulates can fall in a very different place then where they were sprayed.
    So this would be problematic from their point of view. Do they have access to advanced chelation agents that effectively excrete the barium and aluminum and other goodies from their system? I don’t know. I am aware that people like David Rockefeller and the British Royals eat only their own organically raised beef and vegetables, and when they travel, their stash of unadulterated food is brought along as well.


    3) The chemtrails are used for some sort of weapons program or weather modification technology. There is a good deal of evidence that a directed radio energy (like the kind generated by HAARP) would be more easily directed if the atmosphere was dense with metal particulates. In other words, perhaps the chemtrails are *not* specifically to kill off people, but instead, they are needed for some sort of “mad scientist” weaponry to work. All the toxic particulate released into the atmosphere is just necessary “collateral damage” for their little toy to work. A low-tech analogy would be the military’s massive use of depleted uranium cannon shells and bullets in Iraq. Depleted uranium was originally designed during the cold war as a last-ditch tool to thwart a wave of Russian tanks from streaming across Europe. It penetrates armor *very* effectively. Only problem is, the warhead uranium becomes aerosolized on impact and creates a toxic mess of the entire area it is used in. Oh well…..“Collateral damage.”

    I don’t have all the answers…….but I can tell you chemtrails are REAL. I have seen them daily in my suburban East Coast location. It is most aggravating to see the jets in the sky for HOURS laying down nice neat parallel lines and seeing the blue sky fade away into a streaky white haze!

    Clearly this a Government program of some sort. Who else has the money, or the authority, to fly jets continuously and spray Lord knows what into the sky?

    FYI – I don’t intend to just blog about this issue. I have a growing collection of pictures and videos of spraying from my own area I intend to send to my state and federal representatives. I want some answers. I hope others will do likewise. Maybe it will do some good, maybe it won’t, but this insanity has got to stop. The first step is getting people to simply look UP! When I prompted my neighbors to do so, on a day of heavy spraying, their reaction was “Wow – what the hell is that?”



  7. dogismyth Says:


    Thanks for the response. I understand what you are saying since I too have followed chemtrails for some time. And I certainly find it disturbing that this continues without explanation from air resource boards across the country. I hadn’t heard what the result was from citizens challenging the California Air Resources Board on this matter. Perhaps you have, or it may be in a state of flux with all the economic turmoil.

    I just realize the benefit of gathering crucial data. It seems if adequate explanations can not be offered by the government or military, and they show no interest in resolving the questions/concerns, they must be complicit in some fashion. Therefore, the burden of proof falls upon you and I with our limited set of resources.

    The fallout data is subjective at best. The analyses showing unnaturally high levels of barium and aluminum in air could be correlated with chemtrails but it would require an exorbitant amount of data. There are many variables to consider when attempting to elucidate toxicants released at 30000 feet by collecting air samples at groundlevel (or thereabouts). In fact, a better approach is to perform soil profiling since some of toxicants are persistent (environmentally). Profiling the soil for specific constituents might provide data with regards to fallout over a longer period of time, and differences in soil constituents (e.g., higher levels of barium) in the upper layers. Of course, this type of sampling (as well as air monitoring) must be rigorous in determining background conditions and potential secondary sources. Air monitoring stations across the U.S. have been used for decades to determine the level of primary air pollutants. Believe me, it requires a lot of data, rigorous data analysis, and correcting for background contributions to make a determination on representative air concentrations (inhalable).

    I performed air sampling for many years in New Jersey for hexavalent chromium in air. Its a very cumbersome process, expensive and requires rigid quality control procedures. That is necessary so that the data can be used to place a high level of confidence in results. I think the data you present is just a scratch on the surface.

    Although it may seem expensive and difficult to acquire air samples directly from a chemtrail, this process would be more definitive and create data that is much more defensible. It would also be cheaper in the long run using direct sampling since indirect sampling at groundlevel would require, as I have said, many samples to show correlation.

    With that said, I do understand the importance of chemtrails because it reminds me of the blatant contamination of our water systems with fluoride, as well as our food supply. Its a slow poison that acts over time producing adverse chronic health effects.

    If you want to confront the gov, you will need a stronger case. Long term air monitoring data from other sources may be available to determine concentrations of metals in ambient air. I would collect all the data that has been generated thus far for chemtrails to determine how and if it could be used to bolster your arguments for action.

    Maybe we could get a grant for the US gov to study this? Whattya think…they just might be stupid enough to give us the money to study this for a few years. At the very least, they can say they are doing something about it.

    I’d be happy to help in any way to bring this issue to resolution…one way or another. You have my email, let me know if I can do anything for you.

  8. dogismyth Says:

    here is one resource that can be utilized for air monitoring data across the U.S.


  9. Mr. Truth Jus Us 1776 Says:

    Please be advised;

    1. The players, in the know group or the “Eugenic Group” have built underground bases/cities, capable of growing food underground & surviving for years; with our tax payer monies & have inoculated themselves from the future plagues of bio-terrorism that they have bio-engineered…..

    Interesting that world wide death of > 40 microbiologists working on such are now dead from…. murder…. oops i mean “accidents”

    2. Do U know that the air in the Northern Hemisphere circulates opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? At the Equator acts as a buffer between the two Hemispheres keeping air masses from mixing; most likely they will release bio-agents 1st in the Northern Hemisphere & then clean up the air & land via “chem trails” & then spray the Southern Hemisphere later….

    3 Chem spraying is (confirmed) actively going on/over Europe, USA, Israel, Australia… Brazil…. other countries too… various scientific type friends have reported 2 me….a few countries/scientist/new agencies are admitting to such “chem trails”…. but for the most part a news block out & NASA/GOV/Military denying and issuing MISS-INFORMATION!!!

    Massive areas are under major/sever drought….. this will destroy crops & starvation is already an issue in >60% of the WORLD…. the rest of us are too fat & our immunity systems are being weakened by chemspraying ie Barium & this will set us up for kill off with infections/viruses….

    4. google/LOOK UP BAXTER PHARMACEUTICAL & THEIR DELBERT CONTAMINATION WITH LETHAL BIRD FLU VIRUS that took place in December “08” & just recently reported on the internet news…. NOT REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA…..

    the newest hoax/fear mongering is now the “Mexican Pig Flu”….. very strange that it too is man made as those of us who know such…. now exposed to the public; to have 1918 Spanish Flue DNA Virus + Asian Pig DNA + North American bird DNA virus + Mexican/N American swine DNA…. guess who has the “perfect solution/vaccination for this”…

    NovaVac… is tied to the USA & World Health Organization…. including Rumsfield & other Eugenics Types like him who will make big $$$ as the world panics for such!!!…. google Eugenics for more understanding on the likes of Hitler & other human evil types!

  10. Andrew Mac Govern Says:

    Dear Buffoons,NWO,ILLINUTTI
    Give it up as it’s coming to an end on the righteous side.
    Rev 20:1,2- great angel binds satan for a 1000 years.
    Rev 11:18- GOD brings ruin to those ruining the earth.
    Matt 24:22- Christ shortens the last days, protects servants.
    Pslam 37:11,29- wicked destroyed

  11. Bill Says:

    Chemtrails are mainly sprayed in NATO countries. I have not heard of any chemtrails being sprayed in non NATO aligned countries. When the people of the former soviet countries joined NATO, they looked up after joining and were surprised to see chemtrails for the first time, so they complained to NATO. Of course their complaints fell on deaf ears. Gee go figure.

    My friends father is a Major in the Canadian military and has been up to HAARP many times. He tells me all the chemtrails are being sprayed by white military tanker planes, many of which are flown completely by remote control. They just fly back and forth over the areas until they run out of spray and then land at the local airforce base to be refueled and launched again. The said goal is to reduce the UV rays hitting the earth hence the reason for the aluminum. Barium is put into the mix to help HAARP and its microwave signals target areas they want to target. And of course the mycloplasma’s and other goodies are put in for obvious reasons. Population control being the main one.

    Of course aluminum just makes humans stupid, which is what they need in order to succeed with their diabolical plans. And barium is no prize either. So if they can create a sick, stupid, dying population that has no idea about why they are sick and stupid, they win.

    And of course the “they” is the criminal bloodline families that have controlled everything for thousands of years. There are only a few thousand of them and billions of us. We must be pretty stupid to let them control us.

    In regards to Lucifer, we have all gotten it completely wrong. Whatever “he” may be, there is one thing people have not considered. That “he” or “it” is actually the creator of this 3D place and everything in it and on it.

    Lucifer runs the show, including all religions, especially Christianity, Judaism, and the muslim faith.

    Its just a big cosmic gag reel run by a sick joker. Of course this place was setup as a free will zone, but that has not stopped this clown from playing games with us. I can see why he or it finds all of this so funny, but for me personally, I am not laughing.

    The elites at the top of the heap KNOW this is the truth and THAT is why they worship Lucifer. They know all the religions are a hoax created by their god and they use this knowledge to divide and control us. Lucifer is NOT a bad person, but he or it does allow us to be whatever we want, including good and bad.

    A free will zone is just that. A place where we can express ourselves freely without fear of reprisal or control. There really is only one rule to follow. Do whatever you want as long as it does not hurt another. We all know right from wrong, but some of us choose to do shitty things to each other anyway. And the funny thing is Lucifer has set up both sides and has allowed us to choose. Its a delicate balancing act, right vs wrong. Its always going back and forth. But at the end of the day, neither of those things actually exist.

    We are living in a hologram created by a sick joker for his or its own amusement.

    The sooner we all realize this, the sooner the game will be over.

  12. dude Says:

    Theyre covering up Nibiru now. When they cant hide it anymore, theyre going to use the Russians and SCO to eliminate us. the Russians have been preparing for two years now to nuke us. It will happen in October.

  13. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    dude…. why do u pick Oct “09” for such warfare attack?

    Looks like Israel/Iran r into it now & Israel will be launching preemptive strike within next 90 days?

    The Pope/Vatican/”black pope” of Jesuit Order intend to rebuild the Temple (King Solomon Temple) & move the Vatican to Jerusalem….. good move for the anti-Christ religion disguised as a sheep in wolfs clothing…. these “wars” are contrived by the “Vatican Assassins” (read the book or google this written by Erick Phelps)….. pitting Muslim against Jew against Christian…. in order to dominate the world via the secret society of the Jesuit Orders…. keeping our eyes focused on the emotion & revenge of wars between the people… and not seeing the real enemy of the Federal Reserve/Central Bangsters & Jesuit Order Secret Society members who intend to eliminate 80%+ of the worlds population (google Eugenics).

  14. eric swan Says:

    Hey Bill..Your information about “bot” pilots rings true for me. I usually spend my lunch hour in the parking lot in the same spot mostly every day and every day a chemtrailer hits the horizon in exacly the same space at exactly the same time. Of course, it doesn’t happen every day but enough for me to look. It has a few “seasonal” variables as in more often in the summer time.

    Chemtrails and the chemicals that are sprayed, are loaded in many countries. There is a “code” attached to each load and some of them may have flu or other toxic mutagenics involved. A round trip of thousands of miles crosses many countries and according to Holmestead.com the loads are drawn like a lottery so that one country does not do the load for another country specifically. No one knows where the loads are going. But, the system has been hacked. Mexico has no obvious source for the flu but heavy chemtrailing over them previous to the flu is telling. It is possible that they were sprayed with .mil grade flu. If you haven’t listened to Bob Neveritt he will be revealing the connections on James Martinez’ radio program on Wednesday..Hey Clan you’re one step closer to point B. I suggest you google (for lack of the better search engine Clusty.com) Bob Neveritt. In particular, you need to listen to his radio broadcast coming up Wednesday with James Martinez.


  15. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Congressmen & Senators…… i contacted several of them via their staffs…… & non of their staff knew what i was talking about….. it is most apparent that we need to “educate” the sectaries & assistance staff about what is going on….. one Congressman Staff member told me that they were just con trails….. i asked him where he got that info…. “from NASA” & his “Military contacts”….. they claim it is “just normal con trails”

    It is most apparent to me that our elected Gov officials are being duped & sooooo much owned by the Banksters of the not so “Federal” Federal !


  16. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Mr Truth,

    I heartily agree! I commend you for taking action. I am burning some DVD’s with clips of the spraying I have taken locally and also other quality clips on YouTube that clearly show this is NOT a normal “CON-trail.” They will be sent to my local, state and federal representatives.

    I think your point of reminding the politicians that they and their families are breathing in this crap and having it fall on their fruits and vegetables and ground water supplies is a good one.

    This really needs to be a grass-roots movement that rises up and demands the spraying be stopped.

    Yours in Freedom,


  17. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Mr Founding Father 1776
    Thank U for the encouragement! & additional thoughts/suggestions.

    CONGRESSMEN-women & SENATORS….. one more thought….. after the initieal telephone discussion then I refer them to various “chemtrail sites” like this one…. & then after a day or so follow up with 2n or 3rd call until i know that they have review the web/utube vidio sites.

    Thank u for the suggestion to make up CD/DVDs to forward, i will be editing a short trailer not to exceed 9 minutes; the 1st 60 seconds has got to get their attention; Visual time lapsed photography, then with the most facts from Doctors, scientist & new casters reporting. The assistance to the Gov officials r too distracted with the other pending issues ie financial crisis….. then after 15 minimize the CD/DVD time, should not be over 30-60minutes.

    I find it most important to FOLLOW UP WITH CALLING THE STAFF CONTACT….. remember be friendly & informative & very polite….


    Make sure that U R CONCERNED FOR THEIR FAMILY WELL BEING & HEALTH…..they understand that it is AFFECTING THEIR FAMILIES & FRIENDS also……

    STAY OUR OF THE CONSPIRACY THEORY STORY & Religion….. THEY WILL DISMISS U AS CRAZY….. for the most part they have been brainwashed by the media & by the Gov to consider U as a wacco if U talk about Eugenics & such!

  18. Lynda Says:

    I think that these chemtrails are being sprayed over some populations more than others. It could be a demographic weapon. I would expect that populations which have a large white percentage such as those that exist in the Midwest are getting very hard hit.

    Go look at the Illuminist murals in the Denver Airport. Death comes from the air.

    What is it? Well we know the adjuvatnats of the vaccines. You can only culture live viruses in a toxic soup of mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde. Soil and air samples should be taken from the areas that are being sprayed. The last time I was in Mo I saw these trails hang heavily in the air for hours with an intense brilliance. I thought that looks like aluminium oxide. We’ll never know without tests.

    People should build solar generators (www.homemadeenergy.com) and run air filters and ionizers in their homes. Rainwater tanks that feed into sand, clay filters can harvest water. Sodium chlorate will also purify water. Communities should work together to get soil and air samples independently analyzed and should not believe one word the lying sons of bitches in the government say (for your own good, of course).

    Basically, it all comes down to energy. Nanocytes, prions, viruses can only colonize human tissue that vibrates in a certain frequency. And by mean means: chemical, EM, broadband, scalar – the human organism is being attuned to those frequencies. Alternatively, their are many resources for actively lifting the body vibe out of those frequencies.

  19. Lynda Says:

    Dear Founding Father and patriots,

    Better have a look at Endgame Office of Detention and Removal Strategic Plan 2003-2012: Detention and Removal Stratdgy for a Secure Homeland. U.S government biowarfare against Americans is a scenario that could create events that would invoke the federal jurisdiction of these strategies.

    White Wraithe has posted this on his blogspot: No One Has Jurisdiction Over the Truth. http://nohjott.blogspot.com. Look on right sidebar for the image of the book.

  20. Lynda Says:

    And the water and phytoestrogens and synthetic estrogens. Think about this boys and girls.

    The biological sex of the child in utero is determined at conception XX or XY. But the neurological system of every fetus is female. The neurological wiring for masculinity does not occur unless the fetal neurological system is bathed in a certain level of testosterone.

    Now if the mother is on soy phytoestrogens and other commercial products high in phytoestrogens, drinking water high in synthetic estrogens – then you don’t need to be the sharpest pencil in the box to see how this will play. All you need is some biological facts that you certainly won’t learn in school between Caucasion Loathing and Self-Loathing 101 and Intro to Social Darwinism.

    Follow what I’m saying here. The recipe for goofed up gender, rainbow children, 11 year olds demanding transgender surgery, prosecutions for parents who are not PC about their child’s ‘gender issues’ is in the water and commercial foods / drinks high in phyto and synthetic estrogens.

    People have got to secure food, water, home energy and air from the Scr-w You Agenda before they have a hope in hell of getting Resistance organized.

  21. What the hell are they spraying on us? « Foundingfather1776 | WeirdItem.Com Says:

    […] Read the rest here:  What the hell are they spraying on us? « Foundingfather1776 […]

  22. Celline Says:

    lately, the spray is made to look like clouds.Maybe too many people caught on and the sprayers are inventing new ways what the poisen looks like.
    All day today we were sprayed and it affected me, suddenly I became dead-tired and slept most of the day.. and I had so much to do. I wrote to all weathermen and Senators..even Entertainers.. everyone I could think of, the results was “stonewalling” I give up.
    How do the ” Elite” protect them selves?

  23. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Celline, I agree. We had obvious spraying patterns covering all of our sky on Apr. 17th. But since then we just get very weird clouds drifting here from somewhere. I’ve also seen airplanes spraying little trails, turning their spray on and off. Within minutes those just look like little puffy clouds.

    I’ve had severe asthma since February, when I started noticing the spraying. No medication really works, and on days like today, where those ‘clouds’ were covering the whole sky, I am very ill. I am unable to function right now because of it.

    I know I am more susceptible to the stuff, as I’ve had asthma from the age of three. My lungs are damaged and are easily irritated. But the asthma was so much better that I hardly ever (maybe once a month) needed my puffer for many years. Now it doesn’t even want to work any more! I wake up in the middle of the night, unable to breathe.

    But nobody believes me. My family members claim it is psychological, that my problem is my crazy conspiracy theories!

    My husband will believe any theory that helps him think that maybe our government is not trying to poison us. My favourites (from somebody working at a weather research station) “Airlines are testing new jet fuel when they are putting those patterns into the sky”, and “There are so many airline routes, a lot more than you know, plus contrails can stay up there a long time if the weather conditions are right (from a pilot)”.

    Of course, sometimes contrails do persist. But there is NO WAY they would spread, hook up with each other and cover the whole sky with those crazy looking ridges that look like they are velcroed together. And also, it is impossible to fill the whole sky with a tic-tac-toe pattern around here by commercial airliners.

    I’ve observed commercial airliners (high up, leaving obvious contrails), and there are TWO routes around here. We are north of Toronto. One is north to south, in and out of Toronto. The other is east to west. That is IT.

    That does NOT explain three airplanes flying in formation, leaving contrails, and then flying back and leaving a grid pattern intersecting with the first trails. Give me a break.

  24. Celline Says:

    Ursula, I know exactly what you are saying ! Hardly anyone believes me either. It is either, that they don’t want to believe, or plain ignorance.
    I know your pain. I too have breathing trouble and take Advair, which helps. I am in San Diego.
    I am so glad, this new site has appeared, at least we can communicate and maybe help one another.
    Yes.. I do see those ” Little puffcloud makers ” too, every day.
    Once you know what to look for, you can’t be fooled, you can tell real coulds from the fake. Here we have no clouds at all this time of year, so everything I see.. I know is sprayed stuff.
    Population control…. is a NewAge plan.
    I wish I had an answer, but I do not.
    Our only hope is, to be protected by God’s mercy. No people will help.
    People are like sheeple, if they weren’t.. this whole thing could not be done to us.
    Please everyone, stay in touch, we need eachother.
    God go with all of us.

  25. Celline Says:

    another thing : Does anyone notice.. that on most TV channels.. the background, mostly during the news… or on Fox.. the sky is striped.. or dotted.. or just plain unnatural looking? Could it be part of making us use to this, that the sky just looks like that?
    I noticed this just lately…. so watch the background on your TV shows !

  26. Celline Says:

    I just found this, do not know who said it :
    “Only the small secrets need to be protected, The big ones
    are kept secret by public incredulity ” !

  27. eric swan Says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that deep down “everybody” knows what’s really going on but they leave parked in their subconscious because they don’t want to face what the big picture is all about? In my studies of history, I notice things seem to be going the way most people can understand and relate too. At some point in the game, it starts to go south and then, before you realize it, it’s gone viral and completely insane. When I think of my grandparents home, the basement had a huge pond in it; the trap door was infront of the woodstove my grandma cooked on and my grandpa was busy splitting wood for the winter. I fell off the outhouse into the woodpile and broke my arm. There was running water but it was in front of the house and the whole neighbourhood had to come to this tap for water. This was in the 50’s.

    I have the feeling we are headed in that direction and not the improvements that we should expect with machines like a farm tractor that can do the work of 5,000 people. Where is the benefit of all these labour saving technologies?

  28. Celline Says:

    Eric, interesting observation, and you are right on.
    These incredible technologies are owned by the ” Elite ” and used for their plans.. which would never be good for the little guy.
    Check out HAARP.. and tell me what GOOD would come out for us.. w. that one? Have u heard of FREE energy ?

  29. dude Says:

    Mr. Truth: I didnt pick the date. Its stated multiple times in the Bible, and the time of year is described as well. It will be 10-10-09 to be exact. The sign in the heavens which preceeds this war is Nibiru and thats what the chemtrails are for, so is the rush to dictatorship. That is why you will not get an answer from anyone about the chemtrails. The Russians, Chinese, and 8 other countries have been preparing an invasion against us for two years and theyve told us numerous times. Chavez just donated a whole island to Russia with an airport for their supersonic bombers. Nibiru will end the war but by then there will only be 10% of Americans left. This land is Zion and our God, who gave us this land under contract, is not happy with us and He is about to start over.

  30. Celline Says:

    eh Dude….Book and verse please, I will doublecheck you.
    Which ” Chavez?.. are you sure you don’t belong to some weird club?
    Don’t say things u can’t back up, ok?

  31. dude Says:

    Celline: I can back up every detail of what I say. Chavez is the president of Venenzuela. All you need is in this document:
    www . mediafire . com/?x2nnlwr4xb2
    remove spaces around dots, download pdf and read.

  32. Celline Says:

    @dude. ok will go and look that up, thank you.
    Now the bible you quoted, book and verse please ?

  33. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Lynda……biological micoplasmas, viruis, fungi ect ALL gram – (negative) are anerobic (grow without oxygen/air)*TAKE COLOIDAL SILVER;

    MUST HAVE AN EXCELLENT DIET…. NO HYDROGENATED OILS (any kind of hydrogenated vegi oil); Only NATURAL SUGARS, NOT MAN CREATED ARTIFICIAL OR NO CORN SYRUP ….. best to use Real Maple, Honey (not for baby’s<1yr), cane sugar if U must is better than the DIET MAN MADE sugars; Use real BUTTER NOT the man made margins….. lots of veggies, fruits, & if U can afford it ORGANIC FOODS with NO pesticides/herbicides! IMMUNITY WILL GO UP

    *COLLOIDAL SILVER …… google this subject….. u CAN BUY IT OR MAKE IT…. will kill most gram negative organisms which make us sick
    i am taking it full time, better resistance to sickness soooo far…. do not abuse by taking too much either…. read up on this immunity booster!

  34. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Celline & Ursula

    I too have seen a NEW PATTERN OF SPRAYING….

    VERY CLEVER & STEALTHY……. short on & off sprays…… they let it drift until it looks like a harmless Sirius wispy cloud & then return to spray again a little line behind it….. then wait till it becomes more part of the 1st sprayjng/cloud & return to spray again…..have not seen the checkerboard pattern or the 50+ mile long trails lately……


    THE “MEN IN BLACK” whoever these deceiving & wicked humans are, becoming more creative & stealthy in spraying….. making it very difficult to identify as a chem trail ! If i did not understand the TRUTH in this subject i would think U are imagining this & perhaps U need to see a doctor for mental disorders…… (LOL)

    Also i have noticed; that they must be using a newer, less noticeable chem trail mixture…… have observed that it is only at most 10-20 miles long or short 1-3 mile sprays that then spreads out only 50 miles from the Calif shoreline & by the time it drifted East over the land mass, the only evidence was a very light overcast….. very hard to identify as anything but normal looking.

    I too have experienced such sickness; keep in mind that most people are too dumbed downed, too tired to think at the end of the day as they tune in turn on & drop out watching mindless TV-News-reality shows -sports.
    I too was once a non believer, but my friends who were in the know keeped sending me info & would ignore my calling them “conspiracy theorists” crazy/paranoid….. eventually i looked into the sky & googled this subject….. just don’t get mad or insulted if they put U down…. it is real & these chemicals are causing real physical complications.


    Black Pope Jesuit Order John F Kennedy Murder Federal Reserve CIA
    Vatican Assassins by Eric Phelps
    Congressman McFadden 1934
    Money Masters
    Loose Change
    Freedom To Fascism Arron Rusow

    friends the “MEN IN BLACK” R NOT GOOD 4 US !!!
    John F. Kennedy warned us about google “JFK Secret Societies Speech”
    NOT DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS BUT IN FACT & TRUTH THE not so Federal FEDERAL RESERVE, BANKSTERS & WALL STREET GANGSTERS WHO according to the Montana Senator (oops can remember his name) just last week said “THEY OWN US/CONGRESS”……

    Very hard to believe or understand, when most of us have a conscious & can NOT THINK LIKE A HITLER & the likes of the others who murder in the name of “God” &/or loyalty to some dictator or President …… google the info on the above subjects; it will take up time to do so…..

    U will come to understand the TRUTH….. with the TRUTH in GODLY men & women we can cause a real CHANGE….. not an Obama, Bush, Clinton etc sell out to the banksters! USA citizens


  35. eric swan Says:

    the link doesn’t work…aka www . mediafire . com/?x2nnlwr4xb2

    just copy and paste from a live link..

  36. dude Says:

    try this link. This is a 24 page pdf file thats mostly news with some ancient text. I dont know how to put it in this comment section.


    I quote a lot of scriptures from a lot of books. Over half the Bible is about this war. Ezekiel is one of the best.

  37. dude Says:

    I dont know what exactly youre wanting a verse for. the date is best stated in ezekiel 24. the time of year is in amos and jeremiah or isaiah. thats all in my doc. You wont understand it if you only read that one verse though. The Bible says this is jerusalem and describes our country perfectly.

    all the news and links are in my doc too, including the one where chavez told medvedev he could use an island to base his bombers on.

    that satellite collision was not an accident and one of the russian articles practically told us it was no accident. thats in my doc too. All the articles where Russia says they will use nukes preemptively to protect iran is in there too.

    the fact that the chemtrails are global (even russian vids show them) says a lot. put that together with the announcement in 1983 that NASA had discovered the tenth planet and think about all the “hums” that are being felt worldwide…it paints a very clear picture. And consider the perfect description of Nibiru in the Kolbrin Bible and sumerian texts. there is a ton of info for those who look for it and get away from the liebox (image of the beast).

  38. dude Says:

    the mediafire link works fine if you take out the spaces around the dots. i do that because most comment sections do not allow links.

  39. Celline Says:

    Dude, ok.. and I know all of this too. Thank you.
    @Mr Truth : All you say is correct, I know all you are talking about, have researched subject for about 30 years !
    “Conflicts across the Globe and an international respect for Obama,
    have created the perfect setting for establishment of a New World Order”
    H.Kissinger CNBC ” Squawk on the street”
    hosts Mark Haines a. Erin Burnett @ the NY
    Stock Exchange.

  40. dude Says:

    if you know everything i figured out, you are the very first. its been my experience that no one knows what the Bible says, especially the churches.

    Youre nicer than everyone else though. many people become hostile when i tell them their country is about to be destroyed, and then the world will be almost destroyed.

    i think theres drugs in them chemtrails too. sometimes they make me very tired and sleepy. sleepy people dont look in the sky and wonder what theyre hiding and they dont research anything…theyre sleeping.

    nibiru gives insight to the writings on the georgia guidestones too.

  41. Celline Says:

    Dude.. who is “nibiru “? I believe also, that there are things in the chemtrails.. that put me on feeling ” wipeout”….. it makes me want to sleep all the time, but I don’t have time for this. It’s been bad here in the San Diego area.. I think the spraying is heaviest here.. it’s in fact, horrible.
    Very few people pay attention… but enough of them do, so it is no longer a ” secret” at all. I just don’t know what to do about it, I wish someone would come with an engenious idea.. how people could actually do something about it… except for writing to authorities.. and the news.. and be Stonewalled.

  42. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Today I took hours to upload my chemtrail pictures starting April 17th until today to MSN skydrive.

    I didn’t realize that I put each folder into the previous one, so to see the next folder, you click on the folder on the left upper corner. There are two obvious folders, and I’ll provide the links here. Then you just follow them to the end to see the pictures.

    April 17th is the most obvious one, and even the people who don’t want to see chemtrails can’t possibly deny that those are NOT commercial airliners, and those are not contrails.

    Here are the links, so you can see what is happening over my small home town in Ontario (50 miles north of Toronto). And I am sure you can see why I am ill.



  43. Celline Says:

    @ Ursula ! Thank you, I just looked thru it. It looks exactly like what is happening here.. to a “T” .
    Just lately, everything looks like spiderweb sorta clouds.
    Yet the difference between real clouds and those spiderwebs, is very obvious.. even to the most ignorant person. Thanx again !

  44. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    You are welcome. But unfortunately, those unnatural clouds are nothing really new, and to my husband they really seem to look like real clouds.

    I grew up in Germany, and I can assure you, I can’t remember seeing ‘clouds’ like that.

    But really, I’ve been a cloudwatcher all my life, and love even now, at the age of 56, to see if I can find an animal or whatever in the clouds. Lately, that is nearly impossible, as those ‘things’ aren’t clouds!

    Yesterday, when we drove somewhere, we actually had real clouds in the sky (towards evening, it was extremely windy during the day, and all those awful things had blown away). I found one looking like a bird in flight.

    I pointed out those clouds to my husband. I showed him how they were not connected like with velcro, and that instead of those very flat ‘carpets’ in the sky, these had volume to them! They were flat on the bottom, and had hills and mountains up on top, like respectable clouds should be.

    I think that maybe, just maybe, he is starting to see my point.

    But today, when I was outside with my camera, he said mockingly, “Taking pictures of chemtrails, are you?”

    I just told him I was taking pictures of my flowers (which I was as well, so it wasn’t a lie). There is no point in showing him today’s sky as an example of chemtrails, he simply won’t see it (sigh).

    If it wasn’t for you guys, and a couple of people in Ontario (one north and one south of me) who I found through the Internet, I’d have nobody who agrees with me. My husband has a few times almost succeeded in convincing me that I must be losing my mind!

    Especially because I firmly believe that 9/11 was an insider job (or at the very least done with the US government’s help), and that the official explanation absolutely stinks, and can’t possibly be true.

    But my husband, as usual, can’t admit the truth, because it is too scary. So he denies the evidence and considers me nuts, and everybody else who says it wasn’t Al Quaeda is obviously crazy, too.

    He tells me I am brainwashed by what I find on the Internet (but I am doing the research, how can I be brainwashing myself?). But in reality it is him who is completely brainwashed!

    When I first showed him chemtrails in our sky in February, he looked at me with this concerned look, and said, “I am very worried about your mental health”. I was spitting mad! Which of course, in his eyes, confirmed that he was right. Because if I get excited or upset because he is soooooooooo blind to the truth, he tells me that I must know I am wrong, otherwise I could present the evidence calmly. Whatever.

    I would love to be able to communicate privately, but will not put my e-mail address out here for everybody to see. I wonder how it could be done?


  45. Celline Says:

    @Ursula.. o girl.. I want your e-mail so badly.
    I am a german immigrant.
    Everything u say.. is right on !
    I am experiencing the same thing w. my family and it hurts like heck.
    we HAVE to find a way to write to eachother..
    Let me think and figure out a way.
    Look 4 me on Twitter ” CritterLizza ” maybe we can figure it our there.. ok?

  46. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Yes for the past 2 months i have experienced a desire to sleep 12-14 hrs….. not at all normal for me….. also mental slowness & low grade anxiety….. not normal for me either…..

    Perhaps spraying us w drugs to keep us from rioting or civil disobedience against the Gov & wicked greedy Congress, CEOs, Banksters & other MAFIA Wall Street Gangster types……

    ….. it is very complex & fascinating how they work behind the curtain to deceive brilliant men/women of USA Congress.

    These wicked FINANCIAL TERRORIST of Bush, Clinton & Obama ALL members of the Council of Foreign Relations & the Trilateral groups who surround them selves & put into their administrations the REAL TERRORIST who launched FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION against the USA citizens & the world!

    Chem Trails R real & affecting ALL of us! even the ignorant Congressmen & their staff, who don’t know anything about them
    DON’T GIVE UP continue to call them & send the staff members (after u talk w them, give them info so they can become knowledgeable also; remember NASA & The Military are not disclosing the TRUTH to them either!!!

    Civil Disobedience or is it time for 1776 ???

    When just 10% of USA citizens with a FICA score 10%…credit card companies r up to 33%} (pay the principle but NOT THE INTEREST) stop paying income taxes they R not constitutional on income…9 states in the Nation have ruled that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL TO TAX A PERSONS WAGES !!! WHY DID THEY RULE IT UNCONSTITUTIONAL? the 9 states R;

    Alaska, Washington, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Wyoming & New Hampshire.



    Congressman McFadden
    Money Masters
    Freedom to Fascism Aron Russo
    Black Pope Federal Reserve IRS Murder John F Kennedy
    { hint the “MEN IN BLACK” R part of the secret societies that murdered JFK (google his speech on “secret societies early 60’s) and a very very very few actually R directing the sheeple & ignorant Congress into believing that Chem Trails R Normal…..

    Yes GOD has it under control however we enlightened ones need not only be praying but also acting on changing/educating doing our jobs to get the message out & then engage in civil defiance like Martin Luther King or if that does not work then drastic measures have to be taken against the Hitler types…. “work is dead without faith” & “faith is dead without works”…. my people perish for lack of knowledge…. also tooo much knowledge is most depressing or frightening…. better be praying for help & divine wisdom/guidance…. remember “perfect LOVE cast out FEAR”
    Blessings to All

  47. Celline Says:

    @Mr Truth, Yea ;o) another Christian ! I am rather excited about this blog and check it until I go to bed.
    I know everything that u mention.. have for a long time.
    I believe that some of this blindness in people is a spiritual issue.
    You almost have to bind the demons, to get them to see and hear.
    Haha.. I know, now I am really crazy, eh? Well.. I know that I am of sound mind, it is one of the promises from God. Period.

  48. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Ursula ….. NO U R NOT CRAZY….. do not react to any such BS….. its just ignorance & or denial…… perhaps as Celline suggested it is blindness caused by negative energy known as “demons” …. “fallen angles”…. powerful negative & positive forces r at work on this planet…. its a very challenging world to keep spirtual & mental sanity accordig to the One & Only TRUE GOD OF LOVE….. at times i am not able to understand or interperate correctly.

    Me of German decent from the “von” title given by military honors to grand father side of family; most of family members murdered by Hitler/Jesuit “Black Pope” & the Bankster Zionist….. please consider that these i am NOT anti “Jew”….. very much the opposite iam a “Messianic Jew”…….. rogue “Zionist” R NOT BIBLICAL JUDEIANS/HEBREWS THAT R DECEDENTS OF YAHs (decedents of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob)

    {please note that ALL Jews R NOT Hebrews, ALL Hebrews R called today Jews}….. bad/evil/greedy Zionist (ie Rothschild) are from a group of rogue “jews” actually U need to study who the KHAZARIAN ZIONEST R…… of Hebrew (Jewish) back ground….. at this time feel that Yeshua (Jesus) was the Messiah that was not recognized by the real Hebrews(Jews)……

    Remember that Yeshua name was hijacked, changed to Jesus & HIS teachings twisted by the Catholic Popes & The Roman Empire. Many of the original teachings of Rabbi Yeshua/Jesus were twisted…… Jesus was never a “Christian” or anti “Jew”; HE was & still is very Hebrew/Jewish….. however freedom & salvation is by grace with/through the Messiah…. HE is for ALL Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Jew….. our real terrorist enemy is the deceiving “Secret Societies” & The Jesuit Order “ALL SEEING EYE” known as the “Black Pope”….. too long to share tonight but PLEASE GOOGLE WHAT I SUGGESTED IN LAST TRANSMISSION…… that pit the different “Religions against each other” in order to make $$$ death & destruction is fantastic $$$ after they destroy they make $$$ building it back….. the secret Societies/EUGENICS R above ALL RELIGIONS & COUNTRIES & ONLY LOYAL TO THEIR SECRET/UNKNOWN PUPPET MASTERS….. hint google “Black Pope”

    Sorry guys way off the main issue of chem trails however this is the reason why they are soooo secret & Congressman and the general publioc r most ignorant of the very very very FEW real puppet masters of Lucifer.

    Keep in mind that the negative power/Lucifer/Devil is CRAZY THE FATHER OF LIES & this group of evil ones WILL BE DESTROYED BY EACH OTHER !!! They R a Kingdom divided & they will be destroyed by their own weapons…. live by the sword die by the sword…. the Sword of TRUTH & LOVE WILL TRIUMPH…. GOD BLESS & good night PERFECT LOVE CAST OUT FEAR!

  49. Celline Says:

    @Mr Truth :
    am aware of all and everything, I researched everything you did.
    I do not fully understand what a Messianic Jew is?
    Please explain , ok?
    Yeshua/Jesus, either way: He is the Truth the Life and the Way, and no one comes to the Father but by HIM ;o)
    Good night
    may God go w. all of us.

  50. eric swan Says:

    We are at war and the enemy is using nano-sized artillary. When I brush my teeth, I don’t use toothpaste. I work in a grocery store. I’ve looked for toothpaste that doesn’t have flouride but I can’t find any. Flouride occupies the space that THC occupies. People who smoked pot in the 60’s were a problem for the ptb because pot actually makes your brain more efficient. I didn’t say smarter. I said more efficient. Flouride has exactly the opposite effect and ties up the g-receptors at the synapse so that the electrical impulses involved in the act of short and long term memory are made resistant.
    In 1975, I worked underground in a uranium mine a few hours north and west of Toronto. The management started a program where the underground miners had to breathe in a mixture of aluminum nano particles before they could leave work. They claimed the aluminum would help dampen the effects of the silica dust which are sharp needle like nano particles that killed hundreds in the same mine in the decade previous. The fact is, aluminum dulls the senses and management was struggling with a very aggressive union and a highly motivated workforce.
    Aspartame, mercury fillings, junk food, cell phone radiation, all nano-bots in the war for your mind.

    Like I said earlier, everybody, including your loved ones, knows what’s up in their sub-conscious. When the time comes, it won’t be a revelation. It will simply be the time when all will be revealed and the truth will set you free.

    I appreciate all the comments above. I wasn’t able to get through the bs to download the file. In the future, save your links for sites that are accessible without a membership or jumping through hoops. And no wiki links. Those are toxic and belong to the darkside. I send files with hundreds of pages. It sounds like you could post something with 30 pages right into this box.

  51. Celline Says:

    @eric : I am so sorry, I do not know how to send files, and I am aware that wiki is bs !
    Also am aware about the fluoride.. am using Soda instead of toothpaste.. but eh.. there’s fluoride in everything.. it’s just all too horrible to believe.
    This is exactly why most peops ( the sheeple ) don’t want to hear ;(
    We really have no protection, none. Except, I am a believer.. and I give my burdens to HIM daily…

  52. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Ursula,

    Do not despair…..

    I have had many family members initially think I was off-my-rocker…….until I convinced them to actually look
    at the evidence. Of course I was also 100% right about the housing bubble and the crashing economy several YEARS before it happened. The ones that took my advice and got out of the market can’t thank me enough. (People seem to pay close attention to something if it affects their money!)

    My “awakening” to the NWO agenda started with 9/11. If you check out my post on the subject and see the many links with evidence in the comments section, you will understand there are many people out there that still can’t face the truth, but there is an ever growing body of people that can:


    In particular, show your husband THIS LINK and ask him if those people seem like “Crazy-conspiracy theorists!”

    Also, as many of you have commented, there is indeed a real Spiritual element to the events we see unfolding. My faith has grown, not diminished, through my research. Share your knowledge and understanding with others that will listen. Be confident. Do not worry what they think about you. You never know how many minds you can help unlock. The truth is, after-all, on your side.

    Finally, for all of you looking for a great POISON-FREE non-fluoridated toothpaste, check out “Tom’s of Maine” toothpaste.
    You have to read their labels carefully, because some of their toothpaste DOES have fluoride, but they make about 4 or 5 flavors that don’t.

    My favorite is “gingermint” it really leaves your teeth feeling clean…..and NO FLUORIDE! I get it from a health food store.
    You probably won’t find it in a regular drug store, but you might.



  53. dude Says:

    Nibiru is Planet X, the whole reason for the chemtrails, and its a multi-billion dollar global cover-up.

  54. Celline Says:

    Ursula fouind me on Twitter ;o)
    @Founding: Thank you, will check it out.
    Yes, we are on the side of the truth.
    Can you send Ursula my email, or don’t you have it?
    @dude, thank you. but I am not sure.. that Planet has anything to do w. what’s going on.
    Try and get some better info.

  55. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    thank U for your unique perspective(s) interesting info to consider & research.

    This is an answer to Celline question….PLEASE…. LET US NOT GET TOO FAR SIDETRACK FROM KEEPING THE DISCUSSION ON POLITICS & CHEM TRAILS & HOW DO WE EDUCATE OUR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, ENEMIES too & CONGRESS….. IN ORDER TO PUT AN END TO THIS POISONING OF OUR AIR….. make sure ALL, Congressman & their staff & family/friends know that they will be affected also!!!

    What is a “Messianic Hebrew/Jew” ?
    Please consider my definition/description is subject to controversial debate there are extreme Rt & Left points of view as well as balanced/middle definitions of who/what a “Messianic Jew” is.

    Best descriptions & study the issues;
    google “Jews 4 Jesus” “7th Day Baptist” & “Messianic Jew” or “Messianic Believers”…..

    ALL have in common that the Messiah came & will come again; was known as Jesus/Yeshua, was sent for us to understand Salvation through Yeshua….. “Born Again” as the Scriptures describe….. forgiveness & highest calling & commandment of LOVE…..

    We R NOT saved by our WORKS, it is by GRACE that we are saved/going to Heaven (in the presence of GOD/LOVE) & not going to Hell (absence of GOD/LOVE)….

    There is ONLY ONE GOD (sometimes described as the trinity THE FATHER-SON-HOLY SPIRIT)….. like the existence of water can be in liquid, solid & vapor
    Messianic Hebrew/Israelite from Abraham & decedents of Jacob (today incorrectly called “Jew”)….

    “Messianic Jews” recognize that the Messiah came & was known as Rabbi (teacher) Yeshua (letter “J” is 144 verses on the “SABBATH” & NOT even 1 of them changes the SABBATH TO SUNDAY…. ONLY THE POPE/CATHOLIC CHURCH/ROMAN GOVE DID THIS….. and today most “Christians do not know anything about why the Sabbath was done away with & a new MAN MADE TRADITION OF MEN became SUNDAY…… please research & take to prayer…. it took me many years & frustrating studies & criticisms from the beloved, very sincere… yet….deceived “Born Again Christians”….. who R just as ignorant of the TRUTH as most of the public is DECEIVED, BRAINWASHED, & IGNORANT OF CHEM TRAILS & THE POISONS THAT THE “MEN IN BLACK”
    “FAITH IS DEAD WITHOUT WORKS”….. we arm chair “Christians” have got to get away from mindless TV-sports, reality soapopera, mindless news, pronography; drugs & alchol & other energy sapping foods/chemicals in our foods….. that R making us tooooo fat, we can never get healthy until we get rid of the man altered un-natural foods

    WHO R THE “MEN IN BLACK” “THEY” whoever they R…..
    to find out WHO they R


    black pope Jesuit order secret society

    Freedom to Fascism Arron Russo

    Vatican Assassins Erick Phelps

    Money Masters

    Congressman McFadden report to Congress
    {no he is not anti Jew… he is anti-Banksters & anti-Federal Reserve…. who R Khazarian Zionist, ie Rothschild dynasty…. their god appears to be $$$, fame, power & ego.}

    John F Kennedy secret societies speech April 27 1961

    Blessing may the LORD reveal the TRUTH to ALL the Children of THE ONE & ONLY GOD….. LOVE…. there is ONLY ONE RELIGION….. United under the salvation & teaching of Jesus/YESHUA

  56. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Ooops…. the Letter “J” is a new letter

    Please lets get back to CHEM TRAILS….

  57. Celline Says:

    @mr Truth: Agreed. Thanx 4 info. I already researched all of it ( except the Messianic Jews )
    As far as I can see.. we see eye to eye totally, also: I do know, that today’s sabbat is RCC man made
    can’t see any chems today.. because the pacific has us overcast completely.
    Earlier today be4 the overcast.. there were the typical velcro-spiderweb-clouds. They don’t let up for a minute. Of course.. their god is power and money.. whatelse? Federal Reserve = Illuminati owned… We only get to hold the money we earn for a bit.. til we turn it back over to the Rockefellers etal…. Grovers, Bilderbergers etc

  58. Celline Says:

    ok, doublechecked.. have listened to all of Aaron Russo.
    Can we please discuss something about ” Neu-Schwabenland” and how the US transported all german Hitler-Scientists to the US.. and let them further their satanic research on mindcontrol and( on humans etc ), and there is an area in the antarctic, that’s comperable to a nazitown? Careful to divide fact from fiction. Furtheron, does anyone know what the percentage is of people in the US.. that are aware of the Chems?

  59. Celline Says:

    @Ursula, I gave u my sn on twitter.

  60. Celline Says:

    where are y’all ?
    Ursula and I got together successfully ;o)
    After the ocean clouds burned up, there they were.. those horrible Velcro-spiderweb clouds, it never fails, we get them day and night, continously… @ FoundingFather : Thank you so much for this Blog !

  61. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Thanks to all of you that contribute to this blog through your comments!

    My little blog has grown immensely since I started. I don’t do this for money. There are no ads here, and I am not selling anything. I feel that those of us that understand what is going on have a moral obligation to try and help our fellow human-beings. We all have a moral obligation to resist tyranny and evil.

    And to “Steph,” thank-you for your comment regarding “Boy Scouts Train to be New Gestapo.” I hope you will read through the material here. I sense you are beginning to understand the “Left-vs-Right” paradigm we have all been brain-washed to believe in is pure BALONEY! Obama doesn’t really run anything any more than that idiot meat-puppet George W. Bush did! REAL POWER does not allow itself to be “voted-on” every couple of years. Think about that carefully.

    Obama is much better at reading from a teleprompter and being charming than Bush ever could. That is the only real difference. The Republicans and Democrats are OWNED by the bankers…period! Our struggle is not “Left-vs-Right” or “Republicans-vs-Democrats” it is between “Good-vs-Evil” and “Freedom-vs-Tyranny.”

    All these distinctions we are acculturated to accepting; conflicts between the sexes, between the races, between religions, etc. are so much nothing compared to the conflicts between the New World Order Illuminati-cult and Free Humanity.

    Once people understand who the REAL enemy is, the New World Order goes down. It will fail, but a lot of good decent people are going to get hurt real bad before that happens.

    I also want to remind all of you that the Elite are slowly starting to shut the open web down. The free dissemination of information between individuals (like we are doing here) has become a huge threat to the Elite. Jay Rockefeller has publicly stated The Internet is the “Number One National Hazard!”

    I say this because the time is NOW to share the information on this blog with your friends, family and email lists! Please print-out hard copies of key documents and essays. For those of you technically capable, I recommend you use Firefox and get the “Downloader Helper” plugin and download and save you-tube clips to your hard-drive for archival purposes.

    That way, when they “pull-the-plug” and shut down this blog, and the thousands like it, and all the Patriot and alternative news sites, you will still be able to fight the “Infowar” and prove to those around you that everything we warned them about is absolutely true.

    My best to all of you,



  62. Celline Says:

    @Founding> I am totally aware of all you said.. ALL ! Am aware of that there’s no Dems and Reps.. it’s all BS. Also I can confirm, that all open communication has begun to vanish ! Your Bolog is the BEST by far, I ever found. No ugliness.. at all. I had not heard about this Rockefeller comment.. it confirms, what I knew. Where did u read this?
    nothing new at this point.. except, I notice , our blog is slowing down.. that’s too bad.. like u said.. we should take plenty advantage of the fact.. it still exists.
    I have touched base via e mail w. Ursula, which makes me so happy. Thank you for everything, God keep and bless us all, til we meet again.

  63. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Just click on the blue Link “The Internet is the “Number One National Hazard!” and it will take you right to the mentioned article, with supporting video clip.



  64. dude Says:

    If chemtrails were for any other purpose than hiding Nibiru, then they would do it under the cover of darkness and they would not be tracking the sun with it.

  65. Celline Says:

    @dude.. dear.. u are into some pretty weird stuff, please let an adult.. whom u trust, give you a few pointers.( I assume u are a youngster )?
    @Founding: I mailed it to a very smart GF.. yes, I foud it, and she disputes it heavily, saying that this is impossible, I wish I could send you her e mail.

  66. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    GLOBAL WARMING…… accelerated since they have been spraying; the last 10 years the most extreme weather has occurred……


    (yes C02 & hydrocarbons r responsible also…. but tooo much change has occurred in the past 10 years; they started spraying mid 90’s & have accelerated the volume of spraying especially in the past 5 years)

    Chem Trail Report;
    From; Southern Cali USAf; Inland Empire, Ontario, Riverside, Orange County area

    Yesterday Sat & this morning <11am; Visibility approx 50 mils in any direction; NO obvious signs of ctrails over San Bernardino Calif Mountain Ridges or the Los Angeles Mountain Ridges (Mt. Baldy) above the Pomona/Mont Clair region, to the NW & no visual contact with any trails in the sky; very light haze….. looks “normal”…… overcast coming from the W & NW perhaps from off shore the Pacific Ocean 75-100 miles to the West….. otherwise looks like a “normal” day.


    DROUGHT in the areas they r spraying


    No Longer Do do I SEE the classic checkerboard patterns or artistic spray patterns; Mostly they use the mountain range to release the stuff, it drifts West towards the Pacific Ocean; towards Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino & East Los Angelese… & then by the time it is over the valleys it looks like “wispy normal sirruis/hazy day”; 99% of us could not tell that they were ctrails…. unless U watched the sky ALL DAY.

    Pilots or robotic planes on auto pilot, spray North & South & then come back spraying South to North along the back side (East) side of the Southern Calif mountains then the winds drift it ove the 18M or so in S Calif; typically single trails 50-100 & let them expand; 15-60min later they return or another plane follows along side of the expanding chemical trails, spraying another trail and this goes on typically 2-5 hrs;

    Past 2 weeks they have not sprayed every day; sometime 5 days of no noticeable spraying…. too much wind seems to be an issue i guess…..

    One of their favorite places to release CTrails loads is to follow the mountain ridges; they often release their loads on the “back side” {out of sight from the citizenry/sheeple} & then the wind drifts the stuff over the Inland Empire, San Bernardino, Riverside, Temecula, Ontario, Orange County valleys to the West & S. West directions

    2. Newer type spray chemicals, trail is longer than a contrail… SHORTER THAN THE USUSAL/CLASIC CHEMICAL TRAIL, then spreads out a little (more than any normal contrail) & then DISAPPEARS !

    New stealthy pattern;
    Watch the planes going in a straight line flight path, turn on the chemical spray then turn it off short 1-10 milr burst with lots of space 10-20 miles before they turn on the spray/chemicals again little puffs of chemicals….. at 1st you will notice what looks like a CONtrail… only it will spread out….. then another plane comes by the “cloud” & sprays a short line the length or so of the now wispy chemical cloud … .. they do this several times more & then stop;

    The CHEMICAL CLOUD ALMOST LOOKS NORMAL…. the uninformed could not believe U that this is a chemical man made cloud(s); who has the time to look at the sky all day to notice this new stealth spray pattern?

  67. Celline Says:

    @ Truth, we are totally and heavy overcast w. our normal May Grey stuff from the Pacific. I can’t see anything but grey grey grey, and it is cold.
    So, I am of no help right now.
    But.. I am going up to Borrego ( east ) to spend the night.. and swim in the hotel pool. Now there it’s clear and I can watch.
    By tuesday I should have a good report. I’m off for 4 days, so I have some time. Previously I have observed the very same thing u are describing. We have no rain ever, I think they are doing something to the normal rainclouds we sometimes get.. so they will not release a drop.
    Severe drought here.Planned??

  68. Celline Says:

    what’s w. the time ? it’s about 12 noon here.. does the blog show CST ??
    I am PST.

  69. Celline Says:

    No.. EST ! OK, 3 hours time/diff…

  70. Henry D. Says:

    Best time for them to spray is very late at night 2AM — onwards.

    The latest to be sprayed is a chem similar in structure to Malathion. (UK)

    Best Wishes.

    Henry D.

  71. Celline Says:

    @Henry , explain please, what is ” Malathion ?” And yes : during the night is, when most of this horror is occuring.
    What’s w. this blog.. is it “dying” ? that’s too bad, is surely is the best one I ever found.
    Please guys… keep commenting. ” Hello ” to Henry, please keep blogging.. love to have u here..

  72. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    No ctrails until 6-7pm spotted them coming from the SW (frm Riverside, Orange moving NW & NE towards E La & Ontario Calif….. VERY MUCH STEALTH LOOKING LIKE SMALL ALMOST NORMAL LOOKING CLOUDS…… they R turning spray on & then ….. creating small wispy/fluffy type chemical clouds.

    Also looke like thy were chemical spraying NE out over the Palm Dale/Lancaster area in LA County Calif.

    Otherwise a beautiful hot day & sunset with Natural Clouds….. a bit of haze perhaps normal or frm ctrails sprayed over Pacific Ocean, could not tell

  73. Celline Says:

    @ Mr Truth, exactly.. after the typical ocean clouds lifted, that’s what I observed. Am in San Diego, told u be4. Except.. we were cold, not hot. Micro climate Southern Cal weather.

  74. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    I was just told by one of my daughters (28 years old) that my obsession with chemtrails is not healthy. That even if they were real (which she isn’t convinced about), there is nothing we can do anyway, and since God is in control, we shouldn’t worry about it anyway.

    She says that the bible foretells that in the end times there will be pestilence and war, and a one-world government. And if the chemtrails have anything to do with that, then they are part of fulfilling prophecy, and so we should just accept it!

    Also, she thinks my husband has a point that maybe I might be losing my mind, because I get too obsessed with things, and believe in all those conspiracies.

    It is very hard when all of my family (husband and five children) think I am crazy, and try to talk me out of trying to find out what is happening, and trying to do something about it.

    This daughter challenged me to try to forget about chemtrails, and to read the bible instead of looking up at the sky to observe chemtrails. She tried to get me to promise to stop looking for chemtrails for two weeks. I changed the subject, there is NO WAY I will promise that! I have every right to do my research, and take pictures and pay attention to whatever I see fit.

  75. dude Says:

    Celline, thank you for your comment (sarcasm intended). i am probably older than you, probably had more college than you, and was an engineer for about a decade. i know about science and technology. i have also studied ancient documents for two years now and I know that the chemtrails are to hide our tenth planet. Your dismissal of what Im saying inclines me to think you are a govt operative.

    Ridicule is a MAJOR weapon in the disinformationists tool box. For those who dont have a clue, go research Nibiru or 2012 on youtube.

    Again, the Russians and Chinese are the biggest threat to us now since they will wipe out 90% of Americans before 2012. This will happen on 10-10-09.

  76. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, I just did a couple of hours of research on your Nibiru claims. And in my opinion it is some people’s opinion that can in no way be proven. Meaning no disrespect to your person, I think you have been taken in.

    I found that the popular belief is, that Nibiru will be visible to the naked eye by the spring of 2009 in the SOUTHERN hemisphere only.

    I live in Canada, north of Toronto, Ontario, in the NORTHERN hemisphere, and I see heavy spraying every day.

    Also, if Nibiru is only supposed to be visible starting right now, why did they start spraying in many parts of the world in the 1980s and 1990s? In fact, if you google “chemtrails Espanola Canada”, you will find that extremely heavy spraying was done there (and that is a several hours drive even north of me) in 1999, sickening and killing many people.

    Obviously, the chemtrail spraying has nothing to do with your mythical planet Nibiru. Because if it did, they’d only be spraying in the southern hemisphere, and would only have started this spring.

    So, you “knowing” that the chemtrails are only there to hide the tenth planet (whether it exists or not is still debatable) seems to suggest that you have a problem with reality.

    And since your knowledge of why chemtrails are there stands on extremely shaky ground, I also have grave doubts about 90% of America’s population being wiped out on the very specific date of Oct. 10th of this year.

    Which is not to say that China and Russia wouldn’t LIKE to wipe America out, and that they aren’t planning on war. I don’t doubt that.

    While youtube is a great tool, you certainly can’t believe everything you find there. Therefore, I would NEVER research anything only on youtube. Especially because they are known to delete credible evidence against the elite’s conspiracies, but love to leave misinformation up (like your Nibiru ‘evidence’).

  77. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention a couple of things, and since no ‘edit’ possible, a new post is necessary.

    Dude, you believe what this guy Sitchin says. Here is something I found about him in this website http://dad2059.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/the-popularity-of-nibiru-is-it-hope-or-despair/

    “When Sitchin wrote his books, only specialists could read the Sumerian language, but now anyone can check his translations by utilizing the 2006 book Sumerian Lexicon.[7] Sitchin’s translations of both individual words and of larger portions of ancient texts are generally found to be incorrect.”

    Read the rest of that article. While I don’t agree with everything it says, it is well written.

    Well it is a Canadian holiday (Victoria Day, still commemorating Queen Victoria’s birthday for some obscure reason this German immigrant still hasn’t quite figured out), and since they give those pilots a break, plus people like being outside and might actually look up, we have a blue sky. They generally don’t spray on holidays (thank God for small mercies).

  78. dude Says:

    I believe the works of Sitchin. Nibiru is coming whether you believe it or not. Read the ancient texts including the Bible and especially the Kolbrin Bible.

    I remember when NASA announced they had found the tenth planet in 1983 with the IRAS satellite.

    Chemtrails are multi-purpose and do not exclude various aerosol testing to determine the right chemicals to refract the ‘desired’ spectrum of light.

    As for the Russians, theres PLENTY news where they have told us for two years they will nuke us over Iran. There is PLENTY news showing where they have put the hardware in place to do it. They practically told us they knocked out our satellite over Siberia.

    I dont care whether or not anyone believes me. Those who do not listen will perish.

  79. dude Says:

    All of these types of arguments are used by evil govt shills:

    Meaning no disrespect to your person, I think you have been taken in.

    Obviously, the chemtrail spraying has nothing to do with your mythical planet Nibiru.

    (whether it exists or not is still debatable) seems to suggest that you have a problem with reality.

    And since your knowledge of why chemtrails are there stands on extremely shaky ground”

    Labeling me whatever you wish will NOT stop Nibiru or the war of Armageddon. To make arguments like this shows complete lack of research and an assumption that your readers are stupid, which is precisely the case if this topic is dismissed without research.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the highest for of ignorance” — Einstein

  80. Celline Says:

    @dude, no no, I was not sarcastic, I merely tried to gently push u back inti reality, think what u will.. I am not who u say.. like I said, a little nudge is all I intended. Ursula is right on.. just believe her, I read those same things.
    Yes, I am experiencing the same things Ursula from my whole family, identical. And true: we should study the scriptures more and trust in God.
    And I know this is true, but, I AM doing this. No one knows the day or the hour, when Christ returns.. and life as we know it is gone.
    But we also are told” My people perish for a lack of knowledge”!
    When we see Evil, we have not be told to be silent. We have been told to stand up for TRUTH. I do believe it is a spiritual thing.. that those of us who see.. are being persecuted ! ” Evil” does not like to be proclaimed and exposed openly, it foils the plan for secretly taking us down and in. Including maybe dumbing us down. NO.. I will scream about it as long as I have lungs ! And this ” Crazy ” thing, which I get plenty of also.. does no longer phase me.. for many many years.. have I been the only one in my circles, who noticed strange and dangerous things and practices.. that I knew, would lead to the loss of freedom and worse.
    God has his Watchmen, this I know too. I am trying, not to be overtaken by it all.. but will be aware as long as I live. ” Crazy” no longer bugs me.. I call them ” BLIND”.! Just woke up.. will take my peek at the sky in a little while. I hope it won’t ruin my day.. O how much I hate EVIL…p.S. my English is not the Best.. it’s Immigrant pidgeon-English 😉

  81. dude Says:

    Celline: Ursula is whack. YES, you should read your Bibles. Every book from Isaiah to the end of the OT (except jonah) is completely about this war thats coming on 10-10-09. Especially read all the stuff that talks about the “sign in the heavens” that will erupt yellowstone and tear the USA into thirds.

    Read the part that says “they perish because they do not know the time of their visitation”

    Then read all the other ancient documents that describe Nibiru, UFOs, and true spirituality perfectly since most of the good stuff has been omitted from the Bible.

    If you do not believe your Bible (which is what Im telling everybody) then you will perish with all the others who are clueless.

  82. dude Says:

    You people are doing the same thing to me that your families do to you and for the same reason…..showing the truth.


  83. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, I find it extremely funny that you want others to believe that Celline and I are ‘evil government shills’. Here I am told by my own family day in and day out that I must be losing my mind to believe that the governments of this world are evil and are doing evil things to us, and want to bring in a one world government and wipe out all but 500.000 people. And you are telling me I must be on the side of the government because I believe you have gone over the top in your conspiracy theories.

    As Celline says, Jesus said that nobody will know the day or the hour when he comes back. It also doesn’t give a date for Armageddon. And it certainly doesn’t say that America is Zion. As far as I am concerned, Israel is Zion. The belief that God has abandoned the people of Israel and has transferred his promises to the Christians is false. When God gives promises he means them 100%. Otherwise he wouldn’t be God.

  84. dude Says:

    You are just beginning your quest for the truth. READ you bible, it does NOT say that. The date of the war is stated in three places and the time of year in a few more.

    The date that no one knows is the date that God physically returns, NOT the date of the war!!! READ EZEKIEL, especially 24:1-2 for the exact date. Read the whole thing, quickly, ignoring names to get the story. Concentrate on the description.

    I said your arguments are exactly like those of govt shills. If I thought you were one, I wouldnt try anymore cause they are liars.

    “you have gone over the top in your conspiracy theories”

    And only a fool would believe there is no govt conspiracies since there are so many documented cases including 911, WW2, Northwoods, JFK, MLK Jr, Reichstag……etc. That claim and even using the words “conspiracy” and “theory” together indicates great ignorance.

  85. dude Says:

    And look at all the evidence for Nibiru. It is written about in EVERY ancient civilization and it caused the great flood of Noah’s day.

    Look at all the archaeological evidence for the great flood and every fact in the Bible. It is hidden from you just like Noah’s ark is now censored on Mt Ararat by Google maps. Jonathan Gray has presented much evidence in his books, especially “Killing Paradise Planet”.

