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I Remember 9/11…….

September 11, 2008

Dear Readers,

The Seventh Anniversary of the 9/11 attack is upon us.

I remember 9/11/2001 vividly.  I was working in New York City, near Mid-town when the attacks occurred.  From the top floor of my office window I could see the smoke and flames from the towers before they came down.  When I went outside, I could smell the acrid smoke.

I watched in mute horror as the towers “collapsed.”  I felt a knot in my stomach, trying to imagine the horror of being trapped on the upper floors, then riding that tower down to my doom.

You see, a year or two before, with a previous employer, I worked on the 102nd Floor of Tower 1.

If you never saw the Towers in person, it is difficult to convey how massive they were.  When I looked down from the long skinny rectangular windows (which were fixed in place, you could not open them) I would feel slightly dizzy.  The straight lines of the exterior skin of the towers would play tricks on your eyes as you peered down.  Cars appeared as slowly crawling bugs and pedestrians as mere specks.  Birds flew by beneath you.

I knew seven people personally that died that day.  All colleagues from work.  Felicia was a woman in her thirties who was overjoyed at recently giving birth to her first child, a son.  Eric was charming and friendly and I figured he was a real ladies man – until I heard him and the office women talking about what celebrity men they thought were hot.  Eric apparently had a partner, and his Mid-Western family let it be known he was not welcome at Eric’s memorial.  How sad.

Kenny was a black man in his late twenties or early thirties who was the shining star of his family.  He was the first one in his family to go to college, and the first one to make over six figures in income.   He was the son that could do no wrong.  At the company’s private 9/11 memorial service, held at least a month after the attack, his family refused to come.  They were unconsolable in their grief and clung desperately to the fantasy that Kenny was alive somewhere in an unknown hospital, perhaps suffering from amnesia, and it would only be a matter of time until they found him.  Memorial services were for the dead and their son was most assuredly NOT DEAD!  Very sad.

Do you know what hit me hardest?  It wasn’t the actual day of the attacks, because we were all too numb and too shocked to comprehend the evil that had been done to us.  No, the day that the murder of 3,000 innocent people really hit me was a bright sunny day in October, a good four to six weeks after the attack.

Myself and some fellows from work went out for lunch.  New Yorkers were trying to somehow ease back into normalcy; to carry on; to move forward past the horrors of 9/11.  So we went to lunch.

We walked several blocks South heading closer to Wall Street and Ground Zero, and dined at an unfamiliar restaurant.

Heading back after lunch, the usual jokes and banter and mundane conversation of work and weather carried us through, and then we turned a corner, literally, and were confronted with a huge wall that was plastered over every square inch with homemade “Missing” posters and “Have You Seen Me?” flyers.  Color copies, black and white, xeroxed, hand-printed, large, small, all desperately asking to reunite family members with a loved one.  All hoping that somehow, their missing father, or brother, or son, or daughter or wife or child was not really dead, not really at the bottom of some horrible pile of rubble, but instead merely lost, or disoriented, or in a hospital, and just a phone call away.

That is when an anger and a fury and a sadness and grief all welled up in my throat at once and I RAGED against the enemy that did this to my country and my people!  Those damn dirty terrorists!  Those barbarous fanatical Muslims!  We must have vengeance!  We must show them America is not to be trifled with……

Oh yes…..for five years or so, I am not ashamed to say, I believed the official story of 9/11 hook, line and sinker.  Can you blame me?

I always knew there was corruption in the world.  I knew there were pay-backs and kick-backs and inflated contracts and politicians caught with hookers and drugs, etc.  You know, run-of-the-mill corruption.  I did not live in an insulated fantasy land.

But if anyone suggested that 9/11 was anything other than what our Govt. said it was – 19 Fanatical Muslim Hijackers that hijacked four planes and hit WTC Towers 1 and 2, the Pentagon and then crashed in a field in PA, I simply rejected that notion.

Let me repeat that: *any* suggestion that the “official story” of 9/11 was different than what the Government told me – WAS REJECTED OUT OF HAND!

I did not investigate, I did not question, I did not think to do so.  Such thought was unpatriotic and blasphemy.  It was ridiculous.  Crazy-ass “Conspiracy Theory!”

