Masonic / Occult / Kabbalah Music Fun…..

Dear Readers,

I hope you will indulge us with a continued exploration of our previous subject.

First, we have a powerful video that clearly illustrates blatant masonic occultism from popular rap music impresarios “Jay Z,” “Kanye” and “Nas.”

If you listen carefully to the lyrics of the first “rap” song, you will hear a lyric that states:

“…I never pray to God I pray to goddee(?) that’s right it’s wicked, that’s life I live it; ain’t asking for forgiveness for my sins…….now we lethal; infected with the evils”

If you listen very carefully to the lyrical chorus you can discern “the Illuminati rule my mind soul and my body….Secret Society try’in to keep (their eye on?) me”

Of course, wearing a T-shirt that prominently displays the head of Baphomet is about as “In-your-face” as you can get.

And for all you skeptics….PLEASE spare us the idea that this is much ado about nothing; that these “artists” are just trying to be “cool” and/or “shocking.”  They know full well the significance of the symbols and the lyrics they are using.  They know full well the power they wield over their young idiot audiences that seek to emulate them.

I will concede that the mindless twits in their audience flashing the “pyramid” sign have no real concept of what they are doing, but to suggest that the “artist” instigating the behavior is ignorant of its meaning (especially when his own lyrics are about as explicit as you can get) just reeks of self-delusion and denial.

Next, we turn our study to one of the most powerful occult figures in entertainment; a woman that exudes a malevolence and a black energy that is almost palpable….yes, we are talking about “Madonna.”

Listen in to an enlightening discussion of Madonna & Kabbalah by Texe Marrs and Freeman.  If this information is new to you, we understand it seems strange, but FoundingFather1776 has done much historical research in this area and we can assure you that the information discussed is historically and factually accurate.

Here is a basic definition of Kabbalah:  Kabbalah: (Various spellings) Mystical Jewish teachings intermingled with teachings of gnosticism, Neoplatonism, magic and the occult. The word Kabbalah means secret oral tradition and was coined by an eleventh century Spanish philosopher, Ibn Gabirol. The philosophy developed in Babylon during the middle ages from earlier Hebrew speculation and numerology. An early Kabbalist, Moses de Leon, developed and systematized the philosophy in his thirteenth century work, The Book of Zolar (sometimes spelled Zohar meaning “Splendor”).

Here is a much more detailed discussion of what “Kabbalah” is all about and where it came from.  The original article can be found at: But I thought it useful to include a large portion here as well:

Theosophy & Kabbalah

The Hidden Agenda of the Kabbalah

Most people do not Knowingly go towards Lucifer (who is appropriately called Satan). So those who end up worshiping Lucifer essentially have to be tricked into doing this.

Theosophy spends a great deal of time with the Kabbalah (caballa/quabalah), because the books of the Kabbalah pretend to be about Jewish History.

The premise of those who study the Kabbalah is that they are reading an ancient series of books, usually containing HIDDEN knowledge about the Bible, and about the Universe.

The problem is – that is not ACTUALLY what the Kabbalah is doing. The system of the Kabbalah claims to be based on Jewish Mysticism. But we have to look at that claim very closely.

Some people who hear the term “Jewish Mysticism” think that this applies to Jewish Spirituality that is derived FROM the Old Testament, from the Bible.

That is NOT true ! It is confusing because books About the Kabbalah are written in a style which is confusing, designed to lead readers to think that they are studying DEEP things, when the only event that is truly taking place – is that readers [of books about the Kabbalah] are being deceived.

The Kabbalah is based on a series of Visions delivered to a person in a Trance. THAT should be raising alarm bells!

The Kabbalah is based on a series of books, that are called THE ZOHAR. This is usually published in 4 to 6 volumes. It claims to be a revelation from the God of the Old Testament.

The implications are immense ! According to those involved in the Kabbalah (and there are many), the Zohar is essentially A commentary on the Old Testament, but it was written by people who are clearly SPIRITUALISTS:

A Spiritualist is a person who consults the dead, and who consults familiar spirits. In other words, the Zohar – which is what the Kabbalah is based on – is actually a work of the Occult.

(FoundingFather1776 Notes: Aleister Crowley, one of the most famous Occultists, who referred to *himself* as the “Great Beast” and “666” wrote his most famous book: “The Book of the Law” basically by taking dictation from a “Spirit Guide” known as Aiwass. See for more information)

Note the Skull & Crossbones cap.  Trying to be cool or did she choose that symbol on purpose?

Note the "Skull & Crossbones" cap. Is she just trying to look "cool" and trendy, or did Madonna choose that symbol on purpose?

