Things that make you go “Hmmmm” Part Deux


Insiders love bragging to one another about being on the inside– perhaps that’s one explanation for an abundance of illuminati symbolism in mainstream media and corporate logos.

Among the interesting references to 9/11 that have been uncovered in media released before 9/11 is a passport for ‘Neo’ in blockbuster film The Matrix, released in 1999.

The passport– in Neo’s file– shows an expiration date of ’11 SEP 01,’ seemingly now an eerie coincidence found in the smallest of details.

Further, the 10-year passport shows an issue date of ’12 SEP 91′– only one day after George H.W. Bush’s haunting September 11, 1991 speech before Congress where he called for, in no uncertain terms, a New World Order (and before that on Sept. 11, 1990) . Indeed, September 11 proves to be an important occultic date/number to the elites.

Coincidence or not, the Wachowski brothers, the film’s directors, have proven to be obviously knowledgeable about a number of esoteric meanings– not only do both The Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta contain plotlines laden with occult symbolism, but its imagery is also textured throughout these films.

Such pre-9/11 coincidences are prevalent elsewhere in the media as well. For instance, a 1997 episode of the Simpsons shows Lisa holding an ad for a $9 bus trip to New York with the towers interestingly juxtaposed next to the 9, portraying the image of 9/11.

The pilot episode for ‘The Lone Gunmen‘ (an X-Files spin off) featured an extremely eerie plot where a government faction posing as terrorists hijack a 727 by remote control and attempt to fly it into the World Trade Center– the episode aired on March 4, 2001– some 6 months before the 9/11 attacks.

From the pilot for “The Lone Gunmen” – Original airdate March 4, 2001

The series’ star, Dean Haglund, has previously appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the odd coincidence.

“Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror.” Haglund commented.

Interestingly, Haglund also revealed that representatives of the FBI and NASA would frequently approach X-Files series creator Chris Carter with plots for stories and noted also that CIA and other government officials frequented Hollywood parties to plant script ideas.

It is well-known that the Pentagon has a heavy influence in most big budget military films– trading access to bases, planes and other equipment for heavily influence and control of the message in scripts– and it is clear that such government forces meddle in other areas of media as well.

Did Tom Clancy’s “lucky assertions” foretell the Georgian/Russian conflict and the SPP?

Did  Tom  Clancy’s  “lucky assertions”  foretell in  2001 the Georgia Conflict of 2008 and  foretell in   2004   “The  Security   and   Prosperity  Partnership   of  North   America   (SPP)  of    2005?” We will analyze Clancy’s seemingly “clairvoyant” references about the ongoing conflict in Georgia which include the following “lucky assertions:”

  1. Civil unrest in Russia in August 2008- Lucky guess?
  2. U.S. clandestine support of rebel factions in Georgia- Lucky guess?
  3. Specifically cites South Ossetia War in 2008- Lucky guess?
  4. The U.S. clandestine forces “Ghosts” are deployed in Ossetia to silence the rebellion – Lucky guess?
  5. U.S. Ghosts battle South Ossetian rebel forces from the north of Georgia.
  6. Russian government eventually sends in their army to aid the South Ossetian rebels – Lucky guess?

The above events have come to fruition with precision as “foretold” by Tom Clancy. Was each of the above just mere coincidences or a compilation of foreknowledge by Tom Clancy? You can see the “The Ghost Recon Intro” trailer Here:

There may in fact be more events which have yet to take place as this conflict in Georgia continues to unfold and how it may come to an end before more items of foreknowledge by Tom Clancy may be added to list above.  But there is more….

In addition to Clancy’s foreknowledge the conflict between Georgia and Russia as revealed in his 2001 “Ghost Recon” video game, Clancy was seemingly “clairvoyant” again in a subsequent video game release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW). This video game, “GRAW,” was originally to be released in 2004, but it was delayed for undisclosed reasons with a new target release in 2005 according to Ubisoft’s 2005 fiscal year publication listing “GRAW” on their release list for Xbox, PS2, PC, Xbox 360 and scratched entirely for Gamecube In short, the development of this game took place in 2004 or prior with its release dates delayed two different times once in 2004 and again in 2005. Clancy’s plot in this video game, “GRAW,” commences Mexico City in 2014 as a U.S. spy plane carrying a device which disrupts wireless communications called “Guardrail IX” is shot down over Nicaragua. U.S. Intelligence discovers a plot to transfer the device to rebels in Mexico City, and the Ghosts, U.S. clandestine units, are sent in to retrieve it. However, the mission is aborted when a coup d’état takes place in Mexico City and the Ghosts are ordered to Mexico City immediately, where a summit involving the leaders of the United States: President Ballantine, Canada: Canadian Prime Minister (unnamed), and Mexico: President Ruiz-Peña sign the North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA) described in the video trailer as a “historic new policy designed to share the policing responsibilities along the borders of these three countries and hopefully curtail the illegal immigration and movement of drugs weapons and terrorists in the hemisphere as part of this historic agreement.” Trailer can be seen here:

This supposed fictional agreement, North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA) sounds cynically close to the non-fictional agreement “The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).”

Ironically or not, “The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP),” which was predicated upon the writings of CFR members including Robert Pastor entitled “Creating a North American Community,” was agreed upon on March 23, 2005 by the heads of government, Mexico’s Vincente Fox, U.S.’s George W. Bush, and Canada’s Paul Martin launching the North American partnership (AKA: North American Union) at a meeting in Waco, Texas. Presumably, no one other than insiders had knowledge of the this agreement requiring Judicial Watch, a conservative public-interest law firm, to go through the Freedom of Information Act in Sep 26, 2006 to obtain the SPP documents (

So, once again Tom Clancy got lucky in mirroring “The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)” during the developmental stages of this video game, “GRAW” in 2004 or earlier and months or may be an year prior to the actual consummation of the SPP agreement on March 23, 2005 Mexico’s Vincente Fox, U.S.’s George W. Bush, and Canada’s Paul Martin? Virtually two years or more before Judicial Watch obtained the documents in Sep 26, 2006?

What odds would actuaries calculate on Tom Clancy “lucky assertions” in “Ghost Recon” 2001 video game about 1) the current conflict in Georgia seven (7) years prior to the actual event and 2) the mirroring of “The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)” with his supposed fictional agreement, North American Joint Security Agreement (NAJSA) close to one (1) year before the agreement took place and 3) two years or more before Judicial Watch obtained the documents in Sep 26, 2006?

Tom Clancy’s wife second wife Alexandra Marie Llewellyn (26 July 1999 – present) is the niece of Colin Powell; as of 2001, Tom Clancy reportedly worth over USD $190 million



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