    Exercpt from the Kolbrin Bible:

    Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour. When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies. When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil. The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land, followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall. The Doomshape is like a circling ball of flame which scatters small fiery offspring in its train. It covers about a fifth part of the sky and sends writhing snakelike fingers down to Earth. Before it the sky appears frightened, and it breaks up and scatters away. Midday is no brighter than night. It spawns a host of terrible things. These are things said of the Destroyer in the old records, read them with a solemn heart, knowing that the Doomshape has its appointed time and will return. It would be foolish to let them go unheeded. Now men say, “Such things are not destined for our days”. May the Great God above grant that this be so. But come, the day surely will, and in accordance with his nature man will be unprepared.

  86. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Mr. Truth, there is absolutely zero evidence for global warming. It is a hoax to panic people and to accept government restrictions on energy, new taxes and drastic measures to combat ‘man-made’ global warming.

    The earth’s temperatures have fluctuated all through history. And it can always be traced to sunspot activity. Whenever it is hotter than normal on earth, it is apparently also hotter on the other planets in our solar system. Since there are no people with cars and factories there, who is causing the warming on the other planets?

    And even IF the earth’s temperature would have gone up by half a degree (yes, that is what the big fuss is about, half a degree), why would that be bad? And more co2 in the air is terrible? Actually, plants need it to grow. More co2 would mean that crops would grow better (but really, there is no evidence for elevated co2, either).

    If global warming was true, it could cause a new ice age, and LARGER ice caps. Because warmer oceans would cause more evaporation, and more evaporation would mean more rain and more snow. Plus, more clouds would also cool the earth, not warm it.

    Most of those crazy environmentalists (and Al Gore is the worst nutcase of them all) don’t know the least thing about real science. Those people have convinced millions of gullible people (sheeple) that their pseudo-science is real.

    Having said that, in no way do I promote wrecking our planet and polluting rivers, streams, oceans and our air. But while we need to take care of our environment, we also shouldn’t put animals before people, and care more about a snail in a farmer’s pond than his livelihood.

    It has happened that those nutty environmentalists would find a rare snail (on the endangered list) in a farmer’s pond and pretty much shut down his farm as a result! Farmers are now afraid of leaving one of their fields shallow every year in rotation, because if bunnies and rats make their burrows there, then next year it may be declared a ‘wildlife habitat’ that can’t be destroyed, and the farmer has just lost one of his fields.

    And the government allows this nonsense to happen. It is absolutely insane (or, actually, it all fits into their plan of making us ready to do whatever we are told).

  87. dude Says:

    Youre on the right path:

    Govt is lying about global warming….why?
    Govt is spraying chemtrails daily, globally……why?
    Mysterious ‘hums’ all over the world that no one can figure out where theyre coming from…….why?
    Dutch govt announced they are preparing for doomsday….why?
    Doomsday seed vault……why?
    Georgia guidestone text……why?
    Extreme ridicule for talking about chemtrails or Planet X…….why?
    Governments of the earth have spent trillions on Infrared Telescopes since 1983……why?
    USA and France put IR observatories on Antarctica……why?
    Govt stockpiling food……why?
    govt going all dictator on us right now……why?
    confirmed lab-created viruses released….why?
    many many poisons in food and water……why?
    govt says internet is #1 threat to natl security….why?
    govt talking about confiscating guns and medicating the water with strong psychoactive drugs……why?

    Dont rule out what is hard to believe just because you dont want to believe it. No one believed Noah. No one believed Pearle Harbor would be attacked. Japanese didnt think they would be nuked. And now Americans dont think they will be destroyed in war…..exactly like the Bible says. “they are a stiffnecked people”

  88. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, while there is abundant evidence for Noah’s world-wide flood, your cherished Kolbrin ‘bible’ is just a hoax.

    Read what it says in the article when following the link I’ll provide, and anybody can see that it can’t be trusted. There is only ONE Bible, talking about ONE true God. This one is junk. http://counterknowledge.com/2008/11/glenn-kimball-and-the-kolbrin-bible-a-historic-hoax/

    And here an interesting take on Kimball himself, who claims to be the ‘editor’ of the Kolbrin ‘bible’, but likely wrote it himself. http://www.robertghostwolf.com/kimball.htm

  89. dude Says:

    Im not reading anything that says what I know is wrong. I’ve studied many many ancient texts and they all say the same thing including YOUR BIBLE.

    I already know the truth. I’m trying to enlighten others and have found that most all people do not want to know and they will resist as much as they can. Some even become hostile.

    So lets go with your Bible then:

    1) Sign in the heavens
    2) God will give power to the sun to scorch man
    3) Earthquake bigger than any since man has been on the earth
    4) stars of heaven will be flung to earth
    5) burning mountain tossed into the ocean
    6) great rain of hail and fire and brimstone mixed with blood…..yellowstone volcano
    7) time of our visitation (mentioned many times)

    What would/could cause all of that?

    Anymore ‘debunking’ without THINKING will confirm you as govt op. There are TONS of govt ppl on the internet because they can not contain this HUGE secret anymore.

  90. dude Says:

    As far as your ONE Bible…….many books of it were left out and they were the best parts. There are many ancient texts and the most important ones, you will not have access to. If you ignore any ancient texts or you do not think about what you are reading then you may as well be reading a tree, you will get as much useful information from it.

  91. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, all your ‘whys’ can be answered easily. The powerful people want to bring in a one-world government, they want absolute power. Also, the REAL Bible tells us that there will be a one-world government brought in by the anti-christ, and terrible things will happen before Jesus comes back.

    I personally believe (and mind you, it is my own personal opinion only) that in revelations, when the angel throws a flaming mountain into the sea, causing world-wide floods and a third of the ships to sink, volcanoes to explode, followed by darkness (caused by the ashes) etc. is likely a comet that will hit the earth in the Pacific Ocean.

    Obviously, that will devastate the earth, with billions of people perishing. But I have my doubts that it will happen in 2012 (even though, of course, it might). Still, I don’t believe it has anything to do with your planet Nibiru or that nutty Kolbrin ‘bible’.

    Some of your ‘whys’ don’t make sense. Because how can something hitting us from outer space be a conspiracy? How are they going to make it happen? Won’t just as many of those people perish by such a devastation?

    But most of your questions just point to power hungry people, who think they should rule everybody on earth with an iron fist and make slaves of the people left over after they have exterminated the majority with their various measures.

  92. dude Says:

    Wrong. Revelation is the WORST book of the Bible. Read all the others with the same story, only not told by a babbling idiot. Revelation is good for a few details only.

    There are MANY Bibles. The books of Enoch, Thomas, Jasher, all were part of your “real” Bible. Where are they now? Your “real” Bible references the book of Enoch….where is it?

    The conspiracy about Nibiru is the cover-up. Nibiru passes through the oort cloud and picks up asteroids. Theyre already arriving. The elite will be in the underground cities theyre building with all the stolen bailout money and drug money.

    Your one-world government will be headed by Russia and Putin. They announced last year that they were building a “world financial capital” in Moscow. That will implement the ‘mark of the beast’.

    Again, youre trying TOO HARD to ‘debunk’ Nibiru…..making you look more and more like a paid disinformationist.

  93. dude Says:

    oh yea…


    Then they retracted it and covered it up ever since.

  94. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, do I sound like I don’t question things? Do I sound like I believe everything I read? And yes, when I have questions about what the Bible says, I research it.

    I have found that especially in the King James version, there appear to be some deliberate mistranslations when it comes to women.

    The Greek word ‘diaconus’ means obviously Deacon. When it is applied to men, that is the word it is translated. When it is applied to women (specifically Phoebe) it is translated as ‘helper’.

    When the original word says ‘people’ in the real translation, it is translated as ‘men’ or ‘brothers’.

    When Paul said women shouldn’t speak in church, he was asking them to ask their questions at home, because they were interrupting the service. The problem was, that only boys were then generally (with exceptions, I am sure) taught to read and write and to understand the scriptures. What Paul wanted was for men to fix the problem, by teaching their wives, so they also could understand and read for themselves.

    That was (and still is) interpreted as Paul wanting to put women down. And by power hungry men it is still used to exclude women in church.

    Of course, my husband, who is a religious fanatic, thinks this is utter nonsense, as he likes power. He is a control freak, and he likes to try to control my every move.

    But I refuse to just accept HIS explanations of Bible passages. He thinks he is always right, and I don’t.

    Anyway, you may want to take your own advice to heart. You seriously believe that Kolbin book (I really can’t call it a bible any longer). It is no more valid than the Jehova’s Witness bible, or the Mormon bible (which I read half through once, and it is a pompous work of fiction that made me laugh).

  95. dude Says:

    Bible is derived from the greek word biblios meaning ‘many books’.

    Im not concerning myself with anything thats not about this war coming, Nibiru, or true spirituality. Everything else is irrelevant.

    The description and return of Nibiru is told in EVERY ancient civilization. To ignore it is to be a fool.

  96. dude Says:

    church people are the absolute worst. the next worse people to talk to are those who are so repulsed by the churches that they run away screaming at the mere mention of the Bible.

  97. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Dude, the underground cities will do the elite no good, when the worldwide earthquakes hit.

    You know, you are pathetic in trying to make me look like a paid misinformant. I could say the same about you, since you try just as hard to convince everybody here of your crazy theories!

    I will tell you why I get to intense over what I believe in: I have Asperger Syndrome (officially diagnosed at the age of 50). One of the ‘symptoms’ is that I will get obsessed with things, and need to prove my point when I believe I am right. So, what I do is to be expected and certainly doesn’t make me a ‘misinformant’ (it isn’t even a real word).

  98. dude Says:

    you are shill. I said “disinformationist”, you said ‘misinformant’.

    I am not pathetic, i know the truth. You are because you dont and you refuse to consider, research, or even be open to the possibility in spite of all the evidence and the NASA announcement. You make yourself look like a disinformationist. You argue exactly like a govt agent i was arguing with for a week on youtube about vaccine safety. Arguments are identical with a different topic.

    The elite know that they will lose some of their underground cities, thats why there are so many.

    If you’re so obsessive, you should consider obsessing over the truth about Nibiru and all the Russian threats and troop buildup around our country. You would be wise to obsess over getting a passport too.

  99. Celline Says:

    @Ursula, not worth it.. lets use ” iggy”
    I just came home in tears ! Half our sky is covered w. something that looks like lumpy oatmeal… it’s higher than the ocean clouds, obviously ” They” are trying to hide intbtween the real clouds. It is absolutely awful today…. if you could just see it
    , it looks sick sick sick

  100. dude Says:

    and it will be there every single day that is not completely cloudy because they are hiding that planet!!!!!!

  101. dude Says:

    you folks wont use ‘iggy’ when the russians and chinese come for you on 10-10-09. that i promise you….if youre in the usa.

  102. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Oh right, you actually said ‘disinformationist’ (which isn’t a real word, either). My sincere apologies for misquoting you.

    I actually own a German passport. So I am fine there.

    I have been studying vaccines for seventeen years now, and believe the only use for them is killing children (especially in third world countries, but here as well), dumbing down people, and causing braindamage in EVERY child given a vaccine (hence the epidemic in autism).

    Research is my hobby. Since I am too ill to do much else, I do hours of it every day.

    I have heard about a lot of theories, and have researched a great number of subjects. But here, from you, is the very first time I have ever heard of the Kolbin story book or a planet called Nibiru.

    And you ignore most of the Bible at your own peril. You only read the parts you want to read. Meaning that when it comes to all of us perishing, you (and I hope for your sake I am wrong) will end up in hell, while I hope to be in Heaven, where I won’t have to worry about anything any more.

  103. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Celline, I know what you mean. The other day it was pouring rain, and obviously the sky was covered in real clouds. But when the clouds cleared, there was no blue sky, but chemtrails that had been above those real clouds for who knows how long! It definitely IS sickening. And even more upsetting when NOBODY you are with will believe you, and you can’t even talk about what you see.

    Oh, Dude, do be quiet. You are getting quite annoying.

  104. Celline Says:

    @Dude.. with the stuff you are reading, u are smack in the middle of the occult. God help you.
    Forgive me, that I no longer care to have conversation w. you, unless you are open to what others have to say.. and respect their research.
    Now.. get your eyes off the occult, and turn on your life to Jesus, He is the ONLY one who knows everything, and HE is the only one w. the Power to protect us.

  105. dude Says:

    haha, you dont have a clue whats in that book. over half of it is about this coming war. hell means into the earth like heaven means in the skies.

    your soul has the ability to be eternal IF you work to awaken your third eye, kundalini, or whatever you want to call it. That is the other big thing that has been censored from us. The “born again” thing is quite real and the churches have no clue.

    Nibiru has been methodically covered up since they found it in 1983. There are some good vids on youtube about it among the disinformationist videos.

    dis- and -ist are word modifiers and information is the base word so disinformationist would also be a word.

    The story is not only in the Kolbrin Bible but in books from EVERY ancient civilization. Why you think one of the first things the us military did in iraq was loot their ancient sumerian sites?? Your Bible tells all of the effects of nibiru without actually saying another planet…..deliberate censorship…..same reason why your Bible doesnt include the book of Enoch.

    The Sumerians and Mayans told us about Nibiru and the date of its return….2012…..you never heard of it????

    You’re not going to see Noah’s ark on maps.google.com either but I have the pics from before they censored that. Why did they censor it?? because if they didn’t then they would have to explain what caused that great flood.

  106. dude Says:

    And it was God who inspired me to the truth when reading Ezekiel. i have said nothing to indicate any cult other than believing in the Bible.

    Seems organized religion is the biggest ‘cult’ on earth and is about as deceitful as as the image of the beast (tv).

    I will respect NO research that defies the bible or common sense….like the arguments being presented here and on the vaccine page.

  107. Celline Says:

    Like I said : “Occult ” third eye et al.

  108. dude Says:

    Its in YOUR Bible. you really should READ the book you pretend to believe in.

    “The earth shook to its foundations. The sky sank lower towards the north. The sun, moon and stars changed their motions. The earth fell to pieces, and the waters in its bosom uprushed with violence and overflowed… . The system of the universe was totally disordered. Man had rebelled against the high gods. The sun went into eclipse, the planets altered their courses.”

    (Harold T. Wilkins, Mysteries of Ancient South America. Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1974, p.31)

  109. dude Says:

    besides, your ‘name calling’ is really indicative of being a paid shill. You endorse all kinds of ‘conspiracy theories’ about chemtrails and vaccines but refuse to even consider all the evidence for Nibiru, evidence in YOUR Bible, in other Bibles, in ancient text from ALL ancient civilizations, the physical evidence happening to the earth right now, haha.

    You ARE shill. I will periodically show up from time to time to make sure anyone else looking here will be able to hear about the truth. You will continue to make the same stupid arguments exactly like the govt agent on youtube about vaccines…..and we all know how safe they are…..right?????

  110. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    I am shill, sure, if you say so. Who would I be working for? I am a 56year-old German immigrant, married for 30 years to a Canadian, with five children and in about a month 12 grandchildren.

    Here in Canada the only jobs I have had are looking after my own kids, and after the youngest started high school, babysitting some other little kids.

    I’ve always done lots of research, but since we’ve had the Internet, it has become much easier.

    You know, Celline is right about the third eye being occult. God said in the Bible that the occult is an abomination to him.

    And no, hell is not the earth, and heaven is not just in the skies. You make it obvious that you are NOT a Christian and are NOT following the true God. You are deceived like so many people into believing that there are ‘many paths to heaven’, while Jesus said that ‘nobody comes to heaven except through me’.

    And while some churches are cultish, and on the whole the Catholic church is a cult (even though there ARE born again Catholics, despite the idol worship and the false doctrines), not all of Christianity is a cult, far from it.

    But it sounds to me like that Kolbin abomination has sparked a cult, and you belong to it.

    End of story. I will NOT reply to you again. And about Oct. 10th, I guess we shall see who is right on that. If you are (which is doubtful, but not completely impossible, as there has to be right date for certain things to happen), then what are you going to do about it? Nothing more than I can do, I am sure.

  111. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Good Day yuALL;
    Very provocative debate & such going on!

    sorry for the most likely tooo long dissertation…. 4 those who do not have the time read later….

    dude & group
    TOO MUCH FEAR MONGERING…. ego & emotionalism;
    WHAT IS YOUR/OUR POINTs or SOLUTIONS?! Alex Jones & others R most informative & provocative….. however most of them offer no practical solutions, they only deliver info (sometime wrong sometime correct or a little of both) but rarely have any practical solutions!
    They accomplish creating FEAR EXACTLY WHAT THE EVIL EMPIRE WANTS…. as we sheeple run in terror to “the men in black” whoever they R…. to SAVE US….. IN FEAR WE RUN TO THEM FOR HELP…..



    ANY SOLUTIONS??? !!! (yes we should continue to share new info & debate it also)

    Many “Christians”/religious types seem resolved to let death & destruction happen because it says, it will happen in the “Bible”……”pray to GOD HE has it ALL under control”; “HE placed the Presidents & Leaders into power & this is GODs will”

    Remind U that this is PART TRUTH…. yes we R to have faith & pray
    however “FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS….. DEAD”….death & slavery to us.

    Millions of baby’s R murdered every year in USA, religious leaders & “Christians” “Born Again s” followers of Jesus/Yeshua do not stop these MASSACRES-MURDERS BY THE Gov; they continue to support the murder by being “Good Christians/Catholics” (according to the USA Constitution; 9 states claim its unconstitutional to tax a mans wages) paying illegal income taxes that support murderous mandates of man/gov.; these religious leaders/deceived followers of Jesus remind us to a tax “Pay Cesar what is Caesars”…..however they have been deceived, forgotten or ignore the other half of the TRUTH…..


    as outlined according to the King James Bible….. perhaps our religious leaders have become brainwashed into deception on this subject! The Popes said that ALL GOOD/GODLY Catholics will obey their governments!
    Just like they supported HITLER & other HUMAN DEVILS/MURDERS LIERS & DECEIVERS.

    Reminds me of ALL the “GOOD/GODLY” Catholics, Born Again Christians/Protestantism who did not stop the murdering of >6M+5M Jews/Political Protesters/Tax payer resisters & other religious types.

    They had lots of FAITH that GOD would stop this….& NO WORKS TO SAVE THE WOMEN/CHILDREN/MEN IN THE “Work Camps” that later became know/called as “Concentration Camps”.

    The GOVERNMENT is nothing more than a lot of GOOD/GODLY women & men…. many many many with GOOD/GODLY INTENTIONS however they have been deceived;
    &/or….. ignorant, egotistical, prideful, greedy, under-educated & over educated PHDs who R brilliant/genises …. R deceived by a very very very few number of “puppet masters” under the direction of THE HUMAN LUCIFERIANs…..(perhaps possessed; read “People Of The Lie” by Dr. Scott Peck author of the “Road Less Traveled”)

    The secret societies R UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE “BLACK POPE”…..&…. THROUGH THE SECRET SOCIETIES they accomplish their wicked plot to “rule the world” at our expense. Very few members understand or r ignorant of whats at the very top…. most of these associates R doing good Works that makes the Luciferians LOOK GOOD & GODLY….. most of the members R really great humans doing Gods Works, only they R just deceived by the very few like Rothschild s, Henry Kissinger; most members of Congress do not know the TRUTH, through ignorance they R self deceived & have been deceived by the Luciferains/negative power through other humans.

    As 4 the “Kolbrin Bible”….. hoax-TRUTH-lies-misinformation….. I do not blame dude for looking for new BIBLEs…. he is spiritually/intuitively/educationally knows there are translational contentions… GODs TRUTH CAN BE FOUND if we R truly of heart, mind body & soul R seeking HIS TRUTH & WAYs…… but at time I may missinturpert HIS TRUTH also…. please forgive me for such error may GOD reveil HIS TRUTH to ALL of us during the time we R on earth.

    ALL “BIBLES” Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth;
    side commentary: (the King James version is a good one to study, but not my only Bible (have >8 versions) also prefer to study Messianic Versions for Old & New; Old Testament is New Testament concealed & New Testament is Old T revealed…. with emphasis on LOVE & FORGIVENESS & non Judgmental…..

    Yes we can judge the error as wrong/harmful/”sin-missing the mark” HOWEVER we can NOT JUDGE THE HEART of anyone….only GOD can do so)

    Did U know that ALL “BIBLES” have some error to them, mostly by the translators, WHO were the translators; King James Bible influenced by Roman Gov & Vatican Popes; NO Messianic Hebrews {“Jews believing in Jesus”} interpenetrated the WORD of GOD.

    The next challenge is OUR HUMAN INTERPRETATION OF THE “Bible’s” R very likely off/misinterpreted/misunderstood! WHY, ego, pride in what we know & frm what school we went 2, sin in our lives, medications & drugs & alcohol distorts the brain & spirit, too much education or too little education, U can be brilliently educated & still ignorant of subject matters.

    Even the most respected & educated, God believing teachers (Rabbi-Pastures- Bible Gurus etc), can be sincerely WRONG!!! therefore there is such a wide variance of religions & denomination of those religions!…… THE CONFUSION OF LANGUAGE IS STILL W US….. FROM THE TOWER OF BABBLE DAYS…..

    REMEMBER YESHUA/”Jesus” THE MESSIAH IS TO RETURN! HE WILL HAVE TO INTERPRETATE THE JOTS & TITTLES !!! 4 ALL of us R mere miss guided & miss informed humans! WE CAN NOT KNOW IT ALL can we?….. yes the Rohacodesh (HolySpirit/HolyGhost) can lead us & guide us & show us the TRUTH…. however it is most frightening when people tell me that GOD TOLD them this or that….. remember the Bible says;(loosely quoted & subject to error) be careful to Judge Not, lease
    ye be Judged with like measure {using put down words of “Crazy””Wacked””Nut Case”} R very hurtful, judgmental, not very accurate verbal descriptions of a person or his behavior, inflammatory & mostly show ignorance of some kind. (ignorance = not knowing ALL the facts or discoveries)

    OK to B ignorant if U continue to research/learn about a subject/open to correction. MOST OF US R IGNORANT OF ALL THE DEPTH OF ANY SUBJECT!!! TOO MUCH INFORMATION TO RESEARCH….. unless U pick one subject & submit your entire life to KNOWING EVERYTHING about it…. which only GOD know ALL …. us humans even PHDs R very limited in knowing ALL! Be careful of becoming BRILLIANTLY IGNORANT!

    Yes too much pollution, including too much free gas CO2 is NOT GOOD 4 plants, animals, or humans! GOD said man is to have “DOMINION” over the whole planet…. that means 2 me that we R to cultivate, take care of every living creature…. none is more valuable over another…. ALL LIVING CREATURE OF HIS/GODs CREATION have their divine purpose…. perhaps the mosquitoes/blood suckers that transmit diseases/killer viruses & bacteria R to be destroyed, perhaps they R used by the negative power/devil/demons/fallen angles/luciferairans & should be destroyed.

    AL GORE IS NOT “CRAZY”…. when we use words to judge another remember those around U will use the same words to judge U, i think; me thinks Gore is a calculating businessman who is concerned (he says) for the environment & Global Warming….(nothing wrong w that is there?) HOWEVER, i feel that his motives, character, honesty & his actions R questionable;….. is he brilliantly ignorant? or…… greedy, lying & covering up in order to making money off of carbon trading?; only GOD can judge his heart & knows the TRUTH

    GLOBAL WARMING ….. did U know that ALL of the PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM R SHOWING SIGNS OF GLOBAL WARMING! in addition there appears to be evidence that ALL of the planets are EXPANDING also! is this another sign that the Messiah is coming soon?

    consider that LESS EMOTIONAL U R the better U can educate & share what U have discovered; perhaps U have become TOO OBSESSED W such as your 28 yr old daughter rebukes U with…. & perhaps U R NOT OBSESSED…. consider scripture says if U “rebuke a WISE MAN, he will become WISER…. rebuke a fool & he will rage w U” “sweet r the kisses of an enemy; faithful r the wounds/rebuke of a FRIEND”….. perhaps your daughter & family R your friends….. ask GOD 4 WISDOM TO LOOK AT THIS REBUKE/CRITICISM W LOVE & UNDERSTANDING….. so U do not act “crazy”…. U must NOT REACT except w patience & understanding they simply do not believe or understand (ignorance word can cause “crazy/emotional/ego/pride” reactions by people when U tell them U R ignorant), only educate with what U know to be true & back it up with FACTS, copies of info & web centers…. its up to the family/friends/enemies to look up & learn for them selves.


  112. Celline Says:

    @ Truth : Lettercampaigns, which I have done already.
    Keep writing writing and more writing.
    And when out and about, I speak to strangers and encourage them to ” Look up” ( as up to the sky to see that horriffic crap )
    That’s all I can do as far as I know.. know anything better? Let me know.

  113. Celline Says:

    Yes, Faith w.out works is dead, o don’t I know, and this is my answer to those who say:” Just trust God.. there’s nothing we can do “. This is pure convenience and lazyness.. and it ain’t cutting it 4 me.

  114. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    What am I doing? I keep pointing out chemtrails to people. I am in the process of hooking up with several other people around here (one an hour’s drive south, one an hour and a half north, and one in town) to figure out a strategy to get the truth out. Maybe via the local press (if they are willing, some small newspapers have printed articles on chemtrails farther north), definitely by phoning and writing our government officials (many times, as they tend to ignore correspondence on chemtrails, unless you keep pestering them).

    Maybe by protesting, if eventually we get together a big enough crowd…… who knows. I’m really pretty new to this chemtrail stuff.

    I have put some pictures into facebook. Too bad that most people won’t bother looking at those, because it is ‘just another one of my wacky ideas’.

    I asked my daughter last night if she had looked at those pictures (she is one of my facebook friends), and she said no, she wasn’t interested. So, she declares that it is nonsense, without first looking at my evidence. If she isn’t open minded enough to even check out my pictures, how will she know the truth?

    And actually, I had not even MENTIONED chemtrails to her, or my son. It is my husband who told them that I was going crazy, and to disregard anything I said on the subject! She brought it up last night, not me. Telling me that I should stop bothering with the subject, even though all she had was second-hand information on what I have supposedly been doing.

    My husband tells me that I should be praying and reading my bible instead of doing research and worrying about chemtrails, as ‘God has it all under control’ (right, a familiar tune) and we should be worrying about saving people’s souls, rather than worrying about the ‘perfectly normal clouds’.

    And now he is using our kids to get to me as well. Because he makes sure they are prejudiced against any subject that isn’t ‘normal’ that I might bring up, they aren’t listening to me at all, unless it is something that interests them.

    One of the people I am in private contact with is Brian Holmes. Here is his website address (his chemtrail link is on the bottom of the homepage). http://www.holmestead.ca/ He has a lot of good information, and has done a lot to try to get the word out over the years. Including contacting our government (which was useless, as they repeatedly denied chemtrails are real. and just keep repeating the old nonsense storylines we’ve all heard).

    By the way, Mr. Truth, Al Gore wants everybody to use less energy and ride their bikes, but he himself lives in a huge mansion that uses an enormous amount of energy, and owns several cars. He is not only spreading misinformation, but he is a hypocrite to boot.

  115. Celline Says:

    AlGore’s fave beverage is…. na, can’t say it.
    Anyway.. he’s a NewAger, who understands how to make $$$$$ mostly w. huge Hoaxes.
    Who measured earthtemps 1000 years ago?? huh ?
    What I am saying is, that the earth.. maybe the whole Universe.. has cycles, and we are seeing one.. and the real smart ones are making $$ w. it, that’s all, don’t be suckered in! Our skies today are full of chems. looking like Velcro and oatmeal, it’s disgusting. I just wrote another letter.. this time to O’Reilly, on Fox. @MrTruth, I appreciate all your research.. and imput, but what I personally do not need are ” lessons in Religion..” ok?

  116. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    So, yesterday all day we had a beautiful, blue sky. Until they started spraying at sunset. They must have been spraying all night, because the sky is obliterated this morning. But they are still working on it.

    When I drove my daughter to school, there was a HUGE white plume going from horizon to horizon, right overhead. I didn’t have my camera, and I didn’t have time.

    I rushed right home (it took me less than five minutes), but when I got back, it had already turned into looking so much like a cloud, that it was almost not worth it to take pictures!

    It is a very windy day today (like the last time they sprayed), which disburses them faster, plus, they must be using something new that spreads quicker.

    When I got home and ran inside to get the camera, my husband wanted to know what was going on. When I told him, he went outside, but just shook his head at my ‘stupidity’ and went back in. Nothing to see, in his opinion, and I am just nuts. It is terribly frustrating!

    I did take pictures of trails, several crossing ones, too. But they wouldn’t be really obvious to anybody who doesn’t know what they are looking at.

    Yesterday my asthma was soooooooooo much better! But of course, it is worse again today. And I have read that the medication I am taking (and I have no choice) increases the risk of heart attack by 50%. Maybe they’ll succeed in killing me soon, if they don’t stop. Either suffocate or have a heart attack. Nice choice.

  117. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    I just uploaded a bunch of pictures to my skydrive (May 19th). Here is the link if you are interested. http://cid-f399739f694ae2de.skydrive.live.com/albums.aspx

    I showed some to my husband, and he got out the encyclopedia (put out in 1988, AFTER they had been spraying for a while) and showed me pictures of clouds, and claims that ALL of the clouds in the sky today and every day look just like those (which is absolutely NOT true).

    I asked about the crosses in the sky, if clouds would form crosses? And he said those are just made by commercial airliners.

    I didn’t mean to, but I just lost it and called him stupid. I said to him, that he is so stupid that he, after seeing the heavy spraying on Apr. 17th, just needs to talk to a computer geek who works at a local weather science station, and a pilot (who of course are all lying), and he believes their nonsense.

    Our local weather forecast comes from Base Borden, an air force training base (and of course, they have advance notice of spraying, maybe they are even the ones doing it). Today’s forecast says, “Partly cloudy in the morning, mainly sunny in the afternoon, and mainly clear at night, with mainly sunny for Wednesday morning”. Apparently, the rest of Wednesday and the following days are supposed to be sunny at this point.

    Partly cloudy, mainly sunny and mainly clear all are cover ups for “We are planning on spraying, and because it is windy, the blue sky and sun will get through periodically, but don’t count on it”.

  118. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    why obsessing on your husband & kids; R U that insecure about yourself that U need their approval?…… if U R insecure then this is a good time to learn that your NOT what ever the criticism….. with regards to Chem Trails & chemical spraying.

    Can your husband use the internet?
    If so pull up some good UTube videotexes for him to watch…… show him REAL SCIENTIFIC KINDA OF STUFF….. NOT THE AMATEUR &/OR FEAR MONGERING ALEX JONES type of video; FEAR MONGERING IS A NEGATIVE WHEN EDUCATING INTELLIGENT SHEEPLE…. he is logically oriented …… HE WILL ONLY RECEIVE LOGICAL SCIENTIFIC info……. your hysteria/emotional/anger outburst will only discredit yourself & discredit the validity of what u R sharing w them….

    STOP THE OBSESSING …… simply give them the TRUTH when they R not distracted or emotional….. back off & spend your time putting together a DVD of INTELLIGENT SCIENTIFIC TYPES/WEATHER MEN & NEWS CASTERS & SCIENTIST….. call your Gov representatives or their staff members, get their attention, talk with them calmly, ASK THEM IF THEY KNOW ABOUT THE SUBJECT…… ASK THEM WHY R THERE CHEMTRAILS….. LET THEM SHARE W U WHAT THEY KNOW….. then deliver the DVD or forward intelligent/scientific web sites for them to review….. call them a few days later, & discuss with them what THEY HAVE DISCOVERED.

    Keep in mind that they usually R extremely busyness most likely will not watch the DVD,….. U have to build up rapport & credibility with these people….. or u will be viewed as “nut case” “hysterical conspiracy theorist” that is soooo negatively displayed by/in the news.


    MOST USA CONGRESSMEN R NOT aware of the reality, as they go to NASA or Some military or scientific “experts” often they too do not believe…. as they have been lied too…… OR THEY KNOW & WILL NOT TELL THE TRUTH AS THIS IS “CLASSIFIED” Secret’s (google CLOVER LEAF do not show this 2 your husband, CIA kinda of stuff is tooo Hollywood for him to believe)……simple present EXCELLENT scientific intelligences & perseverance will succeed.

    WHY WASTE YOUR TIME ON PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE?….. YOUR TIME & INTELLIGENCE IS BETTER SPENT ON THOSE WHO CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS….. i doubt that your husband or children can…. get back to accepting that they R ignorant, suggest that U STOP THE DRAMA, & get back to LOVING your family for who they R…husbands need physical loving & if u become a loving wife…. your hubby just might pay attention to you more seriously, if he is angry for lack of physical & verbal love, he will get back at U by calling U names & will get U mad by not watching what U want him to with reguards to the CTrails…..

    With LOVE my observation/feeling is, that U GUYS HAVE COME TO A VERY CHILDESH TYPE OF FIGHTING….. LOOK AT IT….. & GET OVER THE 2 yr old like behavior.



    Keep in mind that may not be able to deal with NEGATIVE TRUTH, the negatives often drive these people to drink, drugs, medications like Xanax/Valium for anxiety, pornography, obsessing on watching TV or sports or mindless TV/News & reality shows…..

  119. Ursula Stouffer Says:

    Mr. Truth, some of what you say is true. On the other hand, my husband was completely brainwashed by a cult church for 22 years, from the age of 18. A cult were women were treated like garbage.

    I didn’t realize that when I married him and moved permanently to Canada, leaving my whole family behind in Germany, exactly 30 years ago last month. His parents hated me, so I had nowhere to go and was stuck in this cult. The mental abuse was incredible, and it is a miracle that I didn’t go insane and that I am still a Christian. Because in that ‘church’ I was ill treated in the name of Jesus (obviously, that is not really true, as they were twisting the bible and misinterpreting it to do their evil).

    My husband is still brainwashed to a degree, even after being out of that cult for 12 years now. He has never had counselling, and when giving his ‘testimony’ will leave out those 22 years as if they never happened. Because we are now in the second (excellent) church since then, it works, because people don’t realize that there was a 22 year gap.

    So, he tends to believe everything authority figures say. If somebody with more organized schooling says something opposite of what I am saying, it must be true, and I don’t know what I am talking about.

    I HAVE sent him excellent articles and videos. He counters by finding the worst quack ones to show me that I must be wrong. He has SEEN those very, very obvious chemtrails on April 17th with his own eyes. He believed it then. But as soon as he got ‘good explanations’ like, “Airlines were testing new jet fuel on that day” (which is complete crap, from his friend who works at the weather station), or “there are a lot more airline routes than you realize, and those were just commercial airliners” (from a pilot) he dismisses even what he has seen with his own eyes!

    And no, I said that he does NOT apply logic. Logic is lost on him. He is one of the most illogical people I’ve ever met.

    All my children except for the youngest, who is 17 and much younger than the other four, have kids. I have said to my daughter, if she isn’t concerned for her children, and she said no.

    And actually, as I have said above, I had NEVER talked to her about chemtrails before she brought it up. My husband has managed to get all the kids against me on the subject before I had a chance of telling them about it.

    So, he is brainwashing the kids and brings them on his side, against me, telling them I am losing my mind. They get concerned that I am actually going crazy because of it. And you expect me to take that calmly and love him for doing that? You must be kidding. He is a jerk, and I’ve been sorry I ever married him for a long time.

    My husband is a total control freak to boot. He tries to control my every waking hour, telling me what to do, and trying to tell me what to think. Unfortunately, he just started his own business and is now working from home.

    Anyway, I better change my name here. Because I am sure it will now show up on Google and lead here, and that is not safe.

  120. Ursa Major Says:

    Foundingfather1776, would you be able to please change the name on all my above posts to Ursa Major? I really don’t want my husband to find this thread.

  121. Celline Says:

    Ursula, last night, a ” ditto” experience for me, w. my GF in Los Angeles.
    Now.. she knows about the chems.. but sais.. there’s nothing we can do about it. So, for me to stop ” obsessing, driving myself crazy.. and digging my early grave. ” You are obsessed girl.. pretty soon.. u will be totally nuts”.. well, I told her.. that all the political stuff she involves herself in ( which I considder an obsesssion w. her ) won’t do her any good, if she’s dead. Meaning.. if we are dead or ill.. who then cares about Politics, NWO.. or any of it ?? Well.. she shut up after this. It’s hard to be taken a stand on chems. For some reason, it’s different than obsessing on Where Obama was born !
    Above our Pacific overcast.. they are lurking.. the oatmeal clouds.. the spiderwebs w. tails.. and the velcro veils.
    I wrote more letters last night, Fox, Cnn, and local news stations.

  122. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:


    Tnak U 4 sharing such, feeling safe to do so, however in Loving kindness may I bring this to your attention; (also i/ no one can really understand what U or your husband have been through, only the Holy Spirit/God knows the real truth, your feelings/perspective may be very different that what your husband or daughter observe/experience…. therefore GO TO GOD WITH THIS HUMAN EMOTIONAL situational.

    Remember never never never, air your personal info to the “world” let alone your “best friends” ….most difficult to hold your feelings in & can not share with others…… 99% can not give U any good advise, most of us humans R too dysfunctional, & raised in dysfunctional families…. & most of us R not interpenetrating the “BIBLE” correctly….. or R under the influences of medications, drugs, alcohol, TVSoap operas…..U R better off to going directly to GOD & reading the scriptures, & attending a good church/support group of other GODLY WOMEN…. even then U will receive miss info and gossiping types who will betray your confidence…. but a much better place to get advise & share such grievances.



  123. Celline Says:

    @U, I was about to say the same thing as T did.
    Not as extensively, but same bottomline, girl.
    This blog is there for anyone who finds it.. ok?
    Our Pacific clouds now lifted, and there they are ” corkscrew ” clouds ” “veils” lines and X s. The whole 9 yards, should wear a mask !
    Moving in from SW.. already covering most of the sky eastward.

  124. Ursa Major Says:

    Okay, so it was poor judgment to put what I did. I just was so mad (not a good time to write anything to anybody, really), and I was also angry that you, Mr. Truth, would want to tell me how to handle things. I tried to get you to understand that your ways of doing things don’t necessarily work, as everybody’s situation is different.

    I am not asking for advice. I want you to stop GIVING it, as there is nothing you can do anyway. You mean well, but come across as a little arrogant and all-knowing at times. I guess I reacted to that. Bad idea.

    I normally don’t share personal things, as I have nobody to talk to for the most part. So, I guess it came out, I am feeling very frustrated today.

    I just uploaded more pictures to the link provided for today. Now the ‘clouds’ have turned into, what you, Celline, coined ‘lumpy oatmeal’. Certain people believe they are perfectly normal clouds, of course.

  125. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Celline, get this info to your “POLITICAL FRIEND”
    Ms U, google for yourself the following; now U will totally loose it… (lol)
    i trust not….. just 4 u not your husband, only select scientific kinda of stuff 4 your hubby, or better yet forget about discussing w him…. waste of time, unless U love all of the dysfunctional drama

    U have GOD & take this 2 him rather than those who do not wish to know or r scared into denial


    donald scott murder in Malibu calif oct 2, 1992
    donald scott murder trails end ranch la county sheriff
    (personal friend….we know the real facts, interestingly the Ventura County calif da…. went after the la county sheriff & exposed the TRUTH… we tax payers had to pay >$5M ($10,000,000 approx value today)& the la sheriff never punished or apologized to the public NO NEWS COVERAGE ON THE TRUTH news was only on the LIES…. after the TRUTH was established by the Calif Court….. never given to the public….. so the public to this day thinks that Donald Scott deserved to be shot to death in his own home….. except those who google the TRUTH on the internet…. thank god we can use it today…. but 4 how long?)

    john f kennedy secret society speech 1961

    black pope cia federal reserve john f kennedy murder

    congressman McFadden 1934 report to congress

    loose change

    freedom, to fascism
    (personal friend ran for governor nv, no he is NOT mafia just the opposite…. TRUTH film maker)

    Good 4 U on letter writing, please follow up with your telephone calling to a person who is in charge of the news or such….. your letters will go in the trash, unless U follow up; U might have to resend the letter again after U speak with a real live in charge of news.

    REMEMBER THAT THE NEWS for the most part is OWNED & CONTROLLED BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO R IN THE KNOW ABOUT CHEM TRAILS….. THEY R PART OF THE COVER UP….. no i am not talking about the “average good employee” this news is stopped by the very top top top controllers.

    Remember the GOVERNMENT CIA TYPEs HAVE LABELED THIS INFO AS “SECRET” “CLASSIFIED”; Occasionally a news caster/manager will get it on TV/Night news & then when top administration/owner R informed that this is “classified” they will no longer give any additional info on it!

    Remember there are lots of Government personnel that R instructed to monitor the “free news” & when the news is about “CLASSIFIED SUBJECTS” THEIR JOB IS TO GET A HOLD OF THE TOP MANAGEMENT OF THE TV/NEWS PAPER & INFORM THEM THAT THIS IS USA/GOV/MILITARY CLASSIFIED INFO….. of course the “good employee/manager/management” obeys the Government/CIA or whoever these “men in black” are…. in the name of “nationsal security to save us from the scary T word”.

    if U google….

    CIA COVER UPs… remember that they R trained to lie, deceive, pit one political party or government or RELIGION against another; they R TRAINED ASSASSINS & CAUSE TERROR ALL OVER THE WORLD TO ACHIEVE THEIR DIRECTIVES…. which ultimately comes from the “BLACK POPE” JESUIT GENERAL OF THE “SECRET SOCIETIES”….. not the AVERAGE MEMBER Mason/Skull Bones/Builderberg/Trilateral NWO kinda of guy/& CFR IS NOT AWARE OF THIS…. they r mostly good guys who r either “stupid”, in denial, or just ignorant of what is in charge at the top; there R very very very few PUPPET MASTERS… the super financial/political/religious Muslim, Jew, Christian, Catholic. etc elite.

    PRESIDENT NIXON WENT BUT LATER EXPOSED BOHEMIAN GROVE WORLD LEADERS, AS “THE MOST GOD DAMMED FAGGY THING THAT I EVER ATTENDED”! needless to say they never invited him back again & then proceeded to expose WATER GATE they had to destroy his credibility….. yes he deserved it from a moral point of view…. but he was ignorant of the power behind this secret society group group!

    it will blow your mind how the CIA HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED LYING TO CONGRESS….. this is factual documented; discovered when the “SECRET CLASSIFIED REPORTS” have be de-classified & aviable for public review…. however who the hell cares about this when it is >25 years later….. people have long forgotten that;

    1. the CIA used mind controll with illegal LSD & worse drugs on unsuspecting citizens not only on USA but elce weare; Dr. Louis West & MKULTRA mind control by CIA. Harold Abranson CIA contractor LSD; Quinouclidiny benzilate or BZ Edgewood Arsenal conducted studies 1959-75;MKULTRA ended in 1993 then morphed into MKSEARCH to 1972 & morphed agin into God know what today.
    ;False Memory Syndrome Foundation Dr. Sidney Gottleib CIA aka “Mr. Sheiber 1959 Deer Creek Camp in Maryland;Dr. Maitland Baldwins LOBOTOMY experiments & radio enery waves.

    2. who remembers the USA Military exposed hundreds of thousands of personel to ATOMIC RATIATION EXPERIEMTS & AGENT ORANGE (>250,000; many thousands died & those who would not shut up who actually became “crazy” veterans eventually received >$180,000,000 CIA/USA Military cover up lied to Congress also) & GULF WAR SYNDROME; that contaminated thousands of citizens, 1953 kill off >4.500 + thousands of animals in NE Nevada/NW Utah; THE ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION (AEC) & CIA COVER UPS LIES TO USA CONGRESS….

    Form 1953 to 1982 “crazy””paranoid””conspiracy theorist” citizens would not shut up & finally the original Judge A Sherman Christensen ruled in 1982; NOTING FRAUD COMMITTED BY USA GOV.”WHERE IT LIED, PRESSURED WITNESSES & MANIPULATED THE PROCESS IN COURT”….

    FEB. 24, 1974 George Miller (D-Calif) declared that
    (re: radiation/experiment on people of the world & USA citizens)….
    “we have deliberately kept information from the islanders & USA citizens & people of the world” …..

    CIA lied to congress, & Congress was not informed of the TRUTH until years later as the CRAZY CONSPIRATORIAL KOOKS KEEP AT IT & SOME ONE IN CONGRESS DISCOVER THE TRUTH!

    now if this is not a conspiracy…. i guess ALL of this are only theories, given by “crazy” conspiracy theorists.

    3. TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT (40 year cover up)
    who the hell remembers the 30’s-70’s TUSKEGEE STORY/EXPERIMENTS > 40 years experiment on BLACKS WHO HAD SYPHILIS…. who cares about those “useless feeders” as Henry Kissinger calls them…EUGENICS; they were never treated with penicillin & this was “CLASSIFIED” info untill declassified.


    President Bush Sr. the CIA agent/later General-Director involved in the BAY OF PIGs/JFK/Catro Cuba;General; was he also responsible for this conspiracy along w Regain/Oliver North & top brass?

    Nov 6, 1996 LA Times reported story…. later canceled ALL NEWS about this in the future…. Gene “Chip” Tatum “LA Times ‘spins’ CIA drug involvement “… CIA devised the rebel Contras war against the Nicaraguan Sandinista Gov. (who were put into power by the CIA & then would not obey the CIA directives) then the CIA supplied Guns & war weapons against the Sandinists;

    Oscar Danilo Blandon Reyes alledgedly a paid CIA Nicaraguan official directed MOUNTAINS OF COCANE TO THE CIA/DEA/USA GOV TO SELL IN USA CITIES… LA & Ocaland Calif…. dirtected to GOV CLINTON & HIS BROTHER @ Mena Little Rock Ar….google “CLINTON CHRONICLES” A DOCUMENTARY u will not see on ABC/NBC TV or any standard news resource. google “WACO THE BIG LIE”

    who has ever heard of or remembers BLACK OPS CIA drug sales TO BLACKS (all criminals anyway; as Henry Kissinger would say “usless feeders”.) IN LA & OAKLAND Calif> beside othe USA cities where its good business to overdose the “criminals”, also we must have drug gang dealing so that we can justify the MILITARY & POLICE STATE TO PROTECT US AGAINS THESE DANGEROUS CRAZY DRUG DEALING GANGSTERS…. lets blast this on the news…. people get scrared & vote for more “protection” the POLICE/DEA will now protect us from whom?
    Check out the “CLINTON CHRONICLES” for additional insight on money laundering through Mena Airport Little Rock Arkansas; Bill Clinton, Oliver North, Contras/Sandinista war in Nicaragua….

    on the drugs/illegal money laundering by the Clinton’s YES HILLARY & BILL & U thought this was a good political choice?

  126. Celline Says:

    @MTruth, if u think, anyone is reading all that.. think again !
    I’m not !
    We are blogging about chems, ok?
    Spare me your journals.. and LEAVE Ursula alone !

  127. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Not what i would expect frm U…. U claimed to know it all of course U would not want to learn any more….

    perhaps dued was off on dates & his new age bible stuff; perhaps he was correct on other stuff about U (lol)

  128. Ursa Major Says:

    I checked out the Donald Scott murder……… and yes, it obviously was murder, how awful! I watched the youtube video, too. His poor wife, they were married for only two months!

    I have done research on the Clintons when Slick Willie was president. They had people murdered (The Murder of Vince Foster is an interesting read), they were drug runners, and taking drugs themselves. Scumbags, both. I don’t expect most (if not all) recent presidents to be any better. And most of the American public doesn’t want to know, it is pitiful.

    I’ll check out the other ones as time permits. If I am ‘caught’ doing this, of course, it will be more ‘evidence’ that I am crazy, believing in conspiracies like that.

    Most of the time when doing research, I have other tabs open to switch to when a certain person enters the room. It is ridiculous.

    I am checking out the Clinton Chronicles right now, very interesting.

    By the way, Celline is exactly who she claims to be, and you are very wrong in accusing her. She has enough on her plate without starting to now investigate all those other things, too.

  129. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Honored that U would feel safe 2 share & vent your frustrations/angers w me/us… be wise as s serpent & gentle as a dove.

    The murder of Donald Scott is full of “conspiricy stuff” based on greed, ego, missinformation & government/sherriff coverup; including
    the Parks department, A private DEFENSE CONTRACTOR company; USING THE EXCUSE TO CONFISCATE OR INVADE A PERSONS HOME WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRENT ONLY “PROBABLE CAUSE” THEY CAN SEIZE YOUR PROPERTY…. THEN U HAVE TO SUE THEM TO GET IT BACK… THEY DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY GIVE IT BACK TO U…. EVEN IF U R NOT FOUND GUILITY!…… in this country they say U R Innocent until proven Guility…… think again….. they put U in jail, bail is out of reach for most working class people, U loose your job & credibility; then U can not afford to hire proper competent legal help; U can not get your property back & the Gov agencies keep it…. in reality WE R GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT.

    PLZ study this case of Los Angelese Sheriff murder…. deceit, cover ups, & how the Federal Inheritance Tax due to IRS caused the wife & kids to loose her home after they murdered Donald ….. yes she/they received $5m….. approx $1-2M went to a top notch Attorney Firm that proved to the court that it was MURDER….

    then the family could not pay the inheritance taxes, i think the IRS tax leaned it & forced the sale….. guess who got the land?

    WAS IT THE “PARKS DEPARTMENT” “THE DEFENSE CONTRACTOR” “THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT FOR A TRAINING CENTER” or private developers & Local real estate political names (too speculative to name them) ???

    Very interesting was it a “conspiracy” or just looks like one….. what do U think….. what did the District Attorney for Venture County think?….. what did the jury think…. why did us Calif tax payers have to pay >$5-10,000,000 ( today $ value is $10-20M; settlement & trial & investigations) for the murder of my friend Donald.

    By the way confiscation of innocent peoples property is a multi billion dollar business…. U don’t think this can happen 2 U…may G be w u.

    Unbelievable U would read through the”journal”…. very good, as i said U will now be certifiable “what ever they call U” like water on a ducks back it will become 2 U…. do take criticisms into consideration, acknowledge what is TRUTH (don’t go into denial or justification on stuff), change w Gs help if U like or keep what U want…..there is freedom in not worrying if someone accuses U of such,…. be who U r with freedom in Yeshua/Christ/God; he has give U a gift of an inquisitive, studious, open minded, & sound mind…. U R using it great & good 4 U !!!

    It is a bit challenging to balance this fascinating negative info; good to know how, who & why…. but i think we R to become balanced, not too fanatically obsessed, yet informed…. & pray to G 4 guidance as to what G wants us to do w the info & wisdom to know who we can share it 2.

    Pertaining to C thank U, she is loved/appreciated just as she is; made a good point of “Journal volume”…. dude is loved/appreciated also just as he is….. people who are convinced & believe in something R passionate about sharing their knowledge, GREAT….. it is up to me to research or reject but never reject the messenger as long as they mean no harm or ill will…… emotional outburst R forgivable, mistakes R forgivable, wrong or misinformation is forgivable when admitted/confessed…. G knows our hearts.

    just a reminder the purpose of this blog


  130. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Ooops correction on paragraph #2; line #7/8
    ” they do not automatically give your property back to U if U R FOUND INNOCENT, & u R NOT GUILTY as charged>”

  131. Celline Says:

    @Truth < I was wrong, obviously, so I do apologize.
    This though will remain, I absolutely have researched everything I could and can get my little peepers on, for many many years, did NOT know about this cop, this is news. My husband was an LA cop ( died due to job-injury ), so this one.. I need to read. Thank you.
    @ U, we all are in the same boat, as being rediculed (sp), please.. don't let it get u down. At least, no one bugs me when I do my "work",
    It wasen't my day today either, had some real bad news.
    SORRY again.
    Chems were real fat today, as if to make a point, as in: Gotcha dumb b…. something like that.
    ((( U ))) sleep tight, and God go with all of us.

  132. Celline Says:

    @mr truth: I was wrong and apologize, there’s 1 thing I did not know.. the story about the cop. This I must read I too had a real bad day today, got some bad news, and the chems were real fat, as if to say to me:” Gotcha.. u dumb B”……
    @U.. do not get discouraged we all are in the same boat, I am blessed though to be alone when I read, no one bugs me (((( U ))))hugs.
    The Blog is getting too long, it will no longer accept my blogging, this is the 3. one I am doing. @Founding, can we start a new page or something?
    Again @ Truth, I am sorry ! Hubby was an LA cop and died as the result of job-injury, so I must read this..
    God go with all of us..

  133. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    this is not about ALL cops….. there r great ones & ok ones & other types…. thank u no need 4 apology thank U do appreciat it…. may zzzzz G fillu U & rest in his ways….. take a good bubble bath or nice shower…. go 4 walk….. negative power/thougts ….its a battle 4 our minds also…..

    Joice Meyers has some good Gly advise i like to read it at times when stressed out by neg vibes/thougts.
    blessings shalom

  134. Celline Says:

    @ Truth ((( T ))) hugs to u too ;o)

  135. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Wow – some spirited debate going on here! That is good! I like to see people discussing REAL issues instead of blabbering on about mindless garbage like American Idol or Britney Spears, etc.

    Ursula, I looked at your pictures. Great work!!! Anyone with half-a-brain-cell working can see those are NOT “contrails” nor are they regular clouds.

    Also, I don’t know how to change a user’s name. I am not sure I can. It wouldn’t matter anyway, as GOOGLE archives everything on the web, and there are several other web-sites that run the feed of this blog.

    My advice to you is similar to “Mr. Truth” – just hold your intelligent, perceptive, & independently thinking head high and carry on trying to inform and educate those willing to listen. Do not argue with your husband. It is like the old joke “Don’t try and teach a pig to dance, it just frustrates you and annoys the pig.” Something like that.

    Not trying to denigrate your husband. I have members of my own family that honestly believe the fairy-tale story about 9/11 as told by our Government. It doesn’t matter that I have researched it in-depth, it doesn’t matter there are THOUSANDS of data points that show controlled-demolition and cover-up; they think I am the “kooky” one for “believing” in 9/11 conspiracy. I don’t believe in 9/11 conspiracy…I KNOW it is a FACT! However, in the interest of family harmony, I simply avoid the subject with them. I still love my family, but, like all of us, they are flawed in their own way.

    I can tell you that I have received many emails of thanks from people who appreciate the research I shared, and that have credited me with helping to “wake-them-up” – that is most gratifying. Total strangers will sometimes value your insight more than your own family. Strange, but true! You just have to accept it and more forward.

    I share your frustration with the whole chemtrail issue, because if people can’t understand something as blatant as 9/11, how are they going to “get” chemtrails? They ignore what their own eyes tell them.

    We don’t know WHAT chemtrails are for exactly (although it is clear we all have our theories) we do not know WHAT is actually in them (although it seems to be different things at different times, sprayed in different places), but we DO KNOW that the stuff that has precipitated to earth; barium, aluminium, strange fibers, etc. is not something you want to be breathing.

    So there is a lot of mystery there. And a lot of people (the majority) that never even look up and see them.

    All I can suggest is that we each strive to help inform those who will listen, and we try to get the media and the politicians to take notice of this nefarious spraying operation. Documenting the spraying through video and pictures is an excellent idea as well. One day, the truth *may* come out, and those pictures will be called “evidence of the crime!”



  136. Celline Says:

    it’s weird.. my posts don’t show up, then I look later.. and then there are 2 ! What is this? Is the blog getting too long?
    I honestly would hate to lose you guys, anyone else having this problem?

  137. Ursa Major Says:

    Foundingfather1776, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I’ve had the same frustration with 9/11 as well. I did intensive research, I found amazing websites of professionals that absolutely KNOW that the official story is completely false, yet nobody believes me! Fabulous sites are the one by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Firefighters for 9/11 truth, and pilots for 9/11 truth.

    The architects and engineers KNOW that those buildings couldn’t have fallen down in controlled demolitions fashion just from being hit by airplanes. They build steel buildings themselves! Those firefighters were there, and KNOW that those fires wouldn’t have been too hard to put out, and they HEARD the bombs going off. And the pilots KNOW that those incompetent bumbling (non-existent) terrorists couldn’t have flown those planes. They also know that no plane hit the pentagon, but a missile. Those people are professionals, not lunatics who don’t know what they are talking about. If people (like you-know-who) insist that the government story is true after seeing the evidence from those sites, then they can’t be helped. I’ve given up on that one. But when I tried to convince him of 9/11 being an insider job, that is when I was apparently declared insane (or getting there).

    Have you checked out the website of Brian Holmes? He is north of me, and because he lives right on Georgian Bay, he sees those white, unmarked tanker airplanes regularly spray over the bay. The wind then carries the chemtrails south, and by the time they get to more heavily populated areas, they look like clouds to most people.

    When a pilot friend of his started digging and trying to find out what is happening, he had an ‘accident’ and went down in the lake and died of hypothermia (supposedly ran out of fuel) on his way to see Brian, as they were going to talk strategy. Right, I don’t believe it was an accident at all, but that is the official story. Here is his url again: http://www.holmestead.ca Scroll down to the chemtrail links.

    Brian told me that after he kept bugging the government officials about the spraying, he was buzzed several times by a plane, to scare him. He took pictures of the plane as it was doing it, and identified the plane and the owner, and reported him. He hasn’t been buzzed again. But he has had threatening e-mails and phone calls. Pretty scary.

    I am planning on meeting with him some time soon, along with a couple of other people.

    By the way, I have given Celline the advice to clear out her Internet cache (with clear instructions on how to do it in either firefox or IE). That will hopefully fix her problem.

    Don’t worry about my name, it likely won’t matter anyway. A certain person isn’t that computer literate to really worry about it (I am the geek in the family).

  138. Lynda Says:

    Dear friends,

    The last time I was in North America, it was still possible to get homoeopathics. Arsenicum album 200C will neutralize aluminium oxide and so will sodium or natrum chlorate 30C. Note these are the energies of these compounds, not the compounds themselves. Silver is a good one for the gram negatives, the energy of silver (Argent-met 1M) will clear that also the viral load. Also, Diamond immersion – Diamond 1M will clear viral load as well.

    I think Sept 11, 09 kicked off the countdown to Nibiru. The Elite plan to survive it, but they want as much depopulation as they can achieve before it comes. The knowledge of Nibiru is very ancient, but exactly when it will have its parahelion transit may still not exactly known, as far as I can tell.

    It looks like they coded their psy-ops into Nibiru’s official name which is CHA (from Chandra Observatory) CHA110913773444. They are tracking it.

    So Sept 11 or Nov 9 2013 is when they expect it. 7/7 is the date of one of their psy-ops (the Madrid bombing I think). I guess we will have to wait and see about 444. These psy-ops are just the cover story for all their War of Terror and other depopulation strategies the Satan worshipers (the Elite) want to unleash on the world. The more offerings to Satan they have made by their activities, the more assured they are of being one of the ones to survive the transit. Lots of competition for sacrifices in the feeding frenzy at the top of the food chain.

    This is not an advisory to head for the caves of the mountains, those who own the world also have the caves of the mountains that are deep enough.

    Those who love God (the saints) have told us what we must do in the three days of darkness, an event I have come to associate with the Nibiruan transit.

    Those who trust in God and the providence of God are always ready to go home by whatever means he wills. Our times are always in his hands. Today is the only day we have; the only day anyone will ever have. Live it well, my friends. Live it in faith. Live it in charity and hope. The Synagogue of Satan has no promise to inherit the earth.

    The Nibiru crossing is just a celestial event in a universe filled with awesome events.

  139. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh no, not somebody else you believes in this ‘Nibiru’ stuff (groan)!

    Lynda, while some of what you say is very true, and I also believe that those powerful people who control the world are satanists, and that God is still in control.

    But I seriously believe that anybody who believes this crazy planet Nibiru is coming back soon is having a problem.

    Are you Dude, posting from a different computer? It appears that your avatar is connected to your web address. So, if you post from a different one (as in from the office instead of your home), you would get a different one, and it is easy to change your name.

  140. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:


    Welcome to debate & discussion;
    Thank U 4 sharing your Truth, as U know it.
    Most appreciative of practical suggestions on how to improve immunity & remove aluminum oxide….. will check it out…. i know of alternative holistic body purification is real…. will have to study up on such.
    Thank U for focus on living one day at a time, using our life productively & not in mind/spiritual saping arguments with fools:

    At this time despite multiple versions with mis-interpretations & translational contentions w the Christian Bible the “old” & “new” (scriptures can not counter diction each other; “old is the new concealed” & “new is the old revealed”) the TRUTH still comes through on the most important subject of LOVE ( except the marriage issue, as there R the very conservative/orthodox “till death do U part” & more liberal interpretation “divorce is ok in certain conditions”) …. the Messiah has his hand full on this one!

    Thank U FOUNDING FATHER 1776…. for good advice of simply MOVING ON to share the TRUTH with those who will listen & willing to learn new stuff…. to be persistent & not stopping when discouraged by negativity…. take a rest at times, get away from the negative, take a break & go for a walk/bath/bible contemplation like Proverbs Corinthians on LOVE sections; Give thanks to GOD 4 whatever is good & forgive the evil & ugly from others;

    REMEMBER THE FIRE GOES OUT WHEN I NO LONGER PUT ANYMORE WOOD ON THE FIRE! of course my emotional side likes to stoke the fire & i can set the whole world on fire with my tongue… if i choose to do so.

    There is soooooo much information to research, sooooo many poor translations & then there is my human mind it is soooooo small in knowledge (not even a grain of sand on the beach) compared to the infinite knowledge of GOD….. and soooo often i find i have misinterpreted such info given 2 me

    Although i am most skeptical of the “Nibiruans theory/story” ; really know little of the theory, evidence 4 such & many different “Naming of such”; however ALL over the world in ancient records there R descriptions of such concepts….. including our Jewish & Christian Scriptures; since the Tower of Babble ALL future language was divided into thousands of languages….

    Christian version of “speaking in tongues” varies from
    (1Co12:30; 14:5,13,27,28)

    1. disorderly out of order (according to scripture) all babbling/making all kinds of vocal noise/music at once in a group of believers.

    2. very orderly in a group of believers….. as when one person makes verbal noise/music/language….. then another person who has the gift of that language will translate to others; in my opinion not everyone is to be “speaking in toungs at once” which to me is noise.

    However ALL (1 & 2) believe that they R communing/talking w or conveying HIS/God TRUTH; my opinion as to what is correct….. only GOD knows what is correct…… that is why the Messiah said when he comes back he will interpret/clarify “every jot & tittle”…. in the mean time we have to do as best as we can to intemperate the written translated WORD….. i find that even with our misunderstandings of “THE WORD”, we R guided according to our surrender to HIM.

    “religious perspective”, i am “anti-religion” in belief…… according to Jesus/Yeshua(Hebrew original name)…. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD; “NEITHER GENTILE nor JEW” (Muslim, Buddhas, Agnostic, what ever) does this mean that we R ALL partial wrong & partially right when we “choose or become a member of a particular RELIGION”?…. in any case i side with the just ONE GOD……. by DEFINITION this becomes a RELIGION>>>> no wonder the Messiah is coming back to set the story straight!

    Interesting that in the scriptures there is reference to the “Angles who had sexual relations w the women of earth”…… R these “Nibiruans” the disobedian angles that the Bible/old/new = Scriptures R making reference 2?

    MY QUESTION centers around;

    So what it will be such & such a time?


    Why should i read/study it when i find ALL kinds of truth in the bibles i now read?


