Doomsday & Damnation

Dear Readers,

It is not my intention to insult your intelligence with a repetitious litany of economic & political information that should be obvious to a blind man.

Even the “Densest of Delberts” are detecting

Delbert & Darryl sense something is amiss in their 401k plan!

Delbert & Darryl sense something is amiss in their 401k plan!

something is amiss in their economic and political worlds.

The U.S Dollar hit an all-time low in currency trading today.

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, two of the most corrupt sinkholes for legalized money-laundering and fraud; run by the criminal banksters and their sniveling lap-dog politicians, has been deemed too precious to “fail” and thus the American taxpayer will be assaulted yet again in a rude and painful manner.

The movie Deliverance comes to mind:

But really, don’t we deserve it?  Don’t we deserve to be used and abused?  The average American has been dumbed-down and lobotomized with fluoridated water, aspartame, flu-shots, vaccinations, television, “popular culture,”  Prozac, Ritalin, etc. etc…….

We have, as a people, been used as the great economic and military engine for the Global Elite.  They have now nearly eviscerated this country; economically, intellectually and spiritually.   And we have stood by and allowed it to happen.

We naively believe “terror attacks” that can be proven fraudulent by even the most basic investigation,  and then rally round our American Flags made by slave labor in China.

The US, via the occupation of Iraq and our military forces in the Persian Gulf now effectively controls more oil resources than ever before in our history…and yet we now pay more for gas than ever before in our history.  Doesn’t that seem strange to anyone?  Entire pallets of cash are flown to Iraq and mysteriously disappear, yet nary a peep is heard in the main-stream media.

We send our young men and women into war because we are told crazy cave-dwellers are coming to kill us, and it is all a lie.  And now the incessant saber-rattling for another war with Iran!?

And still we sit on our asses and watch ballgames and bitch about $4/gallon gas, completely oblivious to the fact our Govt. was taken over years ago and is run by complete CRIMINALS!

Yes….YES my die-hard Republican friends, YES my die-hard Democratic friends.  YOUR CANDIDATES SIGNIFY NOTHING!  They are meat-puppets for the “New World Order” cabal.  George Bush runs nothing, and neither will McCain or Obama.

Quit being stuck in the “Left/Right” paradigm the Globalists have created for you!  Start thinking like an AMERICAN.  Act like someone whose ancestors sailed across oceans looking for freedom.  Start behaving like the progeny of men & women that founded a country that became the envy of the world; A country once the most prosperous and innovative on the planet!

Oh, how far we have fallen.  Like the decadent dying days of Rome…our former grandeur replaced by the shabby image of an obese family lustily fondling Chinese trinkets in Wal-Mart, wondering which credit card still has a chargeable balance.

General Motors is trying to figure out how to stay in business.  Of course they are laying off thousands more.

Inflation is now at a 27 year high.  But this will not be your Parents recession….oh no….this is going to be known as the “GREATER DEPRESSION.”

FoundingFather1776 has exhorted you to get out of debt, to buy gold & silver, to become aware of the reality of our situation.  It is gratifying to hear that many of you have taken the advice we have freely and sincerely offered.

But that is not enough.

If you are a regular reader of this site,  then you already know more than most about what is really going on.

FoundingFather1776 asks you to share what you know with others. Bring up “unpleasant” topics.   Tell your neighbors that the Federal Reserve is private, that vaccinations are loaded with mercury that will brain-damage their kids (and them!), that fluoridated water lowers IQ and makes people passive, that we are headed for an unmitigated economic and political disaster in the very near future and they must do whatever they can to prepare for it.

Tell them that they need to focus on LOCAL politics.  The main-stream candidates are owned by the Globalists (just google “Obama & CFR” or “McCain Rothschild Fundraiser” to start their research).

Share this website address with them; ask them to read through some of the articles.  Ask them to check out the other worthy sites in our “blogroll.”  Ask them to watch some of the YouTube clips and online documentaries we have linked to.

Tell them write and call their State & Federal Congressman & Senators.  Let the politicians answerable to  their district know their constituents are aware of what is happening to their country and they are tired of it!

How about they run for local office?  Or go to a municipal township meeting?  Does their municipality fluoridate the water?  Well then educate them about the facts.  Lobby to have that insidious practice stopped!

We apologize for not having more “solutions” but please understand, we have a very difficult job of even WAKING PEOPLE UP TO THE TRUTH!  People can snicker, laugh and scoff all they want, but a man armed with the FACTS beats a man with an “opinion” every single time.

This entreaty has been rather meandering and verbose, and not nearly as eloquent as we would like, but it is heartfelt and sincere.

We are, as a nation, (and indeed a world) entering a time of great economic and political peril.

FoundingFather1776 is quite frankly angered and disgusted by the continuing abuse being daily and systematically heaped on our fellow countrymen by the Illuminati Banking Cult that is running the world, and that controls most of the politicians!



Start being proactive and fighting back!  As our dear friend Dr. Franklin remarked:

We must hang together, gentlemen….else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”


One Response to “Doomsday & Damnation”

  1. Big"D" Says:

    My everyday response to emails that I receive pointing out the short comings of Obama or McCain remains the same, “Please vote, only not for a Republican or Democrat, vote for a third party candidate”. I only wish that Ron Paul hadn’t choosen to “RUN AND HIDE”, by not associating himself with a third party he has done a dis-service to his followers. Oh yes, you might say but he has started a “revolution”, what good is a revolution without a leader. So, my advise is watch your money, love your family, don’t stop enjoying the everyday pleasures family and friends bring and VOTE for anyone except a Republican or a Democrat. Best to all.

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