The Financial Destruction Of The Average Man

Grapes of Wrath

Jim Sinclair
March 24, 2008

This weekend’s meeting of four heads of central banks communicates the size of the OTC derivative disaster. It is a system that is broken. A bailout will require the printing of trillions of dollars worth of monetary stimulation making Bernanke’s helicopter drop look like chump change.

The dollar number of pending derivative bankruptcies is the size of the mountain of garbage paper issued by just those who are to be bailed out. That number is greater than the total world economies.

There simply isn’t enough money in the world for central banks to buy up the mountain of worthless paper sold by those who need bailouts; all of which made fortunes for their directors, officers and key people.

When an OTC derivative fails to perform, notional value becomes real value.

The notional value of all OTC derivatives exceeds $500 trillion.

Credit default swaps (OTC derivatives) alone account for over $20 trillion dollars of notional value and are failing. Major dealers in these items, Lehman and JP Morgan, had their debt downgraded last week.

Maintaining the AAA rating on debt of public companies primarily issuing default swaps as credit guarantees is a sick JOKE of fabrication. This is a JOKE that in all probability will lead to litigation that destroys the rating companies.

You can be absolutely sure that all the biggies have their money out.

No one mentions these firms being bailed out are the ones who created this disaster, making billions for their economic sin. You can be sure the big boys have their money out of the now on-the-rocks international institutions.

No one mentions that bailing out the bankers will leave the average man victimized and paying for the pleasure of the economic rape.

Meanwhile Derivative Traders (salesmen of perdition, not traders) and their hedge fund managers are all in Greenwich Connecticut with their hundreds of millions and billions, now retired playing tennis on their indoor courts at their waterfront mansions as the mess deepens.

Litigation against the officers and directors of these international banking firms, both against the biggies personally as well as the company, will make the biggies occupation one of defending against litigation for the rest of their lives.

For those biggies in these companies who trust no one and therefore have wives with no money will lose everything. Some of them I know. What goes around certainly comes around.

Litigation against OTC derivatives are slam-dunk victories for the injured plaintiffs. The biggies will pay.

This is the greatest act in history of ‘Public Be Damned’ and ‘Let them Eat Cake.’ It will not come about because in the USA it is already the hottest political potato.

The problem is that the plan of the US legislative is down right STUPID. It is an embarrassment that legislators are so publicly moronic when it comes to economics.

The problem that no one is focusing on right now is the tracking of the mortgage itself to the structured product, which has broken down. That means in these items many can’t connect the underlying mortgage to the structured investment product (derivative).

So far courts have held that the only entity that can foreclose is the entity that actually lent the money. The average guy does not know that with an attorney to protect him he has a free house!

The entity that actually lent the money has sold the mortgage and been paid. Therefore where is the incentive for original lender to foreclose? The answer is there is none. Bankers do not help bankers in the same way that sharks do not help sharks.


Because of the unthinkable size of the problem it is impossible to construct a Resurrection Trust to buy all these worthless and never to be anything but worthless items.

Should any item surface to do this it will destroy all the National currency of the central banks that participate.

If there were an attempt to construct such an entity with the cooperation of the USA, the US dollar would go much lower than .5200. Gold would go to many thousands of US dollars.

Anyone who last week assumed the problem was over and we would be improving from there on out is simply nuts.


2 Responses to “The Financial Destruction Of The Average Man”

  1. Big "D" Says:

    I believe we are at the beginning of a vast “pit”, a pit which will bury the middle class, bankrupt thousands of small and medium businesses and put us “in our place”. After all, isn’t it the goal of the World Banks to put all of us “in our place”, under their thumb. We have only begun to see the massive turmoil that will result from the actions of the Fed and other World Banks. Pay off all debt, buy gold, settle in for a long, minimum 5 year, storm.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. foundingfather1776 Says:

    SO true, and still the bankers attempt to push their financial crack! I went to pay my mortgage last week and the nice teller lady asked me (as I am sure she was instructed by her Management to do) if I “Would like to open up a Home-Equity Line of Credit?”

    To which I cheerily replied, “Oh Absolutely NOT! My goal is to get this debt paid ASAP and to be out of the clutches of the evil Bankster cabal!”

    She stared at me for a second with a blank stare that only hinted at her complete ignorance of what I was saying….and proceeded to mechanically process my payment. Still it is fun to rattle some cages with the truth when you can!

    Thanks for being a loyal reader. Many more good articles to come!

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