  141. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Chem Trail report;
    report from another “crazy” kinda guy

    Most CONCERNED ON NEW TECHNIQUES OF SPRAYING… VERY HARD TO IDENTIFY AS CT…. VERY FEW CT no longer checkerboard pattern out here…. very stealthy now.


    who do U know in other parts of the country or the world who can report on what they see?

    Southern Calif; Riverside/SBdo/Ontario
    Very slight haze; normal clouds also….. however occasional ctrail over the mountains & it disperses faster than normal & disappears into the haze…..

    From the SW Riverside/Orange County/San Diego…. looks like almost normal Sirius clouds however in a broken pattern, straight line, very hard to identify as ct clouds…. the broken st line gives them away.

  142. Celline Says:

    yes, new techniques, all day.. looked like Cirrus clouds but in reality.. they are what I call “oatmeal with tails ” came in from SW.. lingered all day, I feel ill because of screaming headaches.Keep postphoning my trip, cause of it. Looking east it’s veiled.. dirty looking, no it’s not smog.
    Usually the view to East is crystal clear.
    No reply to any of my e mails about the chems, stonewalled.
    @dude, give it a rest, you are dealing w. people who do their homework.
    For your sake, please, get out of the occult, because that’s what u are into. Heavy ” persecution” here too, because I “see stuff” that doesen’t exist !I never see planes anymore, I think they are doing “it” over the pacific and let it drift inland. The culprits, I assume, in our case.. is LAX.

  143. Ursa Major Says:

    I just managed to catch pictures of planes putting down trails this morning, after dropping my youngest off at school. This time I had my camera with me, fortunately. Four planes going at once, putting down the trails.

    But they had been spraying for a while, because there were ‘clouds’ everywhere already. Some still identifiable as chemtrails, but most were not, unless you knew they didn’t really look like real clouds.

    I kept stopping and taking pictures on my way home, took some from my driveway, then went upstairs and took a lot out of one of the upstairs windows (moving the screen out of the way). I took pictures every minute or so. It took a VERY short time before those obvious chemtrails turned into what most people would just consider cloudcover for the one set, and mist for the other.

    Usually now within ten minutes or so, you don’t have to bother showing them to anybody who doesn’t already understand. It is frustrating. I am on guard all day, running outside every time I see a chemtrail, because there is no time to lose in taking pictures (definitely ‘crazy’ behaviour, right?).

    It was windy, and thankfully, by 3:00 in the afternoon, we had a cloudless blue sky. Not even that awful haze was left. Of course, I don’t expect that nice blue sky to last.

    I am going to post pictures on my skydrive tomorrow. I am going to sort them into folders of something like “The development of thick cloudcover from chemtrails” and “Development of a cloudy haze out of two chemtrails” for the other. And then the pictures, taken in one or two minute intervals, so you can see how fast and complete the transformation is these days. They are getting too smart.

  144. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a link to the pictures I took today. While today all through the day they created a haze all across the sky by putting lines here and there, they did a major operation tonight. http://cid-f399739f694ae2de.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/May%2021st,%202009

    My husband SAW those trails, and I showed him my pictures, and he went downstairs to his laptop and sent me this article as an answer to me showing him those atrocious chemtrails. It is not possible to win with him, because he has made up his mind to believe our government is a GOOD government, who couldn’t possibly allow evil, and you better not confuse him with the facts.

    Here is the article:

    “Six Reasons why “Chemtrails” are a Hoax
    I first heard about “chemtrails” about five years ago, from an individual on a pre-Y2k preparedness forum. About six months later, I logged onto one of the chemtrail forums, and followed many links, evaluating both pro-chemtrail and anti-chemtrail research. I have also talked to many people about these phenomena, including meteorologists, commercial airplane pilots/crew, and other aerospace engineers with direct experience with large fixed-wing aircraft. I came to conclusions that I would like to discuss below; but first, I’d like to tell you about me, because it may (or may not) give you some insights as to why I believe what I do.

    First, I want to emphasize that I do not speak for, or act as an agent for, my employer, The Boeing Company, in any way, shape, or form. My views are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect the views on anyone else at Boeing. As a matter of fact, I doubt if most of my colleagues have even heard of chemtrails. However, with thirty years in the aerospace/defense business, experience as a pilot (small aircraft only) and a habit of reading a lot, I hope that my views have something to back them up. Okay, here’s my read on the view that some contrails are more than normal jet engine exhaust:

    It’s completely bogus. The idea that long-lasting contrails are anything other than normal contrails, in my belief, fails on six counts:

    1. The existence of a huge and sinister plot is completely lacking in evidence.

    2. The logistics of a massive spraying program would be an order of magnitude higher than the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Moon Landing, or the Vietnam War — and simply could not be hidden from any oversight.

    3. There is no evidence whatsoever of aircraft modified to perform some of the spraying methodologies that are proposed.

    4. Anecdotal “evidence” of any illnesses caused by contrails is not backed up by any reliable data (and is actually contradicted by others).

    5. There has never been any evidence of anyone collecting some of this “chemtrail” material in situ, having it tested by any reputable laboratory, and presented to anyone.

    6. Every characteristic of chemtrails can be just as logically and rationally explained by normal contrails under normal (but differentiating) atmospheric conditions.

    Now let’s look at those counts in a bit more detail.

    (1) The existence of a huge and sinister plot is completely lacking in evidence. The President; Congress; SecDef; Director of the FAA; the entire command structure of the various armed services; every military man or woman who flies, maintains, fuels, and overhauls aircraft; every commercial pilot and crew member; every meteorologist; and every aerospace engineer who builds, sells, modifies, or maintains the entire fleet of worldwide commercial aircraft comprise a group of about half a million people. Every one of them would have to be in on the plot. And in the X number of years that this “chemtrail” stuff has been going on, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM has come out and said anything about it! What is the chance of a plot that requires the help of a half-million people being secret for more than six milliseconds? Zero.
    As a matter of fact, there is no evidence of any sort of plot of any kind by the Bilderbergers, Illuminati, International Zionists, CFR, NWO, the International House of Pancakes, or anyone else.

    Is our government corrupt and immoral? I believe so. Is the UN controlled by a bunch of socialist third-world losers with their hands out for the US to feed them and fight their wars for them? I think so, too. But that does NOT mean that they are heading a huge, secret, centuries-old plot to have the Black Helicopters Manned By Crack Bolivian Troops In Blue Berets Haul Us Off To The Secret Concentration Camps In Roachspit, Texas Where We Will Be Forced To Knit UN Flags And Eat Ebola-Burgers. It just means that they’re crooks! So what else is new?

    (2) The logistics of a massive spraying program. In order to have the massive worldwide spraying that the chemtrail-protagonists talk about would require thousands of aircraft, flying 24/7 shifts, with the additional support infrastructure, a bazillion pilots and ground crew, and the combined efforts of every employee at Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and even Airbus Industrie. It isn’t there.

    (3) There is no evidence whatsoever of aircraft modified to perform some of the spraying methodologies that are proposed. The only things I have ever seen on an aircraft that shoot things out (besides the engine exhaust) is the toilet and the fuel dump orifices, often at the wing tip. If the aircraft are squirting chemicals out of the fuel dump nozzles, what’s in the fuel tanks? Poisonous chemicals? Huh-uh. (One exception to this is a military version of a civilian aircraft called TACAMO, a Navy variant of the AWACS aircraft. It has these oddball nozzles near the base of the wings. But they’re still fuel-dump nozzles; they’ve merely been moved inboard because the TACAMO has reconnaissance pods at the wingtips, and they don’t want to jettison JP-8 over the million-dollar electronics.)

    Bear in mind that you don’t just strap in a couple of big tanks and poke the nozzles out through the aircraft fuselage. There are VERY stringent engineering details to be worked out regarding structural integrity, movable center of gravity, environmental protection for the crew and poison-loaders, etc. Almost all major mods to an aircraft are done under subsequent contract to the original builder. Since no one at Boeing knows anything about such mods (and I’ve asked around) this means it either wasn’t done, or everyone else (but me) in the company is in on the secret. Huh-uh.

    (4) Anecdotal “evidence” of any illnesses caused by contrails is not backed up. One of the hypotheses of “chemtrails” is that they’re toxic/infectious/bad juju. Various people report that they came down with flu-like symptoms after a heavy “spray day”. As someone who does a lot of travel (domestic and international), I’ve flown out of a lot of airports and through a lot of other aircraft’s contrails over the past five years.
    If the poison-chemtrail hypothesis had any merit, there would be tons of sick passengers crawling off the 0900 shuttle to LAX; I’ve never seen ’em, nor has anyone I’ve talked with. If there is some weird residue in the contrails other than water with traces of JP-8, you’d see aircraft taxiing into the concourse with some sort of crud over the leading edges. I’ve never seen any of that, nor has anyone I’ve talked with.
    One possible explanation for those flu-like symptoms? Flu. There’s tons of it going around, and it’s been that way since 1918.

    (5) There has never been any evidence of anyone collecting some of this “chemtrail” material in situ, having it tested by any reputable laboratory, and presented to anyone. With all the interest in this crud, why hasn’t anyone ever flown up to a “chemtrail”, sampled some of the stuff, and brought it back to a reputable lab for test and reported on it?

    One site purporting to talk about a laboratory testing a sample told how some individual scraped “something” off the side of a house, and sent it to one of the chemtrail protagonists. This individual sent it to a laboratory where he says they reported it had some bacteria in it. But then the individual says the lab “changed its mind” and said there was nothing wrong. Not only that, but our friend said he would not tell us the name of either the lab or the investigator because of … of… something or other. That sure raises a credibility issue to me! Another researcher says he has the information, but he wants to be “compensated” for all the work he’s put in before he tells us his tale. Puh-leez!

    If there were just one case of someone with any credibility collecting some of this junk before it falls to the earth and gets worms on it, then sends it to a lab where objective individuals can review it under open conditions and publish their findings, that might lend a bit more credence to the whole chemtrail business. I’m waiting, but I don’t think I’ll skip dinner.

    (6) Every characteristic of chemtrails can be just as logically and rationally explained by normal contrails under normal (but differentiating) atmospheric conditions.

    But first, let�s take a minute and discuss what contrails are, anyway.

    Contrails happen when the water vapor from the jet�s exhaust freezes into an ice cloud. If the temperature is at or below �40 degrees and the relative humidity is at a hundred percent or greater, then the ice cloud will stay frozen, and even act as a nucleus for other ice clouds to form around. This is why sometimes a contrail will �spread� to form larger clouds. If you have enough aircraft flying and making contrails, and the atmospheric conditions at that altitude are �proper� for contrail formation and persistence, then you can have the entire sky covered with thin clouds.

    If the temperature is above minus forty degrees or less than 100% relative humidity, then the ice crystals will sublime (turn back into gas without going through a liquid phase, like dry ice) in about a minute or less and the contrails will disappear.

    This increased cloud cover, by the way, can have serious long-term effects, when you think about it. More cloud cover means cooler days (because the clouds block the sunlight coming in during the day) and warmer nights (because the clouds block the heat radiating out into space at night). This �diurnal temperature delta� or the difference between day and night temperatures, could have some long-term effects, because most plants and animals in a particular environment have adapted to a temperature difference of so many degrees. When this figure is left, the plants and animals might not be able to thrive.

    So when you put it this way, contrails can have a possible bad effect on the environment. But that�s not what the chemtrail-believers are talking about.

    Now to the �weird chemtrails�:

    �Dashed� contrails? Sometimes you�ll see contrails that start and stop, just like dashed lines. Some Chemtrail-believers say that such things are �proof� of chemtrails, because the start and stop contrails are the result of the �spray nozzles� getting stuck or something.

    Now does it seem kind of odd to you that a powerful gang running secret plot which includes a million people can�t seem to be able to keep a simple on-off nozzle working? Actually, the reasons that you have start-and-stop contrails is because the atmosphere is not constant and smooth; it�s very turbulent (which is why we have clouds and wind). It�s pretty common to have one spot at, say, 35,000 feet where the temperature/humidity is at �40/100%, yet only a quarter mile away, the temperature�s a degree or so higher, or the humidity is a percentage point less. That�s enough to stop the contrail from persisting. And believe me, an aircraft flying at 550 miles per hour covers that quarter mile in just a couple of seconds!

    Circular contrails? Often, an airport may be backed up and the air traffic control folks might �stack up� aircraft in a circular holding pattern for a half-hour (or even longer). If that plane�s flying in a circle at the proper temperature/humidity profile, you�ll see circular contrails.

    Two �side-by-side� contrails, one that dissipates in a matter of minutes, and the other which persists for hours? The chances are that they�re not side-by-side, but one is a thousand feet or more higher than another. When you�re looking at aircraft at a cruising altitude, you simply can�t tell which aircraft is closer. You have no frame of reference except the sky, and besides six miles high is just too far for us to have any kind of depth perception at all.

    �Tic-tac-toe� contrails? No matter where you live in the continental United States, you are probably within view of at least one North-South and one East-West air corridor. So you might be seeing three aircraft on the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth to LAX (Los Angeles International) corridor and four from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Seattle-Tacoma International corridor. These flights could be five minutes and two thousand feet apart, but if they�re high enough, you�ll see seven lines crossing � just like a tic-tac-toe. (you probably won�t see any X�s or O�s, though).


    So why the big deal with “Chemtrails”? I think there’re popular on the boards for several reasons.

    1. Conspiracies are fun! If you think you know what they’re REALLY doing, maybe it makes you feel more powerful and on the “inside”. Only the “sheeple” believe all the government lies, where WE know better. You remember the sheeple, of course — they were those poor fools who believed that Y2K was going to be, at worse, a bump in the road. Shows how dumb they were, right?

    2. Most chemtrail conspiracy theorists simply don’t know much about things that would help them to disbelieve such hypotheses: stuff like engineering, meteorology, government procurement, military force structure, etc. But most importantly, the most of these individuals simply don’t understand how scientific investigation and research works. They confuse opinion with facts, equate hypotheses with theories, do not reason logically, engage in ad hominem arguments, cannot or will not read peer-reviewed journals — the list goes on and on.

    Maybe I shouldn’t get so exercised about the whole chemtrail business. In a way, it’s like the belief in the Easter Bunny — it keeps the folks happy; and as long as they don’t try to shoot down a “chemtrail” plane, or assassinate or otherwise harass people who disagree with them, they’re harmless.

    But there are so many important things in the world that I consider a real priority — Government intrusion into our lives, a nutburg foreign and domestic policy, the chance that a natural disaster may justify all those old Y2K preps, the pollution of our atmosphere and destruction of our environment by hydrocarbon burning — that I hate to think that well-meaning but naive people on these and other forums are wasting their time on what is no more than a silly and cruel hoax. “

  145. Raila Odinga Says:

    I planned to ask why hasn’t anybody ever talked to commercial pilots about these chemtrails? Afterall, I see them zipping thru the sky all the time at different altitudes and different speeds. These pilots must know that other plane’s contrails just don’t seem right when viewed from above or below.

  146. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    U, thanks for sharing how the CIA types create miss information; this is an excellent example of truth mixed with distortions, put down words to discredit the actual facts & extensive research of informed scientist, discovery of the few who know the TRUTH.(it is good to keep the enemy close 2 us & in order to know how they work at destroying TRUTH)

    These types of non believers (r easy deceived by misinformation from the CIA types; who disseminate miss info to discredit the TRUTH); must not believe that governments do research in total secret, using trillions of $$$ from tax payers or borrow it from the central banks/just print money at will; this type of person is ignorant that the governments has many undercover operations that use the words “TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED”……

    Yes there R thousands working on “TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED PROJECTS”……. 20-40 years later the public discovers that ALL kinds of cover up & CIA misinformation & lies were given to Congress & even the Congress of the USA was deceived also…. so your husband is in good company…. is he a Congressman? ….

    1953-1982…. it took >30yrs for a bunch of “crazy'” scientist & citizens to convince a judge (like your husband) to finally determin that the Government agencies were lying & covering up a radioactive fallout conspiracy created by the USA Gov…..

    besides 4,500 dead animals (sheep & wild animals) of course thousands of people died from “normal” flu/pneumonia & cancer years later (they did not just all at once got sick …. takes years for barium & aluminum oxides to make U sick or mental incompetent w Alzheimer)

    Judge A Sherman Christensen ruling after 30 years of investigation by the brightest “scientific & public joe average citizen crazies”

    Colonel O G Haywood; re Pentagon Documents(40-50’s) code name “BRAVO”; “documents classified “SECRET””;
    USA GOV cover up of Radiation experiments on un-suspecting military personnel, USA citizens & people of other nations.

    “the US Gov used human soldiers & citizens as guinea pigs in radiation experiments & deliberate deception & cover up of its misguided citizens & military personal in nuclear weapon development & radiation research.”

    80’s The CIA “Black Ops” sold cocaine on the streets on LA & Oakland Calif. trading military weapons for cocaine in order to support the war in Nicaragua. …. look up LA Times articles & David Morales mid 90’s…. of course the “nut cases/crazies” who researched & created the documentary “CLINTON CHRONICLES”

    Rep George Miller (D-Calif)
    Declared that “WE HAVE DELIBERATELY KEPT INFORMATION FROM THE USA CITIZENS, ISLANDERS & THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD”the truth of how the Military/CIA/Gov experimented with radiation on real live unsuspecting men, women & children!



    John F. Kennedy speech 1961 secret society (he must be nuts/crazy too)

    CIA Edgewood Arsenal conducted secret studies 1959-75
    CIA atomic radiation cover up of dangers of radiation to humans

    Good news your husband is into this to oppose U as it is good for U to learn how the brainwashed/deceived are given logical sounding misinformation.

    Now with out frustration U can logically deal with his logic…. don’t argue w him….. simply get logical intelligent articles send to his emial or deliver a copy of written info…. he just may read it when U r not around, his ego/pride will not allow him to acknowledge U might have correct news.

  147. Ursa Major Says:

    Raila, my husband HAS asked a commercial pilot, who told him those are just contrails, and pretty much his explanation was similar to what the article said, that I quoted above. I am sure that is the explanation they are given, and they have to believe it or else.

    Mr. Truth, thank you for your suggestions. Of course, I HAVE tried sending my husband factual articles as well. I did that with 9/11. Every time I sent one, he would then find one by somebody else to ‘refute’ mine. And the ones he sent me were often so pathetic and OBVIOUSLY not true, that I finally gave up. He is determined to believe the lies, no matter what. He won’t even believe his own eyes.

    No, he is not a politician (even though he was involved in politics many times). He is just somebody who is prone to being brainwashed (as he has been completely brainwashed before, for 22 of his 53 years), and who will simply not believe that our governments would do such a thing.

    He LOVED Bush, was convinced he was a born-again Christian. If somebody can successfully convince him that he is a Christian, then he can’t possibly do anything bad. Obama isn’t as convincing as a Christian. Because he is so obviously not only for abortion, but infanticide as well, my husband actually, after I sent him a ton of information, believes that he is pretending to be a Christian.

    Did you look at my new pictures? He looked at that sky, and THEN sent me the above article. It is unbelievable.

    I am just hearing on the news, that they are saying we have something between an ‘overcast sky and hazy sunshine’. Today we again, have ‘a mixture of sun and clouds’, partly cloudy’ “partly sunny” and “cloudy periods” “variable cloudiness” and “mainly clear”.

    And the sky is covered in obvious ‘non-clouds’ with the sun getting through every few minutes. They must have been spraying all night after I went to bed last night.

  148. Dr. Mad Scientist Says:


    For a joke, before dinner or after take him jogging or for long walks, holing his hand after you spot intense chemtrail spraying. Encourage him to breath in deeply, expand his lung capacity! (make sure you wear a mask outside; this will surly identify you as crazy)

    If he refused to go out side, open all the windows; turn several fans on, directing the outside air into the house (again keep your filter mask on).

    Just legally allow the stupid SOB to kill himself, if he wishes to believe the doctors & scientist! Agree with his beliefs, & what he says with regards to scientist, doctors & the likes, why change him?
    Let him take his own life, this will keep you out of jail!

    Take out a big life insurance policy out on him, encourage him to think of the children, or who ever he would like to benefit if God calls him back…. let him trust in the LORD….. be loving him to death, be kind to him, the life insuranc policy a great investment! Better than Las Vegas or the lottery odds.

    Why bother with useless feeder types? Ignorance & stupidity need to be eliminated! Move on to those who have not had a frontal lobotomy by the mass mis-information, those consumed & obsessed with sports, pornography, mindless TV shows, drugs & alcohol.

    Hitler, Prescott Bush, Stalin, Franco, Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Mussolini, Mow Tes-tung, Pole Pot, Camer Rouge, CIA demented “Black Ops” types & others throughout history have a secret plan for usless feeders, called Eugenics!

    Perhaps Jesus would give him a chance 1st, you can “love him to death later”.

    Hubby should google EUGENICS
    “Black Pope”-“Secret Societies” -” Vatican Assassins by Erick Phelps” (perhaps hubby will consider a good-excellent Christian, of the most “bizarre/crazy” Baptist faith. The best researched & documented book on history Vatican & “conspiracies” by the not so secret societies)

    Hitlers financial supporters & the likes have “CLASSIFIED” “TOP SECRET PLANS” for usless feeders as Henry Kissinger has alledgedly said of them.

    In the mean time you can count on his early death, help him along to an early grave (cremate him & fertilize your organic garden with the ashes); make sure to do it legally & with the FDA BLESSING & SCIENTIFICALLY- MEDICAL approval by a licensed Doctor/MD! Make sure he sees that you are cooking different foods for your friends, kids & yourself & not using the following.

    LEGAL METHODS OF MURDER…. oops i mean TREATMENTS that are scientifically & medically approved to CURE you or provide nutrition; treated & finally cured with death.

    Encourage him to have 2nds & 3rd helping of FDA approved foods. Make sure you have the Doctor treat him with only the FDA pharmaceutical medicines; epically get him vaccinated with the flu shots from Baxter Pharmaceuticals; Make sure his vaccinations are up to date, check if they have Thimersal (mercury containing compound) that is used as a preservative/anti-bacterial) this is known to cause Autism, ADD, neurological damage perhaps Alzheimer’s & other “normal”diseases/illness.

    Make sure you feed him lots of man engineered artificial foods; margin & partially-hydrogenated oil, including man altered processed Canadian Oil from piousness rapp seed known as Canola Oil; feed him lots of fast foods; make sure that “natural kinda of substances” anything w dye color (especially dye made from dead dinosaur dung ie coal based dyes.

    Diet- anything is great with artificial man made engineered sugar snacks; have him drinking lots of Fluoridated (at least 8 times of 6-8 oz = 48-64 oz/day) & if he is suspicious then use purified reverse osmosis water which does not remove medication/drugs found in some city water supplies, especially the Colorado River below Las Vegas as they dump treated sewer water that has no real bacteria/viruses they say; however they do not remove all the excreted medications & hormones from the treated sewer water; (only true spring or uncontaminated untreated well water is safe).

    Make sure he used fluoridated tooth paste; find the best smelling body deodorant with Aluminum to keep him extra dry; make sure U cook his food in aluminum or no stick Teflon coated pans, cheap cast iron skillets from China r ok…. don’t use safer Old time American skillets R better have iron which is good 4 us & never cook food 4 him in stainless steel or glass;

    Microwave his food in plastic containers; serve his food & cofee in plastic lined containers/cups; give him frequent baths & showers or hot tubs with city floridated, chlorinated water; make sure the soap/shampoo has sodium laureth sulfate in it.

    Buy the cheapest foods in general, epically pesticide/herbicide exposed foods; feed him lots of beef, pig, chicken & fish/shell fish that has been farmed raised with antibiotics/growth hormones/dye colored kinda foods; Never give him “organic foods” or vitamins from nature, if you must give him vitamins use the cheapest man made types from Wall-Mart & the likes.
    (understand that many “wild” fish R contaminated with mercury, that will help him go crazy with Alzheimer) Warning it might take too long for you, and its a real bother with these sickos they live too long.)

    When he starts to show signs of sickness make sure you rush him to the doctor for the FDA approved medications created by the pharmaceutical industry; most likely some hospital staff member will over medicate him or use some contaminated medical instrument to give him something that might shorten his life.

    In due time you will be free in Jesus to marry again. I am sure there are other men who have wives that are like your husband too. Once these unless feeders types are removed, oops cured all the better(lol). in

    In reality it is better to enter into prayer we really must place husbands/wives/family/friend/enemies on the alter of THE ONE & ONLY LORD OF ALL, that GOD will change them & open their eyes.

    Be kind to the blinded ones, continue to inform those who will consider such “craziness” & consider that maybe there are at least two persons involved in a conspiracy (that all it takes for a “conspiracy”). Those who know can be forewarned by the angles (angles) like Lot was in Sodom & Gamora; possible survival if guided by the Lord &/or will be taken home to be with the Lord if it is HIS perfect will.

  149. Celline Says:

    @Uschi, if I would take pics of our sky today ( or any other day ) it would look exactly like yours, absolutely no diff….
    It is sickening. I also did ask a professional pilot ( husband of a girlfriend ) who said:” No clue, this must be contrails !”
    The Truth is told them on a ” Need to know” basis.. so the little guy really does not know. The ones who do know.. are threatened, God know what with. Just one thing I can’t explain : The culprit’s families, are breathing that crap too, So aren’t they endangering their own families??
    And.. there were live pics out of Washington DC today on Fox , and.. the Washington skies were full of the same stuff. So… does H Obama allow HIS family to breathe it ? That just is the even greater mystery to me. Or.. do the real imprtant peops ( Illuminati ) get some type of immunization, or what ? Does anyone have a clue how that works?
    Have fun this weekend.. as much as u can.. that is.

  150. Celline Says:

    @ Mad Scientist : LOLOL… haha, do I detect a bit of real viciousness, and then.. the Lord taps u on the shoulder and sais”Hey hey dear son, remember now that u must forgive or you will not be forgiven “.. and then u see the need to get your anger under control. plus a little Fear.. and “flix” you go and do a little tempering and modifying your unkind thoughts ( about U’s husband ) and you recommand prayer, unconditional love, etc… so God doesen’t get mad at you ;o) ????
    Well. I will tell you, I have the very same problem, I tackle that one daily.
    You are in good company.

  151. Ursa Major Says:

    Dr. Mad Scientist, since I am a Christian (not a fanatical religious type like my husband, though), I obviously can’t do stuff like that, even if it is tempting.

    I actually have convinced him that vaccines are bad a long time ago, and he believes in natural health solutions and good, wholesome food. Even though he thinks lots of grains are good for you, and still believes the nonsense about animal fat being unhealthy, of the most part he wouldn’t eat junk.

    So, giving him the flu shot won’t work. Plus, if he gets the flu shot more than five times in a row, his chance of getting Alzheimers would be increased by 50% (that has been proven in several good studies), and then who will have to look after him when he is truly insane? No thanks.

    He knows the difference between natural and chemical vitamins, because when it pleases him, he WILL listen to me.

    He thinks I am a fantastic researcher…… whenever he asks me to research something for him and find all kinds of stuff.

    But when I find in my research things he doesn’t like, I am crazy and ‘spend too much time on the computer’, because that is detrimental to my mind.

    You can’t win with him, it is simply not possible. I have believed for years that HE is the one who is mentally ill.

    Anyway, I need to go, will be away until Sunday afternoon.

  152. Dr. Mad Scientist Says:

    Good two know you are pro-life, sounds like you really love him.
    Sounds like he does listen to you at times.

    It took over 30-40 years for that Judge & Congress in Truths report listed above, to believe & discovered all the CIA & USA Atomic Commission cover ups.

    Another document factual deception cover up, that was over 30 years did they lie to Congress about the Tuskegee Study allowing blacks to die & become mental destroyed from syphilis (1930’s until Congress went from ignorance & denial to the truth of what happened mid 70s I think)

    Sounds like your are doing the right thing with your husband maybe he will understand and learn over the next 30 years or so when it is uncovered as true in the future.

  153. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Anyone going to DESERT HOT SPRINGS Calif?
    Miracle Spa or 3-Bunch Palms? great places to get in hot mineral waters…. before it is way to hot, almost there now…. but still ok before June-Oct furnace is full blown hot

  154. Celline Says:

    @Truth, yes, I go there sometimes.Lately though.. I like Borrego Springs and go there a lot. Never seen any chems there, either.

  155. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Ms C bpregp springs what there, why go?

  156. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Borrego springs why go to this location? Whats good about it?

  157. Celline Says:

    @Truth: Fantastic landscape, fantastic trails, always fabulous weather, and a POOL at the hotel for swimming all night.
    It’s an awesomely gorgeous place, and the way to get there.. only the natives know the shortcut ;o) And certain times of the year.. the deset-blooming, OMG.. it’s beautiful there !

  158. Celline Says:

    * Desert.. geez, can’t spell tonite.
    Our skies were absolutely horrible all day, oatmeal w. tails
    and streaks, and the weatherman lying thru his teeth saying :” Ah Gee the Monsoons are here already.. look at those beautiful clouds”.. well.. I almost smashed the TV.. but then.. a new one would have been expensive, so I restrained myself, but boy, was it hard…

  159. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    C, looks normal in South towards Inland Empire, Temecula; NW towards Ontario & E LA County; & SEast towards Banning/Palm Springs;
    mostly normal smog & perhaps a light haze from transparent/cant’ see any ctrails N-E-W or South….. 40-50 visibility. going on 2nd or 3rd day looks normal…. no ctrails like U shared

  160. Celline Says:

    @All of you: At the top of this Blog.. did someone ” fiddle” w. it ?
    Huge empty spaces.. as if someone deleted stuff… please.. can anyone explain? Something’s going on.. @Founding : Did you do this?
    @Truth : Have u visited all those new casinos east of SD ?
    Sometimes they have real great shows too.
    One. a new one.. is on the way to Borrego even 😉
    I hope our blog stays, it’s such a good one, w. nice, smart people..

  161. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    BOREGO, is it chlorine free, real/hot mineral water?… use to live at Murrietta Hots Springs Resort just before it became Calivary Bible College w Chuck Smith leader… very spoiled by such, very healing waters.

  162. Celline Says:

    @Truth, but here, way at the ocean.. it streamed in all day, just as I discribed, I surely did not make it up !!!!
    Yes. to the East.. it was clear all day.. and there is a fire somewhere.
    But, we had chems.. hugely , all day !
    Carlsbad/Oceanside/Vista, LaJolla area.. just terrible.
    By the way.. I apologize for the ” empty spaces “I noticed, it was my computer..

  163. Celline Says:

    @Truth : No, not healing mineral water.. just an ordinary pool BUT, I have not checked out other hotels, they very well might have this.. must check that out !

  164. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Going to Gladstones near Malibu tomorrow, will check out the ctrails over Pacific… interesting change of spraying patterns…. wonder why they r more stealthy in Southern Calif? i


    One asked why Congress &/or Obama in DC would allow their families to be exposed to this stuff;
    Have family in DC(district of criminals) has not seen ctrails over Capital/Pentagon or surrounding area >100 mile…. i am not sure they know what to look 4 & may not recognize what a real ctrail is.

    I suspect that 99% of Congress & or Obama, are misinformed; barium & aluminum oxide r documented, i doubt that there is a remedy for this metal poising that causes immunity suppression & physical illness; perhaps they may have a cleansing “cure” for such, there r known heavy mental detoxification treatments;

    Biological elements/vectors they could have an anti-biotic/vaccine for such.

    Revelation suggests that 2/3 population destroyed, interesting that roughly 2/3 of world population is N of Equator;

    The 2 hemispheres have opposite air pattern rotation; at the equator is a semi buffer between the two separate air currents; if they “men in black” launch biological/chemical/radiation in the Norther Hemisphere it will most likely NOT contaminate the southern hemisphere….. in the ppast the criminals of Nazi Germany went South, ie Argentina…… recently the Bushes bought >90,000 acres( over the largest water aquifer in the world) in Paraguay near the USA military base WHY?

    This area of the world is most pristine & full of wild life, fresh uncontaminated waters & abundance of food/farmland…. not much reason to nuke this area!

    In the event of such biological/nuclear contamination go as far South of Equator as U can.

    Perhaps after contamination & massive death in NHemisphere they can use chemtrail spraying to clean up the contaminents…. perhaps the barium & aluminum oxides pre-sprayed all over the place will remain in the ground, perhaps it will be a latent agent for cleanup when other chemical/metals(s) r sprayed after the weapons of mass destruction r launched.

    Yes they have underground cities for survival of the chosen ones; can survive for years, & grow food also; all built on the tax payers moneys.

    Any thoughts/ truthful info on this?

  165. Celline Says:

    @Truth, YES ! am aware of all u said, and have been wondering about the Bushe’s purches down south.. exactly, your thoughts go side by side w. mine. You are the 1. person to express those thoughts.. that I know of. Til now, I felt alone w. all my thinking about it all.
    One thing: Australia has heavy chems !!!! That’s ” on the other side ”
    Yes, most Nazis went South.. but at Antarctica.. they have a stronghold called : NeuSchwabenland !!! There they are furthering the research on humans.. etc,I can’t even get myself to talk about it. So anyways.. they are North. As to the chems over DC.. I saw them on Fox News.. and it appeared to be right over the WhiteHouse. That’s the part that makes no sense.. all those Illuminati have family, kids etc.. and if all of them would have immunizations and other ” rituals” it would come out.. KIDS talk.. if no one else. So.. we have to keep researching, all my thoughts of trying to explain this thing.. are just my thoughts.
    Thing is.. meanwhile they are spraying us, and only God knows how long humanity will survive this sh…………t.
    That’s why I am not interested in anything political at all.. because.. if we are all dead or sick.. who gives a hoot.. who’s Prz.. Viceprez.. or whateverelse.
    This is what makes me so mad about my GF who is intensely involed w. politics.. and she tells me, not to worry about the chems.. calls me obsessed. Well heck.. why do I care about politics if I’m dead? Mad as H… is what I am!
    What we need is a solution to work towards. I feel that lettercampaigns is the only thing, that we can do.. and tell tell tell people.. even if they think u are nuts.. get out the word to :LOOK UP !!!
    We are fighting the tide, I know, cause no one listens.. or is in denial.
    I think, to start at:” How do their own not get ill.. and/or survive.. is the 1. thing we should find out. If They don’t get sick or die.. then we won’t either. This is the point my girlfriend in Germany keeps telling me: HOW do THEY survive ? ! And.. honestly, it is the most interesting point.. so whatever “They” do.. is what the rest of us should do..
    But.. I am yacking, and I don’t like long blogs, and here.. I myself just created one.. yuck..Another thing, anyone who knows a Celebrity.. George. C.. Demi Moore.. anyone anyone w. the ability to get to the Media.. anyone with a voice that would be heard.. should be approached.. and and asked to Help. I don’t know such a person, but eh.. maybe someone here does? If you do, approach them.. and ask them to speak up.
    Of course, we have our LordGod, and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. This.. I tell myself 100 times aday, or I could no longer live and be happy.. or even willing to go on..
    Enough, my English is not the Best, I hope I made my thoughts clear.. for whatever they are worth.. lets stick together, and PRAY.

  166. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Long blogs; A OK no one who has a short attention span will read such; one can’t get in depth without such. Again letter writting is ok… this has to include telephonic calls & talk with them in person & follow up with phone calls; with out sounding obsessed or fanatical!

    Congressman staff & assistance & sectaries have to develop rapport & become friends in order to trust what U say; must be backed up w sound scientific types of documentaries’ several good ones can be found such as what “Founding Father” has on this site…. compile pictures of the hardware on the planes;

    Several Government Scientist ie Germany & UK have admitted to “military” stuff…. several YouTube clips have weather men & recently Chanel 4 in LA had a short news clip…. this has to be put on dvd or be able to forward such excellent trailers.

    Australia is in major drought, to be expected with barium oxide…. seems to disrupt not only immunity system but water vapor clouds google the Australian drought & chemtrais spraying.

    Politics is most important as this is ALL about political factors, religious factors & spiritual warfare….. & U thought you came to planet earth for R & R?

    Now go to bed stop obsessing, good advice for me too(lol)
    God bless Shalom

  167. Celline Says:

    ok ;o)

  168. Celline Says:

    New observation: went to mall for hairappointment. Get out of my car, and am looking toward Penny’s, then my eyes turned to sky.
    It was blue blue blue, except, there is one little puffy ” cloud” ( I knew it was no cloud). For here.. clouds are atypical. I watched for a sec.. and slowly this ” cloud “vanished, but before it did.. 2 little white things ” exploded out of the old one.. and created 2 new little “clouds”..
    Then those began to dissapate, but just be4 they did.. little white dots came shooting out of them.. and build new little “clouds”.. this was ongoing, til I went inside Penny’s.
    When I came back outside, the scene had changed somewhat.Now I saw faint lines.. just 3 or 4.. that also faded, but before they did.. that made ” babies “.. more like new streaks. No plane in sight.. just out of nowhere this happened.. This was a new thing for me, I never saw anything like it.
    …. my ” report” for saturday, am curious what MrTruth is coming up with.

  169. Celline Says:

    .. ongoing it is:.Now, from the West, 100ds of those things are streaming in, not even one of them is a cloud. I watch them coming in from over the ocean.. and I see them , as they come inland… each one of them produces small ones.. who get HUGE. As I said earlier.. this is a 1.
    No plane is sight.. anywhere.
    “they” produced all this over the Pacific, I assume, where no one is watching, except maybe a cruise ship.. then it comes inland.. and produces more and more.. 1/2 of the skies now.. are covered.
    I wish I would have a good video camera..this would have been the most unreal stuff yet..
    I will buy one.. this just has to be documented.. I could kick myself for not having one..

  170. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    San Bernardino/Riverside, Orange County New Port Beach, to La X, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica to Malibu;

    No signs of ctrails; sky mostly blue, however very very light haze, no clouds haze look normal/smog like.

    Wonderful to see no activity

    Ms C where is your area…. San Diego?

  171. Celline Says:

    Yes.. San Diego.. and I surely was not dreaming, in fact I have an eyewitness.. I went back inside the store and asked my hairdresser to come and look.
    He said:’ Wow.. what the H….”? and it blew him away..
    So.. trust me, what I discribed, is exactly what WE saw !

  172. Mr. Truth Just Us 1776 Says:

    Perhaps matches description similar to “HAARP” reports?
    Check out the stuff on this, let us know if others have described such on reports w whats up w haarp.

    By the way Katrina is suspected to have been guided & given “steroids” by Haarp.
    Then the levies gave way…. perhaps deliberately.
    Then the military came in in black helicopters to rescue people, the TV stuff we saw looked like they had military/police in black… with guns… CIA reportedly kill > 10,000 looters…. never reported in main stream media.

    Looks like a land grab perhaps….just speculation…. do not know enough about such yet, will study stuff on this in the coming months.

  173. Celline Says:

    I have lived here 1/2 of my life, and we do not have clouds in may.. or june, or july, or august. we just don’t! All we have is morning and evening low clouds.. ( Vapor from the Pacific ) being pulled inland by the deserts heating up. That’s it, nothing else.
    Since my report of yesterday.. this very thing has been ongoing, nonstop. Weird feather”clouds” streaming in from the West.. nonstop
    Ever once in a while one of them.. will make a 2. and 3rd one.
    Why is no one blogging? If there’s no interest anymore, I will stop too.

  174. clark Says:

    Pretty good article. These things seem to be most everywhere. Here in Iowa, I have noticed them for a number of months now. Perfectly evenly spaced parallel lines back & forth for miles on end from horizon to horizon until they blanket the sky & turn the once blue sky into an all white haze. I did a 60mile trip once, they went further out than that. Whatever it is, it is on the corn, soy beans, cows & pigs etc… of the entire State as far as I can tell. No media outlet will acknowledge it, let alone discuss it. The few places online I do squeeze the subject in, it is always the same reply, they are just contrails. Or, the whole thread is deleted.

    I did a pretty lengthy write up on The Dr.’s website under Morgallons, but I doubt anyone will read it or take it seriously. There are a couple of independent researchers doing some work on the Morgallons/insect/nano-tech aspect of it, and possibly there has been a small breakthrough in treatment for some aspects of it.

    It is one thing to spray everyone & everything, it is quite another to do so in secrecy.

    Our leaders know this is going on.
    How can they not know?

    The only thing I can think of to do, is to stop supporting the system that supports them. Stop buying things. If they cannot collect taxes, the system falls. But it won’t work if only the 60,000 people who are affected are the only ones doing so.

    Otherwise, I never realized before how insignificant of a speck of dust I truly was until I started noticing those jets flying high in the sky overhead. Being powerless to stop an aggression such as this on yourself & your loved ones is a terrible feeling. Until the rest of the world realizes this is being done to me & mine & many others, by governments they support, I fear nothing will be done. It is no different than that video of the soccer fan who was beaten by the cops after running onto the field & the people rose up & stopped the injustice & ran the cops away. This is what needs to happen to those who fly these jets & command them to do so.

    Has the whole world gone insane?

  175. Celline Says:

    @Clark : Welcome to our blog, and your input.
    As u can read, we are discussing this subject indepth,
    and we are equally upset as you are.
    Please stay and keep talking w. us.. I personally feel,
    it is good to be able to talk about it, w. likeminded people.
    Hope to see u again soon 😉

  176. babette Says:

    Know what Bill, if you’re still around, I think you out of all these searching souls have hit the nail on the head.

    It is a game. We, all of us, are caught up in it. As long as we choose to play along we lose.

    Just finished my work shift. Tired. Had to tell you how much I appreciate your insights. I mean that.




  177. babette Says:

    Before I go to sleep, I must salute you and your husband with a great big “fuck off ” ’cause even as dead tired as I am I know an infiltatror when I smell one.

    Go to bed. And don’t come back.

    You guys leave an bad odor, so don’t come back. Now go.


  178. babette Says:

    I meant “Ursula Major” or what’s her/his face.

    Hate dose dumdoids.
    911TruthNOW (USrael}

  179. babette Says:

    If my remark to Ursula Major & Hubbie doesn’t appear I’ll know what this is about.
    911NOW (USrael)

  180. citizen Cane against 1984 Says:

    The Congress of the USA is told the same lies/cover ups (past history is well documented the the CIA/FBI will not disclose the truth! goggle CIA or FBI cover ups & lies to congress often discovered >30-40 years later… go back several blogs to find this story)

    Persistence & NON VIOLENT civil disobedience pays off over time; would U support a Hitler with your tax money?

    Are U willing to protest & go to jail, be beaten by sicko cops/military types who R like mindless/brainwashed robots?
    …. by the way only 5-10% can bring the entire country to its knees by civil disobedience (a Constitutional right… Martian Luther King use this form of protest… his UNITED PROTECTORS never fired a shot or fought back…. they went to jail, bitten by dogs, beaten & injured by sicko police, & in due time the majority of the USA citizens saw who the wicked prejudiced-demented wacko’s really were)

    Why pay credit card companies that are loan sharking with >10>20 up to 33% interest? while the CEOs lie & cover up & steal from the customers, employees & stock holders…. they make $18 M for 3 weeks job then fired Washington Mutual; Bank of America CEO received >$36M & was told by Bernarkey & Paulson to not disclose the TRUTH about Meral Lynch… or he would loose his job & his outrageous salary…. he sold his sole to the FEDERAL RESERVE & THE PUPPET MASTERS…. MOST OF CONGRESS R EITHER IGNORANT OF WHAT IS GOING ON OR THEY R OWNED ALSO! ….. HO HUM just continue to ignore i, bee good citizens…. continue to pay your taxes & pay mortgages for houses that R worth 1/3-50% now…. this was by design of the FEDERAL RESERVE & a very very very few in the know “puppet masters”.

    Black Pope CIA Federal Reserve murder of John F. Kennedy
    Congressman McFadden report to congress (will make your blood boil)
    Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo (IRS scam & lies)
    Money Masters (history of who prints the money & how they enslaved us)
    Clinton Chronicles (cocaine, money laundering, murder & coverup of lies)
    CIA FBI lies & cover ups to Congress
    Loose Change (9/11 lies & cover up)

    by the way CIA has classified chemtrails as;


    These government agencies will also issue MISS-INFORMATION TO DISCREDIT THE TRUTH also!

    Why pay income tax that is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL?…. did U know that 9 states have ruled that it is unconstitutional & DO NOT collect Taxes on a mans wages?!….. is the not so Federal FEDERAL RESERVE a private bankers corporation (have U ever been able to buy stock in the Federal Reserve….NO IT IS NOT A GOVERNMENT corporation but private!)
    Did U know that the IRS is owned by the Federal Reserve? & not a USA Government company or part of our Gov?….. more & more USA citizens are learning the TRUTH.

    WOULD U SUPPORT HITLER go to war for him & your country, would u provide guns & military to imprison 6 million Jews & > 5million political prisoners who were allegedly terrorists & undesirable criminals. TODAY if he was leading your country?

    The USA Constitution is a wonderful document that is/has been, gutted & nullified by the presidential executive orders (the people do not know this), the USA is one of the better if not the best of the worst of what is world wide…. however the ignorant have followed as sheeple to support what they know not…. just like the good people were told to obey their Gov.:, Catholic priest/Bishops/Pope, & so did the Luther/”Christians” churches supported Hitler & urged the people to obey the authorities…. if U opposed the system U went off to the “work camps” for rehabilitation & correction…. in due time we the people will come to know we have more power than U think.

    Remember those who deceive & lie will do themselves in by their greed & selling out to the “DEVIL/negative power” we the people can pray all we want to God, but we must go into action as God uses people to bring about change. “faith without works is dead” & “work is dead without faith”

  181. Truth Says:

    75-100 miles
    S. Calif. SanBernardino, Riverside, North Orange County, New Port Beach, Hunting Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu Beach, Beverly Hills & SanFernando Valley.

    No visible identifiable Chemtrails
    light haze, possible chemtrails were sprayed out over the Pacific, and by the time it reached land, impossible to identify as such ctrails/slight haze.

    Perhaps they did not spray the last 3 days, holiday weekend too many people out at the beach & looking at the sky very interesting change in program.

  182. stef Says:

    Clark: North Americans are not “programmed” to look up. We’ve never been bombed, strafed etc., hence, we don’t expect anything bad to descend upon us from above. And television ads are now incorporating chemies into their sales pitch. Check it out. The new generation are as dumb as dirt. Think they’ll notice or even care? Hell, even the older folk don’t care if the sky is silvery blue or white!

    People are so dumbed down they wouldn’t know they were being bombed even if they were. The “Illuminati” scum call us the “useless eaters.” How many people do you chat with everyday about 911, chemtrails, WACO, the Holohaux and on and on…and get a sparklingly educated response?

    I’ll bet, none. Useless eaters, yeah. The “elite” have the majority of us pegged right, I’d say.

    According to you we should do exactly what?

    How do we all “rise up” high enough to stop what’s going on at 35,000 feet?

    Just asking.

  183. Ursa Major Says:

    babette, your comments are highly offensive. You are the one who should leave and not come back, as insulting people is not constructive and adds nothing of value to this comment thread.

    Maybe you are the infiltrator? Because I certainly am not. In fact, you sound like a troll, trying to stir up controversy to wreck this thread.

    We went to a place just west of us for the weekend, and of course, they were spraying there as well. It was closer to the Toronto airport, so more commercial planes flying over, at fairly low altitudes. Some of them leaving no trails, and others leaving fat ones.

    And lots of trails in the sky.

    Blue, cloudless sky yesterday, and this far today. I know it won’t last.

    Celline, when you get upset about nothing much happening here on the weekend, just know it is normal. I have been a moderator in a forum, and have been in a lot of others. This isn’t even a forum, just a comment thread for a blog.

    On the weekend people have other things to do, they don’t around around in blogs/forums. They do stuff with their families. Slowing down over the weekend is to be expected.

  184. Ursa Major Says:

    I meant to say that people don’t ‘hang around’ forums on the weekend. I wished there was an edit button here.

  185. kenock Says:

    Hi all and particularly MrTJU, Founding 1776, Ursa & Celline. Have read blog w4w fm start and followed links to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge. (Particularly the more parochial US based ones).

    The more international stuff already known to me and have seen chemtrails here in SW UK on a number of occasions, though not recently.

    @ Founding 1776. Identify with much of what you have been discussing and appreciate the additional links and resources. Felt the warmth behind much of your advice to Ursa & Celline and was obviously well intentioned and constructive.

    Personally I struggle with what many of we Brits see as as a peculiarly prevalent U.S. propensity to ‘tub thump’ (i.e. put ones unquestioning belief in the (any) scripture(s)). However I totally concur with the LOVE not FEAR spiritual approach to my journey on this Planet of Learning and do my best to keep an open mind.

    Have been a subscriber of Nexus Magazine for around 10 years so most of your subject matter already familiar to me. (And SOME!) lol

    With smaller horizons than you guys have there I suspect chemtrails may be a little more difficult for the unaware to spot given our more cluttered skylines, especially in Urban areas.

    If it helps Ursa & Celline, my family and friends have long thought me a touch ‘strange’ as a result of my search for knowledge and I’ve long ago learned to not even attempt to convert anyone. As Mr TJU said earlier “Never wrestle with a Pig – it wastes your time. And annoys the hell outta the pig!”

    It’s far more constructive to push gently against open doors than to waste ones energy on the “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts type”. However, that doesn’t mean one cannot plant seeds when one gets a chance! lol

    XX I note ‘Mr Angry’ quickly got bored when no-one fuelled his rants! HeeHee. If you feel a UK perspective might be useful to the discussion(s) then would be happy to share my knowledge and experience wherever possible.


  186. Ursa Major Says:

    kenock, another perspective, especially from somebody not in North America is definitely welcome! Plus, you appear to have some knowledge we could all profit from.

    Well, the spraying here started at 9:30 this morning. Will see what will develop, I just hope they won’t obliterate the sky completely.

  187. boomer4646 Says:

    High all? I’ve been following this somewhat tortuous thread to date (25 05 09) and I’m convinced that the present generation is what the world has been waiting for.
    With the internet, we have a superb means of disseminating information
    across the planet in double quick time, & this should be put to work for
    the population at large, with unrestricted access to spread the word as far &
    as quickly as possible. Don’t take it to heart if people don’t get on board
    right away, new ideas & concepts do take some time before they are
    generally accepted.
    We do live in a changing world, and some of the changes are to the
    advantage of the few, but we should not be disheartened, we should fight for the changes that will benefit the majority, be prepared to STAND UP & BE COUNTED FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN, this should serve to encourage others to a) join us, or b) question their own current beliefs.
    As the man said, even the longest jouney begins with a single step,
    but if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when get there?
    I wish you all well on your individual journeys, maybe our paths will cross in the future.

  188. Ursa Major Says:

    Just saw the second trail. They are only doing one at a time, it seems. They spread at amazing speed. The first one from 9:30 has now spread to such an extent, that it has turned into the sky being a ‘rippled blue’, if anybody knows what I mean by that. You look up, and unless you consciously look for it, you won’t notice that the seemingly clear, blue sky has ripples to it! It is very odd.

    So, now it isn’t an obvious haze that blocks the sun, but such a thin veil, that most people wouldn’t even notice at all. Stealth in action.

  189. Celline Says:

    @Ursula : what does “stealth” mean.. does it have to do with that aircraft?
    A strange thing was .. over the weekend.. that MrTruth saw nothing, and even though, we live in the same area, and I am close to the areas he discribes.. we had those phony clouds moving in, from over the Ocean.. and of course our beaches.. ALL weekend, and little spots shot out of them, and they themselves grew into big fat ones. Have they singled out the area where I live? Now I really sounds nuts right?
    I have witness though, and this even makes me feel better… yes, I have an eyewitness !!
    Uschi, glad u are back, must tell me all about it.

  190. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, the dictionary definition of stealth means, “The act of moving, proceeding or acting in a covert way”. Covert meaning secretly, in such a way that it is unnoticeable to most people. Another good way would be sneaky.

    Bear with us, everybody else, Celline (not her real name) and I are German, English is our second language.

    Yep, they are covering the sky with a very thin, almost unnoticeable haze. Chemtrails sprayed far apart, in time as well as space, that spread out so quickly that within ten minutes they look like clouds to people who don’t know what they are looking at.

  191. Ursa Major Says:

    Oh, and I meant to say, the haze is truly so whisper thin that the sun is still shining. As I said, it looks like ‘rippled blue’, but if you don’t really stand there and examine the sky and adjust your eyes, knowing what you’re looking for, you will almost invariably miss it. They are definitely getting better at hiding it and have gone into stealth mode.

  192. kenock Says:

    @Ursa. Thanks for your welcoming comments. I have the benefit of having lived in a number of countries (including Canada and Germany) so I do at least have personal experience as a contrast to my UK perspective.

    I’m also ex forces (army), though a civilian for almost 30 years so have therefore been on the receiving end, 1st-hand, of propaganda. That feeling of betrayal was one of the prompts which started me on my journey and I’ve been a pain in the a** ever since.

    I am also very well aware that the UK has as many CCTV cameras as the rest of the 27 other E.U. countries COMBINED and that our Elite are no less controlling than those of the US or Canada so don’t expect any ‘moral high ground’ BS from me. If anything our systems are even more corrupt and elitist than your own and our Press and Media as, if not more so, tightly censored.

    There are a number of interesting articles and link resources in back- issues of previously mentioned Nexus mag, some of which you can access online. (www.nexusmagazine.com) – Chemtrails have been covered a number of times. Though this is not a Mag one will easily find on any retail shelf.

    As for how to raise the profile on this and other subjects? How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time.

    I was part of the anti-war Iraq invasion march in London. Almost 2 million of us turned up, bought the City to a standstill and peacefully massed in Hyde Park. The Media blackout was virtually total and deafening in its silence. It made not one iota of difference.

    In my experience it is a waste of time, effort and resources to attempt to get this (or any other contentious) info onto mainstream media. There are some very active independents in the US who do a pretty good job but I wonder if at grass roots level we can best serve by exposing this to people ‘one bite at a time’. Frustrating as that is.

    @Mr TJU. If you have links to further info re: Bush/Argentina/Land Deal and the Wall St/Patagonia info I’d be grateful if you’d post. Thanx


  193. Celline Says:

    Thanx Usch, I wanted to add: ALL TV commercials now.. have this ugly striped sky as background, and I mean ALL. The news-anchors, their background.. ditto
    Jenny Craig add last night.. the worst striped sky I ever saw. What about boycotting all those who show this nasty background? Is is worth it?
    Slow brainwash.. that won’t work on me.. but almost all others ( except for you guys !
    Here right now.. mixed things: Some real clouds mixed w. Velcro ones.. and some tails… so far..

  194. Ursa Major Says:

    Also, they have now started sending a lot of these planes along known commercial routes (probably different altitude, though). Seeing those, I’d be tempted to believe their lies, if I had not seen the tic-tac-toe patterns too many days. As I said, they are definitely, now that more and more people see what they are doing, going into stealth mode with their chemtrail spraying.

    Meaning that, for the most part, if you aren’t already onto them and convinced of what they are doing, you’d never believe it.

    So, now I have also had to go into stealth mode myself with documenting this! I take my camera in my purse instead of the camera bag, and take pictures of flowers or other interesting stuff as well, to hide that I am taking pictures of the sky.

    And after uploading my pics onto my hard drive (into a well hidden folder, several layers deep, which you won’t find unless you know where it is), I delete everything on my memory card.

    I have to do that, so my family don’t know I am doing this, because I am afraid that they might have me admitted one of these days otherwise. It feels crazy, but I am afraid it might be justified.

    If they would read this, they’d say, “See, Mom sees conspiracies everywhere!” But hey, I am just being careful. Over the course of my life I have learned that it isn’t wise to be too trusting.

    Celline, we don’t have tv, so I don’t see ads, either. I wished I could see what you are saying.

  195. Celline Says:

    @Usch.. on TV adds.. you see exactly what u are seeing in the sky.. to a “T”.
    Fox and CNN being the worst offenders. I will only watch the old re runs of the Cosby show from now on, no BS there.
    We have clouds today ( totally not normal, nevertheless, they look real ) but hidden.. inbetween them.. there are the Velcros.. it’s about 1/2 and half.
    Am Curious what MrTruth sees today.. he lives just N/E of me.
    Hello to our Brit-friend ;o) Love to have you. Yes, I heard about the conditions over there, read about it.
    Are the Royals Snakes?? ( kidding )
    My friends and family in Germany.. most of them say:” This all is impossible, because they ( the Illuminati ) would hurt their own. Even though this is a great argument, I suppose.. they have an antidote?
    I tell you. if it weren’t for that ” Shield of Faith, with which I am able to ward off all fiery darts of the Evil one, I would no longer want to go on.
    But, I do trust. Yet, God gave us a brain, to act, not put our hands into our laps and say:” It’s ok, God has all in His hand ” Faith w.out Works is dead !

  196. Celline Says:

    @All : could we all get together ?Hmm, am dreaming !
    U guys are the Best I ever met via the Net, and I can honestly say.. I lovey’all.. as I do old friends ;o)

  197. kenock Says:

    Love and Light Celline. Thanx for the welcome.

    If you are looking for a better understanding as to why it is so difficult to get the Medias attention just check out who owns the TV, Radio & Newspapers my friend.

    Then take a look at who owns Hollywood and wonder why so many video games are essentially violent ‘shoot ’em ups’ designed to desensitize users. There’s a connection here and if you need some pointers I’m happy to send links.

    As for the ‘Windsors’ being Reptiles? Hmm. I’ve no proof but have a stack of work on my bookshelves which would suggest very strongly that may well be the close to the truth.

    Am aware that this thread is essentially for those wishing to discuss one particular subject. That of chemtrails and I have no wish to drag anyone ‘off thread’.

    I can only speak for my own experience over the past 10 years or so. The wider one investigates a range of ‘off the radar’ subjects the clearer the connections become. Does that make one any less concerned? Not in my experience! It’s just that I personally have found it more constructive not to become too focused on one particular activity.

    Just a suggestion. You might like to consider approaching your local radio stations or better still (a)buse their phone-in facilities. lol. That’s one way to get your message to a wider audience. Using a pseudonym is a good idea. (Stick to the same one so that you can build rapport with the presenter and if you can be factual and measured at all times. No-one likes listening to a rant.

    The wider your knowledge the more subjects you will be able to comment upon. Become a trustworthy ‘expert’ in your field(s). In this way you will plant seeds and those with similar concerns will find you. Pick your shots with care and I suggest a reasonably low profile to begin with.

    Your knowledge is worth nothing if you get misled, sidetracked or closed down. A low profile website perhaps? (so that you can share your photographs)


  198. Celline Says:

    @Namaste, if you read our blog, you will see, that all of us are widely informed about most everything.
    About the phonecalls, I would not be good at this.. someone smarter than myself, possibly w. a bit of science under their belt and NO ACCENT.. would be better. This one.. I would mess up.
    Yes, I know who owns the media and Hollywood, I also know who Disney really was.
    MKultra ring a bell? What do u mean with: Knowledge to be misled, sidetracked or closed down????? What do u mean?
    LOL about the Reptilians, that just is too hard to be real.
    Are you into ” NewAge? Am saying this because of you ” Love and Light, it sounds NewAgie ;(
    You see, Love and Light, unconditionally.. comes from only ONE Source.
    Almighty God, He is the Way, the Light and Love and the TRUTH.. see what I mean?
    Thanx for replying, come back, you will love this blog.

  199. Celline Says:

    Now.. it is 4:30 PM here. I am so upset.
    I just returned from a place east of my home and noticed.. that all those Chem-puffs are ONLY over the direct area where I live.
    Thousands of these Velcro-puffs.. about 10 miles wide, are coming over my area.. and go east. And there.. east of me, is a brown haze, nothing else.
    So when MrTruth sais: There is nothing.. he’s right, it all is directly over my town. nowhere else. What the heck???
    This sounds crazy.. but again, a GF is my witness,, both of us checked this out today… weird ever so weird.

  200. Ursa Major Says:

    They just said on the weather report on the radio that ‘cloud cover has been developing throughout the afternoon’. It should say, “Cloud cover has been DEVELOPED all through the afternoon”. Because almost every single cloud I see is NOT a natural cloud. There are a couple of fluffy white, ‘good weather clouds’. Since it WAS a clear blue sky, that is all there should be.

    And of course, it is quite cool as well.

  201. Celline Says:

    @ Usch.. please tell me.. is it just over the area where u live, can u tell?
    Because I have the exact same thing here..

  202. Ursa Major Says:

    You know, Celline, it is a big sky. When it looks like it is ‘just over you’, it really goes on for miles and miles, and covers a much wider area than you think.

    It was just over me. But when I drove around, it was still just over me. Do you know what I am saying?

    Take a deep breath, and pray. They are not targeting you personally. They likely don’t even know you exist.

    Of course, in a way, they are targeting you and me, as they are targeting everybody else in the area. Besides, it will drift to other areas before long.

    I do believe they are specifically spraying right over populated areas, I have noticed that. Not just cities, but medium sized towns (like mine) as well. Who knows what exactly their agenda is. Nobody besides them themselves seem to be informed, everybody is guessing.

    As you’ve said before, trust God to protect you, and try not to get too paranoid (while still being vigilant).

    Have a good night.

  203. Celline Says:

    ja, ur right, as always. Thank you, sis.

  204. Truth Says:

    No visible chemtrails; no clouds;light overcast after fog cover burned off
    area surveyed; Inland Empire valleys, Ontario, Pomona areas
    NE Victorvill/Barstow

    The Terminator; Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger must have been at home this weekend in Los Angles Calif…. perhaps they did not want him or the beach going crowd to see the skys filled with such.

    Marie Shriver (Gov. Arnolds wife) did a HBO documentary on Alzheimer ….both her father & mother had such…. did anyone see it?
    Wonder if the documentary referenced ctrails?

    Most likely ctrails r also partly responsible from the aluminum oxides sprayed.

    As for ctrails as back ground in News/Advertisements… could be deliberate, or just soooo many of the days have them it is almost impossible to shoot commercials out doors without them…. they have become “normal”

    Animation; now those have to be drawn in…. it is possible that the young animators think this is normal plain/clouds or perhaps it is more sinister, & demanded by the “men in black” whoever “they” R.

  205. stef Says:

    Thanks to the Dude for the info on Planet X. I’ve been delving into that subject for a little while, but you’ve piqued my curiosity further. According to my research, Nibiru is referred to as by some as “horned” planet due to the debris it drags alongside it while others claim it will appear as a great red cross in the sky. So which is it? Horned antichrist or the true savior?

    Forgive my biblical ignorance. I always thought the bible was a loosely woven set of records, related decades and even centuries after the events, to be taken as mere fairy tales/morality tales.

    However, it’s been explained to me that it’s actually a book of prophecy considered 100% accurate. I’m beginning to rethink my assessment of it.

    The notion that chems serve to hide the planet’s arrival does make sense since the sky, to my eye, is no longer the true blue it once was, or at least the colour I remember from my youth.

    Seems “they” are changing our “blue screen” gradually to silvery- blue (on NO chem days). Their ultimate goal appears to be a pronounced silvery-white.

    The “poisoning” part I struggle with, ’cause the culprits started spraying with gusto over a decade ago, so by rights we should all be dead, no? I’m not suggesting it’s in any way good for us, but deadly?

    Rather, could chems be making us, and our atmosphere, super conductive? We should not dismiss H.A.A.R.P’s connection with chemtrails.

