Welcome to the Police State…..Ve Haf Vays of Making you Comply!

Kudos to the brave police of Ozark Missouri!

While responding to the call of a concerned citizen, the Ozark Police came across the supine body of 16-year old Mace Hutchinson.

The police discovered this young tough at the bottom of a thirty-foot highway bridge where he apparently “fell.”  Despite having a broken spine and a partially severed foot, the young trouble-maker REFUSED TO COMPLY with the Police.

Fearing for their personal safety, the quick-thinking officers were able to successfully deploy their tasers NINETEEN TIMES and successfully take control of the situation!

In these troubled times, when terrorists and Libertarians are allowed to roam freely across our great land, it is comforting to know the brave men of the Ozark Police Dept are there to “Protect & to Serve” to keep us safe.

Let’s all contact the Ozark Police Department and congratulate them on the great job they are doing!




2 Responses to “Welcome to the Police State…..Ve Haf Vays of Making you Comply!”

  1. Lynda Says:

    This looks to me like TESTING: 1 -2 – 3.

    I expect that there are ‘special agents’ in all police deptments who are being both paid and supported by the Network to ACT UP.

    This outrageous assualt on a defenseless person and justifiedl by this totally transparent lie – this is more than just arrogance. They are testing the population. Is the population indifferent enough, dumbed down and cowed enough to look the other way? Someone wants to know. Hence this criminal assualt and in your face ‘f*** you Ozark and f*** your law’ official statement.

    They aren’t ready yet to impose this as SOP, they are going to test first.

  2. stef Says:

    The big blue line is the largest, most corrupt and dangerous mafia in the world.

    Hearing such a tale it makes one wonder, don’t these thugs have family, friends, neighbors, anyone who’ll give them a whopping when they get back home?

    Say you heard your wife or husband cop had attempted to kill an injured child that day, tazering him multiple times for not ‘complying?’ Or ’cause your wife/hubbie got scared? What would you do and say to that husband/wife when “it” walked through the door?

    I’d like to know — do these psychopaths run into some heavy flak at home?

    I’d really like to know.


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