The Zohar is not even OLD. That may be very disappointing to those who are Jewish. But the Zohar did NOT exist before the Middle Ages. It claims to be authentic, but it is not. There has never been any copy of the Zohar ever found, that is earlier than the Middle Ages.

The Zohar is a counterfeit book, a book that was written in Medieval Europe, so that some people would FEEL closer to God. Only the way that the author of the Zohar was getting close “to God” is by going into a trance and writing things – without knowledge of what their hand was writing.

This is called “Automated Writing”. This phenomenon does not happen by itself. It is not a normal force of nature. It cannot happen – in fact – until a spiritual entity possesses the Body of a human being, takes over their body, and begins to write through them. The Bible has a term for that:

IT is called “demonic possession” !

That is the true origin of the Zohar AND the Kabbalah.

The Authors of the Kabbalah are themselves Occult Authors. The Kabbalah was Not translated for English Speaking audiences until the late 1800s.

Those who translated the Kabbalah were steeped in Demonic Worship and Demonic books – They were writing them !

It is NOT hard to learn who the authors of the Kabbalah were. We know. They are mainly:

1. Eliphas Levi

2. MacGregor Mathers

3. H.P. Blavatsky

4. A.E. Waite

Eliphas Levi is the author who led the Occult Revival of the 1800s, that revived Satanism and Luciferianism. He wrote many books about Ritual Black Magic and how to have contact with Demonic Spirits…because he was seeking them.

MacGregor Mathers goes by several names. He is one of the Three founders of the Occult Society – known as the society of the Golden Dawn. This is a demonic society, not because we say so, but because THEY say so. This is one of the occult societies that covets demonic possession. Christians would consider their teachings to be Satanic.  MacGregor Mathers is also one of the mentors of the Great Satanist Aleister Crowley. The first Translation of the Kabbalah into English was by MacGregor Mathers. (He lived in the U.K. for most of his life, where he recruited a lot of the elites into his occult Golden Dawn society).

H.P. Blavatsky is the founder of Theosophy. This is the view that Lucifer is truly an angel of light and he is the one who deserves our worship and allegiance. Blavatsky came from an occult family, and was already a Medium when she was a teenager. She sought out evil and the company of demonic spirits all of her life. She wrote many books about the occult. She believed that the Jews – through books like the Kabbalah – had stolen books of black magic that had previously come from the Chaldeans. She denied that Jesus was the Christ. She also denied that salvation could come through Jesus Christ. She remained extremely hostile to Jehovah/Yahweh – the God of the Jews.

A.E. Waite is an occult author. He played a large role in helping many occult authors in the early 1900s. He was involved in Many occult societies including the Golden Dawn.

All of these authors are devoted to the Kabbalah and other forms of the Occult. These authors deliberately sought to be involved with demonic spirits.

The God of the Kabbalah and the God of the Bible are 100% in Opposition to each other.

The Kabbalah is a system of demonic occultism that attempts to compel God to force Him to accomplish the will of man. No, that really is not a stretch, nor an overstatement.   It is ultimately based on the premise that humans can control spiritual forces based on the will of man.

The Zohar – like most false teachings – claims to be a “clarification” of the “Actual” meaning of the Old Testament.  Any basic study of this text will demonstrate that it is filled with statements that contradict Old Testament teachings about most things.

It was Eliphas Levi who wanted to bring Jewish occultism back to a wider audience. His books – through the study of the Zohar, through numerology, incantations, rituals and formulas, all attempt to suggest that God and demons can be forced to be obedient to man,…if man will only repeat certain magick words or incantations in certain sequences.

The Zohar is a demonically inspired book, and the Kabbalah system are the many commentaries that swirl around the Zohar. When a person starts to study the Kabbalah, what they find is a philosophical system that promises many things, but often fails to identify its own sources. This leaves the student who is beginning the study of the Kabbalah more confused and mystified.

The reason for this is deliberate rather than accidental. Occultists are supposed to be “initiated”, rather than overtly informed, and so the thinking is that the “secrets” of the Zohar should be grasped a bit at a time, to make sure that they are not too powerful for you – all at once.

The Kabbalah dispenses with Old Testament mosaic law,  and the actual keeping of it, by suggesting that the system of Kabbalah is the secret system of Hebrew spirituality that was given to Moses, and passed down, which may now be available to you.

The ironic thing about the Zohar is that it teaches a departure from the Old Testament, in the name of returning to the God of the Old Testament.