    Clark’s view that everything we “see” is actually a gigantic hologram is intriguing when one knows how blue screens are used in film to fake backgrounds etc. and one has seen “The Matrix” …

    As for the chems in ads and films I’ve read it cost quite a bit to remove/erase them once it was noticed they appeared in numerous frames of sky; hence, they are left in.

    It may also be, of course, that “they” decided to leave them in, even inserting them here and there, convinced (rightly so) that, over time, a group-think of benign acceptance or apathy in the general public could be achieved.

    Thanks to all for your insights. Good to commiserate with thoughtful, curious people.

  206. stef Says:

    My apologies. I meant BILL, not Clark.

  207. Truth Says:

    Planet-X aka Nibiru & “Lizard DNA People”;
    Truth (most likely) a real asteroid/small planet/moon traveling with smaller “asteroids”… long time ago NASA mentioned something like this & no longer confirms such most likely “Classified”.

    POLAR SHIFT = major physical changes
    Historically/geology, true several times;
    POLAR SHIFT will happen again, very possibly with such fly by planetary influences if this planet/asteroid belt strikes/or passes close to the planet earth;

    As for the the Nibiruians inhabiting the planet fun to speculate;
    I am open for further discovery, remember Area 51 has some very compelling testimonies from Scientist & eye witness military types who r telling all (r they whacked/crazy or CIA miss-information?) who worked there; remember the New & Old scriptures (Bible)& various religions, hieroglyphics/rock drawings, recorded history & mythology hint at some form of “alien/angelic visitors”… the scriptures make note of the “angles” (according to scriptures angles = messengers; most likely did not have wings as the artist have painted…. Bible does make note they look like U & I…) these disobedient angles couldn’t resist the female humans & had sex w them, & had children on earth;

    No i was not a religious fanatic, or versed in such things as “daemons”
    As for “Lizard People” have seen a female human; transformed her normal looking eyes into reptile looking narrow slit pupil, when rebuking with the name of Yeshua/Jesus; was she simple a Jesus hater & got angry or was she an “alien” disobedient fallen angle; or possessed with the “evil” “demons” around he….. no i do not hear voices, never did hallucinatory drugs or anything like such…. am a non smoker & was not on alcohol!….. at the time i witnessed this “imaginative” transformation i knew nothing of “lizard people” nor did i believe or disbelieving in alien visitors….

    By the way Dr. Scott Peck (psychiatric MD) world wide renowned psychiatrist wrote a book “PEOPLE OF THE LIE”
    (late 83/85 out of print now but very worth it to get a copy & READS IT! epically psychology students & medical professionals & spiritual types)

    Very factual, scientific & describes what he said was clear proof to him that people can become “demon possessed” (no he was not religious or Catholic) however what he witnessed help bring him to become a believer in Yeshua/Jesus, God, Bible;

    HOPE 4 HEALING HUMAN EVIL….. deliverance via prayer & using the name of GOD/Jesus/Yeshua
    He even staked his international reputation on projecting that by the end of the 90’s “DEMON POSSESSION” WOULD BECOME A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS !….. Dr Peck is also the author of “Road Less Trtaveled”
    As for the BIBLE (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) the TRUTH can be found! It takes an enlightened teacher, to help teach the mysteries of THE WORD & a willing student to be open minded (get rid of pre-conceived beliefs we learned from society & other religious orders who taught TRUTH mixed with LIES or MISS-UNDERSTANDING IN IGNORANCE….. unfortunately there are several poor translations, & major twist… the Catholic Religion is one of the deceivers even took out one of the 10 Commandments & divide another;

    U must understand what took place at the Counsel of Nicia (300-330AD)… where the Catholic Bishops/Pope & the Roman Government hijacked the origional teachings of Yeshua= aka Jesus…. including changing the Holy Hollidays & Sabbath Day of “Rest”as described by God & Yeshua & the Desciples.

    Popes/Roman Gov. Changed them to Pagan NOT Holy Holidays Days & created a new day called the “Lords Day” for Sunday worship (very pagan & not according to the teachings of God/New & Old Scriptures…. there were other changes as well for ALL BIBLE STUDENTS/SEEKERS U MUST GO & RESEARCH THIS…. mostly will find the truth from religious types who have studied this …. look under 7th Day Babtis, Jews For Jesus, Messianic Born Again Believers, Messanic Jews, and even the 7th Day Adventis have an excellent factual TRUTH on how the Catholic Church/Popes & Roman Gov. CHANGED THE ORIGINAL TRUTH OF THE 13 GUYS (Jesus/Yeshua & 12 dead guys who denied/ran away in fear when they were crucifying HIM ….. then they would not shut up about HIM ALL were butchered & died horrible deaths (except John who died naturally)…… something very very very powerful happened that they saw in order to go on about Yeshua/Jesus & the Messianic traditions of God/Yeshua!

    BY THE WAY EVERY RELIGION HAS ERROR MIXED WITH TRUTH…. HOWEVER i find that the TRUTH can be discovered, error can be uncovered by ANY ONE who is a TRUTH SEEKER…. GOD knows our hearts & if we R on THE PATH to discover HIS TRUTH….. over time he will show us that TRUTH & help us see/scales removed from our eyes to see the REAL TRUTH of GOD & YESHUA…. yes the “BIBLE” has MORE TRUTH THAN ERROR…. King James (new & old versions)version is ok/good but the MESSIANIC BIBLE IS BETTER….


  208. stef Says:

    Wow! That I didn’t expect.

    Help from whom, exactly?

    Let’s see, all that GOD-LOVE and caps shit puts me off somewhat.

    If it’s me you are asking then all I can suggest is “duck & cover.”

    There’s not much we, that is those of us on the surface, can do, is there?

    Propably, “they” would prefer most of us to die prior to said event so there will be less of us to storm the gates or stampede their DUMBs. How should I know?

    I do know that prayer won’t help. If this is to be a true astro-event of catastrophic proportion then no supplications to the God or Gods will change one iota in the course of things. Fugget abow’ it! But don’t you think it’s kinda droll though that “they” think they’ll survive it?

    What will “life” be for those jerks? I’d rather see a stupendous ‘sky show’ and then go, than be reclused in some underground bunker for decades….maybe centuries, wouldn’t you?

    Get off your knees! If God is good then he’ll intervene in humanity/his childrens’ side. Right? ‘Course He’s never done so before… So, yeah, go ahead, genuflect.


  209. stef Says:

    As an aside: I’ve had dealings with these so-called lizard/other worldy/alien (what have you) humans. And NO! Their eyes are just like yours and mine. So is, outwardly, everything else. How they differ is THEY CANNOT LAUGH. They even have trouble smiling. Ask them. They readily admit to it!

    Nothing outstanding, really. They look and talk and walk like ordinary folks. Otherwise they are cold, distant, detached and they cannot laugh.

    Just so you know, I laugh like a banshee.


  210. Truth Says:

    Me too (lol)

    As 4 “lizard people” the female i observed look perfectly normal, eyes included….. then when asking her “do you know who Jesus is?” “who is your God/” (she had a jade astrological symbol around her neck) otherwise very normal/nice looking, modestly dressed with normal fashion, no visible tattoos ect….. that’s when her whole aura/energy field changed….. (i blinked my eyes twice, may have been imaging this as to what i saw, but definitely a very subtitle energy transformation took place…. her puiples of her eyes changed into slits….like a reptile….the blackness of her slit like pupils made an impression on my observation of such… no scales on her skin or teeth that looked like reptile (lol) she definately was not the laughing type!….

    Interesting that in the New Scriptures it makes reference to the “scales being removed from their eyes” ….. could be a hint there, however just a thought to ponder… no conclusion from me at this time.

    fire & brimstone as described in O & N Scriptures
    As for Planet-X wipe out…. eventually Earth will be hit by such bombardment, described in scriptures…. perhaps a “God guided exact time destruction of the armies “from the North” (evil ones, who’s gods R $$$, power, ego greed spiritually incorrect…. yet politically correct l) from Gog & Magog that R prophesied to attack & wipe out Israel… or whoever are Gods Children…the Good/Godly are!

    Einstein said “that God does not roll dice”
    Everything has been set into motion according to the Creators Design, perfect timing happens according to Gods timing….

    Moses felt that he had to leave town (Egypt) & lead a bunch of complainers out into the desert…. can U imagine him trapped with >1M complaining Judeans-Hebrews/ recent translation in to “Jews” between the “Red Sea” & the army of crazed Egyptians!!!

    He must have been praying like mad….. maybe asking “why would U do this to me/us”…. then the earth shook…. a very normal “natural” earth quake…. the sea retreated….. the tsunami was developing….. they run across the “dry land” poor translation me thinks…. however they get to the other side…. the sea rolls back in & all hell is unleashed against the army of hell (by the way there is reported that evidence of such from the archeological findings…. including “fire & brimstone” that hit Sodom & Gomorrah)

    Very mysterious “miraculous” how this happens; remember God sees the beginning, the middle & the end…. we only see the middle of time, even scientific evidence for such…. O & N Scriptures have been given to men to help them understand the beginning-middle-end of things to come…. so Moses was faithful & prayed for guidance, “Oh Lordie what do i do?” …..i doubt that he knew what would happen before time of this “natural miracle”. He was Guided by unseen forces/thoughts & by faith he went (got up off his ass & walked into the desert)

    As U we say “trust in the LORD & lean not on uour own understanding”, by FAITH we go…. read through “Hebrews” old scriptures, if God wants us to live so be it, if it is our time to go so be it;

    The “wicked empire of men in black” can run but they can not hide in cave/under ground cities; their empire of human wisdom will be defeated, like a snake devouring itself; live by the sword die by the sword; their kingdom is divided, the Devil/Evil is the Father of Lies & no house divided will stand against TRUTH-LOVE.

    WORKS-FAITH…..GET OFF OUR ASSES & do something about it!
    In the mean time let us live life abundantly in Gods way of doing things; Study & reason together on HIS WORD & by good works continue on to get the word of TRUTH out… “faith without works is dead” & “works without faith is dead” also.

  211. stef Says:

    Truth: You lost me at “lol.” I should have included “U’s” and “R’s,” “&’s” and an overuse of “!.” Signs of a lazy writer and annoying to the umpteeth degree.

    Not sure what you’re babbling on about.

    Take a couple of aspirins and write me in the morning. Okay?

    To Bill and Dude: Hope you’re still out there and will rejoin the discussion; otherwise, I’m out of here.


  212. stef Says:

    Just a suggestion: Try actually reading what others have written before going off on a tangent.

    Baby steps, Truth, baby steps…


  213. Truth Says:

    shorthand code

    U = you

    R = are

    ” ” = quotes by others or quotes by me

    most with short attention span can not follow; will try to shorten as U suggested

  214. stef Says:

    To ex-mercenary calling himself Kenock: “You might like to consider approaching your local radio stations or better still (a)buse their phone-in facilities. lol.” Nasty habit that “lol” but never mind.

    Mercenary Kenock: Your suggestion that we use a pseudonym is puerile. We, meaning anyone yakking and blathering on such sites, are already colour-coded as non-pleasing to the “masters.” And you, of all people, should know who the masters are since you were one of their killers-for-hire, eh?

    My advice: Use your real name and say you are calling for a large number of neighbours and friends. And do not be polite. Where does politeness factor in when confronted by your destroyer? To what purpose?

    Lash out. Be as rude as you can. Announce that you and plenty of others are aware of their crimes. And then unceremoniously slam the phone down on their ugly heads.

    None of us are “safe” as mercenary Kenock intends it. The sooner you relinquish delusions of “privacy” and “liberty” the sooner you’ll understand that silence in the presence of evil does not preserve one from destruction.

    Beware of these born again military as you would of snakes in the grass…


  215. stef Says:

    Listen Truth, was my meaning not clear? Your annoying little shorthand codes are not foreign to me. You need not break them down for me. I simply stated I found them annoying.

    “Oh! Sheriff! That’s aggravatin,,,'”


  216. Truth Says:

    Now listen here Brit (lol) thank u for sharing such; did u understand what was given to you? If not perhaps read it when you can decipher the the rambling short hand, sorry to irritate your synapse & dendrites.

  217. Ursa Major Says:

    Mr. Truth, I have heard that anybody who has physically seen demons will say that they have scales and those evil snake eyes. Therefore, I suspect that the girl you rebuked in Yeshua/Jesus’ name was demon possessed, and the demon in her got extremely angry.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me if dear Stef would get the same look if rebuked. In fact, Stef, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! I believe you are a troll, just like Dude (in fact, for all I know you are Dude), sent by Satan to sow strife and mess up this blog thread. The sooner you leave the better.

    Kenock, I am sure you know better than listening to Stef’s ‘advice on how to handle the media. That kind of attitude will get you nowhere.

  218. Celline Says:

    .. to add my 5 c worth, I detest trolls to the max also,
    And I second Ursula’s ” motion”, and I will say:” In the name of Almighty God, The shed blood of Jesus Christ.. I too rebuke you , Satan ” !

    We have a great thing going here.. and Satan would love to see us ” go away”.. we are hardly the kind of thing he likes to have on the net.
    I got news for him: WE are Staying !!!

  219. Truth Says:

    U & C thank U, it is ok; give stef further time to expose where he is at; remember we are all at different grade levels of understand; stef has some good stuff to add to blog; gentle as a dove….in any case he will not be offended by your concerns if he is mature & in God-LOVE-Yeshau.

    The TRUTH always rises to the top like cream; remember many of us have been abused by religion, & do not understand our sensitivity to error; remember to fight this stuff behind the scenes in the “prayer closet” be wise as serpents & gentle as doves; a soft word turns away wrath; if he is w God-LOVE it is ok….”Fear is of the … what?” “perfect LOVE cast our Fear”
    we have no fear in GOD/Yeshua-Jesus.
    Blessing in Love & light of Yaway(God)

  220. Truth Says:

    Chem trail report;
    Riverside/SanBernardino/Ontario-Pomona/Victorvill S Calif.
    4/5th day with no visible classic ctrails; early morning fog blanket, burns off by 11-12am leaving a light hazy day; saw a few trails that were looking like normal con-trails…. however perhaps a little too long but disappeared as the plane progressed forward. No clouds at all in any 50-100 mile direction….. most unusual compared to months & months of daily spraying from Nov up to May 1st…. then pattens & timing & shape of ctrails have gone “stealthy”/undercover hard to identify.

    Could not tell if they were spraying at night over the fog banks…

  221. stef Says:

    Hey Celline:” In the name of Almighty God, The shed blood of Jesus Christ.. I too rebuke you , Satan ” !

    Are you serious? Were you in the employ of the Inquisition in some past life?

    Ok, so I’ve been properly rebuked. Oooo! I’m cowering in a corner or flying away, however you see it. Look, this sort of voodoo nonsense gets you nowhere.

    Why not try your “rebukes” on those who chem us every day? Go on, give it a shot!

    Truth, on the other hand, has kept his head. I thank him for his civility.

    I haven’t been abused by religion. I just never paid much mind to it. I’m aware it provides spiritual joy and succour to some, but I see it as clinging to your baby blanket well into adulthood. Pathetic, really.

    There’s nothing in the advice I presented could be interpreted as negative. I was merely asking to what end, at this late stage of the game, does being polite serve?

    Say you’re in front of a firing squad, would you quip, “Gee, thanks and so sorry to trouble you”? Since “they” consider us “useless eaters” and dumber than cattle, I figure we should, at the very least, make them sense our ire. No?

    I’m neither a troll nor a demon nor any combination thereof. I worry and rage over the same shit you do and I thought this was a good place to share info and concerns.

    If all you’re doing is reporting chems over your benighted heads this is a dead end. Instead of hurling hexes try responding to comments and bringing more info about HAARP and chemtrails to the table. Please review the comments made my Dude and Bill and a few others and learn something.

    So Celline, if I go it’s due to a lack of interest. Ok?

    Love&peace&namaste&nanunanu to all of you.

  222. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Stef,

    I do not want to side-track this thread into an examination of religious beliefs – but I have to say that as I researched the Elite, how they operate and what they believe; I was struck by how deeply and universally they are involved with the occult. Everything from corporate logo’s to building architecture is just dripping in occultic symbolism with these people.

    They also share a nearly universal hostility towards Christianity, much more than with other religions. They mock people that have true spiritual beliefs, and act as if “unbelief” is intellectually far superior, BUT they will then be found attending all sorts of bizarre occult rituals like Bohemian Grove or the “Sex-Magick” orgy as depicted in Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” (see my entry here for a detailed analysis of that movie: “The Genius of Stanley Kubrick”

    It finally occurred to me that the people that run this world are VERY RELIGIOUS……just not the religion you might think of. They are Luciferian. Google “Lucis Trust” and this will give you a good example of one of their front organizations.

    Of course the charlatans and con-men of Christianity are legion – people like Jim & Tammy Bakker, Pat Robertson, etc. And don’t even get me started on the Catholic Church pedophile priest scandal. I know there is much that turns people off when they think of “Christianity” but these are the failures of men, not the religion they claim to represent.

    Maybe the Elite that believe in all this stuff are just crazy, inbred psychopaths (and a lot of evidence indicates they are). Maybe they also recognize that their *is* a force for good and a force for evil and they choose to serve what we call “evil” (of course in their belief system “God” is bad and “the serpent” (i.e. Lucifer) is good because he brings “enlightenment” and they then become the “illuminated ones” or Illuminati)? At any rate, this is too wide-spread and systemic on the Elite’s part to be simply ignored .

    I do agree that to fight evil, whether it is chemtrails or governmental tyranny requires ACTION. We have a brain, we need to use it. The idea of passively accepting evil is not one that I believe has any moral or scriptural validity. I also think prayers help too. I like both.



  223. stef Says:

    Thank you Founding Papa! Finally, a reasonable, articulate response coming from…a guy! (I think?)

    Honestly, Father, talk of witchcraft! Ursula and Celline are straight out of a Shakespeare play, “Thrice to thine, and thrice to mine….” One more broad joins their coven and the rest of us men are done for! Just kidding.

    Now, to expedite:

    My apologies for, inadverdently, making myself out to be less informed than I actually am. I am fully aware of the satanic/occult attachments “they” hold etc. Since 2004 my research into all manner of info, regarding the groups going under the umbrella or sobriquet of “Illuminati” and the games they play, has been diligent.

    However, a doubt gnaws at me. Perhaps “religion” should, in fact, be the “sujet du jour.” What I know of voodoo/occult/witchcraft (call it what you will) is that it only works if the victim believes it works. These enlightened ones don’t wait or hope for us to believe their black magic works; they take it one deadly step further, correct?

    Put another way, I’m more interested in understanding their belief that dates/times are symbolic etc. since most, if not all, catastrophes (yes, I think there might be some truth in Katrina is one = chemtrails + HAARP) “they’ve” engineered fall on specific dates/times with occult significance for them.

    Someone mentionned 911 as the starting point for the coming of Nibiru or some such thing. To my mind, the catalyzing event was WACO. That’s fodder for another day. So is, and should be researched further, Planet X or Nibiru.

    Indeed, every Kubrick film is portentous, but as this is not a film studies class. Suffice it to say “Eyes Wide Shut” intentionally let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, for those who were “awakening.” Whether Stanley was assassinated or died of natural causes, his message is out there.

    “X” is an occult figure and I’m now researching what the grid patterns apparently match or attempt to match on our planet’s surface. Again, their “religion” compels them to adhere to certain strict and immutable rules and timetables. This fact, for some, is their Achille’s heel.

    Hence their “religion,” far more than ours, should be on everyone’s search list.

    If I may, one more suggestion: If you’ve seen “Loose Change” you’ve only seen half the story. SEE: MISSING LINKS for the rest.

    Thanks again.
    By the way, Alex Jones is a shill.

  224. Truth Says:

    “Missing Links” thank u


    Vatican Assassins by Erick Phelps
    (historically correct on history & religion; secret societies; Black Pope & Jesuit Order the “men in black” puppet masters at the top)

    Money Masters
    ( not for those with short attention spans or who wish to remain ignorant; 2-3 hrs, documentary of who, what & how they print worthless $$$)

    WACO….. go back to contempoary murders of JFK Murders, RFK< Martain Luther King…..

    Ruby Ridge massacre of a family by the FBI, CIA, Washington DC Janet Reno, Bush/Clinton's

    Founding Father, is correct that all political & relevant today is about correct interpretation of the TRUTH of GOD; "religion" truth/mixed with error; correct & incorrect interpretation(s) has caused massive confusion.

    All evil/murders/ego/greed/jealousy negative energy-Luciferians/secret societies-black pope; can be studied in the Judeo/Christian scriptures; historically traced back to King Solomans Temple…. & back to the Garden Of Eden where Cain murdered his brother Able then it discover that that the "serpent" deceived Eve into "sin/missing the mark" & Adam just could not loose his "wife" so he deliberately "sined" in order to stay w her….. behind it all is either GOD or negative energy/rebellion/deception/Luciferians-Devil & fallen angles known as Luciferians/demons if u will….. words are very misleading but consider the concept & stories behind such are TRUE.

    Takes time/study over years to understand the different teachings, (however some times with the surrender to the the ONE & ONLY GOD… will give U over-night new x-ray vision like "Paul"-"Saint Paul" had) in order to get to seeing black or white; digital like a computer language "0"s or "1" rather than "gray areas" of analogue;

    My understanding is digital; either black=not according to Gods definitions of LOVE or white = good/loving/Yeshua or evil/luciferian/loving; no longer shades of gray- which is the spiritual inability, confusion, to identify the black & white pigments that make up gray (yes i do make mistakes & misinterpretation even today).

    Alex Jones;
    Most likely a CIA associate or has been given orders by ABC who owns Genesis Radio, not to talk about certain subjects like the "BLACK POPE" of the Jesuit Order; He give lots of correct info out which is good; especially the common internet knowledge kinda of info; however is a major "fear monger" that does not give any real solutions to the problems;

    Fear mongering causes the shee-people to become addicted to the entertaining info, get riled up & vent their frustrations w others, rarely do they realy do anything about it, siting on their asses & complying, then get depressed & develop hopelessness…. (all very effective to defuse the sheep-people from taking real action of "Civil Disobedience".
    Fear monger radio talk host/others never really disclose who "the men in balck are" they deflect the conversations (or do not talk about the deep secrets of power masters) away from who the top puppet masters are…… and never suggest that the people stop paying illegal taxes, stop paying criminal finance charges to credit card companies, stop paying mortgages (the world wide Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction were designed & launched by "the men in black" known as the Federal Reserve/Central Banking system under the direction of "Black Pope" & others in the group…..

    The tax paying sheep-people are fleeced by USA Congress/Presidents, governments world wide… it only takes <5% of the people to
    non-violently bring a country to a financial halt! They can not jail, or take all of our homes, cars, toys away in such an event.

    Uninformed religious types are told by the mindless Priest, Pastures, Gurus, Rabbis to "PRAY" & "obey your governments…. yet Yeshua=Jesus does not say such, many good/Godly people have been deceived! Remember Jesus took a whip to the Money Master/money changers, kicked over tables & "chased them out of the temple"….. now that what i call an ass kicking terminator….. HE was fearless…. ready to go to jail, ready to be beaten to death & crucified…. what a modern day Hero!

    Today's, sheep-people & Governments of the world would call a Jesus/Yeshua a fanatical right wing nut case who is a dangerous Terrorist, Rebel/Rabble rouser/crazy etc.

  225. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Stef,

    Thank-you for your comments. I will definitely watch “Missing Links.” I have not heard of that film before and I am always interested in learning more.

    The Elite actively work to manifest evil. There is no doubt about that.

    I have a book to recommend that I think you would find interesting (I certainly did) it is called “Will Storr vs. the Supernatural” You can get it from Amazon and read the reviews HERE

    I assure you I am naturally very skeptical about that sort of thing, (as is the author) but the book has the ring of truth to it, and I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended.

    I have close family members that have had some weird “experiences” similar to some of those described in the book. They don’t like to discuss them. and they certainly are not trying to profit from them. When I heard their stories it was definitely one of those things that make you go “Hhmmmmm…..”

    However, if you study Quantum Physics as I have tried to do (in my very limited layman’s fashion) you quickly discover that “Science” cannot account for how quantum particles behave…at all! It defies logic, but they have proven through experimentation that the same particle was in two places simultaneously at the same time; read this fascinating article from Discover: “If an Electron can be in Two Places at Once, Why can’t You?”

    The experiences Will Storr describes in his book may have a perfectly plausible explanation, we just don’t understand it. There is definitely more to this world than meets the eye. The Elites are obsessed with astrology, dates, and numbers. It could be all superstitious hokum, or there could be some validity to it. They do, after all, run everything.

    As to your last point “Alex Jones is a shill” I have heard that before. But I never hear anyone substantiate that claim. There are many things that I think Alex could do better, but I can say that about anyone (including myself!). Personally, I find Alex’s habit of constantly interrupting his guests (especially when he has an interesting and eloquent guest on) maddeningly annoying, but I have yet to see proof that he is a “Zionist Agent” or a “Vatican assassin” as some have alleged.

    Sometimes I think people that have an independent mind, that can actually think “outside-the-box”, are too quick to see conspiracies EVERYWHERE, as opposed to the typical American that can’t see a conspiracy if it came up and knocked them on the head.

    But one thing that I have tried very hard to do with this blog is to publish the TRUTH and to that end I will happily publish an article from you or from anybody that can factually document their assertion that “Alex Jones is a shill.” I am serious. If somebody does the research and I can verify the info, I will publish it.

    I looked into the issue one time in the past and the only “proof” I found was that Alex is somehow a crypto-Zionist and that his wife is Jewish so he is secretly going to bug out to Israel where his children will have “citizenship.” This “information” (if you want to call it that) was from a rabidly anti-Jewish website. The type of site run by people so obsessively blinded by hatred for jews that they criticize ME for publishing articles and links to Henry Makow’s work because, despite the hundreds of well-researched articles that Dr. Makow has written exposing the Rothschild’s, the Luciferian Illuminati, and the way the Elite’s have tried to break the family and re-mold society…none of that matters…because….now get this….Henry Makow is JEWISH!!!! Omigawsh……the horror!

    I like Alex, warts and all. He helped wake yours truly up. If someone has information that he is not actually working for good, that he is actually a New World Order minion, then lets have it. Lets research and publish. Lets discuss. Otherwise, it is no more significant to me then saying “All Jews are evil.” It is silly and inaccurate.

    Kindest regards,


  226. Celline Says:

    @ Truth.. WHERE can I get this documentary..@Founding, I just ordered this from Amazon.
    All this above mentioned by the 2 of you, I have studied for many years, I started w. Texe Marrs.. he was the 1. one to open my peepers. From there on, I got into absolutely everything I could get my hands on..
    One of the latest one, was the ” Bohemian Grove ” and a book that I highly recommand ” Thanks for the memories ” by Brice Taylor. This book, took the rest of remaining ” veils ” off my eyes. Of course, you can’t read everything. This blog is priceless ! All the knowledge and info I gathered over many years, I have tried to share w. family, friends and even strangers.. yes, my pastor too. And promptly was labeled “Nuts ”
    So be it. Only sad thing is, knowing all this.. and not being able to do a one thing about it.. is utterly frustrating, and yes, depressing.
    Sometimes I wish.. I would have remained a dumb sheeple. Less pain, for sure.But One time, I remember.. as I was studying this ” stuff” an inner Knowing.. a silence came over me, and I listened inwards. There it was , loud and clear :’ Major in my Word, Minor in all the things u now know…. use it wisely, and KNOW, that I AM GOD !” Wow, I don’t hear ” voices” .. it was as if something was being imprinted on my heart, I am sure you guys understand what I mean.

    God keep and go with all of us.

  227. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hi Celline,

    Let me know what you think of the Will Storr book. Here is the link to the documentary: “Missing Links”



  228. Truth Says:

    C simply google search anything i listed.
    should pull up the documentaries & articles on such.
    Many are posted on Google Video & YouTube

    (do not know about “People of the Lie” have to search used book outlets)

  229. Celline Says:

    @ Founding: Thank you, and yes, I will
    @ Truth, I found everything and am 1/2 way thru listening to one part.
    So far, in the hopes of understanding it correctly …
    ” J M ? ” ???? don’t dare say it, had heard it be4 !
    but had heard different opinions also.. this one though.. makes the most sense. Disturbing me greatly, because of my deep love for Israel.
    Back to listening..

  230. stef Says:

    T’is I who thanks you, Father.

    My Danish friend just e-mailed me a book entitled “New Age & Illuminati 666” which I must delve into tout de suite.

    Afterwards I shall study all which you, Founding, have so kindly offered.

    For those who have not seen the following, here are 2 more videos of importance:

    1- The Strecker Memorandum

    2- In Lies We Trust

    Good viewing all!

    “The system we live in is engineered to destroy us.
    The system of governments, banks, corporations, media agencies, computer technology, and even the modern education system, is an intelligent, coordinated effort to destroy us. And it is orchestrated by Satan the devil, through occult and secret societies, who conduct the affairs of the world through unwitting politicians and corporate profit agendas.” Excerpt from “Satan’s Government.”

    Who owns, outright or by subterfuge, most, if not all of those things? Banks? Media? Hmmm?

    As for Alex? He’s not worth troubling over.

    Thanks again.

  231. stef Says:

    Truth: Seen all those back when and copied to disc, but I’d like to thank you anyway.

    Keep ’em comin’…

    The military are approximately 30 years ahead of the general public’s knowledge in areas pertaining to warfare: Microwave weapons, UFO’s, chemtrails, HAARP, mind-control, name it.

    Some of those ideas originated with supreme genius Nikola Tesla intended for the good of mankind, but have since been twisted/altered to do exactly the opposite by the powers-that-be.

    And the monsters in control are thousands of years ahead given their predilection for ancient occult beliefs…

    See ya!

  232. Celline Says:


  233. clark Says:

    The, “rippled blue’ – I have seen that effect before. It was more odd than the one-quarter rainbows.

    stef Says: According to you we should do exactly what?

    Stop buying stuff.
    Trade & Barter.
    I don’t rightly know wHAt else to do. I thought I’d try & inform others. I consider myself a fairly observant guy, and I never thought to look up. But people do notice. Another person told me her young daughter noticed & mentioned it to her.

    citizen Cane against 1984 Says, Are U willing to protest & go to jail, be beaten by sicko cops/military types who R like mindless/brainwashed robots?

    Protest & go to jail, yes. Be beaten, not exactly. Gahandi’s followers got my respect for that phrase, “May I have another.” But I don’t know if I could do that.
    I know about alot of what you mentioned, not all, but most.

    I noticed they no longer fly low. Have you noticed people get angry & short tempered sometimes after they have flown by? It is like a hangover in duration.

    Where do you think they take off from?
    Are they on a base & supplied from the outside? I imagine they are self contained, but they would need raw materials, ground transportation of raw materials & man power.

    Ursa Major Says: Yep, they are covering the sky with a very thin, almost unnoticeable haze.

    And the sun shines through it as if I was under water, like in my fishtank when the water gets cloudy & the sun shines on it through the window. As if one of the colors of the light spectrum were missing.

    Celline Says: ALL TV commercials now.. have this ugly striped sky as background, and I mean ALL. The news-anchors, their background.. ditto

    Here as well, the city sky-line is always a drawing during the weather, rather than a real photo or sky-cam. The weather personnel on TV have a high turnover too, whereas before, one guy for years on end. If they do show the sky, it is always a small area for a short period of time.

    Ursa Major Says: “See, Mom sees conspiracies everywhere!”

    You should just learn some weather terminology & say you are studying weather, which is the truth. Tell nosey, maybe you wanna become a weather person someday & its a hobby until then, see the pretty clouds & rainbows? Maybe they will notice all on their own. That is the best way to teach anyone something they don’t want to learn.
    I don’t have cable, so I’ve never seen chemtrails on TV yet. Its bizare to me that some of you do.

    Truth Says: the BIBLE (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

    That is a good one, I have not heard that before, it will be with me the rest of my life I’m sure. The rest of what you say reminds me of what an early morning, level-headed, TV preacher says about the three earth ages. Amazing & thought provoking to say the least.
    I have also never heard of a Messianic Bible, I’ll have to look it up.

    foundingfather1776 Says: They mock people that have true spiritual beliefs, and act as if “unbelief” is intellectually far superior,

    I’ll second that. I’ve noticed it quite a bit, generally, it is an increasing trend.

    Lastly, we’ve been getting a lot of rain, more than normal & quite frequently. 1″ in one area & in a nearby area that should have received roughly the same amount, 3″. That’s not abnormal, just odd & frequent, more often than not.

    As a precaution, I will beware people who cannot laugh. That is a good tactic no matter what a person personally believes.

  234. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Clark!

    “Have you noticed people get angry & short tempered sometimes after they have flown by? It is like a hangover in duration…”

    Yes. Absolutely. But are chems alone responsible?

    I thought it was I reported chems in films/tv ads, but never mind. Sure, we have a television. We use it to watch the odd good film that might be on, the occasional documentary (which we copy) and to keep up on propaganda. Know thine enemy, right?

    It’s a regular big box tv with a flat screen and excellent for watching films from our rather extensive film library.

    As for the sky, and I don’t recall if it’s been mentioned before, the horizon is white. Permanently.

    Don’t worry Clark, none of us will get beat up. It will be way worse than that, but way quicker too.

    Yeah, they cannot laugh. Chilling. Two women at different jobs, and one guy, a neighbor. They are not depressed nor do they have troubles. They all reacted with the same quizzical expression when I asked after months of befriending them, as if saying, “What makes you think something is wrong?” Funny, eh?

    One woman (late 30’s) actually revealed to me that she had never, in all her life, laughed. Did not know how to, she said, nor why other people did.

    Nor do they even smile. An aura of detachment/stillness so pronounced is eerie, to me anyway. They observe “us” with noticeable intensity. It’s unnerving. Grrrrr, I grew to hate and shun all three with a passion.

    And I was the class clown! But nothing moves these “folks.”

    Have any of you seen the film classic “They Live”?

    Great hypothetical overview of what is going on now.
    Check it out.

    Be well.

  235. stef Says:

    Sorry Clark, I misread you “tv” remark.

    Yeah, chemtrails appear on tv very frequently now.

    The book I’m reading on the Illuminati is fascinating.

    A bientot,

  236. stef Says:

    Say, hope the Dude comes back.

    The chems would have had to be started long before anything showed up, sky-wise that is. He’s right about chems being a multi-purpose weapon/tool. To my knowledge, chemtrails are global, and even if they weren’t, they travel on the winds so….

    No one could live through such a catastrophe. No one. Not even the life-sucking parasites in their underground cities/ bunkers. So what does he mean by “Those who do not listen will perish”?

    Dude, man, let’s talk.


  237. Truth Says:

    Another bit of speculation trivia on morphology/physical looks

    Just an un-scientific observation give to me by a >80 year old defense attorney & “criminologist”;

    He pointed out that if U look at the forehead, those with a conscious, as to what is right vs wrong, have wrinkles/older they get the deeper the lines on the forehead…. not a indication as to weather or not they are good or evil…. simply an indication that when they do wrong-evil it comes in conflict with their God/moral side.

    However the ones who look like X-USA Vic President Dick Cheney & Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke….
    notice no/few wrinkles on the forehead. No conflict with their soul (perhaps they have none tied to LOVE/God/Yeshua)….. as they lie & justify what they support….. they make very good puppet robots…. great assassins… excellent Nazi es who make policies to direct the Gerorge Bush Jr types.

    At their age & for ALL the evil they are involved in; should have deep lines & lots of wrinkles…. the smooth, almost wrinkle free forehead is a clue to that they have no conscious except to deliver evil…. without guilt.

    George Bush Jr….. no doubt has been a participatory in the evil perpetuated on the world as well as his own country men/USA citizens’
    However he has lots of forehead wrinkles…. he does in fact read the Bible been exposed & beholds the TRUTH, has supported pro-life…. however…..yet he has allowed murdering of thousands via the unGodly War …. he has been deceived by “religions” & his religious interpertation.

    Bushs soul seems to be very much in conflict with his actions; (reportedly now, in the rag sheets; “Suicidal & very Depressed checked into hospital”… we know he is an alcoholic & addicted…. normal for people who have a conscious & use such to self medicate… rather than use the Bible/God/Yeshua…..do not know if this is true)

    His actions are controlled/greatly influenced his advisers; been surrounded by the best of the Luceriferians & “Men In Black”;

    Most ALL top leaders & presidential candidates participate in witchcraft of some kind; has himself been involved in witchcraft kinda ceremonies starting in College Skull & Bones of Yale; Bohemian Grover in N Calif Redwoods…. his father George Bush Senior a master spi, trained assassin, trained in deceit & lying to Congress & John F Kennedy…. possible in on JFK murder…… Americans R stupid for trusting & electing a President who talked of a thousand point of light & a new world order (all secret society babble, with the Jesuit Order “Black Pope” sitting at the top of the pyramid)….. His father supported the occultist murderous Nazi Hitler & others tried for treason but let off the hook by his most powerful political/financial ties to the Vatican & secret society men in power. …..


    Vatican Assassins by Erick Phelps with regards to “Black Pope” & JFK

    (Nixon called it the “most God-Dammed faggie thing he ever attended…. he was never invited back & they destroyed his political career & credibility with Water Gate);

    Just an off the wall bit of un-scientific trivia from an old Attorney & Criminologist who deafened the innocent & would not defend who he thought was truly guilty (no he did not use this observation, as always conclusive in determining who was guilty of evil/crime…. it was just a one of the possible clues for him).

  238. stef Says:

    Somewhere in that morass, Truth, must be a kernel of information.

    In the last paragraph you meant to say he “silenced” not “deafened” the innocent, right?

    Listen, no disrespect, but you write like someone I know who is deeply mentally perturbed.

    I wish you well and all that… but, what are you saying exactly?

    That the evil have no forehead wrinkles? See Kissinger and then take a nap. Ok?


  239. Truth Says:

    “deafened” correction = defended

    U missed the point, sorry if not written in a format u could decipher;

    Point is;

    Wrinkles only indicate a possible conflict within their soul, they know what is LOVE/Godly & what is of Evil/Devil/Lucifer…. not about identifying whether they are guilty/evil or not….. perhaps only indicates they have feeling of guilt for the evil they do.

    NO wrinkles = No soul, no guilt for evil done or total Luciferiane lost soul; fantastic robots that r programed to murder women&children; in total denial of wrong doings; perfect assassin’s…. fantastic soldiers & leaders like Hitler & others like him.

    Yes Kissinger is evil beyond…. however w the wrinkles in his fore head one would conclude that he has a conscious; the God/Love/Yeshua positive power connection would be in conflict with the evil deeds that he delivers from the “God of this world”/Luciferian/ evil/ negative energy….. again it only suggest that he is in conflict with his actions….. according to many reports/reporters, hence a major coke user, alcoholic & bi-sexual, and pedophile.

    As to mentally perturbed…. that what happens when one knows too much info. (lol)…. that’s why JFK/RFK/Martian Luther King murdered because they were “mentally perturbed”; Ruby Ridge massacre , Donald Scott Malibu Calif murder by LA Sheriffs, WACO massacre, Oklahoma City massacre & 911 NY City massacre….. those who know too much of the real TRUTH are a bit “perturbed”

    again this is not my theory….. but there seems to be a bit of truth in this observations of wrinkled vs non-wrinkled forehead ed people….. of course it is only a small possible clue….. not a conclusion! omG how many will run to the bathroom mirror now?

  240. stef Says:

    Hey, Celline and Ursula, have you chicks finished watching “Missing Links” yet?

    Your “deep love for Israel.” What a stupid, stupid woman you are, Celline. Wish you’d remained a “dumb sheeple”? Don’t worry, girl, they don’t come any dumber than you. And, yeah, I’m not surprised you hear voices….heart or head; in your case, same thing.

    Women should be relegated to their own sites so they can’t gum up the works, if you get my drift.

    Guys everywhere should urge broads to start their own “OMG! Did you hear that or this and OMG isn’t that awful? and I cried so” sites… so we men can discuss world events in our own inimitably logical, untheatrical fashion.

    What say you, Father? We might encourage Truth to join the histrionics on those ladies’ sites. He’d fit right in.


  241. stef Says:

    Celline: “…uncomfortable…”

    Sat on a nail, did you?

    Or crapped yourself confronted by the truth?

    Not that other maniac (Truth) but TRUTH, as in reality.


  242. foundingfather1776 Says:

    I welcome all points of view here. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with every comment. Sharing knowledge and discussing the kind of topics I post on this blog is rare enough in the dumbed-down TV-numbed world we live in. The more people that actually start to think unconventionally, the better off we are.

    If one-tenth of the viewing audience for a show like “American Idol” understood that the “Federal Reserve” was not Federal, or that 9/11 was an inside job, or that water fluoridation programs are to help dumb-them down and make them passive, much of this crap could be stopped.

    Blogs like this, and even “big” alternative sites like Infowars.com or Rense.com are tiny little beacons of REAL information trying to compete for the attention of an apathetic public deluged with main-stream-media propaganda.

    Therefore, I welcome every reader and I hope they will share this blog and other alternative news sites with their mail list.



  243. Truth Says:

    As for “loving Israel”;

    A bit uncivil… U… R a rabble rouser…. has its place but character assassination of blogger is not very Nobel… save your attacks for the “men in black”

    stef whats up w that…. just what do you mean?

    “deep love for Israel”?

  244. stef Says:

    Point taken, Poppa, and I apologize. They come and they go, the nuts, the weary, the worried, the brave; but always, always, you want them to feel welcomed in a Statue of Liberty or Friendly Giant sort of way. That’s fine and my hat’s off to you, Sir.

    But above of all, I wish to extend my hearfelt apologies to Truth.

    Most of what I have said to you and about you seems to have totally escaped you. All the better. For you are purely good, my friend, purely good. Maybe a tad bananas, but they’re good too.

    And, let me add Truth, you grow on people; sorta like the Hunchback of Notre Dame or ET or even the Energizer Bunny (you have his persistence anyway). I mean that in the nicest, kindest possible way, Truth.

    “Deep love for Israel” were Celline’s parting words in one of her comments. Take it and run with it, Truth, as you are wont to do.

    To the rest: Keep watching them chemtrails! Who knows? Perhaps you lot will catch the bad guys someday.


  245. Truth Says:

    thank U for considerations for all concerned…. too much exposure to ctrails?….having a bad day did ya? too much caffeine &/or sugar rush… testosterone or estrogen rush … what ever the case may be. (lol)

    Religion & Politics
    What do you know about the Khazarian Zionists vs Biblical Judeans?

    What is the difference between these 2 “Jews”? both of course live in Israel.

    Looks like N Korea behavior has put the USA Military on Defcon 2 alert since May23 or so…. interesting events…. thought by now Israel would have preemptive strike on Iran….. they recently 6-12 month back got new fighters from USA & installed their new combat computer systems in them & recently testing them out.

  246. Truth Says:

    No chemtrails for past 7-10 days (S Calif area) ….. had me very concerned why they stopped so abruptly….. nice however….. why??? This new update may be the reason;

    N Korea May 29, cancled peace treate between 2 Koreas since 1953 “ready to attack” …. do not think this is in USA news yet;
    http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/6893/2/ (good source for off the wall non standard new updates)

    USA military increased threat level from DefCom #3 to DefCom#2 (back to the day of the Cuban Missile Crises when DefCon#2 was in effect){DefCon#1 is full on alert, missiles or aircraft launched}

    Chem Trails…… no spraying from approx May 23, over S Calif; Ontario, Riverside, LA, Orange County, Edwards Military Air force Base…..

    Perhaps they stopped their un-marked flight paths ….. the weather reporters from time to time make reference that the chemtrails interfear with the radar/storm tracking & have made reference that they are “military confidentials”

    USA Air force just may shoot any un-identified aircraft out of the air……espically if Country is under DefCon#2 high aleart.
    & the military will need to keep the sky’s clear of unidentified planes & not to interfere with radar surveillance.

  247. Ursa Major Says:

    So, Stef, you are consciously trying to ‘run us dumb broads’ out of this blog thread. And apparently you, Foundingfather, have no intentions to stop him, since you ignored Stef’s mean spirited remarks regarding Celline and myself. Thanks for nothing.

    Just for your information, Celline is 75 years old, and I say for a lady her age, she is very openminded. Not many people her age, especially women, will even bother thinking about chemtrails, the New World Order and such. You owe her at least an apology. You are one of the rudest people I’ve encountered yet.

    Yes, I have watched ‘Missing Links’, the whole thing. Deeply disturbing, even though I don’t quite believe all of it. Definitely food for thought.

    Unless I see that somebody here will support Celline and me, rather than just ignoring Stef’s insults towards us, we’ll be out of here. No point in hanging around where we aren’t wanted.

  248. Truth Says:

    U…. stef was critical/derogetor towards Truth also;

    Founding father & Truth did in fact support u & C…. we are subtle & do not get into the “drama” of such…. notice no name calling back, it is not Nobel to do so…. stef did in fact appologise did U not notice his humbel appology…. accept it as it is & move on with whatever U wish to share, do not be concerned about such, Jesus/Yeshua never defended himself either, he just continued with the TRUTH.

    May i kindly/lovingly encourage you to become less sensitive to such …. learn to be “Thick Skinned & soft heart”…. like a duck/feathers shedding the water he does not get soaked.

  249. Ursa Major Says:

    Ehm, his ‘humble apology’ was only towards you, Truth, no apology to anybody else. And you know, any place I don’t feel welcome in, and don’t enjoy being, why should I bother staying? I have found all kinds of things to research before this blog, and I am sure I’ll find plenty of it after I potentially leave.

    Here is a good link to an excellent chemtrail site, which you all may want to check out. Brian from http://www.holmestead.com sent them a couple of pictures of mine (with my agreement), which you will find in the ‘International’ section. It is an Australian site. http://www.bluenomore.com/

  250. Celline Says:

    @ Ursula, Thank you, and you said it better than I could have.
    I am very ” thickskinned” and most probably have seen and experienced more in life.. than most Americans, but this aside.
    I enjoyed this clean , informative.. and nice blog very much.
    Yet I will not expose myself to nasty language and putdowns, I don’t have to.
    Founding, as the creator of this blog, should have taken a strong stand against the ugly assaults of this one person.
    His ” apology” was none.. it simply was a ” washover”.
    Anyone capable of speaking as he did.. does not change his views in a few minutes. He will look for the next opportunity.. to bash someone.. mainly those who express christian convictions. The bashing of christians wil wax worse, way worse.. just wait and see.
    Personally.. I will take my stand where ever I need to.. yet mindless , stupid, immature ugly language, I will not tolerate,
    So, it is up to Founding, to take a stand, and it as well be.. for the Truth.
    It is not a matter of emotions, this is a matter of principal.. and morals and decency..
    I hope. somehow, this Blog will return to what it was.. until then..

  251. Truth Says:

    U & C understand your feelings, however U must learn to ignore, dont have to accept; in the public blogs U get it all, if U run away because of feelings then U will loose out & so will those who do not act the same way as others who are more rude & crude….. so it is really your choice to run from such or continue on sharing to others who are reading but not responding.

    Again Jesus was able to talk with ALL and not react… try it you will be more useful in the kingdom of heaven & on earth.

  252. foundingfather1776 Says:

    My Dear Ursa,

    I had absolutely no doubts at all about your ability to defend yourself against Mr. Stef.
    Your latest comment proves my point.

    Did you not see my comment directed to Stef that ALL readers are welcome here? I would not even consider “running the broads away” from here.

    I do not think attacking other people in the comments section is productive or appropriate. The anonymity of the Internet and the keyboard encourages many people to slip into rudeness that they would not otherwise use in a face-to-face conversation. If people imagined they were talking face-to-face to another human being, then I am sure the level of civility would rise, even if the underlying disagreements remained. I think even Stef would agree with that.

    It is very frustrating to me how quickly those of us in the “truth-movement” or the “alternative news” blogosphere will turn on one another.

    Instead of telling their neighbor about chemtrails or fluoridated water or vaccinations or 9/11 or a thousand other important subjects, they badger other “truthers” on the Internet.

    Instead of starting a blog, writing a letter to the editor, or distributing “truther” DVD’s – they enjoy eating their own; i.e. “Alex Jones is a Vatican Assassin” or “FoundingFather1776″ is a Zionist because he has links to Henry Makow’s web site!”

    Honestly, can we ALL drop the silliness?

    This isn’t kindergarten and I am not here to play nanny or assuage everyone’s feelings! I appreciate every person that has something sincere to say. If someone kept posting that was doing nothing more than trying to cause trouble, I would banish them. So far, fortunately, it has never gotten to that.

    If anyone decides to “take their ball and go home” that is entirely their decision.

    Honestly, this is NOT fun-and-games. The dollar is about ready to totally implode. The world is run by a bunch of inbred-psychotic nihilists that worship Lucifer and would like to kill off 98% of the world’s population. Autism is soaring because of the vaccines, we just witnessed a swine-flu scam that I believe is a precursor to something bigger they may try to push in the fall, chemtrails are sprayed all over the planet and nobody will tell us what is really going on with them…….sigh……I am just not going to get drawn into petty fights between ANYONE here on this blog.

    We are all adults. We should act it. If someone goes out of their way to be spiteful, trust me, their comment won’t be around long.

    Now, today I just dropped off another 100 DVD’s of the “Obama Deception” to my friend’s sporting goods store. They go fast. I made a nice professional looking display box with a “Free DVD Documentary” sign. You see, I try in any way I can to help open minds to the reality we face. I hope everyone else will do what they can as well.

    Kindest Regards,

  253. Ursa Major Says:

    Thank you Truth and Foundingfather. I will try to be more thick skinned, I’ve always had a problem with that.

    I am glad you distribute the Obama deception, that man has to go! Of course, he is only a puppet who does exactly as he is told. But he is so much better at fooling people than his predecessors, with his happy demeanor and excellent acting ability.

    I agree about the swine flu scam, too. It appears that this virus was a combination of the 1918 Spanish flu, the bird flu and something else (apparently it had really nothing to do with swine). Now how in the world would you get a combination like that naturally? I say it was man-made.

    As for the dollar (and really, money world wide), I think that the intent is to get rid of money altogether, and soon (first the dollar will have to collapse, of course). They want to ‘fix’ the problem (after first purposely creating it) by in the near future creating a one-world currency, with a world bank. Since nobody could afford for the whole world to suddenly print new money and getting rid of the old, it will all by only digital money, not real money. So, nobody can buy and sell without bank cards. And next will be that you can’t have cards (the excuse will be that you might lose them, or they can get stolen), but will need to get an implant to buy and sell (the mark of the beast). Which is where the buck stops for me.

    I don’t think it will be long before that happens. I give it ten years, my husband (who does have SOME good opinions) thinks twenty five years.

    In the meantime, they are spraying us with who knows what, which has been documented to confuse people’s minds (besides making people sick), dumbing us down with fluoride if they can (no fluoride here, but my son-in-law in Ottawa has just installed a reverse osmosis filter in his house, after buying bottled water for years for his large family of now six children), and force vaccinating much of the world’s children, and in many cases, adults as well.

    I am fortunate enough that Canada is not forcing vaccinations yet, if you know how to avoid them. My kids have had exemptions ever since I found out that scam of ‘preventive medicine’ called vaccinations. But here kids twelve years old are allowed to make their own decisions on vaccines, and they’d go to the schools, trying to pressure the kids to allow themselves to be vaccinated against their parent’s will! Not with my kids, they knew exactly what vaccines do (and don’t do, as in protecting against disease). I taught my five children to stand up for their beliefs. If only they would believe that the clouds they see for the most part aren’t natural.

    I have crusaded for many things over the years, to the chagrin of my family. I am an embarrassment to them, even though they do love me. Hey, I’d rather embarrass my family than being one of the sheeple! At least when we end up having to hide out as Christians in the end and having to barter and trade because we can’t have that implant happen to us, I’ll know I did my duty in trying to open people’s eyes.

    I can only show them the truth, I cannot force them to open their eyes and see. I wished I could.

  254. foundingfather1776 Says:


    Thank-you for your words of wisdom.

    I hope all of us can keep our eyes on the goal and share insight and information in a constructive way.

    Ursa, thank-you for the excellent links regarding Chemtrails. I have added these links to my “Chemtrail” link section.

    That is the kind of content that helps make this blog an even better vehicle for sharing information and truth….no personal attacks needed……right Stef?


  255. Ursa Major Says:

    I am not sure one of my links will work, as it should be http://www.holmestead.ca (not .com). Sorry about that.

  256. stef Says:

    Hi Father! I just stepped in to see if either the Dude or Bill had returned and noticed the ladies found my apology unsatisfactory. So here goes:

    Ursula and Celine: Please accept my sincerest apologies.

    There now. All better? Good.

    By the way, Pops, I do a whole lot more to enlighten people than merely yak on the Internet with the like-minded. Just so you know.

    Be well all.

  257. Ursa Major Says:

    “There now. All better? Good.”

    Stef, ever condescending to ‘the ladies’ aren’t you? But since that is likely the best you can do without fatally wounding your male pride, it will have to do.

    Fortunately there are others here who manage to truly respect ‘dumb broads’ without condescension, which is why you haven’t run me off yet, and likely won’t. I am not sure if Celline will be back. I hope she does, as she represents the older generation, and they also need to be made aware of chemtrails.

    In fact, when I sent her the link to the Australian site, she promptly sent it to several people, one of whom (a lady who refused to listen before) sent it on to over 100 people! She is helping people to finally look up and take notice of what is happening.

    So, while we may not have the means or energy to do things you can do (as both of us are in ill health), we ARE making a difference.

  258. Truth Says:

    did U see Fox Interview with San Diego Pasture who has a bible study with friends in his home (San Diego)….. apparently he was cited by a City/County Employee for holding illegal gathering in his home & The San Diego County requires a permit for such.

    DefCon #2 alert…. did u read my last transmission on this? Do you guys know what this means? most likely Israel will attack Iran & perhaps USA will attack N Korea…. all speculation but the middle east is a wonderful Roman Coliseum about to happen.

    The “men in black” are now ready to go to war/ the financial titans/gods will launch Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction…. by inciting wars & panic & collapse of not only USA dollar…. most likely a U said this is the precursor to go to the “electronic money” with the mark of the beast prophesies.

    By the way most Americans have already taken the mark of the beast without them knowing it. “they can not buy or sell without the mark of the beast”….. try buying or selling without the mark of the beast Social Security Numbers!

    Try buying or selling without a SOCIAL SECURITY #…. we use credit cards scanned by the network which has the (666) code embedded with each transaction; we have symbolically received the mark in our “forehead” as we consciously use the credit card “in our hand”….. we are brained washed that Federal Reserve & IRS are part of the USA Government…. not so….. & there is NO USA?Constitutional LAW to tax a mans personal wages (9 states do not collect income tax on a mans wages, ruled unconstitutional)

    We are supporting, giving tax payer money to USA Government that murders babies & all supports all kinds of sexual/moral perversions.
    Would you support Hitler like governments by giving them $$$ & guns to murder with?

    Good possibility that Gold will now proceed to $999/oz & upwards to $1,165….. remember if you understand astrology & secret society numerology…. you can pinpoint where & when the “men in black” will move/create wars-destruction/and when to cash in your stock, gold, etc.

  259. eric swan Says:

    I have been following the thread and see that things are gradually on the mend. If that offends anybody…Ursa, you get my clap on the back for your latest. Here’s a link that all Canadians here on the blog should look at. It seems to me that this archive proves “we” are responsible for chemtrails and not anyone else.


  260. Celline Says:

    @ Truth, yes I did.
    Yesterday some great links, one of them the Australien pics went to 100 x 100 people. Some of the responses were : ” Did not believe it.. til I got this link”. It went into the hands of Judges, Attorneys, Drs, teachers.. and even a Shrink, Psychiatrist ! ! Friends of friends of friends. It was the most “successful ” pass it on, yet !When Truth said.. there were no chems in Southern Cal for days, I must add.. that we had them here.. nonstop. Mostly in the shape of ” velcro clouds” where particles escaped out of them, and each one grew into a big ” cloud”. Watched it w. a friend.
    Overcast now since 2 days.. can’t see a thing.. that’s good, I needed a rest. Just now got an e mail from a pastor-friend in MN, who said :” Wow thank you C, I had no clue “! He will lay it out to his congregation !

  261. Celline Says:

    just got a reply from “ABC” about the Australien pics, they said:
    “It will be looked at and discussed”, we’ll see !

  262. Dude Says:

    Hi All. Dude is back.

    First, someone keeps saying that “no one knows the day that God/Jesus will return. That is true BUT that is not the date of the war and that date is stated in three places in the Bible. God will not return until about 70 years after the war. that is the day no one knows.

    Second, someone said that both the Khazar Jews and the real Israelites both live in Israel. That is waaaaaay false. Most of the twelve tribes of Israel are in the USA, which is Zion, or the Mountains of Israel.

    I would also like to apologize to the ladies for declaring them “shills”. their arguments (some of them) sound exactly like what a govt operative would say. For the record, I had a week long argument on youtube with a govt op promoting vaccines until he revealed that he had accessed non-public info about me and threatened to send “secret agents” to “do something about” me.

    So far no one has seen their southern sky, especially in the evenings, I bet. the Nibiru thing is very real. Look up the writings on the Georgia Guidestones. It makes sense when you know about Nibiru.

    Nibiru is called the “winged disc” or cross in the sky because it looks like a round disc with two pointy wings off of each side. Some say it looks like a crab.

    I have put my document with all the news on docstoc now. It has everything you need to see the big picture.

    www . docstoc . com/docs/6519605/WarNews <- Remove spaces!

    peace all.

  263. Truth Says:

    Helooooooo dude;
    Nice start w the girls

    Chen Trails……. S Calif. Barstow, Victorvill, SBdo & Riverside Counties clear night skys & day time…. can see ALL of the stars/suns at night & day fro past 10 days or so…. very strange to not see any ctrails.

    Today Saturday May 29; noticed man made clouds, untrained eye would not notice; new stealthy sneaky trails laid over the SBdo Mountains & the ctrails drifted over the valley Westward towards Orange County, Riverside County & towards LA County/city.

    Spotted ctrails that disappeared very quickly, mimicking con trails but slightly different… they are really making an effort to hide such in this section of the world …. very recent change of material sprayed…. 99% would not believe me if i showed them what has happened today before & at sunrise…. ANY ONE ELSE NOTICE A CHANGE IN SPRAYING CONTENT OR PATTERN?

    What do you know about the “Black Pope” this is one key to understanding the power structure & commander in general of the worlds governments, politics & finances of each country.

    2nd is knowing that each secret society is a world wide brother hood to each other, they are above ALL religions & above ALL governments… they have been apointed positions of power, from the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Builderburg Group & Bohemian Grovers of N Calif.

    ie; the Masons in USA & other “Christian” countries use the “Bible” on their alter & the “Jews” use the Torah on their alter & the Muslims use the Koran on their alter; however ALL are ONE fraternal organization.

    The only requirement for one to join the Masons… or secret societies is that they believe in a higher power….. that higher power can be “Satan/Lucifer”. The Satanists are also part of the group who have the “satanic bible/doctrines” on their alters; however are full on accepted members of the fraternal group (of course the majority 99% of the members are not aware of this, they are good & Godly yet deceived by whats at the very top; the all do wonderful works such as blood drives, cripple children/burn units for children etc.)…. there for 99% of the fraternal members are good kinda of people, however never are invited into the top of the top power structure….. & are not aware of the wizard of oz puppet master(s) of which one is the “Black Pope” of the Jesuit Order.

  264. Dude Says:

    Ive read some about the black pope but i think the real pope is just as ‘black’.

    Ive noticed that about once a month, here, they will skip days without chemtrails. Im wondering if its something like the moon, where its not visible at times. I still never have a clear look near the horizon toward the south.

    This war, I believe, is planned by the elite. We use up all their resources, we will never be disarmed, and we will never take the mark of the beast, so they must get rid of us. One thing Nostradamus said…”they were strangely given by the crocodile”, and from what ive seen, there is no way that top people cant see the russians and chinese gathering in siberia and all around us. A couple of them have come forward and told us thats what is being planned. search ‘george green’ or ‘alexely fud’ on youtube. Also, read all of project camelot’s work.

  265. Truth Says:

    Until you study who & what the “Black Pope” is you will not understand the power structure.

    Why was John F. Kennedy murdered? do u really know?

    suggest that you research & review;


    “Vatican Assassins” by Erick Phelps

    Chem-trails & Operation Called Cloverleaf some time in late 90’s


    Project Cloverleaf

  266. Dude Says:

    I researched all that before and read about cloverleaf recently. I think JFK was killed because he signed an executive order to eliminate the federal reserve. Abraham Lincoln was also printing his own non-bank-issued money too.

    All that isn’t really my priority. Right now it’s making people realize what’s about to happen so they can prepare or leave. The time for discussion was over years ago and the window of opportunity to take action is closing rapidly with the dollar’s imminent demise coming very soon.

  267. Truth Says:

    Dude again so what that a planet is going to crash the earth…. we have no control on such…. you mention that we could “leave”

    Where do u think your going to go? R u planing to rocket launch off the earth?
    When astroids hit the earth it is unpredictable… is this not true? Why do i care if Niburia is comming or not? That is in Gods hands & so what if i am vaporized, non of lus are getting off this planes alive! Just chill out & go about the Lords work of getting the TRUTH of the Scriptures out, so that U may go to heaven rather than hell.

  268. Truth Says:

    JFK murder,
    Yes u are right! JFK was doing away with IRS & Federal Reserve & ….. CIA which is their undercover military to enforce taxes
    all against the USA Constitution if u study about this.

    In fact JKF & group/United States of America; printed RED SEAL “United States Notes” not GREEN SEAL Federal Reserve.

    Started with $480B in gold/silver backing the 1st of the $2 & $5 dollars bills: Started printing JUNE 1963….

    JFK was in Dallis Texas to announce the reason why, who the Federal Reserve was & further his discussion on “SECRET SOCIETIES” (google 1961 secret society speech)…. described HOW THEY WOULD DESTROY AMERICA & PUT IT INTO FINANCIAL SLAVERY!…. the day after his murder NOV 1963 ALL of the newly circulated RED SEAL “UNITED STATES NOTES” were pulled from circulation & destroyed…. u can only find them today in privet collections or coin shops.


    john f kennedy cia federal reserve black pope murder

    vatican assassins by erick phelps

    congressman McFadden report to congress

    freedom to fascism by aaron russo

    money masters
    (for the whole story about $$$ created out of thin air)

  269. Dude Says:

    Leaving North America will save you from the war…..or possibly having 2 yrs of food and water may save you (but only if God wants you to live). The war will kill 90% of Americans. 10% of us will live but many of those will be prisoners in far away lands. Those are the ones that God will recover when He returns physically and bring them home to Zion. If leaving America wouldnt save you then I dont think it would be stated so many times in the Bible. It does say a bit about not going to Canada (Dan, Beersheeba).

    As for nibiru, be on mountains near the center of a continent. Thats the best advice I can offer there. It is not going to crash into the earth. It orbits between Mars and Jupiter but it will bring asteroids and moons. At least one large asteroid (or small moon) will hit in the Pacific Ocean.

