Lies that are told, Dummies that listen…..

Dear Readers,

This country is in a red-level crisis of lies and deception, the enormity of which threatens to transform our country into something unrecognizable.  We are being force-fed massive amounts of propaganda and outright fraud in nearly *every* aspect of our lives: politically, economically, socially, medically and even spiritually.

The reason we created this blog was to try and expose the frauds foisted upon us and to share knowledge to counteract, as best we can,  the deceptions we are expected to endure.  It is a Herculean task, and we are but one tiny voice.   Going against the main-stream media and it’s slick networks like CNN & Fox, etc. Is akin to trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon; but the alternative – to know the truth and to say nothing, is morally repugnant to us.

Let’s just take a quick look at some of the ongoing whoppers we are being told:

Government Scientist’s for NIST discover a “New Phenomenon” that explains why World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed:

Pretty amazing is it not?  Just when you think that science understands that whole “Newtonian Physics” thing, they discover that the swift, perfectly symmetrical collapse of WTC Building 7 was caused “mainly due to fire.”  Ahhh….. Dr. Shyam Sunder of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) your federal pension is assured!  Why you will probably even get a raise! I am sure the money will assuage any guilt you might feel for abandoning all pretense of objective scientific investigation.

Lets consider a slightly different explanation for WTC7 shall we?

Maybe we should ask a man who actually runs a controlled Demolitions company what he thinks? (And this is completely unbiased, because he is NOT a US Citizen and he isn’t told at first that he is watching one of the World Trade Center buildings!):

Here are some other people from the demolitions industry that question the “official” explanation:

How about something less dramatic than the lies of false-flag terrorist attacks and collapsing buildings?  How about the lies told about a mundane substance we use every day?  Observe how devious this little gem of propaganda is!  The “lie” here is in what they don’t say!  So clever and so wicked:

Study: Organic food not more nutritional

Wow…..a study shows organic foods do not have more NUTRIENTS than non-organic foods!     Well DUH!!
You don’t buy organic food because it is “more” nutritious, you buy it because it is not laden full of pesticides and herbicides!!
The article does admit in one brief paragraph that the “study” made no evaluation on the merits of eating organic food versus food grown “conventionally” (i.e. with pesticides and herbicides).  So apparently we will never know if eating your veggies dripping full of “Round-Up” and “Weed-be-Gone” is better or worse for you than veggies grown without.  Yep, that will just have to remain one of life’s unanswered questions.

In other news…..mercury is GOOD for you!

Bwahh ha ha ha ha ha….First the Govt said they took the mercury OUT of the vaccines. Now that a few people have caught on that it is still in the vaccines…they say it is GOOD FOR YOU!  It helps children’s brains perform better!
You can’t make this stuff up folks!
Mercury is one of the most toxic elements known to man.  It damages the central nervous system, endocrine system, kidneys, and other organs.  Mercury and its compounds are particularly toxic to fetuses and infants.  Mercury exposure in young children can have severe neurological consequences.
Here is a video of baby Paul.  His mother might disagree with the premise that “vaccines with mercury “help – not hurt” children!
The people and institutions that have implemented water fluoridation, mass vaccination programs, genetically modified foods, etc. are eugenicists.  They are not happy with their vast wealth and power.  They want to DUMB-DOWN and poison the general population and they are astonishingly successful.  Read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and there you will see the kind of nightmare world envisioned for humanity by the Elites.  When George Bush Sr. would give speeches referencing a “New World Order…coming into view” he was NOT making some vague philosophical reference, he was describing what (to the Elite) is a very real and tangible goal that they have been working on for generations; i.e One World Government, Total Police State Control, and the elimination of all the “useless eaters” from the planet.  (THEY decide who the useless eaters are of course!)
The Elite at the top of the “pyramid” are also heavily inbred, deeply into the occult, and take pleasure in the suffering and evil they foist on the world.  They are Luciferian.
One of the key organizations, considered the “Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations”  was originally called the “Lucifer Publishing Company”. However, the name “Lucis Trust” has been used from 1925. According to a statement on their website, the name “Lucifer” was used because, the founders considered Lucifer, the fallen angel, a positive principle; as did, also, Helena Blavatsky.
Check out this provocative and insightful article on the “Lucis Trust”
We could give you thousands of additional examples….but in the interest of brevity, we will simply encourage you to *think* and *question* everything you think you know.   Don’t be a dummy; don’t let them play you!
This sums it up nicely!

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