WTC7: How much Evidence do you People Need?

Question:  Do you know what the 9/11 Commission Report’s Conclusion was regarding the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7?

Answer: No one knows.  Because IT IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED!

Incredibly, we are asked to believe that a FIRE caused this:

And here Ladies and Gentlemen…PROOF POSITIVE: WTC7 was brought down as a controlled demolition!

Also check this out:

And this is good:

And last, my personal favorite, the BBC Anchor that reported WTC7 collapsed 23 minutes BEFORE it actually fell (Darn timezone changes!  They are so hard to remember and synchronize!) is confronted about his report.  He first denies even “being in the studio” on 9/11 (as if you would forget) and then says “Oh yes….that’s right I *did* work on 9/11” when he is shown the clip of his own broadcast.

Of course he has no explanation for why the BBC reported the collpase before the building actually fell:


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