  270. Dude Says:

    Oh, heres the link for my doc without the spaces. i forgot this blog allows links. It has all the info or can point you to other sources.


  271. Truth Says:


    Good advice with food storage, go to the mountains…. this is advice is found in the Bible scriptures “flee to the hills”

    Farm land is a great investment, & i have done so…. small isolated communities that are self contained & away from the city folks;
    Better to be in a small community with water & food & farmers with pitchforks & guns when the time comes….. if any one wants to join me & family…. willing to tell where & how…. only no more than 100 people are invited…..

    If polar shifts happen coastal communities are not a good place to be… and i love such locations.

    Did you read my past blog on why we might consider South of the Equator?… do u remember that the air currents are opposite of N Hemisphere…. this is most important for the upcoming biological/nuclear contaminants to be released in the N Hemisphere…. all speculation on my part…. however many clues point to this idea.

    Many of the world elitist are/have invested in such locations!
    ie Paraguay Bushes recently bout >90,000 acres of land next to USA military base over the worlds biggest aquifier! Why?

    google Bush Paraguay 90,000 acre purchase

    The official White House press releases claim that this is not true just part of the “conspiracy theories”…. however Jenn Bush over saw the purchase of 98,840 acres some time around October 2006 or so.

    I think there are some video trailers on You Tube &/or Google Video about this

  272. Celline Says:

    @ Truth, yes,, the ctrails have changed, a lot, have noticed since about a month.. very hard now to convince people. The best is, the Australien pics, I sent them to hundreds.
    @ Dude, thank you for your apology, it is accepted !
    I do know about the Georgia guidestones,never understood what they are about, but the writing on them.. is a dead-give away !

  273. Ursa Major Says:

    Welcome back, Dude. I also accept your apology.

    I still don’t believe in Nibiru, but a lot of other things you say make perfect sense.

    I also know that the chemtrails have changed. Yesterday I saw the weirdest rainclouds, with chemtrails mixed in. But if you don’t know what you are looking at, you’d never guess.

    Also, they will now spray one trail at a time, wait for it to spread (which is much faster than only a month ago), before doing the next. So, it looks like clouds, with just one chemtrail happening at a time, and most of the time in the same path (probably lower altitude) as commercial routes.

    This morning the clouds parted (after several days of rain), and there were chemclouds (popcorn and fake cirrus) among the real ones. Then it was brilliant blue skies for a few hours, and now it is back to clouds, and they appear to be normal, ordinary clouds.

    So, unless you have pictures of the chemtrails done before the beginning of May, it would be very hard to convince anybody.

    A friend sent me the movie ‘Toxic Skies’, which I watched yesterday. Great movie, even though it doesn’t describe the chemtrails quite accurately.

    In the movie chemtrails are sprayed by putting the chemicals into jet fuel, and are spread by commercial airliners. But of course we all know that they are mostly laid down by unmarked military tanker airplanes, even though I have read that SOME are done by commercial airliners now.

  274. Celline Says:

    @Ursula, I noticed the change and discribed them as “velcro” clouds.
    I have yet to hear anyone discribe what I have seen. Out of those fake clouds, little Bits are expelled, who themselves build new ” velcros”
    First time I saw this was last saturday, where I called on someone to witness it. Your Australien pics are making the rounds in a huge way !
    Am going to a party tonight, as usual, I will spread the word. Bad day though today.. we are covered w. Pacific clouds.

  275. Dude Says:

    Thanks ladies. I’m quick to jump on people who seem like govt because there are so many govt ppl online, especially youtube. Since you ladies are from Germany about 30 years ago, I bet you are totally horrified by the way our govt is going right now.

    @Truth: I know about the air currents and so do the elite. They are viewing Australia as the ‘ark’ for these events. I’m thinking Andes Mtns myself but idk. I don’t have the resources yet to go but I’m planning it anyway. Everybody else in my family has the resources and no brains. Go figure. I already live in a farm area near the Blue Ridge Mountains, although I think I’m on the wrong side of them.

    My chemtrails are different too. Probably because of people like us pointing out the obvious. They’re getting more stealthy but it varies from day to day and always ends with clouds where I cant view anything near the southern horizon.

  276. Ursa Major Says:

    After I reported the blue skies and normal clouds, I saw some very odd obvious chemical clouds (obvious to me, that is) with ridges in between the regular clouds, and soon we had a violent thunderstorm.

    When that cleared up, there were chemtrail clouds everywhere, and an odd sunset. But again, it would have been useless to point out to anybody, as not many people would see it.

    So, all I can do is take pictures and keep my mouth shut, taking pictures of other things in between, in case anybody asks what I am doing. Ugh, it is frustrating.

    Dude, yes, I am definitely upset about what is happening with our governments. But the German government is no better, and honestly, I’ve never trusted any government to have the best intentions for the people. I guess growing up in post-war Germany wasn’t conducive to being too trusting of any government!

  277. Truth Says:

    To good health…. we need to focus on what we can do to strengthen the body via foods & alternative medicines; felt led to bring cancer fighters/cures into discussion.

    As for cancer there are a couple of interesting “cures”… not legal definitions due to only FDA approved drugs qualify…. i do not thi9nk there are any FDA “natural Cures”

    1. Graviola Tree extracts aka “Brazilian” Graviola Tree sometime mistakenly referred to as the 2. “Paw Paw” Tree (related cousins however entirely different compounds in the 2 different trees)

    Both the Graviola Tree & Paw Paw have been referenced as having 10,000X times cancer killing power than some of the approved FDA approved chemo drugs.

    3. Protocel treatment are unique & sometimes combined with the Graviola Tree &/or Paw Paw Tree extracts….. however you must read up on the different treatments.

    6 different strains of cancer cells are killed by the 3 referenced above.
    Glioblastomas (brain cancer tumors) are more challenging.

    4. HYPERTHERMIA treatments developed in Germany…. many politicians, presidents, movie stars & even FDA types travel there for treatment with heating the body to >105>107 degrees F…. very well documented & very good results. Uses infrared treatment & oxygenation

    5. Also study alkaloid body to kill cancer & germs, viruses.
    Vitamin C is also a cancer killer

    6….. one alternative cancer treatment web site

  278. Dude Says:

    I quit taking pics of chemtrails after about 1000. We need to do away with all governments but thats not going to happen yet.

    The University of Alberta already found a promising cure for cancer thats safe, cheap, and effective — dichloroacetate.

  279. Ursa Major Says:

    There are many, many proven cancer cures out there. Too bad that cancer is big business, and those cures are considered quackery, and any doctor who dares use them is likely going to lose his license (or worse). I have done a lot of cancer research in the past years, and I know exactly what to do if I should develop cancer at any time.

    Since they’ve been heavily spraying in my area, I first developed severe asthma in February (I’ve had it from the age of three, but for the past 15 years I rarely had a problem), then got one bout of bronchitis after another, and finally chronic bronchitis which antibiotics and puffers had no effect on.

    Finally, in desperation I went to a naturopathic doctor (should have done that earlier), who told me to buy my own nebulizer (for treatments with a mask, it will create a mist to be breathed in), and prescribed glutathione in a saline solution to use with it.

    This is a very powerful antioxidant, and it is the first thing that is actually working, and I believe that it will heal me.

    He said that he had an awful lot of people come to him with respiratory illnesses recently! I don’t think it is a coincidence. He also allegedly cured most of them with glutathione.

    He asked me what I thought caused the worst attacks, and I told him that I believed it was chemtrails. He had heard of chemtrails before, but didn’t look like he believed me.

    But I know that any day that I see chemtrails/weird ‘clouds’, my breathing will be awful (and it will be terrible BEFORE I look at the sky and see what it looks like, which refutes my family’s nonsense of it being psychological), and it will be much better on the rare day with a blue sky.

    Glutathione will help with lots of things, including cancer. One doctor (in a youTube video) calls it the ‘Mother of all Antioxidants’.

  280. stef Says:

    Hey Dude! I’ve thinking of buying a telescope for star gazing and you’ve convinced me, along with the sites I’ve been researching, there may be something BIG worth watching, aside from the ever increasing UFO traffic up there.

    My budget is about $500. If my brother chips in, double that, but he’s undecided.

    Any suggestions as to which type of telescope in the $500 price range might serve me best?

    Also, there is talk of a planetary alignment due to occur in or around 2012 and too is expected to cause unheard of devastation. What say you?


  281. Dude Says:

    THC, one of the active ingredients in cannabis also cures some types of cancer as well as promote brain cell growth. Apparently the THC in pot binds to the same receptors as fluoride so the ‘elite’ had a problem with the hippies in the 60s…..the fluoride didn’t work on them.

    Thanks for the info on glutathione. I haven’t heard of that before.

  282. Dude Says:

    Wow, youtube is crawling with govt ops. I think they may be using a less visible mixture for the chemtrails too.

  283. Canadian Girl Says:

    Hi all. I’ve been painfully aware of chemtrails for almost 10 years, and am carefully trying to educate people about it who are fragile in their little realities, totally ignorant and self absorbed. I have compassion. We all just want to be happy and for things to be ok, and feel safe. Knowledge about chemtrails is too much for some people.

    But, I know so many people getting terribly sick, and I work hard not to succumb to the negativity of all this, and try to keep my vibration high, even while watching the spraying right over my head. Some days I despair. Other days are better.

    I’m surprised not to see any posts here about MMS. EVERYBODY should stock up NOW on the Miracle Mineral Supplement – it truly is the protection against pathogens, viruses, mold, you name it. I feel SO much better taking it, and want to shout from the rooftop!

    There’s tons about it on You Tube – Here’s the main site, http://www.miraclemineral.org/

    Please do yourself and loved ones a big favor and get some MMS. That, along with some kind of Green food supplement, colloidal silver, selenium, and you’ll be able to arm yourself. We can’t do anything about the spraying, but we CAN empower our own health and clear out the junk.

    Clear your physical body, than work on clearing the energetic resonance that comes with the insane intention behind the spray.

    Here’s a story – there’s a spit test you can do to see if you’re infected with chemtrail pathogens, (which 99% of us are). It involves mixing 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and red wine, and swishing it in your mouth for 5 minutes. When you spit it out, you’ll also spit out long black fibres from your gums. Gross I know. Don’t take my word for it, go to: http://www.carnicom.com/morgobs7.htm

    So – I took the test twice last winter and to my horror, I spit out long black fibres.

    The GOOD news: I’ve been taking MMS for 5 mths, and I remembered this spit test, so I did it again. And – it came out clear! No more fibres. I can’t tell you what a relief that was.

    Enough said. Clear yourselves out with MMS, and keep the vibe high everyone.

  284. eric swan Says:

    The spit test sounds real interesting. The flouride/THC receptor issue is also a significant issue. Someone up the page is using a shortform that makes no sense to me. This is English. Try that. &amp??????

  285. Truth Says:

    Good new guys…. chemtrails are still being sprayed on us, i was most concerned that they stopped…. then we have nothing to do.

    Chemtrails have changed over the San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange Counties & Los Angeles

    A new type of spray, only last 10-15 minutes, spreads out not very much & then disappears or fades away to a very faint broken line of wispy “normal looking” wispy overcast….. the days have had a very faint overcast for days…. & i could not identify chemical trails until today & would not have identified as such if i did not know what to look for; also in late afternoon just at sunset they were heavily spraying over the Los Angelese Mountains & by the time it drifted over the valleys they looked like “normal” clouds.

    The chemical trails that do not last very long must be the dangerous ones.

    Have felt lethargic, mental headaches/slight confusion , no motivation to work & feel wiped out like after drinking too much alcohol….. & i do not drink…. feeling of being toxic….. or is it Psychological…. i think not.

  286. Celline Says:

    @ Truth: one thing I don’t understand here.. the areas u mention have been heavily sprayed all along, what’s new about this ?
    I have noticed for about a week now, those little fake clouds, w. articles escaping out of them and forming new ones..
    We are still overcast, so I did not see a thing for 4 to 5 days.
    But, I feel dizzy, disoriented and sorta fuzzy today too..
    Honestly, am scared, holding on to my faith in God, for dear life :
    No weapon formed against you will prosper !
    Also I found something very important on 9/11 but I don’t know how to post links. I mailed it to Ursula, if she deems it important too, she knows how to do it. I hope she will..

  287. Celline Says:

    by the way.. I never see the planes anymore who are spraying. Either they do it over the ocean and let it drift inland… or”they” have a way to be invisible.. but something has changed.. big time.
    Call me crazy.. but sometimes I think, real Demons are at work..
    No, not kidding !

  288. Dude Says:

    Hi Stef,

    I thought about a telescope too, especially if we make it long enough into the war to see Nibiru but right now, they’re not going to let you see it. I went across the parkway today and the layers of crap was wild looking in the sunset.

    In telescopes, unless you make your own, $500 is just beginning. After I did some research, I determined that I couldnt afford the ones I wanted.

    I dont think any galactic alignments are going to create any significant effects. I actually think its a distraction from Nibiru. Theres tons of stuff to support Nibiru and it will most certainly cause all the effects in the Bible and it is described by every ancient civilization on the planet.

    All the prophets I’ve read say it too. Big war, big planet coming through. The war here worries me more than Nibiru. The war will be on 10-10-09 and will see America destroyed. Medvedev just said at their Victory Day parade that “Russia will teach foreign aggressors the lessons of WW2”. Not long ago, Chavez was flying one of Russias supersonic bombers saying “the Yankee hedgemony is finished”, and then he gave Russia an island with a base on it to launch bombers from.

  289. stef Says:

    Good to hear from you, Dude!

    I had a notion $500 wouldn’t buy me much in the way of a real sky snooper… still, it’s better than nothing.

    There’s this site I think you might be aware of “THE ARRIVALS.”

    I’ve only seen up to and including Part 26 (before going to work) but I plan to watch and COPY this particular series before it’s yanked.

    A couple of “episodes” are a tad repetitive, but overall, from what I’ve seen so far, it pretty well sums up everything, anyone, anywhere, who has begun to awaken, needs to know.

    I recommend it.

    So thanks for your input, Dude. I’ll proceed with my purchase nonetheless ’cause there is lots of activity of up there!

    Say, Dude, would you happen to know anything about Project Bluebeam? UFO’s, to my mind, are military. We’re in for a world war, a fake alien invasion, then a ‘horned star’ causing an 8 hour earthquake?

    Ever wonder why we, of all those that came before, have the privilege of living in such interesting times? Appreciate your insights, Dude.

    To Eric: Shortform? You probably mean Truth. Yeah.

    To Celline: Demons? Affirmative. Check out that video I mentioned.

    Fasten your seatbelts, folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride!


  290. Dude Says:

    stef: If youre gonna get a telescope anyway, try something like this, you get the most ‘bang for the buck’. Research yourself too and when considering telescopes, size does matter.

    Project Bluebeam’s main mission was to discredit any evidence of UFOs. Many of our astronauts have described UFOs and said they were always watched in space. Theres two govt guys on youtube discussing UFOs disabling missiles and nukes, one of em caught it on video.
    I found this article today on Roswell:

    As for events in the future, I think its going to be exactly what the Bible says. 10-10-09: we get destroyed, 2012: planet ends war and wreaks havoc on earth, approx 2082: God returns, gathers His people and returns us here and rules for 1000 years. Either when He gathers us or after the 1000 years there will be war in the heavens, I forgot which. I’m concentrating on the near future. 10-10-09 is not far away at all.

  291. Celline Says:

    .. I looked for The Arrivals, and all I found was very occultic things. Not Truth, but human invented fantasie,
    I say his for a very good reason ” Jesus said : No one knows the Day or the Hour, only the Father does…” This is the TRUTH. We do not know the time, yet we do know the Signs of His coming. ” When you see all these things.. be watching, because I will come like a thief in the night ” ( used my own words, don’t have my bible open here right now ) but you get my jist. The Truth is, only God knows the day and the hour. We though, see the signs and the times, and yes.. we are near.. but in God’s eyes, a day can be a 1000 years , we are merely His creation.
    I hold to praying a lot, and yes, I do watch, but any such things.. if they don’t jive with the “Word”… mean nothing to me..
    I thank you Stef for calling my attention to it, but.. as I said above,
    the Truth and the exact facts.. l are with God alone.

  292. Dude Says:

    This board got into intense discussion. nice.

    clark: you mentioned the above average rainfall because of the chemtrails seeding clouds. this fits perfectly with another detail in the Bible: “there will be water flowing from every hill on the great day of destruction.”

    foundingfather: awesome you got into the quantum mechanics question. check out this article where they are close to providing evidence that we are indeed a holographic universe made of light just like the Bible says:

    as for spirituality and the supernatural, we all have that ability within us. Thats what I was trying to tell the ladies earlier. Even Jesus tells us that the way to God is within. “If it were in the sky then the birds would preceed us…” however it goes. read that whole article above and youll be amazed, I was anyway. Then check out the books that were originally part of the Bible and omitted like Enoch, Jasher, Thomas, Wisdom of Solomon, etc. a good resource for those and a ton of other text is http://www.sacred-texts.com

    Somebody mentioned the mark of the beast. this is the new world financial system that russia announced last year they were setting up in moscow. they will institute the mark of the beast. after putin destroys the ‘evil americans’ the whole world will love him and his accomplsihment will go to his head and he will magnify himself above God.

    really, ALL the details are in the Bible if you concentrate on the story, remember that ancient people described things they saw with the words they knew, and their names dont mean a lot. You have to read a lot as it is very repetitive but different details are scattered here and there. proverbs speaks very little about the war but it is one of the 2 places i found that says we will be filled with the devices that we have imagined. we invented nukes….this time around anyway….and we will be filled with them….in 4 months.

  293. Dude Says:

    Celline: Read Ezekiel 24:1-2. That is talking about us in the USA right now. The day that God is returning is not the day of the war. They are different dates. The date of His return is approximately 70 years or 7 generations, it is stated both ways but that is the time no one knows. Amos describes the time of year of the war (fall) and Kings and Jeremiah also state the date.

  294. Dude Says:

    Basically this is the story in the Bible:
    God made us and we multiplied and got evil.
    He destroyed us with nibiru and the great flood.
    From Noah’s descendents came one person….renamed to Israel and his children became the ‘chosen people’ to serve God.
    God gave us commandments and promised a new, fat, beautiful land.
    We went into that land and subdued its inhabitants, the caananites (indians), and grew fat and corrupt. So this time God is gathering the nations together, 10 of them (rev, SCO), to destroy us with the fire that melts mountians and makes all heads bald (nukes).
    The war will continue for about two years until Nibiru comes through and erupts yellowstone (great rain of fire and brimstone mixed with blood) and that will kill 5/6 of the 200 million troops gathered in Siberia now (from the North).
    The rest will leave, the gentiles (russia, china, etc) will rule for about 70 years.
    Then God will physically return and gather the remnant of His people and bring us home and heal our land. He will bring the New Jerusalem from the heavens (skies) and it will be 1500 miles (length x width x height). makes me think of a pyramid.

    The country described as being the Mountains of Israel and Zion can not possibly be any other country than the USA. All the history of our migration here also agrees.

    For those who like books and proving Bible stuff right, Jonathan Gray is an archaeologist and he has discovered amazing things. He explains how and why people and plants were so big back then and tons of other stuff. It was his books that inspired me to go look for Noah’s ark and I found it on google maps before they censored it with a cloud. I put the pics on my myspace from before they censored it. i have jonathan grays books too ill send to anyone that wants them.

    My chemtrails were like somebody above described with the fishtank analogy. Seems to be a haze and I didnt notice any trails today and I watch good now. There was most definitely a thick haze with layers of purple, darkening with decreasing altitude as I was noticing when on the parkway today. Altitude there is about 3-4000 ft higher than the cities.

  295. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, those tv’s yall were talking about earlier…..that is the ‘image of the beast’ that ‘no man shall enter the kingdom of heaven who worships it’.

    We were commanded to not make any image of anything and that it is spiritual fornication. why?

    we have the ability to see anytimewhere already. that is the part of God within us, the Holy Spirit, the ‘third eye’ or whatever you want to call it. When we make and look at images, its like cheating on a test. God made the image that we exist in and our images are a mockery to Him.

    As far as “worship”…..that also has to be redefined if the Bible is to be believed. Worship, according to the Bible, is that which you love the most, spend the most time with…that which you set your heart upon.

    part of the description of the usa is that we have an “idol of jealousy in our northern gate”. that is the statue of liberty. idols and Images are the most often repeated reason in the Bible for God sending this war against us….on 10-10-09.

  296. Celline Says:

    Dude, those books, as Enoch, jasher etc… just real quick am on my way to bed.. those books, again, are NOT scripture. Why is there this need to look outside the Word of God, for anything, those books are dangerous to the wellbeing fo your soul, detremental even, you will get derailed from the truth.. some if these.. also.. are occult.
    You are too fascinated by those things, Dude.. read the Bible.. dump the others.. not for me, for YOU.. listen please !

  297. Dude Says:

    celline: why then does the bible reference the book of enoch in two places? why then does Jesus’s words say the very same thing without going into details? You gotta open your mind a little more. the Bible has been hacked for centuries and it absolutely amazes me the detail about the war thats in it. the ‘illuminati’ are called that because they have information that allows them to access their spirituality and that is why so many of them know so much and they keep it well hidden. furthermore, all religions have the same origin and roughly say about the same things, khazar and other evil religions excluded. I dont believe anything that disagrees with the Bible and so far nothing I’ve said disagrees with it. Watch these David Icke videos. youll know a lot more about a lot more and he shows the where religions came from and even shows part our migration from egypt to the usa. found em here:

    stef: very good telescope basic education page:

  298. stef Says:

    Thanks for the great links, Dude. I’m getting into every single one of them pronto. I used to watch the chem planes through binoculors (a friend’s), but I’m determined to buy, or build, a telescope at this time. Many thanks.

    Dude, I thought I’d mention, and I’m sure you know, Alex Jones called David a turd in the bunchbowl or some such thing. AJ rubbed me the wrong way right from the get go so what he thinks about this or that impresses me not at all.

    Read somewhere that AJ rose out of nowhere promptly following the death of Cooper who was warning about this stuff long, long ago.

    David Icke, on the other hand, is a fascinating fellow and I’ve watched/copied his every video conference and keep abreast of his latest articles.

    Before I forget: Hi Celline! Remember that our masters BELIEVE in the Occult! You watched the videos, all 40 odd parts, and came away with– it’s occult and not worth your time?

    Celline, like it or not our masters are Luciferians! That is their religion, like yours and mine is chrisianity. Only theirs is secret (occult) ’cause they’ve got lots to hide. And you won’t turn into one of them just by reading about what makes them tick, you know.

    We’re not in the Club, as Carlin would say.

    Your stated uninterest in these excellent videos is your business though, I sense there’s more bothers you than merely the “occult” part. Never mind.

    And Dude, your response to Celline re. the Bible was spot on. I appreciate any and all info you may have on it and the Gnostic Bibles and anything else you care to share.

    I understand Celline is a sensitive lady hence I’m walking on eggs so as not to offend her, or anyone else, for that matter.

    Compared to this nice little kaffeklatsch over here some sites/forums on this material would make Celline faint.

    Anyway, I’ve got to get to reading/viewing so buh-bye for now all!

    Thanks guys!
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  299. stef Says:

    Before I go: Dude, you seem preoccupied with the Russians. You do know the US and Russia worked hand-in-hand on lots of space projects during the so-called “cold war,” don’t you?

    They had their respective populations believing the “other” was akin to the comic strip “arch enemy” all the while they were collaborating on stuff would make your hair turn white, unless it already was.

    China, Russia, USrael, they’re all working together to create a “situation” to fool the little people. While the people shivered and wept over the big, bad Ruskies, they laughed! And they are laughing still!

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  300. eric swan Says:

    I think the bible is mostly true but agree with others, that it is not as complete and particularily with the ministry of Jesus. This happened at the council of Nicea when much was left out. Here is an excerpt of a document that has been left out of the mix. Jesus ministered to all and one of those ministries took him to the Essenes who recorded his words and deeds almost exactly like the gospels excepting the truth where Jesus did not smoke nor did he drink. He obviously would not be turning water into wine. That’s the same twist that the early Israelites put on the old testament to make meat acceptable as food when the 10 commandments distinctly says do not kill.

    In other words, the remnant we call the bible, misses the essence that “Love your neighbour” means all life forms.


  301. Dude Says:

    Stef: I am preoccupied with Russia because they have been threatening to nuke us for two years and they have put the hardware in place to do it. Everything happening now is exactly like the Bible says.

    I also think they all are working together. That is why kissinger recently told medvedev that he would have our guns confiscated by sept….right before the war.

    We use up all of ‘their’ resources, we will never accept the mark of the beast and we will never give up our guns. they cant have us regain control of our military either because then they couldnt rule the world with their one-world government. Even Nostradamus said “they were strangely given by the crocodile”. You figure out what that means becuase I dont want to incur the wrath of Celline. 🙂

    if you get a good telescope, i wanna watch too! You anywhere near Va?

    again, i HIGHLY recommend Jonathan Grays books, especially “killing paradise planet”. you will have to get them from piratebay or me as theyre copyrighted.

  302. Truth Says:

    Great dialoague;

    Must agree that the Scriptures were not correctly translated from the Council of Nicia (300-330) that when the Anti-Christ system twisted stuff & changed the original Sabbath to Sunday aka “Lords Day”.

    Keep in mind that Jesus/Yeshua NEVER ROSE ON SUNDAY… he rose on Saturday afternoon (3 days & 3 nights in the grave) However it appears that the disciples did meet on the 1st day of the new work week, as they meet in dark of night which would be the beginning of Sunday (Hebrew days end at sunset & new day begins in dark)… must agree that every day is a day of worship, Sunday is a great day to meet for worship also… however the Sabbath is clearly defined & not a Sunday!

    As for the other books must agree with Ms C & U that it is best to stay with the Bible; however must agree with the others that it is good to study the other books as it will educate us to how they use astrology & such… (it is a bit risky to go off on tangents of “new age”)….however the Bible is the best bench mark of TRUTH…. epically the “Jews For Jesus Bible” & “Messianic Christians” Bible as they are under the proper interpretations with regards to the original Hebrew teachings & writings.

    The real TRUTH is that most Christians inadvertently follow after & give allegiance to the Catholic Church Pope…. when they do not honor the 4th Commandment…. they really have been deceived/brainwashed that the Sabbath is Sunday.

    However even with such misunderstanding the King James Bible is better than most, & the truth can be found therein….. the other books of the world have truth mixed with lies…. the holy spirit can help reveal the lies when com paired to the Bible.

  303. Ursa Major Says:

    Now look guys, will you let up on Celline? She is well aware of the illuminati, New World Order etc. In fact, she sent me this link, and I’ve been reading in there for days: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_satanic_bloodlines.htm

    I wouldn’t call her faint hearted exactly. But she is protesting adding books to the Bible that shouldn’t be there. I did read the ‘gospel’ of Thomas, and the one of Mary Magdalene and a few others. They are outright blasphemy and fakes, that Satan tried to sneak into the Bible. No wonder they were excluded!

    I don’t know about the book of Enoch, I haven’t looked into that.

    Yesterday was an extremely windy day, with some normal clouds and sunshine. But when the wind died down around 7:00 pm, they started spraying. One huge, big plume with different textures across the top, and smaller ones being sprayed north, south and west of me. Because of trees and houses, you had to be looking out an upstairs window to see the ones to the north and south.

    Of course, today it is completely overcast and raining. But some of the ‘rainclouds’ are suspiciously rippled and definitely very odd looking. There are obviously chemtrails mixed in with the rainclouds. I don’t know what to make of that, because that is the ‘normal’ thing lately.

    Eric, the Bible says, “Do not MURDER”. Any Bible that translates it as ‘do not kill’ is a mistranslation.

    If you weren’t supposed to kill animals (only after the flood God told Noah that animals were for food, as the vegetation was pretty much wiped out), why would God have demanded animal sacrifices for hundreds of years to atone for sins before Jesus came?

    And did not Jesus also eat meat? Paul gives instructions on what meats you can eat (as in not meat sacrificed to idols).

    In the beginning, when everything was perfect, before the fall, every creature only ate vegetation of some kind. But after the fall, animals began to eat each other, and after the flood, people were commanded to eat meat by God.

  304. Ursa Major Says:

    Truth, where do you get the messianic Christian’s Bible? I wouldn’t mind having one myself.

    Truth, it is Catholics who are idol worshipers, not evangelical Christians. I wouldn’t dream of having a crucifix hanging in my house, and curtsying to it every time I walk past! 🙂

    The rosary is also a New Age thing, taken from either Buddhism or Hinduism, I am not sure and don’t feel like figuring it out, no time.

    Anyway, if you don’t see me, don’t assume I have left because of being offended or anything like that. I am going to visit my daughter and her large family (six kids) tomorrow, a long drive from here, and won’t be back until Saturday. I may or may not get a chance to check in here before I come back.

  305. Dude Says:

    Truth: you are right about the sabbath being on the last day of the week but it has nothing to do with Jesus’s resurrection, it is from the covenant that God made with Jacob waaay before Jesus.

    Ursa: how can Celline protest “adding” books to the Bible when they were originally part of the Bible? Thats the arguments I get from churches and none of them even have a clue what in the Bible…..kinda like “no one knows the day” when it states the date of the war in three places…or “the war of armageddon is in the middle east” when they have not read the complete and umistakable description of the USA.

    i have read nothing in those books that would be considered ‘blasphemy’. in fact many books WERE part of the Bible. At any rate, why would you want to exclude any ancient texts? Nibiru is described so well in many many ancient texts waaaay better than the Bible and perfectly in agreement with the Bible. the bible is best for details about this war though.

    how about the ancient egyptian heiroglyphs of helicopters and UFO’s”? You want to ignore those too? Ignore what you want…it is to your own detriment. I will read and consider everything before i make up my own mind about anything. that is the power of being free and the enemy of the oppression.

    God Himself said that He is called by many names and that when He returns, that all people will call Him the same name. Again, watch the David Icke vids….see where the religions originate…and how much older most of them are than christianity. Look at the similarities….same story…same people….different names. Just like the countries in the Bible…same story…different names.

    And the Bible says in many places that the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you. Perfectly in agreement with all the other books i’ve mentioned, just without the details (withheld on purpose). Read the secret sermon of Hermes on the mount. Read it all and think before you be telling people theyre wrong.

    they spraying here today…lightly. Im going back to the parkway soon and take some pics of the crap in the air. it was wild looking.

  306. Dude Says:

    Ursa: everyone who watches TV is worshipping idols. Every image, statuer, picture, etc. of anything at all is an idol. I dont think you read your Bible or anything that I post.

  307. Truth Says:

    U, great to go visit the family enjoy & go lightly about the ctrails

    Messianic Bible, will get U the publishers name & such.

    Saturday/Sunday vs the 4th Commandment.
    this takes time to study & meditate in thoughtful prayer before the TRUTH is reveled to anyone. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church changed the original Sabbath Day of Rest from Friday Night to Saturday night to “Sunday”…. this was done to accommodate the pagan “Sun” worshipers & just like Lucifer to hide the truth, and create hatred against the “Jews” & to keep “Jews” away from the Truth of Yeshua/Jesus….. no God fearing/believer in the one & only God will ever listen to those who believe that Sunday is the NEW OFFICIAL day of Sabbath!

    Remember it was the Catholic Church & Protestant Churches ….including “Born Agins” that allowed & participated the massacre/Holocaust of the “Jews”….. very subtile4 how Lucifer works over the centuries of time to destroy the ORIGINAL TRUTH OF GOD/YESHUA & what the disciples taught in the “good news”.

    google this subject & see what the 7th Day Baptist, Jews For Jesus & Messianic Born Again s teach with regards to the 4th Commandment.

    7th Day Adventist great source of info on diet, wine & Catholic Church & 4th Commqandment.
    (by the way, the 7th day Adventist use the King James version of scriptures; have great articles on the “Sabbath” & the Catholic Church perversions…. personally i feel that there are other doctrinal errors with some of their teachings; however their exposure of the Catholic Popes & twisting of the WORD is exceptional)

    side note; Subject Wine….. i feel that the Jews & most Messianic Believers have been misinformed on wine/alcohol…. alcohol is a poison…. (the red pigments & others stuff from grapes is medicine/good & not a poison)…. however alcohol kills brain cells, poisons the liver & kidneys & is a great pain killer, or germ killer…. to be used only in cases of emergency… not a good idea to use it for relaxing…. use vitamin c & B vitamins for such.

  308. Celline Says:

    @ Ursula, thank you ! Infact, I doubt that most in here have seen what I have seen in my life. Fainthearted? what a real joke.
    Have u ever fled communism under gunfire.. have u been shot at from ” Stucca” planes, that even shot at children? ( me ) for one? !
    You don’t think I know what ” They ” w. all their satanic sacrifices.. and child porn and snuff films? Don’t make me out a primrose, I have seen it all.. so be4 you judge again… think well !
    Dude, my point is.. that everything outside of the bible IS blasphemous, and how do I know.. who put the bible together, as we do know it today.. I do not know. But, I do know God.. and He is perfectly able to perserve His word, unalterated, and clear.. so, I would not touch those other books ( pretending to be Holy scripture.). w. a tenfoot pole.
    Hope I made myself clear…. and prophecies in the Bible, do Never tell us the day or hour, not even the start of Armageddon, it just does not, read for yourself. If the bible isen’t good enough for info, for you.. then I must warn you. Every thing added or taken away.. WOE to those !
    Primrose is done for right now…. may God go and guide all those who need ” extra” info.. as for me and my house, I will serve the Lord.

  309. Dude Says:

    Celline: Im gonna tell you one more time. Read Ezekiel 24:1-2 ! That is the date of the war and it is for us right here and right now. No…Im going to post it.

    Ezekiel 24:1-2 — Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day.

    Jeremiah 52:4 — And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon came, he and all his army, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it, and built forts against it round about.

    2Kings 25:1 And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came, he, and all his host, against Jerusalem, and pitched against it; and they built forts against it round about.

    Amos 7:1 — Thus hath the Lord GOD shewed unto me; and, behold, he formed grasshoppers in the beginning of the shooting up of the latter growth; and, lo, [it was] the latter growth after the king’s mowings. (kings mowings are the first harvests of the year, this puts it in the Fall)

    Jeremiah 8:20 — The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. (Fall of the Year)

    Isaiah 18:5 For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and take away and cut down the branches. (Early October)

    Amos 1:1-2 — The words of Amos, who was among the herdmen of Tekoa, which he saw concerning Israel in the days of Uzziah king of Judah, and in the days of Jeroboam the son of Joash king of Israel, two years before the earthquake. And he said, The LORD will roar from Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the habitations of the shepherds shall mourn, and the top of Carmel shall wither.

  310. Truth Says:

    Dude thank for the scripture references, lots of work on you part.

    Will study & meditate on such sections…. looking for the clues in scripture is safest to start from.

    By the way the Illuminate/Black Popes use astrology & Babylonian numerology to plot & plan their attacks…. ever date of murder & wars based on the occult teachings.

    At the moment under the impression as C & U that no man knows the time of the Messiahs return, only God/Father knows …. however the tribulations just might have a known time as U suggest….. have not studied this to come to a fact based position.

    Do know this we are to be spiritually prepared in HIS will at ALL times… there fore it does not matter when this is to occur…. HIS perfect timing & ALL is in order…. however we are to occupy till HIS coming or HE takes us home.

  311. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, all those scripture verses are talking about a LITERAL Jerusalem, Babylon etc. Where do you find it saying 2009? I certainly don’t.

    Those scriptures aren’t talking about America, they are talking about what was going to happen in the middle east. There was a King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. They waged war against the Israelites and took them captive.

    So, I think your interpretation of all this is way off. It is your opinion, nothing more.

    Mind you, I do believe that America is already being ruled by satanic rulers of the elite Illuminati. In fact, maybe most of the world is, maybe all of it. It is only a matter of time before EVERYBODY is going to know, when the real oppression begins. Most people think they are still free. I know we are not.

    The governments of all western countries already believe they own us and our children. When people have to be afraid to have their kids taken away from them for not giving them poisonous medications and vaccinations, we are not free. When people homeschool their kids, so they don’t get their minds poisoned in public schools, they might get harassed and have their kids taken from them.

    Several families fled Germany for the USA not long ago, because they were homeschooling (it is outright outlawed in Germany). They were imprisoned, had their kids taken from them and put into foster care, had to pay enormous fines, and worst of all, one teenaged girl was put into a mental institution for ‘school phobia’.

    They won’t be safe for long in the USA, I don’t think. I used to homeschool, and the harassment is pretty bad. Not to mention still having to pay taxes for public schools, as well as having to pay for my own homeschooling books and other resources.

    My oldest daughter homeschools all six of her children, and my son is going to do the same thing (his kids are only 2 and 1 right now). They don’t want their kids to be brainwashed!

  312. stef Says:

    Dude, man! Holy smoke! There’s more to buying a telescope than I anticipated. Thanks so much for the info. I’ve taken a look at it and will bring it with me to the store.

    I’m in Quebec. If you make the trip over you’re more than welcome to share in our project. Yeah, my brother is chipping in, but no more than $350, the cheapskate…Ha!

    If you send me Gray’s “Killing Paradise Planet” I’ll read it. I’m not halfway through my Danish friend’s Illuminati 666 book, it’s hefty, but I make time to read/watch everything fellow searchers provide. Or I’ll “Piratesbay” it. Either way muchas gracias, buddy.

    Do you find getting through to the ladies somewhat frustrating? I second that emotion. Celline mentioned her “deep love” for Israhell. She can’t get past the fact Israhell, (and its minion the US) this so-called holy land, is a rogue state bent on genocide and WWIII.

    “I also think they all are working together. That is why kissinger recently told medvedev that he would have our guns confiscated by sept….right before the war.” There is a lot more going on here than chemtrails, eh?

    Eric: Council of Nicea. Yup. That poope wanted nothing to get in the way of the myth being created so “they” omitted lots of other valuable literature. Think it was the same poope later said, “This Christ myth was a great idea!” (I paraphrase).

    Dude, this poope is, indeed, black (hearted). See him making the horned hand sign everywhere. This Satanic cult has all bases covered.

    The Vatican has 52 miles of secret texts. What’s in those texts d’you think? And why are they kept secret?

    Say, Dude, what did you think of “The Arrivals”? I’ve not watched the last 20 or so episodes, but will soon.

    And you suggest we should emigrate. I’d actually like to move back to Europe (I’m from there), but how does moving anywhere come 10-10-09 improve our fates. There will be no safe haven when the nukes start to fly, let alone when Nibiru comes ’round.

    Thanks again.

    A bientot, gang!
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  313. Dude Says:

    truth: the date of the war is not the date of God’s return. You’re right about the numerology….so 10-10-09 fits perfectly. remove the zeroes and reverse = 911. Also, God said in at least four places for His people to “come out of her and you save your lives”.

    Celline: I didnt find the reference to enoch but….what about these??

    Joshua 10:13
    And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

    2 Samuel 1:18
    (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)

    1 Chronicles 29:29
    Now the acts of David the king, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of Samuel the seer, and in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the book of Gad the seer,

    2 Chronicles 9:29
    Now the rest of the acts of Solomon, first and last, are they not written in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite, and in the visions of Iddo the seer against Jeroboam the son of Nebat?

    2 Chronicles 12:15
    Now the acts of Rehoboam, first and last, are they not written in the book of Shemaiah the prophet, and of Iddo the seer concerning genealogies?

    2 Chronicles 20:34
    Now the rest of the acts of Jehoshaphat, first and last, behold, they are written in the book of Jehu the son of Hanani…

    Luke 3:4
    As it is written in the book of the words of Esaias the prophet…

    more for me to find and read i think. thanks for getting me to search for these, didnt know about a few of them. And if all ancient text other than the bible doesnt mean anything, then why did the us army loot the ancient sumerian sites in iraq, stealing all the scrolls and ancient writings?

  314. Dude Says:

    Ursa: you are wrong. the bible talks about the jerUSAlem that we came into. Micah says “what are the high places of Judah, are they not Jerudalem?”

    You all did NOT read my document. You wouldnt be wasting my time with this nonsense if you had.

  315. Dude Says:

    thing cut me off.


  316. Anonymous Says:

    One more thing: “they cant have us regain control of our military either because then they couldnt rule the world with their one-world government.”

    I understand NATO has their own troops at the ready. That’s why the US troops are being killed off through tainted vaccines etc. Too many of them are waking up.

    Besides, they don’t even need an army of men anymore. “They” have microwave weapons and drones and robots and UFO’s and HAARP and on and on.

    Chemtrails too.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  317. Dude Says:


  318. eric swan Says:

    I don’t know what &amp means.

  319. Dude Says:

    stef: yea, telescopes are an investment, not a purchase and theres a lot to know. that frame reflector seems to have the best light gathering than the others for the buck but you need to consider the mount too. at high magnification, you can not keep it steady without a good tripod and mount and also the earth spins really fast when looking at things very far away.

    im not going to quebec. i already spent a year in ontario trying to avoid this war and i didnt like it much. everything costs waaaaay too much and the laws suck too and i hate snow but the people I met were nice…..most of em.

    I didnt watch the Arrivals. I try to avoid watching anything as it is a sin. i traded my tv for weed…..best trade i ever made.

  320. eric swan Says:

    I’m really shocked that none of you has a grasp of the bible. Jesus says he will return but not until the comforter (Holy Spirit) comes before him. If you didn’t follow my link and read the earliest known writing aka 1st c. AD, you don’t understand the nature of evil and how it has made the very elect the criminals we with eyes to see know to be Truth.

  321. Dude Says:

    I think I am not discussing the Bible anymore until you all read my document. I made the doc so I wouldnt have to argue with people about it and besides, I dont care whether you believe it or not. you WILL see it on 10-10-09 exactly like Ezekiel says. What you choose to do to prepare is on you, not me. I gave the warning and the news to back it up…do with it what you will.

  322. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, for those who wanna chat off of here and get me to send them the jonathan gray books, my yahoo is sebruffy, aim is steve24588. haha, I guess Im Steve now, not just Dude.

  323. stef Says:

    Don’t know why my name shows up as “Anonymous” but it’s me.

    “Remember it was the Catholic Church & Protestant Churches ….including “Born Agins” that allowed & participated the massacre/Holocaust of the “Jews”…..

    Truth you are so far off on this one, it’s pathetic.

    Check out the video “The myth of the holocaust” or go read the articles and books based on FACTS before you say another word about it. K?

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  324. Celline Says:

    @ Eric, wrong !
    The Comforter ( Holy Spirit ) came.. when Jesus left !
    He’s been with us for over 2000 years. Don’t you feel and know this?
    Read up.. ok?

  325. Celline Says:

    @ stef: It might seem to you that U and I ” work together.”. but this is just incorrect, we live about 4000 miles apart.
    What makes it seem as if we are is simply this:
    We both are born again christians, and the same Spirit ( yes The Holy Spirit of God ) guides both of us. In other words, we are very connected, because of the guidance we receive, and that is all !
    Of course we have become friends, but we each write our own blogs, we do not ” talk it up” that is nonsense. We always agree though, because of above mentioned @ Dude : Thing is, you have started on the wrong end.
    The scriptures can not be understood, unless the Holy Spirit opens them up to you. And in order for this to happen.. and since HE only does what HE does, to glorify Jesus Christ.. you have to know Jesus Christ, yes, in a personal way.. you have to be HIS.. be4 u understand scripture.
    This I say from personal experience… I did not understand the scriptures until God Himself opened my eyes and my ears.
    However.. whatever this sounds like to you.. must and is none of my concern.. because Spiritual things are not correctly discerned until our eyes and ears are opened.
    It’s all yours fo the asking, God never turns anyone away..

  326. Dude Says:

    God, Himself said He would NOT hear the prayers of His people on the great day of destruction because we turned our backs on Him and followed after our idols.

    Being twice born, or born again, means you are able to see other realities, astral project, see auras, heal people, prophesy, and other amazing gifts. Much of this is stated plainly in the Bible and expanded upon by other ancient texts. I seriously doubt you are that far. that is part of the information that is kept secret by the ‘elite’.

    I understand the parts of the scripture perfectly which God wanted me to understand — the parts about this war, who we are, what idols and worshipping and sacrificing really mean. In fact, when i started reading Ezekiel to check a reference, its like the book smacked me in the head and I couldnt put it down.

  327. stef Says:

    Dude: Sebruffy or Steve24588?

    And I’m not arguing. Actually, I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to quote line and verse to a Biblical neophyte like me. And tanks and tanks again for the docstoc/warnews!

    10-10-09 = 911. Absolutely perfect, eh?

    Traded tv for weed. Love that.

    Truth: Yes, yes, yes re. their obsession with numbers. Methinks you’re familiar with the Gematria? Beyond my ken that.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  328. Dude Says:

    stef, if you got yahoo im, use the first one, if you got aol im (aim) use the second one. weed was the one thing that was always good, fair price and consistently good in ontario. you make me miss my Canadian buddies. Canada is the tribe of Dan and the land of Beersheeba in the Bible and it says that Canada will cut us off in the day of the war and deliver those of us who remain there to our border to our enemies. God said that you all should not have done that to your brothers. We are both descendents of Abraham. that is also why the tribe of Dan is not mentioned in revelation where it says that 144,000 from the other tribes will be saved.

    I also understand that when Russia totally destroys us in one hours time and putin tells you to deliver, i expect that no one there will even consider defying putin.

  329. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, if you would read your Bible, as you claim to, you would find out that NOBODY comes to the father except through Jesus. And unless you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe that he died for your sins and rose physically from the dead and are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are condemning yourself to hell.

    Opening yourself to ‘other realities, astral projecting, see auras’ etc. is done by DEMONS and is NOT of God. In fact, those are some of the things God has said are an abomination in his eyes, and are connected to witchcraft.

    If that is what you believe and practice, then the Satan worshiping Illuminati have you exactly where they want you. Especially if you practice those things, you are theirs already, whether you know it or not. I am not trying to be mean, or anything like that. I am just concerned that you are deceived. I would like for ALL people to go to heaven when they die. And who knows, we may not have long.

    You can heal by the Holy Spirit, and you can heal through demons. Only the people healed by the power of Satan won’t stay healed, they’ll soon get sick again.

    I am not against other ancient texts. In fact, this far, any ancient texts found, and any city found by archeologists have confirmed that the Old Testament is a true history book.

    And this far, nobody has truly been able to refute anything the New Testament says, either.

    TV is not necessarily an idol. It is for some people, who are totally addicted to it, of course. By the way, we got rid of TV many years ago, because our kids were watching shows we didn’t think were wholesome for children and teens to watch (or for adults, either).

    But we still watch movies on the TV (which isn’t hooked up to an antenna or cable), it really is just a monitor now.

    I consider idols things that people worship. In the catholic church, they worship statues of Jesus, Mary and ‘the saints’, other than Jesus, mere men and women. It is wrong to pray to them, as we should only be praying to God. And worshiping an image of Jesus (and the Bible purposely never described what he looked like) is wrong, too.

    Lots of people love watching the Jesus movies. And while most of them are good movies, I am never comfortable with them showing His face. Especially if he (as in most of those movies) has blue eyes and blond hair.

    In Ben Hur, they showed him giving water to Ben Hur, but they didn’t show His face, I liked that. Because we don’t know what Jesus looked like, and I don’t think we should guess at it and make images of Him.

  330. stef Says:

    Dude: And thanks for the Sacred Texts on-line library too!

    I seem to be forever thanking you. And with good reason.

    I’ll try e-mailing you tomorrow.

    Th, th, th,…ah! you know.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  331. Truth Says:

    U, interesting about your comment on “BenHur did not see JC face”.
    Working on/developing another Jesus Film…. more correct than most of them done in past; your observation “don’t see his face” or body morphology idea is scriptural correct me thinks… the blue eyed blond haired guy is most inaccurate & a lousy stereo type i must agree.

    Might be a bit too hard to have a 1.5-3hr movie without a physical Yeshua…. Mel Gibsons Passion of the Christ was a major change with regards to the Hebrew/Aramaic, using the word “Yeshua” & the brutality delivered to JC was closer to the truth… however several Catholic influences prevented the movie to be accurate.

    Am a founder of a independent film studio in Hollywood; that is 4 family entertainment based on the Godly Golden thread of TRUTH that can be found in ALL religions & philosophies; have stated before that the Scriptures have been twisted by poor translations over the centuries & in particular at the Council of Nicea forwards; one of the better translations subject to much debate is perhaps the New & Old King James version;better versions are “Messianic” interpretations; as C noted the “Holy Spirit” helps to illuminate the areas in question for the true seeker who is seeking the one & only God of ALL;

    Please remember that Yeshua stated that there is ONLY ONE RELIGION… “neither Jew or Gentile”…. Jesus never created “Christianity” this is a man made religion; most influenced by the Catholics…. changed the 4th Commandment plus others.

    Martian Luther the reformer did come to understand many of the deceptions & twisting; however he missed a big one the 4th….. also other deceptions also, another endless discussion/ reasoning together.

    Unfortunately, the others are a tad correct in doubting the Word as given in these scriptures; yes the Holy Spirit surrender will bring the light & deeper TRUTH to anyone of us…. no matter how far we get off searching into the “new age” kinda stuff. Interestingly enough there are hidden truths to be found also, however as you pointed out easy to be deceived by the Luciferian adgendas.

    As to calling only on Jesus/Yeshua remember the only unforgivable sin sin blasphemy against the Holy Spirit…. this means it is possible that a Muslim, a Jew, a pagan can still go to heaven (in the presence of God) if he call on the name of the Lord….. if he is isolated, his teachers have not taught him the TRUTH & does not know the names of Yeshua/Jesus… remember in the Old Testament “Lord & God” = Jesus/Yeshua… it is very possible that “Allah, God, Big Guy in the Sky” is enough for God; perhaps the one & only GOD will forgive them for such ignorance or lack of reverence & accept them…. although they may be in remedial classes in Heaven if they did not bother to seek the TRUTH to their fullest abilities.

    U & C; must congratulate U for perseverance on sharing the TRUTH that U have discovered! You have been good watchmen on the walls blowing the shofar/rams horn warning that that the enemy is approaching… sharing the good news & TRUTH.

    Please consider that ONLY GOD can judge a mans heart; we humans can only judge the external error & some time we are in error of judging such.

  332. Celline Says:

    @ Truth, thank you for the acknowledgement. Indeed for me, this is the most important thing on this earth, to share the Gospel-Truth.
    There are so many seekers, just ask people a few questions and very soon u will discover, they are dying for someone to care. To tell them that God loves them and is waiting for them to turn to Him.. is one awesome experience !
    I understand what u are saying about those, who never heard the truth.. or even slept anywhere near it. It is for God to judge how to judge those.
    One name though, He will not accept, and this would be ” allah “.
    This name is actually the name of a demon, but I don’t have at hand right now.. which one. Catholocism, by far, has done the most damage to the Truth.. followed by Mormonism, JWs etc. they will have to answer, for misleading millions. Unspeakable harm has been done by them.
    The black pope and the Jesuits who literally run the world may think.. they are ” all that.” And right now it seems as though they are.
    They can kill the body.. yet never our soul, I love this scripture.
    Off to the hot desert tomorrow am sick of the Pacific overcast, need some swimming and a tan ;o)

  333. Truth Says:

    Thank U for being a servant to the most High

    @dude & stef understand the need to serve the most High, however weed is part of pharmacia-pharmacopoeia sp? i don’t think the Most High is weed (lol) although i understand the need; get high on the Lord…. without the chemical stuff, yes its is more challenging to feel the high of the WORD; really is the only addiction worth considering, and its a lot cheaper in the long run….. by the way don’t smoke it if U must… vaporize it without fire… carbon particles are not good for the atmosphere or for your lungs.

    C has a great idea out to the hot springs… more natural & not chemical relaxation & for meditation…. did U find the pools without chlorine, ozone is better… of course non treated mineral water is the best if u can find it.

  334. Ursa Major Says:

    Truth, I totally agree on calling our Lord Yeshua, ever since I watched “The Passion” I have to myself called Him by his real name. I like it so much better than Jesus. Even though I am not sure if he cares, as it is most important who we say He is, not what we call Him.

    I also agree on the sabbath not necessarily being Sunday. It really bugs me when my husband declares Sunday a holy day, and refuses to go shopping on it, when Yeshua was keeping the sabbath (Saturday) holy.

    Plus, Sunday was name after the sun god. Why would a day honouring the sun god be holy?

    But I agree with Celline, that allah is NOT God. If you do some research, you will find out that Mohammed made him up, and that in fact, he was the moon god of the Arabs before he decided to make him the god of Islam. Plus, the ‘Angel Gabriel’ who supposedly told him what god had to say was a demon. In fact, at one point in the Koran, Mohammed actually says he is a demon!

    Yeshua did NOT say there is only one religion. He said there is only one TRUE religion, only one TRUE God. All other religions are false and of the devil.

    But I have heard of people being called by the Holy Spirit who had nobody to tell them about Him. Some Muslims have had Yeshua appear to them in a dream, telling them to come to him. And if they refused, he’d keep coming until they gave in.

    Others, for instance people in Papua, Indonesia, were told in visions of ‘a shining man in a white robe’ to walk out of the bush to a certain point, where they would find somebody to tell them the truth. And they’d find a missionary at that spot! Needless to say, they’d become Christians.

    So, the Holy Spirit will call people to God if they have nobody else to tell them. It is pretty amazing.

  335. Truth Says:

    U, me thinks your husband just likes to pull your chain (lol)…

    If he is in ignorance on the Sun vs Sat, or if he has not been shown by the Holy Spirit, it is his problem with God, i do not think his error or stubbornness will keep him out of heaven if the rest is in order; again he may just be a C student on this understanding/issue; the brainwashing & deceptions have been going on from day one after Yeshua & the disciples gave the TRUTH…. the darkness twist the truth no doubt.

    In my early studies on the 10 Commandments, i did not understand the significance of using the original Hebrew name(s) given to Yeshua (power in HIS name, holy is HIS name) however it was slowly revealed to me over many years of study & meditative prayer;

    Same with the Sabbath vs Sunday aka “The Lords Day” was a Sun Worship Holiday not a HOLY DAY as Yeshua originally taught. For those who care to embark on a new understanding, yes it is very painful to reshape years of brainwashing/twisted truth… there is approximately >140 Sabbath references & not a single one defines Sabbath as Sunday!
    Study & take it to prayer!

    Thank u for sharing the stories on isolated people… yes i agree w U on the “alla” word, however if u did not know better & was totally isolated from the truth & U thought that “alla” was the “true” word for God, i think God knows that that human did not know better…..only God know that persons heart.

    After we discover the TRUTH then we are held accountable for teaching it, me thinks.

  336. Ursa Major Says:

    I just realized I meant to say those people in Papua were told ‘by’ a shining man in a white robe, not ‘of’. Meaning, an angel appeared to them.

    Truth, I agree with you on this point. That people who have NEVER heard the truth and only know one word for God, may get a second chance. If you haven’t heard of Yeshua, you can’t have consciously rejected him, either. I know others disagree, but I’ve always thought that God wouldn’t be so unfair as to punish people who haven’t been exposed to the Gospel and have never heard of Him.

    I also believe that all little children go to heaven, no matter what. Because whatever they believe has been taught to them by their parents, and isn’t their choice. Once they reach the age of reasoning (whichever age that is, I think around eight to ten, as that is when kids learn to think for themselves, and can actually apply logic), they have to find out what is true for themselves.

    You were saying a few posts back that only God can judge a man’s heart. And you are right about that. We can guess on who will go to heaven or hell, but ultimately we don’t know, only God does. I have often said, that we’ll be surprised at finding some people in heaven, and will not find some we thought would be there for sure. We don’t know God’s mind, his thinking is totally other than ours.

    By the way, my husband is NOT putting me on with the stuff he says. He is completely sincere and adamant about those things, believe me. I’ve been married to him for 30 years now, and I should know.

  337. Celline Says:

    @ U Too ;o) both, Uschi and Truth !
    I just love to read what u have to say.. it is so awesome when total strangers so completely agree. YES.. to Saturday, yes to Yeshua !!!
    We have so much in common because the same Spirit is teaching us, the Holy Spirit. This blog has turned into so much joy for me, I feel blessed to have met you ;o))
    Can actually and truthfully say : Love you !

  338. Celline Says:

    o, please I have a favor to ask you : My son is a very hard working young man, he works so many hard hours. Today, he came home from work, sick again, w. some flubug. He just was so very ill a month ago, and here it gets him again.
    I have and am praying my heart out, that Yeshua will restore him, and he will wake up tomorrow morning, feeling so much better.
    Will you help me pray for this please ?

  339. Truth Says:

    Hubbie sounds like the character “Archie Bunker in All in The Family” tv series (lol)

    Age of accountability; 13 years old, that’s when a girl celibate a Bat Mitzvah & boys Bar Mitzvah ( some variations consider 12 for girls) prior to this time parents are responsible for all teachings & conduct; google tis for further info

  340. Truth Says:

    May the Rohockodesh (Holy Spirit) make interventions on behalf of Cellines/your son, all viruses & agents of hell be smashed into oblivion; total rest & healing according to your perfect will; set the body free from such pathogens; give Celline the peace & joy that surpasses all understanding the joy of the Lord; In the name of Yeshua The Messiah.

    Shalom(peace be with you) & Blessings
    Good nights rest & restoration of body mind & soul in the desert/hot springs

  341. Celline Says:

    THANK YOU !!!! ;o))))
    am confident.
    Yes am leaving tomorrow morning.

  342. Ursa Major Says:

    I also have prayed for your son to be well, and for you to be restored in body and spirit in the dessert. I know how upset you get about those chemtrails, and hope you won’t see any while away.

    I am leaving in the morning, and may not be back on until Saturday evening, when I’ll be back. I’ll be driving through the Algonquin Park to get to my daughter’s place, and hope I won’t see chemtrails even over the park, like last time! It just bugs me and makes me mad.

  343. Ursa Major Says:

    Right, Truth, age 13 is probably what the age of accountability is.

    As for Archie Bunker, my husband is a more sophisticated version of him. Fairly tall, skinny, so stiff and formal that he looks totally wrong in really casual clothes. He is laughable in a jogging suit, but an elegant suit looks right.

    You know, a businessman type of guy, thinks he can fix things, but doesn’t have a clue and makes it worse, but too cheap to call a handyman to do it (or at least that’s a rare occasion and worthy of celebration).

    He means well and is convinced that whatever he does is the will of God, but really, he is a tyrant, a control freak.

    Anyway, it will be nice to be gone for a few days. I need that once in a while or I’ll go insane.

  344. ericswan Says:

    A passenger plane disappeared off the radar and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. Lightning and turbulence have been suggested as possible causes but neither have caused a crash to happen since 1962 and for that reason aircraft have been sealed to protect them from “shorting out” from lightning strikes. It has never happened again. So what is really going on?
    This is a chemtrails issue. Chemtrails and the metals in them are used as “transmission lines” for electro-magnetic weapons that among other things, are used to propagate and steer hurricanes or harpicanes.

    Most hurricanes have their genesis off the coast of Africa where this aircraft was stricken. I think a weather weapon was used to stir up the atmosphere and the aircraft flew directly into this electro-magnetic field at 35,000 feet and was disabled.

  345. Celline Says:

    @ Eric, I think u are righton.. was thinking about it too, but your explanation I think, could be right ! Wow !
    Uschi, thank you love, I hope u have a wonderful time, I hear you, have known guys like him …. dunno what I would do if I’d meet him today !
    To all, see u later.. like in a couple of days, I shall cook in the desert, to a crisp dark tan. I hope.. cause if there are chems, then I will turn around and come home.
    Mostly our deserts are clear.. mostly….
    I listened to the news earlier, they were talking about the watershortage.
    What got me is when they said:” Neighbors are encouraged to tell on their neighbor, if they violate the restrictions”. Well.. since I grew up under communism… it gave me the creeps, do you hear me ?
    Wow, my beautiful America, the Haven I came to, America, where are you going.. does anyone hear ?
    good night,
    blessings to all..

  346. Ursa Major Says:

    Eric, I agree as well. They encountered a storm, and then they had an electrical failure. Sounds like chemtrails are to blame, and probably HARRP.

    Celline, the US and Canada are turning into totalitarian countries, no doubt. When neighbours are encouraged to spy on each other, that is when things get serious.

    Here they started something they call ‘Road Watch’ about ten years ago. They put triangular signs with something that looks like a road, with a large eye on top everywhere in communities all over Ontario.

    Then they gave out forms, so people can report any drivers they see speeding, or doing anything they didn’t like! I was appalled, and swore to NEVER use one of those forms.

    Of course, the triangle (or pyramid) with the all-seeing eye on top is a satanic sign (that is why I hate your one dollar bill as well). And telling people to spy on fellow citizens and report them for minor things is pure communism/fascism.

    Fortunately, even though the signs are still up, nobody cares any more now. The novelty has worn off, and people got tired of watching others and reporting them after about a year. Thank God.

    Anyway, gotta go and leave on my trip.

  347. Truth Says:

    @founding father 1776…. would like the most recent blog to come up 1st rather than last page… anyone elce agree?… if so could this be done for the blog?

    @U & E interesting thoughts & possibility… WHY? would they do so? Who is on the plane that is politically/financially incorrect to the wicked empire/cabal… otherwise i doubt that it was by Haarp/Chemtrails…. the group usually does not do such….. unless there is someone/group they wish to destroy/silence.

    Remember the Titanic had a group of the worlds most financial&political powerful movers & shakers who went against the Jeckel Island Federal Reserve group. The captain of the ship was one of them “secret society members” received his orders via the “Black Pope of the Jesuit Order” & has sworn an oath to give up his life for the benefit of the fraternal whole.

  348. Dude Says:

    drugs…..weed is absolutely perfect for so many things I could go on for days. the bible is full of stories where the prophets were told to fast and eat certain flowers and such. In your brain, you have a pineal gland. It produces DMT and that is called the spirit molecule. When you die, this gland releases high amounts of DMT. it is also released when you sleep. This chemical encourages hallucinations, which would be better stated as seeing other realities. what does it mean when the bible says “the Lord took me in the spirit”? It means that the Lord opened up the prophets third eye, or pineal gland, which is complete with rods and cones just like in your eyeball, only in the center of your brain. the Bible also states that we have these gifts and they are from the Lord, not satan.

    Most all of our holiday traditions are also based on drugs. witches riding brooms, red and wite ‘presents’ under the evergreen tree…..and on.

    part of the elite control over our spirituality includes prohibiting drugs that awaken the spiritual self, as well as keeping the other important texts secret.

    99% of the time when heaven and hell are used in the bible, they mean the skies and into the earth, respectively.

    and Celline, I already told you where America is going, and so does your Bible, over and over and over.

  349. ericswan Says:

    I have rec’d a email that details many top execs from many countries on board 4447. I have to see a passenger link to connect any dots regardless. The fact is the U.S. of A. is being robbed and nothing distracts the press and the public like an incoming hurricane. The east coast of Africa has tradionally been the spawning ground for “most” of the tropical storms which can be triangulated and directed to any east coast target using HAARP and other EM weapon sources. America is not the only country with these weapons but America is just as suspect as China, Japan, Russia or the Yakusa is these cases which has driven up the price of oil, devalued real estate or distracted the public from issues that should be at the top of the agenda.

