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Ventura Voices 9/11 Truth At Rally For The Republic

September 7, 2008

Reported by: Paul Joseph Watson

During an impassioned speech in which he called for a revolution to take back the country, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura voiced 9/11 truth to the 10,000 in attendance and the millions watching on C-Span and You Tube at the Rally For The Republic yesterday.

Ventura also strongly hinted that he is considering running for the presidency in 2012.

“I’m going to move on to another subject that a lot of people don’t want to discuss today,” he said, “I know when I discuss it, it’s amazing, I get attacked! And that’s something called 9/11!”

The crowd cheered and applauded as Ventura made numerous salient points about the FBI’s failure to list 9/11 on Bin Laden’s rap sheet and the DOJ’s failure to charge him.

“They charged him when he blew up our embassy in ‘98, why the biggest terrorist attack in history have they failed to officially charge him for? Why have they not convened a grand jury, presented their evidence and got an indictment?” asked Ventura. “When the FBI was pressed as to why 9/11 wasn’t included, their response was – we don’t have enough evidence.”

“Why did we have a President who stonewalled any investigation into 9/11 for two years?,” added the former Governor, as portions of the crowd chanted, “9/11 was an inside job.”

Ventura slammed the media for slavishly devoting a whole month of coverage to the death of Anna Nicole Smith, labeling it a sign of “the dumbing down of America.”

He also expressed his support for the Second Amendment and reminded people that the founding fathers didn’t write it into the Constitution so people could hunt, but that the right to bear arms was about the right of the people to overthrow a corrupt government.

Ventura also talked about his success as a third party candidate and encouraged people to vote locally for independent candidates to beak the Republican-Democrat stranglehold.

“So it can be done – don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that it can’t be done, it can be done!” Ventura exclaimed.

Ventura continued the discussion about 9/11 backstage when reporters asked him about his comments. Ventura called for a new independent investigation to be conducted without a conclusion having already been pre-determined, as was the case with the government-mandated inquiries.

Ventura concluded his speech by saying, “We can take our country back, it can be done, but it’s not gonna happen with talk – it’s gonna happen with action. I wrote the book Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me – well I’m here….let’s get the revolution going!” he concluded to rapturous applause, adding that if the country showed him it was possible, he would consider running in 2012, vowing, “we’ll give them a race they’ll never forget!”

Watch Jesse Ventura’s full speech below in three parts.