Chicago’s Daley Issues Combat Rifles to Beat Cops

Kurt Nimmo
April 26, 2008


It is so transparent as to almost be a joke. “Chicago police officers will be armed with combat rifles to better rival the firepower of street gangs, police Superintendent Jody Weis has announced,” reports the Fort Mill Times. “Weis unveiled the plan to equip and train the department’s 13,500 officers with M4 carbines on Friday.” No word on what version of the M4 Jody Weis will hand out. The M4 is basically an M16. It comes in semi-automatic with a three-round burst and full auto. It is the preferred weapon of the U.S. Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs.

Is there a reason for cops to have such awesome firepower?

“The weapons of criminals are getting bigger and bigger,” averred Chicago mayor Richard Daley, so he gave a nod to issuing the M4s. Interesting because Daley is an avowed opponent of the Second Amendment. But only for the commoners. Cops get military weapons to go along with their black Star Wars storm trooper uniforms.

At a news conference Saturday, Daley said the M4 carbines “will be seldom used” and while he is an advocate of gun control, the decision to equip officers with the rifles was “not difficult.”

No, of course not. Because there are gangsters in the street selling crack provided by the Cocaine Import Agency, also known as the CIA. If the CIA and the bankster money launderers on Wall Street were divested of this immensely profitable business and drug possession was decriminalized, there would be scant few gang bangers running around with micro Uzis.

But never mind. Chicago’s violent streets are a perfect excuse to further militarize the cops. Daley will replace every cop’s handgun with a brand spanking new M4.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Daley pointed out that the Illinois State Police, Chicago SWAT units and other police departments around the country already carry high-powered assault weapons. He said the weapons will better match the Chicago police officers against criminals with sophisticated weapons, such as high-powered assault rifles.

SWAT units, though, are usually not patrolling the neighborhood.

Soon enough, residents will get accustomed to cops armed to the teeth like Marines in Baghdad. But then that’s the point, to send a message to the civilians: you now live in an authoritarian police state, Officer Friendly is now G.I. Joe. In fact, increasingly, Officer Not So Friendly did five “stop loss” tours in Iraq and is violently insane. Give him an M4 and he will think he’s back in Iraq.

It’s something to think about the next time you are pulled over and the cop comes to your window with an assault weapon. It’s not a good idea to recite the Fourth Amendment to a guy who was indoctrinated by the government in killing people and wrecking things.


3 Responses to “Chicago’s Daley Issues Combat Rifles to Beat Cops”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for the info- one should be very afraid of the state of our States

  2. Been there Says:

    Hmm, as a recently returned combat vet I think your “violently insane” bit is a little over the top; it was a job, I did it and came back.

    now I play with puppies and my 6 yr old daughter, not go through “flashbacks” and have violent tendencies.

    Don’t alienate your target audience, because we who have seen the pointless waste of money in the middle east for no apparent reason are with of the same mind set as the majority of your article.

  3. foundingfather1776 Says:

    Dear “Been there”

    I have the utmost respect for the Military men and women that serve our country. It infuriates me to no end to see the very best men and women America has to offer be used as political pawns in a war for the “empire.”

    Kurt Nimmo, who wrote the text that accompanied the YouTube video is a passionate writer. I believe he was trying to make the point that the policy of “Stop-loss” and other such injustices forced on our troops is not in the best interests of the soldiers or of the civillians many of them come home to police, and the results *can* be detrimental. However, I DO NOT believe he meant to imply that all veterans of the war are coming back as shell-shocked killers.

    Personally, I am more uncomfortable with the idea of the typical fat, ignorant, “civilian” cop being handed a fully automatic M-4 and being told to “fight crime.” Let’s face it, most of the cops out there should be given one bullet to “keep in their pocket” like Barney Fife, not handed fully automatic rifles!

    The cops are not all bad. But the political leaders that control them, like that 2nd Amendment hating Mayor Daley, are absolute scum. The job of fighting a war is very different from the job of civillian law enforcement. But now, thanks to corrupt politicians, they are blurring the massive difference between these two jobs as they usher in a police state.

    Thanks for reading. If I am not provoking a thoughtful response, then I am not doing my job!



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