    “The biographies of passengers aboard the disappeared Air France airliner likely will serve as a tragic testament to Brazil’s rising importance in global business. Although Brazilian and French authorities have yet to release a detailed passenger manifest, the list is expected to read like a roster of European and Brazilian blue-chip companies, whose executives regularly packed the business- and first-class sections of the trans-Atlantic flight. Already, some firms, such as French tire maker Michelin SA, have begun confirming their executives were aboard the Airbus A330-200. German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp Steel AG said that Erich Heine, chairman of the company’s Brazil unit, was aboard.”

  350. Truth Says:

    @ericswan; good researching such sound like your on it… no doubt that Haarp/weapons & such u described r for real…keep us informed.

    @dude; thought that would get U started; please consider the herbs of the Bible Garden of Eden were NOT HYBRIDIZED or ARTIFICIALLY GENETIC ENGINEERED… today they are & if U know anything about MONSANTO, U might think twice what they have hybridized into the weeds today! Any way the hybridization has greatly exceeded Gods original plan & amounts of THC.

    As a one upon a time neurophysiology researcher; i am most sorry to inform U that it is not good for the body;

    I do think that in some circumstances for medical needs it is better than man made pharmaceuticals…. if U are bi-polar it helps, but then the crash comes again, anxiety, lack of clarity the more U are addicted to it, a downer attitude & U are like a puppet on a string.

    Trust me i know what this “medication” does to the neuro system….. the devil or spirits always come as “feeling good” but has a hook buried inside the “spirit plant of weed” any “addiction” is basicly the same routine. THe only addiction that is good to fill the hole in the heart is addiction to studying th WORD & seekng HIS directives, don’t you think?

    Not judging U just cut through the BS…. U do it cause its a quick sedative, U like the feeling, eraser/long time habit… at the moment to get high than with the WORD of GOD…. please don’t try to justify on such trivia, me knows scientifically better on this one;

    Of course U will find all the BS that supports your using it…. just like the Tobacco Executives submitted all the “Scientific” proof that tobacco smoke does not cause cancer & is not addictive (lol). Blessings

  351. Dude Says:

    Truth: most of what you said is govt propaganda. In fact, the hemp plant is the most nutritious food there is. It has more soluble protein that soybeans and every amino acid necessary for human survival. A recent university study also shows that some of the ingredients in weed actually promotes brain cell growth. It is also good for asthma when smoked because it is a bronchille dilator. As for pot being more potent now than before, that is complete BS.

    God said himself that He made very seed bearing plant, to you it shall be for meat and in timothy it says in latter times there will be those speaking lies in hypocrisy, commanding to abstain from meats that were meant to be received with thanksgiving.

    pot has never killed anyone in its proven 5000 years of medicinal usage. aspirin kills about 100 people every year and tobacco over 400,000 americans/yr. pot is an excellent treatment for several disorders and can even cure some types of cancer.

    As far as synthetic pharmaceuticals, legal drugs and doctors kill more people than all illegal drugs combined. At any rate, congress, nor any other body, has the authority to regulate what we put into our own bodies.

    Every grade of paper can be made from industrial hemp, 4 times that of trees. Hemp grown for bioenergy on 10% of america’s farmland would completely eliminate our need for imported oils. henry Ford made a car 70% from hemp that ran on hemp fuel.

    i could go one forever but just remember that everything youve been told about “drugs” is a lie.

    Dont even get me started on the evil crazy drugs that make people kill people that are prescribed by the millions now, even to children. (SSRI’s) i already started,…in EVERY school shooting in this country the shooter was on those evil psycho drugs and I know 5 people personally that are dead because of them.

  352. Dude Says:

    pot is not physically addictive, that also is a lie. alcohol addiction, however, can kill you.

  353. Dude Says:

    You are right about me finding all the info because I have studied this topic for about 2 decades. the drug war is what first enlightened me to the evils of the government. EVERY justification for the drugs war is a blatent LIE. and no matter how evil the drugs or their effects, no one has the right to dictate to anyone else what they put into their own bodies.

  354. Dude Says:

    You can not compare the tobacco companies lawsuit to pot. there is nothing related whatsoever. they got into trouble for engineering a more addictive cigarette to boost sales and then hide the dangers of their ammonia-based nicotine additive.

    no one is engineering pot…well….there is the guy in FL that engineered a THC-containing orange. i would love to cross breed pot with kudzu. haha

    I would like to add that one the DEA’s own administrative judges, Francis Young, declared after a year of deliberations “marijuana is the safest therapeutically active substance known to man.” and the DEA overturned his ruling.

    Over 70% of our prisoners in this country are non-violent drug offenders who used to support themselves, now the taxpayer supports them at a cost of ~$25K/yr. that is more than attending university. Many of these prisoners have parent-less children too. Families are ripped apart for things that are not crimes. The drug war dramatically increases drug usage among adolescents. the drugs war was totally and completely based on LIES and has been used to take away most of our freedoms before 911.

  355. Truth Says:

    Chemical Trail report:

    Southern Calif area; SanBernardino, Riverside, Orange County/New Port Beach, Los Angles, Ontario, Victorian to Palmdale Lancaster.

    Past 2 days massive undercover spraying over the “fog bank & cloud cover” very well hidden by spraying over the mountains out of sight from the people who live in the valley;

    As soon as the natural fog/cloud banks burn off the demons form hell disappeared….. to repeat it again this am… the man made chemical toxic clouds look very normal to the untrained eye.

    2 types of chemical trails

    1. Long, very visible & spreads out… as usual

    2. Medium in length just about looks like a normal con trail, however longer & then the toxic vapor dissipates in <15 minutes no real sign of it ever existing except a very light haze.


  356. Truth Says:

    dude; your tripping man, u missed the point…. yes i agreed w U on some value…. the point is it has been HYBRIDIZED BEYOND THE ORIGINAL INTENT & LOWER THC back in the days when it was a virgin plant made by God…. NOW THE LUCIFERIANS always take what was good in the beginning & twist it into a deception…. U are just as brainwashed by the Luciferian propaganda as I am BY THE TRUTH OF SCIENCE & GOD…. (lol) live by the sword die by such may God be with U your trippen Luciferian High.

    If u have a medical problem then it might have some value… but an altered state of consciousnesses is not sanctioned by Yeshua>

  357. Truth Says:

    dude we do agree on the idea of the contrived “War On Drugs”

    They make an terrorist, a drug dealer & gangs to deflect the public from focusing on “the men in black”; they take away our Constitutional Freedoms & build a POLICE-MILITARY STATE & COUNTRIES in the name of fighting “terrorist” & “drug cartels”.

    Legalize ALL drugs & the War is OVER…. tax the stuff … give it to em free if need be…. take the money motivation out of it for the gangsters & police departments…. 80% of ALL police & civilian murders/killings & burglary will stop.

    Better to educate people on the dangers & if they are dangerous to themselves &/or others issue then a DUI ticket….. repeat offenders go to a drug rehabilitation center & grow organic foods without pesticides for the rest of us on the out side…. some of the addicted ones will be far better off inside an organic gardening center &/0r working on other good projects. Much kinder loving & peaceful way to exist…. yes the Government has crated the “Drug Wars”

  358. clark Says:

    Getting a telescope is a good idea. Maybe get some pictures of those jets up close, they might have slipped up and left markings on them. It may be better to try and get a used one to get a better quality telescope. As if having pictures would be worth anything to anyone who doesn’t already know about them, but who knows. That other planet is a whole nother subject. This stuff never ends?

    Truth Says: … Chemtrails have changed … A new type of spray, only last 10-15 minutes, spreads out not very much & then disappears or fades away to a very faint broken line of wispy “normal looking” wispy overcast….. the days have had a very faint overcast for days…. & i could not identify chemical trails until today & would not have identified as such if i did not know what to look for; also in late afternoon just at sunset they were heavily spraying over the Los Angelese Mountains & by the time it drifted over the valleys they looked like “normal” clouds…. Have felt lethargic, mental headaches/slight confusion , no motivation to work & feel wiped out like after drinking too much alcohol….. & i do not drink….

    From what Truth describes and from what I have seen recently, I wonder if they are trying to look more like regular contrails? – They do. I’ve noticed the same here. With all the secrecy surrounding this issue, making their activities look more normal so people like us cannot say to the ignorant among us, “Look at that obvious and out of place set of streaks across the sky, will ya?” makes a whole lot of sense. As a result, the question for them becomes, is it still effective at the higher altitudes and at this faster dissolving rate?

    After one glorious day free of those jets (blue sky and all) we had a complete blanket of slow moving, stationary, clouds roll in and stay. They look like what we normally get in late fall or winter, not June.

    How Truth said he felt, I felt that way too for a few days.

    I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but around the time that plane over the Atlantic went down, my Tracfone lost all of its pre-paid minutes. My phone was just sitting on the coffee table the whole time doing nothing. I set it down with 79 plus minutes of talk time & a couple of hours later I picked it back up to see I had zero minutes left. It may have just been a technical glitch on an older cell phone, or a hack & theft of some type. It was just odd timing perhaps.

    I have not been aware of the jets for all that long. In the time that I have been paying attention, I have only noticed one event that stopped the sometimes sporadic, but often regular flights of these chemtrail jets, that was when Obama came to our state. The chemtrail jet flights returned the day after he left.

    For what it’s worth.

  359. Dude Says:

    Truth: i guess we agree on most of it then except for two things. 1) the weed back in the 70s and 80s was way better than now. 2) “but an altered state of consciousnesses is not sanctioned by Yeshua” <– this is very wrong. God demands that we learn to develop an altered state of consciousness, thats what being "born again" means. but aside from that, if God meant for us to not have different states of consciousness then we wouldn't produce ourselves adrenaline, endorphins, and especially wouldnt have a pineal gland that produces DMT.

  360. SteveDude Says:

    Truth: i guess we agree on most of it then except for two things. 1) the weed back in the 70s and 80s was way better than now. 2) “but an altered state of consciousnesses is not sanctioned by Yeshua” <– this is very wrong. God demands that we learn to develop an altered state of consciousness, thats what being "born again" means. but aside from that, if God meant for us to not have different states of consciousness then we wouldn't produce ourselves adrenaline, endorphins, and especially wouldnt have a pineal gland that produces DMT.

  361. stef Says:

    Hi Clark! Yeah, I was thinking of that too, a second-hand telescope in good condition would go for less etc.

    “This stuff never ends?”

    I’d say we’ve only peeked at the tip of iceberg, bro.

    Check out TR-3B, hope I got that right, those triangular UFOs with the lights just might be, more than likely are, military.

    Let me know!

  362. Dude Says:

    Truth: i guess we agree on most of it then except for two things. 1) the weed back in the 70s and 80s was way better than now. 2) “but an altered state of consciousnesses is not sanctioned by Yeshua” <– this is very wrong. God demands that we learn to develop an altered state of consciousness, thats what being "born again" means. but aside from that, if God meant for us to not have different states of consciousness then we wouldn't produce ourselves adrenaline, endorphins, and we especially wouldnt have a pineal gland that produces DMT.

  363. john Says:

    Truth: I guess we agree on most of it then except for 2 things. 1) Weed was a lot better and more potent back in the 70’s and 80s than it is now. 2) God demands that we achieve and altered state of consciousness, thats what the “born again” thing is about. Aside from that, if that were true then we would not ourselves produce adrenaline, endorphins, and certainly wouldnt have a pineal gland that produces DMT. And besides that…what would you call the dream state?

  364. john Says:

    the owner of this blog has apparently locked me out. wasnt that just so dictator-like of him? If everyone doesnt have freedom of speech, then no one does.

  365. john Says:

    stef: hit me up on one of those IMs if ya wanna chat more. I think Im done here. It has become near impossible to find an American who isnt brainwashed one way or another. I never would have believed that our country would end up being the least educated and most programmed society in the world. really sad.

  366. ericswan Says:

    One of the more interesting approaches to the problem is to demand martial law. No threats; no promises; action..FEMA camps activated and take us in now. After all, we are a problem. A thorn in the side and the only opposition to the NWO is here and now and up front on the internet. I think this is going to work out. Let the state feed and clothe us while they sort out what it is they are trying to accomplish. For more information, there is a radio program playing 12 noon LA time tomorrow afternoon. The host’s name is James. His guest is Bob Neveritt.

    This link is all the archives and most of the Wednesday’s dates have Bob Neveritt as a guest.

    I’ve noticed that none of you follow my links. This is a radio link. You can do your own thing and listen right?


  367. foundingfather1776 Says:


    I did NOT lock you out and I don’t appreciate you jumping to that conclusion. This little blog is on WORDPRESS. I have to play by their rules and deal with their shortcomings. I have not had too much trouble with them, but it is not perfect either.

    First of all, there are HUNDREDS of SPAM comments sent here every day. Thank-goodness the WordPress spam filter does a pretty good job of “trapping” them, otherwise the comments section would be useless. Unfortunately, every once in a while it DOES “trap” a legitimate comment. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for it. Part of the algorithm appears to be numbers of comments (i.e. if you send the same comment to 100 blogs the algorithm will flag you as SPAM).

    Also, it could be triggered by you changing your signature name from “Dude” to “john” – either way, it is not something I did.

    Instead, I take my time to skim thru the spam file and “untrap” legitimate comments that somehow ended up there. If I am gone for a few days, and the total is more than a couple of hundred, then they all get whacked. If your comment was in the pile….sorry. Post again. Better yet, EMAIL ME and ask why your comment didn’t show up instead of assuming I am acting “like a dictator.” My email: FoundingFather1776@Gmail.com

    Truth, good suggestion on re-ordering the comments from last-to-first instead of first-to-last. Only problem is, I don’t know if my WordPress template will let me do that. I will look into it, and if I can do it, I will.

    I appreciate everyone’s comments. Overall I think the discussion here is pretty high quality. Lots of independent and intelligent thought and I like that.


  368. clark Says:

    ericswan Says: I’ve noticed that none of you follow my links.

    Maybe we have, maybe they are on the big list of things yet to check out. I personally don’t often check out radio or video unless there is a very compelling description or summary leading me on.

    Don’s Operation Cloverleaf is a pretty big read, like many. Then a person has to digest the info, if not already in an info overload state.

    The L.O.V. – I had read about that back around 2005 and forgotten about it. It’s all so very like them.

    The TR-3B is not all that surprising. And, they have perfected invisibility, so lots of odd things are likely to result.

    Weather modification, biological warfare, institutional disinformation campaigns, it’s no wonder I feel like a spook is tracking me online and slamming me in ways only someone who knows me well could do when I try to post about this and similar topics or converse in forums and chat rooms etc…

    I remember when I was coming of age, and being more aware, it was an awesome feeling. Now, not so much.

    One thing is very clear, IF we are onto something and informing everyone is effective against that something, “they” will surly shut down the internet quite soon, using whatever useful and half-believable reason.

  369. stef Says:

    Sorry Eric, but I thought I’d read everything, or most of everybody’s stuff here. I’ll surely listen to the radio show you recommend.

    As for us clamoring for martial law, Fema camps, uh, no.

    The Luciferain/Khazar/Masonic crazies running the world do not need to “sort out what it is they are trying to accomplish.” “They” know full well and “they” don’t require our assistance getting there.

    I see your point though. It’s sort of reverse psychology…take me in, I insist on being your prisoner and so on. I won’t do it, neither would millions of other sunglass-sporting brothers & sisters, not without a fight anyway. They have all the bases covered, Clark. Meanwhile, I’ll keep cursing them with all my might and prepare, prepare, prepare.

    Read Dude’s comments for clarification on a lot of topics.

    I’ll try your e-mail now, Dude. And why would they lock you out?


  370. Dude Says:

    FoundingFather: Sorry….i did say “apparently”. if you had locked me out without warning or explanation, then that would have been ‘dictator-like’. i had to change the name, delete cookies and use an alternate ip address to post that last bit. You dont know how many times Ive been banned for just mentioning Nibiru and chemtrails on blogs. I also think the discussion here is way above average than most, thats why I stick around.

    eric: ive researched most everything you’ve posted and my priority now is the coming war. Alex Jones does a good job of keeping up with the internet news and congressional bills and such. he wont talk about Nibiru, the Russian threats or the real reason for chemtrails so Ive back off on listening to his show a bit.

    clark: the internet is a threat to them. that is why one of the rockefellers recently said “the internet is the number 1 threat to national security”. they are also taking steps to shut it down and go to internet 2, which will be presented like cable tv: you see what they provide.

    if you all want to see paid govt shills at work, youtube is crawling with them. i was messing with some of them here, pay attention to the way they discredit people by name-calling, mockery, and flat out lies that are easily disproven. The ones on the vaccination page though, they have a ton of govt/industry funded “studies” they use to back up theyre arguments. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlcPWa6SomE

  371. Dude Says:

    This is the pro-vaccination comment page where I messed with them for about a week. They really are agents on there and they proved it. theyre arguments are just like the ones on the other page.

  372. Dude Says:

    FoundingFather: I see the comments made it through. haha, what a mess. i wont mind at all if you delete all the duplicates. 🙂

  373. Dude Says:

    As a side note about the fema camps…..AJ has been saying that they are putting red and blue dots on peoples mailboxes as a marker for those to be first rounded up because they are patriotic. i believe that the markers are for those who are deemed important to the survival of humanity and they will be removed to the underground cities before any massive civil unrest or war breaks out. Nostradamus also said that people would start disappearing in the ninth year. I think it was him anyway, ive read so much stuff in the past couple years its hard to keep up. At any rate, the govt agents are very active on the 2012 pages, that says something.

  374. stef Says:

    Well, now, I’ve actually been locked out of my Yahoo mailbox due to my own carelessness.

    Yahoo, yeah. As I’m sure you all know “Yahoo” harkens to Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” wherein they represent man as he actually is; depraved, sensual, egocentric, self-involved.

    Lots of innuendos and double-entendres, let alone occult symbols, found in all forms of media.

    Anyway, Dude, I’ll have to try under another address or borrow my ex-girlfriend’s ’cause, at the moment, my patience is wearing awfully thin.

    A truly formidable writer and thinker I’ve been yakking with on the net suggests “we are all clinging to grandiose fantasies.”

    Smug bastard.

    But what if he’s on to something?

    See ya.

  375. Celline Says:

    .. so nice.. free computer access in my hotel ! Just read all the new posts.
    Dude.. please cut it out, Nostradamus this or that..there’s but maybe one person in here who believes in this cultic nonsense.
    You do not listen. You have been told ( in this blog ) what is Truth, and what is conjecture, occult.. and nonsense.
    @ Truth :Here at home in the AM, the skies were totally covered w. chems, it was the 1. day we were not overcast, and I could see the skies.
    As I was driving East.. the chems got even worse , they look like freshly whipped whip-cream.. spaced precisely… and covering the whole sky. In the town where I am, same thing.. Velcro-whipped cream ” clouds w. tails, gross.” Talking to people, I heard this: It’s the wind.. there must be a storm somewhere South !!!! I explained, but they just went “Duh “!
    Now listen to what happened to me on the road…. 4 times !!! Cars parked at roadside, flagging me down.. sorta.. like they were looking 4 help. ( all 4 times, in diff areas.. diff cars )
    All said the same thing:” Lost, totally lost.. my navigation system isen’t working ( Yes.. all 4 w. the same problem ).. can you point me toward the I 15 ! I thought, this was spooky.. then I thought.. darn, the Chems probably stalled the navigators. So I said : ” Look up.. what u see are not clouds… and what u see is knocking out that system ”
    Thinking.. the chems are interfering w. Sattelites feeding the navigation systems. I don’t have one, so I was guessing, and told them my Guess.. and I got a lot of “Duhs”… but, all those people sure were thinking a lot, after I pointed them toward where they needed to go.
    Hope I was correct, since I know nothing about science.. yet.. this just was too weird.. the skies chock full of chems, and all those people’s navigation systems weren’t working. Do you think, my guess was correct? Well.. back into that pool.. I love to swim.. just won’t look at the skies anymore, I came here to relax, not make myself all upset. As it is, I have a headache, and I Never get headaches ever…
    Hope to hear from u soon? ! Wannu know what u think ?!

  376. Celline Says:

    .. looooooongest blog I ever did, am sorry, did not know how to tell u all this in 1 sentence.

  377. Celline Says:

    I forgot another real crazy thing I saw, smack middle of the desert:
    A boxy black…. rectangular object, slowly moved from East to West.
    It was about as high up as a Cessna would be.
    And about the size of a Cessna. Real slow it went, and like I said.. this object was pitch black.. Truth, I hope I hear soon, what u think about all the stuff I saw today.. am really a bit perturbed.

  378. Dude Says:

    stef: i hadnt noticed all that with yahoo but they all can be quite aggravating. what grandiose fantasies was your friend referring to?

    Celline: That was good thinking about the trails knocking out their navigation systems. I hadnt thought of that but if they are metallic then they certainly would affect any rf communications. it would probably enhance earth rf by reflection but block anything in space. excellent way to show people too, at least the ones with navigation systems.
    And you know Im working on a puzzle and the Bible and Russian news are at the center. I believe the Bible above all else. I am also reading as much as possible about anything related. it is a big puzzle and each piece of information is another piece of the puzzle. So far, the frame and most of the center of this puzzle is from Bible and Russian news. The other stuff is but a few pieces here and there. Again, most everything I refer too has the same story and says the same things. I admit Nostradamus doesnt make much sense but then neither does Revelation. Quit looking at ancient writings as occult or religious. Look at them instead as just something somebody wrote back in the day and figure out what theyre saying and why. you will find that all of them talk about a great flood (Noahs) and you will find descriptions of what caused it. It is a historical record, not something to be worshipped nor is it to be ignored. Enjoy the hotel, the hot water lasts as long as you want it too!

  379. Celline Says:

    @Dude, thank you for responding to this baffeling thing in my life today.. yes, I think it does make sense.
    About Nostradamus etc.. look, You think I have not read it?
    I have read everything I could get my hands on, I am an avid reader.
    I found though.. that to take all those ancient writings as ” Truth” or even use these writings to further ones knowledge.. as one tried to do in research…. is actually harmful to the spirit.
    And it’s clear enough anyways.. cause God sais, to not add or take away.. under terrible penalty.
    Do not mix Truth w. Fallacy, because u will get hurt.
    Nowadays.. I don’t read these things anymore at all.. because I sensed they are spiritually harmful , i.e. they remove you from God’s Truth, and put you on the wrong track.
    Look, until we have a personal relationship with God…. we can not even understand anything in scripture.. yet are easily.. led astray, and get removed from the Truth.. if we read and involve ourselves into thinking, that is ungodly. I do not know how to express myself any better.. wish I had you face to face. Give God your mind, your life and your heart.. .. THEN…. and this will be the most powerful experience you will ever have, then, u will understand what I am trying to say to you.
    I appreciate you, I do.. you are earnest and you are a seeker.. I like both things ;o)
    I got hooked on the computer, have not yet done my night-swim..
    This hotel is my fave.. they treat me like family.. all those lil’ extras they give me.. lol, since it’s dark and I can’t see the sky.. I feel better ;o)

  380. Dude Says:

    I saw a UFO once when I was little. My friends saw one this year and 5 jets chased it away. Thats those angels…..the ones the jets are chasing anyway.
    Most of my story came from the Bible and it is very clear about what it says. It tells every effect of Nibiru and the time. Heres a good article I just found about it…tells about the news releases and official docs and then links to Bible stuff about it. as far as taking away or adding to the Bible, others have done that for centuries. Im just piecing the story back together and theres pieces everywhere.
    Heres an official NASA document about Planet X:

  381. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Since Chemtrail toxins likely take a toll on our health, and since this issue has been discussed somewhat, I thought I would chime in with some of my “health & nutrition” research.

    First, although I personally do not imbibe in marijuana, the “Dude” is correct that marijuana has some unique health benefits. Let me be clear, I am talking about the Oils and botanical elements more than the smoking of it.

    A friend of mine’s father was diagnosed with cancer. I looked for “alternative cures” and this is what I found:

    Canadian discovers hemp oil cures cancer
    Cure library marijuana cancer cure

    Big pharma has ZERO interest in researching or promoting medical marijuana as it is classified as a weed and cannot be patented. No profit = no interest = no “official” research.

    There are two intelligent “anti-establishment” doctors I like to read:
    Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Mercola

    Now both Doctors have plenty of items to sell you, and their websites are bristling with ads….but still I think they offer good information. Dr. Weil says he takes a tablespoon of hemp oil everyday as part of his health regimen. I take it too when I remember to get it (need more). By the way, the hemp oil that is available in health food stores has zero-percent THC, but it is chock full of amino acids and “good” fats.

    Someone mentioned Glutathione. That is a well-regarded anti-oxidant. Alpha-Lipoic Acid is another supplement that you should look into. It boosts the effects of anti-oxidants in the body.

    You should always try and buy “organic” vitamins from natural sources rather than “chemical” vitamins. The “organics” cost a lot more, but your body absorbs them much more efficiently.

    Do I even have to mention that you should totally avoid ASPARTAME…(that means ALL diet sodas) and all the other artificial sweeteners? If you *must* have a soda, then drink a sugary one. As bad as they are for you, it is still better than the poison in the “diet” sodas.

    Drink lots of pure, non-fluoridated water, exercise regularly and get lots of sleep! That will protect you from the “swine flu” better than any eugenics poison-vaccine your loving Government will give you!

    One last thing, my research indicates “oil of oregano” is a powerful natural antibiotic. Oil of oregano capsules are easily found in health food stores.


  382. Truth Says:

    @C, yes very interesting observation & conjecture on GPS
    Wish i saw the “black box”
    Keep educating people, always refer them to google “chemtrails” & to this web site….perhaps create a 1 page flier at Kinkos & had out to those u talk with…. its a one on one ministry… once they get to talk with U awhile & trust that we are not “nut cases” they start their own investigation just as we did.

    NOW CONTINUE TO ENJOY WHAT U CAN WHILE THERE, IT REALLY IS A BATTLE FOR OUR MINDS…. besides the physical reality of what going on

    @Founding Father; thank U for good alternative medical advice & stuff to be doing & not to eat.

    @JohnDude: Grat that U are into Scriptures as C said best to stay there; however i enjoy reading the other “secret manules” helps me knwo what the Luciferians are into & how they think…. God shows me the TRUTH eventualy as i an a TRUTH seeker like U.

    Remember that THC WAS NOT AS STRONG IN THE BEGINING (as in the Garden of Eden) today’s THC has been increased over the centuries by the Lucerfarians… founding father made a good point on the otherwise healthy stuff; reminds me of wine drinkers, love the feeling of alcohol…it has value but in reality alcohol mind “expander” that is pure poison & the good stuff is in the Grape Skin/juices not the alcohol. THC has better properties however it is not good for body or brain even if it feels good.

    (sorry to add to the reality of the following)

    Cabazon, Cherry Valley, SanBernardino, Riverside, Ontario to Los Angels,
    Victorvill, Palmdale/Landcaster-Edwards Air force base (take off center)

    HEAVY SPRAYING ALL DAY…. full on chemtrails out in the open after the clouds/fog bank burned off… the sky was very overcast everywhere… lots of chemical/man made wispy cerious clouds; noticed that the trails were >50 miles long they expanded quickly & 25-50miles long
    Mostly sprayed along the Mountain Ridges & then the stuff drifted over the valleys below.

    Symptoms; normally i do not get low grade headaches (base of skull & behind the eyes) had such today about early afternoon max spraying & haze ALL around. Excessively tired, eye strain tired beyond normal, lack of mental focus;(either psychological or chemical poison reality) One of the worst i have seen i > 1 month.

  383. Celline Says:

    1 more greeting y’all then off to bed. Ditto @Truth, never seen anything worse than today, and I sorta feel just like you, total wipeout.

    Thing to ponder: None are more hopelessly enslaved than those, who falsely believe they are free !
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
    One more ” Goodie”: We are on the verge of a global transformation.
    All we need is the right major crisis and the Nations will accept the NWO.
    David Rockefeller.

    tomorrow, when back home, I want to look into :” Faux News”
    sounds like another one worth looking into..
    God bless and keep…

  384. Celline Says:

    …. Faux News…no good, nm, sorry.
    One more quote and then 4 real.. I’m off to bed:
    ” If you strike, imprison or kill us.. out of our prisons or graves,
    We will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and raise a force that will destroy you ! We defy you, do your worst !
    James Conolly , 1909 !!!

  385. Ursa Major Says:

    I am in Pembroke, at a cousin’s house now (will move on to Ottawa later in the morning).

    All day yesterday, on my more than five hour drive north-east, I saw chemtrails. There were lots of clouds, I am not sure if they were real or not. But in between, above and partially below them were streaks, ripples and drifting haze, and all of those were obviously chemtrails.

    I went for hours through nothing but wilderness, forests and lakes on both sides (part of that was going through the Algonquin Park), with the occasional house, farm or village/town on the way.

    Here in Pembroke I went and watched the three kids of this family play soccer in the evening. And right over the soccer field they were spraying! I have pictures of the trails, which rapidly spread into strange plumes that then disattached from each other and turned into weird ‘clouds’. Some of it then turned into that crazy ‘rippled blue’.

    And during the WHOLE time they were spraying directly overhead, NOBODY noticed. It is pathetic. There was usually at least one plane going right over our heads, spraying a thick, fast spreading plume. Why are people so blind to what is going on?

    I took lots of pictures of the kids and the chems. I don’t think anybody even noticed that I was taking pictures of the sky as well as the children. I hope I took enough batteries with me to last until Saturday (lots of memory cards and a flash drive, I’ve got plenty of storage space).

    I am alone now, which is nice, I needed some time by myself. The kids are in school, and the parents at work. Too bad the cleaning lady will come in about ten minutes!

    Anyway, better get going. Need to do my nebulizer glutathione treatment (of course, with being directly beneath the spraying last night my breathing is just atrocious), shower etc., and get out of here by around noon.

    I hope I get a chance to get on the computer at my daughter’s house, as they have six kids. I might not be able to get on other than late at night.

    Celline, that black boxy thing travelling across the sky is creepy, but nothing much surprises me these days. I agree that the people’s GPS outage was likely caused by the ‘cloudcover’ blocking the satellite signals. I hope those people will do some research and discover the truth.

  386. stef Says:

    “The human being may be nothing more than a television receiver floating through an endless sea of frequencies that we then translate into a sense of reality that is both shared and individualized to some respect. However, all must have the same ability to share, because the whole is affected by any part.”

    From an article entitled “Evidence and Implications of a Holographic Universe.


  387. Dude Says:

    Excellent post FoundingFather. You are a very good writer. there are other things to consider too. I would expect that most beverages are prepared in places that have fluoridated water. High fructose corn syrups have high levels of Hg so I am avoiding anything with that and almost all convenience store beverages. I carry my own filtered well water with a touch of silver added.

    many items have sodium benzoate or sodium nitrite as preservatives and both of those are bad.

    i bought a 50lb bag of salt recently and it was labeled USDA and FDA approved but listed Yellow Prussiate of Soda as an ingredient. Turns out that is a very toxic cyanide compound and the Morton Co. website cited a law saying that if this product is used in food, then that ingredient didnt have to be listed. i returned it and now avoid restaurants.

  388. Dude Says:

    @Truth: WHY do you and Celline keep referring to all ancient writings as “satanic” or “occultic” ?????

    That is equivalent to saying that my ‘History of Western Civilization’ book is satanic. (it probably is because of all the false information in it)

    The ancient writings are a HISTORICAL RECORD! They ALL tell about the great flood thats in YOUR Bibles!!! They all tell what caused it and that it will return. Use your brains…..What are all these GLOBAL chemtrails being sprayed daily for?? Why are they diggin all the underground bases? Why are govt shills all over youtube ridiculing everybody who even mentions PlanetX, you know the one that NASA announced they found in 1982 and then covered it up?? Why did NASA announce they found it? What is peturbing the orbits of Neptune and Uranus?

    besides, I doubt any of you know what the Bible actually says except maybe Stef. i know for a fact that none of the people around here nor any of the churches have any clue whatsoever what is in that book. It amazes me how people can be so smart in some areas and dumb as a box of rocks on others. You remind me of my brother, also an engineer, who has spouted the ‘pancake theory’ of why wtc fell. makes NO sense to me at all.

    And if you all dont listen to me about whats in your Bibles, you wont have to worry about Nibiru anyway because Russia and China are going to destroy America on 10-10-09.

    I do not believe that pot is stronger now than in the garden of eden either. The only thing I know of thats been developed in that way is an anti-pot fungus that probably has the capability of wiping out all tomatos too. The war on pot all came about because dupont invented nylon and wanted to eliminate the competition. Look it up. read Jack Herer’s ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’. he has a $10,000 reward or maybe 100,000 for anyone who can disprove anything in his book and that offer has been standing unclaimed for about 25 years. both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew pot. Jefferson smoked it too.

    stef: that was a great article!!! i think its above most peoples heads though. That made up part of my understanding of why we were forbidden images–theyre cheap counterfeits of God’s work. you also have the ability to ‘tune in’ to other realities too but it takes a lot of work and thought training. Thats what the ‘born again’ thing is about.

    As far as chemtrails, I will report the days when they dont spray me because it is a daily operation. Thick long lines today. Nibiru must be shining!!!

  389. Dude Says:

    I am Steve Dude, not john dude, john was completely made up.

  390. Dude Says:

    stef: youre awesome. Wanna go to south america with me and my boy? We only have 4 months, 7 days until north america is completely devastated. Canada wont be as bad off as the usa but it will still not be good. Im thinking about doing an organic farming vacation where they teach you to farm and they provide room & board while you help them with the farming work.

  391. Dude Says:

    Why is it that no one has commented on the 50 or so news articles about Russia threatening and preparing to nuke us? or about the stolen nuke in 07 and all the threats from world leaders about that nuke being used on the usa? Yall keep counting the chemtrails now. that will do you A LOT of good when the bombs start falling.

  392. stef Says:

    Hey Dude, I don’t understand why you and others ask if any of us have read anything as recommended reading? There’s not much chance these ladies will; they think you’re off your nut. Did they watch “The Arrivals”? No. They watch 2 minutes, they read three lines, doesn’t match what they think they know. The End.

    I wouldn’t pursue trying to convince them, or anyone else, of anything, some folks are obstinate and set in their beliefs. Don’t waste your time. And don’t get your nylons in a knot, girls, I meant no disrespect. Just stating a fact.

    I’m going through this blog, Dude, with a fine tooth comb, but you must admit that (Clark mentioned, I think) some of these sites are massive, the warnews one, for instance, especially if you take the time to assimilate the info and search out the article in its entirety or others matching it etc.

    The guy I spoke of, the intellectual, the philosopher, the writer, who said we were “clinging to…” was referring to my questions and comments regarding 10-10-09. WWIII, Nibiru, and just about everything else you’ve explained.
    He’s another thinks we’re nuts. I respect him so I carefully read what he sends me anyway.

    So long y’all!
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

    Yeah! I’d love to go! Where in South America? I could join up with you there, name a city. When are you planning to go? What sort of accomodations are we talking about?

    Spledid idea farming and the rest! I’m a neophyte gardener, but my 25′ x 20′ garden in the backyard which is peppered with pots of different sorts of tomatoe plants and flowers, produces very well.

    I’ll use my ex’s e-mail for the time being so we can discuss at length.

    Thanks again,
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  393. Dude Says:

    Yes, I know full well how people react when i try to show them the truth. I have had several preachers run away from me while trying to show them scriptures. it is exactly like the Bible says: “their prophets say there will not be sword and famine in this land and those prophets will die by the sword and famine” and also repeated many times “they are a stiffnecked people”.

    That WarNews is a document I put together over the past few months because I got tired of people telling me that I am crazy when I am not the one saying this. Very few people will read it. one guy even threw it on the floor and told me i had nothing to back up what i say.

    I was thinking of the WWOOF org and somewhere near the base of the andes mtns in argentina toward the center of the continent. I wanna get away from western govts as they are all controlled by satan now. the air currents will keep the rad in the northern hemisphere, at least until Nibiru comes through anyway. All bets are off then. it is possible that europe will be frozen and antarctica will be tropical…like it used to be.

  394. Dude Says:

    I have a myspace also…..complete with the pics from google maps of Noah’s ark. http://www.myspace.com/steve24517
    i dont care who knows who or where I am. the agents already know so….

  395. Truth Says:

    @stef, stevedudejohn(lol)

    Ancient Text vs “Bible”
    Ancient text; yes U can find truth in there but there is misinformation & error also the Luciferians always twist the TRUTH; even the King James Bible has poor translations in sections;

    However there is less error & the most TRUTH… as u read & contemplate other “ancient texts” i think it is best to compare it against the “Bible”…. will give U another bible to reference it is from a Messianic Interpretation (jews for Jesus religion is the most on target religion movement that i know of at this time…. yes some error there too, ie extrema left & rt points of views)

    Afgter you explore all the other stuff eventually U will come to the conclusion that the “Bible” is ALL that U need to study…. as C said no need to go any ware else ALL is mysteriously encoded HAVE U EVER READ THE book on the “BIBLE CODE” contained within the TORAH? It can only be deciphered with mega computers…. the Books have been sealed until the end of times….. the computer will/is being used by the “Beast” Luciferians…. however this tool is also used by Gods Chosen code breakers!

    Interest in reading & SPECULATION SO WHAT CAN U DO ABOUT IT?
    U offer no solution(s) Like Alex Jones fear mongering is worthless…… Alex Jones never offers any solutions!…. he most likely is a CIA agent to cause FEAR…. then the sheeple run to the Gove to save us… like running to the jaws of the Wolf.

    God can only intervene with regards to War & Planet-X; like Lot & his family an angle came to warn him to leave the city at the exact time to go….. so this is how God will direct ALL who are connected to Him & are HIS Children…. remember ALL ARE HIS CREATION BUT NOT ALL ARE HIS CHILDREN…. to become his Child, is a born again experience…. read about it in the Bible!

    “Born again” IS NOT A RELIGION!…. it becomes a way of life & communion with the Creator/God/Yeshua/HolySpirit….. there is only ONE WAY INTO HEAVEN & IT IS NOT “RELIGION” & TRADITIONS OF MAN;
    ONLY THE TRADITIONS OF YESHUA &GOD THAT ARE OK TO FOLLOW… that is why we are here to learn & discover some will become super students with lots of grades As, some with lots of Bs & the majority with Cs…. some/MOST will never make it (i think this is the majority of humans) what God does with them only he knows for sure.




    BIBLE = Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

    Did u note that i have a wheat/alfalfa farm in a small self contained farming/mining town…. safer to migrate there for now & later will be buying in South America…. Patagonian area most likely.
    I invited no more than 100 people to join me to invest so that we are debit free & can live & grow our own organic foods…. kabutzing.

    However this is also one of the world headquarters for the Nazis/NWO
    under the direction of the ‘BLACK POPE” JESUIT ORDER VATICAN!!!
    THis is one of the places the Elite have staked out for them selves!

    I am traveling to such in the immediate near future

  396. Truth Says:


    I am told they are spraying there also; does anyone have proof or a connection to confirm such;

    Again keep in mind that the center of the NWO is under the direction of the Vatican via the “BLACK POPE” & no it is not Obama… he is just one of the millions of puppets controlled by the CFR, Trilateral, Builderburg, Bohemian Grovers….. secret society termites.

  397. Dude Says:

    Truth: i dont compare ancient texts against the Bible. The story is the SAME for the texts I refer to. IDENTICAL STORY.

    Heavens = the skies in the Bible and hell = into the earth (in most places). READ the book. Everybody wanna tell me whats in the Bible and they dont have a clue at all. Youre reminding me of one of those. Start with Ezekiel and Amos. Sin = disobeying God’s commandments for us.

    God IS intervening….again READ your Bible. He says that He is sending the nations gathered to destroy us because of our many sins, and especially our images, especially the image that is used to lie to the whole world….tv!

    i do not believe in bible codes because the story is very clear, very simple, and full of details and reads exactly like the news.

    the solutions are #1 (and stated a few times in the Bible) to LEAVE. The second choice would be to have at least two years of food and water and a damn good place to hide away from any cities. people are going to die from nukes, radiation, man made diseases, polluted waters, no water or food and invaders flying around in helicopters hunting us down. Oh, people and animals will also be eating people.

    AJ is a disinformationist and his job is to make the ones wakaing up concentrate on the govt and political issues, leading them totally away from Nibiru and this war. Nibiru is the biggest cover-up of the the millennia, even bigger than the 911 coverup. that is why they are spending billions to spray the entire planet every day.

    A mining town might be good if you have access to the mines. im thinking that when nibiru passes though, it might be better to be above ground so any bunkers dont become elaborate graves.

    I know the elite are planning on south america and australia as their ‘ark’. it is because they are planning this war and they know about Nibiru.

  398. Truth Says:


    Please receive this with LOVE, the THC is your 2nd biggest stumbling block to really understanding what i have sent U with regards to the “Bible” your interpretation is warped in SOME areas & right on target on others…. when U eliminate ALL things NOT of Gods directives the Holy Spirit will take some more scales off your eyes…….. dying to your EGO IS YOUR 1st challenge


    The mystery is how we will all be guides as CHILDREN OF GOD & what happens to the rest of HIS creation(s)]
    Peace Be with U (Shalom)

  399. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, dont count on growing anything in the USA for at least two years after Nibiru. Yellowstone is going to erupt and turn this whole continent into a deepfreeze. This also is stated in the Bible. It says that we will eat that which grows of itself for two years and in the third, we will plant and harvest. It also says that we will live along the seacoasts. thats because the interior will be a deepfreeze. anyone within about 600 miles of yellowstone will probably die from the falling rocks, or the sulphur dioxide gasses. the Bible states clearly that 5/6 of the 200 million invaders that are here will die from the Nibiru-caused earthquakes and volcanos.

  400. Dude Says:

    Truth: youre starting to aggravate me with your statements that are in direct contradiction to the bible. THC is NOT my stumbling block, stupid people all around me are.

    God said He made ALL seed-bearing plants for meat for us and saw that they were good. We have inside our brains natural THC receptors……the plant was MADE FOR US by God. Youre spouting govt-created propaganda about the plant and it is not even the issue here. And by the way, I made straight A’s in college in very technical, high level classes and my projects always outshined everyone elses and I did them all while smoking.

    What I am telling you is NOT an interpretation. It is the story in the book. the only things that need interpretation are the names and when you piece the description together, the names will become clear. READ THE BOOK!

    “God is great,
    man is not,
    Man made beer
    and God made pot” — Somebody that was very wise

  401. Dude Says:


    Why then does God say in at least four places in the Bible for “His people to come out of her and they save their lives”????

  402. Truth Says:


    Planet-X what does it matter that they are covering up the idea that planet-X is coming….. nothing can be done about it…..perhaps prayer will move it aside in Gods own timing…. did u ever think that God wants to wipe out those who are NOT HIS CHILDREN?

    Are u upset because the masses are not warned & therefore can not “LEAVE”? or prepare for such devastation? Dude it will not really matter when the time comes…. God will either spare our physical life or not!
    Remember for those who are “Born Again” (not a religion; read the Bible & study what it takes to become Born Again) WE ARE ETERNAL…. who cares that the body is destroyed?!

    Frankly most of his human creation should be eliminated…. only HE knows why they were created & for what purpose i do not understand!…., like fleas or mosquitoes …. what purpose do they have except sucking blood, infecting animal & humans will all sort of diseases.

  403. Dude Says:

    Truth: if they hadnt covered it up when they found it in 1982 then people could have had time to prepare but the greedy evil elite decided to steal all our money to build themselves underground bases. that is evil.

    If the masses were warned, then we could take back our government and this war would not happen.

    Those who are not born again will not be eternal. You have to awaken the spirit within you or your soul will return to the sea of souls and not be eternal. being “born again” is not simply saying it. It takes a lot of work over many years. I would be willing to bet that 99.99% of the people in churches who say they are born again are not, again just like the Bible says. how many people know that watching tv is one of the worst sins? not many.

    And God does say that He is sending the nations gathered. many times. This is His judgement on His wicked nation where His people dont follow any of His commandments.

  404. Truth Says:


    By the way my scores will most likely top yours in biochemistry, physics, neuro physiology, math & other BS subjects (English structure & spelling kinda of stuff an intelligent monkey i am)


    In tough LOVE
    Truth 1776

  405. Dude Says:

    biology and neurophysiology, absolutely, i never took those courses. Mathematics and digital design and programming and machine shop and physics, i seriously doubt it. I set all the curves in many of my classes but again that is not the point and does not matter. What will matter is how well you can hide, how much food and water you have stored and how much you know about making a new calendar and farming techniques.

    I have an ego about this war and Nibiru subject because i KNOW and no one listens. 2nd problem? i have many and you havent listed any of them.

    I dont recall referring to you as morons and when i said i am surrounded by stupid people i meant the ones i know personally. theyre almost all morons.

  406. Truth Says:

    @dude now this is good stuff to expound on & contemplate.

    “come out of her” is really a reference to come out of occultism- Babylonian teaching: as u can not come/leave the earth; yes there is reference to “flee to the hills” also; & God will guide HIS CHILDREN as he see fit & according to HIS perfect will…. defies human logic!

    The Harlot who sits on 7 Hills is (most likely) the Catholic Church & its twisted pagan/Roman Luciferian teachings this is why Yeshua/Old Scriptures describe the Whore of Babylon; the Lucerferian secret societies are all out of her & so are the “Christian Churches”…. inadvertently the good & God fearing “Christians” are inadvertently/deceived/ misguided by well meaning Pastures & “spiritual teachers”…. the majority are still seeped in her twisted ways/teachings!

    Again not ALL will be called out; the end of their souls; the blood will be on their own hands….. to those who do not surrender to God & HIS ways/teachings…. you are right on with your observations.

  407. Truth Says:


    By the way Gods ways defies mans “wisdom & logic ” those who U called the Elite are really IDIOTS.

    God most likely will seal the caves & underground cities they have dug their own graves & how wonderful it is when an asteroid hits there nuclear proof under ground cities…. aka TOMBS.

    They love building shrines to Lucifer & what a beautiful sight to behold a collapsed mountain of solid granet squashing the “fleas & mosquito” blood sucking disease carrying creatures who chose to go with Lucifer agenda as their god…. tey live by the sword they will die eternally by the SWORD of TRUTH!

    It will come to pass as U say Dude…. why worry get yourself right in Gods ways…. pray for the others TO BE BORN AGAIN IN THE SPIRIT & teach them the TRUTH the best way you know how…. get rid of EGO!

  408. Truth Says:

    With LOVE & consideration of politeness U may wish to meditate;
    Re-view the books of Corinthians1&2 on what LOVE is & may U learn to proceed as Yeshua would in HIS definition of LOVE.



    (mental depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness…its a battle for our MINDS)

  409. Dude Says:

    Truth you are so wrong about “come out of her”. you havent read your bible and you have no clue whats in it like everybody else.

    you refer to revelations which is the most absolute worst book to get the story from. it is good for only a few details. i told you to read Ezekiel and Amos first.

    yea, the elite are evil but not too stupid. God did say, however, that He will find those who have dug forts into hell/sheol (underground) and He would find those at the bottom of the sea and He will find those in the heavens.

    As for the harlot, or whatever you want to call the country with many many names in the Bible, that is the USA. Again go READ my doc, the two pages after the Russian news. It is the complete description of the country being invaded and it could possibly be no other country.

    i so hate repeating myself and ive told this a million times and about 2 people actually understand but then God did say He would pour out His spirit so they would believe a lie.

  410. Dude Says:

    Jeremiah 51:6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the LORD’S vengeance; he will render unto her a recompence.

    Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    Habbakuk 2:2 And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

  411. Dude Says:

    Youre not going to read so let me put it here:

    #1) Ezekiel 16:61 — Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed, when thou shalt receive thy sisters, thine elder and thy younger: and I will give them unto thee for daughters, but not by the covenant. (Britian gave birth to 3 countries: Australia, USA, and Canada. name another country that gave birth to three others!)

    #2) Jeremiah 9:25 — Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will punish all them which are circumcised with the uncircumcised; (we are known as the circumcised nation in the world)

    #3) Amos 8:12 — And people will stagger from sea to sea, (This is in our national anthem—from sea to shining sea)

    #4) Amos 3:15 — I will also smite the winter house together with the summer house; the houses of ivory will also perish and the great houses will come to an end. (country is large enough to cover hot and cold climates, all our capitol buildings are white as ivory)

    #5) Psalms 10:2 — The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined.
    Proverbs 1:23 Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. (We invented nukes and we will be destroyed by them)

    #6) Jeremiah 50:36-37 — A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her; (mingled people…we are the melting pot of nations)

    #7) Micah 1:13 — O thou inhabitant of Lachish, bind the chariot to the swift beast: she is the beginning of the sin to the daughter of Zion: for the transgressions of Israel were found in thee. (chariot = where people ride; swift beast = what pulls the chariot : Automobiles!)

    #8) Amos 6:4,5 — That lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall; That chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of musick, like David; (Chanting to instruments: Rap music)

    #9) Amos 6:1 — Woe to them that are at ease in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria, which are named chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel came!

    #10) Revelation 17:18 — And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth

    #11) Ezekiel 8:3 — “and the spirit lifted me up between the earth and the heaven, and brought me in the visions of God to Jerusalem, to the door of the inner gate that looketh toward the north; where was the seat of the image of jealousy, which provoketh to jealousy. (Statue of Liberty)

    Get the idea??? Name one other country that even comes close! And that is not even half of the description. better pray for guidance though bcause from what ive seen, God doesnt want many people to know at all.

  412. Dude Says:

    Oh yea, note that Ezekiel had a vision. A vision would most definitely be an altered state of consciousness. Was Ezekiel a luciferian occultist? hmmmm

  413. ericswan Says:

    Good on you Steve. You have stepped away from your false face and put on the armour of salvation. Not many people can change the way they see themselves and being anonymous to your flock is not being the witness to truth that we all must seek. I feel encouraged by your coming out.

  414. ericswan Says:

    I didn’t do all that well in school. I failed 5 times. Grade 7,9,11 and 3rd and 4th year at university. I guess I just didn’t get it.

  415. Anonymous Says:

    eric: what? i have not presented a false face here nor anywhere else. I say what i know and know what i say.

    For those who looove the “occult”, heres a small part from the Mother Shipton prophecies that says the EXACT SAME THING thats in your Bibles:

    When pictures seem alive with movements free
    When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea,
    When men like birds shall scour the sky
    Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die. <— This is US!!!
    A fiery dragon will cross the sky <— This is Nibiru
    Six times before this earth shall die
    Mankind will tremble and frightened be
    for the sixth heralds in this prophecy.
    For seven days and seven nights
    Man will watch this awesome sight.
    The mountains will begin to roar
    And earthquakes split the plain to shore.
    And flooding waters, rushing in
    Will flood the lands with such a din
    Not every soul on Earth will die
    As the Dragons tail goes sweeping by.
    Not every land on earth will sink
    But these will wallow in stench and stink <— This is America
    Of rotting bodies of beast and man
    Of vegetation crisped on land.

  416. Anonymous Says:

    i quit high school when they took out the smoking area and installed cameras. i immediately told the principal that this was unacceptable behavior and I would not be returning. i was in college that fall. Public school is nothing more than an indoctrination whose goal is to eliminate independent thought and encourage blind obedience to authority.

    See the results of it all around you??? its been a huge success for the elite. especially look at all the churches who dont have a clue about the book they pretend to worship. that what God meant when He said “they say they knew Me but I knew them not”.

  417. Dude Says:

    haha, i deleted all my cookies because one of the agents on youtube apparently banned my ip address and this put me back to anonymous.

    by the way, dear old George Washington also had a “vision” and his vision says the same things as the Bible too about this war, not Nibiru. But of all the texts that talk about the war, none of them even come close to having the details the Bible has. that book alone is what made me “see” and I have to give all the credit to God because without His will, I would be like all else who do not understand it.

  418. Celline Says:

    back home: Weirdest weather, we N E V E R have rain in June, let alone.. Thunderstorms, just doesen’t happen here. But it happened today and the sky is full of chems amongst the real clouds.
    My car is always all messed up w. round yellow blotches.
    I know it’s not the palmtrees.. I think it’s chems… anyone? can u help me solve this mystery ? How is it in your area.. Truth ?

  419. Dude Says:

    God said that in the day of great destruction there would be water flowing from every hill. that is because they are going to keep seeding clouds all summer to hide Nibiru. Makes perfect sense to me.

    they have been very busy spraying here today just like almost every day this year.

  420. Celline Says:

    @Dude.. I was waiting for an answer to my question, your comment does not do this ;o(

  421. Dude Says:

    i dont have an answer for your yellow blotch question. I dont have palm trees either. I can only answer what I know and when I dont know what Im talking about I shut up and listen. 🙂

    how about that partial description of the country being invaded from the bible? theres more too.

    how you like the Mother Shipton prophecies? Pretty good for a woman in the 16th century. She even told the date that she would be burned on the stake and she was. Its a shame because not many people reach that level of spiritual awareness but we all have the capability.

  422. Celline Says:

    @Dude, I have no clue who Mother Shipton is, and people who can forecast their onw death, have Never been told that by God.
    It reminds me of Gypsies who grab your hand and tell you, u will die on the 15th of November.. year so and so.. and the poor victim is so upset about it, believes it, and actually does die on that date.
    Things like this, dear Dude.. come from Satan, never from God.

  423. Celline Says:

    .. by the way.. I do NOT WANT this capability, it’s not of God !
    Dude.. you need Jesus in the worst way.. just like all of us do.

  424. Dude Says:

    Celline: You need to READ your Bible in the worst way, just like almost everybody else I know.


    I Corinthians 12: Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.
    Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
    But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.
    For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;
    To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;
    To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:

  425. Truth Says:


    Many report of gel like material (yellow, brown, clear, white) & spider like web materials falling out of sky & onto ground/cars etc. most likely has mycoplasms, virus, fungi-molds, bacteria, red blood cells or other toxic chemicals!


    It is safe to do so if U use disposable gloves; cheep mask over face;a long handle plastic or glass (not metal) spoon to be deposited into glass jar; Q-tips cotton swabs also clean glass jar:

    Gloves & cotton mask on; scrape &/or remove what U can with cotton swab….. deposit spoon or cotton swabs into glass jar; close the lid & call -contact me ASAP would love to have it analized identify what it is!

    Sound very similar to what was deposited in Lake Arrowhead area…no one saved the stuff> they did not know what it was…. a small sample was analyzed…. it WAS NOT TREE POLLEN that at first they thought it was… they then stopped reporting on what it was & the sample was not returned!


    Lots of soapey water for washing your car. alcohol may damage the paint, hydrogen peroxide may damage paint also.

  426. Dude Says:

    I swear i believe theyre putting sedatives in the chemtrails sometimes. Seems to happen when I make the youtube govt agents look like the fools they are.

    Truth: So what you think about the Bible stuff? Pretty clear eh?

  427. Truth Says:

    Chem Trails
    SanBernardino, Riverside, East LA,desert areas Victorvill, Palmdale-Landcster;

    Very interesting thunderstorms & lighting hitting Mountains several small fires; some showers/rain; can not see the overhead sky… can not tell if Chem trailed or not…… yesterday was an intense day of overhead sprayig. however 2 different types op spray used

    1. fast dissipation… disappearing into a very faint haze

    2. not as fast but faster than the “old ctrails” spreading out into whipped “cream” wispy type clouds…. untrained eye would not know the difference from normal to ctrail clouds.

    CHEMS MADE ME FEEL A BIT FLUISH…. slight headache at base of skull 7 behind the eyes….. terrible eye strain yesterday & fuzzy thinking & very tired

  428. Truth Says:

    aslo it is most unusual, never have remembered such weather in June, even my >83 yr old uncle said the same….lived in area all his life

  429. Dude Says:

    I guess I put yall into “ignore mode” about the Bible. Thats a shame because there is a ton of very useful information in there. You can not pick and choose though, you either accept it or you dont but either way, we in America will ALL drink from the cup of the Lord’s wrath on 10-10-09.

  430. Truth Says:

    oops must be fuzzy thinking syndrome


    public noticed chem spraying about 1992-1995…. some dude type of acquaintances brought it to my attention…. THC induced psychosis i thought….. it took >12 years later for me to know the TRUTH…. with regards to chemical spraying!

    Dude….. THC is not the way the Prophets of Old got their minds expanded; not the TRUE Children of God…. that is a Luciferian High Lie

    again U know more than most on the Bible…. fantastic scriptures referenced, however me feels U have been deceived by the Luciferian rebellion negative energy.

    TRUE PROFIT OF GOD IS NEVER NEVER NEVER WRONG….100% RIGHT ON TARGET….. if they were wrong just 1 time they were stoned to death!

    Today’s so called Prophets are 99% self deceived & NOT TRUE PROPHETS OF THE MOST HIGH (no dude not the THC stuff lol)…. they are in the same category of fortune tellers!

    Yes dude God will still Love U if u use such stuff, & are actual born again Child of God…. only God can judge this but Ms. C did ask u if you are born again into & according to the Messiah Yeshua;

    ARE u SUCH A BORN AGAIN HUMAN, according to scripture?

    ok if your not God still loves U if your not there yet.

  431. Celline Says:

    @Truth, that’s exactly what I observed.. we do NOT have any kind of rain in June.. surely no thunderstorms.. as it cleared out a bit, I noticed 1/2 real clouds the other 1/2 chems..
    Ditto here.. fuzzy feeling and tired.
    Truth ok, sure I can do this.. have to get a jar that I can screw shut..
    BUT, how do I get it to you?
    Don’t have your address… and glass won’t ship w.out breaking.
    I just now washed my car, especially the windows, they were full of this yellow stuff.. but, it will be all messed up again, in a few.. am sure.
    We might have to exchange e mail or phone nr.. how?

    @ Dude..
    Your interpretation of the scriptures is w r o n g.
    Yes.. we all have gifts.. but only Satan gives out ” gifts” such as predicting someone else’s or your own date and time of death.
    No such thing.. it’s evil.
    Why won’t you listen? I do not mean u any harm, I mean well.
    And.. do not tell me again that I do not know my bible.. cause: I DO !

  432. Celline Says:

    Ahemehen Truth ;o)

  433. Dude Says:

    Celline: The Bible says this directly: “To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits;” prophecy means to see the future. Corinthians says it is a gift from God. You are going to deny this?

    Truth: knock it out with the thc stuff. God already told you that he made all seed bearing plants, to you it shall be as meat. period. I was talking about the ones where the bible describes the USA. In fact, God had people see visions by eating flowers and such, most likely contained DMT, the spirit molecule. and the Kundalini thing you mentioned is our third eye, the thing Celline says is satanic and the very same thing that Corinthians tells us is a gift from God.

    You all crack me up. Tell me you believe the bible and then turn around and tell me you dont believe whats in it.

  434. Dude Says:

    Celline: again, there is nothing to interpret. The message is very plainly and simply written. The only thing thats left for us to do is figure out which country is Zion and by the description it is so very very easy.

  435. Celline Says:

    Dude.. u don’t have to put us on ” iggy”.. it’s much simpler, to just not come here. Yet, I feel u should listen, because you are sincere, yes.. yet: sincerely deceived !
    Make you a suggestion WELL meaning, ok?
    When u are alone, you talk to God, and ask Him, ” Lord, I am a seeker, I want to Know you, Please forgive my sins, and come into my life and guide and protect me, Yeshua, come into my life and show me Your ways “. Just like that Dude, because hear hear :” If anyone is in Christ Jesus, he is a New creature, Old things have passed away.. Behold, ALL things are New !!!! ” Dude, this is for you ;o)

  436. Dude Says:

    thats not what i meant. i meant that you were ignoring me.

    if you dont wanna learn then i will leave. Im not having much success here anyway. know that on 10-10-09, when the bombs start falling (the false flag nuke will be first), that what I have told you is correct and all of it is plainly stated in the Bible.

    All things will not be new unless you are born again in the spirit which means that you awaken your spiritual soul. No one will be able to lie to you then and you will know real truth. This does not come from anything that the churches tell you. they are wrong and they do not know God. There is plenty of scriptures to back that up too if you dont believe that.

    And if you see a church with images, tvs, etc, then that right there is blasphemy. that should tell you tons about churches.

  437. ericswan Says:

    Where two or more go in my name, that is a church.

  438. Celline Says:

    @Truth, went to my car, new ones already. I have 2 Q tips soaked full of bright yellow stuff.. and brought it inside. I could send this to you in a regular envelope..
    big fat wide HUGE trails in the sky right now, no NOT clouds, Big Fat chems.

  439. Dude Says:

    two or more……hahahha…..i cant even find one more who believes the book. Im tryin hard though.

  440. stef Says:

    If anyone here needs Jesus, Celline, it’s me. Like I said earlier, I never put much stock in the Bible. But the Dude has managed to convince me it’s definitely worth studying.

    My B.A. in Literature doesn’t hold a candle to you guys, but, hey, I love Lit. and the Bible is Lit too, after all.

    Forgive my ignorance Dude, your comments regarding the adoration of images/idols intrigues me. Does my admiration for great and not so great paintings, my immense fondness for classical music and Rock and R&B etc. (no RAP, please), the Fine Arts, qualify me as sinner?

    Tv? I gave it up when I couldn’t remember what movie I was watching from one endless commercial break to the next. It serves its purpose as a screen to view classic and International films from my expanding collection.

    I quit smoking pot in highschool. It affects me in unpleasant ways, mostly it makes me unbelievably depressed. Some of my friends smoke weed and I confess to twinges of envy when they do so without unwelcomed side-effects.

    And we Europeans like our wines! A glass of fine wine with meals keeps the heart young and mirthful. Right?

    My sinner status must be reaching it’s zenith, I imagine.

    I’m also, thanks to Dude, getting acquainted with ancient texts. Stop your yiddling, people, and listen to what he has to say!

    There will certainly be a war, bigger, better, harder than any before it. And I don’t care. To the best of my ability I’ve made preparations. But chillen, I ain’t optimistic about mine nor anyone else’s chances of survival.

    As for Nibiru? That’s another story. Again, I don’t care. As long as I live moments longer than any of these arrogant, dumb-as-dirt suburbanite neighbors of mine. I want to see their smug, smarmy faces transformed into something altogether different. My spirit can then rise, or fly, or evaporate, I care not.

    These sheeple STILL think 19 Arabs …911.

    Here’s my prayer: May all initiates of this Massonic/Luciferian/Talmudic Khazar cabal die the slowest, most agonizing of deaths!

    Let us pray.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  441. Celline Says:

    @Eric:” where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them !” Is this the one you mean?

  442. Celline Says:

    @ Truth…. I could give u the number of my office phone…?!

  443. Dude Says:

    Hi Stef. I thought you were Canadian. God says not to make images but encourages music. He even says we invent instruments to ourselves like David and God loved David. It’s in the same verse that describes rap music, part of the description of the usa. The book “The Wisdom of Solomon” left out of the Bible describes images perfectly. Thats near the end of my doc but I included it because no one believes images are idols.

    I really dont think these people are ready though. They are very nice and patient as most of my buddies would’ve told me to stfu by now. We will all see it on 10-10-09 though. Thanks for the encouragement!

    youre not in the usa…you may well live past all this. remember this: the book also says that in the time of the gentiles between this war and about 70 yrs later when God physically returns (the date no one knows) that any country that defies Russia will be nuked. So if whatever country youre in stands up to Russia, LEAVE.

    i just remembered another interesting point. In one of the other ancient texts, maybe Enoch, they knew of relativity. Apparently one of the humans went with an angel for a ride in a UFO, was gone for 2 hours but 32 years had passed on earth. interesting i thought.