But then Dear Readers, something happened.  While trying to amuse myself at work, doing a mundane and repetitive task, I stumbled across the Internet radio show of “Alex Jones.”  I heard this gravelly-voiced Texan, bellowing like a carnival barker about how rotten and evil George W. Bush was.  I immediately figured he was some bleeding-heart liberal, and started to change the station, but in the next breath, he began to go on about how totally wicked and corrupt the Clintons were.  I thought, “Hold on here, what is this fellow getting on about?”

So I decided to listen.  Alex would rattle off some incredible fact “The Gulf of Tonkin was staged, the documents have been declassified” and I would think “That can’t be true” so I would immediately Google it and damn if he wasn’t right!  Yes, the man sounds like a Baptist Minister that has had too many cups of coffee, but his knowledge of history and political intrigue was amazing.

He spoke of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, where Israel cold-bloodedly tried to sink our Navy ship and blame it on Egypt so we would join the war on the side of Israel, a “False-Flag” Terrorist attack if you will.  I simply could not believe this was true, but I researched it, and YES IT IS TRUE!,0,3737033,full.story

And so my Friends, you now know the reason this blog was started, and the reason I try and spread the truth.  I have done YEARS of intense research.  I vowed to cast aside my preconceived ideas of what “is” and “is not” possible and simply let the evidence lead me where it may.  I have come to understand some dangerous and disturbing truths.  I know not everyone is willing to examine these truths, but I sincerely hope YOU will.

Because what is at stake is profound.  The people responsible for 9/11 MUST be held accountable!  As bad as 9/11 was, the future could be much worse if we don’t wake-up to the truth.

To paraphrase Alex, “Don’t believe me, don’t assume what I am telling you is the truth, but I beg you to investigate the facts for yourself!”

I now know that 9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by criminal elements within our own Government.  There are a million data points that support this, from the free-fall speed of the building’s collapse – indicative of controlled demolitions – to the standing down of NORAD,  the total symmetrical collapse of building seven at free-fall speed, WHEN IT WASN’T EVEN HIT BY A PLANE, eyewitness testimony of bombs going off in the buildings,  etc. etc. etc.

These issues have been covered in some of my previous 9/11 posts.  I encourage you to take a look at them and, as always, to also do your own research.

One last point I would like to make to all of you that doubt the truth of what I am saying.  To those of you who tend to be as I was; incapable of believing there are people in our own Govt. that would kill us for political gain.  I direct you to one FACT as an example:


Yes, that is right.  No Hazmat suits were issued, hell, most of the workers were not even given masks (and those that had them were usually the el-cheapo painter’s mask, totally inadequate for the job!)

So for weeks these men and women sucked in a toxic cocktail of asbestos, mercury, PVC’s, powderized concrete, etc. yet Christie Todd Whitman and the EPA boldly proclaimed all was well and by golly, the stock exchange was open for business as usual within a week!

I stayed overnight at a friend’s apartment overlooking “the pit” (the excavated foundation of Ground Zero) about 8 weeks AFTER 9/11 and the ground was still smoky and you could still smell the awful “chemically” smelling smoke!  I can’t imagine how bad it must have been actually standing in the middle of ground zero.

Here is a brief video that discusses the plight of the men and women our Govt. lied to so the Stock Market could open:

If you want to watch the whole movie for FREE,  just go to Google Video or You Tube and search for the movie “Truth Rising.”

So on the Seventh Anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, I will remember my friends and colleagues that were murdered that day.  I will remember the hundreds of desperate flyers staring at me from that wall on a sunny day in October, I will remember that 9/11 was used as an excuse to start two wars, to destroy my right to privacy with the Orwellian named “Patriot Act,” to waste the treasury of my country and the blood of it’s young men and women in these wars for Empire.

I will remember and I will speak out.  I am not afraid.  You can call me a kook, because you have not bothered to look.  You can feel safe believing the lies of the Government, but they are stinking and despicable lies.

If you are a TRUE Patriot, if you really do love this country and care about it’s future, if you want the world to be a better place;  you will cast aside the brainwashing of the media and of “Republican” and “Democrat” labels –  and you will find the courage to openly and honestly LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE!

I can think of no better way to honor the memory of Felicia and Eric and Kenny and the thousands of others that were murdered that day.  And the tens of thousands killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11.

If you would like a brief recap of the evidence, here is something you should watch carefully, because there is a quiz at the end……how many questions can YOU get right?

Yours in Freedom & Truth,