Essay by : Don Stott

The Dictionary says that being paranoid is characterized by “extreme suspiciousness.” Well then, if a person is not ‘extremely suspicious,’ I suppose he isn’t paranoid? I say that if a person is not at least a bit paranoid today, he is not thinking too clearly or not at all! I know there are degrees of paranoia, but if a person has even the slightest inkling of what’s going on now, and isn’t paranoid, just a wee little bit, he is a classic dumb bell. I consider myself a moderate paranoid.

I hear all sorts of paranoid theories when I talk to people, and I can’t discard any of them really, except the time frame, because if all the things happen immediately which people tell me about, the world might end sooner than I thought, or the dollar might collapse instantly. The dollar’s strength is in direct relation to other currencies, and they’re all inflating. So if the buck didn’t go any lower in relation to the yen or euro, and the yen and euro are both being printed recklessly, prices will still go up in those currencies, because they’re all inflating. This means that everyone in the world should protect themselves, not just dollar holders.

One of my clients says that three years ago, a law was signed into effect by Bush, which gives the feds the right to invade your safety deposit boxes and seize what’s in them, and it may be true, but I would think that such a law would have gotten around on the internet now. True or not, I never have and never will, have a safety deposit box. What I own, is in my possession, not in a bank vault or overseas.

Another says he knows cops in a major city, and the plans are already made to seal the big cities under a guise of keeping a disease from spreading or the like, but the real reason is to let the occupants fight it out and kill each other if hard times come and there is no food, or water available. Martial law? I don’t think it’s impossible, and it seems to me that Bush is determined to start WW III by getting into it with Iran, or is this being paranoid? I don’t know about that, but at the same time, I deliberately live in a small town, and do have a fear of being in a big city if domestic chaos begins. It may never happen, I don’t know.

Did oil prices jump because of futures traders, or the fact that consumption is high, and supply is decreasing? Are high oil prices a scheme by the “One Worlders” to get rid of millions of undesirable of the world’s population? I say it’s the second and a bit of the first, but I’m not totally paranoid. Only moderately so. Did Greenspan deliberately cause the housing bubble and resulting financial bank failures, bankruptcies, and millions of foreclosures? Or was it ignorance and stupidity? Did Bush and the stupid Congress get us into Iraq for oil? Why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place? Why did we go to Korea and Vietnam? Was it because of some sinister plot by world leaders? Is it paranoid to wonder and question? There are all sorts of paranoid theories around, and I guess always have been around in all of history.

Is it paranoid to think that 9/11 was a true inside job, when if any simpleton investigated the facts, it is so obvious? Am I being paranoid, when the Fed is going to bail out Fannie and Freddie who have five TRILLION in mortgages, millions in foreclosure, $500 BILLION in debts, and I know this will further decrease the value of the buck? Am I being paranoid when I shudder that Anheiser-Busch has been bought by a foreign company… for cash? Am I being paranoid when I realize that more of our freedoms and privacy have disappeared when Bush signed the bill passed by Congress allowing him to tap our phones without a warrant?

Is it paranoid to get out of failing dollars and into something tangible, which is easily stored, bought and sold? I say it is simply common sense. If it is common sense, why are 99.9% of the public lacking this common sense? Is it because they have been brainwashed by the media, financial advisors, habit, and sorry public school education? Maybe, but I don’t understand it at all. How can something as obvious as our measure of wealth, dollars, constantly requiring more of to purchase all things needing to be purchased, without at least 1% of the population scratching their heads and saying, “Gee, these dollars seem to be losing value. I’d better get my surplus assets out of them before I lose my assets.”

The populace has responded to the devalued dollars by not taking vacations, and driving less, but that is of necessity, not deeper thought. That is a person grabbing a life jacket as the ship is sinking, rather than maybe investigating the ship line, and long term weather forecast perhaps. Or trusting in seat belts and air bags to save you, rather than maintaining your car and driving sanely. Most of the world thinks about the present, not the future, and this is the difference between smart or upper class people, and the rest of the slobs. The dopes bought houses at the peak of the market, participated in fake appraisals and lies on applications for mortgages, rather than thinking to themselves, “Gee, maybe I can’t afford this house.” The majority keep imitating the rest of the crowd, when the majority of any civilization always seems to be wrong. They make fun of us gold and silver holders, while at the same time wish they had bought a few years ago when prices were lower. They can’t think into the future, when today’s prices will be their envy then, because they can’t think that dollars are losing value, rather than prices going up. The effects are the same, but it requires thought to realize the first, and going along with the crowd to mouth the second.


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