  444. stef Says:

    Your patience, Dude, is monumental…my hat’s off to you, man.

    “We in America will ALL drink from the cup of the Lord’s wrath on 10-10-09.” Can’t wait for that day…

    Dude, US(rael) as the Biblical Zion makes absolute, perfect, unquestionable sense to me. Why can’t others see this?

    Hey Celline, my ex has intuitions, you know, she’ll sense a future event, just small stuff, but she’s remarkably accurate. Does this mean she is succumbing to Satan’s influence? Is she possessed? Should I dunk her in a well to see if she floats?

    Ill be in touch, Dude.
    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  445. Truth Says:

    1st cover with plastic saran wrap & then SEAL WITH LIDS.

    Contact with metals paper etc will throw off the lab test….metals & plastics react or alter proteins & other chemical reactions.


  446. Dude Says:

    i wonder if this will work……..

    Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

  447. Dude Says:

    nope. trying to stick a cute little chat box in here. look like the blog stripped the flash code.

  448. Celline Says:

    @Stef: If u mean it, that you need Jesus.. then may I tell you, that God is waiting for you.
    Confess your sins to Him.. and ask Him to come into your life and heart.
    He Will, He turns down no one who asks for Him.
    I remember this moment in my life.. it was something that I will never forget. Suddenly, I knew who I was. I had true and real idendity.. all insecurities left in an instant. I am not sure.. that what u say.. is a true desire to know God in a personal way.. if it is.. Go for it, your life will never be the same.. in a good way !
    Just saw a chem w. a rainbow in it ! This reminded me, that God is still in charge, as He gave us the rainbow as a promis, to never again destroy the earth by water.. so, for this reason, for a moment there.. I felt incredible comfort, in the midst of staring Satan in the face !

  449. Truth Says:


    Sorry my little Brother in God… even the Demons know the Bible better than U or i…..U might want to take “wise counsel” from the elders…who just may know the Bible a little better than your brilliant human mind…. THC is not allowing U to see the TRUTH on this subject….praying that U take this into meditation/prayer by yourself w God…. C has given U the TRUTH…

    Shalom (peace be with U)
    Blessing that U have the MIND & WISDOM OF YESHUA
    love ya in the Lord

  450. Dude Says:

    Stef: the book says ‘if you had told the others, they would have hearkened but this is a stiffnecked people’. As for “cant wait for that day”……..Im not looking forward to it at all even though it needs to happen.

    Truth: i wanna know whats in that sample too. I dont have that kind of chemtrails and dont really know a good way to sample but Ill participate too if ya want and tell me what to do. could just put some type of large container shielded from the wind and let it sit for a week. how you gonna test it? Thats gonna take a lot. theres metals, biological agents, drugs, all kinds of possibilities for whats in it. dont you have to test for each substance seperately?

  451. stef Says:

    I see we’re writing almost simultaneously so my response won’t address your comments.

    I’m sure Canada will do what USrael will tell it to, always did. Doesn’t have a choice since before or after WWII the Canada signed over its right to defend itself over to the USrael and, henceforth, shall be the “ward” of the US in all military (amongst others) matters.

    BOOM! Let there be a proper housecleaning, saith the Lord, and he saw that it was good, eh?

    Bile rises in my throat when I think of USrael’s endless crimes against humanity covering its entire history. And let us not forget that bejewelled horned-toad of a demon sitting on the throne under which lies:

    “The coronation stone which sat in Westminster Abbey, England, is the coronation stone of the Hebrew nation called Israelites. This stone was named Beth-el (house of God) by the patriarch Israel (sometimes called Jacob) roughly 2000 BC and remained with his descendents.”

    Why is there some yid stone under the Throne of England?

    And this:

    “Ezekiel 21:25-27 prophesied the Throne would overturn three times “until he comes whose right it is and I will give it him”. And so it has, Jerusalem to Ireland, Ireland to Scotland, Scotland to England. The rightful Sovereign, our Lord Jesus Christ will eventually be crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And will lead all men and nations, tribes, languages and peoples into his ultimate world-wide dominion of peace and justice from his Headquarters in the New Jerusalem.”

    Lots of Jewish gibberish and black magic in the House of Windsor; real name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Too German sounding after WWII so they camouflaged it with House of Windsor, those sneaky bastards.

    Again, let us pray.

  452. Dude Says:

    truth: you gotta stop it with the thc thing. its in your book. its a perfect food so you might wanna consider have a few seed b4 the war too. As for the bible, I KNOW what it says. it is very clear, it does not need interpretation, it means exactly what it says and it reads EXACTLY like the news. And Ive shown it to you. i dont want to continue. If you read my doc have questions, Ill be happy but to continue this is futile.

    As for the “elders”, theyre about the worst ones. elder preachers run away from me, elder friends get hostile, elder family ignore me. ya see, the mind tends to become set in the ways it was programmed and after time, loses the ability to accept new ideas, or more accurately, it refuses to accept anything that threatens previously programmed ideas. the younger the person, the more open they are to consider non-standard ideas.

    yea, let me emphasize one of those. The preacher that baptized my wife and me, from the church ive been a member since i was a 14, Jerry Falwells church to be precise, he ran away from me, was very rude and even told me he wasnt trying to help me. He would not read the Bible with me. i scared the bejeesus out of him because i challenged his false belief system established by the church. i was very polite too.

    no matter whos right or wrong, is it acceptable for such a preacher to refuse to read and discuss scripture with a very long time church member??

    This is what i receive from ‘elders’. I am so glad i never attended enough to become programmed but then i doubt that wouldve happened to me anyway. They now have the most lavish, extravagant church ive ever seen and there are tv screens everywhere……pure blasphemy. the Liberty students are different, many of them will listen. i kinda held a service at McD’s parking lot one time. couldnt get away from them asking so much.

  453. Celline Says:

    @Truth, you suggested I get this stuff to you.. but in your latest post.. u do not answer my questions !
    @Stef.. of course u read my last blog to you..
    You did not want to respond… please do not think me a numbskull, you’d lose out on that one.

  454. Dude Says:

    I was kinda waiting on Truth to tell me something about samples too but he wanna go off talking about thc nonsense. i dont know anyone anymore with lab access but it sure would be handy for this.

  455. stef Says:

    Did you know the Queen owns, outright owns, 6,660,000,000 (that’s 6 billion and the 666 I need not explain) acres of land?

    “She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory.”

    Check it out, just type “world’s largest land owners, or queen owns…”

    She is THE most powerful person on earth and yet her PR says she’s just a nice old lady in a flowery hat, just a benign figurehead…yeah, right.

    stef…in prayer mode.

  456. Dude Says:

    Yea, the queens an evil lizard woman. i enjoy seeing her face become pitted and tarnished when Im making my colloidal silver. i got canadian silver cause it was 0.9999% pure. hehe

    i havent yet tied 666 with a person but Im absolutely positive Putin is the “antichrist” (i hate that term), king of the north. he is the one who has gathered the nations together for the battle. i been watching him for two years too and hes been to a lot of countries and made treaties with most all of our allies.

  457. stef Says:

    Celline: I would have answered your comment, but it’s obvious you and I simply cannot have a meeting of the minds, if you get my drift.

    Incidentally, those chemtrails you saw, with the pretty rainbows?

    Those rainbow colours are the result of heavy chemtrailing. The ethylene dibromide level is high and leaves a rainbow effect.

    When tons and tons of chems have been sprayed these lovelly colours appear. You can see this “rainbow” effect around the sun’s corona as well.

    Sorry to burst your “Oh! Look! God still loves us and is putting pretty rainbows in the chemtrails to show us his love…” bubble.

    I sense none of this will get through to you, Celline, but what the hell, I’m just killing time before I have to leave for work (slavery).

    Hope I’ll get some feedback from Dude on the info I posted.


  458. stef Says:

    Whoah! How do you make collodial silver?

    Do tell!


  459. Truth Says:

    @DUDE ctrails, unusual for jelly/pollen like globs to fall usually happens over small rural areas/towns during rain storms….people rarerly find the stuff… & when U do don’t pick it up in bare hands…. sounds silly this is the to stay out of the rain…. put on your face mask…. i think this is how iam going to walk around & hand out fliers/dvds it looks odd ball enough & people will be curious why i am wearing a filtering mask in public…. also need to bring attention to Baxter Pharmaceutical deliberate/accidental LIVE Avian Flue virus in the flu vaccination vials shipped to 18 European countries…. stef my brit friend… did U know about this near death to the people?

    Dude went to the PRO VACCINATION SITE…. why did U remove your comments or did some one else do so?

    I found it fun to engage with the Government miss-informationalist…. remember NOT to use INSULTING words & PUT DOWNS…. were U damaged by such in childhood?…. they are merely human like U subject to misinterpretations & only know what they are taught by the system…. U GET MORE ATTENTION WHEN u BECOME A LOVING FRIEND TO THEM…. honey attract more than vinegar/acid…. KILL THE EGO… brother! As U present your case in LOVE this may even transform them as the TRUTH will pierce the darkness & harden heart!

    That is an excellent place for a disciple to go….. like Johna was told to go to Nivia…. a human hell hole…. he didn’t want to go sooooo God arranged a fishy story(some big fish/whale swallowed him…by the way people have in fact been documented they were swallowed & lived for several days) to deliver him there!

    As far as “intuitions” …… & other ancient teaching & such… problem is truth mixed with deception…. HOWEVER not ALL is “demonic” only Holy Spirit can revel what is twisted & what is truth…. Dude the weed stuff U is one of the twisted misinterpretations in/by your human mind/intellect,

    Bible test/passages U submitted tell me so…my intellect/mind is not under the influence of any natural drugs. Remember the Luciferians come as angles of light…. the king daddy of them all was the right hand angle of GOd…. he had it ALL…. could work miracles & such…. 99.9999% truth at times but still not 100%

    Altered states of conscious are induced from only two ways

    1. drugs. natural drugs, electrical currents/RFI/microwaves ect.

    2. pure body no man made chemicals & no mind altering natural plants
    100% full on God energy……more powerful that all other natural drugs or man made stuff……..try a bolt of lighting for a real physical mind alteration! Take this to prayerful meditation & in time the TRUTH SEEKER will be shown what i share w U.

  460. Dude Says:

    stef: Everything you posted is pretty much dead-on. i hadnt considered that ezekiel verse to mean exactly that. the overturn overturn overturn one. i just read that verse like the many others that say were gonna be dead meat, but it made me go back and reread it. interesting. god reveals things to whom He will and he hides things from everybody else, hides it well too.

  461. stef Says:

    And Truth, don’t bother yourself with samples and labs and all that crap.

    Carnicom and thousands of others have had this stuff tested years ago. Everything comes up positive. So you can put away your little KidsRus microscope now.

    Tsk. What a ding-dong.

    Amen. (god of the pharaohs)

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  462. stef Says:

    It’s ANGELS, Truth, ANGELS. Not ANGLES! This is not a geometry class, remember?

    Sheesh, you kill me Truth, you really do.

    Go with God and don’t ever say shalom to me! Got it? Good!


  463. Dude Says:

    truth: i removed the one with my name and zip and went with a few varieties of AntiLie(Guy/Dude/Person). I do not have patience with people who purposefully lie to people about things that most definitely can and will kill them, ie: vaccinations, chemtrails and Nibiru. Those people are doing the evil work of satan and they know exactly what they are doing and i have no pity for them. i will call them the scum that they are. i know, i need to work on that.

    Stop it with the drugs thing. we are not going to agree. you drink coffee i bet or take vitamins and eat plants. everything has effects and can be considered a drug. if you like it, partake in moderation, if you dont, then dont. that applies to everything that is not prohibited by God and as far as Ive seen the only plant He commanded us not to partake of was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. pot is a weed so back off. Ive shown sciptures to back up my statements, you havent. You repeat govt programming to me. i do not want to talk about it anymore with you.

    I showed you scriptures to back up the fact that spiritual gifts are from God as well. And everyones states of consciousness’ are always changing. let me sneak up on you and stick a firecracker under your ass and watch, i bet you will have a big change in your state of consciousness.

    Do you have lab access to analyze chemtrails stuff? I would like to submit a sample under guidance if that is your thing.

  464. Dude Says:

    stef: i would be curious to know what is in my chemtrails. especially the days where it seems they put me to sleep.

    interesting you should mention that Amen is an egyptian God, the Bible itself says this country is named after Him. Amen = one of God’s names, rica = province, Ame + rica = God’s country. dont know what happened to the n. just a thought….

    and for the others, all the religions (except satanic ones) have the same story:Father, Virgin mother, Son, etc. and the Bible part has been collected from many sources but there are many more with the exact same story. and the Bible also says that when He returns, all people will call Him the same name. so that right there tells you that God has many names here now.

  465. Truth Says:

    re: testing… i am/was trained neurophysiology researcher, medical type, bio-chemistry etc.. it is mos important to identify what is going on as they change chemical composition & new biological agents did U know…. thank U iam aware of the “old” info good 4 U to note the rainbow chemical. Have U not noted our recent change in patterns & composition of such spraying…. DUDE mentioned spraying sedative drugs…most likely correct!

    Queen of E, no she is not THE MOST powerful or wealthy…she has to bow down to the Vatican “black pope”

    google the following

    Black Pope Vatican Assassins by Erick Phelps

    John F. Kennedy murder CIA Federal Reserve Black Pop
    (i will know if U did your home work on this one if U can tell me why “the men in black murdered him)

    John F Kennedy secret society 1961 speech

    RE: Jewish stuff in England U must understand who the KHAZARIAN ZIONIST ARE!!!….. they are not of the TRUE Biblical Judeans/Hebrews/Born Again Humans”chosen people” of God the Judeans are Yahs(most holy of all=GOD) decedents from AbrahamIsaacJacob… God will show U over time this is most challenging stuff to study/decipher/lots of Historical info… Erick Phelps book/writing will be of great help w such info…. google the miss-information & TRUE info on KHAZARIAN ZIONIST & who they are…ie Rothschild s & lots more!

    Jerry Falwell & Oral Roberts are all under the miss used teaching of the Catholic doctrines…. the entire “Christian Body” that does not honor the Sabbath(s) gives proof that they are part of the Harlot, the Mother Mary worship/Isis occult teachings of the SUN god! The reason they walk away from U is EGO…. & they are BRILLIANTLY IGNORANT & DECEIVED BY THE miss-information they have been taught…. just like U on some of the stuff C. U & I have been sharing w U…. it ok in time U will be shown & understand what we have presented 2 U, hopefully U will not be like Jerry Falwell was w U.

    When U GOD shows U what i shared, in particularly the 4th Commandment teaching then i will know where U are at in the spirit world…. at what grade level U have achieved.

    Chem poisons…. let me think on this one how to collect from U…. how far from washington dc r U?

    What ever you collect remember to store in sterilized glass jar, ideally a glass lid not rubber…. glass collecting spoons…. sterilized cotton swabs.
    Assume all is highly toxic… not all is that bad however we never know!


  466. stef Says:

    “I wanna get away from western govts as they are all controlled by satan now.”

    No, no, Dude, no, no. Nowhere to run to. All “govemens” are in it together under Lucifer. So remember to duck&cover, duck&cover…

    Be well, man, you are a true teacher. Thanks.
    Stef Signin’ off.

  467. Dude Says:

    Truth: That post had a lot of correct stuff. now that we know who the fake jews are who are spoken of in rev (khazars), that leaves: who are the real jews? the ones where God told Abraham that he would be a father of many nations and that Zion would rule the world and then be destroyed? The nation described as the circumcised nation that goes from sea to sea, has mingled people, has a lot of fat people, invented nukes, invented cars, made rap music…etc? wonder who that could be.

    I am well aware that falwells church is like that. no church knows what the Bible says that Ive found. falwell was not the preacher. they have a few of them and falwell was dead before i actually read my bible and understood it but i bet he wouldve at least talked to me. every time i ever met him, he was pretty jolly and good natured.

    i dont know any way to get to that altitude and im not sure i would want to. theyd prolly send up fighters. id have to make something to collect and a lot of that wouldnt be sterilized because it would have all kinds of organic matter from the air. clean utensils, yea. idk what dc has to do with anything but im south of lynchburg, prolly 4 or 5 hours drive.

  468. Dude Says:

    i figure just leave something outside with a good amount of surface area and walls to protect from wind, maybe screen on top to keep the critters out and leave it out all the time its not raining and dump the dust into something. could just scrape the top of the car. its not gonna be sterile but it shouldnt matter if testing for drugs and metals, just need to use containers with very low reactivity material like you said. biological detection and especially identification would be very hard i would think due to a number of things.

  469. Truth Says:

    good thoughts, have to keep refrigerated, even freezer for long term storage… this is not the best way however necessary to stop chemical/biological from further changes… freezing destroys cellular walls & such.. but better than fermented stuff

    On the thc U might consider that u told me that U were not a biological-scientist…. i just might know more on this subject than U & yes the Government has TRUTH on some of this as i stated, however they also have misinformation also…. most of the time i do know whats up with several areas…. of course not all ares… iam not the creator God

    @ steff
    U really must read whats up with the Khazarian Zionists they are NOT under the directives of the Most High One & Only God…. under the “god” of Lucifer…. same with most/many Muslim Clerics same for 90-99% of all religions, philosophies & theories …. he is the “god of the earth” sort of … U & C know whats up with this more than most…. very subtle stuff i sharing w U, time in God will revel more & more of the TRUTH… & it is a never ending story, the more that is given/unveiled to us the more we are held accountable for what we know as the REAL TRUTH OF GOD!
    shalom from your Biblical Judean brothers, one of Yahs children.
    translation: shalom/shalomaleichem = peace of God/Yeshua be with U; peace; well-being;hello-good-bye

    ps remember that All Hebrews/Judeans are called today “Jews”; NOT All “Jews” are genuine Hebrews/Judeans….. not necessarily by blood line either thats spiritual egotism….or do u have to be circumcised (may be wrong on this)however more important to be circumcised in your heart!

  470. Dude Says:

    truth: im not keeping anything long term. i would take a sample and send it to you. we only have 4 months 6 days left and then its over.

    i will never change my mind about anything i said about the good herb. it is perfect for so many uses and its awesome. i have studied that, and many other drugs for many years. I even got pharmacy on one side of my college ring cause that was my hobby. you shouldnt keep trying. Wasnt it in genesis where God said he made every seed-bearing plant…to you it shall be as meat? i feel a touch of dejavu methinks…..

    I put a section from the scriptures in my doc (that apparently only stef read) about the fake khazar jews:

    Jeremiah 11:9 — And the LORD said unto me, A conspiracy is found among the men of Judah, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

    Esther: 13:3-5 — Now when I asked my counsellors how this might be brought to pass, A man, that excelled in wisdom among us, and was approved for his constant good will and steadfast fidelity, and had the honour of the second place in the kingdom, Declared unto us, that in all nations throughout the world there was scattered a certain malicious people, that had laws contrary to all nations, and continually despised the commandments of kings, so as the uniting of our kingdoms, honourably intended by us cannot go forward. Seeing then we understand that this people alone is continually in opposition unto all men, differing in the strange manner of their laws, and evil affected to our state, working all the mischief they can that our kingdom may not be firmly established:

    Revelation 2:9 — I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 3:9 — Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    Havent we already determined who the real Israelites are and what countries they occupy?

  471. Celline Says:

    @ Truth

    Thanx for asking me to get some of this yellow Goo to you.. and after I got ,and packed it up.. no reply from you, even though I see several posts from you.
    I tossed it.

  472. Dude Says:

    aww, dont be mean to him. he was just about to give us the address to mail them to him.

  473. ericswan Says:

    There are many cultures in the world that meet my spiritual needs through their religious beliefs. God has expressed Himself as He sees fit. Not everything we know is God’s work, is found in any one book.

    My advice to those who fear the future is forget about fear and do that which fulfills your spirit. My preparation was for my family and my neighbours. I built a seed vault underground. I make organic soil every day. I network with my neighbours.

  474. Dude Says:

    better store 3 yrs of food and water too. not buying food is suicide now even if you dont believe the war is coming. the economy is about ten times worse than in 1929 and by 1933, 50 million americans had died of hunger. we were 70% self-sufficient then. we’re less than 10% now.

  475. stef Says:

    3 years food supply?

    Canned goods have an expiry date. Even bottled water has one. Dry foods like pasta, rice etc. you need water and a heat source.

    I’ve learned that by adding a few drops of bleach to water from a questionable source can make it safe to drink.

    But even bleach has an expiry date!

    Stock up, yes, but there’s no point in going overboard. I’d go broke if I bought 3 years worth of food and water in a few months! Besides where would I put it all?

    Years ago I started checking out survivalist sites for info.

    I take their advice, and yours Dude, very seriously, but see here, a water purifier goes for 3,000$, those Heirloom seeds — expensive, and useless in times of nuclear fallout, the survivalist packaged food–really, really expensive…

    I’m not a Rothschild. I’ve made preparations, within my means, for all, or as many, contingencies as possible.

    But if nukes start to rain upon us…well, I’d lose my appetite for a while.

    911 and the rest

  476. Dude Says:

    you can use several thing to prevent bacterial growth in water.. bleach, h2o2, colloidal silver, ClO2. you can also use a pit and some clear plastic to make a distiller.

    When there is no food, those expired cans will be very tasty. The starvation in America will be so bad that parents will eat their children.

    here i can get 50lbs of feed corn for $9.50. no one will grow anything the first two years after the war. The third year we will plant and harvest.

    if youre in europe, you have a couple years. We Americans only have 4 months.

  477. Truth Says:

    @C….hope U can retrieve the goo…….most important stuff…..U reacted with impatience….. i do not live to blog on this site…. have much more other pressing matters …… this is a good site for intelligent exchange of info

    keep in mind that if U make it yourself, it is very inexpensive to do so…. however U need to know that ONLY DEIONIZED WATER is to be used….. & the highest grade of silver wire/ingots as dude has quoted the %…… & it can be used daily, if u read the back of commercially prepare stuff they can not recommend daily dosages for ever as the FDA would cite them; remember the FDA on behalf of the pharmaceutical giants out lawed the stuff from the 50-60’s until enough people WOULD NOT STOP TRYING TO LEGALIZE IT 1999 or so.

    @DUDE….. when i have time, will give new email for such how to contact me will done via email 1st then tele calling…thank U must keep such confidential thank U

    U still are missing the point! According to BIBLE & Science thc is not to be used except for medical use;

    Genesis as U quoted & others quotes are ONLY 1/2 the story in BIBLE…. U need to read up on how GOD said not to use such for “altered states of mind” no pharmakeya(sp?)…..GOD POWER ONLY WILL PROVIDE THE DREAMS/VISIONS/Prophecies IN THE FUTURE.

    My dear brother could U have been blinded by Luciferian energy to only see & find 1/2 the story?…. this is how deception happens for ALL of us…. now it is time 4 U to research the opposing sides of the argument/scientific findings; to be objective U must let go of your habitual understanding that U acquired in from child hood onward; other wise you are just as deceived as the sheep people> thinking as a child no matter how old U are physically….. U hold you point of view because U like it & are addicted to such…. if U are not addicted may I suggest that U experiment how long can U go without it? if U pass 1 yr U just may not be addicted…. however those who have broken the addiction cycle report that 10-20-40 years later they have the urge to go back to it, they wont because THEY HAVE FOUND A NEW REALITY IN GOD HIGH!
    tell more on this if U pass the 1 month test(lol)….try “fasting” from all stimulants & such caffeine, alcohol,medications & weed etc.

    @erickswan & all thanks for posting what we can do solutions that are practical

  478. Dude Says:

    Truth: you said “U still are missing the point! According to BIBLE & Science thc is not to be used except for medical use”

    I say “Prove it!” and I dont recall ever saying i used it, when, how much, or for how long. you assume such. you are very very programmed by the govt on that subject as is just about every old folk I know.

    Pot is NOT physically addictive, that is a govt LIE!!!

    you are addicted to water. can you go a day without it? or a week? or a year? Dont forget that if you take too much water, you will OD and die.

    Stop trying to piss me off with this crap.

  479. Dude Says:

    “U need to read up on how GOD said not to use such for “altered states of mind”

    You need to SHOW me where this is located. I have SHOWN you the scriptures to back up everything I have said, including about all the seed-bearing plants that God made and saw that it was good. Go argue with God about it because you will get absolutely nowhere with me.

    I can point you to several places where the prophets were instructed to go eat flowers and various stuff to induce ‘visions’. I am currently researching DMT and can not wait until I can have that experience. Tell me how bad that is so I can point out that everybodys brain MAKES it.

    i wish I could teleport that firecracker under your ass every time you make those ignorant statements about the Good Herb.

  480. stef Says:

    Not only would I lose my appetite, but I’d be pissin’ blood, and oozing from every orifice while scratching my newly bald head, so…

    Listen, I don’t mean any disrespect, but didn’t Jesus preach we should not cling to this material world?

    Let me get this straight, Dude, it is wrong and sinful to watch tv (the box is a mind-control device, I agree), to hunger after the world’s various and sundry goods and pleasures, but now, now that we’re on the brink of destruction, it’s okay to stock up, hunker down and hang on with feverish determination to THE MATERIAL WORLD?

    I say: Hold on tightly, let go lightly.

    Not from the Bible or from me, but from a film I happen to like.


    “To everything turn, turn, turn…”

  481. Dude Says:

    And what is your view on alcohol? The bible itself says to give wine to those with a heavy heart but to always partake in moderation. Now if the Bible says that about a substance thats probably 10,000 times worse than the Good Herb, what do you think God’s view is on a completely 100% safe plant the He made and that He said was good? You say you are a neuro-something or another but you consistently make false statements about the Good Herb. I am starting to question your qualifications for the things you claim you are capable.

    Annual deaths:
    Tobacco : 400,000
    Alcohol: tens of thousands
    Cars: thousands
    Aspirin: 100
    Water: several
    WEED: 0 <—– ZERO!

    God says in the bible that he hates cars. he said "you have filled My beautiful land with the carcasses of your abominable things"
    You have a car.

    God despises images and it is the #1 reason given for this coming destruction. You have a computer. You have pictures.

    You wanna harp on some drugs, go harp on those evil SSRI's that are proven to make people kill people and themselves. Research how the shooter in EVERY school shooting was on those evil crazy drugs.

    I SAID i didnt want to talk about it with you anymore. You are extremely programmed and close minded on the issue. You just trying to run me off? its about to work.

    the whole country is going to be totally destroyed in 4 months and you wanna harp on this crap. you have serious priority issue.

  482. Dude Says:

    i think I double posted again. Go read the books yourselves and think if its possible. im about aggravated here. you wanna learn, theres plenty here for everyone to research. finding knowledge is up to the individual.

    Americans in general are about the stupidest bunch of morons I have ever encountered and I am deeply ashamed to be part of this country right now. a big part of me welcomes this coming cleansing, it is severely needed. peace.

  483. stef Says:

    “i wish I could teleport that firecracker under your ass every time you make those ignorant statements about the Good Herb.”

    Very funny and I do appreciate a good laugh.
    It’s the best medecine they say.

    Nobody (or only a few) here read anyobody else’s comments with any level of attention or understanding.

    And pot, and pot, and more pot…for Christ’s sake! It’s just pot! Only you and you alone have any jurisdiction over your body! Smoke pot, do smack, inject heroin, smoke cigarettes…it’s provided, courtesy of our Luciferian masters!

    So what! You enjoy it, then do it! Don’t you see it’s a gag? A lousy joke! “They” sell it to you, then turn around and claim “its” illegal, but “they” keep selling it to you. Go a little crazy ’cause of it and “they” lock you up for a while, release you, and then sell you some more. Get it? It’s a circuitous, deviant, imponderable Luciferian joke.

    Has anyone here ever read “Catch 22.”

    Nuts. This must be a kiddie site…

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  484. stef Says:

    Dude: How does one make collodieal silver? I’m asking again.

  485. Truth Says:

    @stef Colloidal silver;did not read the post earlier that i left for C?
    google “how to make colloidal silver”
    if U have cancer or such
    “germany cooking cancer out of your body”
    “hyperthermia cancer treatments Germany”

    stef U did understand the medical aspect of thc good
    & agree w U that all drugs should be made legal, citations & jail time if one become a problem/danger to self & others.

    DUDE it is your responsibility to study the opposit position that U hold, really dont have any more time fore the foolishness….. do what U will…its between U & your body/God…..DO NOT CONTAMINATE THE TEMPLE BODY WITH ALCHOL, PHARMAKEIA, & OTHER POISONS THAT ARE UNDER YOUR CONTROL.

  486. stef Says:

    Not a single chemtrail today. However, the sky is a light silvery blue and definitely has a bizarre sort of patina to it.

    If they keep this up we’ll wake to a shiny white sky pretty soon. The horizon in every direction is milky white.

    Tomorrow I buy a telescope.

    911TruthNOW (USrael)

  487. clark Says:

    I think they are trying some new substances or compositions. From a distance I saw a chemtrail that appeared to have two large gaps. Once I got closer I noticed a grey/black (like campfire smoke) trail where the gap was. It lingered just as long as the white stuff and appeared to descend and spread out just as fast.

    I’ve also seen one of those TR-3B planes, or it could have been a sunlight effect from it being at such a high altitude (I doubt it though, I’ve been watching airplanes all my life, I wanted to be a pilot once) I couldn’t even see a glint of an airplane. It was as if it was invisible. It was a bit unsettling to see, or should I say, to see nothing. I think it may disburse the spray differently, it looked like it was coming out in puffs, rather than a stream like the others next to it. They have been hitting Iowa very thoroughly lately. Although, I have noticed they don’t start until after the sun has been up for awhile…. A couple of hours later the jets uncharacteristically disappeared – all day. [Yeah!] There is a huge cloud bank to the East and West of me though, with scattered small clouds from the little they did spray.

    I also noticed a lack of smog of any kind over two of the mid-sized industrial cities here. It was crystal clear, shockingly so. Until someone else mentioned they had no smog in their area, I never thought to look. Thanks to whomever you are.

    I pointed chemtrails out to a friend of mine. At first he was like, “Your crazy, they are just condensation from water on the wings.” A little later I pointed them out, mentioned them again saying they were chemtrails & that contrails are different, etc.. and he said he was aware of them. He wouldn’t talk about it further. It was the oddest thing. As if he didn’t want to admit he had no clue and at the same time… I don’t know, it was just weird. It is the same attitude he has about the economy. He got laid off but still wants to buy buy buy. He talked about buying a new vehicle even. I tried to tell him things will not turn around, but he didn’t want to hear it, he just wanted to buy. Almost like he was led unconsously as if on a leash to, want and want to buy.

    After this week, it is obvious to me without a doubt, the chemtrails produce clouds.

    There is also little doubt in my mind this is weather control as well as pollution control. With a track record like what our government has, it would not surprise me there were additional side effects to being in and breathing the substances that makeup chemtrails. And, because there is so much secrecy surrounding this, there is sure to be other sinister intentions behind their activities. Why else would they be so secretive?

    As a result of all this, I get the impression this is how many Germans must have felt and how they could say they didn’t know about the concentration camps at that time. Some really just refused to look and notice the obvious, while others couldn’t prove anything. If you didn’t see it, it never happened. Right?

    Also, Dude…, IF there is some kind of other planet, it should have regular intervals for being seen. Can you figure out what those times are? If you can, perhaps not every bit of the sky is covered at those times, or someone could rent a plane and go above the clouds and photograph the thing. If you know when they cover the sky, you know when it appears. I’m not saying I think there is one though, but an appearance chart would be helpful to prove or disprove it. No?

    At this point, I’m, “open” to any and all thoughts and it seems nothing is impossible. I mean, just think what nano-technology is… surreal. And, “they” have suddenly (1982) discovered previously unknown planets in our solar system, so another is possible.

    Another thought, IF the EPA air pollution measurements are accurate, they should show a dramatic decrease in air pollution. I wonder if they are verified by an independent body? What will they say is the cause of the decrease, if they admit such? There *is* a decrease, just from looking at the sky above cities its obvious.

    Celline… The clouds produced here by the chemtrails are always Velcro-whipped cream clouds with tails (hairy tails). I don’t think I’ve ever noticed clouds like them in the past. And, I was never taught about such clouds when I took a short meteorological class decades ago. The navigation disruption could have something to do with solar flare ups or something other than the chemtrail produced clouds, imho. I rarely get headaches as well. When I do (just like everyone else here describes) I feel like the atmospheric pressure is higher than should be. After the revelation of the governments new laser beam weapon with the ability to affect atmospheric pressure, this may have something to do with it. They may use it to affect weather, but it affects us too?

    Truth says: Planet-X what does it matter that they are covering up the idea that planet-X is coming….Are u upset because the masses are not warned

    Yes I am, as I am one in the masses. It’s dissolved now, but I once thought I should trust my government (HAHAHA) so I had an expectation, and now I’ve been let down in many areas by them.
    But, you’re right, why should I care? Why should I try to tell others? Why does mankind strive for anything?

    Heh- like mosquitoes, man is a small speck.

    You guys are veering off track a bit, sort of, and sort of not.

    As far as writers in areas other than the Bible, didn’t the Bible say there will be prophets, real ones, not just false ones? If real, could they have chosen to write in places other than the Bible, like old texts, and modern non-fiction? As long as they don’t deviate from the themes of the Bible, perhaps they have something to them. (Dude Says: I Corinthians 12: … to another prophecy;…)

    Anonymous Says: June 3, 2009 at 4:28 pm <<< I say, Bravo!

    Celline Says: …My car is always all messed up w. round yellow blotches.

    Yes, I have seen this effect on my car a few times up here. It looks like sulfur. Its not tree pollen. It was on all our cars & everything else. No white fibers or anything else, just yellow/green powder.

    I have two samples in ziplock on white cotton pads and white rolling paper. [For tobacco]
    But the paper & plastic messes it up? That figures, and its a number of weeks old.
    A waste of time?

    Dude… you need to relax some, just because you have no results right away does not mean others are not getting it later. Just my observation. I agree with a lot of other stuff you say. A glass of wine is good according to the Bible, isn’t it? I don’t see how THC is any different. Does Truth use a cell phone? Is that why he uses U so much?

    I hope no one takes anything I wrote the wrong way.

    You all have worthy and interesting thoughts, enough that I spent my nights reading time on them.

    Lovers quarrel across the street from me.

    Excuse the length.

    How about flying a kite to collect samples?

  488. ericswan Says:

    If someone doesn’t tell me what &amp means, I’m not coming back.

    “I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace
    day or night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence
    Isaiah 62:6

  489. stef Says:

    Eric, “&amp” means whatever you want it to mean.

    My advice? Do what I do. Skim over Truth’s comments, select a couple choice sentences and move on to avoid suffering a collosal headache.

    I’ve already mentioned to him regarding the “U” and “4” and “&amps” and the rest of it. Practically hyerogliphic. Unreadable, or at least in no way pleasant to read.

    I’ll give it a try: “&amp” means “and ample” or “and amplification” ?

    Who knows. Who cares. I’m not going back there to verify in what context either.

    Humdelela, you guys.

  490. ericswan Says:

    Thanx Stef. I put my all into a post yesterday. Before I could post, it was destroyed, my computer went down and in my total disgust, I picked up the phone and let go with a couple of expletives. Hehe. Put me in a foul mood and not prepared to do the 45 minutes to pour out my soul on one more act of defiance. “They” change up their operatives and depending on what shift you get, there is coin flip on whether you get your stuff out there.

  491. Truth Says:

    @erick, dude,stef…. amp? don’t have a clue will read from all whats up w this

    @dude yes am trained in such hieroglyphics & “secret codes”… will consider your head & eyes in future;

    @clark omg way to go, will have to review later too busy now, good stuff

    @c….. where did you go did the toxic goo make you sick? after you colected it, must have knocked u out, you did not wait for my messages on where & how we would handle such goo DID U RETRIEVE IT?

    R U OK ?

  492. Dude Says:

    I wasnt coming back cause of the crap truth keeps saying about the good herb without one sliver to back it up….remind me of govt ops. thats the way they debate but Im not debating, Im teaching mostly, or trying. i also learn every now and then but it almost never comes from people but books because very few read much and when they do, its usually propaganda.

    &amp is caused by the processing algorithms and is inserted in place of some characters. It happens on myspace all the time and means nothing.

    making colloidal silver: i used canada silver because it is more pure and a current controlled power supply and distilled water. clip lead to silver coins and suspend in pure water, set voltage to about 15-30 v, current will remain low and its best to keep it that way and by low i mean < 1 mA. i also use an air pump to keep water flowing. After about a day, particles can be seen with a laser pointer. you want to stop the process before the water takes on a yellowish tint. do NOT allow any other metals to be in contact with the water (clips from power supply) and do not allow the water to become contaminated with salts or anything else. Only use 0.999 or finer silver, not sterling, it contains nickel which can be toxic.

    I am apparently one of the "watchmen" because I sure havent found anyone else who knows one thing about that Bible and the coming war. theyre all sleepwalking into oblivion.

    truth: i think you pissed off Celline too, you shouldve been answering her instead of trying to tell me BS that you have nothing to back it up with.

  493. clark Says:

    No jets again today.

    Dude, try keeping it short & you wont feel so,… ugh! Just my 2 cents.

    I appreciate what you’ve been saying. When you say things, I sometimes think of the phrase, “and he who would save his own life…” I wonder if that applies to leaving? I get the impression because you are so well versed, you should stay & save others until you expire, here. But I could be all wrong on that.

    Did I say there were no jets today? Lovely day. Cloudy though, of course. I’m way behind on my reading, I blame you all – j/k.

  494. ConcernedMom Says:

    Our family has all broken out in a weird rash. Thing is, it resembles a chemical burn–coming from the inside. It doesn’t heal. Salves, ointments, and doctor treatment don’t affect it. We are being poisoned through the air. Recently, it was learned a city near where I live was using a well contaminated with cleaner solvent for their city’s drinking water (to save money). Our food is full of chemicals. There are times I am cooking “fresh” food like pasta and smell a rotting smell.

    Fear is our greatest enemy now. We have to get past it and keep screaming this until people wake up and see what the hell is going on. I mean, isn’t that how our enemies are winning…by simply screaming loud and long until we give up and walk away?

  495. Dude Says:

    clark: my long posts dont make me feel “ugh”, the posts where people say crap they cant back up and govt lies makes me feel “ugh”. The Bible says to leave. how would i be able to save anybody? Saving people is God’s job and He doesn’t want to save many.

    and for those who say fear is bad, may i remind you that fear is very useful emotion. it can enable you to do wondrous things. uncontrolled fear, however, is bad like all other uncontrolled emotions.

  496. Dude Says:

    The liars on this Nibiru video should make it completely obvious theyre hiding the truth. the stupid agent even told me that Sunday was the last day of the week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlcPWa6SomE

    Yall download my document so you can repost it. its getting popular now and they may take it (and me) away.

  497. Celline Says:

    @Truth: anytime u give me.. WHERE to send it to, I will go out to my car, it’s constantly covered w. that stuff.
    The ball is in your court.
    It all is getting worse around here.. we have no clouds this time of year.. yet the sky is covered w. them, and if u know what u are looking for.. u will notice.. they all are fake, with veils following them..
    It has an effect on me.. hugely. Am getting company from Germany.. those.. who kept telling me.. I am seeing ghosts ! Ha…. can’t wait for them to get here.. and see for them selves. Just on the news.. I saw a pic of Obama in Buchenwald, laying a wreath..
    And the skies were full of the same stuff, that we see here.
    I think the worst is.. that people just refuse to see it.. but instead explain it away… THEY could not get away w. it, if people had wised up years ago.
    I am taking MMS now, in the hopes to reverse some of the damage.
    @ ConcernedMother.. maybe you should try this MMS also?
    I can tell u how to find it.
    Just looking out of my window.. the bigger ” Fake” clouds.. have particles pop out of them.. who in turn.. grow, and again.. make new ones. I do not see any planes.
    PS did u know, Billy Graham since 1948… umm check for yourselves.

  498. ConcernedMom Says:

    Thanks Celine. I’m using some natural stuff now and may follow up if it doesn’t work. I often laugh that I think the human race has mutated. The degree of poisoning we get every day probably should have killed us long ago. I think that is why they are upping the ante. I am very scared for the future, but a part of me has hope. They should have been further along by now. They are getting more overt because they need to.

    It is nice to be among people who don’t think you are crazy. It was mentioned here earlier that perhaps most people *do* know but can’t deal with it. I think that is more true than not. It’s easier to put the blinders on and just go on about your life.

  499. ConcernedMom Says:

    Dude: fear can be a good thing, a self-preservation thing. However, dibilitating fear is not good. That is what people are feeling. They are feeling helpless. They are buying into the rhethoric that the powers that be are too strong and too far along. It’s the “resistance is futile” type of fear that is bad.

    I run several popular websites and I talk to a lot of people. Even though their lives are hard, they fear losing the status quo. They want to live in the Matrix where everything is relatively easy. They are scared of waking up and realizing that those aren’t clouds up there, but chemicals, and realizing that the people they voted into power are not really concerned about governing us but enslaving us.

    I fear for the future for my children, which is why I realize that I can’t be afraid to make a stand now…before it’s too late.

  500. ericswan Says:

    Hey concerned.. When the economy dips into every single retirement fund to the tune of 50%, it is too late. The status quo is stacks of old people waiting for soylent green.,

  501. Truth Says:

    @ C… founding father1776 gave us his email…. could you post it again please?

    I will then email to his email
    he will give me yours i trust then I will email to U & discuss such interesting finding…. better than gold to me.

    neve have had such fall at this location.

    @concerned mom…… google Morgellons or Morgellons Disese

    see if pictures & descriptions match up

  502. Celline Says:

    @Truth : Post what ??????????????
    @eric : soylent green ????

    Truth..Post what? please express yourself so I can understand !

  503. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My email information is now listed as a link on the front page.



  504. Truth Says:

    @founding father 1776

    i am a bit web site illiterate, could not fin the way to direct email to u

    Where do we go?

    by the way your cent for communication is excellent, a bit unclear & information over load…. great! Will go back again & look at allllllllllllll the stuff herein….. never have to go any ware else…. great stuff posted

    do you have a bio on this site our you reaming out of sight or you an in your face kinda of patriot? The out in the open is a bit dangerous, unless you are part of them?
    that you

  505. Celline Says:

    @Founding : Front page.. where ?
    Could u put it on the blog please
    Celline <— computer illiterate.

  506. Dude Says:

    yall chickens, post your contact info. i posted a myspace and two email/ims.

    Concerned mom: best thing you can do is get you and your kids passports and get off this continent because in 4m 5d there wont be any usa left.

    i went to the mountains and the first breaks in the clouds brought the chemtrails. That planet is coming and it is very obvious they are hiding something in the sky. if the trails had ANY other purpose they wouldnt be doing it every single time the sky gets clear.

    im about to go harrass some more agents cause im pissed they havent let me see my sky all summer.

  507. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Celline & Truth,

    If you reload the page from the beginning:


    You will be at the “Main” page. On the Left are various sections. Underneath “Esoteric Research Links” is “FF1776 Contact Information” and my email which is:

    Truth, I *do* hope you and all the other visitors will take the time to research through the material I have collected here (and be sure to watch the attached videos and check-out the links I provide. I wouldn’t put them there if they were not worth your time).

    I actually only write a small portion of the content (proper credit is always given to the authors) but I am responsible for every post and link and resource published here.

    You will quickly realize that even though this material may seem very different (for example, what do chemtrails and occultism or banking have in common?) the astute researcher will quickly realize that ALL this information is related and important. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what is REALLY going on. Will that goal ever be fully realized? Of course not! But I take great comfort in the fact that the kind of people that come here and read this material are special! You folks are not like the mass of folks still mired in ignorance.

    True, we may disagree among ourselves, we may have our own interpretations of various branches of knowledge (biblical, historical, astrological,….whatever) but we are ALL SEEKERS OF THE TRUTH and that is why I am quite sincere when I say I value and appreciate ALL my readers and ALL of your comments!

    I am glad to see that we can all share ideas without generating too much acrimony or degenerating into a common internet “flame-war” – that kind of behavior benefits no one but the Globalists who gain strength through the discord of Patriots and Truth-Seekers.

    I hope you will share this knowledge with those around you, so that eventually we can help “wake-up” our fellow man to the evil in our midst.

    As to my identity being “secret” – well of course you realize it is only “secret” to you readers. I am quite sure our loving Government knows exactly who runs this blog, and all “Patriot/Truther” blogs in general. I don’t care about that. They don’t scare me and they won’t get me to stop. Even if they pull the plug on the Internet, I will turn to printing out flyers or doing some other “low-tech” way of spreading what I have learned. I already burn and distribute hundreds of DVD documentaries here locally, among other things. I don’t just blog. But this blog has grown immensely and the number of people that can be reached is incredible.

    The reason I started this blog anonymously was because when I started it, I was employed by one of the most corrupt institutions on the planet. I did not know this when I first started working there, but as I started to research that organizations origins, it quickly became apparent to me who I was serving. I did not like it. I no longer work there. If they had found out about this blog, I can assure you they would not have been happy.

    Because I believe I can most effectively help spread the truth if the corporations I may interact with do not realize who I am, I have chosen to continue as I started; simply “FoundingFather1776” a name chosen because it embodies the spirit of resistance to tyranny and evil I hope we as a people can return to.

    My best to all of you,

  508. clark Says:

    I spoke too soon earlier, they started flying again this afternoon, we got quite sleepy thereafter. I noticed they are flying at night again too.

    @ Dude, I misspoke, instead of save, I should have written, revealed information to, or provide an opportunity to. There is a serious lack of people who provide accurate information. However; I often forget the usefulness of the net. You can provide accurate information to those seeking it – or willing to hear – from anywhere. In which case, I guess you’re already doing so.
    When I said try short posts, what I meant was if your short in your statements, they are challenged a bit more to back up what they say in response. Possibly? [Side note, I always thought the day & the hour were not known by anyone… I need to look at your other stuff.]

    Celline, what is MMS?

    Good post FF1776, anonymity tends to reduce the number of bricks thrown through your windows, that is no fun & is costly. But fear it, I do not.

  509. Truth Says:

    @dude if your passion is sharing planet x GREAT, th=ank u for such warning, love ya for this!

    However 99% of any of us are not able to leave anywhere unless they have money…. what do you know about that lack of money problem ?

    Your passion seems to be wrning people about planet x & polar shifs;

    Perhaps if u would focus your energy 1st on stopping the chem trails then we would could see planet x. until chem trails stop plan-x is too intangible at this time.

    Other very pressing issues

    SHOULD WE KILL ABORTION DOCTORS if they don’t stop murdering baby’s?

    The wicked empire is killing baby’s via abortion. stop supporting the system that fund such.
    What do we do about this?

    a) Killing the doctor recently was most sad, however if the doctor was trying to kill you trust me, the doctor would be dead 1st! Scriptures has a place foe killing but not for murder; there is a big difference between killing to protect verses murdering; the doctor (in my judgment call) was doing murder (yes he did good also, he is deceived).

    b) DO NOT PAY TAXES that support murder & immoral life styles that God is going to judge the USA for becoming a Luciferian Government/people Would you pay taxes to Hitler knowing he was using the money to murder…. God said to obery your Government/authorities (half the story)…. but never disobey Gods directives which possible requires us to not follow Hitler as he directs the Governments.

    3. ABOLISH THE not so FEDERAL RESERVE & WORLD WIDE CENTRAL BANKS that print up worthless paper fiat money; go back to the GOLD standard & a country can not over spend what it does not have in its possession; this will take the money away from the war-mongers & keep this country free form financial slavery!

    Get Politically active CAMPAIGNS (calling, writing too much work?) DEMANDING CONGRESS & OBAMA TO ABOLISH THE Federal Reserve.
    However they are so self serving, unlike Abraham Lincoln, Garfield, Congressman McFadden, & John F. Kennedy who were all stopped from doing so….. these guys are true hero’s willing to take a bullet of death.

    DUE CHOOSE A PROJECT & PUT 100% INTO it if u can

    Most of us can really do nothing on planet -x; we have real jobs & families to supprot & feed… God has this situation in control as to whether or not we live or die; very few of want to go camping & go for survival… why bother when we discover we are spiritualy eternal a major impact/polar shift like what you describe….fine with me that i physically die, no need to stay here God will tele-prot me to another dimention called heven if i continue to obey HIS Commandmats & covenants. By faith as in the book of HEBREWs i go forwad.

    If you think you can run & hide & find another place to life please let us know we might join you later & build a new community of organic kinda farming. Your young just take your son and go now if your conviction is so great. Me but your just as screwed or God guided as the rest of us… find the best place to go & we will join you

    Chem trail report
    Southern Calif; sanbernardion, ontairo airport, riverside county

    thanks for the report on the black kinda smoke & “invisabel plane” that has been reported more & more frequently.

    INCREDIBLE*** BLUE SKY*** WITH REAL CLOUDS*** air has a very different fresh smell to it… wonderful

    NO chem trails observed today

    After almost 15 days of no visible trails or clouds… however ther has been a consistans gray haze comming from the direction over the pacific ocean. Starting Monday-Thursday.
    they were at it again.

    Lots of hidden trails that were not so obvious;
    However they are definitely using new chemical/stuff that dissipated very quickly 10-20 minutes; over the period of 4 hrs the sky yesterday took on a silver gray haze;

    The planes were super fast compared to standard commercial air traffic; the pilots were excellent at on & off spraying in sporadic short bursts, that blended into the other man made clouds, then with in <20 min transformed into nearly normal veil/wispy clouds.

    ***GOOD NEWS*** is that the public must be turning up the heat on the Congressman & researchers & regulatory bodies… no other reason for them to get more sneaker on the spray patterns (no longer see checker board patterns or the artistic lop to loop patterns when pilots got bored did perfect the near normal looking clouds

  510. Dude Says:

    Founding Father: Love your blog. Great links. Very knowledgable you are. btw-corporations = govt these days so youre still not anonymous.

    clark:brevity increases readability. agreed.

    truth: planet x is the warning to us as the Mountains of Israel. the war will destroy us. i want people to prepare or leave as best they can. i know money sux….im still here. credit cards??

    The plain fact is that nothing else matters, not the chemtrails, not the politics, not your jobs or daily routines, not taxes, not the federal reserve, not abortion, not the drug war, none of it.

    In 107 days this country will be completely and utterly annihilated!

    What else matters? what is more important or has a higher priority?

  511. stef Says:

    Bilderbergers are having an “emergency” meeting in Israhell June 8-10. Odd them having a second meeting in the same year…

    They’re planning something ugly for us, that’s certain.

    And as of now it is 106 days.

    I don’t think that’s enough time for my brother to make up his mind on which telescope to buy.

    And me, who wants to check out Planet X before Armaggedon commences!

    Took a few pictures of the sun today. Too much fluff over it to see anything…

    Be well,

  512. Celline Says:

    @Clark: Go to : MMS-The Miracle Solution ( google ).. that’s where I found and bought it.
    @ Truth: I will give Founding my e mail address.
    Chems: We never have or had a clear day, since as long as I can remember.
    They are so much sneakier now, they make them look like real clouds.
    If u do not know what to look for, you will not see them.
    Above the real weather clouds, if there’s a break in them.. you can see these veil – like things, and they are everywhere.. all the time.
    The huge grid-patterns are diff now. Yesterday and the day be4 they looked like windwhipped stormclouds.. spaced precisely !
    Inbetween lace-like webs, yet others still, like puffy clouds, out of which, little spots popped out, and they themselves built new clouds.
    You have to really stare for a while.. to get the whole picture.
    I know, that whatever they are spraying, is stronger stuff now, because I am affected by it. ( Fatigue, irritation, forgetful.. sometimes confused ) All of this is nothing I normally experience, it’s totally new. I believe it affects the central nervous system ! If I did not have my strong faith in my Lord and God.. I would despair with fear.
    But : “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” is the scripture I am hanging onto for dear life ! I hope and pray that all of you, have this same comfort to hang on to. Trust the Lord with all your might and do not lean on your own understanding !
    Later, friends.. and yes, I alse feel led to leave, but everywhere I check, there is the same thing going on.
    Again, this reminds me of a Revelation scripture, in my own words” No Place to run to …..”
    My Faith is my shield.

  513. Dude Says:

    And say to the land of Israel, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I am against thee, and will draw forth my sword out of his sheath, and will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked. Seeing then that I will cut off from thee the righteous and the wicked, therefore shall my sword go forth out of his sheath against all flesh from the south to the north: That all flesh may know that I the LORD have drawn forth my sword out of his sheath: it shall not return any more.

  514. clark Says:

    Dude Says: …The plain fact is that nothing else matters, not the chemtrails, not the politics, not your jobs or daily routines, not taxes, not the federal reserve, not abortion, not the drug war, none of it.
    Very well said. All is vanity.

    Yet still, we strive in vain, or at the least, we attempt to try to understand:

    107 days, I don’t think a person can even get a passport sooner than that, but who knows.

    The many illegal aliens crossing our border each year, both ways, do not need a passport or money. Many say it is easy as pie.

    It is incredible how fast some of those jets are flying, noticeably faster than the other jets.

    I wonder if they are also spraying for mites, or is the spray acting as an attractant? The following is from a website (his entire website should be read) that I think is very good at seeing through the offical BS of Morgallons. Here is what the website author has to say:

    Everyone with Morgellons should sit down and read the following report. It’s long, but you will find it fascinating, I wish all those in the bird mite forums would consider this and Morgellons over bird mites. Also, the following talks about some pretty nasty and dangerous chemicals used on a persons skin, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT this, it will not cure you. However, the sulfur soap I mentioned before at 10% sulfur is excellent. [Azufre – Sulfur with Lanolin Bar (10% Sulfur)]


  515. Dude Says:

    i got my kid a passport about three weeks ago and it took less than two weeks from application at the post office till i got his passport and paperwork, returned separately. his total with the post office processing pics was $120 total. more for adult.

    i had a morgellon symptom last week and i had/got? lyme for awhile. damn govt diseases. ill read it.

  516. clark Says:

    I’m probably wrong, but I interpret that to mean the sword will fillet the people off the land, but not kill them. Like removing the scales from fish by removing the skin, “cut off from thee” – not kill all on thee. The land is what is being separated, from people. Then the sword will go against all flesh – that could be only a wound or a cut, to say, look here, notice this everyone. And then, separately the sword is against all people, as if all of the world, not just the righteous & wicked of Israel, because it says “all flesh.”
    Like I said, I’m probably wrong, the Greek interpretation or a clarifying next paragraph goes here x.
    Of course a nuclear blast would knock everyone on the land, off the land too I suppose.

  517. clark Says:

    If I were correct, that does not solve what happens to those who are not killed and who are cut off from the land. Just floating in the air/space?
    God killing the righteous just does not jive. I’m not questioning Him, I’m just saying that does not jive.


    Mites are little demons.

  518. Dude Says:

    the sword means killed by war. Gods gonna kill the righteous and the wicked and all flesh will know that it is His sword.

    read the book of ezekiel, all at once. read it. you will know a ton more.

  519. Dude Says:

    I laid this one on the agents and they still havent responded:

    Ye mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord GOD; Thus saith the Lord GOD to the mountains, and to the hills, to the rivers, and to the valleys; Behold, I, even I, will bring a sword upon you, and I will destroy your high places. And your altars shall be desolate, and your images shall be broken: and I will cast down your slain men before your idols. And I will lay the dead carcases of the children of Israel before their idols; and I will scatter your bones round about your altars.

  520. Dude Says:

    God and His words have a funny way of running evil away but Im still waiting on them.

    Know that this is the Mountains of Israel and the word God spoke will be fulfilled on the day He said it would.

  521. Concerned Mom Says:

    We can’t afford to run. Heck, we can’t afford the mortgage anymore.

    ericswan: Yeah, 50% of our trust fund is gone, but there is more to this world than money. Money is the reason people are so damned scared of this. I know of people who HATED Obama, but when the market started to crash and they saw their retirements dwindling, they voted for him because they were convinced Bush was ruining the economy. Yes, we need money and it is important, but when we value money and a comfortable lifestyle over the rights of our fellow citizens (including the unborn), this is the type of thing that happens.

    We can’t run. Husband has been out of work 2 years. We can’t even cover the mortgage. Even the Illuminati admit this is a dual war–on the physical and spiritual planes. We are duty-bound to do our best here to fight the scourge on a physical level, but we are just as compelled to fight it on a spiritual level. If you believe in prayer, then I say fight just as hard. If you don’t believe in prayer, positive thoughts can have great affect too.

    I looked up Morgellons yesterday. This weird rash we have doesn’t appear to be it. In fact, I had a similar rash years ago before the chemtrails. I am sure it is chemical-caused, but tend to think it’s what’s in the food. However, some of the Morgellons pictures did match sores my husband and son have had for many months. So, I am thankful we have this blog and an answer to at least half of the mystery.

    Thanks FoundingFather1776. I know how it is wanting to stay anon. We’re on more than a few lists too. Not for the freedom stuff, but for other positives we promote which are not in line with their ideology. It’s scary at times, especially when they start harrassing you (which I am very familiar with). All we can do is keep up the good fight and hope it’s enough that with the help of God we can turn this thing around.

  522. ericswan Says:

    Soylent Green is the the name of a movie. It’s futuristic and looks to a time when food is extremely hard to find and the state resorts to refining the dead into soylent green.

    As far as being anonymous, that’s the crack we leave open for those here who don’t want you to know who they are. Cuts both ways but in my mind, follow my link to my website and my website right to my front door. There is something to be said for those of you that “fear no evil”.

  523. Celline Says:

    Concerned mom.. have u been harrassed? And if so.. then how?
    Am starting to look over my shoulder..

  524. clark Says:

    Dude says: …and will draw forth my sword … That all flesh may know that I the LORD have drawn forth my sword out of his sheath

    Is a nuclear bomb Gods or mans? I mean if there were limited nuclear destruction, the rest of the world would say it was mans destruction, not Gods. Ok, no more from me about that until I read more.

    @ Concerned Mom, Perhaps you should check out the link I posted & some of the other pages on that site, they describe rashes more.
    As far as the money goes, here is a different take on debt that could easily apply to a mortgage as well.

    @ anyone: It’s just a guess, but I wouldn’t be so concerned with looking over your shoulder, if anything ever does happen you won’t see it coming. Most likely, as things are more on a big picture level now, individuals won’t be targeted, groups/nations will be. Just avoid going down, “dark alleys” and such. I prefer to minimize the avenues available to destroy my property, but I don’t fear it happening. That’s life, right?

    It’s completely cloudy & raining.

  525. Celline Says:

    @ clark, thanx for the “comfort” ;o)
    Just in the mail, I ordered a book, it just came. I wanted the book, because Tom Cruise wants no one to read it, so, naturally, I had to have it ! ” The Complex” An Insider Exposes The Covert World Of The Church of Scientology. Now why would I load myself up w. more bad stuff? This time it’s curiosity, and as I said ” Had to Have, cause TC did not want me to. Meaning, there must be bad stuff in there right?Amazon, has everything !
    As to Chems…. lacy-velcro like ones..and it looks like a rainfront is moving in. But I am sure it will not rain ( much needed here ) the Chems seem to prevent the clouds from releasing any water. Weird, but this I have noticed now for some time. Artificial drought ?!

  526. Truth Says:




  527. clark Says:

    It cleared up some and a multitude of jets were revealed. They are all using the new stuff. It does not lay in a straight line like the old substance as it falls earthward. The new stuff is squiggly in the wind and a bit more puffy.

    Celline Says: the Chems seem to prevent the clouds from releasing any water

    It seems like just the opposite here.

  528. Celline Says:

    @clark : that’s very interesting, yet it seems to be true for here.
    They lay their stuff in front of incoming weatherfronts, and then, NOT a DROP. We are threatened w. watershortage and FINES if we use water over the alotted amount. This has a very stenchy smell to me..
    I just read some of the links from FF.. up on top.
    Now I will start on my new book, the one Tom Cruise wants no one to read ;)…. then, later on, 3 friends and myself will go to a Raggae dance in a local hotel. I don’t know about you, but I need ” Balance” meaning, I need some fun ! “Truth” worded it best, when he said, Balance.. yes we all need this, in the worst way !

  529. Celline Says:

    @ All: Something I want to share> A ways up in the blog, I asked for prayer for my son, who suddenly fell terribly ill w. a fever and general malaise. Immedeatly some of you prayed for him, “T” blogged a heartwarming prayer for him ( u can read it, it’s still there ).. and I prayed that whole evening til into the night. The next morning.. he was so much better.. he went to work w. no problem ! PTL.. prayer answered.
    Thanks to all of you who helped me pray. Please share your requests, I will pray for anyone’s need ! Thank the Lord, we still have the freedom to do this !

    About the GOO.. it’s neatly “schmiered”into 3 Q-tips, and put into Cellophane.. best I knew how to do it…

  530. Concerned Mom Says:

    Celine: Phone calls, strangers actually coming up to me and telling me they saw me in places, death threat emails. My website promotes family values–it has nothing to do with government or conspiracies–and my family (and picture) has been featured in articles by major news agencies. So, some of the negative is from “regular citizens”, but it makes the harrassment but those-in-the-know easier. I actually had one caller who was pretending to be a salesperson scream profanities at me and say, “so you think you know everything?!” I am higher profile, which makes me an obvious target. However, it is always done in a manner where it could be waved away as something else. As for looking over your shoulder, please don’t let me words spook you. This is not relatively new for me…I have been dealing with this stuff for 15 years. Believe it or not, I knew of all of the NWO stuff for years through religious teachings. It’s only in the last 2-3 years I was aware of the 13 families and all of the other stuff. So, I was targeted not for my knowledge, but what I was/am doing that was counter to their plans.

    I am so happy to hear about your son. Prayer is powerful, more than one can understand. All the spells and curses are “anti-prayers.” Keep praying and keep asking for prayers. They are our greatest weapon and protection.

  531. ericswan Says:

    Well, how do they know you’re not one of them. The answer is easy. It takes one to know one and the “one” is a degenerate by design.

    Truth ..I think you’re right. How could chemtrails do other than cause drought and global warming. The problem is they need HAARP and chemtrails to control us even after we die. The light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished. Our existence here includes our relationship with the Creator but prayer, meditation, astral travel etc. have been corrupted by chemtrails. It’s not so much to obscure planet X as planet X will only be detected from Chile, New Zealand and Argintina.

    Chemtrails interfere with our navigation of the soul back to it’s source.

  532. dude Says:

    celline will not even consider reading ancient texts, some of which are factual historical accounts, other than the bible and she buys crap about tomcruise and the stupid hubbard dianetics fake religion. unbelievable.

    chemtrails trap our astral bodies and are not for Nibiru, even worse. Nibiru is visible in most of the world now if it werent for the chemtrails.

    the materials in the chemtrails will seed clouds and lead to greater precipitation, at least it is here and makes sense.

  533. Truth Says:

    good part
    some truth in it also. They offer some good stuff ideas and detox programs to break away from all forms of addictions: medications, thc, alcohol, pornography & other additions. However not scriptural based on God or Bible!