Since the 1850s, it has been popularized exclusively by one group: occultists who have been clear opponents of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The authors of the Kabbalah were essentially co-workers. Most of these people either worked together or explicitly referenced each other’s materials. The Theosophical Society (Blavatsky) referenced and recommended the work of Elilphas Levi since its founding in 1875. It also published the Kabbalah.

Eliphas Levi (already covered) used the Kabalah and pointed others towards it, in his studies on High Ritual Magick [which is black magick- which is what all magick is].

John Yarker was a high ranking Freemason, and a member of the Golden Dawn (popularized by Aleister Crowley), and several other occult societies. A.E. Waite was also a member of the Golden Dawn secret society, and an author on the Kabbalah.

Blavatsky used Levi’s material as a source for her books, and her society published the Kabbalah.

Almost all western English translations of the Kabbalah can be traced back to those sources. This has started to change, since some Jewish people have jumped on board to reclaim their own occult heritage. The first problem is that – obviously it is occult. The other obvious problem is that it is not their real heritage, but actually come from a medieval manuscript.

When one is blind to the source of true spirituality and actual connections to God, there are few limits where one can end up.


12 Responses to “Masonic / Occult / Kabbalah Music Fun…..”

  1. ashpaa Says:

    where music

  2. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Ha, agreed. We used “music” in the broadest context of the word!

  3. lenbenhear Says:

    satan/lucifer/power/knowledge/hedonism/money/mammon is what these people worship.

    they are satan’s puppets. for many: it is ALREADY TOO LATE to get right with GOD.

    * Revelation 22:10-12 *

  4. Benhamin Says:

    I love you.

  5. Ozzy Says:

    I don’t think the occult is Satanic. Just like I don’t think Christianity is all bad because of the Spanish Inquisitions, Crusades and Preist pedophilia..

    Satan infiltraites everything.

    God allows this.

    God allows free will.

    It is that free will that opens the door for the possibility for evil to exist.

    That in turn sets things in motion.


    In the end we will all reap what we sow.

    It is not your job or my job to punish evil doers. God will give perfect justice.

  6. John Aleister Says:

    Different from the work and style of Hawks, author Scriblerius has a performace to Philip Roth [] in ””The Ghost Writer””, commenting on the adventures of hisr alter ego Nathan Zuckerman, a youth convinced author of having found his model in the reclusive writer in the illustration of E.I. Lonoff, [] that lived a quiet life in Berkshire, far away from the amusements of the world writer.Maybe, in the same way Scriblerius develops his writer mystic similar to the of the fantastic romance of Roth. Like this, Scriblerius prefacing his more acquaintance alter ego, the missing person magic spy doublé, Magister MaskMelin, [] character of the and-book ””Percyfaw Code”” [], a type of the magician’s spy [[Maskmelin]] secret dossier.

  7. John Aleister Says:

    The Mysterious Man Without Face

    Among an I number every time larger of authors that walk in the shadows detached the incognito C.S. Scriblerius,que believed is a pseudonym as of Twelve Hawks. The mysterious man without face announces his production as a writer that nobody saw and whose identity is the subject starting from their writings pages. Everything that it is known about those authors and their works as “Percyfaw Code”,de Scriblerius, made available by limited time as and-book in an apparent strategy of marketing of enormous success in the web and “The Traveler”,de Twelve Hawks published amid the style of Hollywood hype where disembarked in the list bestseller of the newspaper The New Times.The mysterious to Thomas Pynchon’s same style, Philip Roth, JD Salinger,B.Traven, Cormac McCarthy, authors C.S. Scriblerius and Twelve Hawks “live out of the grating”, meaning that you chose roads no so conventional in the market editorial, using like this other means for popularization of their works,e, hindering of they be tracked.

  8. stef Says:

    Some of this stuff was in “The Arrivals” which I recommended and which nobody but FF, apparently, bothered to watch.

    A quick remark to Lenbenhear: You say, amongst other things, that “knowledge…makes them satan’s puppets”?

    Aren’t all of us here then also satan’s puppets? Isn’t knowledge what we’re all seeking?

    You mention money? The love of money is the root of all evil, and yet, I doubt you’d turn down easy cash if it came your way. I wouldn’t.

    Ozzy nailed it.


  9. stef Says:

    Naw, I take that back, Ozzy. I want to be the one who metes out “their” punishment and it must be meted out in THIS lifetime.

    Based on my understanding of God, he never fails to FORGIVE the sinners.

    And that just won’t do.


  10. stef Says:

    Nationwide Anti-Terrorist Drill from July 27-31.

  11. WTF! Says:

    Wow…you people need a life…

  12. economic news Says:

    the real alternative news…

    Masonic / Occult / Kabbalah Music Fun….. « Foundingfather1776…

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