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The Fall of the United States…..

April 13, 2008

Love him or hate him… one puts the facts out as brutally honest as Alex Jones. If you don’t like what you are hearing, then why don’t YOU do some research and refute him? Why don’t YOU go prove him wrong? I would love to see your evidence. I have researched even the most outrageous statements I have heard him make and found his research impeccable and his analysis accurate.

We have been culturally brain-washed to view anyone that speaks with passion and conviction as a kook or a loon. The tendency for “good people” (and I do believe most people are good) to be incapable or unwilling to contemplate evil has been used against them time and time again, by the evil people who run things.

The psychological profile of a man who works hard, loves his wife and his children, wants to provide for them, wants to take a family vacation and live his life in peace is vastly different from the psychological profile of a man who wishes to rule, to control, to conqueror.

Not *all* politicians or generals or corporate executives are “bad” but even a casual study shows that a large percentage of the men and women who “succeed” in politics, or in amassing fortunes or in battle tend to be cut from a different moral fabric. They exploit the common man for their own selfish interests and the insatiable lust of their own egos. They are ruthless and cunning. They have 98% of the world’s wealth and obsess on how they can capture the remaining 2%. They are insane.

Good people everywhere, the first step you need to take to fight the evil around us is to RECOGNIZE IT EXISTS!

While You Slept Your Congress Took Away Your Constitution

April 13, 2008

Spend a few minutes watching these videos and see if you think there is cause for concern.

If you do…. why not call, email, fax or write your Congressman and Senator and ask them if they supported this legislation?

If they did support it, you might want to ask them why.

Perhaps you should indicate you are unhappy with their actions?

“Free Tibet” ? Yes…… but let’s try to re-establish a free America first!