    They do have some really slick graphic artiest, great pictures and drawings.


    good fellowship God believing friends, discipline life style, good eating habits best to invest in organic foods, get rid of ALL man made foods, go back to unrefined foods. TURN OFF THE STUPID MINDLESS TV/MOVIES GET BACK TO WATCHING INTELLIGENT HISTORY, ANIMAL PLANET, SCIENCE STUFF…. the answer is within you & with God.


    good, bad and stupid parts

    Problem is people get addicted to Scientology and spend lots of $$$ to learn the big secret = XENUE/XEMU “ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY” just might have some truth however ……… better to read the “Bible”

    google Xenu @ Wikipedia for free entertain g reading on Scientology.

  534. dude Says:

    so truth, you recommend reading the Bible and also watching tv? watching any image is a sin and a direct contradiction to the bible, just like your statements about the good herb.

    as for L ron cruise, i would rather sit in a corner and play with myself before i waste my time on any of that crap, or any other distraction from the satan-controlled media.

  535. Truth Says:

    TO MUCH RAIN in some places
    due to destruction of crops & food
    world wide.

    ALAL GORE very smart man & cabal to come up w
    the new stock market trading of carbon credit!

    CHEMTRAILS = EUGENICS (google this word)
    World Order elitist the Eugenics insiders have this for
    their families & friends?

    VIEW OF THE EARTH, HIDING OBJECTS IN THE SKY, some what hidden planet -X in reality go to Hawaii best observatories in the USA NO REAL PROBLEM FOR PROFESSIONAL OBSERVATORIES…..however the hobbies t can not see due to haze all over the world created partially by chemtrails

    DESTROY THE ENEMY, which must be the poor backs in
    New Orleans.

  536. dude Says:

    truth: I love the way you avoid discussing your contradictions to the Bible. All that other stuff is right and I already know it.

    ima take my mom out to eat before we’re destroyed on 10-10-09.


  537. dude Says:

    Oh yea, I once applied for a job at one of the Mauna Kea observatories but I didnt get the job. Im glad now because Hawaii wont exist after Nibiru. Im pretty sure that Hawaii is Tyre in the Bible.

  538. dude Says:

    And for Nibiru, the SPT (South Pole Telescope) is best and that is precisely why they built it and also why France built one there too.

  539. Ursa Major Says:

    Hey everybody, I’m back! I got back yesterday, but slept much of the day today, and I am having a pajama day. I am exhausted, and my breathing is terrible.

    By the way, I bought MMS a few months ago, because I thought I may have Lyme disease symptoms, and thought it might cure it. I used it a couple of weeks and then stopped.

    I have now started using it regularly, in the hope that it will help me health wise.

    As I posted the day I arrived in Pembroke, the spraying is going on everywhere. On my way home from Ottawa yesterday, I went to a baby shower in Bobcaygeon, just north of Peterborough. I took Highway 7 to get there.

    While they don’t openly spray criss-cross patterns here anymore, they still do that elsewhere, my guess is, because people there haven’t complained.

    I took pictures of such patterns being laid down, with planes actively enlarging the pattern in Peterborough County in a few places yesterday. When four hours later I left to come home, taking Highway 7/12 through Orillia (if you want to find these places on a map, remember this is Ontario, CANADA, not Ontario California, USA), and then over Barrie, first to a daughter’s place in Lisle, and then home, I found many different kinds of chemtrails. Some more obvious than others.

    Around here, they are rarely obvious any more. But as I said, they are not hiding their activity in other places, including our capitol, Ottawa!

    I went to watch my granddaughter’s in their ballet recital, and when we stepped out of the community hall, there were OBVIOUS chemtrail plumes in the sky, right around the bright moon in the still blue sky.

    Some child yelled, ‘Look Mom, the moon!’. People looked up and took note of the moon, but not a single person other than me took note of the chemtrails, which I photographed (and people probably thought I was taking pictures of the moon, and the ‘neat’ clouds), what sheeple they all are!.

  540. Celline Says:

    @eric : wow, am sad about what u believe there.
    If MAN.. even satanically inspired and totally corrupt, has such powers as u discribe, indeed there’s no hope then.
    How anyone would dare say.. or think, that these evils would have the power to separate us from God, is beyond me. NOTHING can do this, nothing and no one. They can lay chems… til there’s zero visibility.. and so thick u could cut it w. a knife…. it will have no.. none.. zilch influence on Prayers, our souls etc. God is the ultimate power.. and there’s no other. You are so very misled.. and indeed have been lied to..
    But, nothing I say would reach you, so I will leave it up to you to ask God, where the real power is.. Please, your astral projection and other cultic ideas…are a huge joke, even though destructive to your soul.. get real, and do some true soulsearching. According to you, we have no hope, indeed, we could all give up then. Think eric.. think !
    @dude: I do not look for knowledge and wisdom anywhere but in the Bible, and no, I am not intereted in your ” extra” ancient ” wisdom”
    …Why I read , what I read, has it’s reasons, bottomline: Truth is always so powerful against lies.. that those who are into lies, think their knowledge is exclusive. when they realize, it is NOT… they are more apt to listen…. I do my thing, and you do yours.!

  541. Celline Says:

    Uschi, you are back 😉 sure missed you. I have a question about this MMS.
    Because it came w. a bag of crystals.. and u have to mix it, I am afraid of it for some reason. Also the instructions aren’t clear, so I don’t know how much to mix w. what ? Can u clarify ?
    Yes, chems here.. ditto. Mostly ” velcro-sneaky” looking.. usually the real weatherclouds are underneath the chems. It’s all real weird, because normally we have NO weatherclouds this time of year. Everything is messed up.. our temps are cooler than normal too.. meaning, there no longer is any ” normal”.
    Company from Germany on the 16th, will they be surprized when they come to enjoy gorgeous and sunny California… they did not really believe what I told them beforehand, but now, they will see for themselves. The sheeple are forced to wake up, too bad, it’s terribly late.

  542. Ursa Major Says:

    Celline, here is the protocol for mixing:

    “What is the Normal MMS Protocol
    Note: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.) Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

    All protocol for taking MMS in the Americas starts with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop. Activate the drops as given above.

    If you do OK and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous. Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

    Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.”

    Taken from this site: http://www.miraclesolution.org/jim_humble_mms_history.htm

    Now, on my bottle it says that you use five drops of citric acid solution to one drop of MMS, or two drops of lemon or lime juice to each drop of MMS.

    Do it, you can’t go wrong with it, and I think it is really helping me already.

  543. clark Says:

    I read all the links posted here. Certainly makes you go Hmm.
    I didn’t listen to the radio links though, is there a text version somewhere?

    @Dude, Your webpage is put together pretty well and makes a lot of sense. I have yet to re-read Ezekiel though, to determine my position on Planet X. But the science part sounds right, as does the silence of gov’t. I think I heard/read much of the same stuff/speculation in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The paths of the orbits of planets and all. I did find this: Its current location makes it visible only in the Spring, rather than all year round… it would be only visible during the month of May from a very southerly remote location on Earth. – What’s your thought on that? The speed and orbit changed? Things like this *are* said to be able to sneak up on us.
    I’m surprised you attacked the Dianetics stuff so much. Just like the other ancient texts you mentioned, there could be some truths to it. I read some of it long ago. The self/mind is often refereed to in it as a healing tool, I think you could say Jesus said the same thing about people, i.e. moving mountains. I’m not exactly defending it, as I think I may have decided it was out there, I’m just saying there are similarities. As a result, I think you can understand why she is not interested in other ancient texts. I *do* think she is just reading it to spite T.C. I get what else you’re saying though. Just an aside, I saw the loose B-52 Bomber fly over my town, freakin errie. To think, it was loaded – just insane. I read just a little about Messanic Bibles, that was interesting, do you have any good links on that? The diff. & similarities to the KJV.

    The tale of the flight mechanic was interesting too. Honey trucks, who’d a thunk? Contaminated residue to say the least. Landfills might have an excess of trace elements now.
    I wonder how come the environmental types (Earth First, etc..) aren’t saying more? I wonder if only followers of God can see these chemtrails. I notice they are about the only types mentioning them. THAT would be something now, wouldn’t it?

    I think some chemtrails make it rain while others prevent it from raining. I wonder if it’s possible to tell from just looking at the shape and speed of dissent of the chemtrail to determine which it is? It’s raining heavily here, w/thunder. Heavy rains are getting to be a regular thing when it does rain.

  544. dude Says:

    clark: the bible uses the term earthquake most of the time. i think all references to the actual planet were removed when the translations were made from the original ancient manuscripts. now it only mentions the earthquakes and meteors but it describes every effect of Nibiru.

    i saw that thing about being visible in the spring too. i dont know but theyre spraying all around the sun. the planes were sneaky, i could see the fake clouds and general particulate matter in the air but hardly them laying them…until about dusk, then they were spraying all in front of the sun and on both sides. the sunsets are a strange pink/purple with all the crap. They did not look like that before. So its wherever theyre spraying and id guess southwest but i havent seen it yet.

    I attacked dianetics and tom cruise stuff because they are extreme distractions, meant to keep people occupied. its all part of the tv/tabloid/soap opera/sports/etc. thing. I especially dont like dianetics because it started out as one of those annoying as crap tv commercials and it never went anywhere until recently with dumb celebrities. i did get the book then and i didnt like it at all and was pissed for spending the money. i dont remember what was in it but i thought it was whack at the time. and tom cruise just sux, he doesnt deserve attention, good or bad. well, mission impossible was ok but watching movies is a sin so…..

  545. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, you are so totally fixated on Nibiru, and so absolutely sure that you know exactly what is going to happen (you apparently are all-knowing) that I really wonder, how come you KNOW all that, but nobody before you did?

    You know, the Bible is the ONLY ancient text that wasn’t written down hundreds and thousands of years after things happened. The new testament writers, other than Paul, still knew Jesus/Yeshua personally. And even he was still very close.

    Personally, I really, seriously believe that Nibiru stuff is just plain nonsense, and you are wasting our time with having to keep reading it. Seriously, you need to get a life.

    You misinterpret the Bible whenever it fits your agenda, and then claim that it is US who don’t know what we are talking about, and we haven’t got a clue what the Bible really says. Whatever.

    I am getting very tired of this debate. You are quite deluded, maybe it’s the pot that is clouding your brain?

  546. ericswan Says:

    Hey Celline. Your point is well taken. Please don’t misunderestimate “evil”. They may not spout the truth but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what’s going on. The creation from the ends of the earth is based on electro-magnetic principles. That’s what keeps the moon the sun and the stars in the heavens. Just as there is the four dimensional bodies that we can sense there are other dimensions to creation that we can only intuit.

    To reiterate, evil knows no bounds. Chemtrails and HAARP are manmade.

  547. ericswan Says:

    Ursa..The bible may have been inspired by God but it went to manmade printers. I like reading your posts but find you are way more enlightened when you speak from your experience and knowledge then you are when you respond to the machinations and fixations of those who are unable to learn from others. I think there have been wave after wave of human civilization and no one culture has the keys to eternity.

  548. clark Says:

    Ursa Major Says: Personally, I really, seriously believe that Nibiru stuff is just plain nonsense, and you are wasting our time with having to keep reading it. Seriously, you need to get a life.

    That’s a pretty hard attack. Why? I was going to write earlier that everyone has been attacking each other just a bit too much and needs to focus on the issue more. It is obvious that Dude thinks Planet X is a main factor. While I don’t, “believe” it, some facts are quite accurate. The science *is* there. And what you said, that is exactly what many people are saying about chemtrails. The only difference is you can see chemtrails about every day. When I was reading the conversations earlier, the religious aspect, I thought the religious aspect did get to be a little much. But who knows? The NWO is an evil acting bunch.

    I am getting very tired of this debate too. I wish the whole issue would just go away, but it’s not. So, I’m open to every possible idea on what is the cause and reason. To narrow things down, use facts and such, not feelings.

    As Eric says as far as other past civilizations, it’s possible. Many people look at the Bible as a mere fairy tale. I used to have a problem understanding how any of it could be true if small parts of it make no sense at all. It wasn’t until I learned of the Three earth ages that I understood the Bible and it made complete sense.

    As far as some people appearing as know-it-alls, it’s possible some knowledge is being revealed to certain individuals and not to others. Penicillin was always in the dirt and Arab stable boys used it centuries before western medicine brought it to everyone. What made the individual western researchers so special that they alone, “discovered” penicillin while so many others before did not? There are many examples in life like that. Electricity, etc…

    I read a different article on Infowars last night that was saying how the NWO is trying to get people to attack it for its benefit so it could provide the solution to make it grow even stronger. How does chemtrails fit in with that idea?

    I have somewhat been trying to find info on HAARP but there isn’t much. Got any good links anybody?

  549. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Clark & Ericswan,

    Your comments are well-stated. This blog is like a rich buffet of information. It is “all-you-can-eat” and there is no need to squabble because some people’s tastes are different. I am hoping the “food” will keep coming and we can all digest the morsels that appeal to us and that our individual digestive systems can handle (whew…did I hammer on that analogy enough? hah).

    As to HAARP – do a Google search on “Angels don’t play this HAARP” – you will find a book and an online video of the same name. That is a good starting point. The book is available on Amazon. The google-video is really poor quality (an uploaded dub of VHS?) and that distract from the material.

    As always, if anyone else finds some good information about HAARP please post it. I do think understanding HAARP might shed a lot of information on the chemtrails and the strange weather we have been having.



  550. ericswan Says:

    Jim Phelps is sincere in the statements he makes but he may have over inflated the facts concerning the role he has played. This link is mind blowing.


    As for the history of HAARP, it is hard to argue the point when this radio archive pre-dates any known patents by Eastlund or research by Phelps by a couple of decades.


    Just click the link and the radio program will start. It’s such a rich source of knowledge that I cannot recommend it (again) highly enough..

  551. stef Says:

    Hey everybody! Appreciate what I’ve been reading here today.

    Will check out each link in time and thanks.

    Just so you know, there must be something to what Dude has been telling us. The guy is on to something. I’m talking to the fellas here, the ladies may chat amongst themselves.
    No disrespect.

    I was out in the garden this morning. The sky was blue, albeit not a deep blue, a silvery blue, but blue nonetheless.

    Went in. I’m painting my office. Worked maybe 1hr max. Not a big office, obviously, and it was the second coat.

    Come out. The sky is WHITE! As far as the eye can see. WHITE! Not a peep out of my neighbors, just mowing their lawn, ever disastified with the colour of it.

    No chems for 2-3 days and now this, AGAIN!

    They’ve changed something, that’s for sure. I can look out my office window and see them cheming. Not any more!

    New and improved, I’d say. Must spread much, much quicker, and cover much, much faster, ’cause this is utterly fantastic and new to me and I’ve been watching this shit for years.

    Belated thanks Dude for the collodial silver instructions.

    Listen, folks, I can’t believe I’m looking out my window at a white sky. It’s so unnatural, so spooky, so alien, I don’t, can’t find the words.

    This is the 2nd time they’ve done this! It takes them no time at all.

    Anyway, I enjoy reading Dude, Clark, Eric, and, of course, Father.

    And yeah, check out HAARP as per Founding. It’s probably what brought that AirFrance passenger plane down recently.

    I’m demolished. Totally.

    There’s more to this than meets the eye…Dude may definitely be on to something.


  552. Dude Says:

    ursa: i know Nibiru is real and I know what is going to happen because IT IS VERY PLAINLY STATED in the Bible. I know all of this because i READ my Bible, unlike most everybody else. It does not matter to me whether you believe it or not. When you see Russia destroy the USA on 10-10-09, then you will know Nibiru is real and I would highly advise moving North away from the great lakes and oceans.

    eric: orbits are held in position mostly by gravitational fields. Ask any physicist what a ‘field’ is and they wont be able to answer. Science is finding now that our universe is a hologram made from light….just like the Bible says. Also, the key to eternity is within you, just like the Bible says.

    i dont believe haarp is all people make it out to be. My backgrond is in RF and ive worked with it a lot. I believe its primary purpose now is to aid in dispelling the chemtrails for maximum coverage to hide Nibiru. that is why you see the ‘clouds’ making evenly spaced waveform patterns. you can calculate the frequency if you measure the distance between the waves.

  553. stef Says:

    Dude? Everything is a hologram? That was Bill or Fred or John in the earlier comments.

    HAARP is much more than people make it out to be.

    Perhaps, you too, have mental blocks?

    Lot’s of talk that Nibiru is a Talmudic Khazar/Jesuit mind game, and yet, and yet, why is the sky almost perpetually white?

    HAARP can scald the atmosphere and as the beam refracts can cause earthquakes, tsunamis, what have you.

    Whenever anyone tells you there’s no need to look into something. Do.

    Dude, I have a question for you re. holograms.

    911 was an inside job perpetrated by jews and their puppet, the US. And everybody knows….

  554. Dude Says:

    stef: i completely fail to understand how heating the atmosphere could cause an earthquake. it will only heat the particles that are the right size to resonate with the transmitted frequencies or a harmonic of the frequencies. microwave ovens are tuned to the size of water molcules and is about 2.5GHz. HAARP could very well jam electronics in airplanes and is probably one of the reasons for its implementation, and for spreading chemtrails to hide Nibiru.

    i dont know anything more about holograms than what you read in that excellent article.

  555. Ursa Major Says:

    My friend Brian from http://www.holmestead.ca has sent me a link to a great article, and one thing it talks about is this new name for a ‘newly discovered’ cloud form. I looked it up, and found this youTube video you all need to watch, it is sickening.

    Here is the link to the article:

    Well worth reading for sure.

    Guys, I truly believe that before the flood civilization was quite advanced, maybe more advanced than what it is now. People still must have quite a lot of knowledge for a while afterwards. Because there are too many unanswered questions, like how the heck did those people in this place in South America (was it Peru? I don’t remember) manage to build those walls with enormous boulders and fit them so not even a piece of paper fits in between them?

    It is said that even with today’s technology and heavy machinery they couldn’t do that. Nothing we have today could lift those enormous rocks on top of each other, never mind fitting them so perfectly.

    They have found a computer (not based on the same principles of electricity as we have today, but nevertheless a computer) to plot the course of a ship, and it is very old.

    There are sunken cities off quite a few coasts, that the governments of this world don’t want people to explore. Why not? In fact, most people don’t know they are there at all.

    Archeologists have found apartment blocks when digging in Russia, I believe (it was definitely around there).

    So, yes, I do believe that there have been advanced civilizations with amazing technology before. But I don’t believe aliens from outer space had anything to do with it.

    God destroyed the whole earth surface and everybody and everything on it except for whoever and whatever was on that ark, because people had become too evil.

    And he said he won’t destroy the earth with water ever again, but with fire next time. And I don’t believe it will be that long, but I might be wrong.

    I just don’t believe that the Bible actually says that the USA will be taken over by China and Russia on Oct. 9th of this year (it takes a lot of very fancy interpreting to get that result), and I don’t think there is such a ‘planet’ as Nibiru.

    I do believe that something like a large asteroid came very close to earth at one point and reversed the poles and caused a lot of destruction, though.

    But it doesn’t make ANY sense that the government would want to use chemtrails to hide the approach of a planet or asteroid that will destroy them as well as everybody else. Since they wouldn’t be the cause of the destruction, and they can do NOTHING about it, why would they want to hide it? I really, truly don’t see the point.

    By the way, HAARP waves can travel through the earth and cause an earthquake on the other side of the planet. It can also be focused in the sky far, far away and cause terrible things.

    When that devastating earthquake hit in China last year (right where there was something the west would want destroyed), first people videotaped weird rainbows in the clouds (no rain). I do believe it was caused by HAARP.

    Also, I’ve read that when that awful tsunami happened a couple of years ago, that there were no foreshocks or aftershocks. Which is awfully strange, because those ALWAYS happen with normal earthquakes!

    If they wanted to test if they could cause something like that, they wouldn’t do it off the coast of North America, so why not sacrifice a lot of people they didn’t care about?

    Stef, I have encountered the same sort of thing. Blue, cloudless sky one moment, and less than an hour later completely white sky. It is scary. And no, people think it is normal. They just don’t want to look at it, it is too difficult to contemplate. It is easier to be in denial, I guess.

  556. Dude Says:

    ursa: Every ancient civilization had higher technology than we do. Everything you mentioned is discussed in great detail in Jonathan Gray’s books. that is why I recommended it to yall so many times, They are excellent.

    Again, I have an RF background and have worked with many RF engineers and I fail to see how RF could cause an earthquake, at least any with any magnitude. Nibiru, however, can and will cause many many great earthquakes.

    rainbow clouds are the result of chemtrails. they are spraying globally so that none of the populations freaks out when they realize that doom is coming.

    And again, if they were doing ANYTHING other than hiding something, WHY do they do it every day and in the same places in the sky? THINK people.

  557. Truth Says:

    “Messanic Bible”
    Jews 4 Jesus/Yeshua kinda Bible = “Complete Jewish Bible” David Stern
    (one of them)

    Personally me likes Old & New King James & “The Book” published by Tyndale House Publishers (google them Winipeka for background)

    @C &U your advice is very excellent & safe to just read the Bibile; however the scientific, mathematical, True seekers searching for the one and ONLY TRUTH will be offended by the hypocrisy of *” Dog Religions” & know that there are some translational error(s) in ALL Bibles.


    (me loves my pet dogs however their philosophy of the dog-flesh is “whatever they can not eat or screw…. they pisses on it …. & attacks other creatures & humans) very hard to enlighten dogs on the spiritual stuff, only God can do such, apparently many animals are in Heaven & the Lion & the Lam live together in harmony with humans also.
    There fore they go searching ancient tests searching for THE GOLDEN THREADS of G-d TRUTH! Any man/woman who goes searching-seeking, asking, & knocking on heavens door will be lead through the fog, through the darkness of night to the TRUTH & LIGHT-LOVE OF THE 1 & ONLY TRUE GOD!

    Although the path is a bit more twisted with all kins of info TRUTH mixed w Lies, the “Holy Spirit” the Mind & Eye of God will show us ALL the one & only way;

    Be not afraid of the “strange” “new age words aka old age religions & philosophies mixed with TRUTH” pray that those who go exploring/searching; pray a hedge of protection around them that Yeshua-God will show them the TRUTH buried inside the written stuff of dogs, man & God.

  558. Ursa Major Says:

    Dude, since apparently (if you believe in Nibiru) it is only supposed to be visible in the southern hemisphere, why bother spraying and wiping out the sky here, in Canada? Why in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria etc.?

    They started spraying more than ten years ago in some places. What would that possibly have to do with your Nibiru, if this so-called planet would only start being visible THIS spring?

    It simply doesn’t add up. The reality is, that people are dying daily of heart attacks and upper respiratory illnesses, as well as Morgellon’s disease and others every day, and those illnesses are caused by chemtrails.

    It makes a lot more sense that they use chemtrails to control weather as well as ‘cull’ the populations of this planet, rather than trying to hide anything that is approaching earth.

  559. Celline Says:

    Just now: Almost the whole sky is full of those Rippled waves that look as if they are magnetically/electrically formed.. very precisely spaced. the rest of the sky looks like it has been stroked w. a huge paintbrush.
    No Way a normal occurance.. manmade, scary.. but where do we run to?

  560. Celline Says:

    @anyone: What is Sarah Palin’s stance on HAARP ? does anyone know if she ever has been asked, or talked about it ?

  561. Celline Says:

    Just remembered another question: where ever u live, are there still honeybees? We hardly see any, but here and there a dead one on the ground !

  562. Steady Records... The Scribe Says:

    Baneful Air
    Death Winds Trails

    Wow, 1 2 3 4 5 6, we feeling so sick…so many…sometimes no point counting tis shit
    Sometimes wantin to go outside but unnecessary death waitin everywhere, so we hide
    The criminal powers that be seek to gain longevity but first they must kill you & me
    They making us suffer greatly at the same time gaining profit off our pains & miseries
    On sunny days when you feeling a high take a look at the sky often times you will cry
    Be careful you may drop & die so many are clueless on the whys so they smile saying
    That’s just exhaust, its condensed water you people see conspiracies everywhere why

    Tis visible mass laced with chemical toxins to our body it will do more than face peel
    Particles afloat, aluminum arsenic barium cadmium chromium dibromide & ethylene
    These are just lethal fractions of breathing pesticide carcinogen radioactive substances
    Slow death each single breath will cause a colorless coat choking disorder of no hope
    The chemtrail don’t dissipate tis aerosol associated with global weather modification
    It’s like the standard educational system geared in dumbing the mental frame of Man
    Insidiously death wind to stop the awaken core so they stimulate the body to be sore

    Biologically: chemtrail killing bees CCD: colony collapse disorder many bees are no more, world wide 70% reported missing, it’s a butterfly effect chain reaction of death
    US government admits to chemical weapon test, England too is doing chemical test
    Considerable many chemicals are now made in China; it’s eugenic at best an evilness
    Operation like cloverleaf & rain dance helped to produce Morgellons disease, no help
    Doctors won’t help their license came from governmental bodies & they are not sorry
    The game is monitor & record for criminal elites that lives far we are the falling stars

    For those with very strong will soon very soon they going to need gas mask to breathe
    Soon they going need hazmat suit to walk free soon no more babies born for it’s creed
    Governmental greed will state who should breed as to control intellectual capabilities
    Chemical defense departments their additions to jet fuel will be no more for soon they will be coming door to door soon the injections the vaccinations will create ill mutant
    Soon hell some will say as these elite criminals drop the bomb from their hide-away
    Soon nuclear explosions they will use to set new directions after kill mass populations

    Chemtrail death wind its just part of the beginning it happen before look in your core
    We can stop this time like a bad dream you control the rewind take the leaders outside

    Ashia:- Hotep
    By [:Divine-Sovereign Great-Negro Ank Justice SteadySpear EI:]©®™
    http://www.dankunlimited.com http://voicesofsovereignty.blip.tv
    Artist@Large Poetic MC

  563. stef Says:

    No honeybees, Celline. Not here anyways. I spend time in my garden almost every day and nope, haven’t seen any.
    Birds are dying. Bats are too. The Luciferians in control are wielding their arsenal of weapons to bring about tumultous changes in our atmosphere–and in our lives.

    Dude: Sorry, I mispoke about the holograms. Yes, it is an excellent article, but I have recently seen a videa that explains the function and capabilities of the human eye.

    Apparently, we don’t actually SEE what we think is there. The eye receives electronic impulses, I think it was, and they are transmitted to the back of the brain into a tv of sorts.

    I don’t question your theory on the war, nor do I question yours on Planet X. To me, at this time, those notions are sound and logical. A white, reflective sky, such as the one yesterday and the one previous, are meant to conceal and, it’s a fact, one cannot see through a mirror.

    Dude, what intrigues me is this idea you have regarding the “sin” of watching tv and films and the like…
    If the scientific explanation of the human eye is correct, then ALL we’re doing is watching tv and films etc. since everything sight is regurgitated from a black box at the back of our brain. (hey, an alliteration!)

    As for the holograms, well, it too involves viewing what could be considered false images. Put another way, it’s all an illusion, so how do we not “sin” to use your terminology.

    I’ll re-read your posts. I may have missed the answer. Perhaps I don’t understand. If its the latter, I’ll ask again in the hopes you’ll take the time to respond.

    Gotta get that guy’s books. I recommend: Tesla.

    Yes, I agree Ursa those chems are carrying deadly toxins and metals etc. but if they were meant strictly to cull, then after 10 + years, in my humble estimation, we’d all be dead by now.

    But I’m relieved someone else has seen the white sky phenomenon. Deeply disturbing, both how quickly they execute it and the sight itself. Also glad to hear you are well-acquainted with what HAARP can do, especially used in conjunction with the chems.

    Pretty rainbow clouds, eh?


  564. stef Says:

    One more thing: Grey skies, rain and cooler temps today, exactly like the last time.

    Should last about 2 – 3 days.

    Thanks for the poem Scribe.

  565. ericswan Says:

    I really am left handed and handles have to be identifiable for me to discern a “person”. I don’t know you if you call yourself dude, truth concerned etc. Names like that are not unique. My point is I don’t know who said what about RF and their vast experience with this subject. This link is for that poster who apparently doesn’t understand the power of weapons from space or indeed, anything else about the effects of e/m weapons.


    Please note that this link concerns these weapons in the hands of private citizens if you can call the Yakusa mafia a private citizen.

    I have been aware of the Tesla weapons since the middle 60’s and had direct experience in 1976 with the use of that weapon on the Chinese during the Tangshan earthquake which killed 1 million people that year. I was aware of these things through Nostradamus who scryed these things in Cenury V, vs. 81. I will leave it at that.

  566. Ursa Major Says:

    Here is a link that also talks about those ‘new clouds’. The sheeple comments are allowed. Like, “What gorgeous pictures, I wished I would see clouds like that some day.”

    In fact, I HAVE seen clouds like that, and wished I would never have had to see those monstrosities, and unfortunately know I will see them again.

    I left a comment. But it says that comments have to be moderator approved, and because they get thousands of comments every day, it will take a while for any of them to appear. I doubt that mine will ever appear. But I hope that it will make the moderator think, at least 🙂 .

  567. Anonymous Says:

    Honeybees: theyre dying from a combination of things. GM crops are probably the leading contributor.

    Idols: the hologram we are is God’s image. He made it and He doesnt like counterfeits. The US govt makes dollars. if you make a dollar, they will get pissed and put you in jail. The Bible is also FULL of stuff about idols but the best description I found was in the book of the Wisdom of Solomon–its in my document.

    Nibiru: it is visible to most of the world by the middle of 2009, thats why chemtrails are global now. Earlier sprayings Im sure consisted of testing and possibly other purposes.

    RF energy: Dude worked with RF and he does not believe RF could produce earthquakes. Tesla’s energy was NOT RF energy. he called it aether energy and is produced entirely different and Dude does not know the limits of its use.

    Sarah Palin: a stupid bimbo who has no clue about anything and is used purely for a distraction.

  568. stef Says:

    Thanks for the links Eric.

    I’ve read quite a bit about Tesla on the Internet, and have ordered a number of books re. this genious whose theories and inventions were otherworldly and were stolen by various and sundry lesser minds.

    The Chinese have their own, as well as the Russians and, of course, the US whom we all trust implicitly and who we know are the bestest friend to all mankind. Right.

    HAARP has potential for staggering devastation, it’s true.

    I’ve also read theories that propose chemtrails, circulating metric tons of aluminum particles, make us and the atmosphere super-conductive or receptive (?). Send off those little waves and populations can be mind-controlled. What say you?

    Thanks again,

  569. ericswan Says:

    There is photographic evidence all over the net that suggests “curious” poppy Bush was a Hitler youth plant with access to Nikola Tesla.

    The above link goes so far as to suggest that Bush et al murdered Tesla and stole his most important death ray technology.

    This same link has pics of Hitler living to the ripe ole age of 114 in the bowels of one of those underground bases in Glacier National Park, Montana. When you see the present, anchored in this scenario, the pieces all come together.

  570. Celline Says:

    @stef, Thank you for your reply, about the bees, ditto here.. we don’t have any anymore. Here and there, I find a dead one !When will the world be minus the bees.. and then, what happens to the foodsupply ?
    Yes.. about Bush, SR even helped finance WW2/ plus the pope.
    It’s endless what we can get upset about.
    Sometimes I wonder, how much the wives know? Laura B. comes across so sweet ! Here.. today again, 1/2 real clouds 1/2 chems. Long lines this time, and of course the velcros.
    My German company will be so floored about what they get to see, they will go home and spread the word, no doubt.

  571. stef Says:

    Thanks Eric for your reply and Celline, I think your friends must have seen chemtrails in Germany, but they’ll be aware of what they’re seeing after you’ve enlightened them.

    Eric, if Hitler was present anywhere after April 30, 1945 it was in mummified form.

    I’ve outgrown my doubts about Adolf’s suicide. Did he escape? Maybe. To an underground base in Montana, uh, no. I know about Project Paperclip etc. but that would not have been his fate. After all, he was a puppet, like all world “leaders” are, to the shadow government.

    Adolf and Eva were murdered. Occam’s Razor.

    I try to steer clear of debates/discussions regarding the much maligned Hitler or the engineered emasculation (Versailles etc.) of Germany meant to provoke WWII.

    Unless you’ve done a shit-load of research on the holohaux and made a mental note concerning the incredible number of incongrouities and outright lies and exaggerations, we’d better not broach the subject.

    Of all the world and human events in history, the holohaux is the one, the only, that cannot be questionned. Makes sense, since it’s the one begs the sharpest scrutiny.

    That LIE spawned the illegal State of Israel, the rogue entity who invaded Palestine and commits genocide, who sent its Mossad agents to dance and laugh and “film the events” on 911.

    How’d they know there would be “events”? Guess.

    Know what Israel’s ultimate goal is?

    By the way, I heard Stalin is still alive and serving drinks in at the Copa-Cabana, Brazil…

    Take care all,

  572. foundingfather1776 Says:

    “By the way, I heard Stalin is still alive and serving drinks in at the Copa-Cabana, Brazil…”

    Ha ha…you are cracking me up Stef!



  573. Truth Says:


    EYE" issues orders to the 4 Star Generals of different groups;


    ; On Jun 1, 2009, this groups have launched the 2nd assult FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (FWMD) time to the astrological Babaloinian charts.

    want to know whats up with world wide financial destruction;

    One of the goals is to destroy countries monetary system; then consolidate to a New World Order Central Banking; they will most likely go to electronic created currency {today it most are fiat worthless paper printed out of thin air by private Banker} know as not so "federal" Federal Reserve in the USA & other names in other countries.

    Once we currency are destroyed then the "Mark of The Beast" placed on the forehead or hand/arm. You can not buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast {try buying or selling in the USA without a Social Security Number! could this be part of the "Mark Of the Beast"?

    The world wide Central Bankers aka "Federal Reserve" hate Gold-Silver backed currency!

    JFKennedy was murdered by the private "banksters 4 star Generals"at the orders of the President Black Pope of all the secret society clubs THE"Black Pope"; extensively been documented according to testimonies found of records.

    REAL VALUE not the existing fiat monetary, printed out of thin air & not backed by anything other than stock market traded Social Security Numbers.

    for the real inside story


    Freedom to Fascism Aaron Russo video

    Money Masters Video

    black pope cia federal reserve john f kennedy murder
    (google just as printed above)

    john f kennedy secret society speech 1961

    john f kennedy executive order # 1110
    (* read foot note below for more details)

    Congressman McFadden report to congress

    (fully details the how the Great Depression was designed & controlled by the Federal Reserve…. he was murdered also; jfk understood his reprot… "THE MEN BLACK" HATE GOLD BACKED CURRENCIES!)

    Vatican Assassins by Erick Phelps
    (fully historically correct & incredible factual)

    *JFK Exucative Order #1110 signed April 3, 1963 restored the printing of money to the USA Treasury & eliminated Federal Reserve; $400B in gold/silver was put into USA Fort Knox;

    June 1963 JFK/USA Treasury printed the 1st new $2 & $5 dollars (read colored seal & serial numbers) called "UNITED STATES NOTES" ;

    to be in competition with the Federal Reserve "green backs" (green colored seal & serial numbers same as today). called "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES…NO gold or silver given in exchange!

    On the day of his murder in November ALL read seal/serial numbered "UNITED STATES NOTES" were taken out of circulation & destroyed!
    U may have these "red seal/serial numbered United States Notes in money collection or coins shops that sell collectibles.


    google the above & watch it will make U angry & blow your mind on the TRUTH!

  574. Truth Says:

    oops correction NOT “READ” its is “RED” seal/serial numbered currency

    red seal/serial “United States Notes” = Backed up by $400B in gold/silver

    green seal/serial “Federal Reserve Notes” = nothing backing it up Social Security Numbers, no gold or silver!

    All Presidential candidates are chosen for us by the Trilateral Commission, Council O Foreign Relations(CFR), Builderburgs Group & Bohemian Grove & other “secret society groups”; Then they offer McCain, Clinton & Obama to “elect to the Presidency” ……(lol) some choice (lol)…. doesn’t matter they are ALL controlled by the “men in black” puppet master of the $$$ & political power, secret societies that JFK & President Eisenhower tried to warn us about the “MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX”!!!

    One way to tell if they are not controlled by the “men in black” is that they are either murdered/accidentally/sickness/heart attacks & cancer or ignored &/or ridiculed in the standard new papers/tv news casters & comedy show host; Those controlled by the “men in black” talk about the “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”….. CALLED NAMEs LIKE “CRAZY”…..”RIGHT WING FANATICS” “BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN”….to discredit the TRUTH.

    THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES & CONGRESS PUPPETS NEVER NEVER NEVER TALK OF ELIMINATING THE FEDERAL RESERVE….. THEY PUT THEM IN TOTAL POWER!!! Of course that in turns puts the citizens into financial slavery to the private bankers!


  575. Truth Says:

    oh forgot to tell U the ONLY serious””08″ USA Presidential contender to come against the NOT SO “federal” “Federal Reserve”. since JFK…..

    was Congressman Dr/MD Ron Paul {R of TX}……

    they could not murder him …. too obvious….however they ignored him in the press & the tv/media etc ridiculed him or joked about him…. mostly did give him press coverage!

    HE WAS INTERVIEWED BY documentary producer Aaron Russo (ran for Governor of Nevada, pro Gold back currency anti Federal/Irs; died last year by “natural causes”?) ……



    for interview footage of Dr. Ron Paul Congressman.

  576. Celline Says:

    @Truth, what u are saying.. already ” blew my mind” years ago.
    The Gold that was in Fort Knox, has been hauled off many years ago.. it’s in a safe place in Switzerland somewhere. Where ever it is, the rightful owners thereof , shall never see it again.
    Stef, I ‘m sorry, but I can’t understand what u say. What is ” holohaux “?
    ..If u mean.. the killings that Hitler did, that is true, and Germany will forever have a bloody mark.. or worse.
    Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews. The land was given to them by God. Now this one u can’t argue, it’s history, thus, Fact.
    Other than this, I don’t know what u are saying, my English just isen’t good enough. Federal Reserve doesen’t belong to us, it belongs to the 13 Families. Read Fritz Springmeier..

  577. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Truth, I agree 100% – Dr. Ron Paul was the ONLY candidate worthy of a vote in the previous election!
    The way he was marginalized and ridiculed by the press was a disgrace. Of course the main-stream-media is owned and run by the Globalists, so it is not surprising.

    Also, I second your recommendation for Aaron Russo’s documentary “Freedom to Fascism” – an EXCELLENT film.

    Celline, I believe what Stef means by “holohaux” is that the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s, while true, were NOT done on the magnitude that “historians” have alleged. The Nazi’s were murderous thugs, no doubt, but the “jewish holocaust” can never be studied objectively because if you attempt to do so, you will immediately be branded an “anti-semite.” You can study any other war or atrocity in history…but NOT the official story on the holocaust. That fact alone makes me very suspicious. Personally, I also do not like focusing on one group of people either. WWWII (as all wars) was a holocaust for HUMANITY! Jews suffered and were killed…..so were Americans, English, French, Germans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, etc. etc. Ever read about the “Rape of Nanking?” How about the “Bombing of Dresden?” – no? But we get a fresh movie or documentary about the “Jewish holocaust” every year it seems. Why do you think that is? Stef, feel free to elaborate your own position if you like. I am not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth.

    Check out my newest post by Dr. Henry Makow as he discusses one of the keys to WWI. This rabbit-hole runs deep.


  578. clark Says:

    @stef, I got your weather today. We had a nice patch of deep blue sky and cloud banks around us. [It may have worked it’s way to a silvery blue, I forget] No chemtrails overhead (for two days) but in the distance I think I saw some. Then, bam! an all white sky. It could have been from being in front of a storm front moving through, but it was odd, eerie as you say. Solid white, no clouds at all for a couple of hours. I’ve seen it like this before, but I wasn’t paying much attention. The way they showed it on the animated weather radar on TV, I don’t think I’ve seen weather patterns displayed like that before. When the storm front did start moving in, a few clouds appeared, but it stayed solid white behind them, sort of like before there is a tornado, only when that happens it’s usually dark-ish. Unseasonable cool here for this time of year.

    For Dude, I have yet to see my southern sky, there is always a cloud bank obscuring my view. That hologram idea, I read that, it makes a lot of sense. But I’m science/religious orientated guy, so…

    @Ursa Major Interesting stuff you bring. Just an aside thought, I’ve been wondering if those walls in S.A. as well as the Pyramids were moved using helium balloons. Just a thought. How’s this, for one back- I have been told the ancient Egyptians had the ability to make steel in one step. This is a huge deal. The experts don’t know how else certain things were made otherwise. They are fairly certain it was done in one step, there is just no way we can duplicate the feat today. It’s very impressive. I only wish I had a link, I don’t think there is one. Everything else you wrote is probably right. To understand where Dude gets his idea, if you didn’t, you should check out his webpage. It wasn’t any fancy interpretation, it was pretty simple and basic, at least from what I read. One of them is easier to read than another [BTW, He should fix that] computer screen-wise. I have yet to re-read Ezekiel to come to a definite conclusion though. I doubt we’ll ever see any additional “official” science on the matter.

    Remember back in the 1990’s when the UK was going nutz over the threat of meteorites? They were going to go so far as to spend a lot of money on meteorite defense. I think alot of people actually feared this Planet X at the time and the media said it was meteorites they feared instead. Much like with other stories in the media. For example, the media asks people why they are buying up ammo, the reply is usually fear of shortages and confiscation, then the interview stops – but go online – that line of reasoning always ends by the ammo buyer saying, “and then we’ll have a Revolution” The media leaves that out to avoid scaring the public and causing a panic. Same with the Planet X, if it is accurate.

    After reading here about HARRP, it must be magnetic-electrical-something else. I have seen shows & read about what could (will eventually) happen when the earth has changes in its magnetic fields. Very odd stuff can happen. It supposedly happens every so often, fossil records show as much. The polar magnetic north and south have been changing (drifting) for centuries. They have traced this back through the readings of bearings and compass recordings made in the captains logs of sea going sailing ships. That is official.

    @Celline, I’ve read the honey bees are dying from mites and GMO pesticides, the farms not using pesticides, their bees are doing ok, or so I’ve read.

    @Steady Records, that was pretty good. The first chemtrail poetry I’ve seen.

    stef Says:Grey skies, rain and cooler temps today

    That’s the forecast for this area this week.

    Anonymous Says: June 9, 2009 at 1:28 pm called it aether energy

    That’s kind of strange, a person once told me her husband thought the air (chemtrails) smelled like ether. Very interesting.

    stef Says: The Chinese have their own, as well as the Russians and, of course, the US

    Hmm, so maybe they are war-gaming or actually fighting using these alone. Just drifting it through the jet stream. A kind of you can’t prove it’s us but we all know sort of affair.

    It does seem like there are multiple reasons for the Chemtrails with multiple outcomes.
    If chemtrails were doubling as a veil to hide Planet X, it would make sense that they would do so to avoid panic and to avoid an overthrow of their power base.

    stef Says:I’ve also read theories that propose chemtrails, circulating metric tons of aluminum particles, make us and the atmosphere super-conductive or receptive (?). Send off those little waves and populations can be mind-controlled.

    That does not surprise me. They could do so in a general way rather than specific, much as I described my friend who had to buy buy buy. How about this, it allows a mind to remotely control a device, like drones or(?) – in a way traditional remote control does not work and/or is a more secure way of doing so. It’s not like they aren’t already officially doing similar on a small scale publicly.

    stef Says: Know what Israel’s ultimate goal is?

    Destruction of everyone but them? I have read some fairly high up religious leader says they are at war with the Gentiles. But I’ve not heard nor read much of what their plans are.

    Thanks for posting the links everybody.

    Who among us can see their southern sky? Anyone?

  579. Truth Says:




    Khazarian Zionest = ie Rothchilds types & DO NOT = Gods chosen “Hebrews”

    ISREAL-JERULSUM = origionally belonged to the “HEBREWs-JUDEANs-ISRAELITEs” children of GOD, GODS “CHOSEN PEOPLE”.

    “zionest” if in the “secret societies” are under the control of the “Jesuit Black Pope” & therefore are part of the Luciferian Rebellion…. deceivers wolves in sheep clothing. They are mostly the ones in political & financial control of Israel…. just like in America the anti-Christ system is in power!

    In England the same system, ……. ALL WHO BOW DOWN & kiss the hand of the “WHITE SMILEY POPE MOBILE GUY “Ratzinniger” are under the direction & control of the “men in black” = Black Pope


  580. Truth Says:

    Who knows about MONO-ATOMIC GOLD (Au)?

    Nanotechnology kinda of stuff very interesting how the metal gold changes into a powder….

    Anchient texts have some very interest histor to this, perhaps the alchemistry was & appears to be known by Gods Children.

    Moses “({“BURNED”} the golden calf)” when he returned from the mountain top. The word “burned” is an interesting translation, usually melted the gold would be most correctly descriptive….. however several bible use the word “burned”….. perhaps some indication that they knew about taking Gold as a Nobel Metal & transforming it into “Mono-atomic” Gold with entirely different principles!

  581. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Hello Truth,

    I though you (and others) might find these links interesting:

    Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

    Black Pope in Milwaukee to administer oath?

    And here is a picture of the current Pope in his Boy Scout….er I mean Obama Youth Brigade….ooops I mean “Hitler Jugend” uniform:
    (scroll down towards the bottom of the page)



  582. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Oh boy,

    You’ve REALLY touched on a difficult subject. One that I have researched a bit, but still don’t have any definitive answers.

    Here is one place you can start to read up on it:


    African Shaman Credo Mutwa filmed an interview with David Icke that is available on DVD. (If you have a Netflix account, believe it or not, they carry a lot of David Icke DVD’s, they also have other great documentaries like “Waco – the Rules of Engagement” and lectures from Dr. Len Horowitz….highly recommended!) Credo claims that in the ancient African history, the “reptoid aliens” enslaved man and forced him to mine gold for them. Apparently they needed it. I am not saying any of what he claims is true, I am just relating what they discussed.

    As a firm believer in sound money (and the value of REAL gold & silver – not paper certificates) I find it most curious that since the dawn of recorded time, across ALL civilizations, GOLD has been highly valued. Why is that? Couldn’t primitive man make a shiny copper bracelet? Or decorate his home with pretty stones? Why has gold ALWAYS been valued? Is their more to it than a shiny luster?

    It is definitely worth looking into.


  583. Truth Says:

    @Founding Fathr1776

    Thank U for link to Jesuit Order oath…. like in Black Operation of the CIA nothing is written down by the “photographic” types who have all/everything in their heads, can reproduce it in writting as well as verbally…. in CIA Black ops stuff never written down.

    *late Dr.”Father Alberto RIvera” ex-Jesuit Lietunent & General in training;

    Very factual, “Chick Publications” in Ontario Calif produces “comic book type” tracts & magazines, that look sort of corny, however the material they reproduce “Albertos Riveras” factual eye-witness & historical events very accurately!

    * Dr. Rivera widow is said to claim “the Vatican murdered my husband”

    {side note…. if U google Father Dr. Alberto Rivera you may find a *Preacher by the name of Tony Alamo associated with Dr. Riveras name.

    *Tony Alamo, has done several interviews with Dr. Rivera. Tony is controversial, not afraid to fight the USA Government & anti Federal Reserve; anti IRS, as he says the IRS taxes on a mans wages are not Constitutional…. he is correct according to Aaron Russo “Freedom to Facism” vidio & **9 states in USA agree that IRS taxes on a mans wages are in fact Unconstitutional…. DO NOT confuse this with Dr.
    Alberto Rivera; for the most part

    Despite the controversial Tony Alamo, he is right on target with Bible Scriptures & Exposing the TRUTH on the wicked Luciferian anti-Christ agenda}.

    Tony Alamo of Alamo Ministries is a controversial kinda of “born again” christian….. he is very much exposing the system, and the “men in black” & the Government have gone after; gone after Tony Alamo with a vengeance to discredit Alamo & his ministry; Tony has been jailed for his Godly beliefs against the Government, almost murdered & all sorts of controversial charges brought against him in order to discredit the TRUTH:

    Yes Tony is a bit of a believer that will seem very strange to even 90% of believers, he even stood vigil over his wife dead body believing that prayer would raiser her up… this is most bizarre story….. however Tony interviews Dr. Rivera….. so do not think that Dr, Rivers is as controversial a character as is Tony Alamo. Tonys ministry is a very good rescue ministry for the “lost homeless & hungry” rescues people from Hollywood Hell pit in the “fallen” City of Angles known as Los Angelese.


    Alaska. Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, S Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, & New Hampshire

  584. Truth Says:

    Gold (Au) WARNING be very careful on investing in gold ETFs or COMEX paper trades; the scam almost came to an end within the last month or so;


    google this about the COMEX scams….. insiders/ banks are now demanding deliver of the physical gold.

    Remember even truthful audits; usually a 1Auoz:4paper ratio (gold to paper traded certs).

  585. Celline Says:

    @Founding: Am german immigrant, and have seen Dresden !
    Yes, I wonder too, why we hear so much of the holocaust, yet nothing about all those other victims. Yes, I do know the powerstructure. Problem I have is, I do not know how to put links in here, computer illiterate me.@Clark: the Southern Sky is never clear from where I am standing.. it’s always on White Out. Just e mailed a friend in LA.. to check what he sees. It is much colder than usual here also. Completely crazy weather for Southern Cal too. Another problem I have is : Formal English, sometimes I only understand 1/2 of some of your blogs.
    Yes.. I follow Aaron Russo, have seen all of what he puts out.
    One thing I did not understand is, what y’all were talking about w. the Holograms? Am asking for: PLEASE try and write English for immigrants, who’s motherlanguage is another one, ok?

  586. Steady Records... The Scribe Says:

    [ Jewish Holocaust
    Holograms of Lies

    Hitler wasn’t his name before his psychotic fame before his zippin madness & shame
    Rothschild/Schicklgruber the insane, hired by vatican, nazi germ-men was their hand
    Mein Kampf Hitler’s neo-european tour 1933/1945 with backing band society of jesus Of evil rites Father Staempfle the ghost who write mutual homosexual jesuit insights
    They exterminated lives in the packed for global dominance & illusion of prominence
    Blood oath of the fathers engulfing our Mothers now they are all slaves to the church
    The so-called jewish ones living the contract with the royal ones so they can rape man

    Conflicts of lies there were no world wars, germ cousins like dogs fighting for bones
    It’s a blatant lie holocaust memorial is financial scam with nothing for full black ones
    With their banking friends the neo breed the jewish spree radiated the full black ones
    As foundation dem stole land claimed dem belong using weapons of mass destruction
    With jewish rites in blaze dem ignited flames then feast on carnage of innocent ones
    Now the truth of Mankind living in concentration styles called cities it’s not pretty
    A polluted view six million died more lies the true genocide is the full-black wombs

    Unintellectual fools they were never slaves of ancient Khem this is a lie to state when
    To place a fake “his-story” on passed glories with blood wealth they pen new stories
    The continue lies “in the Year of their Lord 2009” many feels the quickening of time
    As the sun shines speedily ending their reign so they seek to kill many more in vain
    A psychopathic joke tis pois’nous evil pope, like uk queen they wear a germ-men robe
    In the conquests to stay afloat the covenant with so called jews gives meaningful hope Managers of the plantations steals diamonds & gold then black list the African souls

    The birth of world health organization is due to germ-men eugenics program of death Aided by the pharmaceutical vaccines the goal is to kill many from their sick dreams
    There’ll never be peace in the middle east for the arabs & jews are one, rapist of Man
    On the sheep-people induced population control while elites live in mansion of homes
    Israel is not their home that phonic belongs to the full black ones the complete Man
    Even the phonic Semitic is indigenous & applied to black ones they ruled many lands
    Mesopotamia, Sumeria & the Indus Valley, the so-called jews will never tell the story

    Jewish Holocaust holograms of lies through the media they continue to sell their lies
    Everyday more & more full black people lay down and die due their continual lies

    Ashia:- Hotep
    By [:Divine-Sovereign Great-Negro Ank Justice SteadySpear EI:]©®™
    http://www.dankunlimited.com http://voicesofsovereignty.blip.tv
    Artist@Large Poetic MC

    Poetic note: Semites made white by julius oppert to accommodate ancestry of neo european jews

    Doing some digging and found this… deep, deep, deep and related to the poem we wrote “Jewish Holocaust Holograms of Lies”

    “By Clyde Winters Ph.D Controversy surrounding the Kushite/African/Black origins of the Elamites, Sumerians, Akkadians and Assyrians is simple and yet complicated. It involves both the racism exhibited toward the African slaves in the Western Hemisphere and Africans generally which led to the idea that Africans had no history ; and the need of Julius Oppert to make Semites white, to accommodate the white ancestry of European Jews. To understand this dichotomy we have to look at the history of scholarship surrounding the rise of Sumero-Akkadian studies. The study of the Sumerians, Akkadians. Assyrians and Elamites began with the decipherment of the cuneiform script by Henry Rawlinson. Henry Rawlinson had spent most of his career in the Orient. This appears to have given him an open mind in regards to history. He recognized the Ancient Model of History, the idea that civilization was founded by the Kushite or Hamitic people of the Bible. As result, Rawlinson was surprised during his research to discover that the founders of the Mesopotamian civilization were of Kushite origin. He made it clear that the Semitic speakers of Akkad and the non-Semitic speakers of Sumer were both Black or Negro people who called themselves sag-gig-ga Black Heads. In Rawlinson day the Sumerian people were recognized as Akkadian or Chaldean, while the Semitic speaking blacks were called Assyrians.”

    Source: http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/kushites-of-sumer-and-akkad-by-clyde-winters-phd/ ]

  587. foundingfather1776 Says:

    To Celline, Truth, Dude, Stef, Ursa, Eric, Clark, (and everyone else following this thread).

    I totally agree this discussion which originally started on chemtrails, has gotten quite lengthy and varied.

    I would like to add a true discussion forum to this blog, but that is not a simple task.

    Therefore, in the interest of a “quick-fix” I am going to create a “What the hell are they spraying on us – Part 2 ” blog entry. This will create a brand new comments section and will tie this original section with the new one (for outside readers that want to follow along).

    Please post your new comments there. You can continue to post your chemtrail observations, or whatever else you like. Many of you have brought up diverse and interesting items. I think it is good quality discussion and hope to see it continue. If Part 2 gets filled up, I’ll make a part 3. If the discussion continues to grow rapidly I will see about getting a true discussion board to accompany this blog.


  588. Celline Says:

    ok. Look up : The Almanac of Evil. ( don’t know how to do the link )

  589. foundingfather1776 Says:

    The new section is under the current story on the British Aristocracy. Refresh your browser by going to the main page and you should see it.

    To include a link, simply enter like you would in your browser, like this:


    WordPress will turn it into an active link.

  590. Levi Says:

    …*sigh* no offence or anything like that, but what you say ISN’T the truth. You look up some bullshit, some lies, and mainly conspiracy’s and you pray on gullible people putting fear in them. Notice that the only people replying are going along with this “The Government is Satan worshippers” and all that. Two words for ya guys; GET REAL. That’s VERY close minded, and you know, if you wanted to debate this, I could claim that YOU are in fact a satan worshipper. It would be so easy to simply say your drawing attention away from the REAL danger. Well, point being, you don’t know these people. How DARE you, you who claim to be followers of God, how DARE you judge these people? Your no better than them, and no worse. It makes me sick thinking that people have that little common sense to think the people who run their lives are killing them. Moronic to say the least. All you are is a conspiracy theorist, who talks with OTHER conspiracy theorists about how our government is “Killing us”. God, you truly have that little faith? Pathetic. That’s all this is. Pathetic.

  591. Ursa Major Says:

    Levi, first of all, we are not on this page any more. Look at the post above yours to find the active page.

    Secondly, unfortunately, you are so very wrong. There is a ton of evidence that shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that our governments are ALL run by the same people. Obama is only a puppet, as were all the presidents before him. Kennedy got assassinated because he tried to go against the will of the people who are really in power.

    If you do the research, you will find that 911 was an inside job. No doubt whatsoever about it. The official government explanation is pure bull and can easily be shown to be completely fabricated.

    And just look up, can’t you see the chemtrails being sprayed? What do you think they are?

    Go and look at my chemtrail pictures at this link:

    I live in the small town of Alliston, Ontario, Canada (population of about 12,000). Unfortunately for us, a ten minute drive north of Alliston is an Armed Forces base, Base Borden, where they train air force personnel.

    I am a 56 year old mother of five and grandmother of eleven. Every day I check the sky first thing in the morning, and periodically thereafter, and I take my camera wherever I go.

    Those pictures were taken just doing what I do. This is what my sky looks like. Do you REALLY want to tell me those are normal clouds, and just contrails?

    But if they are not contrails, what are they? And why is my government denying those chemtrails exist? You want to tell me it isn’t a conspiracy? Please tell me then why they keep the purpose of this relentless spraying a secret, and refuse to give us a plausible explanation for it.

    And how dare we judge the people in power? The Bible says not to judge fellow believers. It never says not to judge non-believers. The majority of people in the government are NOT Christians. Yes, some (like Obama and Bush) PRETEND to be Christians, but their actions speak louder than words.

    Dear President Obama is into killing babies. He is very much for abortion, and actually for infanticide as well. Don’t just take my word for it, do the research.

    I am not judging him, I am just telling the truth. There is a difference. And that is what we do here, we are trying to find out the truth. We refuse to just believe the government people, we find out ourselves if they tell the truth or not. And the answer is: NOT.

    Come on and join us on the new page if you are willing to see what we are up to.

  592. ericswan Says:

    Crops under stress as temperatures fall
    Our politicians haven’t noticed that the problem may be that the world is not warming but cooling, observes Christopher Booker.

    By Christopher Booker
    Published: 6:04PM BST 13 Jun 2009

    For the second time in little over a year, it looks as though the world may be heading for a serious food crisis, thanks to our old friend “climate change”. In many parts of the world recently the weather has not been too brilliant for farmers. After a fearsomely cold winter, June brought heavy snowfall across large parts of western Canada and the northern states of the American Midwest. In Manitoba last week, it was -4ºC. North Dakota had its first June snow for 60 years.

    There was midsummer snow not just in Norway and the Cairngorms, but even in Saudi Arabia. At least in the southern hemisphere it is winter, but snowfalls in New Zealand and Australia have been abnormal. There have been frosts in Brazil, elsewhere in South America they have had prolonged droughts, while in China they have had to cope with abnormal rain and freak hailstorms, which in one province killed 20 people.

    In Canada and northern America summer planting of corn and soybeans has been way behind schedule, with the prospect of reduced yields and lower quality. Grain stocks are predicted to be down 15 per cent next year. US reserves of soya – used in animal feed and in many processed foods – are expected to fall to a 32-year low.

    In China, the world’s largest wheat grower, they have been battling against the atrocious weather to bring in the harvest. (In one province they even fired chemical shells into the clouds to turn freezing hailstones into rain.) In north-west China drought has devastated crops with a plague of pests and blight. In countries such as Argentina and Brazil droughts have caused such havoc that a veteran US grain expert said last week: “In 43 years I’ve never seen anything like the decline we’re looking at in South America.”

    In Europe, the weather has been a factor in well-below average predicted crop yields in eastern Europe and Ukraine. In Britain this year’s oilseed rape crop is likely to be 30 per cent below its 2008 level. And although it may be too early to predict a repeat of last year’s food shortage, which provoked riots from west Africa to Egypt and Yemen, it seems possible that world food stocks may next year again be under severe strain, threatening to repeat the steep rises which, in 2008, saw prices double what they had been two years before.

    There are obviously various reasons for this concern as to whether the world can continue to feed itself, but one of them is undoubtedly the downturn in world temperatures, which has brought more cold and snow since 2007 than we have known for decades.

    Three factors are vital to crops: the light and warmth of the sun, adequate rainfall and the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis. As we are constantly reminded, we still have plenty of that nasty, polluting CO2, which the politicians are so keen to get rid of. But there is not much they can do about the sunshine or the rainfall.

    It is now more than 200 years since the great astronomer William Herschel observed a correlation between wheat prices and sunspots. When the latter were few in number, he noted, the climate turned colder and drier, crop yields fell and wheat prices rose. In the past two years, sunspot activity has dropped to its lowest point for a century. One of our biggest worries is that our politicians are so fixated on the idea that CO2 is causing global warming that most of them haven’t noticed that the problem may be that the world is not warming but cooling, with all the implications that has for whether we get enough to eat.

    It is appropriate that another contributory factor to the world’s food shortage should be the millions of acres of farmland now being switched from food crops to biofuels, to stop the world warming, Last year even the experts of the European Commission admitted that, to meet the EU’s biofuel targets, we will eventually need almost all the food-growing land in Europe. But that didn’t persuade them to change their policy. They would rather we starved than did that. And the EU, we must always remember, is now our government – the one most of us didn’t vote for last week.

  593. Truth Says:

    U are most IGNORANT of such “Conspiracy Theories”…. or are you a miss-informationalist?

    President Woodrow Wilson, President Eisenhower, President John F Kennedy, Congressman McFadden, President Garfield, President Lincoln…. Andrew Jackson ARE IN FACT CONSPIRACY THEORIST…. NOT!!!

    They ALL TRIED TO WARN USA of such conspiracies, and there are THOUSAND DOCUMENTED CONSPIRACIES COMMITTED BY THE CIA, FBI, ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION & millions of such “conspiracies” committed throughout history….. U SIR ARE AN IDIOT….. WE CAN JUDGE YOUR STATEMENTS AS IDIOTIC….. however only God can judge your heart!….. you simply are ignorant of the facts!

  594. Celline Says:

    (((((((((((((( Truth )))))))))))))) so good to see you again, please stay, ok?

  595. Celline Says:

    @Levi.. if u are no smarter than your blog indicates, than go away, we don’t need idiots. Just like Truth sais. He is way smarter than you, in fact.. all of us are. What..? You have no chemtrails ? How lucky u are !

  596. Truth Says:

    @Celline been out of town, thank U for the welcome…..calll me sometime.

    Traveled N on 395 to Reno & N Nevada ……NO chem trails in Southern Calif or Reno…..from June 15-until yesterday July 8th……
    they sprayed all day over the LA/Riverside/Sbdo area, new pattern on off & no criss cross patterns occasional 50-100 mile long are sol/chem trails that caused overhead Sirius clouds….. looking almost normal to uninformed folks…… A few trails observed in late afternoon, nothing too notable except over LA….. whats going on down in your direction?

  597. dave Says:

    many of those sorties with sun-set angle cast strong memories into the minds of conflicts such as vietnam during the cold war.

    like napalm, fire falling from the sky.

    they used it as a weapon vs people they claim are “narcotics barrons”, often farmers.

    since the war on terror there has also been a war on smoking and many reports were found on overgrow.com of strange air flight activity above their farms. sunset patterns, traditional sorties. etc.

    this campaign was intended to “help people stop smoking”. in many regions it consisted or cyanide and formaldahyde, . these are industrial pest-killers. etc.

    we get the worst of it in england as we are under big brother.

    these sortie patterns are entirley common these days

  598. Ursa Major Says:

    Truth and Dave, please join us on the new page, which can be found here:


    This one is no longer used, because it got too long.

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